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#obey me! leviathan
hey-its-spades · 3 months ago
Things you'd never think you'll see in the hol:
- Lucifer leaping over a couch bc satan found a cross somewhere and is now chasing him with it while wearing an oven mit.
- mc shrieking in fear bc mammon just straight up started walking on the ceiling to find something he lost (mc forgot they can just do that).
- amso laying sprawled out on the kitchen island hungover with a tub of ice cream open next to him with a bent spoon in it.
- belphie actually rushing to do his homework bc he forgot abt it AND ITS ALL DUE TOMORROW.
- levi being drunk as a skunk.
- Lucifer trying out Levi's vr headset bc he was curious and then got spooked and kicked a hole in the wall and got stuck. ( rip Levi's room)
- beel having one on one time with levi and playing minecraft on passive mode ❤🌷 he has so many sheep...
- satan high as a kite bc someone switched the cat nip for demon nip and is having a fun time on the floor.
- mc makes a fort out of pillows and blankets and no one is allowed without the password. Lucifer gets lowkey jealous bc he doesn't know the password.
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absolutepokemontrash · a month ago
Think you can try all Seven brothers and side characters (but not Luke, sorry baby;_;) reaction to MC pregnancy?
I’ll just do the brothers as per my rules :3 if you’d like to request the side characters, feel free to do so when I open up requests!
(Just a quick disclaimer, the idea of pregnancy and birth is absolutely horrifying to me, and it bled into Belphie and Levi’s sections, so be prepared for those two acting a bit like grossed out doofuses for a bit :p nothing too bad. Anyway, in this request we’re going to assume MC and their chosen brother is in a relationship and they PLANNED the baby)
“Hi, nice day right? Anyway I’m pregnant-”
Maybe it would have been best to not have told him when he was tipsy in his office doing paperwork. Juuuuuuuust maybe.
“Lucifer, I’m pregnant.” “Oh… with a baby?” “Well I sure hope so.” “Well if it’s not a baby, tell me because that’d be bad. Anyway come give me a hug.”
When he eventually sobers up (and nurses his hangover) Lucifer remembers exactly what MC said to him the previous evening…
He practically sprints to wherever the hell MC is to make sure what they said wasn’t some drunkness induced hallucination.
When he eventually finds MC and confirms, he gets really quiet for a while, then a smile appears and he kisses MC on the forehead.
“That’s wonderful. Our baby is going to be as perfect as you.” “That’s sweet Luce… Uh, by the way, you told me to come to you if I wasn’t pregnant with a baby, so I’ll let you know if I’m actually pregnant with a cheesecake or something.” “MC don’t ruin the moment.”
Throughout the pregnancy Lucifer is as attentive as possible, but he’s also desperately searching through stroller reviews trying to find the perfect one with zero negative reviews. He may need to get pulled away from the computer before he buys twelve different baby baths (to ensure that he gets at least one of quality of course.)
Lucifer’s also the type to try his best to babyproof the house, I mean, he humanproofed it when MC got there, how hard could it be to add a few extra protection wards here and there for an infant?
Lucifer’s definitely googling how to introduce a new baby to a dog because he’s a dog dad through and through
Honestly, the peacock’s pretty 10/10 with care if MC asks him. Back rub? No problem, let him flex his hands for a second because he’s about to destroy ALL the stress knots. Weird food cravings? HAH. Beel eats weird shit all the time, he probably has everything MC wants in the house already, just let him go get it for them.
MC picked a good baby daddy, but they should feel free to break his fingers during the birthing because he might need a reminder of how scary his puny human is.
He’s hanging from the ceiling and MC’s cutting him down when the human drops the fact that they’re pregnant into conversation.
“Yeah so like, it wasn’t the expired instant noodles that made me sick, it turns out I’m just pregnant.” “Oh thank fuck I didn’t wanna throw out those noodles- WAIT WHAT- *rope snap*”
When he picks himself up off the floor, he’s on MC in a second, half hugging them and half shaking them like a complete maniac. Mam’s just really excited, and panicked, panicited if you will. But he’s really truly happy. I mean, he loves kids, annoyin’ little anklebiters that they are!
Mammon is going to go all out for this baby. This kid of his is definitely goin’ to appreciate the fine shit in life. Like this solid gold rattle! :D
We ask that MC curb his spending habits. It’s coming from a good place, but the baby doesn’t need Gucci shoes. Or do they?
When MC’s belly starts to swell, Mammon gets really fascinated with it for some reason. He’ll just stare at it… then poke it. “Wow, you’re holdin’ a whole ass baby in there.” “Thanks Mammon. I know.”
Once he’s used to the pregnant belly, Mammon gets really into talking to it. And I mean really into talking to it.
“BABY! You won’t believe this shit!” “Oh! What happened?” “Not you, treasure. *rests face on belly* Kid, ya won’t believe this. I saw these real cute ducky socks online, and when I went to the store to buy em’ they were sold out! It’s fuckin’ bullshit! Ya would’ve looked adorable, I’m tellin’ ya.”
MC should keep in mind that their baby will be fluent in curse words by the time they’re a year old. To be honest, this was inevitable, it’s not like they’re going to be living with the fuckin’ Brady Bunch.
MC told him while he was rewatching Madoka Magica for the upteenth time. Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do…
“Sniffle… Homura…” “Levi, hey, Levi.” “W-what MC..?” “I’m pregnant.” “… HEEAAAAAAAAHHHH?!?!”
From the way he swung around in his desk chair he nearly yanked his fucking monitor out of the wall-
Yikes. Anyway. Levi gets really gentle and quiet, opening his arms for a hug like he’s scared MC’s going to crack like glass if he puts any kind of pressure on them. MC isn’t heartless, they give him a hug. ^^
(Be prepared for Levi to never say ‘pregnant’ correctly. He will be saying things like ‘pergert’ or ‘pregananant’ or even ‘pregante’ if he’s feeling spicy.)
For the first few months of the pregnancy before MC starts to show, Levi’s actually really chill. He’s got this totally under control. He played those Girls Go Games things a while back. He totally knows what he’s doing.
Apparently helping knockoff Princess Elsa take care of her baby did not prepare Levi for the real thing… when MC starts to show, he panics.
“A-are you supposed to do that..? I mean… swell up so big..?” “…Levi what the fuck did you think was going to happen?”
It doesn’t help that when the baby starts kicking, it horrifies him. When MC places his hand on their belly and he feels something kick, he literally screams.
It’s just not natural! Even though it’s totally natural! Make the baby stay put before Levi yeets himself off the Devildom census! Omg omg omg omg omg-
Once, the baby slowly dragged its little baby foot across MC’s tummy and Levi passed out. Nuh uh. He needed to reboot. That was not okay.
After he gets used to MC’s absolutely terrifying baby belly, he starts watching kid friendly anime with MC. His reasoning is that he wants their baby to grow up to be a half demon of culture, not some little normie!
While watching pokemon, Levi leaned over and whispered to MC’s tummy “You aren’t going to grow up like this, okay? Everyone knows that ground types are immune to electric type attacks. No ‘go for the horn, Pikachu!’ bullshit for you. You’re going to know your type matchups.”
MC should be proud that their baby is going to be a Pokémon master. Now it’s time to watch Yu Gi Oh.
MC told Satan when he was reading a really sad part in his book… he may have been crying a little. A lot
“Satan, I’m pregnant.” “*gross sob* unholy shit… *sniff* that’s so gr-gruh-great…” “do you need a hug?” “…yes…”
Satan goes right into reading all kinds of parenting books. Stuff ranging from how the birth is going to work, to parenting techniques. He’s absorbing knowledge at an unprecedented rate! He’s a certified nerd.
He’s also reading to MC’s tummy, just because. The only problem is that Satan doesn’t take genre into account when reading to his unborn child.
“The girl then dug her dagger into the duchess’ neck, the sliver blade glinting in the dim gold light of the castle hallway. The duchess’ screams were gargled as she began to choke on her own blood. The girl grinned. Her vengeance had been achieved.” “…Satan what the fuck are you teaching the baby?!” “Good literature.”
Satan is very excited to be a dad, his kid is going to grow up to be so emotionally healthy and with so little daddy issues, it’s going to be GREAT!
He might randomly come home every once and a while with a new toy or knickknack he thinks the baby might like :3
Fret not, dear MC, any pregnancy difficulties will be solved by their wonderful demon man. He’ll also take care of any furniture assembling that might need to be done.
…okay there’s a bit of a problem. Satan said he didn’t need help assembling the crib because he wasn’t going to accept help from Lucifer of all people… and now the crib’s bars are somehow upside down and the headboard is backwards and on the wrong side of the crib.
He may have to buy a second crib. Satan may be calm around MC but listen, the first crib had gotten what is deserved for being all confusing and stuff…
Back at it again with the shitty timing, Asmo was applying lip gloss when MC decided to drop the bombshell of the century on him.
“Asmo sweetie? I’m pregnant.” “HCK WHAT?!”
He smeared his lipgloss, but he was way too ecstatic to care. Yay! All the sex worked! He picks MC up into a hug and spins them around like they’re both in a cheesy rom com.
He does have his concerns about the baby though… he tries his best to explain to MC, but he’s a bit worried that his concerns aren’t being taken seriously. “MC, you’re completely perfect, inside and out, and of course so am I, how absolutely perfect is our baby going to be?! What if they’re too beautiful and they blind everyone they meet with their perfection?! *sniffle*what an awful life that’d be!”
Self care god that he is, Asmo is always quick to make sure his amazing MC is always comfortable and feeling their best. Pregnancy acne? He’s got a thing for that. Weird swollen feet? He’s got magic slippers that’ll fix that right up. Homicidal rage mood swings? Human, please, he’s got stuff, and if he doesn’t, he’ll crawl through the not always fiery pits of hell to get it for them!
Listen, I’m just going to go out and say it. If MC’s breasts get bigger during the pregnancy, Asmo is going to make some very loving comments. He would like to touch the titty-
And y’know if MC is feeling frisky he’d be happy to help
Terribly sorry but this baby’s nursery is going to look like a Pinterest room. Nothing less than aesthetic perfection for the child of Asmodeus himself!
On one random evening, the two were lying in bed together, MC was resting their eyes and Asmo assumed they were sleeping. MC began to feel Asmo tracing little patterns on MC’s tummy, and just barely heard the faintest of whispers.
“I can’t wait to meet you, I love you already.”
Beel was both eating and exercising when MC approached him. Now, it’s a rule at the gym to never talk to a dude doing their sets, but MC decided this was a little more important than exercise etiquette.
“Hi Beel. Just wanted to let you know that I’m pregnant.” “*falls off equipment and chokes on pasta*” “you okay, buddy?” “*thumbs up*”
You know the drill, Beel gets over his shock and is very very very happy. He has on his adorable smile that just makes MC melt whenever they see it…
Beel is just so… wholesomely happy about it? About literally everything??? He wakes up the happiest demon in the Devildom every single day, excited to do anything MC needs him to do.
The ultrasounds are Beel’s favourite parts of the whole thing, he gets to see his and MC’s baby floating around. Look! They’re real! He’s holding a picture of his blurry black and white baby! When he shows it to his brothers he just looks so genuinely happy that everyone’s hearts just explode.
Beel isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, he has to make sure MC has had enough to eat. The phrase is “eating for two” and one of those two is the baby of the Avatar of Gluttony. MC must be starving!
He would make a wonderful immigrant grandmother because he always has food and is always trying to get MC to eat more. Still, he’s so cute MC can’t say no to him.
A favourite pastime of Beel’s is just… holding up baby clothes. They’re so small… his baby is going to be so small… then they’re going to get bigger… he can’t wait!
Beel’s a real catch, look at him assembling the high chair. He isn’t shirtless because MC wants to ogle, okay? He’s shirtless because his uh… shirt fabric might get caught on something… yeah…
There was no choice, he had to be woken up from a nap… or MC tried to wake him up from a nap. It didn’t exactly fully work.
“Mmmph…” “Belphie, Belphie!” “Mmm… what?” “I’m pregnant.” “That’s awesome… come here and nap.”
And with that, Belphie pulls MC into an inescapable snuggle and goes right back into REM sleep. We here at Stupid Headcanons inc hope MC peed before they told Belphie.
When Belphie wakes up, he sort of chuckles to himself and tells MC about the craaaaaazy dream he had where they told him they were pregnant. MC has to tell him that it wasn’t exactly a dream and that they are in fact carrying a baby in their pathetic human body.
…now listen, Belphie loves MC with his entire little goblin heart… he really does. But pregnancy and birth? …that’s some body horror shit right there.
He’s also a little afraid of babies in general… he’s the family baby, he’s never had to like- hold one?????
In an attempt to alleviate his own fears, Belphie starts picking up books on pregnancy.
…oh shit he’s so much more scared…
He ends up panicking so bad that Beel has to sit him down and try and calm him with his good twin vibes (tm)
“Belphie, you’re going to be a great dad, you’ll love your baby and your baby will love you :)” “but Beel… I’m not sure I’m going to survive the birth… look, I don’t think I’m going to make it past page 72!” “…I think you will, we’re all here for you.” “…you haven’t seen page 242… I’m not ready for 242 *sniffle*.”
It’s not that he doesn’t love his future baby, he’s just terrified of them… for now anyway. When the baby’s a few months old and stops looking like Gollum, he genuinely adores just holding them. But for now, he’s in a state of constant anxiety.
Though, he does make sure MC is as comfortable as possible, but from a distance, he’ll fluff pillows and then throw them at his poor human, gather blankets and then yeet them, it’s not the most efficient or effective system, but it’s all he can do.
He does buy a lot of stuffed animals in advance for the baby. This is going to be the most comfortable baby in existence.
Expect him to faint during the birth.
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daddydemus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
baby shark doo doo doo 🦈
If you like what I’m drawing, consider leaving $1 on my Ko-Fi! :) It lets me know that my work is appreciated!
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luminari-mc · 4 days ago
Accidental Summonings, Accidental Friendships (Leviathan x GN!MC)
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Gn!MC x Leviathan (beginning of their friendship)
Summary: Every brother in the House of Lamentation is ordered by a distraught Lucifer to gather in the common room. In the middle of the circle they form, sits a very sweaty Leviathan. The reason? A human accidently summoned him to the human world, and Levi just couldn't resist getting a new gaming partner.
Warnings/Notice: MC didn't know any of the demons prior to this.
A/N: That has been sitting in my WIPs (and my brain) for a while. Thought it would be a fun scenario for Levi to find himself stuck in, and I've also been wanting to write something where all the brothers are together. Enjoy!
"So... let me get this straight."
If it weren't for Lucifer's tone of voice, anyone could have thought he was only midly frustrated by the current situation he was facing. No- the fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, the deep sigh that escaped his mouth, the frown on his brow and the gloved hand balled up into a fist were only adding up to the proof that what Lucifer felt was not just frustration, but actual pure rage.
Even as he played back his brother's explanation again and again inside his head, it still sounded unbelievable. Totally unbelievable, and most importantly, unbelievably stupid.
"You were playing video games in your room... as usual." Lucifer eyed the accused sitting in the middle of a circle he and his other brothers had formed. "And a human, who doesn't even know a single thing about magic or demons... coincidentally happened to perfectly sneeze a summoning spell that made you appear and crash on their bed?"
"T-That's what I've been telling you from the start!" Leviathan replied in defense, his eyebrows knitted together, yet not without keeping the volume of his words to a bare minimum as to not anger his brother further.
Lucifer was wrong. So terribly wrong. This situation was actually way beyond stupid.
"Nah, there's no way that's real." Mammon shook his head. "I mean, seriously? A random human summoning you on accident? You're totally making stuff up."
"It would have made more sense had they been a wizard or a witch." Satan added. "But I find it hard to believe a normal human was able to... sneeze a summoning spell by pure luck. And it was quite an ancient one, too."
"Guess you could consider yourself lucky you didn't end up in some country leader's bedroom or something. Maybe that would have made things a bit more interesting." Belphie yawned, already turning around in the hopes of going back to bed before Lucifer quickly snatched the back of his shirt to keep him in place.
"Ugh, all of you and your boring theories!" Asmo pouted before crouching down to be eye-level with Leviathan. "Nobody wants to hear whether they were someone important or not! The real question is..." A sly grin birthed on his face as he hunched closer to his brother. "Levi... how cute were they?~"
The demon's face quickly turned to a dark red color as he took in Asmo's words. "T-That's-- That doesn't matter!!"
"Asmodeus." The voice of Lucifer, deep and serious, brought everyone's attention back on him. His younger brother turned to look at him, his hands on his crouched knees, pouting.
"What? I'm not wrong. I mean, didn't Levi return from the human world several hours after he originally got summoned?" Asmo replied, reminding his brothers of this very important piece of information.
Back when all of them had gotten downstairs for breakfast and sat down at the table, before asking each other how come none of them had heard Leviathan's usual gamer shouts and otaku squeals during the night... only to be interrupted by a portal opening right above the table, the body of Leviathan being ejected out of it and crashing loudly in the middle of the morning dishes, ultimately causing everyone to jump back in a panic.
"And we were supposed to clean the house this afternoon... But the breakfast fell on the carpet after Levi's body broke the table in two. What a waste of food." Beel recalled, still overly saddened by the sight of the delicious fried bats and roasted toad tongues on the floor. Everyone had to hold him down so that he wouldn't have eaten the dirty food off the ground. Belphie patted his arm.
"I was getting to that, Asmo." Lucifer crossed his arms, shooting a glare at the avatar of Lust who immediately winced and took back his place in the circle.
"So... Levi." The mention of his name made the third-born jump in his seat. "It is one thing you turned out to be summoned by a human to the human world... Especially when you keep assuring us that they have no connection to magic or witches. "I am not so cruel as to punish you for something you didn't do. But."
There it was. The word Leviathan had been waiting from the very start. The one that would expose yet again the reality of it all. The one thing he had known would bring him trouble... only for his fears to be exactly correct, and now look where that got him.
Keeping his eyes on Lucifer's dark expression, and feeling the stares of his other brothers around him, Leviathan gripped the fabric of his pants and gulped harshly.
"Did you really have to stay-" The eldest's eyes shined a bright red before his face was engulfed into darkness, "and play video games until morning, with a human you don't even know?"
Levi felt his body turn into a sweat machine, none of his clothes were spared from the amount of liquid he was producing as his teeth chattered against each other, and with trembling hands, he tried yet again to offer a good enough clarification.
"I-I-- well, y-you see--" He mumbled, desperately trying not to be intimidated by Lucifer's death glare piercing right through him- but how could he not be scared when his brother seemed on the verge of pouncing right on him the more he tried to talk??! "L-Like I told you, I ended up on their bed-- and, hum, after we both screamed for a good minute- I couldn't help but notice they... t-they, huh..."
Leviathan swallowed loudly, before suddenly speaking more silently in the hopes none of his brothers would hear him. "They were... p-playing a game that has only come out in the human world... I-I just couldn't resist...!"
He remembered it all too well. The way he felt his body leave the ground of his bedroom and the controller slipping out of his grasp, a bright light enveloping him until he felt himself reappear into existence and bounce on an unfamiliar bed. His head knocking into the headboard and making him groan loudly in response, before he took a look around the room he has been transported in, and locking eyes with someone sitting on the ground a few feet away from where he had landed. Both shrieked and crawled away from the other as fast as possible, their backs bumping against each opposite sides of the room and wondering who the other was, where one had been summoned in, and the other what kind of creature had just appeared in the middle of their bed?!
Leviathan recalled his normie alarm blaring like mad in his brain as he kept his eyes on the other person like a deer caught in headlights, quickly sensing the lack of magic from within them, and most importantly, the human smell they emitted.
'What?! No, no no nonononono, why am I in some... human normie's room?! What am I doing here?! And why are they looking at me like they didn't expect me to appear?! Didn't they just summon me?? That was totally a summoning portal that I got pulled into against my will! Come on stupid human, speak up! This is way too embarrassing if neither of us says a word!!'
The human kept on staring at him from their spot on the floor, their mouth agape and their body glued to the wall behind them. He would have probably made fun of the expression of shock they were wearing on their face... was he not doing the exact same one, combined with the red that had colored both of his cheeks and spread to his ears.
This was bad... Wherever he would look around him, Levi couldn't make any sign of a summoning circle, old grimoires, or those creepy candles the wizards and witches would usually use to decorate the room whenever they would summon him in the past. No, this... this human clearly wasn't either of the two! This was a normal human!!
After keeping the human in his line of sight for far too long for comfort, the demon realized that something had to be done. Not only were they looking frightened by his presence, but most importantly... he had gotten summoned in the middle of a very important boss battle!! None of his party members would survive if he took to long to get back to his room, since the battles weren't turn-based but in real time! Imagining having to restart everything... What a nightmare!
Now was the time for questions. If this human had successfully summoned him here, they could probably get him back in the same way he had ended up in their room, right? Whatever spell they used, they had to know the one to send him back! There was just no way they had accidently summoned him here, out of all demons! Right!?
"H-Huh..." Levi managed to let out, nervously looking left and right as he tried to think of something he could say to make this situation less awkward than it was. "Y-You, hum--"
Levi's words were suddenly caught in his throat the moment his eyes laid upon the human again. Or, more precisely, on the item they were holding between their hands. A loud gasp came out of his mouth, his mind not wanting to believe it was real. Levi frowned, the orange of his irises suddenly sparkling. Was this... no way!!!
It was as if his body moved on its own, making him crawl at mach speed on the covers towards the human- resulting in making them yelp and clutch the item further against their chest as he slipped from on top of the bed to end up on his hands and knees in front of them. He couldn't stop staring at the item, panting in envy, the eyebrows on his forehead knitted together and his mouth drooling.
"Is... Is that--" He said, his entire body shaking in excitement while the human's was trembling in fear due to the new proximity between them and the demon, "... Maleficient Heroes 4?!"
"... Hu-huh?"
Levi could hear the sound of the human's heart behind the video game console's audio, the organ pounding hard within their chest, but he was way too obsessed by what he was looking at to care.
"I-I can't believe it!! This isn't due to come out in the Devildom before another 2 years, with how much they still had to work on the graphics and the tons of bugs they found during the testing part of the development! And they also needed to make several heroes less OP than they were because their powers were WAY too high compared to the heroes' levels when it was discovered during the beta testing which took place 4 years ago!! The Witch of the Bog really needed to be nerfed in my opinion because her attacks could reach literally the other end of the map if you did her secret quadruple jump which required to use her black cat companion at a certain time after the fight started but it could be countered if someone else played the Mountain Woodcutter with his second DLC skin which seriously, what kind of game company gives access to DLCs when the game isn't even officially out?!? Of course bugs were bound to be exploited!! Aaah but it made the Woodcutter so good to play, especially when you'd find the mystery axe hidden in the right side of the fourth map and you used it to cut the glowing tree which is part of a sidequest where you gotta--"
As if something had been plugged back in his head, Levi suddenly stopped his gamer ranting. Slowly, his eyes shifted from the still-beeping console, to rise up and stop on the way too close human he only now realized he's been having in front of him the entire time. While their expression clearly hadn't changed, Levi's colors increased in a matter of milliseconds. Screaming and blushing, he crawled back at the speed of light, and would have continued to do so had the bed behind him not stopped him in his tracks. He hid his face behind his hands and brought his legs against his chest.
"Aaaah- S-Sorry, I just-- I-I saw Maleficient Heroes and I couldn't stop- I didn't mean to get so c-close--!!"
He couldn't believe a normie human had to see him in a moment of weakness. To be reduced to spilling all of his gamer knowledge just by the sight of such a powerful weapon... and by the hands of a magicless human, no less! How embarrassing! If any of his brothers heard about this, he'd never see the end of it!
For the first time ever since his butt had met with the softness of their mattress, Levi's ears caught the sound of the human speaking. He immediately tensed up, awaiting whatever mockery they were about to throw at him for being a useless, good-for-nothing gaming encyclopedia that couldn't even stand up like a proper demon in front of a random human.
"... you... want to play?"
His eyes opened wide behind his sweaty palms, and for a second, Levi stopped breathing completely. Had he heard correctly? Was his mind playing tricks on him? Had the human just... offered him to play? Their console? To play Maleficient Heroes 4? For real?
Levi cracked an opening between his fingers to peek at the human. They hadn't moved from their spot against the wall, but in their hands, which were now reaching towards him... was the console, playing its tempting music, and the colorful Menu was flashing the title screen again and again, begging someone to press a button to start a new game.
His hands slowly slipped away from his face. The human was looking at him, their expression now a bit more relaxed for a reason he still had yet to determine, even if he could keep hearing their heart beating relatively fast within their chest. His focus shifted between them and the console, his knees lowering back to the ground.
"C..." His lips trembled, the demon damning himself for whatever trap he was about to fall for. He simply couldn't resist. "C-Can I...?"
It only took the human to nod at him, and Levi was already gone. He sat on his knees and bowed as low to the ground as possible in front of them, his forehead touching the floor as he thanked their generosity.
"Thank you! Thank you! I'll never forget this!! I don't care if this ends up costing me my soul or whatever you want, thank you for letting me experience the joy of an officially released Maleficient Heroes 4 before any reviews could come out and ruin the game even further!!"
"S-Sure..." The human approached the console towards him, watching as his head rose up from the ground, followed by the rest of his upper body to grab the gaming device. Levi immediately let out a whimper at the sight of the menu screen, still in disbelief at what he was holding. Truly... what a miracle! What a blessing!
"Is... Is it possible to..." his eyebrows dropped, and the human watched as he avoided their gaze again like a shy kid, "maybe, hum... plug it in your TV... for a better gameplay experience...?"
The human paused, before letting out a low chuckle- either from nervousness, or amusement at his demand, Levi couldn't be sure. What he could have completely miss however, was how the beating of their heart had seemed to calm down ever since he had first appeared in front of them.
"Yeah... I like it better on TV too." They replied, rising up from their spot on the floor before carefully making their way towards their TV. "It'll only take a minute..."
This was the most patient Leviathan had ever been with a human before. Watching them set up the TV, plugging the console in, and offering him a controller, before getting the opportunity to witness the absolute mastery the demon had playing a game he had only touched once or twice before... Levi was like a child high on sugar. As he showed his prowess at the game to them, telling them which heroes were the best among the roster and which map suited them best- and actually letting the human mention WHICH heroes they liked themself, felt like a totally new experience for the demon. Levi had totally forgotent about how he ended up here in the first place, or the game he was playing before being summoned. He was having fun, and the presence of this human next to him wasn't actually ruining anything. Was he really... enjoying this, too?
Had he ever rambled so much about a game to one of his brothers like this before? An ongoing exchange where both people actually offered their opinions and had an extensive knowledge on what they were talking about? Whenever he'd speak about a game back at home, only him actually knew was he was talking about... Mammon knew his video games, sure, but this human right here knew their games even more! After all, they had Maleficient Heroes 4!!
Even when they slightly backed away in surprise after asking him what he was, and he lowly mumbled about his demon genes, it was as if his knowledge about gaming and his passion for videogames reassured them. In a way, Levi was glad they weren't too scared of him, even if they were supposed to. At least he could game and talk to them with a relatively peaceful mind.
After a certain amount of time had passed, where the demon was able to show the human everything he knew about all the characters they had unlocked yet and they had both grown used to the other's presence, a question came to him.
"Hey, so--" Leviathan said in the middle of pushing buttons on his controller, the human beside him watching attentively the action taking place on the TV screen in front of them. "How did you even summon me? The last time someone actually needed me for something was probably around... two hundred years ago. And I don't think I've ever seen that kind of portal before. That seems way too old to be used as a summoning door nowadays."
"Oh. Huh..." The human frowned, bringing a hand under their chin as they tried to recall the moment before the demon had "broken" into their room without notice. "Now that I think about it... I think I might have just said random words?"
"Heh?" Levi shot them a confused glance before bringing his attention back on the TV. "How does someone even say a summoning spell by pure chance?"
"I don't know." The human shrugged. "I just sneezed weirdly and the next second, you were nearly breaking my bed by falling on top of it."
"HEEEH?!" As quickly as possible, Leviathan paused the game and turned to face them, his eyebrows high on his forehead. "You SNEEZED a summoning spell?! Are you even joking?! That can't happen, you gotta be joking!"
"N-No, I'm saying the truth!" The human said, backing their upper body away slightly. "It just happens sometimes, seriously, I don't control how I sneeze! I didn't expect a literal demon to pop out of nowhere after that!"
Levi stared at them, attempting to witness them cracking a smile or awaiting them to say "gotcha!", but even after an awkward silence of 10 seconds, they kept their eyes on him, and no words came out of their mouth. He couldn't believe it. They were actually serious.
"I can't believe a human sneezing is what got me to play Maleficient Heroes 4 two years before its release..." Levi sighed. Humans were really hopeless. What if another demon had been summoned in his stead? Not only would he have never touched this pure gem of a game in advance, but that human beside him would have turned into a demon's snack! Really, did he have to do everything around here?!
"Listen, human!" The demon frowned, putting the controller on his knees as he raised a finger in front of them. "Consider yourself lucky it was me you ended up summoning, because there are tons of other demons who wouldn't have been as nice as I am right now! So from now on, you gotta stop sneezing whatever weird sounds can come out of your mouth! And to prevent that from ever happening, I'll let you know of the proper way to summon me, but you'll have to follow certain rules! Got it?!"
The human arched an eyebrow.
"Huh... I would have thought you did not appreciate that I summoned you on accident... weren't you in the middle of playing when I did?"
As soon as they pointed out the obvious sentiment he had shared earlier during his heated experience of Maleficient Heroes, Levi felt small again. Ironic, considering which creature in this room was the superior one in terms of power.
Slightly pouting, he looked away, his hands fiddling with his jacket as he tried to form a cohesive explanation.
"I-I mean, yeah, I guess I was in the middle of a boss fight... But Maleficient Heroes also has a local two-player mode, right? And if you wanna 100% it and unlock all characters, I-I'm obviously the only one who can help you do it! It's not like another human has the same kind of knowledge about it as I have! S-So, that's why you gotta summon me again- so I can help you finish it!"
His lie was probably way too obvious. He had to admit, it sounded obvious even to HIM, the one who was saying it. The way he tried to cover up the fact that yes, he still wanted to play the game again now that he had found it... but that human wasn't actually too bad. They knew their stuff. They actually had pretty decent opinions on the characters, and also liked most of his favorite ones. And they had even been nice enough to offer him some food in the middle of playing earlier. There was no way any of his brothers would actively take part in such a conversation about this game as that human did. So... why would Levi have to wait until the Devildom release, to find out if his opinion on his brothers was wrong or not?
"I'll write it down for you..." Levi opened a text box in the game and began typing a summoning spell on the TV screen. "Y-You better write it down now on your phone or something. I'll tell you of the correct way to pronounce it once you do. A-And do it fast, so we can start that co-op mode...!"
. . . . . . . .
"And, huh-" Leviathan shifted in his seat in the middle of the brotherly circle, feeling his clothes now drenched in sweat, "I guess that's how... I ended up playing with them... until morning..."
As Levi finished retelling his story, he could feel the intensity of Lucifer's gaze above him double. The third-born did not dare look up, for it would probably add to the rage his brother was feeling.
"So not only did you stay to play a stupid video game with a human..." Lucifer snapped his fingers, and as his demon form replaced his usual attire, his brothers began to step away from him in fear, "but you also befriended them?"
"AAAAH!" Levi yelled, not having to look up to know that the situation had only gotten worse. He knew it, he knew explaning everything from his perspective wouldn't help!! "I'm sorry!! I was just lost into having found someone who loved the Maleficient Heroes series as much as I did!! And they actually complimented my taste in the characters and the outfits I chose!! Those kinds of game lovers are way too rare, and I lost track of time!! I'm sorry, Lucifer!!"
"H-Hey, Lucifer-" Mammon took a trembling step towards the eldest, cracking a smile as the pair of red eyes turned to him. "Eep!!- I-I mean, it's not like Levi outted us to an evil wizard or anythin', right...? From what he told us, it sounded like the usual weak human you can find anywhere in the Human World... And, playing games? It's totally innocent, right? So, you can relax, and--"
"We aren't supposed to show ourselves to normal humans, you idiot." Lucifer spat the reality in his brother's face, before turning back and crossing his arms above a whimpering Leviathan. "You had many chances back then to leave this human's house, but chose not to do so. I will tell this once, and I hope not to repeat myself after that. While I'm sure you know what kind of punishment will await you later... I also want you to cut all ties with this human, and never see them again. Have I made myself clear?"
"B-But--" Levi mutterede. "T-They promised to not ever let anyone know about me!"
"And you believed them? A human?" Lucifer scoffed. "At any chance they get, they'll have the pleasure of telling about your existence to their acquaintances for a slight bit of fame." He squinted his eyes at his brother, before letting his demon form disappear. Lucifer sighed, frustrated, and turned his back to the rest of his family. "For the last time, Levi. Do not ever come into contact again with this human. If they don't ever see you for the rest of their life, maybe people will think they were insane and created an imaginary demon friend. This is for the best."
"But..." Leviathan's lips trembled, and the demon could only stay there, watching the figure of his older brother disappear behind the doors of the hallway. His other brothers could simply stand there, lost at who they should support.
"As much as I hate to agree with him... He's right, Levi." Belphie finally spoke, before turning around as well to head out of the room. "Humans aren't to be trusted. Ever. You should just give it up."
One by one, and not without shame, the brothers began to walk away, eventually leaving Levi on the ground, his hands clutched on the fabric of his pants and his head hanging low. For once, he had found someone who actually liked the same things as he did... And now, he was supposed to act as if he had never met them? Go back to only talking to Henry 2.0 and the other gaming enthusiasts on the forums? But it sounded so... bland now. Would he even be able to go back to his routine now...?
A hand placed itself on his shoulder, and Levi lifted his head up. His eyes met the purple of Beel's, his brother wearing an apologetic expression on his face.
"Levi... If you really made a friend with that human... Then I'm sure they'll understand." Beel said, and before Levi could feel his eyes sting with the threat of tears leaking out, the red-haired continued.
"But I saw you smiling while you were talking about them... They don't seem like a bad human to me. So if you can somehow continue to talk to them, even in secret... Then I don't want you to cut ties with them. That would be too cruel."
"B-Beel..." Levi began to tear up at the sudden show of support from his younger brother. Whenever life looked bleak in situations like these, Beel was usually the only one to offer words of encouragement, only if it meant a single member of his family could be a little bit happier as a result.
"But don't let Lucifer know I told you this." Beel smiled, before pulling his hand away to put it in his pocket. "He'd be even scarier if he heard about it. Well now, I have a Deluxe Demonia Pizza waiting for me in the oven... So I'll see you later, Levi."
As his brother disappeared into the kitchen with the goal of devouring the innocent pizza he was preparing before Lucifer called everyone to the common room, Levi sniffed, and wiped his eyes with his sleeve. Even if only a single one of his brothers encouraged him to pursue whatever gaming friendship he had started with a human... even if he was at the risk of being strung from the ceiling for a thousand years for breaking Lucifer's rules... he could never do something as cruel as ignoring his new Player 2! That would only be the biggest and most horrible treachery in the history of gaming duos! Never!
For the sake of the continuation of Maleficient Heroes 4... And the promise he had made to that human to help them finish all of their co-op games together... Lucifer's rules would have to be broken.
. . . . . . . .
Later on the same day, as a lone human sat in front of their TV... a portal suddenly opened in the middle of the room. Its blinding light flashed for only a moment, and a second later, appeared from within it a squealing Leviathan who did not have the time to land properly before his body fell loudly on the floor.
"Uuugh, what did I tell you?!" Levi groaned in pain, rubbing his head as he glared at the human in front of him. "I told you you'd have to summon me at a precise time, which was 10 minutes ago! I was even sitting comfortably and ready to land on my feet this time around, but no, you had to be late and have me move around my room when the portal opened!"
"Hey, it's not my fault your spell is so hard to pronounce!" The human shook their phone in front of him, the summoning spell still written in their notes. "I had to try at least 50 times before I got it right... You demonic language is so weird."
"Hmhm... whatever." Levi huffed before crawling closer to the TV. The human put down their phone to offer him a controller, before grabbing one for themself as both of them sat in comfortable positions in front of the screen.
"I chose the Haunted Forest, since we didn't have the time to play it yesterday." They grinned, before poking him with their elbow. "And because I remember you saying how scared you were of the ghost easter egg at the far end of the map. How about we check that one out tonight?"
"N-No, that's not the purpose of the map!" He blushed upon sensing their elbow touching his arm, before frowning. "Besides, I told you I'd help you unlock everything... and that's what we'll do! You want to enjoy the game, right?"
The human nodded, the controller firmly gripped in their hands as they tapped on the "Start" button. "Yep. And I'm going to be honest, it's much better when you have someone to play it with."
Being caught off guard by their words, Levi blanked out, his eyes staring at the screen but his mind being elsewhere.
Much better with someone else... Yes. They were right. Gaming alone was one thing, but having someone else to enjoy a game with... it was something else completely. He knew that, with how much he liked playing with his brothers back home. But this felt different. How different, exactly, he couldn't really pinpoint the reason. All Leviathan knew was that, it was a good enough reason to defy his older brother's orders. It was good enough to allow that human to summon him, even if he'd have to lie about his unusual nightly silence the next day, and then the next, and the next one after that.
Maleficient Heroes 4 was a really good game... But that human beside him, and the way they would listen to his every word about all he knew about it... felt way more addicting than anything he had experienced about this unreleased video game yet.
"Alright." He swallowed, his hands starting to push on buttons as he straightened in his seat. "Pay close attention, MC! Because this is how true maleficient heroes win!!"
Taglist: @amistytown, @the-wilted-amaryllis, @xoxovictoriaa, @obey-me-tho (ask to be added!)
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moemammon · 7 months ago
Can you write Dia's, Levi, and Lucifer's reaction to MC randomly holding his face in their hands and them telling the boys that "You're such a pretty boy"? I've come across you blog a few days ago and love it!! Thank you for writing such fun hcs!!
"You're Such a Pretty Boy" Feat. Lucifer, Levi, and Dia!
When you move in close, Lucifer immediately lets his guard soften up because it's you.
But you can imagine his reaction when he feels your warm hands tenderly press against either side of his face, as you stare at his features
And when he hears what you tell him???? BOY that pride of his explodes through the ROOF.
He can't hide the light pink flushing his cheeks, but he doesn't really make the effort to, either. He doesn't want to hide himself from you. So he returns the favor by cupping your cheeks, and brings you a little closer.
"Is that so? Why don't you come a little closer, so you can get a better look?" You don't even have time to protest, because he's already backing you against a wall.
When you move in to cup baby boy's face, he's immediately suspicious 🔫. Like, why are you so close all of a sudden? Is there something on his face?? Why are you looking at him like that-
Of course since it's you, he's not necessarily going to move away or anything... Not that he has a choice once he feels your hands against his cheeks.
And when you tell him how pretty he is, his brain short circuits. Him??? Anything but slimy and gross???? Receiving sweet compliments from MC???????
Yeah, he's a flustered mess. As red as a cherry, he can't seem to look you in the eye. He’d try to cover his face but your hands are in the way, so all he can do is try to sputter out something that sounds like a sentence.
"P-p-pretty?! MC.... you're seriously-.... what kind of joke is that? Calling me, a gross otaku, pretty.....e-empty complements won't get you far..." He says all that, but there's no denying that smile creeping up on his face.
When you cup his cheeks, he stares at you for a little while. Honestly a lil confused? What's up?? Do you want something???
Then you call him a pretty boy, and,,,, if this man had a tail, it'd be wagging a mile a minute. As the epitome of sunshine incarnated as a demon, he's BEAMING from ear to ear
Not to mention the pride swelling up in his chest from being complemented by you is as clear as day. The fact that you really aren't intimidated by him... it always makes him happy! He laughs out loud and the sound is deep, and rumbles in his chest.
"I admire your honesty, MC! The way you boldly say how you feel, the way you compliment me without a second thought... Oh, where are my manners?"
Diavolo pulls you closer by the waist, until you're pressed flush against him. "You're pretty, too! It would be rude of me not to return the compliment, wouldn't it?"
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moemoemammon · a month ago
Mmm, what you said in the post about the strength is true and all, but how the hell is levi is the third strongest? He does nothing in life-
So what if he can't jump rope or run a single lap around a track? The only place he should be running to is into my gotdamn arms 😤😤😤😤😤😤
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obeythedemons · 25 days ago
When They Need To Confess [Obey Me! Headcanons]
Obey Me! Masterlist
Related Headcanons:
When His Heart First Skipped A Beat
The Moment He Knew He Loved Them
What He Tries To Hide
When The Others Knew He Loved Them
Somehow, MC had figured out how to get their DDD to connect with the human world's equivalent. Lucifer had assumed Levi had something to do with it, but he wouldn't complain so long as MC wouldn't spill the secrets of Devildom online. He trusted them, so he let them be.
"Lucifer!" their voice sounded, causing him to look up from his work. They grinned at him, making him return a small one of his own. "I got some of my pictures from before I came here. Do you want to see them?"
Lucifer placed down his pen and guided them to the couch. He sat next to them, peering over their shoulder as they scrolled through some of their most important memories.
It was bittersweet, really. Sweet that he was able to see something intimate from MC, something that they treasured. But bitter. He could see them age through the photos. Funny, how humans age in such a short timespan.
No, he wanted to be with them for an eternity. Longer than any human life could last. His heart squeezed at the thought, but he knew it wasn't impossible to be with them forever.
"MC, I have something important I need to tell you."
They weren't doing much of anything, really. He glanced up at them from his DDD. His head was on their lap as their hands ran through his hair. It was almost enough to lull him to sleep - if his heart wasn't beating so wildly in his chest, he would have.
His eyes wandered across their face as they read through a homework assignment they had just finished. Every twitch of their eyebrows, every puff of air that pushed past their nose, everything, he soaked it up greedily.
It became overwhelming. He turned in their lap and buried his face into their stomach. His arms wrapped around them. He heard the familiar sound of paper being flung.
"Mammon? Is everything okay?" Their voice kissed his ears. There they were being concerned for a scum bag like him - being kind to someone like him.
"I need to tell ya somethin'," he mumbled, his voice muffled by their shirt.
"Weren't you scared?" Levi asked after their class. MC had just given a presentation in front of everyone, including some demons that had recently made death threats to their face.
"A little," MC admitted but gave him a smile. "Did I do okay?"
Levi nodded, he could feel his ears burning. "You're so brave. I wish I could be like you, but there are too many things that freak me out."
MC frowned. "Being brave isn't about not being scared of anything, Levi. It's about facing those things that make you scared. I see you do that all the time." Levi rolled his eyes. "No! You're here at school. Right now, right?"
"I guess," he mumbled.
MC grabbed his hand. He looked at them about to protest but stopped when they saw them smiling happily up at him. A smile that was for him only, not anyone else. That sincere smile that was always behind the compliments that they gave him. The compliments that made him feel just a little bit better about himself.
"C-Can I be brave right now?"
He slammed his book shut and threw it against the door to his room. His shoulders shook angrily at what he had just read. The book had originally enticed him because the protagonist had reminded himself of MC. Then, the protagonist had gotten injured. He had no idea if they would live, but he was assuming they wouldn't.
He couldn't get the image his mind created out of his head. Of the injury that afflicted MC. With a huff, he slammed his door open and stalked the halls - ignoring the brothers that leaped out of his way.
Without thinking, he flung the door to MC's room open. He peered inside. It was empty. His heart leaped. Had the book foreshadowed reality? He just about turned around to start a frantic search but paused.
"Satan?" their voice sounded. He looked over his shoulder, seeing a plate of snacks in their hand. "What's wrong?"
Satan walked over to them and wrapped his arms around them, careful to not make them drop their plate. "I need to tell you something before it's too late."
Nothing looked right. It didn't matter how he did his hair or what clothes he wore, nothing was looking right to him. He even stripped himself of everything to see if that would work, but it didn't. With a tired sigh, he wrapped himself in a silk robe and moped out of his room - hoping a glass of water would clear his head.
His eyes fluttered about, hoping no one would see him in such a state. The wound of MC's voice saying his name shattered his hopes. He looked away from them, embarrassed that they had to see him when he looked anything but perfect.
Asmo's gaze flickered to the nearby window. They widened in shock when he saw how he looked in the reflection with MC next to him. It was perfect. A wide smile spread on his face and clasped MC's hands in his own. He took in the sight before him, marveling at how much he adored looking at them.
"MC, hon, can I tell you a secret?"
He looked down at his hamburger. He was starving. It was his favorite food. And yet, he hesitated to eat it. The saying that food tastes better with the one you love kept on bouncing around his head. It was true, food did taste better around MC.
His brothers had been staring at him. The growling of his stomach was rivaling the snarling of Cerberus, and yet the Avatar of Gluttony had yet to take a single bite of his food.
"Sorry I'm late!" MC rushed into the dining room and took a seat next to Beelzebub. Beel grinned at them before beginning to devour his meal - it tasted much better, divine even. He almost wondered if MC's presence would make Solomon's food taste okay.
His eyes wandered from his plates of food to MC. They watched eagerly as they took a bite of their own meal. The small smile on their face indicating that they enjoyed it made a warmth bubble up in Beel.
"Once I'm done..." Beel forced another burger into his mouth. "Eating, I need to talk to you about something, MC."
Everywhere he looked, he was reminded of them. He wondered if they would think the flower he found was beautiful. If they would be amazed by the sight of the stars. If they would think that the stupid dad joke Lucifer told to annoy Satan was funny or if it was indeed stupid. He couldn't get them out of his head. He wasn't sure if he wanted to.
Belphie tried spending all of his waking moments, and his sleeping ones, with them. He wanted to see their look of wonder at all of the new things the Devildom had to offer them. He even started staying up just a little bit longer, wanting to show them something new.
He laid his head on their chest as they gazed up at the stars. His gaze was glued to their face. Absentmindedly, he played with the fabric of their shirt.
"I've never seen something like this," MC started and looked down at him with a smile. "Thank you for showing me something new, Belphie."
Belphie took a deep breath. "Could I try something new with you?"
"Here are my proposals for strengthening the relations between the three realms," MC spoke and placed a binder on Diavolo's desk. He raised an eyebrow at how full it was.
"I asked you to draft some ideas yesterday," he spoke with some confusion, wondering how they had this much in less than twenty-four hours.
"Yes, well," MC cleared their throat and shuffled from foot to foot. "I had actually been working on this already and was planning on proposing these to you soon."
Diavolo skimmed through it. It was organized and an extensive amount of research had gone into it. He chuckled when he read that soil quality was a prevailing issue in Devildom - he knew who said that.
"You must have worked very hard on this," Diavolo mused out loud.
"Of course. I don't want to disappoint you."
Diavolo looked at them in shock. "You could never disappoint me. In fact..." His hand trailed through the thick stack of papers in the binder. "Perhaps I should tell you why I'm even more devoted to strengthening the bonds between demons and humans."
"MC? What are you doing here?" he questioned - though it was a question he found himself saying more and more. It was also a question he was looking forward to asking, hoping that he'd be able to say it every day.
"I wanted to thank you for hosting us the other night. So I brought your favorite!" MC held up a box of Madame Scream Macrons. Though, the macrons weren't the favorite thing in front of him.
"That's very sweet of you. Please, come in." Barbatos ushered them inside. He found himself standing closer to them than he would typically stand to anyone. He felt his heart pound when they moved even closer to him. Every part of him was screaming at him to hold them.
"MC, may I make a confession?"
Every day, he would typically practice writing. Just something small to make sure he wouldn't get rusty. Though, nowadays, he found himself writing love letter after love letter. He would do it absentmindedly, almost as if he were possessed.
He hid all of them in a folder, where he would periodically read through them. They each described different things that he loved about them.
He quickly placed all of the letters in a folder and put it back to where he hid them. He stood from his desk and walked out to the common area. He paused, seeing MC with Luke. They looked up at him and grinned widely. Just writing his feelings for them wasn't going to be enough for the angel.
"Luke, may I have a moment with MC?"
Just like flowers, he knew MC would wither away if he didn't do anything. He did everything he could to rid himself of immortality, but his research proved fruitless. The thought of living without them was too painful for the sorcerer.
He watched as they marveled at the different flora indigenous to Devildom. They pointed at some, wanting to enjoy the moment with him. He smiled at their excitement, wanting to prolong this moment to last forever.
"What's wrong, Solomon?" they questioned. They stood in front of him and gazed up at him with concern. "You can tell me anything, you know?"
Solomon laughed lightly. "There's no hiding anything from you, is there?" MC shook their head. "Would you allow me to be selfish?"
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143-cupid · 21 days ago
HEYYAAA I was wondering (if your taking requests) to do headcanons for like how the obey me boys would be with mc in no nut november
Big Brothers VS NNN...
♡ Who's winning? ♡
Tumblr media
♡.Obey me!
♡♡.NSFW!! kinda? GN!reader
♡♡♡. Hii angel, I'm doing half brothers only for this, sorry, maybe request the rest of the cast later?
Tumblr media
. . . L U C I F E R !
♡ He really thinks this thing is silly and a waste of time, wasn't planning on doing this in the first place
♡ ....Until Satan said that Lucifer won't do this because he can't control his dick around you
♡ Now he's doing it for sure, he isn't some horny teenage boy, he's an adult!
♡ He doesn't push you away during this time, don't ignore you, he acts normally
♡ he's JUST more...kissy? Oh you're bringing him tea? He's kissing your forehead, oh wanna sit in his lap? He's kissing your neck and knuckles
♡ His hands don’t wander off to grope anything during this time and normally he does it a lot of tease you during makeouts or in public which he only does it very lowkey like he’s warning you
♡ He passes the whole month actually, with his ton loads of work and little make outs with you, it was a pretty easy for him
♡ The first morning after NNN, he'll wake you up with his hands on you, touching all the skin he can
♡ "I won that human challenge, don't I get an award, love?"
. . . M A M M O N !
♡ Oh that sound easy?
♡ That's what he said at first, he thought it'd be a piece of cake! Wait...does he get money at the end? No...oh well, he'll still do it! He wants to show everyone he can control's not to impress you, H-hah! it's to show he can beat his brothers, of course!
♡ The first week was fine, it went by fast but the second week he started to notice how your lips shine in the sunlight and how your hands are soft and oh my my, how come he didn't notice how your thighs look in those jeans?
♡ With those thoughts in his head, you'd find him starting to slowly stop interacting with you
♡ It's weird and very annoying so after being fed up with his behavior, you think of a plan
♡ After dinner, you walk to his room and open to the door, "Mammon!"
♡ He was there on the bed, holding his DDD with earbuds on, too interested in the device to hear you
♡ His other hand was stroking the tip, pressing on the head that was covered by his boxers.
♡ "Shit..." His hand started to stroke faster and faster until a damp spot came in view
♡ After moments, he looked away from the DDD and to you,sweat rolling down his face, his eyes looked teary
♡ "You made me lose, come cheer me up..."
. . . L E V I A T H A N !
♡ He heard about this before...what, you wanna see if he can do this? Well he can try but no promises are made, okay?
♡ It all went okay for three weeks and now the last week is starting, Levi was confident he can do this until...haaha
♡ until his deviltube account popped a hentai video in his recommendation section, the thumbnail was...something, he wasn't going to click on it! He swears! He's stronger than dumb Mammon!
♡ .....he can do this, he can.
♡ He tried to push the thumbnail of the video down in his mind, he doesn't want to think about it! If he does...he'll get a boner, they're hard to get rid of, okay?!
♡ That same night, he was trying to sleep when you popped up in his mind...d-doing that same face as the anime character in the thumbnail
♡ Haaahh, you're bad for his heart and dick..hnng you would look so stunning with that look on your face...could he make you do that...if he touched you..?
♡ His thoughts started to race and the more new ideas came, the more the his dick twitched
♡ "Mhh!...Ah ah ha...ohhh!" Eyes were closed but his hands worked as if they had a mind of their own, when he got close, he slapped a hand over his mouth and his hips snapped forward "Hnnhg!" ♡ He’ll avoid you like you’ a virus after that night, leaving you confused
♡ He’d be too embarrassed to look you in the face
♡….he’s not as different as mammon
Tumblr media
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devilsoup · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
@birdsareprettynice (WHY CANT I TAG U AAJSKDLFA I'M SO SORRY) this is PRECIOUS and the kind of shit that i would do. i'm glad you liked the last one :3333 i'll do the dateables in a separate post!
link to the dateables
sneaking in for a quick nap (w/ the brothers)
🦚 lucifer 🦚
it's been a long day for him - but really, when isn't it?
exhaustion weighed on him as he trudged into his bedroom, and he was ready to crash
6 hours of sleep over the past 3 days will do that to a guy
he draped his coat over his desk chair and turned towards his bed, ready to pass out as soon as he hit the mattress
only to see you sound asleep and wrapped snugly in his blankets
it's enough to make a grown man cry :,)
your face, resting in blissful peace, pressed against his pillow
he had to catch himself on the back of the chair
he literally almost fell to his knees, you make him so weak
now he's at war with himself - stay awake to watch your precious face as you sleep, or snuggle up next to you?
a big yawn makes him choose the latter
he doesn't even bother changing before he tucks himself in next to you gently, giving you a soft peck on the forehead before drifting off himself
💳 mammon 💳
he'd been searching for you EVERYWHERE
you weren't in your room, you weren't in the attic, hell he'd even checked between Cerberus' teeth - all three sets!
you were nowhere to be found
begrudgingly, he slumped back to his bedroom, accepting that he just wasn't going to get to see you today :/
he flopped dramatically in his bed, not knowing you were hidden and sleeping soundly - and landed right on you, jumping right back up at your screech
fucking OW, mammon
"shit, sorry babe!"
this time he pounced on you on purpose, wrapping you up in a big hug and peppering your face in kisses
how could you stay mad at him when he's being so sweet and cute?
you can't. it's scientifically impossible.
you peeled his jacket off him and pulled him close, giggling as you whispered quietly to each other about anything and everything
▶️ leviathan ▶️
let's face it, this is the hardest room to infiltrate in the entire devildom
levi hardly ever leaves, so sneaking in is a feat in and of itself
but he left early one morning to go stand in line, to be the first to get a new multiplayer game he'd been raving about for months now
you snuck into his room, originally planning to be right in position to play with him
…but this was taking F O R E V E R
it had been two hours, and you woke up early yourself
maybe it wouldn't hurt to sneak a ten-minute nap in?
sure, the bathtub wasn't the comfiest thing in his room, but his pillows and blankets smelled like him
another hour later and levi finally opened the door, pulling out his phone to text you
only when he sent the text he heard the buzz and spotted the glow of your phone's screen on the stand next to his tub
peering in, he saw you, snug and secure
cue the anime nosebleed (and maybe a few photos)
but he did wake you up, because he knew you'd want to play the game with him as soon as possible, right?
and if you drifted back off while you were playing, leaning into his shoulder, he'd actually die of a heart attack
📗 satan 📗
he'd been studying in the library ALL DAY, reading about some curse or something
and dammit, you wanted to cuddle with him
but you really didn't want to go hunt him down, so you chose the alternative - lie in wait and ambush when the time is right
too bad you fell asleep before you could execute your plan
he quietly entered his room, a stack of books in his hands
he almost dropped them all though when he saw you passed out on his bed
instead, he quickly composed himself and set the books down on a nearby table, having to catch the stack before it teetered over and woke you up
he changed into his pajamas faster than he ever had before and climbed in beside you, pulling you up to his chest
best sleep ever
🧁 asmodeus 🧁
he texted you telling you to meet him in your room as he left majolish, hoards of clothes for you both in hand
he got stopped by some fans on the way out, though, and things took waaaaaaaaaay longer than they should have
by the time he got back, he was almost too exhausted to even try anything on
he dramatically tossed the bags on your bedroom floor, calling your name out in a singsong voice
when he didn't get a response, he was a little concerned. surely you weren't avoiding him?
he pouted off to his room, where he found you sound asleep in his fluffy bed
he had to suppress the squeal he felt rising in his throat, you were just too cute
another one to take many many pictures
the clothes could wait, he decided as he laid down next to you, content to watch your peaceful face
the first thing you saw when you woke up was that asmo had dozed off himself, a small smile gracing his lips and his hand holding yours
🍔 beelzebub 🍔
he'd snuck out himself, to make a quick run to madam scream's to pick up some snacks for you both to share
when he couldn't find you anywhere, he just shrugged it off and figured he'd wait for you in his room
he was surprised to find you there already
maybe belphie let you in?
no, belphie has been asleep in the attic since before he left
so did you sneak in to wait for him?
someone's a blushy boy now
he'd try to wait for you to wake up on your own, but he was really hungry and he wanted to share them with you
he caved after a few minutes, shaking you gently awake, waving a macaron under your nose
sit up and he'll feed it to you, giving you a small kiss as well, telling you how cute you looked asleep
🌌 belphegor 🌌
he'd been sleeping in the attic all day, hoping you would get the hint and come join him
when you didn't show, he decided to take matters into his own hands
he stormed off to your room first, and when you weren't there he got REALLY pouty
fine, he'll just go sleep in his bed alone
but when he got there and saw you hugging his blankets tightly, his heart melted
how could he stay mad at you when you'd probably done the same thing he had and waited for him?
ugh, you were impossible
he was tempted to wake you up for making him search everywhere for you
but when you rolled over with that soft sleepy smile on your lips, he chose to just visit you in your dreams instead
he curled himself around you, slipping out of consciousness and into your head
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onehoneybeel · 9 months ago
Mc interacting with the Brothers' familiars!
"My tumblr isn't working rn but is it cool if I suggest their reactions to MC being friends with their familiars? :)"
As per request from the Discord server! We have some familiars interactions and the brothers' reactions to it!
Had a lot of fun with this one! Thanks to the discord pals! 💕
Warnings: a bit crack here and there but mostly fluff!
Peacocks woth Lucifer's personality? Hell nah
Y'all know Diavolo has some peacocks around the demon king castle or some sort of demonic version of peacocks but it's the same
Lucifer and the peacocks have a sort of frenemies relationship bc pride >><< pride
It surprises him when he sees that MC actually takes little treats to the peacocks whenever they are hanging around the castle
It makes him feel giddy on the very bottom of his heart but its lowhighkey jealous
He puffs out his chest when MC tells him that they think peacocks are really beautiful and carry a regal feeling
It does not amuse him when MC mentions he puffs his chest like a peacock
Distressed peacock noises
Distressed Lucifer noises
You know that headcanon about mammon taking care of his crows? Yes im going with that
He adores the little creatures and seeing MC take care of them does something to his heart
MC gets to walks around with an army of crows around them
The littlest crows follow them walking like baby ducklings
Mammon gets reports about how MC is doing through the day from the crows! If they are in any kind of danger he'll be there in a second
Gets a bit jealous that the crows don't bring him as many trinkets and gifts because they give them to MC instead
But just a bit
Congratulations MC, you are now the proud parent to a bunch of crows with Mammon as the father
Levi is around more marine life than actual snakes and that a problem to me but here we go
Levi's snakes come through the plumbing system to tell him stuff (work related or just gossip)
Mc adores snakes ok? And they love doing little costumes and hats for them to wear!
Levi falls in love with the idea and starts doing cosplay for his familiars
Really enjoys hanging out with the snakes and MC! Get so flustered because the snakes give him love advice
Also gets flustered that if you give the snakes kisses also jealous but thats a theme with these demons
MC and Levi use the snakes to prank people or get revange
You can hears mammon and asmo scream all the way to heaven when they find a tiny snek in the toilet
Moe attack him by sticking your tongue out in response to the snakes sticking their tongues out
Levi is dead now
How does one come across unicorns you may ask?
Take a stroll on the border of the enchanted forest (be careful y'all) if you decide to go a bit further in there's a little clearing
Satan loves the spot to read and usually comes across a few of his familiars
Imagine his surprise when he finds MC there humming softly and brading some unicorn's mane
He is really excited that MC managed to get on the unicorns' good graces, they usually are very angry at everything
Loves the calming aura of the whole picture, so he sits down next to MC and reads silently
Unicorns can and will tease him
All in all appreciates MC being kind to the unicorns
Until he notices that MC calms him down the same as they do the unicorns
Scorpions im--
MC is surprised that Asmo finds them beautiful but they like the little creatures too so thats a win
Asmo feels very deeply about his scorpions and will love love love MC taking care of them
He finds it very endearing, that MC can like a part of him even though its not exactly too pleasant to look at
It feels like MC will love him no matter what, which is true but he don't know
You can't convince me that he doesn't gossip with his familiars
MC, Asmo and Scorpions gossip circle, spilling all the hot tea about everyone
"MC! A little scorpion may or may not have told me about this ugly demon trying to hit on you! Are yo ok darling?"
Scorpions sting anyone who does not respect consent and that's that on that.
F l i e s
But how much cooler would it be that Beel could actually control a variety of insects??? Like ants and bees (related to food usually)
Doesn't get along much with his familiars bc the little things want his food
Usually puts aside a bit of food for them to feast on, or let's them have the crumbles of his food
MC starts giving the little guys a bit of their food too! Beel appreciates it a lot cuz that means he has to give less food!
Finds it weird that MC gets along with insects, usually people dont like them
But its cute how the insects come to get him if MC needs him
Very neutral whether you like them or not
Tell him "I like them cause they are a part of you and I like you a lot!"
He is soft, heart go brrr 🥺
Cows are best napping pals omg
They are so big and so warm and so fluffly and-
Belphie goes to them in the farm area a lot to sleep when he has headaches
Surprised to find MC there talking to the cows and bulls like life long pals
He feels warm inside when his familiars tell him what you think and say about him
Love to watch you nap under the sunlight against one of the cows
Falls asleep most of the time, face resting against your shoulder or on your tight
Nap fest with the cows
The bulls are very protective over MC, beware
Dont tell belphie but he huffs like the cows do sometimes
On the other hand, do tell him and run while he tries to untangle himself from his blankets
Falls flat on his face
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mammonswhore · 16 days ago
today is belly appreciation day so
Rests his head in your belly and waits for you to get up because they feel gool like this. Half of their heads facing your stomach and breathing the soothing scent of your skin.
Lays in your stomach while you are on bed together,facing down fully on your skin, grabbing the love handles that lay on your sides and caressing your body.
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hey-its-spades · 3 months ago
Things you'd never think you'd see in the HOl
prt 2 requested by MANY people.
- Asmodeus livestreaming and reviewing bad pornos. Asmo is IN TEARS laughing so hard he's nearly wheezing.
- the consumption of MANY energy drinks. Belphie chugs drinks a monster ( or the devildom equivalent) meanwhile levi chugs like 4 G-fuels and then fucks off for the rest of the day. Lucifer whispers "amateurs " under his breathe as he drinks his 12th deathwish coffee for the day after staying awake for nearly 2 weeks straight.
- satan has a 'keep calm kitty' poster on the back of his door. Mc has witnessed him turn to it and say " oh mr.meow-meow, we're in for it now.."
- mc has introduced all of them to vines and they all abuse them to the fullest. Levi just slides in in his socks, mammon yells out " what's the scoop!?", " PENIS!-" levi slides out only to hit the door jam and fall over crying.
- speaking of socks mc loves to slide in them everywhere. They just slide past Lucifer and smack his ass, and then take off as fast as they can from the Eldest's wrath.
- Asmos' ring tone for mcs phone is khia- my neck, my back ( lick it) and so far he hasn't complained.
- levi taught himself a teleportation spell, whenever he makes a peace sign. So now it's just a lot of :
" levi I need to speak to you!" Levi makes a peace sign and just disappears.
- just demons playing poker on the ceiling.
- Lucifer will be on the phone and they'll just hand him things. He takes them,of course but now he's holding a bunch of stuff while being on the phone and is just like "???"
- when belphegor is awake he just pushes things off tables to be annoying. He also dabs at random times and it's so fast you only briefly see it happen.
- Lucifer very rarely loses an argument but when he does it's with mc. Bc mc will be like " beel back me up!" And beel will pick them up to be at Lucifer's eye level " what now fucker??" And then he slowly loses his composure and starts laughing.
- belphie t-posing on the ceiling in the RAD hallway corridor like a madman.
- bad jokes, so many bad jokes.
- satan:" okay mc now what do we say when we want to jump off buldings?"
Mc:"... YEET-"
Satan " NO-"
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absolutepokemontrash · 2 months ago
HII could you do headcannons of how the brothers would react to Luke calling mc mom. This is the first time I’ve ever requested but your work is so good I wanted to see your take on it 💖💖💖
(MC is still gender neutral)
Luke Calls MC Mom
“Here’s that ice cream you wanted, Luke.” “Thanks mom- uh! MC! I meant MC!”
He does a bit of a double take. What did the chihuahua just say? Did he call MC mom?
Lucifer ends up chuckling to himself and patting Luke on the head. The silly little Angel went and imprinted on MC, perhaps he’s less of a chihuahua and more of a duckling.
“Don’t pat my head you demon!” No, definitely still a yapping chihuahua.
Even though Lucifer would never admit it, he thinks it’s cute. Though, the cuteness can only excuse so much yapping. MC needs to take their child and get out of here.
MC is not safe from the teasing. Lucifer will bring this up anytime MC wants to go see Luke, or anytime Luke bursts into the HOL to “save” MC from the brothers.
If MC likes to live dangerously and flirt with Lucifer, they should make a comment about how that makes Lucifer Luke’s stepdad. Watch how fast he goes from calm to crazed.
“Hey Luke, watch your scarves, they might get wrinkled if you sit on them like that.” “Oh, okay mom- I mean MC! MC, not mom, I didn’t say mom…”
Mammon spits out his instant noodles the moment he hears Luke accidentally call his human “mom”.
Listen! Luke may be an honorary little brother to the Great Mammon, but that does not mean that he gets free reign to call MC mom!
As Luke sputters out denials, Mammon angrily sputters out angry greedy tsundere nonsense. None of it makes much sense.
After the initial freak out, Mammon realizes the whole thing’s kinda funny. Pff- Fido thinks MC’s his mom! Ha!
Mammon has half a mind to thank MC for bein’ such a doting mom-friend, because thanks to them, he has new teasing material for whenever he decides to use Luke as an armrest.
“Hey Luke, want to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service with Levi and I?” “Sure mom! I mean MC! Not mom!”
It took a second for Levi to register, then he starts cackling. Hehehehe… dumb normie chihuahua thinks MC’s his mom-
Levi ends up watching Kiki’s Delivery Service cuddled up next to MC trying to come up with a plan to keep MC from tying their hair into a side ponytail and becoming the main motivator for Luke’s future hero’s journey.
Hang on, Luke as an anime protagonist… huh… that’d be kinda cool…
Levi could be the mentor character… Fuck wait those guys usually die too… Fs in the chat.
Anyway, back to protecting his Henry from the fate of becoming an anime mother. Levi makes it his mission to make sure Luke never slips up like that again!
“Aw, this is a book I read when I was little, Luke come look!” “Coming mom- MC!” “Did you say mom?” “N-no! I said MC!”
Satan snorted and awkwardly tried to cover it up with his book. N’awww, how cute. It’s nice that Luke has found a parent figure in MC, Satan wouldn’t understand what that felt like, he definitely didn’t have a stuck up pompous ass of an older brother who thought of himself as Satan’s parental figure. Pff, not at-
And before Satan knew it, he was reading to Luke. If MC’s the mother figure, Satan’s going to be a damn good dad figure!
…wait, Luke had like… three dads already… does that mean all the spots are filled up?
Whatever, they were already a few chapters into the Princess Bride and it didn’t make any logical sense to stop. -.-
(Besides, Luke was being 75% less annoying, Satan should keep reading for the sake of his sanity)
“Luke come here, Asmo can paint your nails!” “If you say so mom- I mean MC!”
Hold on one little second! Did Luke call MC mom? Like a parent mom?
Well, if MC is Luke’s mom, guess that means when MC falls head over heels in love with Asmo, the Avatar of Lust will be a stepdad. Can’t be helped 🤷
Asmo pinches Luke’s adorable chubby cheeks, much to the little angel’s chagrin, and coos about how adorable both MC and Luke are.
He has half a mind to spill the entire story to Devilgram but his sense of decency stops him. Just kidding MC took his DDD :(
Later in the day, Asmo gets curious and calls Solomon to see if Luke has ever called Simeon dad. Solomon of course, spills every wholesome story he can remember.
“The cupcakes are ready!” “Aw Luke, these look great!” “Thanks mom- I mean MC!”
Beel was already downing his sixth cupcake when he registered what Luke had said.
Luke sees MC as a mom? That’s cute.
…if MC is Luke’s mom does that mean Luke can come over more often and bake for everyone? Mainly him.
As Luke continues to insist that it was just a slip of the tongue and he totally didn’t say mom, Beel gives him a few pats on the head and thanks him for the cupcakes.
Luke blinks a few times as he slowly realizes that Beel ate every single cupcake. He then starts yelling that Beel shouldn’t have eaten all of them and some of them were supposed to be for Simeon and Solomon!
Darn it Beel! Offer the poor boy a piggyback ride to make up for this!
“Hey MC, do you want to come bake with me?” “*yawn*, sure Luke. Just a second.” “‘Kay mom…. Wait no-”
Belphie probably wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for Luke’s loud protests. Ugh, first this little chihuahua steals his human body pillow, then he wakes him up from his nap?
Pff, the Angel thinks the human’s his moooooommmmyyyyy~.
“Stop teasing him cow-boy.” “Ha ha, MC’s a moooooom!” “Man you can really say mom and make it sound like you’re mooing.”
Tsk, Belphie wasn’t awake enough for this. He’s going back to bed! >:(
Luke hits him with a pillow before he and MC leave to bake.
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luminari-mc · a month ago
A Visit to the Grand Admiral (Leviathan x Gn!MC)
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff, Levi is sad but MC is there for him
Pairing: Gn!MC/Reader x Leviathan
Summary: Lucifer entrusts you to bring Levi's forgotten lunch to the Hell's Navy's headquarters.
Warnings: N/A
A/N: Yes, yes, I'm a big, BIG lover of anything related to Grand Admiral! Levi... To the surprise of no one, as a fellow Leviastan. Yet I figured that, while we headcanon him as the confident type whenever he wears his uniform... what if instead, his admiral facade suddenly crumbled at the sight of MC, when he least expects a visit from them?
Despite how long you had started living in the Devildom, there was one thing you had yet to see from the third eldest of the brothers. Something he had so desperately hidden up until that point, that you were wondering how he had managed to slip away from the house anytime his "other self" (as you named it) was required somewhere, without letting you see him at least once. For some reason, you always missed his departures whenever he had to replace his usual long jacket and black sweatpants, for a dark blue, heavily decorated military uniform. Almost as if... he was meticulously making sure that you would never see this side of him, ever.
That side being... Leviathan, the official Grand Admiral of Hell's Navy.
Lucifer had come to your room early one morning, handing you a wrapped up box in a paper bag that contained different kinds of Devildom food. "You are planning on accompanying Beelzebub to his fangol practice later, correct? If you could pass by the Navy's Headquarters and deliver this to Levi on your way there...".
Such a simple request from the eldest that you had immediately accepted on the spot, not realizing right away that it would be your first time seeing Levi in a completely different environment, than the one his otaku lair.
His presence at the headquarters was relatively rare: about once or twice every month, since the naval army only had to deal with the usual sea pirates and raging monsters of the many Hell's seas. And with Levi being a master at turning invisible to anyone's eyes whenever he wanted, it was no surprise that you had missed every single time he'd stepped out of the house while wearing his uniform.
As you walked beside Beel in the Devildom streets, the paper bag swinging off your hand beside you, you asked the giant how come you had never seen the third born in his military attire in the past.
"Hmm, I guess it's because he's shy. Him being the Grand Admiral is something completely different from being a shut-in. Even if he is powerful enough to command tons of other demons and be recognized by them as a superior, I guess he's still scared of showing this side of him to you. For whatever reason."
Beel made sure to add that, despite your impromptu visit to him today, Levi would surely be glad to see you. 'Maybe he'll be surprised at first, but don't let that get to you', he smiled in a way to reassure you. After hearing those words, you were growing impatient and excited, your grasp on the paper bag tightening even more once the old fortress that served as the Navy's HQ finally came into view.
The demons guarding the entrance opposed no problem to letting you enter, having recognized Beel even before he had even opened his mouth. You quickly explained your reason for visiting their admiral, and after exchanging a look between each other, the demons nodded and opened the giant wooden doors to let you in. You were expecting Beel to follow behind you as you took the first steps inside, but he only shook his head with a smile. "You'll be fine, MC. Levi's soldiers know who you are, and what you mean to him. They won't do anything to you. And I'm sure Levi will prefer it if it's just you visiting him, so I'll wait for you here."
Although a bit reluctant to not have the reassuring presence of the demon beside you, you trusted him and his judgement. You let one of the soldiers accompany you within the fortress after waving a small goodbye to Beelzebub, keeping a slow pace behind him, and watching as he guided you through the different halls and up the many staircases leading to the Grand Admiral's office. It wasn't until you had climbed up several floors, that the soldier stopped rather abruptly next to a dark wooden door, attached to the cobblestone walls with golden hinges.
"We have arrived at the Grand Admiral's personal quarters, Mx. MC" The demon bowed his head to you as he stood beside the door, his back straight and the trident in his hand standing tall. "Shall I knock on your behalf?"
"N-No, that's alright." You shook a hand in front of you to decline his offer. "I'll, hm, do it myself. If that's okay with you...?"
You stood awkwardly in front of the demon, fingers wrapping around the lunch bag nervously. His eyes shifted between what you were holding and your face, almost as if he was judging you.
"Very well." He let out with a stern expression and a single arched eyebrow. "The Grand Admiral will let you know if you are allowed to enter. If you'll now excuse me."
On these words, the demon bowed once more in front of you, before marching past and walking back in the direction where you had come from. As his figure disappeared behind a corner, and now that you were alone in this silent corridor... you suddenly felt tense.
Turning around to face the Admiral's door, you grabbed the lunch bag between both of your hands, the paper slightly crinkling under your grasp. You were surprised by how loud you swallowed the saliva down your throat, and how shaky your whole body had become in the matter of just a couple seconds. Was the excitement finally getting to you? Was it even excitement you were feeling right now, with your feet firmly planted in front of the door and staring into nothing? Or was it apprehension about how different Levi could be in this environment? You couldn't stop wondering how he'd even react to seeing you at his workplace, and completely unannounced too.
With shy knocks, and a heart beating like a thousand hammers within your chest, you announced your presence behind the large wooden door. A ratherly loud voice came from the other side, commanding a single "come in", which you immediately recognized as Levi's, but with a much more commanding tone than you were used to hear coming from him. It instantly made you blink in surprise, as you'd expect any Grand Admiral to ask for the identity of anyone who'd ask to enter their quarters, but quickly brushed it off as you noticed your hand shaking as it hovered above the handle.
Why were you suddenly turning into a timid human, when the person behind the door was none other than Levi, a demon you had known for so long, and your best friend? There was no reason for you to feel apprehensive about him seeing you there, and yet, this stupid heart of yours wouldn't stop beating like crazy.
As you closed your eyes shut and deeply sighed in order to calm yourself down, you let a smile appear on your lips, and turned the handle of the door, before taking your first step inside the admiral's office.
You almost couldn't pay proper attention to the way the room was decorated, with so many props, paintings and banners attached to the stone walls around you. Several rows of trophies adorned the shelves of a glass display on your right side, while a library filled to the brim with old books, brown scrolls and parchments occupied your left. The room was big, almost as big as Lucifer's office back at home, with a round table in its center and two velvety chairs facing each other on each side of it. Probably used for the many meetings that Levi had to host with other admirals in the past.
And speaking of the demon... upon locking your eyes on the far back of the room, there he was. Seated behind a large wooden desk, clothed almost exactly how you had imagined his outfit to be: his jacket buttoned up to his throat, with several medals adorning the left side of his chest, and a military cap resting on top of his head, stuck between both his horns. Despite the distance from which you were standing, this outfit immediately left you awestruck.
Even with the presence of a large window behind him, where the usual light of the Devildom's moon was in full view, you were still able to properly see within the room thanks to the many candles attached to the walls around you.
"Is it about the lost crates again?" Levi's piercing orange eyes were slightly glowing under the darkness of his military cap, the oculars going from left to right as they followed the tip of his quill upon the paper he was filling.
With an annoyed sigh, he placed the feather back onto the table, and you swore you could have seen his canines show for a split second within his mouth. "I swear, if you tell me they lost even more ammunition, I'll-"
His eyes finally rose to stop on you. Almost instantly, a squeal, absolutely not befitting of a man of his current status, escaped the confines of his body upon seeing the identity of the person who had entered his quarters. You backed away with a startled expression, your eyes almost as wide as his and your heart suddenly going twice as fast as it was a few seconds ago.
"M-M-MC??!" Levi's body immediately shot out of his seat at the sight of you, his legs hitting his chair and nearly making him lose his balance in the process. He grabbed the edge of his hardwood desk in the nick of time before falling on the ground, staring at you with the most flushed face you had seen yet. His wide open eyes and his agape mouth let you know that he TRULY didn't expect your presence there.
"W-What? What's going on?" You asked, a bit alerted at such a reaction from him, despite your best at trying to keep your composure. It was almost like he had seen a ghost!
"H-Huh?! Me?! You're asking ME what's going on!?" Levi asked, bewildered, his eyebrows raised up high on his forehead. "W-What are you doing here?!"
"I..." You tried to find your words, attempting to crack a smile despite him staring so intently at you. You raised your hand to show the paper bag you were holding. "You forgot your lunch...?"
If Levi's mouth was already open large enough for a fly to enter, now an entire bird could easily pass and he wouldn't even notice. He stayed there for a few seconds, silent and red in the face, before slumping back into his chair and bringing both his hands over his face as he curled up on himself. "Y-You aren't supposed to be here!! At least not without telling me in advance...!"
The sight could have made you laugh, if it weren't for the fact that... it was Levi, and seeing him flustered shouldn't be surprising. Yet, he was supposed to be a highly-decorated military expert, with what you can imagine many hundreds of victories. And here he was, desperately trying to hide his blush and contain his flustered whimpers from the human living at his house.
You had to stop standing there without doing anything, or you would surely end up laughing, and embarrass the poor demon even more.
"Sorry." You allowed yourself to step further into the room, making your way towards the desk. As you stopped in front of his huddled form on his chair, Levi let an eye poke from between his fingers. "I was going with Beel to his practice today, and Lucifer asked me to bring your lunch on the way. I thought not telling you would maybe surprise you. In a good way, that is."
"I-I mean..." He muttered against his palms, his eye suddenly avoiding your gaze. The red of his cheeks could still partially be seen despite his attempt to hide it. "I'm not m-mad, but..."
Levi straightened up in his chair and turned back towards his desk, placing his elbows on the hardwood and his hands back on his face. "I didn't think you'd actually show up like that..."
"... Surprise?" You chuckled, before placing the lunch bag next to him. Your eyes wandered around the room. "It's a really nice office you have. You must get a lot of work done here, huh?"
Too busy with looking at his decoration and furniture, you couldn't notice Levi partially opening his hand to glance at you. "Y-Yeah. I don't have any distraction here so it allows me to focus and... "
His renewed silence caused you to bring back your focus onto him, and his hand quickly closed back, causing you to miss him staring at you. For some reason, Levi really seemed more flustered by your presence than usual, and you weren't sure what was the cause.
"Hm, Levi... Am I unwanted here, while you're at work?" You decided to ask, rather bluntly, but as much as you feared the answer to be a positive one, you also didn't want to bother Levi in a place where his family probably didn't see him very often. Maybe he actually felt quite comfortable here on his own, and you were bringing him anxiety just by standing in his office?
Your worries were immediately erased upon seeing his hands go from hiding his face, to grabbing yours in a rush.
"W-What?! No, no!! You're not unwanted and never will!" You felt him squeeze your hands as his brow began to lower, as if he suddenly felt ashamed to have caused you to imagine such a thing. "I-I, I just... Sorry, I didn't mean to react like that. I'm happy you're here, MC, really... I'm always happy to see you, anywhere. You know it."
As his cheeks burned with a deep crimson, you slid a hand out of his grasp to rest it on his arm, your palm gently brushing it over the sleeve of his jacket. "But there's a reason why you don't want me to see you as "Grand Admiral Leviathan", right?"
Levi opens his mouth to say something, yet no words come out of it. He looks at you with a defeated expression, which lets you know you've hit the nail on the head.
"I'm not mad, Levi. If there's a reason why you've been avoiding me seeing you like this, then I'm sorry I didn't warn you of my visit beforehand." His half-lidded eyes fall upon your hand resting on his arm, as you continue. "But I guess there's a part of me that would like to know, why I've never had the chance to see you off anytime you had to leave to take care of your admiral duties."
Levi's mouth turns into a straight line, eyebrows pinching hard against each other on his forehead. You can easily see he's debating whether or not to tell you the reason he's kept for himself for so long now, even more so when he grabs the hand that's holding him and begins twiddling with your own fingers. You notice a pout birthing upon his lips.
"It's gonna sound dumb..."
"I'm sure it won't." You reply, your tone as soft and understanding as you can.
"But it really is dumb." He moves your fingers around gently, without any real purpose. "You've always been used to see me as the shut-in that I really am, always locked up in his room and babbling about anime and games and this kind of stuff. But when I have to wear my uniform, I have to set all that aside and be extremely serious about my duties. That's not the "me" you're used to see everyday. So I thought that..."
He stops moving your fingers, instead settling it in the warmth of his palm as his head lowers even more, in the hopes you wouldn't be able to see his face anymore thanks to the visor of his cap. "If you were to see that I can be something else than just a typical otaku... That I can actually shut up and be responsible for once, and that I can act as a "real" demon... Maybe you'd prefer Leviathan, the official Grand Admiral of Hell's Navy, rather than Levi, the official recluse of the House of Lamentation."
You watch as his fingers hesitantly close upon the back of your hand, his head now so low it'd look like he was bowing to you in his seat. The silence grew within the room, making the already tense atmosphere you had felt upon entering turn heavier by the second.
"Levi." Your voice in his ears, combined with the feeling of his cap being pulled off his head, made the demon blink. Just as he looks up to meet your eyes, he barely has time to see yours close, your body leaning in to place a kiss onto his indigo hair.
"Never in a million years would I expect you to stop being you." You place the hand that's not holding his cap on his shoulder, as you lean back to look at him. "You are both the Grand Admiral, and my favorite otaku. And no matter what clothes you wear, or whether you act like yourself or like a leader, I'll always regard you as only one person. Because you can be both an otaku, and an admiral at the same time. That's what makes you you, Leviathan."
You offer a small smile to the demon, before gently placing back his cap between his horns. "They're both the real you. Why would I want to choose one or the other, when I'm sure they're both as great and awesome to have around?"
"MC..." Levi says weakly, his lips trembling as he desperately tries to fight back tears.
Before you can react, the demon shakes his head, as well as his emotions away, before slightly opening his arms in an invitation to receive a hug from you. You happily oblige, stepping closer to him, and as your arms close around his shoulders, and his around your waist, a sigh escapes him.
"I'm sorry for doubting you. I didn't mean to." You feel him bury his face further against your collarbone.
"No harm done, Levi. Your worries were understandable." Your hand goes to rub circles on his back. "But you know I'll never prefer one side of you over the other. Never did, and never will. I'll always be proud of you regardless."
"T-Thank you, MC. I'm... r-really happy to hear that." After making sure that no tears had been accidently shed, Levi squeezes you in his arms one more time, before eventually pulling away. "Sorry, guess I kinda screwed up your first visit here, huh?"
"Oh, not at all. It's quite the exclusive sight you gave me, getting to see the Grand Admiral blush so hard because his human came without notice." You say with a delighted smile, before passing your thumb under his eye despite the absence of any tears. "You know, it almost looks like I'm a spouse bringing their husband lunch."
"S-Stop!!" The deep red from earlier reappears all over his face in a flash, the color even reaching his ears this time. Levi shuts his eyes close before hiding them under his hands again. "I-I- can't believe you'd just-- you can't say something like that out of nowhere!!"
You let out a chuckle, before gently pulling his hands out of the way so you can kiss his forehead. "Sorry, you're too easy to tease. Hey, I have to go now. Beel's still waiting for me. But I'll see you at home tonight, okay?"
Levi huffs, his eyes dropping to stare at his knees. "Y-Yeah. I'll call a guard to bring you back at the entrance. I'd accompany you myself, but, I'm already late on filling those papers..."
"Lots of work, hm? Try to take it easy for me, then." You push the lunch bag a bit more in front of him, before walking back to the front of the desk. Before you could take any more steps away from him, Levi calls for you, causing you to turn around and witness the shy little mess he had become.
"Y-You saw I have a lot of work to do, and I'll probably have to come back here tomorrow too, so... D-Do you think you could-- huh-" he twiddles with his fingers on top of the desk. "M-Maybe you could bring my lunch tomorrow, too... ?"
A feeling of satisfaction and content washes over you upon hearing his request. You beam at him in response. "I'd love to, Levi. Same time tomorrow, would that be good?"
"Y-Yes! Please, thank you!" The demon stutters, barely able to hide his own joy as he shows you a little smile. "Thank you for visiting today, MC. I-I'll see you at home!"
The nod you gave him was full of vigor, and it only made his smile grow even more. You eventually turned your back to him to walk towards the door, waving him a little goodbye which he returned with a wave of his own, and exited the room.
Before you knew it, a guard came to fetch you in the corridor, and promptly escorted you back to the entrance gates of the fortress. You greeted Beel upon returning to him, the giant thanking the soldiers to have brought back safely. You gave your thanks as well, before walking away beside the sixth-born to accompany him to his destination.
"So? Was Levi happy to see you?" His purple eyes scanned your face for any sign that your meeting with Levi had gone well. He instantly noticed you turning to him with a certain glow in your eyes.
"Yup! Actually, before I forget, maybe I could accompany you to your training tomorrow... "
From his window, located in the highest floors of the Hell's Navy's headquarters, Levi watches you depart alongside his little brother. He does not stop looking until the two of you are small dots on the horizon, and when you finally disappear from his view, his clutch on the cap resting on his knees tightens a little more.
"I shouldn't doubt them like that." He says to himself, before turning his chair back to face his desk. "They care for me. They do."
His eyes trail back to the paper bag sitting in front of him. He grabs it between his hands, and inspects the contents inside. It is indeed the lunch box he had made himself, and forgotten on the kitchen counter before leaving this morning. Although, as he inspected further, it seemed like... someone had dropped a small paper inside?
Upon pulling the lunch box out of the bag, the piece of paper fluttered around in the air, before gently landing onto the surface of the desk. As Levi picked it between his gloved fingers, he instantly felt his heart squeeze upon laying his eyes on it. It was a note in your handwriting, he recognized, wishing him a good lunch, along with a smiling doodle of yourself saying "Keep doing your best, super admiral Levi".
If the demon still felt remnants of his shyness linger deep within him, it was now even more powerful than before. Pressing the note against his chest, and internally thanking you again and again for being way too adorable, Levi was already visualizing how tomorrow's visit would go. Perhaps, with a little luck, he could actually ask you to prepare his lunch before bringing it to him, too...
Yes, MC. For you, I'll always do my best. I promise.
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moemammon · 7 months ago
Imagine Levi, holding you around the waist with that big ol snake tail of his💕
He doesn't say anything, but you feel the serpentine appendage slither up your torso, where it gently wraps around until it feels like you're wearing a heavy, secure belt. His hold isn't tight at all, but it's there, and he wants you to feel it. Wants to remind you that he's with you, so you won't overlook him.
He does this the most when the two of you are out in public. Be it when you're faced with a large crowd, in which he justifies it by saying "S-So we don't get separated!" or when his brothers have been hogging all of your attention, to which he says "Stupid normie, acting like I'm not right here.... L-Look at me too, will you?"
You know he does it to self soothe in a way, like he does when he laces his fingers with yours and leans into your shoulder, letting out a sigh that seems to carry the heavy burdens of life only an otaku knows. You don't mind though, especially when your eyes meet and he feels his cheeks warming up, knowing that you're finally aware of him again.
When you feel his tail give your waist a little squeeze, that's his way of saying "Give me attention, too. I'm lonely." It's become something of an unspoken language between the two of you. Pretty helpful when handling a weeb who can't speak his mind with a straight face. And if you run your hands over his scales? Instant validation (and shivers).
"I still can't bring myself to hold your hand, b-but... but this is fine too, right? So you can't forget about me when I'm with you..."
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oheyfox · 9 months ago
Play fighting or wrestling with the brothers
I love doing this with other people! It ends up bringing you closer and you make funny memories!
Tumblr media
Don't even try with this man, you'll never be on top
You'll also repeatedly be thrown onto his bed
The is probably the most gentle fighting he's ever done
He'll push you right down onto the bed, pinning your arms in the process. "I see you're playing dirty. That being said, I should be able to as well." He smirks at you
By dirty, he means tickling you
I'll pray for you, you're probably not gonna make it 🙏
Throw yourself at him when he's not expecting it and you'll definitely get his cheeks red. "Huh?! What're ya doin', MC? ... Ohhh, so ya wanna try with the Great Mammon? You're on!"
He'll immediately throw you over and top you
Mammon likes to pin your hands down and then tickle you and maybe if he's feeling brave, a kiss
If you manage to top Mammon, I suggest going straight for the lips!
"Oi! What're ya do- Mmnh...!" His body will go completely limp as he melts into the kiss
He'd be too surprised to even fight back. I mean all the the sudden you two are sitting shoulder to shoulder and now his waist is sitting between your thighs
Completely red faced the entire time, he's still trying to process the situation
While Levi is distracted with you~ It's the perfect time to attack! Pepper him with kisses, I say! Show him he's loved!
"H-huh?? MC!!?" He's whining every kiss
He the guy to pick up and throw if you get too rowdy
You know the wrestling shows where the guy jumps on the other guys back to try an throw him down, but the guy on the bottom manages to get him off by literally falling on his back or throwing him over, basically KOing him? Yea, that's Satan
He'll pin your waist down and tease, "You're just a little cat, how do you plan on beating me?"
If you ever start laughing, it just makes him want to pepper your face in kisses
Most of time, it's you topping him. It's not a bad thing though, you get to see his cute laughing!
He loves it when you blow raspberries onto his skin. His favorite spots being his neck, his stomach, his shoulders, and his cheek
He's not one to often top, but if he does, he go to plan is to pepper you with kisses
Not always on the face by the way
Beel tries to be really careful play wrestling with you
He doesn't want to accidentally smoosh you so he'll let you top him most of time. He thinks it's cute to see you feel like you're in control
Occasionally he'll top you, his favorite thing to do is watch you squirm to top him again
It's kind of like that one video of the girl topping the guy saying, "I am stronger" and immediately the guy tops her, she says, "I am not stronger"
The best time to do this is when he's sleeping, right? No, he'll immediately wake up and roll you over so that he's on top of you
"What do you think you're doing, pipsqueak?" He mischievously grins at you
He doesn't really like to wrestle, he's more of a cuddler
He'll just hold you down until you get tired and eventually fall asleep on you
If you don't ever calm down, he'll try kissing or hugging you around the midsection so you won't try to push him off
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shinebrite97 · 28 days ago
Six white candles lit up in a circle. One in the center is taller and brighter than the rest. The color of sin. You chanted the words just as you had learned them from Solomon, and the glowing pact mark branded into your skin pulsed with light from your concentration as you summon the demons forward.
“Denizens of darkness, Those who are born from the night and those who bear it. I call upon you to send forth one of your own.
I summon….”
When he appears before you, he is in demon form, a sly grin of his superiority illuminated by the flickering candles.
“Who summons forth the Lord...MC?”
At first, he’s impressed, mildly, that you succeeded in summoning him, but once you tell him why, he’s annoyed.
You needed a date to your dad’s judgemental family’s barbeque.
“I’m sorry, do I look like…?”
He agrees to it begrudgingly.
He loses the tailcoat and tight red vest for a light blue polo shirt and khaki shorts, a pair of sunglasses conceal his ember red eyes, and a quick tousle of his hair annoys him, but also humans him up a bit more.
At the barbeque, he is the pinnacle of manners around your grandma and all the aunties who coo over you finally getting a man.
He keeps a hand on your back while you two get food from the grill and sides from the extra tables.
Lucifer does not shy away and retreat to the house when the inevitable political and religious discussions begin, but when you go inside with the excuse of checking on the younger cousins, he follows you in, knowing that the conversation is bothering you immensely.
Big brother (and single father) mode is activated when he sees you interacting with cousins and nieces and nephews of all ages, pouring juice into red cups and serving kid-friendly snacks, and telling them funny stories to cheer them up from the boisterously rude conversations of their drunk parents.
Once you’re seated, he’ll pull you into his lap and offer to tell funny (highly edited) stories about his brothers, including you in the story-telling task for dramatic effect, using the human names they’d all come up with over the years.
Lucifer accepts all the awkward parting hugs from your extended family that even make you uncomfortable, and then as you’re driving back to the spawn point so he can return to Devildom, he (not so) subtly implores you to come back home, that even hell is better than your family gatherings.
Excuse him...? You need a boyfriend prop for your aunt’s birthday party?
Eh...maybe he can oblige you for a day, after all, he was your first guy, it’s only natural you’d ask him.
How bout we set up a deal? He'll play your boyfriend for the day, but you have to sign this contract he just pulled from nowhere.
A deal with a devil, you know?
Oh, what’s that? Looks like this contract makes you his partner for the rest of your life? Whoopsie, that was meant for someone else.
Now c’mon babe...don’t wanna be late for your aunt’s birthday.
Mammon gets along with all your aunts immediately. No one else can knock back red wine and talk shit with some middle-aged ladies better than him.
He’s had lots of practices with the witches.
Also...he thinks one of 'em looks just a bit too familiar.
You unconsciously keep him at a distance when the birthday aunt opens her presents, each thing more gaudy and expensive than the last.
Your aunt’s spoiled kids love your new boyfriend immediately, especially when he admits to his sunglasses being Gucci. (They don’t have to know they were the first Gucci sunglasses ever made)
You get told more than once by the birthday aunt to keep a good hold on him for the gross reason of “wouldn’t want him to end up becoming your uncle, now would ya?”
He’s so happy to see you, but so overwhelmed about seeing you and not being in his safe space that he freezes up, and once you tell him why.//
“I’m sorry, do I look like…?”
Seriously, did you think hikikomori Leviathan would willingly go to a family party with people he doesn’t know when you don’t have enough social energy for him to hide behind?
He compromises by taking about four months’ worth of selfies with you and promises to text you during the gathering.
“I’ve got a boyfriend, he just couldn’t make it today...yes, Aunt Cathy. I’ll let him know you said hi.”
However, if you happen to have any gaming systems or accessible anime in your residence, Levi will not mind geeking out while waiting for you to return from the gathering so long as you bring back snacks and you two can cuddle and nerd all night before Lucifer expects him back.
As the one who’s most open with his feelings for you, he’s happy when you summon him out of all your possible choices.
“What do you mean ‘pretend’, my dearest?”
Satan is such a polite person considering his sin. When you park your car in the driveway of some relative’s sprawling farmhouse for Christmas dinner, he hefts a huge sack of wrapped presents over his shoulder while you carry in the peppermint pie you’d made for dessert.
Will politely wait for you to introduce him to everyone, and as soon as he comes across the couple who bears the most resemblance to you, he smiles.
“You must be Mr. and Mrs. Lastname. It’s such a pleasure to meet you. MC has told me so much.”
You’d been dreading the idea of introducing your parents to your partner, but Satan pretty much takes the reins and does all the talking.
Grandma and Grandpa are charmed by this old soul who has read all the mystery novels they grew up with, and aunts and uncles think you’ve majorly upgraded from your ex.
“What’s your name again, young man?”
In the human realm, among your family, Satan goes by the name Stuart Helms.
A play on his favorite detective? Or a play in his own name? Either way, everyone is utterly delighted by him.
When he was summoned, he appeared the way he normally would, thinking it was Solomon summoning him. So either in his demon form or in something a lil sexy (if ur on that ship)
May or may not transform into his casual wear when the smoke clears and he recognizes you.
“A date? Oh MC I’d never expected this sort of thing from you~!”
“Yeah….wear this tux, and ill wear this to match~”
“Oh MC aren’t you a cutie~”
Before he even knows what’s up, he will be mushing all over you and calling you all sorts of cute things, because you’d never asked him on a date before and he’s excited.
“Yeah, and I’ve got the perfect spot in mind….how about we take my car and go to the local cathedral.”
“Cathedral?” “Uh-huh!”
You were desperate enough for a date to your sister’s wedding that you summoned a demon.
Asmo takes it in stride. Once he realizes what’s happening, he doesn’t change his tune.
After all, you do introduce him as your date and occasionally the word boyfriend slips out, so he’s happy, and you’ve brought him on a date to one of the most beautiful things the human world has ever created.
You two sit a row behind your parents and fall into a comfortable conversation until the organ begins playing.
And as the bridesmaids and groomsmen pass, he uses the pact to communicate with you sort-of telepathically.
Maroon is not a summer color huntie…
Red roses on the boutonnieres? That’s tacky…
He says all of these in his own mind with a prissy tone and you have to keep quiet from laughing as the music changes and the bride enters.
Asmo keeps quiet when you nudge him and plasters on a fake-looking “customer service” smile until your sister is at the altar.
The ceremony is beautiful, and the feeling of Asmo’s hand on your back and your shoulders is nice.
During the whole event, you start to tune out the biblical speeches and the vows and come back from your daydreaming when you hear the first “I do”.
The kiss, the couple leaves, and then you all stand up.
Thank God that’s over.
I heard that…
While you are driving to the reception Asmo starts the conversation with the elephant in the room.
“That was your sister, yeah? So why weren’t you in the wedding party?”
You launch into the explanation she gave you and he matter-of-factly says “Well you are about ten times hotter than those losers up there and don’t worry my dear, she thought Maroon and lavender looked good together.” thought Asmo was going to be a complete gentleman?
Yeah at the reception, he gets a bit tipsy, and let’s just say, you’re not getting any sleep tonight.
Baby boy is so happy to see you!
Once the magic settles and his wings give a final twitch, those stoic narrowed eyes widen in surprise
Big scary demon boy quickly reverts to puppy boy and hugs the life out of you (heh, almost)
Blushie when he realizes that you summoned him, and there are not many (good) reasons to summon a demon.
But no, you were meeting a friend and their new partner for dinner at a pizza joint and didn’t want to be the third wheel when they got all gushy.
You simply asked him to go on a date with you, that you were going to a famous pizza restaurant that boasted a friendly contest that involved a 60-inch pizza and 1 hour to finish it.
You had him at pizza.
Once he’s shifted into his casual form, you two end up taking the bus since the precious boy was just a bit too big for your little sedan.
Your friend is astounded by your new boyfriend and Beel is more than happy to play along. Holding your hand or placing a big hand on your shoulder as your group hangs out outside the pizza place.
Your pizza is ready and you enter. It is a creature unto itself. A full square larger than the table with chairs placed around it at a ridiculous distance away from the table’s edge.
You all take a seat and a few inches away from your side, Beel is nearly salivating, keeping himself in check since this is his first time in the human realm in a few centuries and he wants to do good by you.
When the waiter starts the time and says “Go!” You each take the first four squares.
You estimate yourself being able to eat four or five slices, barely making a dent in the corner. But you know Beel could cover half of it.
What you don’t account for is your friend’s date to take that as another challenge.
They must outeat this handsome stranger.
You make it to six square slices before you tap out, sipping your water and watching the rest go at it.
Your friend stops at eight slices and the date stops at eleven, looking like they’ll throw up if someone so much as speaks to them.
Beel ends up finishing the rest of the pie with room to spare.
The staff is dumbfounded as no one has managed to beat the challenge yet, and they take his picture and give him a branded tee shirt.
For the first time, he no longer feels hungry. He hugs you from behind as you're heading out, your pizza endeavor now being free since it has been completed, then lifts you up and holds you over one bicep as you walk outside.
He sets you down only so your friend can give you a hug in parting, and their date shakes your hand and bows to Beel in respect.
Once you two are back on the bus back to your home, Beel turns to you and gives puppy eyes.
“Can we make some boba when we get back?”
Grumpy about being summoned and woken from sleep.
Rises from the pentagram in full demon form yawning and stretching.
When he finally looks to see who summoned him, his mood does a full 180.
Tries to turn his head up at your request but the pact, and his own attraction to you, puts him into submission.
“If you want you can fall asleep on my shoulder after dinner, in fact, my parents might find it cute.”
“Wait...your parents?!”
You needed a date to your family’s were sick of the got a boyfriend, yet? questions.
Belphegor grumbled the entire car ride but plastered on a fake smile when you arrived.
You can feel the contempt rolling off of him, and while you feel bad for forcing him into this, you also can’t help but find it funny.
Belphie is soft-spoken during dinner conversation, poking you with his tail under the table until you jump and have to conceal a giggle.
At some point around the end of dinner just before your mother brings out the pie, Belphie began getting a little more frisky.
He winks at you when you glance over because the wispy end of his tail was tickling your thigh.
Try to keep quiet now…
He drapes his tail over your thigh, the end of it, tapping against the inside. He smiled as your father spoke, leaning in closer to you and throwing a casual arm around your shoulder.
He was only getting started.
You tried to mask a nervous grin with a sip of your coffee, but ended up choking on it when his tail tapped against you a bit harder and a bit too close to the zipper of your jeans.
Gripping the fork in your hand as tightly as you try to maintain your poker face makes him chuckle, a sound that only flusters you more.
Somehow your family doesn’t catch on (or maybe they do but don’t want to approach that subject)
True to your suggestion, as you are all sitting in the spacious living room, Belphie yawns once, rests his head on your shoulder, and is out in seconds.
“Ha ha, looks like someone fell into a turkey coma.” Your father says.
“I’ll take that as a compliment…” Your mother said.
“It’s not fair, dude!” Your sister says “How’d you find a boyfriend as cute as him!”
As the sun sets, you and Belphie say your goodbyes and pile into your car.
“Lucifer doesn’t expect me home until tomorrow. I’m staying over tonight.”
Classic Belphie.
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