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Just kind of amusing myself with, ALL of the Chocobros are kids again. They don’t have the best impulse control and when it comes to sneaking in Prompto, Ignis knew he should have come up with a different solution, but, he just didn’t. He’s only 9 and one of his friends, a seven-year-old, was left at home with no supervision, he can’t let him stay alone.

Gladio is mostly running on anger at Prompto’s parents, he might be planning to try and convince his dad to adopt or take custody of him because honestly, Prompto’s current parents don’t deserve him as a son if they won’t even have someone there to take care of him.

Noctis was just too busy being angry that his best friend had to wake up at home alone, remembering everything, the fall, Niflheim, him being trapped in the crystal, ten years of darkness. He had no one there to give any comfort if he needed it.

Nyx is an Ulric, he was willing to go along with smuggling a child being neglected from the very second there was a chance said kid had no one to look out for him.

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This isn’t the best, but I had fun writing this part of Second Chance for Happiness.

“We need to get Prompto. Now.” Noctis has a look of pure determination on his face. Ignis and Gladio share a look, realizing that their blond friend doesn’t have any clearance to enter the citadel.

“Highness, there is one problem with that, Prompto has no clearance, we have to run a background check so he can be-“

“Iggy! His parents might not even be home right now! You know they left him alone with he was ten all the time for trips, but he never told us how old he was when they started doing that! It was a fight to even get him to admit he spent a lot of time alone growing up!” The prince’s cheeks are puffed out, something he hadn’t done since… well since he was seven years old the first time.

“Iggy, we can try driving by Prompto’s place, stop in to see how he is if we can.” Gladio is honestly worried now.

“In case you’ve forgotten, none of us are old enough to drive.” Ignis really wants a can of Ebony right now.

“I overheard a couple of glaives mentioning Nyx was acting weird… maybe he got dragged along with us?” The shield sees the small look of hope in Noctis’ face. “Get dressed princess and I’ll go check it out and see if he does remember the future that won’t happen now.”


Once Noctis is ready, he finds Gladio waiting with a slightly rattle Nyx. “He remembers and is willing to drive us where we need to go.”

Well, that’s one problem solved, though the advisor has one more question. “Do you have a car?”

“I do. I can drive you to blondie’s place too. You think he remembers?”

“Shiva made if clear we’d all go back at the same time, so yes.”

Well, now Noctis looks panicked again. “So, he could be dealing with remembering while completely alone! We need to get to him NOW!”

It doesn’t take long for Nyx to take them to his car or start driving. The guards buy the excuse of Noctis throwing a tantrum because he wanted to see a friend he made at school before the background check finished, so the glaive got stuck on guard duty. Said prince pouts the entire way as a result of that excuse.

When they arrive at the house Noctis is out of the car before it’s completely stopped and sprints to the door, ringing the doorbell multiple times. It takes a bit for Prompto to answer, once more a chubby kid. “Noct?”

“Prom! I was worried!” Well, the blond was tackled to the ground in a hug.

“I’m the one that should be worrying!”

Ignis soon makes his way to the doorstep, peering into the house. “I take it your parents are on another business trip?”

Prompto hesitates before nodding. “I think this one they left before I woke up, because I’ve got a note saying they’ll be back in two months.”

“And did they hire a sitter?”

“They never did before.”

Gladio lets out a sigh and just walks in with Nyx. “We’re packing you a bag. I can’t leave you here alone, we can sneak you into the Citadel.”

That plan of Gladio’s did not go as he wanted considering they were caught in just five minutes by Cor, Clarus, and Regis. “Noctis, what exactly are you doing?”

The prince is frozen before acting on first instinct. He clings onto Prompto’s side and speaks with as much confidence as he can. “Mine.”

Cor makes a strangled sound a second later. Seems he recognizes the kid he had saved from Niflheim as a baby.

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I had another idea during a long drive it starts sad.

  • It starts after the dawn returns and Noctis is gone.
  • The other Chocobros aren’t feeling too good either.
  • Shiva comes to them with Luna, they’re offering the chance to go back and live their lives with no prophecy.
  • Prompto hesitates and asks if Noctis will be there. He and the others don’t want to go back and not have THEIR Noctis with them.
  • Luna smiles and says that Noctis, Ravus, and herself will all be going back. Along with Ardyn.
  • They argue about that, until Shiva explains that he’ll be completely replacing the Ardyn in the past infected by the Scourge.
  • They huddle for a moment to talk it over. Ignis gives their answer.
  • Noctis wakes up in his old bedroom in the citadel, and realizes he’s 7 years old again.
  • He nearly panics until Gladio and Ignis come into the room.
  • It takes awhile for them to get him to believe what happened. When he does, he really looks at Ignis and realizes something important.
  • Ignis can see again.
  • That results in crying from Noctis, happy crying because Ignis won’t have to live the rest of his life blind, he’ll be able to see the sun rise anytime he wants.
  • He instantly panics though. “Prompto! We need to go get him!”
  • Ignis and Gladio both freeze up and then realize that Prompto, at this age, does not have the clearance to enter the citadel.
  • Gladio mentions that a glaive named Nyx had been acting weird and confused.
  • Ignis remembers that Nyx was the glaive that used the ring’s power.
  • They summarize that Nyx must remember too.
  • He does.
  • They bribe him to drive them to Prompto’s house.
  • Noctis feels rage when he sees no signs of Prompto’s parents.
  • Well, they’re kidnapping him now.
  • Prompto does not mind and just clings to Noctis because He’s alive! His best friend is alive and remembers him!
  • Regis discovers them in the process of sneaking Prompto into the citadel.
  • Noctis does the first thing that pops into his head, he clings to his best friend and declares “Mine.”
  • Cor is silently screaming
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The moment you realize the Final Fantasy XV plot of the Empire of Niflheim to take the Kingdom of Lucis ultimately came down to a villainous shipping war between the scheming Chancellor and the top General:

Chancellor Ardyn Izunia: #TeamLunoct: Arranges for the marriage between them in the first place. Ardyn is, of course, an old school romantic Ruling Couple shipper.

General Glauca: #TeamLunyx: Tries to sabotage Ardyn’s plans, arranges for Luna not to reunite with Noctis, so he has the time to have Nyx intercept the Princess, meet, protect and fall for one another as the Empire invades. The General is, naturally, a more modern, passionate Bodyguard Crush shipper.

Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt: #TeamNiflheim: Exasperated and facepalming over his Chancellor and General’s petty shipping wars and lack of priorities throwing a wrench in his plans, just wants the goddamn crystal, ring and to conquer Lucis.

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Thanks for asking something!!

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Put a fictional character in my ask box!

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Sorry, it’s more FFXV! But I had a migraine for like, 5+ days so some ignyxio for all of you.

Ignis is ready to strangle some council members, Gladio is holding him back, and Nyx stole Gladio’s phone to put in an order at Ignis’ fav restaurant. Gladio’s making sure he doesn’t forget the ‘crispy crab things’ that Ignis loves.

It’s a small detail, but Nyx is wearing Gladio’s Crownsguard hoodie, which Ignis had stolen borrowed, but now Ignis has had to steal Nyx’s Kingsglaive windbreaker.

(Remember you can blacklist the tag if it bothers you, I’m just really enjoying drawing people again atm! I’ll also try to add #clockFA to all non OC work from now on)

30 notes

More on Teen dad Nyx AU.

  • Prompto does get into shape like in the game, mostly due to the Ostiums making sure he has a proper diet and them training him to defend himself.
  • First time a bully tries to go after him when he’s still learning to fight, Prompto takes them down easy.
  • He does have to drag Soren away before the angry Ulric child can try to also maul the bully.
  • Soren can sometimes be a tiny ball of feral when he thinks those that are HIS are being threatened.
  • Nyx has no clue where that possessiveness of friends and family came from
  • Nyx worries about this feral behavior his son has.
  • He considers asking the one person he knew was a feral child
  • He changes his mind fast, he doesn’t want to risk Cor making Soren even more feral.
  • Nyx is sure Prompto would shank him in his sleep if Soren became even harder to braincell.
  • Nyx is slightly afraid of Prompto sometimes because that kid can be terrifying if he wants.
  • Prompto has scared Soren into eating vegetables once.
  • Only once.
  • He felt too guilty because of how miserable Soren was afterwards to do it again.
  • Nyx wishes he would though.
  • Titus sometimes watches Soren for Nyx when the Glaives are training and no one is available to babysit in Little Galahad.
  • He does not have a soft spot for the slightly feral Ulric.
  • Yes he does
  • Regis and Clarus meet Soren because of one of those days.
  • Regis’ first time seeing Soren is when the kid is 11.
  • Nyx had been sparring and abusing his ability to warp, Soren was in awe.
  • Soren throws a shoe at his dad with the intent to jump at him pretending to warp.
  • He instead actually warps.
  • Everyone is shocked.
  • Well, now they know what happened to Noctis. Unless Regis is having his past come back to bite him.
  • No, that’s Noctis, he can feel his son’s magic.
  • Yes, Regis is indeed crying. He just found out his son is still alive and was being cared for by one of his Glaives.
  • He understands that Nyx had no idea he found the crown prince. He also wants to know how Noctis ended up outside that Outpost so far away.
  • Hint: It’s the Crystal’s fault.
26 notes

So, the reason I wanted to figure out Nyx’s age during the Marilith attack.

  • Nyx and several Kingsglaive were sent out to an outpost to keep an eye out for attacks from Niflheim. It’s a few miles away from where the Marilith is set loose.
  • Nyx steps out to patrol just outside the walls of the outpost and spots a small figure on the ground.
  • It’s a child with some serious injuries.
  • He rushes over and manages to shout for help while using any potions and Elixers he has on him.
  • More Glaives come out and help get the injured kid to a medic.
  • They manage to take care of the massive wound on the kid’s back.
  • Poor kid’s clothes were so full of blood they look black so those are no longer salvageable.
  • At the site of the Marilith attach, Regis and his Crownsguard are desperately searching for a missing Noctis.
  • The daemon that was driven off didn’t have him at least
  • Back to the kid
  • He wakes the next day and it seems whatever put him in that state might have caused memory loss, he can’t even remember his name.
  • He gets the nickname Soren for the time being while Glaives and hunters search for where he came from.
  • In the time of the search, Nyx visits Soren often, trying to help him remember.
  • Nothing really comes back though.
  • Four months of searching and there’s no clues to where Soren came from.
  • The Outpost doesn’t have anyone that can take in a kid.
  • Nyx takes custody before Libertus can stop him.

And that’s what I got so far in this idea. Long overnight shifts lead to me coming up with way too many ideas sometimes.

78 notes

Anyone have an idea of how old Nyx is during the Marilith attack? I need an idea of his age cause reasons.

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These two would not leave me alone today so here. One of my new favs

…also Nyx deserves endless love bc I only just watched Kingsglaive and I love him.

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I’m happy to welcome you to the Tumblr of the [for now] untitled NyxNoct zine. Details are currently under constructions, but I wanted to share my excitement  and give a short glimpse at the idea behind this Zine.

As we’re all aware NyxNoct is a rare ship with a small, passionate following. May it be romantically or platonically, the dynamic between these two - despite never interacting except a short mention in the FFXV Prologue - is an interesting one. Starting from their heritage, their upbringing, or their age difference. There are many ways to approach their relationship and should be the focus of this Zine. 

The portrayal of their relationship can be romantic or platonic or even show Nyx pathing the way for Noctis to continue his journey to save Eos. AUs, canon-divergent, or canon-compliant pieces are welcome as long as they are SFW. 

Right now this will be a digital zine only, including digital goodies. If there is enough interest for physical copies, a limited printed edition might be an option.

As this project will be - like the majority of other Zines - a charity project, an idea to possibly raise sales numbers was to add another Nyx-centric ship. However, to give our dear Prince and our beloved Hero the recognition they deserve the focus will stay on NyxNoct and NyxNoct only. 

Apps for the position of Design Mod will be opened ahead of Writing and Art Mods. Please feel free to get in touch for any questions or concerns. DMs are also open for  possible interested parties who feel up to the task of filling the Design Mod spot. 

Your Mod @whatwasdead

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got bored so more than one year later have nyx with a scourge face but like- semi better than before

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I’ve posted Erebus before, but I also wanted to include Viktoria and Venere too.

Here they are!! (Also throw in Nyx for good measure)

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