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so I found out y'all are pronouncing simeon as “simon” (why), me doing godly research and using my rotting and decaying brain came to the conclusion that most biblical figures are of Jewish origin. the majority of Jewish people speaks Hebrew, therefore, we can assume that simeon would be pronounced the Hebrew way.

put da name into a translator English to Hebrew and you get the pronunciation “shi-meh-on”. You’re welcome I closed the debate

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Obey me boys when you flinch

*disclaimer they don’t hit you, you just get scared they willl when your in a fight*


- you two were in a argument about how he have time to hang out with you

-it started getting pretty heated and his voice was raising quickly

-his hair fell into his face and as he went to brush it out of his face you flinch and cowered back a little bit covering your face

- his face has never changed so fast from anger to disappointment not to you but himself

-he was supposed to protect you and he scared you instead it broke his heart

-“mc i hope you understand i would never in a million years hurt you and i don’t know why i was yelling at you you were just concerned for me”

-hugs you for at least 30 minutes and cuddles with you and took the next day off to hang out with you


-you get into a fight about him always spending his money on useless things and putting himself in more debt

-you have never seen him this angry as he tells you things such as “you don’t understand me you wouldn’t even care”

-you didn’t see it but there was dust in the air and as mammon raised his hand to swipe it away you flinch back to hard you ended up loading your balance and falling on the floor

-“OMG MC IM SO SORRY WHAT HAVE I DONE” he starts sobbing thinking your going to leave him

-he picks you up bridal style and cuddles you to his chest acting like your a newborn baby swinging you back and fourth

-“please don’t leave i’m so sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry you don’t deserve this i’m the worst boyfriend ever” he says his voice breaking and still sobbing

- is confused when you start to hug him and snuggle up to him he thought you would hate him

-you help him know that your ok and you just got spooked

-won’t stop cuddling you and buying you flowers


-the fight started about his games and him playing 24/7

-at one point he switched into his demon form scaring you more

-he talks with his hand when he’s mad and went to explain something and it went near your face

-you flinched back curling up into a almost ball with your face covered

-his face dropped and he turned back into his normal form and ran into his bathroom locking the door

-you sit outside the door waiting for him to come out and you hear him crying and stuff being thrown around

-after a good 2 hours he opens the door and sees you asleep at the door with a paper next to you he picks it up and sees a apology

-he started balling saying you shouldn’t apologize and he is a dumb otaku and how he shouldn’t even be able to see you

-you hug him and sit in his lap shushing him and playing with his hair as you try and calm him down


-you and him were outside petting stray cats and as you stood up you accidentally tripped on one and fell putting yourself in a painful position to avoid hurting the cat

-you hear satan gasp very loudly you thought he was gonna help you he picked up the cat asking if it’s ok

-looks at you like he wants to actually murder you and he puts the cat down ask yells “YOU COULD HAVE HURT HER BE MORE CAREFUL MC”

-he backed you up against a wall very close to your face and a cat was brushing against his leg as he went to pet it his hand went fast and it scared you to where you flinched and tried to make yourself look small

-Satan looks at with the most painful look his eyes are watery and he raises his hand up to you check holding your face

-“i’m so sorry sweetheart i would never hurt you, i would sacrifice my own life before any one even comes near you, for now on i will not yell at you if it means i scare you.” he whispers

-he kisses you passionately and picks you up and caries you back to the house and cuddles with you all day


-you accidentally knocked over his favorite perfume and he was livid

-“MC WHY WOULD YOU BE SO INCONSIDERATE” he yells in your face as you flinch at that but he didn’t notice

-Your eyes are teary after he changes into his demon form and was getting closer and asmo also talked with his hands and was flailing his hands around one almost hitting your say as you cower back and cover your face and say “ok i’m sorry i’m sorry i will get you a new one please don’t hit me”

-his heart shattered he starts crying without saying anything and whispered “no no no no nononono i would never omg no” he falls on his knees sobbing in his hands

-you go to hug him but she shoves you away “no don’t i’m gonna hurt you” you ignore his request and throw your arms around him pulling him in your lap petting his head

-he falls asleep in your lap abs when he woke up he gave a sincere apology and treated you to a self care night


-it all started when he thought you ate his food and was lashes out at everyone and the person who ate it was mammon but he wasn’t home to when everyone said it wasn’t them he immediately thought it was you with mammon in his mind

-he starts yelling at you and we all know how scary beel can be when we want to and he’s pretty tall so he was standing over you looking very mad and slipped into his demon form

-he noticed what he did wrong and his voice calmed down and you had your eyes closed shut so you didn’t see his hurt expression for yelling at you

-he reaches for your face and at that moments you open your eyes not seeing his face clearly but his hand coming towards your check and you sink down on the wall falling down and putting your head between your knees and he looks at you

-your scared of him, his sweetie is scared of him he steps back almost as if he was scared of himself at that very moments looking at your figure

-“what have i done?” he whispered you end up hearing him and look up to see him looking at his hands like he’s a monster and tears start to fall

-you take his hands in your making him look at you and seeing you smile at him made him sad, sad that you were acting like what he did was okay, he hugs you and picks you up refusing to put you down and just hold you in his arms

-“i’m so sorry mc i should have made you scared i’m supposed to be someone you can trust and rely on to be there for you, i failed as a boyfriend i’m so sorry bub” he whispers but you don’t let him talk bad about him self and you hug him and reassure him that he is ok and didn’t do anything bad

-ya…..he still won’t put you down you are going with him everyone for the next few days


-you woke up one night from a nightmare and you were crying making it remind you of a bad time, so you go to your boyfriends room to sleep in the same bed with him so you feel safe

-as you go into the room beel isn’t around probably eating so you go to get in bed with belphie and little did you know he didn’t sleep much that day and was mad when he felt someone trying to disrupt his sleep

-“what the actually fuck are you doing mc?” he said in a harsh voice making it sounds like he was spitting poison at you as you tell him you had a bad dream he scoffs at your response and says

-“ gosh humans are so weak i bet you can’t do anything without me you worthless excuse of a human, so sensitive, everyone has bad dreams get over it, you would be nothing without me i wish you ended up dying so i wouldn’t have to deal with your bullshit”

-he says all of this backing you up into a wall and he turns into his demon form as you are cowered in a corner of his room, he raises his hand to hit you but beel comes in and yells at him “BELPHIE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO THEM” he pulls him off of you as you scurry out of the twins room and into the nearest bathroom

- beel talked to belphie and then finally belphie snaps out of his little tantrum and realizes what he said and starts crying in heels arms saying “i almost hurt them they don’t desevere me why are they even with me all i do is hurt them”

-beel gets him to go and talk to you and when belphie starts to talk to you and when he sees you he tries so hard not to hug you and hold you in his arms and forget everything that happened then he realized what he said about your dreams being pathetic and then flashbacks of his nightmares of lilith and falls on his knees in frount of you

-gives you a long apology as you try to hug him he moves back a little bit scared he is gonna hurt you and is scared of what he might do himself but after you coxing him you get to hug him he dosnt hug you back at first and is confused why you are hugging him and why you aren’t mad at him

-you say you love him and that even tho he had his moments you still love him the belphie you fell in love with and he cuddles up to you and caries you to his rooms and cuddles you like your gonna die if he lets go

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Obey Me Lesson 50 SPOILER

As much as I love Mams, because I do see the best in him, I love that when he was very rude to Luke, all the options were basically centered around scolding him. And when comforting Luke, you could emphasize that Mams was in the wrong here.


Because he’s flawed. Sure, his hijinks of gambling and greediness are flaws too, but we often let him get away with it. There’s a Devilgram story where he says he’s grown but truthfully, he’s still growing as a being.

And that growth requires him to be in the wrong - and, not just once. If he’s truly trying to become better, because of MC, then that means he’s going to have growing pains along the way. And acknowledging that our greedy demon can be a real ass to people is fair - he ditched MC once they got to House of Lamentation in Lesson 1 and for a while, he was real ass to MC too. (That’s why my self-insert MC doesn’t really like him all that much at first).

So him being rude to Luke made sense to me cause it brought me back to our beginning with him too. His relationship with MC took time and trust - so it makes sense the same key pieces would be needed to build a relationship with others who aren’t in his family circle.

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Ngl, I’m a decently nice/chill/responsible MC most of the time. When it comes to Mammon, I’m a savage.

He’s an idiot and deserves to know it😈

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Obey Me BGM’s made it to 100 subscribers!!!

@misscottoncandy really didn’t know what to expect making a YouTube channel for song previews, but were so glad to help lots of people figure these song titles out.

We’re 9 songs + 1 I almost have unlocked (1-2 more days) short. I can’t believe how short the list is now.

Are people interested in the standard songs in the game being on the channel? Like stage battles, jobs, etc… and would you guys be disappointed it wasn’t the actual preview from Majolish but just in game recording?

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Okay so, my stupid ass had to Google lovebites and I’ve never felt dumber. Anyway- Sorry Anon, I don’t know how incorporate the vampire part into this.


Lucifer: Sweetie, are you almost done?

S/O: Don’t rush perfection~ . *plants another lovebite*

Lucifer: Hm, alright….but this is the 13th one today.

S/O: Yea, and?

*TV bleep noise*

Mammon: O-oi! What the hell do ya think you’re doin’?!

S/O: *patiently* Making you mine. *soft laughs*

Mammon: Tch. No need to do that. I was already yours anyway….

S/O: *pause* What was that?

Mammon: N-nothin’!

*TV bleep noise*

S/O: Levi, what’s wrong? *concerned*

Levi: *mumbles*

S/O: Do you want me to stop?

Levi: *hides face, shaking no*

S/O: Bold, are we? Well, then! *continues*

*TV bleep noise*

Satan: *visibly enjoying it* *deeply blushing*

S/O: Want to do me afterwards?

Satan: Yes, please.

*TV bleep noise*

Asmo: *giggles the entire way* Don’t be shy~

S/O: *moves up to his neck, then kissed his lips full*

Asmo: Hey, can we….? *suggestive wink*

S/O: Let’s!

*makeout session ensues*

*TV bleep noise*

Beel: …….

S/O: Honey, is something wrong?

Beel: You….you missed a spot…

S/O: *surprised* Where? Your neck is full of ‘em.

Beel: * shyly points to chest*

S/O: Well, well, well! That is a problem, huh? *gets out of seat*

*TV bleep noise*

Belphie: *wakes up and feels lovebites* Agh, did you leave another one?

S/O: Yep~ ! Besides, you never complain about them anyway. *smiles*

Belphie: Hmph. Well, I would’ve liked to be awake for it!

S/O: I can wake you up for next time, if you want.

Belphie: You better. Now add another one now that I’m awake.

S/O: Aye aye!

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Is tumblr just broken???

there’s this blog I followed @obeyme-levistansgather and now I can’t access it. Idk if they’re gone or if tumblr just is acting up can someone please explain to me.

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Anonymous asked: “Is it possible to have a headcanon of Yandere Satan with a detective s/o please?”

Today I realize that I know jack all about detectives. I am relying solely on the maybe 2 crime documentaries I have seen in my life. Thank you for the request!


Mass murders, non-con, stalking, and certainly more. Disclaimer that I do not support the actions taken here and suggest that anyone who does please leave.

  • He found you shortly after your big break. You’d just solved a case for a serial killer that had taken others many many years just to get the small amount of evidence you were given. Afterwards, some studio decided to do a short documentary on your success and suddenly your story was popping up everywhere.
  • Satan, always a fan of cases such as this one, was entranced. Every time he would have given up, you rose up and managed to squeeze through at an angle nobody else thought of. All he wanted was to see you in action and judge for himself. 
  • He would watch you, taking care not to be noticed, while he waited for you to start a new case so that he could set up his trap. Once you finally did take up a new case for some poor soul that had surely been the result of a one-time killer, that’s when he started. 
  • At first it was small, just a few killings around the area with similar victims and a similar killing style. It didn’t matter if it was obvious that these killings weren’t done by the same person, all that mattered was that he had your attention. 
  • He left pieces of evidence each time, some bigger evidence meant to lead you astray, and some of the smallest details meant to lead you to him. He would know you’d be worth it as his plaything only if you found him. Much to your misfortune, find him you did. 
  • You didn’t know you would be dealing with the supernatural, if you did, you would have come with more back up. If you knew what his actual intentions were, you wouldn’t have come at all.
  • It’s too late, by the time he has you. You can complain all you want when he drags you down to hell where people would never find you, he doesn’t care.
  • He’s content studying you. You, and your oh so interesting mind.
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*He smiled gently*

Thank you, Angel. I’m glad you find me that way. Oh, and since we’re close, i’d like you to hold ny hand and trust me, and put thus blindfold on.

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Despite Noah’s words, tears continue to run down Barbatos’ cheeks, flowing faster than before as his third orgasm overwhelms him. He cries out, writhing beneath his lover as pleasure continues to assault his senses, every powerful thrust hitting his prostate while the vibrator relentlessly buzzes on his tip. “Nnnghh…! M-Masterrr~!” The more overstimulated he becomes, the harder he cries, the more he squirms as his ass is pounded into. “Ohhh..!!” He edges up to a fourth before a particularly hard thrust forces him over the edge, a scream ringing through the room as he climaxes again. “Ahhhh! Ma- Master, please!! I- I need a break!!”

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I did it @simeons-hips ignore the crappy legs I gave up on detailing them


It looks like shit, but he’s still good looking.

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