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solomonish · 7 hours ago
hm hm hm legend has it that mz. bathsheba had to chase her son away from the Booze at any and all hours and we all know he's canonically a sleepy boi with Many wife so what I'm saying here is a drunk solobaby is a snuggly solobaby. very affectionate. much love and cherishing of the You. release hims inhibitions and suddenly your most wise and gentlemanly sorcerbabe is tucking you into a hug on top of him like a cat with THE most contented of liddle sighs, because he just loves you SO MUCH OKAY. this just in, by decree of thy (now fermented) stale fortune'd cookie — your dreams of cuddling with Best Bean may be closer than they appear OwO
Bdjekg when I first got this ask I had to read it like three times because my reading comprehension apparently goes down like 50 points when I'm even slightly inebriated but YES PLEASE
Using this ask as canon (which I've decided it is), Solomon and I are both sleepy, cuddly drunks so just. Get us both drunk and its like
Tumblr media
The brothers are jealous but once one of us is latched on its game over
But in a less selfship way,I'm SO soft. He's just so content....practically purring to himself (catboy or not)....just utterly pleased. Bonus points of u give him a little kiss on the jaw and get him to give that little bashful chuckle. UGH I love him so much
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fandomsnfluff · 19 hours ago
I can't get out of my head Satan asking MC for a foot massage because of foot pain. I don't believe he could sit still or not giggle lol
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devildomqueen · a year ago
410 Smut Prompts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: 12, is meant to say “if you don’t change out of those shorts and into some pants, I’ll have them around your ankles by lunch”
Feel free to use them ;)
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obaby-obeyme · a year ago
The brothers with Marshmallows on the sharp ends of their horns, it’s all I gotta say I am squealing the thought was so cute to me
Absolutely cute, I guarantee it.
Tumblr media
MC, no-
ask/request still open ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
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belphegorsheart · 18 hours ago
i hope you let me do this more often, i really enjoy your company, especially when you let me see you in your demon form... you’re just so pretty like this she mumbles the last part, cheeks a deep red now-🥐
“T-Thank you” he mumbled with a light tint of pink. His eyes feeling heavy as he relaxed against her touch. Dozing off, soft snores leaving his lips.
Tumblr media
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books-and-catears · 20 days ago
I love how you wrote my asks! Thanks so much for doing them! I wanted to request something for the brother's separately where MC is already together with them. The brothers mention a kink they are into and MC says they'll think about trying it. Then a week later during a student council meeting with Diavolo, MC holds their hand under the table and leans over and whispers to them "My heart, tonight lets do what you mentioned a few days ago."
OwO. Alrighty then, hop on 18+ folks. The Spice Train is about to leave the station.
Warning: N/S/F/W. Minors don't worry the Fluff and Angst Trains will be arriving soon, please don't board this one okay?
Tumblr media
It was during one of your late night music sessions that he first brought it up. You were curled up in his lap, eyes closed and fidgeting with the sleeves of his coat.
You looked so fragile and vulnerable in his arms, he could hardly control his thoughts. How can you allow yourself to be this defenseless in front of him? And then you dare tease him? You whimper amd moan at every touch of his, a slave to his charisma - and yet you dare urge him further?
He looked at his red gloved hands and your hand enclosed within them. Red was such a pretty color on you. He imagined you all tied in his bed with red velvet ropes, pretending to want to break free all the while pleading him to touch you, while he takes his time, sipping his tea, palming your legs with one hand and watching you squirm in all your glory....
"Lucifer?" Your voice breaks his thoughts. "Haha you spaced out pretty bad. What are you thinking of, hmm? Your face is completely red."
He composed himself. Even though you both had been dating for a while now, he was still embarrassed about his innermost desires. He didn't want to scare you off.
"Come on Lucifer, I know you're hiding something!" You said promptly standing up.
He sighed. Well you're adamant as hell, there's no winning against you.
"I was thinking how lovely you'd look in ropes, MC. Tied to the bed and calling me master." Lucifer said, running his thumb over your wrist.
"You have a BDSM kink? Well should have seen that coming. Okay then, I'll think about it...Master." You teased and left the room.
Great. You just gave him a boner on the way out.
Around a week later, while Diavolo was meeting was barely ten minutes in, you lean towards him and whisper when noone is looking.
"I think I'm ready to submit to you like you asked, Master."
Lucifer banged his hand a little too hard on the table in excitement, startling everyone. "Ah I apologize. It was a bratty little insect."
He squeezed your thigh underneath the table as punishment for making him restless for the rest of the meeting. And you sure as hell are getting dragged and used mercilessly once you're out of there.
Mammon was leaning on your shoulder as you were explaining the class notes you had taken for him that day. And everytime he nodded or got a question right, you'd rub his hair and nuzzle against his cheek. It was thing you did for him even before you started dating.
It always drove him CRAZY.
You thought it was adorable and cooed at him jokingly while giving him headrubs, "Baby boy, you're so cute you know that?"
And now his cheeks grew red hot and his imagination ran haywire. He glanced over his bed and pictured you entangled with him, pressing kisses on his cheeks and lips, your hands pulling him down at his hair while he thrust into you over and over while you praised him and held him close...
"Mammon? Are you running a fever? Your face feels too warm.." You said, checking his temple and neck for symptoms. Every touch from you made him crave more.
"No it's nothing! You worry too much, ya stupid MC!" He says, hiding his face in your chest. "Also that make sure you rub and pull at my hair.. in bed...and call me that..."
You sat there confused for a minute before you understood what he meant. " you perhaps have a kink? Maybe something regarding praise and being pampered and loved in bed...?" You chuckle, squeezing his cheeks.
Why did this stupid human know so much about him?!! Not that he's complaining!!
"Yeah maybe so what?! You don't wanna do it, don't do it!" He pouts.
You laugh, "I'll consider it and think it over , my baby." You kiss him deeply and he's a mess for you.
After a week or so, in the middle of Diavolo's meeting, Mammon was almost half asleep, barely listening to what was going on. That's when you reached over and pulled at his ear,
"Baby boy, now is not the time to sleep."
Mammon's shot awake and he let out a little yelp. "MC!"
"Oh look you're awake now! I'll reward you tonight for it, okay my good boy?" You hinted. After that point he was restless, constantly grabbing at your hips all day long.
He could barely wait till night, but your reward made it worth the agony he faced all day.
Leviathan sometimes couldn't even believe you were dating him. Sometimes he'd just get distracted mid game, suddenly realizing that you have your arms linked with his and that your his partner now. And he'd randomly combust.
He especially lost it when you did cosplays. Even the simplest cosplays or the bad imitations of his favourite characters would have him drooling.
So the day you entered his room in a full fledged Ruri Chan cosplay, he yelped out loud and grabbed a bunch of pillows to hide his crotch.
"Damnit Levi, forget that Ruri Chan pillow already. The real Ruri is here now." You joked as you crawled into his lap. His jaw dropped, his nose looked like it was about to burst with blood.
"M-MC...MC, MC, you're too close. Are you trying to kill me??! I can't handle! I can't handle this moeness please, MC!" He pleaded.
"Why is that Levi? Did I get you excited? Just by wearing a simple costume? Oh you little pervert...rurin" You teased, sitting down on his lap.
His head was overwhelmed with thoughts about his tail wrapping around you and holding you down while he stripped you slowly and lose himself in every crook and crevice of your body. And you moaning and calling him a nasty pervert as he thrust into you over and over, his tail and hands groping at your body.
When he didn't say anything for a while, you understood he meant it. "Oh this your fetish? Did I unlock something?"
He hid his face with his hands, but still nodded. You laughed at how cute he was.
"Alright then...I'll think about how to grant your 'secret' wishes...rurin" You chuckled before you left.
Around a week later, while Diavolo's meeting was on and he was trying his best not to be distracted by the Ruri Chan cap you were wearing today, you decided to have more fun with him.
"Great Lord of Shadows, I wonder if you wanted these?" You said, slipping a pair of your spare panties into his open palm.
Levi almost squeaked like a mouse, his whole body trembling in excitement. His fist tightened around the cloth as he hurriedly stuffed it into his pockets. This is just like that hentai he was reading two nights ago!
"M-M-MC! What are you-"
"I'm Henry. Who's this MC now? My my, who knew you are so fickle? Just one of us isn't enough for you? Well you are so cute, I suppose I can indulge you this once, Lord of Perverts." You wink at him after you finish your little roleplay.
Oh were you expecting a bottom Levi after this? Oh no. You have awakened the Great Admiral of the Navy of Hell. And by the grip of his hands and his tail already swishing around impatiently, you know things are going to get rough pretty fast.
Satan is a demon of rather particular interests. And another thing about him is that he has VIVID imagination.
So anytime you curl up in his lap while reading together, or if you choose to sit near his feet while he tutors you before exams, he pictures you sitting there with a collar around your neck, cat ears on top your head and a tail swishing in excitement. And his pants would suddenly feel too tight at the these thoughts.
He was a master of controlling emotions and yet here you were toying with them so easily. Especially since you had now developed a habit for meowing near his ear at any point of the day. And of course you were his partner, he couldn't resist your cuteness.
"Satan Nya!" You pounced on him out of the blue right after he woke up after an afternoon nap.
The way you were on your knees, your thighs on each side and arms clutching at his chest just amplified his fetish.
"What if I wasn't awake enough to catch you, kitten? You could have seriously hurt yourself." He scolded holding you close.
And that moment he wanted to punish you. You were a bratty little kitten and he would put a leash on you and press you up against his bookshelf, making you cry out his name as he roughly thrust his fingers inside you.
"'re hard. Down there." You said trying to sit up on his lap.
Fuck. He imagined it too hard and now all the blood had rushed down there. He tried to flip the situation around onto you.
"Yeah, and I don't see you trying to move away, kitten." He teased, palming your hips.
"Yeah that's the point." You teased back before leaving "...bratty little kitties turn you on don't they? Well maybe I'll let you teach me how to behave...Master."
You ran out before he could catch you. And his door stayed shut till dinner time. All that was heard were heavy breathing noises and groans.
You were planning to tease him during Diavolo's meeting but job was already half done when he saw you walk in with a tail and a bell attached to it. You even wore a collar with a name tag.
He spit out the milkshake he was drinking making a mess all over himself and started coughing out apologies.
"Don't worry I'll help clean it up..." You offer cheerfully and bend down help clean up. In the middle of it all, you place yourself between his legs looking up at him playfully. "...and I also want to play with you today, master."
"MC... You better be prepared for your consequences." He said with a reddened face and gritted teeth.
Rest assured, you did not come out of his room for the next two days. You were glad Satan had picked the weekend.
IS THERE ANY KINK THIS DEMON DOESN'T HAVE?? The correct answer is no. And you learn that within two months of dating him.
It seemed almost everything about you turned him on. And the thing that turned out to be his kink was completely unexpected.
You were holding him snugly in his arms, running your hairs softly through his gorgeous hair, peppering kisses on his face. And strangely he wasn't even handsy with you. His hands were still on your waist, holding you close while his lips were on your cheeks.
"Oh Asmo I love you so much... You sweet and gentle thing." You said smiling and coddling him. But that had a very unforseen reaction. Shimmery tears emerged from his eyes, falling on your shoulder.
"MC..." Asmo managed to croak out, his grip growing more needy.
"ASMO!? Baby what's wrong?!" You grew panicked. He only tried to regulate his breathing, holding back his cries. You hurriedly tried to kiss his tears away.
Seeing you worry made him smile and fall deeper into you. "I'm sorry MC... I just.. I can't remember the time anyone held me like this...Demons are rather rough you know..."
"Oh Asmo..." You cupped his face and kissed his forehead. "I won't hurt you ever. You can trust me."
You were so kind and gentle to him, it made him lose control. He wanted so bad to just lay you down and spoil you. Slowly stripping you and caressing and kissing every inch of your skin. He'd have you begging and singing his name by the time he was done with you.
He was planning to hold these feelings in but his body betrayed him. Buried deep between your thighs, his member grew. And you grew wary of him.
"Does this pleasure you Asmo? Does this softness do things to you? Is this what you really like?" You said, running fingers up and down his chest. He bit his lip and nodded, his fingers digging into your back.
A week later, you held his hand under the table as Diavolo and Lucifer discussed the budget cuts. It was a thing you both loved to do.
You sneakily decided to run a single finger up and down the back of his hands, tracing his veins, trying to reach up his sleeves.
His breath hitched and he smiled smugly, "That eager to please me, MC? Ah you're so earnest, I cannot resist."
And after you drove him crazy, it was his turn to steal your mind and sanity. And he took all of it.
Beel was the just the most pure and gentle demon you'd met in Devildom. How can one not fall for this absolute unit of a himbo?
When you both started dating, it mostly eating out at both of your favourite places, then working out together in the morning to remain healthy and lots and lots of cuddles.
Kink is not something you expected from him..but alas there it was. You found out rather unceremoniously when you accidentally exploded a whole bottle of whipped cream on yourself. His mouth watered at the very sight of you.
He eyed you up and down hungrily, practically ravishing you with his relentless stare. He wanted to pin you down and lick you clean. He remembered each time he licked your fingers clean after you fed him dessert. He swears everything tastes better when he's eating it off your skin.
"Beelie, you look so hungry. Is there something you want? I can make it after I clean up." You ask.
"If you're offering like that... I'd like to have you MC. Don't bother with the shower yet I'll clean you up." He said inching closer, his tall frame towering over you.
With one quick lift, you were up on the counter, with him licking at your face and collarbones. You giggled at the sensation of his hair. "That tickles Beelie, slow down. I'll make sure to prepare a better meal of myself next time." That only sped him up.
The week after that, during Diavolo's meeting you decided to spill Beel's favourite soda all over yourself. The berry lemon fragrance was too strong for anyone to ignore; so it did wonders on Beel and his strong sense of smell.
"MC did you spill the soda on yourself? Here I'll help." He was already grabbing tissues and napkins to help you wipe as much as he could.
You even felt silly for teasing him like this. You were sheepishly walking back to your room when he appeared out of nowhere and dragged you to the showers.
Oh he was teased. And he was eager to show it.
Two words : Somnophilia and Corruption. He adores your sleeping face. He loves how you are completely at his mercy, unaware of how he wants to defile you completely.
And when you hold his hand and nuzzle into him, he loves how innocent and open you look. He feels himself grow down under just watching your chest rise and fall against him, your heartbeat under his palms. But of course he never pushed it beyond relationship permissible norms.
Oh but how much he wanted to. Sliding his hands on your warm skin and teasing you in your sleep. Make you whine and beg for things that you don't even know he's doing to you. He'd corrupt you inside out, making sure every part of you is tainted by him.
"Belphie..." You whine at him for attention on one night. "Closer.. please... I'm still cold."
"Don't blame for what I might do MC. I can't hold back if you keep being this needy. It's already hard keeping my hands to myself when I watch you sleep."
"You want touch me don't you?," You smiled cheekily, "When I'm asleep? You want have me all to yourself don't you?"
"So you're allowing me, MC?", Belphie said, slipping his hands into your pajamas. You nibbled at his nose and pushed yourself away. "Hmm maybe someday..."
Belphie was dozing off at Diavolo's meeting as usual when you tilted your head towards him and looked at him with your cutesy tired eyes.
"Can I nap on you for a while?" You ask as you lay your head on his shoulder."You can do whatever you want to me."
He stiffened at the contact and your words. You sure are bold today MC, careful he might use that against you.
After the meeting was done, there was not another word from him. The next thing you know you were in the planetarium with him, bouncing on his lap, making you see double the stars that were in the sky.
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belphe-whore · 9 months ago
How about the brothers reacting to Mc taking the blame for them and maybe goes as far as doing something that gets them in bigger trouble distract Lucifer
I love this. It is so my MC lol especially with Mammon because he deserves to be treated better. 
-you knew how proud he is and how badly he doesn’t ever want to disappoint Diavolo 
-so when his brothers did something absolutely insane and Diavolo had to show up and save the day when it was beyond Lucifer he felt like literal trash
-you told Diavolo it was your idea and that they were just amusing you as their human
-you don’t stop talking and explaining away your guilt to Diavolo that Lucifer doesn’t have a chance to dispute your claims
-because you are Diavolos favorite human he just goes “ok be careful next time” and pats your head
-Lucifer lectures you for hours and is fussy that you stand by your decision
-”I’d do it again Lucifer”
-you are his angel 
-gets accustom to you doing this a lot for him 
-as he starts to like you more he becomes more responsible for himself and starts refusing to let you take the blame
-does something incredibly sweet to thank you for taking the blame for him for so long 
-sweet Mammon is sweet but only because you are the human exchange student not because he likes you or whatever ;)
-this boy loves you so much
-is so shook
-thanks you but asks you to never do it again because you’re a normie and normies can’t withstand the wrath of Lucifer 
-makes him blush every time you do it and even more when you tell him you will keep doing it because he deserves it or that you love him
-starts concocting evil plans against Lucifer
-especially when he notices Lucifer is lenient towards you 
-calls it your special power
-did I mention uses it for evil?
-”awe MC I LOVE you!!!!” squeezes you 
-pampers you
-acts like you just sacrificed yourself for him literally
-is dramatic af everytime you do it and showers you with praise
-is usually the one who just accepts the blame for his brothers so is SHOOK to meet someone like him
-immediately takes to you because of this
-you two have argued over who takes the blame for something Belphie did 
-refuses to let you take the blame 
-especially when Lucifer questions how a human would be able to eat 70 family servings of hell chicken by themselves?
-originally is a lot like Satan and has plans of evil 
-turns bratty about it real quick because he wants the credit for his misdeeds 
-is the one that gets pissed off about it especially if he thinks someone is taking advantage of you (Mammon) 
-has called bullshit on Lucifer for believing you when you take them blame for something you obviously couldn’t have done
-boy is protective in his own way
Thanks again for the ask. Sorry it took so long to get to this it is taking me a little while to get back into this. 
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books-and-catears · 4 months ago
Just to be funny, let’s have the Brothers react to an MC who makes valid points or says really out of pocket things when they annoy or demean them. Literally the minute they comprehend what happened in the student council, they would go:
“So you randomly picked my basic ass for a program in the Devildom to mend the three realms without my knowledge or consent, while I’m around demons that could kill and eat me; yet your resolve is to have me stay with stronger demons that could still kill and eat me? 😐”
When Belphie’s on his whole “I hate humans, bleh bleh” bullshit. MC would say with a blank face:
“Bitch, I hate humans too. I know we suck but humans didn’t make Lilith fall for her dying lover and break the celestial rules to try and heal him. That’s on her and you need to sit down. 😑”
Everyone’s like: “MC can fix the brothers”
MC: Do I look like Bob the Builder? I can barely fix myself 🗿
Literally there’s so many things that need to be said unfiltered 😭
First of all I freaking love this so much. Like just reading your request has me wheezing. Thank you so much for this hope I can do this justice cause this is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ah might contain spoilers from chapters 12 to 20.
Lucifer: *crushing their fingers* I swear MC if you do anything to hurt my family, I will not spare you.
MC: Lucifer with all due respect, I cannot even stop you from breaking my fragile human fingers. Do I look like someone who has the power or productivity to make some elaborate plan and go after seven most powerful demons of hell?
Lucifer: ...well I suppose that's fair.
Mammon: Oi stupid human! Be more careful cause I can't be around to take care of you always!
MC: That's rich coming from a guy who has made so many bad decisions that he seems to be either in debt or be hung from the ceiling all the damn time. *Walks away*
Mammon: ....
Mammon: Oi, you didn't need to call me out like that!
Levi: MC I won't allow this! How dare you know more about TSL than me?!
MC: How can you possibly complain about being a LONELY otaku when you're clearly trying to kill the only person who understands your love for anime in this house?
Levi: ....uh oh.
Satan: How dare you refuse to make a pact with me? What are you even good for?
MC: Well certainly good enough for a powerful demon desperate enough to threaten me into making a pact with him?
Satan: ....listen here you sassy little shit-
Asmo: MC, your hair looks hideous! Did you not brush it at all?!
MC: Asmo I'm too busy trying to live in LITERAL hell crawling with ACTUAL DEMONS. Unless you have magic brush that gives me automatic defences, I doubt my visual appeal can be enough to save me.
Asmo: I disagree with what you said but I think your backtalk is sexy.
Beel: How could you eat my cream puff MC?! That was mine! Now I'll eat you up!
MC: First of all, I will most definitely taste DISGUSTING cause I have too many health issues my insurance didn't cover. Second of all, this isn't the bloody apocalypse - you can just buy another one from the bakery. *Tosses him another pastry*
Beel: ....Sorry MC.
Belphie: Humans are the most disgusting and selfish creatures. They all should die. If they never existed Lilith would still be here.
MC: Weren't you the one who got her interested in the human world in the first place? And things only went bad cause the human was dying. And while I do agree with the general distaste against humans - they didn't create themselves to be mortal, God did. So don't go pinning your daddy issues and misplaced anger issues on me. I was not even close to exisisting when all that happened.
Belphie: ..... I'm going back to sleep.
Diavolo: MC I've never met a human as capable as you. Only you can fix this chaotic household.
MC: Diavolo, you've been nothing but sweet to me, but do you seriously think I'm a bloody demon therapist?! Bro, I have years worth of trauma and issues of mine I'm yet to deal with and you think I'm capable of solving the domestic squabbles of seven immortal demons who have been around for literal millennias?
Diavolo: Uh...yes?
MC: Barbatos take me to your room I want to go back to the previous timeline.
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strawberrycream-art · 2 months ago
Wanna hear something living rent free in my head? Boys are getting cast down from heaven. Everyone is having a ✨terrible✨ time but then Asmo just slides down past them on the pole the hell right into diavolo's lap. A concept.
Tumblr media
He knows how to steal the show.
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books-and-catears · 13 days ago
heyo:D I was wondering if you could write the brothers reacting to MC who plays an otome game and simps for one of the characters? And the character they like have a similar personality as the brothers? (I can just imagine Mammon getting annoyed when MC starts simping for a character that acts like him lol) I adore your blog sm! Have a good day as well (✿◠‿◠)
OKAY WOW. This is such an amazing idea I can't-
Thank you so much, I love this so so much!! I'll do my best to write it hehe!! Also thank you for being so sweet hope you have a wonderful day too!! 😍😍😍
Tumblr media
Everyone in the HOL was collectively annoyed at Leviathan, including himself of course. Why did he have to go and introduce you to an Otome game of all things??
Now you're so busy playing, you barely have time for any of them. Always smiling and laughing away at that phone and some 2D characters on there. And that's all you ever seemed to talk about.
"MC, did you do the report I asked you to do?" Lucifer called you to his office. You nodded, handing him a file, while staring at the phone in your other hand.
Lucifer took the file and sighed. "Can you atleast look at me while I'm talking to you, MC?"
Your eyes shot up apologetically for a minute, "Sorry, it's just that Lucien got into a drinking match and is very drunk. And he's usually so uptight and well put together, so excited to see him open up."
"... Lucien?" Lucifer inquired. You showed him the phone screen. He peered at it to see a black haired man in a black and red suit.
"He's the eldest of all the cousin brothers my character lives with. He's bossy and unyielding but he has a secret caring side for everyone he loves. Ah he's my favourite." You said, a light blush on your cheeks as you press the phone close to your cheek.
Lucifer blinked at the description. Where has it heard that before-
Oh. How interesting. Lucifer smiled slyly, "Does Lucien happen to be your type MC?"
You nod excitedly, "Oh my god he just confessed his love so casually?? Oh he must be so drunk! Watch him apologize tomorrow hahahah! Oh he's deserves so much love."
Lucifer blushed at the thought of you fawning over him like this instead. And now he was determined to have it. He can be your real life Lucien.
"Elaborate some more about him, MC" Lucifer asked and mentally noted down everything he had to do to get this affection from you.
Lucifer isn't going to lose you to his 2D counterpart that's for sure. Whatever Lucien does, Lucifer can do twenty times better.
"GODAMNIT MC! It's one thing to be on your phone but it's another thing to be constantly playing that game on it!" Mammon complained loudly as he entered your room.
"Mammon not now!" You shushed him, "Maddox and I are pulling off a Christmas tree heist! Oh this is such a fun date!"
Mammon got even more annoyed at that. "Oi, who the hell is Maddox now?" He leaned over to look at your screen. A white haired tan character was staring at back him, laughing.
"Maddox is the second oldest of the cousin brothers my character lives with. He is the little troublemaker of the family. Gambles and gets into trouble a lot but he is the sweetest of them all." You explain, "Also he has a crush on me and won't ever admit it so I have fun teasing him."
Mammon growls audibly. "Whoever this Maddox is, he sounds like such a lame guy! You know you can have better guys in real life MC."
You glare at him holding the phone to your chest. "Hey not a word against him! He's the only who hasn't given me a hard time since I joined their family. He's super protective and loving, he's just a tsundere about it. And I love him. So not a word."
Mammon frowned and shook his head. "Ya have such weird taste in guys, human. He's such a moron! The Great Mammon could never do such stupid things,hmph!"
He is just snuggled up next to you sulking, clueless that he is exactly the type you fell in love with.
He regrets introducing you to the game so much. But then again he understands your obsession, it's the same as his after all.
But it doesn't take long for his envy to kick in. "MC you've been the game for an hour now, can we watch some anime please?" He whines.
"Just one second Levi, I'm almost done with the Admiral's angst arc. He needs to be comforted right now." You explain.
"Eh? You chose Admiral, the Third out of all of them?! Isn't he a little...well..." Levi questioned. Of course he knew all the characters and the Admiral was eerily just like him.
"A little what? He's perfect for me. He's shut off from the world and is a bit low on confidence but look how the smallest things make him happy and passionate! He's the kind of guy you befriend and then slowly fall in love with." You said not looking up from the screen.
Leviathan blushed, hiding his red cheeks in the high collars of his coat. You leaning into him while playing wasn't helping. He could almost cry because of how happy he felt.
"You're too perfect, MC..." Levi muttered to himself noticing you ace your chemistry with The Admiral. It was like watching you flirt with Levi himself.
Will design a cosplay of him and wear it to suprise you one of these days. Even tries to act more like the Admiral which isn't hard given how similar they are.
"MC did you finish the book I gave you or have you been too busy playing that game again?" Satan said exasperated. He hated how Levi's addiction spread to you and has been trying to fix it using books.
"Ah yes I have Satan! Thank you so much it was a great read. Even Stefan has heard of it. We are discussing it right now actually!" You said pointing towards your screen.
Satan peered over your shoulder to look at blonde boy with books in one hand wearing a cat sweater over a black shirt, smiling pleasantly back at him. It was almost like looking in a mirror.
"That is Stefan? What's he like?" Satan asked. You were more than excited to tell him about it. You scooted closer, almost landing on his lap. Satan blushed at the close contact but stayed shut about it.
"He's the Fourth oldest of all the cousin brothers my character lives with. He loves cats, has read almost every book ever and he's so charming. His cousins are sort of scared of him cause he loses his head when he's too angry. But he always calms down when I'm around." You blush even talking about it.
"You know..." Stephan's message popped up, "apparently our brains cannot distinguish real and fictional characters when it comes to love. So maybe you'll come to love me like you do with the romantic leads of our books." You let out an excited squeal and hid your face in Satan's shoulder.
Satan smirked. Now he had the perfect way to tease you. Because clearly he was the type of man you fell for. Now he's going to be a little tease about it.
He installs the game to go through Stefan's dialogues and use it on you at the most random times making you hide your face and hit him playfully. Oh he won't stop until you start loving him instead.
"Oh MC this game again?! You should be giving all that attention to me!" Asmo pouted flopping on his bed, a palm on his cheek.
"Haha that's exactly what Aster says when I'm doing anything else around him!" You say and show your screen where the character has the same sentence in his dialogue bubble.
"Oh! I didn't know he was this pretty?!" Asmo exclaimed as he stared at the peach haired boy with pink and black outfit, fixing his hair. "He is your favourite right? Aster is your favourite, right?!"
You nodded and kissed the screen, blushing. "He's the fifth oldest of all the cousin brothers and he's the most actively attached to me. He's also the one who has been very accepting and flirty from the start. He thinks he the best lover out of all his cousins and...I have to say I agree."
Asmo hugged you tight and squealed. "Oh my Diavolo, MC! You and him have done it?! Tell me more!"
You started out shy going into details about your shopping date and the night spent at a hotel, rubbing your legs together and looking down blushing. To Asmo it sounded like you were describing a date with him and he was downright excited.
"Hey MC.." he says softly after you're done, "If you ever want a real life simulation of what he does to you, you can always come to me, okay?"
And well if you take him up on his offer, he will definitely not disappoint. Also loves to stare at you while playing the game cause it feels like you're blushing over him. Will also dress up like him to tease you.
"MC if you're not too busy will you come help me work out?" Beel texted, while you were in the middle of the game. But you shut it off and went anyway.
"I'm here Beel." You said letting yourself into the room. He was on the ground doing pushups. You pointed towards his back and you knew what he wanted. You went ahead and lay on his back, positioning yourself properly.
You decided to play the game knowing Beel would be doing this for a while. You were giggling so much while Beel noticed. "Having fun up there MC?" He smiled.
"Oh sorry Beel didn't mean to distract you. It's just that Benjamin somehow finished a whole cake by himself! Again!" You laughed even while saying it.
"Who's Benjamin? And what cake? I want to see, MC" He asked. You rolled off him and laid down down next to him showing him the big muscular guy with brown red hair smiling with a napkin in his hand.
"Oh doesn't that kind of look like" Beel wondered, peering closer. You nodded.
"He even acts like you sometimes. The second youngest of the cousins. Benny is just a sweetheart to who loves to take us out on restaurant dates and gives the best of hugs. He has quite the apetite tho." You say, smiling at the screen.
"Does his appetite get annoying sometimes? Does it make you not like him?" Beel asked softly. You looked at him with raised eyebrows.
"Absolutely not. He's the kindest of them all and my very favourite. His appetite is no problem for me at all." You say sternly.
Beel blushes and snuggles next to you and watches you play for a while. Then he tells you to get dressed cause he's craving cakes and you must go to Madame Screams with him immediately. Don't worry, it's his treat.
"MC shouldn't you be asleep? Don't tell me you're up playing that stupid game again." Belphie retorts from under the blanket.
"No Belphie I'm asleep. You can go back to sleep too." You say absent mindedly. Belphie sighs. Damnit MC why are you like this?
He snatches the phone from your hands and looks at it himself. "What's so great about this game anyway? Why do you need an Otome game even? You have us as your harem don't you?"
You smacked at his shoulder. "Belphie you're so inappropriate sometimes. Also this isn't the type of game where we date all the characters - we pick one and take their route. And I chose Brody, the youngest of the cousins. He's lazy and apathetic but he's also snarky, clingy and is a sneaky flirt when he wants to be. And we were in the middle of a tickle fight haha."
Belphie looked at you in disbelief. Surely you can't be this blind? "MC...Brody is exactly like me. He's even got this whole one eye covered emo look going on but his outfit isn't as comfy as mine."
"Well you're not wrong. But what's the problem? You don't like me picking him?" You ask confused. He lets out a tired groan.
"Why are you going for a game version of me when I'm right here?"And if it's a tickle fight you want..." Belphie scoots closer, " need only ask."
"Belphie no stop ahahhaha" You laugh uncontrollably as he gets on top of you, his fingers tickling your sides. Forget the game, he is enough to keep you occupied for the whole night.
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strawberrycream-art · a month ago
Hiii! So I've had an idea. You know that song strawberry blonde which has a parody called strawberry cow, well it made me think about how cute Belphie would be with a strawberry cow design.
Tumblr media
Anything strawberry related is 100% my jam so my excitement when I saw your ask was real.
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astaroth1357 · 6 months ago
Not a request but regarding your demigod MC series, you mentioned its somewhat taken inspiration from Percy Jackson so imagine if MC was summoned for a dangerous quest in the middle of the exchange program 😐😐😐
Uh. Well.
Lucifer is NOT letting them go alone (or really at all if he can help it). He'll lobby Diavolo just to give them their own squadron from the Devildom's army for protection.
Mammon just invited himself along and he'll stowaway in their luggage if that's what it takes. They will not shake him, so he better be in that prophecy too.
Levi is worried as hell and seriously debating whether or not he should go or remain in the Devildom to act like their "guy in the chair" tech/info support. If they're going anywhere near water, he'll put a good word in for them and make sure they travel safe.
Satan has already started packing food, weapons, money, etc. for them like the Team Mom that he is. He also wants to go, but understands that he may fuck up the prophecy so he (impatiently) stays put.
Asmo is crying and begging for them to come home safe like they're going to war or something. Also gifts them a ton of travel-sized beauty products so they can still look their best while kicking ass.
Beel is mostly worried that they won't get enough to eat so he tripled whatever food Satan packed for them. He also really, really wants to go but is too worried that he'll get in their way or make things worse to just sneak on board like Mammon...
Belphie doesn't want them to go at all, he's very vocal about it, and he doesn't care if it means the mortal world is going to burn to death. Beel will pretty much have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't force the MC into a coma or something until everything blows over and the world's in ruins. He's done losing people.
Though my demigod series draws a lot of inspiration from Percy Jackson, I wouldn't call it a part of the same universe (i.e. there are demigods but no Camp Halfblood, no prophecy quests, etc). However, I think @banettepost did a very good look into what the brothers would be like if they were counselors at the Camp and that's very much more in keeping with the PJ universe. I'm curious what their take on this particular scenario would be.
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books-and-catears · 2 months ago
Hihihiiiii!!!!! Omg I'm so excited to ask this one-> ok so can you write/headcanon the Brothers and Undatables in a situation where MC can't swim and the brothers + undatables don't know it until one of the squad (Solomon's voodoo) picks MC up and throws them into a pool/fountain on the deep end as a joke? And MC drowns?
Bonus if anyone aside from Satan, Leviathan, and Lucifer know CPR and double bonus if Beel manages to rebibe w/o cracking a rib on MC!!
Aww heyheyhey!!! We love excitement in this house yes we do. Thank you so much for the angsty ask!
It got a bit long so I'll do it in two parts! I hope that's okay? Also I hope I can do it justice :3
Tumblr media
It was a summer afternoon in Devildom. Diavolo had invited the whole gang upto his castle. Solomon had recently told him about pool parties and he was excited to try it out.
Everyone came in, already having the time of their lives splish splashing in the water, or going ham on Barbatos and Luke's snacks.
You were there, dipping your feet in water, enjoying the cool feeling between your toes. Everyone kept inviting you in the water, you tried to put them off by saying "Maybe later!"
You could have just said you couldn't swim. But that was too embarassing to admit, so you just shook your head and splashed water at them instead.
Mammon and Asmo were splashing water on you, so you didn't see the Little D's sneak up and hoist you up from behind. Before you knew it, you were sent flying headfirst into the water. Maybe you should have told them, you thought.
Maybe that would be better than the endless blue, the distinct lack of air and burn in your lungs as you tried hard to swim to the surface and lost all energy.
(Part 1: The Brothers)
"MC enough playing around. Come Bach up now." Got tensed when you didn't Immediately float up to the surface.
"MC?" He dived in to check on you. His eyes grew wide when you saw struggling, flapping your hands and feet aimlessly.
"MC HOLD ON!" The panic in his voice was muffled by the water. You felt your body being held and pulled up to the surface.
"MC? MC can you hear me?! MC!" You felt someone shaking you, their hands warm on your arms. And then your lips turned warm.
You'd recognise that kiss anywhere. It was more urgent this time, as Lucifer tried his best to get air into you.
"Luci... fer.." You choke out before coughing violently and spitting the pool water everywhere.
"You're okay..." He lets out the biggest sigh of relief. He holds you tight in his arms and takes you inside to dry you off. "I thought I lost you again..."
"Whoever is responsible for this," The suppressed rage in his voice sounded deadly, "will pay for it."
"Oi human! Are ya sulking down there?!" Mammon joked as he dived downwards to bring you up.
"They got ya pretty good huh-" He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the state you were in. Your eyes closed and your limbs horribly limp.
"MC! MC WHAT HAPPENED?!" Mammon grabbed you and pulled you up instantly. Even in your dazed state, you could feel the pounding of his heart and the cracking of his voice.
"MC not again please not again I'm sorry I'm sorry please wake up..." He was crying now. His tears and hands were warm on your skin as pushed at your chest cluelessly.
"THEY'RE NOT WAKING UP! LUCIFER SATAN DIAVOLO SIMEON SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!" He was frantic and clamping his mouth on yours now, gasping more than blowing air.
You coughed and sputtered eventually. "Mammon... you...are exceptionally bad at CPR." Mammon hid his face in your shoulder and hugged you like there's no tomorrow.
You laugh and try to tell him you're okay but all he does is hold you and cry. "I'm the worst protector...I'm so sorry MC.."
"Welcome to my turf, MC!" Levi laughed as he waited for you to float back up. But you weren't. Are you stuck on something? He sees air bubbles on the surface.
He dives down and swims towards you swiftly. "MC OH NO! WAIT MC IM COMING!" He darts to towards you and gets you out the fastest.
He starts to tear up and panic cause this is just like that sad anime "Lost my Best Friend in the Deep". Embarassment be damned, he can't let you go.
He urgently called for his brothers for help and fumbled with you held tightly in his arms. He pushed on your chest and watched the water sputter out.
"MC?? You're okay now, right??! MC!!?" The urgency in Levi's voice caught you off guard. You open your eyes to see him teary eyed and sniffling.
"I'm okay Levi..." You say, your hand reaching to hold his face. He breaks down at your touch.
Pressing his face harder into your hand and crying. He's so glad you're okay. "I thought I lost my best friend...don't worry MC, I'll teach you how to swim!"
"MC, you do know how to swim right?" Satan called out to you, right after the splash. There was something about the way you fell that made him feel uneasy.
When you didn't float back up, he immediately dunked himself downwards, only to see his suspicions were right.
"MC! It's okay it's okay I've got you!" Satan's arm wrapped around you as he pressed a warm kiss on you under water. The flames in your lungs died down a little.
He rushes you upto the surface and lays down gently, tilting your head at the optimal angle.
His mouth is on you again. Urgently breathing life back into you. He also had spells ready in case this usual way didn't work.
"Satan...? You...thank you.." You said tired as you leaned into him, wrapping your arms around him weakly after vehemently coughing.
He lets out a sigh of relief and bumps his lips against your head softly, cradling you in his arms. "Why wouldn't you say that you couldn't swim? Don't do this to me ever again, MC, you're all I have..."
"MC darling, no need to be embarrassed, you looked so cute when you fell like that! Come up now!" Asmo giggled as he watched the water, waiting for you to come back up.
He gets panicky when you're still not up yet. Swims down as he quickly as he can calling out your name. "OH NO! MC WHAT'S GOING ON?! MC!"
He reaches for your hands and starts tugging you towards him. Why are your eyes closed like this? Why have you gone limp?!
He pulls you up to the surface, frantically calling out to Satan and Solomon for help, all the while bouncing you in his arms like a baby as a attempt to gain conciousness.
He's full on sobbing as he Solomon gives you CPR. The moment you cough and sputter, he pounces on you, his head pressed against your cold chest, now rising and falling normally.
"Asmo... don't cry...I'm okay.." You say weakly smiling and trying to hug him back, running your hands in his hair.
He holds you close and presses kisses on your whole face."MC! You gave me such a fright! Don't do that again please, MC! I can't bear the though of you gone again!"
"Ah I'm so sorry I couldn't catch you MC" Beel even had his arms outstretched so he could catch you before you fell, but he missed.
He's fastest to get to you after Levi. "MC? Are you okay down there- MC?! Why are you being like that?!" He gets frantic and scoops your limp body in his arms.
This is his worst nightmare. He urgently gets to the surface panicking inside. "MC..please wake up.." He calls out sadly, as he gently lays you down.
You're barely breathing. He knows what he has to do. But you're so fragile compared to him he doesn't want to hurt you.
He tries as gently as possible to push against your chest to regulate your breathing again.
"Beel..Beel..." You cough out his name as you reach up to hold his face in your hands. He stops immediately and engulfs you in a hug.
He doesn't say a word. He doesn't need to. His teary eyes and tight grip as he lifts you up and takes you inside the house to feed you, says everything you need to know.
"MC you're so easy to sneak upon hehe. Come here and lie with me." He was just snoozing at the edge, smiling down at where you just fell.
What's taking you so long to come back up?He impatiently dived downwards to find you. And he was horrified by what he saw. "MC?!Damnit MC, why didn't you call for me!?"
He hoists you into his arms and tries giving you a kiss of air like he'd seen in Levi's shows. Still unsure of what to do, he just hurries you up to the surface.
"They were struggling to swim. Something's wrong. Fix them please. Fix them fast." He said, calling out to his brothers. He held your hand shakily and lay next to you, as Beel gave you CPR. His grip tightened once you started coughing.
"Belphie... I'm okay..." You squeezed his hand as tight as you could. He hid head in your shoulder before picking you up in his arms.
He wrapped you up in a towel and tried to make you fall asleep in his arms. "That was a horrible feeling. I don't want to feel that again." He mutters to himself while holding you closer.
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obaby-obeyme · a year ago
MC cosplaying Levi and then tripping over their own tail, please? :3
I hope I’m getting this ask right... ( ̄ヮ ̄)
Tumblr media
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belphe-whore · 9 months ago
the brothers with a really punk looking mc(lip piercings, septum ring, dyed hair, etc) whos like a huge sweet heart? (you’re writing is so amazing btw i love it to bits!!!)
Thanks babe for the compliment :) I am sorry it took me so long to respond to this I am the worse lol. I, myself am really punk looking so I love it. 
-profiled you the moment he saw you 
-the piercings, the tattoos, the hair, the clothes
-immediate headache just imagining all of the chaos and nonsense ahead of him 
- is so suspicious when he is first getting to know you. thinks you are putting up a front to get away with stuff or to win favor
-takes a while to realize you are just genuinely a sweet heart
-adores you because you are always helping him out around the house or with raising his brothers
-also loves when you always remind him about how he needs to take care of himself and that you do things to cheer him up
-immediately assumes he has a partner in crime
-is shook
-how are you so sweet when you look so mischievous 
-has not realized that your mutual love for that stuff is helping you keep him out of trouble
-whenever he is about to do something reckless you always ask if he wants to go with you to get a tattoo or piercing or if he wants to dye your hair or if you can dye his
-loves when you dress him up in your style likes to do style swaps sometimes because he just loves being around you because you’re into edgy stuff that he likes but you are so sweet
-no one has ever been into cool things and been nice to him
-loves your style immediately
-when your sweet personality clashes with the social stereotype of “punk” he scrambles to figure out some random anime character you remind him of
-loves how expressive and open your style is and how incredibly sweet you are 
-is happy you are always down to play video games with him or that you always remember him during situations because he is so used to being over looked or forgotten
-you happened to be wearing your edgy “hail Satan” shirt the day you were first summoned to Devildom
-naturally he took to you right away
-finds your fashion sense fascinating 
-like Mammon is ok with doing stuff with you like hair, piercings, etc. 
-even lets you give him an undercut (sorry I saw some fan art of Satan with an undercut and my body hasn’t been the same since)
-at first does expect and look forward to you bothering or causing issues for Lucifer 
-is sad when he realizes how sweet you are but at the same time finds you so incredibly adorable that he can’t help himself 
-as someone who adores fashion he loves looks that are unique or different so he is immediately drawn to your fun hair and grunge style
-will want to have a go at planning outfits for you that match your style
-will also want to do your hair color and different cuts
-of course will want to do your makeup as well
-gets to spend a lot of time with you just helping you embrace and develop your style more
-is the only one that didn’t expect you to act a certain way so is not surprised by how sweet you are
-finds you so cute
-finds your style interesting
-I am just assuming punk is a popular fashion in hell so he is impressed that you already dress well
-thinks your intimidating at first and thinks you won’t like him because he is a secret softy
-will probably try to act tough around you so you will like him but finds it exhausting so he avoids you a lot at first
-you catch him hungry one day complaining that he wants a certain snack but can’t make it
-is shook when you look up how to make it and make it for him
-immediately bear hugs you
-LOVES that you are so nice and kind 
-edgy boy likes your style
-lets you dress him and pick his clothes because he too is punky but is too lazy to pick his clothes out etc so he loves having you there to do it for him
-also loves that he has you around to do his hair and to go clothes shopping for him 
-goes with you to get piercings and tattoos 
-gets a septum piercing for you because you kept telling him how cows have them in the human world
-is honestly confounded that you are so nice because he is also alternative but is a complete ass hole 
-makes sure no one takes advantage of your kindness 
Thank you again for this request it was really fun! I hope you enjoyed it, I apologize that I am a bit rusty with writing but I am trying to get back into it!
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astaroth1357 · 6 months ago
Just imagine MC being a seer and having a boat-load of demigods getting increasing frustrated trying to find their seer
*Mammon comes walking into Lucifer's study where his brother is at his desk working*
Mammon: Yo, Lucifer! I got another one. *he holds up what looks like a napkin with words scrawled in... ketchup?*
Lucifer: *looks up and groans* Do I even want to know why you wrote it in condiment...?
Mammon: Hey, don't look at me! MC was with Beel and HE wrote it this time.
*Mammon puts the napkin on the desk and Lucifer looks it over*
Lucifer: At any rate... let's hope this one if for the Hades brat that's been sending us those furies...
Mammon: What's the big deal with these prophecies anyway?
Lucifer: *rubs his temples* Hell if I know, but if I have to fish one more half-crazed demigod out of the 6th circle, we're putting the MC back where we found them...
Mammon: Huh?! No way!! Let's just give'em Barbs! He can see the future!
Lucifer: *kind of chuckles at the idea and carefully folds the napkin to get it sent to the human world* If we gave them Barbatos, they'd all be dead by sunrise...
Lucifer: .... Let's call that Plan B.
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