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#obey me asks
moemoemammon · 15 days ago
Following that "least favorite" request could we get their reactions to being to told that they're their favorite, but to not tell the other brothers so their feelings don't get hurt? Maybe because they relate to them the most or just get along really well. Thanks!
You're My Favorite! But Don't Tell the Others-
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
There are no words to explain the overwhelming satisfaction ion Lucifer’s face after you tell him that. Of course, it’s only natural that he would be your favorite, all things considered.
The Avatar of Pride won’t ever forget this moment. He carefully considers your words and agrees not to tell anyone, as much as he’d love to bring it up, because he knows more than anyone what kind of chaos would ensue should the others (especially Mammon) find out.
But they can tell something’s up when the eldest has been heard humming all day. He moves about the house with even more grace than usual, and hasn’t scowled even once.
But the REAL shocker was when Mammon tried hiding a bill right as Lucifer walked in... and the eldest let him off with a warning. A WARNING! The brothers thought the Devildom must’ve frozen over, but you and he knew different.
“MC, I would like you to accompany me to Le Pluvier this afternoon, once you've finished your studies. I've already made reservations, so be sure to get ready on time. I've made sure to consider the things you might like to eat, so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Don't be late." "...I'm grinning? I don't know what you're talking about."
The gigantic grin on Mammon’s face is so bright, it could rival the sun. You’ve seriously made his day. No, his year. Actually, he’s pretty sure he could ride this high for the next millennia! There’s nothing in this world that could dampen his spirits right now! 
He feels like he just won big at the casino! Of course he’s your favorite! He WAS your first demon, and now he’s gone and claimed his rightful spot as your number one! Good luck trying to keep him from saying anything. Mammon’s gonna throw it around in everyone’s faces for as long as he can milk it.
And you thought he was clingy before, just wait till you see how he treats you after hearing that. Despite always calling you his ‘servant’ or his ‘human’, you’d  think your roles were reversed. Mammon spoils you every chance he gets, buying you clothes and trinkets, filling the spaces in your room with the things he knows you like, monopolizing you completely until nearly everything you own is a gift from him.
Your words also help soothe that jealousy of his a little. Only a little, though. It’s easier to watch you talk to other demons when he knows he’ll always be your first man.
“Didja really have to stay after class that long? I know you were talkin' to that demon that lent you a book, but you outta ask ME for stuff! Tch... you're lucky I'm in a good mood today! But I guess I don't have to worry about some low level demon like that, seein' as I'm your favorite!"
Wait wait wait....Come again? Did you seriously just say what he think you said..? That had to be a mistake! Some kind of...uh..verbal typo! Because there’s absolutely, positively, NO WAY in all of the nine layers that he could be your favorite demon. And yet you still insist that you’re telling the truth, and Levi feels like he’s died and gone to heaven. 
Red faced and stammering up a storm, Levi looks like he might die. Is it really okay for a shut-in otaku to feel this giddy? Seriously, he hasn’t felt like this since he got his hands on a signed copy of a Ruri Hana audio drama! No no, this definitely beats that!
You’ve managed to inflate his nearly nonexistent ego, and now he feels like there’s nothing he can’t do! Maybe he could even go to Majolish right now?? THAT’S how good he’s feeling!
Almost as bad as Mammon in keeping it a secret. He doesn’t tell anyone right away, but they’re suspicious when they notice how much time he’s spending out of his room. And then when he and Mammon get in another petty argument, he drops the bomb that he’s your favorite demon in the entire Devildom, and you can guess how things go from there.
“Uuuoooo...!!!!! I've decided..! Since I've got a serious stat buff, I'm going to open a booth at the next convention coming up..! I'll sell my Ruri-chan fan art and spread her influence all over the Devildom! I'd never have the guts to do it normally, but I feel like I could do anything right now! Y-you'll go too, won't you MC?"
You nearly made this man spit tea all over his book, and now he’s coughing and spluttering and trying to figure out what could’ve prompted what he’s taking as a confession. You.. do realize what you’re saying, don’t you? And you know the kind of effect your words have on him?
Satan isn’t the type that wears his heart on his sleeve, so you have to look for his subtle expressions to tell how he’s feeling. But there’s nothing subtle about the redness of his ears and how he’s begging you not to look at him right now. For the sake of his sanity, give him a minute to recoup.
When he does recover, he agrees to keep it a secret for obvious reasons. And it’s hard to tell that he’s in a good mood, other than the fact that he hasn’t tried to pull any pranks on Lucifer lately. But Asmo sees all, and literally hounds him into spilling the tea.
He tells him a lie of course, but now the other brothers are noticing just how happy he is. Satan's smiling way too much today, isn't he? And he didn't even get mad when Beel got whipped cream on his jacket! Well, not THAT mad, anyway.
"Haaah... everyone's been harassing me all day, claiming I'm smiling a lot. I'm sure I look the same as I always do, but I'll admit that I've been happy ever since you told me that this morning. Wait.. you did think I've been grinning too, do you? I have??"
Asmo always jokes about being your favorite and announces it as if the two of you are married, but when you actually confirm that his longing for you isn’t one sided, he ends up smearing lip balm across his cheek in shock. Did you... really say that just now? He knew it all along, but hearing it like that is just...!
Ooooh, he’s so happy he can hardly contain himself! Asmo throws his arms around you, peppering your face in kisses until you feel sticky from lip balm, wipes your face clean, then marks it up all over again. Good luck getting rid of him, because he might never let go.
Immediately posts it to Devilgram. Did you really think he’d let such a momentous occasion go unannounced? You must not have been paying attention to the kind of person he is! Asmo would put you on a pedestal in front of the world like a precious jewel if he were able, but this’ll have to do. He won’t hide his love at all!
Of course, the others don’t take too kindly to it, not that he cares. He never leaves your side, pampers you like crazy, and has even attempted to get you to move into his room. Lucifer put an immediate stop to that, though. Boo...
“I just can't get enough of you, MC! Just being near you gets me so excited that I can hardly stand it! You'll take responsibility for what you're doing to me, won't you? And in exchange, I'll take my time showing you just how much I love you. After all, you're my favorite, too!"
Beel never has a problem with choking while he eats, and it comes as naturally as breathing. Unfortunately neither of that applies right now, since you just made him choke on a meatball sub.
He usually takes your words with quiet acceptance, but this might be the most emotion you've ever witness from the stoic demon. His eyes are wider than that time that laid on an entire gingerbread mansion, sparkling up with such deep emotion you wouldn't be surprised if he cried. Instead he softens up and immediately embraces you.
...And doesn't let go. Sandwich long forgotten, he's been carrying you around all day, and ignoring any questions or protests from his brothers. Also insists on feeding you throughout the day. The food tastes better when he can enjoy it with you, so why not just bring you everywhere?
When he isn't carrying you, he's following you around subconsciously, either close up against you like a protective wall, or just far enough that you're within his line of sight. As far as not telling anyone, he... tells Belphie immediately. It was an accident though, since there's not much he keeps from his twin.
"MC, I won a meal ticket for Godevil Chocolatier. Let's get something for dessert today. Ah, you can get as much as you want, too. I really want to see what things you choose. They might become my favorites."
There's nothing in this world that can wake Belphegor from his sleep, unless he allows it. No loud noises, no amount of shaking or smacking, and not even dragging him around the house. But the moment you whisper that he's your favorite demon, the Avatar of Sloth is wide awake.
Hey, you're not just saying weird things to get a reaction, are you? Because if so, this is a new level of cruel. Yet you confirm that you mean it and swear him into secrecy, and Belphie tries his best not to show how happy he is. A smile keeps creeping up on his face that he struggles to force down. It's annoying...
As funny as it’d be to tell everyone the news, he's good at keeping secrets. Instead, you've noticed that he's been sleeping a little less that before. When he does take one of his hundreds of naps, he finds some way to be closer to you. He's even been seen sleepwalking to your exact location somehow-
It's hard for him to believe that you're not teasing, though. How could HE be your favorite demon here? Belphie doesn't do anything special to win you over, yet after everything he put you through, you like him enough to deep him your favorite?
"You're weird, MC. I mean... me? I won't deny that I'm really happy though, but I guess I'm in disbelief. You should spoil me even more until I believe you. Lend me your lap for a few hours, okay?" "...I wonder what Lucifer would think if I told him, heheh."
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ohbae-me · 3 months ago
do ya think mammon would choose Goldie over mc
Never. Not in a million years. I could write a whole ass novel to support my reasonings but I have two main points!
First of all, when MC asks the brothers for an item that they value the most in order to learn how to summon them, Mammon gives them the matching phone charm they got together in London. Because to him that memory was way more important to him than Goldie was. He could have easily handed over that card and I wouldn't have been surprised, but he valued the charm more. And because more than Goldie or the charm, Mammon would rather MC have the power to summon him whenever they want and get to see them anytime, than have either object.
Secondly, and this is the time I really fell hard for Mammon, is in the Lamp event. Whoever MC chooses in the event would get to rule the world and marry(?) MC. All the brothers fight over it, obviously, but Mammon says he doesn't give a shit about ruling the world, he just wants MC. He could rule and have all the power and wealth, and the ability to do absolutely anything he wants but he does not hesitate to turn that all down because all he wants it needs is MC.
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astaroth1357 · 9 months ago
About your last headcanon post you said something about scenting. I imagine the brothers have got most of MC's stuff scented even though it's probably dominated by the main bro in chosen MC's life. I can't stop seeing the scene where beel is about to pop someone's head because their touching his side of the room or the scratches and weird scents all of the brothers leave behind.
Well, human olfactory senses are notoriously terrible when compared to our other animal counterparts (like seriously guys, we can’t smell worth shit) so personally I don’t think that the MC would even be able to pick up the scents if they were left. They’d probably be completely ignorant of it, unless they caught one of them in the act and asked what they were doing. And well…
More Scenting Headcanons (Cause Why Not?)
Lucifer would try to be subtle about his scenting, but it only goes so far because he likes to let his wings do it. He’ll wrap the MC up in them when they hug or go into their room and just let them flap for a little while until he’s satisfied. If he’s feeling particularly possessive, he’ll pluck out a few feathers and hide them around their room so no matter what his brothers try, his smell will always linger in there without any apparent explanation... It’s all about the mind games.
Mammon is… less subtle? Like, he tries to be but the MC can read him like a book so it doesn’t really work. He’ll look for any excuse to wrap them up in his jackets or he’ll try to let them wear his sunglasses around when he can. He mostly favors using his head and hair to get the job done so he’ll rest his head on them a lot or give them almost kitten-like headbutts to pass the scent along. As far as their room goes, the MC will just “lose” stuff from time to time and then it mysteriously comes back wherever they left it last… They can’t tell that it smells like Mammon, but everyone else sure can.
Levi is also not very subtle. Since he prefers to use his tail, he’ll pretty much only scent MC in the privacy of his room unless something hits him right in the Envy, then he may just wrap them up on the spot. Levi’s also not really in their room enough to leave a noticeable impact scent-wise, but he likes to flip the script by having their scent in his room instead. He’ll offer them every blanket or pillow he can get his hands on and he will steal their clothes if he can get away with it. It gets under his brothers’ skin like no tomorrow when his bed smells like MC because they know there isn’t anything they can really do about it...
Satan does the full demonic treatment: scenting, scratching, marking; you name it. He’s not necessarily possessive like Mammon or Levi, he just really gets a kick out of seeing his marks on them and their stuff (because Lucifer will eventually see them too, you know?). Though he scents almost like a gentleman - like an arm around their waist and nuzzling their head/shoulders or something - they’ll start to find claw marks embedded in their furniture pretty soon… He does a criss-cross slashing motion and they are DEEP in there. Biting is also not off the table for him unless they expressly tell him not to, so watch out.
Asmo is NOT subtle at all, in fact he’ll shamelessly tell them what his intentions are upfront. They just HAVE to wear his scarf today so that when they go out, they’ll smell like a couple! He doesn’t even have a favorite way of scenting because he’s usually so attached to them that it’ll happen one way or another. If he’s feeling petty, though, he’ll scent a part of their room that he knows the brother he wants to spite prefers just to be an ass (that’s pretty much an olfactory middle-finger in Demon culture, it’s the equivalent of purposely sitting in someone’s favorite spot).
Beel is also not that subtle but he doesn’t do as often as his brothers. It takes a lot to get Beel to scent but when he does he goes all out because by that time he’s hit a breaking point of some kind. If he gets that far, their room will smell like nothing but him and he’ll make sure of it - I’m talking full on rubbing his back up against the walls if that’s what it takes. He’ll even claw over Satan and Belphie’s scratches just to make a point. It’s so effective that the House refers to it as “Beel Bombing” and it takes at least a week for them to undo it all…
Belphie actually scents the MOST often if you can believe it. It could even be considered one of the few “chores” he’ll never skip out on doing. Naturally, his favorite spot to scent is their bed and he’ll never miss a day of redoing it, that way his brothers have no hope of claiming that spot for themselves... He even scratches up the bedposts with numerous shallow claw marks to drive the point home. If he wants to really scent their person, then he’ll just “dust them off” with the fluffy end of his tail throughout the day. He tries to play dumb but really, what else could he be doing?
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diavolosqueen · 7 months ago
ooooh what about the brothers with an mc thats usually tired 24/7-? taking naps in anywhere comfy (even in cabinets or things like that sometimes) how would they react to their antics-? *how would they react to getting treated as a pillow by mc* i must know !!
Absolutely!!!! Thank you for the ask!🥰
How the Demon Brothers Would React to a Constantly Sleepy GN! MC Using Them as a Pillow
Tumblr media
Warnings: None!
Tumblr media
"Of course I dont find it cute! Not in the slightest"
Yes he does
If he notices MC nodding off while he's doing paperwork, he'll gesture at them to come sit on his lap and lean against his chest.
When MC starts falling asleep in random places, Lucifer starts to get concerned
It eventually gets so bad that he has to put a tracking app on MC's DDD so he can find them when they randomly decide to nap
Has to defend them from Asmo, who constantly tries to give MC makeovers while they sleep
It becomes an event to find MC: whoever finds them and brings them to Lucifer unharmed or unaltered gets to skip dinner duty
Sometimes if he isnt paying attention, MC will sneak into his room (he has the biggest bed) and fall asleep, so when Lucifer finally goes to bed, he's too tired to move them and ends up falling asleep with MC
Tumblr media
CONSTANT state of panic
His solution is to get MC a necklace with a bell on it so he can hear when they move in their sleep
Lucifer forbids it because he will not tolerate the exchange student being treated as a cat
Every time MC falls asleep and he sees them, MC mysteriously wakes up with his jacket draped over them
Mammon insists he has no idea how that happens
"You must've stolen it in your sleep, ya thieving human!"
Constantly forbids MC from sleeping near anyone else
Tumblr media
Is more worried about MC'S health and safety
Makes sure he tries to keep track of MC'S general location
Secretly likes to be used as a pillow
Reads to MC whenever they're asleep
Made a specific playlist for MC to fall asleep to
Gets very protective of MC if they're sleeping or sleepy
Makes sure his brothers back off
Protective bean
Tumblr media
His room is easily the second most comfortable, since he spends most of his time there
So, of course, MC religiously sneaks into his room and falls asleep deep inside one of the beanbag chairs
They sink so deep into the beanbag chair that it takes hours for Levi to even notice they're there.
Screams when he hears the rustling from the chair, he thinks for a second it's a ghost
Is relieved when he sees that it's just MC
Eventually just gets used to it, is usually the first to find MC (aside from Belphie)
Tumblr media
It's free real estate
MC is asleep? Makeover time
If MC falls asleep for more than an hour, Asmo will remove their makeup or clean their face so they dont fall asleep with an unwashed face
"Your complexion is important, Sweetie"
This happens so often and MC gets so tired of waking up without makeup or with their face covered in cleanser that they start carrying around makeup or some dry cloths
Peppers MC's face with kisses whenever he gets the chance
Has a whole album of pictures of MC asleep in random places
These places include but are not limited to:
The kitchen cabinets
The bathtub
ALL of the brother's beds
The floor in front of the fireplace
The roof? Somehow?
Thinks it's adorable
Tumblr media
Is completely used to it
He's Belphie's twin, after all. He can handle it.
MC has stolen his jacket so many times that he gets a spare one just for them
Mc explains the jacket is so comfortable because it's so big and is like a blanket they can wear
Makes it a point to track down MC and surround them with snacks, so that they can have food when they wake up
Beel is MC'S favorite to fall asleep on, because he's just so much bigger than them that they feel so safe enveloped by him
Tumblr media
Him and MC have a shared list of the best places to fall asleep
Belphie is always the first to find MC when they fall asleep somewhere
MC likes to sleep in his bed the most, because its literally MADE for maximum comfort
Is super happy he has someone who understands him
Every time him and MC fall asleep with eachother, they always somehow wake up holding hands
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nyxs-sins · 3 days ago
Idea that I wanna write myself for some time now but idk when I'll be able to so Imma request from you instead~
Brothers reacting to Mc forgetting their name and calling them literally all the other brothers' names first. Like, "Mams- Levi... Asmodeus, Satan? Uhhh, Beel- Belphie..." Squints their eyes at the raven haired man at the end of the table, before remembering. "LUCIFER!" Smiles at their success at remembering the name of the demon they lived with for a few months now. "Can you pass me the salt?"
May or may not be based on a true story... Also, how are you~? And what name can I call you by?
Nyx: Of course! Hehe, siblings are never called by their actual name until their family or other has gone through the list of all the other siblings and past and present pets, so I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end. 😂 I’ve been doing alright, upset at my alarm for working but that’s usual. As far as what to call me, you can just call me Nyx. 🥰 How are you~?
Calling the Brothers by the Wrong Name
What the..?
Not only did you just list every single one of his brother’s names, but you also called him Cerberus?
Does he look like a three-headed dog to you?
Or any of his brothers for that matter?
“Perhaps we should get you some glasses, MC.”
Lucifer frowns, passing over the pepper to see if you would catch that he purposely handed you the wrong thing.
Did he do that out of spite?
Will he admit it?
But you hurt his pride and now you won’t see salt in the house for the next week.
Huh? You talking to him?
Excuse me, he is THE Great Mammon and will only answer to such.
So he ignores you.
And then when you finally get his name right, he still ignores you.
Now he’s pouting.
Try calling him by his full title and he might give you a little glare.
Just kiss him to make it better, he’ll get over himself pretty quickly.
And after the shock of being kissed he’ll get all cocky about it.
All in all the whole ordeal didn’t last longer than five minutes.
He’s such a simp. 😂
“Did you just call me Lucifer?”
Oh you’ve done it now.
I’d say I’d come to your funeral but I doubt there will be anything left in order to have one.
“Do I look like Lucifer?”
He leans down so you’re face to face, his smile turning more into a smirk.
“Well MC?”
Well when he’s grinning sadistically he kinda does look like Lucifer. But don’t tell him that.
Right now I think it’s best you got on your knees and started begging for forgiveness.
Excuse me, but do any of his brothers look at cute as him?
The answer is no.
He acts offended, but blows it out of proportion.
That or he just pretends it didn’t happen.
How could you possibly mistake him for one of his brothers?
You can’t.
“Did you need something from me, love?”
Patiently waits for you to get his name right.
Might even help you out.
“I’m Beel.”
“No, Beel, not Belphie. Belphie is my twin.”
Offers you a snack when you finally get his name right.
“MC are your eyes okay? Maybe we should have Satan look at them.”
Though he is concerned to why you couldn’t get his name right.
Did you really forget him?
Now he’s sad boi.
Give him a snack.
On the off chance that he’s awake, he will just watch you struggle with amusement.
“Nope, that’s still not it. Keep trying.”
When you finally get his name right he decides it’s nap time.
And you wasted his time trying to get his name right.
Your punishment?
Your thighs are now his pillow.
And don’t even think of trying to get away, he’s wrapped his arms around you and now you’re pinned.
You never even got to ask him your question.
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belphies-pillow · 19 days ago
If requests are open could i request the side characters with the baby/infant MC?👉🏻👈🏻
Can you imagine MC and Luke playing togheter and him claiming that he's their guardian angel?🥺 Gsjsgsk so CUTE 😭💞
Tumblr media
Oh my gosh!!! *clutches heart* They would be so precious!!!
Combing two asks for baby MC! @letsblazewolf
Warnings: infant!MC, child rearing, floofy floofness, some minor plot/personality spoilers, nothing too revealing.
Are you telling him, he gets to take care of this precious little ray of sunshine?? Please tell him it’s not a joke!! From the moment he held lil MC in his arms, he’s had a smile plastered on his face that could rival the sun. Takes them everywhere and shows them everything. Has everyone crushing on him twice as hard once he starts to take MC around with him to RAD and meetings. Seeing that big, burly demon carrying around a precious baby bean? *swoons* Basically starts co-parenting with Lucifer….it’s hard to tell at this point who dotes on MC more. 😆 Kind of a big kid at heart himself, has no problem acting goofy to make the baby laugh.
However….. should someone be foolish enough to endanger that baby or deliberately frighten them, they’re going to find out real quick why he’s the next king of the devildom. 👀
Let’s face it, this demon is flawless. It’s pretty much a no-brainer that he’d care for MC. He’ll have that baby in a wrap sling carrier while he’s performing his duties at RAD, tending to Diavolo, making tea for Lucifer, baking with Luke, stopping Mammon from trying to steal ish without a single hair out of place.
He actually is very fond of children, definitely top notch dad material. He essentially already has a son. Sorry Dia lol. He’s got incredible domestic skills and almost saintly (pun intended) levels of patience.
Sims does have great child-rearing skills but I’m not certain he’d be the first to volunteer to be the full time care giver. He takes more of a laissez-faire approach to things. Like, he makes the point of saying that he considers himself more of a grandfather to Luke than a father figure.
That being said, he will absolutely 100% be in a supportive role. Lurks in the shadows too make sure MC is being properly cared for. If he feels they aren’t, that baby is his. Also, if someone was brazen enough too try and harm/neglect MC in anyway, prepare to be bitch-slapped into the next realm….
Sorry fam, he’ll only be accepting the position as the cool ass uncle that spoils them terribly lol he wouldn’t ever do anything harm MC but some of the parental instincts are definitely lacking.
*holding MC at arms length staring at them*
Solomon: “Soooo baby…. What exactly do I do with you?”
He’ll be down for babysitting from time to time, just give him written instructions and your phone number so he can call with questions lol
Please don’t let him cook for the baby….
Bless this angel bean! I think regardless of whomever is MC’s full time caretaker, he’s going to be there to help. I can see him carrying MC everywhere, even though he’s smol bean himself. 😆
His absolutely favorite activity is when he gets the moments to plop down on the floor and play with MC. Sits them in his lap and does hand over hand coloring/painting, reads them books. He’s over the moon when he sings to MC. As soon as he starts they crack the biggest, brightest smile you’ve ever seen!
Luke becomes soooooo attached to MC! Doesn’t matter who is the primary caretaker, he WILL be moving too where they are. Be it Purgatory Hall, The House of Lamentation or The Demon Lords Castle, they’ve gained a new resident…. 👼
At first the demon bros kicked up a bit of a fuss about having to deal with the “chihuahua.”
However, that all changed one day when MC was just having a rough day. They were cranky, didn’t sleep much which culminated in the poor bb just having a crying meltdown. Luke immediately rushed over, took MC in his arms and began too sing. Literally within a minute, MC started started to smile, grabbing Luke’s cheeks with their chubby little baby hands and started cooing. Soon enough their little head was snuggled up against Luke’s shoulder, sound a sleep.
He continued to rock them saying “Don’t you ever be afraid MC. No matter where you go or what you do, I’ll be the guardian angel watching over you.”
Collective demon bros, Dia, Barb, Sims & Sol: “it’s just dust in our eyes!”🥲
Protecc angel bean!!!
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thalfox · a year ago
What kind of person in your opinion would each brother fall for?
Hmm, I think canonically the brothers each have a very wide spectrum as it's really the uniqueness of MC that they're drawn to. So in all honesty, they'd be drawn to MC no matter the personality.
But! If we go by my headcanons...
[Disclaimer: all headcanons are valid!]
Tumblr media
The presumption: someone submissive
The reality: someone he can kneel to
Yes, yes, we've all been told he's a sadist and he certainly gave of those early dom vibes, but as Lucifer has opened up, we've seen he has a very soft and squishy centre. We also know he loves to obey - if the master is worthy.
Lucifer is drawn to those with razor wits and easy smarts, who can challenge him to chess or verbal sparring and leave him with his heart racing regardless of whether he wins or loses.
Confidence and bravery are his undoing, and being vulnerable in his eyes is what he considers the bravest of all.
Tumblr media
The presumption: someone dominant
The reality: someone who praises and protects him
Mammon craves being told what to do, but not at all for the right reasons. He falls into that role for safety, reasoning that if he is not responsible for his actions, he can't be mocked or blamed or hit.
A person who instead lavishes him with praise will reduce him to a puddle of blushes, and a person who stands up for him against his brothers absolutely floors him.
Whatever the person is interested in or passionate about, Mammon is happy to learn and share his own loves. He is devoted to the person who loves him for who he is, not who he forces himself to be.
Tumblr media
The presumption: a geek
The reality: someone who shares their passions
Sure, shared hobbies are a great help, but what really appeals to Levi is someone who not only shows interest in his passions, but who shares their own passions with him.
Everyone is a geek for something, and he loves exploring new interests with a person that gets so excited about them.
More than anything else, Levi values time spent together. It's very hard for him to doubt how much a person enjoys his company, if they spend so much time relaxing and laughing with him by their side.
Tumblr media
The presumption: a submissive bookworm
The reality: a bold adventurer
Like his father, he is a presumed dom and even sadist, with more than a passing interest in petplay. But what really excites Satan is exploring new places, experiencing new things, trying everything the world has to offer.
Someone who will not only join him in that but take the lead, organising new things for him to see and do, is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with rules and regulations.
He is as happy to be bossed about as he is to take the reins, but the kitty ears are definitely a plus.
Tumblr media
The presumption: a sexoholic
The reality: someone who loves him, sex optional
The Avatar of Lust would seem to have one very obvious key to his heart, but it's a misdirection that very few ever pick up on. Asmo believes only his beauty is of value, not his actual inner self, and someone who can see through the surface and still want to be with him will forever have his heart.
In many ways, he is the most vulnerable demon, his armour of lust monster incredibly thick. Unlocking the trembling angel within takes perseverance, and setbacks will have to be overcome.
All of his innuendo is a mask for what he truly craves - love and affection. Soft cuddles, kissing for hours, holding hands... these are the things that really make his heart skip a beat.
Tumblr media
The presumption: a chef
The reality: someone who listens to him
Beel is hungry, this we know, but he is also less hungry when with the person he loves. His mind becomes clearer, and he's able to share all the thoughts and feelings he normally keeps inside, not wanting to burden anyone with his words.
With the person who he first confessed his feelings of crushing guilt to, he finally feels like there is someone who truly hears him when he speaks, a small mouse to his giant lion, that he will protect with his very life.
That this person isn't scared of him, instead seeing his gentle nature with his pain buried deep, allows him to ask for what he most wants - cuddles, pets, and reassurance of his worth.
Tumblr media
The presumption: fuck knows 😂
The reality: someone who surprises him
It's very hard to tell what vibes Belphegor might be putting out, as he does his best not to put out any. His rage is legendary, as is his ability to sleep through anything, but he is also effortlessly clever, dryly humorous, and with surprising talents like dancing and perseverance.
Above all however, Belphie is a brat. He loves being told what to do, almost as much as he loves deliberately disobeying. The person who can outfox him and keep him on his toes will steal all his attention. Unpredictability is incredibly attractive to him, as is anyone who can out-brat his wicked ways.
(All the above is canon to my Obey Me fic 😘)
Tumblr media
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asmosmainhoe · a year ago
I'mma be real with you, I'm a dense mofo when it comes to someone flirting with me. Deadass the only way I'm with my current gf is she was like "listen here u dense nerd I like u romantically" after I had told her I don't see the point in flirting when you can just be direct/honest about it so there's no mixed signals. So maybe brothers/undateables with a crush that's like that?
We should start a club, 'cause I'm super dense too.
Some of them turned out longer than intended.
The brothers & undateables with an oblivious s/o
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
He definitely knows how to flirt so he's trying to charm you at any given chance.
Quickly notices that you don't get it. Like at all.
You leave him no other way than to call you to his private study and directly tell you what's up.
"MC, I'm in love with you. I've been trying to show you that for a very long time now."
"Oh, I love you too! You're such a good friend and brother!"
"No- wh- I meant in a romantic way."
"Why didn't you say so earlier? Because I think I might be in love too!"
You're not making his life easier you know?
Another dense mofo.
You both are making it super obvious that you have feelings for each other.
But does the other one notice that? Aw heck no.
You guys are crying about it in Asmo's room without the other knowing it.
Asmo is losing it. It is kinda funny though and he finds it extremely cute.
One day he's dragging Mammon to your room.
"You guys love each other! You are just too DENSE to notice it!"
Then he leaves you guys by yourselves.
At first thinks that you simply don't like him and that's why you don't respond.
I mean who would want a yucky otaku as a boyfriend? You of course, but you don't notice how much he likes you.
He's trying so hard you know?
He isn't as experienced as most of his brothers so he doesn't really know how to approach you.
You being extremely oblivious makes it even more difficult for him.
It's impossible for him to confess to you from face to face so he writes you a letter and slides it under your door.
After a few minutes you're in his room.
"Levi, I feel the same. You should have been more obvious about it!"
"Bwifbsiabhw but I was?!"
He's trying to woo you with his cooking skills and knowledge. (I'm 100% convinced that he's a great cook)
Also knows a lot about flirting, but he doesn't always keep a straight face.
When he's being more straight forward you can see a small blush on his cheeks and ears.
But is it straight forward enough for you? No, you still don't get it.
"You always smell so nice, MC."
"Aw thank you, Satan!"
And then you get on with your day.
He doesn't know what he's doing wrong tbh.
So after a while he loses his patience and just tells you how he feels for you.
Can't believe that not even "I love you" is enough.
It has to be "I love you NOT as a friend and no, I don't mean as a best friend either- for the love of Diavolo just kiss me."
No one in the whole universe is as straight forward about it as Asmodeus.
He knows your kind and he knows that he has to tell you about his feelings directly.
But it's not as easy as he thought it would be.
"MC, I wanna be with you."
"Oh I thought our self-care evening is tomorrow? We can do it today too if you want."
You're giving him wrinkles.
"Honey, you're a mess. I've been flirting with you since you arrived here. Did you friendzone me without me knowing it? Is that it?"
You can't believe what you just heard.
"I thought you're flirting with everyone! Like this is something you just do!"
"I mean yea, but no."
He has a hard time explaining it.
Our baby doesn't notice at first that you're so oblivious.
He thinks you're just not interested in him.
Tbh that makes him kinda sad and do you know what he does when he gets sad?
He eats. What a surprise.
But he eats more than usual which worries you.
You try to cheer him up, but nothing seems to work.
"Beel, would you like to tell me what's wrong?"
"I don't wanna upset you or make you feel bad, MC...I just- it makes me sad that you don't like me back."
"But I like you!"
"Only as a friend."
"What? Beel, I like you more than that!"
"Why do you constantly turn me down then?"
"I didnt- oh wait you like me too?!"
He won't even question it. He's just happy that you feel the same.
Much like Beel he first thinks you're simply not interested.
I mean who could blame you after that incident in the attic?
But he soon finds out you're just super oblivious.
Whenever he makes you compliments you think it's just friendly and don't really respond in a way other than thanking him.
That's kinda frustrating and he doesn't know how to handle that.
He surprises you by storming into your room.
"I know some people don't get that, but this is getting pretty exhausting."
"Belphie, I don't know what you're-"
"Oh shut up and listen! I love you! And before you say anything no I don't mean it in a friendly way!"
You made him run to your room. He never runs.
Super obvious. Much like Asmo.
He constantly sends you flowers and jewelry.
He's the prince. Of course he can afford that.
Even asks you out to Ristorante Six.
The problem is: you don't think of it as a date.
But he does.
Diavolo keeps holding your hand and tells you how beautiful you look and how happy he is that you said yes to this.
He has no idea that you just see this as a meeting among friends.
So when he accompanies you back to the house of Lamentation and you leave him there with a simple good bye he's shook.
You were having such a good time? Why are you leaving him at the door without even a hug?
Confronts you about it the next day and asks if he did something wrong.
"Our date went so well and-"
"Wait? That was a date?"
"Yes, but I understand if you don't feel the same. After all I'm-"
"No! I like you too! I just didn't know you like me in that way!"
He doesn't act on his feelings.
At least not in a flirting way like Asmo or Solomon.
We all know that Barbatos makes the best desserts.
People would kill to eat them.
He makes them for you every weekend.
Insists to bring them over personally so that he can spend more time with you.
Everyone notices how he opens up to you. Well except for one person of course.
"I'm so glad to have you as a friend!"
This man's poor heart.
"You see me as a friend?"
"I would like to be more than that."
"Best friends?"
The wheels are turning in your head.
He is so charming oof.
100% a gentleman so his flirting isn't too straight forward.
"When I'm with you I don't miss the sun anymore."
"Aaawww, Simeon! You'll make someone very happy some day."
He can't do anything else but sigh as a response.
That's as obvious as he can get.
As obvious as he WANTS to get actually, because he doesn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.
After a while he decides against it.
"MC, I don't think I made myself clear enough. I love you."
"Simeon! Oh, why didn't you tell me sooner?"
He can't sigh.
He's too busy holding you.
On second place when it comes to being extremely open about his feelings.
You two are:
"I like your pants, MC."
"Thank you. They were 50% off."
"I'd like them 100% off."
"You can't run a shop like that, Solomon."
He finds it too funny.
Constantly flirts with you, because he's wheezing at your responds.
Of course that even he grows impatient after while, because well he has feelings for you.
Big complicated feelings and he's dying to know if you have them too.
"I've been flirting with you for months now, you know?"
"Oh really? I didn't notice."
"Yes, I've figured."
Of course you two end up together.
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ashxrsbeloveds · 4 months ago
Ok so MC randomly walks up to Luke and goes "i'm so proud of you!!" And pats his head, when he asks for what they're proud of him they reply with "for everything!".
How would he react?
(btw feel free to ignore if requests are not open!!)
A/N: my requests are open lovelies <3 so feel free to spam my inbox with whatever!! JHDJDHDN
Luke's reaction to MC telling him they're proud of them
Tumblr media
Luke was roaming around the halls alone, possibly looking for Simeon.
You slowly sneak up behind him, just enough for him to not jump.
"Eh, MC?" He turns around and looks at you, tilting his head confused.
You give him a headpat and smile, his eyes widen and he looks at you with a huge smile on his face.
"I'm so proud of you, Luke!" You tell him before scooping him for a hug.
He looked confused, but happy. As you break from the hug, he looks at you with confused eyes. "Why are you proud of me? Did I win a baking contest? Or maybe I accidentally did something wrong with the cookies I made for Michae-"
"For everything." You pat his head again and he looks at you, still quite confused. "F-for everything?" As he starts to slowly process the words you said, you can see tears forming in his eyes. He immediately hugs you tightly, and you hugged him back.
He looks at you again and smiles, "I'm glad someone finally appreciates me here." You wipe the tears streaming down his cheeks and he lets out a small giggle. "Everyone here looks down on me for being a child, and teases me, well, aside from Simeon. So, I never thought I'd get anything good with this stay. But, that doesn't matter anymore!" He breaks from the hug and forms his hands to fists. "I-ive got someone proud of me, and that's enough for me to keep going!" Luke's words echoed through the empty hallway, and you let out a small chuckle. "Ofcourse, Luke! I'll be proud of you, no matter what." You pat his head again before bidding him goodbye and parting ways.
"Thank you, MC. I'll work harder to always make you proud."
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saeyoungchoismaid · 2 months ago
27 with Lucifer please? Love your writing btw <3
27. desperate kisses
Lucifer gives you these kisses whenever you two haven’t been intimate in a while, whether that be because he was away on business or because you two just haven’t had time to be together minus sleeping in the same bed. 
You can always tell when it’s coming too because he always gives you this look, like he’s a man that’s been starved or he’s an addict who needs another fix. His dark eyes will glint with red hues and he’ll just stare at you, all of you. Then, as soon as he gets you all alone, he’ll corner you like a predator with its prey.
Then he’ll pounce. 
His mouth will meet yours in a hungry, desperate kiss while his hands touch any and everywhere he can reach. These sort of kisses always end up leading to more...
Kisses Ask Game
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the-devils-girl94 · 7 days ago
Headcannons of The Demons reacting to Black!Fem!MC that’s dummy thicc plz 👉🏾👈🏾 She’s just so unnecessarily curvy that her figure can be seen in anything she wears. Demon King have mercy on their souls when she bends over to pick something up or when she’s wearing a sweater dress that shapes her figure and thigh highs that cups her thighs 🌚
((I don't know why but this made me happy to see. I feel like I had too much fun with this, like I wanted these guys to simp. Anyway I hope you enjoy this anon. Thank you for sending this ask.))
This demon is a very respectful demon, meaning that while he notices you, he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable because he certainly finds you as attractive as earth is attracted to the sun. But even he can't deny that your voluptuous assets affect him a great deal. Of course, he controls himself, but it is hard when no matter what you wear, it conforms to your body really well!!! And even he loses composure when your body is so attractive in even the simplest tasks that you do, like bending over to pick up an item, crossing your leg over the other, or simply just trying to reach something off a shelf because damn baby got back! In other words, he feels he has to distract himself and find solace in his work. You're much too distracting for him, but he can never stay away for too long.
Way more blushy, tsundere, and overprotective. Since you made a pact with him first, he will not let another demon try to slither their way in. You're his human, damn it! Though he can't control his thoughts as you're so damn attractive! He's thought of ways to try to stifle your attractiveness, including buying you baggy clothes. But you make even those work! Your thiccness knows no bounds.
As any professional otaku knows, thigh highs on dummy thicc girls are a luxury to enjoy! And you've just made his whole dreams come true! Not only that, but bright colored thigh highs really look good against a beautiful, dark skinned babe such as yourself. So a double whammy on him as he cannot contain himself against a lovely, black goddess. And when you cosplay, oh! His poor heart can't take it as your thicc assets work for the bustiest of anime girls!
Hey, even this bookworm is sweating in his boots at your thiccness. If you're a person who knows no personal boundaries because their language of friendship (or love) is touch, Satan certainly won't be able to ignore you as easily as Lucifer could. But he probably doesn't want to. He likes to admire your physique but he doesn't want to be a creep about it. He tries not to stare at you too much by indulging himself in whatever book he has. (He makes it his mission to always carry a book when you're around.) But it's so hard when you're within his prescence and either standing so close to him or even bold enough to bug him while he's reading.
Now, of course, Asmodeus will always say that your beauty is no match to him, but your thiccness is ungodly! He can't deny that your thiccness hasn't thrown him for a loop, but he loves getting to dress and doll you up because everything just makes it pop on you. He's mindful trying to explore what colors really make your skin stand out because you're beautiful, darling, and he can't ever let you forget it.
He honestly wonders if all the food you eat somehow gets distributed to your thicc areas. He will absolutely believe you if you said it did. He thinks you were blessed by God because not were you a beautiful, black girl but he also can't take his eyes off your body. Blessed in the right places, how about a yes indeed? He can never focus on his workouts when you join him in the gym and gets jealous of other demons trying to get a peek at your workout routine.
All he can think about is how your thighs could be a really great pillow for his sleepy head. Boobs too but mainly your thighs as they could save his tired life. He wonders if this is what everyone meant about thicc thighs save lives. He makes all the excuses in the world to try to get you to spend the night with him because he wants to see if it would be better to sleep with you and if he would be in an oasis of warmth and comfort.
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lethargicobeyme · 7 months ago
i feel like im annoying lol but here i am again 🥴🥴 how do da boys react to a super bimbo mc like shes busty, sweet, innocent, helpful as much as she can be and doesnt really realize when people are hitting on her, she just thinks theyre being extra friendly
I could never be annoyed at someone who likes my bullshit so much, it's an honour to have a regular. This one is going to be fun I love and respect bimbos, himbos, bimboys and... whatever a female himbo (soft Chad energy) is.
Lucifer is hellbent on protecting you. He sees your innocence and naivety and is just immediately in protective older sibling mode. He may not view you as a sister but he certainly takes responsibility for you, being sure to shoot deadly glares at anyone who dares flirt with you or stare at your figure. His possessive nature comes into it quite a lot, but in a more endearing way than a controlling way. He just wants you to be safe, sweet thing. You're his special exception after all.
Mammon is J E A L O U S boyyo, ALL the time. Anyone looks at you and he pretty much barks at them to get them to back off. Always at your side in protective simp mode, tries his best to stop you from being so damn nice but nobody can get in your way when you want to help. He falls in love with that instantly, especially when you help him and keep the peace between him and his brothers. "CAN'T YOU SEE HE'S HITTING ON YOU!?!" Is a common thing yelled, but of course you don't they were just being nice! Mammon is just in jealous protective overdrive but you show him special loving and that makes him shut up for a while, eventually he's secure in the relationship and is... less angry guard dog like.
Levi views you as a waifu immediately. Your demeanor, your figure, your treatment of others. You're so nice and pretty and wonderful and super naive to the advances of others it's just too perfect of an anime situation for him. Though he does find himself envious of the other people who talk to you, eventually taking to sticking by you whenever he can to assert some sort of dominance over others. And of course you don't notice when he's trying to flirt, you just think it's so cute when he blushes! Classic anime situations where his face ends up in your boobs?? Hell yes.
Satan is very formal and polite but when it comes to you he is constantly trying to catch you up to speed with people's intentions. "They were being rude to you, MC" "They were flirting with you, MC" "can't you see he was being a pervert??" You hear him but it goes out the other ear, everyone is just so nice here. He stands up for you and is a terrifying protector of the innocent bimbo baby that walks the halls of hell. Despite your figure he barely ever notices your boobs but oh boy does he know they are there and he wants to g r a b t h e m s o B A D but he's better than that and happy to wait~
Asmo is a bimboy so y'all get along so well. Like you guys share clothes, exchange skincare tips, give eachother compliments. He's the girl friend you never had, like even the classic platonic boob grabbing (which is definitely not platonic). He always fends off the other boys and follows you around, drawn to your radiant aura. He loves you so much right off the bat: the look, the attitude, the innocence. (Major corruption kink comes in there) but he's super nice to you and is the "bitch friend" who protects you from the numbskulls.
Belphie straight up calls you stupid and you cry, he never does it again and instead tries super hard to make you see what people are doing wrong. You're the sunshine to his raincloud and he loves that, your chest is the best pillow he could ask for and you are so nice and you pat his head... this boy is head over heels very quickly. Pinches your cheeks a lot and calls you "dummy" really lovingly. When you come and wake him up before school he calls you sunshine.
You and beel are peas in a pod. He's got the stoic gentle himbo energy and you have the sweet busty baby bimbo energy. He protects the shit out of you. You bring him such nice snacks and you're always so sweet, he is a huge dude so flirting becomes a rarity when he starts following you around like a puppy. He's not entirely sure how to make advances so you are clueless together until you both eventually confess in your own ways, most likely food or just big kisses that convey a thousand words. Your boobs are his new favourite food.
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astaroth1357 · 9 months ago
Okay, but like could you imagine how the demon bros would react if MC had a fanclub, because I feel like that would be wild lol
The Brothers v. The MC’s Fanclub
Surely, the italics blurb was meant for more than this! Any old letters in any order could have been strung together for the purpose of wasting space and yet here it is, a being brought forth with intent! With substance! The blurb has a need for greater purpose, but what is it to do when its sole function is to only exist?? How can it ever hope to fulfill its ambition when it's no more than a proto-intro to a fuller, more engaging story?! Surely… Surely there is a way...
He had expected a human in the Devildom would have been eaten… not popular!
The MC’s rise to the social hierarchy sidelined him hard. When he had assigned Mammon to guard their human, it was with the expectation of keeping hungry demons at bay… not ushering them through crowds of followers like a security detail.
Honestly, it’s more inconvenient than anything… The MC’s fans are actually worse than his own at taking a hint and he had to give the human a map of school just to find ways to avoid them in the halls!
They usually know better than to crash any dates that the two are on (this is Lucifer we’re talking about), but they get no privacy at RAD anymore… If he tries to meet up with the MC for anything, he has to go round up all their crazed stalkers groupies before he can actually say anything.
He’d expel them all if he could, but since Diavolo holds onto that power, he just gives any of them that get in his way an eternal detention… Can’t bother MC if you’re sealed in a closet, now can you?
His possessiveness and his need to make money are at real odds with themselves…
On the one hand, it’d be so easy to milk these fools like no tomorrow! He could sell them practically anything the MC’s touched from old shirts to toothbrushes. Pictures could go for twice as much and if he could get the MC to give out hugs…? They’d be loaded!! Loaded, baby!!!
… But then one of them tries to get too close to MC and he feels the urge to sock him in the jaw… Like, they’re suckers, obviously, but the MC is still HIS MC. The idea of a bunch of groupies following them around… it gets under his skin something fierce.
He pretty much won’t leave their side at all at RAD just so he can swat away their fans whenever he gets the chance. He may as well be their personal bodyguard, the second a guy gets too close, Mammon will have him by the back of the neck and toss him out on his ass.
It doesn’t stop him from making money off them completely (this is Mammon we’re talking about) but he makes sure they stick to whatever worthless cast-offs he pawns on them. The real deal is his and his alone, ya hear?
Jealous boi is jealous and he doesn’t want to talk about it.
The second he found out the MC had their own fanclub he knew he hated them. He’s an otaku and a huge ass simp for people in both 2 and 3 dimensions. That means he knows what fans like this do to the people they idolize… 
Just the thought of the MC’s groupies trying to get candid shots of them or going after everything from their pencils to their bathwater… Nope. No. Not allowed. Not with his MC anyway.
He starts going out to RAD more often just to stake his claim when those losers are around (yes, even he considers them to be losers… not that he has much leg to stand on but hey). 
Normally stuttery and blushy Levi suddenly upgrades to a confident snek boy literally any time he sees their fans around. He’s gotta be touching them somehow and he’ll smile in their direction like a smug asshole the entire time. Yeah that’s right… be jealous of him for a change, you simps.
Dear lord are they an annoying bunch…
Satan isn’t opposed to the MC having fans in principle, on some level he even understands it. They’re a human in a world full of demons and that’s going to turn some heads on its own, but that doesn’t mean they have to be SO IRRITATING about it...
Satan will just be walking with the MC out in the courtyard and they’ll have fans practically nipping their heels for attention… He’d be much more patient with them if they didn’t insist on following the MC everywhere, even when they clearly don’t want them around!
Satan ends up becoming a second bodyguard for the MC when Mammon’s not around. Most of the club will keep their distance from him after just a glare but he’ll start breaking arms if pushed. Satan doesn’t play.
One unfortunate soul made the mistake of trying to take a bit of the MC’s hair for a spell and Satan caught him, scissors at ready and everything… No one talks about where those scissors ended up afterward…
Actually isn’t as irritated with their fanclub as everybody else because, like, have you seen his? It’s just one of the joys (and challenges) of being so popular! Slay it, MC!!
Asmo is the only one who tries to encourage the MC to interact with their fans more because he’s experienced the benefits for himself. 
Having a loyal fanclub can be so heartwarming at times! It’s like having a group of people always willing to pump to you up all the time - and who doesn’t need that?
Often invites their fanclub to join his fanclub to make “crossover” parties where they all can mingle together and enjoy heaps of praise! (The MC’s actual enjoyment of these “parties” is entirely up to their tolerance of sycophantic idol worship…)
Asmo does have his limits though. The MC’s lips really only belong to him and any fan who thinks otherwise will have to deal with the full verbal fury of the fifthborn… He has made several of them dropout completely… 
Thought their club was maybe a little weird at first but tried to keep an open mind… 
They certainly aren’t like HIS fanclub (who are just the sweetest people) but they liked the MC and he liked the MC. They couldn’t have been that different, right?
Wrong. Very, very wrong. They are nothing alike.
This fact became abundantly clear to Beel after he watched a few of them steal the MC’s gym shoes from their locker… Yeah, he’s not about these guys much after that.
Mammon refused to let Beel take over as the MC’s 24/7 bodyguard, but he did become the primary muscle of the “MC Security Squad.” If a fan gets a little too crazy, then Beel straightens them out with a fist and a smile.
Heeeey, good job MC, you got some minions! Now you just got to learn how to use them.
At least, that’s what he says but he’s not actually going to teach them or anything. Does he look like a tutor to you? Too much work...
Whether or not the MC learned how to exploit their popularity properly, he doesn’t like it when they’re around anyway. Belphie’s a very, “Me Time means Just ME” sort of guy and having a bunch of losers following the MC around gets in the way of their lunchtime cuddle…
Unlike everyone else, though, Belphie has his own minions to do his bidding so now Belphie’s fanclub and the MC fanclub are having all-out wars between class periods. We’re talking fistfights, blackmail, and firecrackers. Shit gets wild.
Not that Belphie really cares or even looks as involved in any of it as he actually is. Little does the MC know that every time they pull him in for a snuggle, he’s probably just ordered someone to slash some poor groupie’s tires… Don’t fuck with the Sleep King.
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diavolosqueen · 7 months ago
Hi hi!! I saw your obey me headcannons and I just wanna say that I love it sm <33 May I request the brothers with an MC who always asks for attention (like cuddles and etc.)? Ty! I hope it isn’t too confusing 😅
Hi! Of course you can, thank you for the request! You're actually my first one💕
Warnings: none, unless you count a sickening amount of fluff ^v^
~The Demon Brothers with Attention Needing GN! MC~
Tumblr media
There is rarely any time he isnt busy
But then again
There isnt any time he won't notice MC wanting his attention either
As much as they try to hide it, because MC knows he's busy and they don't want to disturb him, he just knows. Most of the time, he'll give in with a sigh
Not because he's upset with them
His heart swells with pride whenever they want his attention. He just hates that he can't say no to them; that they have that type of power over him
If they DO ask for the attention outright, he'll raise an eyebrow at their boldness
"Oh? Are you demanding my attention, Bunny?" *insert MC gulp*
Will cuddle them SO MUCH if they ask nicely enough
F o r e h e a d kisses
Tumblr media
He's the one usually asking for attention. So if MC asks for it, he's over the moon
As soon as they finish asking for attention, he will blush and say
"Oi, why didn't you ask me sooner? Dumb human."
Holds MC obnoxiously close, refuses to let go
Every time they worry about asking for attention too much, he scoffs and (loudly) tells them any time they need attention to "Come to him, and only him, got that?"
Tumblr media
"You want....MY attention?"
Is SO confused
Why would you, the amazing MC, want HIS attention?
Immediately TRIES his best but
The boy is awkward. How does one give attention, exactly?
"Am I hugging you too much MC? Tell me if you need anything"
Eventually becomes VERY in tune with when they want cuddles or attention, even if it's in public
Tumblr media
Will always know before you even ask
They'll walk in to ask for attention, and he's already arranged a bunch of blankets for them to cuddle with him
"Aww Sweetie you don't have to say a word. You dont need to ask for my attention"
Absolutely loves it when they get shy to ask for his attention
If they're bold about asking for his attention, he'll chuckle and tell them to come hold him
No place is too public for him to give MC his attention
Likes tracing the outline of their figure, or randomly holding their hand
Tumblr media
Somehow manages to be both Lucifer AND Levi at the same time when MC asks him for attention
He thinks it's the cutest thing in the world and is reduced to a blushing mess most of the time.
Sometimes, however, he's annoyed by how easily MC can make him cave with a simple "Satan, may I please have some kisses?"
It drives him insane how much control you have over him
Likes to have MC lay in his lap while he reads a book out loud to them, while absentmindedly stroking their hair and face
Always calls MC "my love" or "kitten" when he's giving them his undivided attention
Tumblr media
The first time MC asks for his attention, he's taken aback
Not because of MC! He likes it. He just didnt know his attention was something anyone would want, especially them.
The second and third time, he felt bad. Was he not giving them enough attention? He wants MC to be happy 🥺
Makes sure to give MC EXTRA attention, so much to the point where they never have to ask for it. He even manages to put off food for a few moments so he can randomly hug them.
He even makes it a point to always be touching MC if he's near them. He'll hold their hand under the dinner table, rest his hand gently on their back as he walks them to their class, and kiss their forehead gently if they happen to pass him in the hallway.
Tumblr media
So reluctant
Not because he doesnt want to give MC attention, he just isn't sure HOW to give them attention. Won't they find it odd?
After trying a few things and seeing none of it bothers them, he slowly starts showing more and more affection towards them
It starts with a few tender touches here and there, especially when MC asks for them. But after a while, Belphie will just pull MC into his chest and cuddle with them
It becomes such a normal occurrence that MC can't nap unless Belphie is holding them
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belphe-whore · a year ago
Hi there!! can I request the demon brothers reaction to MC wanting to touch and appreciate their wings? :D
Omg yes I love the concept that their wings are sensitive or at least an intimate area for them. Only four of the brothers have wings though so I threw in Diavolo too. If you want me to do the other brothers if they had wings just ask and you shall receive.
GNMC/angry boy/ first season spoiler kind of
Dem demon boys with an MC who likes touching and appreciating their wings:
Please don’t try this in public boy is prideful and will not be seen having a human pet him like some type of dog.
You’d always been mesmerized by his wings. Everytime he’d lose his temper at Mammon or one of the other brothers you couldn’t help but stare at them.
He thinks nothing of it as it seems like an ordinary reaction for a human to stare at a demon in demon form. Though he is confused why you didn’t look fearful.
Then it happened. You’d gone along with Mammon on one of his schemes and you had to sit through the lecture with Lucifer. He went demon form quick that day and went to grab Mammon. Like you usually do you went to put your hand on his shoulder to keep him calm and to protect Mammon. That’s when your finger tips felt the silkiest material.
He growled very low and told Mammon to leave. You were in for it and Mammon almost didn’t leave you alone until you gulped and told him it was ok.
“What gives you the right to touch me like this human?” He spat.
“You’re beautiful” was all you could manage before gently stroking them again. I mean you already thought you’d die right there so might as well get some pats in.
Bro is speechless and his eyes are wide as he lets you continue. He lowers his head to your shoulder and for the first time you see his body relax.
“Is this comforting?” You ask becoming more adventurous stroking further down the feathers. He doesn’t answer but nuzzles into your neck.
He allows you to touch them only in private and he likes it when you sit on his lap while stroking them telling him how beautiful they are and how much you love them.
Prideful baby has a surprising praise kink with his wings so he’ll start asking you to pet them or praise them *gasp*
You still take the risk of touching them when he gets to angry at his brothers and he hates you for it.
Prepare for god tier tsundere on this one and a lot of blushing.
You’d only seen his wings once or twice and you couldn’t stop thinking about them. This made you highly aware of how much control Mammon actually has over himself. Mammon was the most patient with you and never lost his temper towards you. The fact that he’s one of the only demons to never go demon mode on you made you weak but you also wanted to see his wings again.
So you did the only thing a reckless human would do. You decide to try and push him into transforming.
Each time you tried pissing him off or triggering him you realized just how sweet he actually was. Even when you stole Goldie he only chased you down and tickeled you until he got it back from you. “I think I’m rubbing of on you” he smirks before realizing he’s basically mounted you on the floor which he will swiftly get up and blush.
Eventually he tries to join your games thinking this is some fun game you’re doing. Soft boy is soft.
You had to bring out the big guns. You decide to get another demon to come after you. Mammon was a protective type. So you pissed off some demon while he was walking with you. The demon took the bait easy and Mammon didn’t even need to transform to scare him off.
You pout. Your feelings for him going off the rails. You wanted to see his wings again dammit yet it was so sexy that he had so much control over himself and didn’t need his demon form to intimidate others.
“Yo MC what’s your problem?” He asks trying to figure out why you were picking fights because usually you didn’t like to give him problems since he had enough to deal with from his brothers.
He had pulled you into an empty room to scold you. Which you found kind of cute because Mammon didn’t know how to scold well bless his heart. “You gonna give me an answer MC?”
“I...wanna see your...wings” you mumble out.
Mammon has short circuited. He’s feeling 100000 feelings at once. He just stares back at you before going full Mammon on you.
“Why would you? I mean of course you want to see the great mammon’s wings. But why?” He only stops when you place your hand on his chest.
“Can I?” You ask. He will stop breathing momentarily.
He shows you reluctantly acting like it’s such a bother while he blushes. When you start complimenting them and telling him how much you like them he melts into your hands.
Please praise baby more.
When your finger tips graze his wings his whole body shivers.
“Oi MC maybe not that. Like touching them is really....” he trails off letting you pet them and continue your praise talk.
Now he wants you to do it all the time but won’t dare ask. Whenever you do anything remotely annoying or dangerous he teases you asking if you’re just doing that to see his wings again. To which you always take the bait.
Another one with great control over his demon transformation. That and how could he ever be mad at you.
He’s also very intuitive to others feelings and desires. It comes with the territory. So after you summoned him at Diavolos castle and got to see his demon form close up he saw the look in your eyes and could feel how drawn to him you were in that moment.
So that night he managed to smuggle you away from everyone. Once he gets you alone he transformed to see your reaction. Which was more than he expected. Without even asking him what was going on you were already complimenting his wings.
“There so delicate for how much power they probably have. It’s so beautiful.”
Asmo is beside himself. He was already sad his powers didn’t have an effect on you and you weren’t the type to compliment him constantly or without reason. So to have you ooh and awe over him was everything.
“Do you want to touch me?” He asks 😉
This becomes the best arrangement. He loves your touch and praise and you love seeing and feeling his wings.
Unlike the first two he will let you do it whenever you want. Public or private he doesn’t care. He will also just ask you directly to pet them or massage them if that is a thing.
You noticed how cool Beels wings were when he went after you and Mammon during pudding gate.
In fact you were so mesmerized by them that Mammon had to yank you out of harms way.
While you are staying in his room you decide to ask him about them. Especially because they look so different from the others. You tell him it’s so cool that they are like insect wings and have the coolest colors in them if you look.
He is surprised you inspected them that much during all the chaos.
“Do you want to see them? I don’t mind showing you”
Really likes all the compliments and appreciation. Does his cute soft smile while you ask him a million questions and tell him how amazing they are. Usually insect wings are delicate but they’d have to be strong just to support his size.
“Can I uh....touch them?” You ask shyly. He smiles and of course let’s you.
It makes him really happy that you like them. He thought he’d scared you in his demon form so to see you so affectionate towards his wings is super endearing to him.
When ever you seem down or sad he will ask if you want to see them. And when he’s sad he’ll ask if you will pet them.
Also isn’t ashamed to let you see them or touch them in private or public.
He’s just so pure so please take precious care of him.
You saw his demon form for the first time at the dance. He was a whole masterpiece but you couldn’t take your eyes off of them. You wanted to dance with him just to see them up close but you wouldn’t dare ask and Lucifer already took you away to scold you.
It was hard to pay attention to anything else with such a wonder in the room. The Prince was already such a beautiful sight but this sent you over the edge a bit.
He pulled you aside to ask you your thoughts on the program so far. You couldn’t pay attention to anything but his wings. He notices of course.
“I can transform back if this is too much.” He asks which took you off guard.
“Please don’t.” You say a little too desperately. Which will make him chuckle.
“Do you have questions about our demon forms?” He’ll ask thinking you’re just intrigued by demons in general. But you take the chance to ask him a thousand questions about his wings.
He notices you’re only asking questions specifically about him and mostly about his wings. Which he likes of course so he will ask what you think of them.
You open the flood gate of compliments onto him. Telling him how magnificent and beautiful they are. This pleases him because he sees it as a good sign that the human approves. He notices you reach towards them slightly in your daze and stops you gently with his hand.
“If you want to touch them you’ll have to wait until we’re in private.” You blink and smile asking if that means he will let you later.
When you are alone and he lets you touch them you are both equally elated. He loves how gentle and fragile your touch feels. It’s like electricity through him. And you tell him how smooth and soft they feel.
Will let you do it in private because he knows Lucifer will destroy you if he found out and he has to protect his human. He also likes being able to have these private moments with you. Like he’s in on a big secret with everyone’s favorite human.
Will surprise you by showing up or inviting you to his castle after a rough day just to ask you to stroke them or massage them. Doesn’t care that everyone now thinks y’all are doing it. Thinks it funny.
Thanks for this ask it was a lot of fun. I may do the tails for the other brothers too. I love their tails but find them more erotic than magnificent. Hope you enjoyed it let me know your thoughts.
Asks/suggestions/requests open
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moemammon · 5 months ago
I headcanon that the reason Mammon struggles with school work so much is because he’s actually severely dyslexic but it’s super rare among demons and he doesn’t say anything or get any extra support because he doesn’t want to give his brothers more ammo to bully him with. Even though he really needs the extra support. And maybe his glasses are tinted because he wanted them to help with his dyslexia. Discuss.
Eyyyy I can get behind that 💕💕💕
I can definitely picture Mammon wanting to keep that a secret from everyone else. For one, it's rare for a demon to have dyslexia. As much as he likes to showboat and draw attention to himself, it's not like he wants that to be what people see when they look at him. Also makes sense why he's always wearing those stinkin' sunglasses everywhere 🤔🤔
Honestly I feel like there's SOMETHIN going on with Mammon. I personally headcanon that he's got adhd because?? How can anyone get their ass beat THAT often and still have such poor impulse control? And he's not stupid, he just doesn't have any interest in things that don't involve what he likes (hyperfixation heyooo).
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thalfox · 10 months ago
Do you think the demon bros will sometimes just come into Y/n's room randomly touch some things, flex in the mirror then leave without saying a word to Y/n? I've heard siblings do this.
Yes and no :D Some will, and some would not dream of it.
Demon Brothers in MC's Room...
Tumblr media
Mammon is constantly in MC’s room, treating it almost like his second bedroom. He’s touching everything, being nosy, but even so this is incredible restraint for the Avatar of Greed - MC is the only person he won't steal from.
Really, he’s greedy for anything that has been in MC’s presence, and the whole bedroom fits that need perfectly. With his tendency to cut class, MC often returns home to find Mammon napping in their bed.
Tumblr media
Satan comes and goes, fetching back the books MC has finished reading and leaving them a new pile that he thinks will strike their interest or help them with a current issue or essay they might be facing.
He knows where every little thing in the room is, in perfect detail, but he only ever touches the books. He’s the resident book fairy.
Tumblr media
Beel occasionally wanders in, following his nose in pursuit of snacks. MC can always tell if Beel has been in the room, as the large demon absentmindedly tidies as he goes, so used to cleaning up behind his twin without thinking twice about it.
Maybe the missing snacks are a small price to pay...
Tumblr media
Asmo leaves all sorts of curious and enticing things in the bathroom, sharing his favourite lotions and potions, the king of the bath bombs, as well as fashion mags and gifts.
MC’s room doesn’t hold much interest for him if MC isn't there though - there aren’t nearly enough mirrors.
Tumblr media
Belphie may wander in, and if so he’s a complete tripping hazard. The demon is usually rolled up in duvet on the floor, sleep having caught him before he made it to the bed.
Tumblr media
Levi won’t set foot in the room, terrified if he does it will be the one time where MC impossibly is present and steps out of the bathroom and their towel falls down and he will DIE ON THE SPOT OF EMBARRASSMENT AND OH MY DAD HE NEEDS TO GO LIE DOWN AT EVEN THE THOUGHT RN 😱
Tumblr media
Lucifer won’t enter MC’s room unless they are present and invite him in. This is the only room of the house which he respects the privacy of fully (other than his own).
Often, he pauses outside the door, a slight hesitation, a nudge of a wish that he follow his heart instead of his head, but the moment passes, and he walks on, just a little more tired than before.
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moemoemammon · 2 months ago
(Start || Previous)
You have chosen: Let me rate your smile!
Tumblr media
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Surprised by your response, Beel stares blankly at you for two whole seconds before he speaks again.
"Right now? Um.. okay."
It's obvious his smile is forced, and his cheeks stretch into something that looks more like a grimace than a smile. (He really said 😬)
When he relaxes, Beel stares at your face for a reaction.
"How was that? I tried to look friendly, like Asmo or Mammon. Was it any good? Be honest."
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Poll ended
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