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#obey me! barbatos
moemammon · 21 hours ago
If you would be interested, could you do an MC that named their black kitty Lucifer. When I was a kid I figured Lucifer was a normal cat name bc Disney’s Cinderella did it lol. Reactions with Simeon, Barb, Dia, and Satan if you’re ok with that (if that doesn’t work for you it’s fine!). My thought process is the MC is a lil embarrassed and doesn’t want this info getting out to the wrong people, and I love Mammon but he cannot keep a secret like this to save his life- or MC’s in this case.
"Your Cat's Name is Lucifer?!" (feat. Simeon, Barbatos, Diavolo, and Satan)
(You were showing them pictures of your adorable cat, when you accidentally let it's name slip!)
Honestly? He finds it really endearing. He personally looks up to Lucifer, so he can see why you'd chose such a wonderful name!
A little unorthodox, but a good name nonetheless. There's no need to be so embarrassed about it!
You honestly don't have to worry about him telling anyone. He keeps the secret in his heart, and it makes him chuckle every now and then.
Especially when he's faced with Lucifer himself. He keeps cracking a smile, making the grumpy demon wonder what's so funny.
"It's nothing, really. I've just been thinking about cats lately. Do you like cats, Lucifer?"
He's logging that into his brain forever. It'll make EXCELLENT tea to spill with Diavolo later.
Ah wait, he knows Dia can't keep a secret like that to himself. There's no doubt the price would blab about it to Lucifer the second he got a chance.
But you can trust the mysterious butler to keep his lips sealed. He actually chuckles a little, holding a gloves hand to his chin.
"I wonder if our Lucifer would also have an affinity for keeping unwanted rodents away? Perhaps I should ask him."
He's joking. Maybe.
Boy why did you tell him
You KNOW he loves to hear anything involving Lucifer, but how well do you think he can keep that info to himself??
You've gotta STRONGLY emphasize how secretive you want to keep this. No one can know, is what you tell him.
So he reluctantly keeps his lips sealed... in exchange for spending an afternoon with you!
This is more or less blackmail but it's innocent! He just wants to hang out. "It's lonely, ruling an entire kingdom on my own. Why don't you come to my study this afternoon? I'd love to hear more stories about your cat!"
He was SO hyped when you told him you had a cat, but now there's mixed feelings about that naming choice...
Couldn't you have picked literally any other name???
Affectionately refers to your cat as "Luci" from now on. He doesn't know this "Lucifer" you speak of.
He's also extremely tempted to spill the beans, just to see how the dead eldest would react to knowing his name had been given to a mere cat.
But he doesn't do that, out of respect for your pleas. "It's not too late to change your cat's name, is it? I wouldn't mind if you chose 'Satan' instead."
Wants to know why everyone has changed his contact picture in their D.D.D to a cat
What's going on
Is this a prank-
Simeon stop sending cat pictures to the group chat what does this mEAN
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moemammon · 2 days ago
Can we have dia and barb purring please 🥺
The Demons Can Purr, and MC Loves it! (Dia and Barb Edition)
You get to witness those low, rumbling purrs when you're in his office one day, the demon prince scribbling away at his paperwork.
He can always get so much more work done when you're around! And when you're near, his heart is full until nearly bursting.
He's often pretty lonely, so knowing that he has you all to himself at times like these means when world to him. And because of that, he can't seem keep himself from purring!
When you look his way his eyes soften up and he immediately moves in for some affection, often choosing to nuzzle his face against yours before holding you close. You can always hear his purring best in this position.
He might even get so worked up that he's purring while he speaks! This makes for some pretty interesting sounds, not like be minds it at all.
"I only ever have fun when I'm with you, MC. This work hardly feels like a chore thanks to you! And this purring of mine... isn't it funny that it only comes out when you're around? I'd love to let you hear more of it, since you like it so much."
Hearing Barb purr is so, SO rare. This man has an image he has to uphold as the prince's right hand man, so you can imagine that he tends to be a little stuffy.
Until the day he's invited you over to bake a two tier cake with him, and you've somehow managed to splatter batter on the both of your faces...
When he reaches up to clean your cheeks, you feel his warm palm linger there for a few seconds longer than normal, and soft gentle purrs begin rolling out of him.
He takes his time cleaning your face, that affectionate look in his eyes never wavering for a second. And when he finally pulls away, you find that the purring doesn't stop, even after you mention how you like it.
Barbatos chuckles when you say that, continuing to clean the splattered mess around the countertops. His laughter is rare, but that makes it feel even warmer.
"It seems only you can make me purr like this. Some say that a demon's purring is a sign of the feelings in their heart beginning to spill over. Do you understand what that means for you and I.... MC?"
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pezidevil · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
also barb. ik i made like a whole deal about hating on him the other day but he’s actually really pretty
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pezidevil · 4 days ago
what’s wrong with barbatos ❤️
going into his character (outfit) design and why it’s bad. under the cut!
i’m definitely not like. a professional character designer. but these are just my thoughts on why barbatos’ outfits look bad. ur free to disagree w me, i’m not trying to stir up drama or anything. i’m just upset that he was done so dirty lol.
RAD UNIFORM (ignoring the fact that the uniform as a whole is a mess)
Tumblr media
SHIRT: that type of shirt collar is only worn with tuxedos, or at the very least with a bow tie. as you can see, barb is wearing the fattest tie you could probably ever wear, and as a result it ends up looking clunky and awkward.
CUMMERBUND: the white fabric under his jacket is called a cummerbund, and they are always supposed to match the color of your pants. no exceptions.
GLOVES: i don’t know the rules behind what color gloves you’re supposed to wear, or if that’s even a thing, but the white is too eye catching. if the RAD uniform were a truer black, they might work better, but alas.
MAIN ISSUE: in-game, you only see this sprite from the waist up, so the white isn’t a huge problem. but as a whole outfit, all the white around his waist draws your eyes away from his face, which is where you’re supposed to be looking.
Tumblr media
HORNS: ... i mean. look at them. i know they’re supposed to be wings, but they just look so odd and out of place. i’m honestly not sure if there’s a way to improve them other than changing them completely.
TOP: i get it’s probably supposed to be a mix of a vest and a tailcoat, but it looks really bad. they should’ve closed off the “coat” more, because the triangle pattern takes up too much space. and because the triangles’ colors aren’t distinct enough from each other, it ends up looking 3D, almost like a chest plate lol.
the neon fabric lining the underside of his tailcoat is also too bright. that color is found nowhere else besides his tail, and it pulls your eyes away from his face. speaking of too white: the gloves, again. i think if the white lining the “coat” part of his top were thicker, they’d work a bit better.
RUFFLES: 😬... they should’ve made the ruffle on his shoulder a neck tie instead, one of the ruffled ones. but they made it asymmetrical, and didn’t carry that asymmetry anywhere else in this design. i think the ones on his sleeves are kinda gaudy and fun, but personally i’d rather they “open up” on the sides of his wrists, not at the front.
regarding the color gradient: that blue/green looks like it should end at the bright neon color underneath his coat, and it doesn’t. it looks unfinished as a result.
TAIL: it doesn’t fork soon enough. the fork would look neater if it started higher up the tail, maybe the middle. same with the gradient. the vein/marbled texture looks kind of weird too lol. and again, they should’ve put the neon color in more places, because it drags your eyes to the bottom of his outfit, and away from his face.
MAIN ISSUE: again, the bright colors. i think as a whole there’s too many colors/shades in his outfit, too, but that’s a common trend among all the designs in obey me. the outfit is really gaudy, and not something you’d expect for a butler, who are usually neat and tidy, but honestly that’s kind of funny to me. there’s just too much going on, and it ends up looking awkward and busy.
HUMAN WORLD OUTFIT (idk what the individual pieces of clothing he’s wearing are called, so i just refer to them as a shirt and a jacket. feel free to correct me and i’ll edit the post!)
Tumblr media
i just want to preface this one with saying i actually like this outfit. it’s one of the simplest designs in the entire game (that i’ve seen) and i think it suits barb well. my main problem, again, is just the colors.
GRADIENTS: there are SO many different color gradients in this outfit. it turns an otherwise simple look into a hot mess.
i haven’t bothered color dropping from the shirt and jacket, so i’m not entirely sure if those are different colors or not, but because the shirt gradient goes from neon blue to dark blue, it looks like a different color from the jacket’s gradient. the gradient on the pants is definitely a different blue, and if it isn’t it has the same unfinished effect as the ruffles on his demon form.
(also the accents on his sleeves are ANOTHER shade of blue. wtf man)
SHIRT: why. why the orange. it is SO out of place and weird. i see they tried to tie it in with some of the beads on his necklace and his sleeves, but it’s not nearly enough. they could’ve made it white like the stripe near his collar? were they trying to tie in the triangle pattern from his demon form into his human world look? i don’t understand this decision at all.
MAIN ISSUE: gradients. and the orange. this outfit makes me want to commit crimes.
(i’m not going over his paws and claws outfit—it’s honestly not that bad lol)
this post ended up being really long and if you’ve read all of it i’m so sorry for the rambling.
i want to reiterate that ur free to have ur own opinions, and if u like these outfits then i’m not going to attack you or anything! i just wish that as a whole the designs in om were better than they are, and i think barbatos definitely got the short end of the stick in regards to messy and unprofessional design.
anyways. love u barb. sorry ur ugly 💔
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melonnolife · 5 days ago
Guess what free leviathan birthday pull gave me?
Barbatos 😂
Tumblr media
Welcome to leviathan birthday party Barbatos 😂
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daddydemus · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Batbatos 🦇
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inb4belphienaps · 6 days ago
in vino veritas
barbatos x solomon [prince au] warnings: mention of alcohol word count: 1238
Tumblr media
And Solomon opens his mouth, eyes twinkling with an air of a prince up to absolutely no good.
“Lend me your butler for a day.”
Lucifer splutters, his face going slightly pink as the anger in his tone becomes increasingly evident. Solomon keeps his laughter at bay despite the way Lucifer’s hands shake.
“You impudent little- ”
“Alright”, Diavolo says.
He’d been watching Barbatos over dinner. Solomon hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off of him. Besides, if this meant that his butler could gain a friend or two, who was he to deny him? They looked like they’d be able to get along. His guest had made for rather good company.
With the speed of a panther, Solomon simultaneously throws Diavolo the biggest grin and takes Barbatos’ hand. The man had kept quiet during this entire exchange, concluding that it was always best to have royalty duke out their eccentricities by themselves rather than meddle.
“Of course, a day is relative, don’t you think?”
Before either Diavolo or Lucifer can question him, Solomon is whisking Barbatos away, arm around his waist and eyes trained on the horizon.
“My lord?”
“Ta-ta then! Don’t wait up for us.”
The castle grows silent in their absence and Diavolo sighs. He raises a glass and gestures for Lucifer to do the same.
“Let us drink the night away, my friend.”
Of course, Barbatos had hoped Diavolo wouldn’t concede. Yet here he was, seated in the lap of a prince from the land next-door, riding in his horse-drawn carriage that smelt of citrus and lavender.
“Are you comfortable?”
He nods, albeit stiffly. Unsure of what to do with his hands, he rests them on his thighs and looks up at Solomon. Something he regrets instantly for the expression that meets him is one that makes his stomach squirm.
“You are pretty. I wasn’t mistaken.”
Barbatos furrows his brows. Was that a compliment? His smile indicated as such, except he couldn’t help but feel as if there were a slightly demeaning undertone to it.
“Your highness, I can sit beside you. There’s plenty of room.”
Solomon scoffs and his grip on Barbatos only tightens. He hadn’t meant to speak out of turn.
“I prefer it this way, my dear. I can admire you and have you warm me all the same.”
Oh, was the prince cold? He supposes that it is a particularly chilly night. Winter was just around the corner and he notes how frail Solomon looks in the moonlight.
“If your highness insists.”
“I do. Now tell me, what would you like to eat come morning?”
At least his voice is pleasant, Barbatos thinks. A stark contrast to the one he’d gotten accustomed to serving. Perhaps a bit of change wasn’t so bad every once in a while.
“Shouldn’t I be asking your highness that question?”
A frown plagues the delicate features of the prince and Barbatos can’t help stare. Strange. Even a fellow as carefree as him was capable of making such expressions.
“Surely you don’t think I requested you for the sake of being my butler.”
It’s Barbatos’ turn to frown. What else was he going to do?
“I’m afraid I don’t understand, your highness. Do you not require my services?”
“I do”, he says and leans in. Barbatos’ confusion grows in magnitude. “Though not as my servant.”
Perhaps the prince was far more inebriated than he’d initially thought. Yes. There was the unmistakable tinge of alcohol on his breath. Come morning he’d be telling Barbatos to prepare a bath and fetch his clothes. He’ll play along for now.
“As what then, your highness?”
Solomon seems to contemplate his answer, rubbing his chin in a way that Barbatos finds oddly attractive. That was ridiculous. He, who was of better judgment and sound mind, was certainly not going to find himself taken aback by the musings of a silver-haired, silver-tongued brat.
“As the target of my affections. How does that sound?”
Ah. It was true what they said about the ruler of the East then. He was charming, enough to gather seven-hundred wives, apparently. Was he going to be the seven-hundred-and-first?
“I’m afraid you will be disappointed, your highness.”
“Why do you say that?”
“My expertise lies in cooking, cleaning and tailoring. Anything outside of them is irrelevant to me.”
He laughs and Barbatos feels the familiar twinge of irritation. The irritation one could only feel in the presence of a royal.
“We both know that isn’t true. I heard you have a talent for gardening.”
“It’s more of a pastime, your highness.”
Barbatos’ gaze remains on his hands. His pristine, white gloves that kept his modesty stood out against the dark material of his pants. He could already see them getting soiled.
“Don’t be so modest. I saw the private gardens. Chrysanthemums, yes?”
He nods. No one really ever cared to talk about the flowers with him. It was always ‘what a quaint little place’ or ‘don’t the birds swoop at you’.
“Why did you choose to have them red?”
Solomon waits for his answer, wishing for it to not be as cliché as he imagines. If he were to intervene in an affair, that in itself was going to be a headache not worth his while.
“The person who first taught me how to plant a seedling was fond of them. I never cared much for the color red but the happiness on their face whenever they saw those flowers was unmatched.”
Hm…well, at least it didn’t have anything to do with the man on the throne.
“They taught me that flowers could mean different things. And that red chrysanthemums in particular meant ‘I love you’. I suppose it became a bad habit.”
“A bad habit?”
“Yes”, Barbatos whispers, a type of sadness in his admission. “I have a bad habit of planting them wherever I go.”
Some dull mixture of anger and jealousy gets caught in Solomon’s throat.
“Did you love that person?”
Barbatos hums and Solomon has half a mind to kiss him for it. The carriage had stopped outside his palace moments ago. If he were to disengage, he’d never be able to hear these words again. There was something to be said about this atmosphere. So still and minute.
“I suppose I did. But their heart belonged to another.”
“Do you think of them often?”
He chuckles softly, and Solomon feels it in his chest. How pleasant a sound that was.
“No, not anymore. As I said before, your highness, it is only a bad habit of mine.”
Their eyes meet, and Solomon cups his cheek, unable to resist the pull of longing that seizes him. He was afraid of being the one to disappoint.
“May I kiss you?”
Barbatos hesitates. Would that be alright? A prince kissing a servant he’d kidnapped under the stars. Why, he couldn’t picture anything more romantic.
“You may.”
Solomon’s lips taste of wine but Barbatos has never found it to be so sweet. He gasps as that silver tongue melds against his own and he finds himself clutching the shoulders of the one who had tempted him.
“Your highness, I- ”
“Call me Solomon”, he mutters, far too enamored by the allure of emotions he’d thought he could no longer entertain.
When they part, he’s delighted to see the blush on Barbatos’ cheeks.
“Or call me your lover. And I shall call you mine.”
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lunaticraccoon · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
obey me! characters [9/12] barbatos
“ Do not worry. Standing quietly by your side is my job. “
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oceanatydes · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
BAE WTF 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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obeymebabes · 14 days ago
Hello, I'm crying, I love him so much it hurts, thank you Solmare. That is all.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blushing and happy Bat Boy Barb for serotonin purposes.
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oceanatydes · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
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oceanatydes · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
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belphiebub · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Barbatos Autumn Ver. 🍂
I think I finally found my art style 😂
I made a fresh Ko-fi acc :
Donations would be appreciated ☺️✨
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onehoneybeel · 16 days ago
Undateables react to MC pulling a Lucifer!
Omg I took so long getting this done too, I'm sorry to the original nonnie that asked :(
But finally its here! I hope this doesn't feel to ooc and that you guys enjoy it!
Warnings: talk about MC's magically created kid, fluffy, maybe a bit cracky
Part 1
Oh..... Fun!
That's literally it, he could not be less worried if he tried
What's one more resident to devildom? Also this is mcs kid, it can't be that bad!
He doesn't have any expirience with kids, even back with satan he wasn't that much involved (prolly felt that he would be impossing on a very obvious family matter)
But he will gladly babysit and love the little spawn!
The kid gets along with him so well some people assume its actually his
Barbatos now has to care for two kids omg
Expect this kid to be so spoiled by the freaking future king of hell??? If this kid stays here its going to have a lot of power
Imagine little kid on human school and at lunch break a portal opens in the middle of the playground and out comes diavolo, full demon form for some reason, with a little luch box?
"Barbatos made this specially for you! He said he put extras in for your friends!"
One day of normalcy, that's all
Dont get me wrong, he knew it was going to happen and he was ready to take care of anything Diavolo asked of him regarding the new addition to HoL
But it was still going to be a pain to work his schedule around this, he doesnt deal with as much shit as lulu but dear starts above he is done
He has a crib, bottles, clothing, toys, food, diapers and whatever else you might need to be able to care for a baby or infant
This man helped the brothers out so much with satan back in the day, when all of them where too rattled to do much
He knows what he is doing ok?
But he also has a soft spot for baby mc and it shows
Huggin this kid helps him calm down and get rid of stress
Oh he loves babies! He is a bit awkward but that does not mean he doesn't love 'em!
Fortunately this kid loves Simeon so it works out
His presence seems to be soothing to the kid so they if they are fussy and won't stop crying you just gotta get simeon or put him on the phone
He gets honey from the celestial real so you can put it on the kid's pacifier, since its celestial it has certain characteristics that will help the baby sleep better or help if they have a tummy ache or are teething and taht kind of thing
10/10 would want him to be my baby sitter and nanny tbh
On the other hand he might not want to hold the baby for long periods of time
He's anxious about dropping them or something
This man puts on the research googles as soon as he sees the kid
He is investigating and checking the kid to see everything is ok but also to record how in the three realms this could happen?
If the kid is a bit older you can bet he is that fun, careless, dangerous uncle that everyone has
The kid loves him cuz they get in trouble together!
He is sich a bad influence but also kinda good at taking care of the kid?
Like, they get into very weird and dangerous situations but the kid never has a single bruise or bump on them even when solomon looks like he was run over by a truck on fire
Its endearing to say the least
It doesn't mean you dont hmget worried or that Solomon won't get scolded by Barbatos, Lucifer and Simeon but you can at least trust that he protects kid MC with all of his might
At first he was a bit jealous of mc paying so much attention to the baby and then he was a bit scared of touching the kid cuz even for a 10 year old angel, his natural strength is so much more than a human and nobody is sure how delicate the baby actually is
But then he holds it for the first time and
B i g b r o t h e r m o d e a c t i v a t e d
He is so protective of this kid omg, he has self proclaimed himself as guardian angel
He goes to barbatos and starts learning about healthy baby food to make with beel so little spawn is very well fed and grows strong!
If he new anything about taking care of babies he wouldn't let the demons get close to the kid except barb!
Take a picture of Luke that fell asleep with little MC kid on his chest at nap time
Adopt him plz
Everyone should love luke i swear
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royalelusts · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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royalelusts · 16 days ago
I’m going to go write bat Bard headcannons🏃🏾‍♀️💨💨
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obeymebutcursed · 17 days ago
The boys get addicted to watching Marvel movies and all of them start trying to cosplay.
I wasn't gonna answer anymore asks but I saw this and I had to
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