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#obey me Solomon
Demons/angels having night vision…
There’s no streetlights on because they don’t need them, though they are there in case they, mainly for show, you’re out with Solomon and the brothers and you two start lagging behind because well, you can’t see shit, how the fuck are you supposed to walk around in the dark?
You two are obviously noticed, and Lucifer ask if you two are tired, since humans sleep more than demons, though he notices quickly when your head snaps in his direction that you aren’t able to see him, at least not well.
Lucifer huffs and wraps his wings around the both of you, holding you two and walking the two of you back home.
You notice the next night all the streetlights are on.
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harunayuuka2060 · a day ago
MC: Barbatos gets turned on when ignored.
Diavolo: ...
Lucifer: ...
Solomon: ...
Barbatos: When did you—
MC: *ignores him*
Barbatos: *blushes*
Levi: Wow... I didn't know someone is worse than me.
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 2 days ago
If you have time, can you do a headcanon where the OM characters watch a horror film about demonic possession, such as "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" or "The Exorcist"?
Thank you!
This. This would be beautiful. I already answered a question about horror movies before but now that i played the halloween event some things might change
Click here for those specific requests :)
Tumblr media
When you first propose the idea of a movie night with the whole gang, the reactions were definetely mixed, however why say no to everyone's favorite human? These were the results:
- "this is very unacurrate" "why do humans keep making these without doing proper research?" "It doesnt even make sense"
- he hates these movies for their unaccurasy when it comes to posession and exorcisms
- he hates them even more when they demonize him and/or his brothers, yeah sure they're demons but they arent out here possesing every single blond girl
- this dilf is at one side of the couch with diavolo, satan, solomon and barbatos whispering to eachother the flaws of the movie
- at least you seem to be having fun...
- say goodbye to your left arm, he will squeeze so hard it'll fall.
- dont tell him afterwards however, he'll deny his pussiness
- he'd also be whispering the entire time to youband maybe asmo too, it might be fun to shuush him here and there
- if you dont shush him then someone else will
- is dead terrified with the possesion scenes, the chair turning and hitting the ceilings, the vomit and stitches on the face, you better stick with him the rest of the night
- the only thing that might make him laugh is lucifer's dissapointment in his representation in these movies
- isnt paying attention
- he is too busy playing with his ddd/switch/whatever to pay attention to the movie
- when he does watch the movie however he does find it both scary but also fun
- overall isnt paying attention, if you want him to watch then take his games away
- finds it kind of funny the lucifer pandering in these movies though
- pissed
- everything about this is wrong, the possesion, the exorcism, HIM
- how dare you hollywood for making him the same persona as lucifer!!!
- surprisingly, he is next to lucifer and participating in the conversation with him and the rest, pointing out the flaws and such
- finds mammon and asmo's screaming annoying, it isnt even scary
- once again, he'd laugh at the lucifer slander, but a good portion of movies confuse him with luci so he isnt really having that much of a laugh
- say goodbye to your right arm, its the same thing as Mammon
- complains at the scary scenes too and might even yell at some dramaqueen
- as a turn of events however, he might be calling the priests, demons, everyone! Hotties, oh asmo you lustful demon
- confused by the demon representation but will let it slide as long as it doesnt involve him
- the snacks are gone by the time the movie is, with much luck, within 10 minutes deep (most were made by barb so)
- luckily he also bought extra snacks in case of this situation
- doesnt really mind the movie and the scary scenes alot, he is just vibing
- fell asleep before everyone could get ready to watch the movie
- IF he wakes up to watch the movie then he'll just openly admit its wrong
- will also openly laugh at lucifer's and maybe also satan's reaction to the movies
- just wants to have fun
- yeah he might not like the inacuracy in these kinds of movies but he also finds the sfx's entertaining
- he is trying to point out thw good stuff in these movies while disucssing the errors with the others
- his eyes never leave the screen though, he is genuinly enjoying this
- is more concentrated on doing his job than enjoying the movie
- knowing that, he finds it almost funny the mistakes in the movies when it comes to demons
- while he doesnt give many comments about these mistakes he does agree with most of them
- made sure to prepare enough snacks, just like diavolo told him to do
🤍SIMEON (and a bit of luke)
- almost didnt got to watch them becausw of luke and of luke being a child an everything
- is mostly covering luke's eyes throughout most of the movie and even results into having to tell him he cant be watching then
- he finds the errors funny but he is also stunned by the special effects at certain moments, does point out certain details the critic side of the group is missing
- might jump at certain moments if we're lucky enough who knows
- is enjoying these movies a bit too much
- loves to make fun of the mistakes, another member of the critic side of the room
- will also make fun of others in a decent level for being afraid, come on they're demons why would they be afraid???
- somehow misses the ending of the movies, dont ask for details he just leaves just as the climax is about to arrive so he has no idea what happened and just concludes the possesed individual died
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omkookie · 19 hours ago
Mammon : I made a pact with MC first! Why did ya idiots make a pact with em?!
Levi : I had to
Lucifer : I just did.
Belphegor : *flashback to when he killed MC*
Satan : Because I wanted to. *glares at Lucifer*
Beel : because they're MC
Asmo : Because of their power!!
Mephisto : I got tricked into it.
Michael : I wanted it
Diavolo : I had to do it if I wanted to be closer to them, otherwise I would have had almost no chance to realise my deep feelings for them and confess my love to them, I had to be close to support them through their hardships, I had to be able to protect them if they were ever in danger, therefore they ca—
Barbatos : My lord, that's a whole love confession right now.
Diavolo : I'm practicing... To confess...
Luke (grown) : I just guard MC?
MC : This has nothing to do with why you're all here, Why the heck are you all in my living room?! I understand why Luke is here but what the fuck guys???
Solomon : Weird...
MC :
MC : Where did YOU come from Solomon?!
Raphael : It appears we're all here
The demon king : Pests.
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obey-me-stuffs · a day ago
Headcanon- Obey me Brothers + Undatebles with a Half Demon Mc part 2! GnMc! Requested
Ask: i saw the half demon MC post and loved it! so i was wondering how everyone (if that's okay?) would respond to a half demon MC that's still getting used to their demon form maybe its like a goat (since MC's a sheep in game) so they have horns, a long fluffy tail and maybe their hair gets a little longer, fluffy and soft? but they mainly struggle with instincts like curling their tail around people without knowing, growling and purring, maybe scenting people without knowing? -Anon
You guys like this theme huh? Well I like writing it, so I might do more :). Also put headcanons for wings cuz I like wings.
So not only is the Mc half demon, but they also have little control of their demon half...
His internal headache is getting worse.
Lucifer will try to teach you more about controlling your powers and abilities.
Beware though because his patience will be very thin after you knock over yet Another vase with your tail.
Tries to be considerate, but if you dare growl at him he will not hesitate to punish you.
Wont string you up or anything... but since your half demon he wont be as lenient on the punishments.
...Wonder if they can fly...
Mammon will definitely show you everything that you can do as a demon.
I mean he wont really teach you very well... he’ll kinda just be like “well demons can fly, so fly.”
Your attempts to do things without proper guidance usually leads to something breaking, so Mammon is retired from trying to teach you.
If you seem to really be struggling with something though, he will make a genuine effort to help you with it.
Don’t tell his brothers though!
Ah! You knocked over his figure- Wait not his Limited addition DVD!
Levi loves you, he really does... but he refuses to let you enter his room in demon form.
You have little to no control over your wings and tail, and he doesn’t need you accidentally wrecking his room.
However Levi does have one of the longest and most mobile tails, so he will try to give you some pointers.
His tail tends to wrap around people when he’s very comfortable or anxious, but when he first fell his tail would grasp just about anything.
Actually helps you control your tail and wings a lot more, but still wants you in human form in his room, no offense.
So your only half demon, but you have a fully functioning demon form... interesting...
Satan is the best to go to if you need help with your form.
He specializes in emotional responses, like hissing or growling, but honestly he could help with any other issues as well.
Shows you how to lower your growl or even lower it to avoid catching other demons attention.
...But he’ll also do the opposite.
Satan Will teach you how to Roar.
He’s curious okay! He wants to know what you’ll sound like...
Asmo thins its so cute when you purr subconsciously, or flap your wings when your exited.
His wings can be very emotionally responsive as well, so like Levi, Asmo will help you control your demonic features.
helps file down your horns so that you wont cause as much damage when you ram into stuff.
Keeping your instincts at bay is hard! He gets it!
Asmo will likely work with Satan to help you gain better control of your powers and body.
Beel has the most powerful sense of smell, so when you start scenting excessively he is the first to notice.
At first he tries not to say anything, unless it was intentional, but when it gets too excessive he will approach you on it.
Beel will tell you more about what scenting is, and will make sure to tell you when your scenting something accidentally.
He’s actually pretty helpful, and after a few weeks you rarely ever scent things without thinking.
Still happens to the brothers sometimes though...
Beel wont get angry if you break things, because he himself sometimes struggles with his own strength.
Laughs at you.
If you wanted help then dont go to Belphie.
Even when he does try to help its just some half assed advice he gives you while hes falling asleep.
If your instincts are really acting up he’ll just make you lay with him, not minding when your wings or tail wack into him.
He actually enjoys it when your tail wraps around him, its soft and warm, so he’ll just fall asleep on it.
Doesn’t typically get angry if you break something of his but he’ll pretend he is.
10/10 teacher.
Being the prince of hell means he’s dealt with many demons in similar circumstances to you.
No matter who you choose to guide you, Diavolo will probably play a large part in helping as well.
Very patient with you.
If you break something of his Lucifer is bound to be more upset than Diavolo actually will be.
If you actually want to learn to fly, go to him instead of Mammon.
If you seek Barbatos for help than he absolutely will.
He’s looked in the future to see the best methods to use when teaching you so that you wont get frustrated.
However Barbatos is a busy demon... As much as he’d love to keep teaching you he also has work to do.
When he does have to head back to work he will suggest to seek out Satan or Lucifer for more help.
Often cleans up after you break something in the castle.
Doesn’t tell you about it though since he doesn’t want you to feel guilty.
Well... sucks for you.
Solomon has spent a lot of time around demons, but he cant really advise you much himself.
He is only human after all.
But he is a magical human, so maybe he could cast a few spells to keep the things around you from breaking so often.
He’s most likely to suggest you just stay in your human form while you aren’t training.
Solomon likely seeks out Asmo if your too chaotic.
Even tough he isn't a demon, Simeon will try his best to help guide you.
He’s actually not half bad at it.
Gives you lots of breaks, and will never be angry at you for growling, or knocking things over.
He really doesn’t try to tame your growls or purrs though, because Angels are much more open and verbal with their emotions.
Rewards you with small gifts or sweets when you do well.
H-Half demon!?
Luke is so very conflicted.
Isn’t likely to be of much help, but he will try.
Makes you little bakes goods, but would prefer if you stay in human form around him until your more controlled.
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fickleminder · a day ago
A scenario from another dumb AU that’s more dark!AU than anything, so if that’s not your cup of tea please feel free to scroll past. Features a fighter-MC, lots of OOC characters, and generally dark content:
- So in this AU the well-being of the exchange students isn’t all that important. They are seen more as playthings (especially the magic-less humans who can’t defend themselves) and it’s likely the whole program is just another whim of the demon prince to entertain himself
- MC is summoned and struggles to hold their own in their new environment. Their housemates don’t really care about them except to keep them fed and sheltered, the two angels don’t seem interested in intervening in other people’s affairs, and there’s this shady sorcerer who MC can’t tell is on their side or not despite being a fellow human
- Needless to say MC gets bullied a lot, but they do their best to survive. They keep their head down, bide their time, and tank whatever is thrown at them without retaliation. Levi and Satan can sense something boiling within the little human but they think it’s inconsequential and don’t really dwell on it
- Then one day some demon noble makes a drunken bet with Diavolo and it goes something like this: one of his exchange students will be pitted against the noble’s champion and whoever wins will be granted a wish or something
- Guess which student gets picked
- MC gets ready for the fight with Solomon’s help. The sorcerer is amused by the entire affair and offers to tutor them just to see how long they’ll last, but to his surprise, MC asks him to teach them one spell and one spell only
- Fast forward to the day of the match. The only rule is no avada kedavras because the audience wants a show. MC doesn’t expect to make it out unscathed if they make it out at all, but they refuse to go down without a fight. Their opponent is this hulking demon and the whole setup is very David and Goliath
- The bell rings, MC casts the one spell in their arsenal as their opponent charges at them and takes a swing —
- And MC catches it
- Everyone watches as they fight hand-to-hand. The demon is all size and brute force, but somehow MC is able to match his speed and strength while employing technique. It’s becoming clearer with each second that MC has been trained in combat (martial arts, self-defense, etc.), and that they just turned this one-sided match into a competition of skill
- That one spell they practiced ten thousand times to master? It was an equalizer spell, meant to balance out two parties’ physical attributes for a limited period of time. That feeling Levi and Satan had sensed? It was Envy and Wrath in the form of if I were as strong and fast as the rest of you, you wouldn’t be pushing me around so easily
- Solomon, observing gleefully from the sidelines, holds up a finger. MC sees this and realizes that the effects of the spell will only last for one more minute. They go for the demon’s horns and wings (from close observation of their classmates, they know those parts are especially sensitive and vulnerable) and manage to pin him down
- The demon thrashes unsuccessfully under MC’s hold, but freezes when MC speaks just softly enough for him to hear:
- Yield, please, they beg
- Be it the good fight MC had put up (leveling the uneven playing field was absolutely reasonable in his eyes) or the compassion MC had shown by not outright killing him (by then he can tell MC is absolutely capable of doing so if they were any more vengeful), the demon gains newfound respect for them and submits
- The crowd is silent as Diavolo crowns MC the winner. Their opponent nods at them and leaves with his head held high. As for MC’s prize?
- Pacts with all seven Avatars of Sin, they demand, to ensure their protection for the remainder of the year
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incorrect-obeyme · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Kinktober day 16: co/ck worship with Solomon and Barbatos
You and Solomon kneeled at Barbatos’ feet, both of you kissing up and down his shaft, giving it kitten licks and lightly sucking it. Both of you caressing Barbatos.
You came up, smiling and looking him in the eye. “Barbie, you have such a precious cock, fuck, I love it, it’s so cute, oh! You’re throbbing!” You start laughing, seeing him get excited over a little praise. “I love you Barbie,” You nudge Solomon, making him come up. “Tell him, Solomon.”
Solomon gave a whine but looked up at Barbatos, flustered. “I-I love how you feel inside me, it’s so perfect.” He murmured out, leaning back down to lap at the tip of Barbatos’ cock. “I want to make you feel good…please?” You grinned, looking back at Barbatos.
“Well? Don’t keep him waiting, tell him how much you like it.” You purred out, getting a sob in response as Solomon swallowed down Barbatos’ length.
Barbatos whined, thighs twitching as he restrains from thrusting into Solomon’s mouth. “I-I love it, I-it feels really good.” You give him a quizzical look before speaking again.
“Which of us is better at servicing your cute little cock?”
That got both Solomon’s and Barbatos’ attention. Solomon looking up at Barbatos expectingly. Barbatos covered his face, whining as you both waited for a response.
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t3tal1zi4 · a day ago
hey! not sure if the requests are open, but could you do any headcanons (random) you have of the side characters and/or bros? (sides preferably) thanks:)
some random headcanons of the om characters living in my head rent-free
my first ask,,, *faints* anon, you don't know how happy i am for getting that ask and i thank you for that. it's a bit late because i'm currently reviewing for our test week and i wrote these as soon as ideas popped in my mind. i hope you like these though these are quite short and i could only write for a few characters, sorry about that. ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
- the brothers definitely went to a comic-con in the human world with levi and mc once. after they begged convinced lucifer, he agreed doing cosplays with them. mammon tried to take pictures of him but why is the camera not working?
- on their last day, they went all out and cosplayed as the main characters of tsl, making the crowd stare at them in awe. levi did a great job in making their costumes, he got a lot of praises from his brothers and mc that day. when mc took a photo with all of them, the camera finally worked. lucifer supposes they could keep at least one picture, just this once(nah, it wasn't just this once).
- diavolo was kinda sad he couldn't come and join the fun, but when mc sent him the photo they almost got blinded by his smile.
- mammon actually has a great voice, next to asmo. he sings a lot in the shower(idk if that was true but i read somewhere that this is canon) and you can hear it from outside of his room.
- even when he's attending a student council officers' meetings or while he's gambling, he'll be humming a tune of a song stuck in his head. mc has to be prepared when it's karaoke night though, he's gonna sing a lot and he will give them an extra microphone to sing duets with him.
- he'll scream at the microphone whenever someone gets too close or hogs mc all to themselves. it's a miracle on how his voice was still fine the next day while mc's is a bit hoarse from all the singing.
- asmo is kinda responsible on why his brothers' outfits looks decent from time to time. he gives them fashion advice which they all follow except for one person.
- he definitely scolds satan sometimes whenever he sees his older brother's outfit. he'll scream and cry on how disastrous it is unlike his beauty and decides to give satan a make-over whether he likes it or not.
- satan's outfit actually looks pretty decent for a day thanks to asmo, but the next day he'll be back to his old ways. asmo just sighs and mumbles "why did i even try?" but he will do it again every month.
- he doesn't talk about it, but belphie guards mc's dreams sometimes, especially when they sleep with him in the attic. he watches as some of their memories play/their imagination go wild in their dreams.
- whenever they dream of an embarrassing memory they had a long time ago, he'll tease them whether they remember it or not. if nightmares start to brew in their mind, he uses his ability to make them go away, replacing it with pleasant dreams instead.
- solomon knows how to play a part in musicals. he joined a theatre before, and still remembers the songs he once performed centuries ago. if mc is a theatre performer, he will offer to practice with them if they have an upcoming performance.
- he'll make them potions that can help their voice too. it might look weird but not to worry, those are effective and mc can already notice the difference after drinking the potions.
- simeon can sense if there's something wrong with humans; like if they're sick he can tell what it is. he often checks up on mc and their well-being, to make sure they're okay.
- if ever they're sick, simeon offers to help mc with his healing powers. if it's something like a chronic illness, he'll still try to ease the mc's pain and assist them in any way he can.
- diavolo feels very happy whenever mc visits the castle to spend time with him and barbatos. the butler might not show it, but he's also happy that the human trusts them and is willing to spend time with them.
- the only time they get to socialize with other demons in the castle is when they hold balls for random and special events. if they hold a ball and mc is there too, the two watches them like hawks to make sure they're safe.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
MC: *stern* What's the meaning of this?
Simeon: I'm renting you.
MC: ...
MC: How much is it?
Simeon: 500,000 grimm.
MC: I see... Mammon will be glad to receive that money.
Simeon: As expected. *smiles*
MC: However, you can only hold hands with me with that amount.
Simeon: *chuckles* Alright.
Luke: ...
Solomon: ...
MC: What are you looking at? Focus on your posture!
Luke: !!!
Luke: *goes back to posture training*
Solomon: Simeon... What the hell is this?
Simeon: I'm holding his hand.
Solomon: I can see that. But why?
Simeon: That's what I paid for.
Solomon: ...
MC: *displeased expression*
Solomon: ...
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hobin-gnoblin · 2 days ago
(Things they'd prolly say )
Lucifer: "Dear Prince Diavolo, please stop sending Barbatos to come into my yard, and proceed to take pictures of me standing near my office window. He is outside of my window as we speak."
Mammon: "Me officer? Stealing? No, I'm just gonna," *runs away*
Levi: "Thats cool and all, but what would your mermaid tail color be? Superpower?"
Satan: "I will smite you."
Asmo: "ADIDAS, All day I dream about Sex, Solomon, be a doll and write that down for me."
Beel: "Zoopals make eating fun."
Belphie: "I should've just stayed in the attic."
Solomon: "Asmo, its not you, it's me. Wait, sorry my apologies, it is you."
Simeon: "Thank you all for coming, now if we open the Bible to page 1, Jesus tells us its always good to brush our teeth."
Barbatos: "Target acquired my lord." *proceeds to take pictures of Lucifer.*
Diavolo: My dear Morningstar,
I humble deny your request from me ceasing my educational research on what you do on a day to day basis.
See you at dinner,
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immasock · 13 hours ago
Welcome to part 2 of nicknames the obey me boys call you: Dateables
Part 1
My dear/ Dear-
There isn’t much to say about this one. It’s sweet, it’s simple, it’s effective and he doesn’t have to worry about if you like it or not. As future king, he hasn’t had much time for relationships, platonic or otherwise, so he isn’t very experienced or confident in the pet name section. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to try, for you he would do anything, you’re his world so he would do anything for you. He is however sort of awkward and insecure about his inexperience so his go to for you is always something very simple. Especially in front of important people and at the beginning of your relationship
King/ Queen/ royal highness-
This is one he starts using when you’re further along in the relationship and things are getting more serious. I’m not saying that he wasn’t all in from the start, he definitely was, he just didn’t want you to feel like you two were rushing things. The last thing he would want is to move too fast and push you away in the process. Which is why once he’s sure that you guys have a future together he will occasionally start calling you one of these names, depending on your gender, most likely with a “my” in front of it. He really just wants to live a nice domestic life with you in the palace and so he likes to call you his little monarch. This is one he does in private tho
Your grace-
I saw someone else say this (I can’t think of the name but if I do then I’ll tag them) and I really like it. There are a couple of reasons for this one. He spends his life serving others, mainly Dia, so it’s just natural for him to use names like this for people. But also you’re the first person he’s loved and cared for in that way in a long time, if ever. He treasures you and he wants you to know it
My love-
Once again, he treasures and loves you and he wants to make sure you know it. This one is also simple but very sweet. He doesn’t strike me as one who uses nicknames and pet names very often, usually just in private or intimate situations. He will just stick with your actual name most of the time
Buttface/ stink/ loser-
Now don’t get me wrong, he loves you more than life itself, these aren’t cause he doesn’t like you or that he’s trying to be mean. He calls you these things cause he loves you and he’s trying to tease you. He would call you these when he’s in a particularly playful mood, which is a lot of the time honestly. He is a very playful person when there isn’t any possible danger. Plus when you’ve been alive as long as he has and have had as many partners as he has you learn to not take the small things too seriously
I honestly just feel like he is really into astronomy and stars. He’s also really into you so putting the two together only makes sense. This is one of those ones that he uses when he’s trying to be serious or romantic. I don’t have much to say about this one other then that you both mesmerize and enchant him with your beauty and how there’s always something new to learn about you both which is why he likes to call you this
Little Lamb-
This isn’t new but I think it’s cute. To him you’re just this sweet human that is so fragile and that he wants to protect and guide. What else is fragile and needs to be guided? That’s right! Lambs. You’re so smart :)
Anywho. He thinks it’s a cute nickname and that it fits you so he’s gonna keep calling you his little lamb
Plus MC is supposed to be a sheep but they don’t know that
I feel like this one is self explanatory. Of course there’s the biblical relation between doves and angels but this is a game about seducing some hot demon brothers so I’ll leave that out of this
He calls you dove mainly just because you seem so pure to him. Like you are living with the 7 lords of hell and yet you are still so sweet and kind and caring. You always make time for him and Luke and you always help out whoever needs it no matter what. You’re just so good in his eyes
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starrynightlullaby · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me: yay I will be spending some time with Lucifer!
A few moments later...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me: ...
Me: Lucy... We shouldn't hurry home...
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