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asmos-pet · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
+ genre... smut with fem!reader
+ synopsis... once mc realizes what’s been happening, she decides to confront the undateables and demands an explanation as to why they used a charmed toy instead of coming to her directly.
+ tw... dubcon, toys, mentions of edging and cockwarming
+ a/n... i know it’s been long awaited, so i hope you enjoy it!! 
Tumblr media
> It isn’t so much as you who figures out that the fleshlight is hexed but the prince, himself. He ends up using it so much that he strips it of the magic hiding the curse, and then he panics. > He doesn’t know what to do. It wasn’t like he knew you would be able to feel everything he was doing. It was an honest mistake but, damn, did it look terrible on his end. So what does he do? He seeks advice from a confidant. > Barbatos gets an instant migraine whenever Lord Diavolo explains the situation at hand. Ultimately, he convinces the prince that the best option is to confront you and be honest about it. > So, he does. Of course, you’re utterly shocked that it was the Prince of the Devildom bringing you orgasm after orgasm during the night, and he apologizes immensely, swearing to never use it again. > Only... you stop listening halfway through— interrupting him to tell him that he won’t need to use it anymore, because he can have the real thing instead. Suddenly, his cheeks are as red as yours.  > You two coordinate a schedule; during the break between second and third period, you head to the bathroom and lock yourself in a stall, sending him a text to let him know you’re ready for him to use the toy. > Sometimes he’ll keep it on all day while he sits on the throne, a smug expression on his face throughout the day because he knows that you’re walking around his kingdom stuffed full of his cock.
> Like Diavolo, Barbatos’ magic is extremely powerful, and eventually the butler is able to sense that the fleshlight is hexed. He decides that its best to confront the person he’s been violating at once. > Drawing up a summoning circle, he recites a spell that ends up teleporting you to his room and when you arrive, the butler can’t seem to look you in the eye. He certainly hadn’t expected it to be you of all people. > You’re in the middle of asking him why he summoned you when your eyes land on the fleshlight sitting on the table to his right. Your cheeks flush crimson, and that’s when Barbatos begins explaining. > He glosses over the lewd parts, strictly sticking to the technicalities of the curse and how Solomon had tricked him into using it. Then, he finishes with a genuine apology, an uncharacteristically remorseful expression on his face. > Once he’s done talking, you can’t help but laugh at how ludicrous the situation is, tossing your head back and clutching your stomach. Wiping a tear from your eye, there’s a sly smile on your face as you ask him how you felt. > His eyebrows raise in surprise before a smirk tugs at his lips. “You felt... ethereal. Should I assume it feels even better in person?” It doesn’t take long for him to find out that it does.  > He reserves the fleshlight for when you act up, deciding to make you clean up the Royal Palace while he uses it. He likes watching your legs tremble as you try to dust off the shelves that are a bit out of reach. 
> It takes nearly a year for you to figure out who’s responsible for the late night sessions that left you reeling. You’re walking down the hallway of RAD when you feel something start prodding at your entrance. > Rushing to the bathroom, it’s become routine to lock yourself in a stall and cover your mouth with your hand as the phantom cock slowly rubs along your walls. It’s never hard, always gently stealing your breath away. > After it finishes, you clean yourself up and walk out of the bathroom... only to walk right into Simeon walking out of the boy’s bathroom across from you, his cheeks flushed as his eyes meet yours. > When all the pieces finally slide into place, you’re grabbing his wrist and hauling him off to a janitor’s closet so you can have a private conversation with him, demanding to know why he’s been doing this. > It’s clear as soon as the question leaves your lips that he doesn’t have the slightest clue what the hexed fleshlight truly does. He’s stumbling over his words and is visibly distressed.  > You have to beg him to look at you before you tell him that you don’t mind, as long as he’s the one he’s doing it— which ends up causing him to malfunction even more. You shut him up with a kiss. > You end up being the primary user of the fleshlight, bobbing it up and down Simeon’s cock as you lay beside him on the bed. His moans mix with yours as your climaxes hit you at the same time.
> Solomon believes he’s performed the perfect magic trick. Not only does he get to fuck you whenever he wants, but, with the portal that allows him to view others with their knowledge, he gets to watch you too. > The only reason he gets caught is because of chance. You happened to be near his room when he was starting to use the toy, and you decided to try and find a place you could stay to wait it out. > As you got closer to his room, you could hear his moans through the door, your ears perking up at the sounds. Blinking several times, it took you several moments to realize he was grunting in time with the thrusts into your cunt. > Before you can stop yourself, you’re banging on his door, yelling for him to open up. You don’t care if the rest of Purgatory Hall hears you. Damn the sneaky bastard for pulling a stunt like this. > When he opens the door, he looks more suspicious than ever, his clothes wrinkles and hair disheveled. You don’t fall for the charming words that spew from his mouth, stomping in as obscenities fly from your lips. > You insist he throw it away, but he begs you to at least let him keep it as a prototype. It is his invention, after all. You two set up a spell that ensures he can’t use it without your permission. > Months later after you two become friends with benefits, you unlock the spell and grant him permission to use it. What a stupid decision. He immediately uses it to torture you, tying you up and edging you without having to lift a finger.
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5
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Tumblr media
Uh oh.
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Tumblr media
Self care is drawing your favs ooc to the point where they are almost unrecognizable. <3
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Tumblr media
Flustered Barbatos
inspired by this post by @luxthestrange
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Satan: Mephisto? You're babysitting?
Mephistopheles: Yes. This is MC by the way.
Baby MC: *smiles at him*
Satan: Aww~ They're adorable.
Mephistopheles: I know.
Mephistopeheles: Don't dare to kidnap them.
Satan: ...
Mephistopheles: I'm serious.
Satan: ...
Satan: Looks like you have gone through a lot...
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kanincooker · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
itty bitty Beel with his itty bitty burger 🍔
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Bunny Diavolo 🐰
Tumblr media
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Mephisto is canonically not a dick to children so imagine him thinking Satan was the most adorable thing during his feral years.
Tiny little toddler Satan climbing up walls, digging into the wallpaper with his grubby little baby claws, SCREECHING. Diavolo and Barbatos pretending he's not there destroying the castle interior because fuck trying to tame that. Lucifer's having a silent crisis over his brother/son. Angel children don't act like this, demon children have no natural predators WHY ARE DEMON CHILDREN LIKE THIS!? THEN THERE'S FUCKING MEPHISTO shanking a thing of those puff ball baby treats Snacks? Treats? Idk he's probably calling Satan like a dog anyway. trying to get him down because he wants to hold the little baby.
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matchablossomwrites · 2 days ago
Older brothers with an artist MC who secretly likes to draw them!
A/N: I've noticed that there are a lot of artists in this fandom (Like me) who also happen to write fics as well! Also thank you guys so much for the support on my last work???! Like that's the most support I've ever received on a fic and I genuinely cried because of how happy I was. So, once again, thank you guys so so so much and I hope you enjoy ❤
Lucifer didn't really think much of the fact the fact that you were seated in his office while he did paperwork. In fact he couldn't really care less since you were sitting quietly; device in hand as you scribbled away at your latest drawing.
He'd only found out recently that you were an artist after he stumbled upon you in the courtyard at school, sketchbook in hand as you concentrated on the details of your masterpiece. His brothers didn't even know which made his chest swell with pride as he thought about how he was the only one who knew. A shared secret between the two of you. From then on you'd come to his office whenever you wanted to draw in silence.
However, he'd be lying if he wasn't curious about what you were drawing. You'd mentioned you drew what you loved before, but what exactly was that? It was such an ambiguous answer. What's more is he'd never seen any of your art, leaving the demon hungry for answers.
Tilting his head up from his papers he turned to look at you, only to be met with your intense stare. At that moment he'd put two and two together, though just to confirm his suspicions he decided to teasingly ask you what you were staring at him for.
Your eyes widened in shock as you failed to look at him any longer fearing what he might do to you otherwise if he found out you were drawing him. You tried to prolong the inevitable truth to him, though in the back of your mind you knew he'd found out.
"Y/N," he mused as he finally got a clear glimpse of your tablet "I do recall you saying something about how you only drew things you love. Do you have something you need to tell me, dear?"
Mammon wasn't sure how he landed himself in this situation. All he knew is that this would be one hell of a conversation. Since your birthday was coming up, he wanted to get you something truly special as your "first demon."
As he crept into your bedroom he began his search for inspiration. He knew you were currently out with the twins since they wanted to take you to the new ice cream shop that had just opened in Devildom. Knowing that he had at least half an hour to look he began his search not long after you left.
However after what felt like an hour of searching he came up empty handed. nervousness crept into his mind as he thought about the last resort which would be asking you for your own thoughts on what he should get you. What would you think of him then? After all that big talk he couldn't even get you a special gift.
He shook his head in an attempt to get rid of those pesky thoughts and continued his search. What he wasn't expecting was to a HUGE pile of sketchbooks in the second drawer of your desk. How come he never knew you were an artist? Though, the more he thought about it the more it made sense seeing as you liked to draw little doodles on your notes. A lot.
However if those books in your desk truly were for drawing then what was your muse? What caused the mountain of crumpled pages next to your desk? The more he thought about it the more he began to desire just a glimpse of your masterpieces.
He paced back and forth as he tried to think of his options and if he should even be doing this since he'd just accidentally invaded your privacy. Though if he didn't even know what medium you used to create then how would he get you the perfect gift?
That was the thought process that lead him to where he currently was. Sitting at the table where everyone's eyes bored holes into him as he tried to think of a liable excuse as to how he knew a wacom drawing tablet was the perfect gift for you. "I promise I only saw the sketchbooks" he reasoned. "That's good." you sighed "... Well I suppose it's not anything too inappropriate to share, but I only sketch the things that mean the most to me."
It wasn't until he was alone in his room after the party where he finally connected the dots of what you'd said and what you drew, causing him to blush, rendering him speechless.
Levi was at a loss for words. How come you never shared this beautiful talent of yours with the world?! With how good you were you could be a mangaka. That was pure hard work he saw as he stared at the drawing of the Lord of Shadows.
"It's nothing really. I really love his design. I mean I messed up his hair style. It's a bit different from Christopher Peugeot's description." you huffed as you continued to scrutinize your work.
"What?! No! It's stunning! Your choice of color here is amazing! Not to mention with the way you drew his outfit I can see just how much you pay attention to detail! On top of that the angle you drew this is breathtaking! With your skill you could become a pro in no time!" he shook your shoulders.
When he finally stopped shaking you, you took the chance to explain how you didn't really want to go into the art business as a professional with how cutthroat it was. You were afraid of making the the wrong choice and regretting it later.
Truly he couldn't blame you. When he thought about it, he understood where you were coming, but he couldn't help but feel conflicted on the fact that he'd be one of the few fortunate people in this timeline who'd be able to see your art.
"Well... It's your choice, but would it be alright if I saw more of your art?" he asked. At this question you froze before attempting to come up with a lame excuse to leave. That was until fate decided to play a cruel prank on you by making you trip over air as you attempted to exit the room, sketchbook facing open as it laid on the floor a few feet from you.
"I-I-I-Is that me?" Levi stammered, accidentally dropping you as he stared at it in awe and shock. At this he hid hid face in his hands while profusely apologizing for both looking at your sketchbook and dropping you.
Silence enveloped the two of you after you managed to assure Levi that it was alright. After you finished the debate in your head you decided to finally answer his question. "... About your question earlier... Yeah. That's you. I-I only draw things I like ya know." you blushed as you realized you accidentally confessed.
"Y-Y-YOU LIKE ME?!" he gasped as his eyes widened, face rivaling the color of Lord Diavolo's jacket. "You- I- Um- I-I-I like you too" he stuttered before enveloping you in a hug, thinking about how he was the luckiest otaku in the world.
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Tumblr media
Welcome to The Soup Store! We are a group of artists that will be creating fan merch!
Obey Me
Genshin Impact
Twisted Wonderland
Our shop is currently planned to open in late June! We hope you look forward to it!
In the meantime, we will be posting previews of our merchandise and showcasing our artists!
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hopeluna · 2 days ago
If Gordon Ramsay ever met Solomon
Gordon Ramsay: *staring at Solomon's cooking in disgust* What in the fuck is this?!?
Solomon: :D
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mamsvi · 2 days ago
How do you think Mammon would deal with his s/o sending him playlist. It’s a bunch of sweet to spicy romance songs. Like Dna little mix. Ailee Nobody else.
mammon & romantic playlists.
oh my god i have a lot to say about this.
— i feel like the moment he gets your message with the link to the playlist, that demon would overanalyse every single lyrics in the songs you added. that's simply because i feel like mammon himself likes sending you a compilation of songs that remind him of you as well.
— like you would be getting ready for bed late in the evening and then realize that you hadn't seen the second oldest come out of his room ever since the family had dinner. then you'd suddenly get a notification from him with a link and a simple text that contains "made this for you. check it out will ya?"
— his playlist had tons of songs, which resulted into the duration of it to be over 9 hours. the avatar of greed had spent his entire afternoon and evening picking out songs that reminded him of you. the lyrics would contain hidden romantic messages and he hoped that you would get what he was implying by sending you them. he even put the songs in a specific order so they would spell out another cute message.
— so! when you are the one sending him the playlist instead, mammon would feel so many emotions at once. he's blushing, teary eyed, heart beating fast in his chest, his hands panicking on what to do while he tries to listen to the other songs you picked out for him. oh also, the white haired demon would kick his feet up in excitement and embarassment when he realizes that they are all romantic / sweet ones.
— the avatar of greed would download your playlist on his phone and listen to it all the time: at school, at student council meetings (even if lucifer scolds him for having one earphone in while he's discussing something important), at the gym and on the way to wherever. going on a quick trip to the supermarket without you physically next to him? his earphones are blasting your playlist. eating dinner with the brothers while you aren't around? best believe that same playlist is on again.
— mammon would shower you with his love even more after the moment you sent him the songs (if that's possible, because that man admires you so much already). he'd stick to your side and maybe, if he builts up the courage to ask you, he tells you to make him more playlists.
— sometimes when he's bored, he pulls out your playlist and replays the songs that contain the sweetest lyrics. he even silently screams into his pillow when he realizes how cheesy the lines are.
— lastly, the second oldest always fails to hide the smile forming on his face whenever he listens to your playlist. therefore, when he's out in the city, other demons sometimes catch him smiling to himself with only his earphones in. his fingers would also fidget with the hem of his shirt in embarassment as he imagines you saying the exact lyrics to him.
in conclusion: mammon best character.
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ellyikyak · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This chat picture killed me
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scarlett-vixen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The start of this chat was so hilarious to me when it first popped up because all I could think of was:
*Any slight inconvenience occurs*
Literally all the brothers:
Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
*MC, Diavolo, and Lucifer in the shared bedroom*
Diavolo: *explaining to MC how sex feels like* It's like a whoosh-whoosh with a little bit of a muscle cramp.
MC: ...
Diavolo: I think that sounds confusing. Hm... Ah! Let's compare it to romantic sense. How does it feel like when you're romantically involve to someone?
MC: Butterflies in the stomach.
Diavolo: Yes! In sex, it's gallons of liquid.
MC: ...
MC: Oh. Is that why Lucifer looks constipated the other day?
Diavolo: ...
Lucifer: *glaring at him*
Diavolo: I hope it was the reason- Ow! *laughs*
Lucifer: *has whacked his head*
Lucifer: MC, let's sleep now. *trying to kick Diavolo out of the bed while hugging MC closer*
Diavolo: Wha- *hugging MC from behind* Don't make me fall to the side!
Lucifer: *clicks tongue* You're dead to me tomorrow. Remember that.
MC: Good night.
Lucifer: Good night. *kisses their forehead*
Diavolo: Good night too, MC. *kissing the back of their head*
MC: *gets up*
Lucifer and Diavolo: ???
MC: *gives them a kiss on their cheek* *then lie down again*
Lucifer: *chuckles*
Diavolo: Our sweetheart's trying to be even. Thank you. *smiles*
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etcrow · a day ago
MC: I am a weresheep, I become a sheep every full moon
Solomon: sounds fake but okay
MC: *becomes a sheep* BAAAAAAAAAAAA
Solomon: I've changed my mind
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I love him and his glasses
Masterlist | More Obey me posts
He definitely loses his glasses but they're just on the top of his head. He spends so much time looking for them only to go "oh"
He doesn't need to wear them constantly, I like to think they're reading glasses to help with eye strain. But sometimes he wears them to look at things like in that one chat
He gets fed up with them when they get in they way when he goes to give you a kiss. It's especially funny if both of you wear glasses and they just awkwardly clank together. He finally says fuck it and tosses his to the side to give you a proper smooch
Sometimes when he's wearing them you steal them to put them on. He entertains you for a while before taking them back
A small thing to do for him is to clean his glasses for him! If you just happen to notice they're dirty he appreciates the small gesture
If he ever falls asleep with them on he always notices when you carefully take them off and put them away in their case
To pull him away from his work, you can pull his glasses off and he'll get the idea. You've had to hold them hostage before, and it worked because he doesn't want to get a headache from eye strain
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plushyfluffy · 2 days ago
Don’t Leave
Pairings: Lord Diavolo x Gender Neutral Reader
Warning(s): Reader became a toddler, jealous Barbatos
Tumblr media
One moment you and Solomon are just joking around trying out new potions here and there and then a second later you were gone and replaced by a cute baby toddler.
“Oh shi— (Y/N) did you touch that blue po—“
But before Solomon could finished his sentence you, who turned into a toddler, began to cry.
“I guess your mentality also matched your age.”
Without no other options he called Barbatos for help. The butler called his young master and the seven brothers to see what’s going on.
“What in the Devildom did you do?”
Lucifer rubbed his forehead as Solomon hold your wailing form in front of the demons.
“Woah, so that’s what (Y/N) looks like when they are still young!”
Mammon exclaimed with excitement lace in his voice.
“They are sooo cute! But I still prefer their mature body though.”
Asmo said while taking a look at your toddler form.
You began to wail even more loudly when they began to crowd you. At the same time Diavolo and Barbatos arrived at Solomon’s room.
“So Solomon, did you succeed?” The soon-to-be-king’s booming voice greeted the noisy room.
“Something like that...?”
Solomon walked to Diavolo while holding you up to him. When you saw the prince, you stopped crying and immediately reach out for him with your short arms.
“Dwaaahh!” You smiled and shouted.
Everyone in the room was shocked because first, you just cried when they tried to grabbed you and second, you didn’t tried to pull his hair like what you did to the Avatar of Pride.
“Oh? So you would like for me to carry you?” When he reached out his arms to carry you, you immediately leaned in and stared at him wide eyed.
“Diawow” Was all you said and leaned in to his warmth. Everyone awed at your cuteness.
“My lord, it seems (Y/N) took a liking to you.”
“Really? That’s great! Let’s take them to the castle!”
You matched his enthusiasm when you raised your hands and laughed.
“It seems like little (Y/N) would also love that.”
With that Diavolo walked away, with Barbatos following him, the brothers and Solomon just stared at the scene mouth wide agape. Except for Lucifer who was busy fixing his hair.
A few minutes later Diavolo was in his office doing some paperwork while you were on top of his lap.
A moment earlier, when Barbatos tried to lure you with some toys, you didn’t budge, instead you focused on Diavolo, trying to talk to him with some words that neither of the demons understand.
When Barbatos knew that you wouldn’t be lured by some toys he tried to carry you but you cried and punched the demon out of his life. Diavolo just laughed and hold you back.
Now there is a rule in the Devildom. Whenever you are still in your toddler form, don’t ever, ever try to take you away from Diavolo, if you still value your life.
Now it’s been 3 hours since that event and Diavolo asked Solomon on how long until you get back to normal.
“Well it will take until tomorrow or until a week.”
Was all he said. Until that time you won’t get out or leave Diavolo’s presence.
Now it’s bedtime for Devildom and now you are in a deep slumber still on top of Diavolo’s lap. The prince tried to move you in his massive bed but you just woke up and cling to his clothes, and don’t want to let go.
So Diavolo just continued to carry you while he’s working. Now Barbatos just warned him to have a rest, and right now his lying on his bed while you on top of him, sleeping loudly with some drool staining his sleeping shirt.
Smiling, it’s like a dream come true to have you two hang out without the brothers interrupting, but he still prefers it if you are in your normal form and age.
The next day or night to say the least. When Barbatos opened his young master’s room, he saw you in your back to normal form on top of his young master.
You two look content so he just left you both even though there’s a boiling jealousy burning in his veins
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black-fleece · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
The stages of flustering this old, emotionally-stunted man:
(disclaimer: please do not attempt this unless Lucifer is really tired. Otherwise he will turn the situation against you and he’ll be very smug about it)
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strawberrycartt · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Piece I made for @omfairytalezine last year! 💫
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