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Me, knowing what’s about to happen: Maybe I shouldn’t have had my parents watch this show

My mom, watching as Vanya slits Allison’s throat: 😶… 🤭… 😨

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Summary: Y/N is a struggling flautist, trying to make ends meet, but when a violinist catches her eyes, life doesn’t seem quite so difficult.

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Originally posted by a-hologramgalaxy

Beep beep beep. Y/N groaned, stretching out languidly as she patted her bedside table. Her fingers found nothing but the worn wooden surface. Blearily rubbing her eyes, she pushed herself up onto one elbow. The alarm was incessant. Where on earth was that phone?

The bitter smell of coffee filled the kitchen as she poured the boiling water into her chipped mug.  A lethargic ache had settled into her bones; the haphazard pile of unopened letters mounting her dread the more she looked at the mess. A quick glance at the plastic clock ticking merrily away warned her she was on the verge of being late if she did not leave now.

Y/N slung the straps of her flute case and tattered leather satchel over her shoulder, her crumpled sheet music clutched in one hand. The lock of her apartment was always such a fiddle and she stuffed the sheet music in her satchel, wincing as it creased even further. She yanked the door shut, leaning backwards to align the lock as she twisted the key.

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The Moon is a metaphor for the Academy

3 am thought, but hear me out.

The moon is a metaphor for the Academy/Reginald.

The show starts with the Moon, and the Academy, and ends with the destruction of the Moon and the Academy.

The two characters who spend the most time with Reginald are Luther and Vanya, characters who I have previously pointed out are mirrors of each other. They both also have the most significant interaction with the Moon.

Luther felt he had a duty on the moon. He felt he had a duty to their father, to the academy. His world revolved around going up into space, and his world revolved around the academy.

He was the only person on the Moon. He was the only person left at the Academy. The only one who still believed in their father.

He latches onto the idea that Reginald’s death had significance, and, albeit less, that the moon in involved with the apocalypse.

Then Luther learned his years of isolation were a waste.

The Moon made him lonely and sad, but when the world turned to white glass up there, it made it better. And that’s who Hargreeves was Luther.

But the Moon mission was all for nothing. Representing a lifetime of pain that was…. Meaningless. His desperation for Reginald’s love, staying in the academy alone, was all for nothing.

He had nothing on the Moon, and he had nothing with Reginald.

And in his final moments, Luther accepts the Moon leading to his downfall. As long as his family is with him. And he did want was his family back in the academy. He can deal with their father with his family.

Vanya, in her pain, destroyed all her ties to the Umbrella Academy and Reginald. She’s spent her life following him, and now, without her pills, without him, 25 years of pain, unmatured, untamed emotions come back up.

She destroyed the Academy, and tried to destroy everything that remained of her father.

Then she detsroyed the Moon. The Moon that represented loneliness, isolation, a prison for another failed experiment of Reginald’s. It was like the destruction of the academy again, and of Reginald.

Reginald’s actions, the academy, are the reason the world ended.

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