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nyxire · 5 minutes ago
Just got a fidget ring and i can say with confidence is it one of the best gifts i have ever received.
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kagamari · 13 minutes ago
we are gods now
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sodrippy · 25 minutes ago
reverse of the ‘its not my blood’ trope where a character shows up bleeding and their friends are like ‘oh god what happened what did you do’ and theyre like ‘huh? oh this, dont worry, its mine’ and bc they are both lethal and a troublemaker, this goes a long way to calming their friends down<3
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nyx-black2290 · 28 minutes ago
Time for another round of ship headcanons w Nyx. Saiouma it’s ur turn babeyyy. Idk where I came up with this but I love it so much (I’m sure someone else has had this idea before lmao I just haven’t seen it so I thought I’d share my worms)
2 words: dyslexic Shuichi
Detective boy has dyslexia and Kokichi will not stop teasing him about it. Like this man is a detective who’s supposed to be rly smart and perfect and he can’t even fuckin read. (not saying people w dyslexia aren’t smart or they can’t read wjdjejjd it’s for the bit) But whenever Shuichi actually needs help reading something important or spelling Kokichi is actually really understanding with him and helps him out. Although he will make fun of him later.
I have so many worms about dyslexic Shuichi so let me know if u want my ramblings ahdjjejdjdj
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angaranprincess · 43 minutes ago
Latest news: Turian wife protecting her human pathfinder husband from a near Kett attack on Voeld. This is H&S.
Tumblr media
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thedragonemperess · an hour ago
R K S B for Winter
Thank you so much!!
(R)elative- What is your OC'S family like, are they related to any canon characters?
Pietro Maximoff, Helen Cho, Wanda Maximoff, Billy Maximoff, and Tommy Maximoff
(K)ill- Does your OC die in the end, do they end up killing someone?
I don’t have a story idea laid out for her yet, but I think she’d probably end up helping with the killing, but not actually doing it herself.
(S)ecret- What is a secret that your OC has, does this secret cause a plot twist?
She is in possession of one of the Infinity Stones! The Space Stone, to be exact.
(B)uddies- who is your OC friends with, are they apart of any friend group or team?
She’s pretty good friends with Shuri, Harley, Billy, Tommy, and Peter P.
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nyxie-fics · an hour ago
Hello, I'm glad you're interested in my concept may I request OC alphabet A D I and P for your favorite OC?
of course, your concept is so cool and i just had to show off my ocs with it.
you said choose my favourite and while he isn’t exactly a main character i have been dying to talk about jim’s o this is about Mackenzie Kelly
a(lignment): Mack’s alignment is chaotic neutral, loving chaos of all kinds as long as it doesn’t affect him,,, well, at least not negatively
d(escription): mack’s face claim is thomas doherty and he almost always has some sort of leather clothing on his person. he also has taken quite a liking to eyeliner and earrings.
i(nspiration): i needed to find a couple of friends for fianna in A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing (book three of the lupine saga) when i saw a character on emmerdale (british soap opera). the character is called mackenzie boyd and he is very chaotic, causing chaos for everyone, including his sister. i really liked his personality and decided to add him to this mix of chaos that is ASIWC
p(ersonality): Mackenzie is hot-head and blunt. he’s also quite flirty and affectionate with everyone. he is full of sass and sarcasm and has a particular sense of humour. he also has a love of arson that you cannot stop him from committing no matter how hard you try.
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confusedghostkid · an hour ago
"Nyx, I'm trying to work!"
Tumblr media
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nyxie-fics · an hour ago
e(xpostition): what’s your ocs backstory, what led to their inclusion in the canon universe?
holli: holli is bobby wilson’s twin sister who was a back up for the guitar players in sunset curve, she died 67 days after the boys
duchess: duchess was part of a band called moonrise edge, a band inspired by sunset curve. like the boys she died before a big gig and was brought out of the dark room after carlos played their demo
diego: diego was tía victoria’s son who died a few years before the fic. he’s stayed around the molina household as he didn’t know where else to go, he also met up with willie and he introduced the guys to willie which brings them to caleb
helena: helena died in the 900s and was brought back by a being named Lady Death. she became a part of the Children of Death, and leader of the Shadow’s Children division of that army. she was alerted by shield, as requested, when loki came to earth and asked to aid the avengers
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itsthesinbin · an hour ago
garrus vakarian and or vetra cuddle headcanons pllleeeeeaaasseee
Mass Effect
Garrus isn’t too much of a cuddler. Most Turians aren’t. But, there is something nice about holding onto you. Your soft, warm human body seems to meld against him in a way he hasn’t experienced before. Very much into kinda just lazily dragging his talons along your back- either on top of or under your shirt. Likes laying you on his chest because of this. Prefers to be the big spoon, but not against being the little spoon if you really want him to be.
Vetra is the complete opposite. A bit of an oddity among Turians, she’s very touchy. Always holding your hand or touching your face or hair. A monster cuddler. Prefers to be the little spoon- sometimes a lady just wants to be held- but likes holding you as well, so she likes being big spoon too. Always covers your face in Turian kisses when you two are cuddling, tickling your cheeks with her mandibles. Purrs up a storm the entire time, and doesn’t have a preference for cuddling position.
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nyxie-fics · an hour ago
I need everyone from jatp and helene maddidottir when you have the time for x,y,z,w,a, and f
x y z w a f
x(oxo): what is your ocs sexuality? does your oc have a relationship/crush on someone?
holli: well, holli is bisexual and has a crush on one luke patterson
duchess: duchess is also bisexual and has a crush of reggie peters
diego: diego identifies as queer but leans heavily towards men, he has a crush on alex mercer
helena: helena’s sexuality is fluid, she doesn’t really have a preference for any one gender and just sees the person she loves as the person she loves. she is in a relationship with loki laufeyson
y(ou): what’s your opinion on your oc are you satisfied with it?
holli: i really like holli, she’s pretty different from most ocs i’ve seen in her place and her story is certainly unique in a way.
duchess: duchess was my first jatp oc and so she’ll always hold a place in my heart. i projected a good bit onto her and so i have to say i love her.
diego/: i’m still creating diego and deciding on things but i’m pretty darn happy with him so far.
helena: i’ve always liked helena, it took me a while to perfect her and i am so happy with how she’s ended up.
z(inc): how healthy is your oc, do they go through any training of sorts, if so how do they train?
holli: holli is pretty healthy, she didn’t go for street dogs so that says something, right?
duchess: duchess is a dancer, a ballet dancer actually and so she is pretty healthy and goes through all of the stretches daily.
diego: diego was healthy up until his death but now he’s dead so... i’ll leave that up to you.
helena: helena was healthy up until her first death, she then became an immortal and had to train with the other shadow’s children and children of death
w(orld): does your oc have an impact on their universe, do they change the story of their fandom, how so?
holli: holli doesn’t have much of an impact on her world other than adding another phantom to the group
duchess: duchess and holli have kind of similar impacts so...
diego: diego doesn’t impact much other than being
helena: helena is part of a new race of semi-immortal beings and has an impact on her universe, he effect on the fandom though? now too much of that
a(lignment): what’s your ocs moral alignment, are they good or evil, are they lawful or chaotic, or are they neutral?
holli: holli is pretty basic and i’d say is lawful good
duchess: duchess would probably be neutral good
diego: with a love for mischief diego is chaotic neutral
helena: helena is chaotic neutral, loving chaos and yet she doesn’t care who is affected
f(andom): what fandom or fandoms is your oc made for?
holli: julie and the phantoms
duchess: julie and the phantoms
diego: julie and the phantoms
helena: the marvel cinematic universe
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ct-9904 · 2 hours ago
I'm saying FUCK Purge Trooper red, Rex stays blue gdi 😤
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b3l0v3ds · 2 hours ago
so shipping? wow /lh /j
idk whats happening but just know it’s all a joke 😭
im just watching it all unfold
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kyun-toast · 2 hours ago
Just wanna make an unsolicited Korean grammar post
When you call someone directly, it’s name-ah if it ends in a consonant and name-ya if it ends in a vowel.
E.g. “San-ah!” You called for your boyfriend. “Mingi-ya! Where are you?” Your friend had seemed to have disappeared too.
And when you’re talking abt/referring to someone, it’s name-ie if it ends in a consonant and just the name on its own if it ends in a vowel.
E.g. “Oh, they were with Wooyoung-ie and Jongho!”
I see some of these misused sometimes so I hope this helps at least a little w the dialogue🥺
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b3l0v3ds · 2 hours ago
i open tumblr what is going on
check out tubbos-sister acc
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b3l0v3ds · 2 hours ago
im so sorry about this shipping- its my fault TT
it’s okay I don’t mind it :D
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confusedghostkid · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Finally posting art of Nyx! (Another OC)
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hadesgamedialogue · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Orpheus and Nyx discussing each other
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