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Nubert like to slap his bald head reblog to slap his bald head
likes charge reblogs cast also
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deltarune-au-domain · 2 days ago
if there was a nubert snowgrave route… it would be called “A Nub’s Route” and will be about nubert being forced to commit mass murder to make everyone “love him”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Nubert from Oh fuck i made him too big will be fed to birds by spamton!
The birds love him.
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spectacledraws · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
theres a host club in the ms paint software
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dreemurr-art · 2 months ago
Oh my god
Tumblr media
Nubert is a nub mouse like on an old thinkpad laptop
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deltaruneconfessions · 2 days ago
Everyone's love of Nubert makes me want to maul him like a rabid animal. I bet he's the same consistancy as those fuckin Dots candy. I dont know why, my brain just says "doit" and I want to. I want to.
WHAT?? but EVERYBODY loves nubert... you can't eat him!!
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starwalker-deluxe · a month ago
Some character teas!
Seam Tea: A coffee mug with a thick brown liquid inside. The drink is bitter dark chocolate and vaguely tastes like its expired, but it's pleasant in a way. It's warm and feels like a soft smile. You find yourself wanting more.
Swatch Tea: A teacup that's sharp and geometric, and matches the butlers color scheme to a T. The drink has the goopy consistency of paint, and it almost tastes like plastic, but it's somehow drinkable and it settles in your stomach comfortably.
Tasque Manager Tea: A blue and black hydroflask. Just holding it gives you enough static electricity to make your hair stand on end. You take a sip and It's Monster energy. It's just Monster energy in a hydroflask. Your ears ring.
Lancer Tea: A juice box. The drink tastes like a filling pasta, which is disconcerting considering its a drink. You feel a vague sensation of static in your chest.
Rouxls Tea: A small, royal blue teacup with intricate white engravings. The liquid is clear but has a slight green tint, and is shockingly slippery. The drink is a too-minty mixture that tastes more like toothpaste. It burns in your chest and invigorates you.
Jevil Tea: An oddly shaped jug with purple and gold designs. It tastes like pixie sticks and coal, and feels like oil going down your throat. For a brief yet intense moment you forget that you're alive.
Spamton Tea: A wine bottle with a label that clips into itself, making it unreadable. The liquid is multicolored and flips its contrast every once in a while. The drink itself tastes like cough syrup, and is oddly pulpy. The feeling of pure existential terror suddenly grips you and leaves you breathless.
Nubert Tea: Dr. Pepper.
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