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Warnings: this turned out to be slightly nsfw. It’s not that bad but I apologize if it’s not what you wanted. If you’re a child of god and want a completely pure version, let me know! Also, if you don’t know about Belphie’s predicament, don’t read his part!
A/N: I made the reader gender neutral(except for Levi)!


Originally posted by itspizzachan

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The morning after Mammon getting angry in my last post😂

Mammon: *sat with his feet up on the sofa in the living area*

Lucifer: *walks in wearing a neck brace glaring at him as he walks across the room to sit down*

Mammon: *not even looking at him but smirking* Mornin’

Lucifer: Oh quiet you….You’re going to be punished for this you know?

Mammon: *still not looking at him* …I know.

Lucifer: …Severely.

Mammon: *turns to finally look at him* Well…I’ll be here..Bring it on. *winks and smiles*


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If any of you are still thinking if you should go for the new Belphie’s UR, here is basic infos about his devilgram story: HE CLINGY, HE NEEDY, YOU CAN KISS HIM 3 TIMES, HE JUST A GODDAMN SPOILED BRAT, LITTLE SHIT. Also, Simeon and Barbatos are hot. 

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So I got an ask about if I’m still going to post edits and fan fictions (basically asking if I’m still alive, lol) and I accidentally deleted the ask. But I wanted to reply anyway.


I still have to write two fluffy fan fiction, as requested (I’ll try, your Angst Queen it’s not good at fluff) and I already have a wallpaper ready for my next batch, that’s hopefully coming soon. (Spoiler: it’s not for the main 7)

So, thank you for following me and I’m sorry for the inactivity.

I’m sorry, I’ve really been enjoying painting and I’m doing nothing but draw and paint all day.

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Pairing: Mammon x OC

Words: 1,695

Rating: Mature (18+) Violence, Language, No smut but brief mention of sexual themes. Mostly just fluff though. I was amused by the Ouchie Set and wanted to write some MC taking care of injured Mammon

Summary: There had been more of them than he’d expected, and they had managed to get a couple decent punches in. He’d made quick work of them though, the rest of the bar’s patrons had bailed when the fight first broke out, not wanting to get on the bad side of one of the most elite demons. This left Mammon alone with a pile of bloody limbs and a very pissed off barkeeper.

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Ari knocked softly on Mammons door. She pressed her ear up to the door, hoping to hear a give away shuffle to show he was in there. She had been texting him most of the day, and it was very unlike Mammon to not respond to her. When he didn’t show up to dinner, she had officially started worrying. None of his brothers seemed worried in the least bit, which only upset Ari more. 

She tried the door, and was surprised when it opened. He was always letting himself into her room uninvited, so she figured he couldn’t complain about her doing the same. At least she’d knocked first.

“Mammon?” Ari peeked into the room, finding it empty. She sighed as she made her way to his messy bed and called him one more time as she flopped herself down on it. The call went right to voicemail yet again. The brothers had all denied her request to go looking for him, telling her it was likely he was just dragged out by the witches again and that he’d be home at some point in the night. Something felt off though. She didn’t know if it was the pact they shared, or just her anxiety playing up but something just didn’t feel right this time. 

Mammon was a magnet for trouble. He probably got himself caught up in some hairbrained scheme again. She curled up into one of his pillows and inhaled his scent. Ari reminded herself that if the brothers weren’t worried then she should just relax. Mammon was the second born, therefore the second strongest. He was smart, when he needed to be. He was also a master of getting himself out of tight situations. His charm wasn’t quite on Asmo’s level, but he was charismatic nonetheless. He’s fine. He’s just caught up in his latest money scheme! She kept running herself through the positive affirmations, trying to keep the anxious feelings at bay. She could feel the sleep pulling at her, but she wanted to be awake when he got home. Maybe she’d just call one more time…

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