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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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My skin is always the first part of me to show if I’m not eating clean or drinking enough water

Honestly a huge part of looking better is just taking care of your basic health

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“quote to be picked by player.”

  • Benjy Fenwick
  • Age: Twenty-Six
  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Affiliation: Order Member
  • Career: UP TO PLAYER!

aesthetics: fifteen.


what we all know: Walking into Hogwarts, everyone was convinced that Benjy would get himself into Hufflepuff, but shock crossed his features as the hat called out for Ravenclaw. Walking into a room with a bunch of witches and wizards who chosen for their smarts always made Benjy feel like he wouldn’t make it. He spent his seven years at Hogwarts stressing about his grades and doing everything he could not to make himself look dumb. Little did he know, a certain professor was watching and noticed things Benjy didn’t. Dumbledore eventually approached the young wizard and asked him to join the Order, wanting him to bring his smarts to help the team. While he’s happy to be part of the team, Benjy tries to hide the anxiety that constantly sits with him at the idea of still having to prove his smarts and earn his spot.


biography to be written by player

  • AUGUSTUS ROOKWOOD - Benjy hasn’t really had an actual conversation with Augustus, just a run in with him during school. He had been the target of some cruel actions from other students, Augustus had helped him out and then just left him where he was. The two haven’t talked or even interacted since then.
  • ARTHUR WEASLEY - When Arthur left unexpectedly, Benjy felt like he lost one of his closest friends. Suddenly he was down a friend and wasn’t sure when he was going to come back. Eventually he found out at least part of the reason why his friend left, but he never got the full answer and is left waiting like everyone else.
  • ANTONIN DOLOHOV - Benjy can’t explain why he had a run in with Antonin, but he can tell you it wasn’t on purpose. The man positively scares him and he wants to keep his distance as much as possible.

BENJY FENWICK is currently a OPEN role with the faceclaim of (UP TO PLAYER).

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Angels wouldn’t have straight hair. It’s just not realistic.

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#Eu #achei #que #eu #bebia #bem
#É #Mais #estava #errado
#Se #envolvi #com #uma #mulher #que #bebe #dobrado #não #aguentei #o #embalo
#Ela #não #tira #o #copo #da #mão #cachaça #é #no #gargalo (em Buteco)

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If I could animate really good I wouldn’t be depressed I bet. I don’t want anything else I just want that ability.

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I have an aunt who claims that once she had depression and defeated it one day by pure willpower and I used to think that sounds like bullshit but now I want to believe it’s possible and I want to do that

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The Spanish Supernatural dub making Destiel canon is so funny because it’s like the reverse of when dubs made Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune cousins. I vote that all dubs should make things gayer from now on.

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Aqui vc tbm encobtra além dos melhores suplementos do mercado , equipamentos para sua atividade física diária.

#crossfit #crossfitbrasil #musculacao #maromba #fitness #o #academia #treino #gym #muscula #nopainnogain #bodybuilding #dieta #foco #musculacao #esmagaquecresce #fitnessmotivation #fit #fikagrandeporra #lifestyle

#vidasaudavel #saude #vemmonstro #workout #hipertrofia #treinopesado #bodybuilder

#emagrecimento #suplementos #motivatio (em Bahia, Feira De Santana)

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okay honestly? this has no business being this good lmao

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I’m gonna create an organization called Anti-Technofascist Aktion and we’re gonna roam the streets looking for Google employees to beat up

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