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#obey me! lucifer
obeyme-ever · 6 minutes ago
{❤} {spicy} Ada kept stroking him through his orgasm, just praising him softly before stopping her hand as to not overstimulate him. "Are you alright, baby boy?" She asked softly after a few moments.- 🍄
NSFW, under 18s please don’t read!
The demon nodded still breathing heavily, “Mhm...thank you master.” He mumbled and looked up at her his face and hair a mess.
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lilred8220 · 38 minutes ago
So like....has anyone else wondered what the obey me boys would sound like in English if the anime, game or songs ever got dubbed? Like, don't get be wrong, I love their voices now but, I was listening to teaser for choose me and thinking how cool it would sound in english. Like.....imagine it🤔
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thedevilsdom · 52 minutes ago
ok so this came to me in a dream but
trying a bunch of shit to get lucifer to crack. sure he lets out little grunts and moans but for the most part he keeps himself fairly composed when bottoming. UNTIL he cums.
as soon as he figures out how far overstim can go he's already doubled over in another orgasm with eyes crossed, brows furrowed and mouth open moaning. congrats you broke him
Lucifer is so so prideful, and frankly, it kind of pisses you off. So you want nothing more than to see him broken and overcome with pleasure, and that’s exactly what you set out to do.
“My pretty little Lucifer,” You purr, your length buried in his ass as he lays back on the bed. You’ve got his legs pulled up on your shoulders and you’re leaning over him, almost folding him in half. The position lets you see his every reaction and expression.
His eyes are softly closed and his lips parted to let out gentle pants with each thrust. He’s letting out nothing more than just soft pleasured moans, though you really should’ve known that it’s gonna take more than this to break him as much as you want him broken.
So you reach between you and grab his cock, all slick with precum, and start jerking him off in time with your thrusts.
“Ah, oh, MC,” He sighs, brow becoming just a bit pinched. You glare, and he shoots a cocky grin up to you. “Did- hah- did you think that this would be enough? Enough to make me scream? You’ll have to try harder than- ngh- that.”
“Just you wait,” You purr, continuing to work him. It isn’t too long before he’s toppling into his orgasm with a pleased moan and a gentle arch in his back as cum streaks across his front. Shortly after, he’s ready to relax and get cleaned up.
Except... You don’t stop. You keep fucking him through his orgasm and past it, dragging against his prostate while your hand strokes his cock. At first he looks at you with disbelief, eyes wide and brow knitted,
“Ah- huh? MC! Wha-aaahn!” He moans, his body responding to the stimulation. He can’t stop himself from writhing and his legs from trying to close. He clenches his jaw and squirms, hands white knuckling the sheets and head pressed back hard into the pillow beneath it. His hips try to twitch out of your grasp, but you hold him steady.
“What was that about having to try harder, Lucifer?” You coo as though this is the most casual thing for you.
“En- Enough! Enough, N-nngh! No more! No more ple-he-hease!” He cries out, buckling under just the short bout of overstimulation.
Nonetheless, you relent and pull out of him. He lays limp and panting on the bed, body still giving little twitches from the aftershocks. You simply lean over and stroke his cheek with the back of your hand,
“Don’t doubt me again.”
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lancermylove · 56 minutes ago
Teenager MC 11: Failure (HC)
Fandom: Obey Me
Pairing: Lucifer x gn!Reader, Mammon x gn!Reader, Simeon x gn!Reader, Satan x gn!Reader, all platonic 
Warning: Reader is hard on themselves, hints of past trauma.
Requested by: Anon
Prompt: Can I get platonic teen headcanons for Obey Me with Lucifer, Mammon, Satan, and Simeon if you feel comfortable writing the subject? MC just made a small mistake or didn't do well on a exam they spent hours studying for, and they start crying just saying "I'm so sorry," "I always mess up," "I'm the family failure," and "Please don't yell at me." How do they react? I'm sorry if this is a subject that makes you uncomfortable. Thank you.
A/N: You’re good, anon! I don’t mind writing for subjects like this one. Hope you like it~. 😊
Tumblr media
“Mess up? Failure? It’s just one exam...” Lucifer was shocked when he heard your words. He rested his hand on top of your head and sighed. "Calm down."  
He poured you a glass of water for you and sat you down on the sofa, “It’s alright. One exam doesn’t determine your success or failure. I know how much effort you put into studying for this exam.” 
You were not expecting such a calm reaction from him, and when he picked up on that, Lucifer ruffled your hair and smiled, “Your results may not be what you expected, but it’s clear from your work that you understood all the concepts. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” 
Your reactions were enough to tell him that you may have experienced severe pressure from your family or guardians for trivial mistakes. He watched you lift the glass shakily up to your lips and asked, “What do you say we go to your favorite restaurant? Think of it as a reward for your hard work.” 
Tumblr media
Satan blinked and gently held onto your shoulders, “Relax. I won’t yell at you, and you are not a failure. You simply forgot to put a negative sign in front of the final answer...”
You blinked away the tears collecting in your eyes and looked at him confused. 
He wiped away your tears as a soft smile appeared on his lips, “Everyone makes mistakes, and what matters is that you learn from them. Besides, you got the highest grade in the class. Congrats!” 
“” You said, still trying to process his kind words. 
“What would you like as a reward for your achievement?" Satan asked. "I will get you anything you want.” 
Tumblr media
“(Y/N),” Simeon cupped your cheek to get you to stop talking, “please calm down. I have no intention of yelling at you, and please refrain from referring to yourself as a failure.” 
The angel gave you a gentle smile and waited for you to relax before speaking again, “I know how hard you studied for this test and can understand why you may be upset. All that matters is you gave it your best.” 
You slowly nodded and averted your eyes, shocked by his unexpected kind words. 
Simeon stared at you for a bit and debated whether or not to ask. He deliberated for a while until you said his name to get his attention.
“Sorry, I didn't mean to zone out. (Y/N), back in your world, did someone...nevermind,” he shook his head and quickly changed the subject, “would you like to come to my dorm? Luke baked dessert for us, and we can celebrate your hard work.” 
Tumblr media
Mammon blinked and raised his hands in front of him. “H-Hey, why are to (y/n), why are ya being so hard on yourself? This test score is higher than anything I could’ve got. You did great!”
“What?” You asked thinking you misheard his words.
"You did great on the test," Mammon slowly repeated his praise purposely stretching each word. 
“But...I made a mistake and-” 
“Yah, so?" He interrupted you, "Everyone makes mistakes. You studied so hard for the exam and you’re don’t be so hard on yourself, 'kay?” 
He smiled gently and ruffled your hair. "Wanna help me prank someone? It'll cheer ya right up." 
➣ Obey Me Masterlist
➣ Teen MC Series: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]
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1funeralcake1 · an hour ago
Leviathan and Nightmares
This is the second part in the series, I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, so Lucifer’s and Mammon’s are done
Part One Part Two
Scenario: MC (you) wakes up from a very bad nightmare and seeks out comfort from the boys. You end sleeping next to them since you can’t sleep. This is inspired by me, since my dreams. . . . . . . they are funky to say the least.
Inspired by a conversation I had with @Tulip-hall
Genre: fluff
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral so this is for everyone! No warnings!
You gasp as you are suddenly pulled from your dream. It was only a dream after all. You cover your face with your hands and sigh. Hugging yourself you stood and took a few deep breaths. Away from your blankets your arms prickled as goosebumps emerged. The thought of sleeping was appealing, but the visions of your nightmares were keeping you wide awake. You wanted some form of comfort, but who could you really offer that to you at the House of Lamentation? You thought that, just maybe, Levi would still be awake. 
As you shuffled down the hall you reconsidered, Levi was a hermit that probably would not enjoy being disturbed, but even so, Levi was always kind to you in a roundabout way. Even if his affection was somewhat indirect you were in need of it. Your assumption was confirmed at Levi’s door, you could hear his shouts and grunts of frustration. You had figured that since he always talked of gaming and came late to breakfast that he would be up. You promptly knocked on the door impatiently. After no response you knocked in quicker succession. The cold hallways were intimidating. 
“MC, you know you need the password,” Levi shouted from behind the door.
“Levi, please, I just need you right now,” you pleaded desperately.
That statement caught his attention, you had never said something like that before. He shouted to you over his headphones to come in. You hesitantly stalked into his room. He had already turned from the door and was peering into the screen. 
“What do you need me for MC, I hope it can wait, I’m in the middle of something,” Levi mumbled, showing no regard for your shaken form.
You pulled on his sleeve, he sighed and looked at you, he was about to tell you that he didn’t have any time for this, but he stopped his mouth open. You were biting your bottom lip to stop it from trembling and your eyes were shining. He stuttered a little before he spoke into his mic ‘guys, I’m logging off’. He pulled his headset off and swiveled in his chair.
He suddenly had a sinking feeling, he had been a little rude, but when was he ever the best at social situations. He tried to make eye contact with you again but immediately diverted his eyes. That fearful expression was nerve wracking. You took a deep breath and rubbed your eyes.
“Levi, I can’t sleep, because… well I had this terrible dream and I didn’t know who to turn to. I know you’re busy with other things, but I’m just really scared,” you choked out, clenching your teeth to keep some composure.
Levi was staring at the floor, he wanted more than anything to jump up and hold you but he told himself that you would never want him to touch you. He forced himself to crane his neck up. You were staring at him, waiting for a response. Levi bit his lip and gazed around his room, he knew he had options, but he was nervous to offer. He gulped and took a shaky breath.
“Well, I mean, since you’re scared and all, I guess you could sleep in here. You wouldn’t have to be alone that way. That, o-or you could just talk to me for a bit,” Levi stuttered, fiddling with his fingers.
“I don’t really want to talk right now, it might make it worse. If you’re okay with it I’d like to stay,” your eyes drifted to the tub that was used as Levi’s bed. “I don’t want to take your bed though. I could always sleep on the floor.”
“N-NO, I don’t want you on the floor, you can sleep in my bed, I’ll sleep on the floor!” Levi blurted out, shaking his head.
You nodded and scampered over to the tub. Levi followed and removed some of his pillows (his Ruri-chan body pillow) to make more room for you. You gave him a curt smile as thanks and stepped in. You situated yourself on your side and closed your eyes. Levi turned away and was heading back to the computer but he noticed how late it was. He needed to turn in for the night too to avoid being punished. He paused, he really did not want to sleep on the floor.
He accepted his situation, curling on the floor with Ruri-chan. He grunted as he laid his head on the cold tile, he needed extra blankets if he wanted to sleep. He was heading to the door to get more when you popped your head up over the tub.
“Levi, we can share, the floor does not look comfortable at all. I’m sorry if that’s weird to offer but I’ll scooch over as much as I can,” you called out, you honestly just wanted him to be near you. You weren’t sure if you would be able to sleep unless he was close to you. Those few moments of rest in the tub were uncomfortable. You had been sure that just being with Levi would make the bad thoughts go, but it didn't work. You needed more than that.
Levi stood still, he was facing away from you, good thing too, he was opening and closing his mouth like Henry the fish. He was unsure of how to respond. He turned and felt himself involuntarily beginning to refuse. He forced himself to choke out the deferral before it happened. He wasn’t the bravest in social situations but now was the time to be there. You looked so small, not physically per se, but your eyes clouded with fear was consuming you. You looked genuinely disturbed, that Levi could not accept.
Stepping back over Ruri-chan Levi crawled in next to you. As he settled on his side he realized the proximity at which the two were resting. Your faces were inches from one another. He held his breath and waited for something to happen. You shivered and without a thought Levi pulled in to rest on his chest. He felt his entire soul leave his body. Levi froze in place, unsure of how you would react to his rudeness. When you tangled your legs with his to situate yourself closer to you he choked on the air. He took more shallow breaths and curled his hands into fists. You pulled away a little and gave him a little smile.
“Thank you for letting me stay Levi,” you whispered
“N-no need to thank me, I just ya know didn’t want you to get in trouble. I’ve gotta keep you doing okay, in my own way,” Levi muttered, looking away as you rested your head on his chest.
Lying there so close you could hear the harsh beating of Levi’s heart, it was honestly quite cute, but it only lasted a little. It slowed down more and more, you didn’t make it to when he fell asleep cause his warmth had already lured into sleep. Levi squeezed you a little tighter, relishing in the fact that you had trusted him to see you so vulnerable. He knew that he was going to look out for you for as long as he was able, no matter what.
Levi was always late to breakfast anyways, so Satan followed his usual routine of strolling into Levi’s room to furiously shake him once again. Satan usually held himself together, he wasn’t one to be shocked by things, but this, this was different. He stood over your sleeping forms and pulled out his phone. He took a picture and immediately sent it in the House of Lamentation group chat. He was determined to embarrass the both of you, in particular Levi. Satan smirked as he heard the approaching footsteps. Mammon burst in and stood, his mouth agape. Soon after all the others were standing there. One might expect a ruckus but instead, they all stood speechless. Levi? Really? Beel naively thought nothing of it and shook you both.
“MC, Levi breakfast, I’ll eat yours if you don’t wake up,” Beel said leaning down towards the two of you.
Levi jumped and sat up quickly, bashing his head against Beel’s. He groaned and fell back on top of you. Leaving you both groaning. You both began to realize what was happening. Levi didn’t know what to do so he hid his face in your chest. It made him blush harder but he was too nervous to raise his head again. You looked up at Beel who was gazing down at the two of you nonchalantly. Levi was refusing to budge.
“Beel, I don’t suppose you could carry the two of us to breakfast? I’ll buy you dinner from Hell’s Kitchen toni-” before you finished the sentence Beelzebub took the two of you and carried you to breakfast and thankfully away from that awkward scene. 
No one spoke of the incident at breakfast until Levi scrolled through his phone and saw the picture in chat. He let out a squeak. All the brother’s took that as an indication that it was time to tease Levi and you. They would probably never let you live this down.
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oceanatydes · an hour ago
photo borrowed from @one-hbee
Tumblr media
but jesus christ the sheer gay energy of this moment diavolo is literally blushing while saying he wants a butler like luci like... how do u not take this romantically... we all know all the obey me characters are bi but goddamn the gay energy this one moment holds is just immeasurable
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
G’AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @devildomsexting did such an amazing job on my commission! Hun I love love love it! I figured I’d share with y’all how amazing my friends writing is!!
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x4gay · 2 hours ago
Hey y’all don’t think i’m gonna post much tonight i’m very much mentally out of it but I won’t leave y’all high and dry. Hopefully when I start my new meds I’ll be a bit better. Remember to care for yourself and if you need to talk i’m always a dm away.
Solomon x MC
just some fluff
I finally get to stay over at purgatory hall. I promised I would watch some movie marathon with Solomon the others decided to go out for the night to give Solomon and I privacy. I head over to purgatory hall and was greeted by Simeon and Luke who were on their way out. I walked to the living room, you could seriously get lost in these halls.
“Hey MC ready for the horror movie marathon” Solomon was already sitting on the couch he looked kind of nervous.
“Horror movies? Great!” I really love horror movies. Well not watching them alone but the idea is nice.
“If you get scared you can always sit with me i’ll protect you.” Solomon teased.
“Haha let’s start watching” I sat on a sofa and got comfortable with a blanket. Solomon sat next to me and rested his head on my shoulder. I could stay like this forever if i’m being honest. The movie wasn’t even that scary but i’m starting to think Solomon doesn’t like the movie. I stared at him with worried eyes. He was furrowing his brows. Without thinking I rub my thumb in between his eyebrows. It normally relaxes a person he flinched at first but melted into my touch.
“Hey are you okay?” I hugged his head.
“Yeah just a bit tired, mind if we turn the movie off” He shook his head.
“Of course” I smiled at him and turned off the tv.
“What did you think of the movie” He questioned.
“Well it wasn’t scary at all, i’ve seen way worse. I don’t see how someone could be scared of this silly movie” I let go of Solomon’s head to look at him.
“Pff yeah it wasn’t scary at all” His voice was a bit more high pitched than usual. I think he’s actually scared I smiled at him thinking about how the sorcerer was scared of a small movie. “What” Solomon asked.
“We’re you scared.” I question.
“No...” He got defensive.
“Okay... I’m going to go use the restroom.” I got up and walked to the bathroom. A few minutes later I come back and see Solomon squeezing a pillow. I stared for a bit and walked to him. He jumped a bit when he heard my footsteps.
“Oh hi..” He calmed a bit. Solomon was really tense so I stayed away from him to not scare him.
“Are you sure you’re okay? It’s okay to be scared.” I looked at him with a concerned look.
“I’m not- okay I am, happy?” He sighed.
“Hey i’m not going to judge it’s okay to be scared.” I smiled at him reassuring him.
“Can you come over here and comfort me” He shyly said. With no hesitation I smiled and sat next to him.
I held him in my arms and his heart rate completely slowed. I gave a small kiss on his head and he pushed me back to where he was laying on me.
“Thank you” He mumbled.
“For what?” I question. Solomon looked up at me and looked me in the eyes.
“For comforting me and just being you.” I smiled and held him tighter. Soon enough Solomon planted a kiss on my lips. My face felt hot. We spent the rest of the night in each other’s arm just soaking up each other’s company.
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burnedrxses · 3 hours ago
Hello! I hope you are doing well!
I was wondering if you could do fluff hc's where GN!MC would be a "adoptive" sibling (also the youngest) of the demon brothers? Basically, the brothers kinda just accepted them as their sibling even though they aren't blood-related.
Have a nice day! :D
Can do!
GN!MC as an Adoptive sibling
Any 1c3st will have you blocked I’m not joking
Spoiler warning for those of you who didn’t finish the game yet!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay let’s be real here since you are a re-incarnation of Lilith they are likely to be even more protective of you
Mainly the twins
But they all treat you just like you are related to them by blood
Mammon likes to spoil you by buying pretty much whatever you ask for
Lucifer will bring you your favorite snacks, drinks, pretty much whatever you like from the human world
Satan likes you read you books and let’s you barrow them sometimes, just be sure to give them back unharmed
Asmo does your makeup whenever you ask him to, let you try on his clothes, does your hair, and anything else. He’s basically your personal cosmetologist
Levi will play games with you, read manga, and watch anime together with you. He likes your company
Beel will occasionally share his food with you and will make you some food too.
Belphie likes to take naps with you and will sometimes let you cuddle with his cow pillow
They like to bring you gifts all the time
Oh boy and just wait till your birthday comes around
They are gonna go all out
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squeaky-ducky · 3 hours ago
sorry about this my sense of humour is in shambles but I HAD A THOUGHT!!!!! so it’s movie night and mc wants to annoy lucifer as one does and what better way than by getting everyone to watch the show Lucifer. i mean i just think it could be funny
Hello, hi, love your humor. Just gonna add onto it:
Lucifer, Brothers & MC watch Lucifer (The Show)
All the brothers go around calling each other and MC "DETECTIVE!"
He hates the word with a furious passion now.
This demon is losing his mind but his pride won't let him show it.
Instead he decides to play along. Starts imitating the accent and all when spoken to.
MC and Levi point out he should dress the part and Lucifer just 😐...😑...😐
Lucifer does like that they got the red eyes right and he doesnt mind the interpretation of his wings.
Also believes he is suave AF.
Brothers tell him they clearly got him and Asmo mixed up in that regard.
Cue upset demon pout 😤
Satan is having a field day nitpicking the differences between show Lucifer and his older brother.
Satan doesn't let one detail go unmissed.
Lucifer thinks the show isn't all that great because show Lucifer can't get through his thick skull the obvious attraction between him and the detective.
Wow, Luci, so you can figure that out, but when know what? Nevermind, you're hopeless sir.
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mammonsimp · 4 hours ago
Mammon: Rules are made to be broken.
Lucifer: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Satan: Uh, piñatas.
Asmo: Glow sticks.
Levi: Karate boards.
Beel: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Mammon: Rules.
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lilred8220 · 4 hours ago
If y'all have any questions about my Obey Me HC, feel free to ask! I'm in a mood to really dive into my personal HC right now.
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insect-empire · 4 hours ago
Fly like a Spy Synopsis~
For anyone who missed the event or simply wishes to know what happened. 
Tumblr media
Spoilers Ahead~
We begin in a train car, with hazard lights flashing red all around us. Mammon, quickly established as the leader of the mission the MC is on, begins to yell and panic as he attempts to find a way off the train. After apologizing or telling him to chill out, they make it back to the base of operations where Lucifer is waiting for them. Mammon complains about the MC's lack of training, but Lucifer praises them for going on a tough mission and even invites them on a more important one at a later date.
Their conversation is interrupted, however, by the arrival of the other agents-- who, of course, introduce themselves. There’s Leviathan the genius hacker, Satan who’s in charge of gathering intel, Asmodeus the master of disguise, Beelzebub who’s the brawns, and Belphegor the infiltration specialist. After introductions, Lucifer informs us of a new important mission. A large resort is being constructed by the Three-Legged Crow Group, and it’s believed to be a cover-up for something much larger.
Because the state of the art technologies and securities that the group possesses, it’s decided that they have to infiltrate from the inside by getting close to the Vice President of the company, Diavolo. Lucifer, Mammon, and the MC are chosen to be Dia’s personal bodyguards, while the other agents are going to be scattered about the group trying to get as much intel as possible. Before they begin their mission, Mammon pulls the MC aside and informs them that they must pretend to not know the other agents if they ever come in contact with them, or else it will blow their covers.
The mission begins, they walk into the Three-Legged Crow Group’s building and Lucifer distributes mini, wireless headsets for them to use if they ever run into trouble. Diavolo and his secretary, Barbatos, appear before them. They promise to protect Dia from any harm that may come to him. Diavolo takes them with him on a run to meet with the owner of the land he is planning to build a resort on. though, he separates them into three cars, likely a tactic to avoid eavesdropping. This leads to Lucifer and the MC are in a car alone together, and they have a quiet moment where Lucifer commends the MC for all the hard work they have been doing and encourages them to keep it up. Which is strangely sweet.
Finally, they arrive on the property and the MC immediately attempts to gather intel. But, is shot down by Barbatos’s dismissive answer. Before the MC can dig themselves into a hole, Satan shows up posed as the owner’s lawyer. Satan expertly begins to inform Diavolo that his “employer” no longer wishes to sell his land to Dia because of suspicion that they are using the land for malicious intent. Despite how well conjured the lie is, Diavolo and Barbatos don’t give away any information and instead take their leave for the day.
A quick time skip is mentioned, they have been working on the mission for a few days at this point. However, they have infiltrated another agent, Asmo, who is posing as Diavolo’s new secretary. It is also revealed later when they are having lunch, that Beel now works in the cafeteria. He gives the MC a USB drive that contains information he gathered from gossiping employees and tells them to give it to Lucifer.
Lucifer immediately opens the information after Levi sends him the deciphered files. Inside is surveillance footage of Barbatos talking on the phone. The MC returns to work and accidentally bumps a janitor-- who is in fact, Belphie! He’s been working there for a few days and mentions patterns he’s noticed. He relays the pattern information to the MC and tells them to inform Lucifer.
Finally, the big final of the mission is announced. They are going to infiltrate Diavolo’s office after hours, using Levi’s excellent hacker skills to bypass security. This disheartens Levi, however, because he doesn’t want to do fieldwork, he just wants to stay in his room (laugh track). It begins, Levi immediately hacks into the security cameras and sets the footage on a loop so the guards will not see them coming. However, despite the attempt, the guards are headed their way. Mammon phones in Lucifer, panicking, but they decide to hide without Lucifer telling them to do so.
The guards just don’t seem to be going away, so Mammon in his wisdom decides to stealth attack them from behind. He manages to take them out somehow and ties them up. Levi proceeds to unlock the security on the door but instantly hits a snag. It’s much more complex than he originally thought. He manages to get the door open, but can only hold it for three minutes, so it’s up to the MC to run in and copy the information from Barb’s PC onto a USB in under three minutes.
The MC manages to get in, but the computer is password protected. The MC can either ask Levi for advice or try random passwords. It ends up being “Diavolo.” However, the MC only has 30 seconds to get out of the room once they’ve obtained the information, but they thankfully make it. Unfortunately, the alarms have been triggered. Lucifer yells for them to get to the roof where he’s waiting for them with a helicopter. But, an unforeseen event occurs! Levi has been captured by Diavolo and Barbatos!
They make a trade deal, Levi for the flash drive. Levi tries to sacrifice himself for the team, but Mammon stands firm on not leaving him behind. he concocts a plan where the MC fakes handing off the flash drive, but before they can grab it, Mammon shoves over Dia. He falls to the ground and gets into a fight with Barbatos. MC grabs Levi and makes their way to the helicopter, with Mammon in tow. They get away safely and with the information.
The team rejoices for a job well done, and we finally find out what the Three-Legged Crow Group wanted the land for. Turns out, there was an unusual energy source in the area, and they were planning on building an underground research facility to harness the energy source's abilities. But, because the information was now in the hands of the team's agency, Diavolo canceled the project and resigned from his position as Vice President of the company. but, plot twist! Diavolo and Barbatos are now hired at the agency and are working as proper team members. How nice!
Fly like a Spy event was available from 4/17/2021 through 4/28/2021.
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cloudyuwu · 4 hours ago
Disclaimer: I’m not 100% guaranteeing that everything I say is completely accurate. I would love to know more about stuff regarding this topic, so if anything I say is like so inaccurate, please let me know :)
Angel and Demon Facts (but mostly angels) Pt. 1
Who exactly is Lucifer? I am sure we have all heard of Lucifer, but are not all too educated on him.
To begin, God had created all the angels. Angels also worship God, but some just decided not to (this doesn’t have to do with Lucifer yet but keep that in mind), that being said, no demon had been created a demon, all demons were once angels.
The three most frequently mentioned angels in the Bible are Micheal, Gabriel, and Lucifer (ofc there are plenty more, but those are the ones we want to keep in mind). Lucifer was an angel of music, he loved music, he wrote songs, ect. He had written songs to worship God. (Some people believe that music is associated with the devil and/or is a way that the devil speaks through music. Lucifer’s love for music may have started this theory. This isn’t confirmed, but is just a myth.)
I have heard two stories regarding Lucifer’s fall, so I’m just gonna tell both stories just so people don’t say “nO tHis OnE iS mOre aCcurAte” or “tHat stOry iSnt tHe rEal One”
Lucifer had loved this human named Lilith. Now I don’t know much about Lilith, but she had something to make God mad (I think it was something about how angels and humans can’t have a relationship, but I don’t really know) and God basically killed her. Lucifer had gotten so upset with God that he decided that he decided to rebel against God. God had stripped him of his status of an archangel and yeeted him to Hell. During God’s creation of Adam of Eve, Lucifer had created Eve to he just like Lilith.
The other story (which I think is more accurate since it makes a little more since);
When Lucifer was an angel, he had grew jealous of God and told him “I want people to worship me too”. God had obviously told him no, and that he had done nothing to deserve being worshiped. Angels are only meant to be honored, not worshiped. (Now in the Bible, Satan takes Jesus to this hill and reveals to him this kingdom and says, “I will give this all to you if you get down on your knees and worship me.” Jesus responds with, “You needn’t worship anyone who isn’t Lord our God”. Overall, people talk about Satan wanting people to worship him instead of God. God’s refusal to have people worship Lucifer may had led to Satan trying to tempt people to worship him). Lucifer had kept begging God to make people worship him, and it even eventually lead to Lucifer telling God something along the lines of “I bet I can make every angel here worship me.” God had grew tired of Lucifer and had ordered Micheal to send Lucifer to Hell, where he would suffer for eternity. So from there, this is how it gets to when some angels just decided not to worship God anymore and follow Lucifer into Hell. (Hell wasn’t originally made for humans as it had been made before Adam and Eve, and was originally made for Lucifer and the demons).
In the end, Lucifer’s name had changed to Satan once he had lost his angel status, which is why in today’s standards, Lucifer is now a name associated with the devil, even though Lucifer was Satan’s name as an angel. And uhh to my one friend who worships the devil, you should probably stop referring to the devil as Lucifer, cause even tho Lucifer is the devil, it’s best to keep in mind that Lucifer was an angel and Satan is his name as the devil.
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crispyduckpatrol · 4 hours ago
Mammon: alright, so you and i are married.
MC: i don't wanna be married.
Mammon: relax, it's just pretend.
MC: i don't wanna pretend.
Mammon: why? scared you'll like it?
MC: okay, if we're married, i want a divorce.
Diavolo, watching from afar: are they like this all the time?
Lucifer: yes, they are.
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Obey Me! Characters as things me and my friends have said (and very out of context) Part 10:
Diavolo: i'm gay. i would kiss a man on the lips.
Beezlebub: these are red onions. get your facts straight.
Mammon: i'm broke, i don't owe you shit.
Satan: *proceeds to drink straight up ranch*
Leviathan: when you can't marry your waifu.
Asmodeus: you had me and lost me at titties.
Belphegor: would you listen to my soundcloud?
Lucifer: now is not the time to be thinking about that. i need to get this fucking essay turned in.
Solomon: i have a question, and no, you cannot answer it with "the bible".
Simeon: oh hello.
Luke: why did i have to be born short?
Barbatos: rat jizz.
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