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#obey me asmo
artoyooa day ago
Female Asmo is nice, but what about female Asmo with the animal look or the onesie 馃憖
Tumblr media
You have such great ideas~
I actually had a lot of fun designing this one. It wasn鈥檛 too hard since Asmo鈥檚 original outfit is already so cute lol
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yukihaie2 days ago
Genre: Fluff with some crack
This can be deemed as romantic or platonic [except for Luke's part. His part is strictly platonic]
He's not having it when he's busy.
Will frown and glare at you if you keep poking.
You think I'm scared of you, Mr. Pridy McPrideface?
Just keep poking him, but make sure you poke him with longer intervals. Probably around 5 minutes before another poke?
That's his reaction if he's busy though, but do it again when you two are cuddling.
"Beep!" you poked his cheek softly.
Lucifer will only look at you with wide eyes before cracking a smile.
"Why are you always so cute?"
Might give a kiss or two on your hand if he's in the mood.
His pride does not permit him to poke you back so you just have to keep being the one who pokes him.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. But in some rare occasions, you can see him blushing when you booped his nose.
Confused at first, but lets you be.
If ya wanna keep touchin' the Great Mammon, who's him to stop ya? secretly likes it
Understands that you poke him to get his attention.
One time, he was rambling on and on about his gambling adventure. But once he felt a gentle poke on his arm, he stopped talking and paid attention to you.
Since you used this method on him, he'll use it to grab your attention too.
Please expect yourself to be poked a lot because Mammon doesn't like it if you're not paying attention to him.
"Hey! Pay attention to me!" Mammon poked you several times on your cheek.
Please give him his well deserved attention along with some headpats to soothe your first demon.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and arms. Boop his nose too, he likes it very much.
Blushy boy.
Very surprised when you first poked his arm.
The sudden contact between your finger and his flesh made him blushed for about 10 minutes.
Please give him some space and time to calm down.
If you want to keep poking though, you need to announce it first so he didn't scare himself.
"Levi, I'm gonna poke you on your cheek. Meep!"
Waaahhhh!!!! Why are you so cute?! THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT 'I Was Reincarnated To A Rock Kingdom Where My Job As The Babysitter Is To Poke The Rocks On The Garden But Then A Handsome Knight Came To Me And Said That I've Been Poking Them The Wrong Way And Now I Won't Be Paid By The Royals! What Should I Do? Please Help Me!' LIGHT NOVEL HE READ LAST NIGHT!
Secretly wants to poke you back but is very scared.
But with enough time and courage, you'll find yourself getting poked by him too.
When that time comes, please give him your best smile and some head pats as a 'Good Job Well Done!'
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Really doesn't mind at all.
You're poking him while he's reading? Okay, glad you're enjoy yourself, MC
You're poking him while he's playing with cats? Aww, you want attention too? Maybe later, after he's done playing with the cats.
You're poking him while he's eating? Umm... Okay...?
"Kitten, I'm glad you find it comfortable being with me, but I'm eating right now. So, maybe later?"
If you decide to poke him while meowing (because that's what I do to my friends), you'll find him blushing and demanding more pokes because he wants to hear you meows.
If he's in a good mood, he'll poke you back as a sign of affection.
Overall, the best reaction in three realms. Tantan husband material
Favourite place to be poked: Arms
Actually likes it a lot.
His love language is physical touch and having you poke him gives him the message that you're comfortable around him.
Will poke you back immediately.
"Do you like touching me that much, Darling?" he poked you on your cheeks.
Might turn into a cuddling session, if you agree.
You can poke him anytime you want. He'll gladly accept it.
Except, maybe when he's applying his makeup or styling his hair.
Then, he'll get pissed off.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, hands, palms. Boop his nose too, he thrives on it.
Doesn't mind 2.0
Will smile after you poked him.
Glad you're feeling comfortable around him.
Actually wants to poke you back but Belphie warns him not too.
With his strength, he might accidentally stab you with his finger.
And the poor guy do not want that.
But regardless, he will show his appreciation everytime you poked him.
"Beep!" you ran towards him and poked his arms instinctively.
"Good morning, MC! Want some sandwich?"
If he's in a good mood, he'll give you a hug as a reply.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms and cheeks (if you can reach them, at least)
Hated it at first.
You're disturbing his sleep and for what, exactly?
But grows to like it very much.
Seeing your smile after you poked him makes him feel all tingly and warm on the inside.
Will not poke you back unless necessary.
"Hey. Hey MC. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, listen to me. Hey MC hey." This demon surely knows how to play his card well.
"What is it, Belphie?"
"Nothing, just want to say that you look great focusing on your studies like this." He gave you a cheeky smile before lying back down to continue his nap.
Maybe not so necessary...
But hey! At least the cow man's happy :D
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. He also likes to be booped on the nose, so please do it often.
Loves it very much.
Poor lonely prince is very glad to know you're comfortable with him.
He never gets treated like that because of his position, and seeing a powerless human like you poking him? He'll gladly accept it.
Will want to poke you back.
It's only fair that you get to know he's comfortable around you too. Just as much as how you're comfortable around him.
"Good day, MC." Diavolo gave you a smile when he saw you approaching him.
"Meep!" you poked his arms as a reply.
He let out a hearty laugh, "Well, glad to know you're doing fine."
You'll probably get lots of lectures from Lucifer when you touched Diavolo so recklessly, but the demon himself don't mind, so please keep poking and give him your attention.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, chest
Doesn't mind 3.0
Only smiles when you poked him.
Will not poke you back, but will drop everything he's doing to give you attention.
Except, maybe when he's attending to Lord Diavolo.
"Apologies MC, but I'm in the middle of making some tea for Lord Diavolo. Maybe we can spend some time after this?"
But still, if you choose to keep poking him while he's working, he might give you a kiss or two on your forehead to make you stop.
He's a hard working butler. If Diavolo didn't notice your constant poking on Barbatos's hands, he probably won't rest at all.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and palms.
Doesn't mind 4.0
Finds it amusing, even.
Will laugh and smile.
This angel is very honoured to know you like being around him.
Will definitely poke you back.
Likes to see your smile after he pokes you.
"Beep! You've been poked by moi."
"Hello, MC," Simeon poked you back on your arms, "How's your classes for today?"
Now that he's used to poke you as a sign of greetings, he found himself poking Luke next.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms, cheeks and also palm. Also liked to be booped on the nose.
Why are you treating me like a child, MC?!
Acts like he doesn't like it.
But actually likes it a lot.
But still! Why are you treating him like a child??
This little angel is clever enough to get into college at such a young age.
So no, he's not a child.
(Keep telling yourself that, Luke :D)
So just poke him. This little child secretly likes the attention.
Will accidentally poke you back if he's too excited and in a very good mood.
He still doesn't want to admit that he likes it though.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Poking war.
The first time you poked him, he instantly grinned and ran to poke you back on your cheeks.
And so, you've been in a poking war with the sorcerer for about a few months now.
Lucifer and the brothers can't catch a break everytime Solomon comes to visit the House of Lamentation.
Because you two will run around the house for your war.
In truth, he actually likes them.
So please don't forfeit or admit defeat or declare a truce.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms.
This headcanon is dedicated to my Meowmies [Syira-chan & @/chii70599] because they both know how annoying I can be when I'm constantly poking them; especially during Chemistry and Maths class. Now that we're not in the same class anymore, I'm gonna restrain myself from poking anyone who's sitting beside me (not that I can though :') My trust issue said 'no')
Taglist: @ninefuckingoneone @candymeowz @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @liraajustsimpin @nishayuro @hell-temptations @chii70599
Thanks for reading! Any form of feedbacks are highly appreciated! 馃尲
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obae-me2 days ago
Asmo and a really sick MC, ive seen some hcs about it but Asmo in those were sometimes a bit too on the fluffy side. Ya know sometimes hurt is prolly the right amount of warmth of me :]
(i just want some Asmo angst :,>)
+ Asmo and 鈥淚 know it hurts, just focus on me鈥
I hope ya鈥檒l are ready for some angst!
Pain...You always found it a sort of horrific much pain it was possible for humans to feel...
鈥淟ook at me, look at me!鈥
But how could you? How could you when everything in your body hurt so bad, your vision was just swirling colors? You couldn鈥檛 even find it in yourself to scream or cry...every ounce of energy was zapped from...whatever it was that was making you feel like this...your mind was couldn鈥檛 even remember...聽
And you had almost settled into this sort of...content numbness, the pain so strong, your body was already starting to shut itself down to save yourself. Numb the nerves, save the brain, that sort of thing. Then all the sudden, a hand filled with magic touched your skin, and a new sort of feeling flooded you. It invaded you, a foreign object in your body, everything in your skin screamed for it to leave, and so did you. Finally, your chest spasmed and you shrieked, wailing, wishing for it to be over. But whatever magic it was that was hurting you, also seemed to be helping you. The blurs in your vision and the muffled voice seemed to clear up.聽
Asmo was holding you tightly against him, a few tears causing some of his makeup to run...he always looked beautiful...even like managed to think amongst the torment...聽鈥淩ight!鈥 He exclaimed all the sudden.聽鈥淛ust like that, keep looking at me like that.鈥 As soon as he was done speaking, he pressed his hand down against your chest again, and that feeling of magic tore through you. Your head jolted back, and another shriek left your mouth, so loud, you made your own ears ring. You hardly knew that was possible.聽鈥淚 know!鈥 Asmo yelled back, his breath hitching.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry!鈥 His lip quivered.聽鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry...鈥 He removed his hand from your torso, and adjusted your head to look back at him.聽鈥淚 know it hurts...but please...鈥 His forehead was now touching yours, the smell of his perfume hitting your nose. 鈥淧lease...just focus on me...鈥澛
His hand went to your chest again...And things went black
Then they opened...but Asmo was was most of the pain. You tried sitting up, but any attempt to do so sent the back of your head falling back to the pillow. Your body might as well have been pure stone. Taking just a moment to look around, you figured out you were back in your room. Opening your mouth, you tried to call out, but the best you could manage was a broken squeak. Luckily, you didn鈥檛 have to wait too long. The bedroom door opened with a light creak, and light steps made themselves quickly over to your bed.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 back-鈥 Asmo started, his tone sounding like it was a line he had said many times before. But he cut himself off when he was capable of looking straight into your eyes. He inhaled a gasp hard enough to send him choking, but that didn鈥檛 stop him from practically leaping onto you, his nose gentle rubbing yours several times.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e awake! Thank Father...thank Father you鈥檙e awake...鈥 That initial glee quickly faded into quiet cries as he hugged himself to you. Then, he pulled apart, cupping the sides of your face, his thumb rubbing over your cheekbone.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e okay...you鈥檙e really okay...I so worried.鈥 He sighed, composing himself a bit, sniffing.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 okay now...all you have to do is focus on me...鈥澛
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munnerza day ago
ok so nobody asked for this but here鈥檚 a list of how tall I think the Obey me! characters are in order of tallest to shortest:
Beel: 6鈥7鈥/200cm
Diavolo: 6鈥3鈥/190.5
Lucifer: 6鈥1鈥/185.5
Simeon: 6鈥/182.6
Levi: 5鈥11/180.3
Solomon: 5鈥9鈥/175.3
Mammon: 5鈥8鈥/172.7
Barbatos: 5鈥7.5鈥/171.45
Belphie: 5鈥7鈥/167.6
Satan: 5鈥5鈥/165.1
Asmo: 5鈥3鈥/160
Luke: 4鈥11/149.9
This doesn鈥檛 include their demon/angel forms (for those that this applies) because then the post would simply be too long.
Maybe one day I鈥檒l draw their demon/angel forms, who knows.
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jessicaisautistic1502a day ago
Obey me brothers getting the covid jab/shot
鈥淎 vaccine? Very well, that鈥檚 fair.鈥
He was planning to go to the human world for a business trip with Diavolo, but when he learned he and Diavolo would have to get the vaccine against this strange human world plague, he was honestly all for it.聽
The thought that the human world was being responsible, and he respected that quite alot.
The initial injection doesn鈥檛 hit him too hard, he takes it like a champ if not for a small flinch. (And by flinch i mean a tiny flicker of his eyelids.)
It鈥檚 the aftermath that he doesn鈥檛 expect, he was confused as to why he woke up the next day feeling like he had been run over by a truck on fire. Needless to say, he stayed in bed all day that day.
He recovers quickly the next day, however. And acts like nothing happened.聽
鈥淎 vaccine?! Huh??鈥
He just wanted to visit a human world casino. He didn鈥檛 sign up for this!
Suddenly he wasn鈥檛 so eager to go to the human world anymore.
You dragged him to get his shot anyway, all the while he was kicking and screaming, begging not to go.
Thanks to Mammon鈥檚 trembling in the chair, the injection hurt like hell, it鈥檚 probably the highest pitched scream you鈥檝e ever heard him make.
And the aftermath was no better. He was sobbing in his room all day. But he had you to take care of him! So that was kinda neat.
And he didn鈥檛 stop there, for the next few days, he pretended to be sick for your affection and care. But you caught on quickly and told him to snap out of it.
Over all, nervous start, terrible jab, sick needy boy.
Oh, and you didn鈥檛 go to a casino, you ended up just having a nice walk downtown in London. And he ended up having a lovely time.
鈥淗uh.. A vaccine... okay, I guess..?鈥
聽He was nervous, but he figured that if he got to go to a TSL convention in Tokyo with you, he鈥檇 do it. For Henry!!
He is the whiniest demon you鈥檝e ever seen during the injection. One yelp is what starts the waterfall of complaints. You haven鈥檛 heard anyone worse.聽鈥淲hat did they just do to me??鈥 鈥淢y arm hurts!鈥澛犫淚 think I鈥檓 sick already!鈥
You just pat his back all the way home in a聽鈥渢here, there...鈥 sort of fashion.
Surprisingly, he takes the aftermath like a champ, he鈥檚 used to holing up in his room, sick or not. The symptoms aren鈥檛 too bad for him.
Thankfully, you two were able to go to the convention together. Cosplay and all! So in Levi鈥檚 books, it was worth it!
鈥淗m, a vaccine, you say? Alright. Let鈥檚 get it over with.鈥
While he wasn鈥檛 overly thrilled with the concept, he was understanding about it. Besides, he wants to go to a human world library with you. And he鈥檇 rather be safe while reading with you.
Now, during the wait for the injection, this man is terrified, but he hides it really well, but you can tell he鈥檚 struggling from the small whimper during the injection.
You offer to hold his hand, and at first, he refuses, but when he feels the needle, he instantly holds your hand.
When you leave the building, it鈥檚 as if nothing happened, he seems to be totally asymptomatic too in the aftermath.
So as it turns out, the last minute panic was all for nothing, he鈥檚 fine. Especially with the new books he got to read with you!
鈥淎 vaccine? Alright! I鈥檇 hate to get some virus, it would ruin my perfect complexion!鈥
He wanted to go with you to a human world milkshake place with you. It had been a while since you went on a date with the fabulous Asmo!
Though he鈥檚 never had botox or anything like that, he鈥檚 probably not too nerved about needles. He鈥檚 probably the one comforting and cheering you on about getting your vaccine.
He takes his injection like a champ, and he even has a little flirt with the doctor on his way out.聽
Now obviously, the aftermath makes him miserable as hell, but afterwards, he comes out of his room better than ever!
The milkshake place was absolutely fabulous now you were both protected.
鈥淗mp. Alright.鈥
He was planning to go to a human world fast food place so Beel could have his all time favourite food: Human world cheeseburgers. When told he had to have a vaccine, he gladly accepted. The sooner he could have those burgers, the better.
This man is a brick wall during his injection, he keeps food on his mind to keep himself confident. He looked like he didn鈥檛 even feel the injection. He assured to you that he was okay.
The aftermath was heartbreaking though. His loss of taste absolutely crushed his poor, hungry heart. He was crying in his bed all day during the flu-like symptoms.聽
But rest assured, when his taste came back, he was the happiest demon alive. He ate probably twice as much as he usually would. The devildom suffered to say the least.
When he was able to go the the fast food place, he ate so much that the owner walked out crying. But hey, Beel was ecstatic to be able to eat in public safely with you.聽
鈥淎 vaccine? Ugh.. what a hassle...鈥
He wanted to get human world ice cream with you and sleep, not get stabbed with a needle.
It鈥檚 not that he鈥檚 afraid of them, he just knows how bad the aftermath could be.
He hisses in pain at the initial injection, but he just grumbles about it on the way home
The aftermath is just as bad as he feared it would be. He just hides in the attic. All. Damn. Week. Your cuddles do make it much better though.
Beel probably has a heart attack, thinking Belphie鈥檚 dying. He鈥檇 probably be at his side for as long as he鈥檚 sick and long after too.聽
After the jab, you two get ice cream. Was it worth it for Belphie? Probably not. But he enjoyed your affection and the protective nature of Beel. It鈥檚 over and done with now and that鈥檚 what matters.
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cas-rivaillea day ago
as per request of @annoying-gemini 鈥 the brothers reacting to an MC who sleepwalks !!
Sleepwalking MC
It was two am and there was a thud. He got up, wondering who was making noise at this ungodly hour. He walked into the hall only to find-
Lucifer -
- MC ??
- they usually aren't loud so what is going on-
- are you sleepwalking ?
- oh my god. you're sleep walking.
- tries to walk over cautiously and stabilize you before they walk into something else
- accidentally wakes up MC and they scream LOL
- calmly explains to MC that they were sleep walking
- has to refrain from laughing
- he thinks it's really cute tho
- takes you back to his room to cuddle w him so he can make sure you don't sleep walk again
- also cuddles so he's not complaining
Mammon -
- oh my-
- instantly takes out his phone and takes pictures because he thinks you're cute for blackmail
- thinks it's a good idea to wake you up and you both end up scaring each other.
- asks you what you were doing
- the most confusing and funny five minute conversation
- takes you to get snacks and maybe a drink since you're both up
- after you get food you go back to his room so he can "protect you from sleepwalking again"
- in reality he just wants to cuddle you but he's the great mammon so he won't say it outloud
Leviathan -
- was already awake actually, just mad you interrupted his gaming
- he's well aware his sleep schedule is actual garbage
- takes a picture of you and turns it into a meme
- immediately after you fall down the stairs
- he feels so bad so when you wake up he gives you a hug
- blushing mess when he brings you back to his room so you aren't a hazard to anyone or yourself
- gets you an ice pack for your head and cuddles you
Satan -
- his sleep is bad enough from reading constantly
- but boy was it a happy surprise to see you sleepwalking
- he laughed so hard you woke up
- blushy mess when he realized you heard him laugh
- he tells you he thinks it's really cute because he does
- invites yu back to his room where he reads to you until you fall asleep
- cuddles <3
Asmodeus -
- probably the most upset of all the brothers bc you interrupted his beauty sleep
- but the second he saw you, anger ? what's that ?
- wakes you up and takes you to his room immediately
- punishment is doing face masks w him
- after those are done he gives you a shoulder massage and you fall asleep
- saves a picture of you sleeping as his background, with cute stickers and filters on it of course
- falls asleep cuddling you
Beelzebub -
- gently taps your shoulder to wake you up
- thinks you're gonna fall so he puts an arm around you
- checks on you to make sure you're okay
- brings you to the kitchen to get some food
- makes sure to eat fast tho bc you both need sleep
- cuddles ofc
- the next day he gets you to work out w him so hopefully your body is tired and you won't sleep walk the next night
Belphie -
- would have slept through you being loud tbh
- but he has a sixth sense when it comes to you so he got up
- saw you bump into the painting in the hall and laughed
- you didn't wake up after colliding with said painting
- he just decided to pick you up and bring you back to his room where you can sleep and he can keep an eye on you
- cuddles so he's not complaining
- mars :)
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harunayuuka20605 hours ago
MC: *doing Belphie's makeup while he's asleep*
Asmo: *whispers* Do you think it's a good idea? What if he gets mad?
MC: Then I would be just blaming you.
Asmo: *frowns*
Belphie: *waking up*
Asmo and MC: !!!
Belphie: *looks at the makeup supplies they're holding*
Belphie: MC...
Asmo: I think I got to go. Bye! *quickly runs away*
MC: Wait! Asmo鈥
Belphie: *grabs their shoulder* Do you think I will just let you escape?
*after a few minutes*
Belphie: *arcs his back*
MC: *kisses his neck, down to his chest*
Belphie: You should lift my skirt more. *has worn a seductive dress*
MC: I didn't know you are much of this pervert.
Belphie: We're both perverts, MC. If not, you wouldn't be excited seeing me in this dress.
MC: Thinking about it... My plan to humiliate you has totally backfired.
Belphie: But this isn't too bad. Don't you agree?
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teambelphiea day ago
[MC]: You really put aside everything and came here for me? How'd you even get here so fast??
[Mammon]: Several traffic violations.
[Asmo]: Three counts of resisting arrest.
[Belphie]: Roughly thirteen cans of energy drinks.
[Beel]: Also, that's not our car.
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books-and-catears7 hours ago
Prompt Request Series
[Requests Closed]
Tumblr media
Prompt List
&: Angst, @: Fluff,
$: Suggestive (not for minor babies)
Too Late for Apologies (Lucifer) &
Two Truths and a Lie (Belphie) &
Consequences (Belphie) &
Too Good to be True (Mammon) @
Goodnight not Goodbye (Lucifer) &
Pride's Secret Heart(Lucifer) &@
Souvenir (Satan) @
Meant to be(Satan) @
Just for Show(Solomon) $
Your Royal Guard(Beel) @
Friends to Lovers(Levi) @
Cat Tricks (Satan) &@
Show Don't Tell (Lucifer) &@
Princely Desires(Diavolo) $
Lazy Cuddle Hours(Belphie) @
A Happier Ending(Satan) &
Liar Liar(Asmo) &
You'll Always be My First(Mammon) @&
Only Humans in the World (Solomon) @
Love in many forms(Beelzebub) @
Hold On Tight(Luke) @&
Playful Prince (Diavolo) $
Our Rain Song(Lucifer) @
Teasing the Tsundere(Mammon) $
Safe with Me(Mammon) @
Sly and Cozy (Belphegor) $
Not Alone (Leviathan) @
Fine By Myself (Mammon, Levi) &
Choose Me(Mammon) &@
The Angel's Type(Simeon) @
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royalmilkk6 hours ago
Satan: "Meow"
Mc: "Meow meow?"
Satan: "Meow. Meow Meow Meow!!"
*Mammon whispering to Asmo*: "What are they doing?"
*Asmo whispering back to Mammon*: "They're communicating."
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lemonandlime2212 hours ago
Part 6
Randomly generated incorrect quotes
(characters were not changed. Might get weird.)
Solomon: Don鈥檛 go to the kitchen.
Levi: Why?
Solomon: I saw a spider.
Levi: Well, did you kill it?
Solomon: It has 8 arms and I only have 2, it鈥檚 not fair鈥
Levi: Unfortunately, due to several experiences in my youth, I cannot just 鈥榳alk up and join a circle or people talking鈥, but it does sound lovely, thank you.
Diavolo, writing in his diary with a glitter gel pen: I鈥檓 losing my sense of humanity. Nothing matters. God is dead. There鈥檚 blood on my hands.
Diavolo: Satan has no survival skills, his need to win has replaced them.
Asmo: That can鈥檛 be true!
Diavolo: Watch this.
Diavolo: Hey Satan, race you to the bottom of the stairs!
Satan: *Throws himself out the window*
Levi: I am going to need you to swear-
Satan: Fuck.
Levi: 鈥wear as in promise.
Asmo: Why would you think any of this was a good idea?!
Satan: Probably because I鈥檓 a dangerous sociopath with a long line of violence.
Asmo: Oh鈥
Diavolo, from across the room: I don鈥檛 understand how you keep forgetting that.
Satan: I want a bf
Diavolo: Do you mean best friend, boyfriend or bread feast? Because you鈥檙e being really vague here.
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obey-mes-treasure9 hours ago
A Cost of A Throne (All Characters X GN!MC)
Chapter 4
1/ 2/ 3
MC goes on a trip to find a gift for Solomon. While bargaining MC is manipulated and kidnapped by a witch. At just the right moment MC is about to ask the brothers for help using their pacts but afterward, everything goes black.
Tumblr media
Warning: Kidnapping, Torture, Angst, Crying, Yelling, Screaming, Rape, Death, If I Missed Anything PLEASE Let Me Know
Diavolo鈥檚 arm wrapped tightly around MC as he smiled into the camera. The human palace around them was void of anyone other than the two of them. Usually, tourists and employees filled the Royal Palace of Madrid but Diavolo had 鈥減ulled some strings鈥 and it was just the two of them. The building was gorgeous with intricate designs covering the walls. As beautiful as it was he had to admit that the time he took to look into the camera were some of the few seconds that he was looking anywhere but at MC. He watched their every movement. Their legs as they sped along in from of him excited to see the rooms, their arm as they pointed to various pieces of artwork, their eyes as they lit up with joy, their lips as facts fell about the building and its royal family. Truthfully, he should have felt bad for not listening, he was the one that asked them to come after all. He just couldn鈥檛 pay attention instead he was more enamored by MC and how alive they looked.
That was the last time Diavolo was in a palace other than his own before now. This time he was truly alone and yet he still couldn鈥檛 focus on the other than MC. The brothers and Barbatos weren鈥檛 far of course. They were stationed around the city making sure that they were there if their newly found foe tried anything. Their presence, however, did nothing to comfort the sinking feeling in his stomach as the time ticked by. It had been two hours since the sun had set and there was no sign of the one who sent the letter. He had insisted to all of them that they would stay out until midnight or until some other news came through.
鈥淢y Lord,鈥 the nervous voice behind Diavolo filled him with unease. It was easily recognizable as Barbatos. Which is why it caused him to be unsettled, barbatos was barely ever nervous. He didn鈥檛 turn to face him still looking for any sign of MC鈥檚 captor. The fact that he had told them all to stay back unless an emergency arose only caused his nerves to worsen.
鈥淲hat is it Barbatos?鈥
鈥淚t seems someone has taken something from the royal treasury,鈥 the prince quickly turned to face his butler.
鈥淢y father must be back,鈥 his face had broken its composure and his eyes grew wide. Only those with royal blood could enter the treasury alone. Everyone else needed a royal to allow them in.
鈥淚t鈥檚 possible, however. it appears that every guard and staff member that actually seen them was murdered. There would be no reason for the king to kill them,鈥 Diavolos brows furrowed. His father and he were the only royals that he knew of. His uncle, who had been banished by Diavolo鈥檚 father long before he was even born, was already currently trapped in Lucifer鈥檚 domain of hell. If he had escaped Lucifer would know.
鈥淭his couldn鈥檛 have been a coincidence. They came right when we left Devildom,鈥 his arms crossed the anger curling up inside him. They had taken MC, broken into his home, taken what was his, they were his enemy yet they still managed to live another day.
鈥淢y lord, I believe it鈥檚 time to go back. It鈥檚 apparent that no one has plans of coming. Solomon has already reported to me that he鈥檚 found nothing in his search for traces of magic. It appears that the same block that was put on MC and the letter was put on them as well. Lucifer asked me to suggest that we attempt to find what item if any is missing and to see if your father is still asleep,鈥 as Barbatos spoke the brothers started to head into the castle themselves appearing around Diavolo.
鈥淲here else would he be?鈥 while he may have been looking at his butler the question was directed at Lucifer. He knew what he was implying with the suggestion, but he refused to believe his father would do such a thing. There would be no reason.
鈥淗e is the only other known living royal. It isn鈥檛 a secret that he wasn鈥檛 fond of the exchange program,鈥 it wasn鈥檛 Lucifer that responded instead it was Satan who answered with a dangerous edge to his voice. The look on all the brother鈥檚 faces told him that they all agreed. He suddenly felt as if he was surrounded by his enemies and not his allies. If this was his father鈥檚 doing would they all continue to stand with him? Would Barbatos stand by his side? Could he even continue to obey his father?
鈥淟et鈥檚 go back,鈥 he announced attempting to convince himself that they would all still follow his order by the end of this.
Crimson red streamed down MC鈥檚 body that was now chain to a chair. They couldn鈥檛 tell where it was actually coming from. The coven members had all taken turns slicing into their skin, others had decided that punches would be more effective. MC knew they looked a mess at the moment with their bruised skin that was coated in blood. They were sure that as soon as Asmo saw them again he鈥檇 plunge them into a bath while doting over every cut and bruise. If he ever did see them again. No. He would find them, Mc had to believe that he would or whatever mental strength that was allowing them to hold onto the shield they put over the pacts would fail. At first, they were thankful that blocking the pacts wasn鈥檛 an actual spell but more of a mental state, otherwise, the circle wouldn鈥檛 have allowed them to do it. Now they were physically and mentally tired.
They heard two sets of footsteps approach them again. MC groaned in frustration. This was the shortest break they had gotten since they had gotten there. At least they thought it was. It felt like they had been there days, but the night sky never seemed to go away and MC just assumed that it was their mind playing tricks on them. They lifted their head and was met with two smug faces. The first was Agnes鈥檚 and the second wasn鈥檛 a witch at all but a demon鈥檚. At first, they thought they were staring straight at Diavolo but as their vision cleared it was apparent it was him. The demon looked like him, his hair and skin were the same color and his build seemed to be similar but there were a few significant changes. He was definitely older, and his eyes weren鈥檛 Diavolo鈥檚 signature gold but a dark, empty grey. His demon form was the most obvious difference. He had black markings across his body, but they were sharper like Mammon鈥檚 not like Diavolo鈥檚 curved lines, his horns went out and up instead of inward, and he had no wings but a tail. His tail was shaped similar to Belphepor鈥檚 but longer. It was a dark black with red needle-like fur at the end to match the long waves that covered his head.
鈥淚t appears you were too nice with them,鈥 he mocked his finger hooked under their chin and lifted it to observe their face. Despite his teasing tone, his lips were shaped in a frown. He nodded for Agnes to leave the room clearly annoyed with her.
鈥淵ou are quite powerful, MC. I think we could be able to help each other. I have an object that will help me with my plans, and I need your power to do it. If you are willing to work with me I鈥檒l allow you and maybe that little sorcerer friend of yours will be allowed to live. I can鈥檛 grant those lords of hell the same but they will be gone from my kingdom either way. It truly is in your best interest to...,鈥 this time he spoke to MC. He sounded softer, almost kind but it didn鈥檛 fool MC. Annoyed at his claims they interrupted him.
鈥 Your Kingdom? 鈥 they gave him an icy stare as a dry laugh left them 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait until I get to watch Barbatos drag you to the cells under the castle and pull you apart piece by piece.鈥 The look on his face quickly turned into a scowl and he began to walk around them. MC could hear him shuffling behind them. Despite their apparent courage just a few seconds ago they were beyond nervous. As he walked back around, they spotted a burning red long stick of metal in his hand. A guttural scream escaped their lips as he placed it against Beel鈥檚 pact on their stomach. Immediately all their blocks on the pacts fell away their mind only able to focus on the agonizing pain sizzling on their skin. Had MC been able to actually think they would have been furious at the pain he had just delivered to Beel. Pain anywhere was felt by the demons on the other end of a pact however when it was inflicted on a pact the pain was sometimes even worse for the demon. He removed the metal rod from their skin. The smell of burnt flesh rose hitting their nostrils and MC felt bile go up their throat. They doubled over in the chair flashes of red covering their vision.
鈥淚鈥檓 sure you know how pacts work. Unless you鈥檇 like all your other pathetic demon friends to face the same fate, I highly suggest you shut your mouth and listen. Those witches in the other room want pacts with the demon lords. I could care less whether they get those pacts or not. They will be dead soon anyway. I need your power and you will give it to me.鈥
鈥淲hat do you want it for?鈥 they questioned hoarsely, hoping to stall their time.
鈥淚 will use it to fill this. The power can only be transferred willingly,鈥 he pulled a black box from his pocket opening it to show a black jewel.
鈥淲hat does it do?鈥
鈥淣othing for your concern,鈥 his eyes narrowed at them and he shoved the black box back into his pocket. 鈥淲ill you agree to help me or not?鈥 They didn鈥檛 answer only sending him a look full of hatred.
鈥淔ine then have it your way,鈥 he lifted the still red-hot rod again this time going for Levi鈥檚 pact of their ankle.
鈥淢C hasn鈥檛 been answering any of my text messages,鈥 the young angel sighed as he sipped at the hot tea. He had called and messaged multiple times the last few days. It was beginning to worry him causing him to stress bake. That how his mentor ended up with several different types of cakes in front of him.
鈥淚鈥檓 sure they鈥檙e fine but if you鈥檇 like I can ask the brothers about them. I have a meeting later today with Diavolo. I might see Lucifer,鈥 Simeon smiled as he looked at Luke hoping to ease his worry. He didn鈥檛 enjoy lying to Luke but also didn鈥檛 want him to worry. He too had tried contacting MC yet received nothing back. Usually, they would take a few hours at most but now it was dead silent. Diavolo had been unusually quiet the past few days as well. There weren鈥檛 close but when it came to work he always answered promptly. Simeon was hoping that Diavolo had just escaped to the human realm with plans of more antics and happened to drag MC with him. Deep down he knew that wasn鈥檛 the case.
鈥淚t probably those demons鈥 fault that they aren鈥檛 answering anyway.鈥
鈥淣ow, now Luke, you shouldn鈥檛 blame them when you don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 going on,鈥 a voice emerged from the doorway. Turning Simeon faced Michael. Hands behind his back, his head high, and face serious Micheal always commanded the attention of everyone around him. Much like Lucifer, he was proud and hardworking however his ebony brown skin and golden afro made him the exact opposite in appearance. The two sitting angels immediately straightened at his presence.
鈥淢ichael do you want some cake?鈥 Luke questioned looking excitedly. He had made a new cake during his stress baking and he was practically jumping out of his seat to have him taste it. Michael smiled lightly at him.
鈥淢aybe later Luke, however, if you could please give me a moment alone with Simeon, I would appreciate it.鈥
鈥淥f course! I鈥檒l go work on my report,鈥 he jumped out of his seat waving goodbye to his superiors. Michael took over Luke鈥檚 seat across from Simeon.
鈥淚s there something you want to talk to me about?鈥
鈥淚 must apologize I overheard you talking with Luke about MC. I thought that sharing some information with wouldn鈥檛 hurt.鈥
鈥淵ou know something about MC? Are they okay?鈥
鈥淭hey haven鈥檛 been spotted for over a month, eight days in intertum time. They were last seen entering a witch鈥檚 shop but they never left.
鈥淎re they still there?鈥
鈥淚 had Firas watching MC they have already gone to the shop, but it appears that there is no sign of anyone,鈥 Simeon grew quiet his thoughts trying to unravel the problem before him. His thumb rubbed at the handle of his teacup nervously. 鈥淵ou should probably leave now. You鈥檙e meeting with Lord Diavolo should be starting soon. I鈥檓 not sure if any of them are aware of MC鈥檚 disappearance but you are welcome to tell them what I have shared with you.鈥 With a nod, Simeon stood. He was less focused on the actual purpose of the meeting and more on MC. Just as he approached the exit to the room a reluctant question formed in the back of his mind.
鈥淵es, Simeon?鈥
鈥淲hy is there an angel watching MC?鈥
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cactus-stories8 hours ago
The Obey Me! Boys and the type of affection they enjoy the most
Brothers x MC || Fluff
TW: none
So I was bored and wanted to write some more for the OM! Boys, and I love me some fluff sooooo... Also I'm really sorry but I don't really know how to write for Lucifer and honestly I'm not his biggest fan so this might not be very good lmao
Lucifer: If you find out his schedule, make sure to make life easier for him. Maybe you'll wanna find out how he likes his coffee and make some for him when you know he's coming back from a meeting with Diavolo. Give him a nice shoulder massage while he works on paperwork and watch as he finally relax for the first time in he day, pulling your hands to kiss them and thank you for being there.
Mammon: This man is so touch starved, please MC give him cuddles and run your fingers through his hair, hug him and kiss his cheeks. He'll act annoyed at first, but you'll notice him leaning into your touch almost like a kitty. He'll return your affection with gifts and make sure to seek you out when he's feeling down, specially if you confront his brothers when they offend him.
Levi: He's shy. Absurdly shy, but he'll open up to you as soon as you show interest in his hobbies. Watch him light up the room with his smile as he shows you his Ruri-chan collectibles, ask questions about TSL and softly lean into him while you watch him play. I promise he'll love it, and he might even offer to get some more co-op games for you guys to enjoy.
Satan: The best time you guys have together is in his room, in the most innocent way possible. You'll lay down in his bed, his head on your lap as he happily goes through his latest book, a tea set and some biscuits on the table next to you. You trace small circles on his chest with your fingers and boop his nose softly, he'll want to return the favour and sometimes you guys change places, but most of the time he reads out loud for you.
Asmo: Anything you do he'll absolutely cherish. But if you want him to really enjoy your time together, take him shopping or do a self-care routine, paint your nails with him while you guys wear face masks. He'll be sure to make you the most fashionable person with the prettiesst skin and nails in return.
Beel: COOK. HIM. FOOD. My man will love you forever if you show up to him with homemade goodies. Compliment him on his body shape while you sit on his lap and kiss his forehead, Beel will instantly melt with this. He'll make sure to show his appreciation and hug you tightly agains his body while praising you.
Belphie: Grab a pile of blankets and pillows and go to the planetarium with him, You guys can cuddle under the stars and you can whisper praise in his ear or sing for him as he falls asleep. Make sure to make him as comfy as possible and he'll be sure to hold you close, a smile on his face as you guys fall asleep.
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flwrem8 hours ago
Can I ask for the brothers (and maybe the side characs) HC with a shy MC who has fluency disorder and they are really insecure about whenever someone mentiones it and they have been bullied in the past cause of it they have a bit of a trauma by it
(That is because I have it and it sucks so much in my daily life T^T)
Please please if this is not accurate feel free to correct me
鈫 fluff
鈫 demon brothers and side characters
鈫 gn!reader
Tumblr media
First of all I think none of them would make a remark about it
Someone is bullying you? Prepare to die, but for real if he finds out someone bullied you before he might track them down and鈥 you know the rest
If you want to he can speak to your teachers at RAD and ask them not to push you to speak in public or anything related
I believe it鈥檚 canon that he is the one to give speeches at RAD, so he definitely offers you help, if you are ok with it, basically becomes your teacher
You are his human and the way you talk won鈥檛 change anything, he finds cute how shy you are and like Lucifer if someone makes fun of you he is ready to throw hands
He stutters a lot so who is he to say anything to you when you both share that
Gaming or anime nights with Levi are usually quiet and if you don鈥檛 like to talk he won鈥檛 push you, but often reassures you that there is nothing wrong with the way you talk, and that you shouldn鈥檛 be embarrassed or ashamed
Cyber bullies the people who bullied you
He would totally love to spend time with you on his room helping you to improve your reading skills if you want or are comfortable with it
And if you just don鈥檛 want to talk too much he is ok with it, your company is enough
He is a strong believer that you should try to change the way you are because of someone else
He just thinks anything you do is cute, your shyness is cute, the way you talk is cute, he loves every single detail that makes you
He is the king of self confidence and often lectures you about how you should love yourself and stop worrying about what other people think
Won鈥檛 comment on the way you talk at all because he just don鈥檛 understand what is weird about it, it鈥檚 the way you are and he loves you for you
Often reassures you with encouraging words if he finds out you are insecure about it
A hundred percent tracks down all the people who bullied you
Loves to cuddle with you and tells you how you are amazing just the way you are and that there is no need for you to be insecure about it
Tries to make your classes at RAD the most comfortable possible for you
He takes you to the castle for a feedback on your class, if you are ok with them, or if there is something you want him to do for you
Completely willing to help you improve your speech if you want to, he specially makes a place in his schedule for you
He also believes that there is nothing wrong with the way you talk and definitely won鈥檛 mention it at all if you feel uncomfortable with it
Since he is a human he understands this situation a little bit better and tries to find the origin of your disorder and what to do to help you
In his personal opinion he thinks you don鈥檛 need to change but knows that you could feel insecure and tries to help you
King of encouragement, like Simeon he won鈥檛 make any remarks but if you tell him something about it he spends a whole hour telling you that you are perfect the way you are and how you don鈥檛 need to change
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harunayuuka20602 hours ago
MC: *being dragged by Asmo* B-Brother!
Asmo: Girl~ Why are you always staying in the library?
MC: Th-That's because I'm studying!
Asmo: *stops walking and looks at them* Ho~? Studying? *raises an eyebrow*
MC: Lilith... How lazy have you been for not everyone to believe you?
MC: Yes...
Asmo: Pft. If you really want to study, you need to be at the training hall.
MC: ...
MC: You mean... You're dragging me there?
Asmo: Of course! Mammon won't train unless you're with him.
MC: Oh... How is he?
Asmo: If you're still worried about the bump on his forehead, don't. He's totally fine now.
MC: *sigh of relief*
Mammon: YAH! WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG?! *stomping his feet while walking towards them*
MC: Brother!
Mammon: *frowns a little* And why are you late? Huh, Lilith?
MC: I-uh...
Asmo: She's been studying.
Mammon: What?! You want to be a scholar or something?!
MC: *single hit*
Asmo: Haha! As if!
MC: *double hit* C-Can we talk about something else?
Mammon: Sure. Since you're missing to almost everything that has been happening lately.
MC: Huh?
Mammon: The Celestial Council has received an invitation.
Mammon: You are being summoned by the Demon prince to go and have a short tour of Devildom.
MC: ...
MC: What...?
Asmo: I thought it would be Lucifer?
Mammon: I don't know. He declined the offer.
MC: *freaking out* What's going on?! Lilith has no business with the demon prince?!
Mammon: Lilith? Are you okay? You're sweating a lot.
MC: I-It's nothing, brother... But, do I really have to go?
Asmo: You're a peace officer, Lilith. Of course you have to.
Mammon: But if you're worried going alone, Big brother can go with you! *pointing to himself*
MC: *is touched* Brother...
Asmo: You have some work to do, Mammon.
Mammon and MC: *devastated*
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