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#obey me! beel
otome-smut-queen · 3 hours ago
A Bad Day for the Avatar of Gluttony
Fandom: Obey Me! Suitor: Beelzebub Tags: Commission, frustration sex, stonewalling, sex as an outlet, Asmo being a little bit of a shit, Belphie being grumpy, fingering, oral sex, sex as a midnight snack, smut
She wasn’t always a fan of the late evenings where Beel would stay after school and play his sports, but it wasn’t something that Bella would dream of asking him to stop. She knew that he loved her more than anything, as she flicked through a new recipe book that had arrived, hoping that she would be able to find something that would sate the Demon of Greed’s insatiable stomach.
Her ears perked up at the sound of heavy footsteps and she sat up eagerly from slouching on the bed in the twins’ shared room. The book discarded carelessly to the side as the door was thrown open in a manner Beel normally wouldn’t do. If she wasn’t looking with her own eyes at the Avatar of Gluttony, then Bella would have said it was Satan instead. She could feel his anger threatening to burst through his demeanour as he dropped his gym bag to the floor at the foot of the bed, and stormed through to get a shower.
She blinked repeatedly, trying to process what she had just seen. It was the last thing she expected out of Beel, but then again, it was not the first time that she had seen him angry. His fury was able to rival Satan at times, and the house had been remodelled on several occasions because of it due to blasts taking out the kitchen and what was technically Bella’s room, though she didn’t spend that much time in it and tended to sleep in Beel’s bed with him. Belphie alternated between sleeping in his bed in the same room and sleeping in the attic where he had been held captive for several months by Lucifer. He didn’t always appreciate Beel’s hunger for Bella in the middle of the night and complained that they interrupted his dreams. Not that Beel would allow his twin to stop on his determined course.
Her fingers played with the ends of her hair, listening to the sounds of the shower washing off the sweat he had built up. It worried her that he hadn’t greeted her like he was akin to when he arrived home. Bella would normally be home earlier than Beel since she didn’t participate in the sports clubs, so it was routine for her to wait for him in his shared room once she had done her light homework. Her brow creased as she impatiently waited for the shower to turn off, she could only hope that he would talk to her like he normally would. If dinner didn’t interrupt them, that was, as she heard the shower turn off. She swung her legs around, her feet on the floor, sitting up straight as she had every intention of talking to him and listening before he emerged out of the locked room after a short period. He was no longer coated in the sheen of sweat and looking more like his normal self. Though the flicker in his eyes told Bella that his temper was anything but calm.
Not that she was going to be allowed a chance to ask him anything as Asmodeus’ voice floated through the home, calling everyone for dinner. She swallowed nervously, watching as Beel silently turned away from her and stormed off down the stairs, leaving her feeling deflated at the sight of her retreating boyfriend before following in his footsteps dejectedly.
Belphie was acting grumpier than usual at dinner, glaring actively at Beel as the sleepy Demon picked through dinner in his usual manner. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do, it didn’t seem like the ideal setting to enquire as to what was bothering the Avatar of Gluttony while his siblings were all present. And being incredibly annoying by their own standards. Asmodeus was switching rapidly between flirting at Bella, insinuating about the sex life of Bella and Beel, and then not so subtly suggesting that there should be a threesome between the three of them so that the Human could experience sex with the Avatar of Lust. It was taking everything in Bella to ignore him, which did the trick after a few minutes of no responses from either of the couple. Satan was apparently in a mood to agitate Lucifer, mostly by insulting Mammon as Levi joined in happily to mock the Avatar of Greed. Belphie wouldn’t help naturally, throwing in spiteful comments that would have made Satan proud at moments as Bella was focused on trying to get through dinner alive. Beel was hovering up any food that came in his vicinity, and she had moved quickly to make sure that she had enough on her plate before he ate everything up on the platters around them. There was an unpleasant oppressiveness to the air, but Bella felt helpless to resolve anything without Beel opening up to her.
His purple eyes were focused on the food, he didn’t look at her as she decided that dinner was a lost cause. She pushed her half-eaten plate towards him and winced silently as he took the plate without looking at her. Lucifer thankfully left the table not too long after, giving the rest of them the chance to escape the spreading bad mood. The little Ds were quick to clear everything up, collecting the plates nearly as quickly as Beel could clear them of food, before the Avatar of Gluttony finally ran out of things to eat, and then left the table.
Bella could feel her inner anxieties begin to threaten to overwhelm her. She would be sleeping in her room for the night it seemed, as she plodded through the House of Lamentation. She passed the evening sprawled out on her bed, scrolling through different social media sites, and playing some mindless games in an attempt to distract herself before it was time to change for bed. The silky camisole was loose on her torso, with a pair of shorts to match, all in Beel’s favourite colours since he normally enjoyed teasing her with the fabrics before peeling her out of them. It made her miss him even more as she looked herself over in the mirror before throwing herself back into bed. Her hand automatically reached for her phone, planning to do a little mindless reading on a fanfiction site as she settled back down into her pillow pile.
Only a few minutes had passed before her door opened. She looked up to see the still grumpy looking Beel present and watched him lock the door to her bedroom. Her heart was in her throat as the expression on his face could only be described as predatory by the Human as Bella was keenly aware of the size and strength difference between them both. It felt like an age had passed before Beel moved, throwing the covers off the bed to expose her to him, and she heard him groan darkly as his eyes roved over her body in the outfit that he had purposely bought her. She wasn’t sure that it was the smartest outfit choice she had ever made as she began to understand why most foods seemed to tremble in fear in the presence of the Avatar of Gluttony. She swallowed nervously and loudly, her phone plucked from her hands and placed next to the lit lamp on the bedside table before Beel was on his front and peeling her legs apart. Not that Bella really had the chance to stop him. Her heart was thumping in her chest, threatening to beat out of her chest at the looks he was giving her as she found her panties getting damp at the show in front of her.
He yanked her hips forward, pulling her whole body with ease so that only her head was elevated by the pillows as he then tore her panties and shorts off her hips. She squealed, but the glare Beel gave her made her words wither and die in her throat. She didn’t know what was bothering him, but he apparently wasn’t in the mood for a discussion as a broad sweep of his tongue up her slit threatened to fry her brain. Her fingers dug into his hair, holding on tight as the Avatar of Gluttony decided to eat her like she was his last meal in existence. His tongue was erratic, the motions sloppy as he angrily gripped at her hips to keep her in place. Bella whined, pulling harshly on his hair as she tried to wriggle against his hold. She knew that she would likely have bruising from her normally gentle giant after this, but he also knew exactly what she liked, and continued relentlessly down his current path. It was like he hadn’t eaten for centuries, and she was a delicately displayed dessert, ripe for his taking as his tongue finally slipped into her pussy. He knew how to curl it, how to angle his nose against her clit to make her a puddle at his mercy.
Her first orgasm was ripped swiftly from her body. She shrieked as she spasmed around his tongue, her hips trying to buck free from his hold and grind herself against his face. Then Beel sped up and continued to work furiously to her second climax, and then her third before he dared to pull away from her. Both of them were panting and heaving, a slight sheen of sweat over their bodies as Bella could feel her cheeks heating up red in embarrassment.
His kiss was harsh and dominating, as Bella felt her body melt into the bed. She could taste her arousal as their tongues sloppily tangled and tried to pause as she felt Beel tugging at her camisole top. Then the inevitable sound of fabric ripping swiftly followed without the Demon letting her stop kissing him. She didn’t know what had gotten into Beel, but he felt insatiable for her as his hands cupped her breasts, pulling and pinching on the nipples as he roughly massaged the mounds. She was in danger of soaked the sheets underneath him from how wet he was making her, especially since he had made her cum three times before daring to move his mouth up her body. Her hips writhed under his body, arching up and trying to grind against something, desperate for any form of release before the Avatar of Gluttony pulled back from her.
She was gasping for breath, feeling exposed in every sense of the word under his predatory purple gaze as Beel simply sat back on his thighs and took in her naked form. Bella was about to reach for the sheets to cover herself when he peeled his own clothes off without ceremony, moving as gracefully as he could in his eagerness to be naked. She caught herself drooling at the sight of naked and hard Beel, blushing as he smirked back at her and having caught her in the act. She immediately looked away before his forefinger and thumb jerked her head back, glaring at her for her defiance. It was slightly terrifying to know that the Demon could easily overpower her, but he had been careful enough to make sure that he didn’t snap her neck like he could a twig. He knew how to use his strength to his advantage and made Bella keep her eyes on him, pinning her wrists under one of his hands and over the top of her head as he knelt back on the bed.
If she hadn’t had been going out of her mind with lust for the man in front of her, then she would have been ashamed at just how aroused she really was. His thick fingers parted her swollen lips, admiring the state that his lover was in over him before he ran the head of his cock along her slit to coat himself in her liberal arousal. He purposely took his time, nudging her clit several times just to watch her body jump and try to push him into her wanting pussy. It was a cute display. She had no chance at getting Beel to move an inch, but Bella was starting to lose her mind to the lust that the Demon had ignited inside her.
Beel slammed all his length inside her in one fluid motion. Her head was thrown back into the pile of pillows, loud moans falling out of her mouth that sounded like they should be coming from Asmodeus’ room instead. She was clamped down tightly around his shaft, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as the Avatar of Gluttony lifted his hand off her wrists with a grunt and grabbed instead at her hips. Bella found herself helpless to his barrage of thrusts, her lower body held firmly in place as he rutted into her repeatedly. His cock would brush against the spongy spot inside of her, making her body shiver and then he would chuckle darkly and repeat the motion. His eyes greedily soaked up how his cock felt inside of her, not giving Bella the opportunity to respond to any part. Her whole body was helpless, following his rough paced thrusting as she clawed at the sheets and pillows around them. Her mantra of moaning his name repeatedly was making it harder to focus on fucking the hell out of her as he growled possessively and pulled out of her without warning.
Not that Bella had any chance to ask why.
He flipped her onto her hands and knees, slapping the inside of her thighs to keep her legs parted for him as the Human blinked at the sudden change. Then Beel’s cock slowly slid back into her. He savoured the feeling this time, her pussy sucking him back in eagerly and always wanting more as Bella threw her head back and groaned. He slapped her ass, chuckling as he watched her cheek jiggle and turn red in response to the force. Beel had been careful to not use too much force, shattering her pelvis was the last thing he wanted to do at this moment. It was the most ‘normal’ he had felt all day as he continued to slowly push into her. The way she dipped her back and arched her hips made it feel all the more magnificent before his hips met hers.
Bella was moaning like a bad porn actress, begging for him to move and how close she was to climax. Not that she dared to lift her hands off the mattress as Beel soaked up the sensation. She had no idea about why he was doing this, but she was long past caring at that moment before Beel began to jackhammer his hips against hers, slamming his cock deep into her. It made him smirk to hear her squeaks and moans, especially when her chest dropped to the bed and giving him a new angle and even tighter feeling around his shaft.
It wasn’t going to take him too long to cum at the rate he was going, but then Bella screamed as she climaxed. It was always a boost to his ego that he was able to please his lover without the need to touch her clit in situations like this. Though he was only able to last a few more thrusts before his orgasm consumed him. He unleashed a roar as his nails broke the skin on her hips, holding her steady as he pumped her full of his cum, the soft whimpers of overstimulation lost in the whole-body consumption of his climax.
He dropped his weight to the side, his softening cock pulling out of Bella reluctantly as he rolled onto his back. Beel stared up at the ceiling as he lost himself in his thoughts. He didn’t realise that Bella was doing the cleaning up until a few minutes later when she was gently wiping him down with a warm, soft cloth and smiling lovingly at him. He could see that she had already cleaned herself up as he frowned in concern at the state of her hips.
“Do you feel better?” Her voice was so gentle and free of judgment that it made him feel a little guilty.
He swallowed and sat up, his hand cupping her cheek, stroking her skin as she smiled lovingly back at him. Her giggle was angelic as she leant forward and kissed him on the forehead.
“Let me finish cleaning us up and then we can talk, yeah?”
Beel ended up finding one of the pairs of clean boxers he kept in her room for occasions like this and made a note on his DDD to replace her pyjamas that he had ripped off her. Along with her underwear. He was waiting for her before the bathroom door opened to reveal Bella in a new set of pyjamas. She had only taken to wearing them because his brothers had no sense of privacy and would barge in at all hours, so it gave her a little bit of decency as she climbed back into bed, and snuggled up to his side.
“Belphie had been moaning to me all day about how we had been keeping him up at night constantly, and then no one seemed to remember what we were meant to be practising after school. It didn’t help that Asmo was texting me all day and sending me photos of your backside in the skirt and insinuating that a threesome would have you screaming,” Beel complained, grumbling into her hair as his arms slid around her waist naturally. “Then Mammon was asking me for money, even though he’s still not paid me back from last time and was saying that you’d be disappointed in me for not lending it to him. Belphie was just sniping and saying that you didn’t sound genuine when we were having sex, and Satan was saying that you could be heard across the house and it interrupted him from reading too.”
The blush on her cheeks at the realisation that they hadn’t been as quiet as she believed was adorable before she shook her head and sighed. Her touch against his cheeks was so soft, he couldn’t believe his luck as he kissed the palm of her hand on automation.
“Maybe we should sleep in here for a few nights, and maybe invest in getting the room soundproofed as well. And I wouldn’t be disappointed in you for sticking to your beliefs as I know you would. I think the rest are just jealous, and I’ll tear Asmodeus’ head off if he texts you about my ass again,” she smiled, though Beel was starting to fear for his brother’s life at the hands of the Human exchange student. Not that Bella would let him dwell on any of it, kissing him softly on the lips to bring him back to the present. “A bad day is fine, my sweet, you’re only Demon after all, and you feel better now. So, we should get some rest before you get hungry for a midnight snack.”
Her laughter was adorable as he pulled her flush to him, burying his face in her hair as they wrapped their arms around each other, content to hold each other just for a moment longer before sleep took them both.
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the-mourning-stars · 5 hours ago
Hey um can I request about MC who has a angry issue and how will the obey me brother deal with MC
Ofc!! My brother has anger issues so I kind of based it off that. I also did it hcs!
Tw: anger issues, shouting, throwing things
He knew about your anger issues. It was on your form when he chose you.
When he can tell you're on the verge of a meltdown, he tells everyone to leave the room
Let's you shout and yell, ducking out the way as you throw things
Tries to get through to you but also keep his distance
Uses a stern voice to ground you
Makes sure to hold you after, or sit with you
No, but he doesn’t understand it
When you start shouting, he’s unsure of what to do
and if you’re one to spew insults, oh boy, his trust is broken
As soon as it’s explained, he feels bad
Asks the best ways to help you and to calm you down.
Supportive bf
Human anger issues
“Okay... I can deal with this..”
Talks about things you enjoy when you’re having a meltdown.
If it’s a small outburst, he cn deal with it better
Big outbursts are a little more difficult but he does not leave your side
He will listen while you shout, trying to ground you all the while.
Dries your tears gently after
As the avatar of wrath, he knows anger is a difficult feeling
He gets mad at everything and will try his best to keep you calm in all sorts of situations
Recommends you all sorts of activities to manage your anger
When you have a meltdown in front of him, he’s grateful. Glad you’re able to trust him.
Will sit and read aloud to you when you’re shouting
strokes your hair and offers to shower with you after.
AAAAAAAAA he does not do well with anger
As soon as Lucifer told him, he was weary but willing to help
Researched human techniques and brought cushions for you to throw and punch instead of using his  own ones.
Meditation, breathing techniques and mindfulness are  his go-to techniques to help
He can have a venomous tongue so if you get angry at him, he has to hold back
But reminds you that your anger is not your fault.
Reminds you that he loves you, no matter what
Baby was so shocked when you shouted at him
He thought it might be because he ate your leftovers, and felt bad
Mammon explained your anger problems
He also does research on it and comes up with an anger management plan to help you.
offers exercise as a way to let all your anger out
Want a hug after, he’s scooped you up and not letting you go
Also surprised when you yelled at him
Sort like Beel, helps you make an anger management plan
Helps dry your tears and actually gets out of bed to help you
Hates seeing you so upset, but super happy you feel like you can trust him
If you’re exhausted after a meltdown, he’s happy to open his arms and let you rest against him.
Tries his best to help as best he can
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obeymesideblog · 7 hours ago
Beelzebub: You want me to flex and make all the buttons pop off my shirt?
MC: Yes! You can do that?
Beelzebub: The challenge is keeping the buttons on.
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totally-true · 10 hours ago
nah bc earlier i was replaying to beach challenge on obey me and when beel like devoured my heart likr i been in live w him but noe im debating ordering a cardboard cutout of him..
but anyway id like to request beel fluff, i mean like purely this man ransacing my heart
— 🛢 anon
I'm sorry this took a while, I've been doing other stuff. Also, I love that you guys are assigning yourselves emojis lol. Oh yea, another thing, the quality of oneshots is better when I get a more specific request. This request is perfectly fine, but I have a bit of trouble coming up with storylines on my own without a specific thing to work with, so if the quality is a bit low that's why. Tbh, I feel like this might have been better as a text chat,,,,,
There are times in everyone's lives that they feel bad and need a cuddle, even Beel. He had gotten detention again because of his stomach growling in class again. As usual he texted you about it, so you decided to do something to cheer him up. While he was in detention you decided to make him a cake. When you were finished you added cute flowers made of frosting and a small assortment of berries in the middle. You brought the cake up to your room so that he could enjoy it there and texted him to meet you there when he came home.
He was so worn out looking when he stepped through the door. He kept his gaze locked on the floor, a small frown on his face. Giving him a smile you brought his attention to the cake. The cake helped to cheer him up, while he ate you sat behind him rubbing his shoulders. He made sure to give you bites of from his hand. (On this blog we eat cake with our hands 😤)
When he finished his cake he cleaned his hands before getting into bed with you. You laid on your back with his head on your chest. The two of you laid like that, with you petting his hair until he fell asleep.
Tumblr media
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plaguebeel · 11 hours ago
What the brothers hugs are like. 
Lucifer’s hugs are private. He is not the biggest fan of PDA and would much rather hug you when the two of you are alone. Not to say he never hugs you in public, he just prefers to do it while alone.
His public hugs are loose, soft and partially side hugs.
His private hugs are still gentle but have a lot more ‘unf’ to them. It will be a full on embrace where he loosely grabs you and lingers there for a few seconds longer then he probably should. They’re very relaxing and comforting.
If you're a big fan of affection, he’ll hug you in accomplishment for doing well on your tasks, getting good grades, not encouraging his brothers stupid behavior, etc.
This man's hugs are peak desperation. They are grabby, needy, clumsy, tight and protective. His hugs feel like a kid who got lost in a store, was convinced he would never see his parents again, but just found them and this was their passionate embrace.
He’s almost constantly trying to give you side hugs in public to let others know to fuck off, and a little bit because he just wants to be close to you. Always giving excuses to touch and hug you till you ask him to stop twice.
Loses his shit with pride when you initiate hugs. Will rub it in the face of anyone around.
Very much a hugger when it comes to cuddling, and he cuddles a lot. His hugs are more loose/normal when cuddling until you try and leave, then he’ll tackle you to get you to stay.
He could barely touch you, much less hug you for a very long time. It took him a lot of working up to do. The first hugs were shaky, clingy, limp and awkward. It was almost more of a ‘I’m grabbing you so you don’t leave’ kind of situation then a hug.
Eventually as the two of you grew more comfortable being in each other's space they became less shaky. Not no shaking, just less. He prefers to bury his face into your shoulder/head while hugging to avoid eye contact.
He liked to have his hair patted/pet your hair while hugging. He saw it in anime, tried it out and ended up enjoying it.
Once he grows even more comfortable, he’ll use hugs to compliment you about how cute you are being. “Moe Moe~!”
 Satan has versatile hugs. I mean everyone's hugs depend on the situation, but Satan’s in particular have a wide range.
 His hugs tend to be short and light. Not the most loving, but not unloving.
 He does like hugging while cuddling, as long as he can still see his book. His cuddle hugs last longer and are significantly more tender. They almost always involve petting.
 He’s also not the biggest fan of hugging in public, he’d much rather hold your hand.
 That is, until he finds out Lucifer gets angry or jealous when the two of you hug. He’ll ramp up the hugging to ten. Very touchy, loud positive words of affirmation to draw attention to the situation, etc.
 Like Satan, Asmodeus has versatile hugs, but in a different way. He’s good at reading your mood and knowing what kind of hug you need in the moment.
 He prefers affectionate, cuddly hugs with a kiss added in. They are velvety and make you feel trusted, a similar feeling to drinking nighttime tea in your favorite sleepy place.
 His hugs are toned down while casually cuddling, but still just as loving. They’re more loose and display an equal understanding of trust between the two of you.
 He will not tone down the intensity of his hugging for the public unless you express discomfort with it. This man is not ashamed to let everyone know he loves you. 
 His hugs involve a lot of kisses and while he’s normally good at reading you, you will have to ask him to stop if you don’t want any.
At first his hugs were gentle because he was scared of hurting you. They were full body, but it felt more like his arms were draped around you then squeezing you.
 Eventually after he realized he could give you tight hugs without breaking you, they became a lot more bearish. They’re still gentle (for him), but it's also tight and a true full body experience. 
 He liked to hug you from behind and pick you up, which frequently pops your back in a very satisfying way.
 A lot of his hugs are surprise hugs. He’ll see you in the hallway at RAD and get so excited he has to run up and give you a big hug.
 If you're dating or okay with platonic kisses, almost all his hugs will have head/forehead kisses. Smell is very important to him and if he’s not kissing you in his hugs he's probably smelling you
 Belpahgor’s hugs are possessive. They include less squeezing and more clinging then hugging. 
 The only time his hugs aren’t clingy is when the two of you are laying down together, and then they’re only not clingy half the time. His non-needy hugs while laying down with you involve a lot of nuzzling and gentle squeezes.
 His needy hugs while laying down are entirely for the purpose of keeping you laying down. He doesn't want you to get up and ruin his blanket fort. 
 He gives a lot of side hugs that just lead to him sleeping on your shoulder.
 He does sometimes hug you just to make his brothers jealous. 
 Just like Beel, if you're okay with platonic kisses or dating, a lot of his hugs will have sloppy cheek kisses. But you have to be careful because he could just be trying to bite you.
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pondwatr04 · 11 hours ago
Obey me fic?? angst???
Hello everyone! I know I don’t have a very large following, but I was wondering what the interest level of a obey me fic i’ve been working on would have with any of you! It will be Fem!Mc with plenty of angst!
Summary: After the multiple attempts on Mc’s life, the demon brothers have found themselves becoming more and more possessive over her, to the point where Mc is beginning to feel suffocated by their protectiveness. This all accumulates into a ginormous fight between Mc and the brothers after she was discovered adventuring the streets of Devildom BY HERSELF. In the heat of the moment, Mc uses her pacts to quell their fighting, harming the brothers in the process. Out of anguish due to what she unwitting did to her precious demons and how they have been treating her, she runs away and seeks a way to break the pacts, for her own sake and the brothers. Cue desperate searching for her, fighting/forgiveness between MC and the brothers, lots of hurt feelings!
I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or reblogs! Be on the lookout for the first chapter soon!
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twiceasfrustrating · 15 hours ago
Anime Night
Rating: Teen and Up
Category: F/M
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Relationship: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character, Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character, Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character, Belphagor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Main Character
Characters: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Belphagor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Reader, Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)
Additional Tags: Kissing, handholding, fluff, Mammon being slightly possessive (but not overly so)
Summary: You just want to enjoy a good ol' traditional anime night, but sometimes your boyfriends can be distracting idiots.
Anime night was one of your favorite traditions. It started as an excuse for Levi to show you all of his favorite anime for the Devildom, but you also got to show off some of your own choices from the human realm. It was like your own little otaku binge night masquerading as some kind of cultural exchange. Along the way, however, you had managed to pick up a few other members for your little anime club. Mammon joined after he was introduced to TSL in your very first weeks in the Devildom; Beel joined because he liked spending time with his family and there was always an excess of snacks; Belphie was there to be with you and Beel; Satan would sometimes join if the anime for the night was based on a novel he liked (note: novel, not comic or manga); Lucifer refused to join, usually siting that he still had work to do; and Asmo was banned after a certain incident that you promised to never mention again.
Tonight, it was the usual five members gathered in the large common room (which was the new space after Levi's room proved not to be the best place to hold an entire family of screaming anime fans). Although, it felt more like four since Belphegor had already fallen asleep and was leaning against his twin, pillow cradled against his chest. You had taken your usual spot in the arrangement, sitting in the middle and zealously guarding your small bowl of popcorn from Beel. Speaking of, that particular brother was sitting on the ground, leaning back against you legs and currently ravishing his ninth serving of popcorn. Levi was to your right, eating a box of pocky as he tried get into the right mindset for an anime. Mammon on your left, ignoring his own snacks at the moment, completely engrossed in the scene on screen.
"EHHH! No way!" Mammon was apparently the only one that hadn't figured out the twist yet, so he had to voice his surprise. Even so, you wished he wouldn't voice it so loudly. You could feel your left ear ringing.
"They all but said it two episodes ago." You snickered at his innocent reaction. It was like he enjoyed letting the anime explain everything for him and unraveling it at the exact pace the show wanted.
"Really? When did you figure it out then?" He challenged your deduction skills.
"About six episodes back." You stick your tongue out at him. He should have known better than to question how quickly you caught onto the little hints the anime had been dropping.
"I noticed it two episodes ago." Beel added in between fists full of popcorn.
"The first time I saw this, I figured it out at around episode three." Levi chimed in.
You had to question that statement though,"Didn't you read the manga this is based on?"
His purple hair covered his eyes almost completely as he looked toward the ground in shame, "They changed that part when they adapted it, so it still counts."
"No way! Ya don't get to brag about that one." Mammon put a pout on his face and turned back to the show without another word.
You smiled softly at him, your face illuminated only by the glow of the projection in front of you all. The colors of the screen danced across your skin as you leaned over and gently placed a kiss against his cheek, "Don't pout. It was cute when you figured it out." His enthusiasm was endearing and certainly one of your favorite traits of his.
Mammon froze when he felt your lips against his face, only turning to look at you when he fully processed what you had just done. As he looked at your dimly lit face, he leaned in and returned the kiss, this time against your lips. With some force, he places his hands on your hips and pulls you closer until your shoulder touches his side.
"Mammon!" You whine against him, knowing the pure hell he has just unleashed. You try to wiggle back to your original spot, but his arm is still wrapped around your waist and he refuses to release you.
He leans his head against your shoulder, burying his face into you, "Mine." Of course this is the time he would pick to get greedy and try to monopolize you. You sigh, just waiting for the inevitable.
"Hey!" And there it was. Levi was no longer paying attention to the screen, instead focusing on you and your current placement in the group, "You don't get to hog them!"
"We're supposed to share, Mammon..." Beel added in, since the second-born pulling you from your spot caused your legs to shift away from him. He already missed you, even though you were in the same room.
The avatar of greed's grip on you tightened, "Get yer own human."
You roll your eyes, "Can someone pause the show if you're going to fight? I actually want to watch this." You say, but you are pretty sure Levi isn't concerned about that at the moment.
"M A M M O N!" Levi is nowhere near as intimidating as Lucifer when he says his older brother's name, but you still feel the chill running down your spine.
You have to stop him before something terrible actually happens, "Alright. Human in the way. Please don't summon Lotan." You have no interest in dealing with that issue again. One time was enough to last your entire life, "Levi, move over here. Beel you skosh over too." Both of them do so, Beel making sure to wake up Belphie so he knows they are moving closer to you. The younger of the two looks mildly disgruntled that he was woken up, but gets over it quickly since he would prefer to be with you than not.
Mammon made a very obvious noise of displeasure when the others join you both, to which you place a hand against his face and give him another kiss on the lips, "You did this to yourself."
"Do we all get one of those too?" It was the first thing Belphie had said all night since the marathon had started.
You feel a small blush cross your face. You really should have seen that coming, "Right now?"
The look the other brothers that hadn't gotten a sign of affection yet clearly said yes, right now.
You sigh, "Fine."  You give Mammon a side-eye that tells him that he has to let go now and you won't accept any backtalk.
He grumbles something in a language you don't recognize as he lets go of you, getting a response from Belphie in the same tongue. They always did that when they didn't want you to understand what they were saying and it made you feel a little left out.
But that was an issue for a different day. For now, you had to play fair and show how much you loved each of your boyfriends. You started with Levi since he was next to you on the couch, feeling how nervous and uncertain his kisses were, even after all this time. It was adorable in its own way. Next was Beel, who was always willing to show off that his status as the personification of gluttony didn't just apply to food. His kisses were full of a kind of hunger that made you feel weak every time, forcing you to pull away before he decided to eat you alive (metaphorically of course). Last was Belphie, who was surprisingly gentle with his affection. His kisses were not delicate, but they matched his lazy nature in a way you couldn't explain. They made you want to give in to him and let him take control of everything, but now was not the time for that.
You pulled away from him, giving him a warning glare because you knew exactly what he was trying to do. He shrugged and went back to his sleeping spot against Beel, except he wasn't falling back asleep. You followed suit and leaned back into your new spot on the couch, feeling Mammon's arm curl back around your waist and Levi's hand reach over to hold your own. Beel had found his comfortable spot against your legs again, but this time he sat in just a way so that Belphie could also have some contact with you. You loved these idiots of yours, but you wished they could learn to share your time.
You looked over at Levi, "Can we rewind? I missed how the last episode ended." Since they insisted on distracting you.
"Oh yeah," He used his free hand to grab the remote and skip back to where they revealed the big twist.
Belphie stared at the screen, seeming to remain neutral when the twist was revealed for the second time, "Oh. I was wondering when they would finally reveal that." He had figured it out after seeing the cover art on the DVD box.
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lavenderseele · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
MC Mia in a sheep onesie! (with a dash of Beel in the bear onesie) (─‿─)
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static-sock · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm getting his outfit
I literally don't care about anything else except his background that takes 45k points to get
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soft-om · 18 hours ago
demon bros & dateables + MC w/ anxiety
☆ Lucifer:
- when you first came to the Devildom, the last thing Lucifer expected from the human exchange student was for you to be so shy 
- but probably because he was used to his brothers, he got used to you pretty quickly and learned what kinds of situations you were ok in and what was too much for you
- he also let you hide behind him or follow after him if it made you feel better
- in fact, he started to find it endearing about you and came to prefer having your presence nearby finding solace in him
- he would never push you to do something you weren’t comfortable with, which helped you to get closer to him
- if you ever did something that seemed outside of your comfort zone, Lucifer was sure to shower you with praise and tell you how proud he is of you
☆ Mammon:
- he wishes he would have known sooner
- because now he’s worried about all the things he made you do that may have made you feel anxious
- but now that he knows, it’ll be like a switch flipped for him
- he always asks how you feel about doing certain things and he’ll check in to make sure you don’t feel anxious
- he even looked up how to calm someone down when they have an anxiety attack so that he can help you if you ever need it
- this boy just wants to be by your side and do whatever he can to support you
☆ Levi:
- same
- is the first thing out of his mouth when you bring it up
- if you hadn’t figured that out about him by now, then something was wrong with you
- but because he understands what you’re going though, he’s really good at anticipating how you might feel in various situations
- granted his solution is usually just “don’t do anything that might cause you anxiety”
- but at the same time, when it comes to you, he’s surprisingly willing to put himself in situations where he’s uncomfortable in order to make you feel less anxious
☆ Satan:
- Satan actually found out about your anxiety when you had an anxiety attack in front of him
- thankfully, he recalled some books he had read a while back and was able to calm you down
- from that day forward, he started keeping a mental list of the things that could trigger an attack for you
- he also keeps a mental list of things that have succeeded in calming you during an attack or before the attack even occurs
- such has holding your hand in some situations, making you laugh, or even removing you from the situation if necessary
- if nothing else, Satan is really good at hearing you out if you just need to talk for a bit to get all of your anxious thoughts out
☆ Asmo:
- Asmo handled finding out about your social anxiety pretty well considering it happened while he was dragging you out to a busy café
- as he saw you glancing around and fidgeting, he quietly suggested the two of you take your drinks to a park instead
- he put the pieces together on his own when you went back to acting like your normal self once you were seated in an empty corner of the park
- thankfully Asmo knows the Devildom and it’s hotspots well enough that he also knows how to still take you to places without the experience being too anxiety inducing for you
- (he also knows how to use his popularity to make situations better too by convincing the right people)
- plus, he’s good at drawing attention to himself if you ever want to just fade into the background for a bit
☆ Beel:
- Beel likely wouldn’t be fazed at all to find out that you have anxiety
- he might be bit confused by anxiety tics at first, but after a brief explanation he’ll just nod and move on
- it’s not that he doesn’t care and he’s still incredibly thoughtful about it
- he just knows that it won’t do any good for him to stress about it, so he basically just waits for you to tell him what you need from him if anything at all
- in this sense, he’s a great listener and is willing to hear you out anytime
- he also likes to remind you of how strong you are as you deal with anxiety, but if there’s ever a time you feel like you can’t be strong, then he will be strong for you
☆ Belphie:
- for a long time, Belphie though you were just acting that way around him because of everything he did to you
- but then he realized you acted that way with a lot of people and he learned about social anxiety
- he was a little sad that there was still that separation between the two of you, so he vowed to do something about that
- he wanted you to feel safe and calm with him
- before long, he realized that the more time you spent together, the more comfortable you seemed with him
- when the day came when you asked him to go with you somewhere since being with him calmed you down, he could barely hide the happiness he felt
❃ Diavolo:
- being shy and anxious doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re always by the demon lord’s side
- but Diavolo is always there to protect you from the derogatory comments and defend you
- he has a ‘no pressure, no guilt’ policy
- meaning: he will never pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do for whatever reason, and you never have to feel guilty for saying no to things
- all he wants is to always see your smiling face, and he definitely never wants to see you suffering from anxiety
- so then if you ever say yes to something, he will do everything in his power to lessen your anxiety and make sure you enjoy yourself
❃ Barbatos:
- Barbatos is used to watching out for other people and their needs, so he noticed right away when you started showing signs of being anxious
- as a butler, he’s also used to being by people’s sides, so he does the same with you doing his best to keep you from being too anxious
- he’s really subtle about it though
- without you realizing, he’ll guide you to less crowded areas and he never asks you to make decisions that might stress you out
- if it seems like your thoughts are racing, he knows just how to distract you to get you out of your head
- at the end of the day, he’ll give you a kiss on the forehead and tell you that you did really well
❃ Solomon:
- gotta admit, Solomon as a person and his personality can be cause for anxiety
- when he finds out you feel that way, he’ll probably be shocked and a little upset
- but above all else, he doesn’t want to make you anxious, so he legitimately starts evaluating his behavior and asking you what makes you anxious
- surprisingly good at opening the line of communication so that you feel comfortable confiding in him about your anxiety
- once Solomon understands where you’re coming from better, he becomes your #1 supporter
- his chaotic nature can really come in handy when he needs to pull you out of a conversation or the two of you decide to leave an event
❃ Simeon:
- no presence is more soothing than Simeon’s when it comes to your anxiety
- he just has this angelic smile and warm aura that helps to ground you in so many situations
- at first you weren’t sure about showing your anxiety tics in front of him, but when you did, he said he liked them because they told him how you were feeling
- Simeon has like motherly instincts or something, because he can tell when you’re starting to get overwhelmed and is somehow right there at your side
- he also has a skill for knowing the right time to whisk you away from a situation that is giving you anxiety
- then he’ll wrap his arms around you and provide all the comfort and support you need
❃ Luke:
- this sweet boy would have no idea how to act
- he’d end up overthinking things and worrying about every little thing when it comes to you because he doesn’t want you to be anxious
- there were more than a few times when he went to Simeon or even Solomon for advice on what to do
- he eventually started asking to hold your hand “so that you don’t get separated”, but you know he’s just trying to help you feel less anxious
- if you seem like you have something eating away at your mind, he’ll invite you to bake with him
- he’s still a little clueless, but he’s trying his hardest which is enough to put a smile on your face
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void-chickadee · 22 hours ago
The Demon Brothers as cars I’ve seen at Daikoku recently
Because I’m still a shit writer but a kinda okay photographer. Needless to say all photos are mine
Tumblr media
This cleeeeeean GT-R R33
Tumblr media
This slammed Silvia 😍
Tumblr media
A member of the Subi gang. Probably would call it a subuwu
Tumblr media
This hot hot hot HOOOOT chrome green GT-R R34
Tumblr media
This sexy old ass Honda that I don’t even know the name of
Tumblr media
This seeexy chaser that’s for sure a drift car
Tumblr media
This lil’ Evo that looks cute but is probably a beast
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strawberryhugs · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here! Have a drawing I made! I saw a character pose base for a guy holding a drink while taking a picture of himself, and my brain immediately went to Beel-
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beels-burger-babe · 23 hours ago
A Little Voice Told Me - Pt.1
Tumblr media
***This request gives me sooooooooo many Sk8 The Infinity Sad!Reki vibes it's insane! Which, as the angst-obsessed weirdo that I am, I love. For anyone curious, I set out my specifications for asks with poly!mc dating all the demon bros in a previous ask HERE. I hope this is something along the lines of what you're looking for @ang3lsblue *** Summary: Words hurt and leave their scars. MC learns this the hard way after hearing some not-so-nice whispers about them while on a date with Beel. How are they supposed to be the partner of the seven lords of the Devildom when they just don't measure up? Part Two: HERE, Part Three: HERE Date night was always difficult when it came to dating the seven lords of the Devildom. For starters, it was in the nature of several of to keep you to themselves. Leviathan and Mammon in particular had a hard time adjusting to the idea that you loved all the brothers equally and wanted to spend time with all of them. Things were bumpy when the relationship first got started, but after some communication and careful negotiation, you were all able to find a way to make this work. One particular boundary that had been set up early on was a line up from oldest to youngest of who got to take you out on a date next. That day, in particular, had been Beel's turn. The two of you were at a professional Fangol game. Although you had a decent understanding of the sport from watching Beel's practices and games so often, you still found yourself leaning over to ask him questions from time to time. Beel would smile, and answer them easily without an ounce of judgement. The night had been going wonderfully with Beel's favourite team winning as the half-time buzzer went off. The friendly giant stood and looked down at you. "I'm going to go get some snacks from the canteen. Did you want to come with me?" You smiled at him and shook your head. "No, I'm pretty comfy here. Will you get me popcorn and a bottle of water while you're there though?" He knelt down and kissed the top of your head. "Sure thing, Honey Bun. I'll be right back. Stay here and be careful, okay?"
You giggled and waved at your doting boyfriend as he walked away. You pulled out your D.D.D. and began responding to the few texts that your other partners had sent you checking on things and making sure that you were okay. You were in the middle of responding to particularly curious Leviathan when you began to notice the words being spoken around you. "That's them right? The human that's sleeping around with the Avatars of Sin?" "God, what do the Lords even see in them? I mean seriously? They're just a pathetic human." "Honestly, the brothers are probably only dating them out of pity. I mean what else could it be?" "Did you see Beelzebub walk away earlier? He couldn't wait to get away from them. I bet he's ditching them right now." "Ha! Maybe I should go find him? Diavolo knows that anything would be better than dating a weakling like that." "The human needs to take a hint and back off. They can't even compare to the lords. I mean they're the strongest demons in the Devildom, and who is this human? Nothing. They'll never even compare." You froze clutching your D.D.D. tightly in your hand. What those asshole lower demons were saying, wasn't true right? Your boyfriends loved you and had proved it a number of times. This was just nothing jealous gossip. "Can you imagine being as blind and naïve as they are? Like how do they not see how much they annoy the brothers?" You winced as slid down in your seat a little. You did have the tendency to go off and do exactly what the brothers told you not to do. You were constantly stirring up trouble and getting involved in business that wasn't yours to meddle with. They were always having to protect you and save you from the messes that you had made yourself. You really were just a defenseless, small, human in a world of powerful strong demons after all. That much was true. Now that you thought about it, there was some logic to what these other demons were saying. Demons live for centuries if not millennia. You would be dead within the next several decades. Why would they waste their time tying themselves down to someone whose existence is a mere blink of an eye to them? Why are you allowing yourself to hold them back? "MC?" You flinched and looked up to see Beel frowning down at you in concern from behind the mountain of snacks that he was carrying. He sat down and set the food on his lap, so that he could place a hand on your shoulder. "Are you alright? You look upset?" You didn't want to ruin the night for Beelzebub. He had been looking forward to this game for weeks. You flashed him a fake smile and nodded. "Everything's fine Beel. Just daydreamed a little while you were gone." He looked at you with uncertainty as you grabbed your water and popcorn from his stash. "Are you sure MC? If something's wrong, we can go home and watch a movie or-" The buzzer signaling the start of the next quarter. It was exactly the distraction you needed to get the focus off of you. "Oh look! The games about to start again! You should start working on those nachos before they go cold." You could feel Beelzebub's eyes on you as you stubbornly stared at the field. He squeezed your shoulder once, before pulling his hand away and beginning to munch on his collection of food. You were much quieter for the rest of the night. You stopped asking Beel about things that confused you about the sport. You barely touched your popcorn. Even though you were watching the players the whole time, you couldn't remember a single thing that happened after halftime. Although you were physically at the game, in your head you were running through every single time you had inconvenienced your partners. As the minutes ticked by, it became glaringly obvious to you that the demons were right. You didn't deserve them. You jumped as the final buzzer went off, and blinked at the scoreboard. Beel's team had won. You got on your feet and urged yourself to cheer like everyone else around you. Beelzebub's eyebrows narrowed as he watched you, and you could tell that he was suspicious of you. You
tried to up your game and laughed at him. "Why are you so serious? You should be celebrating! Your team won!" You stood on your tippy-toes and poked his cheeks into a smile. Beel chuckled and took your hands into his own, pressing a kiss to them. "You're right. I'm sorry." You tried not let your smile falter as you heard people whisper about how disgusting it was that he was even touching a being like you. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder, unaware of voices talking lowly about the two of you, and began to walk out of the arena. "We should probably go home. It's been a long day, huh?" The walk home was quiet and tense. Beel obviously knew that something was wrong, but you just couldn't bring yourself to talk about it yet. As you arrived at the House of Lamentation, Levi was pouting in the living room. "You can't just have MC to yourself all night, Beel. It's no fair to the rest of us." Belphegor flicked Levi's head as he walked by. "It's his turn for date night, Levi. He can do whatever he damn pleases. You didn't hear any of us complaining when you holed MC up in your room gaming and watching animes for twenty-four hours on your last date night." Leviathan huffed and sunk down into the couch, purposely stretching out his legs so that Belphie couldn't sit. Belphie rolled his eyes and ruffled your hair as he approached the two of you. "How was the game? Did you have fun?" The evening's discoveries were weighing down on you as you tried to pull together a small smile for Belphie. "It was fantastic! Beel's team won and there was confetti and everything!" You held your breath as the twins made eye contact and silently agreed that you were keeping something from them. Before anyone could say anything you gave them both kisses on the cheeks. "I-I'm feeling pretty tired though. So I think I'm going to head to bed," before they could react you made your way towards your room. "Thanks for the night out Beel! I loved it. See you in the morning!" And you were gone. The three brothers blinked at where you once stood. Levi frowned and sat up. "Well, that was weird. Have they been like that all night?" Beel grunted with a nod. "Something's not right. I think something happened, b-but I don't know what. One moment they were happy and genuinely enjoying themselves. Then I went to get snacks and when I came back they were like this!" Belphie patted his twin's back. "It's not your fault Beel. MC adores you, you know that. Something must have happened, and we're going to find out what." ***AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH turns out I'm going to have to break this down into two parts! For now, here is part one! I hope you enjoyed @ang3lsblues! Stay tuned for the other bros and to see how they handle MC's insecurities.***
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harunayuuka2060 · 23 hours ago
MC: Bee! Flowerrrr!
Beel: *chuckles* Is it for me?
MC: *nods* *then grins*
Beel: *smiles*
Beel: MC...
Beel: Can you say my name?
MC: Name? You name?
Beel: *nods*
MC: Bee-ze-bub! *smiles brightly*
*someone taps his shoulder*
Levi: Beel... The video ended.
Beel: *removes the 3D equipment over his head*
Beel: *chuckles* MC is...
Beel: Getting used in saying my name.
Levi: Beel...
Belphie: Levi, it's okay.
Levi: *leaves the room*
Belphie: Beel...
Beel: *holding back his tears* I want to hug MC, Belphie... I want to hug my baby...
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otome-mes · a day ago
MC: What do you do with pickle juice??
Beel: I drink it!
MC, going through all five stages of grief simultaneously: ...what
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justmywriting1313 · a day ago
HC’s for level of protectiveness Part 2 (Asmo and Beel)
Heyyyyyo you guys!!!! hope you guys have been getting enough sleep and been taking care of yourselves!!!
Here is the next part of the levels of protectiveness for the rest of the bros. I will also put up one more part up, hopefully soon which is for the rest of the characters but anywhooooo hopefully you guys enjoy it. 
Also I am not going to put the long explanation about what this HC is and how i’ve gone about characterising them. Please just refer to the first part to see that which i’ve linked here  I will put the list up soooo yeahhh!!!!
Enjoy and as always please reblog (but not repost), request and like thankuuuuuu!!
Summary: How do the boys take care of you? (The list below is kind of like roughly who is most to least protective so this makes sense though overall they are all bloody protective. Also Luke = Baby therefore platonic )
Solomon and Diavolo (tied)
TW: None (let me know if they are any)
Okieeee so full disclosure, I made this set of head canons mainly because I really wanted to write for Asmo. Just the image or idea of someone who may not seem protective or confrontational just absolutely threatening and battering the crap out of someone for the person they love is just soon cute and concerning but we will just stick to cute. 
Okay getting down to it, so we know Asmo loves himself the most, the life of the party and the prettiest being there ever was therefore to that end you don't think he would ever get physical in a fight. He would never put himself in a position to threaten his beauty right? But I think for you, he most certainly would. I know it sounds contradictory but I genuinely think he would. Asmo in my opinion is not just the most vocal, but the best at voicing his love and care for you. He is constantly telling you he loves you, and unlike the others, his pride doesn't stop him, nor does his tsundere-ness. He is open and proud about it. Sometimes, yes it gets hard to see he is genuine because he is flirty with basically everyone but even then I think its easy later on. With that in mind, I genuinely think his love for you would make him incredibly protective of you especially in an emotional sense. 
One of the reasons for his protectiveness in my opinion is just the idea that you depend on him. I think he is very similar to Mammon in this regard. In Asmo’s case its because he is one of the youngest. I mean you've seen the way he coddles Belphie and Beel. I just think to him he likes playing the big brother role and in his case Beel and Belphie actually do go to him when they need him. In that sense he likes that you depend on him. I think because he is seen as the more feminine brother, a lot of people put him to the side and don't take him seriously. But when you depend on him to protect you it makes him feel seen. Actually Mammon and Asmo are very similar in many of their reasons for protecting you. Both have a love for you that seems very pure, not that the others don't love you, but I think Asmo and Mammon do the best job at separating you from Lilith and, therefore, have their own reasons for loving you. One of which is just that you are you. I think the main area in which Mammon and Asmo differ is Mammon is equally protective of you in a physical and emotional sense whereas Asmo is definitely more emotionally protective. Thats not to say he wont get physical for you, but I think that physical aggression for Asmo happens more when he feels like you are being emotionally threatened. Another reason I think he would be protective of you is that you are the second most beautiful person to him, and he wouldn't want anyone to take that position. I know he believes himself to be the most beautiful being and all that but I definitely think a big part of that is how much you help him believe that. Its just you help him feel like he is the most beautiful being. Saying that, a big manner in which he is protective is making you sure you feel the way you make him feel. He gets incredibly  protective when your sense of confidence is being threatened.
Another thing to note is that I think Asmo is the most vocal about his love for you and therefore seems the most passionate. He is always telling you that he loves you and asks you to love him in return. With that said I definitely think he is more protective on an emotional level rather than physical. I think on a physical level, he gets protective if its just you guys, as in none of the other boys are there. If its just you guys and you are in some form of physical danger, he will obviously step in. But if the other boys are around in he will be much more concerned about not letting you see any of the unpleasantness that comes with someone getting beat up. Like Mammon, Asmo’s emotional protectiveness goes beyond just you getting hurt. He loves your happy go lucky nature, you are the second most beautiful person and just so cute and happy. He doesn't want you to start seeing the depravity of the world and so while the other boys are traumatising whoever scared you or threatened you Asmo would be guiding you away,
“M/C doll this way. Why don't you and I go to madame screams huh love? I hear theres a wonderful new cake they have put out! Oooh Solomon why don’t you join yeah? Can you cover M/C’s ears while you're at it hehe” 
He won’t want you seeing these things and nor does he want you to get upset while looking at these things. So yeah physically he is protective but only if he needs to be. Emotionally though, if you are in any way getting hurt this boy is about to fuck shit up. Honestly none of them can handle you in a state of distress and practically crumble when you do cry but I see Asmo kind of coddling you the most,
 “M/C, oh dear why the tears? Tell me did someone say something or do something? Tell me and i’ll set them straight! Was it Lucifer i’ll go talk to him or we can have a self care day together huh?”
So yeah, if you are ever put in a position of emotional danger, especially if it has anything to do with your sense of confidence, or if anyone makes you doubt yourself, he just cant stand it. He is emotionally incredibly protective and to that end would not hesitate to get physical if it means no one says shit to you.  
Asmo is the kind to have burning raging anger. Wings out, eyes glowing and just burning up with anger. I definitely also think he is more the verbal aggression because he knows he would do more damage verbally. He would just humiliate the other person, kill them with words kind of thing. 
For example, you guys have gone shopping and as you're leaving someone cuts you guys of. The demon is a jealous succubi and just kind of goes at it, berating you and hitting all your insecurities. It takes a moment for both of you register it. Asmo longer than you because he can’t fathom anyone truly not liking you. At first he thinks he is imagining it. He is standing behind you and so he quickly covers your ears. Asmo would just break them down completely, making them question everyone about themselves. He wouldn't hold back. All you see is the person who offended you get progressively more upset and then they are crying and running away as Asmo removes his hand and turns you to him. He smiles and for a second it just seems so sinister but then he is making sure you are okay and then he is guiding you to do some shopping. For this reason he is probably both the most and least scariest brother at the same time. Least because people don't expect him to throw fists (which again he could do but would rather not) which is the very reason that when he does lose his cool, it seems like it came out of nowhere. I also think Asmo is kind of like a mix of Satan and Mammon in that he knows some experiences are needed in life for you to learn and grow but he doesn't hold Satan’s patience to actually deal with the person after so yeah. 
When it comes to his brothers I think Asmo is the one who trusts them the most with you. I think he definitely trusts Lucifer and Satan the most cause he knows they are the most responsible so thats a no brainer. I think he trusts Belphie and Beel a medium amount cause well a) he knows Belphie is soft for you and Asmo is soft for Belphie and b) Beel is the strong one so he knows you should be fine. I do think that he cant decide on where to place himself with the Belphie situation so I feel like Asmo tries not to let it factor in at all when he thinks about you. He trusts Mammon and Levi the least but still good enough. Asmo doesn't like that he trusts them but he does. So yeah, overall Asmo is just such a loving cutie that though he wouldn't like to get physical, he would absolutely do so if he saw you in any kind of emotional pain. He is similar to Mammon just maybe one or two steps down in intensity which is why he is third. I know he doesn't seem like the most protective but I genuinely think, for you, he is is. 
Beely Babyyyy!!!! you already know he is one of my favourites. Anywhooo, we all know this boy is a huge softie and you also already know that nothing will keep him from protecting you. Honestly the only reason he isn't number 1 is cause mammon can be a little loco and that crazy intensity is what puts him on the top. Anywhoooo so its easy to guess that Beel is one of the most protective of all the boys. I feel like unlike the others, he subconsciously, from the beginning felt the need to protect you, before you two even got close (except for the one time, he almost tried to eat you). The others like Mammon were TOLD to protect you but I think Beel from the start felt that he needed to look out for you. Once you two spent time together and got close like when you protected Luke and him from Lucifer, it got more cemented that he needed to look out for you. This is very much tied into the whole Lilith thing. I love Beel a lot, the big teddy bear that he is, but I also think besides Belphie he is the worst in separating you from Lilith. Both of them have said that its not the case but I think it took a lot of time for them to get there and so a little bit of Beels protectiveness is definitely driven by that. I mean he is over it now and especially when you get into a relationship with him but for the start it was a definitely a key factor. 
I think another huge reason for just his level and intensity of protectiveness is very much tied into his perception of human fragility. Not only is he one of the biggest demons in hell but he is also the strongest. He is aware that the world from your perspective is alot more difficult and dangerous. Things that to him may seem like minor scrapes can be a whole different situation for you. He has seen how easily human bodies can break and as handy as it to scare the human scum on earth its something that really haunts him when it comes to you. The idea that really anything can hurt you or worse, makes it hard for him to relax sometimes. It isn't helped when Satan tells him small facts about all the things that can go wrong with humans. Once for a whole month Beel insisted seeing you eat at least three meals a day plus a snack and you never understood why. He would just sit with a concerned expression and make sure you had eaten enough while eating his own share. It was later when Belphie told you that Satan told Beel that if a human goes a couple of meals without eating they faint. You definitely had a talk with Satan later about needlessly scaring the poor boy. Tied into that, I think one of the most obvious reasons is just Beels size in comparison to almost everyone. The only two who come close are Diavolo, who I think is bigger and Lucifer. Its a wonder with Beel next to you and his size how anyone has any kind of guts to say anything to you but oh well.  
Lastly I think its kind of his love language. The way he interacts with all the other boys it kind of makes sense. It makes sense that he is protective of Belphie since he is the youngest but Beel doesn’t need to be protective of Asmo, Levi and even Mammon to a certain extent but he is. He lets them lean on him and jump on him when the are scared even though they are older than him. Its his way of giving back to them in a certain way and I think its the same for you. You take the pain of being hungry away so its only his duty to help you in the best way he can. 
With all that said, I think he is definitely more physically protective than emotional. There are no questions about him simply picking you up if another demon gets even remotely physical. I can just see another demon even angrily waving his hands in your direction and Beel gets that pained or confused looking frown and the next thing you know you're up in his arms being placed on his shoulder or being pushed behind him. If the demon still persists which is insanely stupid then Beel is flicking him away kind of like a little bug. Honestly its not too much of a fight. I also think he doesn't want you seeing him in that state of rage. Its one thing to see him like that for food because thats just a big big tantrum but this is physically beating someone. He never wants you to be scared of him. He understands you may be already from the start but he doesn't want to perpetuate that so he rather not pick a fight and just pick you up and leave. 
Emotionally Beel isn't that protective but I do think that he is the easiest to talk to only cause you can do so without being interrupted or made to feel bad for anything. Unlike the others he wont come across as condescending or judgemental. He would just sit and look at you with that endeared expression and if you need problem solving he would tell you what he thinks. In the moment if the demon is being mean or crass with you rather than saying anything he would rather let one of the other sharp tongued and quick witted boys help and put the demon in place. Instead he would just quietly lead you away and get ice cream with you.
When it comes around to the other boys and whether he feels satisfied leaving you with them it depends. If its Belphie or Lucifer and Satan he is completely fine because he trusts them the most. Also its obviously clear he has forgiven Belphie. I think he was a little iffy at first solely cause sometimes after being away from someone for so long you forget how to gage their emotions but its fine now. With Mammon and Levi he feels a bit iffy cause they do have a habit of being slightly irresponsible but for the most part he is usually there so its fine. With Asmo his only worry is his lewedness. Sometimes Asmo’s suggestive comments can be too much for someone who has known him for literal eons so Beel can only imagine how it must be for you.
 So yeah overall a big big teddy bear is what Beel is. He loves you so much and I feel like seeing you get hurt is something he cant even consider, let alone actually seeing it happen so he is definitely second most protective and you love him for it. 
So yeah thats it for this one. I know i could have added someone else bu i also wanted to post something so here we are!!!! Hope you like and as alway please like, reblog and request stufff!!!!
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ackvman · a day ago
the brothers react to you having a nightmare
Tumblr media
includes. lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, and belphegor
warnings. none
notes from the author. hi this is my first time writing for obey me, and heavily inspired by my dangerous fellows nightmare hc. enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was no surprise that lucifer would be up at this time of night. but what is surprising is hearing a knock at his door.
it’s only 1 in the morning and he’s still going over documents for RAD.
doesn’t even look up when saying, “come in”
he hears the door open but no one enters. after a few seconds pass, he does finally look up; to see you standing in the doorway, holding onto the door frame.
you tug the blanket around you a little tighter, as you chew on your lip.
concerned, lucifer shifts his attention to you.
it’s normal for you to pop in every once and awhile when he works but there was something clearly off.
he then stretches out his hand towards you, beckoning you to come closer. you take his hand and the door closes with a click as you enter his room
once you reach him, he immediately wraps his arms around you, gently lifts your head so you meet his eyes.
“what’s the matter?”
“oh i.. uh, it’s nothing,” you mumble, trying to look away from him but lucifer doesn’t let you.
you sigh and continue, “i had a nightmare..”
you can’t help but feel a little silly at the fact that you had sought out lucifer, a demon. but he can’t help but to feel a hint of pride know that you specifically sought him out.
“would you like to stay with me, tonight?”
upon hearing him say that, you nod at him and start to lean on him. lucifer immediately picks you and carefully lays you on his bed.
“sleep now, it’s okay,” he says before pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. with lucifer at your side, you began to nod off. you spent that night safely tucked in his arms
Tumblr media
it was one of those nights, where mammon went out and stayed out until dawn.
so it’s around 5-6 am and he passes the library, seeing your huddled up form in front of the fireplace.
mammon immediately reels back to see if he saw that right. it’s the weekend and why the fuck are you up this early?!
“oi,” he calls out to as he enters the room.
the dark circles under your eyes show how little sleep you had gotten.
“why in the hell you are up?”
pulling your legs closer to your chest, you give him a weak smile. you have blanket thrown over your shoulder, showing him that you’ve been here for a while.
“well… i had a bad dream.”
he frowns at the thought of these dreams scaring you. mammon didn’t like it, not one bit.
“how long have ya been up?”
“uh.. since midnight,” you say letting out a soft laugh.
mammon may be drunk but he can clearly see that you’re exhausted and he won’t stand for that!
“come sleep with me,” his checks turn a slight red color as he sheepishly smiles at you. “i’ll make sure that no more dreams come at ya..”
your eyes widen in surprise, only for a few moments, before you stand up and mammon quickly grabs your hand.
he leads you to his room, grumbling about how he’s not taking care of you cause he wants to but the moment you two lay in bed,
he quiets down.
when you two finally wake up, it’s well past the morning and into the afternoon, snuggled up together under his sheets.
Tumblr media
levi is a very light sleeper, you can’t blame him, he has to be. just in case mammon tried to break in and steal his stuff to sell.
so he jumps awake when hearing his door click open. he immediately sits up in his tub, eyes wide as he stares at the door.
he freezes when seeing you standing there, slightly confused. he thought you were mammon for second.
“i.. oh,” seeing how you had startled him, you start to feel a little guilty. “i’m sorry, i’ll just–“
you start to back out of his room and into the hall. levi quickly reaches out towards you, stopping you in the process.
“wait! n–no, you can stay. i… you just surprised me.”
you nod, walking back into his room. he stares at curiously. was there something about you… that just seems a little… off
sitting cross-legged, “are you okay?” he speaks up. seeing how you refuse to meet his gaze, his suspicion was confirmed.
seeing you, suddenly reminds him of a scene from one of his games, but he quickly brushes that off.
“i had a nightmare, and i… i guess, i just ended up… uh here.”
levi tried to ignore the way his heart is fluttering around in his chest. right now he’s more concerned about you, then getting flustered over your comment.
“i.. well you can stay her– here, if you want, of course,” he starts to fix up the mess of pillows and blankets in the tub. “i don’t want you to be uncomfortable, since there is only one bed… but,”
you give him a small smile with small remnants of fear on your face. “i’m fine with it, as long as you’re okay with it.”
the second he nods at you, you climb into the tub with him.
not knowing what to do, levi sleeps with his back towards you.
when morning rolls it’s way round, he’s manage to entangle with himself with you. having his arms wrapped around your waist, and his tail lightly slung over your hip.
Tumblr media
walking out of his room to find you standing outside his door, hand raised, ready to knock on his door.
you both freeze when you see each other.
dropping your hand, you try to find the words to say.
satan is very confused and concerned at the sight of you in front of his door, at nearly 3 am.
he had gotten a little wrapped up with his reading, but you have no reason to be up.
“is everything okay?” satan spoke up.
you look at him with eyes that remind him of a scared kitten, and he can’t help but feel a tug at his heart.
“i… had a nightmare. i.. uh saw the light from under your door, and um…”
refusing to meet his eyes, satan begins to understand why you’re acting guilty. you need not to worry, you’re not imposing at all.
“why don’t you come in?” he asked giving you a gentle smile, hoping to ease your worries. “i may not be much company, but i’d be happy to be in yours.”
hearing his words and seeing his smile, you give him a smile of your own. he can see the small hints of fear leave your eyes.
“thank you satan.”
when inside, he invites you to sit on the bed. letting you know that if you fall asleep, it’s not a big deal.
your fear may have dissipated but you were determined not to fall asleep. then… about an hour and a half, satan looks up to find you, asleep and snuggled up under his covers.
satan lets out a small laugh, he closes his book and carefully maneuver himself with one arm wrapped around his waist.
he feels your body relax against him, satan find himself at peace too.
Tumblr media
he was walking back to his room after getting himself something to drink when he passed by your room.
he hears you cry out and shuffle around in your bed.
concerned, he knocks on your door and waits a few moments before walking when he doesn’t get an answer.
asmo sees you thrash around in your bed. tears peeking through your shut eyes, showing him you’re having a nightmare.
“hey… y/n, wake up,” he says as he gently shakes you awake. he reaches out to hold you when shoot up in bed.
“who– asmo?”
once realizing it’s him; who’s holding you softly and whispering reassuring word to you, you clingy to him.
while you ground yourself, asmo sits down on your bed, pulling you into his lap as his hand pets your head.
“asmo, ca–…” you say breaking the silence in the room before look away.
“would you ok with me staying with you tonight?” asmo asked the question you were hesitant to ask. “it’s just doesn’t feel right leaving you here, alone.”
you smile and give him a nod. asmo start to tuck you into bed.
you grab the front of shirt, seeking more comfort from him and he curls up with you. legs and arms intertwined together.
he presses a sweet little kiss on your forehead before dozing off with you.
Tumblr media
up at 2 am, getting himself a snack after being woken up by his stomach growling.
he sleepily makes his way towards the kitchen, pausing to see your figure propped up on the counter, holding a cup of water and staring idly at the wall.
beel shoots you a concerned look, “uh, y/n?”
his voice seems to snap you out of your daze causing you let out a gasp. your head snaps towards him, eyes wide in fear.
you hold your hand to your heart after realizing it’s only just him.
“are you okay?” he ask, making his way to you. there was something clearly amiss.
he raises his hand to cup your cheek, heart aching when he sees you flinch away. but soon after, you relax and lean into his touch.
“i had a bad dream.”
beel give you a nod before pulling away. “here,” he walks over to freezer and pulls out a tub of ice cream, snagging some spoons on his way to you. “this will help.”
he hops onto the counter with you as you giggle and take a spoon from him.
with beel having an appetite bigger than yours, he would loose track of time while he devours the dessert. he stops eating when he feels a weight press on his shoulder.
you had fallen asleep.
he carefully picks you and walks back towards his room.
Tumblr media
since belphie sleeps schedule is pretty much non existent. he usually sleeps when you and his brothers go off to RAD.
and he’s used to having the place all to himself, so he in for quite a surprise when he walks past the lounge.
he finds you tucked away in a chair near the fireplace, nursing a cup of coffee, exhaustion drawn on your face.
“way are you here?” he asked walking over to you. he takes a look at you and nearly asked, “why do you look like shit?” but that was a little mean.
“i had a nightmare, and couldn’t go back to bed,” you sighed. “i’ve been up for awhile.”
“you should’ve come get me,” he spoke. “you know that i’m always up late.”
“i… yeah, but…” you hold your mug closer to yourself. “it was a stupid dream. i didn’t want to bother you…”
belphie frowns at you. he wants to be someone you can rely on. he wants to be there for you when you need someone.
you look at him in shock when he yanks the mug out of your hand and sets it down on the table near you.
he takes your hand and tugs you to your feet before he starts leading you through the halls.
“since i’m going to bed anyway, you’ll sleep with me. you need the rest.”
“but i have to go to RAD later!”
“self care is more important.” his word were firm and left no room for protests. a few minutes later, you find yourself buried within the warmth of belphie’s bed with his arms wrapped around you.
“is this okay?” he mumbles as you start dozing off. you nod at him before succumbing to sleep with him joining you.
Tumblr media
© all works belong to ackvman. no reposting, modifying, or translating.
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