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“Comes with the territory, sweetheart,” he winks before returning her kiss, giggling softly as he hears her gasping. As she pushes him against the wall, he makes absolutely no move to resist or escape… if anything, he just seems to flush more, biting his lower lip. “What am I gonna do now? Mm… well, I was thinking of asking for you to kiss me again… I mean, you have me right here at your mercy; surely you want to… take advantage of that situation, right~?” he asks, eyelashes fluttering.

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yummy love | Beelzebub


Chapter Thirteen: I SAID I THINK

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple days I just needed a break, my mental health has not been the best because of my job. I don’t like my supervisor, she makes my life so difficult and I don’t get any respect bc I’m one of the youngest there buuut it is what it is 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve been writing a lot due to the stress, so I have a lot of things coming up! Tomorrow I’ll be posting two hcs and all the ships requests that have been submitted will be posted no later than Monday! Thank you guys for the compliments I’ve been getting, they’ve definitely helped me 🥰🥰 lots of love 💗

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Lucifer is a BeelY/n stan 😌

Bold Beel !!!

Not relevant but I want nuggets :(

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IT’S BEEN SO LONG! I’ve been busy with school, but I didn’t forget about all my lovelies! @obeymekookie here is the newest chapter, hun <3

Warnings: torture, sexual scenarios, etc. 

Word count: 1,574


  “Satan, we’re so happy to see you! But…we need to tell you something.”

Satan looks between his brothers, and then over to Diavolo. He could tell by the stern look on his face, that it was serious. He proceeds with caution:


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“Mm… ah~! Oh, you’re very good at reading people, aren’t you…?” His fingers slide into her hair, twirling locks of it around them, his face flushing as little delighted noises pass his lips from her nibbles. “Aaaah, if you wanna eat me up then– mm!” His eyes widen as she kisses him so suddenly, and he gives her a tight squeeze around the waist, his body flush against hers. “Ooh, you’re welcome to eat me up all you want! But be warned… I’ll absolutely want to do the same for you…” He giggles seductively, meeting her lips once more, his tongue eagerly curling around her own.

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I just wanna share something I was thinking about— I don’t think the sins that the brothers commit are… sins? Well, its odd to explain. I don’t think they’re wrong, even though they’re sinning. The Celestial Realm Angels may see them as committing sins, but honestly, all I see is the brothers being unable to cope with their sisters death and manifesting it into sins.

An example which is easy to understand is Beel. Many people stress eat. Eating is just,,, Beel’s way of coping. Same with Mammon. He spends and spends because he doesn’t know what else to do.

Anyways, I just kinda wanted to point that out. I don’t see them as bad, I just see them as unhealthy coping mechanisms. (Sorry if it doesn’t make too much sense, I jumbled a string of thoughts I had together)

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Comfort Kisses~

Featuring: The Little Brothers~

Consider kissing Satan as his wrath is flaring, as his aura is wild around him, as his body is rigid; his tense and angry form calming under the touch of his beloved, his narrowed eyes widening and softening as he embraces them so lovingly.

Consider kissing Asmodeus as he’s feeling insecure, as he’s cuddling into his partner in need of support; the tension vanishing from his body as he smiles so sweetly against his beloved’s lips, as they remind him that he’s beautiful.

Consider kissing Beelzebub as he frets over not being a good enough protector; his beloved holding him close and pressing a loving kiss to his lips as they assure him that he is all the protection, all the safety, all the reassurance they need.

Consider kissing Belphegor as he recovers from a nightmare; soothing his wide-eyed panic with a tender meeting of the lips, soft reassurances that everything’s alright, gently spoken reminders that he’s safe and cared for and so very loved.

The big brothers can be found right here!

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The Undateables as Dads

Part Two! The Purgatory Hall Crew

Again, I tried to leave it GN!MC because being a parent is more than a gender. It’s defined by your willingness to love, nuture and do what you can to help your child succeed.

If any of this subject matter makes you uncomfortable, please scroll away!

Warnings: babies, toddlers, kids, parenting, alluded birth or adoption (however you choose that you started your fam 🙂♥️), sappy floofy demon, angel and human boyos.

Simeon- (feat Luke as a big bro)

Dating Simeon came with the responsibility of already being a parent of sorts for Luke. Simeon is his guardian and while he may act aloof at times, he really cares for the adorable chihuahua.

So when you brought up the idea of expanding your family, he was excited! Luke was also really happy when you broke the news to him, HE finally gets to be the big brother!

Simeon involves smol angel in planning the nursery/room, which to no ones surprise the theme ended up being a nod to the celestial realm. Mostly white with splashes of color accenting different things. They will have a mobile of lambs and clouds. Luke is also super protect of his little sibling. Will take you out at the ankles if you mess with them!

Your little lamb is in complete awe the first time they see Sims in his angel form. (I mean who wouldn’t be, right?) he sat carefully in the rocking chair cradling them to his chest, humming to them, with his wings curled lightly around the both of them, giving baby the sense of perfect peace and security.

You may have bawled your eyes out at the overwhelming preciousness of it all

As they get older, Simeon starts to instill a sense of adventure in them by taking trips around different places in the celestial realm, the human world and the devildom.

Although most of them won’t ever admit it outright, the bro’s always look forward to seeing you all. (Especially Luci 🤭)

Simeon tries to teach them about creative writing in hopes it will spark their interest. If not, no worries. He’s the type of dad that will always be unconditionally supportive in where ever their interests lie.

If they do enjoy it? Can you say “TSL spin off adventure written by one excited dad and lamby?” Cause I sure can! When you texted Levi about it, you could practically hear the fanboy screeching through all three realms. 😂

Simeon sets up a miniature desk with custom stationary right next to his own so they can always work together. He saves every single poem, story or picture lamby has ever created. Loves to frame and hang them around your home.

Definitely teaches them angelic principles, like being kind, caring, etc but having honorary uncles who are both angels and demons, he also empathizes that what you are doesn’t define who you are. That your “family” is the group of people who care for and love you unconditionally. ♥️


Your life with Solomon is never dull. There’s always a good mixture of chaos and shenanigans caused by him.

When you decided to start a family, your little chicky becomes Solomon 2.0….

Same chaos, lovable derpness and please for the love of humanity keep them both away from the kitchen!!

You are still banned from sending baked goods to school with them after the cupcakes they made with daddy started growling and chasing the other kids around the classroom.

Chicky’s room looks like something out of Howl’s Moving Castle. Magic scrolls, ancient tomes, scattered tools, it looks more like an atelier than a bedroom and they couldn’t be anymore delighted!

It’s a pretty common occurrence for there to be a minor explosion or three when the two of them are working on a spell.

You still giggle when you look at the picture hanging on the wall of the two of them with bright rainbow colored hair and big goofy smiles after one had gone array.

Sorry Sol’s part is so short! I really struggled with him. I feel like he’s still a bit of an enigma, so it’s hard to completely gauge his personality.

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Ok am i the only one worried about asmos hands like not for them but about them like hes the avatar of lust but his nails are long so like how does he use them inside someone without like ya know, pain

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I usually don’t get new and strong cards a lot but when I do it feels like I am getting a pat on my ass from some form of god. Asmodeus is looking out for me and I will love him for this

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I just wanna say that as a curly myself, I want to publicly appreciate Asmos curls ♡ I wish we had some more curls in the game but I’m kinda happy the only one that has them happens to be the literal pinnacle of beauty, pls and thank you

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In honor of me no longer having covid, I decided to write down how I mentally coped with having the plague  some headcanons about our boys and a sick MC. Because I’m all about the hurt/comfort life.


Lucifer: “You should be resting.”

The human scowled. Of course Lucifer was standing guard at the bottom of the staircase.

“I’m just going to get some water,” their voice sounded like sandpaper against wood as they spoke. They felt like the living dead, and judging by the cool stare Lucifer was giving them, they looked it, too.

“No, you’re just going back to bed.” He caught them by the elbow as soon as they were within reach. “I’ll bring a pitcher of water to your room for you.”

“Lucif–” their complaint was cut off by a sudden coughing fit. The force of it made them double over, and they clutched at their chest with one hand while the other went to cover their mouth. Demons couldn’t catch human illnesses, but old habits die hard.

It wasn’t until their lungs stopped trying to eject themselves from their body that they realized that Lucifer had sat them down on the bottom step. He was rubbing slow, soothing circles on their back, a rare look of concern in his dark eyes. “Easy now, my dear,” he murmured as they caught their breath. “You’re shaking, are you chilled?”

“…Just a little,” they wheezed. They must not have sounded very convincing, because Lucifer quickly removed one glove and gently pressed the back of his hand against their forehead.

“Your fever has come back.” In one quick, fluid movement, he had taken the cloak from around his shoulders and wrapped it around them like a blanket. “Go back to bed, now. I’ll bring you water and something to bring your fever down,” he spoke softly, like raising his voice would trigger another coughing fit.

It was too bad they were too sick to appreciate Lucifer’s soft side.

Mammon: “…A’ight, that should be everything.”

Admittedly, he might have gone a bit overboard. But, could you blame him? He’d never nursed a sick human back to health before!

…Okay, so Lucifer may or may not have let Mammon use his credit card to get stuff for them. And he may or may not have taken a few liberties. It was for the human though!

“Mammon, holy shit,” they mumbled, poking their head out from the blanket burrito they had cocooned themselves in. “Is there anything left at the convenience store or did you buy them out?”

“Shut it.” he set the last six-pack of Gatorade (well, the Devildom equivalent of it, anyway) at the foot of their bed. “Ya’ weren’t specific, so I just got one of each!”

Their room looked like a doomsday prepper’s bunker. Cans of soup, a myriad of flavors of instant noodles, a portable heater, the works. Maybe they should have been more specific.

“Do ya’ need anything else?” Mammon sounded vaguely annoyed, but underneath the gruff tone he spoke with, his concern was obvious. They had given him a scare when they first came down with the flu two days ago, temperature so high that they ended up collapsing on their way to RAD. He had been fussing over them since. They weren’t even sure if he had slept.

“…Just one more thing.”

“Yeah?” he perked up like a dog waiting for an order from its master. “Whaddaya need?”

Instead of speaking, they wiggled their arms free of the blankets and held them out. For a moment, Mammon just stared at them in confusion. When what they were asking for finally clicked, his face grew so hot they could use it as a space heater.

“What are you, a little kid?” he grumbled, but there wasn’t even a moment’s hesitation as he climbed into the bed with them. They settled themselves against his chest, sighing contentedly. Sleep had taken over in a few heartbeats.

“…Get better soon, you hear?” they didn’t, obviously, and Mammon took the opportunity to gently pat their head, like they so often did for him. “If you’re gonna be all cute and stuff, I want ya to be conscious of it.”

Leviathan: “You know, I really thought you would take longer to go through all of these.”

The human looked like a whole new person compared to the last time Levi had seen them. They were sitting upright, although they looked ready to slide back down into their previous coma-like state any minute, and the number of blankets wrapped around them had been reduced to just one instead of three. They managed to shoot him a weak grin as they handed over the manga he had let them borrow.

As much as Levi loved staying locked away in his inner sanctum, it was only an enjoyable experience if one’s source of entertainment was also locked away with them. And he couldn’t, in hood conscience, let the human die of boredom instead of dying of illness, so he had ventured out of his lair armed with his collector’s edition box set of I’m A Scholarship Student At An Obscenely Rich School and Now I Have To Work Off A Debt Because I Broke A Vase That Belonged To A Host Club!

That had only been a few days ago, but this morning he had gotten a text from them saying that they were finished.

“It’s not like I have anything else to do, Levi.”

“Pretty sure you could have been sleeping, but okay.”

They stuck their tongue out. “I couldn’t put it down.”

“Right?” Levi nodded enthusiastically, clutching the box to his chest like it was worth his weight in gold. Actually, knowing him, he probably paid his weight in gold for it. “I definitely bawled my eyes out at the end. You have to watch the anime next, the music really brings the scene together. And, like, I’m not usually into pastel themes, but the color scheme actually really fits the mood, and - “

Somewhere in the middle of Levi’s overly-excited info dumping, the human’s eyes had slipped closed. By the time Levi realized he was geeking out, their breathing had evened out and they had slumped against the headboard.

…Oh. They looked really cute like that.

“Sheesh, c’mon, normie,” he muttered, shaking his head. “I can’t believe I bored you to sleep.”

He set down the box on their nightstand and, very carefully, so he didn’t wake them up, inched them down to lay were laying against the mountain of pillows they had. Once they were settled into a position that wouldn’t give them a crick in their neck, he pulled the blanket up to their chin.

“There,” he nodded to himself. “You rest up, because you and I are going to have an anime marathon, and I won’t forgive you if you fall asleep in the middle of it.”

They mumbled, but otherwise stayed unconscious. Levi had definitely seen this in an anime before. His heart was pounding somewhere around his throat, but he wasn’t getting this opportunity again any time soon. Gently, like he was approaching a wild animal, he leaned in close and pressed his lips to their forehead.

“Seriously, get better soon.” he murmured. “I don’t like seeing you sick.”

Satan: His leg was falling asleep.

He had been sitting in the same position for at least an hour, and if it were anyone else he simply would have shoved them off and went about his day. But, how could he push the human away when they were curled up like a kitten in his lap?

They had been complaining about being bored, since they had been too feverish to attend RAD for the past few days. So Satan, always the man with a plan, had arrived in their room ready to binge watch his favorite crime drama. Even though he had seen this show at least eight times, he still found himself getting absolutely sucked into the plot. So much so that he didn’t notice the human starting to nod off until they landed against his side.

“Honestly, you could have just told me you were tired.” he muttered, gently rearranging them so their head was resting in his lap. They made a small noise in their sleep, but otherwise remained unconscious.

It was so rare that the human was still. They seemed to have an endless source of energy, able to be embroiled in all of the shenanigans that tended to happen around the family without absolutely disintegrating. To have them finally at rest, even sick, was quite the treat. Satan couldn’t quit help himself as he reached down to pet their head.

Well, if he was going to be stuck here until they woke up, at least he had a good show to watch.

Asmodeus: “Asmo, I can bathe by myself.”

“Yeah, no, don’t even try it.” Asmo shook his head as he ushered the human into his bedroom. “You passed out in the shower the other day, darling. This is the only time I’m grateful for Mammon’s snooping, because you might still be there if he hadn’t heard you fall.”

They subconsciously touched the sore spot on their shoulder where they had collided with the wall. The pain blended in with the rest of their body aches, but the bruise certainly didn’t.

“Besides,” Asmo sat them down on the chaise lounge. “A nice, hot bath with some quality oils will rejuvenate you like nothing else. Now, go on, strip.”

When they gave him a clearly unamused look, he just laughed. “Not while you’re sick, darling. You know full well being with me requires you to be at peak energy.”

With a sigh, they began peeling themselves out of their days-old pajamas. Admittedly, they did feel like a bath would help them feel a little better. They were pretty sure they read somewhere that the steam from hot water would help clear out all the gunk in their chest. And if anyone knew the intricate rituals of bath time, it was Asmodeus.

While they were stripping, Asmo had made his way over to the Grecian temple that was his bathtub and turned on the tap. After a few moments of running his hand under the stream to test the temperature, he stood and began browsing his impressive collection of bath accoutrements. “Hm, let’s see, let’s see…here it is!”

Asmo turned around, holding up the little bottle like he had just found buried treasure. “Eucalyptus, to help clear out the lungs. It’s good for muscle aches, too!”

With a flourish, he put a few drops into the water. “Alright, ready. Can you get in yourself or do you need my help?”

“I’ve got the flu, not the plague, Asmo.”

“You. Fell. In. The. Shower.” he punctuated each word with a poke to their cheek before holding out his hand to help them. Although they grumbled, they were still feeling kind of weak, so they allowed Asmo to pull them up.

“There, now, easy does it,” he spoke softly as he guided them to sit on the edge of the tub. If this were any other situation, they would be painfully aware of the fact that they were completely naked in front of the Avatar of Lust. But, the fragrant steam rising from the water was beginning to ease the ache in their chest, and Asmo’s soft hands had begun massaging their shoulders. They barely even noticed when they were fully seated.

“You’re not coming in?” they murmured sleepily as Asmo sat himself along the edge of the tub. He just laughed.

“Next time, darling. Now, you just relax and let me take care of you.”

Beelzebub: The phrase “don’t have much of an appetite” just didn’t make sense to Beel. How could someone not want to eat? Maybe he was a bit biased, being the ever-starving Avatar of Gluttony, but still. Humans needed lots of nutrients to get better when they were sick, right? He was pretty sure that was what Satan told him.

Beel scowled, scrolling through the eighteenth listicle about foods to eat when sick. Honestly, he was making himself hungry, but he was starting to get the general idea. Looks like he’s making them some soup.

The kitchen was separated into “human” and “demon” sections, after the one time that they almost used cyanide instead of salt. Human cuisine took less time and involved less magic, so Beel knew his way around the human spice cabinet. Making the soup was the easy part, making sure it got to its intended recipient was another matter.

Climbing the stairs to the human’s room felt like a Herculean task, but he did it - mostly. He may have taken a few bites here and there. But he had purposely put more in the bowl than he knew they would be able to eat, so it was fine, right? He knocked on their door twice, listening to them shuffle around before they finally called out weakly that the door was open.

“I brought food.” he said, shutting the door behind him. “You haven’t been eating much lately.”

They poked their head miserably out of the blanket burrito they had wrapped themselves in. A thin sheen of sweat covered their forehead, but they were shaking, which meant their fever hadn’t broken yet. Did humans always take this long to get better? Another question for Satan.

“I’m not really hungry, Beel.” they mumbled, voice thick and gravelly due to the sore throat they had. “You can eat it.”

Shaking his head, Beel sat himself down on the bed beside them. “I had some already.”

“Have some more.”

“No, I made it for you.” his stomach growled, completely undermining his words. “It’s basically just broth, you can drink it.”

They wiggled around for a bit before they managed to extract themselves from the absolute cocoon they had made. “…What kind of broth?”

“Just chicken, I promise.” he laughed. “I wasn’t about to try to get you to eat a Devildom recipe.”

Finally, they got themselves into a sitting position, but even that seemed to wear them out. They flopped against Beel’s shoulder, and he definitely didn’t like how hot their skin felt against his. Their breathing was ragged as they tried to get the energy to sit up.

“Here,” Beel dipped the spoon into the broth. “I’ll help.”

“I’m not a baby…”

“No, but you are really weak.” he replied gently. “Let me help you.”

He could feel the urge to protest vibrating through their body - their independence was definitely an endearing quality of theirs. But, eventually they must have come to the conclusion that a content of tenacity between the two of them was going to take longer than simply waiting out their illness. With a huff, they opened their mouth and let Beel feed them.

“Oh, wow, this is pretty good.”

“I’m a good cook if I don’t eat the ingredients first.”

Belphegor: “I thought humans slept a lot when they got sick.”

The bags under the human’s eyes were almost as intense as they glare they gave him. When the rest of the brothers had begun arguing over something stupid, Belphegor had taken the opportunity to bundle them up and whisk them away to the peace and quiet of the attic. His intent had been to take a nice long nap with them, but apparently their lungs had a different plan.

“We should,” they groaned, sounding like their throat was made of sandpaper. “Every time I feel like I’m going to fall asleep, I start coughing.”

“That sounds counter-intuitive.”

“Tell me about it.”

Belphie rolled over so that he was lying on his side, facing them. “Well then, you picked a good nap partner.”

They blinked blearily up at him. “Why is that?”

“Come here, I’ll show you.”

He reached out, tugging them towards him until they were settled comfortably against his chest with their head tucked beneath his chin. Although he wasn’t the tallest of the brothers, he had enough height to basically surround the human. “Can you hear my heartbeat?”

“I’m too tired for you cheesy lines, Belphie.”

“No, seriously, just listen.”

He could practically hear them roll their eyes, but they quieted down. Once he was sure they were synced up with the steady ba-bump, ba-bump of his heart, he began to work his magic - literally.

He brought his hand up to cup the back of their skull, fingertips tingling as he focused his magic their. They squirmed for a moment before sighing as the cool rush of Belphie’s special brand of sleep magic washed over them.

“I told you, being tired isn’t the prob - “

“Hush,” he murmured, letting them feel his voice rumble through his chest. “Just relax for me, okay?”

Belphie massaged their scalp like he was washing their hair, working his magic into their skin. Slowly but surely he felt them soften, the tightness in their chest easing. Finally, their slightly labored breathing evened out, and the poor human finally succumbed to sleep.

“About time,” he kissed the top of their head. “You need to rest if you want to get better, so let’s sleep as long as we like, okay?”

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“Fine, fine,” Asmo pouts a little, smiling as he stands up and backs off a bit.

“Better!” Mammon turns from his brother to offer the human a hand up. “C'mon, darlin’. I’m sorry fer how they are… they just missed ya a lot,” he chuckles.

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“Come on, you guys. Let him up,” Satan says, chuckling softly.

“B-But…” Asmo pouts, arms tightening around the human.

Belphie responds only by snoring a bit louder, pretty much flopped over the human.

Beel chuckles, carefully lifting his twin up and into his arms. “There you go.”

Levi blushes brightly, standing up and running a hand through his hair. “S-Sorry. I guess I got a little carried away there,” he laughs.

“All of you, shoo! Get yer paws offa my human!” Mammon announces, pretty much wrestling Asmo off of his partner.

Watching from the doorway, Lucifer chuckles warmly at the sight, meeting the human’s eyes and mouthing the words ‘I’m sorry.’

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“Ahaha~! Well… it’s quite difficult to fluster me, but I’m definitely enjoying your company…” He leans into her touch, such a bright smile on his lips. As her breath ghosts across his neck, a little shiver runs through him, and he giggles. “Oh my… Well, as the Avatar of Lust, I can tell most peoples’ ‘weaknesses’ quite easily… but how did you know one of my weakest spots is my neck~?” he asks, blushing softly as he holds her close.

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Asmo: I just finished a two year relationship.

MC: Are you okay?

Asmo: Yeah, I’m okay. The relationship wasn’t mine.

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If you know ,you know 😏

LWJDJKSKW pls but here yah go

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