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#obey me angst
daplatypusway · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Finally ! I finally illustrate this angsty HC ! Mammon's scars. A bit like Beel, let's take a closer look at the resemblance between his demonic mark and his angelic jewelry...
As with the HC of Beel, when Mammon fell from Heaven, his clothes burned in the flames and heat of hell, but not his jewelry. And angelic gold became dangerous to him as he became a demon. The gold therefore burned him very deeply, and unlike Beel who was able to remove his necklaces more easily because of their shape and his strength, I think Mammon had a harder time getting rid of his jewelry. His skin was therefore much more marked than that of Beel, but did not darken afterwards as for his brother. He has large scars all around his chest, and to hide them, he uses a magic that make them look like paint or tattoo marks. He even added a line between two scar on his stomach to try to make the camouflage appear less obvious. (We can see that a line of paint does not correspond to the jewelry).
But that doesn't stop him some nights from waking up from the nightmare of those days, going to his bathroom and checking if those scars are still there, and that it's not just all a big bad dream.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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books-and-catears · a day ago
Prompt Request Series
[Requests Closed]
Tumblr media
Prompt List
&: Angst, @: Fluff,
$: Suggestive (not for minor babies)
Too Late for Apologies (Lucifer) &
Two Truths and a Lie (Belphie) &
Consequences (Belphie) &
Too Good to be True (Mammon) @
Goodnight not Goodbye (Lucifer) &
Pride's Secret Heart(Lucifer) &@
Souvenir (Satan) @
Meant to be(Satan) @
Just for Show(Solomon) $
Your Royal Guard(Beel) @
Friends to Lovers(Levi) @
Cat Tricks (Satan) &@
Show Don't Tell (Lucifer) &@
Princely Desires(Diavolo) $
Lazy Cuddle Hours(Belphie) @
A Happier Ending(Satan) &
Liar Liar(Asmo) &
You'll Always be My First(Mammon) @&
Only Humans in the World (Solomon) @
Love in many forms(Beelzebub) @
Hold On Tight(Luke) @&
Playful Prince (Diavolo) $
Our Rain Song(Lucifer) @
Teasing the Tsundere(Mammon) $
Safe with Me(Mammon) @
Sly and Cozy (Belphegor) $
Not Alone (Leviathan) @
Fine By Myself (Mammon, Levi) &
Choose Me(Mammon) &@
The Angel's Type(Simeon) @
Bad Thoughts (Diavolo) $
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delusional-angel · 19 hours ago
a replaced!mc au pt. I 〚Libertas perfundet omnia luce.〛
"Freedom will flood all things with light."
This work was inspired by the writings of @pen-ink-therapy and @wafermelons who both opened my mind to angst and how cathartic writing and consuming it can be.
Imagine an alternate universe where the seven avatars who have come to love the MC with everything they have, reject them for another. They were demons all along; how could you think they would be stronger than temptations even mortal men are weak to? MC will begin a new journey and the brothers will lose what can't be replaced.
Warnings: mental abuse, emotional abuse, acts of violence, body shaming, bullying, suicidal ideation, poor mental health, angst, mentions of familial death.
Note: There will be n/sfw and yandere content in future installments because I am a ✨ w h o r e ✨
You had never realized how long the trek from RAD to the House of Lamentation was until you had to walk it alone. You ambled along in no particular hurry, your steps deliberately slow to put more time between you and your destination. The atmosphere matched the isolation you felt with a slightly damp breeze chilling your bones through your thick uniform and the cold from the cobblestone streets penetrating your shoes. The silence was deafening without chatter filling the empty spaces, so much so that your ears were ringing.
Why had you opted to take this walk alone? It was a death march where you were forced to go on or be left in the dirt because in your heart you knew that no one would turn back for you.
It was embarrassing, really. Something you would never dare admit to anyone you respected like Solomon, Simeon, and sure as fuck not Barbatos or Diavolo. You had politely declined Solomon’s invitation to walk home together because a part of you worried that it was out of pity. He had seen the strain between your and the brothers’ relationship and you didn’t want him to know to what extent the rift had grown. You didn’t want him to see you at your lowest. You couldn’t stand to see the disappointment you had grown accustomed to reflected in his eyes.
You declined his invitation, feeling ungrateful and even more ashamed, and stayed behind at RAD only leaving when enough students had cleared campus. Then, you would slowly walk home with a pathetic hope in your heart and burning shame on the back of your neck because you hoped with all of your being that someone would notice you weren’t there. Four months ago, someone or a whole group of the brothers would find you on your way back, flustered and worried when they didn’t find you at home yet.
“What took ya so long? I thought ya had already left without me, and then I get home and Beel’s sittin’ by the door like an overfed puppy waitin’ for ya to get back!” Mammon has his hands on his hips, but melts when you smile.
“What have we told you about staying behind? If there’s anything you need, be sure to tell me, sweetie, and I’ll rendezvous with you anywhere.” Asmo gives a conspiratorial wink as if Mammon and Levi weren’t there at all.
Levi huffs, trying to catch your attention, “We have to get snacks for movie night. If we miss the sale for the limited Ruri-pop snacks I’ll never forgive you.” He says this, but he’s already striding towards you and taking your hand with a spontaneous burst of confidence before he loses his nerve.
You once wanted them to stop worrying so much. Nothing bad could ever happen to you when you had them, and you did everything you could (when you weren’t being so reckless) to soothe their nerves.
But now? You missed those smothering days.
They didn’t notice when you were gone, and if they did, they didn’t even bother to shoot a text. You promised yourself for the last time—really meaning it this time, you swear—that this would be the last time you made your slow walk home in the hopes that someone would come for you. This hope was going to kill you. You could feel it.
Oh no, you were almost there. Your chest was tight, and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. Your lungs were trying to expand, but something was constricting them. You broke out into a cold sweat and your fingertips became ice cold and numb. A weight pressed down onto your shoulders and your vision went spotty. Not now, not here, please don’t have a panic attack. Just get inside, get upstairs, and please breathe.
You stood on the porch, gathering any courage you could find and took the ornate knob in your hand. You couldn’t even feel the icy brass due to your hand being numb from the cold. Twisting softly, as slowly as possible to avoid the tell-tale click that would echo in the foyer and alert your presence, you held your breath. You had found in the four months of growing isolation that going unnoticed was far easier on your heart than being ignored, and you prayed that you could get to your room without being heard or seen, because if you weren’t being ignored you were being—
You opened the heavy door just a bit to slip inside and, in that gap, you saw Danielle perched at the bottom of the stairway like she was waiting for something.
You couldn’t hate her even if you wanted to. Your eyes involuntarily softened as you took her in. If you two had met on earth, you would’ve been drawn to her and her light. Some people gave off a glow and brightened every room they entered without needing to say a word and she was one of them. A gentle nature paired with a fun personality and a taste for adventure made her hard not to love. Despite everything, you still wanted to be her friend, but you had to stamp those feelings down because you weren’t allowed to be in the same room as her. It was almost like they didn’t deem you fit to breathe the same air as her.
When you had been allowed to speak to her, before they realized how lovely she was and monopolized all of her time—when she could come to your room and stay for a few minutes before she was whisked away with a sneer from a demon—you really got along. She laughed at your jokes with an open-mouthed authenticity you hadn’t seen her do with the brothers. You had liked the same things and had friendly debates on things you disagreed on like you had known each other for years. She told you of her time traveling in a military family. The sights she had seen and the people she met who shaped her into who she was today.
What happened to you wasn’t her fault. However, that made what they did to you hurt even more. They weren’t forced to treat you that way.
It was a choice.
Danielle jumped from her spot and gingerly dashed to you, trying to avoid making the floorboards creak beneath her. Her eyes were alert and anxious, hands held out to push you back out of the front door, her words as hushed as possible but conveying an urgency that made your muscles begin to seize, “You have to go—.”
“MC.” The voice that could silence a room full of buzzing demons and hellspawn spoke your name in a way reserved for inconveniences, “Come here. Now.”
It was Lucifer. You and Danielle stared into each other’s eyes. You felt like you were going to throw up and the sweats were back in full force now. Her hands were still gently pressed against your shoulders as she had frozen too. Her pupils trembled and her lips were drawn into a tight line; However, she was the first to move. Exhaling and dropping her hands, she moved to your side and stood shoulder to shoulder with you. She steadied her back resolutely and clasped your hand in her own, locking your fingers together in solidarity.
“I’m not letting you go alone.” She said softly, but with unshakeable resolve.
The panic came back, though. If she was with you, they would think you were using her as a shield. 'She was too nice, of course she would defend you,' they would say. 'You’re low using such a sweet girl like that, MC. Can’t you take responsibility for anything? What are you so scared for?'
Because you were killed at least once, and you could be killed again any day but you couldn’t say that out loud.
You couldn’t do this. You barely worked up the nerve to get to the front door and now you were—! Why couldn’t they just leave you alone? You completely regretted wanting to be noticed. You should’ve been careful what you wished for.
Danielle felt you standing still as a statue beside her and turned to look at you. You stared ahead into the distance and your breaths were shallow. To her you looked like you were going to battle and she couldn’t deny that feeling. “One step at a time, MC. I’m with you.” She whispered in your ear and took one furtive step while still clasping your hand.
It would be much worse if you kept the avatar waiting. Not even Danielle’s radiant presence could save you then.
You both entered the kitchen where Lucifer decided to lambaste you today. He sat at the dining table, one leg crossed over the other and a hand atop a pile of papers. Beel stood at a corner with his back facing the scene, adding toppings to a mountain of a sandwich. Somehow, he felt Danielle’s presence and tilted around a bit to greet her, “Welcome home, Danielle.” His eyes didn’t even glance in your direction though your eyes searched for his. You hadn’t expected for him to block you out. To his credit, he was the last one who turned against you, holding out for an entire week even.
You pulled yourself from the mournful thoughts because you had more pressing matters at hand. You could feel Lucifer’s glare on you but couldn’t meet his eyes. Maybe if you kept your head down you could fade away. He observed your and Danielle’s hands clasped together, well…her hand was holding yours, but you still couldn’t feel your fingertips to return the gesture. All you could feel was your palm sweating against hers. He glanced up into her eyes, a silent question in his own, but she didn’t bat an eye and returned the stare.
He turned his attention back towards you, a harder edge to his glare and words after seeing Danielle choose your side. He lifted a sheaf of papers from the pile and asked a simple question, his tongue working over the words as if it was so simple that even a toddler could answer.
“Do you know what these are?” You looked up with your head still bowed slightly, not having the courage to expose your entire face in the light. You squinted slightly at the white sheets and blank spaces. They looked like school assignments, but why were they…?
“Don’t make me repeat myself again.”
Danielle’s hand gripped yours tighter and you could feel a slight tremor from her arm pressed against your own.
Your tongue felt numb, your syllables clumsy making you feel more incompetent by the second, “I-I…Those l-l-look like…” You took a shaky breath. Compose yourself. You just need to say one sentence. Just one simple answer and maybe you can just be silent and take the verbal lashing. “Those l-look like school—” your voice slurred, and you pronounced ‘school’ oddly, but you forced yourself to continue. “look like school papers…” your voice dropped into a hush around the end. You sounded like a vulnerable child about to receive punishment for acting naughty, but you were an adult god damn it! Why were you made to feel this way?
“Very good.” A cold smile that didn’t meet his eyes, tone dripping in sarcasm and venom ready to inject into your veins. “Now, would you enlighten me as to why they’re incomplete?”
Your eyes widened and you went rigid. If you made a move your muscles would scream bloody murder as now you were suffering a full body muscle spasm brought on by your anxiety. Fight, flight, freeze or faint.
“Some papers were half completed, but turned in. Then, they stopped being touched at all. So, tell me, MC. Why do you choose to shame me in front of Lord Diavolo by showing your complete disregard to his program and goals?”
Your mind went blank, but fragmented thoughts were racing at the same time. You tried to keep up with work, but then you couldn’t finish. And then, the assignment deadlines would pass and it would be too late to turn them in. You quickly lost your resolve to even try, because even if you tried your best, it wasn’t good enough. You couldn’t do anything right.
Danielle interjected when she could tell that your mouth went dry. “They’re doing the best they can, Luci.”
“But their best isn’t good enough!” His roar ripped through the air and blasted against you both. Danielle’s knees almost buckled and now you were bracing yourself against her to keep her upright.
His exclamation brought an audience. Levi came to the door with a scowl on his face, “Can’t you yell at them somewhere else? A raid is about to start!”
Somehow, Satan had moved to the kitchen with his nose buried in a book. You had realized his pretentious ass feigned reading when he was really just eavesdropping. He had to maintain an image of sophistication masking his actual pettiness at all times.
Mammon sauntered in with the widest grin on his face. He looked to you and then Lucifer and then back to you again. He was practically glowing in satisfaction when he gave you a thumbs up, “It’s nice ta have Lucifer yellin’ at someone else for a change. Nice goin’, human!” It was always ‘human’ nowadays, just like when you first got here. You think he forgot your name.
“Enjoy it now, Mammon.” Said Asmo. “That one won’t be here to always take away Lucifer’s attention.” He smiled sweetly, but gasped when he saw Danielle beside you. That smile became a sneer when he saw your hands. He held out his own and hurriedly beckoned to her like you were contagious. “Come here, darling. You don’t want to waste your time here with the same old, same old.”
Danielle nearly balked, but she turned her attention back to Lucifer. “You’re being too harsh. MC has been—”
Lucifer raised his hand to silence her and massaged his temples like you were bringing on a migraine. “Apparently I haven’t been harsh enough. If this mere mortal feels that they can skate by without consequence and smear my reputation with their ignorance, I have not been harsh enough. That was my failing as their better.” He sighed but straightened himself up into the pinnacle of authority he had always been. His back straight and eyes now trained on you and you alone. “So, what do you think I should do with you, human?”
You tucked your chin you couldn’t help it. You stared at the marble floor, but mentally you were miles away where no one could touch you. You had to remove yourself from the situation because if you took it all in, you would break into a million pieces and never be fixed. You managed to turn your ears off a bit to dull the banter from the sidelines into a soft buzz.
You shouldn’t have done that.
You were brought back to the here and now when a gloved hand clamped around your jaw and raised you head so high your neck ached and popped. His thumb and fingers pressed into you, putting pressure on your teeth, and bruising your skin and gums. Despite it all, your lips were the only things that could move as they trembled.
“Look at me when I am speaking to you.” Please don’t look into his eyes because if you do, you’ll truly break down, and it’ll be pathetic and it’ll be the last ounce of dignity you have being shattered against the floor. You’ll burst into tears and you’ll never stop, but if you don’t meet his eyes now, you feel that he’ll break your jaw in his grip.
Your eyes darted up, intending a quick glance but when you saw those red eyes directly for the first time in months it hit you at full force. Distaste and revulsion were the first emotions you could feel rolling off of him in waves. You had always been in tune with their feelings, but recently, you had prayed you could stop being so aware. Being blissfully ignorant could have saved you so much damage.
Ruby red irises and hot coal pupils stared you down. He was trying to find something, but you could feel the realization hit him, and disappointment wash over his features.
He nearly whispered but his voice had a quality that carried so that everyone could hear him, “To this day, I do not understand what possessed me to choose you. All for some angelic blood so diluted over millennia that there’s nothing of value left.”
That’s what broke you.
He shoved your face away in disgust and you managed to straighten your neck before you got whiplash. A thick sob tore from your throat and hiccups became pained wails as you bowled over with your forehead pressed against the cool marble tiles. Now that it started, you couldn’t stop. Wails became choked sputters and then you began to hyperventilate. You needed to breathe! You were gasping with all you had, greedily gulping like a suckerfish, but nothing was going down. Lack of air caused lightheadedness and you swayed on your knees.
Your eyes were open, you knew they had to be, but salty tears and technicolor blurs obscured your vision, compounding the nausea building its way up inside of you. You couldn’t breathe and if you threw up you felt you’d suffocate and drown. Your throat tried to reject whatever the nausea was trying to expel from within you, but you hadn’t eaten anything of substance in so long that you merely dry heaved pathetically. You didn’t have to look up to see the complete revulsion from the demons standing above you.
“Gross~ I didn’t know normies could make those sounds.”
“It’s like they’re hacking up a hairball.”
“I hope Danielle can’t do anything like that.”
“Don’t be crazy! Of course not!”
The words make it even worse, but please block it out. You have to hold on. This panic attack was unlike any you had ever felt and not only were you physically bracing yourself, but you were also trying to hold on to your mind with trembling hands. You were going over the edge, and you were the only one who could grab your hand and save you from the fall.
You had seen mental breakdowns before. Even if the person survived there would be something off in their eyes. They could recover, but they would never be entirely the same and you couldn’t risk losing yourself. You were the only you that you had.
Four months. Four months could undo a year of hard work. A year of baring your soul and trusting your heart to them. If they didn’t kill you, you just might.
“MC, please!” Danielle was kneeling beside you. How long had she been there? You hadn’t noticed. “Listen to my voice.” She placed her hands over your mouth, firm but gentle. “You have to breathe slowly. Breathe through the gaps in my fingers.” She had to sidle over to wrap an arm around you in your hunched over position.
“What are you doing, Danielle?” a bewildered explanation came from someone, “What if they throw up on you?” That was their main concern.
“Breathe deeply into your diaphragm and hold it, okay? Ten seconds, that’s all you have to do.” She spoke softly over your shoulder, and you tried to follow her instructions. Shallow breaths wracked your frame, but you tried to stabilize for her. You didn’t want to waste her kindness.
Polished dress shoes stood in front of you, signaling who towered over you. You didn’t have to look up to see his face. You knew.
“You can only manipulate someone so much until you’ve exhausted your welcome, MC.” He dropped the papers over you, “Aren’t you tired of inconveniencing others? I believe we’ve all been very hospitable towards you. All things considered.”
You turned your head just slightly to look towards the counter nearest the refrigerator. Beelzebub still stood there but with a slice of bologna hanging from his mouth. His eyes met yours and he held your gaze for a few seconds before turning away. Deeming it all too much to deal with.
You gave a final exhale as you pressed your forehead against the tile once more. You knelt in a humiliating prostration at the feet of one of the most powerful demons as a fellow human had her hand over your mouth, instructing you how to breathe.
It was almost funny.
“Go to your room and finish all of these assignments. Don’t even think of coming for dinner as I don’t want to see your miserable face.” He looked down his nose at Danielle but couldn’t muster any anger towards her. “It would be beneficial for everyone.”
‘Beneficial like when you lied to your brothers and kept one trapped in an attic because you didn’t want to admit how fucked your family was to your boss? Like how you claim to care about your family but you wag your tail like a bitch in heat whenever Diavolo is mentioned? You hide behind your role as a dutiful aid to his highness, but you’re truly just a fucking coward.’ you thought, and it shocked you how it came so smoothly. You never allowed yourself to criticize them before so where was this coming from?
You whispered to Danielle, “You should go.” It could get worse if you took up anymore of her attention and you could feel the claws coming out.
“See!” Asmo exclaimed, “MC’s so ungrateful that they don’t even want your attention so just come with us, okay?” He reached out his hand again and after giving one final glance she reached out to him. If Asmo was rejected in favor of another, it would not bode well for all parties involved.
“To your room. Now.” Lucifer kicked up dust, maybe involuntarily, maybe intentionally as he left you where you were.
You could hear shuffling. Several pairs of feet moving away and circling the girl like a caged canary that brought them so much joy. You were left with the silence and once again your ears began to ring.
┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊
┊         ┊       ┊   ┊   ˚✩ ⋆。˚  ✩
┊         ┊       ┊   ✫
┊         ┊       ☪⋆
┊ ⊹      ┊
✯ ⋆      ┊ .  ˚
Back in ‘your’ room tucked off of the kitchen, you sat at the desk with your eyes closed. This wasn’t your room. You had been made aware that you were merely inhabiting a space here in the brothers’ home on the Demon Lord’s orders. Nothing more. While you were merely a guest, they had refurbished and given Danielle a room upstairs so that she could be closer to them. She noticed the inequality, so you told her you liked having a quiet little spot. She pretended to believe you.
Your head still spun, but you were feeling better as you held on to the little peace you had. The small act of defiance. That comeback you had for Lucifer invigorated you although you kept it locked tight in your head. When had you ever truly rebelled? When you found the attic room and freed Belphegor so that he and his oldest brother could reconcile? When you risked your life—and died—for their sakes?
You always played nice, but at what cost?
Your identity.
Your self-worth.
When was the last time you put yourself first? Maybe a little before you first met the brothers, and then self-preservation came secondary to fixing their plethora of identity crises and daddy issues.
You were truly at your lowest point in life, you could feel it. The emotional turmoil transformed into physical pains that crushed your lungs and strained your heart. An incessant throb wracked your brain and shuffled already scattered thoughts. Freezing cold hands wouldn’t stop trembling and the lights in this room felt too bright. This was the worst you had ever felt down in the devildom, and none of the demons under your pact came to console you. You could feel traces of them in the pact marks that only glowed when you called for them, but you felt nothing coming back from their end. You knew for a fact that they could tell when you were sad and hurting—they had always broken down the door to get to you before you even realized you were sad—but not anymore. The throb in the back of your head dulled when you realized they were ignoring it all. Like muffling a ringing phone beneath a pillow, they would stifle your psychic calls until they stopped coming.
Your D.D.D vibrated in your pocket, catching you completely by surprise. You paused for a moment, not knowing what to do with it, but you gingerly plucked it from your pocket and slowly raised it to your face to look at the notification. From the Solomon, Luke and Simeon group chat.
Solomon: MC? Did you get home safely? I was waiting for your ‘I’m home’ text or call and it’s already been 15 min.
Simeon: Lokw os
Simeon: Luke os bry
Simeon: Luke is vry
Solomon: ‘Luke is very angry with me for not walking you home and he’s refused to speak to either of us until you call him and let him know that you’re safe.’ Did I get all of that, Simeon?
Simeon: (*’∀’人)♥
Solomon: Luke, I can tell you’re reading in the chat.
Solomon: Your leaving just proved it.
Solomon: sigh…MC…Please just let me know where you are. We’re worried about you. We always have been.
Simeon: MC, please remember what I told you. I’ve never forgotten.
Luke: (*〇□〇)……!
Solomon: I agree, Luke. Maybe he’s using talk-to-text? But that’s beside the point. MC, we’re giving you 45 minutes to respond, and if you don’t, we’ll come get you ourselves. Luke is still pouting in the corner.
Luke has left the chat.
What the hell… When did the tears stop? You touched your cheek to find that the tear tracks had dried and a careful smile traced your lips. Even when you had been at your lowest… They had always been watching you. Remember what Simeon had said?
He had asked for you to meet him in the art classroom after school had ended. He leaned back against the drying rack and the flowing sheer curtains fluttering around him in the evening breeze was a sight to see. When he noticed you enter, a gentle smile tinged with regret graced his features. Everything he did took your breath away, even after knowing each other for over a year.
“I’m glad you could make it. I was willing to wait all night.” He smiled.
“Of course, I came! I didn’t want to keep you waiting.” You shuffled in and plopped down your bag, taking a seat so he had your full attention. He must’ve had something important to say and you were worried. This was only a month into the new exchange program so you had hoped no one would notice a change in you. Silly MC, how could you evade the watch of an angel?
“I just wanted to be alone with you,” He began, finding the words to not scare you away, “I wanted to make sure that you understand how much you mean to me.” Your eyes started to burn. You sniffled to avoid any dripping issues, but if he said anymore you wouldn’t be able to hold your emotions back.
“MC, please know that you’re never alone.” You shook your head and looked down. “I know, I know.” Agree with him now before he says anymore because if he does, you will break down and it won’t be pretty.
Dammit he wasn’t stopping.
He smoothly dropped on bended knee and carefully took your balled-fists into his hands. He looked up at you with aquamarine eyes like you were the finest jewel to him. “I cannot do anything until you ask me to. I cannot act until I am given permission. I watch and I’ve always been watching, and I’m worried for you, MC.”
You bowed your head, the tears falling into your lap. “Whenever you need or want me, even if it’s for nothing at all, please tell me. I will always be here.”
That was three months ago now, and you didn’t do it. The more time that passed, the worse things got and the more embarrassed you would be to admit all that you went through. It was also embarrassing how much it all hurt you. If only you knew that the people who cared wouldn’t pity you, but instead would be furious for your sake.
Ya live and ya learn, right?
A warmth bloomed in your heart as you reread the group chat over and over. Months spanned over a year and there had always been warmth. Laughs, security, jokes and shared knowledge. Plans to meet up, discussing the fun had afterwards, learning more and more about each other when one of them couldn’t fall asleep and then a sleepy rambling Luke waking up too because he also wanted to talk to you at night. Then, him falling asleep with the D.D.D in his hand and accidentally typing more gibberish.
You were grinning now, gazing at the screen that comforted you. You needed to organize your priorities right now. Get it all out on the table, see what you needed and what you didn’t and move on from there. The love that you felt for the angels and Solomon, and even Diavolo and Barbatos couldn’t be crushed so easily, but you had also felt this way about the brothers until very recently.
You didn’t stop loving them, you were saving yourself.
One month, was simply being forgotten.
“I’m sorry, MC! I thought Levi would tell you.”
“Why did you think that? I was sure Mammon would tell!”
“I was so focused on the slots, of course I couldn’t think of anything’ else!”
With the second month, came the cold shoulder.
“You wanted to go, MC? I didn’t think that club was your scene, y’know? So many different people, I didn’t want you to get stressed out.”
“I saw the new café and Danielle was the first person I thought of. You can come next time if you want.”
“I have the worst luck when I’m with ya so I asked Danielle to come instead, and then I won like twenty racks! Ya can’t ruin this for me now!”
“It’s a more upscale restaurant and I knew that Danielle could hold her own with the affluent better than you could.”
The third month solidified your worst fears:
Mammon hit you the hardest. You noticed him beginning to pull away. You only got to hang out with Danielle a bit before the rest realized how wonderful she was. Soon, Mammon would come cozying up to her. Burying his head under her chin and wrapping his arms around her waist, begging for affection like he would do to you just a week prior. He didn’t have time for hanging out anymore, but always had plans to do something with Danielle as he nervously prepped to have some time with her.
He was always a bit money hungry, but you already knew that. However, you didn’t expect he would treat you like meat.
You found the pictures on social media. Candid photos of you whether in class or at home when you were minding your own business. None of them were risqué, but there was a voyeuristic perverted quality as a hidden camera spied on the seemingly most vulnerable human at RAD. The source led to him, and there was a fight to which he never apologized until the end. Mammon was selling photos of you to greedy buyers with unconventional interests and fantasies. The one brother who would protect you with his life was using your image to make chump change to fund his outings with Danielle.
Diavolo found out and reprimands were in order. When Lucifer scolded mammon at home, it was for being caught and he didn’t mention a single thing about your autonomy! You were scolded as well, because surely, Diavolo heard about it from the scene you made.
This was the first true betrayal.
It would get worse.
The last few times you joined Mammon and Danielle at the casino, he swore she was his lucky charm. He once kept you close, never out of arms-length because he was sure Lady Luck was guiding his hand when you were around. Now, he had Danielle blow on his dice and he won big every time. He treated you like a pestilent, sending you out of view. Danielle would try to find you in the crowd and he would lie and say you were at the slots or something. You watched from the corner as he told a bald-faced lie and notice that Danielle’s brows would knit in concern and her lips frown as she tried to search for lies. She didn’t feel right about this, but she didn’t know what she could do with his grip on her forearm rooting her in place.
The last time you went, you dressed to the nines. You were going to have fun with Danielle even if it killed you. Mammon didn’t glance or compliment you even once, but you caught her eye and she tried to keep close to you all night, keeping you near to talk even when Mammon fumed with you so close to the table as he kept her as close as possible.
He lost some and started taking shots. His temper was flaring, and you could feel static heat racing up your spine. “Would you like to dance?” Danielle stretched out her hand for yours and you took one step towards her and your shoe broke. “Told ya, they’re unlucky.” He snickered and grabbed for Danielle once more.
“I’ll help you—!” she started but you already raised a palm and told her you would be alright. You’d go ask for a spare or something. She frowned and didn’t turn away even when you disappeared in the crowd, Mammon forcing her to turn her back and pulling her into the mass of bodies on the dancefloor. You went home and crawled into bed.
Levi was always immature when it came to something he was passionate about. He didn’t like being beaten in games, but he hated when his partners weren’t up to standard.
“You’ve never even played before. Why did I let you on my team?” He whined as he saved you from an enemy. He had never been like this before. He had always been grateful when you showed interest in the things he liked and actually tried to get into them with him, but he found someone else he found more suitable.
You were having trouble aiming at a distant target and being watched so critically definitely wasn’t helping. “Come on, just shoot already!” You shot and missed at the enemy that pinned him down. His player character was shot in the head and the round ended with your team losing and the failed music track filling the room to rub it in.
He threw his arms out with a scream, just furious with the outcome and knowing it wasn’t his fault, when his knuckles clipped your front tooth. You reeled back, tears prickling your eyes and blood gushing from your mouth like a broken dam. It felt like every nerve ending in your head was exposed and screaming. Willing the tears away, you managed to force you eyes open to stare dumbly at the broken tooth in your hand.
“It wasn’t my fault! You were in the way! This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t lost us the match.” He sat back and crossed his arms indignantly. The Levi you knew would have tripped over himself rushing to your aid, trying to recall every medical scene from his anime that he could pull from to help you. This Levi huffed and didn’t even apologize. You had to collect your self and stumble to the bathroom to rinse off and staunch the constant flow of blood. Then, you would make your way to Purgatory Hall to ask Simeon to repair your tooth.
He looked like he had been burned.
His eyes had never widened so much, blue irises losing color and nearly becoming white as he staggered back against the wall behind him. He bit his bottom lip before gently asking questions.
“It was an accident.”
“I can only act if you tell me…”
“It was an accident.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“I’m sorry.”
He bonded your tooth for you in silence and you left feeling like you had betrayed him. When you returned home, no one mentioned the incident. No one had noticed and Levi hadn’t told. You stopped hanging out with him after that. If you made too much noise he would pound on your ceiling to shut up, but you could hear his enthusiastic wails all hours of the day. You began to really hate his voice.
You hated all of their voices.
Satan had always been a pretentious prick, but it couldn’t be helped because he was well read, right? Where you once had book exchanges and discussed your thoughts, he would rush through the books you lent him to return them before you could even finish one of the books he loaned you. Where he once listened thoughtfully to your opinions, his eyes glazed over waiting for you to finish. His body language and actions even started to rush you. Rolling his eyes, body facing somewhere away from you, making hand gestures to go on.
When he did respond, it was to tell you why your analysis was wrong and that you clearly missed the mark. 'You just couldn’t see the author’s true intentions and it's upsetting because it's hard to miss.' in his humble opinion. He claimed to be upset because there were so many books he wanted to share with you, but you foolishly couldn’t read the languages.
The next moment, you saw him patiently teaching Danielle the dead languages so that she could read with him.
“You just don’t get it do you?”
“I knew your limited brain capacity wouldn’t keep up, but I still hoped…”
“This isn’t worth it. Just return the book.”
You feared for your life again when you left a book you had borrowed in your desk at school. “I-I’m sorry, Satan, but I can run back to campus and get it back!” You were already putting your shoes back on at the front door, but that couldn’t save you.
“You idiot! That was one of only five copies in the three realms, and you ‘left it at school’?” He mocked your voice. “How could you handle other people’s property so lightly? How could you be so inconsiderate? Had you always been this way or was I just too blind to see it?”
He advanced towards you and you staggered back into the wall on instinct. You felt so small as your body trembled in the corner. It was an accident, but every word would only be an excuse and make things worse.
“I should’ve never let you borrow something so valuable; that was my fault, but I’ll be sure that you never make the same mistake again.” His sclera had shifted into blood red and his teeth were too big for his mouth, but you could hear every threat clear as day. You could still hear them clearly in your head whenever you were alone.
He couldn’t physically harm you due to the pacts, but he could have you hurt. An upwards palm from him had your body lifting into the air, your fingers on the wall not keeping you stationary. A sideward slash sent you spiraling into a distant wall outside of the kitchen. You crashed into it on your back. Having recently been reinforced, your body hadn’t crashed through it entirely, the wood, steel, and plaster crushing around you and cushioning your impact with jagged scraping edges. The back of your head took it hard, and your vision went white for a few painfully long seconds. Your shoulder blades caught jagged pieces. You could feel your shirt ripping and the sting of fresh cuts bleeding and mixing with the dust and insulation.
He huffed as if he had been overexerted, you could see beads of sweat on his temples. He was tense from rage he couldn’t act on and the restraint made him even angrier. “Never show yourself in front of me again!”
And you didn’t from that day forward. You were left to pry yourself from the wall, drop to the floor, and drag yourself back to your room where you lay exhausted. You never told anyone about this and certainly didn't ask Simeon to patch you up. You tried your best to disinfect to avoid infection and couldn't care about the possibility of scarring.
The wall had been repaired with no questions asked. The others joked about Satan’s anger issues being almost as expensive as “Beel’s” and that was that.
Asmodeus was the most venomous. You had always known it, but chose to focus on his inner beauty. Famous last words.
“I didn’t invite you because the clothes won’t fit you. They cater to more…” He looked thoughtfully, “A certain more elegant figure, you know?”
“You just don’t have the look, sweetie.”
“Just look up some routines on Deviltube if you need help.” He would answer flippantly with a gesture to go away, not even looking in your direction.
He had once called you beautiful.
Your self-care days were over.
“Oh, you’re still wearing that? I guess you could say it’s retro despite only being two season old…You do you, sweetie!”
You used the old clothes he once bought you because you no longer went shopping with anyone and didn’t know where to go. You could ask the Purgatory Hall boys but the risk of making them feel like the last resort would kill you so you didn’t.
“Are you sure you want to eat that, MC?” you had grown used to his saccharine concerns as a sheer shroud over malicious intent. He gazed at you up and down before pouting in thought.
“I’m just worried about you,” he continued, “You’ve been getting a little…how do I say it?” He touched his temple in thought and as if a lightbulb lit over his head, he gleefully grabbed nonexistent fat around his mid-section and pretended to squeeze at it.
“You’re getting a little round around here. I’ve noticed your uniform is getting tighter, honey. You’ll have to get new measurements done at the school store.” He giggled coquettishly.
He found you alone in the kitchen rummaging the bare pantry where you found an open box half-filled with stale crackers. That would be your dinner and you were grateful for it.
Despite not having a meal in so long, you tended to bloat from water being your only food. You could get a pack of crackers from school sometimes if you could get to the vending machines and it was always a blessed day when Luke found you and forced you to share his lunchbox.
Not having eaten something with substance in so long, however, would make you sick in a few bites and have you holding back vomit until you could sneak to a bathroom. You hoped Luke didn’t think it was his cooking, so you started disappearing around lunch time. There was no food to pack a lunch at home and no food was ever saved for you. You couldn’t have breakfast or dinner because Satan would be there, Beelzebub would eat your plate no matter how early you arrived, and Asmodeus seemed to take a sick interest in watching you eat.
“I’m just trying to help you be a better you.” He said, “I know it’s hard work, and you may feel it’s hopeless, but even you could polish yourself, you know?”
You stared at him painfully. There was so much you could say, but if you tried to open your mouth the dam would break. You kept the crackers and went to your room. “Good talk, by the way!” He called after you.
You hope he chokes.
Beelzebub considered himself a silent protector, but he was simply a bystander to it all. You once worked out together, attended all of his games, and he even dedicated his wins to you even when you told him it was all his hard work. Now, he changed his workout times like he was avoiding you and didn’t keep to the routines you two made. He never had time and didn’t invite places. You used to run errands together and now, he said you couldn’t come, or he just plainly didn’t want you there.
How did this happen?
He stopped inviting you to games, stopped reserving tickets so that you could see him as close as possible in his glory. Those seats were reserved for Danielle and you had to feign disinterest in sports so she wouldn’t feel bad. You fell out of the school spirit scene.
He passed you by in the hallways both at home and school, and he stopped trying to hold himself back from gobbling your food. It was now him glancing at your taken aback expression and giving a firm, “You snooze you lose.” Which everyone minus Danielle thought was so hilarious.
You realized you were food soon after.
You were awakened by a crunching. Snaps and crunches drew your attention to a large and dark figure huddled over the vanity. This mass was darker than black and you had no problem finding it in the gloom. “So hungry…” It groaned and you knew who it was. “Beel.”
His head whipped around, eyes flashing in the dark like a beast’s. Yellow and glowing in the dark room, this startled you and you immediately flicked on the bedside lamp. He held old jars of creams and unused makeup and other things you stopped giving a shit about. Lipstick tubes were hanging from his maw and his eyes were glazed over, as he was concerned with one thing and one thing only. “Beel, you’re sleepwalking.” “So hungry…”
“Beel, stop!” And he froze. His eyes were still blank, but he followed your command. “Let me go and get out of here!” Your shrieks alerted the rest of the house as they all shambled in to see what was disturbing the rare night of them all being asleep at once. “What is the meaning of this, MC?”
You huffed, and moved to get up so you could gently steer him to the kitchen. You startled when you noticed he was so close and already looming over you. His expression hadn’t changed. “So hungry…” The groan was now a growl. “Beel, please wa—!” His hand, so large and hot, was gripping your forearm in a second. He squeezed and wrenched it upward and towards his gaping mouth. Had he always had rows of sharp teeth?
“Beel, get out and don’t come back!” He released your hand and was already mindlessly shuffling from the room, the brothers sending him worried looks as he retreated.
“I will have an explanation, MC.” Lucifer was in your face and standing at full height like his presence was enough to earn some obedience from you. You had used your pact for once, and felt reassured for the first time in so long that you didn’t recognize what it felt like.
“He was trying to eat me.” You responded gruffly, glaring up at him and over the bullshit.
He looked taken aback at your direct stare, but quickly frowned harshly. “That’s what he does. He sleep eats.” He acts like he’s explaining something to a child, but you’re only getting angrier.
“That doesn’t give him the right—”
“You’re merely prey to him!” He booms before you can bring up a very valid point and the words die on your tongue. He must have authority at all times, and he will force it from your hands before he loses it to a mere human.
He turns to the remaining brothers sans Beelzebub and Belphegor who was still asleep. No one had come to your defense and Danielle tended to sleep in headphones so she hadn’t heard you.
“Everyone back to your rooms,” he called to them, signally that this little thing was over. He turned to you with a withering look before he left you in silence again, “I will not have another disturbance from you.”
The door slammed shut behind him.
Could you ever have truly trusted Belphegor?
Once forgiven and you saving his relationship with his brothers for a second time, he clung to you like the most spoiled child with a sadistic streak. He delighted in monopolizing your time and keeping you close so he could nestle into you during his hour long “naps” no matter what you had to do. It was suffocating and he had never apologized for anything he had done—ever—but you lived with it. Even found comfort in the quiet that came lying near each other when you needed some time to think or not think at all.
But then, he found a new toy. One he didn’t break.
He didn’t have time for you, he didn’t make room for you. You were a pestilence that ruined everything you touched. Soft smiles and fingertips lightly brushing together beneath the dinner table vanished and now you were perfect for bouncing jokes off of. He figured himself a comedian with his dry humor.
Wanting your pillow back, you carefully ascended the attic, feeling like you were entering a lion’s den every step of the way. He was curled up with a sleeping Danielle, but his eyes opened on you as soon as you got close enough.
“Um, hi, Belphie.” You stopped where you stood and fiddled with your hands. You had to hurry before you lost his attention, but get your point out carefully so he wouldn’t feel attacked. “I just wanted to know if I could have my pillow back?”
He rolled his eyes and turned his back to you, getting more comfortable against Danielle before he would fall asleep. “I threw it away.” He said, “’Had a bad smell. Didn’t smell like Danielle.”
He curled against her neck. “Get out, I’m trying to sleep.”
You left.
Something that you never expected—who were you fucking kidding?—you didn’t expect any of this shit to happen. You just wished it hadn’t happened.
One morning, you were awakened out of a dead sleep you hadn’t known you took. You were wearing your clothes from the day before and your homework lay on the desk undone. The lights had been left on and you lay atop the covers instead of under them.
“Wha—?” You couldn’t even slur with your dry mouth. Lucifer had the task of shaking you awake. The disdainful curling of his lips not being lost to your bleary eyes.
“W-What happened?” You asked before he could turn away.
“Belphie put you to sleep before we went out last night.” He answered matter-o-factly.
Your mouth opened and you had to force sound to come out before he left, “Wh-Why? Did he use his power? Wh-Why did he put me to sleep?” Your voice sounded pathetic but you felt pathetic.
“Because we were all going out last night and we didn’t want you asking questions. Annoying questions like now. I was wise to think ahead.” A small self-satisfied grin lit his features before sharp eyes lowered to you again, looking down his nose at you.
“Now get ready for school. I will not allow you to miss a day of class no matter what. There is only so much shame you can bring me, and escape unscathed.”
You had really lost your autonomy here.
You shook your head. Lucifer wasn’t even worth remembering. It was almost as if his existence was the root of all suffering. You blew air through your teeth, feeling a calm wash over you. You pulled up the PH group chat and found your thumb moving on its own.
MC: Hi, guys. I’m sorry it took so long, but I’ll be coming to visit soon whether you like it or not! I haven’t felt this good in so long. I really miss you all.
You grinned and one single tear flowed down your cheek. They did make you so happy.
Luke: You didn’t call me, but I forgive you!
Simeon: (*≧∀≦*)
Solomon: ☜(˚▽˚)☞
Luke: ┌╏ º □ º ╏┐
Luke: I’ll be waiting, the cupcakes are cooling now! We can decorate together! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
MC: I can’t wait to see you guys. See ya in a few!
Locking the screen you stood up and stretched your aching body. Everything hurt, but it wasn’t unpleasant. It felt more like weakness was leaving the body. You grinned, 'Oh my gosh, am I becoming some kinda pervert?' You shook your head playfully. Your dry hair swished around you and you looked into the mirror for the first time and truly saw yourself. Tapping a brittle fingernail against glass, you gazed at the combination dry/oily skin and anxiety-induced acne on the person before you. They stared back as if they were waiting for you to say what they’ve been needing to hear from you.
“We’ve gotta get you some self-love, bitch.” You smiled at the person smiling back before grabbing some toiletries and heading to the bathroom. You deserved a hot shower and a deep condition.
You wore a facial cleanser as you styled your hair over the dusty vanity you hadn’t touched since that night. You were looking better already, as if you were reborn or something. Love was overflowing from your heart and you were practically glowing. ‘Could this be Simeon’s influence?’ You smiled as you thought back to him. There was so much you two had to discuss, but firstly, you would hold onto him and never let him go.
You wore the clothes you were wearing when you had arrived in the devildom for the first time. Not the things Asmodeus had bought you. They weren’t you and never had been. You didn’t need to conform to Devildom standards and sure as fuck not his. You hadn’t been friendly to yourself in a long time, and you needed to start now. The clothes fit like a glove and as you gazed at yourself in the full-length mirror you avoided from Asmodeus’s influence, you had no idea what he was talking about. ‘The twink’s got bad taste.’ You thought as you turned around to get a look at your ass. You hadn’t been working out since you lost a gym buddy, but you could still get it.
You were doing something that would mark the end of the dream turned nightmare with the demon brothers of House of Lamentation. You packed a school bag of only the most valuable things which weren't much. You weren’t bringing anything linked to this house, even a toothbrush. You were going to have to pick something up from a store and borrow the rest from your new roomies you were going to impose on. You didn’t need to think hard about what you would bring.
A teddy bear that came in a matching pair with Luke’s. A beautiful and delicate teacup with matching spoon and saucer gifted from Barbatos that was too precious you hadn’t removed it from its box since the day you received it. A matching friendship bracelet with Diavolo. He secretly wore his beneath his sleeves every day and would playfully flash it whenever he caught your eye. It looked pretty juvenile with its colorful woven strands and bronze charms but it was yours and had both your initials in it. Lastly, was a pashmina you swore was softer than any cloud in the sky. Simeon had wrapped it around you one chilly day, stating he had brought it from the Celestial realm just for you. He made you feel so special.
Just one more thing and you could leave. Walk straight out of the front door with dignity and never look back. You dug into the underwear drawer for something you had brought from home that made you feel grounded. No matter where you were, you were never truly alone because you had your grandmother’s ring. This ring was proof that she had lived and loved you. No matter where her soul was, she always loved you and you would never stop loving her. Holding this ring in your trembling palm got you through many panic attacks, and not being able to find it amidst the underwear and socks was quickly bring up another one.
“No, no, please be there…” you whimpered when you couldn’t find it no matter how frantically you searched. You froze. Traces of yellow aftereffects lead from the drawer, so feint you would’ve missed them. That greedy motherfucker. You leaned back on your heels and sucked in a breath through your gritted teeth. Your hands gripped the edge of the drawer so hard that the wood broke and splintered in your palms. The shock brought you back, but didn’t elicit a peep from you. You looked at your palms and ripped a few splinters out with your fingers until you decided it was sufficient.
They really couldn’t leave you alone until the end, huh?
You strode to the common room with purpose. Playful chatter flowed into the hallways as you got closer and closer to the source. You normally would’ve retreated. Held your breath and ran the other way like a field mouse. Satan was in there and he had his spells where he didn’t need to touch you and Beelzebub had his hunger, and Asmodeus had his weaponized words, but that only made you angrier. Fuck that and fuck them. You sped into the room and stood where you could observe the room, looking from face to face until your eyes locked on your target.
The banter died down at your shocking presence. Danielle was the only one who visibly perked up and was already shuffling off of the couch “MC!”, evading needy hands and clambering towards you. Lucifer awoke from the shock and was rising from his seat.
“MC! I thought I told you to—"
“Mammon, have you seen my ring.”
Recognition flashed in his eyes, but he pushed it down and met you with a bored indifference and a scoff. “What ring? There are tons of rings around ‘ere. Ya expect me to keep up with one?” He acted as if it was such an inconvenience, leaning back in his seat and putting his feet on the ottoman and hands behind his head in mock relaxation.
You sighed. He was going to force your hand, wasn’t he? “Where is my ring?”
He was pissed that you weren’t letting this go. “I already told ya I don’t have your damn ring! Why do ya think it was me, huh?”
“Because it's always you.” You said in a monotone.
He was up on his feet now. “How fuckin’ dare you! What does a shitty little ring matter, anyway? The band wasn’t even real gold! I didn’t even make cab fair with the thing!” His hands were up in the air in exasperation. He was in your face whining like he was the victim because he didn’t make his asking price.
“That was my grandmother’s ring and you knew that.”
“Why should I care? Your grandma’s dead and what’s the point of holding on to some shitty ring? I might as well get some use outta it if it’s just gonna sit around.”
Your head tilted only slightly as an incomprehensible smile stretched across your lips. Your grandmother’s passing was still fresh in your mind while these brothers had millennia to mourn their sister. They held altars in her glory, and even a creepy little bedroom replica and you never criticized a thing. You were always the enabler, never a bad word for anyone.
Did you try to be Mother Theresa or something? The dam would break again, but it would not be your tears shed tonight.
Your eyes looked like murder and your smile foretold destruction.
“You god damned hypocrite.”
.  *     ✦     .      ⁺   .⁺       ˚
.  *     ✦     .      ⁺   .
.      ⁺        ⁺
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property-of-diavolo · a day ago
prince’s dream
the people asked for a part two of prince’s nightmare and i am nothing if not a people pleaser
angst to fluff
tw: literally so much blood, nightmare scenario, inability to move, claws, biting, choking, death
Diavolo stood in front of the metal door. He had to find you. He could almost hear your voice. He opened the door and walked into the church with the red stained glass windows. He didn’t see anyone. The room was silent. But he knew you were calling for him. He moved forward, glancing down the pews as he made his way down the aisle. 
When he looked back at the altar, he saw a confessional standing in the middle. His feet continued to carry him to the booth, stopping in front of it. 
“My King…” Your voice was tired, as if you’d been screaming over and over again. He glanced at the floor where he watched a growing pool of blood reach his shoes. His fingers hovered near the curtain, twitching at the sound of your voice again. “Do what you want to me… I am yours…” 
Diavolo opened the curtain and saw you in the booth with your wrists bound together with a bright red rope. Blood streaked your chin and body as if it had just stopped spilling from your lips. You were naked sitting on the bench, legs spread wide for the demon king between them. Diavolo had opened the curtain just in time to watch him sink his teeth into your inner thigh.
Your empty eyes watched him stand there as his father bit into you. He tried to make himself move, speak, do anything to stop what was happening. He watched his father’s claws dig into your skin and you let out a pained moan, breaking eye contact with Diavolo and running your bound hands lovingly through the demon’s hair. Blood poured from you, painting the floor red. 
Finally, Diavolo’s body responded to his instinct and he grabbed his father’s neck and pulled him away from you, splattering your blood on himself in the process. He pulled him out of the booth and didn’t notice the room outside was now the palace hearing chamber. 
“What do you want with them?” He growled, eyes trained on the demon king.
“S-stop…” You wheezed as blood dripped from your lips again. Diavolo glanced at you, you were now kneeling on the floor in front of the booth, covered in red. “I… love him…” His hand instinctively tightened around the King’s neck. 
“He only hurts you!” Diavolo growled again, eyes shooting back to the demon whose throat he was gripping. He was surprised to see his father replaced by his own likeness. 
“Dia… volo…” Your voice sounded more pained and you spat blood. 
Diavolo couldn’t stop himself. His grip remained tight on his doppelganger. “He’s not me… I would never…” 
“But… I did…” His copy’s last words before slumping in Diavolo’s hand, melting into blood under his grip. 
Diavolo glanced around the room. It was full of masquerade attendees. “He killed the prince!” One shouted. It sparked the others to mob around him, calling him a prince killer. He tried to push them away but they swarmed him. He was frozen in place and started to lose his breath, drowning in his own constituents. 
Diavolo’s eyes shot open, staring at the dark ceiling of his bedroom. Another nightmare. He’d been having variations of this dream every night since the first, almost two weeks ago. He hadn’t been sleeping well at all. He always jerked awake in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.
This was the first time he saw himself in the dream though. He buried his face in his hands. Prince killer. It was true that he was still upset about having to push you away. Were you still upset? He’d kept his distance the past couple of weeks with his princely duties. You stopped attending student council.
“MC…” He sighed and rolled over in his bed. 
The next morning, Diavolo texted Lucifer asking him to come over. It happened to be the weekend so he didn’t have much going on today. He arrived and Barbatos prepared tea for them. 
“Thank you for coming, Lucifer.” Diavolo said, taking a sip of tea.
“Of course.” He responded. Lucifer had noticed Diavolo was acting strange since that first nightmare, but Diavolo hadn’t mentioned the dream repeated itself each night. “You seem exhausted.” He added.
“That’s what I wanted to talk about, actually.” Diavolo said before hesitating. “I’ve… been having nightmares. Every night.”
“Oh?” Lucifer thought for a moment. “About MC?” 
Diavolo chuckled. “What gave it away?” He watched the movement of his tea in the cup as he lifted it. 
“You haven’t been yourself since the night you texted me at 3am.” Lucifer calmly recalled. “And MC is upset about something related to you.” 
Diavolo sighed. “I guess I’ll fill you in then.” He began describing the nightmares, leaving out some of the stranger turns. Then, he went into more detail on the latest nightmare. “I thought it meant they were in danger, being with me. I thought it was a sign I should call it off. But…” 
“But you love them.” Lucifer said. 
“I’m afraid… my father will murder them if he finds out I wedded a human. That I made a human an equal ruler to myself.” Diavolo paused before his last statement. “I’m afraid he’ll see them as my greatest weakness.”
“Are they?” Lucifer asked. 
“They make me feel happy… loved, for the first time in my life.” Diavolo held back tears. “How could I… push them away?” He buried his face in his hands to hide his emotions from Lucifer. “I would endure anything for them. I finally have a purpose for all of this…”
“Sounds like you would be weaker without them.” Lucifer sipped his tea. Diavolo took a deep breath and calmed his breathing.
“You’re right.” He said with resolve, dropping his hand from his face. “Thank you for talking this out with me.”
“What will you do next?” Lucifer finished his cup of tea.
“Do you think they would come see me?” Diavolo fidgeted, afraid he was too late.
“Let’s give them a call.” Lucifer said, pulling out his DDD. 
You stood at the doors of the palace, wondering why you were here. You had plans with Asmo and Mammon to get all dressed up and go to the Fall tonight, see if it would help you forget the pain in your heart. Neither of them wanted you to go, but Lucifer promised he’d bring you home immediately if Diavolo dared hurt you again. 
You took in a deep breath and knocked. Barbatos answered the door shortly and greeted you, wasting no time bringing you to the room where Diavolo and Lucifer were waiting. 
“I’ll let you speak alone.” Lucifer said, nodding as he followed Barbatos out. 
A silence fell over the room. You stood in place, not wanting to get comfortable. Diavolo stood and stepped closer to you, although a gulf of space remained between you. 
“Uh- thank you, for coming…” Diavolo said, afraid to look at you. 
“Yeah…” You replied, also avoiding eye contact.
“... I’m sorry.” Diavolo looked at you timidly to see if you’d even acknowledge him. Your eyes slowly met his. “I shouldn’t have pushed you away.” 
“Why did you?” You tried your best to hold your emotions together. Seeing him now just reminded you of how cold he was that day.
“I was afraid…” He stepped closer to you but not enough to close the gap. “I had a nightmare… my father took you from me. I was afraid that meant I had to leave you in order to keep you safe.” He took a couple of steps to reach you and took your hands in his. “But I realize now that you are safest beside me… because I will endure anything if it means you will be safe.”
“Diavolo…” You whispered, tears forming in your eyes. But they were happy tears this time. Your heart fluttered at his words.
“I love you, MC.” Diavolo whispered, staring into your eyes. “Could you forgive me for being a fool and pushing you away?”
You smiled as a teardrop slid down your cheek. “On one condition.” 
“Anything, my love.” He quickly responded, smiling back.
“Kiss me.” You could barely finish the command before his lips crashed into yours, passion pouring between you. Diavolo wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly against him as if he was afraid you’d drift away. The kiss was ethereal. Your emotions floated to ecstasy as your tongues met, twining your love.
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inhuman-obey-me · a day ago
🙏 with Simeon?
"Plead, sinner. Plead to god for me." - Simeon
Note: This story makes some references to my previous Simeon fic, God-Fearing Faith. It's not strictly necessary to read that one first, but it'll add a lot if you do!
Tumblr media
Simeon thought he was prepared to fall.
He'd thought about it for a while, and decided. He was prepared to fling himself between the realms for the ones he loved. He would stand for what he believed in; he'd take a stand on behalf of Lucifer and the demon brothers this time. If your worlds tried to tear you two apart, he'd sooner tear himself apart to be with you instead. When the time would come, he'd bear the cost. He'd be the sacrifice. It would be worth it.
But falling is not always an epic stand-off, a grand symphony, a choir of angels reaching a fever pitch as you're cast out.
Sometimes falling is a quiet, graceless thing.
It came unexpectedly one evening, as he was closing up after the last customers at the cafe finally left -- feathers shedding from his human-like skin, a bath of white wings coming apart like they'd been unstrung. A heaviness settled in his body, an unfamiliar weight that pulled him groundwards. And his whole body felt like it was aflame.
Like it had been back then.
His throat tightened as he realized what was happening; breaths came shallow and broken, recalling the feeling of chains whose scars still lingered upon his wrists and neck. Panic pricked at his skin, a chill on the searing heat spilling from his tenuous form. Helplessly, he grasped at the wood of the cafe tables, searching for anything that would ground him. And then, in the back of his mind, the thought of the sweet, innocent child who could walk in on this at any moment.
He had to get out of here.
Vision blurring, he stumbled his way out of the doors of the Angel's Halo, as he felt his own halo shattering apart, falling down his back in sharp jagged edges. He dared not look behind him, to see the pieces littering his path as he made his way unsteadily towards a nearby alley. Perhaps he could hide there; perhaps no one would see his inhuman transformation.
Without the angelic bindings on him anymore, he could feel the demonic parts of him growing now, both inside and out. Every arrhythmic breath seemed to pulse with new waves of rage and anguish, fury overtaking the edges of his vision -- at the Celestial Realm, at Michael, at their father, at the rules, the hypocrisies, the cruelty, at the illusion of light and goodness he'd been encased in until this moment.
But most of all, at himself.
Wasn't this what he had wanted? Wasn't this what he'd prepared himself for? He'd been so miserable for so long, numb and empty and scarred for centuries. Hadn't he told himself that he would fall? Hadn't he accepted it?
Would the demon prince and the brothers accept him this way, having fallen just by falling? No grand statements, no taking a stand to prove himself? He couldn't let Luke see him this way. Was he alone now? Would he be? He couldn't take it back now; there would be no turning back from this.
Distantly, past the fog of his brain, he realized a man was speaking to him. Across the man's face, a cruel and vicious smile. And in his hand, a gun, pointed squarely at Simeon's forehead.
The wrath bubbling up in him was just about ready to burst.
With his rage focusing in now on a single point, he stood up with new stability, growing as he did so until he towered over the man, a demonic shadow filling the entire space of the alley. Great wings of black flame unfurled from his back -- three sets, each flickering wildly behind him like a mockery of his long-gone seraph form, as he extended newly clawed hands, gripping the man's meager skull between fingers long and sharp as talons.
"Wretch, you threaten harm against me?" he mocked, a new dark undertone reverberating through his voice. "You are nothing compared to what I fear."
The man let out an imperceptible shriek, too terrified of the beast before him to make sound, as thick onyx fire erupts suddenly through his entire body. It was almost comfortingly familiar to Simeon -- unholy embers were not so different from holy ones, after all.
"Plead, sinner. Plead to god for me," Simeon murmured quietly, any shred of mercy or grace gone from his voice, as he watched the man reduce to ashes beneath his fingertips. "Plead so I can see for myself how he ignores our cries."
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flwrem · 11 hours ago
Hi! Can I request diavolo reacting to MC making a deal with a witch so the MCs first born is to be handed over to the witch until the age of 16? And he finds out after MC tells him she's pregnant,but MC is clearly not very happy. He asks why and she breaks down in tears and explains what she's done. I live for angst lol
→ angst
→ Diavolo
→ fem bodied!reader no pronouns
Tumblr media
There was no point in trying to hide that from him, not when you are expecting a baby with Diavolo and there is something he should know
When you found out you were pregnant you felt so excited about it, to finally form a family of your own with the man you love, but when you remembered about the curse on you, fear washed over you
How could you break his happiness, his face that glowed and his eyes sparkling when you told him the news, your heart slowly sinking when a shadow passed trough his eyes as he noticed how sad you looked
You couldn’t handle it anymore and broke down in front of him, tears streaming down your cheeks as he held you tightly, burying your face on his chest
Between sobs you explained him what happened, your voice muffled by his shirt never leaving your position but understanding he listened to every word when his grip on you tightened
Tears started to fill his eyes, he squeezed them shut trying to stop the feeling, there could be another way, and he will do anything in his power to secure your and your baby’s future
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felidin3 · a day ago
Obey me! Shall we date?
So I was thinking about something...
What if the MC in Obey Me Shall We Date wasn’t the descendant of Lilith BUT the descendant of the human man she fell in love with?
EH? EH? I only thought of this for angst. But anyway if anyone wants to write this be my guest.
Oh also to add onto that thought what if like the first MC (lets call him Yuki) Has been in the exchange program for three years and in the third year Diavolo suggested that three people from each realm be included in the exchange program. So a new angel goes to the Devildom (we’re gonna call him Sarchas because that’s my angel oc) and a new human (the new MC from our perspective) goes to the Devildom.  And like the new MC is like “why am I here” and yada yada. So the new MC is left out on a lot of stuff because the brothers and other exchange students except for Sarchas hang out with Yuki all the time and barely include MC, often forgetting about them. Sarchas and MC start hanging out with eachother more often and just start becoming good friends. MC learns that Sarchas is a Power Angel and he believes that his purpose in the Devildom is to protect MC. (aww our sweet little angel.) so more time goes on and MC is still wondering why they are left out on so many things.
MC goes to Barbatos, there second most trusted person in the Devildom, and asks him for advice. Barbatos doesn’t say much except for a few mumbled words and the only thing they can hear is “lilith” and “human lover”. MC shrugs it off as him not being able to give then a proper answer and make a scheduled appointment to meet with Diavolo. So they talk to Diavolo about the situation and he in the most calm, chilling, nice, sweet manner says “Oh yea your a descendant of the human man the brothers sister fell in love with and died because of him. They probably don’t want to talk to you just because of that sole reason.” MC is shocked and goes to sulk in their room at the dormitories.
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obeythebutler · 7 days ago
Headcannons for how the brothers sleep with MC please??
Brothers Sleeping With MC
This demon doesn't look like someone who would want to cuddle. You'd expect him to sleep in a straight line without moving.
But when you're close to him, close enough to have wiggled your way into his heart and made him simp for you, then it's a different story.
This demon DEMANDS all the kisses and cuddles he can get, but he won't show it outright. Pride won't let it, for him to be so needy, when you can ask HIM for kisses and cuddles instead.
But when you're in bed with him, and it's time to sleep, Lucifer dims the room with his magic and he likes to hold you close.
Probably with your head on his arm which has been outstretched for you or on his chest. The days are stressful but he's got you with him.
Lucifer lets you hog the blankets, and the Devildom can get quite chilly for humans sometimes, so he ensures there are extra blankets nearby to wrap his human in a burrito and chuckle, a sound that reverberates throughout the room.
You'll have to pick up on hints to know if he wants to be held. Lucifer's going to have his arm a lot more outstretched than usual, like he's inviting you to place your head on your Lulu pillow or he's going to hang around with an irritated expression.
Cuddle and kiss the irritation out of him.
There's a very adorable habit of Lucifer's. If he's late to come to bed (which happens often) He'll smile at you and manoeuvre under the sheets as to not wake you up.
But when it's the early hours of the morning, this boy gets NEEDY.
His hand fumbles around for you, and when MC has been located it's time to cuddle up to their form. All the while sleepily mumbling and smiling.
Most of the time, he's the little spoon then, happily warm and comfy with you.
The vehement denial that follows the morning is very, very entertaining.
"You want to sleep with me?! O-Of course ya would, everyone wants to!! Stop it, I'm not flustered!!"
He's going to speak and speak until he's right besides you in bed, and then his mind and heart is very giddy because you're besides him and it's his favorite human!!
Man talks and talks until you place his head in the crook of your neck, and then Mammon realizes that hey, this feels....nice. Something that he had been craving...
...and he's going to hug you tighter, after the shock has worn away, of course! He ain't letting go!
Mammon's going to get very pouty soon if he doesn't get his affection meter filled, so please cuddle your demon to ensure maximum happiness!
He gets nightmares sometimes of that day when you went into the attic. Mammon doesn't tell anyone about that dream, but you don't reveal that the white-haired demon sometimes wakes up in the night and holds you close. There's something soothing in your heartbeat.
You hold him close, those nights, pretending to be asleep.
He sleeps in a tub with a Ruri-Chan pillow, and you expect him to share his bed tub with you?! What if you fall out of the tub? What if he accidently does something?! What if you don't want to sleep with a gross otaku like him—
Yeah, man's scared af that he's going to mess up.
But when you get in the tub with him and make Ruri-Chan as a barrier, Levi slowly gets comfortable. You're there, and there's also the pillow if he gets nervous. Your hand is right there...maybe...maybe he can hold your hand...
Levi's sleep schedule is messed up. Some nights he stays up late because there's a sale or an episode he simply must watch, and that results in him blacking out the moment he hits the pillow.
But now you're with him.
Sooner than you both know, a conversation is taking place about the Lord of Masks and Emptiness's lore, and is that Levi...holding your hand....?
The next morning, you wake up with his arm around your waist, and a happy snek snoozing away in the crook of your neck.
Yeah, just let him remove the books and the cat from his room before you trip on either or both—
The bed is big enough for one person only, but now you're here..Do you know what that means?
The book gets placed down soon after when it's time to sleep. After all, you mustn't be late for your classes.
Man likes to hold you close. Not squeezing to death or protesting when you move an inch away, but Satan is content with touching some part of you. An arm around your hip or waist, or on your arm. Your palm feels real nice too—
He doesn't move much in his sleep, so you can get a pretty comfy night's of sleep.
Satan sometimes mumbles in his sleep. One time you woke up only to see him patting your head like a cat, along the lines of "My meow-meow."....
Denial in the morning.
Much like Lucifer, Satan gets cuddly in the early morning, when he's half-awake from the chirping of the birds but you're still asleep.
He wants to hold you close and cuddle you, please let demon hold you.
You can see Asmo in his glory! People would die to know his skincare secrets, and you're the only only being let in, so shhh!
Like mentioned, he sleeps naked, but if you want he'll change into some clothes! But you're going to get a lot of cuddles!!
Sleeping together isn't new to Asmodeus. But there's a certain innocence and love thar you give him whenever you link your pinky with his before dozing off. You don't notice, but his eyes are teary, sometimes.
This demon can chat off your ear about anything, so you'll be updated on the latest gossip!
But slowly Asmo is inching closer and his face is now smooshed in your arm. He's happy. He's asleep.
He doesn't move around much, a toss and turn here and there, but nothing like kicking you off the bed. You're going to have to fight for the blankets though!
When the first time you both share the bed, Beel's very afraid that his stomach is going to wake you from your sleep. Levi once remarked that his stomach sounds like Cerebrus growling—
But then you come and place your head on his chest, swinging an arm over his waist as you wish Beel a good night.
And slowly, he realizes he shouldn't be worrying.
Thanks to Belpheghor, he's learnt the art of getting up and walking without making a sound. So when his hunger threatens to eat his conscious Beel can temporarily sate it without waking you up.
He gets nightmares too —of Lilith and Belpheghor, of not being able to protect his family like he'd sworn eons ago. Beelzebub wakes up in a cold sweat during those moments.
But then he feels a weight on his shoulder, and feels your breath hitting his skin. You're alive, safe and sound. So Beel holds you closer and swears he'll protect until his dying breath.
Look no further, dear, for he's the master of sleeping together! Even Lucifer couldn't escape his iron-grip! Cute of you to think you can move away from his hands. You're his body pillow now!
Man's not joking. The moment he's got you in his arms Belpheghor isn't letting go. His brothers have got more time with you than him and now he's going to compensate.
You smell nice, and you're warm. You're his beloved human too and all that jazz.
Please give him a goodnight kiss, and this bratty demon will sleep happily.
Belpheghor sighs, and places his head in the crook of your neck. His arms are tight around you, and he isn't letting go.
Part of his behaviour stems from his dreams, which always aren't pleasant. Belpheghor finds it hard to let things go, and that leads to the shaking of his body as he comes to terms that it was a dream, and everyone's right here—you're right here.
You find him crying in his sleep, when his grip tightens. Placing a kiss on his head, you hold him close.
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otomae-game-lover · a month ago
Replaced MC AU.
Summary: Lilith regrets her decision to bring MC to Devildom after she sees how her brothers just replaced MC with someone else so easily after all they’ve done for them.
She feels guilty seeing MC cry themselves to sleep when the ones they love want nothing to do with them anymore. So she makes an offer with MC. If they want, Lilith will use what power she has left to send MC back to the human world. 
Their life will go back to how it was pre-Devildom, however they’ll lose all memories they’ve had of the brothers.
Characters: Brothers, Dateables, Lilith, and Gn!OC.
Relationships: Brothers x Gn!MC, Platonic! Lilith & MC.
Notes: The exchange student isn’t a bitch or anything. They are nice to MC but the brothers start neglecting them in favor of the new student. Lilith is similar to Orion from Amnesia Memories in the sense that MC is the only one that can see and talk to her. 
Also my first fic for this fandom and there will be three parts to this, so if you want to be tagged then let me know. 
Warnings: Loneliness affects MC’s physical health(they lose their appetite and constantly feel tired). Also not proofread. 
Tagging: @reveltica @929497
It was only natural that Diavolo would want to do the exchange program a second time after the success of the first one. Seeing as how you’ve been a perfect exchange student, you were tasked to help the new student as much as you can and show them the ropes.
Of course you agreed to it. He was kind enough to let you stay with the brothers again for a few months even after your studies in Devildom had ended.
You were both excited and a bit nervous. Lilith had assured you not to worry and that there was no one else more suited for the job, but you couldn’t help it. Aside from the new student’s name there wasn’t much information about them.
It sounded odd when you thought about it, feeling nervous about meeting a new human, given how you survived one year surrounded by demons. You’ve even survived attempts on your life and death itself.
Those were bad memories but there were also good. The time you all had a pillow fight at the Demon Lord’s castle, the time Satan and Lucifer switched bodies and then you three and Mammon had to deal with a murder mystery, and helping Belphie mend his relationship with his brothers.
To you the good memories had outweighed the bad. You had grown to love them just as they had grown to love you.
That’s what you believed.
The new student’s name was Yuki. They liked having new experiences(and attending a demon college would be quite a big one) so they were happy to be here.
Asmo wasted no time flirting with them and Lucifer had assigned Mammon to be their guardian. He tried to complain but was immediately shut up by his older brother.
Yuki was a very kind and easygoing person. They were easy to get along with and listened to every tips you've given them.
When the brothers started to spend more time with them than with you, you didn't think anything of it at first. They were trying to help the new student feel more comfortable after all.
Mammon liked spending time with Yuki. They were very easygoing and liked trying new things so they easily went along with his schemes. He did his job as a guardian well, just as protective of them as he was of you. Maybe more so...
Levi liked spending time with Yuki. They liked anime and they were good at video games. They were so good that you don't remember the last time Levi wanted to play with you.
Why wouldn't Satan like spending time with Yuki? They were smart and got along well with the cats. Actually the cats seemed to like Yuki more than they liked you.
Yuki was very beautiful and pulled off every single look. It didn't surprise you that Asmo would buy so many cute outfits for them. It reminded you of how Asmo used to buy you cute outfits.
They adapted to Devildom so quickly it was impressive. Their cooking was amazing and already got used to Devildom ingredients and recipes. Beel always asked them to cook something for him which Yuki would gladly do. He never asked you to make him something anymore.
Of course their relationship with Belphie would start differently from yours. Yuki never had to free him from an attic, make pacts, and help mend a broken family. No, they were just his nap buddy whose lap was apparently really comfortable. When Yuki would stroke his hair you found yourself wishing for the days where you used to be able to do that.
They were perfect to Lucifer. A good student with high grades, who got along with his brothers, and adapted to their new environment fast. He couldn’t have picked a better student for the exchange program. You wondered if he still thought of you like that.
Of course you were happy they liked Yuki. Why wouldn’t you be happy that everyone is getting along well? You just wish that they would spend time with you as well. But whenever you wanted to do so they were always busy with something. 
It was always so convenient that they were all busy at the same time but always had time for Yuki. 
Days would start to turn into weeks and you started to feel lonely. It started to take a toll on your physical and mental health as well. You’ve lost your appetite and could barely finish full meals. They always went to Beel, who seemed a bit concerned, but never complained.
You started to feel fatigued lately and all you wanted to do was sleep. 
Your friends at Purgatory Hall were worried about you. Lilith was worried about you. She begged you to try and eat something but all you could finish was something light. You didn’t look well at all and your grades were starting to slip due to your lack of concentration in class. 
Of course your drop in grades would be noticed by Lucifer who decided to berate you in front of the whole house. You tried to explain you weren’t feeling well but he refused to hear it. 
“These grades are unacceptable, MC!”
“Yuki has only been here for a few weeks and their grades much better than yours.”
“I’m very disappointed in you, MC.” 
You kept your head low because you didn’t want to see the look on his face. If you did you were sure you’d burst into tears. It was too much. You were ignored by the brothers for weeks now, your health was deteriorating, and now you were being yelled at by someone you love. 
There was a small chill that passed by you. Lilith was trying to hug you. She couldn’t actually touch you or anything for that matter, but whenever she tried it felt like a cool breeze. 
And if you looked at her then you would see her glaring at Lucifer. 
You weren’t sure how long it had went on for, but when it was over you immediately headed to your room. You pressed your back against the shut door and slid down until you were sitting, knees close to your chest.
You were tired, so very tired. It wasn’t even the physical kind of tired right now, it was the mental kind. For weeks you felt like a stranger in a place you considered a second home. You were ignored by the people you love or being compared to someone else and told how much better they are. 
A part of you wanted to turn your feelings into anger towards Yuki but you just couldn’t. They were always nice to you and it wasn’t their fault that the brothers just ditched you like this. 
You were once told that pure souls were like jewels to demons, but was that all it was? Were you just someone they would toss aside like nothing when someone new came by? 
Did that year you’ve spent together mean nothing? Did the fact that you’ve come back just to see them again mean nothing? Did the pacts mean nothing? 
Your eyes suddenly welled up with tears but this time you couldn’t hold them back. They fell down your cheeks and you bit your lip to keep yourself from making noise. 
If it wasn’t for the chill then you wouldn’t have noticed Lilith. She was trying to hug you again and this time you couldn’t hold in the sobs. It didn’t matter if anyone heard you. Not like they would care. 
“MC. Oh MC...,” she whispered. “Please don’t cry.”
Lilith closed her eyes and tried to whisper reassuring words to help you calm down. She wished she could properly hug you and give you some actual comfort, but she couldn’t. She hated it and it hurt worse knowing she was the cause of this. 
She got you to come to Devildom. She put such a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You’ve done so much for her, for her brothers, and seeing how they now replaced you...
If she had a grip on you it would tighten. 
She has never been so angry at them. She has never been so disappointed in them. Yes, she loved them but she loved you as well. And as weeks went by she could see that this kind of environment wasn’t healthy for you. 
“MC, please look at me,” Lilith begged and sighed in relief when you did. There were tear stains on your cheeks and there was such a weary look in your eyes. Yes, this place wasn’t good for you anymore. 
“You’re not well,” she stated. “Devildom isn’t good for you anymore. My brothers aren’t good for you anymore,” she went on. “And if this keeps up then you’ll only get worse.”
When you said nothing then she took it as a sign to continue. 
“So if you want then I can send you back to the human world,” she explained. “You’ll go back to how your life was before coming here, but...” Lilith paused for a moment. “Since your life will go back to how it was before Devildom, you won’t remember my brothers.” 
You stayed silent. It was a lot to take in and a decision that normally wouldn’t be made so soon. However all you could think about was how easy they ditched you for Yuki. How easy it was to replace you with someone else....
You gulped before finally answering her. “If I accept this, then...” You paused, having a hard time getting the words out. “What’s going to happen to you?”
Lilith gave you a gentle smile. What a self-sacrificing descendent she has. Here you are worrying about her when she’s trying to do something for you. “I’ll still be in Devildom.”
That was only a half-lie. She didn’t know what was going to happen to her, but it was okay. She’s already lived a long, fulfilling life. If she disappeared then it was alright. You would be okay with this too eventually, since you wouldn’t remember her either. 
You’ve already done so much for her, MC. Let her do something for you now. 
You didn’t say anything for awhile now. It was now you suddenly wiped your tears away and she watched you for an answer. And when she saw you nod, she felt relieved. 
Lilith clasped her hands together and chanted something that you couldn’t fully hear or understand. A bright white light emitted from her hands that only got bigger as the chant went on. 
You had to close your eyes, but your head slowly slumped forward and you had already fallen unconscious. 
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equestriagirl16 · a month ago
Obey me bois and their nightmares about you~
Tumblr media
I often see the concept of how these bois would fall prey to certain insecurities involving their sins and love for you. So let’s explore further into that through one of their more vulnerable states. Their dreams.
Warnings: angst, gore!!(specifically for Satan, Beel, and Belphie), cursing
Tumblr media
He would often wonder if his bouts of arrogance would ever have any lasting effects on you, like it had on others throughout the years
You were always so forgiving and understanding, but the possibility of you becoming more meek and sullen around him intruded his mind late at night after a mountain of paper work had been conquered and he fell into sleep before he knew it
He opens his eyes again, only to find he is in a darkened room, with him being seated on a high thrown and you below him kneeled on the ground head hanging low
“I’m sorry..”
“I’m sorry for questioning you, for speaking out of turn, for embarrassing you…”
Lucifer was confused and concerned, you sounded so distant and disheartened and he had no idea what for
“Lucifer..are you ashamed of me?”
His eyes widened at the question, you sounded like you were on the verge of tears
“No! Never! MC tell me what is-”
“I won’t ruin your image any more, I won’t insult your authority, I won’t test your patience, I won’t speak out of turn I won’t-”
You continued to ramble about the things you won’t do anymore as you rose to your feet and slowly turned to walk away in a zombie like state, to see you like this hurt Lucifer it scared him even
He doesn’t want you to be another sheep, he loves you as you are!
He reaches out to you only to find he’s tethered to the thrown, not being able to escape this cage and you walking away a broken soul by his hand
The guilt and fear of having done this to you dug a hole in his chest paining him to the point of snapping awake with a flinch
He’s thankful to realize it was only a dream and sighs as he leans back in his chair and pushes his hair out of his face. In the morning he’d be sure to be explicitly clear about how truly grateful he is for you, just as you are
You were his first human, he’s your first man and he holds that title as high on his list as ‘The Great Mammon!’
But sometimes he just can’t rap his head around how cool you can be, even when he’s prone to some…uncool habits
I mean cmon! The things he’s done for a quick buck! How can you just…forgive him so easily? Is there really not a single grudge bone in your whole body? No plots or anything? Even he can admit he deserves..some of it
But you’re still so kind, and can even be as mischievous as him! He just wonders when’s he gonna push that one button, when’s he gonna fuck up and really do something that makes you call it quits
He thinks real hard on these things sprawled out on his bed, so much to the point that he conks out almost instantly
When he wakes up again he’s standing in front of an alley next to a club, he turns and sees you hunched over your shoulders shaking as you whimper
“Hey MC! What’s wrong did someone do this to ya-
He’s scared by the violent shove you gave him as you whipped around
Is that what he did, no…no never, never that, never to you!
“Wh-No! MC I can get grimm from anywhere! How could I- w-why would I take from you?!”
“And you’re a goddamn liar.”
That last line you spat made him flinch as a pang of guilt stabbed through his stomach
“You’re a scumbag Mammon. Get out of my life.”
“Nonono WAIT-”
You screamed at a volume that pierced his ears and with that he jolts awake in a cold sweat. Relieved it was a dream as he pants, but the image never really leaving him for a while maybe he’d work up the courage to talk to you about it one of these days
It’s no real question where his worries lie with you, day in and day out he fears you’ll wise up and realize you could do better
Even with you constantly reassuring him that he’s perfect for you and how you’d never stop loving him, the thought always eats at him when his guard’s down
Jealousy is inevitable for him, but that doesn’t mean he likes it, you were the first person in forever to actually care about what he says let alone be interested
A mega fan like him he had to be dreaming! But in fact it was in his very dreams where he always sees the same scene unfold. You being swept away by someone cooler, someone stronger, someone more handsome, someone, ANYONE! And worst of all…
“God! Fucking finally, if I hear him ramble about another anime or some sh!t I’m gonna vomit.”
He stood there, frozen, watching you speak to another figure
“*sigh* like I tried, I really tried to humor him but who actually gives a damn! Maybe if he tried stepping out in sun the extra vitamins would actually help him catch a fuckin clue.”
“He must’ve loved finally being able to touch something else other than a body pillow though, how the hell can a demon lord be so pathetic it’s…disgusting.”
He watches you say the last line with a scowl. He was hurt deeply but he can’t move, can’t express any emotion, but if he could he thinks he might cry
Or maybe not as he’d figured you’d feel this way, isn’t it weird that even though he expected this seeing it actually happen makes him feel like he’s gonna shatter into pieces
And he does, his frozen form splits and cracks and falls to pieces onto the ground. It’s painful, but not as painful as watching you walk away with someone else, a huge smile forming on your face
His eyes slowly open, relief fills him as he sees it was a dream but it wasn’t enough to make the swirling in his gut go away, he thinks it’s a good time for another one of those 3am calls with you
Despite the calm nature he tries to uphold it’s only a testament that anger can come in many forms, it’s not always violent and neither does he want it to be, though he can admit sometimes it can become…blinding
But that’s only because he wishes to be heard, and hear him you do, and comfort and calm and talk and walk and read with him. He feels as though nothing can put him in a better mood and he’s forever grateful
However, in the back of his mind he’s still cautious of that beast, that unrelenting fearsome creature that only sees red and won’t think for a second before attacking whoever and whatever’s in front of him
And with you being his main outlet, he always thinks, what if he decides to no longer listen? What if in the Beauty and Beast the beast was never merciful?
He dozes off having read a bit of said tale for the thousandth time, and when he wakes it’s the same room but different, destroyed, messy, and in shambles
He rises from his chair wondering what could have happened until he hears a heavy and broken sobbing coming from behind a bookshelf, he recognizes it as you and rushes to your aid
But he turns the corner shocked and sickened as the image is worse than he could have ever imagined. You’re cut, gashed, bruised, swollen, beaten, bleeding, and what looked like the be a broken leg with the bone bloody and exposed
You scream and sob scurrying away from him only to cry out agonizingly having moved your injured leg too much
“MC y-you’re hurt don’t-”
“Please god noooo! I can’t-I can’t again, I *hic* fuck I d-didn’t mean to I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m-”
Satan was becoming overwhelmed by fear, disgust, worry, and rage, how could this happen?! He was right here! Who-
“Who did this to you..?”
You lower the hands you brought up to protect your face, which was now dark and expressionless
“You. Did.”
His eyes widen in shock, and with that blood gushes from your head as your eyes roll back and you fall to the ground like a rag doll
He lunges down to you on the floor and tries to heal you, but before he could start as he feels for a pulse there’s…nothing. He’s frozen, and numb, he did this to you, in the most painful way possible, he wanted to cry out but his voice won’t leave him. So he kneels there, hands stained with your blood as he cradled your head in them holding it to his own
“…I wouldn’t..I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t..I-”
He jolts awake from his sleep, book falling from his face, his first sight being Asmo who heard him mumbling and was concerned. He tells him it was just a bad dream a truth he was relieved by, a dream none the less that would still haunt him for sometime the only quell being your comfort
Beauty and grace will always be apart of his agenda, he strives for it and everyone only recognizes that
He can’t help that he’s so captivating and enchanting! Charming anyone that comes his way, even if their purposes are more sensual which was the majority
But you opened up a whole new world for him, you showed him a side of intimacy he’s almost forgotten and he craves it more than anything! You’ve shown him more precious things in life, and he wants nothing more than to show you that love and warmth back
You’re special to him truly, despite the countless number of others he’s encountered you stick out beautifully. He wants you to know that, he needs you to know that, the very thought of you thinking differently it just…
He fell gracefully into sleep pondering these things, when he opened his eyes again he was confused to find himself in a pink tinted void, he scanned around and when he turned he found you standing still
“Don’t touch me! I don’t know where those hands have been.”
He was shocked as you smacked away the arms he was about to embrace you with
“MC? Darling it’s me..”
“Yes. Asmodeus, the demon who runs into millions of other’s arms and beds.”
“You don’t love me.”
“Of course I do! Darling you’re my everything!”
“Is that what you say to get into people’s pants?”
Asmo was hurt by your comments, but became even more frightened seeing a crowd forming behind you. No faces or features, just a blurred bunch of dark people like figures
“Am I just another one of them Asmo?”
You ask more sincerely, looking him in the eye and backing towards the group slowly
“Another number…another name…another lay…another the crowd..”
You say the last line fading away slowly into the bunched blackness of the figures, reaching out a hand that’s the last to be merged with them
Asmo reaches out for the hand and grabs it with both of his own pulling at you desperately to free you from the blackness but you kept slipping in, he wasn’t strong enough, but he couldn’t let go, he wouldn’t
“Please don’t leave me MC…PLEASE!”
At that plea he gasps awake, sitting upright and panting trying to still his breath, he sighs thankful it was just a dream but unfortunately he doesn’t think he’ll be able to catch up on the rest of his beauty sleep. Perhaps he could spend the rest of the night being productive and planning a much needed date, ya know what how about a weekend-he..really needs to see you
He would have to admit there’s not too much at stake when it comes to your relationship, with proper prep his hunger can be easily taken care of
But everybody makes mistakes, things get eaten, food runs out, and Beel just gets..well hungry. He doesn’t mean for said hunger to take over but the feeling can just be so overwhelming, like an itch he needs to scratch, or a pain that grows worse and worse it’s enough to drive anyone crazy
You’ve seen a good deal of the worst of it, the outbursts and desperation, but in the end it was always handled and you were there to deal with the aftermath. He has no idea how he used to get by without you, sometimes your kindness was enough to calm him until his next meal
But other times he wonders, he worries, what if one day you’re there but the foods not? He’d demolished any possible idea of ever hurting you, but how long can your comfort and presence truly keep him at bay? How much can you really help at the end of the day?
A late night thought he has while gnawing on some fruit snacks before forcing himself to relax and sleep it away, he wakes up again, chewing on something
He figures it to be the fruit snacks he had a faint memory of eating on earlier, but something was off, the taste was raw and musky unlike anything he’s ever had before, was this meat? It ‘was’ red and red and red and…
He looks down and freezes at what he only recognizes to be entrails and intestines gripped in his hands, blood and other fluids coating his forearms, he slowly spits out what was in his mouth onto the floor which is now an unrecognizable lump of mashed organs
Beel throws down the contents in his hands and begins to gag heavily, but nothing will come out. The air is filled with a horrible odor, and he covers his face to shield himself from it, but not before a familiar sent whiffs past him
He slowly rises to his feet and sees a table, with a body sliced open. Practically empty and mangled like it was feasted upon, he looks on scanning it. He’s seen some things before so while it was troubling he braved looking on. There was something so familiar about it…
He eventually made his way to the other side where the head was. It was hanging over the end so he couldn’t see, but when he does shock and anguish filled his body as his legs gave out. It was you, your face, still, pale, lifeless
As he breakdowns on the ground and he grabs your face with shaky hands, bringing it close to his own whimpering and repeating his mantra
Through his pants he looks up at you with utter confusion and fear on his face
You say weakly and hoarse, Beel’s only response to this is his heart pounding in his chest, breath becoming quicker to the point the shock wakes him up as he practically lunges out his bed
Belphie wakes up for a moment and mumbles asking if he’s ok, he says yes, Belphie asks if it was a bad dream, he says yes again. Belphie rises from his bed and trots over to Beel, offering a pillow and an ear if he needs someone to listen. Beel explains, Belphie gives some input, the main being that Beel doesn’t give himself or MC nearly enough credit for how strong they are and what they can conquer together
Even Belphie can admit the initial shock he felt at your forgiveness and acceptance towards him, you truly are a one of a kind human and that’s not just because of your connection to Lilith
He has to say he..enjoys your company, despite both your past he actually feels like he has someone around who gets him, and he’s glad you helped him and his brothers stand on mutual grounds again
He could lean on you, he could trust you, he even loved you, he did. He never wanted to hurt you again. Even if your relationship didn’t progress the way it did, you just weren’t deserving of such pain
You’ve provided him with a comfort he hasn’t felt for a long time even after all he did, he’s sworn to protect you. He’d owe that to more than just you, but having you around to listen to him talk about the stars, provide extra body heat during naps, or just simply be there. Even if he doesn’t always show it he appreciates it more than you could ever know
He really hopes you feel just as safe around him, that he could ever manage to provide a fraction of that comfort you give him, he really hopes that…you mean it when you say you’re not scared
It’s not hard for him to drift off within seconds of thinking on this, but strangely enough he’s awake again in the attic space no less. He’s so groggy he can barely even tell what else is going on until he here’s a voice
“…..I’m sorry…”
He whips his head around recognizing your voice but is horrified to see the full source. His arm was empaled through your chest, blood gushing and oozing around it and out of your injury, you were lifted off the ground clutching weakly onto the arm blood dripping from your mouth as well
Belphie began to panic face going pale but to top everything off, in his palm out the other side of your body, he had your heart in a death grip. It was still pounding..
“…I’m sorry….”
Belphie snatches his attention back to your face, your head hung low and your grip grew tighter nails digging into his arm as he winced
“..I’m sorry, im sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry-”
You kept mumbling that mantra, Belphie was confused and scarred at an utter loss of what to do. He wanted to say something, anything, but he couldn’t, couldn’t think, couldn’t understand
Before he could have another second to process you grabbed his arm tighter than ever
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t be what you wanted.”
You ripped his arm out your body, and stood on your feet. Belphie slowly looks at his bloodied limb and the heart that still pumped in his palm. He then looks at you, you lifted your head and did the same, you smile, cough blood, and fall to the ground with a thud
Belphie stood there, confused, horrified, shocked, disgusted. Frozen. He did it again…how…he shook his head back and forth trying desperately to deny the situation. The heart pumped loud in his palm, he could hear it, he listened to it. Did he do this? Was this your plan? Did you both but…wh-
At the utter confusion he snapped himself awake. Of course it was a dream he thought, a very vivid dream, but still just a dream. He would never, he wouldn’t. He calms himself down, and remembers he feel asleep in the planetarium. Maybe he should plan another sleepover with MC here, they…he could use the company
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pen-ink-therapy · a month ago
Oh my gosh your verse for Replaced Mc hurts me so much lol! The angst potential is too good!!
What is the Mc broke the pacts (say that's possible) with said brother/ demon and the loss made them realise they always were meant to be with the Mc/they want them not the new student?
Janshsjsj it HURTS to think Mammon and Levi would just replace us like that :(((
I'm glad you like my work, and thanks for giving me such an angsty prompt to write! I hope this lives up to your expectations!
P.S: It ended up being a lot longer (and angstier) than initially intended 😅, but I promise you it's worth it... kinda... you should probably see for yourself..
TW: Angst, angst and more angst because apparently I can't get enough of it. Proceed with caution.
You were tired.
It wasn't often that you questioned whether coming to the Devildom and meeting the demons you'd come to love was worth it. But it had become a recurring question with the arrival of the new exchange student.
You were excited when Diavolo asked you to oversee the exchange program, making you and Solomon the official Human Realm ambassadors for Devildom. However, you had not accounted for one thing; the new student to hate you as much as they seemed to. It started out small, barging into your alone time with each brother, purposefully leaving you out of any plans they made, being snarky with you. But you wrote it off as nothing, reminding yourself that becoming paranoid over something so petty wouldn't be right.
But lately, it seemed as if all the brothers wanted to do was spend time with the new student. It was always, "I and the new student," no more "me and MC." And while it was okay the first few times, it was quickly getting depressing for you to wait at the House of Lamentation alone while everyone else had fun.
Quarrels had replaced the easy-going banter between you and the brothers, the latest one bringing tears to your eyes as you hastily packed a small bag. Asmo and the new student had gone on a shopping spree early that day, the former conveniently 'forgetting' that the two of you were supposed visit a new café . On finding that he had ditched you for the new student an ugly argument broke out. Poisoned words were yelled by the both of you in the heat of moment, not caring as the entire house bore witness to what was possibly the worst argument to date. As your throat grew hoarse, Asmo shouted out something that stopped you in your tracks.
"For Diavolo's sake, you're so annoying! I wish I'd never made a pact with you!"
Shocked eyes wandered over to the others, who had somehow become more interested in admiring the walls and the floor. A humorless laugh left your lips once you realized not one of them was going to get on to Asmo for what he'd said. Wordlessly, you turned to your room, with the aim of getting some things and spending some time away from them, possibly in Purgatory Hall.
Simeon knew something had gone horribly wrong when you turned up at Purgatory Hall, tear-tracks staining your face and your eyes red. Bringing you inside, he asked Luke and Solomon to get some blankets down to the living room. Gently coaxing you as he held you close, he asked you what happened.
As you recounted the incident, you witnessed something that you didn't think you'd see in a lifetime; Simeon becoming angry. It was almost as if a cold chill had descended, and you were thankful for the blankets Luke had enveloped you in. Solomon shook his head, sighing to himself, which reminded you why you had originally sought the residents of the Purgatory Hall.
"Solomon, i-is there a way I c-can break my pacts?"
Your seemingly innocent question left the sorcerer flabbergasted. "MC, don't act rash. Pacts can't be made with the same human twice, you know that." Giving him a tiny smile, you said, "That means there is a way, isn't there?" Solomon nodded. "There... is a ritual. But are you sure you want to do this? Why don't we talk about this in the morn-"
"Solomon, please." These two words held all the emotion you could muster, all the hurt you had felt by being neglected for the past months. The sorcerer sighed, then nodded, not being able to deny his favorite human. He left the room to gather the materials necessary for the ritual, while the two angels tried to cheer you up as much as they could.
Somewhere along the line, Diavolo and Barbatos had been made aware of the situation, since Diavolo's approval was needed to perform the ritual. But no matter what they said, you didn't budge from your decision of expunging your bond with the brothers. In the end, they succumbed to your wishes, allowing you to go through with the ritual.
And that was how you found yourself in the situation you were now. As Solomon chanted words in Latin, you could feel the power of the brothers leaving your being, starting from the youngest. You could physically feel, and see the pact marks slowly disappearing from their place on your body. The entire process was slightly painful, as Solomon had warned you, and it sapped most of your energy. As you fell asleep from exhaustion, you wished that your most loved and cherished boys would be happy with your decision, peacefully oblivious to the chaos that had just started at the House of Lamentation...
Belphie had been asleep throughout your argument with Asmo. He was dreaming peacefully, somehow not woken up by the two of you screaming at the top of your lungs. Blissfully unaware, he would have slept throughout the pact-erasing process had it not been for the searing headache he felt. Groaning in pain and discomfort, he groggily opened his eyes, vaguely registering the empty feeling that resonated within himself as the last of his bond with you was removed out of existence. His eyes widened, sensing lack of your presence, and he stood up. "W-where's MC?" he asked his twin, his eyes widening as he was told of what had happened in the house.
Falling to his knees as the pain grew and consumed him, he let out a wounded wail, for he realized his sin had made him lose his favorite human. If only I'd been awake, he thought, as his brothers crowded him asking what was wrong.
Beel was concerned by how frantic Belphie seemed, his connection with his twin relaying everything the other was feeling. The headache, the feeling of emptiness, the guilt. Beel grew even worried when he couldn't sense the tiniest hint of your presence in Belphie. Before he could do or say something, his stomach started to hurt. It was almost as if he was being burnt from the inside, the throbbing pain being enough to bring the gentle giant to his knees. Kneeling beside his twin, he looked at his older brothers. "S-something's wrong with the p-pacts. With M-mc."
Asmo stilled on hearing Beel's words, hands coming up to his chest where he felt a burning sensation. As if someone had poured lava on him and scrubbed his skin off. Unbuttoning the shirt he wore with shaky hands, he watched in pain and anguish as the last of his pact mark with the MC dissolved into nothingness, leaving clear, unblemished skin in it's place. He quickly realized what was happening, turning to the others with tears in his eyes, "T-they're e-either b-breaking our pacts, or they're...they're-" choked sobs left him, the rest of the sentence not being needed to finished.
Asmo dissolved into a pile of sobs and whispered "I'm sorry's", regretting ever choosing someone new over the person he loved.
Satan stumbled back, dread filling his being along with the pain that came with the pact mark being erased. Red hot waves of pain washed over his body, quite similar yet quite nothing like the feeling of his sin consuming him. He looked over to Lucifer, hoping the eldest could do something, anything. He was ready to grovel at his eldest brother's feet if that meant they could turn back time and fix their mistakes.
He wished he'd said something, or followed MC to make sure they were safe. But he didn't, and he cursed himself for it.
Levi had abandoned his Nintendo switch, helplessly watching his younger brothers experience pain that he too would soon. Just as he had thought that, pain blossomed in his body, causing the otaku to drop himself onto the couch from the sheer ferocity of it. He understood why the pain was so intense. MC's bond with the brothers was deep, and removing such a bond forcibly meant the demon experienced pain as deep as the bond, and as cruel as the betrayal.
Tears ran down his face as he realized just how much they had hurt MC, and all he could wish was for them to be able to forgive him and his brothers when everything was done.
Mammon was trying to keep calm, he really was, but seeing his brothers in immense pain and not being able to help them was killing him. There was nothing he could do except bear the pain that had made itself known in him, and power through it. He kept his gaze down, opting to hold his sobbing brothers close.
Mammon was ashamed. He was your first man, your first pact. He should have seen this, he should have put an end to it. Heck, he should have gotten on Asmo's case earlier. But he didn't.
Mammon regretted not stepping up when it was needed.
For once in his life, Lucifer let down his mask as he visibly paled, clutching his chest. Seeing his brothers in pain, sobbing for their loss as they held each other close, reminded him of when they had first fallen. Memories from the Celestial War filled his head. The pain which raged in him rivalled that of his first transformation as a demon.
Lucifer was lost. He had once again, failed and lost an important person, a person he loved with all his heart.
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mythsofkairos · a month ago
Tumblr media
scenario: You were ranting to your friend in the human realm about this new tv show you both were hooked to. You hated a certain character in the show and were venting your frustrations about it over the phone. Unfortunately, they overhear you and think you’re talking about them.
Tumblr media
He was making his way over to your room for regular night checks when he heard your muffled voice
With half a mind to scold you for staying up past your bedtime, he walked upto your door when and was about to knock when he heard you loud and clear
“I swear he is such an asshole.”
The silence in the corridor was deafening as he froze outside your door
“He has his head so far up his ass that he absolutely refuses to acknowledge other people around him. Ugh, I hate him, I tell you.”
Before fury and injury to pride, it was crushing heartbreak that hit him like a truck
You…hated him? But…you told him loved him. He recalled all the times you did, and all the different ways you did
Was it all…a lie?
His damaged pride wouldn’t let him face you, but his broken heart couldn’t let him face you
So he resigned to his room, letting the fatigue knock him out as soon as his head hit the pillow
The next day, he was absolutely silent
His brothers were really concerned
He refused to get angry or punish them no matter what they did, even going as far as to help them on more than one occasions
As much as they appreciated it, the look in his eyes was freaking them out
So when you returned from your extra classes at R.A.D in the evening, they requested you to get to the bottom of it
He knew it was you from the familiar rhythm of your clicking soles at the end of the corridor
But he refused to look up even when you peeked through the door, knocking on it and calling him out
“Luci? Can I come in?”
His grip tightened on his pen as he nodded, still avoiding eye contact
You could tell his demeanor was different 
It wasn’t one of exhaustion, but rather of resignation
You placed a coaxing hand on his shoulder, “Is something the matter, love?”
Before you could even blink, he had grabbed your wrist and was towering above you
“Don’t you dare call me that.”
He hated that he was collapsing on the inside, when you had the audacity to look confused
“W-What happened? What did I do?
“Why don’t you ask that to someone who’s not an asshole? Someone who doesn’t have his head stuck up in his ass?”
You blinked once, twice, thrice before it clicked
The footsteps behind your door last night were his
With widened eyes and gushed speech, you stumbled over your own words to explain to him what you were talking about
His face morphed from fury to something unreadable as your progressed through your explanation, and he was so still that you were afraid that you broke him or something
And just like before, you were engulfed in a bone-crushing hug before you could even blink
His voice was low as he mumbled against the crook of your neck, but it reached both your ears and heart
“I’m glad to hear that you still love me.”
Tumblr media
He had been making his way to your room to drag you into another money-making scheme
and just maybe ask for some cuddles
He was about to barge in as usual when you said those words
“I swear he is such a scumbag.”
His heart DROPPED to the floor like a sledgehammer
“He’s so all over the place just to compensate for the fact that he is utterly useless. It’s so fucking annoying, I swear.”
He could feel the prickling at the corners of his eyes and heart clenching in his chest
Even though his own brothers called him much more horrible things, hearing you say it shattered something else inside him
He always knew in the deepest darkest corners of his mind that you hung around him because you pitied him, not because you genuinely liked him
He didn’t want to believe his ears, he wanted to walk away and pretend he never heard you say those cruel insults
But he couldn’t bring himself to move, his body betraying his mind as his feet remained planted to the floor
You hated him, you hated his guts
Then why would you agree to date him?
His chest clenched harder when he considered the possibility that perhaps he was just a plaything to you
Did you feel that sorry for him? Or did his brothers dare you like in those cliché movies he used to laugh at? 
Either way, it was a massive blow he wasn’t sure he would recover from anytime soon
Why would you do this you’re heartless 
Oblivious and lost in your conversation, you made your way out of your room to grab a snack from the kitchen
When you swung the door open, your words were caught in your throat as your friend continued ranting on the other side
His lips were parted in shock, his eyes were brimming with tears and his entire body was tensed up
The reason behind his state was sort of a no-brainer for you
You excused yourself from your call and disconnected it
“Mammon? Baby?”
He was beyond hearing those sweet words now, backing away from the door
Now you were the heartbroken one
You immediately hugged him and pulled him into your room
It took you two hours to cheer him back up after explaining what you had been talking about
Regardless, you weren’t allowed to leave his arms even for a second
For once, he made none of his ‘Great Mammon’ comments as he relished the feeling of your bodies tangled together
Tumblr media
A big fat oof—
Being the one who struggled the most with his self-esteem, he still thought he was dreaming six weeks into your relationship
You were nothing but kind and supportive to him and his hobbies
He was mostly happy about getting to keep his anime girl figurines
Little did he know he was going to get German suplexed into the ground
After a long morning of an intense auction for a limited edition video game, he had excitedly rushed out of his room to show it off to you
He stopped outside your door, contemplating whether he should just barge in or call you out
He finally settled on knocking, but was met with radio silence from the other side
Frowning, he started walking away from your room when he heard the faint echo of your voice from the living room
Rejuvenated once again, he skipped down the stairs and spotted your familiar head poking from over the sofa headrest facing him
He was about to reach out when you spoke once again
“I mean, he’s antisocial to the point where he’s just a petty bitch.”
His hands dropped to his sides as he took in your words
Antisocial…petty…you…couldn’t mean him, right?
“I don’t even know how a weirdo like him got a girlfriend.”
It was like drowning in quicksand, except he was suffocating on nothing but air
He knew it. And now you had said it.
All those times you’d encouraged him with your words were crushed into oblivion under the weight of your current declaration
Just like everyone else, you saw him as a gross shut in, a weirdo
He had no idea when he had shifted into his demon form until you turned around and let out a startled scream
“L-Levi! What are you doing?!”
He was furious no doubt, but it was more out of pain than hatred
You, who he had come to trust after so long, had been like everyone else
His jaw was clenched, but you could see his eyes become glossy
“Y-You liar…”
Before you knew, he had flown up the floors and shut himself in his room
After a beat of silence, you finally put two and two together
Rushing to his room, you banged on the door
“Levi? Baby? Can you hear me?”
The stomping and crashing sounds from the other side stilled
You quickly explained yourself, assuring him that your words weren’t directed at him at all
But when there was no response, you decided to give him some space and resign to your room
But the slow creaking of the door caught your attention, making you turn around and face your teary-eyed otaku
Wasting no time throwing your arms around him, you peppered his face with kisses
You two spent the afternoon playing games and cuddling, and even though he wasn’t as vocal as he used to be, his little smile and willingness to accept your affection assured you that you hadn’t lost him
Tumblr media
You must have a death wish
He had invited you over to his library for a study session, and currently you were taking a break from memorizing hex spells
You were furiously typing on your phone, gushing to your friend all about your opinions on the latest episode
Satan was reading his novel as usual, but he couldn’t help peek over the edge of the book at you
Your face was displaying all the emotions on the spectrum as your fingers flew across your screen
At one point, you were even giggling softly
His pride wouldn’t let him admit it, but he was the slightest bit jealous
jk lol he was BURNT
Who were you texting with such interest? What was more important than talking to your boyfriend while he sat across you?
Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore
You hummed in response as you looked up from your screen
“Can you get me that spell book from the shelf behind you?”
You mindlessly got up from the table and moved towards the shelf, leaving your phone behind
There was a considerable distance between your seat and the shelf, giving him plenty of time to sneak a peak at your texts
His eyes were glued to the screen as he read your most recent texts
“He’s so pissy all the time, it’s starting to irritate me now.”
“He’s so smart, and for what?”
“Like, who does he think he is?”
There was an all-encompassing silence inside him as he briefly considered who were talking about
And then the FURY that gripped him was unlike anything he had ever felt
He slammed his hands down on the table, effectively breaking it into two
The sound made you whip your head around, only to see your seething boyfriend in his demon form
“Satan! What the fuck?”
You rushed upto the table or what was left of it, absolutely disregarding the threat he was posing to your life
“If you have complaints for me, I’d rather have you say them to my face than bitch over text to your friend.”
His words were absolutely venomous, making you flinch for an instant
But before you could get a word in, his tail had whipped against the shelf behind him, making all the books collapse and the wood to splinter harshly
The sight itself would be enough to make any normal person soil their pants, but you had been around for all his temper tantrums
Suddenly, you noticed your D.D.D in his hand
And now YOU were the furious one
“You went through my phone? What the hell?”
He hissed. “Why? Are you upset that you can’t play your two-faced game anymore?”
You almost popped a vein at that. Yeah, he was rubbing off on you
“Satan, love, would you be so kind to scroll to the beginning of that chat?”
He diverted his blazing eyes to your screen again, his thumb harshly scrolling down your screen
“He’s a character in the new TV show I am watching, if you didn’t know.”
It was hilarious to watch his rage mode fizzle out like that
You had to clean up the mess he had made, of course
But not before you demanded an apology, which he gave with flushed cheeks and stammering words
You sighed and kissed both his cheeks afterwards
Please don’t hold it against this boi
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books-and-catears · 2 days ago
Hi :3
Can I request an Angst no.4?
Since you said any brother will do, I'm using Levi and Mammon okay?
4. "Noone cared when I needed it most. Not even you."
Fine By Myself
"Come on, MC you promised! You can't back out like this!" Levi whined as you tried to leave the room.
"Yeah MC, you usually don't mind playing these games, something the matter with ya?" Mammon tugged at your arm.
They weren't going to let you leave the damn room unless you played the new Doji Maji 3 game.
"Can I not be the heroine this time?" You sigh. The whole shtick with the intimacy points was annoying now.
"No problem! Leave it to the Great Mammon! I'll be the heroine!" Mammon said excitedly setting his character.
"Hey no fair! I don't wanna impress you for points! I'll be the heroine!" Levi fought with Mammon over the console.
And in the ruckus the game registered them both as heroines.
After a lot of confusion and glitches with the intimacy point gaining scenes, the game skipped forward to the face off with the monster on the rooftop.
The fanged beast stood taller than the whole school building, clawing and banging the floors and railings.
"Don't worry MC! We have your back!" Levi said, springing into action.
"Yeah we'll protect ya, don't worry! Our stats are super high!" Mammon grinned.
Ugh. Please.
"Stay!" You commanded your demons, feeling your pacts glow warmer. Mammon and Levi flew backwards, surprised.
With a loud sigh, you started walking towards the monster and signalled it to come towards you.
They wanted to scream and run at you at full speed but they were paralyzed in fear as you walked straight into the monsters mouth.
Slashing his throat on the other side, you flipped in the air and landed back on the terrace. It was a very cool kill.
"MC! That was so cool! But extremely dangerous! You almost gave us a heart attack!"
"That was so sudden! What's gotten into ya, MC?!"
You merely smile and beckon both of them closer. "You couldn't protect me from your own little brother, and you think you can protect me from monsters?"
They froze in place, exchanging nervous glances. "None of you cared when I needed it most. Not even you two. So don't pretend to be my knights in shining armour."
Mammon opened his mouth to say something but then shut it. While Levi had already sat down, hiding his face.
You were right, after all.
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beels-burger-babe · 2 months ago
The Five Times Mammon Did Something For The Others
(And the one time the others did something for him.)
Tumblr media
***So the votes were mainly for # 1 and # 2 on this post. So here we are! Thank you @hangryweeb for the prompt! I've been wanting to get to this one for a while now, just didn't quite know how. Will this probably end up angstier than I intended? Most likely. But hey! If you're a regular on my blog, you know the risk your taking. -B *** Summary: Without his brothers even realizing it, Mammon has gone out of his way time and time again to make sure that they are safe, happy, and healthy, and yet no one ever seems to do the same for him. Hell, no one even thanks him for it.
1) Leviathan
The House of Lamentation was awoken by an ear-splitting wail coming directly from Leviathan's room. You and Mammon groaned as you shifted from the beanie bag chairs you had fallen asleep in that night, and glanced over to the source of your disturbance. Levi was practically sobbing over his computer as he frantically clicked the refresh button. "No, no, no, no, no!!! I can't have missed it! Come on! Please!" From around him, you could see a large red bar covering the upper quarter of his screen, reading "sold out". You rubbed your groggy eyes and pushed yourself onto your feet to approach the distressed demon. "Levi, what's wrong?" Levi growled and punched his desk, causing Mammon to jump to his feet, ready to defend if needed, and you to take a step back. "The ultra-ultra rare, limited edition, Ruri-Chan doll that was only for sale today is sold out! I've been waiting MONTHS for its release, and I set an alarm and everything!" Levi's bottom lip trembled as tears formed in his overly tired eyes, "B-But I must have slept through it due to the all-nighter we pulled watching The Seven Lords last night," he squeezed his eyes shut as his hands wove their way through his hair gripped tightly onto the purple locks. "Gah! I'm so stupid!"
You rushed over to Levi, and gently placed your hands on his to carefully pry his hands from his hair. "Hey, hey! Levi, listen to me. You aren't stupid. You had fun last night, right? You probably just forgot. It happens to the best of us. Can't you see if it's for sale somewhere else maybe?" Levi's tears poured heavier down his cheeks. You could feel your heartbreak at the exhaustion and disappointment that laid behind them. "It's not for sale anywhere else. The developers were the only ones releasing the doll, and they only made 200 of them. If I wanted to get one now, I'd have to go to some kind of underground auction, but even then it'll be disgustingly overpriced and-" he was cut off as several broken sobs tore their way through his throat and he squeezed tightly onto your hands. "I can't get it. I won't be able to get it now." You pulled Levi into your arms and glanced back at Mammon. The second-born had a strange look on his face before he caught your stare. He smiled awkwardly at you and gestured to the door. "You seem to have this under control, MC. I'm gonna let the others know that Levi isn't really dyin'-" "Yes I am! My soul has been shattered, never to be rebuilt again!" "-and that he's just havin' another nerd breakdown," he sighed and walked towards the door. "You look after him; I'll look after the others." "Wha- Mammon!" but it was too late. Mammon had already taken off. You spent the next few days comforting a "grieving" Levi and worked on trying to get the otaku back onto his feet, but nothing seemed to be working. You were running out of ideas on ways to cheer him up when his bedroom door swung open. Mammon stood in the doorway, shades on, collar popped, looking almost too casual and nonchalant for it to be genuine. "Hey. I just got back from an auction, and when I thought I was bettin' on some super cool diamond-encrusted watch, it turns out I got the numbers mixed up and betted on some lame doll," he chucked a pink box at Levi, who fumbled before catching it. "You collect toys, or whatever, right? I figured you'd get more use outta it than me." Levi's breath hitched as he looked closely at the box. There in his hands, still in the original, unopened packaging, was the ultra-ultra-rare, limited edition Ruri-Chan doll. What's more, according to the label and authorized signature on the back, this was the factory floor test model making it even more valuable! "This...This isn't some 'lame' doll, Mammon!!! This is the Ruri-Chan ultra-ultra rare, limited edition doll test model, and you just thew it like it's trash?!?!" Mammon shrugged and pushed off of the door frame. "Does that mean it's special or something? It's just a toy." "Just-Just a toy?" your eyes widen as Levi set down the doll and burst into his demon form. "JUST A TOY?!?! MAMMON!!!!" You caught a glimpse of his face breaking out into a wide, satisfied, grin before he took off fleeing from a rampaging Levi.
2) Satan and Belphegor
"I know it was one of you two! This whole trap has one of your pranks written all over it! Now admit that you had set up a prank to harm me, resulting in the shattering of an ancient, irreplaceable vase, and perhaps I will go easy on your punishment." Satan glared up at Lucifer. "How can you be so certain it was one of us?" Belphie shrugged, "I was stargazing all night and Satan was helping me with some research on astrology. We were in the planetarium all night. It couldn't have been us." Lucifer scoffed and crossed his arms. "You seriously expect me to believe that? Your only alibis are each other." Satan growled and curled his hands into fists. If the prank had gone as plan and hit Lucifer instead of that stupid vase they wouldn't even be having this discussion. Lucifer sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look you can either come clean or-" "Wait, are you guys talking about my Coin Fairy trap?" Everyone whipped around to see Mammon looking uneasily between the three of them. Lucifer scowled and raised an eyebrow at him. "You're what?" Mammon glanced at Satan and Belphie. A strange shine of certainty flickered through his cyan eyes before he focused back on Lucifer. "Ya know, the Coin Fairy! Geez, I thought everyone knew about it." Lucifer looked up the ceiling murmuring under his breath in impatience. "What in the seven rings are you talking about, Mammon? Whatever it is, please get to the point. I am in the middle of something here." "Okay, okay! Since ya don't know, I guess I don't mind tellin' ya," as Mammon spoke, he slowly and casually moved himself in between Lucifer and Satan and Belphegor. "Ya see, I was readin' one of those human world books that MC has the other day, and it was goin' on about this story of a fairy that comes and just gives people money if they leave a small bone under their pillow! Pretty neat huh?" Lucifer looked at Mammon as though he had two heads. "Are you talking about the mythological creature of the Tooth Fairy?" Mammon put on a complexed expression on his face while one of his hands rested on his chin. "Nah. I'm pretty sure it was called the Coin Fairy," without Lucifer realizing, one of Mammon's hands went behind his back and began to gesture for Satan and Belphegor to leave. The two younger brothers looked at each other, and then at Mammon. He had to be wanting something in return for this. Surely he wasn't such an idiot to put himself in front of Lucifer's wrath without anything to gain. He had to be doing this for something. Regardless, the best course of action for the two of them at the moment was to take advantage of the situation and leave. As the guilty party began to make their way out of the room, Mammon continued his story. "Anyway, I figured I'd try catching it. Why would I just take one stupid coin when I could get it to give me its entire stash! Am I right? So I, and don't get mad or anythin', but I took a tooth from that skeleton you have up in your room and set up this trap to catch the fairy!" There was believable excitement in Mammon's tone, but just as Satan was leaving the room, he noted how Mammon shifted his weight on his feet, clearly ready to run, and the slight tremble in his hands. "You guys said I trap went off. That means I caught it, right?" "MAMOOOOOOON!!!" There was a yelp from Mammon before the white-haired figure took off through the House of Lamentation, leading the angry Lucifer away from Satan and Belphegor. That night he was strung up on the chandelier. If anyone noticed that he hadn't complained once the entire night, they didn't say anything.
3) Asmodeus
Asmodeus slammed the dining-room door behind him as he stormed into the room and threw himself into his chair. He began to aggressively scoop small portions of food onto his plate as silent tears rolled down his cheeks. His brothers exchanged glances with one another before Satan spoke up. "Is everything alright, Asmodeus?"
Asmo scoffed and glared at him. "Yes, Satan. Everything is perfect. It's wonderful. It's just fan-fucking-tastic!"
Everyone leaned back at the sheer amount of anger and sarcasm that radiated off of Asmo's broken voice. The fifth born growled and violently stabbed a piece of broccoli with his fork. "Why would I even want to model for Devil Style anyway?! It's not like I need them, or anyone for that matter! I'm fabulous without them! I don't need them! Or those stupid haters on DevilTube! Or anybody!" His growls turned into a shriek as his fork bent beneath his hand. Asmo let out a fury-filled scream and threw the fork across the room before storming out, cursing to himself as he did. Everyone stared at the place where the demon once sat in silence. "So...should we go after him?" Beel asked through a mouthful of food. Lucifer sighed and dismissed the thought with a wave of his hand. "No. He's too upset right now. I'll check in on him later. Just...let him get it out of his system." Satan rolled his eyes at Lucifer's words and grabbed Asmo's abused plate. "I'm going to pack this up for him so that, at the very least he'll have something to eat later." "He won't want to eat. You know that." Lucifer only got flipped off from Satan, in response, as he left towards the kitchens. You awkwardly sat in the tension-filled room and looked at a surprisingly calm Mammon. "Does this happen often?" Mammon shrugged and took out his D.D.D. "Every now and then. Mainly when Asmo hasn't been getting the amount of praise that he'd prefer from his fans or if things aren't really going his way. He doesn't take rejection well." A glance down at Mammon's device told you that he was opening up DevilTube. You frowned and looked at him. "Is there anything we can do to help?" Mammon paused and looked at you. There was a knowing smile graced his lips, though a certain kind of sadness lingered in his eyes. "Trust me, MC. Everything will work out. I promise." A couple days later, the dining room doors slammed open once more as a humming Asmo practically waltzed into the dining room. As he reached your chair, he scooped you up into his arms and brought you into an impromptu dance with him. You giggled at the demon's antics. "Asmodeus, what's got you in such a good mood?" He laughed brightly and kissed your cheek before setting you back down into your chair. "Well there has been a movement within my fans lately, of them defending me against those monstrous haters and I've been practically swimming in praise. Which, can you blame them? Look at me, I'm perfect."
Satan smiled and rolled his eyes as Asmodeus leaned onto his chair and dramatically flicked his hair. "So they've come to their senses then?" "Yes! And they're not the only ones! You are looking at the new cover model for Majolish!" Everyone congratulated and cheered for Asmodeus, Beel even got up and mentioned something about Demonous. But while everyone celebrated, you blinked at Asmo in shock and looked over at Mammon confused. Mammon stared at his plate with a sad little smile while playing with his food. You leaned over to him. "Mammon?" you whispered. He glanced up at you. "I thought you were the new cover model for Majolish? You had been talking to me about how excited you were about it all week?" Mammon dropped his gaze back to his plate. "There's other gigs. Besides, it's not that big of a deal. Asmo needed it more than I did." You opened your mouth to protest but were dragged into the party by an over-excited Asmodeus before you had the chance. Throughout the night, you kept glancing back at a notably melancholy Mammon.
4) Beelzebub
You and Beel were tearing apart the locker room frantically searching for the missing red duffle bag. "I'm sure it's here somewhere! It's gotta be!" You exclaimed as you quickly opened and closed lockers. Beel groaned and shook his head. "We've been looking for a half hour now MC. The team'll be almost done warm up now. I must've forgotten my gear bag at the House," he sighed as his shoulders dropped in defeat. "Come on. You have to get out of here before warm-up ends, and I have to tell Coach that I can't play this game." You gave him a sympathetic smile as you closed a locker door and followed Beel out of the locker rooms. As the coach caught sight of the two of you, he frowned and waved you both over. "Beelzebub, care to tell me why you're not in uniform?" Beel looked down shamefully. You gently placed a hand on his back in support. "I forgot my equipment Coach. I'm sorry." The Coach's eyes widened. "I'm sorry, you forgot your equipment?! Beelzebub, this is the quarter-finals!! What am I supposed to do without my best defenseman out there, huh?!" Beel winced and looked at his coach apologetically. "I know. I messed up. I can make it up-" "And just how do you plan on doing that?! Huh?!" The coach swore as he ran a hand through his blading hair. He shook his head before his eyes fell on you. His gaze hardened and his jaw clenched. "You know, Beel's been getting all kinds of distracted since you started showin' up to our practices and games."
Beel's head snapped up as the coach started to address you and he quickly stepped between the two of you. "Now hold on just a-" Beel never got the chance to finish his sentence. The sound of squealing tires and the scent of burning rubber filled the air. A streak of bright yellow ripped into the parking lot next to the stands and drifted to a stop. A wide-eyed Mammon popped his head out of the golden convertible's window, and he waved to the two of you. "Hey Meathead!!" He called out to Beel. He reached one hand into the car. "You forgot your stuff!" Single-handedly, Mammon grabbed a red duffle bag from inside the vehicle and biffed it over the fence into the field. The coach stared at the bag and Mammon in shock, while you grinned and waved at Mammon. "You're a lifesaver, Mams!"
Though you couldn't hear him over the roar of his car's engine, Mammon stuttered and blushed before waving off your thanks and tearing out of the parking lot. As Beel got ready for the game, he smiled softly at the handful of protein bars, shakes, and his special "pre-game" trail mix that Mammon had apparently thrown into his bag for him. That smile grew even wider once he was out on the field, and he noticed a yellow convertible watching from the parking lot.
5) Lucifer
Lucifer let out a long tired sigh and let his head fall onto his desk as he held his glasses in one hand. He had been doing nothing but paperwork for the past 48 hours and wanted nothing more than to sleep. He could barely keep his eyes open and head up, and yet he knew that he had to stay awake. It was his turn to cook supper, and if he didn't act soon, Beel would go on a rampage. He propped his head onto his arm and peered over at his phone. It was extremely tempting to just order take out from Hell's Kitchen, but after 48 hours of nothing but coffee, energy drinks, and princess poison apples, Lucifer knew he was in dire need of real food. With a groan, he pushed himself out of his chair, cracking several joints as he did. For the first time in at least five hours, he walked away from his desk and left his office. As Lucifer dragged himself towards the kitchen, the sent chili spices flooded his nostrils as a symphony of something boiling and pots clattering reached his ears. Fearing that he had been too late, and Beel had already begun to destroy the kitchen, Lucifer used what little energy he had to rush towards the scene. When he arrived, he was surprised to see Mammon cooking on the stove wearing the "kiss the chef" apron that Asmo had bought but seldom used after Lucifer banned him from wearing it in the buff. Lucifer's eyes widened as he spotted the extra-large pot of chilli that Mammon seemed to be making, and the bowl of salad that he had set out another counter. He blinked at the sight several times before clearing his throat. Mammon merely raised an eyebrow at him. "What? Ya gotta problem with what I'm makin' for dinner? Chilli ain't good enough for you, your highness?" The eldest frowned and glanced at the calendar, double-checking that it was in fact, his day to cook. "That's not the problem. The problem is that it's not your day to cook. It's mine." Mammon froze and whipped around to look at the calendar with almost comedic exaggeration. "What? No way! It's my day!" Lucifer huffed and tiredly pointed to the day's date on the calendar, which clearly had his name written on it. Mammon stared at it for a moment. "Huh. Guess I got the days mixed up," he glanced back at the pot of chilli and chuckled. "Well, supper's basically cooked already. No point of lettin' the food go to waste. I might as well finish up in here, and you can cook another day." Too tired and too relieved to argue, Lucifer grunted and left the room, missing the smirk that Mammon gave his retreating form.
+1) They take care of him
You fretted around the kitchen with a worried frown on your face, and lightly trembling hands. You quickly and carefully gathered select items; Hell-Sauce Noodles, a bottle of water, a tall mug of extra dark hot chocolate with whip cream, and a few random bags of comfort foods. With the tray loaded, you urgently began to make your way back to Mammon's room when you almost ran into Asmodeus. The Avatar of Lust quickly caught you and your tray and chuckled at your clumsiness. "Where's the fire, darling? What's got you all hot and bothered?" You huffed in impatience and glanced around to make sure nothing fell off of the tray. "Mammon's having a bad day. I'm putting together a comfort package to help make the day a little easier." Much to your surprise, your words weren't returned with a look of concern or even shock. Instead, Asmodeus began laughing loudly and nearly doubled over in effort. You frowned as you felt anger in Mammon's defence bubble up within you. "Oh sweetie," Asmo breathed as he wiped tears from his eyes. "Mammon doesn't have 'bad days'. It's just not him. He's probably just faking to get you to dote over him," he smirked and plucked one of the chocolate cover strawberries from your tray and popped it into his mouth. "Wouldn't you rather pamper me? I'll make it worth your time." You snarled and tore yourself away from Asmodeus. "Seriously? Your not even going to pretend to be concerned?" you scoffed in disgust at Asmo's shocked expression. "You seriously disgust me sometimes, you know that? He does nothing but look out for you guys and try and help you and this is the thanks he gets?" Now Asmo looked even more confused. He opened his mouth to retaliate but was interrupted by Lucifer. "What's going on in here?" Asmodeus rolled his eyes and gestured to your tray. "Apparently Mammon is having a 'bad day'."
Lucifer tensed at Asmodeus's words and looked over at you with analyzing and serious eyes. "Take me to him." You sighed heavily and nodded, leading the way towards Mammon's room as Asmo squawked in protest. As you arrived, you gave Lucifer a stern look before opening Mammon's bedroom door. Sitting in the dark, trembling, tangled in the blankets of his bed, was a teary-eyed, clearly shaken Mammon. His head snapped up at the sudden noise, as he looked at you and his brother with wide frantic eyes. Lucifer inhaled sharply at seeing Mammon so distraught, while you sighed and moved into action.
You gently placed the tray on the side table and sat down beside him, placing a delicate arm around his quivering shoulders. "I'm sorry," you whispered softly to him. "He followed me here. I can make him leave if you want?" Mammon simply whined and placed his head on your shoulder. Lucifer moving forward caught your attention. You glared at the eldest, daring him to say something bad about the demon in your arms. Lucifer's eyes pooled with pity and guilt as he knelt down by the bed. The words that came out of his mouth weren't mocking, or harsh, or judgemental. Instead, he only said one word: "Nightmare?" Mammon let out a choked sob and nodded as he clung on to you tighter. Lucifer nodded and sat down on Mammon's other side, silently pulling him in close. You watched in near awe, as Lucifer's expression shifted into one of familial protectiveness and held a softness that you had never seen him bear to anyone, let alone Mammon. As though something inside of him broke, Mammon collapsed into Lucifer's arms letting out heart-clenching wails as he clung onto his older brother's cloak. Lucifer's arms tightened around him as he curled in around him. "Your always taking care of us," Lucifer spoke gently, running a hand through Mammon's hair. "Always being strong, taking the brunt of everything, sacrificing yourself for the others," the eldest closed his eyes and just held his younger brother for a moment. "Let us take care of you for once." Your lips parted in shock at the sincere, emotion-filled scene. Mammon gave the smallest of nods as he seemed to curl into himself even more. Lucifer sighed and glanced over at you. "Will you get the others? Tell them Mammon needs their help." You frowned deeply at the instructions, "But Asmo-" "Was deflecting and jealous that you were putting your attention elsewhere. I assure you he would've had a very different reaction if he knew you were serious," Lucifer smiled gently at you. "We may not act like it sometimes, but we do love and care for each other. Just...tell them he had a bad nightmare. They all know better than to joke about that." You weren't sure if it was the desperation or sincerity in Lucifer's tone, or maybe it was the way that for the first time since you found him screaming this morning, Mammon was finally starting to calm down, but you believed Lucifer.
You reluctantly let go of Mammon and went to get the others.
Just as Lucifer had said, each of them took the news with grim seriousness. Asmo paled and looked like he was going to be sick when you told him. When you returned to Mammon's room, you found him asleep in the middle of a cuddle pile, surrounded by his brothers with a small smile on his face. You chuckled and leaned against the doorframe. You had always thought that Mammon's actions towards his brothers went unnoticed, but seeing them all like this, told you otherwise. They all knew exactly what Mammon did for them, and they were all extremely grateful for the brother that they adored. ***There ya have it! We get some fluff! We get some angst! We have some comfort! Honestly, this fic kinda has it all. 😅 I hope you guys enjoyed it! Thank you so much @hangryweeb for the great prompt! It was a treat to write once I realized what I wanted to do with it! *** Taglist: @thegrimgrinningghost @henry-and-the-seven-lords @satans-beloved-riv @cosmixbun @sufzku @simeonspebble @victoireshaven @obey-mes-treasure @kissed-by-a-dementor @yukihaie @justtiarra @mammoneybb @obeys-world @poly-bi-mf @armycandy10 @burrixino
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moemoemammon · 2 months ago
If you’re up for writing a bit of angst 👀 I’d like to request an MC who ends up really jumpy and develops trust issues with the brothers since the bros have attacked them (and killed them) on several occasions. Like fr the amount of times you nearly die in the story is ridic 😂 (love your writing btw 🥰)
Trust Issues
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
Warning: Angst
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Lucifer understood your nervousness. After everything you'd been through, it's no wonder your reaction would be to keep yourself safe. And that meant keeping a distance, always having your guard up, flinching when he raised a hand anywhere near you. And... he hated that he'd allowed this to happen. No, he hated that he CAUSED this. Lucifer knows that human emotions are a delicate thing, yet he tried controlling you, threatening your well-being every time you stepped outside of the little box he drew for you, doing everything in his power to know what you were doing at all times. You had no privacy, and no freedom. Why would you be comfortable around him? It'd take him a long, long while to gain even an ounce of your trust, and he won't blame you if you deny him that. But for you, he'll set his pride aside to apologize again and again, as many times as it takes.
Mammon may not have tried physically harming you, but he did purposely put you in harms way time and time again. He’d always make little threats, always spoke about how he'd find some way to exploit and use you, and you never knew whether he was telling the truth or not because you didn't know him well enough. And despite the pact you have with him, it still feels like the two of you are strangers. How can you trust the word of a compulsive liar? As far as you know, he'd sell you for a corn chip. His clingy possessiveness is anything but endearing to you, knowing how he treats you like a possession and can't even express his true feelings. But he wants to! Damn it, he'll do it if that's what it takes to get you to stop looking so scared when you see him! He'll do it, so... smile a little, okay? Please?
Levi may seem like a weirdo who can't do much, but you know firsthand how powerful the third brother really is, and how emotionally unpredictable he is, too. He did nothing but insult and push you away from the start, and only wanted something to do with you when it benefitted him. And if that wasn't bad enough, he was 100% willing to murder you for beating him at a simple trivia game. So despite the pact that binds you two, Levi knows you'd rather be anywhere but near him. And.. he hates it. He sees how happy you are around others, but you never look like that around him! He gets it though... why would you be, when he's just a gross otaku..? He shouldn't have expected anything less, so... you won't have to worry about him bothering you. It's easier for you if he just stays away, right? What a fitting fate for a shut-in.
Satan saw you as nothing more than a disposable pawn in his game to topple Lucifer. From the moment you dropped into the Devildom he plotted how to use you to his advantage. If you died, Lucifer was sure to get an earful from Diavolo. What could be funnier than that? He attempted to use force to scare you into line, knowing it’d be nothing for him to really hurt you, and made sure you knew that too. So knowing that you can't stand the sight of him now... he understands. And it makes him sick to his stomach. It was you who helped him reconcile with Lucifer, but he can't even thank you properly because of the strain on your relationship. There aren't enough books in the world to help him erase all the fear he put into you, but he'll still try anyway. Little by little, Satan wants you to see him as someone who can protect you. He doesn't want to hurt you anymore.
Asmo and Satan saw you in a similar light. Dispensable, only put into their palms so they could use you. And as we all know, Asmo loves to bend those around him to his will. But when he realized his abilities had no affect on you, he only seemed to grow more desperate to have you. And not because he cared, but because you were something he had yet to taint. He wanted to mark every part of you, inside and out, until only he filled your head. But soon it started to turn the other way around, where YOU occupied his every thought. He... didn't understand it first, but the more he explored this feeling, the more he started to recognize it as love.
Beel literally saw you as a free meal. Be it your soul or your entire body, he wouldn't hesitate to swallow you up had it not been for Lucifer telling him not to. Why talk to a stranger when he could be eating, or wondering how Belphie was doing in the 'human world'? Your presence held as much importance to him as your life: none at all. That was clear when Mammon made you eat Beel's pudding, and he was ready to destroy the entire house over it. And with that stoic face of his and lack of self control, how could you be sure he wouldn't gobble you up in the heat of the moment? So as time passes and you bring his younger brother back into his life, Beel realizes he's never cared for anyone outside of his family in the same way he now cares for you. He wants to keep you close, treat you gently, show you how much he wants you, but... his insatiable appetite always reminds you of how easy it would be for him to make you into a meal, and he hates that. He'll ask his brothers for help right away.
Belphie knew this would happen. How else would you react to him, after literally dying by his hand? You'd never forget that empty, hateful look on his eyes when his fingers closed around your neck, and the way he triumphantly laughed when your lifeless body fell from his grasp and crumpled onto the floor. And to see how quickly he changed tunes and tried cuddling up to you... You didn't trust that at all. How would you know he wouldn't be set off again? Could he ever atone for what he did? Why should you trust him anyway, when he didn't nothing but lie from the start? And all because of an ill-placed grudge? Belphie keeps his feelings locked away in his heart, even when it feels like he'll burst. So for the feelings he has for you, he'll keep those locked away even deeper.
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inhuman-obey-me · 2 days ago
Congratulations on 999 followers
Could you maybe do MC and Solomon for 🎭
Thank you!!
"You want to see the real me?" - Solomon/MC
Tumblr media
The sun’s gentle rays peak through the window of this abode, warm light spilling onto the workbench full of books and vials and jars. There’s a smell of sandalwood and amber in the air from the incense you lit earlier, and it mingles now with the scent of old tomes -- pages worn by centuries past, riddled with notes and creases from use. It is a serene scene … or at least it would be if not for your rising agitation with one very particular sorcerer.
Solomon had a way with words, a tongue as silver as his wispy locks. He always found a way to persuade, to entice, to distract. Your lessons with him, where he took on his role of Master and you Apprentice, were some of the rare moments where he would be straightforward. His usually cryptic responses were absent as he guided you through a new spell or potion, but the moment the lesson was over, his ambiguous words and teasing smile would be back -- as if they never left in the first place.
He sits now mere steps from you, his gaze focused on one of the many books present, chin resting in his hand as a finger taps his lips. It was easy to get lost in how handsome he looked at times like this, the light passing through the various potions and translucent crucibles splashing the walls with vibrant colors and framing him as if he was set amid stained glass. A reminder of who and what all he was -- and somehow, yours, or so he would have you believe.
“When what, love?” He throws a glance in your direction, his concentration now broken.
“When are you going to start being honest with me?” Your fingers tightly grip the grimoire in your hands, one he had handed to you just moments ago in an attempt to dissuade you from a certain line of questioning. “Why do you keep shutting me out?”
“I’m not -- “ He starts, but then cuts himself short. To say he wasn’t would be a lie, he must have realized. Solomon turns to you with an unreadable expression, that annoying mask of his firmly in place. “It’s just … not the right time. You still have so much to learn -- “
“You say that every damn time!” You slam the grimoire down on a nearby table, earning a slight wince from your teacher. “When will it be the ‘right time’? All I want is to get to know you, Solomon. The real you, but you keep putting up a wall whenever it seems I’m getting too close.” Your frustrations spill from your lips, unable to hold yourself back now that you’ve started. “I’ve been so open and vulnerable to you, but you still keep yourself all locked up.” There’s a sting at the corner of your eyes now, your voice beginning to waver. “Do you even want to be with me?”
“Of course I do!” His mask breaks, panic clear on his features as he quickly gets up and grabs a hold of your arms, squeezing them firmly. “I want to be with you more than anything!”
“Then why?” You stare into his blue-brown eyes, your vision slightly blurry as tears begin to stain your cheeks. “Why won’t you let me in?”
He’s silent for a moment, lips pressed together as he tries to find the right words. His grip on you loosens, gaze lowering as a heavy sigh finally leaves him. His hands travel down your arms, finding your fingers to intertwine with his own. “You want to see the real me?” There’s a husk to his voice, his eyes going to meet yours again. “What if I told you that you might not like what you see?”
“Solomon.” You lean forward, touching your forehead to his as you hold his pained and regretful gaze. “Nothing you tell me will change my opinion of you. I love you, and that means all of your buried skeletons, too.” Your lips find his, giving him a chaste kiss. “Just … trust me. Please.”
“Okay.” His voice is barely above a whisper, and you can tell he’s terrified. You squeeze his hands, and he takes a deep breath, nodding. “Okay. Where shall we begin?”
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danger-noodle-uwu · 3 months ago
'This is my first' (ft f!Mc)
18+ content ahead.
No-minors allowed.
For a demon who is extremely touch-starved, he is rather patient and takes things slow to your liking.
It was almost shameful that he, the Avatar of pride wanted to please himself with a human much like you despite knowing that you were no minor-feat.
When you have responded to Asmo's joke in such odd manner, he was conflicted on asking you about the same matter.
Frustrated, the prideful demon went back to his room. Only to jerk off your name.
Wishing that the hand was yours, touching him and causing him to whimper. At the same time, he didn't want you to be uncomfortable especially not by him.
The next day, when the two of you were slow dancing to the rythm of the old record, long lost within your own world, he was wondering to what your response would be if he'd asked. Part of him Nervous while the other in desperate need of your touch.
" I've heard that somebody has been saving herself for me." He whispered in a low mocking tone. Blushing at the sudden comment, you look away.
"I don't know, it just seems weird to do it or more like- embarrassing." "Is that so?" "Well, yeah..." " well how about I prove you wrong." " huh?" "My dear, before we begin. I'd like to have your consent. Feel free to stop me as you wish." "Okay... but for what..?" "For this."
The shirt that once covered his toned body was now lying on the couch.
Bare chested, Lucifer smirks at you, smug as ever. He wanted you. So much.
" if you will, Strip"
You knew that he needed you but that bad? Anxiety had crept in your figure as you hesitated to take off your own clothing.
' Was it going to be painful? What if I can't please him? Oh I hope he doesn't ask me for a blow job? Ugh...' thoughts had already filled your mind to its brim.
First, your shirt and then pants, he intently watches as you slowly strip naked for him. It was painfully slow but he can manage.
Once your bodies free themselves from the clothing, he gently nudges you on the bed, wanting to claim you.
No-words came out of that pretty mouth of yours, he took that as 'yes'.
Licking at your folds, gently and passionately, he slowly murmured
"This will go all night long. So, do remember the name you will be screaming tonight, little bunny."
Though he is shy and tries not get too close to others, he did quite have sugar mommy(s) in the past.
The Avatar of greed did anything to satisfy himself with. Even followed down the dark path he'd been warned about.
However it was in the past, now he isn't all about gold or silver. It is about Mc, isn't it?
From the experience he had with people, he knew exactly what she might like.
He was wrong.
Mammon had thought of ways to get that smiley face twist into pleasured one. But that bubble had burst when you told him your opinion about the same subject, calling it somewhat embarrassing and mostly painful.
"Oi I know how ya' feel!" He understands. But he can't help the excitement of showing you how it truly feels.
And you both end up talking about how cringey that sex could be, weird things you've heard, etc.
That is when he mentions his first experience,
" That was so messed up! I didn't where'd my hand go? Or if I had to stay still? Like-"
He pauses mid-sentence realizing he really told you that while you just look down flushing pink.
Instead of shying out of the situation, he pulls your chin up for you to look him in the eyes which causes a burning sensation in your stomach.
You couldn't possibly be-- could you?! Ugh, you just can't back out now, can you? But to imagine of how he'd pleasure you. God...
Scummy trouble maker had noticed the way your legs had tightly shut themselves to prevent him from inhaling the scent of your seducing arousal. His patience runs thin and he pulls into a deep kiss.
Excitement fills the air within your lungs, though when you'd have thought you would feel embarrassment, you felt rather eager.
" I'll show ya' the whole deal! From touching ya' to fucking ya. But I'm telling you this before." He whispers lightly between the sweet kisses that were placed on your jawline.
" I don't plan on having mercy. So prepare yourself, baby!"
Shy as a flower, The Avatar of envy wasn't exactly keen on asking about. So, he kept dropping hints.
When he truly had enough to your oblivious nature, he asked you however through text and received a confusing reply.
He called you over to his room in order for you to explain what exactly could you mean.
Indigo-haired demon couldn't understand your words. Well, not entirely.
I mean--it could be embarrassing but like how would it be painful..?
He shared you his experience with seriousness. How it went smooth because his partner had known about him being rather unexperienced, how they guided him through it and he will do the same for you.
Though he didn't realize, Mc was already embarrassed by the talk and felt insecure but once noticed he reassures her.
"L-look normie don't worry I will guide you through, hmm? And like I won't let you feel any pain, trust me?"
His hand slowly intertwined with yours, he whispered to ask if you wanted to do it now.
Slight shame climbed it's way into sweet little Mc but faded as quick as it had came, he kissed you softly and gently trying not to frighten you.
Nodding, you tugged at your own shirt for him to take it off. 'Please Levi, I want it.'
Following your request, he came close and rested his forehead against yours.
"You are so beautiful and perfect. Don't doubt yourself, plus I don't mind teaching you. Slowly and steadily, my 3rd waifu~" he cooed out playfully as a shiver run down your spine. You responded with the same playfulness punching his chest.
"I love you forever and more because you're my normie, my true redemption..."
Touch-deprivation is something, he knew he suffered because of. The title, Avatar of wrath, always held people from approaching him for who he really was.
Despite having multiple crushes, Satan did not confess in fear of the toxicity he may have to bear with because even if the person doesn't love him, they wouldn't reject him either due to the weight his title carries.
Often he'd visit the fall in attempts to get drunk, to forget the pain. The suffering his own being causes him. In such visits, he would end up hooking up with strangers, imagining that it was his love interest(s).
Upon meeting you that changed, your friendship slowly freed him from those chains his own being trapped him. That is exactly why he wanted to share such intimate moments with you.
Just like he guessed, it was your first time. But it would be a lie, it was such turn on, it had him so excited. So, he came to you for discussing it.
"Satan, I am not sure..." " do elaborate." "I think it will be um- painful." "It is understandable, I can wait. However, I will be more than willing to guide you through."
He knows not to rush in such things. His patience can run out but he will control himself.
In the following night, courage had crept in you to finally tell him, you were ready. You were just too nervous to acknowledge what you wanted.
"Satan..." "ah, welcome Mc, tell me what bought you here?" "Satan, I am ready." You blurted out at him, who sat there speechless. And then smiled gently, saying you shouldn't rush due to his wants, but you told him, you were just anxious and that you wanted this too.
Red-tint over his cheeks didn't stop the blond from gripping your waist and throwing a compliments your way. It was your turn to blush.
His hands wandered underneath your shirt seeking permit to take off the lacy bra and started rubbing his thigh against your clothed sex unbothered.
While his movements felt rough, his words were divine. Each 'I love you' 'you are so good.' 'Love, you are beautiful as ever.' Meant the world to you.
"The more time I spend with you, the more I want to hold you tighter in my arms. No diamond in this world compares to your worth, and I wish to treasure you until the end of time. I love you, kitten..."
Known to be most experienced among his brothers, the jewel of heavens was cursed with such desire. He couldn't help the way he felt. It was a disgraceful wish or more.
Growing normal about this desire on the outside, he pitied himself on the inside. He knew how lust was and its dangers yet here he was so lost in it.
Love was a concept long forgotten by him, that is until you showed up in the council room.
The way your kindness shined in the darkness of hell itself, the way your smile made everyone's day and not to mention the way you made the Avatar of lust, himself fall for you.
He wanted to return the feelings you made him feel, through different means. A way he'd known like an old friend. He was quite helpless but it was all he thought he was capable of.
Intentionally he would make jokes on explicit themes, trying to get your opinion on them. In a similar event, you told him.
"Asmo, please don't laugh...but it would be my first time if we did it..." "Aaw darling~ don't be nervous, I understand. It's okay if you want, I can help you, oki? Plus, you've literally got yourself the Avatar of lust!" "Thank you." "I love you... see you later."
He kissed your forehead and left. Not disappointed. No instead he felt even more helpless. He really couldn't make you feel how he felt around you. The way his heart thumped on simply hearing your name.
It took a few days, for you to really decide for the activity still remained embarrassing to you though not painful. All thanks to him.
"Hey asmo, I wanna talk about something." "Go ahead dear, I am all-ears." "I think I am ready." He choked on his own saliva on hearing your words.
"Dear, when do you want to do it?" "How about now..?" "Oh... alright then. Come here baby."
He ushered you to sit while he took his shirt off and his pants leaving the boxers on. You eyes were frozen on his lean figure. He looked as seducing as he claimed to be.
"Ah... sweetie it's your turn." You instantly became anxious, he was the Demon of lust, he has been with people better than you so would he be satisfied with your human-ly self.
"Much more than satisfied." He whispered in your ear. 'When d-did he get s-so close?!' His hands slowly pulled the zipper making the dress that once adorned your perfect body fall to the floor.
His eyes were shining as if back in their element. (cuz they were. Lol) his head rested in valley the your chest before littering it with kisses.
"Angel, All I want to do is lay here in your arms and listen to your beautiful heart beat and leave this world for our own..."
As innocent as baby, Beelzebub is considered to be nonetheless he is not. He does know how things are. It is a choice that he doesn't mention about it .
He wanted to show that one part of him to his beloved. Because they would become his life, just like his brothers are yet different at the same time.
His experience is not the best as his partners as he bruised them most of the time no-matter how careful he's been.
His confrontation to you was very different than his brothers, his head laid in your lap. He lightly kissed your stomach and then your thigh causing your cheeks to heat up.
Shutting your legs as tight as you could, you tried to get up only to be stopped by him not wishing for you to go. He pouted at you with a pleading face which did the work as you stop pushing him.
"Don't go...please." " Ok fine!" You huffed in defeat. It was so embarrassing to have his head rested on your thigh as you became wetter.
Of course, The glutton could smell it, your thick dripping arousal but he couldn't let you go because he needed you too. There was only one thing stopping him, the thought of hurting you especially for his own pleasure which confused him so much.
"Hey cupcake..." "yes?" "um-- I know you're wet..." "E-eh, sorry..." "No-no, it's fine." "Well I'll get going now!!" "Hey easy.. do you want me to help?" "I don't think you know but like if we did that, it w-would be my first time..."
Covering your red face yet peeking through the fingers you wondered of how thrilling of an experience be. The sixth-born's toned body has often aroused you, left you with this hot sensation. Multiple times you masturbated to him without his knowledge.
"Oh." "I'll go now..." "I get how you feel. Nervous. Thinking it would be painful. I know it will hurt but only in the beginning. If don't want to do it, it is absolutely fine."
The way he refuses to lie to you is so sweet and heart warming that it makes your unease and nervousness fade away. So, you smile at him and mouth the words 'I want it'.
He gets off your lap and tells you sit on his, you follow. The messy-haired demons grips your hips tenderly grinding you against his hard length, sweet moans escaped your lips as he sped up.
You were so vulnerable right now and you weren't ashamed about it, he knew. A smile appeared on his face seeing you like that. You were so shy and cute and deserved the compliments of the world.
"Every day I wake up to a brand new day, I fall in love with you again. You mean the world to me, cupcake..."
Also, Touch-deprivated much like his once admired brother, the eldest. With no-intreset in Love, the seventh-born hadn't known the feeling since the death of his sister, Lilith.
Despite beelzebub's comfort, he still remained the same. The attic incident was another event that made him feel affection starved than ever. When the mighty fell, the mighty he always admired and locked him away for he'd objected Diavolo's request.
It was at your arrival, he ever had hope thinking this will be his breakthrough and it was but not as he expected.
It was his breakthrough but from the old life, from the misery, to new life where you would stand next to him along with his brothers.
Explicit jokes are more part of his personality rather than asmo's, so he'd often cracks them.
Of course, he cracked one today just like every other day while cuddling in the attic but didn't think Mc would actually take it seriously.
You told him that hearing about sex feels kind of cringey and embarrassing yet also painful.
"Though I haven't really had sex." " wait up-- you didn't." "Not yet." "Oh..."
Silence fills the room.Very awkward silence. You both were blushing messes. None could even look over at other until belphegor regained his composure.
"Umm- why did you tell me this? Out of nowhere?" "Your joke reminded me. That's all." "Hmm... I wonder-" "what do you?" "Of when can I become your first."
Lazily he embraced you while you nuzzled your face in his neck attempting to hide how flustered you were.
Suddenly, he pushed you on the bed. Refusing to break eye contact, he climbed on top of you not bothered by his hard length brushing against your inner thigh.
"Do you want this ?" The sloth seeked permission before he'd go any further. " I want it. I-- I want you." You allowed.
He slowly removed your pj's along with your panties and tossed them on the chair and then the iconic smirk danced across his face which soon turned to a smile when you moaned as his finger entered you.
He started to insert another and moved them in criss-cross manner causing you to moan louder as he chukles.
" I used to close my eyes and have a view of just darkness, but right now, whenever I close my eyes, I see the bright light which your love brings, my love-bug..."
Oof! Damn was that long. I take about five days to write these things usually but due to network error previous one got deleted. Hope you like it.
Request by @cure-shine
Good day everyone. :)
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devildomsgod · 2 months ago
Obey Me!: Love Letters
Tumblr media
What kind of love letters the demon brothers would give you.
Tumblr media
You find it on your desk.
Lucifer's letter is hidden in a black envelope, sealed by white wax.
You might think it's a letter sent by royalty, but the blood-red rose by its side reveals the meaning of the dispatch.
Inside, you find snow-white paper, delineated with black and smooth writing. It's easy to read but has its style, undeniably composed through a long night with much passion.
Lucifer didn't write much, one page holding everything he deemed fitting for a love letter. He thanks you a lot. For sticking with him despite his struggle to show emotion, for putting up with his brothers, and not basing his worth on their pranks, and he thanks you for being his light.
For getting him through rough nights of work, for respecting the walls, he put up even around you sometimes, for not shying away from loving him, even though he knows he makes it hard sometimes.
By the end of it, he asks you for a date, stating that he'd come by your room later that night and take you out. After all, he's much better at making you feel his love rather than articulating it in such a letter.
"... You understand me, even when I fail a smile or I love you. For that, I am thankful, mc. More than you might think...."
Love, Lucifer.
You find it in your locker.
Mammon's letter is wrapped in an unsealed golden envelope.
The paper is yellowed and lined, black writing covering three pages.
It's messy, seeming rushed like Mammon's thoughts were faster than his hand, and he feared forgetting if he didn't write fast enough.
A lot of words are crossed out and replaced by better, more poetic ones. There's also a small coffee stain on the edge of two pages. Another stain in the middle of one page might be a teardrop, but you can't be sure.
Everything smells strongly of Mammon's cologne. The one you told him you liked best a few months ago, which is also the only one he has used since then.
Mammon writes about all the things he never says. It's a lot.
He especially emphasizes your worth to him, how no money has ever made him feel like you, how he doesn't know what he would do if you disappeared, and how suddenly all the cash he earns is more valuable if he spends it for you.
Mammon also thanks you for loving him and for helping him with all his struggles. He can't stop thinking about the nights you spent mending his mind and body after Lucifer's scoldings.
He says you make him cry a lot. Mammon cries when stray thoughts lead him to the idea of your disappearance, he cries when he thinks of your generosity, and he cries when you're sleeping in his arms, knowing you feel safe with him.
"... Hopefully ya don't think less of me after reading this, but it's how I truly feel, mc! I think it's true love, and ya got me fallin' for it hopelessly. Forgive me for being such a fool, but ya don't mind as long as I'm your fool, right? Please stay with me forever..."
- Your Great Mammon
Leviathan's letter is taped to the inside of your door.
He chose a simple white envelope and sealed it with a blue Ruri-chan sticker.
Inside the envelope, you find two white papers, his words in blue ink. Without lines, his writing isn't fully straight and falls down to the right, but that doesn't steal the meaning from his words.
Besides the letter, there's half of an anime couples keychain. A romance anime, just recently released and you remember watching it with Leviathan, fanning over the plot and characters with him together. It's a lovely memory.
Levi's writing isn't experienced, the way he's using his words seeming unschooled and clumsy, but it makes what he's writing feel more meaningful, drenched in innocent expressions of how much he loves you.
The demon writes about the butterflies he has when you're close. He describes the dizzy feeling of love in a detailed and questioning way like he can't believe it's something normal. He says how much he hates the feeling he gets when you hold his hand, how vulnerable it makes him feel, and then he rambles about how he also can't get enough of it.
On the second page, he mentions the meaning you've given his life.
He writes about the empty feeling that these animes and video games couldn't fill, but suddenly they don't need to anymore. Suddenly, the empty feeling is replaced by excitement for you to come over later, by warmth radiating from you when your body gets close to his, and by happiness when you praise him, denying the things he keeps telling himself.
Leviathan also talks about his fears of losing you, though it only takes a small portion of his letter by the end.
"...and every day I'm scared you'll miss our gaming date because you found someone better, but you always come, with that same smile, that I can't get enough of. I know it will happen, though so until then please still love me unconditionally..."
Your Levia-chan <3
Satan put his letter in a book he recommended and gave to you.
It's wrapped in a green envelope and smells of his favorite tea.
Opening it, you pull out greenly tinted paper and a few dried herbs.
Rosemary, Stevia, and Basil, all herbs, as you later learn, with a symbolic connection to love and loyalty.
Satan wrote one page in black ink. His letters are neat, the consideration he put into each word shining through it all.
The words are poetic, carrying the story he tells in the most beautiful way you could have imagined.
Satan writes about his experience with love. The experience you're granting him.
He compares it to the romance novels he keeps reading, though it no longer compares to his own idea of love. He came to the conclusion that none of these authors must have experienced it correctly because whatever he reads, it never reaches the affection shared between you and him.
He asks if you'd be willing to be his muse for his own book one day. Satan writes you inspire him in a way nothing else ever has, and he finds it painful to waste that passion.
"... I read many stories about feelings between demons and humans. None of them come close to what we have, mc. I'm under your spell so please let me use that spell to tell the world what true love feels like...."
Yours deeply and truly, Satan
Asmodeus leaves his letter on your bed, surrounded by rose petals.
The envelope has a pretty pink tone, your name written in glitter on it.
As you open it and pull the pastel pink paper out, even more petals fall to the ground, Asmodeus' perfume melting off of them to stick to your room like it belongs.
Asmo wrote his letter in deep purple, his handwriting fancier than usual, the prettiest swirls decorating every letter. If you didn't know his style already, it'd be hard to read.
The demon begins the letter with a wave of compliments, focusing on every aspect he was able to think of.
He praises your character, writing that he finds your modesty and self-confidence admirable, admitting that he was never able to find a good balance between those himself.
He writes about your style, how it perfectly compliments and also contrasts with him, making you the missing piece of his accessories he could never seem to find before.
Lastly, he writes that your talents are some of his favorites and even he, Asmodeus Avatar Of Lust envies them sometimes.
Then, he moves on to writing about destiny. Your destiny specifically. Asmo writes that you're meant to be with him and that you're something so dearly special despite the many partners he had, he can't imagine losing you again.
You have to stay with him, mc as there is no one who could match his pace, his elegance, and his temper like you. After you, there will be no one and nothing for him, ever again.
"... and between all my past lovers, I can't find someone as special as you, mc! It's a tragedy in itself! How am I supposed to go on when you leave? So let me ask of you, please don't ever leave me. You can't..."
XOXO Asmodeus ♡
Beel's letter is on the plate of self-cooked food he brought you one evening.
The envelope is printed with orange flowers, lace decorating the edges of it. Almost like a very fancy tablecloth.
Beelzebub wrote two pages, the paper as fancy as the envelope with pretty swirls along its edges and the demon's writing is black, thick, and clear to read.
On and in the envelope you find a few crumbs of food, but the sweet odor they bring isn't something to be annoyed by.
Beelzebub's writing is direct and clear.
On the first page, Beelzebub writes about what you mean to him. How you're what's filling the hunger he can't still with food. He thanks you for the moments spent together, in which his thoughts are allowed to be freed from the restricting hunger for more.
He also thanks you for not judging him. For never getting mad when the growling of his stomach startles you or when he says "I'm hungry" instead of "I love you". He feels like you understand him, a feeling not too common amongst demons anymore.
On his second page, Beel tells you he wants you to experience the wonders of food as he does. He promises to cook for you as much as you'd like and even when his favorite dishes melt your human stomach, he'll find an alternative recipe that'll taste just as good.
Beel wants you to taste the sweetness of your laugh, the heartiness of your desire, and the tenderness of your embrace. He wants you to taste what he feels.
"... even if I yearn with my stomach sometimes, your love reaches me as strong as always. I will return that love, mc..."
Hugs from your Beelzebub.
You find Belphegor's letter in his hand after he fell asleep on your bed.
The envelope has a dark purple color and smells strongly of lavender, caused by the dried plant inside of it.
Besides the lavender, there's black paper, covered in purple ink. Three pages of it. It's soothing to read, the dark combination lulling you into a comfortable headspace while reading.
Besides the neat writing, there are small doodles of sheep and cows by the edge of the letter.
The content of Belphegor's writing is as dark as the paper. He writes about the things he's too scared to say to your face.
Belphie begins with a question. He asks why you're with him.
After killing you, holding your neck tight until the life faded from your human body, he wouldn't expect you to come back to him, but here you were, letting him sleep in your bed while reading a love letter written by your killer.
He blames himself and he blames you, calling you reckless for getting close to him, though all the criticism is immediately soothed by multiple paragraphs of pure thank yous.
Thank you for forgiving him. Thank you for healing his hurt soul. Thank you for giving him a home. Thank you for giving him a reason to sleep less than he used to. Thank you for giving him life.
After the excessive display of his gratitude, Belphegor moves on to recalling memories. He writes about your first date, your first time napping with him, your first time saying you forgive him, and many more.
He mentions how he shed tears over every one of those memories, how he felt recalling them now, and how happy he is, knowing more memories will be added to this collection.
His letter ends with a final 'sorry', its purpose undefined. Maybe a sorry for his past actions, maybe a sorry for his inability to express all of this to your face, maybe a sorry for making you read three pages of his rambling. You don't know, and asking him about it seems indecent. You shall take the sorry for whatever you'd like to be apologized for.
"... and though I hurt you, you let me keep you in my arms when I sleep. The trust you have in me scares me, but as long as it does not terrify you, I shall tolerate it..."
Yours truly, Belphegor
Read the side characters here
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obeythebutler · a month ago
Can I have a part 3 to that missing MC??
Tumblr media
Brothers Find Missing! MC
Part 1 Missing! MC
Part 2 Brothers React to MC Activating The Pact Mark
Warnings: Blood, Violence, Protective Demons
He feels nothing.
Nothing isn't quite the word to the demon's current predicament. He indeed does feel something, but it's not anger nor sadness. Nor happiness, not even despair or hope in his heart.
He's tethering between acceptance and refusal. The words don't sit quite right on the demon's tongue. Lucifer isn't ready to accept that he will never be able to see them again, but then if there's nothing in his heart that must mean that he's already yielded.
Right now, cursed music flows from the vinyl, and Lucifer lets the music drown him.
In one hand a bottle of Demonus—to stop the numbness in his mind as the demon takes another sip. During these times he would feel the pact mark lighten up, just as it did countless times before.
He was a fool for trusting the hope in his heart.
Even if he wasn't able to be summoned, Lucifer still was pacified. He couldn't see them, but at least he knew they were alive.
He used to know.
It stopped.
Lucifer noticed the intensity waver, the attempts grew weaker and lesser, and then it vanished.
Like you.
He wanted to cry, at that. He wanted to scream and shout and hope there was hope, that even the tiniest evidence was there, that you were alive and breathing and—
A shadow wolf howls in the night, startling the demon. Lucifer shakes his head before taking another swing from the bottle. The music does little to soothe his nerves, but the Demonus makes up for it.
"Hah?!" The demon groans, having fallen on the ground; and without the chair there, his behind unfortunately suffers, and the bottle spills.
With alcohol wetting his shirt and trousers, Lucifer grimaces as he gets up. And then, his world is turned upside-down.
"Oh—I—I," He mutters, running towards where you lie on the ground. "I—I'm so sorry."
He mumbles to himself, hastily inspecting you for injuries. Your lips are turned upwards in a smile, and you watch the demon through weary eyes as he checks for wounds. Given your exhausted state, you are able to make out your Morningstar's voice, more worried then you've ever heard.
You cough, startling the demon's movement, who flinches away in fear he has hurt you.
"Don't—" You tremble, wincing when the movement hurts, and yet, you reach out a hand to touch Lucifer.
"Don't be sorry."
At your words, the demon gapes at you; and yet, all the same, he holds your hand close to his face, letting the warmth of your skin calm down the turmoil within.
He has never looked more beautiful.
"I was scared," He confesses, letting you brush your thumb against his cheekbook. The action is soothing—and Lucifer momentarily closes his eyes.
"I was scared that you...."
The word lies heavy in the air. The demon doesn't need to speak any more, because both of you know what could have happened.
You smile. "But I'm here, am I not? I tried, and didn't realise that I didn't have enough magical energy in my body at first. Didn't realise it depleted when they—"
Lucifer's eyes harden.
"They who?" The demon whispers from gritted teeth, his mind already conjuring ways in which to make the filth that dare to harm you suffer until their last, useless breath.
"Ow—Luci, too tight!"
The demon immediately softens the grip on your hand, not realising that in his anger he nearly squeezed your hand in two; and given his strength, it would have been awfully easy to crush the bones in your hand.
"I'm sorry," He apologizes, rubbing circles into the place where he'd gripped your hand previously.
"It's alright." You smile, realising that he's broken the record for apologising. You would have cracked a joke, if he didn't look so worried.
"How did you...?"
"Was walking in the streets, and then everything went black. And the next thing I knew I was in a place never seen before," At your memory, Lucifer snaps his head around to observe your surroundings. There's trees, a damn lot of vegetation, probably the heart of the Devildom forest. "I wasn't able to summon any of you, even when I tried," You laugh, the sound forced from your chest. "But it worked."
For a while, both of you just stay there, savouring each other companies after such a long separation. Lucifer cradles your head in his hands, pulling you close until your head is on his chest, and his arms are wound tightly around you.
But just like all good moments, this one has to be interrupted too.
The wolves howling breaks the demon out of his reverie; and only then Lucifer realizes that this isn't a safe place for you to be.
"Let's go home," He mumbles, careful with your head as he stands. You lean closer, burying your face in his clothes.
And in that moment, the weight in his hands is a welcome one.
He's never been more angry.
Anger wasn't a emotion one would associate with Mammon. He bickered, gloated and got strung up from the ceiling by the toes, but never once lost his temper.
But this sight tells the opposite.
"Filth," The demon grits out, throwing a mangled body into the open drain. The thud is a sound that makes the others flinch.
Fear, because the white-haired demon was supposed to be an "easy" demon, one who trailed after witches, slave to their demands. There was no reason to be afraid of the second born, but only now do the demons realize what a grave mistake they have made.
"Ya dare to touch my human," Mammon growls, biting off each word as he tears a demon's wings away from the base. "Ya dare to harm 'em."
"You're gonna regret it."
True to his word, he maimed every single demon that dared to harm you. Screams and cries occupied the air in the alley, until only blood and bodies were left.
Squishy footsteps, shoes coated with blood walk towards you, and gentle hands cradle your head.
"I'm so sorry," Mammon mumbles, burying his face in your hair as he lets out a breath he didn't realise he had been holding. "I couldn't get to you fast enough."
Ignoring the scent of blood on his hands, you lean back to hold his face. Splatters of red stain his cheek, and you wipe it before gazing into his eyes, full of worry and concern, red with tears.
"Shh, shh, I'm here, see?" You hug the demon whose shoulders shake with sobs; finding yourself tearing up as well. "I'm here Mammon."
"I was supposed to protect you—hell—I was given one job and I couldn't even be with you! You—You were trying to summon me and—"
"And you came," You declare, trying to comfort the demon. "I finally summoned you, and you came. You came and saved me."
The bodies lying on the ground are evidence.
"Ya don't get it," Mammon whispers, closing his eyes as his eyebrows furrow. "You nearly died in there."
You press a kiss to the space between his brows.
"But you came and saved me, didn't you Mammon?" You affirm, the question being more of a statement as Mammon opens his eyes.
"My first man."
At that name, Mammon presses a kiss to your head.
"I'm here now, aren't I?"
"Yes," The demon breathes, inhaling your scent to help him calm down his demonic instincts. "You're here and you ain't goin' anywhere."
"I am not," You mumble, exhaustion overcoming you after that ordeal. "I'm right here with you."
Seeing your tired state, Mammon tucks you closet to his body. With one arms supporting your neck and the other your legs, you already feel drowsy in his embrace. You've always felt safe in them.
His wings flap, preparing to take flight.
"We're going back home."
The ocean is in turmoil.
The waters never seem to rest; when the waves are eerily silent that means a storm is approaching.
And right now, the ocean is furious.
Screams are drowned out by the rippling waves against the ship, whatever bodies that do manage to escape are swallowed up by the notorious fiend of water known as Lotan.
The Admiral of Hell's Navy stands tall as the demons under his command slaughter the scum that dared to commit such an atrocity.
A sharp kick to one demon's face makes him recoil and fall to the floor, which is already drenched with crimson.
Before he can cover himself with his hands, another sharp blow to his side makes him throw up blood. A garbled scream escapes, before another stab of pain makes itself known.
"You dared to harm the human under Lord Diavolo's protection."
A whip from a tail shatters the bones in his ankle, resulting in a broken scream from the demon.
"You dared to kidnap the human under our protection."
A hand is already dragging back the demon who tried to escape. Screaming and begging, he's thrown at the Admiral's feet.
"You dared to harm my friend."
The tail wraps around his waist, tight, constricting his lungs as the demon uselessly gasps for air. Leviathan stares at the filth writhing from a mere squeeze of his tail. His eyes are narrowed, not even a glint of nervousness in them.
Because this is not the shut-in otaku, this is the Grand Admiral of Hell's Navy, Leviathan.
Levi is not feeling very merciful right now.
Without even letting the scum beg for his life, his teeth come to latch on his neck, and then the demon falls to the floor.
The rat has received its poison.
Wiping off the blood with a towel, Levi nods to his men; and then he's off.
Too fast to be walking, too slow to be considered running.
The heel of his boots make sharp sounds against the floor as Levi opens the door, letting out a sigh when he sees your form in the bed. The demon's shoulders sag as he adjusts the covers.
Citrine eyes gaze at your sleeping form, and Levi runs a hand through your hair. Merely hours ago, you were about to be killed, if not for the sea creatures informing him of the demons in the ocean.
To think they could get away with hurting you.
But you're here, Levi assures himself. You're here in his ship, you're breathing and—and he's here and no one can harm you.
He won't let that happen.
Furious isn't quite the right word to describe it.
If anything, Satan's more than furious, utterly hell-bent on destroying the pathetic excuse of the demons who thought they could hurt his human. His wrath rolls off from him in waves, and the green in his eyes is the storm, raging and deadly.
Brutal and harsh are his movements, you notice, clutching his jacket that the blonde demon had wrapped around you before taking care of the "pests."
You bury your head in your arms, the scent of his jacket calming you down, but not enough to wholly ignore the screams and whimpers coming from the dark alley. Blood stains the cobblestone there, the crimson liquid seeps into the cracks that will require the aid of the rain to wash it away.
"H-Help me!"
A voice startles you, and you snap your head towards the source of the noise. In the moonlight, you can make out the demon that kidnapped you. He's drenched in blood, wounds from claws and bruises coat his body. The baffling part is, that he's begging.
"Save me! He's going to—"
A scream cuts him off as a clawed hand comes to grip his leg, nails digging into the open wound. A garbled scream rips past the demon's lips, and emerald eyes glare from the shadows.
And then, the screaming increases.
You try to muffle the sounds.
Ultimately, the voice reaches a crescendo before it finally stops, and the night is quiet once again. If not for the blood, it seemed like a maiming didn't take place.
The blonde demon steps out of the shadows.
In this moment, he truly looks like the Avatar of Wrath.
"Satan," You reach out, attempting to grab hold of the demon, but then he flinches away, as if burned.
"Don't," He mumbles, and you can see the way his hands ache to hold yours; to hold you close gently and press a kiss to your head, cradle you after being separated for so long like his brothers are going to do.
But there's the blood on his hands.
The demon wasn't so bothered before, and yet you're here now and you've seen that side of him. The demonic side that he hid away carefully, but now its revealed it's ugly head to you.
You hesitate for a brief moment. "You can touch me. I don't mind," You murmur, and yet, Satan doesn't move. He stands rooted to the spot, as if mesmerized.
And then, his shoulders start shaking.
They start off slow, at first, until they tremble violently and tears fall from his eyes that the blonde demon doesn't bother to wipe away.
Yet, you do.
You wipe the tears with the pad of your thumb, ignoring the blood.
"Let's go home," You murmur, holding Satan's hand—covering his hand in yours, holding on tight.
The demon lets out a shaky breath, before giving you a soft smile.
Asmodeus never lost hope.
Not even once, in comparison to his brothers who drowned in despair. He kept hanging on, because his heart told him to.
"MC," He mutters, gently wiping the blood splattered on your face with a handkerchief. "You're here."
A breathy laugh. "Yes, I'm here, Asmodeus."
The demon has never smiled so brightly before as Asmodeus takes in your scent; burrowing his face in the crook of your neck and staying there for a few moments that he can spare.
But when he smells blood, his pupils widen.
He removes his head from your neck. "Who hurt you? Tell me their faces and I'll ensure they won't hurt—"
"Not right now, Asmo. Not right now." You mumble, not able to stretch your arms to their maximum capacity to hug the demon, but Asmodeus gets the hint, and he's right back at your side.
"I felt you," The demon whispers against your skin, his hands gently cradling your side. "I felt you trying to summon me."
You smile. "I did. I tried a lot of times, but my magical energy was low, and it was exhausting."
"But then you finally managed to call for me."
You nod, resting your forehead against the demon's own, finding solace in the simple action. It's been too long.
"Everyone else misses you."
"I know. I miss them too."
You can only imagine the relieved look on everyone's faces after you come back home. You're pretty sure you won't be allowed to go outside without one of the brothers accompanying you, but it's in good intentions.
"You've got bruises," The demon states, holding your wrist gently as he observes the marks. Then, Asmodeus presses soft kisses on the bluish-purple areas, as if alleviating your pain.
If you're being honest, most of the pain in your body is long gone by now.
"Who was it?"
"A demoness. Seemed jealous, and the next thing I knew my magical energy was being drained."
The furrowing of the demon's brows tells you that the witch is in deep shit.
It dissapears the moment it came.
"I'll take care of that, dear. But first, let us get home and take a bath. The dirt is sticking to my skin!"
You laugh.
He can't lose another.
Beel's already lost one person in his life, and he can't lose you too. He can't lose two.
"Beel!" You exclaim, wrapping your arms around the ginger-haired demon to break him out of his reverie. You rest your head on his taller frame, and for a moment Beelzebub stiffens.
Then, as if waking up from a trance, he hugs you tighter than he ever has.
"I'm so sorry," He mumbles, pressing a kiss to your head. His hands are hovering over your frame—from your head to your waist, inspecting for any harm. "I wasn't able to be there, I—I thought for a moment that you had died and—and you weren't able to summon me anymore and—"
"Got exhausted," You mumble, the fatigue of the events that took place overcoming you.
"Oh," Is all Beelzebub says as he notices your current state. Apart from a few bruises, he's glad that no other injuries are there. Your frame leans on his larger one, and the demon cradles the back of your head with his hand.
"What about the demons?" You question, remembering that the demons that abducted you had suddenly become very quiet before Beel's arrival.
You attempt to turn your head, but the hand doesn't let you.
"Don't look," Beelzebub states, tucking your head further in his frame as amethyst eyes gaze at the mess on the ground. But it's nothing that some shadow wolfs and vultures can't take care of. Nature has its ways.
You scared him, when you went missing. Beel had sworn an oath to protect, but even with his physical prowness he wasn't able to save her. He couldn't bear to lose you too; but fate was kind to him.
You were able to summon him, and Beel noticed the shift in his surroundings as he pounced on the demons; for your scent on them was overpowering.
His D.D.D. pings, and Beelzebub hastily takes it out loud, and smiles at the caller ID.
"Whose it?" You turn your head barely enough to look; but the demon places the device to your ear.
"Beel? Where are you?"
"I shouldn't have left you alone."
It's more of a statement directed towards him than you. He shouldn't have been sleeping when you had gone out in the streets of the Devildom; despite fully knowing it was dangerous.
Belphegor wipes away the remnants of blood on his hands before latching himself onto you, wrapping his arms around your waist. He's checking for injuries, his grip light as a feather. His head rests on your chest, feeliing the reassuring thumping of your heartbeat.
"Beel was worried," He mumbles, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. "Lucifer and the others turned everything upside-down, they were troubled."
"And what about you?"
"I was scared."
Scared, fearful, more desperate than the others. Belphegor spent nights waking up from dreams that made his throat constrict. It felt like the world was crashing down, but Belphegor couldn't let out a sound during those moments.
"You summoned me just in time."
The demon declares, intertwining his fingers with your own. If you feel the trembling of his hand, you don't comment on it.
"You felt me trying to summon you?"
Belphegor's form freezes. His eyes widen, mind fearing that it's a cruel dream all over again and that he'll wake up in the attic with tears running down his face.
But then he feels your heart beat.
The demon has latched himself to you even tighter than before. He's holding you in fear that it's all a dream.
"I felt it all," He mumbles. "You woke me up from my sleep in doing so."
You chuckle, and Belphegor finds himself smiling at the sound. Oh, how he's missed this.
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salemwitchezz · a month ago
a different type of falling • mammon
pairing: mammon x gn!reader
summary: mammon finds out he’s slowly falling in love with you.
warnings: little bit of angst, mostly fluff.
a/n: i got bored and wrote this bc mammon deserves the world :). also for the people that i’m writing requests for— hang in there! i’m getting them done :)
> masterlist <
Tumblr media
the moment the avatar of greed laid eyes on you, it was a little too obvious to everyone he wanted absolutely nothing to do with you. he hated that his older brother put this responsibility on him out of anyone else, and he hated that he couldn't do anything about it.
mammon felt like this was some sort of sadistic punishment. he had been stuck with this random, stupid human exchange student that would do nothing but get into trouble, and in the end, you always dragged him down with you.
you were a waste of his precious time, nothing but a piece of deadweight he had to drag over his shoulder and protect in order to avoid's lucifer's wrath. you were a parasite, a nuisance, a burden that he had no other choice but to endure, and he went out of his way to make sure you knew that almost every single day.
but no matter what snarky remark or insult he threw towards you, it could never phase you— in fact, you just ignored them, you ignored him. the fucking audacity you had, now he really hated you, he hated you so much in fact that he started paying more attention to you.
mammon convinced himself he was doing this to try and find something to pick you apart with, to find and grab onto a weakness you had that he would be able to use against you.
but then, he started staring a little longer.
he started waiting up for you so you wouldn't have to catch up, he started saving you a plate for dinner so beel wouldn't get to it, he started making sure you were safe without feeling like it was being forced upon him— like he actually wanted to keep you from harm, not that he would ever admit it thought.
he stopped trying to steal your things and instead gifted you most of the things you own, he started recognizing what mood you were in just by one look at your face, he started longing to see that beautiful smile spreading across you face when you talked about something you were excited about, or that frown that he saw when you were upset or sad about something— and he loved knowing that he was the one that was able to fix it into another smile.
mammon soon found out that he started to adore a lot of things about you; your looks, your personality, your laugh, your voice. he loved it when you talked.
he loved it so much, that he started hanging onto to every little thing you had to say, because your words was the one thing that swayed him. his heart quickened whenever you talked or mentioned his name, but it was in a good way.
in fact, he ignored his brother's half of the time, dodging their insults like bullets whizzing past his head and instead was only interested in what you had to say. what you had to say about him.
you never called him a dirty scumbag, you never put him down because he indulged in his sin. all you ever said was good things about him, and now that he got that, he craved it from from you everyday.
and then there were those days and nights where he craved something more consoling from you, when he was at his lowest, when his brothers wouldn't cease their demeaning teasing and harsh words, words that broke him down into tears when he was finally alone, words that drove him to his only source of comfort. you.
at first, mammon was reluctant to leave himself so vulnerable and exposed to someone else, but once you were able to coax him into your arms and have him listen to what you had to say whilst you embrace him and card your fingers through his snowy locks, he'd feel a lot more better.
the nit-picking from his brothers started to decrease more and more each day, and that was only because you gave them an earful one day when you just couldn't stand to see the avatar of greed in tears anymore. you didn't want him to feel like that any longer, like he was a piece of trash that could be easily disposed of. so you stuck up for him— without worrying about the consequences afterwards.
that's when mammon could finally come to the realization that.. that you cared for him— more than anyone bothered to show. you showed him his worth, and you made him feel appreciated when no one else could.
now, whenever you were with him, the demon felt a warm feeling spread through his chest. he felt butterflies whenever he heard your voice. he started looking forward to the time you spent together, when it was just the two of you. when you were with him, there was no place he'd rather be.
but at the same time, mammon was scared.
he'd never felt so strongly for someone before, no one could ever stir up these type of feelings within him the way you did. no one ever treated him the way you did, with such kindness and gentle words.
without you, he felt like like a piece of him was missing. when you were away, he'd feel hollow until you came back to fill in that empty space.
mammon hated that he felt like he had to depend on you to keep thriving, but after a while, he came to accept it. you were his happiness.
but then, there came the jealousy.
mammon got jealous. he hated when you hung out with his brothers, but it was because he wanted you all to himself. mammon was greedy for your attention.
he was greedy for you.
just how how he was right now, the way he was staring at your slightly pouted face because he had whisked you away from beel so he could spend time with you instead.
mammon admired the way the light of the television illuminated your features with a blue hue, and he was finding it hard to concentrate on the movie you two were watching. it was just so much easier to focus on you, but it was so hard to not get caught doing it.
because it would be the absolute end of him if you were to notice his staring.
luckily for the demon, you had been really indulged into a certain scene, giving him time to really gaze at you with an unknown look of love swirling in his royal blue eyes without it going noticed by you.
having his arm wrapped around the backrest of the couch, mammon was able to lean his cheek on his own shoulder and look up at you— watching the way your eyes widened, allowing the little characters on the screen to reflect off of your pupils. his eyes then trailed down and landed on your lips, which were slightly parted in a small breath and glossy in the way the light shone on them.
mammon pressed his own lips together. he really wanted to kiss you.
mammon's eyes studied every slope and curve of your features, and he felt an overly warm feeling swell in his chest. a happy feeling, not the kind of happy he felt when he gambled or won a bet, it was the kind you gave him.
it was love.
he was in love, no matter how much he denied it, it was certain— he had fell for you.
the longer mammon stared at you, the further that warmth spread. his thoughts were racing like bullet trains across his mind, but one had stuck out the most—
"i think i'm in love with you." the greedy demon thought to himself.
he fell in love.. damn it, he was in love. he didn't want to be, because love was a poisonous word, because love had lied to him— because the great mammon never fell in love with anybody, he didn't allow people to make him weak. but somehow, you had. you had stole his heart, and there was nothing he could do about it.
yet, he found himself saying it over and over again in his head like a mantra, and it would never get old. just like how staring at you never would either.
however, mammon was snapped violently out of his trance when you suddenly whipped your head around with an incredibly surprised yet hopeful look on your face, and he was confused to why until he realized that he hadn't just admitted he was probably in love with you in his head, but he had accidentally let it slip past his lips too.
"what?" you almost whispered, and mammon's heart sank into his stomach.
"um.. what? eh, what did i say?" the demon panicked with a quivering voice as dread soon filled him to the brim, and he shot up in a stiff sitting position with a hard gulp that he hoped would go unnoticed by you. shit, how was he gonna get out of this one?
" said you love me." you repeated, almost hesitant.
"huh?! when the hell did i say that? you must be hearin' stuff, human. as if the great mammon would ever—" mammon swallowed the rest of his sentence when he was was met with that glossy look in your eyes, the one when your e/c optics swelled with tears, making them resemble globes right before spilling.
mammon's breath hitched, and not knowing what to do first, he brought up a shaky and uncertain hand up to grip your arm and bring him closer to him. he saw the first tear roll down your cheek, and he felt his heart crack a little.
"hey, hey— no, no, no.. don't cry. why are ya crying—ah!" mammon let out a small noise of surprise when you suddenly pushed yourself forward and tackled him in a hug, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, and mammon was slightly taken aback for a moment before he slowly wrapped his arms around you.
he listened to your small sniffles, confused as to why you were upset, but rubbed small circles in your back anyway.
"um.. maybe," he started, trying to ignore the anxious feeling swirling in the pit of his stomach. "maybe i do.. care about ya, sometimes."
mammon felt you pulling back, and he did as well— but didn't have time to react for what happened next, because you had grabbed his face and were pressing your lips against his.
you were kissing him.
mammon stupidly froze against you, unresponsive with wide eyes. it took him a moment to process this was actually happening before his eyes finally fell shut and he started to slowly kiss you back.
your lips were as soft as he imagined they'd feel, and the simple kiss you gave him was full of love. he felt a wave of relief wash over him and a feeling of happiness bubble inside of him, slowly crawling up his throat until it became a lump he discovered was hard to swallow.
and before he knew it, he felt warm tears rolling down his cheeks like waterfalls.
mammon was sure you could feel him shaking, that you could feel his heart thumping out of his chest at an ungodly speed. he didn't want you to pull away, yet you had— but the smile on your face when you did made up for all the disappointment.
"i'm sorry, i just— i just got really happy." you sniffled, letting out a breathy laugh. "i.. i love you too, mammon, and i.." you trailed off when you finally looked back up at him, only to see his tear stained cheeks with even more rolling down his face.
you were crying because.. you loved him?
mammon was crying even harder now.
your eyes widened, and you brought up a hand to try and console him. "oh, no, i'm sorry. i didn't.. don't cry—"
mammon swatted your hands away lightly with a sniffle, hiding his face with his other hand. "i— i'm not crying, ya stupid human.. i just.."
he had so much to say in that moment, but he couldn't exactly put it into words. so, instead mammon let you embrace him once again, allowing the silence of the moment to speak for itself. and surprisingly enough, that seemed efficient for the both of you.
after all these years of being neglected from the one thing he craved most, you were the one to finally come along and give it to him.
you were almost like an angel in disguise, and sometimes, he actually wondered if you were actually just that. mammon felt like you were the best thing to happen to him, no matter how he felt in the beginning.
mammon had fallen a second time, but this time, it wasn't because of his despair— it was actually the opposite.
it was a different type of falling.
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