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This took forever…

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SO! I finally got a proper fully colored drawing of my Obey Me MC! Character info + her relationship with the bros under the cut so I don’t clog up the tags!

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Tug-o-War {Leviathan x Reader/MC}

A/N: Just something I thought would be fun. I can definitely see Levi being the kind of asshole to pull on the string just to get more room for himself asdklfh plus, I’m a big sucker for soulmate aus :sob:

{Leviathan x Reader/MC}

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Brothers’ Special powers! Headcanons pt 3

Leviathan was the first one I came up with! He is the reason I came up with this series and I really love the idea of his own ability!

Lucifer Mammon Satan Asmo Beel Belphie

Warnings: a bit angsty here and there


  • SP: Shape-shifting
  • Maybe you are inclined to think that Asmo should be the shape-shifter, but i think it fits better with envy rather than lust. Envy is all about wanting what others have and what better way to have what other have than becoming them?
  • That said Levi doesn’t really use it that way most of the time (is this all deeply rooted in my love for full metal alchemist? Yes)
  • He can change any aspect of his physical form but cannot change others’
  • He will expirience bone and muscle pain here and there when or after using his power
  • He keeps the looks he was born with, bc he is most comfortable like
  • Levi has quite a good amount of control over his shapeshifting, but there are moments when he loses his grip and ends up shifting without noticing
  • He uses his sp to cover any noticible scars he might have from the war, cause he doesn’t like them and he knows his brothers feel guilt when seeing them :(
  • When he sleeps the power slips away so anything he might be covering becomes noticible again
  • On a happier note, when he has very strong emotions his features change rapid-fire:
  • Embarassed Levi goes so red in the face but also his hair becomes cherry red, then he panics and his hair goes on a roller coaster of colors
  • When he is hanging with any one of his siblings and enjoying their time together he starts changing to resemble them
  • No one has told him cause it’s so freaking cute and they dont wanna risk him stopping
  • He is so happy about his power bc it allows him to cosplay more stuff
  • Genderfluid levi? Genderfluid levi.

If in a relationship with MC:

  • Begs them to cosplay with him, mc wants the male presenting character? Hell do the female presenting one dont worry! Or the other way around thats fine too!
  • Levi will let his conscious changes drop around mc once he feels comfortable enough
  • Most the time has something borrowed from mc’s looks, weather its eye color, hair length, nose shape any body proportions, etc.
  • Tell Levi he doesn’t need to change or hide anything from himself for you to love him, he will cry.
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Functioning brain: odds are, the brothers were never actually children due to demon/angel weirdness.

My dumbass brain: hehehehehehehe doodle Babiiiiiiessssss

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Currently working on:

MC is a [modern] witch: a series


Originally posted by solemnsolitary

Summary: Unlike Solomon or the witches that the brother have interacted with, in the human realm MC is much like the modern witches we nowadays know: bottle spells, deity work, divination… just plain energy work with the help from the universe. However, since their arrival to the Devildom MC notices how their magickal abilities are stronger and the brothers seem to notice it too.

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The brothers reactions to a horror artist! MC drawing them


  • Really wasn’t expecting it
  • He’ll make these little comments like, “I dedicate my everyday life to make my underlings view me like this.”
  • He’s already succeeded with that, I mean his brothers gets shivers with just a glare
  • He really enjoys it and hope to see more of your art in the future


  • When he heard that you drew him, he got all excited
  • His human drew him? Him?!
  • He wasn’t at all prepared for the horror part
  • “EEK! What is that?!”
  • He thought it was cool and all, but, boy, is it scary
  • Don’t show him all your drawings or else he’ll have nightmares unless you wanna cuddle him all night, go ahead


  • You drew him? Why would you wanna draw a yucky Otaku like him?
  • Unlike Mammon, he’s thrilled about it
  • “That’s me?? I look so cool! That kind of art could be in a video game!”
  • He absolutely loves the design, he’s even more happy that it’s based off him
  • Might consider cosplaying it as long as you have a horror design for yourself


  • He adores it
  • Draw him as some sort of cat monster, and he’ll love it even more
  • He becomes one of those dads that put their children’s pictures in their wallet, but instead of children, it’s a drawing of him


  • As long as it’s not gross, he’ll absolutely adore it!
  • He’ll most likely make an outfit based on your design. The nails from the shoes to the accessories, you know it
  • He’s totally bragging to everyone else about how you drew him because you were so inspired of his beauty


  • Just genuinely surprised you even drew him
  • He loves it!
  • “I promise I won’t eat it, MC.” He’s determined to keep that promise
  • He probably hangs it by his bed in the most genuine way
  • Just hap you drew him


  • He was quite curious on how you drew him
  • He absolutely adores the horror effect, probably wouldn’t expect it totally would expect it, after all he did kill you but he actually is quite fond of the horror genre
  • He’d probably ask to see even more of your drawings


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Levi gets mad, tries to summon Lotan, but instead simply summons a bunch of water, and rather than drowning MC, the drain in the middle of his room just drains all the water.

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I feel like Levi has a whole different persona when he’s playing video games that involve other people.

Like the shy otaku Levi? Yeah gamer Levi doesn’t know him. Gamer Levi is a trash talking cocky asshole.

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Poor Levi. This boy deserves better.

But also, what if Belphie feels bad about it later and makes it up to him by either getting him figurines or watching anime/playing games with him?

I just feel like Belphie is chaotic but also just a big softie at heart.

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I hc that Mammon would use an incredible amount of axe because a demon once told him it made him smell cool. Spoiler: it doesn’t.

Asmo cringes when he walks near anyone with it. Though he probably likes the women’s smells. They’re not as harsh on the nose.

Beel and Levi moat definitely use axe though. Beel probabl ly just likes the smell because it reminds him of food or something. Levi because he thought that’s what all the cool normies used.

Belphie probably showers with frebreeze honestly. Like the fresh sheets one or something? Mostly because it’s pitched as a “clean” smell.

Fun fact: My dad used to be obsessed with axe products. So you’ve triggered some sense in my repressed memory brain and I could instantly physically smell how much I hated this post. Good job.

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levi: what tHE FUCK is uP gamers i’m boutta crank the pog factor tO THE MAX TODAY so join me as we revisit the world of the legend of ZeLDA


satan: does it concern u that he speaks like this even in his sleep?

mc: it’s not that bad tonight actually

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Levi x gender neutral! MC/Reader

Warnings: None! All fluff here

A short drabble for my favorite otaku!

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