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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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tumblr ate the ask but for the kind fellow who asked for headcanons regarding puffball hands/arms:

  • puff limbs/nubs/paws/whatever you’d like to call them can move more or less freely all over their body, akin to the pseudopods of an amoeba
  • they do not grow thumbs as they age, you animals
  • their paws have selectively permeable membranes, meaning stuff can pass through them.
  • this allows them to grab onto things without proper hands
  • “but rena that’s nasty”
  • still better than drawing a ball with fucking thumbs
  • or (god forbid) fingers. articulated fucking digits
  • if you draw meta knight with fingers i am breaking into your house to kill you
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Good news! They released my bro while I was at work, he should be home within the next half-hour! I’m excited to see him~

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Hi! It’s time to review now. My Blog is already 5 months old now.


The new activity graph is quite changed. I think the highest peak came from the accumulate notes from the 100 Followers event from last month.


The top post was when the Nubs first Appeared to crossover with Shin! Everybody like them. right? (Even me!)  (>ω<)


1. @reshzin (My inspiration Blog) 

2. @tztete​ (Newcomer!) 

3. @joshay98​ (Last Month Second Place)

 4. @tennickels​ (Last Month First Place)

Thanks to you all!!  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Lastly, the characters update that appears in this month:


Five Characters-in-a-roll with Special Guest: Nubs & Bushby by @starlightpotato

End of the Review for now, See you again Next Month! My Lovely Followers!


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Tonight on Bookstore:

  • Local Teifling leaves girlfriend behind to NOPE the fuck outta sandtown
  • Found some good spoons.
  • If we keep the secondary big bad with us she will help us kill the big big bad…. But also probably try to kill us. Or we can do it on our own? But then we can’t keep tabs on her?? Also she is wearing our friend.
  • We enable the power of friendship.
  • No decisions are made but we are a big angery. Maybe. At each other?
  • Stabby boy does a magic.
  • SPITE motivates Local Teifling to SLAY A GOD (not for the genocide or invasion- just spite for a broken deal)

Ngl I love teif and the baddie wheneves they have to interact. It’s like two wet cats in a bag. Neither one has patience and both p much just wanna rip shit apart.

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These massage bars are as good as this lullaby!!!

Satisfying and Relaxing 🎶 🧼 😴

#massagebar #nubs #handmade #srgsoaps #allnatural #therapeutic #lullaby #cutenessoverload #soaps #jabonesartesanales #latinobusiness #oaklawnillinois #chicagosoapmaker #massagetherapy #bathtime #cuidatupiel

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