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#obey me asmodeus
I just.
So Asmo asked me "hows the second prettiest person in Devildom doing?" And I responded with "I dunno how are you?" And now. Now he's crying and I don't know what to do please help
*he is trying to not laugh*
Well... You can attempt to apologize to him for it, though it may take quite a bit for Asmodeus to forgive you... If you would like me to talk to him on your behalf I would be willing to.
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devildomqueen · 2 hours ago
Obey Me As The Golden Girls Quotes #2
Tumblr media
Asmodeus: “I do love the rain so. It reminds me of my first kiss.”
Simeon: “Aw, your first kiss was in the rain?”
Asmodeus: “No, it was in the shower.”
Diavolo: “Is there anything else we can get you, MC?”
Barbatos: “A little tea perhaps?”
MC: “I’m not in England, I’m having a heart attack!”
Mammon: “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.”
MC: “You’d have to be dead six months to fit in it.”
Leviathan: “Oh, Lucifer! Thank goodness you’re here!”
Mammon: “Arrested for prostitution! I can’t believe it!”
Beelzebub: “Lucifer, we’re innocent!”
Lucifer: “I know that. I can’t believe these dumb cops would think anyone would pay money to sleep with you.”
Simeon: “ rude person!”
Lucifer: “Go easy on him, Simeon.”
Diavolo: “Let me tell you about a lesson I learned when I was a little demon.”
Diavolo: “If you hold the bird gently, the bird will stay.”
Diavolo: “If you squeeze the bird, it’s eyes will bug out.”
Luke: “...”
Mammon: “How do I look?”
Lucifer: “Mammon, you look incredible!”
Mammon: “You really think so?”
Lucifer: “I really think so. I’ve never seen you look so stunning.”
Lucifer: “Who’s the designer? He deserve a Nobel prize for this miracle.”
Mammon: *Glaring*
Satan: “Is that all you care about? Money and applause?”
Mammon: “And sex. For which I generally get applause.”
Demon: “Leviathan?”
Mammon: “No. And if I start acting like him, pull the plug.”
Asmodeus: “Mammon, at 2 AM this morning, I was entertaining a gentleman caller when Lucifer opened the door at the most inopportune time! I coulda lost my balance and chipped a tooth!
Mammon: “You think that’s annoying? He came into my room last night when I was re-enacting the plank scene from Peter Pan!”
Satan: “What the hell goes on at night in this house?!”
Solomon: “These your roommates?”
MC: “Yeah.”
Solomon: “Which one’s the slut?”
Asmodeus, Belphegor & Mammon: “I am.”
Lucifer: “...”
Asmodeus: *zzz*
Lucifer: “Asmo, wake up, my partner will be home any minute!”
Asmodeus: “Oh! Where’s my shoes!?”
Lucifer: *sigh*
Mammon: “Do we have any orange juice left?”
Satan: *stares at Mammon while pouring the rest of the orange juice into his glass*
Satan: “No, we’re all out.”
Asmodeus: “It’s so hard to dress for the psychiatrist. You wear black, they think you’re depressed. You wear red, they think you’re angry. You wear a negligee, they think you want to sleep with them!”
Solomon: “Why aren’t you arrested more?”
Mammon: “So, big shot, did you get the tickets?”
Satan: “Can’t you say ‘hello’ first?”
Mammon: “Hello, big shot. Did you get the tickets?”
Simeon: “Is that all you Italians know how to do? Scream and hit?”
Diavolo: “No! We also know how to make love and sing opera!”
Lucifer: “Now what’s wrong?”
Mammon: “I lost it, Lucifer!”
Lucifer: “You never had it, Mammon.”
Diavolo to MC: “You’re still as pretty as a ladybug sunning itself on a lily pad on a misty spring day, south of savannah.”
Mammon, mumbling: “Could you be more specific, big daddy?”
Asmodeus: “How do I look?”
Leviathan: “Like a widow in mourning.”
Asmodeus: “Good, he’ll know I’m available.”
Solomon: “Asmo, did you know at a truck stop in Tuscaloosa they have an egg dish named after you?”
Asmodeus: “Really?! How’s it prepared?
Lucifer: “Over easy.”
Mammon, filling out a crossword: “‘I am nothing but a cheap, tawdry slut’.”
Satan: “Don’t tell me...Is it...Asmodeus?”
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weebswrites · 2 hours ago
Hi! Of that's okay could i request big brother headcanons for the other brothers?👉🏻👈🏻
The Demon Bros Acting Like Your Big Brother
See Mammon’s here
• Gets jealous easily if you start spending time with his brothers more than him. You mean a lot to him and he doesn’t want his brothers’ constant nagging on him to rub off on you (it never could, Luci. don’t worry)
• If you so much as look at something through a window when you’re out with Lucifer, the next day he’ll have gone back and gotten it for you
• Through this, he learns what type of things you prefer, so his gifts are always the best - a secret only the two of you know
• Helps you study for tests, but only if you ask (his version of asking, which is him saying “MC, have you been studying enough or do I need to find you a tutor” and you responding with something along the lines of “I think the best tutor in the Devildom is right here”)
• Is often too shy to share his admiration for you verbally, so he thanks you for always being there for him through quality time and the occasional little gift
• Despite being addicted to his computer, he’s a really good listener and will go hours without it if you need him for anything
• Teaches you about all the best Devildom games, and the two of you spend hours together in bean bag chairs snacking and gaming, eyes watering from lack of sleep but you’re having too much fun to stop
• Incredibly sassy, but in a loving way that only you understand
• Always looking out for you, whether it be physically grabbing your arm to stop you from stepping in a puddle or reminding you of a test you had next week
• Will beat someone up if they bully you for being a human, and I’m not saying that he’s done it before, but he’s done it before. That’s his human, and no one, demon or otherwise, is going to hurt you
• Loves to play board/card games with you on Sunday mornings, specifically ones from the human world. He finds them fascinating and loves the time you spend together teaching him the rules
• All of the brothers are overprotective in their own way, but Asmo is always obvious with his care for your wellbeing
• If you’re about to do something dangerous with Belphie or impulsive with Mammon, he’ll always find himself in the right place at the right time to remind you to think before you act in the most casual yet stern older-brother way possible
• Teaches you to dance before the first ball that Diavolo throws, which at first you thought was a joke offer, but he takes dancing surprisingly seriously
• (16+) Almost has Regina’s mom from Mean Girl’s vibe. Won’t walk in on you, but if you find an extra pack of condoms in your drawer the night you told him you were going out to the bar you knew how they got there
• Will cover for you if you forget an assignment or are in trouble
• Also will cuddle you whenever you miss the human world or just need someone to be there for you
• Secretly loves to prank his older brothers, especially since no one ever suspects him. The two of you pull some seriously good pranks on Lucifer and laugh together as he erupts “MAMMON!!!”
• You learn how to cook together, there are videos on DevilTube he’s been meaning to watch, so sometimes you wake up early together and cook breakfast for everyone
• He got into the habit of journaling when he was locked in the attic, and now he finds the pages filled more and more with how proud of you he is and little memories he has of you throughout the day
• When you fall asleep against him during a movie night he wraps an arm around you cautiously and makes sure your neck won’t be sore when you wake up the next morning
• As an official member of the “Lucifer, You SUCK!” club, he will get in on the pranking with you and Beel from time to time, and his evil streak makes it all the more fun
A/N: Sorry some of these are a bit short! I really liked this tho heh I’m a sucker for wholesome demon bro content
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! Theory Time ! (! Spoilers !)
Yeah Solomon in lesson 46-12 that he HAD someone he loved but it wasn’t mutual ? So Solomon loved that person but they didn’t ? Maybe it’s stupid theory but what if Solomon was a FRIEND of the man Lilith fell in love with? You know they were three best friends at first then Solomon and that man fell in love with Lilith but Lilith choose that man and Solomon cared about both of them and he wanted them to be happy with eachother so he let them. (of course he was sad). He didn’t even confess his true feelings to Lilith because he didn’t want to  destroy their friendship.Then his friend fell ill, Lilith died at war. Maybe he was trying to heal his friend himself?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maybe he summoned Barbatos to help him heal his friend ? Solomon back then valued his friend and love.
And another thing I like to think and that is his hair weren’t always white. Maybe they were black, brown ? You know he’s very VERY very old so maybe how did he age so his hair just turned white?
Now that flower Solomon is holding in his new card animation :
I think it’s carnation.
Tumblr media
Meaning of flower:  Love, purity, good luck fascination and distincion
When were are at it...
Does Simeon, Luke and Solomon know that MC is Lilith’s descendant ?
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busycoroner · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. How does your MC Sleep? [On their side, on their back, with a partner, etc., in PJs, etc.]
I'm assuming that everyone at the Purgatory Hall have the rooms of the approximately the same size, but MCs room is pretty empty compared to the brothers’. It's big and airy with tall ceiling and empty walls, but still cozy because everything is either carpeted or natural wood. There used to be a big chandelier-type light at the center of the room but it got dismantled since MC doesn't like anything pressing on their head. The big pit makes the view from the windows better. The room is on the ground floor, so when you lay down on the bed you level with the earth outside, with flower bushes above you, it’s very cozy. When you lay down in the den you get a great view of the cloudy skies above, the crown of the tree next to the window and the flower-covered vines that creep along the walls. This room setup would be pretty chilly, but everything is, naturally, heated by magic so it’s ok. At the moment MC doesn't date anyone, but they do have naps with people both platonically and romantically. MC is demisexual and single, so the napping choices aren't related to their sex life at all. After Belphie was released, he and MC pretty quickly became platonic nap buddies. Tho they usually nap together throughout the day and don’t spend nights together. During the night MC most often sleeps alone, since sharing a bed with someone can get too cramped and/or too hot in temperature since MC emits a lot of heat on their own. Sometimes, especially if a day was very intense, that could be too much for them. Also the brothers are just all tsunderes, so... ._. If the day went ok, MC can cuddle with one of the brothers, for different reasons. Second most frequent napper is Asmo. Being a perpetual flirt Asmo offered to share a bed one time and was mildly confused when MC just... agreed to it. Asmo is pretty used to people trying to get into his bed, but MC just doesn’t seem to care too much about any sort of implications or inappropriate activities. Asmo is used to dealing with people of one of the two categories - either complete horndogs who are only interested in sex or very blushy innocent bashful peeps who know little about sex and not sure how to deal with it. So at first Asmo doesn’t really know what to make of MC who is pretty casual and open about their and other peoples sexualities, but just... doesn’t seem to care? But they DO seem to care about Asmo?? But they DON’T want to have sex with him??? But they DO want to sleep in the same bed???? At first it’s hella confusing, although Asmo finds it entertaining and funny. MC also finds Asmo to be very funny. They pretty quickly become friends because, unlike any of the brothers, MC just doesn’t seem to be ever phased by any of Asmo’s antics while being genuinely interested in how he’s doing. So for them sleeping in the same bed becomes one of the many bonding rituals they have. Asmo prefers to sleep in his own bed, so its usually MC who comes over. After cleaning up before bed, Asmo brides MCs hair into the sleeping braid himself (and he is the only of the brothers who knows how to braid hair). And yes, Asmo sleeps naked. And no, it’s not awkward or saucy for MC at all, since they start having naps together after MC comes to think of Asmo as a good trustworthy buddy and nothing more (just yet). Third most frequent nap buddy is Mammon. At first they would nap together very rarely, once a month maybe, then it became every 3-4 days. It started when Momo was having nightmares and MC dropped by to calm him down and then just stayed. After that there was one time when they had a movie night and just dozed off together. Of course for Momo waking up like this was pretty stressful, so he ran off not to be seen for like a full week. But with time he got pretty brazen, dropping by any time he felt anxious or had a nightmare. MCs lackadaisical and patient demeanor helped a lot. Sometimes Momo will call MC up to his room for a movie or just to cuddle and sometimes he will drop by MCs room (unannounced of course, because he is so graceful). Although at some point it became obvious that MC cuddles with almost anyone they consider a friend, Momo still put his best effort forward to hide their arrangement from other brothers. Even tho everyone knows how tactile MC is, Momo is just very uncomfortable with people knowing the realities of his private life and especially his romantic emotions towards anyone. MC respects that and pretend that Mammon is their only friend they will never ever hug, despite Momo constantly forgetting that it was supposed to be a secret and clinging to MC during open movie nights, city outings, at RAD and literally everywhere they go. Mammon just has high levels of anxiety, comparable to if not greater than Levi’s. Skinship with MC helps him regulate that, since it affords him levels of unconditional acceptance he didn’t had before with his douche brothers. He is pretty jealous of MC spending so much time with other brothers (especially Asmo), but he also understands that it is a him issue not MCs and that different things can have different meanings for people. Moving on to rare nappers, the fourth one is Levi. They nap together maybe every other week. Levi is highly anxious and it’s difficult for him to change his routine. Napping with MC helps him calm down and relax, but at the same time is a big source of stress both because 3D is scary and because he develops a crush on MC. They almost exclusively sleep in Levi’s room, surrounded by all the waifu paraphernalia. MC is mildly interested in anime, 3/5 way to spend time, pretty decent, so they aren’t bothered by Levi’s lifestyle. But their and Levi’s preferences in wifus are completely opposite, so they aren’t excited or impressed by Levi’s collection either lol. They don’t have wifu fights tho, since Levi finds MC to be completely insufferably stubborn and slippery when it comes to debating anything. It’s not rare for them to marathon shows together until they pass out in each other’s arms. Which Levi endlessly grumbles about, complaining that MC is a bad influence on him, making his viewtime less consistent and messing with his schedule for events. He is less bothered about it than he is willing to admit and he hates to see that MC gets genuinely upset and guilty over this. It’s a cycle of cringe, it cannot be helped. That being said, poor circulation man + furnace man = POG The fifth napper is Lucy. With Lucifer being so emotionally constipated, it becomes pretty tricky dealing with him. He might try to intimidate or seduce MC, but in the end he is weak to this face -> (*´▽`*) It cannot be helped. Still, because of that his relationship with MC is a perpetual game of Lucy trying to impress MC and MC reacting to anything he does with (“No.”)>(*´▽`*) That makes any sort of intimate and romantic moments between them fun, but also pretty rare and context sensitive. They cuddle very rarely, usually after an especially taxing time at the council or after MC is done helping Lucy with his chronic back pain (MC is pretty good at massage). They cuddle rarely, but they do hold each other tight when that happens haha. Initially he didn’t know how, but after seeing Asmo do it Lucy has mastered braiding hair, because Lucifer is best at everything. MC does not allow Lucy to touch his hair under any circumstances, especially not to braid it. (Lucy’s hands are too pinchy for good ASMR or healthcare, but also it’s hilarious to mess with him) The sixth napper is Stan. Stan has serious trust issues. That combined with how initially MC found Stan to be seriously disgusting and repulsive means it took the most time for them to grow close. And even after they became close, it’s really difficult for Stan to open up. Since they aren’t dating, any sort of skinship for them is extremely rare (but still valued). They only sleep together when Stan feels seriously depressed and disturbed. Since skinship for them doesn’t happen a lot, they don’t really have a pattern. MC never naps with or cuddles with Beel, because he is the only person in Devildom who is more of a furnaceman than MC and it’s way too stuffy and humid lmao. They are good platonic buds tho and hang out pretty often. Angles and other demons are a mystery U_U (aka i don’t know any characters good enough to make a judgement) Salmon is a merman that lives under the sea, nuff said.
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breadb · 2 hours ago
Warnings: Spoilers!!, A little tiny bit nsfw/spicy???
Random obey me screenshots I have saved bc appearently this is some form of content
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I only saved this (↑) bc of the weird laugh at the end
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luci being seggsy while mad😫
Tumblr media
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witchcraft-for-life · 3 hours ago
Mammon : ugh why is it so hot?!
Asmodeus : I know! I'm sweating like a hooker's underwear right now!
Everyone : ..................
Lucifer : I'm just going to ignore that simile
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obeyme-ever · 5 hours ago
💖- *She couldn’t help but giggle at him, a soft smile present on her face. She wondered how one could be as adorable and cute as he always was. He managed to steal her heart somehow. She continued to lace her fingers through her hair as they talked.* Well we’re still doing one of their big soups right? I could probably go for a small sandwich to go along with it. I like a lot of their soups and sandwiches so how about you pick those? Ooo and I would like a lemonade too! *She hugged the teddy in her lap as she took a peek in their shopping bags. She always looked forward to all their makeup little hangouts. They were always fun.* I guess I could go wash my face while you order our food? I gotta make sure I have the perfect canvas for my amazing and handsome artist. I’m excited I see what you do this time. *She giggled again and kissed his nose.*
Asmo hums, “Yeah after we eat I’ll try out our new makeup on you!” He clapped happily and watched her leave for the bathroom using this time to order food. One large special of the day soup, two small human world style sandwiches that they started recently selling since human world food had grown popular in the Devildom, and two lemonades.
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muslim-mc-on-crack · 6 hours ago
Asmo: MC can I paint your nails?
MC: No, or else I can't pray
Asmo: *sad twerking*
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ashxrsbeloveds · 9 hours ago
how i think the brothers write
Tumblr media
- the usual cursive writer
- very clean, formal and readable
- this seems like a faster method of writing on his unending stack of paper work
Tumblr media
- writes quick, and in all caps because lowercase doesn't exist in his dictionary /j
- surprisingly readable, unless he's gonna run away from debt again
Tumblr media
- a normal neat style
- he writes letter "a" like in texts
- all in all very nice and simple, barely writes on paper since hes all digital but has good handwriting!
Tumblr media
- cursive man #2
- less readable than the others, since he writes in cursive really fast.
- writes like a doctor sometimes. better be thankful if you can even read his writings when he does that.
Tumblr media
- very recognizable despite almost sharing the same handwriting as satan and lucifer!
- adds hearts on the end of his paper
- loves using thicker ballpens, since he writes a bit harder on paper than the others.
Tumblr media
- all caps!!
- kinda like mammons, but more spaced out and somewhat chonky (i dont know how to describe it)
- very readable! unless it has sauce smeared on it...
Tumblr media
- small handwriting
- everything is in lowercase and, s m a l l .
- would fuck up his handwriting a bit on purpose so people/demons will have a hard time reading. sometimes passes his essays like that.
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the-mourning-stars · 9 hours ago
I haven't posted anything to do with Miura in a little while oops
First one's my lockscreen 🥰 I need a better wallpaper tho so if someone doesn't mind-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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plush-rabbit · 9 hours ago
Aphrodisiac Induced Reader + The Brothers
A/N: The brothers!! I hope yall enjoy!! Aphrodisiac induced is always a fun thing to play with. The brothers,, my beloved
You really should have known better than to take food that was offered by Beel. You know that he has the right intentions in mind- that him sharing food is a miracle of itself and rejecting him would have his brows furrowed and lips pursed into a pout- but he’s also gluttony. He can eat whatever he wants and as much as he wants without so much of a stomach ache. You, on the other hand, cannot. You should have seen this coming when the cupcake you bite into filled your mouth with such an indescribable sweetness that it made your teeth ache, the flavor otherworldly and leaving you hungry for me, taking greedy bites out of the cutely decorated pastry. There was a sharp pang in your stomach, your body on fire and sex dripping with every nudge that your body made.
You couldn’t be alone right now- or maybe you should have been left alone, maybe that would have saved you from humiliation of your dripping arousal that was leaking past your slit. You’re quick to rise, standing on shaky legs, curled over as your cheeks burn, sweat beading against your skin, only worsening the sensitive state that you are in. It’s fast-acting, making your breaths come out in heated gasps, and everything just feels a bit too much, just too good for it to be normal. An aphrodisiac- a strong one that is making you impossibly aroused. You suck in a sharp breath and go to the person who you know will treat you right.
Lucifer is a gentleman- most of the time at least. But during your time of need he is perfect to go to. He’ll allow you- or more like insist- that you stay in his office until the aphrodisiac’s effects have passed. You’ll lay on the couch, face buried into a throw pillow while the other one is between your legs. Shame has long been gone since you’ve entered his domain, his eyes never really leaving your shaky frame. When you moan his name, he stiffens, the pen in his hand is held tighter but he still rises, walking towards you in concern. He’ll sit beside you, let his hand curve over your forehead, feeling the heat go through his glove.
He clears his throat, pulling his hand away, and there’s this heavy look on your face, the pillow squeezed tight between your legs, the pillow under your head has faint imprints of your teeth. He’ll avoid touching you, pulling his hand away from you and walking briskly to his desk chair. He can hear your steps across the floor, the way you gasp his name and seem to rub your thighs together for any sort of friction. He won’t spare you a glance, eyes focused on the paperwork in front of him. Underneath the desk, his leg jolts as you snake your arms around his shoulders, your lips wet as they touch his neck.
There isn’t enough time in the day and night for him to focus on his work and on your growing needs that are starting to mark everything in his office. Black ink scratches along the pape, the letters growing shaky as you snake your way onto him. He’s actually startled when you situate yourself on his lap, your sex pressed against his erection. He’s surprised by your sudden confidence but writes it off due to the effects of the aphrodisiac. You’re above him, arms snaked once more on his shoulders and you play with the hair that rests on the nape of his neck.
The feeling of shame is not foreign to the Avatar of Pride but even then, letting you know that he is indeed aroused given the situation does bring a bit of heat to his body. His hands find their way to hold onto your hips, trying to ignore the way that you have begun to grind against his. But there is work to do and despite the growing need to pleasure both you and himself, he displaces you, ignoring the way that you call his name and can’t seem to stop touching him.
The only way to gain his attention that you desperately long for is to push him away, the wheels locking against an edge of the floor and you bend yourself over the desk. Lucifer wants to throw you out so you can be another’s problem but you pull your bottom layer off, your fingers searching inside your leaking hole and pride starts to fuel him. You touch yourself in front of him, beg for him to touch you- of course you would. Slender hands come to touch your body, and you’re already leaking onto the floor, thick, sweet arousal staining the very room that he allowed you to enter. His cock is against you, rimming around your entrance, hearing your cries and please for him to simply fuck you but you did cause him to become distracted from very important work and he is going to punish you for that.
Of course you’d go to him. He is your first after all, why wouldn’t you go to The Great Mammon? But wow, he was over his head when you came knocking at his door. Always eager to see and spend time with you, he allows you to enter without seeing the state you’re in. You stagger into his room, holding his hand and stumbling into him and it’s only then that he can smell the sweet, lingering aroma in the air. He wants to believe you’re just trying a new perfume and now it's made you sick, but it’s worse than that when the hand you’re holding moves to your chest. He can feel your rapid heartbeat, the way your body is in flames that can rival hellfire itself, the pained cry of his name as you try to pinch your legs together in the awkward embrace.
Frozen for a moment, Mammon completely blanks on what to do. He can feel your pain, the aching need in your entire body that makes you feel as if you’re going to combust into flames. He doesn’t know whether to touch you or not. But then you cry his name- sobbing it out in broken syllabus and you cry that it hurts and you think you might die and you're in his arms. Your hold on him tightens and he thinks he can leave you to be- let you wait out the excruciating pain in his room until the feeling fades and just thank him with attention or material objects later. He fails to consider that he is weak to you and when you look at him with teary eyes, he falters.
He stutters in his explanation, talking about how he can maybe go out and get you a toy or something- and he promises to be quick, he is the fastest after all. But then the thought lingers and he imagines your sex stretched with some toy that he chose, and his body jerks. Your vision is growing blurrier by the second and the hold on his hand tightens until your knuckles pale. You pull on him, thanking whatever God is watching down on you, that the door to the prized car he keeps in is open. Even he’s unable to know what is going on until you push him inside, crawling onto the back seat, calling his name and begging for him to join you.
In such a closed space, the Avatar of Greed is trying desperately to avoid touching you. He stays seated in the front seat, fingers drumming along the steering wheel. He cares for the car deeply- one of the few things that gives him freedom that is indescribable and yet, here you are. Your sex is leaking, your cries echoing across the closed space and what is music to his ears in his dreams is now a horrible reminder that you are seated behind him, victim to an aphrodisiac. He needs an excuse to touch you, needs to just feel you for a moment and when you threaten to stain the flawless leather seats with your slick, it’s enough for him to crawl to the back seat.
He never realized how crowded it was, how his elbows and knees tend to knock into things. He doesn’t notice how you’ve kicked your shorts off, how your underwear has become dark in color to your dripping sex. You kiss him, and Mammon is weak to you. His hands are on you, the scent overpowering and he promises to keep the touching to a minimum to only touch what you’ll let him touch and kiss where you want him to. But you’re huffing, grabbing onto him and trying to meet his crotch. The windows grow foggy, the car begins to creak but neither of you pay it any mind. It’s cramped and you’re too close but not close enough, you ache to be closer to him, to have him pressed against you until all you can remember is the way that his chest feels against your skin, the warmth of him, and the way his kisses are so tender and feverish all at once.
Leviathan refuses to make eye contact with you. He won’t even address you. He sits on his desk chair, playing a game that doesn’t need half of the attention he usually gives. You rest inside his bathtub, curled over he presumes, whining and mumbling something that sounds like his name but he can't be so sure nor does he expect you to mumble his name in your current state. But as much as he wants to drown you out, he can’t. You’re too whiny, crying and begging for a solution, peeling your shirt off because it’s too hot. He reasons that’s because of the aphrodisiac because his room is always kept to a cool temperature. So now, he has you topless in his bathtub and the only proof is your shirt that was tossed where he sits and the reflection above, portraying a teasing, blurry image of your torso.
It’s possibly the worst situation for the poor, introverted demon. He finally has you all to himself and you’re in such a needy state and the plot is so close to a top tier hentai of his- Help! My Friend Took a Drug and Now They Won’t Stop Grinding on Me But I Also Don’t Want Them To Stop. But You came to him, you trusted that he would watch over you and whether it was because he kept his room so guarded or because you trust him, he really doesn’t know which. It’s just too muddled for him to believe that you would actively choose him. So, he does what he does best- he immerses himself in a game. The cutest game that he could think of- one that even if he grew and remained hard would make him feel more like a degenerate than he already does. He puts his headphones on and as if everything is trying to punish him, the loading screen takes forever.
The soundtrack plays loud, booming in his headset and effectively drowning you out. But he knows you’re still crying for him- that you're still in the same room with him. The perverted otuka glances up where he can see your reflection and he catches a glimpse of your hands cupping the swell of your chest and his face burns. Had you caught him peeking before? Was this a way for you to play with yourself without actively touching yourself? He can feel his growing arousal, translucent pre-ejaculate spilling past his slit and staining his boxers. It’s humiliating and he hates that the idea of you touching yourself in his room is more than enough for him to get in the mood.
He’s ignoring you- the only way that he can hopefully soften without actually creaming his pants. He avoids your reflection, ignores how your hands grip the curve of the tub until your knuckles pale, how you swing a leg over and it meets the hard layer of the bath, and for a moment, you still. He’s ignoring your decision to remove yourself from the place he rests and staggering to him. When he feels your hands on his thighs, he startles and the game minimizes into a small box. Unaware of what to do in this situation, he freezes, letting his body tense as you crawl onto his lap, your eyes heavy with lust and body feeling so warm above him that he’s unable to breathe.
His breathing is ragged, his hands stopping on the curve of your bum, as he’s unable to look anywhere else but your face. You’re flushed, gripping onto him, your tongue out as you pant and you’re so desperate for his attention that you lean close. His hands raise in an attempt to push you off but as if it were a cliché moment, his hands curve over your chest and you whimper his name at the simple touch. The third born should have been careful, he shouldn’t have let you grind against him and he surely shouldn’t have let himself becomes distracted by a kiss and yet, here he is, undressing himself as you greedily slide yourself onto his cock, your face scrunching up as every scale is pushed further into your aching hole. Leviathan is holding you close, the computer screen dimming as your can fill him spill inside of you.
Eager to learn, he knows the effects of what an aphrodisiac can do to a being. So when you come knocking at Satan’s door, begging for refuge, leaning against him and gripping at his shirt, he pats your hand, and welcomes you inside. He allows you to rest on his bed, letting you bury yourself under his blankets. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea for either of you- you’re inhaling his scent during a time of desperate need, and soon when the effects wear off, he’ll be left in a bed that is drenched in your scent. That, however, is a problem for another day.
In order to keep his mind and hands busy, he’ll finally organize his room. He’s able to ignore your whining, the way that you shiver under the covers and bury yourself into his pillow, how you spread your legs so they are uncovered by the blanket; he ignores the sweet scent of your arousal that fills the room and his lungs. He holds his breath, taking few, deep breaths every now and then to avoid inhaling too much of you. You’re whining, talking through the pillow about how it hurts and you just need something- and doesn’t he have a spell he can use to just rid you of at least a tiny bit of it.
It’s the growing arousal of himself and your constant whining that edges him closer to annoyance. He holds books tight in his hand, orders them by author and published years, height and volumes, but it isn’t enough to drown you out. He regrets letting you enter his room but in the same second, he regrets having the thought. He’s happy that you came to him, trusted him enough to see you in a disheveled state. He doesn’t want to scare you off or make you feel unwanted, so he edges closer to you, tugging on the bottom of his shirt as if he were a nervous boy instead of a grown demon. The bed creaks under his weight and your hand latches onto his thigh. He jerks his leg, your hand only squeezing tighter and when he makes eye contact, your eyes are filled with tears, glistening and catching on your lashes like fresh dew.
You’re aroused, deeply and sweetly. It's a nervous thing to be attracted to someone like you, a demon that has been round and born with blood and wrath etched deep into soul and yet here he is, nervous to even touch your trembling hand. He knows the effects of something as strong as an aphrodisiac and for a demon made one, there is no real spell for it. He lets you lay on his lap, your mouth close to his sex, eyes lidded and holding tight to his hand. His control is fading, his growing need pushing past logical thought. He offers himself, and you rise quickly, already straddling his lap, your chest pressed against his, asking if it is okay. A cold shiver runs through his spine and he nods, offering that he’ll take care of you.
The trembling, nervous demon fades just as quick as it came when your lips are on his. You kiss him, need so transparent that he’s teasing, pulling away, letting your back meet the bed. His smile is sharp, leaning to kiss your pursed lips, grabbing your leg and pulling it upwards, mumbling praise under his breath when you hook your leg around his waist. Satan is heavy when above you, and maybe it’s the aphrodisiac that still lingers on your tongue, but he is unwilling to move away from you, kissing you and hooking his fingers in your mouth when you moan. You’re needy and he wants to hear you beg for him, calling his name. He cups your face with spit coated fingers, asking you to be good for him and mew for him.
As the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus immediately knew something was off in the house when he felt lust in the air. It’s sweet. Intoxicating and bitter all at once. It’s like the sweetest honey known to mankind and he knows the feeling well enough to open his door before you have the thought to knock. He welcomes you into his room, letting you rest on the bed, a small part of him on the inside crinkling when you ruffle the sheets. But, of course, he knows this isn’t you- you would never be so careless. It’s all because of the aphrodisiac making your movements more frantic.
He knows the cure to end it- sex, plain and simple. Masturbation might help but he fears your hand will become sore. Always eager to have somebody in bed with him- out of his own sin and own need for company- he offers you two choices. You can borrow a toy- new, still in the box and all- or he could take care of you. Perhaps he shouldn’t have offered the second option, he knew how excited you were to simply enter a room with another living being but he couldn’t help himself. You look absolutely adorable with your flustered face.
A kiss from the living Avatar of Lust is better than any pleasure that you’ve ever received. And he knows it. You moan under him, your body shaking and eyes rolling to the back of your head, clawing at the shirt on his back. He smiles into the kiss. So eager to be taken care of that a simple kiss was enough to make you climax, your arousal dripping onto your underwear, so heavy in the air, that he pulls away as he feels your breaths start to shorten due to lack of air. But even as he pulls away, you still reach to pepper him with kisses, your breathing reggae against his face, gasping for breath with every parting kiss.
Your hands are on him, eager to pull him into another kiss. You want him and it’s evident from the way that you don’t push away when he removes his clothing. But, he stops for a moment, watching your gaze on him, wide and dazed and you stare at him as if he was something more than just a demon, you give him your worship and you pull him into another kiss. He stiffens, pulling away and asking if this is what you want, touching your bare skin only to flinch away as if it burned him. And when your lips are on him, your smile returns for a moment, telling him that you came to him because you knew he would tend to you in any way, and he melts.
His lips return to yours, kissing you eagerly, wanting nothing more than to just keep his lips on you. And as last time, you shudder beneath him, another orgasm washing through your body, your release spilling pass your slit. Limps entangle with each other and you cry the name Asmodeus, moaning it as if it were the only thing on your mind, sobbing under him and telling him how good it feels. You pet his head and let him bury his face into our chest, peppering kisses until he reaches your neck. His eyes close, an unexpected climax teases at him, as you pull him closer to your aching body. Every sigh from you in a gentle gust of wind, every cry a song that not even choir from the Celestial Realm can rival. He pushes deep inside of you, letting you feel every curve and texture from his cock as it molds your leaking hole into his shape.
Beelzebub feels incredibly guilty when you come to him, his shirt knotted in your hands as you explain what you ate. He blames himself, going to hold you only to flinch when you hiss and pull yourself closer to him. It’s an aphrodisiac, he should have known that you’ll be more sensitive to touch during this time. He apologizes as he leads you to his bed, shaking his head and holding your hand. He’s gluttony- he should have been able to smell the scent of an aphrodisiac.
Of course, he’ll let you hide in his room until the effects wear off. He won’t make a single peep but it’s difficult for him. His clothes are sticking to him, his body is in an odd sticky situation where sex clings to him clothes and skin. He knows the effects of the aphrodisiac but he feels guilty for giving it to you so when you cling to him, begging for him to not let go of you, he sighs and stays beside you. He’s stiff, unwilling to move and can only let out a shaky breath, when you press yourself closer to him, hooking a leg over his and curling it over. He can feel your sex- hot and pulsing and he leaves ripped bedsheets as his hand curls into the comforter.
He’s rubbing your back, letting his fingers drum against your spine as he hears your panted breaths. He knows he should stop, that he should at least go and take a shower so he can at least smell good but you hold a tight grip on him. You’re feverish, burning against him and he can tell you want more, your lips open up and kiss along the side of his ribcage but he can’t move.
It’s getting too much- even for him. He doesn’t want to take advantage of this needy state that you’re in but as he rises with a feeble explanation that he’s going to take a shower, you pull him down. He’s above you, your eyes watery and cheating rising and falling with heavy breaths. He can’t kiss you but you’re leaning closer, your lips brushing against his and he can smell the aphrodisiac that still rests like heaven on your tongue. You don’t blame him for the accident slip, you’re just begging for him to take care of you, letting your hand rest over the swell of his breast and he’s growing weaker by the second.
When your lips are on his, your tongue slipping past your lips, Beelzebub can taste the aphrodisiac and he’s melting. His tongue has made its home on your mouth, curving over your pink muscle and feeling the way you shudder beneath him. His name is muted by the kiss, your hands clawing at his clothing and he’s sweaty and aroused, watching you as you strip yourself of your clothes. The lovely pastry that still lingers isn’t enough for him to go into a full rut, but it’s enough for him to bend your legs to your chest, your hole pulsing as his cock aligns to it. The way that you call his name is enough for him to push himself fully into you.
Belphegor is asleep under the covers, pillow tucked under his head and he does not awaken to your scent growing closer and closer, heavier and sweeter than usual. He doesn’t awaken when the doorknob wiggles, a frantic turning but he does awaken when you slam the door. He is startled awake, his eyes wide for a second before narrowing, teeth flashing as he lets out a low growl. He stops when he notices it's you, yawning and telling you to get into bed with him. It’s only until you’re beside him, greedily taking the invitation, that he realizes the state you’re in.
He has to prod you until you tell him what’s happened, watching as you bury your face into a pillow, whining out pathetically as you tell him what happened. He laughs, it’s sharp and teasing. Of course, you took an aphrodisiac by accident. It could only happen to you. He tries to be sympathetic with you. He knows you must be in a great deal of pain, but then again you came to him and that makes him stay awake for a bit longer, turning over on his side and watching you struggle to not touch yourself despite the aroma of your arousal that is thick in the room.
Sloth offers to put you under a deep sleep- he can’t promise that you’ll be still- but he can promise that you’ll wake up without the effects of the aphrodisiac. When you refuse, he merely shrugs, turning over with a pout. He’s disappointed but he can’t do much. He does tell you that he is tired, so he’ll be sleeping but you’re allowed to spend the rest of your heightened arousal in the attic with him. The power of an aphrodisiac- one made a devil no less- is strong, and giving it you in even worse. He can sense the neediness in you, the way you watch him with lustful eyes, your mouth parted the eagerness to get into bed with him.
As promised, he slips off into a sleep, leaving you alone. But your body is on his, legs parted with his single leg. He isn’t asleep long enough for him to be in an actual slumber before he feels the bed move ever so slightly. It’s constant and your whining, mumbling apologies and he opens his eyes to find you humping his leg. It’s pathetic and hot all at once, watching you get off on his leg alone, so desperate for release that you’ve succumbed to humping him. His smile is tight, turning over and letting his tail curl around you, the static in the air only causing you to arch your back when his demon form pops out. It pricks against your wrists, the fur unkempt as he rises above you.
You wanted his attention and now you’ve gotten it. You’ve woken him up from nap, it’s normal and expected for him to be grouchy but thank goodness that the smell from your leaking sex is more arousing that anything else he’s encountered. You’re on your knees on the mattress, his hips meeting yours and letting out a loud grunt when he finishes. He’s tired and over it but his cock still stands upright and you’re still needy and awake, your sex leaking with his arousal. Belphegor will lay on his back, offer himself in his sleep to you until you’re content. The last coherent thought he has is sighing at how warm and squishy you feel against him.
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