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boxbusiness · 7 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Hmmmm… I wonder where they get Hell Milk from…
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ikane96 · 14 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Animal Event Part 2
Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Luke outfit from Animal Event. Feel free to use this as your wallpaper. But please, Commercial use of my art is Extremely Prohibited!
Speedpaint for Simeon-->
Available on my Redbubble -->
Patreon / Ko-Fi / Youtube / Redbubble
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moinstar · 19 hours ago
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trashy-corvian · 14 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Considering his relationships with Diavolo we're either going to be besties or i have to bully him His design slaps tho
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obeythebutler · 17 hours ago
AHHHHHH— what to choose, what to choose they all sound so promising. how about accidental stimulation with diavolo (you know i love my husband dearly).
i can’t wait to see what you do with this prompt!
Accidental Stimulation with Diavolo + Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
"We're in the middle of a meeting!"
You whisper sharply into his ear, your breath a pleasant warmth on his neck. Diavolo grins, resting his hand atop your thigh, which previously was straying to the apex of your legs, mischievous and playful.
He flashes you a smile, gold eyes twinkling in the moonlight that filters through the meshed windows. "So?"
Your eyes widen at the sheet guts of your demon, and you attempt to manoeuvre to a more comfortable position, but the hardness pressing into your ass stops you in your movements.
Ah, you stare at the chandelier above. It was your doing, and now the demon's a cheeky, playful, and a needy mess.
Clearly, no one in the room would dare to comment on the exchange student sitting on the Prince's lap itself. The whole of the Devildom has seen you with Diavolo in the market, buying sweets with a couple's discount on them, merrily laughing while Lucifer planted his hand on his forehead and wondered how he would manage his beloved circus.
And no one can see what's happening behind the piece of furniture, the cloth draped over it big enough to hide underneath. No one can see how you both are teasing each other, not focusing on the meeting, at all.
You grab Diavolo's hand when it reaches for your clothed cunt, shooting a glare towards his cheeky eyes. The demon chuckles, loud enough to reach your ears and low enough to not be heard by the others.
"But you teased me too, didn't you, dear?" He mumbles near your ear, his hand now resting on your thigh. Diavolo turns his attention to a noble, who asks for his opinion on a new Devildom policy, his tone smooth and serious, as if he's not teasing you under the table.
It was supposed to be a playful gesture, at first. But then you had to keep shifting in your place, your ass grinding against his length, and now the demon is painfully hard.
You had stopped in your tracks, frozen to your place as Diavolo hummed. His fingers picked up the teacup with grace, and when he had taken a sip of the beverage he arched a brow at you, grin concealed behind the cup.
You jolt when his finger brushes past your clit, the friction a surprise. The demons on the table don't pay any attention to your sudden movements, and you wonder if they're choosing to ignore it, or too scared to speak out.
"My Lord, I believe that the budget is now ready."
Diavolo signals for the brunette to continue, and you can feel his hand dip in your underwear, a finger now stroking your cunt, wet and sensitive.
You don't say a word, only leaning back on the demon's chest, careful not to make any noises or expressions that would surely arouse suspicion.
Diavolo's been bold. But this is something you're experiencing for the first time.
And you can't wait for more.
Careful to keep your gaze focused on the noble, you grab Diavolo's wrist to angle it towards your clit, and the pleasure that the action gives you doesn't go unnoticed by Diavolo—the sensation of your nails sinking into his thigh evidence.
His smile is sharp.
"So, if we implement this plan for the lower districts, certainly we should be seeing an increase in profits and morale, from the new facilities available to the denizens."
"Don't you agree, MC?"
Diavolo asks, and you nearly glare at the demon. But you smile all the same and nod.
"The new centres and apothecaries should bring about a change in the birth rate," You begin, but stop abruptly when fingers find their way into your cunt. "And the budget allocated i-is sufficient."
A thumb adds to the stimulation, drawing circles on your clit. "Well then, we're ready," Diavolo smiles, and when your legs begin to tremble, you know you aren't going to last very long.
But the meeting will.
And you're going to be at the mercy of the demon prince.
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Started using Dream by WOMBO, an app that does AI art so I decided to put some information about the Obey Me! characters like Name, Sin, Color associated with Sin, Animal that appear in the banners in the council, what they are (Demon, Angel, Human), stuff like that.
Here are the Results:
Tumblr media
Forgot to put the sin, sorry
Tumblr media
I like that it looks like there’s a Mammon in the left bottom corner
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inhuman-obey-me · 12 hours ago
Would you be able to do like a comprehensive summary of each season so far? It's hard finding summaries online and I wanna know what's happening but can't really afford to keep up with others :(
We're not sure exactly how detailed you were looking for out of these, but here's our shot at summarizing so you can catch up for the upcoming season 4 release newly released season 4! (It came out while we were writing this...)
These ... got way longer than we expected so they are pretty hefty synopses of the seasons!! ;;; And we still left SO much information out, but we tried to include everything that was most relevant to the main storyline. Hopefully we didn't make too many mistakes lol.
Hope this helps people catch up!
(about 8k words under the cut)
Tumblr media
When MC first arrives in the Devildom, Mammon is assigned as their guardian but doesn't really want to participate. However, by working with Leviathan who wants his money back, MC manages to convince Mammon into making a pact with them.
That night, MC hears a voice crying out for help which leads them to a staircase, but Lucifer appears and tells them to go to bed. This happens again the next night, and they determine that they will not be able to go up unless Lucifer can be distracted away somehow.
In order to do so, MC challenges Leviathan to a TSL trivia contest so they can get a cursed TSL soundtrack that Lucifer has been wanting. Then, using a secret weapon from either Simeon or Solomon, they send Levi into a jealous rage during the contest, which Lucifer stops before Levi can kill MC. As a result, Leviathan calls MC to the planetarium later and says he recognizes them as the winner, granting them a pact with him as promised.
MC is then able to ascend the staircase to the attic, where they find someone claiming to be a human that Lucifer has imprisoned in the attic. He asks for MC to help free him, telling them that they'll need pacts with all the brothers to do so, and he suggests Beel as the next.
The next day, a tantrum by Beel over Mammon's late-night snack stealing his pudding destroys the wall between the kitchen and MC's room. As a result, MC has to stay in Beel's room for a while, during which time he starts to tell them about Belphegor and Lilith. MC then realizes that it is actually Belphegor, not a human, that is trapped in the attic, but when confronted, he merely mocks them for falling for his lie. MC storms away, but after hearing an argument between Beel, who believes Belphie is in the human realm as an exchange student, and Lucifer, who is unhappy with Belphegor for trying to stand in the way of Diavolo's dream of uniting the three realms. To try to repair the relationship between the brothers, MC decides to try to help Belphegor after all.
Luke then texts MC that he ran away from Purgatory Hall after a fight with Simeon, so Beel and MC hide him in the twins' room. However, Lucifer announces a surprise inspection. They hide Luke in the closet, but after the inspection, he is nowhere to be found. After a while of searching for him throughout the house, they discover a hidden secret room which looks exactly like Lilith's old room, and Beelzebub tells MC more about her and the Great Celestial War. However, they are interrupted when Mammon frantically calls them to the underground tomb, where Lucifer found Luke wandering with a grimoire and is furious. MC tries to protect Beel and Luke from Lucifer, who is stopped just in time by Diavolo. As a thank-you, and out of respect for MC's desire to mend things between Lucifer and Belphegor, Beelzebub then agrees to make a pact. Lucifer later apologizes to MC as well for nearly killing them.
Diavolo announces afterwards that there will be a three-day overnight trip to the Demon Lord's Castle to promote bonds between the demons, angels, and humans. On the first day, there is a castle tour, during which a witch named Helene from one of the paintings recognizes Asmodeus and angrily sucks several of the group into the painting, dropping them into an underground labyrinth below the castle. There, they find Henry 1.0, a giant snake who was formerly Levi's pet, and Solomon uses his pact with Asmodeus to amplify the latter's charming abilities into being able to tame the snake, who leads them all out.
The next day's activity is a scavenger hunt, but Asmo keeps interfering with the other teams, leading MC to state how they'd like a pact with him. He mocks them but says he'll make a pact if they can do the impossible task of taking a picture of Lucifer sleeping. That night, there is a formal dance at the castle where Lucifer threateningly asks why MC is making pacts with his brothers, but Solomon steps in to save them and temporarily lends them some of his magic out of amusement. After the dance, MC and the brothers they have pacts with try to sneak into Lucifer's room to take the picture Asmo requested, but end up back in the labyrinth instead. MC quickly manages to use Solomon's lended magic to summon Asmodeus and repeat the earlier trick of charming Henry 1.0. Asmo then becomes incredibly curious about them because they show even more power than Solomon during this incident and decides to make the pact after all.
Noticing that Lucifer is concerned about how quickly MC is gathering pacts with all his brothers, Satan declares after the trip that he will make a pact as well just to frustrate the eldest brother, leading to an argument between them. Beelzebub warns MC that they won't be able to earn Lucifer's respect by getting Satan's pact this way though, and the brothers explain how Satan was born of Lucifer's wrath after the war. MC goes to check in on Satan, but Lucifer comes and the two get into another argument, which ends with them touching a forbidden book that swaps their bodies. This worries Lucifer because he is scheduled to give a speech in front of the entire student body in a few days.
Mammon eventually suggests to MC that they use Leviathan's new game to help Lucifer and Satan make up, which would make them have to work together towards a common goal in order to get out. This turns out to be a dating sim, with MC as the heroine that everyone must try to romance. During this, MC gets various interactions with them, including seeing Lucifer act much more relaxed, which he explains is because he doesn't have to worry about disappointing Diavolo in this game world, and later, MC passes along this explanation to Satan to reassure him that Lucifer doesn't see him as a child as much as he thinks. Finally, on the final day of the game, the end confession scene actually gets interrupted by an in-game final boss of Cerberus. As the dog is about to lunge at Satan, Lucifer commands Cerberus into behaving and threatens him if he harms his brother. This begins to breed newfound respect for Lucifer in Satan, but when they return to the real world after finishing the game, their bodies are still swapped.
A few days later, they still have not swapped back, so Lucifer, Mammon, Satan, and MC go up to the human realm to find the witch who originally created the body swap curse to have her reverse it. However, on the train ride to meet her, she is murdered, and Mammon is blamed as her killer. At her ghost's behest, Satan and MC solve the murder to clear his name and find the true killer. She then lifts the curse as thanks, but speaking to MC one-on-one, she notes that although Lucifer trusts them now, they will soon break that trust.
Back in the Devildom, all the brothers except Levi celebrate at a dinner with Diavolo. MC asks Diavolo how they were chosen for the exchange program, but he explains that Lucifer was the one to actually pick them. On the way home from dinner, Lucifer gets a frantic call from Leviathan, but the latter disappears with a scream just as he picks up. The brothers then all split up to try to find him in the house, during which Satan pauses to make a pact with MC, this time out of actual respect. However, all the other brothers start disappearing as well, leaving only MC and Lucifer. They come to the conclusion that this is also Levi's newest game taking over the house and that they must complete the game to bring back the other brothers, which means MC must romance Lucifer.
However, while asking each other questions to get closer, MC decides to confront him about having met Belphegor, which enrages Lucifer. The other brothers suddenly enter, having overheard about Belphegor, which then makes Beelzebub very angry. The whole scene is then interrupted by the appearance of Belphegor himself. Angry at Lucifer for the whole situation, Beelzebub leads MC and Belphegor away, and they go to stay at Purgatory Hall instead.
There, Beel tries to get more information from his twin about why Lucifer locked him away in the attic in the first place, when Diavolo appears. He explains that Belphie had tried to appeal to stop the exchange program because of his hatred of humans and threatened to kill all humans in an effort to prevent it, leading Lucifer to lock him away for his own protection. Belphegor then protests it being framed as sheltering him, but Diavolo clarifies that it was to shelter Belphegor from him, as his threat against humans amounted to treason against Diavolo's goals. As a result, Lucifer has now been placed under house arrest, and Belphegor is taken away to face justice.
With Belphie gone, Beelzebub and MC return to the House of Lamentation, where MC apologizes to each of the brothers in turn for deceiving them about their goals in making the pacts, except for Lucifer who has locked himself away in his room. They all then go back to the underground tomb so that MC can use the grimoire to try to get Lucifer out of his room, but upon touching the book, which is held by a statue of Lilith, they see a flashback of Lucifer pledging loyalty to Diavolo after falling from the war in order to save a dying Lilith. Lucifer arrives and explains that Belphegor's hatred of humans was because he blamed them for Lilith's death.
The brothers then further explain the background of the Great Celestial War, with Lucifer explaining that although there were other reasons, Lilith being sentenced to oblivion after giving her human lover a Celestial Realm fruit to save his life was the catalyst for his rebellion. He further explains that he pledged his loyalty to Diavolo in exchange for the demon prince saving his sister's life by having her reborn as a human. Armed with this new knowledge, they all decide to go appeal to Diavolo to release Belphegor. Diavolo agrees, but only on the condition that MC travel back in time to figure out exactly who released Belphegor, since MC had not actually succeeded in making the pact with Lucifer.
Barbatos sends MC through a portal back to the past, to when the brothers were disappearing, which is revealed to have been a trick on their part to try to get Lucifer and MC to make up. Not realizing that this is not the MC of their own timeline, the brothers send them back to Lucifer, but they quickly hide in the secret room when they almost run into Lucifer and their past self. However, in doing so, MC again sees Lilith's memories, and with those in mind, they go back up to the attic and touch the door to Belphie's room, which magically opens. Realizing that he is now free, however, Belphegor laughs at them for falling into his trap and attacks them, as he is still set on eradicating humans. MC faints but meets Lilith in their dream, who lends them her power to save her brothers and heals them.
From there, MC goes back downstairs and sees the brothers arguing, as well as the mangled body of MC from this timeline. Determined to kill MC, Belphegor again prepares to attack them but is stopped by the story of Lilith. Lucifer asks where MC heard this story, when Diavolo and Barbatos appear, revealing that MC is actually a distant descendant of the human that Lilith was reborn as. At last, Belphegor reveals that he blames himself for Lilith's death, and Lucifer admits to everyone that he should have told them sooner. Barbatos then uses his powers to collapse the timeline and makes this the sole "true" reality.
With all resolved, time moves ahead to the brothers preparing for Diavolo's upcoming birthday. Belphegor notices how wary all the other brothers are of him, however, which leads to MC aiding him in making amends with the others as they go about selecting gifts. When it comes to making up with Lucifer, the eldest then leads them back to the secret room and offers to let Belphegor use it whenever he misses her, much as he himself had long used it to unload the burden of the secret about her rebirth. Belphie declines, however, saying he wants to move forward.
The brothers all then attend Diavolo's birthday, where it is revealed that MC is the guest of honor. MC finds Belphegor outside at the party, where he remarks that they seem happy with the other brothers' gifts, which were actually for them. He doesn't have a gift for them but decides to give himself, in the form of making a pact with MC as well.
After another time skip, Lucifer notes that there is only one week left of MC's year-long stay in the Devildom. The brothers are all upset over this, but MC gradually spends time with each of them over the course of the week to placate them and prepare their goodbyes. Diavolo notes that Lucifer also seems distraught over their leaving, and on the final night, MC enters the eldest's secret study, where he offers up his pact as well. Finally, everyone gathers in the student council room as the exchange students all return to their realms, and MC says goodbye to everyone.
A while later, the demons are shown talking about how they miss MC and the other exchange students, and the season ends with the brothers discovering that Belphegor has regularly been having phone calls with MC since they left.
Tumblr media
The season starts off with a strange scene -- the background shakes and blurs while Solomon is talking to MC with a serious look on his face, telling them that they have to act and take a dagger and stab it through someone's chest.
The scene fades away and MC is back to their senses in the human world, getting a call from Mammon. He has to hang up soon though to go to a meeting -- and the moment he does, MC gets a text from Solomon, asking how they are doing. To their surprise, he appears before them and says that they're going back to the Devildom, because MC misses it don't they? Without being able to say anything, both MC and Solomon suddenly drop into the RAD Student Council Room, where Diavolo and the brothers were in the middle of a government meeting. They're all shocked and excited to see MC, welcoming the surprise of them returning to the Devildom!!
Solomon walks MC to the House of Lamentation while the brothers finish up their official business, and then he himself says he's going to go check out Purgatory Hall. The brothers come home, not able to contain their excitement, and eagerly make dinner for MC -- whatever cuisine they want!
This, however, leads to Mammon adding a "secret ingredient" to the soup, which turns out to be Golden Newt Hellfire Syrup, a special syrup that Leviathan had ordered. Turns out this syrup is a powerful aphrodisiac for demons, and makes them really horny towards humans and humans exclusively. The only way known to stop the effects of the syrup is that, if a demon has a pact with a human, the human can command them to do something. If the demon is given an order -- any order -- the syrup's effect is neutralized. Cue a whole section dedicated to brother-by-brother dealing with this. Truly, straight out of a fanfic.
After that whole ordeal, MC gets a text from Simeon, inviting them to visit the Celestial Realm. After some discussion of the brothers wanting to go too and Lucifer reminding them that they probably wouldn't be welcome, MC and Solomon both go make a trip to see Simeon and Luke in the Celestial Realm. The angels mention that Michael actually wanted to meet MC, but couldn't because they got news of a sacred spring in the eastern part of the realm was starting to dry out and Michael had rushed to investigate. It's then mentioned that Simeon and Luke are going back to the Devildom as part of a short-term program, which the elder angel just sort of forgot to tell his companion, and they all return to the Devildom together.
There is then a series of events which include one of Leviathan's 3D escape room games causing a headache for everyone. During one of these moments, MC can notice that Diavolo seems to have something weighing on his mind, but he asks MC to forget about anything he said and move on.
Diavolo appoints MC as head of the school festival committee, and they all eventually agree on putting on a play for the festival. This is also when it's revealed to Leviathan that the author of his beloved series TSL is no other than Simeon -- as Satan had suggested to ask Simeon to write the script for the play. The play gets approved and they go on with play preparations, which includes having to go and shop for costumes/props.
During the shopping trip, they run into Little D No. 2, who got lost/separated from Diavolo and Lucifer. They had gone to the carnival Devil's Coast to investigate an illegal casino (that Mammon is aware of) and now MC and Mammon are asked to help reunite No. 2 with Diavolo and Lucifer. A series of events happens at the carnival, and eventually everyone shows up there. Lucifer and MC have a moment together where Lucifer confesses that Diavolo has been acting strange/distant lately, to which MC helps encourage him to just ask Diavolo directly about it.
Fast-forward to later in the night at the carnival, and Beelzebub goes on a rampage at the Ghost's Cafe as they're not giving him more food. A whole fight breaks out with all the brothers and the staff, which MC steps in to stop by using their pacts to command all the brothers to stop. Their simple command of "Stay!" suddenly has all the brothers flat on the ground, much to their surprise. After this incident, the brothers are mumbling about how strong MC was to command all seven of them at the same time and with such a force.
After this incident, MC is asked several times by different people if they are feeling okay. MC responds that they're fine. Solomon is surprised that MC seems to be perfectly okay after controlling the Seven Demon Lords all at once, as he remembers how sore he was after the first few times he controlled demons.
Fast-forward after a series of events involving the brothers fighting with each other again and intense rehearsals under the very strict director Simeon, Diavolo suddenly gets called to attend to an urgent matter via a whispered message from Barbatos. Lucifer is ready to accompany him, but Diavolo tells Lucifer to not come, and instead invites Solomon. Both Lucifer and Solomon are surprised by this, but Diavolo leaves with the sorcerer without much more explanation. Lucifer is shocked and bothered by this, and later admits to MC that he has a feeling something bad is happening. Diavolo ends up dropping out of the play because he won't be able to make it back in time for the performance the next day, and so Simeon has gone ahead and rewritten the scenes and they'll be able to perform still as they rehearsed.
The play is put on to much success, which ends in a scene where MC as the protagonist decides to kill themself with a dagger instead of killing the princess that their beloved (Prince Lucifer) is set to marry. Important to remember for later.
Later, an unscheduled student council meeting is called. Diavolo announces that while the pass/fail line for exchange students is usually lowered to give them more leeway, that will be changing for MC. MC will now be expected to pass RAD exams at the same level as demons, with the reason being that if they are to control demons themself, they need to know as much as possible. Lucifer assigns Satan to be MC's tutor, and then there is a series of tutoring-time-with-Satan (and others) scenes. MC eventually passes the exams and all is well!
Cue Bloody Moon time, a phenomena that happens now and then in the Devildom which includes a popularity contest held at RAD. Asmodeus is determined to make it to the top, even though Diavolo and Lucifer always hold the top two spots. MC helps Asmo out and there is a whole arc with him and helping him with the contest.
Diavolo drops out of the competition and still hasn't told Lucifer what's going on, much to Lucifer's dismay. Simeon notes to Luke and MC that Solomon has been going in and out of the Demon Lord's Castle a lot lately.
At some point in all of this, Simeon also visits the castle, bringing a cake that Michael chose himself from the Celestial Realm. Simeon and Diavolo share some small talk, before Simeon tries to ask what Diavolo has been up to. The two get into a tense discussion, Diavolo airing his frustrations with angels and not being able to keep themselves out of Devildom business, which Simeon responds to by saying the Celestial Realm only does so when they think they are also affected. They couldn't care less what happens in the Devildom as long as it stays there -- and basically delivers a thinly-veiled threat message from Michael, saying that if this "business" is likely to affect the Celestial Realm in anyway, they won't hesitate to intervene.
Meanwhile, increasingly distressed about this whole situation, Lucifer asks Mammon to spy on Diavolo and Solomon using Mammon's crow familiars. The crows tell them that they went to the King's Tomb, which had collapsed. There was also a major landslide in the primeval forest, where an entire cliff face crumbled away. Lucifer asks Mammon to continue looking into it.
At the primeval forest, Diavolo, Barbatos, and Solomon are investigating. Solomon insists that Diavolo should tell Lucifer what's going on, but Diavolo continues to be cautious and insists that he doesn't want to stress Lucifer out/put a burden on him, especially since they're not 100% sure why these events are happening. Solomon then says that he should at least tell Simeon so that the Celestial Realm is clued in, to which Diavolo lightly grimaces and tells Solomon to first tell Simeon himself.
Back to the brothers, and they get into another mess of shenanigans to yet another one of Levi's games, where a curse was invoked when he tried to play a game before its release day. The curse can only be broken if whatever the person was wishing for at the time they opened the game comes true -- but Leviathan doesn't know which wish of the brothers needs to be granted. Cue MC and Leviathan going through a series of brother-by-brother moments granting their wishes. Beel's wish was to have a Devildom cocktail drink called the Siren's Song, which involves playing the song of a siren, which they manage to deal with by blocking their ears. After the curse is broken, it turns out that Beelzebub wanted a second Siren's Song but messed up and had to fight against the siren's call -- and in that attempt, thrashed about and messed with Lucifer's records -- breaking one of them in particular, the Hymn of the Reaper. Breaking the cursed record incurs the reaper's wrath, meaning that the reaper may shorten or end Beelzebub's life.
Solomon happened to visit the House of Lamentation during this, and takes everyone to the reaper's cave -- the reaper being a good friend of his (who we now know as Thirteen), he says, despite the reaper leaving a warning written in blood outside the cave for Solomon to not step a foot inside. The gang has to survive a series of traps in the reaper's cave to get to the end and see if they can break Beelzebub's curse.
During one of the traps, MC notices that Solomon seems to take something from one of the rooms, but he denies it and moves on. After eventually surviving the various traps, they come to the cave that holds everyone's life candles -- and Beelzebub's is burning much faster than everyone's else. Lucifer takes his candle and drips some of the life essence wax onto Beel's, saying that with their long lives, he has more than enough to spare to make Beelzebub's last longer. The other brothers join in, adding to Beelzebub's candle. However, the candle is still burning quickly.
MC insists on adding a drop from their candle as well, which everyone tries to stop as human lives are much shorter and it's a bigger deal if MC does so. MC doesn't listen and adds a drop to Beelzebub's candle -- and suddenly a flash of light happens and Beelzebub's candle is back to normal.
While this is all happening, Diavolo and Simeon are now at the primeval forest as Diavolo fills Simeon in on what's been going on. Solomon has given his theory that MC is the reason all of these things are happening, and Simeon asks why Diavolo hasn't told Lucifer about all of this. Diavolo insists that they don't know if MC is really the cause, and he doesn't want to burden him and the brothers since MC is very important to them. However, Simeon and Barbatos both push Diavolo to tell Lucifer, and he relents and says he'll go to Lucifer and tell him everything face-to-face.
The brothers + MC + Solomon return to the House of Lamentation, still not clear on what exactly happened. Solomon is about to tell MC something when Lucifer collapses/faints, sending everyone into a panic. Solomon says he'll get the others, and soon the entire cast is at the House of Lamentation. Lucifer is still unconscious.
Diavolo tells everyone that strange things have been happening in the Three Realms. Solomon had noticed that ancient sites and those associated with the Devildom/Celestial Realm in the human world had been crumbling or were being destabilized (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.), the Devildom was experiencing the same, and so was the Celestial Realm though to a lesser degree (remember the dried out sacred spring?). It turns out this is the reason Solomon brought MC back to the Devildom in the first place -- as he figured it had to do with them and wanted to test out his hypothesis. Turns out he was right!
Before they can further explain why MC is the cause of it, Luke runs in saying that Lucifer has woken up. Everyone rushes to see him -- only to find that he has amnesia and doesn't remember who anyone is. They realize that Lucifer's amnesia was likely also caused by this strange phenomena, which is all a result of the strange connection MC shares with all three realms. They refer to this as the "ring", and have to figure out how to stop it from basically destroying everything.
The options are limited -- the Ring of Light is the optimal solution, and it was Lucifer's ring before the Great Celestial War. It is essentially the equivalent to Solomon's Ring of Wisdom that he received from Michael. However, the ring was lost during the war and never recovered, so that isn't an option. Simeon takes note of this.
Solomon reveals that he did indeed take something from the reaper's cave -- the Night Dagger. MC will have to sever all of their pacts to bring stability to the Three Realms again since there is no other way of containing their powerful magic. Solomon has to research on how exactly to use the dagger and goes to do so.
Meanwhile, there are scenes with amnesia!Lucifer and brother bonding time as they all get to see a different side to Lucifer -- his more rough, open self that he usually hides. The brothers are also sad about having to end their pacts with MC, but all assure MC that nothing will change about their relationship otherwise.
Solomon eventually comes back to the House to talk to MC about how the Night Dagger will work. Remember that scene from the beginning of the season? It was a vision of this scene! Solomon says that the Night Dagger's power is depleted, and the only way to restore it is to kill a very powerful demon with it.
The demon in question? Lucifer.
However, Solomon then quickly says he could never actually ask MC to do something like that. He cares too much about MC and while he would do it in their place as the human realm's safety comes first, he couldn't bear to do something that would hurt MC. He'll try to find another way, even though all his efforts thus far have been fruitless. Lucifer interrupts, having heard the conversation, and orders Solomon to leave. Solomon resists at first, but then leaves and says he'll come back with Diavolo and Barbatos the next day to talk further.
Once Solomon is gone, Lucifer tells MC that while he doesn't have all his memories, he is certain of one thing -- that he cares deeply for MC and his brothers. He is willing to sacrifice his life if it means that everyone else will be safe, and tells MC to go ahead and stab him with the dagger. While MC resists, Lucifer guides their hands to position the dagger at his chest. Lucifer remarks that this scene seems familiar somehow ... did they perform it in a play or something? If that's the case, MC just needs to do what they did then. MC is then given the option to stab Lucifer, stab themself, or tell Lucifer to "Stay!" as he guides the dagger to his heart.
Thankfully, any stabbing is interrupted by a flash of light -- Simeon has appeared, and slips a ring onto MC's finger. Lucifer's Ring of Light, which immediately works to get MC's magic/power contained. MC has a moment talking to a faceless voice, who is presumably Michael. Michael notes that he's surprised how much the demons care for MC, and asks MC about their choice earlier with who they stabbed. He says he looks forward to learning more about MC, and then MC regains consciousness. Lucifer is back to normal, his memories returned and panicking over MC, and everyone is relieved that they were able to stop things from getting worse.
We find out then that Simeon had a suspicion that Michael had in fact retrieved the Ring of Light after the war and kept it away (along with his other Lucifer memorabilia). Simeon actually returned to the Celstial Realm and ended up taking the ring without Michael's permission. Michael warns Simeon over text that they need to have a serious conversation, though Simeon sasses him back saying the ring was Lucifer's in the first place.
All is well! (Except for the fact that Lucifer is furious that Diavolo and Solomon didn't tell him anything, and ends up punishing them both for it -- yes, Lucifer does in fact string Diavolo up from the ceiling, along with Solomon!)
Afterwards, there is a party at the Demon Lord's Castle. There, Solomon asks MC if they would be willing to now become his apprentice, to which MC agrees. Solomon is delighted to have a fellow powerful sorcerer by his side. MC's time in the Devildom is coming to a close, and Solomon says that if MC wants to learn to summon the demons to the human world, they have to get something of importance from each of them. Cue a series of scenes with the brothers to get those items. During all of this, the brothers also comment that Lucifer has been making them do various things -- cleaning up rooms, giving away items, clearing up debts -- but they're not sure why.
Despite all this, the brothers really don't want MC to leave ... so they try kidnapping MC and sneaking away through a secret passageway through the Underground Tomb. Their plans are foiled as they emerge from the passage -- Diavolo and Barbatos are waiting, having predicted that the brothers would do exactly this. Diavolo says that he needs MC to return to the human world and learn from Solomon to help guard the human world and work towards his goal of peace between the Three Realms.
Everyone sadly accepts that MC must leave, and they all give their heartfelt goodbyes as Barbatos opens a portal to the human world.
Tumblr media
MC has been training for a while under Solomon in the human realm now. One day, he says he has a babysitting job for them, and gives the address. MC shows up at quite the fancy manor, and goes to the door -- only to be surprised when Asmodeus answers, slamming the door right back in his face in shock. Turns out that the demon brothers are up in the human world on extended vacation, and that's why Lucifer had them cleaning up as they would be in the human world for a bit. They welcome MC to their home, Serenity Manor, where they had Barbatos set up portals that make it so they basically still have their Devildom rooms -- including MC's. MC basically moves in to Serenity Manor for the time that the demons are in the human world.
Everyone's reunited, happy times, and MC goes around with the brothers a bit in the human world. MC also bumps into Luke, and finds out that both Simeon and Luke were sent by Michael on a mission to observe the human world. To do so, they opened a cafe called the Angel's Halo. During this time, there is a discussion about angels and their ranks, and it is revealed that Simeon's rank is currently an archangel, while Luke is unranked and would like to be a principality some day.
Fast forward a few events, and MC finds themself suffering from a side-effect of Solomon's cooking (which had everyone else very sick for some time as well). Asmodeus is also affected, and the both of them end up passing out -- only for MC to wake up to an Angel!Asmodeus in the Celestial Realm. MC is very confused, and ends up meeting the brothers as angels one by one with the exception of Lucifer, who is apparently on an official diplomatic visit to the Devildom at the time. This is also when MC first hears of Raphael, as Asmodeus complains about him and has to make sure that MC is not with him. The brothers all think MC must be some low-ranking angel that got lost, and if MC mentions that they know Simeon, they're surprised that MC knows a seraph. In the middle of a conversation, there is a flash of light and MC faces the white void with a mysterious voice -- once again, presumably Michael. He apologizes and says that Solomon's cooking somehow launched MC back in time, but they would be returning to the present again. Michael makes a mention that while Solomon has a good head on his shoulders, this is how he ended up accidentally making himself immortal too.
MC wakes back up in Asmodeus' room, who also wakes up. He mentions he had a strange dream, but otherwise MC does not discuss what happened. A few more brother moments happen, and MC finds out one morning that they're to be meeting up with Solomon.
Solomon brings MC, along with Beelzebub and Lucifer, to the Sorcerer's Society. It turns out that Solomon and the Sorcerer's Society are not on good terms, but having Lucifer and Beel there helps give MC some credibility as they go to register for a license to start using more magic within the human realm. However, this requires them to be awarded 7 stars -- each representing one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues. Solomon begins the first test immediately by shrinking Lucifer to handheld size and telling MC that they must utilize Beelzebub's full power to keep him protected. Beel initially doesn't expect it to be a problem if they just bring him safely home, but Lucifer points out that he lives with his biggest threats who would most like to do him harm -- his brothers, a point which is quickly proven true by the other brothers dropping them immediately into an RPG upon their return with Satan as the antagonist. Nonetheless, MC is able to harness Beel's powers through various trials to complete the game, as well as win their first star from Solomon, who totally knew about the RPG plan and made himself the actual final boss.
Next, Diavolo goes missing from a Barbatos portal gone awry, but Levi's recent new "friend," a smart home speaker assistant named Crowe, helps MC and the brothers find him at a karaoke room. However, the karaoke room, which is also controlled by a Crowe (and the Three-Legged Crow group, a Devildom company that also made the D.D.D.s), is cursed so that no one can leave until someone completes a song with a perfect score, and all other attempts end in them getting sent to a mysterious "punishment room." The brothers take turns attempting but all except Leviathan fail for one reason or another, until Diavolo successfully completes his song. However, he also gets sent to the punishment room and none of the earlier brothers are freed, leaving only Levi and MC free to leave. Levi, angry at the perceived betrayal of his electronic little friend, demands that Crowe free everyone if they succeed on the next song, and he and MC successfully save everyone by singing an anime song as a duet. The experience fosters a new friendship between Levi and Diavolo, and MC earns their second star from the demon prince as well. Following this ordeal, Diavolo and Barbatos also travel up to the human realm for a more extended stay, with Diavolo being revealed as the owner of a deluxe hotel company.
Next up, Luke, Mammon, and MC read about fairies and want to try to find some. While reading up about the fairies, MC has a discussion with Luke, who is shown to not really know what the Great Celestial War was actually about, but he mentions that Michael seems to still miss the brothers a lot. Wanting to mend things for Michael's sake, he asserts that whatever the brothers did, he's sure Michael would forgive them if they just apologized. They continue their research, and find a possible location to find some fairies. To get there, they take a long train ride together, during which Mammon teases the young angel relentlessly and takes it a bit too far. He then explains to MC that Michael must have very high expectations of Luke, talking about how Michael probably wants Luke to expand his worldview which includes understanding demons. After getting off the train, Luke gives MC his blessing as protection, and the group makes their way through a forest to try to find the fairies, only to instead come across what appears to be the House of Lamentation.
Soon after entering, however, MC gets separated from the two of them, but then gets a call from Satan. MC mentions what's happening, and soon after both Satan and Simeon suddenly appear via portal (courtesy of Barbatos). Suddenly, they are transported to what appears to be the Celestial Realm of the past, back when the brothers were still angels and Simeon was still a seraph. Simeon tells the brothers that MC and Satan are simply some lost angels. There is a series of events with the angel brothers, and then an outburst from Satan which leads both Satan and MC to leave the others -- and run into angel Lucifer. Satan and MC say that they are both angels that are with Simeon when he questions who they are. Lucifer then says if they are a seraph's assistants, they can help him out with a task that Raphael threw at him to do. Satan and MC help Lucifer with organizing the Celestial Palace's library, which leads Lucifer to comment on how nice it would be to have a brother like him. There is then a brief moment where Lucifer tricks Satan into opening a book that restrains him -- confirming that Satan and MC are in fact not angels, and that Satan is a demon. However, he soon releases Satan, admitting that while he once thought all demons were awful and terrible, a certain demon (Diavolo) has been making him reconsider things. He invites Satan and MC to join him as he meets up with the other brothers.
The brothers then get together at a fake planetarium that Michael had constructed to stargaze , which Satan had always previously felt left out from because of how the brothers would talk about their Celestial Realm days when they did so. Afterwards, they are returned to the present and reunite with Mammon and Luke, revealing that the whole experience since entering the forest was an illusion created by the fairies because they liked the hawthorn berry powder that covered Satan from a mishap at the Angel's Halo before they arrived. Oh the way back, Simeon reflects on how those times before the brothers fell were the happiest of his life, and how lonely he's felt since. MC then receives two more stars, one from each angel.
For MC's next star, Solomon poses a test of a game of Tail Thieves, in which MC, Barbatos, and the brothers all have tails which they must try to pull off of each other. Solomon tells MC that they must retrieve the tails from everyone else, but that Asmodeus and Barbatos will be on a team with them to help them with this task, and as part of that, he lends MC Barbatos's grimoire, which they further explain contains all details of a demon's life. However, Barbatos asks MC to please refrain from using his grimoire as he's not comfortable enough with them to offer that trust, but he assures them that he will be very useful even without it. Asmodeus, for his part, keeps pressuring MC to open the grimoire to find out all of Barbatos' secrets. The three of them go around gathering tails from everyone, and at one point, Asmo runs off for skincare, leaving MC with an opportunity to chat briefly with Barbatos one-on-one. After gathering the last of the brothers' tails, MC is relaxing with Asmo and Barbatos, but they reveal that they weren't truly on MC's team after all and promptly pull MC's tail off. However, when Solomon returns, he says that the test was not actually about the game but about resisting the temptation to use or look through Barbatos's grimoire, so they pass.
A few days later, MC is invited to spend the day at an amusement park with Diavolo, but Beel is worried about Belphie, who has been just staying home sleeping even more than usual, and asks MC to take him along too. On their way, Belphie sees Simeon meeting with someone who looks familiar, though he doesn't say who. Separately, Barbatos makes a delivery to the cafe and chats with Luke, when the young angel expresses concern over how Simeon has been zoning out lately and seems to be avoiding Michael. He further explains that it was actually Raphael, not Michael, who instructed them to go to the human realm.
Once MC and Belphegor arrive, Diavolo is excited to see and do all sorts of things, but Belphegor, still bitter over not being heard out on the exchange program, accuses him of being selfish and not caring about the feelings or opinions of others. Upon hearing this, Diavolo feels guilty and hears him out, and they go to what Belphie wants to do instead, which is a scary ride that overwhelms Diavolo a bit. MC and Belphie then get separated from the prince and look for him, though Belphie wants to relax instead. Eventually, they are called by the front desk to get Diavolo, at which time they learn he was actually kidnapped and is being held hostage, though he seems very cheerful about the whole thing. However, when the kidnappers try to shoot at Belphie, Diavolo gets much more serious because they are now threatening a precious member of his realm, even if bullets don't do anything to demons. The kidnapper flees in terror at both Belphie's and Diavolo's demon forms, and crisis is averted. Afterwards, they continue having fun at the amusement park for the rest of the day, with Belphegor finally relenting at the end to do some of the more silly fun things that Diavolo had wanted to do, which he had initially rejected at the start of the day. They all head back to Serenity Manor for dinner, the brothers noticing the better relation between Diavolo and Belphegor, and MC then receives their sixth star.
Later one morning, Lucifer receives a call from Barbatos to bring all the brothers to the hotel, and Simeon and Solomon happen along as well. It turns out that Mammon and Levi accidentally summoned a bogeyman, a fearsome spirit which takes the form of one's greatest fear, and sent it to the hotel in a panic to try to get rid of it. As a result, it is now wreaking havoc in the hotel. Solomon decides that this is a good chance for MC's final test and sends them to defeat it, offering up Simeon to help. Simeon also mentions that while Luke himself is seemingly unaware of it, he is actually extraordinarily powerful, and his blessing still protects MC even now, meaning that the boogeyman's tricks don't work on MC.
Together, they all go through multiple rounds of facing the bogeyman with different brothers' fears. Finally, when Satan comes face-to-face with a taunting angel Lucifer that preys on his insecurities, MC and the actual Lucifer snap him out of it, helping him overcome his inferiority/clone complex so that MC can use Satan's powers to attack and seemingly defeat the bogeyman. Mostly everyone leaves to chase Mammon and Leviathan for putting them in this situation, but the bogeyman attacks one more time when only Lucifer, Simeon, and MC are in the room, taking the form of a light, which is seemingly God/Father. Lucifer claims that this must be the boogeyman showing his fear and instructs MC to harness his power to finish off the bogeyman once and for all. Afterwards, however, Simeon seems visibly shaken from seeing Father and says he hasn't seen that light in a very long time.
MC is then given the final star needed for their sorcerer's license, and there is a big celebration party. During this party, MC overhears a conversation between Lucifer and Simeon -- with Simeon insisting that the boogeyman was actually showing his fear, not Lucifer's, earlier. Lucifer notices MC is there, and they drop the subject.
The brothers also must soon prepare to return to the Devildom. They decide to throw a "see you again" party, with the brothers all talking about how MC is part of the family now as they prepare for the celebration and talking about how much they will miss them. At the party, they decide to ask Diavolo if MC can actually join their family via marriage, with some bickering over who would actually get to marry them. Though amused, Diavolo says it's not that simple unfortunately, as there is a deep history of tensions and conflict between the realms. Nevertheless, MC will continue their magical training under Solomon, which will eventually allow them to learn more advanced magic such as how to teleport to the Devildom or summon the brothers up to the human world. Promising that this is not their final goodbye, the demons all return to the Devildom for the start of another school year at RAD.
However, upon returning, there is a letter from Michael announcing who the next exchange students will be, and Diavolo calls Lucifer over with some grave news he's received concerning Simeon. Simeon, meanwhile, receives a surprise visit at the cafe from the snide seraph Raphael...
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absolutepokemontrash · 14 hours ago
Why do I feel like everyone KNOWS Mammon’s got ADHD, but they just haven’t taken him to the doctor because Mammon INSISTS on making his own appointment.
But he keeps forgetting.
Because of the ADHD.
Mammon: Oi! I don’t need ya getting all up in my medical business, Lucifer! I’m an adult! I’ll make my own appointment.
Lucifer: Fine, fine, just make the damn appointment.
*six hours later*
Lucifer: Have you made your appointment?
Mammon (looking away from his DDD): Gonna be honest with ya bro, I got distracted by this Devilgram notification and I haven’t moved in like, three days.
Lucifer: It’s been six hours!
Mammon: Time doesn’t exist.
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achoonihaachu · 12 hours ago
God Must Hate Me
A/N: Hello! this is the first time I'm like,, posting a story here on Tumblr so yeah! This is my take on the "replaced mc au" that i've fallen completely in love with. The angst, the drama, the fluff or bittersweet endings?! sign me up. This will most likely be a 2-3 part series then I might do headcanons if you like my writing style! Thank you to @its-dari for letting me take inspiration from her version of this AU. More drama will come in the following parts soooo stay tuned! <333
pairings: mc x brothers (platonically... for now), mc x dateables (platonically... for now), mc x fem!oc
warning: this fic contains verbal abuse, talk of insecurities, cursing, possible spoilers for lesson 16 in following installments (warnings will be added in future chapters to fit the story!)
remember: you are worth more than every piece of diamond and gold on this Earth. you are loved. you are worth it. you are brave. if anyone ever makes you feel like you're less than, they are wrong. you're wonderful.
Have you ever loved somebody to the point where you choose to ignore your own needs for theirs? The somber feeling that settles in your chest as you give them everything to keep the smile on their face has become a familiar sensation that’s still so foreign for some reason.
It’s overwhelming but not at the same time.
You could never blame someone for dropping something- or someone- “old” and “worn out” for something new and shiny. Like when a child can’t help but let their old favorite toy collect dust on their bedside table for the new Christmas present they got. You understood fully the excitement someone new can bring. The experiences they’ve had bring about new stories and new emotions, something new to talk about.
You used to be the very thing they considered new and shiny.
The day you arrived in the Devildom, you were afraid. You were expected, nay forced to acclimate to this new environment, this new system, to a new set of rules lest you felt like being a demon’s next meal. You had to rely on seven selfish brothers who, over time, grew on you. You learnt to love their culture, the food they ate, the very beings in the realm. Whether it was due to survival instincts or perhaps you truly learnt to love the Devildom, you weren’t quite sure.
You learnt to laugh with them, cry with them. You celebrated with them and overcame failures with them. Countless nights you spent cheering them on, and what do you get in return? You get tossed aside the moment they meet someone smarter than you, prettier than you-
Someone they deemed to be ultimately better than you in all aspects.
You didn’t know who to blame; Should you blame Diavolo for picking you? Perhaps blame Lucifer for suggesting you? Should you blame Barbatos for feigning ignorance to the future that was in store when you first met? Hell, you could’ve even blamed God for The Fall- if they didn’t fall from the Celestial Realm, they’d still be there and you wouldn’t be feeling so shitty.
After considering everything, you decided that it would be best if you just blamed the gust of wind that had to stick its nose into your business. Maybe you could ask Barbatos to let you go back in time to the day they were skimming through the papers. You could’ve closed the damn window and maybe that would’ve managed to save you from the heartache you were now feeling.
Silly human, silly emotions.
You didn’t know how many weeks have passed since you first met the new exchange student. It could’ve been a month or 10 months, it wouldn’t have made any sort of difference. Yuki was everything you could’ve only wished you were. She was pretty, smart, kind- she got close to the brothers so much more easily than you did, even the other exchange students warmed up to her quickly.
She was the new and shiny toy you were so afraid of meeting.
As much as you wanted to hate her, you just couldn’t. In fact, she’s the only reason you even chose to stick around. Well, her and the other exchange students. She was an enigma that even Lucifer had trouble understanding. She was spunky, full of life, so lovely that you’ve spent countless nights crying into your pillow because you couldn’t hate her. You couldn’t blame her. You adored her because it was impossible to hate someone as kind as her.
The brothers would share in that sentiment.
The day she came to the Devildom, you had been tasked to guide her around RAD. Mammon was on babysitting duties again, much to his early dismay. You were ecstatic, a new human to talk to. Sure you had Solomon to chat with if you ever felt like talking to someone of your kind but that man’s as old as time itself. You needed someone about your age who knew that certain trends died off years ago. You shudder as you thought back to when Solomon tried to get Diavolo to do the whip and naenae dance.
That man needed to get out more often.
Yuki was bright-eyed, curious about the ins and outs of the Devildom as she clung onto you like an adorable koala. She marveled at the Royal Library and you watched as she ate her dessert of choice with such enthusiasm when you treated her to Madam Screams. You took her to all your favorite spots on RAD, and even took her to the clothing boutiques that sold clothes that fit the smaller human frames. You and her were practically best friends by the end of her first day.
The brothers were all a little hesitant at first. They went through a lot when you first appeared in their lives but you were a welcomed change. Diavolo had sprung the idea of a new exchange student on them quite impulsively, only giving them a week to come to terms with the fact that someone new was going to start living with them. It didn’t take long before they started to fall; one by one, they all found something to love about Yuki.
Surprisingly, Satan was the first of the brothers to warm up to your new best friend. She was a massive bookworm, loving all forms of literature back in the human realm. Whether you were quoting Shakespeare or George Orwell, she seemed to know every book reference. They quickly bonded over books and their favorite authors.
It took him about a week to let his guard down.
Next to fall for her charm was Leviathan. Yuki was so confident, strutting to wherever she needed to be without seeming cocky. Perhaps he saw something he desperately needed to have in himself. She was also obsessed with anything anime related, frequently attending conventions in full cosplay.
She had him, hook, line, and sinker, a week and a half into her stay in the Devildom.
Asmodeus lasted longer than you expected. Yuki was someone who didn’t worry too much about skincare routines, she didn’t need to worry about it so much because once again, God made it apparent that he had favorites. She didn’t ever face insecurities about her looks, she was flawless. Instead of routines, they chatted for hours on end about their favorite style eras; how certain patterns were better than others.
Rather than charming the human, Asmodeus found himself completely bewitched after 2 weeks.
Belphegor was normally a brat, it didn’t surprise you that he tried to resist her charm, or in a way, he tried to keep his distance for a while. He only lasted a little longer than a few of his other brothers. She tried her best to get to know him, only getting grunts or murmurs as responses to questions. No, she truly captured his heart when she filled in for him for his chores one day, claiming that she wanted him to get as much rest as he could get despite being fully aware that he’d been asleep for the last 7 hours.
She became his favorite human in about 3 weeks.
When Mammon stopped picking you over everyone was one of the most painful ones to deal with. He swore up and down the wall that he’d always be your “first man”, that he’d always be there for you but remembering all those moments just had you laughing pitifully at yourself. Sure, he tried his best to keep his distance, reminding you that he loved you but all it took was a single night out at the casinos and he was down for the count. They came home hanging off of each other, eyes full of happy tears as they laughed at something Mammon had said or done when he realized he was on a losing streak. Yuki was not only pretty, smart, and kind- she was also apparently incredibly lucky. She had won quite a lot that night and rather than keeping it all to herself, she gave all of her winnings to Mammon.
You would’ve joked about how it only took about a month for Mammon to sell himself for a few thousand Grimm if it didn’t hurt so much.
Remember how it hurt when Mammon basically replaced you? Take that pain and put your heart through tenfold of what you felt. It took you months to build relationships with these brothers. You cared so deeply for them, you’ve sacrificed so much to make sure that they were happy and all you wanted was for them to love you just as much as you love them. You were clinging onto them as they slowly drifted from you, choosing to marvel at the gem that was Yuki. She was everything you weren’t. They had slipped through your fingers like sand in an hourglass and you felt yourself lose your sense of dignity as you clung onto Lucifer and Beelzebub. They were hesitant, they chose to keep it professional with Yuki. Or so you thought. Imagine your surprise, then, when you walk into the kitchen one night to see Beel and Yuki cooking up a storm on one of the nights where you were in charge of cooking dinner. Your already shattered heart was crushed some more as you heard Beel say something along the lines of how he’s never eaten food as heavenly as Yuki’s cooking.
You should’ve started cooking earlier that day. What’s worse is that it happened on the day that marked the end of the first month of Yuki’s stay in the Devildom.
With all the brothers, it took you the longest to form a pact with Lucifer. In fact, an entire year in the Devildom and on the eve of your return to the human realm, it was only then did he choose to trust you enough to let you form a pact with him. Perhaps it was wishful thinking to romanticize that; perhaps it was too crazy of an idea of you to daydream that he formed a pact with you because he loved you. He was the most firm of the brothers when it came to getting close to Yuki, he was ever the responsible one. The most prideful of the brothers to admit that even he was smitten by this young girl with a smile so bright that could put the Sun to shame. What he failed to consider is that you weren’t stupid. You weren’t blind. You noticed the lingering glances, the way his eyes softened whenever he stared at her as she laughed or babbled about whatever crazy thing she learnt that day. You weren’t deaf to the almost endless praises he’d be singing about every little thing about her.
The confident, ever prideful Morningstar reduced to a lovestruck puppy the day she walked into the Council Room on her first day. She had him wrapped around her finger the moment she uttered her name. You knew this even as he adamantly denied being borderline obsessed with her the minute she was in the Devildom.
Sometimes you wish you had the balls to call him pathetic.
You bottled up all your emotions, you had no other choice regardless. Yuki was perfect. You could never bring yourself to hate her. Your friendship with her remained the same throughout the next few months, if anything you found yourself growing closer to her as the brothers ignored you more and more for Yuki’s attention, and for some reason, she stuck to you like gum on the pavement.
In the months she’s lived with all of you, sure, she spent time with the brothers but she spent as much of her time with you as possible. She wakes you up before anyone else, she’d sit with you at breakfast, she sat with you in every class you had together, she’d sit in your room with you for hours, even if you two sat in complete silence. You had an inkling that this was why the brothers started to somewhat dislike you (you’d even go as far as to say a few of them despise you now). You just thought that she had such an obvious bias for you because you were another human.
Your alarm went off, the annoying buzzing putting you in an awfully sour mood already. You barely got any sleep last night, Lucifer had decided that it would be a good idea to nag your ear off as he spent hours, till the wee hours in the morning, basically trashing your grades, your appearance, and the overall impact your “less than desirable” existence had on the exchange program.
Lucifer’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard, ringing and annoying to the point where you’d have gladly picked having both your ears bleed than have to sit through another lecture. “You’re disgraceful. An utter disappointment, a failure in the exchange program. You start feeling comfortable after a decently successful first year? Grow up, (MC). You aren’t special.” Lucifer growls, blood red eyes burning holes through your skin to your soul. You shudder under his gaze. You felt so small, so useless, so weak. You closed your eyes as you turned away from him, that all too familiar stinging haunting you as you blink away the forming tears.
You’d have hexxed him if you had the strength but you were too tired to put up a fight.
You rubbed your eyes sluggishly, vision bleary as you stared at an empty spot on your desk. Your ears began to ring as you heard Asmodeus and Mammon bicker somewhere down the hallway. Out of all the brothers, you had grown afraid of running into Asmodeus the most. Though seemingly sweet on the outside, he was cruel and snide on the inside. He managed to pick at your deepest insecurities, chipping away at your confidence as you basically deteriorated into an empty husk of your former self.
You remember walking past the living room once, hearing the joyful laughter coming from Asmodeus and Yuki. Peeking your head past the corner, you stared wistfully at the way Asmodeus pampered Yuki, the way his hands gently grabbed hers as he skillfully painted on her fingernails. The way his gaze was all too loving, the same way he used to stare at you. It was too much to bear. “Honestly Yuki, you’re so beautiful, both inside and out. It’s astonishing how we all were so whipped for (MC) a year or so ago.” He says your name with such tenacity, so full of disgust that it makes you question yourself. What on Earth had you done to offend him so badly?
He was the worst.
When their voices faded slowly, you decided to finally face the day, swinging your legs to dangle off the side of the bed as you combed through your hair. You silently move around your room, putting on your uniform, grabbing pens and homework you had due, when Yuki came tumbling into your room, so full of life at 8 in the morning.
“(Y/N)! Hi! You’re looking good today!” She said sweetly as she pulled you into a tight hug. She always managed to bring a smile to your face. You greeted her back, albeit a little weakly, as you squeezed her frame.
“So look, I was wondering… If you’re free tonight, would you like to go to Majo-” Just as Yuki was asking you a question, the door swung open, revealing Mammon with Satan and Asmodeus in tow, “Yo, Yuki! Whaddya think you’re doin’ here in this dump?” He asked obnoxiously, arms folded across his chest as he sneered at you. He hadn’t bullied you per se, but he was almost as snide as Asmodeus, a remark here and there about you was enough for you to pull away. You flinched as you kept your eyes focused on the creaky floorboards. Before you could try to retort, Yuki huffed, rolling her eyes at Mammon as she stood in front of you, “Y’know Mams, you should really think about the next few words you say. I’m sure Lucifer would love to know who stole that expensive bottle of Demonus the other day.” She crooned, voice laced with sweet venom as she glared daggers at the trio.
Mammon’s mouth gaped open, eyes wide as he stared at Yuki. She obviously adored you, the brothers were well aware, but this was the first time she’s ever threatened one of them for your sake. Satan and Asmodeus shared a glance as they watched Mammon frown at you, rolling his eyes before turning to walk out. They scoffed at you before they made their leave.
You let out a shaky breath you didn’t even realize you were holding, smiling gratefully at Yuki, “T-thanks for that, Yuki.” You breathed out, hands feeling for the pile of books you had placed when Yuki came in. Her face, once contorted in worry and concern, broke out into another dazzling smile before she took one of your hands, pulling you along with her.
“They’ve been absolute jerks recently. Let’s skip breakfast here and grab some food at that diner you really like!” She beamed. You couldn’t help but giggle and nod, deciding to let loose and go along with whatever she planned that day.
For that day, she had you charmed the exact same way she charmed the boys.
You grabbed your things, hugging your books and files in one arm as you laced your other hand with hers. Too busy with sneaking around, you failed to notice the adamant blush that painted her porcelain like cheeks.
“O-Over there. That door leads to my room, remember? We can sneak off to RAD through my window!” She said, eyes gleaming with mischief. You hesitated, afraid of what the brothers, especially what the eldest, would assume and accuse you of if they don’t catch a glimpse of their new favorite human before classes start.
“You can go through the front door, I’ll go through the window, and I’ll see you by the gate, okay?” You whisper softly, pulling your hand away as you nudge her towards the dining hall. Yuki almost seemed upset when the warmth of your hand left hers. A visible pout replaced her toothy grin as she looked at you, “Why don’t we just walk out the front door together?” She said, voice almost sounding whiny.
You shake your head, a bitter smile on your lips, “Their day would be ruined if they had to see me this early in the morning, hon.”
With that, you marched back into your room, cracking open the window as you looked down at the ground from the windowsill. You had enough practice with Mammon back when he liked hanging out with you to know how to land safely. Ever since Yuki came, you were moved to a room closer to the emergency ladder at the side of the house. They had it installed when you moved, something along the lines of humans not being able to handle house fires as well as demons was their reasoning, and you never used it till now. At first you didn’t understand why Lucifer insisted that you moved, the house was practically the same in every way but now, you understood completely. Your old room was closer to Lucifer’s. You frown at the thought.
After you put your belongings into a bag, you hoist yourself up on the wooden windowsill, careful to not knock over the tiny Devildom plants you decided to start caring for. Doing your best to scale down the ladder carefully, you didn’t see the observant pair of eyes trained on your figure, watching your figure move closer and closer to the ground. Landing with a dull thud, your eyes scanned the vicinity and saw Yuki, already standing by the gate, waving at you energetically.
You couldn’t stop the smile that grew on your lips as you jogged over to her.
A little ways away from you, hidden behind a magnificent tree, calculating green eyes as vibrant as the new spring took note of your lethargy, of the way your eyes look slightly sunken in and the way you seemed stressed. Taking note of what they discovered, the figure moves swiftly yet nimbly back to where they were asked to report back to.
You were none the wiser as you sneezed, halfway into taking a sip of the coffee Yuki ever graciously bought for you.
The day went by sluggishly, for lack of a better term. You were done with your homework, you aced most, if not all, of the pop quizzes thrown your way, and you were top of your class. You smiled weakly at Simeon, Solomon, and precious Luke, who had run into you in the halls. “(MC)! You… You look sickly.” Luke said, looked defeated as he hugged you. You pat his head and shrug, “I just didn’t sleep much is all, don’t worry about me!” You said with faux enthusiasm, but the bags under your eyes were anything but.
Simeon and Solomon shared a glance, unlike the pair you encountered this morning, their eyes were filled with concern and worry not disgust and irritation. They took note of how much you changed in the past few months. The once daring, chaotic, sweet MC they knew was gone… well, more afraid and hidden if anything. You zoned out quickly, picked at your food, and poured all your hours into studying. You grew pale and unresponsive at times and the other exchange students, sans Luke, managed to put two and two together when they heard the jeering the demon brothers were doing.
Without telling you, they raised this concern with Diavolo. The Demon Prince’s expression grew grim, nodding at everything the pair said and stated that he’d get down to the bottom of it. Sure, they felt guilty about going to Diavolo when this concerns you but they cared about you alot.
Just because those brothers are full fledged demons, that didn’t give them the right to treat you as anything less than a gem to treasure for life.
Simeon offered you a kind, warm smile before turning his attention back to the younger angel, “Come now, Luke. (MC), we’d love to have you and Yuki at Purgatory Hall tonight for dinner. Not to worry,” the cheeky angel leans close, “I’ll be cooking dinner. Solomon’s not allowed in the kitchen tonight.” You heard Solomon huff from beside the ravenette.
“My cooking’s great… Just ask Yuki.” He grumbled.
The girl in question immediately turned her attention on the tiny blonde angel, cooing about how cute he was and about a recipe that she wanted to ask for, “I wanna make (MC) one of those desserts you always make. They seem to adore all the treats you give them and want her to love me.” She joked, Luke nodding vigorously as he started describing his recipes in detail
The powerful sorcerer deflated, frowning as he muttered to himself about making a dish that would make you love him too. Something about the dish needing to be sweet and sour at the same time.
“Oh I’d love to come over, I’m not sure if Yuki’d be allowed, though.” You mumble, glancing at the other human student. Simeon tut-tutted, shaking his head as he folded his arms, “Those brothers ought to treat you both equally.” He whispers to himself. You hum in agreement, “Yeah…” Your voice was barely audible, the angel was unable to hear you say a word, but he saw the way your eyes looked at Yuki with sorrow and longing.
You could only pray that you’d be treated with as much love.
Yuki whined with each step you took, hands prying at yours as you drag her back to the House of Lamentation. “No! C’mon (MC)! Let me have dinner with you guys!” She whined, woeful eyes looking at you in hopes of convincing you to let her come with her. You steeled yourself. You turn to the trio from Purgatory Hall, “Could one of you be a dear and cast a spell to teleport her into the house or something?” Solomon snorted at your request.
“I’ll go home on my own if you promise me something!” Yuki cried. You stop pulling, eyebrows raised as you stare at her quizzically, “I’m listening…”, Yuki looked back at you with a sheepish grin, “Let’s grab dinner at Ristorante Six after school tomorrow.” She proposes. You ponder on it for a moment before nodding.
After all, what harm could come from dinner with your best friend?
Yuki cheers, wrapping her arms around you before bolting down the street, “I’ll see you at home (MC)!” She calls out.
That took longer than expected. You had dragged her to HoL, the house was only a few feet away, yet she grew more resistant the closer you got. When she ran down the street, you could clearly see her turn the corner through the gates and into the house. You rub your temples, “All that work and all I had to do was to agree to a bestie’s night out to get her to go willingly.” You groan.
You turned back to the angels and the sorcerer, a small smile on your face as you skipped over to them, “Let’s have dinner.” You say, pulling them along with you.
Yuki skips into the house, eyes glazed with a dreamy, far off look. She sighs happily to herself as she locks the door, “Ristorante Six…” she sings, twirling around only to halt in her steps when 6 sets of eyes stare her down.
“Yuki, I expect an apology for the shenanigans you pulled at breakfast this morning. I also heard from Asmodeus that you threatened Mammon too, is this true?” Lucifer says lowly, arms crossed as he looks down at her.
Yuki chortles, shrugging as she hangs her coat on the coat hanger by the door, “All I said at breakfast is that I’d rather hang out with (MC) than you lot. They’re the best- and I will not apologize for what I said to Mammon. He was being rude at 7 in the morning.”
At the mention of his name, Mammon steps forward, eyes full of frustration, “Listen, Yuki. You really shouldn’t hang out with (MC). You deserve better than that, y’now?” He blurts. Yuki turned to look at him slowly, eyes blazing hot with fiery anger, “You didn’t deserve them then, and you don’t deserve them now. None of you do. If you can’t see them for the amazing being they are, then I will. How fucking dare you, Mammon.” She seethes, pushing past the brothers as she stomps to her room.
The boys grew silent, heads spinning as they comprehended everything Yuki said. They didn’t understand why she was so caught up in defending your honor. Belphegor broke the silence, yawning as he turned to make his way up to the attic, “You can deal with the angry human. I don’t really care.” He said lazily.
One by one, the brothers scatter, thinking of ways to make it up to Yuki. Perhaps jewels will atone for whatever made her so angry? A beautiful bouquet of flowers, red roses from Lord Diavolo’s garden to be precise? Maybe the cream puffs from Madam Screams? Oh! What about a spa date? Maybe a new plushie? What about the newly released book from her favorite human author?
You sat on one of the many sofas in Purgatory Hall, clutching your stomach as you laughed at a recount of one of Simeon’s most embarrassing mistakes he’s made. “And he sent that picture to Michael! Can you believe that (MC)?!” Luke exclaimed, positively overjoyed with the way he’s managed to bring your smile back to its full force. Simeon sat beside him, hands covering his face in shame as Solomon rubbed his back, “It was an accident but when I went to apologize to Michael, he had already sent the picture to all the different chats he’s had! And the worst of it is that he did that by accident too!” Simeon says, voice muffled by his hands. You burst out laughing even harder than before.
Seems like technology is a mystery to the older angels.
A knock on the heavy wooden door echoed through the room, the laughter slowly, but comfortably, dying down. “I’ll get it. Excuse me for a moment, everyone!” Solomon says quickly, getting up to talk to whoever stood on the other side of the door.
When Solomon leaves, he hears Luke continue the story and you burst out into a fit of giggles once more. He smiled to himself as he walked over to the main entrance of Purgatory Hall, “Just a second.” He called out, starting to unlock all the different locks Luke had asked him and Simeon to install. During his first few weeks in the Devildom, poor Luke was terrified of demons breaking into the house to hurt them so they decided that padlock and giant chains work best in preventing that from ever happening.
It was an absolute headache most days as it took 10 minutes to unlock every single one.
“Ah, there we go.” Solomon had managed to open the door in record time, only taking 8 minutes rather than the usual 10, “Hello what business might you have at Pur- Oh. Well, Good evening, Barbatos.Diavolo.” He greets the ever composed butler, who bows in return, and the normally enthusiastic Demon Prince. He was used to seeing soft smiles and gentle gazes from these two but he was terrified at that moment (although he’d never tell). Diavolo and Barbatos were both serious, eyes hard as they stood at the door.
“I was supposed to come alone to deliver a message to Miss (MC) alone but it seems that the Young Lord wanted to deliver the message himself.” Barbatos states, “May we come in?”
You rubbed away the tears rolling down your cheeks as you practically mocked Simeon with Luke. You hear someone cough from behind you and as you turn, you smile brightly at Diavolo and Barbatos.
“What a pleasant surprise! Good evening Lord Diavolo, good evening Barbatos!” The pair visibly relax as they take note of your energy. Good. It may seem that being away from the brothers did you a lot of good. Barbatos has been observing you since he was made aware of your situation in the House of Lamentation. He saw you earlier that day looking so tired and stressed, and now seeing you laugh so joyfully with Luke gave him some sense of hope that you’d be okay with what they were about to announce.
“Good evening to my favorite exchange student, how’ve you been?” Diavolo practically ran over to wrap his arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug on the couch. You let out a surprised squeal, laughing slightly as you squeezed him back as hard as you could.
The man barely feels it in all honesty.
“My, I thought you said you didn’t have favorites, Lord Diavolo.” Simeon jokes, a teasing smile delicately painting his lips. Diavolo shoots him a boyish grin of his own, “Well, it’d be hard to say that when I’m holding my absolute favorite right now.” He quips back. You pull away, much to Diavolo’s dismay. He clears his throat before turning to face you, back straight and any semblance of amusement left his features as he got serious,” I didn’t come here to just joke around. It has been brought to my attention that you haven’t been treated with respect in the HoL. is that correct, (MC)?” He asked softly.
Your smile is gone in an instant. Your eyes grow somber as you stare down at your hands in your lap, “I-It’s alright. I understand why they’re doing it.” You say, “At least, Lucifer made it perfectly clear to me last night…” you add in a whisper, barely audible. Diavolo sighs, taking your hands in his, “I hope you can accept my formal apologies as the organizer of this exchange program of the horrible treatment you’re facing. I hope you can also accept my apologies as your Lord here in the Devildom, for allowing such behavior to taint the image of RAD because the student council has been acting so crassly. And… As your friend, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me because I wasn't able to help you sooner.” His voice grew soft with each passing sentence, his eyes finding yours and you could see the regret swimming in his eyes.
You hadn’t seen a pair of guilty eyes in a long while.
You smile warmly at him, giving his hands a gentle squeeze as you stare at the expensive cloth that his suit was made of, “That means a lot to me, Dia. It really does. I… I’ve been feeling under the weather for a few months now and seeing you all show me that you care for me just means the world,” you trail off, eyes glazing at everyone else that was present in the room.
“Thank you for loving me.”
Diavolo smiled at you, “Thank you for letting us get to know you, (MC). With that being said, I’ve come to offer you a solution for your problems…”
“Would you like to move to Purgatory Hall indefinitely?”
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boxbusiness · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Desperate to get this card? Yes yes I am.
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harunayuuka2060 · a day ago
Thirteen: *becoming more and more comfortable around MC*
MC: Can you please sit properly?
Thirteen: *resting her head on their lap* Why?
MC: We're in class. You'll get scolded.
Thirteen: Pft. Do you think the teacher will dare? I'm the greatest reaper of all time.
MC: *frowns at her* Do you think the teacher will care if you are?
Thirteen: *smiles*
MC: *rolls eyes*
The teacher: MC? Where is Ms. Thirteen?
MC: She's here, Miss.
The teacher: Well, I don't see her. Make sure to inform her that she's absent for today.
Thirteen: *turns her head to the side* I'm going to sleep. Make sure to stay still, Ordinary.
MC: I'll be dropping you if I got called to stand up.
Levi: MC! Do you have a partner for the combat activity today?
MC: Not yet! How about you pair up with me—
Thirteen: Sorry, boy. Ordinary is my partner. Find someone else.
MC: Wha— You said you're not joining!
Thirteen: *looks like she's making fun of them*
Thirteen: I'm not a simple-minded like you, Ordinary.
Levi: ...
Levi: MC, be honest. Is she your girlfriend?
MC: What? No!
Thirteen: *her smile dropped*
Levi: ...
Levi: *clears throat* So you don't like her even a little bit? Even an ounce?
MC: What are you on about? We're just treating each other like classmates. *confused frown*
Thirteen: *glaring at MC*
Levi: *gulps*
MC: But seriously, why are you askin—
Thirteen: *starts pulling them by the back of their collar*
MC: Hey! I'm still talking with him! Are you listening to me?! Thirteen!
Thirteen: Shut up, Ordinary!
MC: What the— Why are you mad?!
Thirteen and MC: *ignoring each other in the battlefield*
Solomon: Do you think MC and Thirteen would be okay?
Levi: I think it's a lovers' quarrel, but only one-sided.
Solomon: ...
Solomon: Wait. Are you saying one of them caught feelings?
Levi: *whispers* Yes. Thirteen.
Solomon: *shocked*
MC: You go for offense. I'll go for defense.
Thirteen: Don't tell me what to do.
MC: We're a pair in this combat activity!
Thirteen: Like I care! You don't even like me so why would I listen to you?! *walks out*
MC: Thirteen! The combat is about to start!
Thirteen: *raised her middle finger*
MC: *groans in frustration* *follows her*
Thirteen and MC: *got entangled with the vines*
Thirteen: *on top of MC* This is all your fault, Ordinary.
MC: Oh, yeah? Who's the stupid reaper who almost got hit by an arrow?
Thirteen: I would've been fine without your help!
MC: Well, woman! I can't still let you be hurt!
Thirteen: ...
MC: If you don't care about being careless, well I do— *eyes widened*
MC: Thirteen?
Thirteen: *started crying*
MC: H-Hey...
Thirteen: You said you don't like me...
MC: ...
MC: *pats her head*
Thirteen: *shocked with the sudden gesture*
MC: Okay... I'm sorry... It's not like I don't like you at all.
MC: But you're really annoying sometimes.
Thirteen: ...
Thirteen: *stops from crying* Do we still have to participate in the combat?
MC: No. We failed already. *laughs*
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kenmaiii · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
you just know Levi is talking nothing but smack and hyping up some multiplayer games and going on about how skilled he is, but little does he know Barbatos is literally going to beat him the moment he gets accustomed to the loading screen
“Oh, this is the best one for those who aren’t that accustomed to the series. Not necessarily a beginner game but it’s pretty smooth to understand.”
“...Right, I see. “
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