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dindjarindiaries · a year ago
Remember when Luke told Din that the only way to keep Grogu safe would be to have him train and control his Force abilities?
What if Grogu only wants to go and train so he can do that—protect himself—so that his father doesn’t have to constantly risk his life to do it for him? What if Grogu really only wants to train again, to do the thing he’s most afraid of, solely because he wants to keep his father safe by not making him have to be the one to protect him all the time?
What if Grogu really is doing all of this just for Din?
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pastelpaperplanes · 10 months ago
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once you're a parent, you are the ghost of your child’s future
A Tragedy in three parts
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how-are-those-nuts-sarge · 2 months ago
catch me giggling and sobbing to realize that Skip still has the spoon from “Crossroads” in “The Breaking Point”
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technicallyblakebelladonna · 9 months ago
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wokenhardies · 27 days ago
“there is no time to mourn. you need to move”
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sunsinksdownnocurfew · a year ago
the parallel of young stan’s voice over for young richie carving r+e saying “secrets we feel like we have to keep” compared to older stan’s voice over for older richie carving r+e saying “be true, be proud” is painful as fuck
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apollowashere-2 · a year ago
Tommy defended Ranboo during court when for all intents and purposes, blaming him could have shifted the blame onto Ran or gotten him a lighter scentence.
People are speculating that Tommy is gonna turn out like Wilbur, or turn crazy and become a villian but honestly?? Tommy is very very far off from being what Wilbur was. Wilbur would have taken advantage of Ranboo's obliviousness and naivety and tried to shoulder off the blame or at least lessen his own punishment and drag Ranboo down with him. But the difference between Tommy and Wilbur is that Tommy protected Ran, lied for him and shouldered all the blame so he wouldn't get in trouble. He may do some very stupid shit, he may be loud and pretensious and selfish but to his core he's kind and fiercely loyal to people he considers friends and family, especially those that he can trust. (writing that line bRokE me-)
Ranboo is a new friend, someone who has never betrayed him and has been nothing but friendly. He probably also reminds Tommy of Tubbo if I'm being honest. Another reason why I believe that he'd never turn on Tubbo or L'manberg, Tubbo has been with him through thick and thin and even if Tubbo turned on him and exiled him, Tommy would probably break but he'd never ever attack L'manberg
The sad part is, that if Tommy had been president then he wouldn't even think of banishing Tubbo just because he's that fiercely loyal
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incorrect-ekoda-gang · 8 months ago
Kaito: Helpful grammar tip! “Farther” is for physical distance, “further” is for metaphorical distance, and “father” is for emotional distance!
Saguru: I can't even say you're wrong.
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vahrid · a month ago
Us: I hope Hawkeye has references to Natasha!
Us: wait no- 
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truthoversolace · 2 months ago
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"hey six," you were definitely about to ask, "what kim/harry conversation gives you the most 'lie down -- try not to cry -- cry a lot' feelings?"
this one i just played, apparently. ;______________________;
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x-ladydisdain-x · a year ago
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Found this on Instagram and now I’m gonna go cry in the corner
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pathtrick · 5 months ago
"He promised me a good life."
"... your life wasn't good before?"
p a i n
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jacobgentleman · a month ago
“If I don’t make it back from where I’ve gone,
Just know I loved you all along”
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txnjirou-s · 8 months ago
Zenitsu: So Tanjiro just asked you out and you said “sure”?
Kanao: Yeah pretty much.
Zenitsu: And he didn’t give you a present? Or- or money?
Kanao: No…
Zenitsu: ...I just don’t understand.
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merelyspecters · 3 months ago
Watching Ashely’s one shot and 💔
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plushieinsurgents · 7 months ago
the insurgents do not make a sound
they cannot, not today.
they did not make it through the night
and the night has turned to day.
the quiet is a painful thing
it sits atop your chest
you cannot breathe under its weight
and you cannot protest
there is no escaping the final sleep
it comes to one all
you whispered the words to yourself
as you saw the insurgents fall.
and their voices too will fade away
who remains to remember them?
another group lost to cause
just another martyr forgotten
w o a h thank you!
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starfire-s · 5 months ago
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@kimsunho @koreandragon kinda hurt how pine didn’t think about me first when she saw that post
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mintycanoodles · a year ago
harrow the ninth be like yes, your favorite character just died. awfully. wallow in it for three hundred pages. bitch. 
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themusicsweetly · a year ago
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A  G h o i s t i d h      I never thought I’d lay eyes on ye again
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yeh-this-is-level · 4 months ago
I've wrote a lot of school stuff--
I'm having cramps in my hand send help ;-;
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