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foxiemystique · 3 years ago
Does your boy ever make messes in his diapers or is it just wetting only?
Hi, Anon and thank you for the question.
As a matter of fact, @thefoxesking (or Punky Poopster as I like to call him from time to time) does make messes in them and then comes and finds me. I usually know why he is approaching by his body language. Which usually consist of a tight waddle, arms straight down to his side, head lowered while looking up only with his eyes and slightly blushie face. All the while, keeping a slight distance. He will then, proceed to tell me how he had made a mess in his diaper. I of course, tell him to come closer. At this point, I get a whiff of what he has done. This is usually followed by me crinkling up my nose and saying things like, “Shew wee” , “Stinky baby” or other things along those lines to let him know that I know without even having to check.Sometimes, I also like to embarrass him for making a number 2 in his diaper by making straining sounds and straining faces. All the while, wiggling or poking my bottom out at him. It always makes him giggle and say things like, “Stop it, mommy. You’re embarrassing me.” I will then, have him turn around with his stinky bottom facing me and pat or spank it to verify what I have already smelt. I do that not only to make it known to him that I feel his mess in his diaper but to also smear it in a little or a lot.Lastly, a few more words are said about what I am feeling in my hand through his diaper (to add to the embarrassment) and I either, send him off to the shower or back to what he was doing before. Usually, it’s off to the shower. HeheI know that my actions may imply (and people do assume) that I am into messy diapers but I’m just into my bunny, messy diapers and all.
Thank you again and I hope you’re having a great week. 😘
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mushy-madness · a month ago
Tumblr media
2 and 1
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teamcap4bucky · 2 years ago
Wrong Number
Tumblr media
Credit to the owners of the pics.
Summary: Natasha decides to take matters into her own hands after watching you and Bucky beat around the bush with your feelings for way to long.
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word count: 3,504
Warnings: Maybe one swear.
If you like it, throw me a note. I will be forever grateful if you REBLOG!
This is for @thoughtsofdarc Triple T challenge that I have been doing forever now! Only a few more to go girl!!
The prompts were:
11. “Damn you autocorrect”
22. “I’m adding you to my to-do list… IT! I’m adding it to my to-do list!”
N: Nat
R- Reader
B: Hey. Can I ask you something?
It’s been forty five minutes. Twenty were spent pacing the floor, at least fifteen sitting at his desk coming up with a plan of action, and the rest typing and erasing the numerous text messages that he may or may not have felt stupid about sending. All because Bucky had a small crush on his teammate, and had no idea how in this day and age people even began to flirt with one another.
N: Sure. Is it about Y/N?
B: did you...nvm. Spies.
N: 🤷
He begins to write another line, erasing it, and then starting over. Much to her annoyance as she patiently waits for him to give her any hint of information about what this message is in regards to.
N: I need more than three dots, Barnes. Are you writing a novel over there?
N: Don’t keep me waiting here…
B: I was thinking of asking her on a date.
Nat drops her head back onto her shoulders, thankful to finally see the best news that she has had in a long time.
N: About time! I was seriously considering locking you two in a closet in the near future.
“Morning, Nat!” Walking into the kitchen you see your best friend nose deep in her phone while finishing off a small breakfast.  
She glances up with a smile as you drop your phone onto the table carelessly before heading to grab a bowl of fruit and a water from the fridge.
“Good morning to you, too! We still running today?” She asks as she pushes around the last bite of her eggs.
“Yeah, if you’re still up for it.”
“Of course! I was just finishing up here. Let me go get dressed. Meet you back in here in...twenty?”
“Sounds good.” You turn as she slides back her chair back from the table.
Natasha grabs for her phone, but stops short, watching as you wiggle and hum to yourself while cutting up your fruit.  
While you remained distracted, bobbing your head to the music coming from the single earphone that you have in, she delicately places it back down, trying her hardest to not make any noises.
“Okay, be back soon. Don’t leave without me!” She hollers as she cooley walks towards the hallway.
Cutting up the last bit of strawberries in front of you, you startle as the table behind you begins to rattle almost violently, your phone flashing to life. Looking down at the screen, you give one swipe up on the notification, opening your most recent text.
B: So, do people still do dinner?
N: Random question but okay. LOL. Yes people still do dinner, why?
B: Is that a lame idea?
N: Not if you’re hungry no?
B: Are you going to help me out, or just make fun of me?
N: Do you need help deciding where to go?
After throwing a quick dollop of whip cream on all of your fruit, you head towards the island, giving your full attention to what seems to be the problem of a lifetime for one Bucky Barnes  at the current moment.
B: What’s a good place?
N: Um, what type of food are you looking for?
B: Something nice, but not to fancy. Something casual.
N: Okay. Um...oh how about that new steakhouse in Manhattan? Peter was talking about it the other day.
B: Oh yeah, that place is supposed to be nice! Do you think it’s too nice though?
N: I don’t know. I guess that depends. Are you looking for a jeans and tee shirt kind of vibe, or a casually nice, dress up kind of place?
B: A casual but nice place. I’d like to dress somewhat properly to make somewhat of a decent impression. I don’t want to show up looking like a hobo.
N: I don’t think you have ever looked like a hobo.
B: You know what I mean. I just want to…
N: What?
B: I want to at least look like a normal human being for once.
N: What are you talking about? You look normal everyday.
B: You know what I mean. I want to at least try and impress her. At least a little bit.
Furrowing your brows, your head jerks back from your phone. Slightly disturbed by what you had just read.
“Her? Wait...who is her?”
Your heart begins to sink when you realize that this isn’t just a friendly text asking about the best food joints in town.
Bucky, your Bucky, (even though not technically being “yours” at all,) is actually hitting you up for dating advice. Which was not a normal conversation that you guys have ever had before, and to be honest, one that you were hoping to ever have with him in general.
Yet here you were. Cringing over the fact that Bucky had a “her,” and that the “her” wasn’t you.
I guess deep down you knew that you had never really had a shot with him, but there was always just a little part of you that had hoped there was a sliver of a chance.
N: I’m sure that she will like wherever you go. After all, it’s you, and you’re pretty great, whether you look like a hobo or not. You don’t need to impress anyone. If she…
You stop typing for a second to roll your eyes, forcing down your negative thoughts. Whoever this chick was, she already didn’t deserve him, and you were already done with her. But alas, you being the ever loving, and completely tolerant friend, decided it was better to play nice, and continue to offer him your full support with his love life, even if it was going to kill you.
N: If she can only see your clothing or where you take her as your best traits, then fuck her. She doesn’t deserve you.
B: Whoa, easy there tiger! That’s your best friend you are talking about. And If the stars align and the gods don’t hate me, maybe my future girlfriend.
“WHAT? That bitch! She knows I like him, she knows!!  I'm going to wring her freakin’ neck when I see her. Steve is going to pull me off of her, I swear to…”
B: And you know she’s not like that. That stuff doesn't matter to her.
“I thought I knew her, but surprise surprise. Traitorous wench.”
N: Well, then you have nothing to worry about. Just be you, because are perfect just the way you are. She is going to love wherever you take her because she is there with you.
B: Are you okay?
N: Yeah, why?
B: You You don’t usually seem so...
N: So…, he can’t write that. That wouldn’t end well for him at all.
B: Sappy?
N: What? Hahaha. Well excuse me for thinking that you deserve someone amazing in your life.
B: I don’t know about all of that, but…
N: But…
B: I really like her, and I want to give it a shot.
N: You must, because I have never seen you act like this before.
Time to bite the bullet and watch the name inscribed dagger work it’s way through your heart.
N: She must be pretty special.
B: Yeah, she is. Y/N is just...she’s something.
Spitting out every ounce of water that you had had in your mouth, and coughing up what had made its way halfway down, you fumble with the bottle in your hand, eventually dropping it onto the floor.
Grabbing a few paper towels, cleaning it up in a full panic as your hands shake, while your fingers death grip onto the sides of your phone.
N: I’m sorry. Who?  You cough out, speaking to the empty room surrounding you while your fingers assault the text box.
B: What do you mean who? Y/N. What is wrong with you?
He was talking about you… with you. Wait...did he even know he was talking with you? He’s really bad with technology, so maybe he doesn't realize he’s messaging the wrong person.
“What do I do?”  Do you play along, or tell him?
N: Sorry, wrong person. That was meant for Clint.
Sure it was. It wasn’t at all you confirming that he had actually just said that he wanted to take you out on a first date. Nope, not at all.
B: Oh, okay. So, should I do the steakhouse or somewhere else?
N: Why don’t you take her to that little place in Brooklyn? The Wormhole...something or other?
B: The Rabbithole?
N: Yes! She will love it.
B: I don’t know...that’s really laid back.
N: Yes, that’s why it’s perfect. You can even show her around Brooklyn. She would love that!
B: Yeah?
N: Yes! Don’t worry so much! As long as it’s you asking, she’ll be happy. She likes you too, Buck. You have to see that, right?
B: I don’t know. Sometimes I think she does, but other times she seems to pull away from me when I get to close.
“It’s a struggle not to jump you daily, Barnes. Don’t take it personal.”
N: Maybe she just gets nervous. It’s been a while for her, too.
B: Maybe. Okay, I’m going to do this. I’m going to ask her out. Tonight.
B: Or tomorrow after training.
B: Or after the movie tomorrow night.
N: Bucky...
B: You know what? Forget it. This is a horrible idea. I can’t do this.
N: What? Why?!
B: I’m so nervous! What if she says no?
Bucky begins to pace his room again. His arm shifting with each pass as he begins to make a trail in the carpet.
N: She is not going to say no, I promise!
B: She might! What if she just wants to be friends?
N: I know for a fact that she wants to be more than friends.
His feet stop short, his legs giving out, dropping him like a brick onto his bed.
B: How? Did she say that? Has she talked about me before?
N: Yes, we talk about you on occasion.
His shoulders perk up, just before his heart starts to race with this new bit of information.
B: How many occasions?
N: Enough of them to know that she is not going to say no.
B: Does she…like me? As me like me? Like m, more than a friend?
N: …
N: …
B: Come on, you’re killing me!
N: Yes.  She likes you, and she would like to be more than your friend.
B: 🤯
B: Oh shit. Well this changes things.
N: How?
B: I definitely can’t ask her out now!
N: Why not?!  
B: Because now I know she likes me! What if she is waiting for this grand proposal for dinner with flowers and candy, and the whole nine yards. Then I waltz in and screw it all up.
N: 🤣🤣  This is amazing...I wish I could see you in full panic right now.
B: It’s not funny!
N: No, it totally is.
B: 😠
N: Okay okay. Well, how were you going to ask her out?
B: I wanted to just keep it really simple. Like maybe when we were out running or something. Just casually bring it up.
B: Or maybe after movie night? We always sit together and she always ends up snuggled up next to me under the blanket. I thought about maybe then.
N: With everybody there? That is pretty brave.
B: I think you misspelled “dumb.”
N: Lololol.’s brave. I think she would like that.
B: That’s not dumb? I was just going to whisper it in her ear during the movie. Ask her to dinner, or maybe go somewhere fun for the weekend.
N: Yes!
B: Yeah? You think that’s okay? Not...creepy?
N: That’s perfect. She would love that!
B: I didn’t know if that was too cheesy.
N: Bucky, you are a hot guy whispering in a girls ear during a cuddle session. You could talk about hot dogs and socks for all she cares. It’s going to be sexy either way.
B: Are you drunk?
N: Do you want my help or not?
B: Yes!
N: Then Do That.
B: Do what?
N: Ask her during movie night. You will not regret it. I promise.
B: You swear she likes me, and I am not going to look like a dumbass and screw everything up?
N: I swear.
B: Okay. I’m going to do it.
N: Yeah?!?
B: Yeah.
N: Sweet! I’m soooo excited!
B: Why?
N: Because I have been waiting forever for it, that’s all. I thought she was going to have to make the first move.
B: That would have been a lot easier on me to be honest. Haha
N: She might have to if you chicken out still.
B: I’m not going to chicken out.
N: You better not because she will be crushed.
B: What makes you so sure?
Bucky walks into the kitchen to see you leaning up against the couch, phone in hand. Both of your hearts racing, both of you trying to remain calm as you both absorb and try to contain the excitement of your most recent findings. You wave his way and he smiles back, making your heart perform backflips inside of your chest.
“Hey Buck.”
“Hi Y/N/N. Heading out or coming in?”
“Heading out. Just getting a little snack in, waiting for Nat.”
“Yoga or running today?
“Lakeside run today. Should be fun. No super soldiers to hold us back. You guys run sooo sloooow.” You smirk while you type out your next response, only looking up when he starts to whine.
“Awe, come on now. Give Steve a break. He’s old.”
You raise an eyebrow, fighting back your grin.
“Don’t even say it!” He points your way trying his best to be serious, sending you into a small fit of giggles. “It’s way too early to be kicked in the heart, doll.”
“I would never kick you in the heart!” You feign shock, holding your hand over your heart.
The sound of your laughter makes his heart pound, and he can feel his face begin to heat up. He tries his hardest to look back at you, but can’t find the strength to face you just yet. Feeling grateful for the vibration from his phone, keeping him from exposing himself to soon.
N: Trust me, I’m sure. She likes you, she thinks your hot, and she wants to go out with you.
You fight back your smile when you see his cheeks perk up, his chest rising, trying to steady himself in front of you.
B: I feel the same way about her. I just have to figure out how to tell her.
He looks up when he hears what sounds like a phone vibrating near you. You quickly pick it up and act as if it's no big deal that he just confessed his feeling to you without knowing, hoping he wouldn’t make the connection.
“She’s on her way.” Shaking the phone so he can see.
Bucky nods, freaking out at the fact that he knows as soon as Nat sees him here alone with you, she is going to start teasing him, and he is going to have to make a speedy escape to avoid utter embarrassment and endless questioning.
“So, are you excited about tomorrow? It’s your night to pick a movie right?” He questions as he leans up against the counter, popping a quick snack in his mouth.
“I am actually! I think I picked a good one. You’ll be happy with my choice.” Grinning from ear to ear, loving the double meaning behind your words.
“You seem pretty sure of yourself there.”  
“Hey, I know a good thing when I see it. I hope you’re ready to snuggle up. I plan on bringing an extra cozy blanket and some good snacks.”
“Hey, don’t threaten me with a good time.” His eyes only catch yours for second before the ends of his lips curl up, showcasing that cute little chin dimple of his.  
“Barnes...Y/L/N.” He stands up a little bit straighter as if his boss had just caught him doing something shady.
Natasha stands against the frame of the door. Watching her two friends awkwardly try to converse. Delighted at the fact that unbeknownst to them, she had been attempting to hook them up for weeks. Slowly putting the
pieces into play each and every day.
“You ready to roll?” She cocks her head to the side, her eyes drilling you for information while you offer nothing to keep up the facade.
“Yeah, let’s go!” You happily respond.
“Okay, just let me get a water.” She smirks as she turns back to the fridge, and Bucky can’t help but notice the mischievous look in her eyes.
He decides to just play it casual, pulling his phone back out as if the two of you didn’t even exist, walking over to the living room to plant himself on the comfy reading chair, back turned to you both.
B: Thanks for the help. Don’t let me back out okay?
N: No problem. And I won’t, trust me. If you don’t make it happen, I will.
B: It’s going to happen.
N: Maybe you need to write it down in one of your journals. Make a to-do list and stick to it. Lol.
B: “To do list.”
One: Movie night.
Two: Finally make a move.
Three: Pray she doesn’t hit me.
N: Hahaha. She definitely won’t.
B: Four: Snuggle and finish the movie.
Nat looks over to see you texting, attempting to maintain your cool facade, but picking up on your shaky hands and rapid breathing.  
She shimmies her way slowly to you, laughing inside about how diabolical she could really be sometimes.
“Oh, by the way…I grabbed your phone on accident earlier. We have got to get different cases.”
Slamming your eyes shut, you grit your teeth when you glance over at Bucky who is now sitting upright, his eyes rapidly scanning back and forth between your phone and Nats.
His palm vibrates once again, pulling his attention back down. Alerting him to the next incoming message.
N: Five: Kiss her goodnight. She would love that.
Bucky looks back up at you, mouth agape as he watches you bite down on your lip, scrunching your nose as you’re caught red handed. There was nothing you could do. The message was already en route. There was no stopping that train.
As Natasha holds your phone out in front of you, her eyes lock with yours, trying not to burst out laughing as you throw daggers her way.
Damn she was good. The set up was flawless. She didn’t even have to try. You walked right into it.
When you finally hand the phone back to Nat, she opens up her text screen immediately and begins to laugh.
“I hate you.”
A loose chuckle leaves your lips when you duck your head and start to head towards the door. She follows you without regret wrapping her arm in yours, pulling you closer to her.
“Number five is a nice touch.” She quietly murmurs near your ear, while you quietly pop a brow and shrug, well aware that Bucky could hear every word spoken.
“I thought so.” She joins you when you let out a small giggle of embarrassment.
“I hope he adds it.” She says as she turns back to him and winks.
“Me too.”
Her giggle turns to outright laughter as the door closes loudly behind you.
You stop her short in the hallway when your phone buzzes against your leg.
B: Nicely played. Did you know the whole time?
Y/N: I actually had no idea until you said my name. But, thank you. You know I never pass up the chance to help someone in need.
B : So, is it true? What you…or should I say,  what “Nat” said.
Y/N: Every word.
B: Even number five?
Y/N: Especially number five.
B: Okay. Im trusting her. You. I'm trusting you.
B: And remember, you promised you wouldn’t hit me. No take backs.
Y/N: I promise not only to not hit you, but to fully reciprocate.
B: Alright. It’s official then. I’m adding you to my “To do-list.”
Bucky’s eyes shoot open, his breath caught in his throat when he looks down at his screen. His brain catching up to what his fingers had written sending his body into full panic mode.
B: IT! I’m adding it to my “To-do list!”
B: Damn you autocorrect.
Y/N: Lol. Weird...Didn’t look like it needed to be corrected on my end…😏
B: 😳
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keeperoftheboys · 2 years ago
These Violent Delights: Diego Hargreeves X Reader
Story Summary: Diego and Y/N were supposed to be having dinner. Things don’t go as planned. 
Warnings: Rated T: Cursing, Violence, Death, Fluff, Crap Writing
Story Type: One-Shot
Requested: Nope :)
Tumblr media
Diego burst into the foyer of the Hargreaves childhood home, carrying a young woman in his arms. 
“Pogo! Mom! I need help.” He made his way to the medical room. “Mom!” Diego yelled again, this time more frantically. 
Alison was the first in the room, tearing around the corner. “Diego, what’s-  oh my God what happened?” Pogo and Grace entered the room next. 
“Diego, who is this?” 
“Does it matter she’s going to die, help her!” 
“Why did you bring her here and not the hospital?” Alison rubbed her face at Diego’s stupidity. 
“It’s not that simple.” 
Grace was quick to get to work pulling the unconscious girl’s shirt off to reveal a large and long gash along her abdomen. Obviously a knife wound. Her skin was hot and covered in burns. 
“What happened? Who is she?” Luther was in the doorway, glaring at Diego. 
They first met in the condiment aisle at the grocery store. Diego has been staring at the honey selection for too long, not really looking at anything before she spoke up. 
“Get the Clover Hill Farm’s brand! It’s the tastiest.” 
Diego jumped at her voice, slightly startled and turned to face her. 
“Sorry, didn’t think I’d scare you.” She laughed, grabbing a bottle herself and setting it in her basket. 
“You didn’t, I was just lost in my head.” Diego finally took in her appearance. She was beautiful. Simple as that. She smiled at him. yes, beautiful, like the sun. 
“Whatever you say,” she laughed,  “like I said Clover Hill Farm’s is the best, it goes great on peaches with fresh brie on a crostini!” 
“A what?” 
“Bread” she chucked. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have bothered you, you just looked so concerned and I love food so I always try and sneak suggestions in when I see people contemplating. It’s a bad habit actually. Pretty Intrusive. I should stop doing it.” She was talking to herself by the end of the sentence looking down at the floor. 
“It’s fine, really. I don’t mind. But to be honest I’m not a good cook, I’m a fan of protein shakes and the microwave.” 
“Now that’s just a crime, everyone should know how to make at least one good meal!” 
“Well, maybe you have to show me how. I’m Diego by the way,”
“Nice to meet you, Diego, I’m Y/N.” 
 I knew something was wrong the moment I arrived at her place. The wind chimes that hung on her porch swung wildly and the screen on her front door banged open and closed. 
“Fuck.” I dropped the flowers I had for her in the grass and ran around the side of her house towards the backdoor. I could see men moving around in her back office. 
“You won't find anything. I destroyed it all a long time ago.” Her voice floated through the window. A man held her by the throat, a gun to her head. She’s alive. 
“Shut your mouth no one gave you permission to talk.” 
“You know, you should leave soon, I’m expecting company. I wouldn't want him to walk in on this cheap excuse for a robbery.”
“Shut her the FUCK UP!”  One of the men smacked her across the face. The wind grew stronger outside, leaves swirled up from the floor. The front door slammed open and closed more quickly. 
“Where do you keep the information?” 
There was silence. 
“Answer the question bitch.” 
“Oh sorry, I’m getting mixed signals here, I thought I wasn’t supposed to talk.” 
“Can I kill her? God, I really want to kill her.” 
“No.” There were a few bangs and the sound of a chair sliding across her hardwood floor. “Listen, You stuck your nose where you shouldn’t, now you have to pay the price. Tell me where the papers are or I’ll gut you like the slimy little fish you are.” 
Thunder cracked above the house so loud the windows shook. A flash of lightning hit the conductor on her roof and the whole house lit up in blinding light. 
“What the fuck is going on outside? Ryan, go shut that door.” This was my chance. I ran around to the front porch, broke the lightbulb covering the porch in darkness.  One of the goons stepped out, looking around the porch to see what all the noise was. The rain started then, heavy and fast. I reached out, grabbed the guy by the head pulling holding a knife to his throat. “How many of you are there inside?” 
He shook his head no so I dipped the edge of my blade into his skin. 
“How many?” 
“There’s a good boy.” 
 I plunged the knife into his chest gently set him down on the porch and slipped inside closing the door behind me. Thunder cracked outside again followed by a stronger flash of lighting. The wind whipped at the house blowing the glass out of one of the windows in the kitchen. 
“Alright, freakshow is over. Tell me what you know.” The voices grew louder.
“I’m done playing games with her.” 
I made my way through the kitchen. Two glasses for wine stat on the table with a bottle of red, vintage. She has good taste.  I had finally made it over to the door to her office. “What’s taking so long? Go check on him.” 
Another goon exited the room and I promptly tossed a knife in his back and he fell to the floor. Lighting lit the house up again. 
“What the hell is that?”
“I told you, you didn't want to be here when my company arrived.” 
“Is that a threat?” 
“It’s a threat and a promise” I answered from the hallway and tossed a knife. It flicked around the room sinking into the chest of the third guy. The last one quickly grabbed Y/N. 
“Who's here?” 
Y/N chuckled, thunder shook the house, books fell off the shelves and scattered across the floor. 
“Let her go.” I stepped into her office knife ready to leave my fingers. The man held her against his chest, a large knife at her stomach. Hand around her neck. 
“Ohhhhh, look at you, playing around with his children now?” The man grabbed her by the jaw whispering into the side of her face. “I thought you knew better than to get mixed up with your work.” 
“Fuck you.” She laughed, lightning struck the house again, lighting it up. She began to glow. Sparks flew from her fingers. The storm outside was like nothing else. The window in the office shattered and rain poured in. 
“Let her go.” 
“Diego Hargreeves, nice to meet you!”
Y/N locked eyes with me, “Throw them, Diego.” 
And I did. Three silver knives glided through the air turning end over end. They circled around the pair headed for the man’s back. Y/N lit up, her eyes white with electricity, lightning came through the window striking her and everything metal in the room, including the knives as they plunged into the back of the man's neck. He shook from the electricity falling to the floor in a lifeless heap. For a second silence overtook the room. 
“Shit.” Y/N looked down to where his hand had dragged his knife across her abdomen slicing her open. She grabbed her stomach as she fell. 
Diego was pacing back and forth. He ran his hand through his hair. “Shit.” 
“Diego, what happened? Who is she?” Luther grabbed his brother by the arm, stopping his pacing and directed him to a chair to sit. 
“She’s my girlfriend.” He stuffed his hand into his pocket grabbing the small black velvet box and pulled it out flicking it open. Alison gasped at the sight of the sparkling ring. 
“She’ll need blood.”Grace interrupted. 
“I’ll do it.” Allison quickly pulled off her cardigan. 
“Thank you.” Pogo started the transfusion. It was quiet for a few moments. The monitor she was hooked up to began to beep at a normal pace, her skin began to heal itself. 
“Diego, what happened, how is she doing this?” 
“She’s a reporter, she did some digging, looked into a string of robberies and murders connected to a gang about two years ago. The robbers came after her searching for the evidence she collected against them. The evidence she had already turned in to the police. They were supposed to be arrested later this week. The robbers attacked her, she attacked back, she’s one of us. Can control lightning and storms. She electrocuted herself and one of the goons, it was a bolt bigger than I think she ever has ever conjured before. As she did it the guy cut her open. And here we are.”
“Why didn't Dad get her when we were little?” Klaus was eyeing her carefully. Diego shrugged.
“I was going to propose tonight. Tell her that I love her. Ask her to be my wife, to be my everything. To start a family with me, a real family. To grow old with me.” 
Everyone's heads snapped to the young woman. 
Diego lept out of his seat. Cradling her face. “You’re alive!’
 “I’m alive and yes, I’ll marry you.” 
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Did this for a friend!
But have some Diego since we lov him 💓
Number 2
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A dimple (also known as a gelasin) is a small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, most notably in the cheek or on the chin. -Wikipedia
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what to speak of Messi "flying" to embrace Neymar? this was a real hug, heart.
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Dukes gang on episode4! Concept of No2 and dukes gang. Drawing cool badass ladies are fun... :D I personally really loved drawing No2 and I love her attitude in the show always blowing bubblegum :D
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Favourite Hockey Couples 2/? || Jonathan Toews & Lindsey Vecchione
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Klaus: the doctor said all of the bleeding was internal. That's where the blood's supposed to be.
Rest of TUA:....
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Yeah Baby! #happyholloween17 #austinpowers #drevil #scottevil #Number2
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List of list
Murasakibura the series🍫
Kuroko the series👻
Hyuga the series👓
Riko the series💺
Mitobe the series⚫
Tenpei the series
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It's going to snow forever... #snow #blizzard #number2 #InTwoWeeks
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