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#nyx acotar
feysandandnyx13 hours ago
My babies 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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livlochan18 hours ago
Tumblr media
饾槇饾槾 饾槞饾槱饾樅饾槾 饾槱饾槮饾槶饾槬 饾槱饾槳饾槾 饾槾饾槹饾槸, 饾槱饾槮 饾樀饾槱饾槩饾槸饾槵饾槮饾槬 饾樀饾槱饾槮 饾槾饾樀饾槩饾槼饾槾. 饾槒饾槹饾樃 饾槯饾槹饾槼饾樀饾樁饾槸饾槩饾樀饾槮 饾槱饾槮 饾樃饾槩饾槾 饾樀饾槹 饾槱饾槩饾樂饾槮 饾樅饾槮饾樀 饾槩饾槸饾槹饾樀饾槱饾槮饾槼 饾槬饾槼饾槮饾槩饾槷 饾槩饾槸饾槾饾樃饾槮饾槼饾槮饾槬.
I swear, I keep working on a full Feysand & Nyx piece but ironically keep getting sidetracked by pieces of them individually or in pairs鈥eedless to say, a Feyre & Nyx one is on the way 馃槄
References were used for this work.
(Art by me. Please do not repost elsewhere.)
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feyre-a20 hours ago
Cass won of course
But apparently nyx wasn鈥檛 as far behind as you would expect
Oh cauldron knows nyx is going to destroy cassian when he鈥檚 a bit older
I want to see cass defeated
Might bring down his ego a tiny bit
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nikethestatue22 hours ago
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Happy Friday and some happy Feysand for all!
Via on Instagram
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cinnamonroll1523 hours ago
Cass teaching Nyx to fly 馃槀
*endless scream into the void*
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i-t-s-w-h-a-t-e-v-e-ra day ago
Acosf spoiler!!!
Okay so I鈥檓 sorta kinda late but I just finished acosf! And I really like it! I wanted to throw my own two sense in the mix. I know there鈥檚 a lot of hate towards nests, which I totally get. But that鈥檚 kinda her personality?? One main thing I saw was that people didn鈥檛 like how sjm made the choice that she gave up her powers to save feyre and nyx. I feel like people forget that this book is more of a character study meaning that this book may be slower and not exciting via plot points. If you read the acknowledgements Sarah said she wrote best as characters as a reflection of her own mental health. So as many of us wanted her to keep her death powers, it鈥檚 also a representation of depression. She needed to grow from her mental health in order to get better.
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kayla-2a day ago
I hope to get a scene of Rhysand updating the portrait of Feyre behind his desk to include Nyx.
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kayla-2a day ago
Nyx and Mama Feyre. I already know she鈥檒l be the best mother ever.
Tumblr media
Credit: (Instagram)
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meher-sumedhaa day ago
Gwynriel Headcanon with Nyx - After the 'breakup' :
Rhysand, Feyre, Cassian and Nesta are at the house of wind. "Okay, just listen once more please, I have to give him warm milk if he cries, make him fall asleep at 9, make sure he burps before he sleeps, make sure his wings don't fold while he sleeps, make sure he doesn't get hurt and -", Gwyn holding Nyx was cut off by Nesta.
"And you have already recited the entire routine twice now. Don't worry Gwyn, you'll take good care of him. He likes you the best".
"Can't fight with that" Rhys replied. "Don't worry Gwyn, you'll take good care of him. Besides Azriel is here to help you". "I'm pretty sure he's just gonna stay at the sidelines and blame it at me if anything goes wrong".
"I'm hurt by your words" Azriel said dramatically with a hand on his heart while coming into the dining room. "Don't worry, Gwyn, you're worrying even more than me and we'll be back by 10." Feyre said. "No, we WON'T be back by 10, have some fun Feyre, it's your first time away from Nyx and our first double date. And besides, Gwyn can handle Nyx for a night." Cassian said with his armed hooked around Nesta's waist.
"We don't wanna be late now do we, let's go" Nesta said and placed a small peck on Cassian's kiss. They all started walking towards the balcony and said goodbye before Rhys winnowed them.
"Alright Nyx, now promise me you'll be good for Auntie Gwyn" Gwyn said to nyx and held out her pinky finger with her free hand. "I promise Auntie Gwyn" Said Nyx and shaked her pinky finger with his. Nyx was almost 2 years old now and he could speak the names and the usual words.
Azriel was still leaning in the doorway and smiling at Gwyn and Nyx. "What do you wanna do Nyx? " Gwyn asked him. "I want umm" He said while pointing his finger to his head. "I want a story".
"Which one? ", "Umm, of uncle Az and you". He replied and Az came towards them. "Now why do you want a story about us Nyx? ". "I don't know". Nyx said.
"Alright well I'll tell you a story about us. Did you know that Uncle Az fought in the war?". "He did?". "Yes, he fought in a war 500 years ago". "Uncle Az Old" Nyx said while giggling.
"Yes, uncle az very old. In fact, you should call him oldie uncle az". Gwyn replied and Nyx started giggling. She then tickled him in his stomach and he started laughing loudly. Azriel just stood there and smiled at that.
Gwyn started taking Nyx to her room and sat him down on the bed. Azriel followed and sat on the bed. "Now Nyx, are you hungry? " He shaked his head with his hair flowing and landing on his face. Azriel then slightly removed his hair from his face and took him in his lap. <<This is how nyx looked cause...why not>>
Tumblr media
"Do you want to drink milk right now" Azriel asked nyx while playing with his hair. "Ummm, YES", "Alright Nyx, I'll get you some warm milk". Gwyn said to him. "Story, Uncle Az and you", "don't worry Nyx, she'll tell you a story, first drink the milk and then she'll tell you as many stories as you want". "Really? " He asked. "Really" Replied Az and Gwyn shot him a look before walking out to get milk.
"Why Auntie Gwyn no story promise? " Nyx asked Azriel while playing with his hand. A habit he surely got from Gwyn. "Well, I don't know, should I tell you a story about auntie Gwyn?" And his shadows started playing with Nyx. "Mhmm", "Okay, did you know Auntie Gwyn won the blood rite-" He stopped speaking as soon as Gwyn came in the room.
"What's blood rite? " Nyx asked and Azriel put his own hand on Nyx's mouth. "YOU'RE TELLING HIM ABOUT THE BLOOD RITE? ". Gwyn literally shouted. "Yes, he tell you won it" Nyx said and Azriel covered Nyx's mouth again.
"HE'S A KID!!", Gwyn shouted, yet again. "Hey, it's not like YOU don't tell him about wars". And Gwyn shot him a look to which he immediately shut up, Trying to hide his laughter. "Come on Nyx, drink this and then we'll sleep" And came closer to where he was sitting on Az's lap. "What about story? ". "I'll tell you another story, one about 3 boys who learn to fight for their home". "Promise?", "I promise" Gwyn said and shaked his little finger.
Azriel handed Nyx to Gwyn and Nyx drank the milk quietly while Gwyn told him to story of Rhysand, Cassian and Azriel with as few details as possible. About how they fought Hybern and how they protected their home. Azriel just sat their while listening to Gwyn. He couldn't stop listening to her. After all this time, he finally knew why Gwyn was Nyx's favorite. Because she listened. She listened to Nyx's questions and answered them in the best possible way.
She never stopped him from speaking and if he asked her to repeat the whole story. She did. She told him about how the warriors were fierce and protective. How they fought and fought just so they had a home to come back to.
When she saw Nyx started feeling sleepy, she took the empty bottle from him and stood up. Resting his head on her shoulder and rocking side to side so that he would fall asleep.
When she heard slight snoring she stopped shaking him and rested him on the bedbed where she saw Azriel sleeping with a smile on his face. She tugged some of Azriel's hair which were on his face. She then lay down beside Nyx, placing him between themselves and fell asleep.
Azriel was awoken by someone crying. He saw opened his eyes and took Nyx out of the room so he wouldn't wake up sleeping Gwyn. "What's the matter little guy?". "Mommy" Nyx replied. "Mommy's not here right now, she'll come back in the morning". He was moving side to side with his head on his shoulder.
"Song" Nyx said in a muffled voice. "What". Azriel said. "Song, Gwyn said you sing, sing" He replied. "Gwyn told you that? ", "mhmm, she tells me many things about you". "Oh", "song". "You're not gonna sleep without it are you? ". "No" Nyx said while smiling.
"Alright". He took him to his room's balcony so Gwyn won't hear him. So Azriel sang the song :
Tumblr media
And he heard slight snoring when he stopped. When he turned around to go back, he saw Gwyn standing there. He was so focused on singing and was so sleepy, he must not have heard her come in. Despite the warnings his shadows were giving.
He layed down Nyx first and then lay on the bed himself. Trying to understand what excuse to make when his thoughts were interrupted by Gwyn whispering. "You're a good singer, shadowsinger. I'd love to hear more songs" Before lying down beside Nyx and falling asleep.
Azriel was too tired to even comprehend what that meant. He was too sleepy.
The Next Morning :
When Azriel woke up, he saw Nyx was lying between him and Gwyn and Gwyn was lying on Az's shoulder. Nyx was holding one finger of Gwyn with his tiny fingers. The sight of which made Azriel smile........
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feyre-aa day ago
We finally allowed cass to race nyx flying
With the condition of course that either rhys or me is there
So he dosent get any other crazy ideas
Oh nyx he dosent know what the future is holding for him
Ilyrians are crazy
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hellogoodbye142 days ago
Cass and Az babysitting for about 2 minutes鈥. (Inspired by 鈥淔all鈥 by Kristen Callihan)
Azriel: 鈥淲e have to head out, just waiting on those reports.鈥
Rhys: 鈥淔eyre was almost done checking them, she鈥檚 bringing them down. Here take Nyx, I need to rush to the bathroom real quick.鈥
*Az holding Nyx a bit awkwardly*
Cassian: 鈥淵ou know you could put him in his crib?鈥
Rhys: 鈥淭ry it, I dare you.鈥
Az and Cass frown at one another.
A door slams, and they are left alone with twenty pounds of drooling baby who has decided that Az鈥檚 eyebrows would be better off detached from his face.
Azriel: 鈥淥kay, little man, let鈥檚 find you something better to play with.鈥
He sets Nyx down and Cass hands him some toy caterpillar.
He looks at the bug, then at Cass, then back at the bug. His little chin prunes up. Cass hears an internal warning alarm blaring, 鈥淒anger! Danger!鈥
Azriel jiggles another of the toy bugs. 鈥淔un, yeah?鈥
No, no it is not. Tears well in Nyx鈥檚 eyes, and he sucks in a deep breath. His temper breaks with an ungodly wail, his little arms flailing, face bright red.
Az picks him up immediately, 鈥淥kay, okay. Those bugs are creepy anyway.鈥
Cass, 鈥淚m sorry little man! Oh god what do we do?!鈥
Nyx鈥檚 back arches as he screams his fury. 鈥淗oly Cauldron, I thought I was emotional. What about this?鈥 Cass picks up a monkey toy, 鈥淢onkey? You want your monkey?鈥
lumpy monkey goes flying with one indignant swat.
鈥淩ight. Monkeys suck. Noted. Az move him like Feyre does.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 yell at me, Nyx is already doing it enough!鈥
Rhys strides into the room with a harried expression. 鈥淵ou put him down, didn鈥檛 you?鈥
Azriel: 鈥渨e thought he might want to play!鈥
Rhys takes his son, grabs a pacifier, and holds it up to Nyx鈥檚 mouth. 鈥淗ere you go, love.鈥
He immediately sucks it in and then rests his head on Rhys鈥檚 shoulder with a shuddering sigh like he鈥檚 just been through a long, hard battle. Clearly, one Cass and Azriel lost.
Cassian: 鈥淧lug up the hole.鈥 He slaps his forehead. 鈥淚 should have known.鈥
Rhys and Nyx shoot him twin glares.
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hellogoodbye142 days ago
Cass and Nesta visiting Feysand鈥檚 Estate because Cass has to pick some reports from Rhys.
Rhys answers the door on the fifth knock. His hair is sticking up on one side and his tie is askew鈥攂eing clutched in the merciless grip on a chubby baby fist. Nyx gives them a smile as if to say look who I made my bitch today.
Cassian: 鈥淥h how the mighty have fallen鈥
Nesta: 鈥淗old my bag, I need a picture of this鈥
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kayla-22 days ago
This will absolutely happen.
Tumblr media
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hellogoodbye143 days ago
Nesta with Nyx
Nesta: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e all spoiling him too much鈥
Also Nesta: *notices he likes a certain kind of candy, buys the stores entire stock for him*, 鈥渉ere you go little man.鈥
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nikethestatue3 days ago
(Somewhat of a crack) Theory, but not really
But hear me out!
Nyx is 3/4 Illyrian. Feyre was 100% Illyrian and Rhys is 1/2 Illyrian when Nyx was conceived and that makes him almost fully Illyrian. He even has wings all the time, unlike Rhys.聽
Of course I don鈥檛 think that he will be living in a training camp, but he will definitely received Illyrian training. And with 2 uncles, 1 aunt and his father all completing the Blood Rite, there is no way that he wouldn鈥檛 either (barbaric as it is).
So, in about 28 years, which is like 15 minutes in Fae time, there will be a High Lord鈥檚 heir who is almost entirely Illyrian, and who will most likely bring Illyria fully into the fold of the Night Court. Because of course Illyria isn鈥檛 Cassian鈥檚 or even less so Azriel鈥檚 responsibility, but the High Lord鈥檚, and that鈥檚 who they typically complain about and resent. Hopefully, Nyx will also be able to bring some more progressive ideas into Illyria, in regards to women, Blood Rite rules, and everything else, and potentially will be able to enforce clipping and SA reporting rules as well. (Perhaps will Emerie鈥檚 help, since she is Illyrian, a female and a Carynthian)
And rightfully, that鈥檚 who should be handling Illyria, and hopefully unifying it. The Illyrian Heir of Night Court.
(not a human-turned Fae pretty 2nd sister of the High Lady or a pretty 1/4 nymph former? priestess--neither one of who have any connection what so ever to Illyria).
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hellogoodbye144 days ago
Cass: I鈥檓 bored
Rhys *cradling a sleeping Nyx*: don鈥檛 feather pluckin say it!
Azriel: Why can鈥檛 he say what?
Cass *trying to hold in his laughter*: Did you just say feather pluckin?
Rhys *rolling his eyes*: I鈥檓 trying not to swear in front of my toddler Cass.
Cass *biting his fist to not laugh out loud and wake Nyx up*
Azriel: okay, but why isn鈥檛 Cass allowed to say he鈥檚 bored?
Rhys: He鈥檚 going to jinx the peace
Azriel *scoffing* : there鈥檚 no such thing and even I鈥檓 bored. There鈥檚 nothing to do anymore... no fighting... no spying
Cass: TRUTH!
Rhys: Will you two shut the frig up!
Cassian: but....but....
*Amren comes crashing into the living room, nyx wakes up*
Amren: we have a problem
Cass and Az *eyes wide in shock*
Rhys *trying to lull back nyx to sleep*: you just had to jinx it
Amren: They did what?!
Azriel: ..... we said that we were bored
Amren *steps on the table near the illyrians and smacks them both on their heads*: YOU IDIOTS!
Cass: fucking ow Amren!!!
Nyx: ffff-aaackeeeeen
*Rhys glaring at an ashen Cass*
Cass: Feyre is going to send her water wolves my way isn鈥檛 she?
Rhys: Run.
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kayla-24 days ago
Majority of the artwork with feysand and Nyx is them crying or something because they just fucking died... could sjm give them no breaks??? Did they really need to die for the plot?
They couldn鈥檛 even enjoy their pregnancy with Rhysand having nightmares and begging for answers.
It was so lazy, and unnecessary.
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kayla-25 days ago
I think Feyre is going to teach Nyx how to hunt and use a bow and arrow and how to survive. Not as a bond but a teaching moment.
It鈥檚 unlikely he鈥檒l ever be in the same situation she was in when she was 14. But if Feyre didn鈥檛 have those skills she learned by having to hunt for her family everyday, I don鈥檛 think she鈥檒l be who she is today.
Feyre wasn鈥檛 old enough to enjoy the riches of her families life and she was never taught (anything really)to wait and prepare for a husband. So she knows how to teach Nyx in ways that he won鈥檛 be solely dependent on his families money.
She鈥檚 going to be a devoted and loving mother in ways that hers wasn鈥檛. Nyx will arguably be a very powerful being (look at his parents). He won鈥檛 have a horrible childhood like hers but she is still going to teach him how to be a survivor. How to do things on your own...
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fanficfaerie5 days ago
Babysitting Adventures
Word count : 1.2k
鈥淎re you sure you got this?鈥 Feyre asked for the fifteenth time. She was already so worried about Nyx鈥檚 small size and his health, and leaving him alone with Cassian and Azriel to go to a high lord meeting wasn鈥檛 exactly helping her relax.
鈥淥f course, we do Feyre, this isn鈥檛 the first time we鈥檝e taken care of him. We鈥檒l be fine.鈥 Cassian replied. But in reality, he was trembling. He knew how protective Rhys and Feyre were of Nyx, and any mistake on their side wouldn鈥檛 go unnoticed.
鈥淭rust me Rhys, we鈥檒l be okay. And if anything goes wrong - which it won鈥檛 - we鈥檒l call you immediately.鈥 Azriel tried to reassure Rhys.
鈥淥kay,鈥 Rhys replied, 鈥淛ust take care of him.鈥
鈥淎nd remember to give him his milk, and burp him afterwards. And he can sleep without a nightlamp, but keep his door open.鈥 Feyre added. She could never forget the time when they had closed his door, and Nyx had gotten so scared that he had woken up the entire house with his wails.
鈥淲e鈥檒l be fine, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 Cassian said.
Both Feyre and Rhys sighed, but went up to kiss the 10-month-old who was soundly sleeping in Azriel鈥檚 arms. 鈥淟ove you baby.鈥 They both kissed him on the cheek, and made their way to the door. Feyre looked back at sleeping Nyx one last time, before Rhys winnowed them away to the day court-where the meeting was being held.
鈥淎re you scared?鈥 Cassian asked Az
Az replied in a sombre voice, 鈥淭errified.鈥
鈥淲here did you keep the bottle?鈥 Azriel tried to ask Cassian over the screaming.
鈥淚n the kitchen dickhead, where else would it be?鈥 Cass replied
鈥淭hen go get it. And don鈥檛 get mad at me, it isn鈥檛 my fault you can鈥檛 take care of a baby.鈥 Az retorted
鈥淐an鈥檛 take care of a baby he says鈥asn鈥檛 even held a baby once in his life鈥︹ Cass mumbled as he made his way to the kitchen. He got the bottle and came inside the living room where Azriel was bouncing Nyx on his lap.
鈥淪hh Shh鈥,鈥 he was cooing.鈥 There鈥檚 nothing to cry about baby鈥︹
鈥淢ost people would kill to see such a sight you know鈥 Cassian joked
鈥淛ust give me the fucking bottle鈥 Az replied angrily. He took the bottle from Cass and put it near the baby鈥檚 mouth. 鈥淕ood boy, just drink your milk and fall asleep...鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 not a dog you know. He won鈥檛 listen to your orders.鈥 Cass said
鈥淎re you here to help me or make fun of me?鈥 Az asked, exasperated
鈥淢ainly the latter鈥 Cassian replied.
鈥淚t would have been so much better if Mor were here鈥 Az mused. Mor had immediately said no when Feyre had asked her to babysit by saying that she had some business at the night court to attend to. So, Cass and Az were all alone.
Nyx, who had been sucking his bottle quite peacefully until that moment, suddenly threw the bottle down and started screaming again.
鈥淲hat does he want now?鈥 Az whined
鈥淢aybe try burping him? That鈥檚 what Feyre told us to do鈥 Cass suggested
Az adjusted the baby and gently started stroking his back. But that didn鈥檛 seem to help, and Nyx screamed even louder.
鈥淎z,鈥 Cassian said, wrinkling his nose at the disgusting stench filling the room, 鈥渕aybe we need to change his diaper鈥
鈥淲hat?!鈥 Az shrieked, 鈥測ou need to do that please鈥
Cassian sighed and took the baby in his arms. He made his way upstairs, keeping Nyx a safe distance away from him. He laid him down on the changing mat, and whispered to himself, 鈥淚 got this.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e doing it absolutely wrong Cass鈥 Az complained from where he stood near the door, far away from Nyx and Cass.
鈥淢aybe you want to come and try this instead of standing there. Believe me Az, I鈥檝e cut down the most disgusting demons, but nothing comes close to this.鈥
鈥淗ow are you going to do it when its your child, hmm?鈥 Az asked
Cass blushed at the statement, mumbling quietly, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about鈥 he said
鈥淥h come on,鈥 Az replied, 鈥渄on鈥檛 think that I don鈥檛 know that you and Nesta have talked about your future together.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 try to change the topic Az, help me. Please!鈥 Cassian exclaimed
鈥淔ine, fine鈥 Az said, slowly making his way to where Nyx lay, 鈥済o get the wipes鈥
After making many faces and after lots of unwanted prompts from Az, Cassian finally managed to change Nyx鈥檚 diaper.
鈥淲e鈥檙e good now,鈥 Cass said, 鈥渨e just have to get him to sleep. That should be easy.鈥
Getting Nyx to sleep was not easy. Az and Cass tried to rock him in all directions, hold him in every way possible, but Nyx would not stop crying.
鈥淐ass, how are we going to get him to sleep. We need help鈥 Az asked, worried.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥 wish Mor were here鈥 Cassian replied.
鈥淚鈥檓 here now peasants鈥 said a voice from the door. and there, standing in the doorway was Mor, in all her glory. At least, it looked that way to Cassian and Azriel.
鈥淢or!鈥 they both exclaimed happily.
鈥淗ow are you here? I thought you were in the hewn city.鈥 Az asked her
鈥淩hys asked me to be here, he wanted Nyx in the hands of someone more capable.鈥 Mor replied
Cass and Az looked at each other. They were going to have a talk with their high lord later. But they were glad to have their mor at that moment. Az handed Nyx to Mor, and lo and behold, he immediately stopped crying.
鈥淲h- what? How does he not cry with you?鈥 Cass asked
鈥淚鈥檓 way above you heathens. Kids love me.鈥 Mor replied smugly. 鈥淩ight Nyx, you love me, don鈥檛 you? Go to sleep now鈥hh...鈥 she cooed
Az and Cass breathed a sigh of relief, glad that mor could take it from here. They were exhausted, and decided that they were going to babysit Nyx when he鈥檚 much older, and doesn鈥檛 cry while being fed.
Mor had Nyx asleep in mere minutes, and laid him down in his cot. All three of them went out of the room, remembering to keep the door open. They made their way down the stairwell, and plunked themselves down on the couch.
鈥淲hen are Rhys and Feyre coming home? I don鈥檛 know how they do this every day鈥 Az asked. 鈥淭hey鈥檒l be back any minute now.鈥 Mor replied.
Sure enough, they arrived at the front door a few minutes later. They saw the three of them laying down on the couches, and raised an eyebrow. 鈥渋t didn鈥檛 go that well, I take it?鈥 Feyre asked them
Az and Cass showed them the pictures of the evening in their minds, and both of them couldn鈥檛 help but laugh at their attempts. 鈥淲ell now we know who needs more practice babysitting鈥 Rhys joked
鈥淲hat? No!鈥 Az and Cass exclaimed. Rhys, Feyre and Mor laughed out loud at their outburst, enjoying the fact that Cass and Az were unnecessarily worrying themselves.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry guys, we won鈥檛 leave you alone with Nyx, not without Mor with you鈥 Feyre said
鈥淥h, that鈥檚 fine then鈥 Az sighed
And they all sat together by the fire till late, laughing at the adventures Cass and Az went through, in just in a span of a few hours. And Rhys and Feyre didn鈥檛 know what they had done to have got such lovely, dependable and 鈥 let鈥檚 be honest - hopeless friends.
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sainttelomere6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my ACOTAR OC is named Lyra and this is just a cat-ified version of her and her brother Nyx :0 First pic: Lyra getting her scars after being attacked by a couple of naga (she was young and unable to fully defend herself) Second pic: just some sketches of the siblings lol Third pic: ref sheet for both of em uwu (Nyx is Rhys and Feyre's canon child, not my oc)
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