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The cutest lil critters you鈥檝e ever seen 馃挅馃挅
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Brothers & Undateables React to "Love You Baby - Oops Sorry, Wrong Receiver!" Text
Lucifer: throws his D.D.D. out of the window. Accidentally hits Mammon on the head with it.
Mammon: *in a jewelry store* ya, I wanna give dis r-r-ring b-back *sobbing intensifies*
Leviathan: I KNEW IT ANYWAYS *buries himself in pillows and weeps*
Satan: "lol you are funny. now let's try again"
Asmodeus: "Nice prank, love ;) "
Beelzebub: does not want to finish his cupcakes anymore
Belphegor: LIKE I EVER CARED *sobs under the blanket*
Diavolo: "No worries, love you back!"
Barbatos: lifts. an. eyebrow
Solomon: dedicates HOURS of magic to track down the actual receiver. Probably curses him too.
Simeon: "Maybe I can become the right receiver someday soon ;)"
(no Luke here bc he is PRECIOUS)
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Tumblr media
i actually forgot that i have social media so uh- here, have this dude *runs back to my hell hole for another month*
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Incorrect quotes #539 Mc smacks Pride
Luci:...You actually were telling the truth*With a slap print on his face*
Mam*Being taken care of by Mc, healing his wounds from the whooping Lucifer gave him*I do that quite a lot. Yet people are always surprised!
Tumblr media
Sat* Showing the brothers Mc beating up Lucifer*Here it comes here it comes!
Tumblr media
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Little Rain Cloud's Pt. 3
Obey Me! Datables (minus Luke x MC!)
Featuring: Simeon, Solomon, Diavolo, and Barbatos
Part 1
Part 2
聽~One of my favorite recurring tropes in fantasy is the little personal raincloud that covers a character and pours on them for hours on end, so I thought it would be cute to see how the datables would react to getting cursed with their own little rain cloud.
Our favorite Angel has no shortage of admirers in the Devildom, he receives tons of little gifts and tokens from his admirers and he doesn't have it in him to turn them all down.
He has amassed quite the stockpile of gifts, sweets, and trinkets. One of which resides within a peculiar-looking canister.
Cautiously he thumbs the seal not expecting it to break on contact. A plume of smoke flows through the lid and accumulates above his head until there is a little cloud above his head. It gently rains down over him as he lets out a good-natured laugh. 鈥淲ell, I certainly didn't expect this,鈥
You try to help him by offering to hold his DDD and call Solomon to help figure out a way to break the curse. The sorcerer said that the cloud only can produce a certain amount of water and it would disappear once it has finished its precipitation. It could be hours or it could be days.
Simeon doesn't mind his cloud at all, it actually has a pleasant temperament, it does not pelt him mercilessly or cause a hailstorm. A little rain is no reason to get upset so he moves on with his day waiting for the spell to wear off.
Wanting to stay outside Simeon walks through the gardens looking for anything that may need a nice little watering. His hair is soaked and stringy, and his clothes are practically sticking to his skin but he looks remarkably handsome walking through his own little rainstorm with a pleasant smile on his face.
Solomon should鈥檝e known better. Just because he can keep jars of non-fatal curses and creatures on the shelves of his dorm room doesn鈥檛 mean he should.
All it takes is a careless wave of the arm to knock over a murky glass jar and out pops a little rain cloud spirit.
This one, in particular, is especially angry towards the sorcerer since he was the one who captured it many years ago. It has been patiently waiting, biding its time until it would be free to rain its vengeance down on Solomon鈥檚 pretty white hair with half-frozen raindrops the size of golf balls.
You don鈥檛 know what you were expecting when Solomon called you up to his room, but it certainly wasn鈥檛 him holed up in the bathtub looking worse for wear. The rain is pelting him so hard that the skin is red and irritated all the top of his head is getting pelted so vigorously that it will definitely be leaving a bruise later.
He understands that the rain will stop eventually, but he just doesn鈥檛 want to have to suffer through this alone especially after having to endure this for the last two days.
What he doesn鈥檛 understand is why the rain seems to subside a little bit when you came into the room to check on him. Curiously he takes a step towards you and the rain gets less aggressive. He keeps moving until your chest to chest and you鈥檙e both getting mist underneath his cloud.聽
With a little sigh of relief, you sit on the little bench in his shower as he leans up against you finally able to catch his breath. You stay like this long after the rain has stopped and The gentle sound of his sleeping breaths fills the room.
No one in their right mind would ever curse the demon king with a rain cloud spell. And Diavolo knows this, But it definitely bums him out that he doesn鈥檛 get to have that kind of fun with everybody else.
He decided to be innovative one day and accidentally knock over a vase containing a harmless little raincloud spell. As the rain hits him he breaks out in to jovial laughter.
"This is wonderful, I feel like everyone else." He looks at you and extends a hand out to you. "Mc, I believe there is a romantic human custom in which pairs dance together in the rain, would you care to join me."
"I would," you say taking his large hand and allowing yourself to be pulled underneath the raincloud. It socks your skin as he twirls you around so graciously for someone of his size.
By the time the rain has stopped, droplets cling to his tunic and run through his hair as his golden eyes never leave of rainsoaked form.
"I enjoyed that very much MC." he says kissing your hand. 鈥淚 hope we can do this again sometime.
Barbatos takes his duties rather seriously and almost never makes clumsy mistakes. But today as he was dusting some ancient relics his mind was drifting to a certain pretty little exchange student who he can't stop thinking about.
Through the veil of daydreamed fog, he worked diligently not noticing just how close a glass urn shaped like a tear drop was to the mantle of the grand fireplace.
The lightest touch of the duster sends it tumbling to the floor faster than he can react. It shatters on the ground and little wisps of cloud rise from the fragments. They join together and form a massive cloud above his head.
Barbatos's eyes widen in panic at the recognition of the magic. He rushes toward the door, but it's too late. The cloud begins to pour rain down over him and the Demon Kings new carpet.
The rainfall stunts his progress cleaning and proves to be too difficult of an obstacle for him to attend to his duties the way he normally does.
Upon hearing of the incident Diavolo excuses Barbatos from his duties until the spell wears off but now the Demon sulks on a stone bench wondering what he can do with himself to be useful. It's not common he finds himself in a helpless situation so he hasn't a clue what to do.
Until you come along. With eyes full of care and understanding you sit down next to him on the bench not minding hw the rain messes up your hair and uniform and chat with him.
He is so happy to finally have your undivided attention that the harsh droplets feel like tiny kisses as he tells you whatever it is your heart desires.
You are both so enraptured by the conversation that neither of you notice that the rain has stopped falling hours ago.
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Pairing: Lucifer x reader
Pronouns: no pronouns
Fandom: Obey Me! Shall We Date?
Quote: 鈥淭here. All better.鈥
Summary: short story <3
Warning: none
A/n: I make my girlfriend kiss my boo-boos better so here.
鈥淥w! My finger..鈥 you heard Lucifer mumble.
鈥淲hat happened?鈥 You asked from the counter.
He looked at you. 鈥淥h, I burnt my finger.鈥
You got up and came closer to him. 鈥淪how me.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not that bad.鈥 He showed you regardless.
You brought his hand to your face and kissed his finger. 鈥淭here. All better.鈥
You walked away without another word.
Lucifer鈥檚 expression didn鈥檛 change but he has never screamed so loud on the inside.
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Why is he so pretty and perfect? 馃槶
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MC: are you lost, sir?
Lucifer: excuse me?
MC: because heaven is a long way from here.
Lucifer: you'd better run.
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Mammon my beloved
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obeythisass a day ago
Ok so, this is the first fanfiction I鈥檝e written in nearly a decade, but I just couldn鈥檛 get the idea out of my head so I guess I鈥檒l share it and see what you guys think. Spoilers for lesson 16, and content warning for violence Gn!mc
鈥淒oes it hurt? Are you finding it hard to breathe? I鈥檓 sure it must be very unpleasant鈥 the demon before you laughs as he wraps his hands around you throat.
鈥淏-belphegor鈥. P-please!鈥 You gasped, clawing at the hands suspending you in the air. He just smiled and let out a deep chuckle. His grip continuing to tighten as your vision starts to go blurry. Not wanting to cut his fun short Belphegor drops you to your knees before you can pass out.
鈥淗onestly, I don鈥檛 understand what Diavolo sees in you humans.鈥 He scoffed, watching as you sputter and cough trying to regain your breath 鈥淵ou鈥檙e weak, you鈥檙e pathetic, your lives are just a blink of the eye for us demons. You might as well have never existed in the first place. So why don鈥檛 you go ahead and die!鈥
Weakly stumbling backwards, you try to put some distance between yourself and the youngest of the brothers.
鈥淲hy are you doing this? I worked for months to free you? I thought we were friends?鈥 You croak-out, holding your quickly bruising throat.
Walking to your side, he grabs a fist full of your hair roughly, yanking your head back to look up at him. 鈥淎nd that right there was YOUR mistake! Why would I ever be friends with a disgusting human? But I really thought it would be a little harder to trick you. Lucifer really picked a stupid one, huh? Don鈥檛 blame me for tricking you, blame yourself for believing me鈥 Punching you in the face, he chuckles again.
Falling on your back, you can taste blood as it trickles from you now surely broken nose. Before you can even get your bearings, he cocks his leg back and kicks you in the side sending you flying in to the nearby wall. Ok you definitely heard a crack, pain blossoming from your ribs. You groan, spots filling the corners of your vision.
鈥淢an, this is more fun than I imagined.鈥 Belphegor鈥檚 sinister smile grows, spreading itself across his face.
You glance towards the attic door. You just need to make it down stairs, you just needed to find one of his brothers then you鈥檇 be fine. They鈥檇 protect you
As if reading your mind, Belphegor places himself between you and the door, cutting your thoughts of escape short. 鈥淲hoa there! You鈥檙e not going anywhere, MC, at least not till I鈥檝e had my fun with you! Hm let鈥檚 see, it鈥檚 kind of hard to run with a broken leg isn鈥檛 it?鈥
Before you can even process what he said he brings his foot down on you left shin with such force there鈥檚 no question whether it鈥檚 broke or not, ripping a scream from your throat. Closing his eyes, he has almost a blissful look on his face.
鈥淎h! Music to my ears, I鈥檝e been waiting to hear you scream in pain since the moment I met you.鈥 He almost sings, grinding his heel into your shattered shin, drawing more screams from you.
Trying to focus, you put all your strength into your pact marks, surely one of the five brothers you have a pact with would feel you calling to them? Right?鈥. Right??
Seeing your visible pact marks flicker a soft glow Belphegor laughs 鈥淭rying to call for help? You鈥檒l find it a little hard to do that while you鈥檙e writhing in pain.鈥
Crouching over you, he holds his hand out in front of your face, as his nails elongated into razor sharp claws. Tears starting to roll down your cheeks, you turn you head away from his ever encroaching hand closing your eyes. Dragging a claw across your cheek, he slices a thin bloody line across you face, smiling . 鈥淗umans are so fragile, I鈥檓 honestly surprised you even made it this far.鈥
Your eyes fly open as you feel pain shoot through your stomach this time, looking down you can鈥檛 believe what your seeing as belphegor鈥檚 hand is literally inside your abdomen.
Unimpressed by your reaction this time he stands up frowning,and sighs. 鈥淚鈥檓 bored now, I think I鈥檒l go find my brothers and see what they think of their precious exchange student now鈥
The demon towers over you grabbing the hair on the top of your head before lifting it and slamming it into the hard attic floor. Your vision goes black as the sounds of chuckling above you start to fade out and you feel Belphegor dragging you away.
Coming back to consciousness, wow you definitely hurt a lot more than you did when you passed out. Every muscle in you body burned, your vision was barely there, and you could feel your warm blood pooling around you on the cool stone floor but what caught you attention the most was the yelling going on around you. Hearing Belphegor, you started to freak out but then you made out the other voice that was yelling.
鈥淢-mam鈥on?鈥 you barely managed to whisper, but he must have heard you though because he was at your side in a split second.
鈥淢C! it鈥檚 ok, it鈥檚 ok. I鈥檓 here now. The great mammons got you, 鈥 he gently lifted you into his lap, cradling you in his arms. You cry out feeling pain shoot through you as he lifted you. Leaning your head against his chest, you grab on to his rad uniform. Cough up blood onto his shirt, you groan. 鈥淚-I鈥檓 not feeling to good, Mammon鈥
鈥淪hit shit shit, hang on MC. Lucifer should be here any second,鈥 He gently wiped the blood off your chin with his thumb. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry I鈥檓 sure he鈥檒l have a spell to patch you up good as new!鈥
Looking at the wound in your midsection, his face paled, worry flooding his expression.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not good鈥︹ he muttered under his breath.
You whimper as his firmly presses his hand against your stomach. 鈥淔uck鈥 I鈥檓 sorry, MC. I know it hurts, I know. but we have to stop the bleeding, ok?鈥
Your eyes started to feel heavy, when did you get so tired? Also now that you think about it you don鈥檛 hurt as much anymore, 鈥淢ammon鈥.I鈥檓 sleepy鈥 you say as you lean your head back into his arms.
鈥淵ou can sleep later! come on, you have to stay awake for me right now MC. You have to hang in there till Lucifer gets here.鈥 His voice is cracking as tears well up in his eyes.
Whipping his head up, Mammon started frantically talking to who you assume is Lucifer and the rest of his brothers, you couldn鈥檛 really hear understand them. So many voices all talking at once, it took all your focus to just stay awake.
After a few moments of everyone shouting, Mammon looks back down at you defeated, tears spilling down his cheeks, 鈥淢C鈥ou can鈥檛 die! MC!鈥
But you already feel yourself fading away, you give him a small smile. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l always be my first, Mammon鈥 then you close your eyes for good.
Jolting upright and breathing hard, you quickly take stock of your surroundings, finding yourself in your bedroom in HoL. Patting yourself down, you find no injures. 鈥淲hat the fuck was that? That felt so real鈥︹ you whispered hugging your knees to your chest trying to calm down as you mind raced.
Ever since that day, when you saw yourself bleeding out in mammon鈥檚 arms, you鈥檝e tried not to think about what poor other you went through at the hands of Belphegor. But now after that nightmare? You can鈥檛 get the vision of your own mangled corpse out of your mind, getting out of bed you walk up to the mirror hung against your wall.
Wow you look rough鈥 with large bags under your eyes and you look paler than normal. Bringing a hand up to your neck, running your fingers over where belphegor鈥檚 pack mark now resides. The irony just now fully hitting you, as you see the purple symbol almost mimicking the bruises that the youngest鈥檚 hands left on your delicate throat.
There鈥檚 no way your going back to sleep now, and you really don鈥檛 feel like being alone either. Leaving your room your mind flashes back to the images that now haunt your thoughts and before you knew it you found yourself at his door. Fighting back tears, you softly knocked.
I鈥檓 gonna a couple parts from this, I鈥檓 not sure if I鈥檒l try to write all the brothers but Im wanting to at least write parts for Mammon, Lucifer, and Belphegor
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The oceans finest boys 鉁煇
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the-demonus-aunt 11 hours ago
Day 1 of making wax seals for each Obey Me! character.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Seductive Speechcraft Midterms Part 3
Mammon's your partner, and he hits you with everything he's got.
This chapter ended up going a little deep because Mammon really doesn't seem like a good manipulator in my mind. I wanted to showcase his talent and strength as a demon, but also stick true to how I see him as a character. I had a lot of thoughts while writing this chapter, but I wanted to end it on a fluffier note, so I promise this isn't an angst piece. ----- First Chapter -----
Chapter 3: Mammon鈥檚 Magnetism
You return from your break and go to change out your book for a new prop. You think for a moment. You'd like to free-wheel this one, so you don't take a prompt. This time, you'll just play yourself. For that, you decide your prop of choice is going to be a water bottle. You move to stand up, beginning to stretch, and you motion for the teacher to call in the next student.
You hear the door open, followed by a high-pitched squeak, and a very familiar stammering. You glance up at the source of the sounds to see Mammon standing in the doorway. His face is hot with embarrassment as he sees who he has to seduce. You smirk and return to your stretching, pretending not to notice him. He admires you as you stretch and for a moment, forgets why he's here.
He takes so long to move that the teacher clears her throat, causing Mammon to jump into action. He comes up to you and whistles. You slowly look up from your stretching and give him a 'Really..? What the hell?' expression.
".. Did you just whistle at me?"
"Yeah. Y-yer.. Uh. ..." Your eyes catching his flusters him. "... Ahh fuck- I'm so sorry I'm jus' bein' an idiot."
You briefly remember you're supposed to avoid eye contact if you can, so you chuckle from his response and return to your stretching. "Y'know, this isn't a show. You're either here to talk, or you've gotta go. There something you want?"
"Go out with me." Mammon throws it out there, and you briefly wonder if he forgot the assignment. You pause in your stretching to size him up. He continues, putting his hands up like he's surrendering. "Look, I'm seein' that look in yer eye - Yer thinkin' that I ain't shit- But'cha see," He puts his pointer fingers and thumbs up in a square and closes one eye as he looks through the frame at you. "I've got a special ability that you don't know about."
You smirk softly, raising an eyebrow. You stand up straight now, no longer stretching. "Oh? And what's that special ability?" You cross your arms looking him up and down again.
"I can tell ya' the worth of anythin' just by lookin' at it. I've got a great eye fer riches."
"What's the worth of this, then?" You hold up your water bottle as a test.
"Priceless. Y'see, because, well..." He starts losing his gusto as he tries to force himself to say it. "..
It's touched yer lips."
He practically glares at you, like you're making him say this as a lost bet. You don't know if he's angry or flustered at a glance at his face, but you know by the way he's fiddling with his hands that he's definitely on edge.
You pause, soaking in his corny line and how angry he looked after having to say it. You bust out laughing and he gets loses his cool entirely, burying his face in his hands. You put a hand to your chest and double over as you just continue to laugh heartily at his attempt at seduction. "Okay well, we can cross off that you're cute. Are you actually interested in me? Or are you just playing games?" You calling him cute, you swear you almost saw smoke coming out of his ears. He shakes his head and tries to recompose himself.
"Alright, here's the deal - I see promise in ya'. I can see the worth of somethin' by just lookin' at it, and by lookin' at you, I know I'm lookin' at someone amazing." His demeanor shifts from embarrassed as you start to get a glimpse of a side of him you rarely ever see. He's over his initial nerves, and is now in the 'selling his grift' phase of trying to get your soul. "And someone amazing deserves a lot more than you got, yeah?"
You raise an eyebrow, now unfolding your arms to rest your hand on your hip. The other hand holding the water bottle. He has your attention, but does he have your trust? "And what exactly do you think I deserve?"
"Diamonds. Gold. You're carryin' plastic around to drink from, when it SHOULD be stainless steel! Or crystal!" He comes alongside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, and uses his magic to conjure up imagery of said riches. It's obviously magic at the sight of it, the way the images appear out of nowhere. They sparkle and dazzle 聽and almost look like they're comprised of stars. "You're wearin' duds, when you could be covered in the finest clothes we've ever seen!" He conjures up an image of you in expensive lounge clothes, and his cheeks burn quietly at the sight. He pulls away from you.
You blink, a little starstruck from the idea of being surrounded by such expensive things. ".. Okay, so either I'm on drugs, or you're not normal. What the hell was that?"
"Just a taste of the kinda power I can bring to the table." Mammon shifts into his demon form, grinning. "You and me, we could be a team up for the ages. I'm a powerful demon, you're a human with one helluva soul, let me show you what you deserve."
You feel his magical influence for the first time since he started. Your mind floods with images of you clad in expensive clothes that fit you perfectly. Your favorite styles, you'd finally be able to wear them all. The images of expensive houses and finery, cars, every electronic your heart has ever yearned for. Every getting-rich-fantasy you've ever had begins playing in your mind. Every craft supply and hobby you've ever yearned for, every tool and machinery you've never had the money to get your hands on..
And you feel it, your heart aching with greed.
You want it all.
Mammon's influence is intense, powerful, and overwhelming. Even though you know it's a trick, and even though you know it's his influence, you can't help but feel.... safe. Like he'd never hurt you or lie to you. Every alarm bell in your head quickly quieted as you can imagine him beside you in stores, paying for everything you've ever even slightly fancied.
And the safety that envelopes you is a sense of financial security. A sense of independence. A sense that he might be bringing the power, but you're the one in control.
Mammon isn't the second brother for no reason. His power is overwhelming.
You can feel his grin as he looks to you with his dazzling blue-gold eyes. Like a promise that everything he's saying is true and more. You really have to avert your eyes, and the only way you can is to close them. You begin breathing carefully, trying to find some semblance of your own thoughts amidst the torrent of magic influencing you.
It's hard to regain your footing when he's so clearly swept your feet out from under you. You feel like.. just hearing him out will get you exactly what you've wanted in life. Every desire, fulfilled. Every need, met. Every hunger, fed. You manage to croak out a thought. ".. You've put me under a spell of sorts."
Mammon smirks. He can tell you're trying your hardest to recollect yourself, so he leans into it. What you thought was sweeping you off your feet was just a taste test. "I just wanted to show you what you can achieve if you work with me." You can feel his entire influence dripping away. The thoughts of riches no longer fill your mind as he steps further away, giving you a little distance. "You've got a soul, and I want it. I'd be willing to give you anything you want, put you in the driver's seat, make you everything you've ever wanted to be, give you everything you could ever want, just to get my hands on it. The deal's pretty sweet - You live your whole life the way you want to from here on out, me bankrolling the whole thing and pulling the strings to get'cha what you want, and then your soul's mine. .....鈥 There鈥檚 a pause. As though waiting for you to speak, but when nothing comes, he continues; 鈥淥f course... " He continues to step away, slowly, his back turned to you. The second part of his influence begins to take its toll on you. "If you're not interested, I can find someone else with a shiny soul and give them a try."
And with every step, you feel yourself losing your grasp on that dream. Like if you let him get away from you, you're missing out on the chance of a lifetime. Oh this is a tricky influence. You think to yourself, as you can feel the way your emotions flurry in a panic in response. It reminds you of the kind of desperation you see when he bets- The desperation to have it all, and the fear of losing everything you have if you don't take that leap.
For one moment, he gives you a glimpse of the world, and then he slowly rips it away from you the longer you take to agree.
Your mind is screaming with the fear that you're going to miss out. That this is the only chance you'll ever have to get this. Everything you've ever worked for begins to turn to ash in your memories. You can see how palpably useless your efforts are when it comes to the fickle whims of the world. Hard work doesn't matter when you can lose everything in an instant, and people who've never worked a day in their lives can get everything just the same. You feel the futility of playing by the rules of the game. You feel a desire- No, an itch to cheat the game yourself. To steal everything you desire with your own two hands.
In contrast to the excitement you felt moments prior, this fear is the real danger to you in this moment. The fear of regret.
It's almost enough to make you forget that he's the one making you feel this.
You force yourself to turn away from him and begin to leave. As you do, his influence screams in your ear that you're losing out on the deal of a lifetime, that you're losing everything, that you will be nothing if you walk away. "Nice try. I think you went a little too hard on the sell though. I don't trust you."
Mammon turns to see you walking away and your words hit him heavily. His heart sinks and you can feel his influence completely remove itself from you as he follows after you. "Okay, I'm done with this test- I don't give a shit if I fail. ___? ___?? You don't really not trust me, yeah?? Awwh fuck I shouldn't'a gone so hard-" He starts muttering and you turn to look to him as his influence of fear completely washes off of you.
It takes a moment to normalize emotionally after that, but you relax as you're back to feeling like yourself. His magic no longer trying to pry you out of your shell, all that's left is the bubbling warmth of hearing your panicked friend who loves you deeply apologizing repeatedly.
You can't help but to smile as he starts panicking that he's hurt you or bothered you, checking you all over to make sure you're okay. Upon seeing your smile, he tugs you into a tight hug and buries his face in your neck, where you can feel the way he shudders against you. You give him a hug in return as he mutters repeated apologies to you, begging you to forgive him for doing what he did for the sake of the test. Patting his back, you laugh at him. "Mammon, Mammon, I was playing a part. I know you would never hurt me."
"GOOD BECAUSE I WOULDN'T. I'D RATHER FAIL THAN HURT YOU. FUCK THIS TEST, I'M NEVER DOIN' THAT AGAIN. FAIL ME, I DON'T CARE." He becomes almost aggressive towards the teacher with his words, but he's not leaving you, protectively scooping you in close, wanting to make you feel better.
You bubble with laughter as the demon clutches to you in a tight hug, refusing to let go. You look to the teacher who shakes her head with a small smile. It's cute, but it also means the scene is over.
Once you've helped Mammon calm down, and you've reassured him that you're okay, and that you're not actually upset with him, and he hasn't actually lost your trust, he's able to finally give some of his attention to the teacher, who clears her throat and begins going through her notes.
"___, how did it feel while you were under his influence?"
"It felt like I could see everything I wanted within my grasp, and if I let him leave, I'd lose it all. It felt very overtly manipulative." Your words make Mammon feel guilty, but you just gently give his hand a squeeze, reassuring him that you know he wouldn't ever actually try to hurt you like that. You're a sturdy person, and you knew he used his influence because that's what he was supposed to do for the scene, not because he actually wanted to manipulate you.
"Now, see, manipulation tactics should be light and less obvious. Mammon, you're going to want to work on not being so heavy-handed with your techniques. You want the human to doubt themselves. You want them to wonder "Is this my own insecurity?" rather than "Is he doing something to me?" You lost the soul because they lost trust in you, because your manipulation was too obvious." She nods with her notes, beginning to read through again. "Also, you'll want to work on your approach a lot more. It worked this time, but your attempt to engage the human leaves much to be desired, and could easily be off-putting if you're not careful."
Mammon scowls and looks off to the side. He doesn't even want to be here anymore. He just wants to pick you up and carry you away. His hand squeezes at yours, and you can feel the way he bounces in his place next to you, how antsy he is to get away.
The teacher continues. "___, good job on starting to avoid eye contact. Closing your eyes was a good last resort, but you'll still want to work on avoiding that altogether if you can. Overall, you were successful in seeing through his techniques of manipulation and successfully removing yourself. I understand that you don't have magic, so it's harder for you to block out the influences of demons, but there are still meditative techniques that can help a lot with bolstering your natural abilities to see through deception and re-ground yourself. I think for you, my only feedback is to just continue to strengthen your resolve and avoid eye-contact." She smiles and nods, motioning that Mammon can leave now.
Except Mammon starts pulling you with him. "We're takin' a lunch break!" He calls out to the teacher, who just shakes her head with a smile. She was going to have you take a break after such an intense scene anyway.
Mammon walks you to the cafeteria, where he buys you anything you want on the menu and sticks to you like glue. He's so terrified that you'll see his love and warmth as a form of manipulation after seeing him work hard in a grift for a human soul that he wants to remind you of who he is. You two go to sit in a nice secluded area by the garden, where he holds you as you eat, his face buried in your shoulder as he hugs you from behind. You know he needs the closeness too, so you don't mind letting him stay so close. You do make him eat too, though. You lean back against him and let him know that you can and will still lean on him.
".. I really am sorry."
"You've apologized a lot."
"Yeah, but, I never should'a done that to you.
You're not just some human-
you're YOU!"
"Mammon, are you forgetting that within two minutes of meeting me, you threatened to eat me?" Mammon sputters, shifting from burying himself in your neck to looking over your shoulder at your body language, nervously looking for an answer to the swirling questions in his mind. Do you see him as a monster? Do you see him as a threat? Are you scared of him now?
You just smile warmly and continue; "You've never tried to hide who or what you are from me. THAT'S how I know that your testing persona wasn't who you are. You are straightforward and loud and proud about your intentions. You always have been. I've never once doubted what you think of me or how you treat me. You're a bad liar."
You can feel the way his arms tighten around you as he hugs you. "... I don't ever wanna be the person who makes you feel worthless." He buries his head back in your neck as he mumbles against you. "... You're
too precious to me.." You can feel how hot his face is against your skin, how he hugs you. There's no magical influence with these words, it's just Mammon, showing you who he is and will always be for you. Showing you just how much you mean to him. His fear of making you feel like you're anything less than amazing is just enough to make him speak earnestly in a way he'd typically be too embarrassed to.
You decide to tease him a little. "I know. You're super shit at making people trust you." You grin, rubbing his forearms. "That's how I know that my trust in you is real, and I don't ever have to doubt it for a second. You'd have been too shitty at keeping it up if it was fake."
He grips you by your waist in a hug and blows raspberries against your neck because he knows you're insulting him, but he couldn't be happier with it. You laugh throwing an elbow back at him and you two grapple a little like that until you go back to cuddling and eating your lunches together.
It's hard for Mammon to peel himself away from you when it's time for you to go back to your midterms. He gives you one last big hug, squeezing you close.
Mammon's great at seduction, but terrible at manipulation. Manipulation may be something he's meant to perfect as a demon, but it doesn't seem like it's something he'll ever really get the hang of. Which is fine by you, because you prefer when he's more honest anyway.
Chapter End
-聽Chapter 1 (Setting The Scene)
-聽Chapter 2 (Satan鈥檚 Seduction)
If you enjoyed this piece, I have a continued series for it over here, and lots of other pieces of writing:
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Incorrect quotes #543 How it started
God, to Mc*Helping The new spirit before they head to earth*Pick your soulmate, Pick鈥 pick fewer soulmates than that...Put some back. That鈥檚 too many-WAIT THESE ARE SONS!?
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au where mc goes thru the wrong timeline door and gets sent to the baa-ckrooms
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MC: somebody better call God...
Lucifer: don't you dare continue鈥
MC: ...because he鈥檚 missing an angel!
Lucifer: stOP IT
Satan and Mammon in the same room: *dying of laughter*
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