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#obey me! hc
giogiohcs · 3 days ago
Brothers x Trans man!MC
I didn’t write for Asmo bc I didn’t feel like it😖
Also how am I trans man yet I sucked at writing this??💀
-When you come out to him, he accepts you, of course, but that doesn’t mean he understands.
-He’s a boomer, a sexy boomer but still a boomer😔.
-He’ll understand the concept of “being born in the wrong body” but if your journey is any different than that, it’ll cause him to be confused but he won’t ever admit that.
-He will need a through talking to, an honest and frank discussion about it, like what you plan to do, will your relationship change? Etc.
-When you mention wanting to get surgery or taking testosterone to change something about yourself, it’s hard for him to come to terms that you’re not doing this because you hate yourself but the opposite. You’re transitioning because you love yourself❤️.
-When he realizes that last point, he’ll be helpful and listen to what you want. He’ll even help you financially to transition if you want to.
-He doesn’t like the thought of you staying extensively on Earth for surgery and recovering but he’ll be patient for you.
-Will be a strict enforcer of your pronouns and new name, if you have one. He’s taking NO shit. A three strike rule? No it’s actually a one strike rule :). Get it wrong once and you’re done for.
-Is he using that one bit as an excuse to punish others especially Mammon? Maybe... He’ll stop if you want him to, but don’t✨.
-When you come out to him, he’s confused, very confused.
-Of course, he loves you but he doesn’t understand at all.
-“Why do you want to change? I thought we were fine!?!?” His insecurity will come out when you come out.
-Thinks that you’re coming up with a weird way to break up with him, honestly.
-Along with Lucifer, will also need a talking to. You need to reassure him that you still love him and that your relationship is FINE. Even when he’s being a insecure little baby about it.
-After, he understands why you want to transition and wanting to take testosterone or getting surgery.
-He’ll look up the costs and even if it hurts his very soul, will start saving money to give to you for your next birthday. Expect him to be busy with modeling shoots.
-Will complain about having to memorize your new name and pronouns, if you have one. But suddenly like magic✨ will memorize and get it tattooed to his brain when you tell him that you’ll let him go on a shopping spree if he gets them right.
-Will never admit it but he’s excited to start calling you his boyfriend.
-Also he will brag to his brothers that you came out to him FIRST. He’s your first everything now! Little ego boost, as a treat.
-“We’re just like that one couple in ‘I’m Transitioning and I Don’t Know How To Tell My Demon Lord Boyfriend!’!!!”
-He accepts you and understands that you’re trans, no need for a discussion.
-But that’s AFTER he freaked out when you sat him down and tried to come out to him.
-Just like Mammon, he thought you were gonna break up with him so he didn’t allow you to speak before running away to his room and locking the door.
-Reassure him that you still love him and that your relationship won’t change and he’ll be fine❤️.
-Levi is also gonna recommend trans and other queer animes to you.
-He’s trying to be a good boyfriend and order you questionable transitioning stuff from Akuzon.
-Have you gotten a cursed binder from him? Yes.
-Are you still wearing it because you literally can’t take it off? Yeah...
-But does it make you look flat af? 🥴Definitely yes.
-Is Lucifer gonna have to get involved to get you out of the cursed binder? Also yes.
-Completely understands and accepts you, he’s done extensive research in humans queerness, genders and sexualities
-He’s grateful that you love and trust him enough to come out to.
-Will offer to help you transition, whether it’s helping to convince Lucifer to let you leave Devildom to get hormones and/or surgery or helping you transition with magic 🪄.
-Don’t take the latter option.
-He’ll help you navigate through the nonsense that doctors and counselors try to put you through and speed up your medical transition process.
-“Oh? The doctor said you can’t get testosterone without going through [insert time-consuming bullshit]? Well actually, what he’s doing is considered medical malpractice due to law IQH.175 that was recently passed and it’d be just awful if he got jailed for it :).”
-Very helpful.
-Like Lucifer, a one strike policy is put into place.
-Also like Lucifer, he’s gonna use it to punish others ESPECIALLY Lucifer.
-Let your man have his fun❤️.
-Doesn’t understand at all but accepts you. Says if you’re happy, he’s happy.
-Memorizes your new name and pronouns, if you have one, like that *snaps fingers*.
-You thought you were so glad to have just a caring and sweet boyfriend.
-That was until you start talking about transitioning through surgery or testosterone then he gets worried.
-Why would you want to change yourself? You’re already perfect in his eyes.
-...He really doesn’t get it.
-Thinks you want to change yourself because you simply don’t like yourself so he starts viewing transitioning as a bad thing.
-You need to sit down and talk to him about, well, everything.
-You’ll probably need to keep things simple but through for him. Maybe make a comparison to exercising, a person doesn’t need to hate themselves to start working out right?
-He begins to understand why you do the things or want to do the things you do.
-Beel still views you as perfect no matter what you look like, but starts shifting his complements from “you’re perfect the way you are” to “you’re really handsome.” And complements your changes.
-He’s very proud by how far you’ve come.
-When you sit him down for a serious conversation, he, just like his other brothers, gets worried.
-Are you breaking up with him? Did he sleep away on too many dates? Is it because he killed you before? Etc etc.
-He becomes a cranky baby from all the bad thoughts in his head but then you come out to him.
-He’s surprised but also not really.
-He’s mostly just glad that you weren’t breaking up with him.
-Says he accepts you and just sleeps again.
-Memorizes you new pronouns and name, if you have one, very easily. He loves you after all.
-All’s well that ends well.
-That’s until you needed to go to earth to transition then he become a cranky baby about everything again.
-“Why can’t you do transition here? With magic? It’s so much easier and you won’t have to leave..” He tries to reason with you.
-Starts thinking that you’re just trying to escape from him, to go back to earth where you know he can’t get to you.
-Against all of his fears, he lets you go to earth.
-He has to start cuddling with his brother again because he just misses you so much.
-His heart is broken and honestly thinks that you’re never coming back.
-When you do come back, first time since you left, he’s gotten up from bed just to drag you down with him under the covers.
-You two have a lot of catching up to do.
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angelictrl · 7 days ago
Would it be alright to requests Mammon, Levi and Beel reacting to an MC who they asked money from, and MC being the type not to say no, decided to give them the last of their grimm which was about 10 grimm and some crumpled up candy wrappers cause they dont have any money for lunch 🥺
aww, poor mc, you can have my grimm <3 🥺
lunch was coming up at RAD and he was walking you to the cafeteria, huffing about how he should be getting paid for his services as your bodyguard.
what he didn't expect was for you to actually oblige after you sighed from your internal debate with yourself over not being able to say no to him </3
"kinda" excited and nearly starts bouncing up and down like a little kid on christmas only to realize you're just as broke as him.
he most certainly takes this opportunity to rope you into another scheme to get rich fast, so be prepared, mc.
quick, mc, lend him a few grimm! he needs to get this miniature limited edition ruri-chan figure from this capsule machine!!
finally gets the figure, but ends up feeling bad afterwards when he realizes that was all you had on you.
treats you to lunch at the maid cafe nearby <3
"s-shut up, normie! it's not 'cause i like you or anything, i'm just returning the favor!"
ran out of snacks at RAD and didn't have any grimm on him atm to get snacks from the vending machine.
seriously debated unhinging his jaw and eating the whole machine instead.
turns to you with puppy eyes while pointing to the vending machine
"i-i'm hungry, mc... 🥺"
and how could you say no to that?
was also probably the one that left you with empty candy wrappers
definently feels bad afterwards.
takes you out later to a buffet <3
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angelictrl · 8 days ago
demon bros version!!!
@splashporpoise <3
of course you're going to go to some well known and expensive-ass hospital under diavolo's care.
has to remind himself that you're human and that recovery takes time when he gets worried that you're not healing fast enough.
damn this royally cute himbo and his monster healing </3
anywho, mans acts like a kid who's dog went to the vet and keeps asking you questions about your wounds/illness.
"diavolo - no, i'm not dying. i just broke my arm-"
unfortunately, barbs takes this opportunity to steal diavolo away and get him to do the work piled up on his desk from centuries ago since you need to recover and you can't bring him into anymore wacky adventures for the moment.
...for the moment. ;)
once you're discharged, diavolo definitely takes you to ristorante six to celebrate and pampers you for the next couple months as much as he can <3
"my future king/queen/ruler, i promise i will lavish you no matter what state you're in." 🥺
should get a paycheck from the hospital for acting like a nurse himself.
even when you insist that you're fine and that he doesn't have to worry or change your bandages/give you medicine (bECAUSE HELLO?? BARB?? YOU'RE NOT A DOCTOR CALM DOWN), he continues to take care of you.
you'd really have to kick him out of your room if you want him to go away but i don't think any of us have the heart to do that </3
barbie here just wants to help puppy eyes
you probably heal pretty fast under his care, but don't ask how - he'll just simply smile at you.
when you're asleep, he reacts similarly to asmodeus; soft eyes gazing upon your relaxed figure while gently brushing away any extra hair that's fallen over your face.
he'll do anything if it means to see you happy.
please cherish and protect your babie barb >;(
oh no, what happened?
feels bad he immediately thought it was because of the demon brothers, but then again, you could never be too sure when they were 80% of the time at each other's throats with the mc as an innocent bystander.
like satan, visits you daily at the same hour, instead bringing you fresh flowers and some of luke's baking <3
now you're sure you might have a cavity or two and a literal flowerbed
but all jokes aside, you most likely heal faster with him aside barbatos because, well, do i really have to explain?
healing angel powers go brrr
when solomon's watching luke (aka luke watching solomon), simeon stays overnight a couple times and reads to you little snippets and spoilers of his writing to help you fall asleep.
we don't talk about the mess and scolding that happened at purgatory hall the following day, though...
"little lamb... did you fall asleep? oh, you did... cute. get as much rest as you want, okay?"
being the only other human, he understands how long your recovery will take you depending on what got you in the hospital to begin with.
most definently offers to use his magic & potions to help speed up the healing process.
mans will try to cook/bake it for you and then you'll have to deal with being in the hospital for a longer time, if you get off that lucky.
spills the tea about drama at RAD or with the demon brothers while you're gone from HoL.
comforts you when you're sad by making little stars appear around you to distract you from the pain <3
stays overnight a lot more often than not surprisingly as he never gets one on one time with you.
you have to reassure him the demon brothers aren't at fault and yet, he'll still blame them for not protecting you.
takes this opportunity to play guardian angel!
he brings you samples of his baking and the end results so much you begin to wonder how it must look to have a 4'11 angel waddling into a devildom hospital angrily insisting he be let in with all this sugary food or else "he'll tell michael/simeon >:("
basically let's you cuddle him a lot as long as you don't say he's tiny or babie.
he v angy ur honor
but he's definently happy once you're back to your normal and healthy self <3
(he didn't think he could continue bringing in that many sweets or else his poor back would have too much strain)
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angelictrl · 8 days ago
Hi! Can I request some hcs for the brothers + undateables taking care of a gn!MC while they're in hospital? (I'll leave the reason they're in hospital up to you) Thanks!!
ofc !! i'm going to write the undateable ver. and link it here later since this got longer than i thought it would if you don't mind <3
undateables version!
tries to be there for you but can't stop himself from drowning in his work.
don't get me wrong - he most certainly is attentive to your needs and visits you often - but he still puts all the blame on himself no matter the cause for you being put in the hospital.
this is because it reminds him of when he and his brothers fell.
not only did he have to get accustomed to the devildom, but he had to suffer the loss of his sister, deal with his new demonic form, and raise satan all while being diavolo's righthand man.
so naturally, being the eldest and also the one who started the great celestial war, he always felt at fault for how things turned out; although he'd rather die than say it aloud.
you being put in the hospital makes him feel like he failed you, he failed to save you, failed to protect you, even if he hides it with a poker face and instead drowns in his work.
please - this is one of the only times you'll see a vulnerable luci.
cupping his face tenderly with your hands as he sits by your bedside late at night, he refuses to cry, but definently has a gloomy expression.
he can't lose you too. he cant fail you.
as soon as you're discharged though, he makes sure to keep you by his side more often.
late night office dates, anyone?
he'll hold you close and try to be slightly more affectionate in public.
this whole scenario has reminded him just how mortal you are, and he hates that someone who's just as angelic as you is trapped inside of a fragile and weak body.
clingy asf
probably the first one to find out mc's in the hospital.
he's downright upset at first. normally he's attached to your hip, so the one time he leaves you alone, ya wind up in the hospital? he knew you were too much of a fragile human to be left alone!
he refuses to let anyone near you as you recover - besides the doctors and nurses, of course, but even then he eyeballs them to make sure they're being gentle with you.
he goes on a rant/lecture about how you're just some weak human who needs him by your side and how you shouldn't have gone off on your own, but as soon as you frown or pout while averting your gaze, his whole demeanor flips.
he's just really worried about you.
he's a big tsundere, yes, but he cares so much about you and he's not sure how to convey his emotions as he's never felt this way about anyone before.
"h-hey, i'm not mad at ya. just... i'm your first. no, i don't care if i'm in the middle of a scheme, i'll always make time for ya... so don't go off alone, okay?!"
buys you tons of gifts before and after you've left the hospital
definitely won't leave you alone for the first few weeks of being discharged
really, he's clinging onto you like you have more value than goldie
and truly, he wouldn't admit it, but you do.
probably gets told by one of his brothers since he's hiding out in his room as per usual.
first, he almost summons lotan in anger to get revenge for mc if they got hurt by someone, but whether that is or isn't the case, he soon calms down once he recognizes something.
this is just like the 78th episode of TSL he was watching when the lord of shadows returns the favor to henry for helping him through his familial problems by taking care of him!!
well then. now levi's been inspired to be the best lord of shadows he can for his henry.
oh, and i guess he'll do it anyways because he cares about mc's wellbeing to begin with or wtv... /s
nonetheless, snek boi brings a bunch of games, movies, and mangas to mc as he camps out in their hospital room with them.
you better be prepared to binge watch all of TSL and fall asleep to whatever sounds are coming from his game beside your bed - not that you have much of a choice, anyways.
his brothers probably try to pull him away from you as he's clingy boy #2 and staying up having gaming marathons can't be good for your recovery, so you can bet your little human butt you're going to find yourself staying in levi's room for a couple of days after you've left the hospital.
definently places ruri-chan or any other anime-related stickers on your casts (if you have any) or cheeks to cheer you up.
bonus: he totally tries to sneak in henry 2.0 to keep you company when he can't be there and if he succeeds, he relies on henry to give him reports of your health.
pissed if someone else landed you in the hospital. nearly goes on a rampage and his brothers just barely manage to stop him.
probably one of the best people to keep you company once he calms down, though.
definitely visits you at the same hour everyday to bring you books he suggests you read.
if you're not up for reading any, he'll suggest reading them to you, or suggest something else entirely different.
stays overnight a couple times with an audiobook playing in the background or with an open book on his chest.
doesn't mind falling asleep in weird positions anyways considering the way his room is set up.
watches detective dramas late at night when you're asleep like a dork lol
definitely watches cute cat compilations with you if you're feeling down for any particular reason and will stroke your hair to calm you down.
10/10, soft satan is best satan <3
probably screams tbh
that can't be good for your skin!! all that stress on top of being sick/hurt is going to make you break out!!
practically dashes to visit you with skin care & beauty products although you're advised not to use them by your doctors atm
asmodeus has never been so salty.
though, he is concerned about your overrall being.
it honestly scares him how much he cares about you. especially in this state because he's never cared so much for anyone else other than his brothers or himself in a long time.
most likely to cry (besides mammon) if you cry since he already has tears stinging his eyes.
he starts neglecting his own nightly routines to stay overnight with you.
if you start to point it out or ask him why he's doing this, he'll just sit there in astonishment processing your words.
you matter so much to him? like, duh, of course he's going to be here, why wouldn't he? he doesn't care about anything else other than you and your recovery right now and-
you matter... more than him... to him...?
...ya broke him.
when you're asleep, he watches you silently for a change, caressing your cheek delicately with soft eyes focused on your relaxed features.
he gets a strange feeling in his chest - and not like the ones he gets from excitement over his quick hookups - no, no, this one is a foreign feeling. it's, dare he say, euphoric.
just like lucifer, he feels guilty.
he already lost lilith. he can't lose you too.
he probably needs more reassuring that you're going to be okay than you do, honestly.
he plops down onto the couch in your room and intensely stares at your sleeping form as he stress eats.
on a funnier note, he has the nurses doing laps around the hospital bringing him food and he says "it's for mc" to them, but we all know who it's really for.
he's the softest he's ever been with you.
you thought he was a teddy bear before? he's practically made of stuffing by now.
when you're sad, he wants to reassure you, but you look so sickly and frail that he holds you like your glass.
please reassure this behemoth of a man that you're going to be okay, he really loves you and wouldn't forgive himself if he made things worse.
most definitely takes you out to a restaurant to treat you once you've fully recovered.
he already beats himself up over the attic thing, so if anyone had hurt you enough to put you into the hospital, his anger would probably rival the avatar of wrath and they'd go missing.
squeezes himself onto your bed to cuddle you while being mindful of your iv.
if that doesn't work, well, then he just drapes himself over your legs. he's gonna find a way to be with you, and you can't stop him (y'know, unless you flat out tell him or look like you're uncomfortable).
if all else fails, he settles for mushing his cheek against one arm propped against your bedside as his other hand is occupied holding yours.
he's pretty much like one of those therapy cats LMAO
lots n lots of sleepy cuddling. after all, rest is essential for your recovery, right?
when you two can't sleep, you have movie nights bingewatching the worst rated movies and shows in the devildom and the two of you go cinema sins on them.
v clingy after you get discharged and holds you noticeably tighter to his chest.
"stop doing stupid things that could kill you, you idiot."
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angelictrl · 9 days ago
i won't write for all the characters in one post anymore, but feel free to request the demon bros and undateables seperately.
the less characters requested, the faster i'll post (because brain goes brrr).
if mc's gender isn't stated, i default to gn!mc.
i only write for luke platonically.
i will not write nsfw!
dw about getting into specifics in your ask, i appreciate it actually since i'm kinda dumb and want to make my hcs as accurate as possible <3
stay patient, pls! i have random bursts of energy or am either at low battery. no in between.
that's pretty much it, feel free to come talk to me about your hcs, too!
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obeymebabes · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
MC with Galaxy Eyes (Part 2)
> The Brothers (Part 1) <
Lord Diavolo 
He was shocked when you had first arrived in Devildom.
To be quite honest, he had been convinced that you were otherworldly. 
He kept asking Lucifer how he had managed to get in contact with alien species for the exchange program. 
I mean surely that would be an interesting story enough to tell.
He wouldn’t believe Lucifer when he said that you were indeed human. He hardly believed you when you tried to explain.
Diavolo had never seen a human with such stunning eyes like yours before.
It certainly didn’t stop him from complimenting you every time he saw you.
Of course he treated you just as everyone else. 
Sure, he would certainly notice your eyes. But unlike everyone else, he wouldn’t say much.
He had met someone a very long time ago similar to you, so it was nothing too new for him.
While he may not admit it, and wouldn’t allow you to notice, if you glanced at just the right time, you might catch him just admiring you from afar. 
Barbatos would love to watch the other’s reactions, and then let out a soft smile when they’d freak out over how he wasn’t gushing over you.
While he may not publicly show his interest, he is more than intrigued, and loves spending even short moments with you.
He was captivated by your eyes the moment he had seen you.
You were simply so unique, a character that he never imagined meeting. 
Like somehow you had simply jumped off of a page of a fantasy storybook.
He would love to go for little walks with you, simply to show you off to everyone you’d encounter.
Simeon simply wanted to tell the realms about your stunningly unique appearance.
Without wanting to be rude, he would secretly ask Simeon if there was something “weird” about you, since you weren’t like the other humans he had ever seen.
Simeon had to explain to him that you were simply just a bit different, and blessed with a special gift.
He absolutely adores seeing you and your eyes.
Feeling inspired by the galaxy you hold just a blink away, he would bake all kinds of cute galaxy themed treats to give you.
Luke totally just asks if it’s okay if he can just stare at your eyes, because not only is it gorgeous, it’s relaxing. 
When he first saw you, there was something about you that seemed almost, familiar. 
He was certain that he had somehow seen you before. 
Then it hit him.
Many many years ago he had “accidentally” created the very rare galactic gene that you now possess.
Solomon was stunned, to say the least. Never in his lifetime did he think he would meet someone else with this accidental mutation.
But he was also incredibly impressed that his magic had such lasting effects. 
He would pester you with questions, claiming that he simply wanted to “study” you, but in reality, he knew that he too was mesmerized by his own “unintentional” creation. 
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obeymebabes · 9 days ago
Can I request head cannons of the Brothers and Undatables reacting to an MC that has Galaxy eyes? They’re a glossy purple-blue with white star flecks instead of pupils that change everytime they blink and shines brighter when they’re happy/excited. MC doesn’t blush red, but they get a purple dust across their face and ears with mini constellations scattered on it too. Should they cry, they have very sparkly tears, and finally they love to joke about being an alien (since humans normally don’t have such eyes) but they have baby pictures to prove their eyes are natural (even showing their family has similar eyes like them)
This is literally such a cool concept?? MC would be the talk of Devildom with eyes like that. It was a bit hard to get every detail in there so I mainly focused on the galactic eyes.
> The Side Characters (Part 2) < 
He had never met someone with such mesmerizing eyes before.
Your eyes were certainly something special, and he wasn’t even aware someone could have a whole universe hidden in their eyes.
Lucifer would certainly tease you about the whole not being human thing, and despite your pleas that it was true, somewhere deep down he was skeptical.
You could often find him distracted by his work, just watching the glimmer in your eyes.
Honestly? He was absolutely terrified of you at first.
Levi has made him watch way too many scary alien movies.
He would 100% avoid you for the first week or so, then probably follow you around to really assure himself that you weren’t going to magically sprout like, tentacles and kill him to take over the world.
When he came around, he would get lost in your eyes, almost literally. He would forget how to speak, or he would lose all focus and stop speaking mid sentence. 
He also totally tried to sell pictures of your eyes online.
Similar to Mammon, he had his anxiety that you were alien at first, but he wasn’t as bad.
He was more dazed by how beautiful your eyes were.
Having only seen this type of thing in anime, he was completely overwhelmed by the fact that you were very much real and in front of him. 
Levi was so keen on getting you to cosplay as his favorite characters.
Most of the time you could find him secretly staring at you, admiring your special appearance.
He certainly refrained from calling you normie, as that definitely did not apply to you, looking the way you did.
Oh boy. 
He had only ever heard of the whole “stars in your eyes” as an expression before.
Never once did he think it was actually based on truth. 
Once he had met you, seen your galactic appearance, he would go into full detective mode. He spent the night awake, searching through books to find any information on how this could be real. 
He was in complete denial and disbelief.
But eventually he just accepted it. 
He would purposely try to make you smile and blush to admire the way you reacted. 
Satan was simply amazed in every way.
He was in love with how unique you were. 
Never had he seen someone quite as intriguing as you before. Aside from himself of course.
He would stare into your eyes all day if you let him. 
Expect a ton of devilgram pictures with you both.
Asmo would beg you to let him do galaxy makeup on you to compliment your eyes even more. 
Who would’ve thought a human could charm the Avatar of Lust like the way you did? 
He didn’t even notice at first.
He thought you were just an average ordinary human actually. 
It wasn’t until the other brothers were drawn to you that he really understood. 
When he first saw the dazzling sparkle of stars in your eyes he was just as mesmerized as his brothers.
Beel couldn’t help but smile when he saw you, the small galaxy behind your eyes always reminded him of Belphie. 
Did someone say love at first sight? 
With as much as Belphie loves the stars, he would cling to you. 
Always finding himself lost just watching your eyes.
Belphie always had a smile on his face when he looked at you. 
He would ramble to you about different constellations he spotted within the glimmering speckles in your eyes. 
You are by far the greatest human he could’ve ever met. It was like destiny. Like all of the stars had magically aligned.~
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angelictrl · 9 days ago
okay i know it's not even close to halloween but imagine diavolo throwing his bday party w a costume requirement bc mc told him about human world holiday traditions and just - imagine doing the angel/devil dynamic with solomon LMAO
i don't know why but the thought of just giggling like little shits while the angels and demons deadpan give me so much serotonin and joy omg
or even better, having diavolo dress up as an angel JDJSNSN i sense pure chaos from this hc and im mclovin it
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giogiohcs · 16 days ago
The Undateables’ race headcanons
Diavolo: OvaHimba (indigenous Namibian) 🇳🇦
Barbatos: Indonesian 🇮🇩
Solomon: Israelian 🇮🇱/🇵🇸
Simeon: Ethiopian 🇪🇹
Luke: Norwegian 🇳🇴
The brothers’ race headcanons
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obeymebabes · 16 days ago
I know no one asked, but here's my personal HC about Devildom temperature.
It's cold.
You heard me correctly. Yes.
I know, I know, hell is supposed to be hot. But please hear me out.
There is no sun.
A lack of sun means perpetual darkness.
Darkness is not warm.
The sun is typically a way to warm the surrounding areas that the light touches as it is literally a flaming ball of heat.
That's why at night here on earth, usually temperatures drop.
Since it is always dark, there is no external heat source. Thus making it cold in hell.
Even if it was "warm", there is nothing to make it feel "warm", again, lack of a major heat source. It may not be to the point of freezing, but there is nothing to say it isn't.
It is also common for the fireplaces to be seen as lit. Assumably as a source of warmth rather than pure decoration.
After all, all of the boys we've seen wear long sleeves. Including in most demon forms.
All except Simeon. Simeon doesn't care. He must show off those shoulders. Perhaps he has an internal warmth as he is an angel? (That's a whole other hc in itself. It would also explain Luke's shorts.)
I know there are a few seen in demon form wearing short-sleeved or lacking attire. I have explanations.
Diavolo is a pureblooded demon as far as we know. He is likely used to the temperature, at least in his natural demon state. When he is in demon form, the cold doesn't affect him as much. Plus he's gotta show off that strength. It's good way to show power.
Mammon, well, he still technically wears a jacket, and he's Mammon. It's also probably a strength or pride thing for him. Showing off he 'isn't as affected' by the cold. Not to mention he is quite full of himself. He has a thing for showing off his body, as seen in many of his outfit designs.
Asmo, well, being the Avatar of Lust, when aroused or in that general state of being, it tends to warm the body, hence the lack of sleeves, and holes in his pants. The cool air probably feels nice against the heat of his body.
Bonus: You may be wondering about Satan, since he is pureblooded demon from the knowledge we are given. (Gentle spoiler ahead but nothing too crazy.) I have theories that since he was technically in the Celestial Realm as a part of Lucifer, he would be used to the "warmth" rather than the cold of Devildom. His attire could also be a way of hiding his body when in demon form, as he may not like to be reminded of any scarring or marks he may have from the fall, or his own wrath.
And if Devildom was indeed hot, why is it that all of the RAD uniforms are seen as long sleeve? Surely that is not an error in design. If it were hot, or warm in the slightest, surely they'd have given the boys a short-sleeved uniform.
I also predict this is why Lord Diavolo created his own beach, with a sun. Surely there are plenty of sunless beaches in Devildom. But the water is probably really cold, again, because of a lack of external heating.
That being said, Diavolo also probably wanted a place where he could enjoy some sun, and warmth, without having to always go to the human realm. He can stretch his demon wings without scaring off fellow human beachcomers.
Let's also not forget the fact it's at least cold enough for it to snow. (Seen in I believe the winter event + Devilgrams).
I guess you could say the expression "when hell freezes over" is technically canon.
Now, I wish I could say I have actual in game evidence to report that Devildom is actually cold, but unfortunately I don't pay enough attention to everything, so this is simply all based on speculation.
Thank you for your time.~
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obeymebutcursed · 21 days ago
Piranha Levi anon (and also totally not the irl Levi anon, surely not me coming in with the mildly cursed Levi HCs) very glad you enjoy my hc lol. I also had the thought of his full demon form being similar to a deep ocean fish. So bioluminescence, dark scales and pale skin, sharp, needle-like teeth and a long, serpentine tail with a sail-like fin that he uses to swim similarly to a snake or an eel. I'll have to draw it sometime, but I love the spooky sea boy.
Deep Sea Levi is honestly probably one of my favorite hcs.
I just love the idea of him being a creepy monster boi lurking in the dark depths of the ocean.
Deep sea life is always so fascinating.
Make scary fish boy canon Solmare pls 🥺
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obeymebutcursed · 21 days ago
Levi barking at MC. Satan hissing. Cerberus barking back.
Okay so here's the list we have:
Lucifer screams like a peacock.
Mammon caws like a crow.
Levi barks like a pirahna.
Satan hisses like a cat.
Asmo... he.. he probably just moans. Its Asmo.
Beel buzzes like a fly.
Belphie moos and grunts like a cow.
And lastly,
I think we all determinted Cerberus howls instead of barks.
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obeymebutcursed · 21 days ago
I saw the teeth shedding thing and it reminded me I have a hc that Leviathan has piranha teeth.
What if, because he is kinda a deep sea baby-
He has angler fish teethies-
Or like a general mix of both cause fuck it he can?
I love this idea.
Make him a scary boi.
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obeymebabes · 21 days ago
Hello my loves~
I know I've been slacking on requests lately.
My writing game is so off honestly.
That being said, I'd still like to put out content!
Are there any singular character hc ideas that you babes may have?
I just want to get some stuff out while I try to finish some of the longer requests~ 😊
Thank you, and I hope you have an absolutely marvelous day~
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obeymebutcursed · 22 days ago
Once upon a time, far below the heavens, a Peafowl found himself subject to a very strange event. "Brothers!" He called, "Brothers!" He cried, and one by one they filtered in.
"What is it?" Said the crow.
"Can't it wait?" Said the snake
"Is it food?" Asked the fly.
"Can I sleep?" Asked the bull.
In pushed the scorpion, holding up his pincers in alarm, "Can't you see? Can't you see? Something strange! Something new!"
"An egg?"
"Can I eat it?
"Just an egg? So uncool."
"Hush," cooed the crow, "not so much noise, not so much racket. If you're too loud, brothers, surely, you'll crack it." And the crow, being the second most responsible, approached the peafowl.
After trading hushed whispers, the crow shooed the rest, and vowed to assist the peafowl with his nest.
It wasn't too long before he was born, fresh from his egg, a green unicorn!
Chaos was he and chaos he wrought, with crow and peafowl napping, the others bickered and fought.
"You watch the little one! I'm far too busy!"
"I can't, it would ruin my complexion, you see."
"Well one of us has to, the others are tired!"
"I surely cannot, look at him, he's too wired!"
The fly sighed, "Each of us will, starting with me, I'll care for the child, then one of you three, then next, then the last."
"But what of us then?"
"If our brothers still tire, we'll take turns again."
And take turns they did, and then joined crow and peafowl, back from their rest. Together they gave their new brother their best.
(me: Satan come from egg
You: children's book
Me: hold my sanity, I have an idea)
You really came through with this children's book idea.
Imagine if this was an actual kid's book though 😂
Thank you.
Thank you for letting these dumb ideas come to life.
I don't think you understand the joy this brings me.
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giogiohcs · 22 days ago
More Devildom headcanons
-There are 9 layers of hell and the brothers made 7 layers of it but the King rules all 9.
-7 layers are punishments for sinners. The first and last layers are not.
-Layer one: Purgatory (not created by any brother)
-Layer two: Sloth, created by Belphegor
-Layer three: Gluttony, created by Beelzebub
-Layer four: Lust, created by Asmodeus
-Layer five: Wrath, created by Satan
-Layer six: Envy, created by Leviathan
-Layer seven: Gluttony, created by Mammon
-Layer eight: Pride, created by Lucifer
-Layer nine: Devildom, capital of hell (not created by any brother)
-When sinners go to hell, they go through the brothers’ 7 layers as punishment.
-This takes course over centuries until sinners reach the capital of hell, Devildom, where they become little smoke demons to serve the King and higher ranked demons.
-Sinner-turned-demons do not remember their past life or punishments they faced while in their human form.
-But they are assigned to the brother of the sin that got them there.
-The longer a demon spends in Devildom, the stronger and more powerful they become. (Power headcanons here for more context)
Flashing colorful lights in video ⚠️
(Video made by me)
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obeymebabes · 22 days ago
small headcanon for a mc that likes anime as much as levi but is shy to show it?
Of course! This is such an adorable idea.
Levi, being the otaku nerd that he is, was always getting made fun of by his brothers. So it's understandable that you wouldn't want to fess up that you're into the same thing and endure the same fate.
Levi while not being confident about much, is certainly confident about how much he likes his anime.
It was almost embarrassing how much you liked it too. It was on the same wavelength as Levi, which really says a lot.
Hiding that fact, was a bit of a challenge.
Every time Levi would ask to have you accompany him for a marathon, you had to desperately hide your excitement.
Passing it off as a calm nod, with a slight smile.
Levi noticed though. He always caught the glimmer of excitement in your eyes when he asked.
Fearing that he would upset you, he never actually bothered to ask.
But curiosity was quickly getting the best of him as each marathon continued.
Eventually, in the middle of an episode, he would pause, look at you, and just blurt out the big question that he always had on his mind.
"You really like anime, don't you? Be honest, I swear I won't say anything to anyone."
The shy expression on your face was a dead giveaway.
"I knew it! You always look so excited when I ask! I could totally tell you're an otaku just like me. You know us otakus have to stick together right? But I won't say anything if you're not comfortable. I promise."
Levi was quite literally overjoyed. The smile plastered on his face, accompanied by the faint blushing, said everything you wanted to know.
He was genuine. He wasn’t embarrassed for you. He certainly wasn't upset over it.
In fact, he was glad to have someone who enjoys something as passionately as he does.
Expect more anime marathons in the future. He's really looking forward to spending time with his new best friend.
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giogiohcs · 23 days ago
The Brothers’ race headcanons
Lucifer- Japanese 🇯🇵
Mammon- Egyptian 🇪🇬
Levi- Kalaallit (Indigenous Greenlander) 🇬🇱
Satan- British 🇬🇧
Asmo- Cypriot (Cyprus) 🇨🇾
Beel- Irish 🇮🇪
Belphie- Turkmenistani 🇹🇲
The undateables’ race headcanons
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obeymebutcursed · 24 days ago
Belphie has a cow pillow because he has nightmares sometimes and as his avatar is a cow/bull the pattern comforts him because he thinks of the pattern as a parental figure, since Lucifer wouldn’t be there always to comfort him. Probably not a cow hide too because he’d get sad tho
S o f t
So very s o f t
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obeymebutcursed · 24 days ago
Okay this is not cursed but can you imagine Levi and Luke starting a collection of rocks they think look cool? Sometimes they even paint them!! Once they brought MC a bunch of painted rocks that resembled them, the brothers and the other undates. Those rocks are now MCs most treasured belonging.
Gdkavs i'm sorry i just like the thought of Luke getting excited over little things and it's just so precious 😭💕
Another hc of mine is that Luke really likes frogs! Once Solomon gave him THE froggy hat as a joke and he got super excited. Solomon did not have the heart to tease him and Simeon was like:
Tumblr media
Now when he sees ANYTHING with frogs on it he buys it on sight.
I needed this 😭
Little baby Luke with rocks AND frogs!? Absolutely yes!!
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