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#obey me! asmodeus
absolutepokemontrash · 13 days ago
HII could you do headcannons of how the brothers would react to Luke calling mc mom. This is the first time I’ve ever requested but your work is so good I wanted to see your take on it 💖💖💖
(MC is still gender neutral)
Luke Calls MC Mom
“Here’s that ice cream you wanted, Luke.” “Thanks mom- uh! MC! I meant MC!”
He does a bit of a double take. What did the chihuahua just say? Did he call MC mom?
Lucifer ends up chuckling to himself and patting Luke on the head. The silly little Angel went and imprinted on MC, perhaps he’s less of a chihuahua and more of a duckling.
“Don’t pat my head you demon!” No, definitely still a yapping chihuahua.
Even though Lucifer would never admit it, he thinks it’s cute. Though, the cuteness can only excuse so much yapping. MC needs to take their child and get out of here.
MC is not safe from the teasing. Lucifer will bring this up anytime MC wants to go see Luke, or anytime Luke bursts into the HOL to “save” MC from the brothers.
If MC likes to live dangerously and flirt with Lucifer, they should make a comment about how that makes Lucifer Luke’s stepdad. Watch how fast he goes from calm to crazed.
“Hey Luke, watch your scarves, they might get wrinkled if you sit on them like that.” “Oh, okay mom- I mean MC! MC, not mom, I didn’t say mom…”
Mammon spits out his instant noodles the moment he hears Luke accidentally call his human “mom”.
Listen! Luke may be an honorary little brother to the Great Mammon, but that does not mean that he gets free reign to call MC mom!
As Luke sputters out denials, Mammon angrily sputters out angry greedy tsundere nonsense. None of it makes much sense.
After the initial freak out, Mammon realizes the whole thing’s kinda funny. Pff- Fido thinks MC’s his mom! Ha!
Mammon has half a mind to thank MC for bein’ such a doting mom-friend, because thanks to them, he has new teasing material for whenever he decides to use Luke as an armrest.
“Hey Luke, want to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service with Levi and I?” “Sure mom! I mean MC! Not mom!”
It took a second for Levi to register, then he starts cackling. Hehehehe… dumb normie chihuahua thinks MC’s his mom-
Levi ends up watching Kiki’s Delivery Service cuddled up next to MC trying to come up with a plan to keep MC from tying their hair into a side ponytail and becoming the main motivator for Luke’s future hero’s journey.
Hang on, Luke as an anime protagonist… huh… that’d be kinda cool…
Levi could be the mentor character… Fuck wait those guys usually die too… Fs in the chat.
Anyway, back to protecting his Henry from the fate of becoming an anime mother. Levi makes it his mission to make sure Luke never slips up like that again!
“Aw, this is a book I read when I was little, Luke come look!” “Coming mom- MC!” “Did you say mom?” “N-no! I said MC!”
Satan snorted and awkwardly tried to cover it up with his book. N’awww, how cute. It’s nice that Luke has found a parent figure in MC, Satan wouldn’t understand what that felt like, he definitely didn’t have a stuck up pompous ass of an older brother who thought of himself as Satan’s parental figure. Pff, not at-
And before Satan knew it, he was reading to Luke. If MC’s the mother figure, Satan’s going to be a damn good dad figure!
…wait, Luke had like… three dads already… does that mean all the spots are filled up?
Whatever, they were already a few chapters into the Princess Bride and it didn’t make any logical sense to stop. -.-
(Besides, Luke was being 75% less annoying, Satan should keep reading for the sake of his sanity)
“Luke come here, Asmo can paint your nails!” “If you say so mom- I mean MC!”
Hold on one little second! Did Luke call MC mom? Like a parent mom?
Well, if MC is Luke’s mom, guess that means when MC falls head over heels in love with Asmo, the Avatar of Lust will be a stepdad. Can’t be helped 🤷
Asmo pinches Luke’s adorable chubby cheeks, much to the little angel’s chagrin, and coos about how adorable both MC and Luke are.
He has half a mind to spill the entire story to Devilgram but his sense of decency stops him. Just kidding MC took his DDD :(
Later in the day, Asmo gets curious and calls Solomon to see if Luke has ever called Simeon dad. Solomon of course, spills every wholesome story he can remember.
“The cupcakes are ready!” “Aw Luke, these look great!” “Thanks mom- I mean MC!”
Beel was already downing his sixth cupcake when he registered what Luke had said.
Luke sees MC as a mom? That’s cute.
…if MC is Luke’s mom does that mean Luke can come over more often and bake for everyone? Mainly him.
As Luke continues to insist that it was just a slip of the tongue and he totally didn’t say mom, Beel gives him a few pats on the head and thanks him for the cupcakes.
Luke blinks a few times as he slowly realizes that Beel ate every single cupcake. He then starts yelling that Beel shouldn’t have eaten all of them and some of them were supposed to be for Simeon and Solomon!
Darn it Beel! Offer the poor boy a piggyback ride to make up for this!
“Hey MC, do you want to come bake with me?” “*yawn*, sure Luke. Just a second.” “‘Kay mom…. Wait no-”
Belphie probably wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for Luke’s loud protests. Ugh, first this little chihuahua steals his human body pillow, then he wakes him up from his nap?
Pff, the Angel thinks the human’s his moooooommmmyyyyy~.
“Stop teasing him cow-boy.” “Ha ha, MC’s a moooooom!” “Man you can really say mom and make it sound like you’re mooing.”
Tsk, Belphie wasn’t awake enough for this. He’s going back to bed! >:(
Luke hits him with a pillow before he and MC leave to bake.
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devilsoup · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
@birdsareprettynice (WHY CANT I TAG U AAJSKDLFA I'M SO SORRY) this is PRECIOUS and the kind of shit that i would do. i'm glad you liked the last one :3333 i'll do the dateables in a separate post!
link to the dateables
sneaking in for a quick nap (w/ the brothers)
🦚 lucifer 🦚
it's been a long day for him - but really, when isn't it?
exhaustion weighed on him as he trudged into his bedroom, and he was ready to crash
6 hours of sleep over the past 3 days will do that to a guy
he draped his coat over his desk chair and turned towards his bed, ready to pass out as soon as he hit the mattress
only to see you sound asleep and wrapped snugly in his blankets
it's enough to make a grown man cry :,)
your face, resting in blissful peace, pressed against his pillow
he had to catch himself on the back of the chair
he literally almost fell to his knees, you make him so weak
now he's at war with himself - stay awake to watch your precious face as you sleep, or snuggle up next to you?
a big yawn makes him choose the latter
he doesn't even bother changing before he tucks himself in next to you gently, giving you a soft peck on the forehead before drifting off himself
💳 mammon 💳
he'd been searching for you EVERYWHERE
you weren't in your room, you weren't in the attic, hell he'd even checked between Cerberus' teeth - all three sets!
you were nowhere to be found
begrudgingly, he slumped back to his bedroom, accepting that he just wasn't going to get to see you today :/
he flopped dramatically in his bed, not knowing you were hidden and sleeping soundly - and landed right on you, jumping right back up at your screech
fucking OW, mammon
"shit, sorry babe!"
this time he pounced on you on purpose, wrapping you up in a big hug and peppering your face in kisses
how could you stay mad at him when he's being so sweet and cute?
you can't. it's scientifically impossible.
you peeled his jacket off him and pulled him close, giggling as you whispered quietly to each other about anything and everything
▶️ leviathan ▶️
let's face it, this is the hardest room to infiltrate in the entire devildom
levi hardly ever leaves, so sneaking in is a feat in and of itself
but he left early one morning to go stand in line, to be the first to get a new multiplayer game he'd been raving about for months now
you snuck into his room, originally planning to be right in position to play with him
…but this was taking F O R E V E R
it had been two hours, and you woke up early yourself
maybe it wouldn't hurt to sneak a ten-minute nap in?
sure, the bathtub wasn't the comfiest thing in his room, but his pillows and blankets smelled like him
another hour later and levi finally opened the door, pulling out his phone to text you
only when he sent the text he heard the buzz and spotted the glow of your phone's screen on the stand next to his tub
peering in, he saw you, snug and secure
cue the anime nosebleed (and maybe a few photos)
but he did wake you up, because he knew you'd want to play the game with him as soon as possible, right?
and if you drifted back off while you were playing, leaning into his shoulder, he'd actually die of a heart attack
📗 satan 📗
he'd been studying in the library ALL DAY, reading about some curse or something
and dammit, you wanted to cuddle with him
but you really didn't want to go hunt him down, so you chose the alternative - lie in wait and ambush when the time is right
too bad you fell asleep before you could execute your plan
he quietly entered his room, a stack of books in his hands
he almost dropped them all though when he saw you passed out on his bed
instead, he quickly composed himself and set the books down on a nearby table, having to catch the stack before it teetered over and woke you up
he changed into his pajamas faster than he ever had before and climbed in beside you, pulling you up to his chest
best sleep ever
🧁 asmodeus 🧁
he texted you telling you to meet him in your room as he left majolish, hoards of clothes for you both in hand
he got stopped by some fans on the way out, though, and things took waaaaaaaaaay longer than they should have
by the time he got back, he was almost too exhausted to even try anything on
he dramatically tossed the bags on your bedroom floor, calling your name out in a singsong voice
when he didn't get a response, he was a little concerned. surely you weren't avoiding him?
he pouted off to his room, where he found you sound asleep in his fluffy bed
he had to suppress the squeal he felt rising in his throat, you were just too cute
another one to take many many pictures
the clothes could wait, he decided as he laid down next to you, content to watch your peaceful face
the first thing you saw when you woke up was that asmo had dozed off himself, a small smile gracing his lips and his hand holding yours
🍔 beelzebub 🍔
he'd snuck out himself, to make a quick run to madam scream's to pick up some snacks for you both to share
when he couldn't find you anywhere, he just shrugged it off and figured he'd wait for you in his room
he was surprised to find you there already
maybe belphie let you in?
no, belphie has been asleep in the attic since before he left
so did you sneak in to wait for him?
someone's a blushy boy now
he'd try to wait for you to wake up on your own, but he was really hungry and he wanted to share them with you
he caved after a few minutes, shaking you gently awake, waving a macaron under your nose
sit up and he'll feed it to you, giving you a small kiss as well, telling you how cute you looked asleep
🌌 belphegor 🌌
he'd been sleeping in the attic all day, hoping you would get the hint and come join him
when you didn't show, he decided to take matters into his own hands
he stormed off to your room first, and when you weren't there he got REALLY pouty
fine, he'll just go sleep in his bed alone
but when he got there and saw you hugging his blankets tightly, his heart melted
how could he stay mad at you when you'd probably done the same thing he had and waited for him?
ugh, you were impossible
he was tempted to wake you up for making him search everywhere for you
but when you rolled over with that soft sleepy smile on your lips, he chose to just visit you in your dreams instead
he curled himself around you, slipping out of consciousness and into your head
check out my masterlist!
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oheyfox · 7 months ago
Play fighting or wrestling with the brothers
I love doing this with other people! It ends up bringing you closer and you make funny memories!
Tumblr media
Don't even try with this man, you'll never be on top
You'll also repeatedly be thrown onto his bed
The is probably the most gentle fighting he's ever done
He'll push you right down onto the bed, pinning your arms in the process. "I see you're playing dirty. That being said, I should be able to as well." He smirks at you
By dirty, he means tickling you
I'll pray for you, you're probably not gonna make it 🙏
Throw yourself at him when he's not expecting it and you'll definitely get his cheeks red. "Huh?! What're ya doin', MC? ... Ohhh, so ya wanna try with the Great Mammon? You're on!"
He'll immediately throw you over and top you
Mammon likes to pin your hands down and then tickle you and maybe if he's feeling brave, a kiss
If you manage to top Mammon, I suggest going straight for the lips!
"Oi! What're ya do- Mmnh...!" His body will go completely limp as he melts into the kiss
He'd be too surprised to even fight back. I mean all the the sudden you two are sitting shoulder to shoulder and now his waist is sitting between your thighs
Completely red faced the entire time, he's still trying to process the situation
While Levi is distracted with you~ It's the perfect time to attack! Pepper him with kisses, I say! Show him he's loved!
"H-huh?? MC!!?" He's whining every kiss
He the guy to pick up and throw if you get too rowdy
You know the wrestling shows where the guy jumps on the other guys back to try an throw him down, but the guy on the bottom manages to get him off by literally falling on his back or throwing him over, basically KOing him? Yea, that's Satan
He'll pin your waist down and tease, "You're just a little cat, how do you plan on beating me?"
If you ever start laughing, it just makes him want to pepper your face in kisses
Most of time, it's you topping him. It's not a bad thing though, you get to see his cute laughing!
He loves it when you blow raspberries onto his skin. His favorite spots being his neck, his stomach, his shoulders, and his cheek
He's not one to often top, but if he does, he go to plan is to pepper you with kisses
Not always on the face by the way
Beel tries to be really careful play wrestling with you
He doesn't want to accidentally smoosh you so he'll let you top him most of time. He thinks it's cute to see you feel like you're in control
Occasionally he'll top you, his favorite thing to do is watch you squirm to top him again
It's kind of like that one video of the girl topping the guy saying, "I am stronger" and immediately the guy tops her, she says, "I am not stronger"
The best time to do this is when he's sleeping, right? No, he'll immediately wake up and roll you over so that he's on top of you
"What do you think you're doing, pipsqueak?" He mischievously grins at you
He doesn't really like to wrestle, he's more of a cuddler
He'll just hold you down until you get tired and eventually fall asleep on you
If you don't ever calm down, he'll try kissing or hugging you around the midsection so you won't try to push him off
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The Brothers Try Period Cramps
Hey guys! It's been a while, hasn't it? I was thinking, since a demon child simply manifests from another demon, I'm guessing demon women don't have cycles so the brothers would be absolutely clueless...
Pairing: Brothers x Female!Reader
Warnings: light swearing, mentions of period stuff
Summary: Levi's akuzon order got badly messed up and now his ruri-chan limited edition bathrobe is lost! Instead of the comfy cloak coming to his door, he got... several period cramp simulator devices? Confused and extremely upset, the Avatar of Envy takes the box to the eldest brother while simultaneously tracking HIS package. Unfortunately, Lord Diavolo and Lucifer were speaking in Lucifer's office when Leviathan shouldered his way through the door...
Tumblr media
"... And these are?"
Lucifer eyed the contents of the cardboard box dubiously after his teary-eyed younger brother shoved it into his arms.
"Period cramp simulation devices! Those came instead of my limited edition ruri-chan bathrobe." Levi pouted, eyes glued to the screen of his DDD; impatiently waiting for akuzon to locate his package. "What the hell is a 'period' anyway? What would any normie need them for?"
Diavolo pursed his lips, deep in thought, "I believe a period is something that happens to female humans in particular. Barbatos had me read up on humans when our lovely MC arrived but I can't recall exact details."
"She has mentioned it to me before as well but seemed rather shy about the topic and only gave me minimum information." Lucifer nodded to the box in his arms, "I should go and ask her what these are."
Your bedroom door opened to reveal a rather adorable sight; your hair up in a messy bun, in shorts and one of his button-downs, who's sleeves had to be rolled up several times just so your hands were visible. Behind you, the twins were sitting on the floor, their backs against your bed, with a big sketchpad on the floor and a set of watercolors balanced on Belphies knees. Beel chewed on the end of his paintbrush before looking up at the door and smiling at his big brother.
Evidently, you had been sitting between them as Beel was holding up Belphie's head so he wouldn't flop onto the ground in your absence.
"Hi Luci," You smile, "What's in the box?"
"I wanted to speak to you about that. Come with me."
You furrowed your brows, looked back at Beel, who shrugged and went back to painting, so you followed the eldest to his room.
He shut the door behind you and now you were really afraid you'd done something wrong especially as Lucifer set the box on a table and returned his eyes to you.
"Am... Am I in trouble?" You murmured, meeting his gaze.
"Not at all. I just don't know how to ask this. It seemed like a very tentative subject the last time it came up and the last thing I want is to make you uncomfortable."
"Would you mind telling me what is in this box and what the purpose of it?"
You peeked in and pulled out the instruction manual and one of the corded devices.
You bit your lip.
"Wh... Where did you get these?"
"Akuzon delivered these instead of Leviathan's limited edition ruri-chan bathrobe."
"Oh um... Okay so," You tug the plastic covering off and lift one of the patches up for Lucifer to see, "You put these on your stomach and they simulate, or show you, how it feels when a girl is in her period."
"... But why."
You shrug, putting the items back in the box, "Men in the human world use them to see how it feels."
"How what feels?"
"Excuse me?"
You sigh, crossing your arms uncomfortably, your cheeks tinged a little pink, "If you are born a female in the human world, you have this thing called a uterus, which, for us, is where a baby forms. We don't just manifest our children out of nowhere, unfortunately. A period is kinda like a reminder that we aren't pregnant but in a really painful way."
"Painful how?"
"The uterus has to contract to get rid of some inner lining it makes every month and it hurts. A lot. But it's just one week per month so it isn't super horrible. When it is and how bad they are depends on who you spend time with the most, stress levels, the moon in some cases, and dietary stuff."
"For a week?"
"Usually from 3-7 days, yes."
"So these devices show a man how it feels to be a woman once per month."
"Minus the cravings, bleeding, ruined clothes, haywire emotions, etc, yes." You press your lips together, avoiding eye contact.
There was a beat and then Lucifer typed something into his DDD, picked up the box with one arm, tossed you over his shoulder with the other and went to the common area before you knew what was going on.
The brothers trickled into the room.
"What's going on?" Satan asked irritably.
"Shirts off." Was the only thing Lucifer responded, causing everyone in the room to short-circuit except for Asmo, who was shirtless before the word 'off' had even slipped past Lucifer's lips.
Mammon and Beel weren't too far behind; Mammon wanted you to understand exactly why he was such a popular model and Beel because his brother told him too, despite the confusion.
Belphie, Satan, and Levi weren't as keen, however.
"Why?" Belphie hissed, eyes heavy with sleep, but when one of the plastic-wrapped devices went rocketing toward his face, he woke up real quick and removed his shirt.
Satan and Levi reluctantly followed suit and were given devices of their own, as well as everyone else in the room.
Your face was an exotic shade of red with all of the shirtless demons around you, but went an entire shade darker when Asmo whispered, "I think he means you too darling MC."
"No." Lucifer replied flatly.
"What are these anyway?" Satan snapped, as he attached the patches to his abdomen as Lucifer had demonstrated.
"Period cramp simulators. MC feels this for a week once a month. It's the least we can do to sympathize."
"Just turn it onto ten percent."
The second the first level button was pressed, Mammon, Levi, and Asmodeus shrieked in pain. Belphie's eyes had never been opened bigger, Satan went impossibly paler, Beel started crying silently, and Lucifer gripped your shoulder.
"Is it that bad?" You murmur softly, the pained looks on their faces causing your heart to hurt. You pull another device out of the box and lift your shirt a bit so you could stick the patches to your skin and flick the machine on.
10%... you hardly felt it.
"I don't like it I don't like it I don't like itttt! This would be the worst kind of BDSM!" Asmo whined, then the demon noticed your completely placid expression. "MC? Is yours even on?"
You nodded and showed him, then turned it up a notch. Still, you could barely feel it. You'd been through worse.
Biting his lip, Mammon put it up to 20% and immediately regretted it.
"Feels like you gotta shit... but there's no shit to shit..." He whimpered, "Ya do this every month, MC?"
"No it feels like I got stabbed and now someone is fishing around for my kidneys with both hands..." Satan hissed, "How are you not affected by this, MC?"
"Waaaaaaaaah! Poor MC! :(" Beel was crying stormily into his twins' shoulder; no wonder... his device was set to 50% for some reason.
Belphie wasn't faring much better; his eyes were still huge and unblinking as he allowed Beel to squeeze him like a stress ball and drench his hoodie in tears.
Levi was lying face down on the floor, fists clenching and unclenching, whispering anime incantations and the like, and his pupils were so dilated you would've thought him dead had he not been begging some unknown entity to end his existence then and there.
Lucifer had taken a seat and was staring at you, deep in thought.
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're pregnant, you don't have to deal with this?"
"Don't get any ideas, Luci."
He sighed.
You plucked the patches off, the whimpers and cries from the brothers and the fact that Levi had begun foaming at the mouth became too much for you to bear and you needed to end it.
You never wanted them to have to feel even a fraction of your pain, as any of the brothers were happy to cuddle up with you the second you tiredly asked for comfort at any time of day.
Making quick work of the devices and patches, you took them all and tossed them in the box and took it to the trashcans outside the front gate of the house.
When you returned, the brothers, even Lucifer had passed out from exhaustion and now snored peacefully on assorted chairs and couches in the common area.
When you walked past them to go to the kitchen, Beel stood and followed you, movements a little stiff and shaky, and his breathing was still a bit labored from all the crying.
He sat down at the counter as you began to cook, watching your movements with damp eyes.
"You have to feel like that every month MC?"
"You're so strong. Much stronger than any of us." He sighed, setting his cheeks in his hands.
You smiled softly, setting a bag of oranges in front of him and bringing his head down to press a kiss to his temple, "All of us are strong in our own ways, Beel. I just have high pain tolerance. But you're physically and emotionally strong. I wish I was as strong as you sometimes too."
He smiled and bit into an orange, skin and all.
The smells of food roused the brothers from their cramp-induced sleep and they groggily found their seats at the table and began to serve themselves food.
You stood.
Seven pairs of eyes locked onto your form.
With their attention on you, you turned and slapped Lucifer across the face.
Stunned and angry, Lucifer began to raise himself to his full height, but you snapped, "Sit down." and he sat right back down in his seat.
"I never wanted you guys to have to feel what I have to feel. If lucifer wanted to know, then he should've done it himself, but instead, he dragged you into it as well. I hope you like dinner, it was the least I could do after putting you through that." You said apologetically, sitting back down in your chair.
"Oi, MC? Listen here, when ya feel like that ya gotta come to ma' room 'kay? I don't want ya feeling so bad all alone."
"No way would she wanna cuddle with a stupidmammon, MC, you should come cuddle with me and Beel."
"No way! MC is will take a nice relaxing epsom salt bath and spa day with me! I could give her a fabulous massage!"
"Why would she want your hands all over her when she doesn't feel good? She'll want to stay with me and I can read to her and we'll have herbal tea to soothe her!"
"Books are boring! She'll want to be distracted from the pain and watch romantic animes with me!"
Lucifer simply winked at you and you blushed and continued to eat as the brothers continued to fight over who got to comfort you when you were hurting until the meal was over.
As a family, you piled onto the couch and watched a movie. It was nicer than usual for some reason. Maybe it was because you had bonded with the brothers in a new and unexpected way that afternoon, maybe it was the unspoken love each of them held in their hearts for you and the things left unsaid, but still, it was comforting to know that you had 7 whole demons that loved you unconditionally, and would take the pain for themselves if they could.
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moemammon · 5 months ago
Date night idea for Asmo? Watching movies and complaining about the plot holes, every single little fuckin thing, while doing face masks
Complaining about movies can be v fun
Date Night with Asmo! (Feat. GN!MC)
Funny, you almost expected Asmo to turn this into a spa day turned sexy, or something. But instead, you're both lounging about in your room, chilling in sweat pants and oversized shirts. Only YOU get to see the not-so-glamorous side of Asmodeus. Don't tell anyone about this, okay?
You're so used to seeing him all dolled up that it's always a rare treat when he's like this. His curly hair is all pinned back with a sweatband, as to keep it out of his face comfortably, he's got a pore strip pressed onto his nose, and you're wondering if he lost a sock, because he's only wearing one.
Your bed has plenty of room for the spread of cosmetics he's brought along, and insisted on applying to your face. He just KNOWS you'll love this green tea mask he's about to put on you. It goes on as smooth as butter!
He even lets you spread the mask onto his face, unable to contain his laughter when he realizes that you've purposely drawn a mustache onto his face. He even wants to take a picture of it! So you lean in and make a face while Asmo takes a snapshot, fanning his eyes to make sure his laughter-induced tears don't ruin the mask.
Once your masks are on, Asmo laments about how he gave in and "-grabbed ALL the snacks in the pantry! I know I shouldn't, but, well.... what's a movie night without snacks?" He wasn't kidding when he said he brought everything. He carried it all in his robe like a sack, dumping it all to reveal bags of chips, sugary treats, candies, and bottled drinks.
So now you're both cuddled up against one another for warmth, and Asmo laughs when he feels how you keep flinching away when he touches you. He KNOWS his fingers are as cold as ice, but he's doing it to pester you. So you return the favor with your own cold hands, and now he's trying his best to use a pillow to shield himself from your attacks. "Okay-!" he laughs out, nearly kicking the tv remote off of the bed. "I give up, I give up!!"
You've managed to agree on an old movie that neither of you have seen before, and you're both already groaning at the outdated cliches and cringy comedy. You can barely get through a scene without one of you making a comment about the bad screenwriting. And Asmo has a thing for mimicking the voices and accents of characters, so every time he does it you swear you're going to run out of breath from how much you've been laughing.
Honestly??? Dates with Asmo are definitely a 10/10. Neither if you have to worry about putting up airs, and you can just hang out and do your thing! Just be sure to give him a lil smooch on the forehead though. It's tradition. 💕
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angelictrl · a month ago
hihi wifey, im feeling kinda anxious/sad in general so can i request just have satan + asmo being jealous tysm ❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
a/n ;; sorry that this is late and i apologize if this is sucky ! head’s been empty but i’m trying desperately not to get writer’s block </3 also, asmodeus’ part got longer than expected, oops.
cw ;; threats, insecurities, hurt-ish/comfort. satan is a moody baby and asmodeus appreciation/supremacy. not proof-read. that’s all, really, besides some cranky demons. 
Tumblr media
# satan. ``
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@ others making him jealous . . .
whoever has the audacity to go and make the literal avatar of wrath jealous definitely has a death wish. whether or not some random demon who was getting too touchy, flirting, or taking up your time and attention with or without knowing that you were his partner, he’d still get pissed. 
however, he has two reactions: either, 1. he storms up to them and puts them in their place/threatens them before pulling you away if he hasn’t destroyed something, or 2. he’s just on the verge ... sitting there, peeking over a book with a menacing aura as he glares at everyone like a cat, ready to claw someone in the corner. 
satan trusts you, so if he goes with the latter, he’ll be silently raging internally while he waits for you to tell them you have a boyfriend and decline their advances. if they continue to push you when you already told them no, that’s when blondie here will snap and go with reaction 1.
“oi, just what do you think you’re doing ? my s/o already said no, you pitiful creature(s). quit gawking at them before i forcefully make you. understand?”
@ brothers making him jealous . . .
on the other hand, if it’s one of his brothers hogging all of your attention, he gets more petty than anything, really. the threats are still there, though. and especially if it’s lucifer who’s stealing you away ... yikes, everyone in HoL will know his change in mood as he’s been on lucifer’s ass more than usual with his pranks and curses.
satan will be visibly annoyed and give each and every one of you the cold shoulder by locking himself in his room more often than not (leviathan the hermit, who ?) to get lost in his books until he gets reassurance and affection from you.
he’s not really insecure, but more lost and confused than anything. he’s the brother that’s pretty much the odd one out, though none of them treat him differently, and he’s always had an issue with feeling enmeshed to lucifer. 
even when he knows he’s his own person, he was created from a quite literal ungodly amount of rage and wrath. it’s all he’s known before you came along into his life. so surely ... you’ll excuse him for looking like a kicked puppy as he tries to sort through these new feelings, right ? 
right, because you’re already there holding his hand in reassurance. that same rough hand that’s tortured and destroyed so many things is being held by someone so fragile ... someone who’s looked death in the eye ... someone who makes him feel like he’s something more than just a monster. 
you truly were just like that main character in one of his books ... you were the beauty to his beast. or, properly phrased, you brought out the beauty in his beast. 
Tumblr media
# asmodeus. ``
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@ others making him jealous . . .
‘oh, honey, you look like rumpelstiltskin, yet you still think you can compare to me ?‘ pretty much his thought process right there.
no but really, asmo may be sweet and the most gentle out of the brothers right next to beel, but he’s still an avatar of a sin. there’s no doubt that the lot of demons there in the devildom would be intimidated by asmodeus in the competition for your love - and honestly, who could blame them ?
most of them who don’t live under a rock would already know that you two are in a relationship with how much asmo posts about you, so it would take some serious devotion from any demon who dares to have the gall to compete with him - whether or not they view you as a fling - and asmodeus will not hesitate to get petty. 
you’re going to need to reassure your demon boyfriend here that you only have eyes for him before he exposes the second half of deep, dark secrets this other person/people have on the internet ^^;;
@ brothers making him jealous . . .
he’d still think of himself as somewhat superior and cuter, but he’d tone things down. he wouldn’t ruin his brothers’ lives like how he would be willing to do so with strangers.
regardless of whether or not it’s a stranger, friend, or brother of his, in the end, asmo will be extra touchy and will spoil you with more spa dates and trips to majolish than usual. this is mostly because he doesn’t want you to notice his recent gloomy change in mood as he’s stuck on the thought of ‘what if’ had you really left him for someone else. 
those intrusive thoughts just keep on swarming through his head ... so what better than to try to get back into routine with daily life ? he just hopes you haven’t taken notice, but unfortunately for him, you have. 
you’ve noticed his slightly disheveled hair and outfit along with the mountain of clothes and makeup piling up in his room and his vanity. plus, let’s not begin to even mention the excessive amount of concealer he’s been wasting to try and hide his eyebags.
things finally begin to progress in the communication area when you sit him down and confront him one night while everyone’s asleep. though, getting him to work through the root of his charismatic-party-animal mask proves to be quite difficult.
“dear, it’s adorable how you care so much for me, but you’re really going to get wrinkles this way. here, come a little closer and let me do your skincare first, then we’ll chat ... c’mon ~ i said closer, hon. i don’t bite ... well, unless you want me to ~”
“asmo, baby ...” you cut him off for the nth time that night as he tried to change the subject again, watching the demon with champagne-colored hair who flung himself at you again glance at you with his cheeky smile faltering for a split second before he quickly regained his composure, but it wasn’t anything that you couldn’t catch onto. “please, stop changing the topic. i’ve come to talk to you ... the real you. no spontaneous activities, no makeovers, just you.”
asmodeus’ face paled ever so slightly and his eye twitched as he thought of playing dumb, but you were just so sincere. he couldn’t even manage out a ‘whatever do you mean ?’ before laughing in disbelief while turning the other way. “this - this is the real ..... the real ... me ... i have no clue what you’re talking about ...” he choked out while tears glossed over his eyes, his back turned to you. 
in his theatrics and dramatic antics, he’d fake cry occasionally, but to truly feel such strong, negative emotions especially towards himself as he cried ... it was ugly. he was ugly. and now, surely if you saw his face, you’d leave him too. for he was such a shallow, ugly, good-for-nothing demon. no matter how much he polished his attitude to be sassy and charismatic or tried on the latest trending outfits and makeup, there was always this feeling of emptiness left in him. not like the black hole everyone called beel’s stomach, but this void left in his heart, this hurting in his chest that wouldn’t go away when the afterglow of each party and hookup arrived, this longing for warmth - not even just physically - for someone to hold him like he did for his brothers on their lonesome nights when they remembered the past.
the avatar of lust was knocked out of his thoughts by a pained noise, confusion written on his face before he realized it was himself. he was sobbing into your chest as you held him close, your fingers delicately carding through his tousled hair. ugly. he thought each sorrowful noise that came out of him was ugly, and he couldn’t help but chant sorry’s your way through tears. he didn’t know when you had came closer once more to hold him, but he buried his face into your shirt and finally let loose the flood of his emotions clinging desperately to you.
“p-please ... don’t go away too, s/o. you’re the true jewel of the devildom, my dear. you’re so much more beautiful than i’ll ever be ... and i ... i don’t mean that just by l-looks ... please ... i love you so much ...”
Tumblr media
obey me masterlist.
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absolutepokemontrash · 2 months ago
Kid!MC/Teen!MC Needs someone to go to Parent Teacher Interviews for Them and Guess Who’s Available?
The brothers being bad babysitters/dad figures is something I love very much, I bet you all could already tell that considering the Fic/Headcanon series I have going on. I would just like you all to know that Asmo’s section is based on a true story. Anyhoo~ onto the Headcanons!
Why? Why Him? (Lucifer)
Is MC really dumb, or are they just a kid? No one knows.
Obviously MC asked Lucifer, the only competent one in the house, the most professional, hard-working, controlled-
MC got their things together and gave Lucifer the run down on their teacher(s) before Lucifer got too absorbed in extolling his own virtues in an intense internal monologue.
News flash Lucifer, this isn’t a Shakespeare play, you can’t have a dramatic monologue or soliloquy about how great you think you are
At the actual meeting, if MC is in there, no, MC is not actually in there. Lucifer will speak to the teacher as if MC isn’t there. As someone whose not a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down kind of person, Lucifer expects the teacher to behave the same and not spare MC’s feelings.
Feelings do not deserve to be spared if MC is being a nuisance. No fake-kid/little sibling of his gets to be the class idiot!
If MC’s doing very well academically, he expects to be pointed at projects or tests they’ve done and the grade on it. It really makes him proud to see MC doing well.
Even if they’re not the best academically, if they’re not failing and they’re doing well in other aspects of school, he’s proud.
If MC really struggles in a school environment and just hates it there but they’re still keeping their head above water, they get a head pat of approval.
On the drive home, if MC came with him to the parent teacher interviews and everything went well, he just happens to turn onto the street that has a Baskin Robin’s or something of that caliber.
If they didn’t go, he picks something up on the way back.
No fun treats if MC is being a disruptive little heathen in class, no kid under Lucifer’s care is going to be the class Mammon. Not on his watch.
MC was busily stuffed their face with the treats that were gifted to them. Lucifer had to hold himself back from rolling his eyes at the kid’s blatant disregard for basic table manners when it came to sweets.
“Is everything the teacher said true?” Lucifer asked, MC looked up at him with a smile.
“Good, good.” Lucifer held out his hand and patted them on the head. “You’re doing well. Keep it up.”
“Geez,” MC mumbled as they continued to stuff their face. “Can you get anymore affectionate?”
“Don’t be sarcastic, MC. It’s uncouth.” Lucifer said sternly. “Besides, I’ll have you know that many people enjoy my headpats. I’m quite affectionate.”
“Really now? Name one person.”
Lucifer opened his mouth to respond, but no words came out. He and MC stared each other down, one pair of eyes much more nervous than the other. Spoiler, MC was still calmly eating their treat as they maintained eye contact.
“If you’re reaching for Cerberus, you’ve already lost.”
…his pride was under attack. Right in front of his desert…
“You’re grounded.”
“Worth it.”
*Rides by on a Skateboard* School is for NERDS (Mammon)
Pff! Stupid human! He’s not goin’ to some lame parent teacher conference-
Wait! What’s with that face?! Ugh… fine. MC’s gone and forced his hand with those damn puppy dog eyes…
Mammon does not dress up for this event, he dresses like he would every day, maybe throw on some designer stuff to let all the parents and teachers know he’s hot shit.
If MC goes with him, he pulls up in his beloved car and takes up two parking spaces (pure evil.). Every parent present already hates him, but at least the other kids there are impressed with MC’s sweet ride. MC would have gained some street cred if Mammon hadn’t managed to trip up the stairs to the classroom in front of everyone.
He’ll act way to casual with the teacher, turning the parent chair backwards and sitting down so he can lean on the seat.
Mammon gets bored crazy quickly while the teacher lists and explains all the stuff the class is learning, so his eyes begin to wander to any and all displays in the classroom. Projects, annoying posters, class pet, anything is more interesting than this teacher’s explanation.
When MC finally becomes the main topic of the interview, he’s all ears. MC’s doing great in school academically? Ha! Nerd! Maybe giving MC a playful noogie and interrupting the whole interview wasn’t a good idea, but whatever.
If MC’s failing anything, or just isn’t that gifted when it comes to grades, it’s very much a “Aw man me too” from Mammon.
This teacher is speaking with the Great Mammon, the first demon in RAD’s history to fail three semesters in a row. If this teacher thinks bad grades will phase him, they’re dead wrong.
Grades don’t mean anythin’ about smarts anyway! I mean, look at him! He’s a fuckin’ genius but he can’t get through a history test without sobbing even though he LIVED THROUGH MOST OF IT.
MC gets treats no matter what’s up in class. Though, if MC didn’t go with him, he’s likely to forget and just order something for the two of them when he gets back home.
“Goddamn teachers and their rambling!” Mammon whined, grabbing a slice of pizza from the open box on his coffee table. “You owe me, MC! Ya really do!”
“Yeah yeah yeah.” MC said, they leaned over and rolled a pizza slice into a pizza-scroll then proceeded to eat it like a veggie roll. “How do you think I feel, listening to them every day? You know how long it takes to get to the actual class material?”
“Five years?”
“Ugh! Five years if I’m lucky! I swear, I know more about my teacher’s grievances with like… five of my classmates than I do about trigonometry, and guess which one’s on the test next week?”
Mammon winced in sympathy, then remembered he was supposed to be whining and went back to it. “School’s shit and a waste of money, ya should drop out as soon as you can and help me run my new business.”
“You mean your pyramid scheme?”
“It’s not a pyramid scheme, MC! It’s legit! It’s a multi-tiered marketing-”
“It’s a pyramid scheme.”
Everyone else must have been sick or something for MC to have asked Levi. He’d flat out refuse to go otherwise.
So, Levi couldn’t exactly go to the interview in his usual “I haven’t left my room or changed clothes in eight weeks” look. With the help of MC, he was able to find his military uniform at the back of his closet.
Asmo nearly fainted when he saw Levi in the uniform, not because “oooo, a man in uniform~”, it was because the outfit was so crumpled and wrinkled that it made it physically painful to look at. No time to iron and wash, the conference was in an hour!
Levi (and MC if they went with) rolled up to the school in a less than impressive ride, but one look at the uniform and all the other people present went “yep, time to be respectful (tm)”
For the first time in his life Levi was more intimidating than Lucifer! And he wasn’t even trying!
When the teacher starts explaining the course material, Levi spaces off in horror as he realizes he remembers literally nothing from school (AND HE’S STILL IN SCHOOL!) all that’s running through his head is “A squared + B squared = C squared” and “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”.
The actual interview was the least interesting part of the trip, the real stuff happened when Levi passed by some art on display in the hallway and something caught his eye-
Those colours… that hair… that adorable smile..!
Levi immediately started fawning over the art class fanart and by sheer coincidence, one of the kids walking through the hallway happened to notice.
The kid asked MC if their… parent and or guardian liked anime. MC responded with “obviously.” Levi then asked the kid if they drew his adorable Ruri-chan. The kid said no, and that they drew the My Hero Academia fanart a few rows down.
Levi was absolutely floored that there were two anime fans in one class, then his entire world shattered when MC explained there was more anime art inside the art room and other classrooms.
H-hang on… did that mean that… a lot of people here… liked anime..?
Levi needed a while to process. No snacks on the way home…
Levi and MC were sat in the back of their Uber, Levi, the Avatar of Envy himself, was having his entire sense of reality warped. S-so much anime fanart… in a school of all places..! What did this mean for the future of anime?!
“Levi. Stop.” MC sighed. “If this were an anime, the camera angle would be doing that thing where it’s right on the bridge of your nose and dramatic music plays in the background.”
“S-so many kids in your class like a-anime huh..?” Levi stuttered, weakly trying to smile. “Must be nice..?”
“Oh, that’s just my class. The other classes and grades have their fans too.”
“Oh… really?”
“Levi,” MC stopped looking out the window and looked at the otaku that was having a full scale silent mental breakdown. “Anime isn’t even a niche interest anymore. It’s a pretty casual thing to watch now. At least a third of my class watches- Levi?”
“Levi?” MC waved their hand in front of their spaced out demon’s face. “Leviiiii? Okay he’s dead.”
The Know it All (Satan)
Ah, a smart choice, MC. Satan would be glad to help further their education. He’ll do everything in his power to make sure that the human’s brain is fed all that sweet sweet knowledge.
Satan can’t dress himself normally, MC had to coax him into a suit jacket, but he still only wore one sleeve.
MC was coming along to the interviews whether they wanted to or not, it’s important to hear what they need to improve on from the teacher themselves after all.
The two arrived pretty early, so Satan asked MC for a tour of the school. It was pretty tame until they reached the library. Satan was horrified at the state of some of the books…
Their spines lined with duct tape… pages missing and torn… someone apparently used a taco as a book mark…
The first thing Satan does when it’s time for his interview is demand the teacher take better care of the library, even though they’re not the librarian. MC tries to explain this, but Satan is too distraught to listen to reason.
He enjoyed hearing about the course material, but he made it known if MC thinks the assignments are too easy that they need to be given more challenging work. THEIR BRAIN NEEDS TO BE STIMULATED DAMN IT.
It was up to MC to either agree with Satan and nod to the teacher, or make frantic eye contact with them to try and communicate “NO DON’T PLEASE”.
Similar to (ugh) Lucifer, as long as MC is doing their best, he’s happy for them.
…but if they are in any way in the running for valedictorian he is HELPING THEM WIN.
He decided to stop at a cafe or bookstore to let MC pick out a “congrats on surviving your pitiful school” present after the interviews.
MC gleefully perused the shelves of the bookstore, there were so many books too look at…
“I’ll buy you as many books as you’d like, MC, just,” Satan shuddered slightly. “Promise me you won’t treat them like those poor library books…”
MC put their hand over their heart. “I swear on the duct taped book spines that I will never treat a book like that.”
“Good… good…” Satan breathed a sigh of relief and went back to looking at his book about cats.
“Are you… reading a Warrior Cats book..?” MC asked tentatively.
“Yes, why?”
“Satan, put that back.”
“I Will Seduce the Teacher For the Sake of Your Grades, Don’t Worry.” (Asmodeus)
Oh MC dear! He’d be delighted to go! Just let him get ready~
Asmo may not be the best choice, but he was at least going to be the best dressed person at that conference. (And MC just had to come too so all the other parents could be jealous of how well coordinated their outfits are)
He teased MC a little by saying he was going to flirt with their teacher to make sure they passed the class, but he was just kidding! …but he made sure to ask if their teacher was cute, he needed to know!
While waiting for his turn, Asmo flirts with some of the single parents, if he doesn’t see a wedding ring, they’re fair game.
Once his time slot arrived, MC realized that Asmo is one of those “my child has done and will do nothing wrong ever” types. This may have ended up working in MC’s favour if they were a class nuisance.
If MC is doing very well in sports, clubs, grades, anything, Asmo is fawning over them and gushing to the teacher about how great, smart and adorable they are.
Asmo surprisingly does not exactly flirt with the teacher, he was just teasing MC after all. But um… if MC’s teacher just happens to be cute and young, he may turn up the charm, just a little. Enough to make the teacher giggle and make MC cover their face in embarrassment.
After the interviews Asmo will probably schedule a nice day out for the two of them, shopping, a movie, mani pedis, something fun!
The real weird stuff happens in the months after the interviews… if Asmo did lightly flirt with the teacher, MC gets quite a few questions about their guardian. Questions that ask if Asmo is single in not as many words…
Oh lord, MC’s teacher developed a crush on Asmo.
Nail painting night was supposed to be a fun occasion, but MC was hopping mad and embarrassed. Asmo didn’t seem to notice as he continued to paint the little human’s nails.
“And then I told Phenex to get lost. The nerve of that little monster, right MC?” When MC didn’t reply, Asmo looked up and tilted his head. “MC?”
MC’s angry face would have been much more threatening if they weren’t just so adorable, but it was getting the message across.
“Asmo.” MC’s glare deepened. “My teacher wants to know if you’re single.”
Asmo blinked a few times, before he hit his tongue to keep from laughing. “Really now~. I knew they’d be madly in love with me-”
Oh My Demon King is That a BAKE SALE?! (Beel)
Of course Beel said yes! He’d gladly go to MC’s parent teacher interview!
He even put on a nice outfit :D he ended up looking a bit like a secret serviceman guarding MC, the tiny president.
Beel stopped for McDonald’s on the way there, all the other kids were so jealous of MC when they stepped out of the car eating fries.
But a little something something caught Beel’s eye when he and MC walked into the school… was that a… bake sale?
MC quickly explained that the bake sale was fundraiser for their class trip that year and the snacks weren’t complimentary. He had to pay.
And pay Beel did. He cleared out the entire table. MC’s grade’s overnight trip was going to be decadent as hell. That was no longer a crowd funded thing, that trip was privately funded by a tall buff ginger secret service member and this tiny in comparison child.
Kids are incredibly blunt, just like Beel, so when a random kindergarten kid wandered over, looked up at Beel, and very knowingly said “you’re very tall”. Beel was like “yeah”. The kid then said “what’s it like being that tall?”
Beel’s response to this kid’s question was to pick them up and hold them for a few seconds before placing them back down. For just a few moments this kid knew what it like to be over 6’4. Of course, more kids swarmed in and asked to be picked up.
Sure it was cute, but Beel now has an army of kids ranging from kindergarteners to third graders.
Finally, the conference actually began. Beel snacked the entire time and dutifully listened to everything the teacher had to say.
After the interviews are over, he checks with MC to make sure everything the teacher said was true and that they weren’t lying. If all was well, the two made their exit.
They stopped at Wendy’s on the way home.
“I’m so full…” MC groaned, Beel held up a massive cookie.
“So I can eat this?”
“No. Gimme that.” MC took a very defeated bite out of it. “My stomach says no but my mouth says yes…”
“I don’t want you to get a stomachache, MC,” Beel said worriedly. “No more snacks.”
“It’s a little late for that. It’s past nine and I’m still eating, there’s no way I’m getting to sleep at a reasonable hour.”
“Oh…” Beel mumbled. “I may have not completely thought this through.”
“*Snore* Huh? Wha? MC’s Grades? Uh… Fuck…” (Belphie)
MC must be failing a class or something because why on earth would they pick Belphie otherwise.
They ask him to go while he’s delirious from just waking up from a nap, he sort of half nods and mumbles some gibberish before going back to sleep.
MC had to basically carry his ass to the school. Belphie drooled all over them in the waiting room, and when it was their time to go into the interview, Belphie had to be manually put into the chair and slapped awake.
He barely listens, he just sits and nods along with whatever the teacher is saying. The teacher could say MC brought an alligator to school and he’d just go “uh huh…” “mmmph… yep…” “really now?” then yawn.
The only thing that could possibly get Belphie to be interested is if MC is studying space. If they are, than boy howdy is Belphie suddenly interested in their education.
Other than that? *snore*
If MC is in fact failing or doing poorly, MC’s teacher asks to see another one of MC’s guardians at a later date. Their plan failed miserably.
MC drags Belphie out of the school and yells at him for not helping them. Belphie, still sleep delirious, tries to press the snooze button. MC does not have a snooze button.
“Belphie!” MC shouted, shaking the Avatar of Sloth awake. The House of Lamentation’s resident bastard was somehow sleeping standing up outside. “HOW COULD YOU?!”
“Eh?” Belphie half-snorted and looked around confused. “What’d I do? Where are we?”
“At my school! You said that you’d go to my parent teacher interviews!”
“…MC I don’t think I’d pass well for you.”
“Sheesh,” Belphie murmured while he rubbed the remaining sleep from his eyes. “You humans are so noisy.”
MC looked up at their dearest demon friend, and gave him their best glare. “I’m going to take all your fancy temperature changing pillows and switch them with normal pillows you traitorous bastard.”
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marius-z · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— calling them one of their brothers' names ;
lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub & belphegor (with gn!reader)
you call them one of their brothers' names and watch the chaos (or not) erupt.
꒰꒰ warnings ... swear words, mentions of murder ꒱꒱
Tumblr media
You two are probably having your very few and far in-between moments of spending time away from his brothers
You’re lying on Lucifer’s bed while he reads a book beside you, his arm lightly caressing your head
He gets up to make some tea and asks you if you’d like some to
And in your tiredness, you say, “Yeah, that’d be nice, Satan…”
You haven’t even realised what you said but Lucifer’s hands still for a second before he continues
Lucifer doesn’t hate Satan but there is a certain animosity between them due to the fact of them being so similar to each other
He asks almost bluntly, “So you spend a lot of time with Satan hm?”
You nod and tell him how you always enjoy reading the books Satan recommends to you
He hums and you ask curiously why he asked you that because it’s not like him to bring up his brothers when he’s finally getting time away from those very brothers
And then he drops this: “I see… Perhaps you’d rather be spending this time with him than me?”
And you’re just like ?? nani the fuck, where did this come from
Being the Avatar of Pride, it definitely goes against his pride to say he feels jealous that you called another demon’s name
You ask him what he means and he just says, “Well, you did say his name, so I assume you enjoy your time with Satan more rather than your time with me?”
And you go from confused to mad really quick
You smack his arm and turn away from him, mad that he even thought that you’d rather spend time with anyone other than him
He’s now surprised and he sighs in defeat
He wraps his arms around you, and puts his head in the nook of your shoulder
You then reprimand him and say that he was stupid for even thinking that because you very obviously like him better than the others
And just to get back at him, you say, “But you’re always ‘Diavolo’ this and ‘Diavolo’ that, so I don’t think you should be jealous since I’m getting one-upped by the future ruler of the Devildom..”
Needless to say, he’s trying not to let you get to him but you know just how to get under his skin <3
Mammon’s probably taking you around impulse buying everything that catches his eye
You’ve already given up on getting him to stop because you’re too tired just holding some of the bags he’s gotten full of useless things he’ll forget about unless he’s planning on selling them
When he moves on to the next store, you whine, “We have to stop, Levi, I’m exhausted…”
His immediate reaction is to go: “Huh?! I ain’t Levi!” because boy is straightforward like that (only for the weirdest things)
You blink, having not realised that you even said his brother’s name
You say, “Ah, sorry, my bad. Levi’s been making me stay up with him to watch TSL this past week, so it slipped out.”
Mammon, being him, starts pouting a lil bit and just quietly continues with his shopping spree
When you’re getting back to the House of Lamentation, he asks you quietly, “Say… Do ya li-like Levi? Not that I care who you like or anything, okay! I just-”
Just hold his face in between your hands and tell him that it was an accident firmly and that you only like him
You’ll immediately get a blushy Mammon that’s pretending to be cool but is actually dying inside hehe
Needless to say, when you walk into the dormitory, the brothers are definitely teasing him for his face and he gets all defensive, which is adorable
Please give him attention when it’s just you two, baby boy is actually super insecure and needs to be reassured that you have eyes only for one demon, which is him
Y’all are probably playing the new video game he got together
Spending as much time as you do with him, you’ve become pretty good at playing games, almost at Levi’s level even
When you’re playing, you both have your headphones on and you’re just furiously smashing the buttons
You shout instructions to Levi, who’s also getting yelled at from the other end of the headphones
One mistake was all it took for the large ‘game over’ to appear on your screens
In frustration, you say, “Damn it, Mammon, we lost! Now we have to play again.”
He’s just as furious so he doesn’t realise either that you called him Mammon, and not Levi
It’s a sudden and random realisation when you’re leaving his room to go to bed
He just bursts out, “Wait, did you call me Mammon?!”
You’re confused, utterly confused because what tf is he talking about? Does he need sleep that badly?
And then he’s like: “When we lost during the first run! You called me Mammon!”
You can’t recall it but you apologise and say that it’s all because he’s been dragging you around whenever he goes shopping to be his pack mule
Levi nods but he can’t help but be bothered by it (now that he’s finally realised it)
So just as you’re leaving, he tugs your arm and pulls you in for a chaste kiss
He pulls away quickly, a blush blooming and he covers his face with his arm
“Just something to remind you…”
Boy is just jealous that you called his idiot brother’s name, just hug him tightly and tell him that idiots aren’t your type
(For legal purposes, me calling Mammon an idiot is a joke since he’s one of my faves and I love him dumb or not)
You both are going to the new cat cafe that opened up downtown
Satan really wanted to go and so he brought you along
After ordering, he immediately beelined to the cat area and you follow close behind
He’s almost completely covered in cats and you have heart eyes because shit, this is wholesome
He makes you take many pictures using his D.D.D and you can’t help but giggle at how silly it looks that a 6’ft man is blanketed entirely with cats
It turns into full laughter as it just looks so adorable how absolutely in love with the cats Satan is
You wheeze out, “Lucifer- please, I’m going to die, this is so cute-”
You haven’t realised what you’ve said of course, but our boy here immediately picks up on it and he gently puts down the cat he was holding
You wonder what is wrong because his face was suddenly looks tight and almost angry
You two sit at your table in heavy silence as you have what you ordered
You have absolutely no clue what you could’ve done to make him so you ask him directly because there was no other way you were getting it out of him
He says, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask Lucifer?”
And you’re there like super confused because what is he talking about????
And then he goes on to say this: “If you’d rather have spent time with him, you could’ve gone over to Diavolo’s castle as Lucifer’s sure to be hanging around over there.”
You take a hold of his hand and squeeze it, silently pleading with him to tell you what tf was going on right now
He says sourly that you called him Lucifer and you realise now what you did
You say, “Lucifer’s been running me ragged, sending me for errands here and there around the RAD. And every time I get back to him, he refuses to let me go until I say ‘Yes, Lucifer’... I’ve been calling everyone Lucifer accidentally these past days. Dare I say, this is amusing to your brother.”
Satan is now like oHHHH
He’s back to being normal but he’s still kinda salty
Not at you though, at Lucifer
He’s now planning different ways of plotting revenge on his oldest brother, none of them are going to be good :)
RIP Lucifer I guess
Per Asmo fashion, he’d invited you to his room so that he could test his new beauty products on you
You went because well, you could never say no to that cute pouty voice
It felt like hours that you’d been sitting in front of his vanity, back straight as he applied product after product, moving onto the next one without waiting for your reply when he asks if it’s good
Your back feels stiff and you can’t help but squirm with discomfort
He tells you to stop moving around or the cream would get in your eyes and you whine, “But Beel, my back hurts like hell and I feel like I might collapse right here and now-”
Asmo pauses and he lets a small smile creep onto his lips
“If you’re calling out a demon’s name, I’d rather you call out mine~ and preferably in a different setting than this-”
You smack his arm and apologise saying, “Beel’s been texting me a lot lately, asking if he should get snacks at odd times of the day, so it slipped out, sorry Asmo.”
He brushes it off because he is not that bothered by it honestly
Man even has the audacity to suggest this: “Why don’t you call Beel over and then we all can do some fun things together~”
You haven’t committed murder before but you just might start if he goes on like that :)
Beel asked for you to come with him to eat because he’s been busy lately with work from the student council (probably Mammon begging Beel to fill in for him while he went around doing whatever shady things he liked to do to get some money)
He, of course, tries to order the entire menu but you persuade him that there wasn’t any demon able to get out that much food unless he wanted them to go out of business so he orders half with a sad face
He shares some with you but all of it was just too much for you
You groan, “Belphie, I can’t have any more, I’ll puke-”
Being the best brother alive, he perks up and asks, “What about Belphie? Do you wanna call him over so he can help you finish that?”
You curse and apologise, telling him how it was an accident that you called him Belphie
He’s okay with it, not the type to dwell on it at all
Either he’s really confident that you only like him or he’s just more interested in the food
Sometimes you wonder if it was weird that you felt like you had to compete with food, of all things, for his affection
It’s okay. I’m sure he likes you more :D
(It’s Beel though, so keep on your toes or food will take your place /j)
He called you over to the attic so that he could nap with you
He says, and I quote, “I feel better sleeping when it’s next to you.” (goddamn you, you flirt-)
So you lie next to him and he falls asleep soon enough, buried in between fluffy pillows and soft blankets
Though you didn’t intend to fall asleep, the comfy atmosphere and Belphie’s warmth lull you to a peaceful sleep
In a few hours, he stirs and wakes up yawning
He sees you sprawled beside him, deep in sleep and he can’t help but smile softly down at you
He trails his finger down your cheek gently and you stir a little before settling back to sleep
He’s about to hug you and fall asleep again but Beel comes up to call both of you for dinner and he nods to his twin, gesturing that he’ll wake you up and head down
When he leaves, Belphie turns to you again and pokes your cheek
Your eyes scrunch together but you don’t show any signs of waking up properly
He continues to poke you and you warble out, “Mammonnnn, let me sleep, you’re always waking me up for your stupid things, and I’m just not in the mood for it now, you little shit…”
You go back to sleep because Belphie’s paused his ministrations
He gets kinda mad that you said Mammon’s name even though it was half-asleep and it didn’t necessarily sound friendly
He calls your name a few times and slowly you get up, rubbing furiously at your eyes to push the sleep at bay
You apologise and ask if it was time for dinner and he nods, his silence being noted by you
You ask him if something is wrong and he asks outright, “Does Mammon often come into your room?”
You groan and nod saying, “That idiot is always just barging right into my room at the most ungodly hours, with all his schemes of getting money and stuff. I swore that if he did that again, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell Lucifer all his plans but he’ll probably still do it, that little shit…”
Belphie hums and you ask if you accidentally said his name because that’s been happening lately to everyone coming to wake you up
He nods and he looks a little grumpy so you pull into a big hug and assure him that Mammon was an inconvenience and that the only one you liked to come into your room was him
Poor Mammon, at the dinner table, he’s being glared at by Belphie and he doesn’t even know why-
Also to hopefully chase his older brother from your room for good, he makes it a point to sleep beside you for a few days (could turn into months if you allow it to <3)
(Well, Mammon was terrified enough when Belphie threatened to give his precious credit card, Goldie, to Lucifer to be locked and enchanted away from his grasp)
Tumblr media
notes it's my first time writing something for om!, i hope this doesn't flop >.< some of them are long [u can probably guess who i have a bias for :")] but i hope this is alright? i'm hoping that this concept hasn't already been done but if it has, this is like my take on it <3 happy reading :) reblogs are appreciated a ton !!
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devilsoup · 2 months ago
inspired by the fact that every time i open this godforsaken game i see the lads and i'm like 👉👃 i must, it is my civic duty (sorry if some of these are longer than others, i'm just word vomiting)
to boop or not to boop (w/ the brothers)
🦚 lucifer 🦚
the answer changes depending on how close you two are
did you just meet and you're trying to piss him off with overly cutesy acts? it's working!!!!
or does he have feelings for you? because if so then we all know he'd let you do basically whatever you want
for today we'll just assume that you've got this man wrapped around your little finger
he goes quiet for a second, and if you listen you'll notice he's holding his breath
it's because he's trying to suppress his emotions
hOW are you so cute, look at him, he's embarrassed, he's blushing
"are you enjoying yourself"
why yes, lucifer, i am.
he will not be able to look you in the eye because he's so flustered, he's not used to being doted on like this
💳 mammon 💳
"hey, what do you think you're doing!?"
two seconds later- "do it again pls 🥺"
well? do it again, you monster
boops you back once his soul returns to his body
all of his one brain cell is making dial-up sounds
how do you feel, you've committed a murder
his brain imploded from how much he loves you
you do know he would give you everything, right? he would rip his still beating heart out and give it to you on a silver platter if you asked
prepare to be tackled in a hug, he can't let you see how red his face is
▶️ leviathan ▶️
!!!!!!!! eXcUsE yOu????!?!!!!??!?
he explodes on impact
windows error sounds
oh my fuckin god he fuckin dead
it doesn't matter how many times you do it, he will never get used to it
call him pet names while you do it, he's putty in your hands
you could tell him to give up anime forever and he'd do it for you
like give him so much boop
grab his cheeks too
honestly you can just poke him anywhere and he'd probably collapse
he can't handle eye contact, you think this kind of cute stuff is going to be okay?
he will not be able to form a sentence for like, four hours
📗 satan 📗
his thought process, a poem by me:
okay okay okay okay okay wait hold on hang on a second wait wait wait
okay deep breaths act cool be cool be super cool
"did you just boop my snoot"
windows error pt 2 electric boogaloo
he recovers faster than levi though
it's just,,,,, that was so precious
YOU are so precious
literally the cutest thing you could have done
grab a mop because you've got to clean this puddle off the floor
such a cheese for cliché romance
plus like,,,, not to make it about cats but that's literally what you do to cats
and we know this lad relates everything to cats
anyways he probably will kiss ur nose v gentle and soft in return
🧁 asmodeus 🧁
all physical contact is good physical contact as far as he's concerned (calling asmo touch-starved is an understatement [change my mind], homie just needs a hug from his beloved)
and this!!!! is EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!!! he's ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
boops you right back
boop him again
boop war
boop boop boop
you're both a giggling mess by the time you finish
he is,,,, so soft for these small moments with you,,,,,,,
that big cheesy dorky grin, the one not many people get to see, the real genuine asmo smile?
there it is :))))
you've made his whole week, bro
🍔 beelzebub 🍔
he'd pause for a second and give you a look
what's your motive here? are you trying to be a literal baby that deserves the world? because you are
and i mean he is too
brows furrowed, mid-chew, he looks like a lost puppy
if you cup his cheeks and tell him you love him you can pretty much see his nonexistent tail wag
happy happy himbo!!!!! :D
clean up on aisle 6, he melted
he's not the most expressive of his siblings, but the small smile on his face lights up the room
the smile will not go away for the rest of the day
if it does, he just thinks of you again and it's back
🌌 belphegor 🌌
he'd bite your finger
it'd be like the way my guinea pigs bite my finger when i stick it in their cage to boop their schnoz
it's gentle, but the fuckin aUDACITY
and you know he'd look at you with that stupid "yeah what of it" face
you know the one
but do it again and call him silly names
a blushing baby boy
shoves his nose in your face so you'll boop the snoot
oh, were you looking at something else? damn, that sucks. his head is now conveniently too heavy for his neck and he is blocking your vision
give him all of your attention, he's just absolutely downright famished for attention (read: spoiled brat now wants you to spoil him more)
you started this, now you have to cuddle for ten hours straight
all because you booped the snoot
check out my masterlist!
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oheyfox · 8 months ago
The brothers with a mc with big thighs but short (5'ish)? I kinda wanted to request this bc well i wanted something relatabe, but at the same time im kinda insecure about them if that makes sense.
The brothers with an MC that has big thighs
I’m so sorry that this took me so long to get to. It’s been resting in my drafts for too long. Anyway, I can RELATE!
Tumblr media
It'd be a lie to say he didn't notice them often
Even Lucifer can get a bit possessive and be the kind of guy to put his hand over your thigh during dinner
You know, just to give a squeeze
He might do that just to fluster you or even throw you off course 😏
You’re so cute to him
Look at you and your short ass trying to stand up to Lucifer, that’s probably why you’ll catch him chuckling at you sometimes
He thinks your thighs are a BLESSING so why are ya so insecure about it?
If he ever took you for a ride in the car, he’d be the boyfriend that places his hand on your inner thigh
“I-it’s my way of protecting ya, okay??” and touching those glorious thighs 
If you ever try to move his hand away, he’ll just put it right back
"Don't even think about movin' my hand again. You're mine ya know."
He knows how it feels to be insecure about a body part, but to him, he thinks you have nothing to worry about
I meannn,, it's not like he thinks your the most perfect, beautiful, amazing human being ever!! No way!
If you want him to notice your thighs, you'll have to make the first move
While you and Levi are having a game marathon, squish your side against him and bring your thighs up into his lap
Levi will practically freeze up, "MC's.. Thighs?!? No way, no way, is this a blessing?? Do I have an angel blessing me today?? Wait, can demons even have angels?" He'll be having a whole panic up in his head
It's a great way to cheat and distract Levi win the game
Sit in his lap and just watch what happens
It's a quick process
He'll be all surprised and blushy then he'll be a smidge confident and place a hand on your thigh
Big thighs or small thighs, you're still MC and he loves MC 💕
Oh nononono-- Darling, we can’t be shy about this!
He thinks it’s a waste to be insecure about something so beautiful such as thighs
Any chance he gets, Asmo will purchase things that accentuate your thighs 
Ever fall asleep near him and you'll wake up to him squished against your thighs
He a bit similar to Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins when he's all wrapped around Elizabeth
He loves your thighs, he can’t see why anyone wouldn’t
He'd be embarrassed to tell you, thinking you may find it strange, but your thighs just remind him of a tasty chicken breast
He just wants a little nibble 🤏
Beel can't help, but love giving you piggyback rides. He gets to hear you laugh and hold you up on his back by your thighs
It's a win-win!
Hope this isn’t too cliché, but he’s definitely using those thighs as a pillow
He doesn’t see why you’re insecure about it, to him thighs are pillows- I mean thighs! They’re part of you and he loves every single bit of you!
When you least expect it, he’ll come crashing down on your thighs and then it’s impossible to get him off
Belphie is a huge pervert when it comes to your thighs- He’ll casually squeeze them while napping
Who knows? You may wake up with his arms wrapped around them
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shokujin-art · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wasn’t ready for that, Asmo.
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