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absolutepokemontrash · a day ago
Teen MC explaining to Simeon the entire pokemon lore and Solomon casually joining in
That's it.
Solomon was around during Pokémania, he’s throwing out obscure lore bits left and right.
MC: Yeah, so then after the failed takeover of Johto’s radio tower, Team Rocket leaves for good.
Solomon: If you play the Celebi event you go back in time and stop Giovanni from showing up at the Radio tower as well, so technically MC stopped both things from happening. Also you get to watch Silver get abandoned by Giovanni, very sad.
MC: Yep! Then in gen three, depending on what game you get, you face Team Aqua and Magma.
Mammon (raising his hand): When does the Dude who you said reminds you of me show up? M’gettin’ confused.
MC: Shhh! Guzma shows up in gen seven! Hold your horses!
Solomon: Patience is a virtue. Anyway, Archie x Maxie for life.
MC: Totally bro.
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fanfic-gallery · 2 days ago
hi, i saw your other works where mc sings something and the brothers react, so could you please do one of those but with mc singing "if the world was ending (spanglish version)"? thx in advance!
If the world was ending
Tumblr media
✎ Demon brothers x Reader
✎ You wonder where they would be if the world was ending right now.. the ground below you shattering the walls closing down on you..
✎ Tags: angst, hurt/comfort, gn! reader
✎ CW: mentions of self-harm, attempted suicide, injuries, blood, sharp objects
: ̗̀➛ Manager's/Author's note: Situations like these shouldn’t be taken lightly, if you ever felt or thought of these subjects before, I’m here as your daily reminder, you aren’t alone in this, someone out there still does love and care for you, ready to lean a ear and a shoulder.. so please, take care, stay safe, love yall.. <33
Tumblr media
*.✦ Lucifer: “ But it really got me thinkin', were you out drinkin'? ”            “ Were you in the living room, chillin', watchin' television? ”
His head tucked down, glasses fogged from the steaming cup of coffee in his hands as he listened in on your whimpering singing
His heart ached, yes. But what should he do? The Avatar of Pride has never dealt with problems like these
He, who has always shoved his feelings aside for more logical approaches, who had learned through the hard way to never bring his own personal feelings into situations
Selfish. Arrogant. Swallowed in his own ego.
You slowly turn, puffy eyes dilating at the swirling void within the brownish-black liquid. Crimson eyes staring with a light smile plastered on his face
His hand trailing your chin to cup your soaked cheek. Thumb gently rubbing away the salty fluid causing you to lean in further, tears flowing faster than a few moments ago
“ L-Lucifer.. ”
It stayed like this till soft snoring left your lips as you sank into a comfortable slumber, knowing he was there next to you
*.✦ Mammon: “ I know, you know, we know you weren't ”           “ Down for forever and it's fine ”
The clinking of metal was what caught his attention as he passed your door. Knowing his stubborn self he decided to take a peek
He was glad he did..
You, on your knees, red filling the white in your eyes, tears rolling and a sharp dragger on the floor behind your dominant hand
He sprinted like his life depended on it, slapping away your hand before kicking the metallic knife, the clinking of it hitting the walls snapping you out of your thoughts
Marine eyes stared, now only noticing your lips mumbling something
“ But if the world was ending, you'd come over, right..? ”
He paused. Dropping to the floor, arm flinging towards you, warping around your waist so tight you might burst.
“Don’t ever say that, dumb human.. ” he whispered, head snuggling deeper into your neck
Never once did he think he would fall for a human as bad. Maybe it was the sheer kindness you showed towards demons like him, who wouldn’t hesitate to kill you one-shot, yet he didn’t, he couldn’t
*.✦ Levi: “ You'd come over and you'd stay the night ”         “ Would you love me for the hell of it? ”
It was late, he knew. But he just had to sneak out a bit to get his package that might make Lucifer hang him on the ceiling if he asked for day delivery
Your familiar singing tone catching his attention, but it felt different this time, it was more muffled, quiet, empty
Turning a corner towards the living room, he saw you. Your head hanging low, arms open on your thighs, skin decorated in crimson crescents
Your portable game console he brought for you on the ground, screen covered in thumb prints, the slight shine of red droplets on the surface
His trembling hands slowly picked up the console before dragging your frail body to his room
Grabbing his med-kit and warping white thin cloth over your wounds. Hazy eyes switched between his hidden face and his slender hands around your wrists
“ I don’t want to lose the only one that got me.. ” he mumbled, the tears only moisturizing his cheeks now drenching it
His other half. The only one that knew him well enough. A total shut-in, pickish, introverted fanboy. You reflected those traits with your own, giving him a new meaning to life, to spend his last days with you
*.✦ Satan: “ Los dos cayendo con la gravedad ”         “ Tú vendría' aunque pueda ser, que esta sea nuestra última vez ”
On his many walks to the home-library, this was the one that would haunt him forever
You grabbing hold of the hanging rope from Mammon’s punishment a few hours ago, the end now tied into a noose
Before your head could even thread through, a strong force slammed you into one of the many bookshelves, some books toppled from their spots while the ones beneath you were cushioned by palms on your head and waist
“ What do you think you’re doing!? ” The demon yelled. Silence.
His oliver eyes widened when he saw the smile tugging on your lips, flowing tears dripping down your chin, sparkling under the dim yellowish lights
The memory of the first time he had pinned you to the wall jogged his mind. It wasn’t out of safety, not ‘cause he cared. He hated you.. disgusted your kind
He shrank back. Your mutterings only now reaching his ears. 
“ We know we weren't, meant for each other and it's fine.. ”
You took hold of his hand, thumb running up his flesh up and down, pulling his warmth close to your chest, near your beating heart
*.✦ Asmo: “ Ay, me pregunto, si se acaba el mundo ”         “ ¿No te gustaría que se acabe estando juntos? ”
Asmo had earn sharp vision through his love for details on fashion works. Upon him seeing you abnormally wearing long sleeves even in the heat of Summer was bugging at him
His simple thought was you not having enough overalls that are short sleeved or clean-cut tank-tops
Just as he was about to bust through your door with a little surprise of his, the melodic tone of yours pierced his eardrums
Not wanting to disturb you, he intend to tip-toe, leading to the sight before him that he just can’t unsee
Cotton pad with foundation, exposed wrist covered in thin red lines, some eve crossing over, causing an even bigger cut to show
As the shock settled in, the avatar dropped his bags before leaping for you
His hand grasping yours, his free arm gripping your waist as he buried his face into your frame
You rolled back, seeing the pretty demon, that Devildom loved and lusted over, breakdown in tears, ruining the expensive cloths around his body, washing away the make-up he spend hours on. For you, and only you..
*.✦ Beel: “ The sky'd be falling and I'd hold you tight ”         “ And there wouldn't be a reason why we would even have to say goodbye ”
Beel was disturbed by a thumping sound that felt like it was coming from the kitchen, also wanting a snack to fill his never ending hunger, he got up and left his room
Not a few inches from the door, he heard a mewling tone singing
Not a second thought, he rushed towards the figure weeping in the middle of the room
Only to find you, posture bent like a scared kitten, knife in hand, underneath it a chopping board with dents on the dry wooden surface
The demon silently stared, his heart pumping so fast like he would earn a heart attack with one wrong move
“ Yo sé que tú sabe' que extrañarno' así nos hace mal.. ”
He didn’t know what you were saying yet he wanted to help, your voice sounded terrified, timid and small, like back when you first came to Devildom
Step by step he walked, gently taking away the knife in your hand, sigh leaving his lips when not being able to see any injuries on your flesh
You gulped, tears filling up your faucet again when Beel pulled you into his embrace, not saying anything but patting and rubbing at your head
So lovingly..
*.✦ Belphie: “ A sentir tus pies con los mío', temblando de frío ”         “ Pero fui en diagonal y tu lado estaba vacío ”
He toss and turned, wandering hand trailing to his other side of the bed to find nothing. Feeling around more. Nothing
He grumbled, cursing and blaming his older brothers for taking you. After his little quiet tantrum, he left in search for his love
Every corner, nook and cranny. Nothing..
His blood was boiling, slow and steady, yet he can’t put blame on the others forever, the only place he hasn’t looked was the outside.. it wasn’t impossible but unlikely
Reaching the roof using the stairs connected to his old room, he was waiting for disappointment to wash over him yet he was only left with dread
You, hanging over the edge, legs swinging in the air, your body slowly but surely dragging closer to the end of the stab below you
Belphie bit his cheek, booking off without thinking
The clinking of the brick plates alerting you of his presence but before you could react, you were already tackled down
His limbs blocking you on all corners of your laying body, droplets of tears falling on your cheeks as quiet whines were flooding your head
“ P-please.. don’t go... ”
Tumblr media
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daplatypusway · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Little sketch of the handsome Beel with his alter ego Little D n°6 as a bonus ! 💫
Hmm I personally think that this pair of glasses suits them and corresponds to them rather well 🤔
Also white freckles ? Fck yes I love it 💙
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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simeons-angel · a day ago
Tumblr media
the ss that sums up the entire game:
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yukievii · 15 hours ago
Mammon : SHIT
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levis-little-lamb · 2 days ago
Mammon is so romantic!! 💖
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iwannawritelots · 2 days ago
Originally written February 2022
Ship(s): Mammon X Lord Diavolo
(no MC)
(not requested)
Trigger/content warnings: Mammon briefly calling himself “used goods”, mention of being scared to have sexual intimacy previously
Headcanons/notes from the author: trans Mammon headcanon used here. I wrote this when I literally couldn’t get Mammon X Lord Diavolo brain rot out of my head but then I didn’t even put it on tumblr somehow
Brief Blurb: Mammon and Lord Diavolo reassure each other of their love for one another before making love.
Quietly humming, Lord Diavolo straddled Mammon and tenderly cupped his cheeks. "My love, is this alright?"
"M-Mmhm..." A blush took over Mammon's cheeks as his fiancé brought their lips together. The kisses began soft, slowly turning into something rough and filled with lust. Mammon whimpered when Lord Diavolo bit his bottom lip and tugged on it. "D-Dia... that's..." he trailed off, blushing and gripping tightly onto his love's shoulders. "You're... You're beautiful, ya know?"
Chuckling, Diavolo released Mammon's lip from between his teeth and slowly kissed down his neck to his collar bone before resuming attention on his love's face. "Mammon, do you know that you're handsome?"
"I... O-Of course I know that...!" Mammon exclaimed, gripping his fiancé's biceps tightly in a sudden rush of nervousness. "I just... every time we're together I wish I had more courage than I do to tell ya I think you're beautiful..." He pecked Lord Diavolo's lips, then gave him bunny kisses before pressing their foreheads together. "I get so nervous, even though we've been together so long 'n' we're literally engaged..."
"Well, I suppose it would be difficult to, considering at first you were just my sugar baby..." Lord Diavolo pulled Mammon closer, running his hands down his back. "Which, in hindsight... we never should have done such a thing. You don't deserve that."
"I agreed to it, Dia."
"That doesn't change how it impacted our relationship, and how people will see our relationship." Lord Diavolo ran his fingers through Mammon's hair, loving how it seemed to cling to his touch. "I know the latter shouldn't matter as much, but that might end up hurting you, especially with how Lucifer feels about us being together."
Mammon shushed him, then sighed and closed his eyes. "We don't have to worry about it all right now, do we? I know I love ya. Lucifer can cram it."
An amused hum left Lord Diavolo as he nuzzled into Mammon's neck. "You're right," he muttered, leaving fluttering kisses on his skin. "I love you so much, Mammon." A small giggle escaped Mammon when the kisses tickled, and Lord Diavolo mumbled small praises as he brought his lips ever lower. "I hope you know that I love you."
"Well... do you know that I love ya?" asked Mammon softly, pulling himself away slightly so he could take off his shirt. "I really try to be good about makin' sure ya know I love you."
"Don't dodge my question." Lord Diavolo carefully ran his fingers over Mammon's top surgery scars. "I know you struggle with accepting love, I won't be upset if your answer isn't yes."
Face flushing, Mammon looked away from his fiancé for a moment, figuring out how to phrase his thoughts. "It's... difficult. Most of the time I do know it. I know you love me... but sometimes I jus' doubt it..." he mumbled the last part, feeling ashamed. "I used to think I was unloveable... I still do, sometimes... I mean, I'm... used goods..."
"Mammon, you are not any less important or deserving of love than anyone else." Lord Diavolo kissed him, gently rubbing his thumbs over Mammon's pecs. "I love you."
"I love ya too, so much..." Mammon mumbled against his lips, squeezing his eyes shut in retaliation for his slowly forming tears. "I love ya so much. I love you, Diavolo."
Lord Diavolo carefully adjusted his position on Mammon, then ran his fingers down his fiancé's sides. "I love you very much, Mammon." He took off his own shirt, then gently interlocked his fingers together behind Mammon's neck, taking the opportunity to observe his face. "I'd love you no matter what, so if you're having doubts, you can always talk to me."
"I'll try my best." Mammon carefully leaned closer to Lord Diavolo, then kissed down his chest, letting his hands wander along his body. "Do ya want me to do anythin' specific?"
"I don't think you should let me be in control just yet." Lord Diavolo played with Mammon's white curls, not wanting to come off as overly worried. "We have a safe word, but still..."
"I don't feel scared wit' ya," Mammon told him between kisses to his chest and stomach. "Ya should be in control for once."
Chuckling, Lord Diavolo carefully gripped Mammon's jaw and made him meet his gaze. "Are you sure?"
"I wouldn't say it if—"
"Mammon." Lord Diavolo gave him a stern expression, but was careful to not be scary with it. "I'm serious."
"I promise, I'm sure."
"If you're sure..." Lord Diavolo gave him a soft smile, then pressed him onto his back. "You will use the safe word if you need to, right...?"
"I will, I promise."
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undeaddevildom · a month ago
Demons probably get some things with humans confused with animals I think.
- Mammon freaking out at Beel sharing a snack with MC. Not because he wanted them apart, but because "BEEL NO HUMANS CANT EAT GRAPES", followed by a forceful full body squeeze Heimlich maneuver. (He was thinking of dogs.)
- It's MC and Belphies night to cook dinner. A particularly difficult to open lid results in MC gets salt all over themselves. Belphie, half asleep at the table JUMPS UP and frantically wipes the human off/shakes them so the salt goes flying everywhere. He grabs MC by the shoulders and observes their skin closely for any signs of burns/melting. There are tears in his eyes. (He was thinking of slugs.)
- Asmos closet is a mess. He's struggling to pair an outfit together with a somewhat limited color palette so that MC and Solomon could appreciate his beauty, even with their sad, pathetic, limited color perception :(
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t6i · 3 months ago
.. MISSED CALL ?! ☹︎›
Tumblr media
synopsis: the voicemails the demon brothers leave behind if you don't answer the phone.
charas: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor.
note: thought this was cute, dunno. ૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა
Tumblr media
LUCIFER — “ Oh? I'm a bit surprised.... you usually pick up in no time when I call. Well, it isn't urgent, but I suppose I was hoping to hear your voice.. no - come to my room as soon as you listen to this. ”
MAMMON — “ Oi, cutie! Who d'ya think you are, not answerin’ me right away?! I've got somethin’ for ya..! Maybe. If you come see me, I might consider givin' it to you. Hurry! ”
LEVIATHAN — “ H-hey! Emergency! I just watched the pilot of this new anime and INEEDTORANTNOWWW. Meet me in my room in 5 minutes. See ya! ”
SATAN — “ Hello? Oh, I'm leaving a voicemail. I just wanted to check on you. If you weren't busy with anything, there's this new book I'd like to discuss with you. I made tea. ”
ASMODEUS — “ Aaahhh.... I'm trying out this new look, but I can't figure out what's wrong with it... it's missing something. Only you can figure out what it is, I'm sure of it! Come work your magic, please! I'm in my room. Muah! ”
BEELZEBUB — “ Hey. I got hungry and then I thought of you. Weird, I know.... it doesn't usually happen like that. Wanna eat together? ”
BELPHEGOR — “ Mmm. I came across this new pillow and blanket set today. It looks soft. Wanna try it out with me? I figured we could cozy up in the planetarium. ”
Tumblr media
(2022). all rights reserved. please do not modify, copy, or claim as your own. reblogs are appreciated.
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reemisins · a month ago
Tumblr media
$How they eat pussy - Obey Me$
Tumblr media
“Stay still”, he ordered, slight irritation lacing his voice as he pulled away from your cunt to give it a quick smack. “How am I supposed to enjoy you if you keep squirming around like this? Stay put and let me devour you” he chides before diving back in, eating your pussy out like a man starved. He eats you mainly for his pleasure and he loves to see you cry out for him. You’re always so torn between asking for more and pleading with him to stop as he draws orgasm after orgasm out of you. Begging is pointless. He’s going to do what he wants until he’s had enough and you’re going to take it like the good girl he’s trained you to be.
— BEELZEBUB, Satan, Lucifer
“There we go, princess, just like that”, his praises are muffled into your cunt as you ride his face. His arms held your hips down, forcing you to sit on his tongue as he ate you out, your hands holding onto his hair for dear life and tugging, trying so hard to get more pleasure as he circled your clit with his tongue, slowly and teasingly. He loved watching your breasts bounce as you squirmed above him and your pathetic whimpers for more were just too cute to pass up. “N-need more- please-“, you begged but you were met to a swift bite to your thigh. “If you want more you gotta earn it, darling. Now ride my fucking tongue.”
— Mammon, ASMODEUS, Belphegor
Tumblr media
$taglist: @lennon-knox @angeldahlias
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moemoemammon · 24 days ago
The idea that cupping someone's face makes em go all soft always gets me because like-
Lucifer's eyebrows knitting together briefly when you touch him, though you watch as that always-present tension slowly melts from his expression. All he can do is sigh against you and fix a gentle gaze on you, despite asking what it is you want (like he's annoyed or something lol)
Mammon pausing his usual ramblings about his next big money grab and immediately softening up under your touch. You know he'll deny leaning into your left palm for more of it, so you don't say anything and let him go as far as to grab your wrists; gently, of course. Don't hold anyone else like this, you hear?
Levi's attention being torn away from his PC screen, something he’d normally react angrily and LOUDLY to, but the moment his eyes lock with yours, he's gone rigid from head to toe. His headset slides off and you can feel his skin heat up beneath your palms, while he tries to find something, ANYTHING to look at other than your face. You're too close..!
Satan looking up from the book in his hands, being forced to correct his terrible reading posture if he wants to greet you properly. You notice the way his body relaxes under your touch as if releasing a knot he’d been carrying all day, and his laugh is soft and airy when he asks if you were lonely. Don't worry, he'll happily read to you.
The playful lilt of Asmodeus's "Hm?" when you take his face into your hands, and the way he closes his eyes with no qualms about his unfinished manicure. Your skin is so warm and he can never get enough of it, you know? And the way you always touch him so tenderly makes his heart fuller than he can ever understand. Stay a little longer, please?
Beel's assumption that you've moved to brush stray crumbs from his cheeks, but when your gentle hands have lingered much longer than expected, his cheeks grow a little warmer. That subtle smile spreads itself across his face to melt away at its stoic exterior, and he breathes a soft chuckle through his nose. Funny, he was just about to order takeout, but now he feels like he's had a full course meal. Wonder why.
Belphie still not waking from his nap on the sofa despite your hands against his face. He stirs slightly, but only to turn his face toward your palm. His soft breaths tickle your palm while the smile quirking on his face warms your heart. Was that an "I love you" he just muttered? It's too bad you didn't have your phone on you, but you doubt you'd forget this anyway.
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absolutepokemontrash · a month ago
Tumblr media
MC: can I see the borb?
Lucifer: Of course MC ^.^ I love you, you’re perfect and have never done anything wrong. Step on me.
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kind-himbo-beel · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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666reap · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
worst service in the devildom
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yeet-san · 4 months ago
*Takes off non-existent glasses in a cool way* So.. *clears throat* *chokes* euGH-
The brothers have a secret (not so secret since you can read their messages) group chat called "MC appreciation group" they send cute stuff you say/do and some pictures of you just doing normal things and they simp over them. They also flex about it when you kiss/hang out with them.
*Drinks water* *cough cough* Im fiNE-
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asterronomical · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
his favorite brother.
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letmebeyourruri-chan · 2 months ago
5,10,&13 with Diavolo please?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
prompts: 5)aphrodisiac,10)dumbification,13)breeding
pairing(s): diavolo x f!mc
cw: breeding,aphrodisiac,cervix fucking,non-con drugging ig
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you knew you shouldn’t have trusted asmo,especially when the “oh no i cant eat too many sweets,what will happen to my skin!” offered you the sugariest looking treat you’ve probably ever seen.
he had this stupid little smirk on his face too,honey dipped words insisting that “you don’t wanna be hungry when you visit lord diavolo now,do you?”
oh well,it wasn’t as-if you could dwell on it really.
the burning heat in your abdomen was slowly rising,fogging your brain with horribly lewd thoughts. even worse,the demon lord himself was seated right across from you
all you could focus on was the way lis lips moved,glistening with the tea he was slowly sipping on. you could only imagine what his mouth would feel like on you,knowing that his lips against any part of your skin would quell the burning sensation that spread though your body.
he seemed to notice how red you became,eyes slightly watery as you lightly panted across from him.
“mc? are you okay?” god you felt so bad. he was clearly concerned,but you were hot. so so hot.
you could feel yourself starting to drip,slick fluids becoming too much for the barrier of your panties to keep in.
“d-dia” you wanted to assure him that you were fine, shoot him a fake smile and rush home to take care of yourself but the only thought on your mind was-
“oh…mc” he was blushing a bit,no doubt being able to smell your arousal. you whined,thoughts becoming too clouded to really do anything else really.
“s’burning dia. hurts”
the demon lord gulped,taking in your flushed form with a sickeningly delighted feeling in his gut.
this wasn’t his fault right? he had to help you out! you were in pain!
“mc. little mc,look at me pretty girl” you tried your hardest to meet his eyes through your tears,foggy mind barely comprehending the small smile on his face
“do you want me to help you?”
if was official.
nothing in the three realms would ever feel as satisfying as this.
it was no wonder why you could manage nothing but a few incoherent babbles as diavilo slipped into you,the fat head if his cock making a satisfying pop sound as it pressed through the tight entrance of your soaked cunt.
you didn’t register the way he hissed through his teeth at the feeling of you wrapping so tightly around him,wetness seeping out onto the white cloth that covered the tea table.
“r-relax for me little one. come on,lemme in”
you were already creaming around his cock,cunt pulsing rhythmically around him as he tried to push in deeper.
diavolo groaned at the sight of your already fucked out form,deciding that holding back wasn’t an option anymore before burying himself inside you completely.
“da-dia-d” you gasped,breathless as the soft red hairs at the base if his cock brushed against your clit.
“look at you-“ diavolo huffed,twitching with the need to start moving. “i haven’t even started yet…and you’re already drooling”
he pulled back,leaving nothing but the tip of his cock inside you. you didn’t even have time to whine at the empty feeling before he slammed back in,the force of his thrust rocking the entire table.
“already fucked dumb? haha so perfect for me”. the pace diavolo set was bruising,tip of his cock hitting your cervix with every thrust. the mix of pain and pleasure made you keen,hands reaching up blindly for anything to hold onto.
“oh? whats this hmm? you need something?” diavolo grabbed your hands,pulling you down and using the extra leverage to thrust into you quicker.
“suck a pretty little pussy…” he whispered,thrusts staggering slightly. “i’m gonna breed you so nice and full,help you get rid of that ache huh?”
you nodded dumbly,tears running down your face as he picked up his pace. “puh-please dia. wan’ be bred by you”
diavolo watched in awe as you shivered,sobbing as another orgasm wracked through you,clear fluid splashing onto his thighs and abdomen.
“pu-pretty little pussy. all that just for me huh?” he slammed into you,pressing his blunt tip firmly against your cervix before cumming.
the amount of seed he was pumping into you was filling you up fast,leaking passed your hole and staining your thighs.
it was like ice water poured over a fire,the heat in your belly turning into a low flame leaving you panting and exhausted.
the demon lord leaned over you,a wide smile on his face as he stared at the thick creamy ring you left on the base of his still hard cock.
“i hope you’re ready little one,because i seem to be the one aching now…”
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ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤 - 𝕊𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕣 ℂ𝕣𝕚𝕞𝕤𝕠𝕟 (ℕ𝕊𝔽𝕎)
Diavolo x Reader
Obey Me! Shall We Date?
Tags: breeding kink, size kink, praise, explicit language, rough sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, fingering, squirt alert, hair pulling.
Feel free to request, my lubs! <3
*Here you are, finding yourself ushered into one of the many rooms of, none other than, the Demon Lord's castle. In the dark room, only his words echoed through your mind. "Shelter, protection, safety...Anything else you might need, I will provide...under certain conditions."*
A/N: "Conditions" is a 'chapter/story with a plot' type of fanfic. It is all about 'you' fulfilling the conditions of your agreement to Diavolo. It will be mixed with fluff and NSFW (mostly nsfw of course.) "Sheer Crimson" is the first part and it is a LONG one so enjoy loves!
Tumblr media
You were ushered into the empty room; heart thumping loudly as you wandered about, wondering where the Prince could be.
You tugged at your attire; the black fur lining of the crimson sheer robe tickling at your neck, when you finally made your way to the bed.
There you were, standing at the end of the bed, running your hands against the beautiful silk that adorned it, when you felt his hands slide up your waist, damp hair tickle at your jaw, and his lips against your neck.
"Your robe does absolutely nothing to hide your body, love," he mumbled, the ribbon twirling about his fingers. "While it looks magnificent, don't you think that such a useless thing should be discarded?"
You nodded silently, gulping. He tugged at the ribbon, the slow sound of unravelling cloth causing your breath to hitch.
The front of the robe fluttered open; his warm hands now running over every inch of exposed skin, up your torso and onto your shoulders as he slid the robe off, letting it fall on the ground.
You turned to face him, and as you did, his lips met yours in a gentle kiss. You fell back onto the bed, elbows holding you up, finally noticing the towel wrapped around his hips...and the bulging tent underneath.
Seeing the shock in your eyes, his fingers teased at your ankle, then encircled it; the other hand pulling at the towel, and letting it fall. You felt your pussy clench at the sight of his bulging cock, but with arousal also came intimidation.
“I-It’s too big!!” Flinching back, you wriggled your leg, struggling to shake off his grip at your ankles, but to no avail. “D-Dia…please…it’s not going to fit.”
You were seriously worried. You’ve used dildos before, yes. But none you’ve used before would even compare to the size of Diavolo.
But…now you wonder whether voicing it out was a good move, considering the dominating smirk that now tugged at his lips.
Hands still gripped at your ankles, Diavolo leaned over, pressing his lips against your inner thigh before yanking you back down so that your ass was just barely off the edge of the bed.
Fingers now dug into your hips, holding you in place as he pressed against your core.
Your head fell back, holding back whimpers, relishing in the feeling of him grinding against your wet slit; his shaft sliding, mind-numbing friction against your clit.
“You don’t have to be scared darling,” he mumbled, his thumb massaging at divots in your hips, grip still iron-clad. “That’s what my fingers are for. I’ll make sure you’re all stretched out…”
His face hovered over yours, lips teasing at your ear.
“…So that you can take my cock properly.” His grip loosened, fingers tracing down to rub at your clit.
He pushed one finger in, thrusting; his thumb rubbing at your clit.
His other hand slithered up your body, gripping, worshipping, teasing, until it finally latched onto the back of your head; fingers tangled within your locks, tugging as he tilted your head back.
His tongue licked up your throat, nipping at your exposed neck, chuckling, as he listened to your whimpering.
“You will take all of me.” No. It wasn’t an encouragement. It was a fact. A demand. You are going to take all of him. He’s going to fill you to the brim and so much more. No buts. No exceptions. “Every inch.”
He slipped another finger in, a groan of satisfaction eliciting from your lips. His fingers wriggled violently inside your wet cavern, hitting that spine-tingling spot with each curl of his fingers.
You were panting; My God, it was just his fingers but it was already overwhelming. Just moments ago you walked into this room head held high, but now here you were, knuckles white as you gripped onto his shoulders, trembling in his embrace.
Your scalp burned with the tightness of his grip at your hair, but fuck, you loved it so much. You loved him when he handled you like this.
The predatory eyes that watched every single minute contortion of your face. The eyes that told of everything he wanted to do to you and more. The tightly clenched jaw that showed exactly just how much control it took not go rougher. Not to just ravage you like a fucking animal. To wildly thrust into you, taking pride in the way you cried beneath him.
No. To him, your pleasure is of the utmost importance.
He will make you cum first. He’ll have you trembling, clenching on his fingers. Then he’ll fuck you senseless. He’ll fuck you past your high and thrust you into a completely different level.
Yes. Its better that way.
At least he’ll get to see that overstimulated, fucked silly look on your face.
When you beg him to slow down. Beg him to go faster. Beg him to finish.
Your trembling fingers trailed along his shoulders, sliding around to grip at the back of his neck, pulling him out of his deep, anticipating thoughts.
With whatever strength you had left, you pulled him down, crashing his lips against yours, just as he plunged at third finger in, catching your moans in his mouth.
“Oh God. D-Diavolo. Diavolo, please! I’m gonna-It’s weird! S-Slowly…Go slowly please! ”
He smiled down at you in that darling way; his grip on your hair loosening so he could caress at your cheek.
“Good girl.” Gently, he gripped at your jaw, planting a kiss on your lips despite your repeated cries. “Listen Darling. Listen to the filthy sounds your pussy is making. If you could only see the juices that’s leaking out from you right now.”
You felt your core throb; the lewdness of his words sending chills all throughout your body.
You felt a release building, different from the ones you achieved yourself. His fingers weren’t letting up. Not even in the slightest.
It was building. Yes. God it was overwhelming. The inevitable urge to release was strong.
You were crying, panting, muttering incoherent words as you burried your face against his neck.
“Go ahead darling.” He planted a kiss against your hair. Three fingers trashing wildly inside you, his other hand reached down, fingers pressing down against your clit.
And that was it. That was what unraveled you. The trembling of your body causing friction against the fingers pressed against your clit.
That was it.
“Oh…would you look at that,” he watched proudly as streams of liquid came spurting out onto his forearm, dripping down your ass, soaking the bed, and onto the floor. "My princess made a mess."
"I-I swear it's not-I didn't! I-I'm sorry..."
"It's okay, love." He whispered with a peck on the corner of your lips. "I love making you feel good."
His thrusting fingers slowed; his mouth devouring yours in fervent hunger and desperate need.
He pulled his fingers out slowly; the lewd sound a hint as to how wet you were exactly. His fingers glistened in the light as he held it up to your lips, sliding them in, pressing down on your tongue as you sucked.
His mouth, no longer entangled with yours, now busied themselves elsewhere. On your neck, on your jaw, and finally, on your chest.
He sucked and nipped at your perk nipple; his fingers tending to the other. And when he deemed that they were swollen enough, he sat up to admire his work.
Drool dripped from where you were dutifully cleaning your slick off of his fingers. Marks adorned your neck and chest as you lay heaving and slumped on his bed. Your nipples swollen from the attention his mouth had given.
His eyes drag further down, to where your legs lay spread and trembling, and his cock throbbed.
You shivered as you felt his thumbs rest on your lips.
No. Not the one on your face.
And ever so slightly, he pulled them apart, completely exposing your convulsing entrance
His cock ached at the sight of your hole, pink and throbbing, wet and dripping, open for him.
A hole to shoot his seed in.
A hole only for him to enter. Only him. His cock. His fingers…His tongue.
And that’s what he did.
You yelped, head shooting up as you watched the beautiful sight of crimson hair buried between your legs.
His tongue lapped at your juices, then with a kiss to your clit, his tongue prodded at your entrance, circling, teasing, pushing in, trying to taste your deepest parts.
His thumb found your clit again, rubbing faster and faster following the rhythm of his tongue, and once he had you cumming on his tongue, only then did he relent.
But not for long.
Because before you could even catch your breath, his thumbs still spreading your pussy lips, he lined up his cock and pushed in.
His eyes gleamed, a growl reverberating from his throat as he watched your beautiful hole stretch around his cock.
He was mesmerized, completely hypnotized by your tiny little human frame taking him in. He watched the way your pussy quivered around his shaft.
It wasn’t until he felt the warmth of your hand against his thigh that your voice finally registered in his senses.
“-ease…D-Dia-Diavolo, i-it won’t fit…please.”
His head snapped up, hands flying up to cup your crying face. He licked at the blood on your lips from where you bit down to try to keep silent.
“I’m sorry, love.” He placed gentle pecks on your lips; his whispers tickling at the sensitive skin. “Im sorry. Just a bit more darling. Just a bit more. Can you do that for me?”
He trusted you. He knows you’d say no if he asked. And you trusted him. You knew he’d stop everything the moment that you wanted to.
But you didn’t want to.
It hurts, yes. But…you wanted him all. Everything he had to offer, you wanted it.
Every. Inch.
You nodded, arms wrapping around him, your tongue slithering into his mouth.
“I want you. All of you,” you whispered.
He broke the kiss, looking down at you, eyes seeking, still unsure whether he should continue.
And in response, you spread your legs wider, both hands reached down and spread your pussy lips, presenting yourself to him.
“Please, your highness. Put it all in.”
You knew he loved it when you called him that. So you used it to your advantage.
Every semblance of control he had left went flying out the window as he latched on to your hips. With a squelch of your wetness and a loud slap, Diavolo plunged his everything into your cunt.
You gasped, hands now trapped where you two connected.
Shocks rippled up your spine, fading slowly as he remained still.
“Beautiful. So…breathtakingly…beautiful.” He panted, lips devouring yours once more.
He gave one test thrust. Then another. And another. And finally, after confirming that you are alright, he began.
Moan after moan, cry after cry, fell endlessly from your lips as he entered you repeatedly, his cock forcing your walls wide open.
“Ahhh, your highness! Diavolo! Diavolo! Please please please.”
He grasped at the back of your head once more, the other arm wrapped around your back, holding you against him for a kiss as he thrusted rhythmically, swallowing up your calls for him.
Fuck you were in pain moments ago…but now you just want him deeper, faster, harder.
Your fingers teased down to his waist, and when he felt your nails sink down on his flesh, drawing blood, he yanked hard at your hair, tilting your head back to meet his eyes.
You whimpered at the feeling, seeing the dangerous glint in his eyes.
“Careful, love,” he growled, eyes boring into yours as he slammed into you. “Its your first time so I’m trying to control myself. But if you want to go rougher, I might not be able to help it.”
“R-Rougher. Please your highness. Please. Harder.”
You heard him cuss under his breath.
“If that is what you want then..."
His fingers dug into your hips once more, holding you against him as he stood upright, to his fullest height. Only your elbows held you up. Not even your back could touch the bed as you dangled from his grip; your body feeling like nothing more than jelly being rocked back and forth as he incessantly rammed into you with full force.
Your insides must be mush. That’s all you could think about. The way his cock plunged into you mercilessly, fighting against the walls that only grew tighter. It must be mush.
Lewd sounds of slapping skin and squelching filled the room, along with the groans and grunts of Diavolo, himself, that proved to be a lot more arousing than your own moans and cries.
Your body trembled, mind-numbing release coming one after the other, but no matter what, he didn't slow.
You felt like a ragdoll. Your limp body to be used by him, only for his pleasure.
"A...little...more...darling," he panted, shifting his grip to pull you up to his chest. "Just a little more."
You silenced his words with your lips; your hands gripping at his hair and shoulders as his hooked beneath your knees, holding you up and open for him.
Your mouths mangled messily. All rhythm completely lost in the pure ecstasy of the moment and the high he so badly craved.
"Dia-Ah! Please! I-I can't anymore!"
You felt it again. The strange feeling akin to a full bladder, but not really. The feeling from before.
"T-Tight..." He growled. Still his cock pistoned through your tightness. "Y-You're so tight. Is my darling close again?"
"Mhm." You nodded against his shoulders; your whimpers dwindling to nothing more than mere squeaks and useless, dummified attempts at words.
You had absolutely nothing left. The building, cluttering sensations left no room in your mind for logical thought. All you knew was the warmth of his tongue sliding against yours, the delicious pain from the fingers clamped on your waist, the sweat that mixed between your rubbing bodies, the way his cock slammed into depths you didn't know was possible.
He nestled his face into your neck; his grunts tickling at your skin. And with one last slam of his hips, he released inside you. With his release came yours, squirting out in built up pressure to mix with the puddle already on the floor.
He held your trembling frame in his arms a while longer, whispering a chorus of praises into your ears.
"You were amazing, love. You did great." His lips pressed a searing kiss on your neck, causing you to wrap your arms around his shoulders a little tighter. "Thank you, my princess."
Slowly, he pulled out, a whimper escaping your lips as he did. You felt his essence dripping out, sliding down your ass and onto the floor along with yours.
He glanced down, eyes darkening once more at the sight of your releases mixed, and held you tighter.
"My cum is leaking, darling." He cupped a hand at your entrance, watching the translucent white dripping from your hole. "Hm. Then I guess I'll have to fill you up again."
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mammonswhore · 2 months ago
Beel: *looking at his food,not eating*
Mammon: *looking at MC,angry* what have you done?
Lucifer who told Beel that morning that one day MC is going to become an angel and probably fall because they love the family more than themselves: *whistling, walks away*
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catboys-need-milk · 4 months ago
Lactation Kink Headcannons for Daddy Lucifer ~ ♡
Tumblr media
☆TW: brief daddy kink, voyeuristic vibes?? uh, this old DILF watching you breastfeed his adult brothers—if that aint a warning idk what is.
God, I cant believe y'all actually encouraged me to write these. Are you sure you wanted them? I guess I'll find out soon if this was a mistake 😅
(Might be helpful to read these first)
♡ Lucifer isn't the type to want to suckle from you, but some of his brothers are (Beel, Belphie, Levi, Satan, and occasionally Mammon—if he's just lost a lot of money)
♡ Honestly? .........He likes watching you feed them. A lot actually. For a variety of reasons.
♡ He's always had to head the household with an iron fist, his brothers all living in fear of him to some extent. But this—its like you're comforting and caring for them in a way he'll never be able to. He's enamored, seeing that they can feel completely safe with you
♡ Lucifer has very strong paternal instincts, and watching you feed them like that is probably resonating with those instincts on some weird, deep, subconscious level
♡ And yeah, maybe its a little odd that he likes to watch. But there's just something very satisfying to him about this raw show of your complete acceptance, love, and devotion to his brothers
♡ And for the most part his brothers don't mind him watching either. Beel and/or Belphie could care less who's watching. Mammon doesn't give a damn either, too busy trying to forget about how much money he just lost. Satan is a different story however.
♡ Lucifer's only caught Satan doing it once, and since then makes a point to stay away when he knows you two are together. Satan still doesn't know he ever saw him, but there's no fucking way he'd react well to learning that the first-born caught him suckling your milk like a needy little kitten.
♡ He'll never forget though, just how peaceful and almost innocent Satan looked for once as he was latched onto your breast. The way you held him close and softly told him how much you loved him. No, Lucifer will never say anything to him about it. He doesn't want to take any of this away from his brother-son.
♡ He almost seems to view you feeding them as some type of therapy for his brothers, which it kinda is to some extent.
♡ Usually when he watches its not like he's just sitting there staring at you. No, its more like him occasionally looking over at you, or maybe glancing over while he takes a sip of his coffee. He's casual about it. Usually.
♡ Ohhhhh but when he's had a few glasses of Demonus.....its not so casual anymore. His arousal becomes blatant, turning into him openly pleasuring himself in front of you
♡ You can tell when hes getting turned on because he'll uncross his legs, making room for his growing erection as he rubs over it, hips slowly rutting up into his mature, weathered hand
♡ Maybe he'll sit next to you, gently taking one of your hands and placing it on his bulge as he whispers into your ear, hot breath laced with the smell of hard alcohol "Feel that.....feel what watching you is doing to Daddy....."
♡ He pumps his cock so slowly, not seeking an orgasm. Savoring the sight before him, the way you sound so sweet as you coo to the suckling brother "....you're such a good boy..." Oh yes, please tell him that, he thinks to himself
♡ And he loves how vulnerable you look, sitting there so innocently with your breasts exposed and dripping, your body begging for a mouth to feed
♡ It also appeals to his sadistic side, seeing such a sweet little human's milk being fed to hungry demons
♡ Oh god, especially with Beel. It makes Lucifer's cock ache whenever you wince or have to remind Beel to be gentle, hearing and thinking about your n*pples being tormented inside the gluttonous demon's mouth
♡ He secretly loves seeing how stretched and abused they look when Beel's done with them, thinking about how sore your poor little human teats must feel. Ohh, It really makes him want to pinch them just to hear you yelp and squirm
*:・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)*:・゚✧
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