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Since I’m thinking of skipping this event, I’m thinking of doing a lonely devil event and i’m scrolling through my card shards and realizing that Belphie’s UR in the festival event makes my heart go doki doki.

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Surprising things Asmo said during the Dame pop quiz.

It was interesting to see another side of him 😁

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I.. I really need a hug from Mammon..

He probably gives the best hugs..

Can I please get a hug from him?

I’m sad and my dysphoria is starting up again and now I just really need a hug from my favorite Tsundere..

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HC The Brothers and After Care

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I needed something soft. uwu


- Soft and Slow

- If he doesn’t already have everything he needs for after care bed side, it’s never too far away. Staying next to you for as long as possible is what he and you both need.

- Everything is soft. His voice, his movements, and his touch are all delicate and precise.

- Even if he’s busy he makes sure to spend the extra time it takes to soothe your aches and kiss your whole face.


- Mammon’s a little lazy about after care, preferring to cling to you as close as possible immediately after you’ve both finished.

- He may be gone a few minutes to get everything you both need, but once he’s back he doesn’t leave your side or the bed for a long while.

- Likes to act like “of course it was amazing, I’m the great Mammon.” but will ask how everything was and if there was anything you didn’t like.

- Spend too much time telling him the things you DID like and after care might turn into a round 2.


- Likes having everything ready for after so he doesn’t have to let go of you.

- Water, comfy clothing, snacks, whatever you might need he has it. There’s no way he’d be able to leave you after so being prepared is essential.

- Likes hearing you praise him, especially specific feedback. However he can’t directly ask for it without stuttering.

- You both almost always fall asleep together.


- Doesn’t always know what to do instinctively, but makes sure you know he’s there for you.

- He’ll get you water, run a nice bath, anything you need. But you will have to tell him.

- Satan remembers any new requests you give him so he knows what to automatically do next time.

- Will absolutely burrito blanket you while you both cuddle or if he’s reading to you after.


- After care expert.

- Has everything at his bedside, ready for anything you might need. Except food. But he’ll totally get you something, after a little more cuddling…and kisses…and a nap.

- You almost never have to request anything, he’s already getting it or helping you.

- Get ready to be spoiled for being his good little toy. All of the praise and rewards you could ever ask for.


- Doesn’t always know what to do but his heart is in everything he does.

- Will always hold you close and soothingly after. Soft back rubs, thigh massages, butt cheek squeezes and more.

- If he’s feeling especially talkative he’ll recall everything he enjoyed. How a certain position or a certain act felt. Wont stop even if your whole face is burning red.

- Insists on carrying you if you have to leave the room for anything. He says it’s because you’re still weak but really he just wants to keep holding you.


- Sucks at aftercare! At first.

- Would always fall asleep first, sometimes without cleaning up or redressing. But when he realized how lonely that must be he started to stay awake longer.

- Now he can pick up cues on things that might help you. Your legs are sore? Let him rub them. Your neck hurts? Let him prop you up and get you something for it.

- He might make several trips in and out of the room but he does his best to rush back. Needing you in his arms ASAP.

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No I’m not thinking about soft lazy morning sex with Lucifer

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Okay- just started playing Obey Me! And I really wanna draw my MC

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This personally hits home for me 😔.

Before I was on my birth control, I had periods 24/7, all year. I know it’s gross, but at my worst I went through 7 of those overnight pads in an hour. I had to go to the hospital for it (And then proceeded to get called a drama queen by a doctor). My cramps were horrible, and man, I still have bad periods but not nearly as bad as that. This is going to be a bit “gross” (Because despite how comfortable we can be discussing them, and how natural the process is, you can still be a bit grossed out by it. I mean blood by itself isn’t bad, but sometimes it’s like you give birth to placenta and that’s pretty gross) but it’s also hella fluffy.


  • Very unbothered by periods. Out of any natural body process, it’s probably the one that bothers him the least.
  • He pretty much treats it the same as any other basic need. Every bathroom has toiletries that he’s got placed in some neat little box and their medications in any available cabinet.
  • But that’s pretty much all he thought was needed.
  • When he realizes just how bad your periods are, he’s a little under prepared. The household isn’t exactly equipped to handle this situation, so he, and a few of his brothers (particularly Asmodeus and Mammon), scramble to gather whatever items might be needed from the various corners of the house.
  • Lucifer grabs you towels for your bed, in case you’re the type to bleed through during the night. He finds you a heating pad, rub-on muscle relief creams, and a multitude of pain meds that exceed the typical Midol relief.
  • He can get a little peeved about your attitude, but knows that you can’t really help it. So he’ll grin and bare it, and accepts the fact that you’re going to be a bit different until this is done.


  • He’s not extremely well-versed in the topic of menstruation.
  • However, I think this is one of those topics that despite not understanding, he automatically is incredibly accommodating.
  • There’s lots of cuddles, lots of playing with your hair, and a lot of nonsensicle rambling that is mostly comforting (but sometimes headache inducing).
  • He is a little weird about bleeding through though. Not in a bad “You’re disgusting” way, but more of a “I’m extremely confused as to what I’m supposed to do in this situation” way.
  • Thankfully he becomes pretty quick at just wrapping his jacket around you in public if you do start to leak.
  • He does think a cold wet rag is the secret to everything lmao.
  • At least it takes away from the hot flashes!


  • He might be a little embarrassed when there are obvious signs of a period (like blood or toiletries), but otherwise he handles it normally.
  • Levi doesn’t point out your acne. He doesn’t mention when you leak onto his sheets during the night. He won’t call you out for being a bit more aggressive then usual (or even crying, because sometimes that’s just all you can do).
  • All he does is just be a silent support. It’s a nice break from the others tbh.
  • Like when you’re in the bathroom, turn between feeling like you’re going to throw up because your contraction-like cramps are wrecking havoc on your entire body, he’ll be beside you. Stroking your back, holding up your hair incase you do vomit, and running around for whatever you need.
  • Definitely the type who, when you ask him to pick up pad/tampons, grabs every size and brand, puts them in the cart as discreetly as possible, then rushes home in a frenzy.


  • Satan is just as irritable during your period as you are lmao.
  • He’s absolutely understanding, sure, but I think he feeds off of anger. So the minute you start getting pissy, he does too.
  • It’s like a sympathy period thing, but uh, more linked to his sin then anything else.
  • Everyone is absolutely tired of you two squabbling by the end of your cycle.
  • Someone probably tries to lock one of you away tbh. You two are just extremely annoying.
  • It’s even worse that after every fight you guys just cuddle. Like nothing ever happened. And everyone else is just kinda left there tense as hell because you two were arguing over fucking fruit for no reason.


  • He’s kinda like a big sister in this situation.
  • Asmodeus will give you acne treatments, run baths for you (always makes sure you don’t worry about cleaning out the tub!), and gives you massages that sometimes get a bit spicy (But he always makes sure you’re okay to handle it).
  • Yeah, I’ll say it, Asmodeus isn’t scared of period sex.
  • This is like the one time of the month he actually breaks his “strict” diet and junks out with you.
  • Cue lots of food photos! And a few that he sneaks of you for his personal folder. Expect to see your rather bloated self as a part of his aesthetically set up phone background. He thinks it’s cute!!
  • A lot of body worship and praise is going down. Between him and Beel it’s enough to make your head spin.


  • This is like prime Beel time.
  • Cuddles, food, and massages are his speciality.
  • (Also not opposed to period sex but tbh he’s like, extremely concerned about your well being the entire time.)
  • He’s like, always kneading your muscles and thighs. Whenever you get self-conscious about your pre-period or period body, he’ll always be ready to lay down a thick layer of praises that seem almost too good to be true.
  • Always let’s you finish the snacks ❤
  • He gets you heat and cold packs. Well, tries. Somewhere along the line he gets distracted and tends to come back with cold peas instead of a ice pack. Works the same way, just, uh, food driven.
  • Beel is extremely calm during this whole thing. He rarely ever gets offended by your emotions or aggression either. Probably just pats your head and walks away when you’re getting a bit too much for him to handle.


  • He is like, the biggest fucking asshole, but like in the funniest way.
  • Genieunly doesn’t care about toiletries or whatever, but he’s so blunt about it
  • (What size pussy kinda guy)
  • Oh you leaked and bled onto his sheets? Go back bed. Throw a towel over it. He’ll sleep on that side if you want.
  • Absolutely no help to your insomnia btw, unless he’s like blessed with magic sleeping powers, you’re going to need to stay up with someone else.
  • Honestly though… he’s not the best with handling periods but I think he’s extremely casual about it. He doesn’t look down on you, or your cycle, an does whatever you ask.
  • Extremely passive lmao.
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I’m in the middle of Ch. 28 and I decided I only want to go to the dance with ONE of the bois (even though my MC has kissed all of them and shown interest in all of them post Ch. 19 on multiple occasions) bc even though I imagine the story for the dance will have everyone go together in a group anyway, and it probably wouldn’t be a big deal to go with all of them as their date to the dance, I feel like I want some special one-on-one time anyway in case it goes how I would LIKE for it to go.

My favorites are Lucifer, Mammon, and Satan, so I figured whoever of those three asked first I would go with. It was Satan, ofc, so I said yes. But turning all the other guys down is K I L L I N G MEEEEEEE

and I haven’t even been asked by Luci or Mammon yet 🙃🙃🙃

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A quick Bunny Asmo and Marcel because I wanted to contribute 🥺🥺

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And I have a LOT of questions about Beel’s character song because I feel like it’s not too focused on the romantic side (I think?) I mean, sure he says things like ‘You’ll fulfill me, right?’ But like… instead of hunger for food, it’s about his hunger for answers to his questions? (He also says some stuff about delusions, illusions…) I mean idk tho, although I think it kinda makes sense because of the events up to chapter 16 ish. But then again… 🤷 And I’m still tryna figure out why it’s called 'Hungry Six-Pack’ like, ??? How are sets A to F significant? Why 6?? So many questions! 🤯

Also the drama cd 😂 Beel is a big babie, must protecc 🥺

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