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#obey me asmodeus
jellymoonbear · a day ago
Obey Me! things that I just know are true
In no particular order:
belphie watched death note and purposefully fell asleep halfway up the stairs exactly how light did at the end using the excuse that he falls asleep anywhere, but really he just wanted to be extra
satan's room is filled with cockroaches
beel can't take selfies for shit
I mentioned this in the discord server but I'm repeating it here: satan and belphie salute mc every time they return to the human world as respect for their service in the anti-lucifer league
asmo steals more of mc's things than mammon does
lucifer cries when he's alone
simeon and luke were too afraid to tell solomon that his cooking was bad in the beginning. it wasn't until they saw the others react badly that they finally started refusing to eat his food
luke picks flowers for mc
levi has a mild form of compulsive tendencies, especially when it comes to things in his room, such as having all his games in a specific order and his action figures in perfect place, he gets really frustrated when he can't put his new poster on the wall straight. that's why he gets so angry when mammon takes things from his room, it disrupts his comfort
asmo is the brother that sees one of his brothers ddd unattended and takes selfies with it, then puts it back and leaves the room pretending he didn't do anything. he's always waiting for someone to mention it one day now that he has tonnes of random selfies in all of his brothers phones
lucifer has one of the said selfies set as asmo's profile in his ddd
one of the characters writes tsl fanfic and simeon has read it. surprisingly, it wasn't levi who wrote it
one time in the human world, mc and luke started playing with some random dog but the dog wasn't friendly and started chasing them through the park for hours
there is actually one cat that still wanders around the house of lamentation and nobody knows about it, not even satan
one time, diavolo pissed off barbs so barbs mashed up a pickle and put it in dia's food and he unknowingly ate it
another time, dia was upset with barbs and purposely left cheese around the castle to attract rats
cerberus' farts are stinky af but lucifer absolutely will not tolerate anyone badmouthing cerberus even if it's true. to this day, no one has said it out loud
levi and satan recreated the "this bitch is empty YEET" vine at rad. the empty can ended up hitting lucifer
mammon is actually a good cook, everyone just thinks he's bad because he's clumsy and causes disasters every time he's in the kitchen. when he doesn't set the pan on fire tho, his food tastes really good
beel and belphie can genuinely hold two conversations at once: the one they're having with each other in their heads and the one they're having with everyone else in the room
solomon very rarely gets angry, but when he does his voice goes high-pitched so no one can take him seriously when he yells
levi has too many plushies and cushions from buying merch so whenever his room gets too full, he ranks them all and gives the lowest ranking ones to belphie
mc introduces monopoly to the house of lamentation. obviously it doesn't end well, but to this day the game still hasn't been banned
one time at rad, a tonne of things, including students belongings, went missing and everyone blamed mammon. it was actually a ghost messing around because it wanted attention
simeon practises talking to others in the mirror. luke is the only one who knows about it
life in the devildom was hard for lucifer in the beginning, but he would still square up to any mf who was mean to his brothers
belphie loved to cuddle lucifer when he was younger because of his wings. sometimes now, when belphie falls asleep on his shoulder, luci will release his demon form and cuddle belphie with his wings
mammon once plucked a feather from luci's wings to sell, but he ended up keeping it for himself bc he finds a lot of comfort in it
barbatos is lactose intolerant
asmo hosts pamper parties quite often and each time it comes around dia is waiting excitedly for an invite but he never gets one
asmodeus is also quite terrible with technology other than his ddd
diavolo still doesn't know how babies are made because barbs was too awkward to tell him when he was younger, so he ends up asking mc and they end up telling him
lucifer has intrusive thoughts about ferris wheels
and lastly, satan has bad eyesight but never wears his glasses, not because he's embarrassed but because lucifer once told him to put them on
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diavohoe · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❌ plot | a new exchange student comes to the devildom, they are all happy about it and you celebrate together but, as time passes by, they realise they're loosing you to someone else, feeling that they've been replaced and your heart has a new suitor.
❌ content warning | sad, grammar mistakes maybe
❌ the replacement | mephistopheles | raphael | thirteen
❌ note | im back + this is all my imagination. thank you @galvore for beta reading and @corpsekiller suffer.
Tumblr media
honestly didn't understand why you were hanging out with him quite a bit lately, if at the end of the day he's just a stupid demon with a bit of RAD status. If you want to hang out with idiots you can do it with mammon. At west by that he can assure himself his heart is safe.
The truth is that he is jealous and with good reason because as time passes, you spend more time with Mephistopheles than with him, reaching the point of losing the privilege of being called 'Luci' and that you grant Mephistopheles that same privilege, calling him 'Mephis'
That is the final straw and Lucifer spends more time in his study every day, feeling an immense pain in his heart every time he passes through the corridors of RAD and sees how you laugh and smile when 'Mephis' tells a joke or simply he plays nice with you, praising how well you did on an exam or the way you were able to prepare potions.
Just when he thought it was him who made you laugh, smile and blush, his public enemy number one arrives because it is no surprise that Lucifer feels negative feelings towards him, at the end of the day he is a bastard who makes fun of Lord Diavolo and he uses him for completely banal things and vandalizes his image in that way
Betrayed by the slow but sure replacement of the one who still occupies his heart, Lucifer withdraws and relapses into old habits that he swore to destroy for your sake, but it is the same person who once built it, completely brought him down by dating the enemy.
He's hurt, he's not going to lie to you. The feeling that you are slipping through his fingers and looking for company in the arms of another and you laugh and have a better time with someone who is not him. But better bad known than good to know
Mephistopheles is actually, if the sudden conclusion can be drawn, someone with whom Satan can talk and have a relatively good time. New member of the anti-Lucifer League, Mephistopheles stops being a rash on the skin of satan that constantly reminds him that he is better than him and that is why you fell for those green eyes, brown skin and stupid purple hair.
Maybe if he hadn't taken you everywhere and exposed you to Mephistopheles, all this would not have happened and you would still be with him, reading together in his room while his head rests gently on your lap and you make remarks about the history that youre reading
Did you go with him because at the end of the day you saw that he was the highest bidder? Or was it because satan was so downcast lately with the RAD exams, mammon tutorships, and other events that you simply fainted through inadvertent negligence on his part.
But now it is too late for Satan to remember perhaps all the things that he could have done for you at the time, because now you are no longer reading with him, walking hand in hand through the corridors of RAD; He is no longer the one who hugs you and kisses you, making you feel special.
Now it is another man
He is destroyed beyond repair, he can no longer handle his life, on the verge of killing himself and killing everyone with a super atomic bomb. He was your dark demon with bright eyes, it cannot be that you have replaced him with someone like him but without any taste.
Mammon really feels bad. He doesn't know what he did so that little by little you slip through his fingers. He always helped you in what he could and he made you laugh when you felt bad. But it is now, when he feels bad that he begins to wonder if all those moments shared with you were too much and more than keeping you company, he was suffocating you.
So it's not just you who distances yourself from him. Mammon little by little distances himself from your ideal formed in his head, thoughts replaced by the insults of his brothers, that he is scum and that perhaps, you always thought like them and it was only a matter of time before you leave his life.
Even if he tries to hate you and Mephistopheles, he can't. The way in which both of you smile at each other and he stands behind you and marks you in your task what things you can improve and helps you move forward, leads Mammon to conclude that, at the end of the day, Mephistopheles is all that he could not be. Mammon was always in the way when he thought he was helping and his brothers let him know, but you always stood up for him.
Too bad that now he has no one to defend him from his own demons.
If you thought Mammon was sad. Levi takes a 180 degree turn, going back to who he was before he met you. As if he had asked Solomon for a spell to forget you, Levi locks himself in his room with the hope that you will pass through his door, knock and enter to see how he is doing.
But that never happens. The days go by, lying on his bed with glassy eyes and dark circles for several days, Levi hears how behind his door, in the hall, you and Mephistopheles make jokes and talk about life. A life that never prepared him to hear what you said.
"Does Leviathan ever leave his room?" Mephistopheles asks you between laughs to which you simply answer "Don't know, he is just like that I guess. He'll get over eventually" 
He will not get over you eventually. How is he supposed to get over the only person who understood him completely, who gave him comfort when he felt that he had no purpose in life and the demons of him took over his mind, making him think he was a losing otaku who was not worthy of love?
His hands intertwine, a sad smile adorning his face as he watches as his own body triying to seek comfort from his own troubled heart. Thinking that maybe you left because you discovered that he turned out to be the same as his siblings and other people say about him, Leviathan drops a lonely tear and closes his eyes, seeking rest from life.
The life with you that he will never be able to have.
In constant denial. You are not dating him. He clearly didn't see Mephistopheles kiss you in the RAD corridor and hug you until he swept you off your feet. Asmodeus refuses to think that you found someone better than him, because there is simply no one better than him and there never will be. Maybe you are playing with him like he used to do at the beginning when he met you and at some point you are going to end your game and return to his side.
But the game stopped being fun a long time ago. Asmodeus gets up disheveled and already gives little importance to his appearance because the only spectator who cared for him no longer spends looking at him and filling him with compliments and remarking how good he looks, in addition to his enormous and incomparable beauty.
Too bad that that beauty faded and now there is a careless asmodeus looking in the mirror, with dark circles, greasy hair and shaky hands trying to put on makeup to forget the only person he was willing to put on top of him. Gently patting his skin with a beauty blender, Asmodeus slowly begins to correct his appearance and tones his dry, pale skin while wiping tears with a tissue to prevent smudging his eyeliner and mascara.
With a mask, a false idea of ​​confidence, Asmodeus faces the world and treats you as if nothing had happened, as if he isnt hurt and is breaking inside every time your gaze falls on Mephistopheles and not on who used to be the receiver of your compliments and your love.
They said fake it till you make it and Asmodeus will pretend to dont care no matter how much it consumes his lonely and aching heart until the day he believes the lie and that fake strength becomes all he can rely on.
Does he hug you better than him? Does he invite you on dates to the planetarium where you lie down and look at the stars while you are in his arms and remember old times? He doesn't believe it. But there is something that Mephistopheles has never done but that Belphegor has, and it is now that he is completely alone that he begins to think and analyze.
In the darkness of the attic, immersed in the immensity of his thoughts, Belphegor looks at the ceiling and remembers his moments locked up, how loneliness was his only refuge until you arrived and gave him the support he needed, but what did he do to pay you? What has he done to thank you for what you have done? Oh yeah. Kill you
Gnawing away from the inside, Belphegor feels suffocated, his throat closing with each choked sob lost in the starry night. His shaking hands cover his face, his mind running the movie of how Mephistopheles and you run hand in hand through the streets of Devildom, how you laugh out loud and accept his embrace with full confidence.
Where is the trust that you had with him? What happened to everything you lived together? At the end of the day, Belphegor is nothing more than a hideous demon who killed the only person who ever gave him the time of day. He is alone now, completely alone. Not even his brother, his beloved brother, can bring him out of the misery of having killed the person he loves a second time.
Once a monster, always a monster.
The one who is most confused by this. He just doesn't know what he did and it eats him inside and this time he's not the one who's hungry for food, no. His brain, his subconscious fills him with a hunger for what the two of you used to live together and now you live with Mephistopheles, leaving him and his feelings adrift.
Does the way his sin manifests itself bother you? Have you already had enough of the way in which he is always complaining about the hunger that he suffers and you preferred to hang out with someone who is not condemned for life to feel a feeling that cannot be turned off? If so, Beel can't be mad at you.
He can't get upset that you want to find something better for yourself. It is sad, the reality that the best thing for you is not him and that leads him to spend more time raiding the kitchen, lowering his head before the complaints and insults of his brothers who now have to do the shopping more often because of him.
In the gym he does not perform as he has to and in the team he spends more time on the substitute bench than on the field, his mind wandering between the illusion that you will ever return with him and the slim possibilities of that happening.
He does not mind having to go through an ordeal if it means that you are happy. No matter how much it costs him mentally, he will grant you with the life you deserve.
Tumblr media
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b33lz3burg3r · 2 days ago
Asmo & Satan whenever they have sleepovers
Asmodeus with curlers in his hair: Welcome back to Tea Time with Asmo & Satan where I'm your host, Lusty McLustface..
Satan applying a face mask: ..and I'm Wrathy McWrathface. Today we have a hot take straight from the source of me! Some bitch said I had bad fashion.
Asmodeus: No.!
Lucifer having to hear this from accross the hall: wtf
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incorrect-obeyme · 2 days ago
Asmo: My goodness Satan, you really need to start reacting when people cry!
Satan: I did.
Satan: I rolled my eyes.
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asmobrim · a day ago
Tumblr media
this post by @luxthestrange​
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jahebohu · 20 hours ago
Send the Obey Me Characters Pick Up Lines
obey me characters x gn! readers, slight nsfw, smooth or dirty pick up lines
Something inside him has awaken
Tumblr media
Surprsingly he said the truth
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Man of words
Tumblr media
Yeah, he's asmo after all
Tumblr media
Clueless (1)
Tumblr media
He sent it first
Tumblr media
He understood the assignment
Tumblr media
Well, well
Tumblr media
Clueless (2)
Tumblr media
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So, I'm going through events that I didn't finish or skipped, and I'm reading through the Angelic event right now...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah, I still really fucking hate it lmao
I will defend my position on the fence with liking, disliking, and understanding Diavolo, but I absolutely hate when he pulls shit that the brothers aren't comfortable with and just uses his authority to steamroll over their resistance. The fact that he should have known the brothers wouldn't be comfortable in their angel forms isn't even an argument up for debate. He was there from the beginning, he knows what the brothers lost during the war and what they suffered through, and despite his urge to do fun things that usually comes at the cost of Lucifer and the others sufferings, this should have been a line he knew better than to cross.
Simeon, on the other hand, has had three strikes with me, and I find him less than likeable. At the start, I tolerated him as a character mainly because I didn't have much opinion of him like I did with strongly disliking Lucifer and being uncomfortable with Asmodeus and feeling protective and simping the hell out of Mammon (opinions and feelings that have changed and intensified). Now, however, I can safely state that I don't care for Simeon at all. I hate some of the things he says or does, and I can easily name three points.
1. When Mammon and MC fake break-up, and Simeon calls Mammon useless. Like, Mammon loves MC so much and the progress he made to that point was exciting to see, and it makes me mad that Simeon would just insult Mammon like that for no other reason because Mammon didn't want to break up with MC, real or fake. He even mentions Mammon loving MC
2. When he insulted Levi and was kinda a dick to him during the TSL event
3. How he reacts and is just okay with what fucking happens with the brothers not only being forced to wear clothes with bad memories of a tragic time in their lives, but how he also just smooths over the fact the brothers are being altered from their personalities. He knew those bangles were imbued with a spell and didn't say anything about it until after the conflicting results of Michael's spell and Diavolo's magic. Disregarding the fact of the disaster, Simeon knew that the spell on the bangles changed the person wearing it to be more "graceful and elegant" or whatever. That's still a bad taste in my mouth that he didn't mention the spell until after the brothers had put them on. Simeon might not be intentionally underhanded (which he is) or conniving, but it was still shitty to not warn the brothers at least.
This event really disgusts me for the blatant disregard and uncaring attitudes Diavolo and Simeon (and Lucifer at the end) have regarding the brothers being essentially brainwashed to act as their old selves. No, not even their old selves. Lucifer alone has stated several times he'd rather disappear than return to heaven or ever be an angel again.
The boys aren't happy. They aren't comfortable or enjoying the influence the magic spell is having on them. They're being manipulated, and their lives are being "corrected" when they go against the angelic effects of the bangles.
Satan, for one example. He's never been an angel. He was born from Lucifer's rage and hatred as he fell (presumably from the UR+ card), so Satan ends up having an existential crisis. He was never an angel. There is no old version of him before being a demon for him to act as, so of fucking course he's going to be confused and uncertain about what is happening to him. He's being forced to be something he never was!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poor Satan retreats to his room when MC admits him not being able to get mad actually unsettles and scares them. He already basically has Imposter Syndrome. Satan doesn't need to be forced to be at ease or peace. He handles his wrath really well.
Belphie sleeps a lot, yes, and he can be lazy and unmotivated, but he still gets shit done. The dude wrote a fucking analysis thesis on humans in What Sort of Cake? that Diavolo praises as a work that will be studied generations later. Belphie, despite my lingering feelings of unresolved tension, is a decent fellow under his persona. He does love Lucifer despite their issues, and he knows his brothers care about him. He has ways of displaying his appreciation and love, but the spell makes him choose to do all the outgoing things he says he'll do. So, it's... not fake, per se, but it's not authentic.
Beel. Beel has fucking PTSD because of the Celestial War and what happened to Lilith. He's deeply impacted from the loss and devastation, even centuries later. He holds himself responsible for Lilith's death. He chose to save Belphie, and he believed that Belphie blamed him for Lilith's death too. He has a fear of losing Belphie in the same form of Lilith. It brings him to such a state that he screams in desperation. It's his biggest fear.
Not to mention how this effect from the bangle technically helps Beel in the worst way. He says when he fell to demonhood he felt something "let go" and he just started eating continuously. With the bangle, he doesn't desire to eat everything, but he becomes selfless and wants to cater to others. That's not a bad thing, but it's not his actual choice and not how he was as an angel. As an angel, and in general, he's deeply caring, very loyal, and loves his family.
If Beel gets a character growth arc like Mammon, if Beel can move away from constantly eating to fill the emptiness he feels, I want it to be done in a way similar to how Mammon has changed with only being happy having money. The way he is in the event, wanting to cater to other people more and foregoing himself, isn't natural or growth.
Levi, as well. He starts to give up and forfeit everything he enjoys. I'm not saying being a hikikomori is a healthy thing (it's how Solmare has described Levi), but he is who he is, and he's a reclusive otaku that loses himself into anime, manga, games, books, and 2D fiction. It's his comfort, it's what he loves and cherishes. He gives that all up to mend his actual relationships, and I'm definitely not saying that that's a terrible thing to do, but it's not his choice.
In my opinion, Levi is very relatable to how he uses 2D content to escape from reality, and it hurts to see him lose that sense of connection, especially against his will. Of course I want Levi to be able to tell MC how he feels about them, but I don't want that at the expense of him losing his sense of identity or through magic that makes him act as he admits his feelings, as honest as that admission might be. It's not Levi saying it through free will.
On the same note as Levi, let's talk about Asmo. He also gives up a lot of his materialistic possessions. Asmo has a sense of security of self and pride in those things, i.e. his clothes, make-up, etc. He just gives that all up to MC. Asmo feels like he has to be the best at all times or otherwise people won't love him. The fact he wants to give that up and start loving himself for who he is on the inside instead of being vain on the outside is a good step forward, but he didn't come to that conclusion himself.
Mammon. Mammon isn't Mammon if he's not Mammon-ing. Of course I don't agree with him stealing from his brothers and acting devious in ways that pulls others into his schemes that backfire, but Mammon isn't all that terrible. @thalfox said it best (I tried finding the post they made to quote them, but I can't) that Mammon is the most human among the demons and angels. He's too bad to be an angel, but he's too good to be a demon. He's caring, he's nurturing, he's loving. He has a soft spot for his younger brothers. He can handle kids well, and he practically gives child support to witches to take care of a little girl. He's selfless and emotionally empathetic. He loves MC to death and back, and he is so in love with them that he's changing in his ways. He says so many times, and I don't just mean him being shy and embarrassed with his feelings.
Of course he's greedy and selfish and arrogant, obnoxious, purposefully does the wrong things, he's sneaky and conniving, a thief, a liar, and a gambler. That's all aspects of him being a demon, and we know little of him being an angel. He was content with a lazy job despite being hardworking and more capable than he showed, but I don't know how much we don't know about him as an angel and how much of him has actually changed from his fall to demonhood (like how Asmo was still vain in his looks as an angel).
Mammon, aside from the stuff I already stated, doesn't need to change anything. He doesn't need to turn into a philanthropist to be better. For as selfish and greedy as he is, he's also thoughtless and giving. He doesn't need to be forced to alter himself.
What makes this event hurt more is the fact that even after Lucifer gets his senses back, he takes advantage of his brothers still being under the spell. He knows how it felt to be forced to act against his will, and as someone he hated being for the most part.
Like, I can't bring myself to enjoy it, and I wonder who actually did, minus for the outfits
Tumblr media
I can sense the irony of this rant turning into an analysis of how the brothers are versus how they could be as angels with 100% good intentions, and that was probably the point in a way (and I hate to admit this works in my favor as an antithesis for my Dark Obey Me AU) but the attitude of everyone minus Solomon gets under my skin, and I will never like this event for the manipulation and detached mindsets the characters have.
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books-and-catears · a day ago
So I had this little idea and immediately thought, only Shio can write this one. So in the classical situation where MC finds embarrassing baby photos of the characters. (For the brothers, maybe Dia/Mephisto/Raph provided them. For Dia it was Barbs & vice versa.) she is fawning over them, giggling at the embarrassing ones and cooing at the adorable ones. The person under the spotlight wants to die until she accidentally goes "if our kids aren't this cute, I want a refund." How would they react?
Awww you thought of me?! 🥺🥺🥺😭😭 Thank you that's such a honor to hear! Also this ask is so damn fluffy and hilarious I'm going to die ahahhahahaha I'll definitely have fun writing this one 🤣🤣🤣
"If our kids aren't this cute, I want a refund."*
Part 1: The Brothers
Tumblr media
When you snuck into restricted section of the Royal library, this isn't exactly what you expected to find. All the cursed books were out in the open, but their old photo albums are here?
You picked out the one with his name. You sat yourself down in the chair next to the lamplight, flipping through the pages.
He was already looking for you when he heard your giggles echoing through the otherwise quiet library.
And of course he flipped out when he saw the album of his baby photos in your hands, rushing over to your side.
"You know", You smirked in his direction,"If our kids aren't this cute, I want a refund."
"MC, hand those over. That's highly inappropriate." He tries to snatch it away out of your grip but it seems to slip from his hand and go right back into yours.
But you click your tongue and hold it tight. "Diavolo gave me full permission to rummage through whatever I want."
Lucifer grumbles. He's going to kill Mammon for handing copies of their pictures back from the Celestial Realm just for some casino chips from Diavolo.
"Aww look at that smile, that's the purest smile I've ever seen! You look so happy just staring at your new wings! Look at you trying to hold them!" You giggle and your finger carressing his face on the photo.
After you say the line*, he gets shocked for just a moment before he breaks into a smirk. "Rest assured MC, we'll make a much cuter one. Especially since you'll be involved."
"OI HUMAN! PUT THOSE DOWN! WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE?!" Mammon and you wrestled for the photos for a while before you yelled "Stay!"
"This is Levi's collection and he gave me full authority to look at them. Even keep some if I want to." You waved around a photo cheekily.
Mammon struggles to move but he's glued in position. He can't even look away from your gleeful face. That's it, Levi has a storm coming now. "Damnit MC!"
"Look at you baby Mammon just clinging to Lucifer's arm I cannot!! And here's Lucifer giving in and carrying you. This is too cute please!" You squeal pressing kisses on the photo.
After you say the line*, watch him as he falls back on some shelves to steady himself, his face burning red. "Oi! Don't just go around saying things like that! And besides the Great Mammon is bound to create cute babies!"
"MC! WHY DO YOU HAVE THOSE! WHERE DID THEY EVEN COME FROM?! NO MC DON'T LOOK AT THOSE!" Levis howls echoed throughout the library.
"Mammon lost a game of cards and he lost this album in a bet. It's mine now, Levi. So I can look at it as much as I want." You smiled slyly.
Levi tried to get to you but it helped that he pulled away whenever your hands lingered on top of each other too long. He was definitely going to get his revenge on Mammon. Why would anyone place bets on these embarassing things?!!!
"Oh my god, little Admiral Levi in training?! Look how cute you look! Pretending to be fierce with a finger pointing forward like that!" You nuzzled the picture.
After you say the line*, Levi has an actual nosebleed. Of course, the first thing that comes to his mind is the baby making process. "Noooo I won't! I won't ruin Baby MC's looks using my genes absolutely not!"
"No. Absolutely not. MC, please doNOT look at those. What do you mean you've already seen more than half of the album?!" Satan was too late to salvage his embarassment.
"I'm sorry Satan, Asmo handed me these albums of him and his cute baby brothers so I couldn't resist." You smile cheekily and wave around a photo you decided to keep.
Satan slumped on the sofa next to you, pinching the agitated crease between his brows while his face flushed pink. He couldn't look you in the eye. Asmo, you're dead. You're dead cat food.
"Oh my word, is that baby Satan's first experience with a cat. Look how it's nuzzling you! Look how happy you look! My whole heart!" You cooed and hugged the picture to your heart.
After you say the line*,Satan looks at you wide eyed before he grins and moves closer to you. "Hmm I have to read up if humans and demons can even procreate but I willing to try again and again, MC."
"Oooh are you looking at pictures of me? Want me to join you and tell you more about it?" Asmo unlike his brothers was over eager to share his memories with you.
"Yes absolutely please. Satan told me you might be willing." You smiled, scooting over so he could sit right next to you.
Asmo was having the time of his life. Getting to talk about himself to someone who actually cares. "This was when I finally become a cherub! Aren't my wings pretty, MC?"
"Flowers in your hair and garlands on your wings?! You did this all yourself!? A baby stylist you were! How adorable!" You said, pressing Asmo's cheeks cause you couldn't help it.
After you say the line*, he gasps and squeals in excitement. "MC darling with both of us combined? We'll have the cutest baby in all three realms!"
Beelzebub & Belphegor
"Oh it seems MC found our old pictures. Let's go see, Belphie!" Beel was more than happy to reminisce as he immediately sat down next to you.
"Ugh fine. But don't let anyone else find out. And no teasing allowed, MC. We couldn't exactly consent to our photos being taken back then." Belphie was more grumpy as he laid head on your lap.
"Well Lucifer said I'm allowed to use these for your birthday planning so I can do what I want hehehe." You grinned cheekily before snuggling in with both of them.
"That's when Belphie started falling asleep in random places. High up on the trees, by the windows using the curtains as blankets, in kitchen cupboards sometimes." Beel laughed as he pointed out.
"Aaah Beel that's only because you crept out of our room past bedtime. I only followed you into the kitchen to make sure you don't eat too much!" Belphie grumbled before breaking into a soft smile.
"And look that's the first time we went to the human realm and brought stuff back." Belphie pointed out.
"And that's Lilith in the back, trying to run away to the Human realm again. She loved it so much she was always sad to come back home." Beel said smiling. "I guess now we can see why, right Belphie?"
They both stared at you as you baby talked and cooed at a picture of them holding hands and posing awkwardly for the camera. "You both are simply too precious! I would have hugged you and never let go if I met you back then hahaha."
After you say the line*,
Beel stares at you wide eyed before looking away embarrased. "Any child of yours would be cute, MC."
Belphie just chuckles and nods. "Sure. We can keep trying until you get one cute enough to your liking."
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jellymoonbear · 2 days ago
inspired by the conversation we had on discord but here is my alignment on what cereals the obey me characters would eat for breakfast
Feel free to add your own opinions
cornflakes with no milk
or he pours his coffee over it
his personal favourite is cornflakes with mammon's tears
sugar puffs bc they look like cute little golden nuggets
didn't like the texture at first but it grew on him
will never admit it but he loves getting the toys from the cereal box
lucky charms or fruity loops
also likes plain cheerios
all those limited edition cereals. buys so many rurichan editions that the whole of hol is sick of eating them and then lucifer makes him eat them for every meal until they're gone
weetabix, plain and eats the chocolate wheaties in the winter
sometimes warm sometimes cold
also likes shreddies and will indulge in frosties every now and then
special k
those small wheat shells filled with choco but he won't eat them with milk bc he finds them yucky when they go soggy
I totally see him eating those crumby ass nature valley granola bars when he's in a rush
do not tell me otherwise
he absolutely eats kellog's crunchy nut cornflakes LIKE A MAN
and all the exciting cereals like reese puffs and oreo o's
coco pops and I won't argue on this
sometimes eats them cold when he needs waking up but otherwise with lukewarm milk
the choccy milk at the end is his favourite
makes him feel like a kid crunching on the balls and then slurping on the milk
cold milk only
granola in any form
his favourite: crunchy nut granola without the dark chop chips bc they're too bitter for him
he likes a lot of nuts and seeds in his granola
all the plain ones like rice krispies, cheerios, bran flakes etc
cold all the way
likes special k too and will have frosties if he's craving smth sweet
my baby boy eats a full bowl of warm, hearty, homemade porridge every morning
with a drizzle of honey and sprinkling of blueberries
on weekends simeon let's him have syrup
raisin bran
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 2 days ago
Oh man I really love your non human mc thing.
But imagine, MC acting strange in front of the brothers but only ever when they’re alone with them?
- MC is studying with him
- He feels something off and looks at them
- Their mouth is open with what seem to be tiny things…moving.
- He blinks and is faced with MC mid yawn
- “Those….things in your mouth…”
- “My teeth?”
- “No the, uh….*coughs* nevermind”
- He sneaks into your room at night to try and borrow (steal) some grimm
- He finds some but before leaving, decides to check up on them
- He sees something wriggle under their skin
- Screams and wakes them up.
- “Oh that? Probably a vein”
- It definitely did not move like a vein, but Mammon being Mammon, no one believed him.
- Seeing MC in the hallway in the middle of the night
- They jolt their head to look at him with contracted pupils and tilt their head to one side a little
- Just as he’s about to scream they chuckle, their expressions softening and pupils instantly dilating
- “Ah Levi it’s just you, you scared me haha”
- “O-oh…”
- In a cat cafe with MC
- All the animals are super agitated around them
- Suddenly the air around them just….stops, he’s surrounded by eerie silence but no one else seems to notice.
- Then one by one all the animals flock towards MC, they just look at Satan with a blank expression
- “It seems they love me” they smile jut it doesn’t quite reach their eye
- “That’s….nice”
- He’s painting MC’s nails
- They ask him if their right hand is dry, he says yes.
- They bring their right index to their face and scratch their eyeball with the tip of the nail
- It sounds like scratching a sandpaper but their eyes looked normal.
- “You…your eye…ball…?”
- “Sorry my eyes were itchy”
- Hanging out with MC in the kitchen, there’s a fruit that’s poisonous to humans but demons love it
- There was only one, Beel wanted to eat it but MC got to it first
- He tried to warn them but they swallowed it whole right there.
- He frantically tries to get them to spit it out but they claim they haven’t eaten anything yet.
- Tells Lucifer the next day
- “Are you sure you didn’t just eat it yourself, because if they really did eat it they wouldn’t have been able to attend RAD today, humans are fragile after all.”
- “Fragile…” it came out more like a question
- When he first ‘killed’ MC it felt more like they were decaying on their own
- He was sure he didn’t apply that much pressure, but their neck seemed to cave in on itself.
- Their expression was hard to read but it definitely did not show any form of pain.
- Whenever he tries to infiltrate their dreams it’s always the same thing
- Complete darkness and the feeling that MC is watching him.
- “I don’t really dream much so it’s probably that.”
- “Right…of course”
I had so much fun writing this ngl UwU
And i had alot of fun reading your scenarios @totally-original-artist 😄
Imma just add this to the masterlist cause it fits perfectly to it, i already answered a question moments ago where someone asked for permission about writing their own headcanons and honestly, if anyone else wants to then do it!
And if you do then @ me to said posts cause i would love read them as well ♡♡
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leviathansstalker · a day ago
Brothers reacting to an MC with cute sneezes...
Tumblr media
↬ Lucifer
Lucifer is speechless, he knows you're cute but wasn't expecting you to sneeze like that... Doesn't know how to react, will ask if you're fine and offer you one of his fancy handkerchiefs.
He quietly watches you for a while, enjoying every second of your embarrassment building up. As the sadist he is, Lucifer gives a soft laugh and teases you about the sneezing.
Once you're not around anymore, Lucifer orders his brothers to be more careful when removing the dust during cleaning duties.
Tumblr media
↬ Mammon
Mammon is shocked and directly looks your way. When he finally thought the exchanged human student couldn't get any cuter and make him fall even more for them... Tch! Mammon is doomed.
He gets jealous of your sneezes and asks you to sneeze only when you're with him. Don't go around sneezing like that, The Great Mammon is the only demon you can trust!
Besides the puppy eyes, you've discovered a new way to make Mammon do whatever you want. Congratulations!
Tumblr media
↬ Leviathan
Leviathan is confused. Has he been watching too much Mahou Shoujo and now he hears everything cutely? Does every human sneeze like that?
You know how Leviathan is... He'll blush and jump on the spot, asking if that was you as he showers you in compliments!
Secretly hopes you sneeze again. But this time, he'll be ready to record you. Leviathan wants to keep a video of you sneezing only for himself, but at the same time, he kind of wants to upload it to Deviltube... You remind him of a sneezing baby panda that went viral in the human world but you are far more adorable.
Tumblr media
↬ Satan
For some reason, your sneezing makes him excited. In his mind, you're just like a kitten... All you're missing is a good pair of cat ears and a fluffy cat tail!
Satan is trying his best to act like everything is normal and he's not going crazy over a simple sneeze... And somehow you can still hear him whispering to himself about how lovely you are.
Satan "innocently," asks you to help clean some dusty books... He tries petting your head once you're distracted and gets shy if you look his way.
Tumblr media
↬ Asmodeus
Great, you just gave Asmodeus a sneezing kink now. If you ever get sick, you know who's going to try being your nurse...
Your sneezes make Asmodeus feel a certain way... Even though sneezes are gross, for some reason Asmodeus can't avoid finding this side of yours charming and flirts nonstop with you.
Asmodeus wants to recreate that moment. He's doing his best to discover what exactly made you sneeze and how he can make you sneeze again... Part of him wants you to sneeze on him, but the other part finds that pretty unhygienic and unhealthy.
Tumblr media
↬ Beelzebub
Beelzebub simply laughs it off. He offers you some tissues and is worried his snacks may be the reason behind your sneezing. Will try being more careful with the food he eats around you, he's afraid you may be allergic to it.
Beelzebub won't make a big deal out of it, but he certainly finds your sneezing adorable. Eventually, Beelzebub starts comparing your sneezes to his and Belphegor.
He can't understand how someone can sound so cute when sneezing. His sneezes are completely different from yours and now he's a little worried about what you would think of that...
Tumblr media
↬ Belphegor
Belphegor laughs it off as he jokes about your sneezes. He finds your sneezing adorable and funny at the same time, but depending on how close you two are, he may or may not admit it.
However, he'll blush a little if you ask him to give his honest opinion. And since Belphegor is quite smart, maybe he'll try making moves on you as he teases you kindly.
If you're not paying attention, he will try moving some dusty pillows close to you in order to hear your sneezing again. Your reactions are very entertaining to the youngest brother.
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rain-coffeemix · a day ago
Obey me boys (brothers) with a s/o that's aware of the 3 realms and is good with magic
Wearing:spoilers of lesson 16
Author's note:sooo..I stopped playing obey me a long time ago and i only got up to lesson 18, so please excuse me if I get anything wrong. Hope you enjoy!
Reader:gn as always
Tumblr media
To say he was surprised at how composed you were is an understatement-
Like you basically got kidnapped AND not just that but to ANOTHER REALM
Keeps an eye on you more, knowing that for some reason you aren't scared is suspicious to him
When he attempted to murder threatened you on multiple occasions, he felt like there was something keeping him back
Pretends to have always known you're actually skilled at magic
Sir- please just admit you didn't know like the rest of them🙄🤚
Thinks you and your magic is pretty but won't admit it
Sigh listen my relationship with mammon is weird-
There are times where I want to smother him with love and times where I want to choke him to death-
We all know our loveable dumbass will complain about being our "babysitter"
But there's no winning with him–
You ignore him? He'll bother you to death until you pay attention to him
You try being friendly with him? He'll push you away, saying he doesn't need a weak human around
But once ya'll get close? He's the first person you tell about your abilities, as he should be
He's mesmerized when watching you do magic, you look so pretty and gorge–
Get over yourself human😒
Ugh, just ANOTHER normie in the house
He definitely ignores you at first
Why try getting to know a human normie when you have anime?
When you won the little tournament of tsl, proving you're better and he attacks you? You cast a barrier between you and the others
Leaving everyone stunned
Now he's worried you might be like a sorcerer he knows-
But you're not and he definitely wishes he took the time to get to know you from the beginning
He knew from the beginning-
I mean he sensed something keeping you safe and is sure as hell no one else's magic
It felt so different to what he was used to
So he suspected that you're magically skilled and what do you know!? He's right!
Studies ancient tombs and spell books with you
One time you cast a spell on him to help with a prank ya'll were gonna do on luci
It felt amazing, he felt so at peace when feeling your magic practically wash over him
It's really comforting to him <3
He was annoyed when you didn't fall for his charms
But also intrigued, why? Well you were for some reason immune to his charm
And well in the beginning he kinda saw you as a challenge
How exactly? Well it's simple! If he can sleep with you before the year ends, he's proven that he is, infact the most beautiful demon alive
But then he gets to know you and he's smitten
Found out about your abilities and was convinced you charmed him with magic for a hot min- tho, that wouldn't be so bad :)
Ngl he didn't want to interact with ya at first :^
He doesn't hate you but he ain't liking ya that quickly-
He also knew about your abilities
How? You accidentally cut your finger with a knife while making dinner for the first night
He could smell the magic that was infused with the small drops of blood that fell
After you held his hand that night and comforted him, he started talking to you more and approaching you too!
Loves when you help him work out while using magic
We all know how things started out with this murderous cow-
He loathed you before you even existed, what did ya expect?
The fact that you gave a good fight when he tried to kill you was frustrating at first
But now? He's more than grateful. He also gained a few scars from you and tbh he admires them
Loves to nap with his head on your lap while you go over a spell book you haven't finished yet
You offered you heal the scars completely but he refused
He appreciates the times you use magic to keep him up a tad bit longer too
This is kinda shitty but I'm occupied with exams that are sucking the life out of me so I hope this is good enough for now, also should I do the royals and other exchange students too?
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