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#obey me angst
royalelusts · 2 hours ago
Hmm just thought of some angst.
Everyone is at the HoL waiting for MC and Beel to come back from grocery shopping. They’re later than usual but no one is questioning it. That is until MC slams the door open trying their hardest to drag Beel in yelling for help. Everyone rushes over to see Beel is breathing heavy. He was injured because he was trying to protect you. Luckily Barbatos, Satan, and/or Solomon makes sure Beel is stable. Belphie however loses his shit. He starts yelling at you in his demon form saying that “all of this is your fault” and other things that go along with that. The other brothers get him to back down but those words are just repeating in MC’s head. It gets so bad that they just lock themselves in their room.
Idk where to go from their so it’s up to your imagination👍🏾
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kxyren · 4 hours ago
Words Hurt (Mammon Oneshot)
a/n: despite being bad at it, I had the sudden urge to write some angst. It’s not the greatest but I tried. Enjoy :)
semi-angst with a fluffy ending :)
You were on cooking duty for the day and needed to buy groceries. Lucifer asked Mammon to accompany you and he did.
But it was one of those days. The one where Mammon would constantly remind you how much of a pain it was to look after you.
Of course, you knew he didn’t mean any of it but it didn’t help with the bad day you were already having.
You figured that he just lost a bet and Lucifer had just chewed him out for losing all his money again.
“I can’t believe that I, The GREAT Mammon, has to look after a pathetic hu-”
“Can you stop?” You stopped in your tracks, “I get you haven’t been having the best day, but that’s no excuse for you to lash out at me.”
“Oi MC, I was just kidding.” he responded.
There were those words again- “just kidding”. He always used those words as if it made things better. You were tired of it.
“I don’t care Mammon, if you’re SO done with looking out for me then just leave.” You said and kept walking “Go back home, I’ll get the groceries myself.”
He could tell you were upset by how you said those words and he cursed at himself. You kept on walking and Mammon stood there.
Perhaps you were harsh with him but he needed to understand that what he said hurt. You were going to apologize later so you proceeded to buy the groceries and head back.
When you arrived at HoL, you set aside the groceries and headed to your room to get changed.
You saw Mammon in front of your door with his head down.
“Mammon?” You called out.
He pulled you into a tight hug, “I’m sorry for saying those things about ya.”
Shocked, you awkwardly put your arms around him “I forgive you,” you assured, “and I’m sorry too.”
He released you from his arms and you did the same.
“Wanna help me prepare dinner?” You asked.
Mammon’s face lit up, “Who wouldn’t want The Great Mammon’s help? Of course I’ll help ya!”
You chuckled and intertwined your arm with his and made your way to the kitchen.
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obeythebutler · 14 hours ago
hi,, how are you? I'm back again with another barbatos ask lol. can you do barbatos and "it should have been me"?
It should have been me, Barbatos desires, who had to die.
Barbatos found himself wondering about the thought of dying one day, but he never thought he would crave it so strongly.
" Good morning, dearest." He gently kisses your forehead as his arms hold you closer, until your bodies are touching, and he can feel the warmth of your breath. But it's still not close enough for Barbatos.
He had...visions.
The first vision had him shook, breathless, fearful as the teapot fell from his hands and shattered on the floor, the sound resonating through the empty castle, making his Young Master rush to see what the commotion was about.
It's about you. You die, as written in a mortal's fate. But not by old age, not by an accident or a murder.
You die by his hands.
And it's something that has Barbatos stare at his own reflection in horror, makes him want to tear away at his own body, makes him want to stay away from you.
But Barbatos knows, in the end, he'll be the one to kill you.
As ordered by the Throne, he'll be the one to take the life out of you, make your heart stop beating and your eyes close or stay open, lifelessly.
It should have been him, to be the one to die by your hands.
" Just a minute more." You groan as you hide your face in his chest, to hear the sound of his heart beating which lulls you quickly to sleep, the beating heart which Barbatos wants to pull out from his own chest.
There was hope, at first. That there was another reality in which you live, even if away from him, but there's isn't a single one.
In the end, you have to go, either by the Demon King's hands or his own. And the King will make it as painful as possible, both for you and him.
It's mercy, Barbatos convinces himself as he hold you close, and sobs silently.
He will make it as quick as possible, as painless as he can, so that you would barely feel it. But the sight of your lover, of Barbatos killing you would be the last thing you see before you cease to be.
And it hurts the worst.
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inb4belphienaps · 17 hours ago
seraph: to burn
Tumblr media
warnings: religion, religious themes, blood, mentions of death/sacrifice word count: 1043 A/N: this is written from simeon’s perspective. thank u to the anon who sent this ask in!
Tumblr media
They tell me that to burn is to love and be loved. Funnily enough, I used to believe them. I used to think that the harder I tried and the closer I got, the more bearable the pain would become. It turns out that I was wrong. And so were they.
No one really talks about how it feels. The fire. The fire that humans have, the fire that they create and use, and harness is entirely different to our fire. Our fire, the one that represents status and power. Our fire, the one that keeps us in our place and establishes the hierarchy of our very existence. Our fire, the one that is said to keep balance and peace among us.
His fire. His “love”, so they call it. The highest-ranking angels, the seraphim claim that they burn with passion. That there is a cycle. That they are ignited by God’s love and that their passion for him causes the sparks to engulf them entirely.
To be directly in his presence is to be encapsulated in the purest form of love. That’s what Michael used to say. He would sing about his love for God day and night. His voice never wavered and neither did his heart. For that at least, I admire him.
However, for that very same love, I came to despise him.
When I experienced that fire for the first time, I was so moved that as soon as I returned to my dwelling, I was inspired to write. I was enraptured. In those moments I thought ‘ah, so this is what it means to be an angel’. I remember that with every movement of my quill, I was driven all the more closer to tears.
I remember feeling galvanized. Like every bone in my body was jumping for joy, desperate to bask in that love, in his presence. I remember feeling it so intensely that it quietly planted a type of fear in my chest. A fear that I wouldn’t recognize until much later down the road.
With each visit and conquest, with each duty fulfilled, I was rewarded with more of his time. With more of his wisdom and his attention, I felt electrified and awake despite how little sleep I was getting.
Do you know what it was that finally gave me the inkling that something was wrong?
As I started to fade, Michael only shined brighter. As my physical appearance (and subsequently my mental strength) deteriorated, Michael’s only evolved. His wings would capture and reflect the sunlight like no other. His eyes would sparkle under the cover of nightfall and through the darkness. Michael’s words would soon echo and boom in a manner much like His.
You see my love, God plays favorites. And it’s with a bitterness that I say Lucifer was aware of this tendency of his much sooner than me.
For whatever reason, I did not think to compare myself to Lucifer with Michael there beside him. I suppose I’d only felt competitive with him because he had been our mentor and Lucifer had been an equal.
I cannot recall the exact thoughts I had had leading up to my understanding. My mind was in a fog, tainted with exhaustion. Yet something persevered in its stead. Perhaps you’ve experienced such moments. Where a part of you knows and has, in retrospect, always known.
Remember that fear I spoke of?
In the instant that it dawned on me, that fear consumed me. So, what did I do?
I eventually distanced myself. It was difficult. Extremely difficult but I was able to convince both Him and Michael that Lucifer’s fall had affected me in such a way that I was thrown in disarray. I make a fairly good actor, my dear.
I didn’t just quell my fear. I learned to control it, to channel it so that I too would be able to fall. And so that when the time came, I would feel only relief as I plunged through the heavens.
Do I sound ethereal to you?
Do I look like a man of virtue and innocence?
Do I make you think that I am devoid of the evil that plagues my former fellow celestial beings?
Well then, let me dispel those beliefs because my hands are not as clean as you may be so inclined to accept. A true angel is not free of sin, as I discovered. I sacrificed many of my fellow sisters and brothers in a bid to preserve myself – a process Michael is incredibly familiar with.
Though I confess that the blood on my hands will never wash away, I cannot fathom the amount of blood on Michael’s. I would argue that he is steeped in it. If he had told me that his flesh was not his own and that it had been created by way of the seraphs that had come before him, I would not have been surprised.
All the while, at the center of this insanity sat He. He who lounged on a throne of deception and brutality, the likes of which I had never seen. He who felt no remorse or guilt in the lives that he would take. He who never loved, only tainted.
Do you see it now?
He preys on the vulnerable. On the ones with only Him in their hearts. He does not stoke the fire or inhibit it. He controls it. He binds you with those flames. Like a mage, He is able to manipulate it and by extension, he is able to manipulate you.
I think Michael knows. The difference between him and the ones that choose to fall is that he cannot find it in himself to care. There are two possibilities as to why.
The first – he is selfish.
The second – he is a selfish coward.
The former could be fixed. The latter is unfortunately inconsolable. How, you ask? Let me put it this way.
Once you gain the ability to fear, you are driven to lengths that you could not have otherwise envisioned before you were “enlightened”. Emotions are strange. Mix them together and you can have an infinite number of outcomes.
After I fell, I asked myself ‘what is Michael truly afraid of?’
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x4gay · 19 hours ago
Simeon X Lucifer
I need to fulfill my friends request but my request are open.
cw: mentions of blood
“I’m just tired, MC let it be” Simeon sighed as he looked back at his assignments.
“If a demon is being rude then I have a problem too.” Simeon smiled a bit Luke always cheers him up.
“No don’t worry!” and just like that Simeon puts up another front. The three all laughed for a bit when Simeon’s DDD buzzed. He looked at the DDD and saw a message from Lucifer. His heart dropped and he sighed opening the message.
Lucifer: We have a meeting today
Simeon: ok
Lucifer: Are you okay? You don’t seem as though you are well.
Simeon didn’t answer he knew Lucifer would say something along the lines of “Make sure you rest up we don’t want to look a mess in the meeting.” Simeon shook his head and walked out of class. He decided to sit in the courtyard. This is where he would normally think to himself about different things.
He thought to himself how Lucifer was more open in the celestial realm. He cared for everyone and even now he does. Almost losing Lucifer in the war was a constant topic in Simeon’s mind. Sometimes Simeon would even blame himself for Lucifer and his brothers being here. In the celestial realm him and Lucifer used to spend everyday together but now Lucifer just seems annoyed by Simeon’s presence.
Simeon’s eyes watered a bit but he looked up to keep from the tears spilling.
“Hey why are you skipping class? I thought you were better than that?” Simeon jumped as Lucifer spoke to him. “Wait are you okay, Simeon, look at me.” Lucifer said with a concerned
“Just fine.” Simeon inhaled deeply.
“Well are you trying to make me look bad?” Lucifer furrowed his brows.
“Sure, that’s my goal all along. Leave me alone Lucifer. I’m tired of always trying to be nice when clearly you never gave a shit” Simeon got up and walked away.
Simeon’s sudden out burst threw Lucifer off as he sat on the ground. Whatever he did hurt Simeon. Lucifer felt the sting of a thousand daggers pierce through his heart. He was home to Lucifer He brought a smile to his face constantly. Lucifer couldn’t believe it. He had to talk to him.
Simeon went to class and did his work. He tried to ignore today’s events but sadness still lingered. The last bell rang he decided to not go to the meeting. He would just walk around Devildom. It’s extremely out of character to act this way. At this point he didn’t know what to believe. He felt a sense of loss in his heart. After a few hours he headed to purgatory hall.
“Hey Lucifer was looking for you, you missed a meeting?” Solomon questioned even he was a bit worried.
“Okay, i’m sure he managed without me. I was caught up in other things.” Simeon smiled and walked to his room shutting the door. Simeon stared at the ceiling and his DDD buzzed.
MC: Ooooo you missed a meeting, someone wants punishment time with Lucifer.
Simeon: Actually it’s the exact opposite
MC: trouble in paradise ? Want me to come over?
Simeon: Please
Around half an hour passes as Simeon hears a knock at his bedroom door. MC takes one look at the glossy eyed angel and hugged him immediately. They rubbed his back now wasn’t the time to ask what’s wrong but more of a moment to comfort him.
“Thank you.” Simeon hugged MC back.
“Well I was going to save this until you were better but here” MC gave him a human world cookbook. His eyes lit up looking at the book excitingly looking at the recipes. The two sat there in silence for a few hours MC’s presence made Simeon feel better.
“Shoot the brothers are texting me, they want me to go back.” MC frowned looking at their phone.
“Let me walk you there wouldn’t want you getting hurt it’s already dark.” Simeon got up and the two started to walk together to the house. They reached the entrance as Simeon hugged MC goodbye. For a split second he made eye contact with Lucifer who was waiting for MC. Simeon rolled his eyes and turn around heading back to purgatory hall. After maybe 5 minutes of walking Simeon walked into a group of demons.
“Hey look it’s one of the angel boys” One of the demons teased. Simeon tried to ignore them and walk pass them. One of the demons were quicker and grabbed the angel by the arm. This caused deep scratches to form on his arm.
“Can you guys go mess with someone else.” Simeon groaned ignoring the stinging pain of his arm.
“No- guys let’s go.” The demons suddenly changed their minds and ran off. Simeon tried to walk away his arm was now bleeding.
“Simeon what the hell is wrong with you.” Lucifer stopped Simeon.
“What are you going to yell at me again” Simeon sighed.
“Idiot come with me” Lucifer sighed.
“No i’m fine” Simeon sighed. Suddenly Simeon was swept off his feet and Lucifer was now carrying him. Simeon gasped and tried to get off.
“The more you fight the tighter I’ll hold you. Unless you want me to” Lucifer laughed to himself but Simeon sighed as they both went to the house of lamentation. Lucifer quickly took him to his room and laid him on the bed.
Simeon was starting to feel a bit sick And light headed. He didn’t realize how deep that scratch went. His clothes were now covered in blood.
“This is my fault” Lucifer looked down and sighed. He inspected Simeon’s arm to make sure there was no poison or anything that will lead to serious infection. Lucifer walked to his dresser and pulled out a first aid kit. He quickly wrapped Simeon’s arm.
“I’m going to run you a bath-“ Lucifer was interrupted.
“I’m fine” Simeon protested.
“You’re obviously not. You almost died out there you know. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I wasn’t there. I could never forgive myself if something like that happened to you.” Lucifer frowned he kneeled next to Simeon. Simeon sat up and shook his head.
“Yeah you wouldn’t forgive yourself because Diavolo would be upset. Plus I probably deserve it. Why did you even decide to help me I couldn’t help you during the celestial war.” Simeon trailed off.
“Enough okay, I followed you home because I was scared something might happen to you. This wouldn’t have happened if I haven’t been such an ass. You did everything you could to try and cheer me up after the war. You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever made, maybe even the only one.” Lucifer held Simeon’s hand he began to tear up. “When you said you were done- I thought I lost you. You have been keeping me happy for so long I never wanted to admit it. What if it got to your head?” Lucifer sighed.
“You know what-” Simeon hit Lucifer on the head but that hurt his arm.
“Be careful please I don’t want you anymore hurt than you already are.” Lucifer held Simeon’s hand.
“All you seemed to care about is Diavolo you always push me away. I was starting to think maybe, you did hate me.” Simeon sniffled a bit.
“You make me so happy I would never hate you but I think it was because of how happy you made me that I wanted to push you away. After the war I tried to avoid things that made me happy. I wanted to talk to you everyday but I didn’t think I deserve it.” Lucifer was now crying a bit. Simeon squeezed Lucifer’s hand as tight as he could.
“Come here.” Lucifer leaned closer and Simeon put him in a tight hug. He pulled away and planted a kiss on Lucifer’s lips.
“Simeon you mean everything to me, you’ve always made me feel at peace.” Lucifer hugged Simeon. “Let me get you cleaned up” Lucifer carried Simeon to the bathroom even though his legs worked fine.
“You need to be cleaned up too.” Simeon smiled.
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obeythebutler · 22 hours ago
i need some heavy lucifer angst. preferably if the MC has died. make it as painful as possible. thank u
Lucifer doesn't tell anyone that he wishes to die.
He considered himself dead after falling from grace, the Shining Morningstar having turned a demon.
He persevered, pulled through the pain of torn wings, of having his own spawn hate him, of having his brothers consider him a monster, something that he won't deny he was. No matter how much grim or difficult the circumstances, he pushed through them and emerged victorious, even if he was covered in scars.
But Lucifer isn't sure if he can bear any more.
The painting on the wall keeps taunting him, with those eyes that look into his very soul, plucking him bare.
It's a portrait of you. Smiling and merry, as he stands alongside with a proud expression.
He remembers with a smile, you were giggling as you chided him to wear the flower crown you painstakingly weaved, and he did so while grumbling, with a fond blush.
But that is a period gone by.
You're not here anymore. You won't ever be.
Lucifer finds it hard to adjust to that fact, but it's a fact engraved in his mind in blood, that you're gone.
And it's his fault.
He should have gone along with you that day, to the Royal Library, and it won't have happened. The spot on his bed won't have been empty anymore.
Some demons came and murdered you.
And even after killing you, even after your cries might have subsided, they took away your soul, feasted on it with devilish grins on their filthy faces. No matter how much he tore at throats, ripped out tongues and damned them to Purgatory, you didn't come back. You won't.
There's nothing left to even bury in your memory.
This wouldn't have happened if he had come with you, even if it meant that the stupid paperwork he was given would be delayed, he should have come.
But he didn't.
Too engrossed in his work, he denied. Thought it was safe for you to go, because Satan was at the Library, and there was no one who would dare even lay an eye upon you. Thought it was okay for you to go alone because he was powerful, and no one would dare harm you.
He was foolish.
And you're gone, dead, by his own doing, his own stupid fucking pride.
Lucifer finds its hard to adjust, finds himself pouring two glasses of beverage instead of one, finds himself instinctively placing extra blankets and pillows on your side of the bed because you got cold quickly, finds himself craving the sensation of your fingers through his hair.
His heart, that was stolen by you is dead inside now, filled with sorrow and guilt. Filled with pain.
He wishes he could die and join you, but he can't do that.
Lucifer doesn't have the mercy or the right to even kill himself.
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ashmiq · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙘𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙜𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙢𝙚 𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙝𝙢𝙖, 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙮 𝙞'𝙢 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙜. ❞
Tumblr media
desc. : a series of angst one-shots based off of wilbur soot's album, ycgma. there's no actual plot nor will it always be related to the actual canon story of obey me, just a whole load of angst.
rating : sfw, some parts may include mature themes, but never anything sexual.
warnings : just angst. individual warnings will be added before every chapter
Tumblr media
༄ no taglist for this series, sorry!
Tumblr media
~ this series does not come in a certain order! feel free to start at any chapter as there are no actual plot points.
𖦹 jubilee line
𖦹 saline solution
𖦹 since i saw vienna
𖦹 losing face
𖦹 your (brother) was right
𖦹 la jolla
𖦹 i'm sorry.
Tumblr media
a/n.: hi so for those who followed for dwt/mcyt, so sorry but again, my smau is on hiatus for a while until my exams are over. if you're interested in the game obey me then pls take this series WHAHAHA 💀 genuinely won't really put much effort into this bc its more of a vent/brainrot thing so — yeah
Tumblr media
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Hello, could you write the follow up with the fallen!Simeon please? Like how others and Mc help him with his pain and how Simeon comes to accept himself as a demon?
(You got it! This took 2 hours and a half to write was not expecting that)
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: A BIT OF A SPOILER IN LEVI'S PART! Body image issues (Mammon and Asmo's part)
Brothers And Side Characters Taking Care Of Simeon After His Fall
Simeon was found lying on the ground in pretty much the middle of nowhere. He was brought back to the House of Lamentation to rest. Michael has already made his retreat back to the Celestial Realm after ages of being convinced to let it go. When he awakes in the attic the brothers are left to take care of him.
The first one Simeon sees when he wakes up. He checks on how his pain is and the conversation ends up being about both of their guilt, mainly Simeon's though. He's there to reassure no one blames him and that everyone's alright. Checks on his pain and mental state daily and lets him talk about anything he needs to. Probably won't admit it but he does feel a bit of nostalgia from their conversations. Wonders what it'd be like if they were brothers once again.
Keeps him company for the most part. Talks about whatever comes to mind. Latest schemes, something his brothers did ages ago, how one of subjects at RAD makes no sense. Simeon's bedridden for a bit so he keeps him up to date on things. The conversations usually get a bit more serious. Mostly issues about his new form. New appendages reminding him everyday about how this is all real and he really isn't an angel anymore. The guilt makes him feel disgusted with himself and body. Mammon tries to hype him up with his own demon form. He looks cool and so does Simeon! It isn't much but it does cheer him up. And sometimes they talk about you. Mammon's not sure what to think about the fact Simeon also has feelings for you. But even with his greed he considers maybe he'd be okay with you being with the ex angel... Maybe. As long as everyone's happy he can manage...
Also there for help with distractions. Doesn't come up too often but Simeon let's him ramble on about something and watches him play games on his hand held devices. Wonders about the future of TSL. Will it be abandoned? Is Simeon even going to continue writing at all? Their conversations don't get too serious but Levi can tell when he's internally beating himself up. So occasionally he'll tell him how good he'd be at this game when he can move enough to play it or how nice his company is. The two will probably grow fairly close. He wonders if him, Solomon, Simeon, and you could hang out together. Maybe Mammon too...
Takes note on his physical state and how to reduce the pain. Maybe even find a potion that could help. He doesn't have a lot of experience with the pain of loosing your grace, he's born from wrath and was never an angel. So this all feels a bit odd to him but he's always had respect for Simeon and still does. So he'll do what he can to help. When he's able to move Satan lends him some of his books. And on some very few occasions reads to him before that. On the agreement he doesn't tell anyone though...
Has some creams and lotion left over that helped him and his brothers after the fall. Starts doing his self care sessions with Simeon while talking about the latest gossip. He may be bedridden for a while but he can still keep his spark! And whenever he feels down about his new form Asmo tells him he doesn't need to be an angel to be beautiful. Asmo was the jewel of the Celestial Realm but now he's the most beautiful being the Devildom has! He also assists Simeon with hygiene. Sure, he has to start with grabbing a soapy rag and just wiping him down a bit but after some time he's able to help Simeon walk to the bathroom (always waits outside so he has privacy of course). Eventually he'll be able to walk on his own but Asmo's happy to help for the meantime.
The one who helps him with eating. He knows he's probably nauseous with the pain so he keeps the food light for now. Crackers and soup are what most of his meals are. Simeon doesn't complain much though. Beel also hangs around while he eats and a bit after that. It's mostly comfortable silence. When he's able to eat heavier food Beel gets pretty happy. He cares about Simeon and he's happy when people he cares about are able to eat what they like. Beel's also good comfort if Simeon wants to talk about any troubles he has. Overall Beel's good company and good at taking care of others.
He doesn't come up to see Simeon extremely often. Not when he's awake. Whenever Simeon's asleep and Belphie's awake he makes sure he's having good dreams through his powers. And when the two hang out when they're both awake chances are they're watching a movie or messing with a star projectector. The two aren't the closest and Belphegor's company is mostly silent but neither of them mind. A lot of the time Beel brings food Belphegor's following (usually making sure Beel doesn't eat it). Normally passes out after not that long but Simeon doesn't mind.
Starts holding meetings with Lucifer at the House of Lamentation so he can visit Simeon while he's there. Usually assures him he'll deal with the exchange program and that he may stay in the Devildom. But he also helps with whatever he can while he's there. When he can eat sweets without getting sick he'll bring some stuff Barbatos made. Slightly worried Michael will do something but for now he's focused on Simeon's well being and managing the exchange program
Can't visit often since he has to do his job and has more paperwork to help Lord Diavolo sort out. But after a bit Simeon texts him and since then Barbatos checks on him through messages. Bakes him some sweets upon hearing he can keep down food better. He's checked the future and it seems pretty good so he's not the most concerned. Does look forward to seeing Simeon in person once he's fully recovered though
He hides his worry. But he does wonder what's to come. Michael is likely to come back. Luke probably won't be able to see Simeon again after the program is over. He just hopes it won't get violent again. It's been a while since he was worried about someone so much. All thrill and no stress is usually how he lived but he's grown to enjoy Simeon's company and considers him a friend. He watches over Luke for now and brings him with while visiting. He sticks to buying gifts since the brothers refuse to let him bring any food he made. He also wonders about you. What will become of your relationship with Simeon? He's curious...
Conflicted. Simeon's a demon now. Demons are bad. But Simeon still acts the same? So maybe Simeon isn't bad. He hopes so. He doesn't want to hate him. But he can't come back to the Celestial Realm. Will he never see Simeon again after he has to leave? Solomon gives them space for a bit when they visit. Luke lays next to Simeon and they talk about the complicated thoughts Luke has. Sometimes it ends with Luke passing out after an hour of sobbing into Simeon's chest. Solomon walks back in not long after. Luke will bake Simeon sweets too. He'll figure out how to send them from the Celestial Realm too. He still cares. He doesn't want Simeon to forget about him when the programs over.
Lucifer notified you that Simeon was awake a couple hours after he was bought to the House of Lamentation. You made your way up to the attic right away and Simeon locked eyes with you. He called your name and you sat down on the bed. When you ask him if he's alright he nods, now looking away from you. Eventually you talk about your relationship now that he has literally fallen for you. He's alright if you don't return his feelings. As long as you're safe he'll be okay. But if you do he'll weakly take your hand in his, nodding as his gaze returns to you. He'll let you take care of him regardless. He's glad to be in your company either way.
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obeythebutler · a day ago
I saw that you opened and closed requests while I was asleep - how dare you - but I hope it's not too late; angst request with any of the bros/demons in a loving relationship with MC but they're angsting on the fact that MC might only live another 80 years at best. Even though they're happy they're miserable because they know they're going to lose them one day and they're not going to be ready for it
Belphegor finds himself brooding over the fate of humans sometimes.
Some pray to his Father to forgive their sins, some turn corrupt and end up in Hell, and some refuse to believe in any.
But in the end, they all die in a century.
If he wants, he could just crush them under his shoe, or drive a hand through them, and they'd fall to the ground, dead.
Belphegor never thought he would find himself wanting to protect a human's life -hoping that they won't leave the mortal plane so soon.
It's ironic, he thinks as he watches you comb his messy hair. It's almost time to leave for RAD, and Lucifer is going to shoot him a dissaproving look seeing his dishevelled hair, and Belphegor couldn't care less.
But you do, and insist on fixing his hair, which he allows you to do with ruddy cheeks, grumbling as he gazes into your eyes, which are focused on his messy hair.
You're going to die one day, and leave him all alone.
No matter how much he tries to prepare himself, no matter how much you soothe him, he still won't ever be ready.
If only he could die with you.
He doesn't realize tears are falling from his eyes, not until you gently wipe them away as you cup his cheeks. " Thinking about it again?"
All he can do is nod. You surprise him sometimes, how can you be at peace with your own demise as he weeps ? He isn't the even one dying, and yet he's even more woeful than you.
" Whether I end up in the Celestial Realm or the Devildom", You whisper as you wipe away his fresh tears, " I'll always come back."
Belphegor knows it's impossible, a lie, a bittersweet lie. You won't come back, and yet, he finds himself placated with your words.
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the-mourning-stars · a day ago
Fandom: Obey Me!: Shall We Date?
Genre: Angst
Ship:  referenced Simeon/Barbatos and Simeon/Solomon
Tw: Falling (from heaven), heavy religious themes, homophobic language, blood
No one has any right to post/sell my work
Not beta read, we die like Lilith
Stripped. Not just of his clothes but his pride and title as well. His brother, who he looked up to and respected, glaring down at him, anger and detestation in his eyes. Simeon was able to turn his face to look at Gabriel, the youngest archangel looking down in regret and despair. The angel was happy Luke wasn’t there to witness this. Shame clouded his mind, eating him up. Guilt clutched at his heart, unable to even formulate words to Michael’s questions. No longer the angel of obedience not quite a demon yet, either. Just the stage in between, where all he could see was the archangels in front of him, the white walls which seemed too bright for his eyes and the crimson blood staining his dark skin.
He was brought out of his thoughts by a booming voice. “Simeon,” Michael said, in a belittling yet berating way, causing the disgraced to flinch. “You know what you’ve done wrong, correct?” A nod. “And know that you need to be punished?” Simeon restrained from pulling a face. He was being treated like a child; being spoken to like he was Luke. Nevertheless, he nodded again. “Good.” Then there was silence. Simeon’s blue eyes were on the ground, body tense as he waited. He knew what was coming.
The first sign was being forced on his knees, then the breeze on his back. “Simeon, angel of obedience, the just and devout man, oldest representative of the Celestial Realm, former son of Jacob and Leah, son of God,” Michael started, holding the scroll in front of him. Gabriel and Raphael by his sides. Jophiel looked at her younger brother with a sad sort of pity, willing him to meet her eyes. But he never did. He just glared at the ground, hearing her quiet sigh, his last act of rebellion. He heard Michael, didn’t understand what he was saying. “… For each sin said, one strike with the whip. Pair of wings to be torn off, disgraced to the Devildom, left to die.” Simeon knew he wouldn’t die. Diavolo would be there for him, right? He couldn’t tell which angel had gone behind him until he heard the voice of Chamuel. “I’m sorry....” Simeon thought that was a little hilarious, the angel supposed to stop anxiety was only filing him with it.
“Surrendering to the sin of lust,” Michael began, the whip cracking in the air, the first sharp hit landing on his back. Simeon hissed in pain, a small whimper leaving him as he felt his skin split. “It’ll just get worse,” Chamuel whispered into his ear. Simeon just trained his eyes on the floor. “Becoming infatuated with a demon,” the archangel continued, this hit jerked him forward and he made a small noise of pain. He glanced up, only to see the cruel look plastered on Michael’s face. The scowl on Simeon’s face made the other smile. “Engaged in sexual intercourse with a human male.” That received a couple of gasps and murmurs from the angels above. Simeon grimaced. The whip came down, hard, causing Simeon to fall forwards, gasping in pain with Chamuel with a hateful expression, obviously resisting the urge to kick the brown-haired angel.
The beats continued, even more than what Michael said. But no one stopped Chamuel. Jophiel didn’t even looked like she cared at this point, allowing him to get hurt and Simeon was sure Michael was making up half the accusations. “No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes. – Psalm 101:7.” Simeon wasn’t aware of the number of sins he’d committed as Michael finished, now repeating the Bible verses to him. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. - Leviticus 18:22.” Simeon swallowed, looking down and biting his lip. He was covered in blood, fresh and dried. The large cuts on his back just seeped more and more blood, the beautiful stained-glass floor now dyed with blood. How was he not dead? He felt like he was. He coughed when he was jerked forward, blood dripping from his lips.
Michael regarded him for a moment before speaking again, looking him dead in the eyes. “For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into Hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment - 2 Peter 2:4.” Simeon’s eyes widened in fear and a small whimper left him. “Michael...,” he spoke before Chamuel grabbed his hair and pushed him onto his stomach. “Try not to scream,” he snarled, two hands gripping onto a pair of his once beautiful white wings, now dirtied in blood.
And he tugged. Simeon screamed. Tears poured from his eyes, blood ran down his back, cries left his throat. The angels just watched. Gabriel went to go forward, unable to watch his brother be tortured so mercilessly, yet Michael pushed him back. Jophiel looked away. Raphael held Simeon’s arms down as he thrashed and pushed. He tugged and pulled. He sobbed and howled. He felt the wings be pulled from his back and blood just leaving him, going dizzy. Then heat.
The heat was far too intense. His whole body was on fire, panic coursing through his body as well as the horrible feeling of falling. For one fleeting moment, Simeon thought he was dying, he felt contented. But then the numb pain returned, and he released he was falling. He was falling. Falling from grace. He screamed again, but no one could hear. No one cared. Was he going to Hell? Or Earth? Had the angels made their decision? Obviously, they had, otherwise he would still have his wings. Then it was black.
 “My lord, he’s waking up...” Simeon could make out Barbatos’ voice, his eyes slowly opening and being met with the kind green ones staring back at him. Simeon gasped, trying to move but the agonising feeling returned. He began to cry and Barbatos quickly rushed to his side to comfort and shush him. “Sh, sh, it’s okay, Simeon... You’re safe,” the green haired demon reassured him. Simeon leant into them, barely having the energy to look up as Diavolo and Lucifer entered the room. “Welcome to the Devildom… Abaddon.”
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obeythebutler · a day ago
Hiya can I request a nsfw Satan where he confesses his love ❤️
Epiphany ( Satan x GN! Reader)
It was a casual relationship between you two- friends with benefits, where you both used each other for pleasure. There weren't supposed to be feelings involved, then why does Satan find himself wanting to hold your hand and pull you closer ? To love you?
Why does he have the burning urge to hold your hand in his right now ?
It was a casual affair - fuck and have fun. There were no strings attached, you two would have your share of fun and pleasure, and then clothes which were thrown on the floor would be worn again and the bed would be empty again.
So then why did he find himself miserable at the thought of the bed dipping under your weight as you got up and left?
It was a physical relationship, you and him had agreed on that, 'friends with benefits' as one would put it -no emotional connection, just physical pleasure. And Satan had been the one to put the offer forward.
Satan had the habit of keeping books in a separate stack, those he found particularly enthralling, to read again later.
But then why was he offering those books to you to read and bothering to ask for your opinion on them ?
He found himself being concerned with your pleasure more than his, something he never was with- focusing to hit all the right spots to make you moan in pleasure, knowing all the ways to make you come undone.
The hickeys and bitemarks he gave you and those you gave him always dissapeared the next day- you both had an image to maintain, yours were hidden under concealer and his under magic.
So then why did he find himself not wanting to hide his and scorning when he finds yours missing?
Satan started complaining to you about the insufferable nature of his brothers, about a book he had read and wanted your input on, about a cat he saw in the streets- its sleek coat and paws, he found himself telling you all his likes and dislikes, his thoughts and opinions.
He found himself inviting you to trips to the Library, found himself visiting cat cafes with you, laughing when a cat sat in your lap and refused to move.
Satan started craving your warmth, the feel of your skin against his, and found himself not wanting to separate, wanting to keep you close.
He got drunk one night.
Crying, screaming, pulling at his hair- wrath was bottled up for so long that all he could do was weep as he tore at books and threw down shelves.
You came, and held his gently, calmed him down. He noticed your hands were shaking too. He noticed the fear in your eyes.
Yet, you stayed, and he remembers weeping in you lap, exhausted from his outburst as you stroked his hair.
What was this, this strange feeling in his heart on seeing you?
Something he had only seen in books, was this, was this...Love?
No, it wasn't love, he chanted in his mind as he roughly thrusted into you as you moaned with a blissed out expression on your face.
He was punishing you, as he put it, making you pay for coming into his room when he was angry, furious- wrathful.
But he found himself wanting to make you moan in pleasure, as if it were something natural, something totally normal, observing every twitch of your body, the way you gasped in delight, the way you pulled him closer.
"I love you."
He said those three words instinctively, quietly, without thinking, as if it were a normal sentence.
Satan knew, the truest meaning of those words, the weight they carried and yet he found himself speaking them mindlessly.
His stomach sank as he stopped his rough thrusting, bracing himself for your response.
You would shove him away in disgust, reminding him about your relationship in the first place, that it was merely for pleasure, not to develop feelings.
But all you did was stare at him with wide eyes. You must be disgusted, absolutely repulsed by him, and he slowly moved away from you, preparing to dress himself and leave, never to show his face again-
"I love you too."
And for the first time in his life, the knowledgeable, smart, sarcastic Satan was tongue-tied as he gaped at you.
His lips trembled and his shoulders threated to shake from the sobs he wanted to desperately release as he questioned himself if this moment was reality, or another one of his dreams- that woke him up with ruddy cheeks and strange feelings. You merely smiled as you pulled him closer, and kissed him with a passion, a love never felt before.
His sobs broke the silence as he cried into the crook of your neck, in his most vulnerable state, and you hugged him tighter, equally glad.
He loved you, and you loved him.
Satan smiled.
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obeythebutler · a day ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the bros (Maybe Dia and Barbs too) where Belphegor kills Mc later on, so Mc already the bros mate for like. Extra angst, because your brother killing your mate gotta fuckin hurt. Ye sure Mc getd brought back still but that shit still painful
I couldn't do the royals, please excuse~
Belphegor Kills The Brother's Mate, MC
His heart stopped on seeing MC's body thrown over the railing, and a sickening noise was heard as they fell down on the floor, with blood staining the marble.
He rushed forward, gently cradling their head with his blood-stained hands as he screamed for his brothers to come help. As he begged for MC to stay awake, he heard Belphegor laugh.
" A human for a mate? Sheesh. Lucifer, how much have you fallen?"
He had to hold back from attacking him there and then, as MC was still in his arms. But no matter how many pain incantations he chanted, applied pressure on the wounds, they,t-they-
Their body went still, and Lucifer had to hold back the tears that were threatning to fall as he got up, and shifted into his demon form, lunged at his brother in his crazed frenzy.
His dishevelled hair only added to his feral look as he pounces at Belphegor, whose eyes were wide in shock at his brothers sudden actions.
If there was one thing Belphegor should have known was to never take away a demon's mate.
Lucifer had to be held back by the rest of his brothers from attacking Belphegor, as he screamed curses at him, while Belphegor was crouched on the floor, frightened at his brother's rage.
Belphegor would not be forgiven so easily, not after what he had done, even if MC came back.
He immediately ran seeing his mate's body lying on the floor, with their arms and legs in sick, twisted positions.
Mammon begged for them to stay awake, pleaded for them to not leave him, to open their eyes as he howled for Lucifer to come. He took in Belphegor's laugh and mocking words as he stared at him in shock.
" A human as a mate? Mammon, you're truly a scumbag."
No matter how much he cried, MC's eyes won't open. They won't move. They were...dead. Dead by the hands of his youngest brother, whom he adored and doted upon.
Mammon wasn't a demon to lose his temper. But when he did....
His demon form came into being as he gently put down their body, and in his eyes was a crazed look, one which speaked death. He had to be forcibly pried away from banging Belphegor's head into the wall.
Even after his mate came back, they won't be allowed near Belphegor, no, he won't be able to trust his brother for a very long time.
Mammon's panicked screams were what made him get up in the middle of his game raid and run outside in a hurry, because Mammon never screamed in such...a panicked tone.
But when he got there...MC...his mate...blood....floor.... Belphegor laughing...!
He rushed forward, frantically trying to check their pulse, but nothing was felt...Behind him, Belphegor could be heard cackling.
" Really, Leviathan. Having a human as a mate?"
He wasn't going to summon Lotan and make him to do the job, oh no, he was going to dish out the consequences of Belphegor's actions himself.
His serpent tail was already out as he lashed at his brother, with his tail slowly coiling around Belphegor's neck, as he wheezed for air.
In his eyes was rage, as he merely looked on at the sight of Belphegor gasping and choking as the grip on his throat tightened.....
Leviathan had to be made to release his brother from his tail, as he stared at his pathetic, gasping form with fury.
Even after MC comes back, he won't trust them to be in the house without him by his side, Belphegor cannot be trusted anymore...
He was looking for MC when he heard the sickening sobs of his brothers in the hallway...fearing the worst he rushed towards them.
MC was lying on the floor, in a pool of their own blood as Mammon begged them to wake up, and Belphegor laughed, while the others either stared in shock or tore into Belphegor.
He rushed towards the body of his mate and frantic emerald eyes scanned their body, taking in the damage...a shaky hand came forward to feel their pulse, and when nothing was felt, retreated, only to turn into claws.
Satan seemed to be stuck in a daze as he coldly took input of his surroundings- his mate's body, his brothers panicked faces and Belphegor's laugh-
" Tsk tsk. A mere human as a mate. For someone who has a lot of knowledge, you're a fool."
He jumped at the youngest with a snarl as Belphegor barely ducked, and his claws tore into the stone wall as he tore into his brother, quite literally, intent on ripping out his organs and maiming him, because all he saw was red.
Satan had to be forcefully held back as he snarled at Belphegor, who was staring in shock.
Even after MC came back, he won't leave them alone for a single moment....his brothers can't be trusted any more....
He rushed out of his room, leaving behind the outfits be had planned for him and MC to wear, to the source of the commotion.
MC was lying there...lifeless...unmoving...bleeding as Mammon begged them to open their eyes, move, do Belphegor looked on, amused.
Asmodeus rushed forward in panic, and gently cradling MC's head pleaded for them to move, open their eyes as tears fell from his eyes.
But they weren't moving. Their body was littered with cuts, and their throat had bruises from where..from w-where Belphegor...
Asmodeus went quiet as he got up, the blood on his soles making imprints on the floor as he growled at Belphegor.
" A human? Tch, I thought you had standards, Asmodeus."
He lunged at Belphegor in his demon form, as his nails dug into his brother's neck, and Asmodeus laughed as he observed how Belphegor struggled to breathe. He deserved it.
He had to be ripped from Belphegor by his brothers, as Asmo, still in his feral state was intent on making him suffer.
Belphegor can't be trusted to be left alone with his mate any more...
He could smell stench of blood as he rushed forward towards the source of commotion, but all he saw was Mammon cradling MC's body, begging for them to wake up, and his brothers in disarray as they tore into Belphegor about his doing, who was laughing.
He doesn't know what he has done, hasn't he? He doesn't.
All Beelzebub could do was stare at his mate's body as he begged them to wake up, as tears fell from his face, all the while with Belphegor's laugh ringing in his ears.
It was pointed out by Asmodeus that MC was his mate, and Belphegor's laughter stopped. Beelzebub turned around to meet Belphegor's eyes.
Beel's face was covered in tears as his fist clenched, because even if he was his brother he killed his mate. But seeing MC's body fuelled his anger even more, and he sprang.
Blinded by anger, he was fully intent on destroying Belphegor, because he took his mate. He had to be restrained by his brothers as he broke down, crying.
Even after MC comes back, they can't be left alone with Belphegor, he's going to get a separate room for the time being.
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solomonish · 2 days ago
Growing Pains (Lucifer & Mammon)
At first, Lucifer thought that to fall with those he loved more dearly than anyone was the final blessing the Celestial Realm would bestow upon him.
But Father did not intend to stop after taking Lilith from them. He just took her first - the brothers still had themselves and each other to lose.
ao3 link: here!
The office in the manor was slowly becoming more and more cluttered as Lucifer continued to drag stacks of paperwork and countless manuals on Devildom culture into the house when he returned from his meetings with Diavolo. The business he had been tasked to sort out for the rest of his existence needed to be started on right away, leaving Lucifer tied up with an amount of work fitting for the place he now had to learn to call home. Instead of navigating the new life with his brothers, he had to spend his time navigating the halls of the palace or bent over an old wooden desk. The impressive castle doors now instinctively sent a pit into his stomach and finding the Royal Butler Barbatos waiting for him to lead him so he wouldn't lose himself in the halls hurt Lucifer in a weird, bruising way he had never felt before.
By the time he got home, the house was normally quiet. It scared him, at first: after spending so long in battle, silence could only mean something bad. During the first days, he found his brothers huddled up in the same spot, unwilling to be alone. Beel and Belphie would be curled around each other in some way, inseparable as they had always been. Mammon could be found sprawled over the carpet,, one hand gripping Satan's ankle or wrist as if that'd be enough to stop one of his rampages. Perhaps it was; from what Lucifer heard, every day he was getting better, learning more. Mammon wasn't the only one gripping him; Asmodeus was often cuddled next to Satan, clinging tightly to his arm or sometimes even to him. He was getting awfully affectionate lately, but maybe it was doing Satan some good. Only Levi wasn't directly touching anyone, but even though his back was turned, his new tail would occasionally twitch and brush against one of his brothers.
These scenes gave Lucifer pause, the feeling he was learning to be pride swelling in his chest. Everything was alright. Mammon had kept things under control.
He left them alone, not wanting to disturb their peace, and continued his work, the task distracting his mind and the affection distracting his heart from the crippling grief that loomed above them all.
Eventually, though, the brothers disbanded. The quirks he had noticed growing in them soon became hallmarks of their new beings: Asmodeus' affections were becoming increasingly licentious, Belphegor could hardly be found awake regardless of the time, items turned up missing and wound up in Mammon’s possession...each of his brothers seemed to spiral further and further towards degeneracy, save for Satan, who was as sinful as it got and instead retreated into himself and forming a grudge against everyone for his status as what seemed like a half-baked replacement.
Ever the dependable brother - a thought that was now strangely accompanied by a twinge of something unpleasant instead of the warm, affectionate delight Lucifer was used to - Mammon still tried to keep everyone together.
At first, it seemed to work. Nobody seemed entirely willing or even purposely trying to avoid the others. However, it seemed that the sin they began to embody were too great an obstacle none of them knew how to hurdle. Any interruption infuriated Satan, and Asmo seemed offended at the concept of taking his own time away from himself to check in on his brothers. Beel and Belphie could never be taken away from easing the effects of their sins for long enough to hold a meaningful conversation, and Levi had already dug himself so deep in a self-deprecating hole he seemed convinced any efforts to connect were the beginning of an elaborate prank to make fun of him. When items turned up missing immediately after Mammon’s visits, doors started slamming if they even opened.
Still, his attempts to keep the camaraderie alive meant Lucifer had more time to spend on the paperwork. It was a good system - at least, that’s how he felt. Evidently, Mammon didn’t feel the same.
Normally, on the days where Mammon made a futile attempt at his rounds (days that were becoming more and more scarce throughout the week), Mammon passed by Lucifer’s door. This time, there was an angry knock on the door, more of an alert to Mammon’s presence than a request for permission. The door didn’t bang against the wall, but Mammon had twisted the doorknob rather ferociously and Lucifer almost flinched at the noise it made. Taken aback by his brother’s stormy entrance, he nearly watched him approach impassively. There hadn’t been any opportunity to discuss the proper, respectful way to enter his workspace - clearly, this needed to be remedied soon.
“What’re ya even doing in here?” Mammon bellowed, looking around. The shelves that had books in them were put together nicely, the sturdy wood packed with old books about a life they both used to find reprehensible. How cruel of their father to force them to live what He made them fear most.
“You can lower your voice,” Lucifer answered, dropping his pen on the desk. When he leaned back, ignoring the way his upper back twinged at the change from his previous slumped posture, he met Mammon’s eyes and was surprised to see genuine frustration behind them. “I’ve been working.”
A scoff had never sounded more irritating to Lucifer’s ears. “Is that what it is? Because to me, it seems like you’re avoiding us.”
Lucifer scrunched his eyebrows. “Where did you-”
“Is that it? What, we all lost so now we’re losers and you can’t stand to look at us?”
“I never-”
“Or you couldn’t fill the void left when you were thrown out as the world’s best lapdog, so you became Diavolo’s instead?”
“Stop right there, Mammon,” Lucifer commanded, standing from his seat. His voice had a steely chill to it that it never had before, one to match the resentment burning inside of him. Instinctively, Mammon backed off. They didn’t know much about their new predicament, but they knew how the seven of them ranked in power, and Lucifer would always come out on top. “I’m won’t concern myself with where you got these foolish thoughts from. Perhaps it would benefit you to spend less time with Levi-”
“Levi? How could you know if he even had anything to do with this? When’s the last time you saw him?” Mammon shot back. “Spending less time with anybody isn’t the answer to anything, though of course it’d be your answer to things.”
Lucifer sighed. “I’m working out the details of this situation so you don’t have to worry yourselves with it.”
Mammon didn’t have an immediate response to that, instead watching Lucifer with betrayed eyes. He seemed to deflate over time, a resignation falling over him that forced his fire out with a sigh. "We were a team, Lucifer. What the hell happened?"
There were obvious answers to that, and there were not so obvious answers. Faced with so many options, Lucifer found himself unable to choose between them, and instead stared blankly at Mammon. Slowly, Lucifer sat back in his seat without breaking eye contact.
We've been ripped away from everything and left to become scabs over the wounds we've been given. All I'm trying to do is give you the freedom to heal however you need to, to keep you from the chains that could have just as easily awaited us as this fate did.
I'm hiding from you a burden that is too heavy to pass on - if I move it from my shoulders, I fear my arms would be too weak to carry it to you.
There were so many ways to tell Mammon that Lucifer had to lock himself away, the door a heavy shield against his own grief and the ever-growing work that buried him and the secret he carried. Even if Lucifer didn’t trust his own mouth to only say what was necessary, he could just thank Mammon for his efforts, tell him that he trusted Mammon more than anybody to keep together the one thing that ought to stay intact after the holy hell they’d created. But something inside him bristled, swelling uncomfortably until he felt like a balloon ready to burst. Gulping down his thoughts, Lucifer resumed his writing, the pen scratching against the paper more ferociously than the claws of any creature by which they now found themselves surrounded.
"I don't need your help," Lucifer answered simply, with finality. Though the words rang true in his mind, they were leaden with the way they pulled on his heart and tasted like iron on his tongue.
Mammon scoffed again, narrowing his eyes so Lucifer wouldn't be able to notice the tears that began to gather within them. "Fine, then. I-I didn't wanna help ya out anymore anyway."
As Mammon stomped out the door of his office with a huff, Lucifer felt something snap inside him. It wasn't in the way pent up rage unleashed itself, apparently, somehow in the form of a sixth brother, but more in the way one holds on desperately to a branch too thin for the weight. Once it snaps, the plummet is rough, with stronger branches breaking up the fall and taunting tossing them around in a cruel ricochet. Outside of the thick wooden door, it was startlingly quiet, as if the house itself was forcing Lucifer to grapple with the final thread holding them together being cut with his own words.
The pain started in his chest, the way it always did, wrapping around his heart and lungs like thorny vines. The spot on his lower back, occasionally tickled by phantom feathers, throbbed as his entire brain seemed to weigh heavier in his head. After a near eternity surrounded by laughter and the beautiful, enchanting hum of Celestial life and a thundering of battle that would ring in his head for the rest of his existence, the silence seemed like a stifling blanket, the final lock on the cage they had been forced into.
When one opposed Father and lost, he truly did lose everything.
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legionqueensav · 2 days ago
Requests: OPEN
My request box is open and I want to get my writing juices going again. I need YOUR help though to do so.
Feel free to send in requests!
I can write for:
Genshin Impact
Obey Me!
Identity V
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x4gay · 2 days ago
the levi angst was so good once you’re up for it can you continue it
Yes darling ☺️
Levi x MC
I’m sorry
“Don’t touch me. You literally swooped in here and suddenly everyone likes you. Of course no one would like a yucky otaku but it’s not fair you were no one just a few months ago. I refuse to give you undeserved attention” Levi snapped. MC stood in shock. Those words felt like a thousand knives to the heart.
“Levi... I liked you.” MC ran off after saying that statement.
“Ugh you’re so stupid.” Levi said to himself. He walked to his room and shut himself out. He laid in bed staring at the ceiling. The words he said to MC replayed in his head. He stayed there not wanting to play any video games or anything. He thought that he didn’t feel anything towards MC but was it just a lie? Whatever it’s not like he could change anything with MC now. He covered his pillow with his face.
MC went back to their room they were in tears, why them. They actually wanted Levi to like them. It would’ve been impossible after all they’re just a human.
A few days pass by and MC gets a text from Lucifer.
Lucifer: Hey, have you seen Levi?
MC: Why?
Lucifer: He hasn’t been showing up to school or doing any of his assignments. If I find him and he hasn’t completed any of his assignments he’ll get fed to Cerberus.
MC: ok
Lucifer: Be on the look out.
MC turned off their DDD and sat up. On one hand Levi deserves it. On the other hand... they still like him. They grabbed their backpack and ran straight to Levi’s room. They entered without knocking.
“MC- what are you doing here?” Levi jumped out of bed.
“Well I get that you hate me but Lucifer says if he finds you and you haven’t done any assignments you’ll get fed to Cerberus.” MC grabbed their books and handed them to Levi.
“You’re helping me???” Levi stood next to MC.
“I didn’t want to but part of me still likes you. I hate it. Imagine liking someone who has no interest in you? It’s like a getting a new figurine that’s a bit messed up. It’s nothing you asked for, you could easily return it but you want to keep it because it’s one of a kind. I’m rambling at this point just take my notes i’ll be out your way.” MC walks a few steps but is suddenly halted with Levi grabbing their arm.
“Thank you, can you please stay with me. I know i’m awful but I need you here. Seeing you gives me motivation.” MC just nodded. They sat on Levi’s bed fixing it a bit to make it comfortable. A few hours passed and MC dozed off. They were holding a pillow of Levi’s squeezing it tightly. Levi just finished his assignments and turned to see the sleeping MC.
He walked over and stared for a bit.
How could he hate them they look so harmless so cute even. They even helped him after hurting them. Levi began to tear up he messed big time. He’d do anything just to start over again. He was jealous that they would give everyone but him attention.
Levi’s eyes watered but he covered MC with a blanket.
“I’m so sorry. I’m such a mess up. You’re amazing.” Levi whispered. Without thinking MC pulled Levi into the bed.
“What?” MC said slowly waking up.
“MC i’m so so sorry. I was so jealous of you giving the other brother’s attention and I thought you were just giving me attention because you felt bad. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re not nothing. You’re everything to me. You manage to make everyone’s day even mine. You don’t have to forget me I would forgive me but i’m deeply sorry.” Levi looked MC in the eyes. MC stared at Levi speechless all they did was hug Levi burying their face into Levi’s chest.
“MC let me start over.” Levi squeezed MC he didn’t want to let go he hoped MC would say yes.
“Okay...” MC smiled a bit.
“I promise you, I won’t say anything like that ever.” Levi pulled MC’s Chin so they could look at him.
MC kissed him. MC finally understood Levi’s actions though they aren’t justified he really is sorry and MC could tell.
“I will forgive you idiot.” MC laughed but Levi was a blushing mess.
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meanpauline01 · 2 days ago
Comfort and Yearning
Tags: Angst, Lucifer x gn!reader
Word Count: 1.3k
A/N: I wanted to make this an intimate writing. Thus being in first pov, it’s not my preference but I would like the reader to experience what I imagine it’s like for the MC having to juggle between keeping everyone happy and not being able to choose between anyone. The MC I created is emotionally intelligent and very observant. The story pretty much jumps straight into business. I hope you’ll be able to understand what I’ve interpreted 💕
Lucifer was working late into the night once again. I knock on his office door, and tell him that it’s time to rest up. Although he protests against it, he eventually gives in when I pled with my eyes, begging “please, for me?”
A warm bath is already drawn for him with muscle relaxers and essential oils. “If it wasn’t for me, I would’ve assumed that this was for Asmodeus.” His heart swelled knowing that I prepared a bath just for him. “A bath for Asmo would’ve had the most luxurious products complete with bath bombs and rose petals. This is just a bath prepared with some home remedies.”
He stripped of his clothes and sat back in the tub. “You’re not going to join me?” I sat myself behind him on a stool beginning to rub his shoulders, “This is for you. YOU need to relax and distress a little. Although saying you need to distress a little is a bit of an understatement. He chucked under his breath.
We continued to sit there in silence as I continued to work on his back and shoulders. “Does that feel good?” He hummed in approval and continued to knead at his stiff shoulders. My eyes fell upon his scars, where his angel wings once protruded so gracefully. A sight I would’ve loved to see.
I stopped moving my hands subconsciously getting lost in thought. I suppose my hand lingered too much on his scars that when I reached for his shoulders once more he grabbed my hand to stop me before I could even start. His action forced me to look at him. His ruby eyes were so intense. It took a long time to memorize what his gaze meant without automatically assuming he wished for your death on the spot. His eyes were filled with curiosity and a hint of sorrow as he stared into my eyes. “Why... why aren’t you mine?” My heart pang at the question.
Why wasn’t I his? How could I be. How could a powerful demon such as himself filled with so much pride would ever want to be with a human who lived a meaningless life until their arrival at Devildom. A mere human who will only live for not even a 12th of his lifespan unless being able to live longer due to a supernatural occurrence. A human... a being so far more inferior to a demon like him. A fallen angel.
“I...” Lucifer stopped me before I could finish, “If your answer is anything along the lines of not being good enough for me then you can stop right there. I am choosing you, shouldn’t that be enough?” His words stung.
I knew he meant well but if only he could respond to me without such a backhanded compliment. “I don’t want to be just enough, I want to be more than enough, Lucifer. I cannot give you that. And I can’t be that to someone like you. Someone as powerful, as authoritative, and as mature as you. I’m so young and immature and so... so inferior to you. You deserve a partner who is so much more than what I am.”
In all truth. I love him. I love him more than anything in the world. But I love his brothers too. How can I tell him that I have relationships with them. I knew that if all of them knew that I have involved myself in intimate relationships with all of them, surely one of their hearts- no, all of their hearts would break when in the end, I wouldn’t be able to choose any of them due to my own insecurities.
I finally look back at him to see that his gaze still has not changed. Although not many can see it, but I could see how much my words hurt him despite his unmoving expression.
Finally after struggling to find the right words to say, he spoke. “If I can’t make you mine, then you will just have to make me yours. And just know this, darling. I’ll win in the end because nobody else, not even Diavolo, can give you what I have to offer you. And I will give you anything and everything you’ve ever wanted and needed. Even if that meant giving you all three realms, I would. Because you my dear, are worth everything.” My throat was already closing in on its self, as I tried my hardest to choke back my tears that so desperately wanted to fall.
He kissed the palm of the hand he was still holding and reached up to cup my face. “That’s what I love about you. You’re so strong and you think I didn’t notice your hitched breathing. When even you want to cry, you’ll hold them back to look strong.” I listened to his words intently. 
I swallowed my tears and spoke, “And that’s what I love about you. Always able to notice the little things.” I stood up from the stool I was sitting on. I reached out to stroke his face. I’ve always been told stories on how Lucifer was the most beautiful angel to ever exist, and I am thankful to finally see him in all of his beauty before my very eyes.
I stared into his eyes, and down to his lips contemplating my next action. I leaned in close to his face and brought my lips close to his. I kissed the corner of his lips, not a direct kiss, but one just close enough to let him know how I yearn for him and how I will never allow myself to have him. “Get some rest, Lucifer. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I walked out of his bathroom and headed back to my room across the hall. I desperately hoped he wouldn’t come see me. Several hours past, and not once did I hear his steps reach my room. I let a single tear roll down my cheek, “I’m sorry it has to be this way... Lucifer” I whispered to myself for the final time that night and slipped into a deep sleep to restart the cycle of yearning tomorrow.
Reblogs, likes, and comments are appreciated! 💕
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obeythebutler · 3 days ago
Hi I'm back and I'm still not over the idea of MC becoming an angel and not being able to leave, plus the idea that Raphael is the strict one out of the most powerful angels has Got Me, so fair warning this is gonna go in a very specific very lowkey yandere direction
Things were already startling when you woke up and realized you were dead. What was even worse, you thought that if there was an afterlife for you then you'd surely be going to hell. To the devildom, where you could at least see your family again. This just wasn't right. From the moment you woke up and saw bright burning skies instead of the soft moonlit ones you had become accustomed to, you knew you had to leave.
But, things had changed since the brothers were a part of the celestial realm. They learned their lesson, they learned how dangerous angels could get when they no longer cared to be angels. So, things were set in place. Bangles were made to keep straying angels under control until they were more willing to accept where they belonged.
Raphael was the one who decided that this was just the kind of treatment you needed to become more accustomed to your surroundings. It was only natural you were struggling, many new angels had people they missed from other realms, but you were especially efflicted.
You weren't sure what to think when he suddenly brought you to his office for a private chat. He could see you were discontent with your surroundings and he wanted to help. For a moment, you thought he might have been planning on letting you fall yourself, before he brought out the bangles.
To his credit, this was a choice. He didn't force them onto you or lie to get them on like Simeon had to the brothers so long ago. He had simply laid them on the table sitting between you. Who could blame you, then, for thinking you had the right to refuse him?
You told him you just couldn't stay. You needed to see the brothers again, you missed them, you loved them. He- The Celestial Realm needed to let you go.
But, Raphael didn't see it that way. And so, it was the last time he offered you freedom for a very long time.
You never expected an angel could ever be so harsh as Raphael was when he threw you into your cage. The room was small, and the only window was made up of three thin slits through the ceiling. Since your arrival to the afterlife, this was the darkest room you had been in and you took what comfort you could out of it.
You wished he didn't have such a solid argument when he told you that this was for the good of others, if not yourself. You could act out, even hurt the inhabitants of their peaceful realm in pursuit of falling. He had no reason to trust that you wouldn't.
You spat at him, cursed him. You were enraged and you were sure that you had every right to be. Long after the door had been closed and locked tight you could still be heard screaming every profanity you knew, choking back your sobs.
Raphael knew what he was doing. This would be good for you, as far as he was concerned. Time in isolation would remind you how desperately you needed connection, any little drop of it, even from him.
Simeon and Luke were getting worried, though. They hadn't seen you in quite a while and whenever they asked, Raphael always told them you were having a hard time getting used to the new realm, you needed some space.
It was technically true. A white lie, one that Simeon could see right through to the core of what Raphael was doing. But... What could he possibly do? Raphael had ultimate authority over him and Luke, whatever he decided to do would go. Perhaps, there was still some way he could at least see you, to know that your soul hadn't been faded out...
Meanwhile, your crooked relationship with Raphael left you weaker by the day. You wouldn't eat, you didn't trust that the food wasn't drugged. The only thing left you clung to was the familiar darkness of your cage and the memories of the brothers. What you wouldn't give to be held by them again, to hear their banter bouncing off the halls throughout the night...
You were so certain there was nothing Raphael could do to ever convince you to put those awful bangles on yourself. He had certainly tried. Every day, he told you why things had to be this way. The celestial realm couldn't lose you, and you couldn't be trusted not to hurt the others. If you only put them on yourself, you would see how things could be good for you.
That wasn't something you would listen to, though. You didn't care. All you wanted was to be far away from this place, from him. To be with the brothers again and to show them you were okay, if only when in their arms.
But at last, he managed to find the perfect bait for luring you out of your stubborn nature. An event. A simple event, where you would get to see Simeon and Luke again. The conditions were that you had to wear the bangles, stay by his side throughout the event, and you couldn't let anything slip about where you've really been all this time.
You hated him for this. Oh, how you hated him. When you told him as much, he scoffed. Dropping your bangles to the floor, he told you that you had an hour to decide before he left either with or without you.
Taking them in hand, you contemplated your decision. They were smooth and cold, like any normal metal, however, these were anything but. They were the symbol of your downfall.
But... If you only managed to stave off their effects to land a sin just bad enough, you could get out... Out at last. Even if you didn't, when was the last time you've seen Simeon and Luke? Anyone other than Raphael for that matter? Has it only been weeks...?
He truly knew what he was doing when he gave you such a tempting offer, you thought, as you slipped on the cool metal bracelets.
He was quite satisfied, with a smirk to match, when he came to grab you. The effects hadn't fully settled in, you were fighting against them as hard as you could after all, but you were too tired and compliant in this state to fight against him as he pulled you onto your feet.
By the time your assisted bath and change of clothes had passed, your mind was only weakly holding out. You couldn't stand on your own, having to lean against your own captor as he led you to the event.
He was right, Simeon and Luke were there. It was your last thought, to smile politely at your friends, before fainting in front of them.
As you slipped unconscious, the bangles were finally able to fully enrapture your mind. Thoughts of sinning and falling floated away and popped like bubbles, leaving a hazy fog behind. All you wanted was to be good for others, a perfect and obedient angel.
That's what you thought when you were shaken awake by Luke. The concerned faces of partygoers in the background didn't register. All you saw was Simeon and Luke in that moment, you hadn't seen them in so long.
You hugged them both, digging your head deeper into the crook of Simeon's shoulder before they shrugged you off. They were worried about you, yet you couldn't quite understand what they were saying right now...
Some words from Raphael seemed to be enough to stop their questions, at least, though Simeon was still wary.
It was too confusing for you, you much preferred basking in the warmth of Simeon's hug as he held you even tighter before bringing you back to your feet.
This was the first time in several months you had the chance to be around others, so you took it with open arms. All previous intentions forcibly locked away in the back of your mind, you were now content with simply enjoying yourself. Simeon and Luke could do nothing for you but hope that this night would last longer before you "needed more rest" And Raphael whisked you away again.
And the brothers, they could only watch on in grief as Simeon sent them images of you. Smiling, laughing, dancing, living without them. They couldn't see the events leading up to now, they couldn't see your bangles from underneath your sleeves. They didn't notice how you were awfully thin compared to the last time you were with them.
All they saw was that you were gone from their lives. The Celestial Realm had swept you away, and clearly you were doing just fine without them.
How, how, how , I-
This was so beautifully written, and so good, that I find myself sobbing.
Just...I have no words.
Thank you so much for sending me this lovely masterpiece.
The brothers need to come and rescue me, Simeon and Luke, Solomon- they-
But they can't. The thought doesn't even cross their mind, because I look happy.
This is beautiful
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diavolosthots · 3 days ago
Hey dear! I hope that you have a good time! I want to make a request, but please delete it if you don't feel like doing it.
I saved that request in the notes and been waiting for you to open them 😊
For request
First fight with brother (any of your choice) and one of them (I mean MC or that brother) thinks that it's end of relationship (because never had anything serious), but they reconciled in the end. I want some heavy angst with happy ending. MC can be GN if that is OK.
If you don't mind you can do for Mammon, but feel free to choose another one if you don't feel like write for him. Or if that would be better to write as headcanons for all the brothers. That's up to you!
I haven't been doing requests for ages. Please don't hate me if there is something wrong! I've read the rules, and I hope I haven't missed anything.
Anyway, sorry for long ask. And thank you for your writings!
(I forgot to look if you did anything similar, and remembered it at the end of writing that ask. Sorry if you already did something like that!)
Hey babes ❤ I did end up doing HCs for all of them because I thought it would be cooler (or more like I know someone is gonna request separate fics for all of them if I dont and I'm saving myself that trouble lol) I still hope you like it ! ❤ also this got SUPER LONG so its under a cut
Warning: angst -> happy ending-ish
THE BROTHERS in a fight with MC and thinking that they’re over (yikes)
Everyone always says Lucifer is quick to lose his cool but he’s honestly been nothing but patient with you. He may have hinted at several things he doesn’t condone and he definitely has that ‘look’, you know the disappointed dad look, but he has held back a lot so as to not ruin the beautiful relationship you have with him. Everyone snaps, though, and when he finally did, it was ugly. He did NOT call you names, but oh he didn’t. He went straight for your feelings and pointed out every mistake you ever made for as long as he’s known you. Ouch. In his defense, you weren’t nice either. The argument ended nasty and ‘I hate you’s!’ were definitely thrown around, but none of them were meant, right? Goodness, he doesn’t know. After you left, he threw himself on his bed, literally, and just stared at the ceiling. His anger slowly fled away and he began to feel… guilty. Not necessarily because of the argument itself, but because he delivered some low blows and he knows that. Are you over? Done with him? You haven’t texted or called or talked… you’ve been actively avoiding him and he doesn’t like that, but his pride is such an issue, goodness. He can’t straight up apologize, that dickhead, but he’s sending you flowers and standing in front of your door with a sad face that says it all. 
“Forgive me? I made reservations at your favorite’s? We can talk over a nice dinner?” 
Mammon is known to get mildly agitated over the silliest things, let’s be real. He’s also quick to revert to the “are you dumb?!” argument, which is never effective. But he loves you and he would do anything for you so even if you do do something that he deems ‘dumb’, he usually bites his tongue. Doesn’t mean that doesn’t get on his nerves, though, and he definitely has a short temper, although people tend to overlook that. You just managed to push his buttons today and he used the “are ya stupid?!” argument, to which you obviously defended yourself, and rightfully so. This ended in a massive screaming match and him saying “Then leave! Ain’t nobody keepin’ ya with me!” He regretted it the minute those words left his mouth and you could see his eyes grow wide in shock at his own words, but that didn’t mean you stayed. “MC!” he tried running after you immediately but you were faster and honestly, who can blame you? He fucked up, and he knows it, and he feels terrible about it. Honestly, he’s crying just at the mere thought of you taking his words seriously and he can’t… he can’t bear to lose you, you know? What’s he gonna do? You’re the light of his life, as pathetic as that may sound to some…. So he won’t let you run away. Homie will hunt you down and beg for forgiveness. 
“Please, MC! Forgive me! I’m dumb, not you!!! Don’t leave me…” Don’t leave him. He will continue crying. 
His constant need to put himself down is frankly, quite annoying. To you anyway. But you put up with it and just reassure him that, at least to you, he’s the most amazing demon that ever existed. It’s just facts. But a person only has so much patience, right? You can’t always spend your days trying to lift him up when all he does is dig himself a bigger hole. Who has the emotional time for that? You sure don’t. “Oh my God, Levi! Shut up! I can’t take it anymore!” Followed by “See! You’re just like everyone else! Leaving me!” and then you slamming the door to his room shut. It’s frustrating and understandably so. It makes you feel awful that you can’t even make your own boyfriend feel good about himself and get at least a little bit of self confidence and it’s so, so, so very draining to have to constantly listen to that. At this point, it’s affecting your own mental health and you just… you just can’t…. But Levi can’t lose you because he knows you’re right. He has to work on himself if he wants to keep someone as amazing as you with him and that’s why he’s crawling back to you now. 
“Look I… I know you’re right… I’m sorry. I promise I’ll … I’ll try. For you.”
For being the Avatar of Wrath, you always admired Satan for his ability to keep cool. He prefers the relaxed and easy going life much more than the type of life people expect him to live, and you respect that. That doesn’t mean his constant need to one up Lucifer, through whatever means necessary, didn’t bother the hell out of you, though. You tried talking to him about it once or twice in a calm manner, but you always got the same answer “Pfft.. it’s Lucifer. Who cares?” And it never sat right with you. Just today he decided to pull a prank on the eldest and you had enough, standing in front of Lucifer and letting the bucket of cursed green slime land on you instead, to everyone’s shock. “What are you doing?!” Now that you’re thoroughly green from head to toe, you were also beyond pissed. “What am I doing?! What are YOU doing?!” But Satan matched your anger tenfold, accusing you of favoring Lucifer over him and oh! “You probably got an affair with him, too!” Which was a stupid thing on his part, but it looked like it the way you defended him. Anger doesn’t even begin to describe the emotion you felt running through you and had it not been for Lucifer, you probably would’ve physically fought Satan for such a dumb accusation. Lucifer took you to get cleaned up and lifted the course, giving you your natural skin and hair color back within a few days and plenty of scrubbing, and Satan felt like shit. You’ve always been there for him and, rationally speaking, he didn’t have a reason to doubt your loyalty to him, but he just can’t help but feel insecure beside Lucifer…. He decides to come apologize anyway, a deep blush on his face and guilt in his eyes 
“I’m… sorry for accusing you. It wasn’t my right to speak out of anger and jealousy…” 
How can anyone fight with the Avatar of Lust? Seriously, the guy is super easy going and he loves pretty much everyone. Not as much as himself, but almost. You on the other hand… you didn’t. Well you didn’t NOT love him or yourself, but you were just… you. You didn’t spend 4+ hours in the bathroom trying to get ready when you knew you were only going to the kitchen down the stairs. Like?? Although you never brought it up to Asmodeus, he constantly bothered you about skincare and what foods to eat and what not to eat, etc… It’s quite annoying, honestly, and at some point you just gave him a passive aggressive “Okay, whatever. Can we move on now?” To which he didn’t take lightly. He was still nice and sweet, trying to convince you that at least one of these things will make your skin glow brighter than a unicorn’s ass but you just had enough. “Can you stop?! You’re indirectly saying I’m ugly without that shit ton of product in my face and a diet that would make me starve before it helped me! If you want a skinny VS angel that barely holds onto their skeleton, get one!” It was more hurt and frustration speaking than anything, but your outburst still shocked him and he was taken aback for a moment. And then you ignored him for a week straight and as someone who thrives off of attention, especially the kind he gets from you, he can’t handle that! So he showed up in your room in sweats and a tshirt and messy hair and no product on his skin. 
“You’re right… we’re all naturally beautiful…. Wow that… that really hurts to say MC but can you forgive me?” 
Oh the sweet, sweet angel. He’s far from innocent and you know that. We all know that. But for this story, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. His reliance on Belphegor is just really… annoying. Belphegor this, Belphegor that. “Belphie used to…” or “Belphie said….” or “one day when Belphie and I….” Like why does everything have to include his twin? It’s so annoying and so rude when your significant other is right here !!! and planning their own future with you, Beel, thanks. It makes you feel less than and like Belphegor will always come before you. It makes you feel like shit, quite frankly, and who is to blame you? “Hey MC did I tell you what Belphie---!” “No! Shut up! I don’t care! It’s always about Belphie! The day you come to me and don’t let that name drip from your tongue is the day Jesus comes back to save me and we both know that will be never! I’m tired of always being stuck with Belphegor! We are not equals!” Granted, you shouldn’t have yelled and Beel was more than confused at your outburst, but you wouldn’t talk to him anymore after that so he left you alone. He thought you may need an hour or two, maybe a day tops, but that day turned into a full week and he even lost his appetite just because he knows you’re angry with him. It’s been a week, does that mean you’re over? His heart aches just at the thought… 
“I’m sorry for bringing Belphie up… I don’t want you to feel less than, MC. You mean a lot to me and so does Belphie, but you’re not Belphie and I need to learn that…”
Honestly it’s a miracle he hasn’t lost his temper at you yet. Well, he partially blames it on his own laziness because if being angry or getting upset didn’t take so much energy out of him, maybe he would’ve snapped by now lol, but he tries really hard not to because he thinks your relationship with him after everything is pretty good, considering yall kiss and snuggle and fuck on a regular basis. But anyway, that’s exactly the issue. Considering everything, you’re still holding *that* against him. It’s never direct either, which makes it worse. It’s always said in a joking manner and something like “haha look it’s just like that one time you killed me” or “Beel’s grabbing that ham like you grabbed my throat” or “I remember seeing jesus for a moment there” and it agitates him. It makes him so angry, and he finally snapped. “I know I fucked up MC! Stop holding it against me! What do you want? A medal of honor? A survivor's certificate? Maybe a pat on the back for developing some sort of Stockholm syndrome that made you come back to your abuser?!” And then he left. And you may have cried both from confusion and your own anger, he isn’t quite sure. It’s just so…. Aggravating. He can’t deal with it. He knows it was a mistake spurted by his own insecurities and survivor’s guilt which ultimately led to his hatred but please, stop holding it against him.. He can’t keep putting up with it from the person he’s grown to love. He’s the one ignoring you and he won’t budge either because he’s a stubborn ass, but maybe if you come up first… 
“I’m sorry for yelling at you… I’m just so tired for it being held against me… I love you, and you should know that, and I do feel guilty about what happened.” 
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Who Loved You First? Pt. 3
Continuing the ask from @saltypaperdestiny
Part 1
Part 2
Tumblr media
Barbatos: Beelzebub
Barbatos didn't like to look into the future ever since you came around. In his mundane life, your playful antics and hilarious recounts of the chaos you caused up in your hometown were the best part of his day. Though he looked composed he occasionally choked on his tea and biscuits whenever it was too funny to handle.
Though usually devoted to his work, these days he had more time for you. Brewing special teas and baking extravagant desserts. He probably never served you the same thing twice, unless you had a favorite you asked for.
On a whim he decided one day, to tell you how it feels. You were supposed to join him and Diavolo for tea, but Diavolo knowing about his crush on you backed out last minute. But you were half an hour late. This was unusual since you tend to come before time. "I wonder if they got stuck somewhere". He goes to his room and opens the door to where you are.
He sees you walking into the market place, halfway to the castle, when you bump into Beel.
MC: Beel? Is that you? I didn't even see you with all the stuff you're carrying! *Laughs*
Beel: MC? Is that you?
MC: *taking a few bags blocking his view* Yes it's me Beel. What's with all this stuff?
Beel: I was bringing them all for you! There was this Citrus and Berry celebration event going on in all of the bakeries! I grabbed all the lemon, strawberry and raspberry flavored deserts!
MC: All of this...for me?
Beel: Of course! You made me like them too!
MC: Okay big guy let's get you home first! Come on let me carry some more!
Beel: You're carrying enough already.
MC: It's two bags Beel.
Beel: And that is enough.
MC: I still can't believe you remembered all my favorites.
Beel: Isn't it normal to remember things about people you love?
MC: ....oh.
Barbatos shuts the door. Well this was certainly an awful predicament. Two demons decided to win your heart on the same day. The chances of that were too low for him to even see this coming. He composed himself prepared to see your reply. He opened the door once again, now you were in the kitchen with him.
MC: Beel...did you mean that?
Beel: Mean what?
MC: That you love- never mind. Forget I said anything! Let's eat?
Beel: *blushes* I meant it. I love you MC.
MC: *blushes harder* Beel...
Beel: I'm not good with words like my I don't know if I can say it that well...
MC: ....
Beel: You've always been kind to me and never talked down or acted annoyed because of me. So I..want to be with you always.
MC: Me too Beel. I love you too. *Holds his face*
Beel: *picks you up in the air and kisses you*
Barbatos winced as if in physical pain as he shut the door. It was a mistake to look. He remembered why didn't use his power so often in the first place. He stepped away,
What was so special about the brute lifting you up in the air? Do you like that sort of thing? He can do it. Or is it because he can't even express himself clearly. Oh...maybe it's because he's simple hearted. Like you. Of course a secretive demon like him doesn't stand a chance.
At his best
He is the master of supressing emotions. You don't notice the slightly less bright smile of his as you walk into his chambers
His breath hitches at the lovely blush on your cheeks. If only he could just reach out and touch them..
"Did something nice happen MC?" He smiles to which you shake your head and put a finger to your lips saying hush.
Why your lips? Why must you taunt him like this?
But he will respect your secret even though he already knows.
At his worst
Overworks himself to distract. Barely has time for you anymore. But well he still can't turn you away if you ever come for a suprise visit.
But everytime Diavolo invites all the brothers, his blood secretly boils seeing Beel clinging to your side.
He sees you feeding Beel and giggling, while complimenting the food he made. "Ah if you all will excuse me, I have urgent business to tend to." He bows and leaves.
He goes back to his chambers and opens the door again. Into a timeline where Beel didn't confess.
His eyes sting again as he sees you in his arms this time. He sees another version of him, embracing you gently while you sit on his lap and press kisses onto him.
And he for a whole minute, he had made up his mind to delete his current time line and make this one the real one.
"Barbatos are you there?" You came calling at his door. He looks back and sees you smiling and holding out a hand for him, "Come on down! We miss you!"
He takes your hand in his gloved one and kisses it. "As you wish." He smiles as you don't let go of his hand. No, this timeline is fine.
Simeon: Barbatos
It didn't take too much for this angel to fall in love with you. Just your sweet smile and waving them every morning, the way you could make them laugh over the silliest things, the way you defended Luke at all costs and the way living with seven demons didn't change you at all.
However there was one day at the park, when you both sat together on the bench holding hands. Tired from the late night studying, you leaned your head on his shoulder and fell fast asleep. And Simeon decided he wanted this feeling of your cheek on his bare skin forever.
He invited you over to the same park. He took his time getting ready and picking out your favourite flowers. Luke even made some desserts for the both of you. As he approached the park, he saw you already waiting near the bench along with someone else... Barbatos?
Barbatos: *smiling* Good evening MC, you look lovely.
MC: *blushes* Good evening Barbatos! And you look dashing as always.
Barbatos: Ah waiting for someone are we?
MC: Yes Simeon is one his way as we speak.
Barbatos: Looks like it's a date?
MC: What?! A date?! No no not at all. We just come here to talk and spend some time together that's all! Besides someone so wretched as me dating an angel, of all things, haha impossible.
Barbatos: Oh? Would you rather be with a demon instead?
MC: Probably. I've spent more time with them so I'm probably used to them more.
Barbatos: Oh then which brother from the seven will it be?
MC: From the seven? Noone. I've essentially taken on the role of Lilith haven't I? I see them all as my own brothers now.
Barbatos: Ah Lord Diavolo then?
MC: No. My days of dreaming of Princes are long over.
Barbatos: Well what about the Prince's butler then?
Simeon stood still in place, too enamored by what he was seeing. Between the two of you be saw a novel like romance, two different beings from two different realms too lost in each other to look at the outer world. His heart already sunk hearing you couldn't see yourself with him. So who would you rather instead?
MC: *blushing* Well yes. He has always been the kindest to me and he even turned back time to save me from my demise.
Barbatos: *blushing and chuckling with a hand upto his mouth* I see..
MC: *looking away* But it's not like he would have a good time with someone like me. I'm sure he's plenty busy and wanted by more beautiful demons like himself.
Barbatos: But he is having a good time right now. Can't you tell? *holds your face and brings it close* hmm?
MC: *blushes* I can tell now.
Barbatos: So will you allow him to kiss you and officially make you his?
MC: *blushes and closes their eyes*
Simeon has a storm brewing deep within him. His angel nature stops him from going batshit crazy and dragging you away from there. But he just stands there thinking how blissful you both look kissing in the moonlight - like two long lost lovers embracing after years.
He slowly paced back towards Purgatory Hall. Looks like you were corrupted after all. And by none other than the all powerful time demon Barbatos.
At his best
He's an angel. So he does what angels do. He smiles and greets the both of you when he sees you both in class.
Suddenly realises you probably won't sit next to him anymore. Luke notices and badmouths Barbatos.
It still hurts to know you've been taken, but the glow of new love looks beautiful on you. An angel like glow.
He may not be the cause of it, but as long as he can still witness when you wave at him and ask him to join you for lunch, he will happily take that chance.
At his worst
He considers falling for you. If he's too perfect for you - he wants to get rid of it.
He considers falling the way Lucifer and the brothers did, his wings catching fire and burning away, his heart slowly melting, giving away to whatever his sin maybe.
But then he pictures your horrified face, wrought with tears and guilt. You wouldn't want this
In a world of full of demons, you liked him and Luke for being the calm in the constant chaos you were in
Perhaps he'd never get to kiss you but you would never turn down his invites for a tea party or a human style slumber party
And whatever his place in your heart is. He wouldn't give it up for the world.
Solomon: Leviathan
Two humans stranded in the Realm of Demons together. A powerful sorceror who'd lived a 1000 years and an ancient ancestor of the youngest angel ever to die. The story of the two of you was a legend waiting to happen. And he'd often wondered how many different ways the people would say it.
You lay your head in his lap, listening as he told you numerous stories of his adventures. He cherished every comical expression on your face along with your gasps and laughs. And in turn you told him about the pranks you pulled in school out of sheer curiousity. And together you tried to create new and silly spells which often backfired.
He decided his confession should be unexpected, just like your fates have been from the start. So he got a box of your favorite human candies and enchanted some white flowers to match the mood of whoever holds them, to give to you as a present. But when he saw you in Levi's room, he thought maybe he should have planned it.
Levi: I have something for you.
MC: Oh? Is it food?! Did you get me those Strawberry Deviltongues?
Levi: No not food MC! You sound like Beel! *Laughs*
MC: Aw then what is it!!??
Levi: I brought you a game you were looking forward to.
MC: My Rendered Dreamland Soulmate?! The new version?!
Levi: You guessed right! *Shows MC the game drive*
MC: *jumps and pounces on him in excitement* LEVI YOU'RE THE BESTEST FRIEND EVER!
Levi: *blushes* MC you're sitting on my-
MC: *keeps bouncing and laughing in excitement* Let's go play!! And as a thank you for this gift, you shall play it first! *Sets him as player*
Levi: Wait MC no!
*the whole room changes into a hyperreal cherry blossom forest*
MC: Oh I wonder who your dream soulmate will be Levi! Is it Ruri chan?!
Levi: No MC don't look! *tries to cover your eyes*
*another you appears wearing an anime style uniform*
Dream MC: Hey Levi! Wanna play games with me again today? Let's go defeat some evil aliens! You were so cool last time!
MC: ....
Levi: *shuts down game violently* IT MUST HAVE BEEN A GLITCH! IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING MC!
Solomon held back his laughter with great strength. Poor Leviathan. Someone really needs to teach this demon some tact. Go easy on him MC, poor guy doesn't know what he's doing. He also looked down proudly at the Strawberry Deviltongues he'd gotten you. The flowers glowed a subtle red in his hands.
MC: *blushes* Wouldn't you like to see mine?
Levi: Huh?
MC: *plugs in the game and the scene resets again* Just watch.
*Levi appears in his demon form with a glowing sword*
Dream Levi: Come on MC! *Lends his hand* Let's finish this level together! I'll protect you!
Levi: too..
MC: *blushes and nods*
Levi: Then can I ask for a k-kiss?
MC: *reaches up and kisses him*
Levi: One more...please..
Solomon didn't believe his eyes as he watched you kiss him tenderly over and over as he kept asking as his tail wrapped around you in excitement against the bright game background.
Surely this was a mistake? The bubbly mischievous you and this reclusive demon? But your eyes shone with affection. The same affection he had for you and decided to leave. He left the candies in your bedroom and discarded the now wilted grey flowers.
At his best
He hangs out with you and Levi, trying to figure out the basis of your bond
Turns out it was less life threatening adventures. All in the digital world
Tried to invite you to do human world activities you enjoyed
Always by your side whenever you felt homesick.
And so many sky dates, dancing with you among the clouds. Even more knowing Leviathan could never get you both in the sky.
At his worst
He has known the human nature for 1000 years and he knows what kind of human you were. Why you romanticised a demon over a human.
But now he planned to show you the darksides of the demons.
He summoned you whenever you and Levi had plans. Made spells to mimic your favourite in-game moves. Enchanted games so you would always win.
And yet Levi was patient. Always gentle and happy to be with you.
Frustrated Solomon asked one day, "What do you see in him!? He doesn't even leave his room MC! Come with me instead, we can't travel the whole world and all the realms-"
You answered in angry tears. "What I sought was a simple loving heart. And you my dear Solomon, are far from simple. That's why I love Levi."
Levi appears almost out of the blue and whisks you away, giving Solomon a threatening look.
He sighed knowing every word you said is true.
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