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#nursing bra
martysimone · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Edge o’ Beyond | Ade • nursing bra set
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whats-her-quirk · 5 months ago
jean kirstein x reader 18+ (minors dni) warnings: lactation, semi-public sex, mommy kink wc: 3.5k
Tumblr media
“I’ll stay here, you two go ahead and have fun.” Jean’s mother had been all too eager when you got the group text from Sasha. Niccolo had just proposed, and they wanted everyone to come out to the cocktail bar they were at and celebrate with them. You had sighed wistfully, realizing how much you missed your friends. Your social life had been mostly put on hold for the past month since your daughter was born—justifiably so. You and Jean were both completely smitten with her, plus getting the hang of this ‘new parent’ thing had been pretty intense. You’d never been away from your baby since she was born, never more than a few paces away whenever she needed you, so the possibility of going somewhere without her hadn’t even crossed your mind.
It was already past her usual bedtime, not to mention cold outside. It was a spur of the moment invitation, something you hadn’t planned ahead for. But in spite of all the reasons not to go, Jean’s mother was already over for dinner and more than willing to stay with your daughter while you went out for the first time since she was born. You’d glanced at your husband hesitantly, but he left the decision up to you. “We’ll do whatever you want to do, babe.”
After chewing your lip for a while and some light nudging from Jean’s mother—”You deserve a little break, don’t worry about a thing, I’ll put her to bed and stay as long as you need…”—you agree.
It takes a while for you to find something decent to wear, as the cross section of what’s nice enough to wear to this swanky bar and what actually fits you right now doesn’t leave you with many options. Ultimately, you find the nicest dress you have that also conceals the thick straps of your nursing bra and toss a cardigan over top. All that’s left is to grab the essentials out of the diaper bag and toss them in one of your nicer purses, and the next thing you know, you and Jean are sitting side by side on barstools, chatting with your friends as soft jazz music pumps out of the speakers.
A few of them, namely Sasha and Mikasa, are disappointed that your little girl is nowhere to be seen, though they’ve met her before. You and Jean are the first of the group to have a kid, which is fascinating to some of your friends while others could not be less interested. Still, every time someone asks about her, your stomach flips. It’s not that you don’t trust Jean’s mother; quite the contrary. You know your baby’s in capable hands, it’s just that you’re worried that she misses you. That she needs you. You stare straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar, fretting over what’s happening at home.
Jean puts a finger to your chin and points your eyes toward his; he must sense you worrying. “You ok? We can go home whenever you want to.” He gives you a sweet smile, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. He’s missing his little princess too, but he’s doing his best not to show it, for your sake. Even when Marco claps a hand on his shoulder and asks if he wants to do shots, he doesn’t look away, waiting for your answer before he gives his.
You shake the nervousness off. This is your next big test as a new mom, and you’re gonna do your best to make it through the night without rushing home because of a little separation anxiety. Sooner or later, you’ll need to get used to this. “No, we can stay a while.”
Jean leans in for a quick kiss, petting your hair softly before he pulls back. “Just keep me posted.” He pecks your forehead once more before turning around to throw back that shot.
You’re playing designated driver tonight, but you don’t mind. You’re mostly staying away from alcohol until you’re done breastfeeding anyway. Getting the timing right is just too difficult, so it’s easier to just stay mostly sober for at least a few more months. And since Jean’s mom will be around to lend a hand later tonight if you need it, you don’t mind if he gets a little drunk. He’s been a fantastic partner through all this, so he deserves a little break too.
You’re chuckling at the guys fighting over who gets to buy Niccolo’s next drink when a twinge and then a dull pain steals your attention. As discreetly as you can, you reach under your left arm with your right hand to rub at the side of your breast. Shit. The invitation had come so suddenly that you left the house without thinking to pump your milk. There were bottles in the fridge, plenty ready if your girl got hungry while you were away. You hadn’t felt particularly full before you left the house, but you were starting to get a little tight.
But you just said you wanted to stay, and it’s not too bad yet. You try and forget as Sasha slides into Jean’s abandoned seat to show you her ring again. You’ll stay a little longer, you think, as you fawn over her gorgeous pearl set in diamonds.
‘A little longer’ turns into an hour, a move from the bar to a booth, and a few more rounds of drinks for Jean and the gang. You sip on a Shirley Temple, shifting uncomfortably every few minutes. You can tell Jean is having a good time, catching up with everyone and telling stories about his little princess that make you beam with pride. You’re fine, you assure yourself. You’ll pump as soon as you get home.
While the booth is more comfortable than the bar, especially since you’re situated on the end seat, it is warmer down here. When you feel yourself starting to sweat, you slink out of your cardigan, folding it in your lap. You feel cooler yet more exposed. This dress showed a lot of cleavage before your breasts swelled in pregnancy, still plump and almost spilling over the low neckline. You’re not the only one who notices; when Jean leans over to ask you something, you catch his eyes flicking down and back up again. He sucks in a sharp breath, and his hand finds its way to your thigh under the table, thumb rubbing little circles into your leg as he licks his lips, not subtle enough.
Under his hand, your knee bounces. You should say something, just tell him you need to go home, but it feels too late now, somehow. Your breasts are almost unbearably tight, under pressure that you wish you could just will away. You find yourself holding your breath until you feel a sudden tension squeeze your left breast. You hiss as you feel your nipple leak, and though you thank your stars that you wore one of your special absorbent bras, the pressure is too much.
You grit your teeth and hiss again as the pain pulses, forcing you to stand from the table. You have to get to somewhere private right now: a bathroom, anything. You curse yourself, stupid, stupid, as you grab your purse and cardigan.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” Jean asks. He’s flushed but not wasted, soft but not slurring, and obviously concerned. You can’t stand around here and explain, not in front of your friends and especially not when your tits are killing you. Instead, you grab him by the wrist and pull him away too quickly to judge if anyone notices your urgency.
You walk with purpose, weaving through people standing at the bar or congregating around cocktail tables, conversation at a dull roar over the music tinkling from the sound system. Jean tries repeatedly to ask what’s going on, but you’re working with one track mind, desperate for relief. In a back hallway, you find a single-occupancy bathroom and drag Jean inside and lock the door, hardly caring who sees and what they think.
It’s a nice bar, so the bathroom is clean and decently well-decorated, if a little small. You toss your purse and sweater on the countertop and bend forward over the sink. Jean puts a hand to the middle of your back. “Please, tell me what’s happening. You’re freaking me out.”
The pain ebbs and flows, sharper one moment and duller the next. Once you can finally get a breath in, you turn to him. “My tits hurt so bad. They’re too full.”
The look on his face is a bit dumbfounded, like maybe he hadn’t considered that such a thing was possible. “Did you bring the pump?”
You hold up your miniature handbag, agitated but only at yourself. “I left it in the diaper bag. Wouldn’t have fit in here anyway.” You hiss again, and Jean lunges for you, his hands rubbing your hips.
“Baby, you should have said something sooner.” His voice is soft, laced with concern and pity.
You shake your head. “I know, I know, but I have to do something about this. Like right now. Fuck.” You’re not really thinking about anything but the straining in your chest as you push down the straps of your dress. The entire top falls around your waist, and you don’t waste any time unclipping the strap of your nursing bra from the cup.
The tiniest wave of relief washes over you as the cup falls forward your breast bounces free. You do the same with the other cup before pushing down the band of your bra, bunching it around your waist with your dress. You swear you can feel the milk sloshing inside you, almost too full to move. When you lift one tit in your hand, your nipple leaks again. Without something to absorb it, a dribble of breast milk runs down to the underside of your breast. You’re practically dripping.
“Oh, baby,” Jean breathes, concerned and mesmerized all at once. Carefully not to press against your tits with his chest, he slides his hands around you, his chin pointed down as he watches your full breasts jiggle at the slightest motion. When the pain stabs you again and your back arches away from it, you can’t stop the little groan that slips out.
Twitchy hands move from your hips to your face. “Let me help,” Jean says a little too desperately. “If I suck on your tits a little, will that make it hurt less?”
You’re not in a position to turn him down. “Please, I’ll try anything.” Jean helps you up to sit on the edge of the counter, and you open your legs for him to stand between. You lean back on the heels of your hands as his lips drag down your neck, over your collarbone and down to your swollen breast. When his tongue swipes over the peak of your nipple, you gasp.
He pulls back. “Did it hurt?”
“No,” you pant, pleasantly surprised. “No, it felt good. Don’t stop.” You lean back farther so your tree of a husband doesn’t have to couch over so far to reach your chest. Jean’s eyes widen before he breaks your gaze, leaning down mouth-first to capture your nipple gently between his lips.
He moves slowly at first, like he’s unsure and wary of hurting you. He licks over your nipple with the tip of his tongue, shuddering when he tastes your leaking milk before flicking his tongue out for more. Feather light, he wraps his lips around your enlarged breast and sucks very hesitantly. When you hum instead of gasp, he continues.
A thigh and ass man through and through, Jean doesn’t always give your tits this kind of attention. While he’s sucked plenty of hickies into the soft skin of them and played with your nipples to stimulate you, it’s never been quite like this. But admittedly, your breasts have never looked like this, never felt like this either.
So when Jean lifts his head to meet your eyes, eyebrows furrowed as if he’s overwhelmed, and sighs, “Oh god,” you know you’ve stumbled into something much bigger than just dulling your pain.
Jean kisses at your nipple again, pressing his stomach against yours as he sucks, harder this time. You tilt your head fully back, neck exposed to the ceiling, and moan quietly as he takes care of you.
Jean doesn’t just taste you; he gulps, sucking down the milk that starts to flow freely from your pebbled nipple. He breathes hard through his nose, little sounds dampened against the mound of your breast as he presses his face in harder. His nose brushes in your cleavage, the stubble on his chin tickling just above your rib cage. When he lifts his hand to palm under the curve of your tit and squeeze, the liquid pours out faster and he slurps obscenely around you.
“Oh fuck,” he curses when he finally breaks for air. “Shit, oh my god. Is it helping?”
“Yeah,” you pant desperately, reaching to stroke his long, pushed back hair. A drop of your milk runs from the corner of Jean’s mouth, leaving a wet track down his chin that makes you moan and spread your legs further apart.
“Fuck,” he curses again. “Fuck, mommy.” The word barely leaves his lips before he’s attached to you again, but it spurs a burning urge that drips between your legs. He’s never called you that before, not in a sexual context, and you never expected it would make you this wet.
Your legs wrap around Jean’s waist, knees pressing into his ribcage and ankles locked against his lower back. He tugs on your thigh with his free hand, pulling it tight against him as he continues to suck and squeeze at your tit. You breathe hard, grinding your core against his stomach for a little bit of friction so you don’t cry out. Jean, on the contrary, only gets louder the more he drinks you in, moaning and begging for you as his mouth gets sloppier.
“Oh god, mommy. I love you so much. Just let me take care of you, mommy, please. So good.”  The louder he whines, the more you start to wonder if the walls are thin enough to hear through. This isn’t some dive bar, after all.
You grasp Jean by the jaw, pulling him off your chest. His chin is soaked, his eyes glazed. He stares at you, pleading and needy as he tongue darts out to lick at his bottom lip. You let out a heavy exhale because damn does he look sexy like this, but you have to hold it together.
“Do the other one, but you have to be quieter. Or else I’ll make you stop.”
Jean nods his head and whimpers. You tuck a strand of hair behind his ear, stroking the back of his head as you do. You pucker your lips for a kiss, tasting yourself on him as his mouth lands on yours. “Good boy,” you sigh when he pulls back.
A groan hitches in Jean’s throat, but he’s able to keep it down, earning his praise. You shift under him, twisting just a bit to offer up your other breast, and Jean indulges. His tongue swirls around your nipple first, and though you feel a jolt when he closes his lips and slurps, you squirm in pleasure as you feel the pressure in your chest begin to dissipate. You watch as his eyes close and his brows crease, lost in the taste and feel of your heavy breast in his mouth and his hand. He moans quietly in his throat, the vibrations thrumming your pert nipple.
Jean opens his mouth to pant around you before squeezing your tit in his hand, practically squirting your milk down his throat. You twitch and moan softly, your legs clamped around his waist like a vice. His cock is hard against your ass, incredibly so, and you’re turned on because he’s turned on.
“Mommy, oh fuck, yes,” he whines in a whisper. He pulls back to lick his lips only to let them slide, wet and sloppy, over your tit again, pressing hard kisses to the underside of the mound that make your eyes roll back in your head. “Do you feel better?” he pants hard against your side.
You grab frantically at his hair, his shoulders, wanting him closer, desperate to be filled now that you’re so empty. “Yes, baby,” you sigh, reaching down to palm his erection. “Do you want me to help you with this now?”
“Oh god,” is all the answer you get, but you hear it loud and clear. Jean unzips his pants while you wiggle and hike your skirt up around your hips. Your legs dangle loosely around him until he pulls his stiff cock above his waistband and moves forward to rub it against you. The hard ridges of his shaft feel heavenly against your cunt, even through your panties. He ruts against you, dry humping as his lips find your neck, impossibly hungry for more of you. Your toes curl as you pull your panties to the side. You’d be embarrassed about how wet you are if your husband hadn’t just been sucking your tits like a man starved.
With your thighs anchored at his waist, Jean eases forward, swirling his tip around your hole to lube up. He hisses and groans, the sounds growing louder again, but this time you don’t care. You’ve been gone long enough already; your friends will suspect you’re up to something, but it doesn’t matter. All that you care about is the glorious stretch when Jean pushes into you, you realize, for the first time since your daughter was born.
You feel ready for this; you want it more than anything, missing the feeling of being filled completely by him. Every muscle in his body is tight as he rocks slowly into you, holding you firmly against his chest as he does. “You ok?” he asks breathlessly.
“God, yes.” You swear you can feel him inside, outside, all over you at once, and you’re ready to give your body over and succumb almost as soon as you’ve begun. “I’m not going to last long.”
“Me neither,” he says through gritted teeth as he grinds into you, thrusting in and massaging deep inside your walls, sending a flurry of butterflies to your stomach. Your legs and feet clench behind him as your gut tightens around his throbbing cock, dizzy and close to your breaking point. Jean gasps for air, moaning with his mouth wide open as he snaps his hips against you. A particular shuddering groan sends you over the edge, your cunt squeezing down hard around him as you silently scream in release.
Jean moves faster, hurtling toward his own end in your pussy’s vicelike grip, murmuring mommy with every breath until he shatters. His cum spills inside you, hot and thick, sliding out of you when he pulls out. He slides your panties back into place, pressing over your hole with two long fingers, to hold in what’s trying to seep out. He leans forward, one hand on the mirror behind your head as his forehead comes to rest on your shoulder. You pet at his hair, smoothing it down as best you can as he catches his breath.
“That was,” he pants, “not what I expected was going to happen tonight.” He chuckles lightly, and you can’t help but do the same. It’s absurd, in a way, but you can’t say you regret it, even considering how uncomfortable you were for a minute there. Now that you’ve discovered his mommy kink, you don’t plan on letting him forget it, either.
Once Jean has collected himself, he helps you get dressed again, slightly sore but no longer throbbing breasts tucked back into your bra and dress. You opt to put your cardigan back on when you spy the hickies dotted across your chest and neck in the mirror. Your absence together is suspicious enough. You hurry out of the bathroom, feeling flushed and sweaty, with slick and cum dampening your panties, but what else are you going to do?
The party has broken up a bit when you return, your friends spread out across the bar and different booths from where you left them. You and Jean lean close together against the wall, waiting to say goodbye to the happy new couple before you head out to the car. Jean’s hand remains around your waist, holding you against his side as he plays with a ruffle on your dress.
Low enough for only you to hear, he says, “Your body is amazing, you know that?”
Your chest flutters, a smile blooming on your lips. “Thanks.”
He chuckles. “I mean it. It’s done and changed so much, it’s beautiful.” He nudges you, knows he’s being silly now but also somehow sincere at the same time. It’s the kind of easy ribbing you’re used to from him. “I swear, since you got pregnant, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving.”
You lace your fingers clumsily with his. “Maybe you should try knocking me up again sometime.”
Jean pulls you in for a kiss. “Oh, I plan on it,” he mumbles against your lips.
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nadiejuicy · 15 days ago
hq boys who have lactation kink...?
i can see some
warnings: SMUT; lactation; feminine body; use of the word “mommy” (hinata); breast engorgement (osamu)
minors DNI
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio
it's just natural for him, he loves to drink milk, he loves your breasts, and your breasts coming out milk? fuck, just let this man suckle.
he asks to try it without any shame, like he's ordering food from the diner or some shit like that, hey, his son looks so pleased, so it must be good, right? he thinks.
then he puts you on his lap, legs spread around him, blue eyes with dilated pupils staring at your round, milky breasts, he brings his mouth to your sensitive nipple and suck, he moans at the taste that invades his mouth, squeezing your body on his "damn it feels so good" he says muffled with his face on your boobies, making you moan with the force he puts in, he's sucking so much and when you realize he's got his hard cock rubbing against your clad cunt and wet.
Tumblr media
bokuto kotaro
did i already say that bokuto is addicted to you? yes, he is. just like kageyama, it's natural and he has no shame in asking, it's just out of curiosity, this man wants to experience everything with you, every part of your body and everything you can do, he wants, he needs.
then one night, ensuring that his son is well fed, he asks. you're lying on your sides, facing each other, he lowers his body to your breasts and you leave it, taking off the nursing bra, just so he can prove, there's no way he can really like the taste, is there?
ah but he likes it more than he should, he becomes a mess and sucks so slowly as he whimpers it makes your pussy throb and he wants to enjoy the moment so much, but he stops against his own will, he doesn't want his little baby to be hungry.
Tumblr media
sugawara koshi
please, he has a little devil on his shoulder for perversity. he loves your body, especially when you're squirming where he has full control over you.
one day he's sitting drinking coffee and he sees your shirt wet with milk and he's like "aw, our boy can't take it all? let me help you, sweetie" and you do.
he pulls you, the height he is sitting in the chair making it easy for him to face your breasts, he lifts your shirt and sees your nipples wet with white, milk drips down your body, and automatically his cock hardens like stone, he licks it carefully, drawing the milk from around the areola and sucking the nipple, surprisingly he takes it very slowly, moaning low as your fingers tug at his platinum hair, because fuck, he does it so well.
Tumblr media
miya osamu
jokes aside, osamu eats you anyway, so why would it be any different? it's just a new meal included in the menu of how he it should eat you.
at some point you complain about how your breasts are painfully overfull of milk, you are producing too much and the baby can't take it all, and samu is just confused, very confused, because how can this be possible? he must have been hungry.
but this man won't let you go through any pain, when he proposes you think it's a joke, but he's very serious about it, so it turns into a session every day and night where osamu sucks like a baby in you, squeezing gently so that can come out more and more for him to take, making your breasts softer so his child can feed better.
Tumblr media
hinata shoyo
god, hinata is also fascinated by you. he gets so red when he sees his baby sucking your tits, he doesn't really want to think about anything sexual, but your nipples are so tender and red when his son finishes feeding, he gets so hard but doesn't say anything because he thinks you do will scold him or something.
you notice how hypnotized he is every time you breastfeed, which makes you jokingly ask him if he wants to taste a little… until he asks if he really can, excited and embarrassed at the same time.
well he can, after all, just so he can satiate his curiosity, but he get so carried away like a starving baby, sucking everything he can, even letting a little leak into the corners of his mouth, your milk is so good that he doesn't want to stop, whimpering as he praises you in a broken voice for being "such a good mommy, full of milk".
Tumblr media
honorable mentions: tendou, kenma, yamaguchi, atsumu, akiteru, sakusa
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thebibliosphere · 6 months ago
My inbox is full of fellow EDS folks ranting about bras and I am living. I finally feel seen 😭
There’s literally too many of you to answer, but yes, it doesn’t seem to matter how well a regular bra fits for me either, the straps hurt. The band compresses my ribcage. Going up a size doesn’t help either, it just makes it too big. 
Solidarity, friends. 
And honestly, try a wireless nursing bra if you haven’t. It doesn’t seem to fuck with my pain issues as much. Probably because it’s not trying to hike my tits up to my eyeballs for the aesthetic and the pressure is more evenly distributed. (Also I have to wonder, because of our connective tissue issues, do you think the lifting design of some bras is genuinely fucking with us cause our skin tends to be more fragile? Is it hurting the chest wall muscles?? Who knows.)
And yes I will perhaps look into corsetry more seriously. I used to be big into it, but the people who used to make mine are back in the UK (fairy gothmother for ref. I got my wedding corset from them and highly recommend. Unfortunately I’ve gone up a cup sizes since then so it doesn’t fit anymore) and I do not know who to try out in the US, and don’t really have the means to fuck around and find out. So if anyone has any custom corset maker recs for the US, please let me know!
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thebibliosphere · 6 months ago
Are there more comfortable bra alternatives to the... normal ones? I've had issues with them for so many years because no matter what, they always hurt my ribcage
Wire-free nursing bras are *chef kiss* I love them more than even wireless sports bras. They are super comfy, supportive, and don't compress the chest or ribs if that's something you want to avoid.
I like the Kindred Bravely brand and try to get stuff on sale, but I'm sure there's lot of other brands out there too that are good.
Bralettes are also an option but once you get past a D cup they are pretty hard to find.
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boldlyvoid · a month ago
10 Days
Tumblr media
this is for @imagining-in-the-margins father's day fic challenge <3
summary: it's spencer's first father's day and he's extremely emotional about the little love of his life that he's only just met. he spends the day with his baby, Edwin, and his wife, crying and happy about how wonderful new little lives are.
a/n: just a lot of new dad spencer fluff ♥︎ happy father's day everyone
word count: 1.4K
Read on Ao3
10 days.
That’s how long it has been since he became a father. Holding the small gift the love of his life brought into the world, Edwin was so tiny. He slept, swaddled up, resting against Spencer’s knees as he sat up in bed. Y/N asleep on the pillow beside them.
Spencer couldn’t believe how perfect his life had become. Edwin’s small coo’s and grunts as he slept making him smile at the perfect little being they created. All 6lbs, 10oz and 21 inches of pure perfection, joy and love.
He was peaceful, his cute little button nose twitched as he pouted. About to wake up, hungry as the sun rose, like clockwork. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light, looking around with his deep brown eyes before he started to wail.
“Shhh,” Spencer soothed him as he brought him to his chest, bouncing him softly as Y/N started to wake up.
She yawned beside him, stretching into a banana shape as she did so. Curling around him slightly before sitting up, keeping her eyes closed as she swallowed a few times and became a person again.
“Good morning,” Spencer spoke over the slight crying.
“Hello,” she replied, opening one eye as she un-clipped her nursing bra, “hand him over.”
Spencer laid him in her arms, watching as she led him towards the nipple. He latched with no problems, she tilted her head back against the headboard and closed her eyes once again. She had become a pro at sleeping while feeding, excited for when he was finally big enough that she could just roll over and feed him while laying down.
Spencer watched as Edwin's little hand found its way out of the swaddle, reaching up to hold the side of her boob. His eyes wide open as he ate, staring up at his mother with amazement.
Spencer always felt a bit emotional when he really looked at them. Seeing all the best qualities of both himself and Y/N in him already, Edwin was the most perfect baby he had ever seen.
He couldn’t believe sometimes that he was his son.
He leaned his head onto Y/N’s shoulder, cuddling into her as he reached out to cup Edwin’s tiny little head. Rubbing his thumb over the soft spot covered in hair. He loved them so much it felt overwhelming.
He kissed her shoulder softly, feeling her smile as her cheek pressed against his head. “Happy Father’s Day,” she whispered.
“Thank you,” he felt the tears well before one slipped out, trailing his cheek before dropping to her shoulder in a small splash.
“Oh Spence,” she started to cry too, laughing into the tears. Making her chest bounce and disturb Edwin’s breakfast.
“I just love you so much, they’re happy tears,” Spencer said softly before he kissed her cheek.
“Seriously, Spence,” she looked at him softly, still all puffy from sleep and the pregnancy. “Making you a dad is the best thing I’ve ever done.”
“Seeing you become a mom was like, everything just connected and the world made sense,” he explained softly. “The way you just powered through and suddenly you’re helping reach down and bringing this life into the world,” he started crying again. “It was magical, the feeling of becoming a father at that moment, seeing the life we made?” He had to stop to catch his breath as he cried, lifting his shirt up to wipe his tears off his face.
“I know,” she cried in agreement, looking down at her beautiful little boy as he ate away, unaware that his sleep-deprived parents were having a moment.
“I love you,” Spencer laughed, leaning in to kiss her on the lips finally.
There was a knock on their bedroom door then, “come in?” Y/N answered as Spencer sat back against the headboard beside her.
“Good morning,” her mother and Diana cheered softly as they walked in, breakfast for the both of them on trays. “Happy father’s day!”
“Oh my god,” Spence got overwhelmed again, covering his face so he wouldn’t cry in front of them too.
“Thank you guys,” he could hear the smile on Y/N’s face as she spoke. “You didn’t have to do all this?”
“Spencer used to make me breakfast on both Father’s and Mother’s day, I thought I’d repay the favour,” Diana recalled the memory with a soft smile.
“Thank you, mom,” Spencer said as Diana placed the tray on his lap, hugging him softly before she moved back.
“We’ll leave you alone now,” Y/N’s mom added as she placed the other tray on Y/N’s side of the bed. “Call me if you need anything else?”
“Sure thing, thanks nanny,” Y/N replied, using her mother’s new nickname.
It was so nice having both of them visit, they were very helpful. Allowing them to have time to shower and use the bathroom, they cleaned the house and made all the meals while Y/N and Spencer bonded with their little miracle.
It was the best father’s day he could have asked for, with the best wife, the best son and the best family in the whole world.
He was overfilled with joy, bursting at the seams and the tears never stopped. Even as he quietly ate his own breakfast, he was sniffling and wiping the occasional tear. It was overwhelming, he was tired, he was so in love, it was just a lot for him.
When Edwin was done eating, Y/N passed him back to Spencer with a smile. Spencer held him in his arms gently before placing a burp rag in his lap and burping the little guy. Patting his back, he let out a deep burp and then sighed, making Spencer laugh. He was so cute, it was insane.
He held him close, resting Edwin’s tiny little head on his shoulder as he cradled him, bounding slightly to help him fall back to sleep, Y/N called him the baby whisperer. He was amazing, he just had to hold Edwin with his arms crossed and tilt him at an angle, and he'd stop crying. It was like Magic seeing Spencer with a baby, he just knew what he was doing.
He changed Edwin like it was nothing, he talked to him like a big kid already as he changed or bathed him. She’d overhear him in the bathroom, his voice echoing off the tiled walls as he goes on and on in Edwin’s ear about how diapers are made and how they looked for the safest ones for his little bum. It was adorable.
Edwin was wonderful, full of excitement and joy and hope. He looked at everything like it was magic, learning about the world through his brand new eyes as Spencer was gifted with witnessing it all. It was magnificent, he loved colours and belly kisses and he smiled when you poke his cheeks. He was the best thing Spencer’s ever helped make, and he was so completely in love with him. His little baby, the reason he’s a father.
His whole life was in Edwin’s hands now; whatever he wanted, Spencer would be it. Whatever he needed, Spencer would get it. He was wrapped around his finger like his life depended on it, and Spencer was fine with that. He would sell his soul for him, step in front of a bullet or a speeding train, the love he had for this little baby was unspeakably large for how small he was.
He’s wide awake in Spencer’s arms, tilting his head and licking his lips as he stares up at his father. Spencer smiles down at him, amazed by everything going on inside his mind. Thinking about the electrons firing, the memories being made and re-written by the second as he learns and explores, colours erupting in his mind like nebulas.
“Did you know you’re named after Edwin Hubble?” Spencer whispers to him, booping his nose gently, “he’s the reason we can see the stars so well, why people were able to complete their dreams and go to the stars. To see the far off worlds and contemplate what’s out there… to see a greater purpose for us all.”
Edwin had no idea what he was talking about, but he was so content listening. Knowing his dad’s voice very well from all the talking he did to Y/N’s belly over the long 9 months of anticipation to meet him.
“You’re my stars, you’re my greater purpose,” he whispers, bring him closer so he can kiss his tiny little forehead. “I love you.”
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fanficlover91 · 6 months ago
Cinnamon honey milk
Note: Idea for this story came from my prompt list.
62. "How about something warm? It will help you sleep."
63. "It's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway."
66. "Shush and go back to bed." 
Warnings: breastfeeding; fluff;
Tumblr media
It was two o'clock in the morning when your baby son Thomas couldn't stop crying, probably he was hungry.
He was craving for sure your breasts because he owns them now.
You got up slowly, took your robe and slippers and started walking to the nursery, you could barely keep your eyes open but you hurried to the baby's loud scream.
You saw Kal sleeping in front of the door like a real older brother.
"Mommy is here, please don't cry sweet boy." You held him into your arms until he calmed down to feed him.
He felt your presence and immediately stopped screaming and at the moment you sat on an armchair he looked at you and gave you the cutest baby smile.
As soon as you opened your nursing bra and placed him on your left nipple when you lifted your head Henry was standing in boxer briefs, arms crossed, leaning against the door enjoying the picture of two of you.
"You're beautiful." He looked deep into your eyes, totally in love with you like on the first day of your relationship. 
"Shush and go back to bed." You put your finger to his mouth to show Henry to stop talking while you feed the baby so he doesn't start screaming again.
Henry entered the room and kissed you quickly while you stayed with your other boy to feed him and put him to sleep.
After thirty long minutes, Thomas was full and ready to sleep but waiting to burp lasted in your head forever.
When you went down to the kitchen to get water with shaggy hair, milk stains on your pyjamas, when you saw your husband reading something on his mobile phone bent over holding his weight on muscles against the kitchen counter you couldn't resist and slapped sweetly his butt. 
You covered your face with hands before you saw his reaction.
"Sorry, sorry, sorry I couldn't resist." You giggled when he turned to you moving your hands from the face.
"I know love, it's same with your boobies." He pointed out when he bent down and kissed both breasts and then your cheek.
"Darling, you have to wake up early, why aren't you in bed? You didn't have to stay up after I took care of Tommy." You asked, taking milk and water from the fridge.
"It's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway." He sat on a barstool, following every slight movement of your body.
"How about something warm? It will help you sleep. I have three babies that I have to take care of anyway." You smiled, taking the pot out of the dishwasher to make it hot cinnamon honey milk.
While stirring the milk, you felt Henry's hands around the waist.
"Sweetie, if you disturb me, the milk will burn." His body pressed on yours giving you the wish for something stronger than a mug of hot milk.
"I don't care, Y/N." He said in a baby voice and it sounded hilarious. 
"I'll burn myself, sweetheart, if you don't let me move." You pinched his cheek as you took the mugs from the cabinet.
Sometimes you couldn't believe that he even adored you more since you became mom, from the first day you found out you're pregnant to be precise.
You hated to be treated like a princess because you are a type of woman who can do everything by herself but sometimes you enjoy it when Henry wants to spoil you.
Carefully you tried hotness of milk before pouring in mugs adding pinches of cinnamon on top, the smell of it made you go back to childhood when your granny used to make it for you.
"Be careful, it's warm, don't burn your tongue." You handed over to him white simple mug from the tray.
"I love it when you treat me as a five years old boy." He closed eyes, enjoying the scent of milk, honey and cinnamon.
You chuckled before answering: "You are a five years old boy trapped inside of a grown man body or better a baby with those cute cheeks you have."
When you both finished with drinking milk, you fell asleep on his chest while he was resting his chin on your head until the morning. 
Even baby Thomas slept the rest of the night peacefully along with his pal Kal who kept him near the door.
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thebibliosphere · 6 months ago
On the non-EDS end of the bra issue- what kind of sport-type support do you get from the nursing bra? As in do the big boobs bounce? Can you hang upside down without falling out? I'm another in the buxom brigade but I also work in a construction job & spend a ridiculous amount of time hanging over edges, squishing into weird spots, hauling stuff, power tools, etc & really need the support but the cost, comfort & availability past a D cup is always a crap shoot. Nothing's gonna solve the metal shavings in the cleavage issue, unfortunately. Thanks!
So I wouldn’t go running in them (well that’s a lie, I have done in the past, but I wouldn’t do it now cause my muscle have deteriorated and my boobs hurt more), but I do find they offer adequate jiggle support when I’m out and about or even just doing chores around the house. I’m also able to hang upside down in them and I don’t fall out of them when doing physio, so that's good.
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Happiness Continues
Part 12: Home
Summary: Jensen and Y/n are adjusting to being new parents when an unexpected visitor turns everything upside down.
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Plus Size Reader
Word Count: 3.9K+
Warnings: Language, mentions of postpartum struggles, home invasion, attempted kidnapping
Author’s Note: Thank you all for the endless love, my girls who are always there to cheer me on, and my amazing beta @emoryhemsworth xoxo Alex
Catch up with the series masterlist and then check out Alexandra’s Library for more by yours truly!
Tumblr media
4 Weeks Later
Steam billowed up from the mug that sat on the counter. Y/n dipped the teas bags in and out of the boiling water, letting the flavor steep out. Once she was satisfied that it had been long enough since she’d initially dropped the bags in, the mother pulled the soaking pouch from the mug, squeezing the excess water from them into the sink. She pulled open the tabs of the nursing bra she was wearing and stuck one bag into each cup, allowing the warm, humid, heat to surround her swollen nipples. 
“Every time I walk into this room you are doing something strange in our kitchen.” Jensen’s voice had her popping her head up, a soft smile on her face. Her husband was cradling their son in the crook of his arm, the infant cooing as he looked up at his father. 
“I looked it up online; it’s supposed to help with pain,” the noise that fell from her mouth was almost a whine… almost. 
“Have you talked to the doctor about it?” 
“Yeah, it’s likely he’s just cluster feeding because he’s going through his first growth spurt. It should taper off in a few days, but for now, he’s attached to my fucking breasts, so they are not having a good time.” Y/n picked up her mug and headed into the living room to plop down on the couch. 
It was no secret that parents, especially new parents, tended not to get much sleep, but nothing had prepared her for this level of exhaustion. Since birth, Y/n felt like she didn’t get any time to herself. She was a walking milk machine with her body attempting to heal at the same time, and more than once, she found herself in tears out of pure frustration. Jensen had been wonderful, of course, and having Donna around during that first week was a godsend, but they could only do so much, especially now that he was cluster feeding. The fact that Ezra was even letting Jensen hold him at the moment was something of a miracle. She was hoping the tea might help her sleep a tad more soundly, something she had been struggling with since her son was born, her body hyper-aware of everything happening around her, but she had to be careful and watch how it affected the baby. The tip about the tea bags on her sore nipples was a lucky bonus.
Jensen followed her to the couch, sitting beside her as their son babbled away in his arms. The new mother couldn’t even stop herself, her attention immediately on Ezra. She smiled brightly down at him, using her free hand to wipe away the flyaway hairs at the crown of his head. Her husband watched the exchange, an equally wide grin on his face. 
“He’s a growing boy, that’s for sure,” Jensen agreed, watching his wife with an amused smile. 
“Yeah, well, I wish he would stop.”
“Don’t all parents wish that?” He sat back in his seat, laying out Ezra along the length of his lap. The little boy peered up at his parents, his chubby legs and arms thrashing about. 
“I don’t know,” she admitted, her voice high as she played with the giggling baby during their conversation. Y/n continued to make faces at the smiling baby as she spoke, her attention divided between the men in her life. “I just know it makes me feel old.”
“It makes you feel old?” He scoffed out a laugh at her comment.
“You know what I mean. He’s already growing out of outfits. I blame you and your damned height for that.”
“Oh, as if height doesn’t run on your side of the family,” Jensen pursed his lips and she laughed at him. 
“Fine, you’ve got me on that one. I’ll just blame my dad.” She turned her attention from the infant, whose eyes had begun to grow heavy, a beaming smile on her face as she looked at her husband. 
“Sounds good to me,” he smiled back at her, leaning in to peck her lips. “I’m going to see if he’ll let me rock him.” 
“Okay, I’ll see you in bed.” Y/n watched as Jensen shifted Ezra back into his arms so he could stand. He turned to her as he got to his feet, the tall Texan bouncing the infant in place as he spoke. 
“It’s seven-thirty.”
“Yeah, so I’ll see you in bed,” she repeated with a pat to his behind as she stood along with him. Jensen shook his head as he headed off, leaving her to get ready for the night with a smile on both their faces. 
The cries ringing through the house grew insistent, the pitch rising fast through the baby monitor before she was jolted awake. Her body jumped from the bed on instinct, startling the sleeping man next to her. 
“Again?” He husked, his voice like gravel as he didn’t bother to open his eyes, but he recognized the sound filling the bedroom. Y/n wiped her hand over her face, rubbing her knuckles into her tired and sore eyes. 
“Yeah, it’s the damn cluster feeding,” she replied as she tossed the covers from her body. Jensen moved to get up from the bed at the same time, but she gently urged him back against the mattress. “I’ve got him.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, unless you want to breastfeed him.” It was supposed to be a joke, but she was too exhausted to attempt to hide the aggravation behind her statement. Her adamance about avoiding a bottle had turned into Ezra refusing them, which meant that she and her nipples got no breaks. Not to mention if they wanted to break the cluster feeding, baby-to-breast was the quickest way.
A wide yawn broke across her face as she fetched her robe, slipped it on, and headed to the nursery. She let her muscle memory guide her body through the house, her eyes still struggling to open fully as she shuffled across the floor. The fatigue in every cell of her body was fighting against being awake again. 
Y/n pushed open the door with another yawn, her eyes on the crib as she entered. Between the cries, the white noise machine, and the lethargy, her brain didn’t process that something was off until it was too late.
“Hello, Y/n.” Y/n whipped around, her breath catching in her throat at the sight in front of her. Seated in the glider in the corner of the nursery was Chandler, her son wailing away in his arms as the man rocked the chair back and forth. Y/n opened her mouth to talk, but for once she was truly speechless. Adrenaline was now coursing through her blood, the only thought in her head on getting her son away from him. 
“There’s no way...” When she finally willed away the lump in her throat, the words slipped past her lips, cracked with fear. Chandler’s menacing grin somehow grew wider on his round face as she spoke. 
“Where there is a will, there is a way,” Chandler chuckled to himself as if he’d cracked some code and not just uttered one of the most common idioms in the English language. “See, I overestimated your security system at first. It messed up my whole plan, and I had to improvise. No worries though, he will not notice anything.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Her mind was reeling. Part of her was attempting to assess the situation, looking for any way out, while the other half listened to the deranged words of a sick man, but it seemed Chandler was the priority. That is until he no longer had her son.
“He thought he was doing the right thing by changing out the system when in fact he just made my job of freeing you that much easier,” Chandler went on as if she hadn’t said anything. “Hooking everything up to the Internet just makes it easier to hack. Besides, I was already on your computer—”
“Wait, my computer?” Her voice broke through his rambling. 
“I’ve been waiting for years now to save you, but I had to make sure you were safe in the meantime… so I have been keeping an eye on you,” Chandler explained to her, the nonchalance in his voice terrifying as her son continued to cry in the man’s arms. 
“You cloned my computer.” The realization hit her like she had been slapped. 
“More or less,” Chandler rolled his eyes at her statement. That action somehow irritated her more than the fact that he was holding Ezra hostage at the moment.
“You keep saying ‘save me.’ Save me from what?” At this point, Y/n was only trying to buy herself some time to come up with a plan of her own. Her eyes flickered around the room, landing on the baby monitor sitting high on the wall. The green light on the side of the camera was not shining, signaling that it had been turned off. Whether it was Jensen or Chandler who had done it, she couldn’t be sure. Both her and Jensen were guilty of shutting the device off in the past if their son was still fussy as someone was attending to him in the middle of the night. It was the only way they managed to get an inkling of sleep some nights. Now she was afraid that it could be her undoing. 
“This obviously,” he indicated the child in his arms. The infant was still fussing, but his cries had grown softer in the mere minutes since she had walked into the room. “This cliché of a life you’ve gotten yourself into.”
“What if I told you I loved my life?”
“I sincerely doubt that.”
“You don’t even know me!” Y/n reared back at his observation, more than irritated that she had been dropped into the lunacy of this man’s head once again.
“I do know you!” Chandler yelled back, the roar in his voice startling the fussing baby and sending him into another frenzy of cries. He rose to his feet then, and she could now make out the holster on his hip. Y/n stepped back, the revelation of the possible escalation of the situation heavy on her shoulders. “I know you’re way too good just to be someone’s wife and mother!” 
It took her a moment to find her voice again, the frightened woman shaking where she stood as she kept her eyes on her son. All she wanted was for him to put Ezra down, but she had to be careful how she went about it. There was no telling what might set him off next time. 
“So what now?”
“We leave,” Chandler allowed the grin to return to his features, the triumph in his eyes not lost on Y/n. “You and me.”
Y/n bit down hard on the tip of her tongue, wanting to say anything but what she ended up saying next. “Okay.”
The faint sound of a distant shout and the continued muffled cries from across the house pulled Jensen back to consciousness. He blinked in the darkness, confusion taking over as he realized what he was hearing. 
He rolled over in the bed, noticing Y/n was still up, making the cries of his son unusual. The still groggy man crawled across the bed and snatched the baby monitor off of the nightstand. He hit the power button, bringing the screen back to life in no time. As it adjusted to the darkness of the room, he could see where his wife stood near the doorway, but she wasn’t holding Ezra, and Jensen couldn’t see him in the crib. The scene perplexed his tired mind. That was until his wife’s voice came through the small monitor.
“So what now?” 
“We leave.” 
The sound of a second voice in the room had Jensen on his feet in an instant. He cursed under his breath as he ran back to his side of the bed and pulled his pistol out of the locked compartment at the bottom of his drawer where it had been waiting for this very moment. Somewhere deep down, he’d always suspected they hadn’t seen the last of the man that haunted his wife’s dreams. Though he’d hoped that it wouldn’t play out this way, he hadn’t disregarded any of the potential scenarios where Chandler may re-emerge. 
Jensen expertly checked the magazine and chamber before flipping off the safety. He ripped his phone from the charger and dialed 9-1-1, putting it on speaker in front of the monitor before sprinting from the bedroom. His long legs brought him to the nursery in no time, his wife’s name on the tip of his tongue.
“Yes, just—” The sound of her name had her spinning on her heel, her husband skidding to a stop behind her. His brow creased in the center of his forehead as they made eye contact before he lifted the gun in his hands. The glare that settled into his features as he took in the scene in front of him was downright terrifying to look at. “Jensen, no!” 
“I would listen to her,” Chandler challenged, his actions mirroring that of the enraged husband and father. With the baby in his grip, he was at a disadvantage physically, but the reality was that meant he now held all the cards. 
“Please?” Y/n put her hands up, one towards Jensen and one towards her stalker. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she turned a pleading gaze on her husband. “Jensen put the gun down.” 
“I’m leaving,” she hiccupped, hoping he would understand what she was doing, that every action from here on out was about making sure Ezra was safe. Most of all, she hoped Jensen knew that no matter what, she loved him. “Put it down.” 
Jensen searched her face, his eyes scanning over every inch of her tear-stained features, searching for anything to hint she was lying to him, but the truth was she had every intention of going. If it meant Ezra was safe, she would leave and figure the rest out later. It was all she had right now. He nodded, his eyes glistening as he succumbed to the truth in her words. He clicked the safety back on and set it on the ground before kicking it away from him. 
Y/n turned back to Chandler. “See, I’m coming with you, but you’ve got to put my son down. Please, just put him in the crib and I’ll go wherever you want.” The man eyed her before glancing at the crying infant. Carefully he placed Ezra into the crib, his eyes never leaving the couple as he did so. A shuddering breath escaped her chest as soon as her son was out of the line of fire. 
“Go,” Chandler indicated out the door with his gun, the action causing Y/n to flinch, but she did as she was told. Jensen was forced to step back and watch as the woman he loved was carted off at gunpoint. Instinct was yelling at him to go after them, but one false move could mean he risks her life and he had their son to think about too, so instead, he let her go. 
Y/n kept her head forward, blinking back the tears that were blurring her vision as she walked. The unknown laid out before her with every step she made, and it took everything in her to keep from breaking into hysterics. Her chest ached with every fractured breath she attempted, bordering on hyperventilating. Chandler grabbed her arm as she passed the door outside, tugging her back and out the door into the courtyard. She shivered in the night air, the stone wet and cold under her feet as he dragged her along. Her whole being wanted to protest, but there was no use anymore, she was at his mercy. 
He continued to drag her down the driveway and into the road, his grip tightening on her bicep. Her feet shuffled beneath her, her toes going numb from the cold with every step. There was no telling where or how far he would take her. She only hoped someone would be able to find her, or one day she’d be able to find her way back.
Chandler walked up to a parked car sitting at the end of the street less than two houses down from her home. He guided her to the passenger seat, unlocking the door and tugging it open for her. Y/n let out a huff as he shoved her forward, biting her tongue to stop the comment she wanted to spit at him. She turned her back on him before she got in, her eyes going straight to his hands and the gun where he was flipping off the safety. The once irritated woman saw his guard down as her opportunity to run, her stomach now in her throat. It was now or never. 
The woman used this momentary distraction to disarm him, the gun skidding against the asphalt and behind the car. She lunged for the device as he howled from the pain she inflicted to his wrist, picking up the pistol in trembling hands and bolting across the street. Temporarily dazed, Chandler unintentionally gave her a head start before chasing after, anger enticing his actions. His hand reached out just as she got to her feet, gun in hand, his fingers gripping a sliver of the tie of her robe to tug her backward, making Y/n lose her footing. Her body tumbled to the ground, the wet concrete slicing up the exposed skin of her extremities. 
“Stop!” She screamed as she hastily rolled onto her back, the gun aimed at his head as he loomed over her. Her heavy breaths fanned into the night sky in a plume of white mist as she laid out on her back in the middle of the street. 
“Ha, you won’t do it,” he snarled, taking in the way the adrenaline and cold had her whole body shaking. 
“Try me,” she growled back, refusing to give him the satisfaction of hearing her break yet again. His eyes narrowed as he contemplated whether or not she was capable, but Y/n held her ground, refusing to move first. The sound of police sirens hit before the blue and red flashing lights began to bounce off the nearby houses. Y/n let out a breath as a police car skidded to a stop just in front of them, the headlights bathing the two in blinding light. 
“Drop your weapon!” She heard the shouts coming at her, but she wasn’t ready to give in. More than anything she wanted to shoot him, for the months of worry and stress to be over once and for all, but she knew deep down that it was over. Y/n put her hands up in defense, dropping the clip from the gun before setting it down slowly and pushing it out of her reach. 
Then everything happened in a blurred mess. She was on her stomach, her hands being pulled behind her back and secured into metal cuffs before the officer brought her to her feet. It was now that she finally let the floodgates open, every emotion hitting her at once and racking her body with sobs. The cops must have thought she was crazy, but she honestly didn’t care. 
“Shit, Y/n!” Jensen’s voice had her popping her head up. He was jogging down the street towards her in just his boxers and a robe. The cop turned on him as he approached, stopping in his path. 
“Sir, please, you’re gonna have to stand back.” The cop grabbed him by his shoulders as Jensen continued to try and pass him.
“The hell I am! You have my wife in handcuffs!” Jensen barked as he knocked the hands of the cops away from his body. 
“This is your wife?”
“Yes, now will you tell me why she’s being detained?” Jensen kept trying to peek over the cop’s shoulder, trying to meet his wife’s eye as she continued to sob. The sight hurt worse than watching her walk out the door. After everything she’d been through, now this, and he couldn’t even be there to hold her. 
“She was pointing a gun at this man when we pulled up,” the police officer explained.
“Maybe because he was trying to kidnap her!”
“Sir, please, it's just procedure. Let us take both your statements and we can go from there,” he assured Jensen. 
“Can I at least see her?” The annoyance was heavy in his words. The cop nodded and Jensen didn’t think twice before rushing to her side. He pulled her body into his arms, cradling her head against his chest as he began to cry with her. “Don’t you ever do anything like that to me again.” 
“I’m sorry, I had to for Ezra,” she wept, her inability to hold him as well making everything worse. Jensen sighed, his whole body going slack when her words registered in his head.
“Shhh, I know, I know. I just—I can’t lose you.” He kissed the crown of her head, one hand moving to rub up and down her back as he continued to try and soothe her. 
The police officer returned with the gun now in an evidence bag. Y/n couldn’t believe what was happening. She felt like she was watching someone else’s life through their eyes and not her own. It was all so surreal. The officer took Jensen’s statement before she insisted he go back to the house. He didn’t want to go, but he’d been gone long enough, the baby monitor in his pocket not sufficient for anything longer than he had been away. He reluctantly left her in custody, placing one last kiss on her forehead before he returned to their son.
Once the paramedics arrived on the scene a few minutes later, the cops released her, Y/n’s statement, and Chandler’s record enough to explain the scene they had arrived at. She didn’t want to let the medics clean her wounds, her mind focusing only on returning home, but she eventually relented that it was the best course of action. The second they cleared her, Y/n was on her feet, running back to her house as if her life depended on it because honestly, she felt like it did. 
Jensen was waiting in the kitchen, attempting to feed a fighting Ezra a bottle. He turned when he heard the door opening, relief washing over him that she was back to him. The still shaking woman ran to her family, allowing her husband to properly wrap her in his arms as she held both of her men against her chest. Her face was shoved into his robe on his shoulder as she let the floodgates open, soaking the fabric in her tears. Jensen shushed her through the release, her body shaking as it came down from the high of everything that had happened. There was no stopping the trauma the night had inflicted upon her, no matter how much she tried. 
So she chose instead to let it out. At the end of it all, Y/n would push it all aside and move forward because she refused to let the experience control her any longer. All that mattered was continuing to build and nurture the family that she and Jensen had started. It wouldn’t be easy, but time would heal the wounds if she worked through them now, and her promise to the guys in her life was to figure it out. Her promise was one of a future filled with nothing but continued happiness.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thebibliosphere · 6 months ago
How are the Wire-free nursing bras (you mentioned Kindred Bravely specifically) about neck and shoulders? That's my main pain problem in the past and am always looking for a fit.
I find those bras to be better constructed and don't put as much strain on the shoulders and neck like other bras. I don't know if its because theres less emphasis on lifting your tits up in favor of better accessibility or what, but they do feel different to me.
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fullcupbra · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Getting back to our raison d'etre we’ve been browsing through our catalogues. Admirable attention to detail is displayed in this Kris Line set. Richly decorated cups support our heroines large bust, secured at the shoulder strap by a drop-cup clasp that enables her to expose either breast as circumstances dictate. The accompanying briefs exercise firm control to her tummy and extend high up her mid-riff.
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