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#obey me! leviathan
thehouseoflamentation · a year ago
Not bold = Headcanon
BOLD = Scenario or Fic (longer than HC)
Pink = Involves Breeding
Purple = Involves Bad Dragon / Demon Dicks
*** = Involves Seras (My MC)
Too Late to be Hungry for Love - Beelzebub x MC (ANGST FIC )
Lucifer’s s/o being jealous of his bond with Diavolo
A Fight with the Avatar of Greed - Mammon x MC (Slight Angst)
Insecure and Envious - Leviathan x MC
MC Seeks Comfort from the Boys After a Nightmare
Your Life in My Hands - Satan x MC (ANGST FIC, tw: violence)
Mammon and the Aftermath of Chapter Nine - (ANGST FIC, tw: cheating)
The Brothers Reaction to being Spoiled
The Brothers Ideal Dates
Teasing Mammon and Leviathan All Day
Dating Headcanons - Simeon
Being Called Adorable & Getting Their Hair Ruffled - Mammon, Leviathan, and Belphegor
Being Called Adorable & Getting Their Hair Ruffled - Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Satan
MC going to Simeon for advice about the future and Mammon overhearing it
Handling an anxious MC with meltdowns/panic attacks - Lucifer, Diavolo, and Barbatos
The Brothers React to MC Demonstrating Hystical Strength
Romancing/Spoiling Satan
The Brothers showing Jealousy/Possessiveness over MC (Slight Spice!)
The Brothers from Most to Least likely to Cuddle
MC adopting Luke as Her Little Brother
The Brothers, Diavolo, & Barbatos React to MC Getting Attacked and Injured by a Demon
MC doting on Luke
The Brothers from Most to Least Ticklish
MC defending/babying Mammon when he’s in the wrong
The Brothers and Diavolo react to MC winning a physical fight with a demon
The Brothers react to an MC who does their sin (pride, greed, lust, etc.)
The Brothers from Most to Least likely to enjoy having their hair played with
MC sacrifices herself to pay off Mammon’s debt
The Brothers Favorite Places to be Kissed
“If I Jump at Him, He’ll Definitely Catch Me” B99 Meme - Mammon, Beelzebub, & Belphegor
“If I Jump at Him, He’ll Definitely Catch Me” B99 Meme - Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Luke, & Solomon
The Brothers find MC in their bed (fluff ver.)
Handling a sassy, angry MC who curses - Simeon, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Belphegor
The Brothers on an amusement park date
MC misunderstands innuendos (no actual spice)
Soft Belphie Headcanons
Satan Fluff Headcanons
The Brothers with a Short MC
Relationship Headcanons with Asmo
Headcanons for the Boys’ Tails + MC playing with their tails
The Brothers React to MC Crying
MC gets a matching tattoo of the Brothers wings
Diavolo’s Unrequited Love (ANGST)
The Brothers from Most to Least likely to go Yandere
The Brothers with an MC that showers them in affection in private and public
Simeon with a self-harming s/o (tw: self-harm)
MC’s First Valentine’s Day with the Boys + Diavolo
The Brothers With an Insecure MC
The Brothers vs Their Symbolic Animals
If the Brothers Turned into the Animals They Represent
The Obey Me Boys and Their Stands (JJBA) - Lucifer
The Obey Me Boys and Their Stands (JJBA) - Mammon
The Obey Me Boys and Their Stands (JJBA) - Leviathan
The Obey Me Boys and Their Stands (JJBA) - Satan
The Obey Me Boys and Their Stands (JJBA) - Asmo
The Obey Me Boys and Their Stands (JJBA) - Beelzebub
Beelzebub vs Pop Rocks
If the Brothers got cursed and had to deal with periods
The Obey Me Boys as Hypmic Characters
The Boys as Mythological Hybrids of their Symbolic Animals
Random Satan Headcanon P1
Obey Me Boys as Things I’ve Done in College
Seras Headcanons Part 1***
Breeding Season (11 vs 1)
Breeding Headcanons for the Brothers
Breeding With Diavolo
Bad Dragon Headcanons for the Brothers/span>
Bad Dragon Diavolo
Bad Dragon Barbatos
Sharing - Diavolo x MC x Lucifer
Wanting What Isn’t Yours - Mammon x MC x Levi (Part 1)
Wanting What Isn’t Yours - Mammon x MC x Levi (Part 2)
A Meal for the Avatar of Gluttony - Beelzebub x MC
Diavolo x Short Haired Fem!MC ~ NSFW (BREAD)
Just Vibing ~Lucifer~
Just Vibing ~Mammon~
Just Vibing ~Leviathan~
Day Off (Lucifer x Fem!MC) ~ NSFW (BREAD)
Making a Sorcerer’s Firstborn (Solomon x Fem!MC) ~NSFW (BREAD)
Kink Headcanons for the Brothers
Which of the Brothers would let MC top them during sex
The Brothers walk in on MC masturbating in their bed
The Brothers first time with MC
The Brothers react to a lustful and affectionate MC who teases them all day
Asmo wears a chastity belt for a week
The Brothers favorite sex positions
Boyfriend Headcanons - Lucifer (SFW & NSFW)
Boyfriend Headcanons - Beelzebub (SFW & NSFW)
Boyfriend Headcanons - Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Belphie, & Solomon (SFW/NSFW)
The Brothers with a s/o that has a tongue piercing and is good at head
Barbatos x Diavolo x Lucifer x MC Poly Headcanons (SFW & NSFW)
Pegging Mammon & Leviathan
Jealous Sex with the Brothers
How Rough the Brothers can get in Bed
NSFW Simeon Headcanons
Cock Warming Headcanons
First Date, First Kiss, First Time - Simeon & Beel
The Brothers from Most to Least likely to do a Threesome
Beelzebub x MC x Belphegor Poly Headcanons (SFW & NSFW)
Cat Ears and Collars with Satan
Mammon x Smol Fem!MC ~ NSFW (BREAD)
Beelzebub Breeding Headcanons ~ NSFW (BREAD)
Simeon Breeding Headcanons ~NSFW (BREAD)
Barbatos Breeding Headcanons ~NSFW (BREAD)
The Boys’ Knots from Biggest to Smallest ~NSFW~
Virgin!Satan x Dirty Minded Virgin!MC Headcanons ~NSFW~
MultiBreeding Headcanons with Mammon and Levi ~ NSFW (BREAD)
How the boys deal with their heat from most controlled to most unrestrained ~NSFW (BREAD)
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shokujin-art · a year ago
Watch as 7 idiots show up in the human realm to try and bang MC.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s what happens if you went and kissed them all in the last chapters.
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pon-ee · a year ago
Tumblr media
I also held a giveaway on Twitter… and oh boi when they asked me for Yandere Levi…. I was living 
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thehouseoflamentation · a year ago
Breeding Season (11 vs 1) ~NSFW~
You knew the brothers had been acting strange for the past few days but this was just ridiculous. First it started with excuses to avoid hanging out with you, then they began ignoring your messages and calls, and now here you were sitting in the dining hall for breakfast with none of the brothers in sight. You could expect this kind of behavior from Mammon or Levi but Beel? You knew he wouldn’t miss breakfast for the world so the fact that he wasn’t at the table inhaling a stack of pancakes was more than enough proof that something was wrong.
Mammon wasn’t in your room that morning either and you know Lucifer would never wake up this late so you started searching the house for any clues that would shed some light on your current circumstances. You tried calling them and checked all of their rooms but none of them were there, not even Levi which only made you more concerned. After spending an hour scouring the house you ended up back in your room, exhausted and not a single step closer to finding the reason behind the brothers’ disappearance. It wasn’t until you collapsed on your bed that you noticed a red envelope sitting on the edge of your nightstand. Your name and today’s date were written on the back of the envelope. It wasn’t there when you went to sleep last night which only made it seem even more suspicious. Tearing through the paper covering, you pulled out the letter from within and began to read.
“MC, as a valued exchange student your presence is requested at the Demon King’s Palace for further instruction in the program. We hope you have enjoyed your stay in the Devildom so far but due to recent developments we believe you need additional guidance. Sincerely, RAD Student Council.”
Well, that explained why they were nowhere to be seen that morning. Still, the whole situation felt rather odd. Diavolo would never call the brothers out so early unless it was some kind of emergency and even then he would have made at least one of them stay with you for safety’s sake. Not to mention it didn’t clear up why the brothers had been giving you the cold shoulder for nearly a week now.
Following your only lead, you decided to go through with Diavolo’s request, hoping to get to the bottom of this mystery somehow. As you approached the gates of the palace you were surprised to find Solomon waiting at the entrance as well. You could only assume the demon prince wanted to have a word with all two of the humans involved in the program which made you feel a little more secure knowing that you weren’t the only one being put on the spot. As you walked past the gates towards the front doors you started to feel anxious. Diavolo’s vague letter and the brothers’ dismissive behavior made it impossible for you to shake the feeling in the back of your mind that something was wrong. Solomon was quick to notice your apprehension and reached out for your hand, lacing his fingers between yours to settle your nerves.
“Don’t worry, there’s no way Diavolo would harm either of us. It would go against everything he worked to establish. Just calm down and try to relax….trust me you’ll need it more than you think....”
You flinched for a second, unsure whether to feel comforted or concerned over his words. Just as you were about to question his last comment, the doors of the palace suddenly parted revealing Barbatos on the other side. He welcomed you both and immediately led the two of you down a number of hallways and stairs until you found yourself standing in front of another set of doors. Following his lead you entered the room only to realize you weren’t brought to a meeting room but Diavolo’s private chambers, the demon prince himself along with the rest of the brothers stood in waiting. They stiffened and fidgeted as their gaze fell on you but they quickly reigned themselves in as Diavolo began to speak.
“I’m truly glad you could join us today MC. I’m sure you must have many questions but I’d like you to take a moment to remember your last….exchange student review.”
At those words your mind quickly flashed back to that fateful day you spent in Diavolo’s office. You remembered how you toyed with him until he snapped and bent you over his desk to ravage you to his heart’s content. Your face started to grow heated as the memories came flooding back.
“Since you were so eager to help me last breeding season, I assume you have no objections to being a little more generous with your body this time around?” he continued as he slowly drew closer to you.
Your eyes scanned the room. Each demon seemed like they could jump at you at any moment, their restraint held back by a thread as your intoxicating scent permeated the room. It all made sense now. Why they were acting so strange, why they were ignoring you, why they distanced themselves from you at every turn. They weren’t avoiding you out of spite or hatred, they were avoiding you because every single one of them was in heat.
You gulped silently before nodding at Diavolo’s proposal. It amazed you how one small gesture instantly changed the demaneor of everyone in the room. They all looked at you the same way predators stared down their prey, each of them just as ravenous to have you for themselves. You heard the doors of the bedroom shut and lock as Barbatos smiled back at you, his placid expression perfectly hid his true intentions. Before any of them could lay a hand on you, Solomon cleared his throat and straightened up to face the small crowd of demons in front of you.
“Aren’t you forgetting something? Or perhaps I should remind you all of our little agreement?” His smug expression drew out curses and looks of disdain from the others, but even then Solomon simply let out a chuckle at their reactions and proceeded to pull out a worn piece of paper from his pocket, “Why don’t you tell MC about our deal, Diavolo? After all it's only fair that they know what you’re about to put their body through. Don’t you think?”
You could feel the tension in the room start to rise but Diavolo proceeded with his explanation regardless, “Breeding with a demon is one thing MC, but to breed with several demons at once we needed a spell strong enough to induce the human equivalent of a heat cycle within your body to make it capable of breeding with all of us without the risk of over exhaustion. And while the spell does exist, it’s so rare that we weren’t even able to find it within Satan’s mountain of spellbooks. Solomon was kind enough to lend us the only copy left in the three realms but on one condition...”
“Go on...” the sorcerer smirked and playfully prompted the demon prince to continue despite the dirty looks he was getting from around the room.
“.....he gets to have you first...” Diavolo’s voice trailed towards the end as he crossed his arms and took a step back allowing Solomon to move closer to you.
You understood now why everyone was on edge. Standing before you were the seven rulers of hell and the demon prince himself and yet Solomon, a human, was holding them all back telling them to wait their turn. Each of them were beings made to give in to their deepest desires so the fact that they could only sit back and watch while they supressed their heat induced urges felt like nothing less than torture for them.You’d be lying if you didn’t admit this was the most clever and twisted power move you’ve ever witnessed.
After giving you one last look of reassurance, Solomon pulled you in close and began reading the incantation scrawled on the paper. You could immediately tell something was different as warmth began pooling at the center of your core, quickly spreading to the rest of your body. It was starting to get hard for you to stand so Solomon carried you to Diavolo’s bed, placing you gently onto the sheets as your body adjusted to its new heat cycle. Once you got used to the new sensation coursing through your veins, Solomon started undressing you until you were bare for all to see.
Meanwhile, Diavolo, Barbatos, and the rest of the brothers started shifting into their demon forms from the side lines. Your scent was already irresistible but now that you were in heat, it was impossible to stand there and watch without letting some tension out. Claws, tails, and wings all began manifesting as each of them shed their clothes and approached the bed. Even though they couldn’t indulge in your sweetness just yet their desperation drew them as close to you as Solomon would allow.
The sorcerer was just as affected by the spell as you were, his restraint long gone as he eagerly left kisses and hickeys all over your body. One of his hands played with your nipples while the other dipped between your legs letting your arousal drip onto the sheets. As shady as Solomon was he wasn’t malicious by any means so he allowed the demons a bit of solace to satiate their lust. Without stopping his administrations, he took your clothes and threw them off the side of the bed. It wasn’t much but the fabric had your concentrated scent and they were eager to take in as much of you as they could while they rubbed themselves off.
You were already so wet from your heat but Solomon’s teasing was far from over. Removing his hand from between your legs he took a moment to admire your arousal coating his fingers before bringing them back to his mouth, moaning as the salty taste hit his tongue. He didn’t have to look away from you for a moment to know how badly he was tormenting the others. Grumbles and hushed remarks could be heard throughout the room but they did little to relieve that passionate fire burning deep within each demon present. Still longing for more, Solomon spread your legs apart and peppered your thighs with kisses before plunging his tongue into your deepest part. You could feel him smirk against your skin as he drove the rest of the demons to the brink of their jealousy. Your hands delved into his silver locks bringing him closer and making it easier for him to curl his tongue around your weak spots. When his mouth moved away you groaned at the lack of contact but soon realized he was only stopping to give you something much better. Positioning his cock at your entrance, he rolled his hips forward coating his length in your arousal while he grinded against you making your eyes roll back reflexively as you let out a loud moan. Your voice, your scent, your body, it was all too much for the demons to bear and yet it felt so far away, so out of reach from where they stood.
After than moan, there was little left to hold Solomon back. He snapped his hips forward, shoving his length deep inside of you with a single motion. He was going to give you some time to adjust but with the way you were rocking your hips against his you were basically begging to be fucked. He wasn’t gentle. There was no need for him to treat you so delicately while your voice and body cried out for him to ram his cock into you until your mind went blank. With every thrust a new wave of pleasure hit you stronger and more intense than the last. The ecstasy of it all made you unable to do anything but move in sync with Solomon’s hips and moan his name endlessly much to the envy of the demons that surrounded you. After grinding against a particularly sensitive spot, you could feel yourself tighten around him as the heat inside your stomach continued to build. After several more thrusts all the tension in your core was suddenly released as you came, your walls closed in on his cock driving him past his limit and milking him until every last drop was either inside you or spilled on the sheets.
As Solomon pulled out of you and rolled off the bed you could feel the mattress immediately dip under new weight. Before you had the chance to fully ride out your orgasm you found yourself being flipped onto your stomach as another cock was shoved inside of you. The feeling of having your walls suddenly stretched from such girth made you dig your fingers into the sheets, tears welling up from both pain and pleasure. Diavolo hummed to himself as he rubbed your back and left a trail of kisses down your spine in an attempt to calm you down. Even though he wanted to start moving as soon as he entered you he gave you a moment to get used to his size. Being a demon, he was much bigger and thicker than Solomon so he had to be careful if he didn’t want to break you, he could always do that later anyways but for now he wanted everyone to get a chance to feel as good as you made him feel last breeding season.
Once your breathing settled down, Diavolo’s hands left your back. His fingers now traced up your neck and pushed into your mouth, padding over the soft flesh of your tongue as you feebly drooled and licked his digits. “Lucifer, why don’t you take the other end?” Upon hearing those words your half lidded eyes shot wide open. You felt a sharp pain as your hair was gripped and pulled, forcing your head to be level with Lucifer’s dick. He pressed his member against your cheek, precum already dripping from the head. Diavolo’s fingers left your mouth only to be replaced with Lucifer’s cock, his length reached far deeper than any fingers could as he grabbed your head and pushed himself further and further down your throat.You flinched and struggled beneath him while your throat stretched to accommodate his girth which only increased due to being in his demon form.
Through all your tears and quick shallow breaths you were finally able to take in his full length, your lips now wrapped around the base of his dick. With your body penetrated from both ends, you tried to calm yourself for a moment but found yourself suddenly choking as you felt Diavolo’s hips suddenly crash into yours. Neither of the demons before you could wait any longer. You closed your eyes and braced yourself as claw-like nails dug into your soft thighs while Diavolo pounded into you from behind. Ever the sadist, Lucifer proved to be no easier to handle. His hips bucked and thrusted into you while his hands remained buried in your hair ready to give you another sharp tug for every second you failed to service him adequately.
Despite being preoccupied with two demons, the others felt no need to restrain themselves from having a taste, a touch, a small piece of you to help them ease the tension that coursed through their bodies. While Lucifer and Diavolo’s wings made it hard for the others to come near you, it sure as hell didn’t stop them from trying. At first, you couldn’t quite tell who was where but you were certain you felt hands roam up and down your back and stomach. You felt teeth drag across your chest, only stopping to bite and pull at your nipples. You could only assume Beel started getting impatient and wanted to sneak a nibble while Lucifer was focused on face fucking you. At the same time you felt something smooth and cool brush past one of your legs. You looked down only to realize Levi’s tail had coiled itself around your thigh giving you a good squeeze every few seconds. Every part of your body felt like it was being ravished from different directions, the tension inside swelled once again as you drew closer to your second orgasm.
Diavolo’s hips were now moving at a reckless pace, every inch of his dick rubbed against your walls as he slammed into you mindlessly chasing the climax that was just beyond his reach. Lucifer was just as reckless and twice as merciless compared to Diavolo. His fists tightened around your locks as he spent every bit of energy he had shoving his cock down your throat over and over again. At this point he didn’t care if you choked, if anything seeing you gag and cry as you sucked him off was probably just what he needed to push past his breaking point. If only he knew he was about to get exactly what he asked for.
As the three of you grew closer and closer to cumming you suddenly felt teeth sink into the crook of your neck, striking one of your weak spots and sending a jolt through the rest of your body. Your ass backed up against Diavolo, inadvertently causing him to ram his dick directly into your deepest, most sensitive parts. At the same time your stifled moans made your throat vibrate around Lucifer’s cock. The stimulation was so amazing he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting into you as deep as he could, hitting the back of your throat and making you choke in the process. Your body tightened and convulsed around both of them sending all three of you off the edge at once. Neither of the demons moved an inch until they released everything they had inside you. Your legs trembled as you felt Diavolo spill his hot seed deep within you, the thick fluid only made the warmth in your core grow and intensify until it was almost unbearable. Meanwhile Lucifer took pleasure in watching you squirm and struggle to breathe as he pumped his load down your throat, his hands gripping either side of your head as he forced you to swallow every last drop.
When they finally pulled away you barely had enough energy left to stay on your hands and knees. Your body fell onto the sticky mess of sheets as you focused on steadying your breathing and preparing yourself for the next round of demons. From the corner of your eye you saw Mammon smirk to himself as he approached you. You thought nothing of it at the moment until your eyes met his and the realization finally hit you. The sudden bite that triggered your climax earlier wasn’t just a random act in the heat of the moment, it was planned! The last time you and Mammon got it on he covered your neck in hickeys and accidentally stumbled across one of your weak points. He never mentioned the incident again so you thought he had forgotten all about it. You never expected him to use it on you to make his turn come sooner. That sly bastard!
Still, you couldn’t complain when he swept your hair to the side to kiss your face and comfort you as you tried to calm yourself after being dominated by two of the strongest demons in hell. You let your mind slip for just a second and in that small amount of time you found yourself now lying on your back. Mammon left a trail of kisses and hickeys down your body starting from the weak spot on your neck and leading down between your legs. His mouth only left your skin to growl and hiss at his brothers who were far too pent up and eager to wait for the second born to finish toying with you.
"Damn it..l was your first so I should have been...well whatever it doesn't matter. I wasn't your first this time but l'll be damned if l'm not the best guy you get today!!"
Greedy as always, Mammon kept his wings outstretched making it hard for the others to even get a glimpse of his precious human. Even so his victory was short lived as a certain envious demon finally had enough of his brother monopolizing your attention. Once Mammon positioned himself between your legs and started entering you, Levi made his move. In one smooth motion he crawled on top of you and straddled your torso, effectively blocking Mammon’s view of your face with his back. Before the avatar of greed could retaliate you wrapped your legs around his waist forcing his cock to sink deep inside of you before he even had the chance to react. You could feel your walls stretch once again but the slight amount of pain was worth it seeing the great Mammon reduced to a sensitive quivering mess. Payback never felt so good.
Once you adjusted to Mammon’s size your focus soon turned back to Levi, he licked his lips while his eyes roamed between your face and torso as if deciding which to indulge in first. A low rumble came from his chest and erupted from his throat as a deep, almost deranged laugh.
“Ahhhhhh....hahh....ahHahAhHAHAHA!!!! I’ve always….ALWAYS!!! WANTED TO TRY THIS!!!!!” Without any hesitation, he moved his dick between your breasts, placed his hands on either side of your chest, and pushed your soft mounds together until they pressed against his shaft. He always dreamed of rubbing his hard, slick cock against your chest and now he could finally fulfill that desire. Seeing you in such a lewd, needy state must have worked him up more than he led on as his tail coiled around your wrists, securing your hands and forcing your arms above your head. As restricted as you were, you still found a way to tease the demon before you. Levi continued fucking your chest, rocking his hips back and forth when suddenly you leaned your head forward to take the tip of his dick into your mouth. Your tongue caressed the underside of his shaft and flicked across his slit as you bobbed your head in sync with his thrusts.
Before you got too caught up pleasuring Levi, Mammon slammed his hips against yours to pull your attention back to him and make you remember just who was fucking you. You had never seen either of the boys become as possessive as they were right now. Greed and envy manifested in their purest forms, dominant and unwilling to yield so much as an inch of you to anyone else. Mammon’s thrusts were rough, erratic, and sloppy but still managed to hit all of your most sensitive spots. Every time your insides twitched and clenched around him he pounded into you even harder, gripping onto your thighs for leverage until dark red marks appeared on your smooth skin.It wasn’t long before you felt yourself being driven to the edge once more, your core tightened around Mammon while you moaned against Levi’s cock. The avatar of greed truly lived up to his name as he pushed into you as far as he could on his final thrust, marking your deepest parts with his seed. Levi on the other hand did the exact opposite, marking you in a completely different way. At the last second, he pulled away from your mouth and chest and started stroking himself instead. You were confused for a moment but soon realized what he wanted and stuck your tongue out eagerly taking in whatever cum coated your mouth as he came all over your face. Neither of them were willing to part from you but they knew they couldn’t keep the others waiting. After coming down from his high, Levi uncurled his tail from your hands and moved off of you before wiping the remaining fluids off your face with one of the sheets. Mammon on the other hand wanted to enjoy the feeling of you wrapped around his cock for as long as he could but once he pulled out he couldn’t help but smirk as he watched his cum slowly drip out of you.
As soon as he took a step back Satan took his place, not wasting a single second as he rammed his full length inside of you and started thrusting. You winced at the sudden intrusion but quickly adapted to his size and pace once the dull pain you felt melted into pleasure. Seeking a bit more leverage, he hooked one of your legs over his shoulder and turned you on your side making it easier to pull you close and shove his cock into the deepest parts of your core. You were so busy keeping up with Satan’s reckless pace you almost failed to notice something hot and wet drip onto your cheek. When you finally had the strength to realize what was going on you found yourself just inches away from Asmo’s dick, his arousal already leaking onto you. Your throat still burned from Lucifer and Levi’s abuse but that didn’t stop you from taking him into your mouth. You immediately began sucking on him, swirling your tongue around the head of his cock before moving down to his shaft.
You had to admit though, it was hard to stay focused on Asmo with Satan fucking you at the same time. The moment he entered you his hips kept going at a rapid pace, mercilessly pounding into your core without a single shred of restraint. However, the avatar of wrath still wasn’t satisfied. Holding onto your leg in a vice, he craned his head down leaving deep bites on your inner thigh. It made you shudder to think about the amount of scratches, bruises, and bite marks he would leave behind when he was done with you but at the moment you couldn’t care less. Your mind started to drift from the pleasure when suddenly out of nowhere, Satan stopped moving and pulled out completely. Confusion was apparent on your face as you shook your hips for him to continue, wondering why he stopped in the first place. It wasn’t until you saw him realign himself with you and shoot you the dirtiest look imaginable that you understood what he was planning. You closed your eyes and braced yourself as you felt him thrust into you again with full force. His pace was different now, as he pulled himself out each time only to slam back inside you with all his strength. His movements were so rough every part of you jolted and trembled each time his body collided with yours.
Meanwhile, even with Asmo’s dick still in your mouth you had trouble staying still long enough to service him with how erratic Satan’s thrusts had become. If only you knew how royally fucked you were for neglecting the avatar of lust during his heat. Asmo paid no mind to his brother, he was no excuse for you to stop paying attention to him and he was going to make sure you knew that. Asmo’s hand brushed away the tears and sweat that formed on the side of your face before tilting your head up. His smile was sweet but only skin deep. You could tell from his eyes there was nothing but carnal desire and jealousy behind that pretty face.
“You know MC...if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s being as perfect as I am and STILL BEING IGNORED!!!” Yanking your hair by the fistful he held your face in place, forcing you to look up at him while he fucked your mouth however he pleased.
You didn’t think things could get any rougher until you felt several sharp teeth bite into your back, right between your shoulder blades. The pain made you jolt and squirm but you could barely move away with Satan and Asmo gripping onto your body. Beelzebub was beyond starving now, he wanted to sink his teeth into anything and since you were the tastiest thing in the room you had his full attention. As Beel left bite marks and hickeys down your back you felt a firm tug on your wrist. The bed was already crowded but Belphie wasn’t about to sit back and let everyone else have fun while he was left to pleasure himself on his own. He took your hand and guided it back to his erection forcing you to stroke him as he thrusted against your palm.
The stimulation from all four of them was too much. Before you knew it the heat and tension within you built up until it all came apart as you passed your limit once again. Even as your walls tightened around Satan he still wouldn’t stop pounding into you until he poured every drop of his thick load inside you and rode out the afterglow of his orgasm. Asmo was just as relentless, waiting until you swallowed everything and licked off the remaining cum that dripped down his cock.
Once Satan and Asmodeus pulled out and stepped back, Beelzebub and Belphegor were quick to trade places with them. As Beel hovered over you he started licking, sucking, and biting all the parts of your body he didn’t get a chance to put his mouth on yet. There wasn’t an inch of you that wasn’t grazed by his teeth and tongue. The ecstasy of it all made you feel like you were melting. Too preoccupied with Beel you failed to notice Belphie slowly slip his body under yours. After positioning himself beneath you right where he wanted, Belphie nodded at Beel signalling him to continue with the next part of their scheme. In one effortless motion Beel wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up, your head rested against his chest as he moved to seat himself on the bed and lower you back down….onto both his and Belphie’s dicks.
You flinched as you felt their hardened lengths poke at your entrance and feebly clung onto Beel’s torso as you braced yourself for what was about to happen next. Tears started welling up in the corners of your eyes as the twins pushed your hips down stretching your insides until you took in every inch of them. Your arousal and all the cum that had been pumped into you made it easier for them to slide in but it was still an arduous task nonetheless. You tried to adjust as best as you could but neither of the demons had any patience left to spare. If you wouldn’t move, you were simply going to be moved. Burying their fingers into your hips and thighs they moved in rhythm, Beel lifted you up while Belphie forced you back down, both of them thrusting into you in sync as they bounced your hips. You couldn’t do much aside from wrap your arms around Beel’s neck and bite down on his shoulder as their pace got faster and rougher. Seeing you so vulnerable was such a turn on for Beel and after covering you in bitemarks he found it cute that you tried to leave your own little mark on him.
Meanwhile as Belphie continued pounding into you he became fixated on your back, a clear view of all the bruises and bitemarks that peppered your skin caused a devious plan to form in the back of his mind. Facing Beel there was no way you could see what he was up to, making it all the more enjoyable for Belphie. Without warning he raised his tail and brought it down on your lower back. A sharp pain ran through your body making you curve your back from the sudden contact as your hips jerked forward unconsciously. At first Belphie only did it to tease you but after feeling how you tightened around him as he whipped you, he now had all the more reason to continue. Several loud slaps echoed throughout the room as Belphie delivered strike after strike leaving dark red stripes down your already battered back. With each successful hit your back arched and your walls squeezed tighter and tighter until the two demons on either side of you reached the end of their ropes. Both of them gripped onto your waist forcing your body down while they thrusted into you as deep as they could one last time. Having taken in so much already you could feel your belly start to swell as even more cum was pumped into you. With barely enough strength left you slumped against Beel’s chest for support as both of their cocks twitched and pulsated inside you still dripping semen into your core. Once they pulled out of you, all the cum that had been poured inside began dripping down your thighs and onto the sheets.
You were so full you didn’t think you could take another load, luckily that’s what the spell was for. By now your body had nearly gone limp from the ceaseless pleasure you were subjected to but even so your heat gave you all the energy and libido you needed to last as many rounds as you could take. Each of them had their chance to fuck you but it was far from over. As long as they were still in heat, they would need to breed with you until the season was over or until your body gave out. Which ever one came first. Too tired to move you noticed a familiar figure step into your field of vision once again. Diavolo looked down at your bruised, bitten, cum covered body and merely smirked while his hands reached to cup your face, planting a kiss on your forehead.
“Such a good, obedient human....I knew we made the right decision choosing you.”
For the rest of the afternoon, they each took turns sharing you. There wasn’t a moment when your mouth, chest, hands, or entrance was left unoccupied. You weren’t sure how you were able to fit Beel’s girth down your throat or how you managed to survive both Satan and Lucifer taking you at the same time but you attributed it to the effects of the spell. In the heat of it all your mind grew hazy as you struggled to process who was doing what to you. All you could comprehend was the feeling of pleasure washing over your body as the demons bred you to their heart’s content. Your body had been marked by each of them in one way or another; be it scratches, bitemarks, or semen, not a single inch of you was left untouched. You weren’t sure when it happened but as passion and desire pushed you past your physical limits you lost whatever consciousness you still had and drifted off to sleep.
When you woke up you were startled to find you couldn’t see, speak, or even move. You were blindfolded, gagged, and bound with ropes; still naked and just as sore as you last remembered but now you were clean and no longer sticky with saliva and cum. You fought against your restraints until you felt the familiar feeling of leather strike your skin causing you to groan helplessly into the gag as you tried to process what was going on.
“They were quite the handful weren’t they?” A familiar voice rang out from the silence.
“Being a butler is never an easy job you know. Always following orders, barely having any time for yourself, putting all of your desires aside for the whims of your master. Though I must admit there is one rewarding perk Diavolo promised in exchange for taking care of you...”
As his words trailed you felt a hand run through your hair seconds before it formed a fist pulling you up to face him.
“....I get to have you all to myself”
With that he dropped you back onto the bed enjoying the sight of you struggling futilely against your bonds. As you stirred on the sheets and tried your best to loosen the ropes around your wrists and legs you noticed a faint sound just beyond earshot. You stilled yourself for a moment to figure out what it was only to realize it was your own voice, moaning and crying out in ecstasy as wet slapping noises played in the background. Confused and embarrassed you began to writhe once again, wondering just what kind of game Barbatos was playing.
“Hehehe….you always act like such a perfect, innocent little human. To think in reality you’re nothing more than a dirty cockslut who’s only desire is to be bred over and over again. Now I admit, it would be easy to use my powers to rewatch your little performance as many times as I like but having a video copy at my disposal makes it much more convenient.”
As his words ran through your head it finally dawned on you. Diavolo, Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor, you had sex with all of them but not Barbatos. You realized now he wasn’t holding himself back or letting the others go first simply out of duty or courtesy as a butler, he was getting off on recording every shameless, perverted thing you did that night. Now he had a full uncut video of you drunk on sex, mindlessly sucking and fucking several demons at once without a care in world. As the video played you soon became too embarrassed to respond or struggle any longer, accepting your circumstances and lying silent on the sheets.
“Don’t worry, I won’t share it with a single soul. In fact, I’ll even delete it if you want! But only if you behave and be a good little slut for me just like you were for them last night. Now does that sound fair?”
You didn’t have much of a choice so you accepted his offer, nodding with the blindfold and gag still in place. In the background you could hear the rustling of fabric and the sounds of a belt being undone as footsteps drew closer to you. The gag was the first to go, only being removed to be replaced with Barbatos’s cock. He made no effort to be gentle with you as he immediately forced his dick down your throat. He had enough watching and waiting. He’s served the needs of Diavolo his whole life and now it was his turn to be serviced. Taking out all his tension and frustrations he quickened his pace, ignoring your pleas for air as he let his hips move as rough as he wanted. It was hard to use your tongue with how fast he was going but you managed to rub a particularly sensitive spot on the underside of his shaft. You couldn’t see his face but from the way he was groaning and twitching in your mouth you could tell he was close. With one last thrust he reached his limit, coating your throat with his hot seed before pulling out and letting the rest of his load spill onto your face. Attempting to catch your breath you lied on your stomach, panting and coughing from Barbatos’s rough treatment. You barely had time to recover before you felt the ropes around your legs come undone as he gave you your next order.
“Lift your ass and spread your legs. Now.”
His tone was cold and stern, an ever present reminder of what was at stake if you failed to obey him. As you curved your back up and parted your legs you felt the same sensation from just a moment ago, a whip. The strike was just as harsh and unforgiving as earlier except now it struck you right across your ass. One after another Barbatos laid into you until your supple skin was marred with red, swollen welts. Still under the effects of your heat your arousal had dripped down your legs and stained the sheets by the time Barbatos was finished toying with you. You were more than ready for him now. As he joined you on the bed you could feel his weight shift on the mattress. It was the only warning you got before he pushed his length inside of you and started moving at his own pace without a single moment to spare. With one hand on your back and another on your hip he pushed you against the bed as he plowed into you harder and faster with each passing second. Unable to see with the blindfold on, your senses intensified making every thrust rack your body with unimaginable amounts of pleasure. While Barbatos ravaged you from behind you stilled yourself under his grip, panting and moaning out his name as you drooled on the sheets. The familiar feeling of heat pooling deep within you was a clear sign you were close causing you to start rocking your hips in rhythm with his as you tried to get as much friction going as possible. You could feel yourself start to tighten, your release just seconds away when Barbatos bent down, his lips softly brushing against your ear.
“Don’t cum until I say so. If you really aren’t the needy slut that you appear to be you can at least do that much.”
Tears dampened the blindfold around your eyes as stray droplets rolled down your cheeks. You were already teetering at the edge of your own limits but now you no longer had a choice. Gripping at the sheets till your knuckles turned white, you pressed your legs together and hoped beyond all hope that he would give you permission to cum before you surpassed your breaking point. As you finally managed to calm your breathing down it felt like you just might have a chance at completing Barbatos’s order until…..*SLAP* You felt his hand strike your ass just as hard as the whip from earlier. It wasn’t fair by any means but he never said he wouldn’t play dirty. Each strike was harder than the last and just as satisfying. The heat and tension inside you built up much faster than before. With one last slap everything you were holding back came undone. You finally had the relief you desired but all at a price.
“Such a shame. And I was just about to let you cum too. Oh well...” his voice feigned pity as he picked up the pace once again.
Despite being sensitive from your climax Barbatos had no restraint or mercy left for you, overstimulating you until your moans became incoherent and your mind went blank. It wasn’t long until Barbatos joined you in your ecstasy, letting his hot seed stain your insides before pulling out and covering your body with the rest of his load. Once he pulled out he undid the ropes and the blindfold but you made no effort to move from where you were. You failed and now that video was proof of it. You expect Barbatos to reprimand you, tease you, or degrade you but to your surprise he did none of those things. Moving to sit beside you he brought out his D.D.D. and deleted the video before your very eyes.
“I know I said I’d only delete it if you behaved for me but I don’t think I’ll be needing it anymore… after all you’ve just given me something far better.”
As he stood from the bed you soon understood what he meant. Scattered around the room were several video cameras. Each of them immortalized your little breeding session with Barbatos in different views and angles. You weren’t sure if this was better or worse, you could only sit there in shock as Barbatos collected the cameras and excused himself from the room leaving you behind with your thoughts.
You closed your eyes and tried to get some rest before any more demons came but you were only successful in getting a few minutes to yourself before the door swung open once again. This time however it wasn’t a demon intruding on your peace, quite the opposite actually. Rolling onto your side you were once again greeted by Solomon who was now dragging a blushing Simeon in by the collar.
“I bet you didn’t know this MC, but angels actually have breeding seasons too! They’re just really good at hiding it. Isn’t that right, Simeon?”
The angel gave no response in return only shielding his eyes with his hands once the heat in face became unbearable.
“You were so adamant about holding yourself back even though I was kind enough to invite you from the beginning. I can only guess you were trying to protect your virtue as much as theirs but after what the demons did...well...why don’t you take a look at what’s left of them?”
Reluctantly, Simeon did as he was told parting his fingers just enough to get a glimpse of you. What he saw next made his heart sink. Over the past few months he’s spent with you, you’ve gained a special place in his heart. He treasured you more than anything and now here you were, his precious little lamb lying before him covered in countless bruises and bitemarks while your body was marked with the scent of demons. Words couldn’t describe the emotions that ran through him as he stared at you, a dull twinge of pain slowly spreading across his chest. A part of him couldn’t believe what they had done to you and yet….another part of him couldn’t believe what he missed out on. As soon as that notion crossed his mind Simeon shook his head as if doing so would realign his morals and purge himself of all the sinful thoughts that slowly crept into his conscience.
“It’s not too late you know. They’re just as eager as you are and besides the effects of the spell won’t go away for about a week. Don’t you want to help them?” Solomon’s words were as sweet as honey but Simeon wasn’t going to let himself be swayed so easily.
“I-I...I....” Simeon’s lips trembled as he turned his head to the side, fighting the urge to give into his desires and take away whatever innocence you had left.
“Hmm...the way I see it you have three options. You can leave now and let me have MC to myself, you can stay and watch me have my way with them, or….you can fuck them like you’ve always wanted...” Solomon’s words tempted the angel more than anything he’s been through before. Still withholding a proper response, Simeon remained silent where he stood, his fists clenched so tight his nails dug deep into his palms. Solomon’s persuasion had worn him down to his core, however the sorcerer still had one last card up his sleeve. Striding towards the bed, Solomon began removing his clothes before pulling you into a deep kiss.
“Well Simeon...whether you choose to leave or stay it seems you’ve already decided not to lay a hand on them...and if that’s the case then I’m sure you won’t mind if I go ahead and just-”
Raising his voice for the first time, something inside Simeon had finally snapped. The room went silent as Simeon pushed past Solomon and joined you on the bed. His heart was heavy with guilt and jealousy but that didn’t stop him from cupping your face and claiming your lips with his own. Though filled with passion, the kiss was softer than anything you experienced these past few days. His touch was just as delicate, gracing the surface of your skin to avoid causing you any more pain. After carefully massaging your chest he bowed his head down to lick and suck at your nipples while his free hand travelled between your legs. In all his gentleness, he never let his mouth part from your body, tenderly kissing over every bruise, bitemark, and lash until no part of you was left untouched by his lips. Slipping in a finger then two more he worked you up slowly until he was pumping and curling his digits inside you at a steady pace. When he finally shed his clothes and positioned himself between your legs he couldn’t muster the strength to look you in the eyes, too shy and embarrassed at how far he had fallen into his own desires.
Placing your hand on the side of his face you stroked his cheek with your thumb, making him turn to face you once again. As you gazed into his eyes you noticed something, a feeling that went beyond any form of lust or perversion. Love. You had seen glimpses of it in the others before him but it seemed to radiate off Simeon as naturally as light from the sun. Wrapping your arms around him you pulled him into a warm embrace, the sudden contact made him shudder due to the effects of his heat but he accepted your affection whole heartedly. It wasn’t until Simeon’s hardened length pressed against your thigh that you both recalled the situation you were in. Moving back between your legs he eased his member inside you until you took him in from tip to base. His pace was slow as he thrusted into you, cradling you in his arms as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
“ sweet little have no idea how much I’ve longed for this...for your body, for your love, for you….”
Simeon’s breath was hot against your ear as he whispered sweet nothings to you between his moans. His thrusts soon became faster and rougher as he finally gave in to the effects of his heat. In a split second you felt a change in the air and a quick flash of light. Looking up, you realized the source of it was none other than Simeon, his snow white wings now visible and outstretched on either side of you. You felt so heavenly to him he didn’t have the restraint to hide his angel form any longer. While he pounded away at your core you felt yourself getting close once again, your walls tightening around his cock until he reached his limit with you. As you came together he pulled you close against his chest, letting his wings envelope you in their warmth as he finished inside you.
With both of you collapsed on the bed Simeon cuddled up against you unwilling to let you out of his embrace for even a second. It took awhile for you to notice but as you looked away from Simeon for a moment you realised that Solomon was nowhere to be found. His clothes weren’t there so he must have left in the middle of your lovemaking. You considered telling Simeon but you had a feeling it could wait. You were literally resting in the arms of an angel, there was no need to ruin it with some trivial detail. Closing your eyes you laid your head on Simeon’s chest enjoying his warmth as you began drifting off to sleep...until an irritated voice pulled out of your slumber.
“Who let the angel in?” Lucifer’s brows furrowed as he stood at the doorway, his brothers just a few feet behind him.
“I did!” Solomon piped up from behind them, “Consider him my plus one.”
Once they entered the room their eyes widened in shock as they got closer to the bed. All the marks they left on you the other day had healed. Not a single scratch was visible on your skin. They all stared at you for a good minute before shifting their gaze to Simeon. Turns out those angel kisses were more than just a sign of affection. None of the brothers were all too happy with what they saw. All the scratches, bruises, and bites they marked you with were gone, as if they never happened at all. The tension in the room started to grow but luckily Diavolo arrived just in time to resolve the situation.
“How kind of you to finally join us Simeon! Up until recently it seemed like you had no interest in our little meeting but from what I’m seeing now I guess it’s safe to assume you’ve changed your mind?” Diavolo took a step towards the angel, his demeanor still calm and composed while Simeon’s face flushed red as he stared at the floor and gave a quiet “yes” in response. Diavolo chuckled at his shy display of honesty before gesturing for the others to come closer. Taking your chin in his hand Diavolo tilted your head to meet his eyes once more, “This isn’t quite what I had imagined when I said I wanted to unite the three realms, but then again who am I to turn down such a golden opportunity...”
A million different things ran through your head as each of them drew closer to you, surrounding you from all sides, however one singular thought remained in your mind, “This is going to be a very long breeding season.”
For the next two weeks, all classes at RAD were postponed under the order of Lord Diavolo. None of the students could complain about a sudden two week vacation….except for a certain exhausted exchange student….
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inb4belphienaps · a year ago
how the brothers climb a flight of stairs according to their personalities:
two at a time - to maximise efficiency and also emphasise how long and strong his legs are
Tumblr media
at maximum speed because someone's almost always chasing him
Tumblr media
by pressing the ⬆️ key
Tumblr media
like a "normal person"
Tumblr media
with a spring in his step - did someone confide in him a secret? did he overhear something he shouldn't have?
Tumblr media
sandwiches. in each pocket. add some weight. for extra resistance training.
Tumblr media
as the weight on Beel's shoulders or is that guilt...?
Tumblr media
tfw others make actual fanart and u make this shit
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obeymeimaginesandasks · a year ago
Hey can I ask for the brothers getting turned into toddlers (by a curse or something (maybe mammon pissed of a witch)) and how mc would take care of them/how they behave. Btw keep going your writing is amazing!
You could not believe the mess Mammon had landed you all in. They were kids, how could Mammon have pissed the witch off so badly she had turned them into children. You sighed and dragged your hand down your face, this was going to be a long day.
 Lucifer: You aren’t sure if Lucifer had even changed, he’s a toddler now sure but the way his eyes follow you, makes you think he still has the mentality of his usual self. Despite this, you find that Lucifer likes to sit in your lap and his shy about allowing you to take care of him. You actually don’t have to care for him too much other than making sure he’s eating and not out of your sight.
 Mammon: He is by far the hardest to take care of, he’s jumping off the walls and zipping away from you at every turn. You think he might’ve gotten into Beel’s candy stash, but you couldn’t be sure. It takes giving him your wallet to get him to sit still. Mammon likes to sit on your shoulders and demand rides, something you readily allow him since you can’t say no to his adorable face.
 Leviathan: Poor little Levi is shy and clinging to your uniform. He doesn’t want the others to be close to him and he’ll begin to cry if you aren’t readily available to him. You have a hard time tending to the others between him and Asmo demanding to be in your arms at all times. You find that if you put on a colorful anime, he’ll more than willingly leave you alone to watch it.
 Satan: You hadn’t thought Satan would revert so much, he is wailing and throwing tantrums left and right. You can’t regret taking Satan’s usual self for granted, more than you do now. It takes you a full hour to get Satan to calm down, and it’s only done by talking to him calmly and promising him dessert for dinner. You’re glad because you aren’t sure how much longer your eardrums could take the abuse.
 Asmodeus: He is a relatively easy child to care for. Usually cheerful and smiling, he liking to stick by your side, demanding attention when you put him down, he’ll become a devilish child if you don’t pay attention to him for more than five minutes. It takes a while to get him to be by himself, with the help of a mirror and some stuffed animals, Asmo had now become independent.
 Beelzebub: Unsurprisingly Beelzebub is glued to Belphegor’s side and when he isn’t there, you panic only to find him standing on a precarious pile of pots to get to the cabinet in which you keep the cookies. Swiping him up before he tumbles, you reprimand him only to regret it at the tears forming in his eyes. You reluctantly hand him a cookie and decide to bring him back to the others.
 Belphegor: Belphegor is the easiest child to take care of next to Lucifer. He’s asleep for most of the ordeal and only wakes when Beel leaves his side. He likes to stare at you though and doesn’t talk much besides asking for food when he gets hungry. You think he’s adorable nonetheless and readily give him what he asks for.
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obeymeimaginesandasks · a year ago
Incorrect Obey Me! Quote #118
MC: “Did it hurt when you fell?”
Leviathan, rolling his eyes: “From what? Heaven?”
MC: “No, from the bus. You tripped on a step and just kinda laid there.”
MC: “We all saw it.”
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inb4belphienaps · 11 months ago
mc, having lost both levi and mammon inside the grocery store: fuck
mc shouting at the top of their lungs: oBEY ME-
mammon screaming from the frozen food section: FUKUJU SASETARA
levi screeching from aisle 7: OMAE NO KACHI
mc: bingo
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shokujin-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
Little blushy vampire levi for @0beyme 😏💖
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pon-ee · a year ago
Tumblr media
There is a redraw challenge on Twitter for your fav Obey Me cards like ok I had to do tiddie boi. Powerful. 
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obeymeimaginesandasks · a year ago
Hi! I love your work! 😊 Can I ask for demon brothers' reaction when MC announces she's going on a date with a classmate?
It had been at the dinner table when you had dropped the ball on the brothers. “I’m really sorry Lucifer, but I won’t be able to join you guys for dinner. A classmate has asked me out tomorrow night.” You had apologized at the short notice and had expected the brothers to be upset about it but not to the extent they were showing.
Lucifer: He had stopped mid-fork to mouth and a frown had begun to form across his face. “I don’t like the idea of you wandering Devildom with an unfamiliar demon.” You were about to protest when he talked over you, “As your guardian here, I forbid you walking around unsupervised.” He had to keep from bending his fork, with how angry he was getting. How could you think to date another demon? Hadn’t you noticed the special treatment he had given you? He was sure if you were to date anyone, it would be either him or one of his brothers, not some random low-level demon.
Mammon: “WHA!? What do you mean you got a date!?” He’s immediately on his feet and glaring at you. When had you gotten so chummy with the other students? He was with you almost 24/7 and never had he seen another demon hang around you, at least, he had thought not. Mammon is angry, and slightly hurt, he had hoped to ask you on a date soon. He’ll sit down after a bit and try to finish his dinner, his usual exuberance gone.
Leviathan: He’s right with Mammon in yelling out in exclamation. “What! A normie like you!?” He’s angry and jealous. Extremely jealous. He’s gritting his teeth and on the verge of a tantrum. It was no fair! He was supposed to be the one to ask you out, how could you have accepted someone else’s proposal? It’ll take a moment before his anger subsides and he becomes dejected. Of course, you’d accept someone who wasn’t a shut-in otaku.
Satan: He’s shocked at first and then he’s angry. He’s clenching his fists under the table and trying to hide the glare under a hard smile. “I actually had been looking forward to you joining me for a book discussion.” He’ll phrase it more like a command than anything else and at your protest, he’ll just smile as if he’s heard nothing. He really doesn’t want to think about some demon touching you or you are smiling at them, he’ll need to excuse himself or he might just break something.
Asmodeus: He’s staring at you blankly and you think you see a sliver of anger before he schools his expression and shoots you a smile. “Ah, but I was hoping you’d try this new skin care routine with me.” He’ll whine and give you the puppy dog eyes, he knew you couldn’t say no to him. Asmo didn’t like to think he was sadistic but well, if you ignored him here, he doesn’t know if he’s above paying a visit to the demon who had thought himself worthy to take you on a date.
Beelzebub: “I wanted to eat your cooking though…” Beelzebub is staring at you sadly. Did you really need to go out on a date? What about him? He can’t help feeling sad and slightly anxious at the thought of you going out with some random demon. He might just have to ask Belphegor to keep you in bed so don’t go on that date.
Belphegor: He’s openly glaring at you. Why did you need another demon with you? Weren’t they good enough for you? Wasn’t he good enough for you? “I was hoping to nap with you after dinner.” He’ll state and try giving you a sad puppy dog stare. He’ll stay quiet for the rest of the dinner but is already plotting on making you miss your ‘date’. He’ll innocently ask you for a nap beforehand, and make sure you’re squished between him and Beelzebub so that you can’t leave.
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thehouseoflamentation · a year ago
Tumblr media
Demon Files: Case NO. 1 - NIP NOPS
Reports surrounding the “Rub that Lamp” event have indicated that there is fair reason to believe the demon, Mammon, possesses nip nops.
Exhibit A:
Tumblr media
The nip nop is clearly visible in this image but the question still remains: Is Mammon the only demon that has nips??
Lets take another look at the information we have so far.
Based on the previous sleep event it is also clear that Lucifer possesses nip nops, a fact which is evident from the following images:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That leaves our investigation between brothers 3-7
Now, Levi rarely shows a lot of skin EXCEPT for the recent picture available from the group chat (courtesy of Mammon)
Tumblr media
From this image its plain to see that no nip nops are present.
Moving on to the fourth eldest, Satan, the results from our lab were inconclusive. Due to his nature of holding his hand against his chest and the unrevealing choice of clothing, nip nops could not be accurately detected.
Tumblr media
For Asmodeus and Belphegor, our results were just as unsuccessful. Due to interference from clothing nip nops could not be detected.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That leaves us with Beelzebub. Sadly our test results have concluded that Beel does not possess nips.
Our first piece of evidence comes from the current event:
Tumblr media
Not a single nip was found.
Our second piece of evidence comes from one of the earliest group chats in the game:
Tumblr media
A beautiful set of pecs and abs however no nip nops in sight.
With all of this information it would be most accurate to assume that only the two strongest of the brothers (Lucifer and Mammon) are powerful enough to have nip nops. This concludes Demon Files: Case No. 1
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