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#number four

Holding hands on a walk together w/ Klaus*

Klaus: you know how in the Princess Bride when Buttercup pushed Westley down a hill and then they cuddled after

You with raised eyebrows: I do….recall

Klaus looking at you: well I was thinking what if I…

You holding his hand tighter: if you push me down this hill so help me GOD

Ben shakes his head at Klaus*

Klaus laughing: right so anyways I saw a turtle in this guys pool yesterday


Originally posted by mintski

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Five: Klaus what you need is a kids menu, a margarita, and to be left alone by ghosts

Klaus: *slightly tearing up* they grow up so fast Delores

Delores: …

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Redraw 2020 vs 2018, a little over two years ago

I drew this way back to show how John and Five kinda suffered and struggled the most out of the surviving Garde, and, going into the reborn series, it became a little more evident, so I made this redraw to show a sort of progression of their health.

I like how this turned out, because I was worried that it wouldn’t get the worsening vibe that I wanted.

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Ben: Klaus! Klaus!

Klaus: Am I in Hell?

Ben: If you were, you’d be on the throne and the devil would be packing.

(Here’s the dialogue if my handwriting isn’t clear enough)

Tumblr’s cropping system is killing me. It won’t let me put the full thing so I cropped it in panels. Here is another golden incorrect quotes post with my favourite boys Ben and Klaus. As usual this gem of a quote I got from @smolbeanklaus on Instagram so check them out for more incorrect umbrella academy quotes.

Also I never knew drawing people lying down could be this goddamn hard. I’m happy with all the Ben’s though. Tell me what you guys’ think of the artwork and please please, if you guys have any good incorrect Umbrella Academy quotes you’d like to have drawn, send them to me. I am happy to see what I can make of it!

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Do you think Klaus even meant to start the cult or did he just fall out of the sky talking to ghosts in front of a group of people and they all just went “yep, that guy’s a prophet” and started fawning over him. And then his dramatic touch starved gay ass went “oh? Attention?” and just embraced it

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