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#obey me Levi
dimension-after-dark · 23 minutes ago
Leviathan's Fears
Tw: graphic hanahaki, major character death, and some cursing.
Leviathan sat at his desk like he did almost everyday, he was playing a game as he often did. This one was a single player game but that didnt change the odd pains in his chest, he didn't think much of it. He likely just needed to go for a long swim again, he was pretty bad about not letting his gills dry out sometimes.
The issue was of course not his gills at all but he didnt know that yet, he just continued to play his game until after his many coughs caused a single red petal to fall from his lips.
"Of course I get hanahaki, no one would love me like that." He knew his feelings for the exchange student ran deeper than friendship but he was hoping they loved him as well, this petal an amaryllis it turns out was a symbol of how they didnt love him like he does at all.
For the next several days Leviathan refuses to leave his room, he doesnt let the exchange student in and his brothers aren't particularly worried yet. The exchange student was very worried however and the worries about him didnt help his new condition. He was coughing full flowers by the third day and they were coated in blood.
Someone knocked on his door, he knew that soon someone was going to force him out of the safety of his room. He was just hoping for a few more days, "What's the password?"
"The fifth lord who..." Its Solomon, today we had planned to rewatch TSL again. I had almost forgot with this normie problem of mine, maybe Solomon can help with it? He is the most powerful sorcerer and he has done a lot.
I finish the phrase and let Solomon in, before I can close the door Asmo follows him in. "Don't mind me Levi, I wanted to watch it too. The actors and costumes are just so beautiful."
"Fine just dont do anything weird during the movies."
"Levi are you ok? You sound a bit sick, are you sick?" Asmo is backing away from me and looks worried but well he cant be sick, such a normie.
"Its nothing contagious Asmo." It isn't a lie, hanahaki is not contagious. Asmo calms from the answer and starts a short lecture about self care I tune out, I set up the movies and the two of them find a place to sit in my room.
The hang out is going fine until Henry walks onto the screen, the character that reminds him so much of the one he wants to love. He starts to cough and as he tries to keep the flowers in his mouth to not be discovered Solomon and Asmo watch him cough in horror.
"Levi!" Their panicked yells cause him to open his mouth and as he tries to get his throat to make the words to assure his brother he will be fine, the petals he had been holding in his mouth fell out.
"I see so Leviathan has a case of at very least perceived unrequited love, so who is it so we can ask how they feel?" Solomon looks a lot less worried than Asmo but hes also a shady sorcerer.
"No, its pointless anyways. They would never love me like that because I am just a yucky otaku." Asmos face sours at his words.
"You say that like you already tried to confess, can't you at least try to see if they feel the same?" Asmo has a pleading look in his eyes, it begins to wear down Levis resolve until he continues talking. "And if they dont I can make them, we cant lose another member of our family."
"No you can't Asmo, it wouldn't be real." Ironic isnt it? The one time he cares about having something being real its killing him.
"I think I know who it is, its the exchange student isn't it? You call them your Henry and it was when Henry entered the screen you started coughing." Solomon is right but I can't tell anyone.
"If you won't tell them then why don't you get the surgery? Since I can't charm them and won't charm them."
"The surgery doesn't work on my unique physiology, my gills make it hard to do it." Its the sad truth, because Leviathan is an odd one and his biology was so different he could not be treated the same way at times.
"Then why not drown the flowers?"
"These flowers are able to live in water, Amaryllis can stay alive even if I try to drown them."
"Then you have to tell them or you'll die, I can't lose you too Levi."
"Asmo why would they choose me over anyone else? I'm not charming like you or smart like Satan. I'm not strong like Beel and I'm not even cool like Mammon. I can't even relate to them with human things like Solomon and Diavolo is a prince, who wouldn't want to date a prince?" The feelings of inadequacy are very strong in Leviathan and this isn't a game he can reset to get a different ending.
"You still don't know how they feel but you have made your decision without even seeing if they could grow to love you. I can slow the spread of the flowers but you would need to either fall in love with someone else who does love you already or get them to love you." An option most would consider wise to take, but it has a lot of side effects and Solomon wont do it for free.
"If he takes your offer what do you want from him?"
"A pact, it seems fair doesn't it Asmo? In exchange for a chance at life I get access to his power. Mind you I can only maintain the spell for a max of a month, possibly less if the feelings are that strong."
"I don't think its going to be worth it, why would anyone love me?" Without having even seen them in days the perceived rejection makes his throat raw with flowers again.
He coughs and coughs the flowers having stems already and some poking out of his normally able to blend in gill slits. As his brother and friend watch in loud horror red amaryllis bloom from him and yet he isnt dead yet. He seems to be injured but not to an extreme, his skin has the outline of more flowers and if he was able to get the surgery it would be now that most people would have forced him. Also most humans would have already died from the first flower that grow out of his skin.
"Levi?" Asmodeus and Solomon look not only very worried but also as though he should be dead, he feels worse but not like hes going to die yet.
"I-" His throat is too full of flowers and raw to talk, the worried stares don't stop and the door opens to reveal Lucifer who looks angry until he sees his younger brother with flowers growing from him.
"Levi why did you not tell me?" Lucifer feels hurt because that's his brother and hes dying, though he would not have told his brothers if he had hanahaki so hes a hypocrite. That is not the point though.
"We know who it is, we can confess for him and then he can be ok." Asmo is ready to run off and tell the exchange student for Levi right now, knowing how advanced hanahaki looks and seeing it happen to your brother are two very, very different things.
"No, you know it has to be him. Can he even speak anymore?" Levi shakes his head, Lucifer frowns not from anger but from the fact that his brother will be dead soon.
"Then who is it he loves Asmo? Who do we need to try and convince to try to love him?" He wants his little brother to be ok and thats a good thing, we stan the good big brother Lucifer.
"It's the exchange student, he loves them and he thinks they won't love him." This is when Lucifers face has an oh shit moment, because he just asked them out. They hadn't said yes or no yet but he had asked them out and now he finds out his brother not only loves them but is dying because he loves them.
"What is with that face Lucifer? Don't tell me you like the exchange student too." Solomon remarks and that sets off a chain of events that takes us from seven brothers to six.
Leviathan sees the exchange student in a relationship with his oldest brother, reliable Lucifer, strong and smart Lucifer. Lucifer the Morningstar. A rejection without a word having been spoken, and the flowers consume the rest of Levis body. All that remains in the end is his buttons, the smiley, the frowny, and the neutral in a pile of bloody and red amaryllis.
Having heard the numerous screams of pain or concern the exchange student pushed past Lucifer to see the pile that used to be Leviathan. "Where is Levi? I got him a new Ruri-chan figurine, I was going to see if he wanted to hang out with me. I like him not you, Im sorry Lucifer."
"Hes dead, he loved you but he thought you didnt love him." The tears begun to flow from Asmodeus' eyes as he said that, he just lost another sibling to love after all.
"Asmo don't make jokes like that, I just came here to tell him. Why would he be dead? I thought that you were all something close to immortal, he cant be gone." They fall to their knees clutching the figurine which was a special Valentines day one, as they sob a flower takes hold in their lungs. The black roses of grief take hold of the exchange student.
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thatgamefromthatad · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I respectfully waited until after his birthday week to make this meme
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marymaryroo · 2 hours ago
I am awfully late for this, but I had some bad weeks recently and didn't draw at all, so I finished that piece only today. You might going to need to adjust the brightness of screen.
Tumblr media
Took reference from the illustration of Irakli Nadar's digital work
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moemammon · 3 hours ago
Me, kicking down the door at this bitch of an hour: "Twenty bucks that the palms of their hands, including the finger tips, and the feet have CAT BEANS. That can be squished.". -May as well go all out with the animal traits fuck the system-
His clawed hands are cold to the though, like ice. It makes you wonder if that's why he's always wearing those gloves.
He has slender fingers, but they almost look bizarre when he's in his demon form. Mostly because his hands are pitch black.
The inky color spreads down to his elbows, and the texture of his skin is so smooth, it's almost bizarre.
5/10 if hold his hands to keep em warm in these trying times
Warm hands warm hands
The backs of his hands are covered with little fluffy black feathers, almost up to his shoulders (crow boyyy)
Also has claws/talons. They're not especially wicked, but you don't want to be on the receiving end regardless.
They seem mostly human other than the feathers and claws? And that's fine, because it means he can touch you without worrying too much.
10/10 would hold hands because I love him
His fingers are webbed because he's a little sea creechur
The back of his hands have taken on a somewhat scale-y texture, with a soft lilac to blue gradient going on.
A little bit slimy ngl. He's got claws on those bad boys too
4/10 I don't wanna hold hands, but I just might because he's cute,,,
Those things are registered weapons and can definitely do some damage.
I kinda feel like the texture of his hands matches his tail, in that the backs of his hands are all rough and ribbed, while the inner palm of his hands is covered in smoother plates.
5/10 I'll give his hands a lil hold. Maybe a lil smooch too
Long, slender fingers. His hands are tinted a light maroon shade up to the elbows. They seem pretty human aside from the obvious.
Retractable claws for your pleasure babyyyy
And his hands are so soft and warm?? If anyone has cat beans, it's Asmo. Though they're more subtle, and hardly noticeable unless you're paying attention.
10/10 would hold his hand so fast. Can you imagine him cupping your cheeks???
Big strong hands for a big strong man, and sturdy claws ideal for shredding food
The texture of his skin is hard and smooth, like chitin of some kind. And there are ridges on the sides of his forearms like a buggggg
Kinda off putting if you don't like bugs, but otherwise?? Not that bad. His hands are warm, too.
6/10 I'd hold his hand, only because I can't say no to this huge baby
The backs of his hands have like?? Hair?? Or fur on them?? It's pretty soft and kinda cute.
His claws are present, but they're more on the blunt side. And his hands are soft in general despite being used to strangle you oop
8/10 would hold hands, but beware because he's clingy and will NOT let go until he's satisfied.
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jessicaisautistic1502 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m sorry, but Barbatos looks like a grandma apologising for an overly aggressive, very loud dog that would run up to you at the door, like:
“Oh sorry, hunny, he’s just a bit snappy is all!”
Like, am I the only one?
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the-mourning-stars · 6 hours ago
Hamilton- MC
Eliza- Mammon
Angelica- Lucifer
Peggy- Belphie
Maria- Asmo
Washington- Diavolo
Burr- Solomon
Jefferson- Satan
Madison- Levi
Philip- Luke
Lafayette- Simeon
Hercules- Beelzebub
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aiyakashi · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Once you have seen the ocean, there's no other body of water that can compare”
— Yuan Zhen || 元稹
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moemammon · 9 hours ago
Ksjsksk what if Levi sheds like a snake
You just walk in his room one day and he’s just sheading
Levi's been avoiding you all day, and you didn't know why. He won't even make eye contact, let alone touch you.
Actually, he's acting like letting you touch him will mean instant death. He snatches himself away at the slightest indication that your skin might come into contact with his.
You may or may not take offense to that funny new behavior of his. When you question him about it, he just says "I-It's nothing! You wouldn't understand! So... so anyway, make sure you stay away from me for a few days! Don't come into my room!"
As if you, the infamous MC who sticks their nose into everything, will actually listen to that.
So naturally you break into his room when he least expects it, and you're met with a VERY surprised and VERY shirtless demon. The moment your eyes lock, Levi's instantly bright red from head to toe.
You look him over and see he's in his demon form, and... his skin is peeling? Or rather, his scales? Both?
Then you watch as the iridescent snakeskin flakes off and falls to the ground around him.... for a split second before Levi is doing everything he can to hide himself from you, grabbing the nearest thing to cover himself with.
"Wh-wh-what are you doing here?! I TOLD you not to come in here, didn't I?! Gah, you saw me! Y-you saw..." Levi groans out in despair from behind his Ruri-chan dakimakura.
Honestly he's gonna pretty damn inconsolable for a while, until you reassure him that you don't think he's a "Slimy, scaley, peely, disgusting monster that should just bury himself in a hole", per Levi's own words.
He may have calmed down, but don't think that means you can touch him! It's way too embarrassing to have you around, so go away. It'll be at least another century before you're allowed to ever view him actively shedding. MAYBE he'll let you help him get some lotion on, since it helps the shedding process.
A BIG maybe on that. He's still mad that you didn't listen to him, so now he expects you to sit through his dark souls play through to its entirety, as an apology.
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breadb · 11 hours ago
My first impression of the Obey me! brothers + Diavolo
Only character I could actually remember
Ugly and handsome at the same time
Sir, that voice I- 😳
Nice hair ig
Didn't rlly like him ig...
Pfft he's scared of his own brother
Avatar of greed??
Didn't know he existed
Couldn't remember his face
I only knew that he was blonde and that he was named Satan
Wrath? Irresponsible?
Nice nails
Why does he think he's so special?
Couldn't remember his face and name
He was like a ghost to me
Didn't know he existed 2.0
Wow he's hot
Best looking
I wanna date him and become a ✨princess✨
He's one of the brothers, right? .....RIGHT?
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simpingforobeyme · 11 hours ago
If the Twisted Wonderland MC's name is Yuu (a pun for 'you'), then would the MC for Obey Me be called 'Ewe'?
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moemammon · 12 hours ago
I love your writing so much!! Could you please write about how the brothers would feel about seeing you baking with Luke? Lukes like an adorable little brother and I’d love to see how the brothers would feel about finding out you’re good with kids. Thank you so much :)
The Demon Bros React to GN!MC Being Good with Chihuahuas Luke!
If you wanted a pet dog, all you had to do was ask?? Cerberus exists????
Jokes aside, he never doubted the two of you would get along. Humans are more comparable with benevolent beings, and Luke was practically a lapdog.
He was a little annoyed that the yappy angel was always clinging to your hip and following you around, but he got used to it pretty quickly.
Especially seeing how happy you are when the two of you are baking together. You get along so well, you'd assume you were old friends. Or maybe a parent and their adopted kid?
Either way, he's happy to see you're enjoying yourself so much. You handle Luke and his outbursts, and keep him quiet and occupied. He's content.
Why are you letting Luke follow you around like that? There can only be ONE MC fan and it's MAMMON.
He's pissy about it at first and keeps doing everything he can to drag you away from the screeching angel. Why would you wanna hang out with a little kid all the time?? Lame.
Though he starts realizing that you genuinely enjoy Luke's company when the two of you are seen baking together, and sees that look on your face.
You're so patient and gentle with Luke, despite the angel being centuries older than you, and it's almost like you're an older sibling guiding your annoying little brother.
Now he's wondering if you're just a Good Samaritan, or really good with brats. Either way, he's starting to wish HE were in Luke's shoes. Pat his head too, damn it...
As long as you guys don't get too noisy, he doesn't mind your hangouts. Though that's rare since you're either laughing loudly, or Luke is screeching because he's being pestered by the others.
So obviously Levi pops his head out to go see why you're being so LOUD. And that's when he sees that happy face you're making. Were you always like that with Luke?
And why Luke?? Wasn't it annoying to have that tiny angel acting like your bodyguard? He guessed not, since you happy accepted any plans he offered up.
Levi admits he's a little jealous of how well you guys get along though. Maybe you preferred the company of angels after all? Or just... people who were shorter than you?
There's no way he'll ask to join, but later he'll pull you into the kitchen when it's just you and him, and suggests making some cookies together. You can shape them like your favorite anime characters! Now stop talking about Luke please-
He realizes pretty quickly that you like children, with the way your expression softens when Luke runs up and greets you, and talks about your day.
He likes harassing the angel, so the fact that you two hang out often means that he has plenty of chances to try out new pranks! Of course he never goes overboard, considering you're quick to defend your chihuahua.
He enjoys the soothing tone your voice adopts when you're talking to Luke, and the way you're always able to get him to settle down. Though you two have playful moments when Satan is sure you're annoying the hell out of Luke.
Despite that, you two are able to get along no matter the hurdles, and he admires your patience. He's pretty sure he couldn't spend more than three afternoons in a row with Luke. You couldn't even pay him to.
He'll outright ask you if you like children, referencing the way you act around Luke. He's sure it must be refreshing for you to be able to have him around.
He doesn't mind Luke being around so often since he thinks he's cute, and it's funny to harass him. And he notices how you get when you two hang out!
He loves to interrupt your baking sessions so he can snap some surprise photos, or sample the batter without anyone's permission.
And he realizes pretty quickly that you must like kids. Though he's still gonna make sure he has majority of your attention regardless!
Regularly posts your baking escapades to devilgram so he can be involved in some way. Though he's unavailable if you guys ask him to sample anything. He's on a diet, remember?
Okay... maybe one bite. But only if you feed it to him! And he knows Luke is gonna kick him out of the kitchen immediately after, so make it quick, okay? ❤️
Beel's pretty happy you and Luke are so compatible! Especially since your hangouts usually lead to baking. And you two tend to get carried away and bake too much, and that means he gets to feast.
He usually slinks around the kitchen when you're hanging out anyway, so he catches onto the way you behave when you're with Luke.
Gently reprimanding him when he disses the demons, trying not to tease him TOO much, laughing with him when you both get flour all over yourselves...
Were you just naturally good with children? Or small people?? Now he REALLY thinks you're some kind of angel.
He likes seeing you smile so much. So even though it's annoying when Luke yells or hogs all your attention, he can tolerate it if it means you're happy and making cakes for him to eat
He's not a huge fan of Luke's presence, mostly because the angel is annoying. He's always yelling, always insulting him and his brothers, always trying to convince MC to move into their dorm...
But he's too tired to really do much about it, other than making obligatory "chihuahua and his owner" jokes. It's funny seeing how red Luke's face can get.
In quieter moments when you and Luke are baking together, Belphie likes to watch from a distance. He pays close attention to how you behave, and has come to a conclusion.
You like kids. You HAD to, because why else would you want Luke hanging off of you all the time?
Might consider teasing you, and asking you to treat him like that, too. He just wants to be babied a little. Actually, he wants you to do everything for him. That's fine, yeah?
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the-mourning-stars · 14 hours ago
Fandom: Obey Me!: Shall We Date?
Genre: ANGST
Ship: Asmo x MC & Solomon x MC
Warnings: suicide, self harm, depression, cheating/abusive relationship, manipulation, swearing
No one has any right to repost/sell my work
Not beta read, we die like Lilith
"MC..." Asmodeus reached out for them, fear and tears in his eyes. "Don't leave me, yet.." he whispered quietly, looking away sadly. They laughed and shook their head. "You'll be fine, Asmo, stop being such a baby," they scoffed, pulling on their shirt as they left Asmo in a mess of sheets and clothes.
"Has anybody seen Asmodeus?" Lucifer asked a breakfast, looking at his brothers, minus the avatar of lust. "No, why? He's probably with some witch or poor demon he caught," Satan replied, eating his breakfast. "Actually.. I haven't seen him in a while," Levi said though his eyes were still trained on his D.D.D. "That's because you're almost always in your room." The conversation trailed off after Lucifer spoke.
"MC.. aren't you with Asmodeus..?" Solomon spoke, trying to push them away, swallowing nervously as a light pink covered his cheeks from where they'd cornered him. "Things aren't exactly... going right. He's always out with witches and I'm left alone," they said, looking away as if sad. Solomon smiled slightly. "Alright. I'll take you for dinner. Just once though."
"Asmo didn't turn up for classes," Beel said as the brothers walked back to The House of Lamentation. "Not even to speak to Solomon." Mammon frowned slightly at that. It really wasn't like his brither to miss classes. He bit his lip. "Has-" he was cut off by Solomon who ran over. "Where's Asmo?! The pact-"
MC rolled their eyes at the crying Asmodeus. "Seriously, how can anyone fucking love you if all you do is cry and want attention. How can I ever be okay if all I have to do is chase after you all the time-?!" They slapped him across the face, the fifth born simply allowing it to happen. "You're just a pathetic excuse for a demon." The argument had fizzled out but there was still the anger and venom in their words until the phone rang. "Solomon? Hi, pretty boy. How are you?" They spoke as they walked out.
"What about the pact?" Belpegor asked, rubbing his eyes, seeing th state the sorcerer was in. The white haired male was visibly panicking as he took deep breaths to try and calm down. "I-I felt a pact break and I called Asmo! But he didn't come!" He explained as the brothers exchanged looks with each other before they took off running. A couple of shouts of 'Lucifer' and 'Diavolo' as they passed the demon lord's castle was enough to get the prince and eldest to follow.
Asmodeus took a deep breath as he placed the envelopes on his dresser. "I'm sorry.." he whispered quietly, his fingers running across the several jagged scars along his arms as more and more blood left his body. He felt himself get dizzy and coughed, laying on the bed and dragging the knife across his throat. He jerked, the pain hurting more than he expected but his eyes were getting heavy and body limp.
Diavolo opened Asmodeus' door, Barbatos by his side as the brothers and Solomon crowded outside the door with worry and tears in their eyes. Barbatos stumbled back, a hand on his mouth anf he turnt away from the graphic scene, all compusture leaving him as he cried. Lucifer gently pushed the butler to the side and cautiously stood next to Diavolo, who was in complete shock. "Lucifer.."
"Don't.." the first born whispered, tears trailing down his cheeks as he numbly walked in, bending down by his little brother's bed. "Asmo.." he sobbed suddenly, covering his mouth. Barbatos had been trying to keep the other away but they pushed past him, each one entering the room, immediately wishing they hadn't. Mammon felt the bile rise in his throat, just feeling sick at the sight of his brother so pale, so weak, so... ugly.
Levi was shaking, having to leave the room. He didn't make it far, breaking down in sobs outside his room. Satan felt empty. Anger and hatred built up inside him. "Who did this to you, Asmo.." he whispered, walking over to hold his brother's hand, recoiling slightly at how cold he was. Belphegor was already sobbing, on his knees next to the bed as Diavolo looked around helplessly. He didn't know what to do. Solomon had his hand over his mouth, shaking and cries leaving him.
"Guys.." Beelzebub whispered, voice thick with tears as he pointed to Asmo's mirror. Messily scrawled on there with red lipstick was: 'Am I pretty yet?'
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So Simeon fell in love with Mc (Like every other obey me boy beside Luke) Yay! So how would all the boys react to Micheal storming down to Devildom during a meeting with the brothers and dateables, and pinning Mc to the wall by their collar and reprimanding them for being the cause of Simeon falling from grace cause he's in love with Mc. Mc is just like "?!?!?!?" But how'd everyone else react to that? Thank you!!!
(I'm not totally sure how to write Michael but I'll try! I don't know if you meant Simeon was already in a relationship with MC or just fell in love but never said anything but still managed to fall but I ended up going with the latter. This got long and is probably ooc but I tried)
Genre: Angst
Warnings: MAJOR SPOILERS! Slight violence
Brothers And Side Characters Reacting To Michael Getting Aggressive At MC For "Corrupting" Simeon
Diavolo had called everyone to discuss how the exchange program was going for them and discuss any possible ideas for it. Simeon was nowhere to be seen though. Solomon and even Luke didn't know where he was or the reason for his absence. When the door opened instead of the angel they were expecting to see Michael barged in. His eyes locked onto you and he headed straight to where you were seated. You were lifted up by your collar and slammed into the nearest wall, "You. Are you aware of what you've done?" you're lowered slightly when you shake your head, "Archangle Simeon. Fallen from grace because of you."
"Michael, this is certainly unexpected. What exactly is this about?" Diavolo steps in with his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"This human, Simeon fell in love with them and has fallen as a result."
Everyone, who were already standing from their seats, went silent.
The last person he thought he'd ever see again. Michael. Pinning one of the exchange students against a wall. And Simeon fell in love with you? The one he deemed was his? Well, no. You weren't his. He never spoke about his feelings to you. So he can't get that upset over it when you weren't really his. All that aside he's going to find Simeon after this. He's probably in a lot of pain...
"Michael, that's enough! They were not aware of this. You don't need to get violent with them. They are not at fault."
He was the first to stand up, but Lucifer had to keep him quiet for the sake of not accidentally invoking Michael further. The hell does he think he's doing!? Barging in here and putting his hands on you, Archangel or not he has some nerve! But Simeon... Fallen? And in love with his human? Yeah, yeah technically not his as nothing is established but he's your first man! Why is everyone chasing after you!?
"Oi! Lucifer has a point! Now can you put them down? There's better ways to handle this than putting your hands on them!"
Ohhh boy he did not sign up to deal with this today. Michael's pissed, Simeon's fallen both for you and from grace, and there goes his envy. His competition is his brothers AND now SIMEON? Even if he's no longer and angel he's probably still a better choice than an otaku shut in. He can't handle this. He growls at Michael.
"Get your hands off them..."
Well this is a mess. And he's also pissed. So what if Simeon's interested in you too? He doesn't like it but if he confesses and you accept then neither his brothers or Simeon can do anything about it. And if not then he won't force you regardless of his emotions. He's in his demon form, all his brothers are, but he tries to speak rationally.
"My brothers are right, they don't have any control over Simeon's feelings and getting violent will only make things worse. Let. Them. Go."
Oh dear... Simeon. Falling isn't pleasant. It's very, very painful. If he's found later he has some things from ages ago to help with the pain he can use. But Simeon being in love with you isn't a thing he would'e expected. But you are wonderful, aren't you? And he's not opposed to poly relationships if it goes that way. And if not then ah well. He can sit with his unrequited feelings in silence...
"Hey! You're going to leave a mark on their precious skin! Lay off already!"
He has to defend you. He has to. But violence is what made this situation this bad. But if he's given the word he won't hesitate. The idea of you with Simeon and not him does upset him but he values your happiness more than he wants to be a couple with you. And his concern for Simeon is greater than his jealousy.
"Put them down... MC, are you alright?"
He hates how close Michael's hands are to your throat. Regret washing through him. He can't focus on that right now but... Simeon. Demon or not you'd probably go with him or his brothers. He does feel a bit of sympathy. His fall was a painful one. Simeon's probably experiencing something similar.
"They didn't know... Now get your hands off them."
This is a disaster... If Simeon's no longer an angel what happens to the exchange program? He'll have to sort that out but right now he has to get Michael to put you down. In the back of his mind though he wonders... You are a very interesting person. He enjoys your company and wishes to indulge in it more... Indulge in you more. While it stings he already accepted that selfishness won't be granted to him.
"Everyone is right, Michael. Let them go. We can handle this in a better manner, all I'm asking is that this doesn't get more violent than it already is."
He didn't see this coming... How? He knew Simeon would become interested in you and he tried to prevent anything from happening. So why is he witnessing this? It doesn't make sense. Did he make a mistake? You... He does have a sort of desire to know you better. Simeon likely did too. But neither of them can. That's why this is happening.
"I advise you set them down. It'd be a shame if this were to escalate any further."
So his roommate and friend has lost his place in the Celestial Realm. Angels can be quite strict huh? Banished for loving a human. He's not sure he can totally understand it but angels run things differently than humans do. You do intrigue him. He may not fully understand what he feels for you, well he does but he's not fully sure what to do about with it, but he thinks this situation makes you more interesting. All that aside he isn't happy with the way Michael has decided to handle this. He'll find Simeon. Demon or not he has a bond with him.
"Is this really necessary? Surely you can discuss this without getting aggressive."
Michael... Why is he hurting you? Is that how angels are supposed to handle things? That's not what he was told. But what's going to happen to Simeon? He lost his rank and is probably a demon now but he doesn't want to hate him! He doesn't want to hate you either! Demons are vile beings but Simeon is still better than that, right!? And you had no knowledge of this! He doesn't want to resent you! He won't!
"Archangel... Michael! This-This isn't how angels are supposed to deal with things!"
This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. His wings... They're gone. He can feel new ones growing in. And what he thinks are horns trying to sprout are giving him a headache. All he can feel is worry as he holds one of his now black feathers in between his fingers. What's going to happen to you? To luke? The exchange program? To him? The Celestial Realm probably already knows. He can't do anything though. He feels like he's being seared from the inside. He can't get up with this pain and he can't think of a plan. Lucifer... Maybe he can help in some way. The pain or the situation either way he needs to find someone.
"Please don't hurt them. Please. Don't hurt them or Luke. I beg."
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lettheratsin · 19 hours ago
If y’all want I totally would love to talk headcanons about om! Or even like do hc requests bc I’m bored and I’m writing other things but I’d love to do something a little more informal? Also I’m like craving hurt/comfort myself bc I’m a sad dysphoric little enby and I want to cry on a demon bfs shoulder or like even just hcs on how the boys would cheer up a sad MC
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inhuman-obey-me · 20 hours ago
Demon Brothers Tempting People to Their Sins
Sometimes, as the demon brothers go about their lives, they find themselves presented with perfect opportunities for corrupting humans. So how do they go about tempting people into their sins...?
Every now and then, when Lucifer is dealing with something or other in the human world, he'll take a moment to relax at fancy, high-end lounges
It's perfect for eavesdropping and hearing the concerns of those in some kind of position of power
He'll schmooze and mingle, using his charismatic ways to ease others into discussing things with him, encouraging them to act on their pride
"Well, why shouldn't you go for it? Don't you want to be the best?"
"Imagine the power you could have. Don't tell me you don't want to be at the top?"
He smirks at watching them get fired up, knowing half of them don't actually have the potential to reach the top anyway
Mammon can always be found at a gambling hall
He loves to check out the casinos in the human world when he's there, seeing what jackpot he can hit
But it's also the perfect place to tempt others into their greed, getting them to empty out their pockets in hopes of getting even more
"C'mon, what's the harm in putting some more money down? Imagine all that sweet, sweet cash you could have if ya win!"
"I'm personally gonna buy that awesome new car ... c'mon, don't tell me you can actually pass that up?"
Plus, the more money they put into the pot, the more for Mammon himself to potentially win, so he wants to pressure them out of his own greed too
He never wins either though
One of Levi's greatest day-to-day envies is people who can pay for deluxe skins, fancy limited items, etc. in his games
His envy is always bleeding into his interactions with other players
"It's so unfair that they got the new UR gacha item when I did 70 pulls and only got the SSR!"
"Why do we have to work so hard grinding for the new item when some people can already get it the first day the event comes out!"
Even if he does eventually shell out the money to get the items himself, then he shows off to the other players to make them want it too
This is not a call-out, we're sorry
When Satan sees someone unhappy with something, he likes to goad them into doing something about it
And by do something about it, of course we mean beating the living shit out of them
He riles them up by focusing in on everything that pisses them off
"After what they said to you - are you just going to let them get away with that?!"
"Don't you want to wipe that smirk off their face?"
He's definitely projecting his own feelings about Lucifer 80% of the time
The master of desire, Asmo of course knows when someone at one of the parties he's attending wants something
He'll get people to spill their desires, the things and people they are lusting after
And then he gets them to go for it
The alcohol is flowing, spirits are high, everyone is having a good time - perfect for convincing people not to hold back
"Come on, it's a party! You know you want to get another drink - and while you're at it, get one for that person at the bar you've been eyeing for the past hour"
"Ooh, are you mad? Ahaha, just go on and punch them then! Bar fight, bar fight!"
"I know you've had your eye on me all night. Spill it, what do you want to do with me? We can do anything you want to do."
Sure, they might regret it in the morning, but for now, Asmo's their fun party buddy who just wants them to have a good time...right?
They can have a little murder, as a treat... Is it really a party if no one lands themselves in jail?
When he's in the human world, Beel often likes to dine at highly-rated restaurants
He's generally more concerned with getting all of the delicious food for himself, but ends up wrapping others up into his gluttony as well
Perhaps he'll get into a conversation with that guy who seems to have quite a bit of money over there ...
"Yeah, the food here is pricey but it's good. Imagine having a huge banquet of just all of this food and drink, wouldn't that be amazing? You could have as much of this as you wanted ... "
"This is really good, but [insert competing restaurant's name here] had better ingredients, and they give you bigger portions. Oh, and you should try [insert other competing restaurant] as well, they're really good at this dish too. Hmm, but you should probably order all three together...otherwise it'll be hard to compare them."
Sometimes Belphie randomly falls asleep places, and finds himself waking up to something bad going on
But he's not really interested in whatever's happening
And he doesn't think anyone else really needs to be interested either
You have him to thank for the bystander effect
"Who cares? It's none of my business, and it's not really any of yours either"
"Just leave it alone, there's no reason to risk your own neck stepping in"
Better hope you're not the one getting mugged
Solomon: Agent of Chaos
Though he's not a demon, Solomon is happy to goad people into doing things they shouldn't.
He just thinks it's interesting and funny to see what happens
And he does have pacts with 72 demons after all...
Unlike the demons, if someone is in actual grave danger, he'll probably step in to help, but otherwise he has a great time being a bad influence
"Oh? Hmm...maybe you should just go ahead and try it!"
"It sounds like a bad idea? Well sure, but it'll be fun to see what happens, don't you think?"
See also: lending MC his magic just to see what they'd do with it
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