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#obey me asmo smut
devildomsgod · 3 days ago
Obey Me! Camboy headcanons
18+ content
The demon brothers as camboys
Tumblr media
ok something major would have to happen for this to take place considering that he doesn't even want people seeing him shirtless
but let's just ignore that....
he's obviously a prideful boy
doesn't put himself in compromising positions and doesn't humiliate himself
prolly keeps his kinks down low as well
I think his cam shows would be kind of ASMR style
the only thing you hear is the sound of lube on his cock and occasional groans or grunts
maybe some hushed dirty talk
won't use toys beyond a cock ring
if he gets paid enough he'll include some role play in his talking
wait, you can earn money for jerking off on cam??? Hell yeah, he's in!
ugh he lives for the tips yeees
loves loves loves people paying for toys things from his wishlist
oh, this man is living life right now, instead of gambling every night he's streaming now!
does literally anything and everything that gets him more views (-> tips)
totally works with some extreme kinks but it's all for the MONEY BABY ITS FINEEE
prolly wouldn't do collabs or invite another person.. he's too greedy to share his pay
oh lord, he's a shy one
keeps his identity hidden with some anime mask
the mask and comments/tips give him so much confidence tho
100% crossdresses or is in cosplay while riding a dildo
recreates some of his favorite 18+ anime scenes (or fanfictions...)
even sounds a little like an anime girl uwu
the more his confidence grows, the more kinky shit he'll include
this demon omg
prolly does extra weird shit to embarrass Lucifer
rlly enjoys it tho
never takes off his catboy outfit while streaming
doesn't talk besides meowing and some purring
doesn't get into kink extremes but indulges in a lot of public things, getting off to the thought of one of his viewers finding him and having their fun with him while the cam's still rolling
... do I even need to say anything?
man he's down for this
super sweet and relaxed with his viewers
shameless boy
100% uploads stream highlights
regularly does collabs and invites people to his streams
offers private shows and sexting sessions too
oh, also LINGERIE HAULS!! and ofc toy reviews
there's not a single kink you won't find on this boys profile
damn he's just perfect for this yk
got a little confused with food-porn lol
'til Asmo told him what the website's actually for at least
well, now that he's already here might as well...
man, everyone's simping for this demon's body
but also for him himself because HES SUCH A SWEETHEART
always asks how everyone's doing at the beginning of streams and makes sure to remind people to eat something when he's done
sticks to casual jerk offs most of the time
includes some food sometimes... we know him
rlly doesn't go deep into kink besides that
tho he will wear one of those tiddie shirts (yk the ones with a slit over the chest) if someone requests it
ok genius at making money fr
yk those sleeping streams? the ones where a streamer sleeps on stream and viewers can donate money to let loud sounds play, which disturbs the streamers sleep or straight up gives them a heart attack because it's so loud
ok this but instead of loud sounds playing, its a vibrator coming to life in belphies ass
you'd pay too to watch this man moan in his sleep or straight up wake up from cumming so hard, don't lie to me
will sleep in lingerie or role-play outfit if it means more viewers
when he does these streams he's usually live the whole night, cumming multiple times
so he can't do them too often cuz man they're exhausting
but totally worth it
A/n: ok I'm thinking about making a second part for the dateables, lemme know if you'd like to see that!
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di0s-library · 4 days ago
stroking | om! characters
Tumblr media
idk if some of the stuff i put in the warnings need them but beel’s is prolly my favorite one outta this tbh
pairing(s): mammon X amab!dom!reader, leviathan X amab!dom!reader, asmodeus X amab!dom!reader, beelzebub X amab!dom!reader, barbatos X amab!dom!reader, simeon X amab!dom!reader.
warning(s): nsfw, 69 (oral, both m!receiving & fingering) & dirty talk(?) on mammon’s, thighjob & handjob (both m!receiving) on levi’s, oral (m!receiving) & dirty talk(?) on asmo’s, anal penetration & spit play & (more) dirty talk on beel’s, skull fucking & use of the term “pet” on barbatos’, ass eating & begging on simeon’s.
Tumblr media
— mammon : he starts teasing you about it, thinking it wouldn’t get him anywhere but when you tell him to come here, he gets all flustered and stutter-y.
mammon moaned as your fingers curled inside him and your mouth worked around his cock. “(y/n),” he panted, lowering his head again and wrapping his lips around your tip. he bobbed his head in time with yours, your fingers catching up as well.
you thrusted your hips into mammon’s mouth, hearing him gag and feeling him squeeze your thighs in his hands. you pulled off his cock, kissing the insides of his thighs. “such a good boy for me, mammon. sucking my cock like the whore you are.”
“n-no, please, can you keep your mouth on my cock. i-i really wanna cum.” mammon whimpered before continuing to suck your cock.
you chuckled and slapped his thigh. “sure, pup.”
— levi : on the rare occasion that he comes out of his room, he pauses, shuts the door, and opens it again to make sure he saw it right. and, yes, he saw it right and heard you right when you asked if he wanted to join.
“perfect. keep your thighs just like that,” you mumbled, your hands resting on levi’s thighs to keep him steady. “my cock feel good on your balls? hm?”
levi nodded, his hands holding your wrists. you smiled, kissing the back of his ear as you started thigh fucking him. he moaned and thrusted his hips in time with yours, causing his cock to bounce. “mm, this isn’t fair. i wanna~”
you cut levi off by moving one of your hands to his cock and stroking him. he gasped and let go of your wrist to hold himself up. levi gripped the sheets, his eyes squeezing shut. “fuck, (y/n), f-faster.”
— asmo : he pauses for a second, only to smirk and close the door behind him. eventually, the whole things ends up with his ass in the air with your cum leaking out of his hole. and, being the little pornstar he is, you also end up taking pictures of it for you to use next time you jerk off.
“you humans aren’t the brightest creatures,” asmo giggled as he saw you laid back on your bed with your leaking cock in hand. asmo tutted to himself as he walked closer to you.
“shut your pretty little mouth and come here now. i’m not playing with you,” you growled. asmo hummed and got on the bed between your legs, licking his top lip to show off his tongue ring (haha hc within a hc).
you grabbed asmo by the hair, pulling his mouth onto your cock. he squealed, only to moan and start sucking you off as you pulled his head up and down. “mm, yeah that’s it. lube up my cock so i can fuck that perfect ass of yours raw.”
— beel : he’s so embarrassed and starts sobbing apologies no matter how much you tell him it’s okay. once you calm him down, he wants to see if he can be of any assistance.
beel’s toes curled as you thrusted into him, his knees strongly supporting him on the edge of the bed. his drool dribbled down his cheek as you pushed his face down into the mattress. “m-a-ster,” he mumbled.
you pulled beel up by his hair and grabbed his shoulders, continuing to fuck him at a fast pace. “want me to go harder?” beel nodded in response, feeling your hands go from his hair to his face.
you shoved two fingers from each hand into his mouth, lodging them between his top and bottom teeth; your thumbs pushed against his jaw to hold his mouth open. your hips slowed so you could thrust harder, moans escaping both you and beel. you could feel beel salivating on your fingers, turning you on even more.
leaving one hand where it was, you moved the two fingers to the entrance to beel’s throat. you heard him choke momentarily as you gathered spit onto your fingers. “good boy,” you grunted as you moved your hand down to his cock, teasing his tip with your spit-covered fingers.
beel whimpered, hips bucking into your hand as you put his tip between your fingers. “you poor thing,” you teased. you squeezed his tip between your fingers, stopping your thrusts. “you’re so fucking pathetic~”
— barbatos : another apologizer, and like beel as well he asks if he can help. SERVICE SWITCH SERVICE SWITCH SERVICE SWITCH
barbatos glanced up at you before resting his hands on the back of your knees. you guided your cock into his mouth, grunting. you put your hands on his head, fingers grabbing a bit of his hair. “ready?”
he simply nodded, eyes closing softly as you started the fuck his mouth. you moaned, head tilting back as you heard barbatos gag repeatedly.
“your mouth feels so fuckin’ good, pet.” you spat. you started pulling his head in time with your thrusting hips, groans and grunts coming from your lips. “i should’ve done this sooner.”
— simeon : before anything i just wanna say he makes my corruption kink go bRR,, so anyway- like beel, he apologizes immensely but tries to leave before you stop him. he hesitantly stays and listens to what you have to propose.
simeon whimpered as he looked back at you, one of his hands spreading his ass for you. you groaned as your tongue repeatedly slipped past the tight muscle, your hand pumping your cock. “t-touch me,” simeon breathed, “please?”
you hummed and wrapped your free hand around his cock, moving your hand in unison with the other. simeon moaned, pushing his ass into your face.
his hips bucked into your hand, moans and whines emitting from simeon. “this f-feels so good, (y/n). more, more, more~”
Tumblr media
other obey me! works.
di0s-library © 2021 all rights reserved.
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dumplingwritings · 7 days ago
Insecure? Now That Won’t Do!
Asmo x insecure!ftm!reader
W: NSFW, riding, praise, top Asmo, bottom reader
Tumblr media
Asmo had noticed you acting differently over the past few months. You were coming out of your room less often. You were wearing those dreadful giant clothes again. You were so quiet when the others were around. And worst of all, you’d been spending less time with him! Your gorgeous boyfriend!
You were acting like when you first arrived in Devildom all over again. Shy, quiet, and keeping to yourself. He had to find out why you had reversed back to your old habits!
Upon confronting you (cornering you and your room and guarding the door like freaking Cerberus) you finally spilled to him that you had been feeling unsure of your body again. 
You were happy with your binder, and the nice clothes he gave you helped immensely... but sometimes you just feel down.
Being the amazing, dashing, demon boyfriend he is, he decided he would make you feel better. 
And he knew exactly how...
“A-Asmo! Fuck!”
“Mmm~ Do you feel good too, darling?”
“Y-Yes, b-because of you.”
“Aww, how sweet baby boy.”
Which led to now. 
As Asmodeus laid on his back in his nice silky sheets, his fingers dug into your soft hips, as he moved you up and down his long length. His cock was going in and out of your pussy so harshly.  
He’d fuck the insecurity out of you. 
“You’re a good boy for me, right (M/n)?”
“Y-Yes, Asmo.”
He smirked up at you. You’re face was flushed and wet from tears of pleasure. Your soft hands were digging into his shoulders as you held on for dear life. And even your pretty mouth was slightly slack, letting his name spew freely from your mouth.
You looked gorgeous, and he’d make you admit it.
“I want you to praise yourself for me.”
“B-But, Asmo I-”
“No, no, baby boy. Not a word,” His hand gently moved from your perfect hips and they pinched at your thighs. It drew the cutest whimpers from your cute lips. It all made Asmodeus go wild.
“I want you to tell me what a good, good boy you are. You better tell me how handsome you are, how beautiful you are. Come on baby~ Tell your dear Asmo.”
“I-I’m a h-handsome b-boy.”
A start, but not good enough yet. His hands once again moved from your thighs, to rubbing gently at the small of your back. His fingers so long and nimble. They had been inside you not so long ago.
“Keep going, baby. I want to hear more. Tell me that you’re perfect.”
“I-I’m perfect f-for my Asmo~”
“That’s my handsome, perfect, baby boy. You’ve been so good tonight. You wouldn’t mind if we went a few more rounds, right? Just as a small reward of course.”
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mothsgaywings · 10 days ago
Sub Asmo Obey Me! GN reader, NSF/T ora/l (Minors DNI)
Okay but massaging Asmo's cute thighs before and during sex, while your lips caress his crotch just to hear him whimper and beg for more.
His back beautifully arching for you, to let you know he's ready for his favorite human to use their kind hands as well, and make him come.
Every single one of your soft touches making him melt while his breathing becomes faster and louder with arodable moans escaping his mouth every couple of seconds.
He made such a sweet face while he was coming, earning him many kisses and a calming back rub during the aftercare.
You didn't even have to ask twice, to see if he wanted to take a bath together later that night. The answer is always yes when you are the who's one asking. 💜💕
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r0-boat · 11 days ago
Hello! May I request headcanons of a Nsfw Dirty Doctor!Asmodeus and a fem!reader? I’m curious to what this avatar of lust has in store for our little fem!reader who wanted to get checked down there... please make this extra kinky!! (Loves overstimulation and vibrators)
I didn't even know doctor Asmo was a card👁👁
I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted, I haven't seen the devilgram for this card.
Before we start can we just appreciate the idea of the demon Brothers in lab coats
CW: vibrators, over stimulation, Asmo being Asmo.
This is 18+ content if you are underage dni
Sexy doctor roleplay? Oh he is all in!
His toys in this case will be called 'equipment'
Dr. Asmo will bite his lip and smile and ask you sweetly to lay down on the table.
He'll kiss and bite your neck before fondling your breast "mmm~ appear seems perfectly healthy but that's not what you're here for is it?"
He'll put on gloves he'll say that he needs to feel your pussy to see if anything is wrong.
The cold gloves causes shivers as he plays with your clit and kissing you deeply. Before he could fully 'examine' you he'll need some of his 'equipment'
Asmo rubs the vibrator against your clit and your entrance.
" Is my little patient enjoying this?"
He's debating on whether he should finger fuck you or overstimulate you with the vibrator inside of you.
Now both wouldn't hurt?
He keeps the vibrator from your quiet as he slips two fingers in your wet pussy. His lust-filled eyes watch you moan and writhe for him. "Oh~ my dear patient you sound wonderful!"
He felt you getting close before you can come he stopped. He chuckled hearing you whine in frustration
His fingers were not enough he wants to see you lose it.
Sure he could just take his cock out and fuck you, but over stimming you with a vibrator sounds much better.
Turns his equipment on and slides it deep inside of you.
You can't hold back your moans at this point Dr. Asmo smirks and tells you that if you're too loud his other patients might hear.
His other hand pulls down his pants and strokes his cock. At some point the vibrator becomes too much for you and you cum but he doesn't stop.
Dr. Asmo even starts to move faster, and turning it up higher. The vibrations feel almost too much against your sensitive walls.
Soon enough you moan his title and his name before cumming the second time. He pushes the vibrator as deep as it can go. As you cum. Being called doctor also pushed him over the edge.
He quickly turned off the vibrator and puts it in a tray beside you, he kisses you. Still a little out of breath from his orgasm he says
" Shall I schedule your next appointment?"
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ducky-after-dark · 12 days ago
Can I request hcs for how the brothers and dateables (minus Luke) would react to g/n Mc who woke up next to them- horny. -lucidmc
I hope it’s alright, I picked a handful of characters and they’re kinda short, apologies. If you would like to see the rest I’d be more than happy to do them..!
Waking up Next to a Horny MC
Lucifer ->
Woken up by the rustling of the bedsheets.
Was initially perturbed by the situation, that is, until he turned around to see why.
Of course his sin was showing.
Who wouldn't be prideful of a partner so horny, the first thing the do when waking up is try and relieve themselves?
He thinks it's sweet that you're being considerate of the very busy demon, but please let him indulge in you.
He will take care of you, whatever you ask he is yours.
Soft, rough, top, bottom....he's here to please.
He'll make sure you're so satisfied you sleep through the rest of the day.
Mammon ->
Is more than happy to wake up to you ready for him the next morning.
He'd love to pound into you 24/7 if he was being honest.
Last night was pretty intense and you’re both 100% sure the entire house heard you.
Not that either of you really cared.
Neither of you even bothered putting all the toys away.
But you were sweet enough to provide aftercare to the needy demon after fucking him senseless.
So this morning he was more than ready to return the favor.
He turns to your body, already aching for more of him.
He hasn’t even touched you yet.
...Damn you we’re so hot to him.
Just know any plans for the day have been thrown out the window.
You’ll be lucky if you can even walk down to the dining room for dinner.
Asmo ->
You really think the Avatar of Lust isn’t going to smell the scent coming from your side of the bed immediately?
He knows sometimes you want to take care of yourself, he gets it.
So instead of pouncing on you immediately he coos over to you and asks if he’s allowed to join in on the fun.
Your shaky ‘yes’ is so honeyed to his ears.
He knows you’re needy, but he can’t help but take his time to indulge in you.
Asmo wants to keep the desire going for as long as possible before he lets you get your proper fill.
He’ll tie you up and tease you to what feels like no end.
Hovering his lips with heated breath right by your collarbone as he whispers sweet nothings.
Light but calculated touches in your most sensitive areas.
Enough to get you extremely hot and bothered before he dives deep in.
Today is all about you, and not one of his brothers will be able to bother you two.
Diavolo ->
Honestly impressed with your stamina.
He was worried he was a little too enthusiastic with you the night prior.
You went limp after the 8th round and he provided top service aftercare to his beautiful human.
So you can imagine his surprise when he woke up to you dry humping him and biting him lightly.
No complaints from this demon.
He could have easily lasted a good 10 more rounds.
While he loves to completely wreck you, he's not looking to destroy his partner.
More than happy to oblidge on his one lazy day in the Devildom, he guides you to his mouth where he will take every last drop of you.
Good thing he locked the door last night.
Not that Barbatos couldn't hear your pleasured screams throughout the castle.
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astrawberrybunny · 12 days ago
May I please remember an NSFW fanfic of Doctor!Asmodeus “examining” Fem!reader? Fem!Reader has no idea that this exam is about to be extra special... 😉😏 (if you do kinks please add toys, especially vibrators!! Love overstimulation and clit torture)
Of course! I do try to do anything that someone requests. I’m not too familiar with kinky stuff so before writing this I’ll read into it!
Also, I wasn’t sure what kind of doctor you were referring to so I used a pediatrician since they sometimes do check genitalia to make sure everything is alright physically.
Fem reader (Female anatomy is going to be used!)
Warnings: 18+, Swearing, Smut, Fingering, Toys, Overstimulation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shifting uncomfortably in the chair, as you wait for your doctor to enter. You should’ve brought your jacket here. The room was far from warm. It was quite bleak as you shiver a bit. Ignoring the awkward silence of just your breathing you hear the knock on the door.
“Come in”
A short nurse enters, greeting you as she sat down at the sink with her laptop nestled on her lap.
“I just need to collect some medical information and notes, then I can send in the doctor.”
You nod and go over the questions with the lady. Mostly they were about family medical history if any what medication you took, any current diseases, conditions, things that might’ve not been updated.
“Anything concerning you?”
“Nothing at all.”
“Great! I also did give you notice beforehand but wanted to remind you that your usual doctor won’t be in. She's on vacation, so I have another one coming in. Just wanted to remind you. I’ll call in the doctor in a bit, I just need you to change into this.” She hands you one of those shitty paper examination gowns. You change once she leaves and attempts not to rip your only covering. As you sit back down, you hear another knock.
“I’m all set, you can come in.”
The doctor enters and you become awestruck. He looks so naturally graceful and pretty. Strawberry-blonde strands waved and tucked beautifully.
“Good morning Miss!” Smiling eyes shut into a curve. “Today all we are doing is a check-up and a quick peek at your Vulva to make sure everything looks normal! I won’t touch anything down there since this isn't a gynecologists' office, but it is standard procedure, just in case, there is something that looks unordinary so we can get it looked at right away. Nothing too rash, but first I'm going to have to check your heart.
I usually give a warning that the stethoscope is quite cold since it's quite common to forget.” Still smiling as he moves behind you.
He parts the gown on its side and sets it on your back. Even with the fair warning it still causes goosebumps to form. The doctor hums and moves the metal around.
“Your heart sounds healthy to me, assuming you are anxious.”
His statement finally caught you out of your trance, and finally, you are hit with multiple sensations at once. Your heart is hammering like it's about to burst through your breast. That wasn't the only thing though. A pulsing in your womanhood and the light head pounding that went with it.
“I also need to borrow your neck to check your lymph nodes if that is all right with you. If I press too hard please don’t hesitate to signal me to stop.”
Amber eyes enchanted you as once again he smiled and made a cute noise in satisfaction. The checkup went normal as he went through everything. Eyes, ears, mouth, reflexes, just one more to go.
"Like I mentioned earlier, I'll be taking a bit of a peak. If there is anything you'd like me to check further for anything that is concerning to you don't hesitate. It may help any future problems that might appear in the near future."
You give him a light smile and lie back. He pulls his chair closer to the treatment table. He gives one last glance at you before pulling up the skirt of the gown.
Face red as you realized you were soaked, arousal leaking down. The doctor giggled, but didn't speak, he just eyed it.
"My, my, I didn't know that this examination was that exhilarating for you. The paper underneath is soaked."
You silently pule at his words, thighs slightly shake. A gasp stemmed from your lips as you felt a finger pressed lightly at your hood.
"Now now, I won't continue our little examination until I have your verbal consent."
"Please, continue." You stammered.
With those words, he pushed your folds apart and took the thumb from his occupied hand to rub ribbons against your clit. Your back slightly domes at the sensitivity.
Moans drizzling out of you as he continues. Suddenly he pulls away. You angle your head to question him, but then a new sensation is rippled throughout your nerves. A slight buzzing sound coming from between your legs.
You gasp and clench your eyes as the vibrator trails on your clit in a circular motion. The pool and intensity getting harsher.
He then suddenly sticks two fingers inside, shoving them in at an inhumane pace. Finger pads slide over your gspot as the pressure in your pelvis starts to crack and you come undone, but he doesn't stop, instead, he angles the toy at a more sensitive area on your clit that leaves you breathless.
You naturally squirm away but he wouldn't let you, but in lieu, he pulls you closer. Your left leg is placed over his shoulder as his left-hand pushes your right leg farther apart.
You silently wail as tears stream down your face as you are faced with another orgasm. The buzzing stops and you feel the pressure from your clit leave. He helps you clean up the obvious mess and inspects you to make sure he didn't hurt you.
"Well, it was nice to meet you. Hopefully, we can have another encounter like this again sometime in the future." He gave one last grin before closing the door. You smiled to yourself and got dressed, feeling more than eased.
Tumblr media
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golden-hellfire · 13 days ago
Allogrooming Asmo
Author's Note: Asmo is not my favorite as a romantic interest but I think I would enjoy his friendship.
Written On: April 11, 2021
Word Count: 617
“M/C! What is taking you so long!?” Asmo yelled as he entered the kitchen.
“What?” You hadn’t been in the kitchen for that long.
“You’ll groom all of them but not me,” he whined. “How can you not want your hands all over this beautiful body?” His fingers trailed over his hips.
“Oh,” you laugh. You had been waiting for this moment. “I thought you had it covered. Your brothers need help, you know that.”
“We aren’t talking about hygiene here, even though that has gotten better for them,” Asmo wrapped his arms around himself. “I need your touch,” his eyes flashed as he looked at you.
Mammon’s words ran through your head, it felt good for them. You laughed and echoed his first question, “What is taking you so long?”
“M/C,” Asmo purred as he pulled you close to him. “Is that all I needed to do?” He placed a kiss on your neck, “Please groom me.”
Your heart beat fast. Asmo was by far the most touchy of the brothers, sometimes you craved that. You closed your eyes as his lips danced over your neck.
“You’re so much fun today,” Asmo giggled as he pulled away from you. Your eyes opened and took in his demon form. He smiled as your gaze lingered on him. “Come here,” he said as he led you out of the kitchen.
“I don’t have my things,” you say as you remember your bag. “Let’s go to my room.”
“My dear, I’m offended,” Asmo said as we walked through the halls. “I’m far too beautiful to use the same products as my brothers.” He giggled again, “Let’s go to my room.” You entered his room and went to sit on his bed but Asmo waggled his finger at you as he pulled you into his bathroom.
Asmo worked on filling the bath, filling it with oils and different bubble bath mixes. The many different smells started to hurt your nose. Luckily he wasn’t adding anymore to the water.
“Wait!” You screamed as Asmo took off his shirt. You turned around when he started to unbutton his pants. Why didn’t you think this is what was going to happen? Why draw a bath if no one is going to get in it
Water sloshed in the big tub, “You don’t have to join me. It'd be a lot more fun if you did.” Asmo smiled brightly as you turned around. His fingers trail along the pillowey bubbles that hide his body from your sight. “Come here,” he commands. Even if his magic doesn’t work on humans you could feel it beckoning you to the tub.
You sit on the edge of the bathtub. Words escaped you as you took in the Avatar of Lust. For a demon he was very patient with you. His sin… He didn’t need to be that patient. You reached out and ran your hand through his honey hair.
“Mmm… Give me more of your touch M/C,” Asmo moaned as he looked up at you.
You blushed at his words but worked your hands to his horns. Your fingers circled around his horns until you reached their pink tip. Mammon’s words echoed in your head as your hands moved.
“M/C,” Asmo said, his voice was deep. “Unless… Unless you want to join, go.”
“Oh,” you stood up. That was sudden. “I guess I’ll see you later.” You made your way to the door, maybe he’d let you actually groom him some other time.
You open the door to his room and hear his voice mumble from the bathroom, “How could they not take them right then and there.” You blush as you exit.
Also on AO3
Buy the author a coffee at Ko-fi
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devildomsgod · 15 days ago
Obey Me! Cockslapping Headcanons
18+ content
dom!reader, sub!demon brothers, gn!reader
Tumblr media
you glare back
tho there's not much Lucifer can do with his hands tied behind his back except growl at you, mumbling that he didn't deserve that
"touching me while I'm on the phone... of course you deserve this, Luci"
"I can touch what's mine whenever I want."
"you can touch what I tell you to."
you slap his cock again, smirking as it twitches
he enjoys this but would never in his lifetime admit it
his sin is pride and while he indulges in it himself a lot, he loves seeing his second half indulge in it even more
pouts so much
why does it feel kinda good tho
pouts even more
"want me to do it again?"
nods after a moment of hesitation
scream-moans as you slap his dick three times in a row, little mercy left in your actions
begins shaking while bucking his hips up, feeling his orgasm surprisingly close
his face turns even redder as he sees your smirk
surely, you can make him cum from this
why did you slap his most precious part :(
did he do something wrong??
scared to ask
just whimpers as you watch his reaction
you coo as you see the tears break from his eyes
"did you not like that, baby?"
shakes his head with a pout, feeling better now that you asked
kiss his tears while apologizing and he's happy again
just make sure to spoil him a little for the rest of the night
you did not just do that.
kinda just stares at you
you stare back
".... sorry?"
he can't help but laugh before pulling you up for a kiss
"you know I prefer your gentle side, sweetheart."
moans so fucking loud
you look up at him curiously, smiling as he lifts his head to look back, eyes seeming more vibrant than usual
"Hmm, that felt so good, babe, can you do it again?"
his voice is sticky-sweet, bribing you to slap him again.
Asmo writhes in pleasure, his hands grabbing the sheets tightly and you slap him a few more times, watching as he drowns in his own sin
"you know just how to please me, don't you? Mhh touch me like that and I'll make it worth your while, dear."
don't slap him !! :((
he's a good boy
just gently when he gets too caught up in kissing you
chuckles a little
really cute about it as long as you're careful with him
do it when he gets too sloppy during foreplay
boy's wide awake now
maybe asks you to do it again if he still feels a little too sleepy
doesn't make a big deal out of it
just kiss the dick after you slap it and he's good
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How I think the Obey Me characters kiss based on GIFs I find:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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di0s-library · 16 days ago
imagine walking on someone else fucking asmodeus. he’s begging for forgiveness but you just smirk and tell the person he’s fucking they’re not doing it right, so, you show them. you show them all of asmo’s most sensitive spots and how to get him to cum quickly.
then, you just sit and watch.
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asmolemmeeatyouout · 18 days ago
Hey ! YES YOU! Obey me content creator! PLEASE start tagging your fics and memes with RELEVANT TAGS.
If I want to see belphie content I will search #obey me belphagor OKAY? (Same with the other boys) point being, if your post only mentions diavolo THEN ONLY TAG DIAVOLO , or if it’s only a photo/meme/post of some of the boys then ONLY TAG THOSE BOYS PLEASE!,!
Thank you.
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ynfei · 19 days ago
Brat taming Asmo 👉👈 in his room please
minors dni ♡ brat taming, face fucking, ur cock is a strap is a cock or whatevr
Tumblr media
asmo knows he’s giggling too much. playing too much. his hands leave his thighs without permission to grab at your hips and pull you closer, and all he does is smile and wink and ask, “do i have to show you how?” when you raise a brow, fingers already combing through his hair to get a grip.
“what makes you think you have anything to teach me?”
but isn’t it just so irresistible— when you set him up so perfectly? unconsciously? innocently? “years of experience,” asmo says, shifting on top of the throw pillow he’d taken from the sofa and tossed to the floor, winking again and moaning when you tug at his hair. “i have so many over you, after— aah, after all…”
your touch is tender when you move his bangs out of his face. even as you slip past his lips and aim for the back of his throat with a voice hardened in response to misbehavior, your gaze is warm.
or maybe hot is the more fitting word, because asmo palms himself through his panties not one minute after you start using him. his mouth and tongue and tight throat are nothing but things that serve to please you, and his cock throbs with the look you give him when he teases his own waistband.
“oh, asmo.” you shake your head and click your tongue, making asmo jolt with the sharp and sudden sound. “and here i thought…” a frown marring your brow, “you wanted to cum tonight.”
you pull out and he pants, drool already running down his chin, hand paused over his cock. you cradle his face and tilt it up, and the smile you’re wearing, all sharp and crooked but easy in the soft glow of his room, gets him leaky.
“hope your experience holds up like you want it to, baby… because i’m not letting you cum until i think you’ve earned it.”
Tumblr media
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golden-hellfire · 22 days ago
We Know
Author's Note:
Written On: March 26, 2021
Word Count: 406
Asmo painted your nails a lovely shade of pink as you both sat in front of his vanity. “I have to tell you something, you gotta promise not to get all weird,” his lips curled into a devilish smile.
“No promises but I’ll try not to get weird,” you laugh. You were curious what he had to tell you. Knowing him it had to be something good, but him asking you to promise… Maybe it wasn’t going to be good.
“I’ve been keeping this inside for so long,” he whined. “Lucifer said I couldn’t tell you but I just can’t keep a secret from you.” Asmo grabbed your other hand and started to paint the nails. “When you masturbate,” his honey eyes met yours. “We all know. We can smell it.”
Your jaw dropped at his words. You had to stop. You could do that, it might be hard but you could stop. Your blush deepened and you also wanted to cover your face but with only one free hand that had wet nails you couldn’t.
“Darling, no one but me will admit it but I can guarantee that my brother’s love your scent,” Asmo said happily.
His words did not make you feel any less embarrassed but you’d be a fool to try denying it didn’t make you happy. You loved all of the brother’s and thoughts of them often led you to masturbating, knowing that they enjoyed smelling you enjoy yourself… It made you horny.
Asmo’s eyes flashed as another smile crossed his face. “Don’t get so excited,” he giggled. He closed the pink nail polish and grabbed both your hands before blowing on the nails. “You can’t ruin your nails,” he teased.
“What? No,” you start. Embarrassed even more that he could clearly tell you were getting wet from the thoughts he had planted in your head.
Asmo giggles more, “M/C, darling, you forget who I am. Avatar of Lust. I love your lust, even if you're a bad girl and don’t share those beautiful fantasies.”
“I…” You didn’t know what to say. You stood up from your chair. “I’m gonna go,” at least if you left you wouldn’t embarrass yourself more.
“Darling,” Asmo frowned as he pulled you back down into your chair. “I didn’t tell you this so you’d be embarrassed. I wanted you to know how much we all want you. Maybe sometime you should use one of us.”
Also on AO3
Buy the author a coffee at Ko-fi
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giaourtopita · 22 days ago
How do you think the brothers would react to mc doing the tiktok trend where you raise your arms up until your s/o removes your hoodie?
Mammon getting all confused sounds adorable to me >.<
(No rush & I love your writing <3)
mc doing a suggestive tiktok trend
i got this after closing requests, but i decided to just do it later. this is also the first post where i didn't use third person language(?), i kept this short but i hope it's okay!
warnings; suggestive, gn mc, fluff(?).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- he doesn't really understand what exactly you're doing because he's too busy to know about tiktok trends, so he tries different things like giving you a high-five or holding your hands. but it finally clicked, he took your shirt off and started using his bedroom eyes when talking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "we'll continue this later..."
Tumblr media
- "oi human what are ya doing?" he's confused, did the human break? "hey! put your arms down, you'll be in pain🥺" tries to put your hands down by grabbing them but remembers when levi showed him that tiktok of a couple in the same situation as them. takes off your shirt immediately and starts getting all fidgety until you kiss him.
Tumblr media
- "NO", he knows this trend but even though you've been in a relationship for a while and you've already been intimate many times he's still too shy to initiate anything. if you're doing the trend while you're in his room with the door locked, he will get VERY flustered but he'll try to do something😉.
Tumblr media
- he doesn't keep up with tiktok trends but it's just so happened that asmo showed this trend to him and complaining about how no one did it to him yet. he took your shirt off immediately but he isn't very bold so he started blushing but managed to hide it by kissing you as soon as you noticed him blushing🥺.
Tumblr media
- he know this trends, he LOVES this trend. once he saw you lifting your arms he took your shirt off and also took his off. he immediately started kissing you on your lips and neck "this is going to be so fun, i'm so excited~"💗
Tumblr media
- he usually sees his teammates raising their arms for a high-five so he gave you a high-five🥺. but when he saw you keeping your arms up he got a little confused "it's not a high-five? OH!" he took your shirt off and gave you a soft kiss on your collarbone💕.
Tumblr media
- he was asleep when you came into the room but he woke up when you sat on his bed. when he saw you raising your arms, this little brat gave you a little pat on the head after taking your shirt off, "now take a nap with me, your skin is so soft that it makes me want to fall asleep on it..."🥺
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di0s-library · 23 days ago
skirts & shorts | om! brothers
Tumblr media
yes this stemmed from the femboy hooters thing cause femboys>> aND YES this is self indulgent
pairing(s): leviathan X dom!reader, asmodeus X dom!reader.
warning(s): nsfw, sissification, use of the term “master” on both, use of the term “sissy boy” on levi’s, use of the term “boy pussy” on asmo’s.
Tumblr media
— levi : he loves dressing femininely for you since it’s a form of cosplay. plus, he already owns the stuff so this isn’t a problem for him. and it kinda helps his self esteem since you compliment him so much when he’s dressed in it.
levi smiled as you ran your hands along his thighs and up the skirt he was wearing. “you look beautiful in this, levi.” you breathed and kissed his neck gently. “my pretty boy.”
“y-your pretty boy,” levi whispered and lightly took ahold of one of your wrists, guiding it to his cock. “i’m wearing panties too, just like you asked master.”
“that’s my good boy.” you cooed and palmed his cock. levi let out a breathy moan, his cheeks flushing. “louder, let me hear you.”
you pulled levi’s panties down and gripped his cock, jerking him off at an even pace. levi’s noises grew louder, his hips shifting and bucking as well. “oh, m-master! master!”
“that’s it, let me hear my little sissy boy’s pleas.”
— asmo : him wearing booty shorts isn’t a thing he does on special occasions. if he really wants to tease you, he struts around in them to try and get your attention and if you don’t immediately bend him over or take him to his or your room, he’ll start giving you a lap dance no matter who’s around.
you squeezed asmo’s ass with both hands, spreading it softly. “you enjoying the view, master~” asmo giggled, his head turned to see you behind him. you nodded and smirked, popping the band around the leg holes of the shorts.
asmo hummed in pleasure, licking his lips. “would you hurry and eat me out? i know my ass is perfect but you can’t just bring me in here to play with it and stare at it.”
“i do as i please with you, asmodeus.” you stated and pulled asmo’s shorts to the side, seeing his pink hole. he bit his lip, feeling his cheeks heating up as you smirked at the sight. “fuckin’ perfect, but you already know that don’t you?”
you licked two of your fingers as you spoke; asmo nodded in response to your question. he shifted, moving his ass closer to your face and arching his back a bit more. “master, please, play with my boy pussy~”
Tumblr media
other obey me! works.
di0s-library © 2021 all rights reserved.
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mothsgaywings · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
One day I'll finish this drawing.. eventually 💜💕
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fficway · 25 days ago
I had to put this somewhere as this has been living rent free in my head for the past week, so here it is:
Obey Me Brothers, and Their Preferred Sexual Positions/Kinks!
🔞 Minors DNI 🔞
This is written as headcannons and MC is Gender Neutral!
Firstly, Lucifer is definitely a switch.
He's a dominant person normally, but during Guest Appearances he enjoys when MC whips him, AND he's always willing to call MC "Master" when it comes up
Next, when everyone was sucked into Levi's game, Lucifer skipped classes because Diavolo wasn't in that world and he enjoyed the freedom
SO!! This makes me think he has fantasies of slacking off from his work as he pleasures you 👀
Specifically: it gives him a rush knowing that he's purposely not working just to fuck you, with the possibility of getting caught any time!
If you fuck in his office, he's the dom, no question!
He is still a work driven demon, so it would take some time pushing his buttons to get him to that point of abandoning his responsibilities
You do so by teasing him or by playing the sexy aloof card to get him almost drooling
If you fail, the worst that would happen is he would dismiss you from his office and punish you later in the bedroom when he's finished.
But if you succeed...
Your prize (punishment) will be Lucifer's favorite position:
You splayed across his desk, papers scattered everywhere as he rails you!
He'll first lock the door to give you a "proper lecture," and the look in his eye would make your lovely areas heat with excitement
He'll have you bent over his desk, pounding into you while lecturing you
Throwing in some degradation and spanking as he pleases (and it pleases you)
He loves to hear you get loud with his name on your tongue. He wants everyone in the House of Lamentation to KNOW your his, and being fucked good in his office.
Its also a dare for anyone to try to interrupt the two of you and reap the consequences
I repeat: Purposely slacking off from his work to rail you is such a rush for him
Of course, he also enjoys being pleasured from you under his desk as he works too ;)
For the Bedroom: I think Lucifer would def have a bondage kink (you or him wearing it, it doesn't matter to him!)
He is responsible with the after care as well!
It's literally a character trait of his that he's greedy. I mean, he IS the Avatar of Greed!
He's also a Tsundere who gets flustered easily!
So, Mammon always wants more of everything! You give him a kiss on the cheek, he'll want one on the mouth.
"How do you expect that to be enough to satisfy the great Mammon! That isn't nearly enough" (of course he says this with a blush as his Tsundere self can't just ASK for another kiss!)
So you give him a kiss on the lips.
Then another.
Then some tongue action.
Then his kisses will wander to your neck.
"More. I want all of you MC. Every inch. I want you to be mine"
HOWEVER! He would never push you to do anything you don't want to do or aren't ready for!!
Now going onto his favorite position 😏
Its canon that he likes to have things easily without having to work, so he'd love it if you ride him from on top!
He loves where he can see as much of you as possible! He wants to take all of you in!
Mammon is very vocal about what he wants from you during your sexy time!
As for his bedroom talk, his tsundere self would normally beat around the bush when he's trying to be honest, but once he's in an intimate position with you, he'd be showering you with all of the secret thoughts and feelings he has of you that he'd normally hide!
His hands would wander every inch as he'd praise your body
He would kiss you where he could and tell you about how much he adores you
When you talk to him, he'd definitely have a praise kink!
Being lectured by his brothers all the time just gets frustrating to him, and even if it were consensual, he wouldn't prefer being degraded sexually because this is the moment when he's the most honest and vulnerable with you
(Though I'm not saying he wouldn't like it every now and then 👀)
If you told him how great he is, and how amazing he makes you feel, he would be THRILLED
He wants you to feel as amazing as you are
He would be vocal through the entire thing, but as for volume, even though he normally has a loud mouth, he'd probably keep it down as he wouldn't want Lucifer interrupting you two 😂
Mammon on top would definitely bring out his true demon form, and he'd get more bossy with telling you what "more" he wants from you ;)
Of course he would push for aftercare in the most tsundere way
"You probably can't walk after I made you feel so good, so let me get what you need to clean up" (Face RED)
He loves cuddles and for you to fall asleep on his chest :3
(He also totally drools in his sleep!)
This Otaku would totally be into role playing xD
Would have you dress as one of his favorite characters (if you're willing)
At first he'd be so out of it trying to comprehend if this blessing of you in front of him is real life or not before ending up too nervous to do much at first.
So, you end up with a foreplay reward system as he plays his video games to comfortably ease into it!
The more he wins, the more action he gets ;D
From kissing, to groping, to giving him a blow job as he plays his games until he can't take it
Which leads to his favorite:
Shower Sex!
As Leviathan, the aquatic demon, he'd feel most comfortable (and feel like you have more privacy)
To him it feels like he gets to be closer to you
He loves to be able to touch you all over as you fuck
This boy is LOUD!!
(This is canon, we all know this xD)
As for vocal kinks, this Otaku would probably love it if you used allusions to his favorite games in some sexy way
"Like Ezio, I'm great from behind and above"
"I know my way around the cleft of dimension, want me to show you?"
"Are you up for a little tactical insertion?"
He'd also love skinny dipping and fucking you in pools and lakes too for sure! ;3
You can clean up easily in the shower afterwards!
Cuddles!!! (You replace his body pillow! What a privilege!)
It is no question this man has a LOT of experience
He loves it every which way and more!
He's all for the Vanilla but LIVES for the kinky stuff
Praise kink to the GODS!
As long as you're admiring him, he is happy!
He doesn't need a scene set to get to business, he's ready to go anytime!
Which is why its more than likely his favorite sex is Public Sex.
He loves to share with the world the art of sex and the beauty that is the two of you in intercourse!
This of course would depend on your comfort! If you wanted to keep your sexual encounters private, he would oblige!
He's a pleaser!!
He loves admiration, and he loves sex, so as long as you're happy with how he's fucking you, and you're vocal about it, he is pleased himself!
Position-wise, I think whatever is your favorite is what he'd be ready and willing to do!
Basically any and every kink he loves, and is more than willing to be the top or bottom!
He can go for MANY rounds!
((@mogmoe drew their headcanon for what the brothers' tongues would look like while in their full demon forms and gave Asmo tentacle tongue so do with that as you will ;3))
(Sorry this seems kinda vague but I mean anything you can think of he's probably already done it and more, and enjoys every bit of it!)
With how this man wants to be seen as an individual and not just a prior part of Lucifer, he wants to be SEEN during sex!
He's a dom! He can blush and act shy and all normally, but in the bedroom he is totally dominant!
Would definitely have some hot angry sex with you given his temper!
Pushing you up against a wall and fucking you stupid
Splay you across his book clad floor or toss you on the bed to rail you
But you always have to be looking at him!
"Who's the one fucking you right now?"
Loves hearing you say his name!
He'll kiss you every time just to taste his name coming off of your tongue
He also reads a ton of books, so this man has read his fair share about how to pleasure his partner properly ;)
No matter if you're on the bed or against the wall, you have to stay wrapped around him!
He wants to know how much you want him!
He'll deny you your orgasm to make you beg him and say his name
He'll eventually let you have your relief and loves if you'll hold him close as you do
Sweet forehead kisses after you both finish as he praises you
Proper aftercare! Whatever you need, he's sweetly obliging
He'll love to fall asleep in your arms! :)
First of all, this man almost never stops eating
He'll give you plenty of affection, but he'll usually be stuffing his mouth or snacking as he does.
But he's not neglectful! It's just his nature as the Avatar of Gluttony that he's always hungry!
So you play into this so that he enjoys the process as you get him in the mood 👀
Using whatever treat you like to eat, you eat it in front of him, but only have the smallest portion possible (for example, maybe just two or three pieces of candy)
Of course he'll ask for a piece, so that's when you'll hit him with "Oh I'm sorry Beel, but that was the last one"
Before he has a chance to get sad about it (or you can wait until he pouts since he's adorable) you offer to share the last piece
Naturally he'll want to share it
But its already in your mouth ;)
He'll shyly kiss you to get a taste of the treat off your lips
"So soft"
He'll kiss you again, but this time with a flick of his tongue
He'll make another remark, but this time about the taste of the treat
"I want to taste more"
Cue the tongue action!
If the treat is still in your mouth, prepare to fight to keep it
If it isn't still in your mouth, he'll explore every inch to taste what's left of it
This man uses his mouth muscles to eat pounds of food every day, so he is a fantastic kisser!
He'll get so invested in the taste of you that he forgets about the treat altogether
This is where it gets steamy 😏
He wants his mouth everywhere
On your neck
Your chest
Your shoulders
Your stomach
There's not much sex talk from him because his mouth is always busy on you, but he makes plenty of comments to compliment you and your body!
Eventually, he'll want to taste the best parts of you 😏
His favorite: having his mouth on your nether regions ;)
He'll get so invested that he'll accidentally transform into his true demon form
((@mogmoe 's headcanon for Beel's tongue while in his true form was large like the size of a cow's tongue, so I'm playing off that!))
If you're a person with a vagina, his large tongue will be pumping in and out to taste every inch of your walls/If you're a person with a penis, he'll suck you like a popsicle to get your juices, and you know he can deep throat with no issue
If you like getting your ass eaten, he'll do that too
All the while you hold onto his horns like handle bars as he works his magic tongue and mouth
He doesn't have a preference for how you talk during sex, but if you praise him, it would definitely make him happy and encourage him to do more for you!
If you want to get him off too, he definitely loves 69ing!!
It feels to him as if you're both sharing a meal together, but in a more special and intimate way!
Afterwards, he would be super sleepy. He'd pull you close and be like a very large teddy bear cuddling up to you.
(Though he would wake up later for some midnight snacks!)
I can already tell you now: Lazy Fucking!
This man loves to cuddle as much as possible!
He'll sleep with his head in your lap, he'll fall asleep on your shoulder, he'll spoon you (little or big, it doesn't matter to him!)
If he wants to get steamy after waking up with his head in your lap, he'll start to work with his mouth as his face is already down there
If he wakes up with his head on your shoulder, he'll start lazily kissing along your neck
During cuddling, his hands will mindlessly wander. He may reach back to get handsy if he's the little spoon. Or he might grind on you a little while kissing your neck from behind if he's the big spoon.
But his favorite: lazily fucking you from behind
Laying on top of you, his chest pressed to your back, his hand intertwined with yours, all as his dick slowly pumps in and out of you
He would whisper sweet praises to you, maybe tell you about what he dreamed while he was asleep!
His other hand would help to assist with your pleasure.
He probably would be too tired for aftercare, but for you he's always willing to do it!
Of course more cuddling will follow!
I dont know if it's obvious but I'm still kinda new to Obey Me! I'm in chapter/lesson 13, so if some of these seem OOC, please let me know! This is my first time publishing headcanons, or rather any of my writing in general, so let me know what you think!
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mothsgaywings · 25 days ago
Asmo bby's sketch is almost finished 💕💕💜
Now he just needs the rest of his limbs ahahahah itfitxtixixt
Tumblr media
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violent-vixen-18 · 25 days ago
Sickly Sweet
I promise this is almost done, I'll get it out on the 10th at the latest
Tw: blood, unbetaed we die like men
You were a bit concerned to say the least, Lucifer didn't call you to his office unless something was afoot. You couldn't recall doing anything wrong, but Lucifer could always find something to pester you about. 
You tapped your knuckles against the door of his study door, slipping into the room.
"Ah, come in," Lucifer gestured for you to sit in the chair positioned in front of his desk. You folded your hands in your lap preparing a suitable apology for whatever you'd done.
"It's about Asmodeus, don't fret, he'll be staying in the attic for the next two weeks and you are not to visit him under any circumstance," You stood up in surprise.
"What! Why?!" Lucifer stood as well, towering over you.
"It's a matter of safety, you will not approach the attic or the third floor, at all, or you will be relocated to Purgatory Hall. Understand?" You pouted, giving Lucifer an even glare in the futile attempt to get him to back down. He leaned closer. "Understand?" 
"Yes, Lucifer." You huffed out, turning away from him. 
"Good. Tonight we'll be relocating Asmodeus, stay in your room. No matter what you may hear." You nodded, still grumpy about your lack of agency in this event.
Later in the night, the brothers had begun their attempt at relocating Asmodeus, it was quite easy to tell because-
"Beel! Now!" Lucifer shouted, his words followed by a heavy thump.
You startled from your studying at the commotion in the hall outside. Loud hissing erupted outside your room, Beel grunted in pain, then footsteps scampered up to your door.
"Help, please help me!" Asmo yelped, only to be muted.
"NO, whatever you do, DON'T COME OUT!" Levi warned, his tone was panicked, frantic even.
The commotion managed to migrate upstairs, Asmodeus screeching and crying the whole way.
Restless could not begin to describe the night, Asmo somehow screamed and wailed for the entire night, then the next day, and the day after that. However much the brothers tried to discourage you, hearing Asmodeus cry out to you was beginning to bother you. The boys all assured you that Asmodeus was manipulating you, and not to listen, but they wouldn't even tell you what was happening, not easing your suspicions any further. So, of course, you needed to know what was going on and Asmo seemed like the only way to get a straight answer.
In the dead of night, on the third day of Asmo's imprisonment, you crept up the staircase, still in your pajamas. Halfway up the stairway, a thick scent nearly bowled you over; it was strong and sickly sweet, like rotting flowers and sugar, something tangy hiding beneath it. Tiny spots of red on the stairs defined that tangy metallic scent; blood.
Taglist! (Sorry if I missed anyone, in not very good at this!)
@lunachelly @lonely-hearts-hiraeth @shirowaskilled
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