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#obey me! shall we date
obeythebutler · 2 minutes ago
I need me some Solomon angst, but could you do hc's or a fic for him where Belphegor kills Mc but Mc is like. His fuckin wife, sure Mc gets revived again but. His fuckin wife
Crushed ( Solomon x Reader)
Solomon stares at the ring on his finger as he walks , no, runs, towards the House of Lamentation.
The ring which he wears on his hand is an engagement ring, and you have on your hand too. You're his wife.
Solomon, being Solomon, put an enchantment on the ring, a spell that activates when one touches the head of the gemstone, and gives the person ability to feel the other ring-wearer's heartbeat.
Which is you.
He often did that on nights he had to be away, visiting the sorcerer's society or paying a visit to acquaintances. When he touched the stone, he could feel your heartbeat, which assured him you were safe, alive and breathing.
But right now, when he touches the precious stone, he can't feel anything. You weren't the one to remove your ring while showering, and he had altered it appropriately so that the ring would never detoriate.
So he's running towards the House Of Lamentation, throwing open the gates, straight into the hall.
" Solomon, don't look any further!" Asmodeus is already shouting his name as he feels him coming, one of the many perks of a pact. Other times it would have been a welcomed visit, but right now, Asmodeus didn't want his friend to see something that would make his heart break.
So he rushed forward and tried to block his view, break the news to him gently at least, and not make him see something that would break him.
" What's happening ?! Stop blocking my sight!" Solomon snarled as he forced Asmodeus to give way, but then he wish he hadn't.
His mouth fell open, and his hands fell to their sides weakly on seeing the macabre sight in front of him, his own nightmare, now come alive.
It's you.
You're not moving, bloody and wounded.
Solomon runs forward and pushes the others out of the way, shoving past Lucifer's shoulders roughly, who is too in shock of what has happened, and what is going to happen.
He kneels down and starts chanting an ancient spell, one that healed injuries and torn flesh in minutes. His voice is shaky as he recites the ancient words, and tears threaten to fall.
Solomon tells himself as he recites the spell, one that he learnt under the light of a candle as it rained outside, and cut his own hand with a knife and healed it with the same spell, to ensure it worked.
It did, it always did, so why not now?
Why aren't your wounds healing? Why isn't your hand healing ?
" Work, dammit!" He shouts as he tries again for the third time, hoping, praying for it to work. His hands are shaking and his heart is pounding in his ears loudly, which he is sure that the others can hear, but when your hand doesn't move or your eyes don't blink, he falls to the ground.
His knees are too weak to support him now, the fear in the back of his mind, one that he was desperately hoping was not true, is reality.
The spell doesn't work on beings that are already gone.
That means you're- y-you're gone.
His wife, his lover, his companion, is gone.
He refuses to acknowledge the hand on his shaking shoulder, which by the nail colour he can tell is Asmodeus, who's desperately trying to offer him some comfort.
Solomon holds your bloody hand in his own, interwining your limp fingers with his own, desperately trying to feel you.
But then he notices the bruises on your neck, which are blueish-purple, and then he registers the sound of laughing from the bottom of the stairs.
Belphegor, the seventh-born, Avatar of Sloth, someone he wanted to make a pact with.
The demon who killed his wife. Killed you.
Belphegor is desperately trying to catch his breath as he rests a hand on the railing, and doubles over in fits of laughter again on seeing the scene in front of him, as if it's a comedy show, which it is, for him, except it's more macabre.
" A human has kicked the bucket, and here you are panicking as if it's the end of the world!" Belphegor's laugh rings in his ear as he stares at him with anger, then realization.
Solomon springs forward at him, rushing with every intent of squeezing the life out of seventh-born. He's a gone man now, consumed by anger and blinded by fury.
Lucifer tries to stop him, but he raises a hand, and the demon is thrown backwards into the wall with a thud, and a painting falls on the ground. The others are shocked, too scared by the sudden turn of events to interrupt.
The look on Solomon's face must be something else.
Belphegor smiles as he prepares himself, already unleashing his claws in front of his body, ready to attack. But Solomon is wiser, and he ducks just in time before Belphegor's claws can tear at his neck, and smashes him into the wall with brutal force of his magic.
" Don't! Solomon, don't do it!" Asmodeus screams as he tries to stop Solomon, to interfere, but Solomon barks at him to stay, and Asmodeus does, like an obedient dog.
Asmodeus knows that Solomon is fully intent on snatching the life out of his brother, blinded in his rage. He's not thinking rationally, and if Solomon succeeds, he can only imagine what Lucifer and his brothers would do to Solomon, something that Asmodeus won't be able to prevent.
But he can't prevent this now that he's stuck, and can only scream something to make the feral man stop.
" Solomon, stop this right now!" Beelzebub rushes forward, finally after being stuck in that haze and moves, to prevent the sorcerer from killing his brother. Solomon waves his hand and a protective barrier forms around him and Belphegor, separating them two from the brothers.
He's going to kill Belphegor.
Belphegor frees himself from the hold of the spell as he falls down, and recovers thanks to his supernatural heritage, and jumps at Solomon with anger.
The sorcerer merely chants a spell that makes chains appear out of thin air and wrap themselves around Belphegor's body, effectively making him stop his movements.
The chains are scorching hot, because Belphegor screams as the chains coil around skin, and a sizzling sound is heard of flesh burning.
Satan and Lucifer are desperately trying to undo the spell, or counter it, break the barrier, anything, but it doesn't seem to even crack.
The more intense are one's emotions while placing protective barriers, the stronger they are.
" What have you done ?!" His voice is cold and harsh as he screams into Belphegor's face, making him since at the loudness. But Solomon doesn't care, all he wants is to maim the demon in front of him.
He killed you.
" Killed a human, why, is it-" Belphegor's words are cut short as he wheezes due to the lack of air, because the chains are strangling him, coiled around his neck like his hands once were on yours.
" She was my fucking wife." Solomon growls as he stares into Belphegor's own eyes, and for a moment the demon's eyes widen on seeing the tears on the sorcerer's face and the anger in his soul. Belphegor won't be coming out of this alive, he knows this much.
Solomon tightens his own hands around Belphegor's neck, smiling when he hisses due to the pain. The chains don't affect their creator, and now Solomon is going to snatch his soul from him, just like he did to yours.
He has pacts with seventy-two demons, but he isn't going to make them kill Belphegor, no, he's going to do it himself.
The sounds of protest and begging reach his ears, but Solomon doesn't acknowledge them. He's lost in his wrath, and all he can do is focus on squeezing his neck a bit harder.
He focuses all his energy on crushing Belphegor's throat, just a little more, soon his thrashing will stop and his hands will fall limp, just a bit more and -
" Solomon ! " His head snaps around he when he hears that voice.
It's a voice he was craving to hear, something he thought he would never have the pleasure of hearing again, and Belphegor drops down to he ground as Solomon's grip weakens.
It's you.
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greedylilshit · 22 minutes ago
Hello again! Updating my commission info bc way more people were interested that I expected and there’s now abit of a queue!
Tumblr media
OCs and other fandoms besides OM are welcome!  As always any questions feel free to message me beforehand ^^
I’ll be taking 10 slots at a time and there are currently 6 in the queue (as of 22/04). If those are filled I’ll start a wait list that will be updated as the previous queue is cleared.
Thank u all so much for ur support and ur patience as I figure things out!! It really means the world to me!!
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honeyabyss · 44 minutes ago
Diavolo: I can be the cool friend. That's my thing!
Diavolo: I'm hip. I surf the web. I text.
Diavolo: LOL, laugh out loud. OMG, oh my god. WTF, why the face.
Diavolo: I know all the dances to High School Musical, so...
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obeymefictionwriting · 55 minutes ago
Brothers & MC & Undateables On The Beach [Pt 2]
His bag probably contains more items than the one Hermione had in the “Deathly Hollows”
Will take 1-2 hours to do all the procedures before laying down.
At one point, Mammon will fall near him and Asmo will get sand all over his skin.
An accidental fire started in the middle of the beach for no obvious reasons.
Big boy loves going to the beach.
Sports and ice-cream - what can be better?
Will probably drag Belphie and you around to show you everything on the beach.
Will also bring you a cute shell that he found because um... it’s beautiful and you beautiful too.
Wanna share this ice-cream that he got?
Ugh, why do you all need to get out of the house when you can just stay in and sleep?
Hm, you can sleep on a beach too.
Builds himself some kind of a fort and snuggles in. 
No sun rays for this boy.
At one point, will lure you in and you two will hide in his sleeping fort while brothers will be looking for you.
Looks at you with a smile and whispers “Shhhh”
Oh, he has not been to a beach FOR AGES.
Under his black clothes, THERE IS A VERY HOT BODY.
What? He’s been joining Beel for his workouts, didn’t you know? 
Acts surrpised when all the girls on the beach start drooling.
“What? Why is it happening?”
Is secretly very content but still tries to catch your attention.
Will probably warm the water a bit because ocean water is too cold for him.
And yes, he can do that.
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moemammon · an hour ago
Alright so my request is angsty-ish. Mc is engaged to someone else when they move for the exchange program and stays faithful during their entire stay, so maybe hcs on how the brothers react to a taken MC who (if they even try to advance) actively avoids romantic situations with them, and maybe a little bonus of them reuniting with their lover smittened.
I tried to request this before but all my asks get eaten so I just wanted to make sure it got through
"What Do You Mean You're Already Taken?!" (Feat the Demon Bros and GN!MC)
(Hell yeah angst time heheHEH >:))
Can you even imagine how Lucifer, the Avatar of Pride, reacted when his obvious advances toward you were always awkwardly brushed off? No matter what he tried, no matter how perfectly romantic the situation, he could never coax you into accepting his affections.
And he soon found out why, when you finally admitted that you were taken by another.
He can't remember the last time he's felt pain like this. He'd finally found someone he could be... vulnerable with. Someone he could open himself up to, who wouldn't see him in a different light as a result.
But to know that no matter what, he'll never be able to have you? It's a worse punishment than he could've imagined himself. He can't do anything but accept it, and you'll soon find that his advances come to a complete vault.
He's a little colder to you, but that's only because he's trying to relearn how to feel about your presence. He asks that you give him some time alone, for a few days. He'll be busy in his office in the time being.
God, he's crushed. Mammon... was always aiming to be your first everything. Guess someone beat him to the punch before he could do anything to stop it. It takes everything in him not to accuse you of pulling his leg.
But you can't be serious... right? You're saying that no matter what he does or how strongly he feels, he can never have you? He won't get to hold you against him? He'll never be able to kiss you? To pull you under his sheets so you can sleep your worries away? Never be able to tell you just how much he loves you, more than any material possession in this entire world...?
But... why couldn't you just choose him..?
Mammon doesn't get it. He feels like he's always getting the short end of the bargain no matter what he tries. He knew the stakes were high when he started pining for you. You're... YOU! Perfect, amazing, lovable you... who will never be his.
These days he's barely home. You guys are still 'friends', but sometimes you can't tell if he's teasing you or actually being mean. He can't even stand being around you for too long, because his damned heart starts pounding until it hurts. He'd rather gamble the nights away than to have to deal with that.
Of course you're taken... it's not like he could've expected otherwise. Someone as great as you wouldn't look good standing with a gross otaku...
Jokes aside, Levi's heart has just shattered into a million pieces. You were his one! The one he dreamed about! The one he wanted to be around, despite his crippling social anxiety!
You got him... No, you REALLY got him. He didn't have to put up any walls when he was with you. He knew you liked him for who he was, and that you weren't secretly making fun of him when he wasn't around.
And... you two actually enjoyed one another's company! You shared so many laughs, so many days together, and just when he thought he'd gathered the courage to ask you to be his, you told him that you were taken.
He'll get over it. He's used to being disappointed, after all. Just don't mind him while he spends the next two weeks holed up in his room. If you need something, do you might just writing a note and slipping it under his door? He can't bear to look at his phone, since it's full of pictures of you.
Satan didn't mean to cause an outburst like that. He never meant to scare you. But when he realized that all this time spent falling deeper, and hopelessly in love with you, was all for naught? He didn't know how to react.
So many new, strange feelings rushed into him at once, until it all exploded in a fit of rage. Was it really anger? Or was it sorrow so strong that it could've been mistaken as such? He couldn't tell, because he's never felt this way before.
His room had been completely destroyed, many precious books lost to the unstoppable force that was his angry release. And when it subsided he was left feeling empty and lost... scared, even.
Would you think differently of him now? Would he think differently of YOU now? Could this... odd, sick, twisted relationship of yours be mended..? He didn't even know if he had the strength to attempt it.
So he isolates himself from you, spending a great deal of time repairing the damage done to his room. And when that's been finished, he's reading like his life depends on it. In the world of books, he can forget about real life entirely. Is it silly for him to imagine that maybe, some day, everything will work out like in a lighthearted fairytale?
So you have a partner? Polygamy is fine too! Or so he thought, until you emphasized that you were loyal to your one and only partner. Meaning.. Asmo wasn't invited to the party.
Now, the Avatar of Lust wasn't exactly one who knew rejection. Sure he got a few 'no's here and there, but those little flings meant nothing and had no weight on his heart.
But you? You... were everything he didn't know he needed. Asmo knew he was beautiful and alluring, but you knew there was more to him than that. And you sought to bring those parts of him out into the light! He could only dream of showing his true self to you and you alone.
Asmodeus felt so secure with you, like the mask he'd been wearing for millennia could finally come off. With you, he could just be himself, and he could never tell you just how much that really meant to him. But now his heart aches with a pain he's never felt before, and it hurts so much that he can't help but cry.
His devilgram followers have been seeing him a LOT more lately. So has all of the devildom, really. He's never home anymore, choosing to fill the void with temporary lovers instead. It isn't enough though, and it only makes the pain worse. But in the end, what more can he do? He doesn't understand what love is without you.
Beel loved you. More than he could understand. More than he could've known.
When the feeling first blossomed within him, he thought it was hunger. Instead, it was a burning desire for you and only you, twisting in his core and setting his heart on fire.
Beel didn't understand it, but he knew that when you were with him, he could breathe a little easier. He could forget about the gnawing hunter that clouded his thoughts. For once, he actually felt free of his sin.
And then, you told him about your significant ofter, and he’d never felt so hungry in his life. The pain was so strong he thought he might collapse from weakness right then and there. It hurt... he hated it...
To everyone's shock, Beel has begun losing his appetite more frequently, most often after catching a glimpse of you. That familiar pain would sprout within him again and make him grimace, and he could no longer find the desire to eat. Maybe he'd just take his meals to his room from now on..?
Right... of course. A human like you would be partnered with a human. It was natural that you'd have relationships before your life in the devildom. Anyone would've known that. So... why the hell did it sting so much?
Belphie couldn't sleep. Every moment he closed his eyes, visions of your sweet smile, your wonderful laugh, the way your nose wrinkled when you ate something gross... all of it haunted him. He couldn't get you out of his head no matter what he tried.
And it was so much worse now that he knew you were taken. He wondered if this was a punishment for killing you, like the universe's way of judging him for his misdeeds, and the ages of hatred he held in his heart for humans. Why would fate allow him to be happily partnered to one?
Try as he might, this was one worry he couldn't sleep away. He could never get comfortable. He couldn't close his eyes without thinking about you. He didn't want this. He hated this feeling of self loathing and regret. Belphagor wanted you, more than he’d ever wanted anything.
Maybe... he could convince you to love him? Show you that his love was so, SO much more than what anyone else could offer? He’d remind you of all the times you two shared together. You're not scared, right? Good. That's the last thing he’d want, because he loves you.
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cherrypoki · an hour ago
I got my friend to guess obey me characters and he said Diavolo looked like hitler I’m-
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obeyme-ever · an hour ago
💜 She opened her door for him to enter when he was on the other side of it; when he does, she immediately closes it again. Then, she faced him, with lifeless hair, deep eye shadows, thinner frame and dead eyes; she, however, was furious. "Are you happy now that you get to see me like this? Are you finally fucking satisfied?", she says, scowling up at him. She then backed him against the wall, still very angry. "Now, you get my full attention. What do you wish to know? Seeing me in my lowest point isn't common, you know", she says sarcastically with tears forming in her eyes, "I just wanted to be alone... Why can't you fucking understand it, Belphegor?!", the tears start rolling down her cheeks, "It's not your fault... It could never be your fault... It was... Mine...". - 👻
Aa he was backed up into the wall he stared up at her his heart aching watching her so upset. He knew this was coming knew she’d probably hate him after this but if it was to help her he would do anything. Absentmindedly he leaned forward hugging her he didn’t know if she’d accept his hug but he did it anyways his emotions overcoming him as he pleaded with her, “I’m not happy I don’t care how I see you because I care about you. You think I wanted to let you suffer alone you think I want to watch you fall apart more and more where I could end up loosing scratch that my brothers could lose you..?” He gulped, “You can hate me all you want but I refuse to watch the person I care for lose their own’re one of the only things I have.” His eyes grew glossy as he spoke, “Just let me in...let me help you can’t live like this I would do anything for you can’t you see that? I‘m not giving up on you.”
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sweetstarling · an hour ago
Mammon x Reader - Why’d you only call me when you’re high?
Tumblr media
Hello, lovelies, please enjoy some Mammon content!
Warning: Slight Angst/NSFW
~𝕯𝖔𝖜𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕽𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝕳𝖔𝖑𝖊 𝖂𝖊 𝕲𝖔~
Buzzes went off into the distant, the vibration of the DDD alarming you of multiple missed calls. The name tag clearly evident of the second born, The numbers 3:00 displayed on the screen, sighing you tilted the phone into a comfortable position in your hands to open messages.
Message after message appeared, the same words repeating themselves “Come Over”, you shuffled slightly; Fingers tracing over the keys to quickly reply, “You said you need to get up in the morning, have an early night.” Silence from his side waiting for you to continue your demise “Yet, You’re calling me late at night”, no more words left you but you sat up knowing full well there was no point going back to bed.
Footsteps trailed outside your door, back and forth before throwing the door open, a tall lean figure standing in its place where the the noise footsteps once came from. A huff heard before he decided to lean against the door frame, almost as bare as his shadow, shorts hastily put on and the rest left forgotten back where he was supposed to belong so late at night.
Eyes glowed cold as the ocean with envy, memories of you spending time with the others flooding into his brain, causing a sigh to be released. “You’re starting to bore me, baby” shaking his head with a light tone before heading towards you, his motions swift and almost silent.
A thick aroma coming from his breath as he leaned in towards you, his head slightly above yours leaning to look at you. “Baby, why’d you only call me when you’re high?” You replied, questioning his presence, hands gliding over his chest and encouraging Mammon to do the same, his stature changing as he started undressing you.
Clothes soon left forgotten while bite marks took the honours of dressing you into perfection.
..............𝕬𝖗𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖙𝖗𝖞𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖔 𝕽𝖊𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖊 𝕸𝖊?...............
The break of the morning sun came much sooner then expected, breakfast left forgotten as you accompanied the demon in bed. Knocks echoed causing a slight shift from you, to no avail the person behind the door slammed in, before a screech was heard belonging to the third born. “MAMMON’S HERE” was all that echoed alarming both Mammon to wake hastily up and the rest of the brothers who ran towards the room.
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obeyme-ever · an hour ago
{🧙‍♂️} "probably a bad day or headspace. Maybe you just needed a break, or wasn't comfortable. There's loads of reasons why." She ran a hand through his hair. "But it's okay, because you're safe. I've got you," she promised. - 🍄
He leaned into her hand and closed his eyes trying to calm down, “Are you okay...?“ He questioned a whimper leaving his lips. He looked exhausted and awfully pale but yet he was concerned about her.
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kitaminx · 2 hours ago
Me: Hmmmm I didn't really like the Paws and Claws event
Also Me:
Tumblr media
Still thinking about Solomon, might shade this later
Might yeet this into the growing pile of Obey Me! WIPs that's threatening to avalanche over my schedule at any moment 😂
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letmebeyourruri-chan · 2 hours ago
You're Posting again :D
Ahaha yeah! 😀 *proceeds to fade back into the void*
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letmebeyourruri-chan · 2 hours ago
Dominant Mammon. 🥴🥴🥴 That's it, that's the request 😌😜
Tumblr media
Lord forgive me for what my hands are about to write 🧎🏼‍♀️
Okay so not to be dramatic,but i LIVE AND BREATHE dom Mammon🤸🏼‍♀️ every time he calls mc his ‘good human’ my body takes a screenshot
NSFW; minors dni
Tumblr media
“awhh come on puppy,is that the best you can do?” Mammon cooed,the hand around your throat pulling you back against his chest as his fingers continued their rough pace inside you.
How many times have you cum now? Six maybe seven times? You couldn’t even keep count anymore. But he was relentless,continuously dragging the pads of his fingers over the little spongey spot inside you,urging you to make a mess.
“I thought ya said you were a good girl for me huh?” You babbled incoherently, shaking your head as you felt your legs start to shake,another orgasm fast approaching.
Mammon scoffed,moving the hand that was around your throat up to your face,tracing two fingers over your swollen lips before sticking them in your mouth. “Well if you aint gonna answer me i might as well make use of that mouth huh? Suck”
You didn’t hesitate to do as you were told,greedily sucking on his fingers. You heard him chuckle darkly behind you,his movements picking up speed as you clenched around him.
“Fuck,you’re grippin me so tightly puppy. Ya gonna cum again? Huh?” You let out a chocked sob,drooling around his fingers as you nodded.
Mammon leaned over you again,the fingers in your mouth just barely reaching the edge of your throat. “Do it then. Make a pretty little mess for me and maybe I’ll consider callin’ ya my good little girl again”
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obeyme-ever · 2 hours ago
{🧙‍♂️} she laid next to him, wrapping him in a blanket and cuddling him as to not trigger him by skin to skin contact. "It's okay, baby. You don't have to apologise for anything." She promised, rubbing his back gently. "Take a deep breath, honey." - 🍄
He held onto the blanket trembling ever so slightly. He took a deep breath his lip quivering as he held in tears and after a moment he finally moved a little closer to her, “I-I don’t know what happened...”
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obeyme-ever · 2 hours ago
💜 Her eyes widen in disbelief as she hears him stepping away from the door after those words of his, a panic rising in her chest. "Stop! I command you to stop!", she says, using his pact for the first time, but she wasn't really thinking or intending to, "I, as your master by this pact we've made, command you to stop going where you are going!". Knowing the strength of the pact, she could tell he was already obeying her, even from a good distance in the house. "Now, you will come back to the room whose door you were in front of. And, when you do, we can talk... Please", her voice broke in the last word, as well as herself along with it. - 👻
Belphie stops immediately at the use of their pact turning his head to stare at her. He was already halfway out the front door when she used it and his face softened finally have cracked her. He felt bad for how her voice cracked and how he felt her whole self fall apart but he had to do something. He ran back into the house to her door and frowned to her, “Let’s talk then...” His words were soft and genuine and as he got to see her up close for the first time in weeks his face contorted as if to stop himself from falling apart with her. She looked so broken compared to the girl he knew and it killed him inside that she’s suffered alone for so long.
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