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Oh dear. The time has come. Please fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Well ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else in between.

Today is the day you all learn about:

Lord Diavolo and his obsession with croc shoes.

Warning: You may laugh hysterically. I couldn’t keep it together writing this.

I’d like to begin by saying this all came about because of this picture right here, created by the lovely @nia23. Thank you for the pain and laughter this has caused me.


Let us begin, shall we?

  • This began with the pink crocs. A fitting choice for the prince of Devildom.
  • However, this is not the only pair of crocs he would own. Oh no. He owns a whole wall.
  • To make things more fun. Lord Diavolo also has the little croc charms. There is no doubt in my mind that he also owns one of the Lucifer on a unicorn emote.
  • As a Prince, and one with possible unlimited finances, there’s a very high chance he has multiple drawers full of those little charms.
  • He also wears his crocs everywhere, opting for them over normal shoes.
  • You think he doesn’t have a pair for every occasion? Wrong.
  • He wears them to meetings with the elders, flaunting his disastrous shoes by putting his feet on the table and explaining each and every charm to them.
  • Yes, he wears them in his demon form too.

Now let’s get into the fun stuff.

  • Upon Lucifer’s fall with his brothers, Lord Diavolo strolled up in his neon green crocs. Absolutely impossible to miss.
  • Too embarrassed to tell the truth, Diavolo tells everyone that Lucifer’s first words in Devildom were about the soil, while they were in fact “what in the fuck are those?” as he pointed to the prince’s feet.
  • The first outfit that the prince gave Lucifer upon his time in Devildom, included his very own pair of crocs.
  • Turning to Barbatos, he uttered the words “how far into the depths of hell have I fallen?”
  • A sigh, and a disappointed look from the butler, as he replied “too far.” Lucky Barbatos was able to hand him a normal pair of shoes.
  • Unfortunately not everyone had been as lucky as the eldest. Lucifer’s brothers also got their first pair of crocs.
  • Asmodeus was hit with it the worst. Crying not only because of his fall, but because he now thought he would have to wear crocs for all eternity. Lucifer eventually got him normal shoes.
  • Diavolo tried to cheer him up by gifting the newly fallen angel with yet another pair of crocs. This time they came with Asmo’s name, spelled out in charms. Asmo locked himself in his room for a week, crying, and unsuccessfully attempting to burn the fire-resistant shoe.
  • The prince still sends him more charms in attempt to please him. It doesn’t work.
  • They now all have multiple sets, in varying colors. None of which are worn. Or seen. Ever.
  • Though, Lucifer once had to wear his out in public with the prince. He cried that night when he returned to his room, shameful that he ever had to be seen in them.
  • Barbatos once tried to rid the prince of his horrific shoes. He now has to count every pair each morning and night to reassure the young lord that not a single shoe is missing. They now haunt his dreams. Literally.
  • He has even checked every timeline, but they’re all the same. Every. Single. One.
  • The young lord actually found them in a human magazine. Barbatos ordered them as a joke to show him how unflattering they were. Now they have cursed him.
  • This is now the inside of Lord Diavolo’s closet, and everyone has to see it when they come to Devildom. No, you don’t have a choice. His racks are also gold, just in case you were wondering.

My work here is complete. I hope you enjoyed. You may unfasten your seatbelts and watch your step as you exit.

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Breakfast in Bed With Your Demon Brothers


Which, did not end up how I expected but I have no regrets-



  • You really think this man wouldn’t try to get you to have breakfast in bed whenever possible as a way to show how much he is actually a disaster and really wants your attention and love no matter what?
  • And dear lord he always looks so smug and proud whenever he does it he is such a fucking loser.
  • And he goes “I just though I should treat you to something”
  • You ain’t foolig nobody Lucifer, we all know you’re only spoon feeding your dear human because you’re already in too deep and you definetelly spent the entire week analysing their breakfast food choices and morning patterns just so you could make this whole thing perfect.
  • Alternativelly, you honestly can’t tell me you had 8 full hours of sleep if you manage to catch Lucifer before he gets off his bed.
  • The sight of him going

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The thing is, they can’t just let anybody into RAD. They have to do some kind of background check, some kind of security measure. And given the limited technology of both angels and demons when compared to the human world’s, there’s obviously only one option left for the boys: transform into cats, and pray that you don’t notice how they stalk you. (Hint: You notice.)

Word Count: 6.6k


Characters: All Brothers + All (Un-)Undateables + Luke


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Welcome back.~

Oh dear. You’re joking, yes? Lucifer? Putting someone else in charge. Ha. Very unlike him. Though I suppose you humans do know other humans best.

Ah yes, the demon brother shenanigans. They do get into quite a mess, don’t they? That certainly brings back memories.

You believe you’re not doing a good job? Nonsense. Let me let you in on a secret, darling. It isn’t just you humans that those boys wrangle in to their silly pranks and various dangerous activities. If you’re capable of helping them succeed in a task, they will not hesitate to feed into a guilty pleasure to get what they want. They’re demons, not the saints they used to be.

I remember the time Mammon once convinced me to help him go on a heist of sorts in the human world. I admit, it was a rush, and extremely fun, but that moron got us caught. Needless to say, returning to a very unhappy Lucifer was not a very pleasant surprise.

I suppose that the moral of the story is, you cannot avoid it. Those boys love the thrill of getting a new person in trouble.

Either way, I do hope you’re able to talk some logic into those foolish humans. I say do as you can to look after them, and don’t fear Lucifer too much. Knowing him, it is likely a test to see how you handle pressure. After all, he knows his brothers best.~

If you’d like, I can try to mention it to him when I next see him. I believe he and the prince have a meeting soon.

Speaking of, the prince is calling for me, so best of luck to you.

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Hello students.~

I believe I forgot to mention that I have reported to Lord Diavolo about some of your pleasant stays here in Devildom.

The young prince was quite happy, indeed. I don’t believe I have seen him smile so proudly before.

That being said, I hope to hear more from you all soon! I love hearing your stories!~



Barbatos would like to say hello to you all as well. 💙

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