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#obey me asmodeus x reader
obeythebutler · 2 months ago
Undateables and brothers with an MC playing with their horns
Brothers and Royals With A MC That Plays With Their Horns
For the sake of this fic, demon horns are going to be sensitive here. That's all I have to say. I'd play with Satan's horns any day.
Brothers and Dateables With A MC Touching their Wings here.
"I don't know why you insist on touching—ah, gentle."
A sigh escapes Lucifer when your fingers brush against the base of his horns. You can see the effect it has on the demon: he is now sighing in your lap, in bliss as you pet his horns.
"Are they sensitive?"
The demon shoots you a scowl. You chuckle, fingers finding their way again to the horns adorning his head. You already know the effect your touch has on him, reduced to a sighing mess, like a cat in pure bliss when you pet it.
But you like to tease Lucifer.
The next few moments pass in silence as you continue petting his horns, with your prideful demon in your lap. You can faintly hear the cacophony of the others in the hallway, but that's a noise you're both willing to ignore for the sake of each other.
But when another noise joins, Lucifer squints as he stares at the shiny object in your hand, and you freeze; having been caught in the act.
None of you move for a hot minute, with Lucifer staring at the offending item in your hand like it's going to bite his ankles, and you freeze in shame.
He closes his eyes again.
"Aren't you going to say anything?"
"Even if I do, you're still not going to cease your attempts."
You grin, resuming the action of placing the anklet on his horns, draping the jewellery carefully so that it doesn't tangle but neither falls off.
And when you look back to admire your work, you can imagine the halo that must have been on his head, brighter and shinier than any jewel.
No reply.
You smile again at the scowling demon, resuming your ministrations on his horn and hair. You thought demon horns weren't sensitive, but here are you.
"Don't you dare."
But you dare. You know you're the only person Lucifer would ever allow to call him such atrocious titles and pet his hair, stroke his horns and place jewellery on them.
When your fingers brush at the tip, a noise escapes Lucifer.
Not a moan, not a sigh, not a gasp.
The rumbling noise is enough to tell the answer: it's a purr.
Lucifer Morningstar, Avatar of Pride and Eldest of the Seven Brothers, is now lying on your lap and purring like a cat as you stroke the horns adoring his head.
The horns are a replacement for the halo, another sign of the change he has undergone. With the jewels, the black horns are brought to life.
But no halo or jewellery can compare to the light the Morningstar radiates. Even in the darkest days and times, Lucifer shines the brightest, as he was intended too.
And you wouldn't have it any other way.
"Your horns are very useful."
You murmur, noticing how the demon immediately blushes at your statement. His horns are indeed, very useful. From the shape to their design—everything about them is unique. Including its use.
"I'm not a bottlescrew!"
You roll your eyes. "Sure you are," You declare, easing the wine bottle closer towards his horns. They're shaped like a corkscrew, but do they also work like that as well?
"No touching! Grrr!"
You raise your hands in defeat. "Alright, alright," You counter, gazing at the demon whose flustered by holding your hand to stop your movements. "Should I stop touching you then?"
The look on Mammon's face is worthy of a picture.
"No—Yes! AHHH! I mean—"
The demon splutters, stumbling over his own words as he blushes. You know it's all an act, that Mammon wants nothing more than you to touch him. He's always been greedy for you.
So you do.
Reaching out, you place a careful finger on the tip of the appendages on his head. The action immediately silences Mammon, who now stands frozen. You can see his eyes trace your every movement. Every careful stroke and touch, he observes with intensity.
And soon, it isn't long before Mammon is now draped in your lap, your hands soothingly massaging his horns and hair. You can feel him sigh in contentment as you card your fingers through his hair.
He's always been greedy for you.
And who are you to refuse?
He'd fit right in amongst the fishes.
That's the first thing you notice on seeing the coral horns on Levi's head. Given that water is his domain, his more 'demonic' parts would be that of a sea serpent and coral horns.
"Fishy," You whisper, gazing at the demon whose focused on his game, the bass of the final boss reverberating in the air. Levi doesn't hear your observation, but he definetly feels a pair of eyes ogling his head.
"W-What are y-you doing?"
His citrine eyes dart nervously between you and the screen. Instinctively, the tail reaches for his head as his hands are occupied with the controller.
On feeling nothing strange there, Levi shoots you a nervous look.
"Your horns," You declare, not tearing your gaze away from the appendages on his head. At your statement, the purple-haired demon gets up from his chair to inspect his reflection in the glass screen.
But when he doesn't find anything out of the ordinary, a frown falls on his face.
Your eyebrows furrow at the action. You know what is going on in the demon's mind; that he's simply a worthless and ugly shut-in who looks like a freak.
"MC, I—Huh?!"
Words fail Leviathan when your hands come to rest on his horns. His posture stiffens, and Levi would be in a stupor right now if not for your words.
A gentle touch against his horns.
"You're not what you think you are."
A brush against his tail.
"You're unique."
A kiss to his horns.
"You're Leviathan."
Levi doesn't know what he's done to deserve you. Time and time again, you come and make him see the things he's refused, imagined, twisted in his mind.
You're going to be the death of him one day, with your love.
But Levi's going to die a happy death.
Satan doesn't dislike his more..demonic features.
He simply prefers being calm and polite. With his sharp horns and tail coiled around his leg as a sign of control, Satan is a perfect member of the knowledgeable demon elite.
But he doesn't want you to get hurt because of him.
"Careful," Satan warns as he observes your movements. He had been puzzled yet intrigued at your request to inspect his demon form, and he obliged.
You nod in response, gently tracing a finger from the base to the curved tip. Satan was right, they indeed are sharp if not handled carefully, but there's nothing stopping you from showering your beloved demon in affection.
They're covered with scales, you only realize when you feel the sensation of his appendages in your hands.
"Is this—"
"Ah, I'm so sorry!"
The blonde demon stumbles over his words at having caught his unruly tail in the action of coiling itself around your leg. That's why he keeps it close to his body, but it seems the heart never listens.
"It's alright," You mumble, gently taking the appendage in your hands as you observe the green scales. You can feel it tremble under your touch.
"You aren't hurt, right?"
"Not at all. In fact, your tail seems to particularly like me."
The blush on Satan's face is adorable, yet embarrassed.
"Can you..touch my horns again, please?"
You find him lowering his head so that you can easily access his horns, like a cat.
If anything, Asmodeus adores his demon form.
The demon flaunts his wings and horns pridefully. He has had many touch his horns and tail in amorous encounters, and Asmo has welcomed it.
But there's a certain emotion brewing in his heart when you massage his horns.
"Your horns are so smooth to the touch!" You exclaim, marvelling over each smooth appendage as you glide a finger across. The demon's horns are ending in pink at the tip, with delicate patterns .
Underneath you, Asmodeus shivers.
"Indeed they are! I make sure to polish them regularly! Smoother and more alluring than others!"
You nod in reply, stroking the area around where his horns emerge. At that action, the demon sighs before leaning into you more.
You let him, placing a hand on the nape of the neck as Asmo adjusts his position to ensure that his horns don't accidentally hurt you. He could never let that happen.
"Would you like me to decorate your horns with some jewellery?"
The demon immediately perks up, excitement thrumming in his veins at your question. Before you know it, Asmodeus has intertwined his fingers with yours, and now your lips are barely apart.
He doesn't give a reply, instead choosing to bury his face in the crevice of your neck. His wings flutter softly, silently, as you feel Asmodeus smile.
"I would love that."
Beel doesn't play much attention to his more demonic traits. Like the horns on his head or the wings on his back, the demon doesn't fawn over them like Asmodeus, or take pride in them.
He can't be bothered, when his hunger prevents him.
But if you seem to find amusement in his horns, who is he to deny?
"Your horns are so big!" You point out, tracing a finger over each ridge that clearly defines itself. The demon had been a bit confused at your request to touch his horns, but sat down nevertheless so that you could easily access his head.
Beel says nothing, but buries himself in your chest. He doesn't feel the need to voice a reply, not when it can be said in a simple action.
Your heartbeat is soothing, just like those times when he'd get nightmares and Lilith and Belphegor would let him fall asleep to the sound of their heartbeat.
Alive and Breathing.
But then he feels something being placed on his head, even lighter and delicate than your hands. A careful feel of the object tells him it's soft, and when Beel takes a deep breath, the familiar fragrance taking his mind back to the garden.
A flower crown.
Looking at the mirror behind you, the demon can briefly make out the flowers delicately woven together, now placed on his head, adoring his horns.
"Is this alright? Asmodeus showed me how to weave a flower crown one time and I thought they would look—"
Beelzebub finds himself giggling. Cute, he thinks, gazing at the flowers on his head and the confusion on your face.
Well, a kiss would clear it all away.
Belphegor snorts at the inneudo, gently wacking you on the head with his tail. Softly, meant in good fun.
You giggle, resuming your ministrations of gently touching his horns. They're twisted like a ram's, and another pun is already on your mind, but you don't voice it out loud.
"I like your horns," You declare, massaging his head harder to emphasize your point; making Belphegor sleepily hum.
"They're a pain to care for." He mumbles, your scent already pulling him to the brink of sleep. Or maybe he's just finding an excuse to sleep in your arms.
"If you want, I could file them down for you."
The sleepy demon nods his head. Belphegor would often fall asleep in the middle of grooming, and then Beel would come to help him. Or until Lucifer scolded him for his disheveled horns.
The prospect of annoying Lucifer does sound interesting.
But his mouth opens, and he finds himself already giving permission as he's pulled into bliss by your ministrations. Your hands work their magic on his scalp and horns, and if the demon isn't careful he might just doze off.
Belphegor doesn't mind that.
In your lap, with you massaging his head and horns, he feels as if this moment would be disturbed any moment. Soon one of his brothers will come rushing in and take you away from themselves. They always want more time, but Belphegor will make up for what was lost.
For now, he's in your arms.
That's the first thing one would notice about Diavolo's demon form. Even the most extravagant beings would be overshadowed by the grandeur of the Prince's demon form.
Adored with gold at the tips, each wing and horn is elegant, large, a display of sheer power and authority that the demon possesses.
And yet, you have the formidable demon Prince in your lap, whose seeking respite from the ever-lasting pile of paperwork and Barbatos's nagging.
"That feels good." He mumbles, closing his eyes to savour the sensation of having your undivided attention without any paperwork or royal duties, if only for fleeting moments.
Never had the demon thought that he'd find solace in having his horns played with it. Maybe is it because he never had experienced affection?
But then you came along.
"Your horns sure are big, Dia," You tease, tracing a finger across the length, down to the very ends in gold.
"You're quite bold," He murmurs, inhaling your scent as it calms his nerves. And then, he abruptly sits up straight, letting the mattress dip under his weight until your eyes are at level with his. A finger is placed under your chin, and your lips are barely apart.
"But that's what I like about you."
The space between two lovers ceases to be.
The butler never acts improper.
His position calls for it, to be ready to serve and help his Lord in his time of need, to be dedicated and composed as ever.
Barbatos remains a mystery to many, but to you, he'll break down his walls.
"Your horns are deceiving. Frail at first glance, but they're strong and firm." You observe, placing a finger across the thin branches of his horns.
"Just like you."
The demon smiles, feeling something warm brew in his chest. "I don't share my secrets with anyone," He whispers, leaning forward to place a flower in your hair and give you a chaste kiss. Leaning back against the tree trunk, Barbatos admires his work.
"But you have my heart."
Gently feeling the petal, you flash the demon a grin. "I sure do, Barb. But it looks like someone else has found an affinity for your horns."
His eyes immediately dart towards the chirp of a bird, which seems to be coming from his head. A Devildom sparrow now proudly perches on his horns, merrily enjoying the view.
Barbatos and you share a chuckle together.
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candymeowz · a month ago
OM!Brothers Reacting To You Mumbling Their Names In Your Sleep:
Tumblr media
Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Belphegor.
Tw: None
Fluffy fluff fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was normal for Lucifer to stay up late, between the political work Diavolo had trusted onto him as well as having to account for his brothers' money expenses... This was another one of those nights.
His eyes were tired when he glanced at the time, sighing as he noted it was well past 3 in the morning. He should get some sleep.
Pushing away the paperwork for the night -and actualy being responsible about his mental health for once, Lucifer made his way towards his bedroom. He smiled when he saw you sleeping soundly on the bed. You were clutching his pillow, snuggling into his scent with a peaceful look upon your face- the definition of an ethereal beauty.
After changing into some comfortable night robes, he climbed into bed next to you when he heard you mutter his name.
Lucifer froze. Did he wake you up?
A glance to your direction denies that he did. You must be dreaming of him, he mused as he carefully manoeuvered your body to spoon you and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. You smiled.
He's glad even in your unconscious state you recognized him as your lover.
Tumblr media
Mammon cursed himself. The photoshoot wasn't supposed to last this long! You and him had already planned an entire date together- tickets to the latest movie then dinner at a restaurant, and maybe some cuddle time back at the House of Lamentation...
When he entered his bedroom, you were sleeping on the couch, dressed in a way that made it obvious you were waiting for the him but the pang of guilt he supposed he should feel was buried beneath an overwhelming sense of love. He kneeled besides you, observing your sleeping face being illuminated by the tv in a soft halo while he gently flicked a few stray strands of hair away from your forehead.
How was he so fortunate to have you?
"I'm sorry, babe," he whispered, cradling your face with one hand, "I'll make it up to you tomorrow, yeah?"
"Mammon..." you mumbled in your sleep, nuzzling into the warmth of his palm. His face heated up, eyes flickering between you and anywhere else before he let out a groan.
"You're lucky you're my human," He muttered as he picked you up and changed you into some more comfortable pyjamas, snuggling with you in bed with a small smile on his face.
He's lucky you're his human.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on Leviathan's lap, watching him play a new game. His head was rested on your shoulder as his eyes focused on the screen, talking you through the gameplay and letting out a few curses every now and then.
You, on the other hand, had had a long day. You had just finished all your tasks for the week and considering the time, it wasn't abnormal for your eyes to feel droopy. You let yourself be overcome by sleep, the sounds of Leviathan's game continuing in the background.
He didn't think much of it when you slumped against him, eyes still trained on his boss battle. It was only when he won did he look at you and was met with your sleeping self.
"Levi..." you mumbled, making yourself comfortable on his lap. His face flushed a bright red. Mo-Moe!
Taking out a phone, he snapped more than a few photos, wondering how you're so effortlessly cute even in your unconscious state. Satisfied, he gently carried you to his makeshift bed, smiling as he joined you in your sleep.
Tumblr media
You and Satan were in his room, having another one of those dates where you peacefully read a book together. It was nice, surrounded by the ambience created by the candles and the smell of books and your lover. It felt like home.
With his voice reading to you in a calming manner, it didn't take long for it to lull you to sleep, drifting you off into a dream as your head laid on his shoulders. He didn't notice, at first, his voice still gliding through the air. It was until you twisted and turned did he hear your peaceful snores.
You'd fallen asleep.
Satan stopped reading aloud, a gentle smile on his face as he tucked the blanket more comfortably around you. You muttered his name, voice so soft he could've easily missed it, but he didn't. A red hue tinted his cheeks.
His hand pet your head, wondering what you were dreaming of that made you call out his name before he reached back for the book, reading silently as his warmth embraced you in your sleep. His hand played with the hair at the nape of your neck.
This is nice, he thought, his eyes glancing at your sleeping form every once in a while, gaze fond.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus had always woken up earlier than you, his skincare routine requiring a strict schedule. He had just finished another morning routine when he returned back to your shared bed, carefully laying next to you as he watched you sleep.
You were adorable!
He had always admired these parts of you, and seeing how you still have time before school, Asmo decided he should let you have your sleep. Playing with your hair, he hummed a quiet tune, basking in your presence while you snored quietly, your breathing even, soothing.
You moved in your sleep, before a soft mutter of his name was caught by his ears.
"Hm?" He stared, noting you were still asleep. You must be having a nice dream, if he was in it. He grinned at the thought. "Even in your sleep you still think of me, love?"
He gave you butterfly kisses- on your forehead, nose, cheeks, retreating back when your eyes fluttered.
"I'd hate to disturb your dream, but the real thing's better, don't you think?"
Tumblr media
Beelzebub had just taken a shower after his morning run, a towel draped over his shoulders as he dressed casually in grey sweatpants and a tank top. You were still sleeping in your bed, hair strewn about on the pillow, face scrunching at whatever thoughts you were having.
He stood towering over your sleeping form, drying his hair as he wondered if he should wake you up. It was a weekday, and he doesn't recall any plans you might had have for the day.
"Beelz..." you chirped quietly as your hand stretched as if you were reaching for something- you're eyes were still closed, still asleep. You smiled when you grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling slightly to get him closer to you.
A light blush coloured his cheeks, but he followed your movements nonetheless. Towel left forgotten, he moved to lay comfortably besides you, cuddling you when you pulled him closer.
Looks like a lazy morning is in due.
Tumblr media
Belphegor had woken up in the middle of the night. Why? It seems his partner had somehow escaped his arms and was sleeping on the other side of the bed, dare looking innocent.
The stars were shining above you, twinkling in an endless sky, the moonlight hitting your face in such a way it makes you look like a masterpiece.
But he didn't care.
He glared at you. How dare you interrupt his sleep like this. His tail flicked once, twice before pulling you to him, his arms holding you firmly while he entangled your legs together so you can't escape as easily anymore.
Nuzzling into your neck, he felt your arms encasing him, softly muttering his name. Did he wake you up?
He leaned backwards, studying your face and realized that no, he didn't. So you were still thinking of him even in your sleep, huh?
He smirked. Okay, maybe he'll forgive you for your blunder just this once.
Tumblr media
A/N: No one asked for this, but you've all got it. Imma be honest, I'm proud of this fluff! The previous attempts had somehow turned into angst... Don't ask how, Idk myself.
Hope you all enjoyed it! Any feedbacks are highly appreciated.
Also, how'd you like the 2nd PoV?
Inspired by this Haikyuu post here.
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baalism · 22 days ago
Non-binary afab MC getting bred by Diavolo, Levi, Satan, Asmo, and Simeon
For you anon, hope you like~
Diavolo, Levi, Satan, Asmo and Simeon breeding afab nb!mc
Tumblr media
Only after he's done preparing you for hours is that he dares suggest you might be ready.
But obviously, by the time Diavolo's thick fingers leave your cunt and his kissing and biting stops for a moment to reasses you, you're too far gone to care about what he does to your body anymore. Unable to remember just how many times the prince has made you cum, so far.
You only know one thing, and just because he says it to you now. Leaning over your shoulder and pressing kisses all over your neck and the shell of your ear. He can't help needing to feel you under his lips, before declaring in a sweet, low command.
'I'm gonna try to fit my cock in you now, yes? And if I can, then I'm gonna breed you.'
Awfully controlled for the amount of foreplay that has been done. Makes you wonder just how long has he been holding onto this all, on this need to mark you as his this way.
And you shudder, useless under him but anticipating the stretch anyway.
'Is that okay with you, my love?' his grip on your chin is firm when Diavolo seeks for approval in your eyes.
And you do try. To voice that yes, it is. That you want him inside already, need him to fuck you. But your breath is hitching and your sex raw and throbbing at his word, clenching around nothing.
So all it comes out of your bitten mouth is a pathetic whimper. You manage to nod though, and so he is quickly back at kissing your lips with adoration.
Just as he is fast to put you into a mating press, thighs up as he downright mounts you.
But he is gentle, or tries to. Diavolo takes his time even now, rutting against your folds to get himself wet for you. His head tilting back at the feeling. But every time the tip of his cock gets too close to your hole, he realizes he's barely keeping it together.
This is how he likes it, he says. You open, legs above your head and then over his shoulders as he finally starts to fuck into you. Slow, the first few inches of him go in.
And Diavolo didn't deceive you, the stretch is, even as prepared as this, unimaginable. But you want it, can't help throbbing around him and urging him for more. Yes, even if this close his infernal skin burns you to an uncomfortable level.
So he complies, it is what he wanted anyway. Pushing himself into you to the hilt until his pelvis touches yours and he has to hold you closer so you stop squirming.
Begins a pace relentless. He pounds you into the mattress all while sucking kisses on your neck.
Reaching your chin and mouth to kiss deep as he goes in and out hard.
It's difficult to keep up, you're rendered to this: a weak thing he has to hold so you do not break apart. But you're incorregible. Spurr him further.
'M-more, please!'
And so, he says something. Completely disregarding pleads and selfish for once.
'I want to fill you up so good' Diavolo's only goal, declared as he ruts, pushing deeper and you clench around him. Kissing your crimson blushing face all over but giving you no break.
All you feel and know is him. The girth of his cock splitting you open over and over again and the notion that he's been wanting this just as bad as you or worse.
His noises, the hand pressing down your navel just where he wants you to feel him filling you up make you come and clench around him involuntarily.
Your cunt wanting to swallow up everything the prince offers.
As you pull him from his horns, jewelry knocking down, Diavolo groans, moans, your name and slams his few last thrusts.
'Aah- too- good, my love. Will you take it, for me?' All of him. His sounds, his cock dragging inside you, its pulsing and the inevitably ending, his seed spilling deep inside you too warm, too much.
Diavolo shivers and holds into you for dear life. Hips still rutting, an attempt at driving it all even further into you even if that's impossible.
He pants. Refuses to pull out until he has to.
But the load does not go to waste. He's keeping you like that: hips up and thighs spread open for him, as he pushes it all back in with his fingers and you whimper under his touch, his gaze eating up the sight.
He saw it on hentai: the love interest of the main character spread wide open and waiting to get fucked stupid. An uncensored dick going in and out of them, far too big, stretching them and then the spurts of cum dripping. A cunt so tight, not meant to hold in that much.
So even if it is only a passing thought, Levi's mind does wander, weaving images of you like that. Turns out painful to want it this bad. Wishing he was the one to have you like that, all exposed and willing: full of only him.
And to make matters worse, Levi also can't help thinking his demon cock is thick. Without prepping, undoubtely too much for your human sex. And he does come loads, too.
How nice would it feel to come inside you, then. His love, who would selflessly hug him tighter, beg he lets them milk him.
To mark you as his. Letting everyone know who you belong to.
So even if it sounds farfetched at first and too much of a lewd fantasy, he can't get the idea off his head.
And Levi thinks of it as he kisses you, a forked tongue slipping in in an act of too much need and impetu. As if he meant more than he lets on.
Thinks of it as his fingers find your folds, rub, go inside: just how nice you clench around him as he pumps them in and out. The wet sounds that fill the room a sign of your arousal and then your own moaning driving him crazy. He's rock hard, a wet patch of precum already on his boxers as he's can barely play it cool, trying hard to please you first.
But it escapes him. Something muttered.
' you'd like it'. As Levi begins to go kiss down your body.
'What...?' you ask and so shake his daydreams away. Levi hasn't realized he spoke out loud; red in the face and in evidence as he buries in your stomach to hide.
'Huh? N-nothing!'
But you won't let go of it. Run fingers through his soft purple him to ease him yet keep the question up there.
'What would I like, Levi? Please speak to me.'
And you say it so sweetly that this time he doesn't cower.
'M-my cum inside you, mc.'
Oh. All while biting his trembling lip. Looking up at you from between your thighs like pleading you let him.
''re right,' you say, no more words than needed.
'I would' and push him lower. Still not willing to let him have his way before he gives you head.
But your words work like magic on Levi. As if a switch flipped on his mind. Needing to get inside you as soon as possible, but determined to overstimulate you before he even gets to fuck you.
So Levi tastes all of you; buries his face between your legs until you're trembling and busies himself sucking soft on your clit. Lengthy tongue curling inside you, stimulating places no one else has ever reached and humming against you, pleased himself with the way you pant and grip his hair for more.
Hungry, needy and accomplished, all at knowing that you want him this much: enough to let him come deep inside you.
When he gauges you are ready to take him, he wants you on your back and so gets on top of you. In need of watching your every expression, spreading you as he goes in slowly. Hissing at the tightness but refusing to close his eyes.
It is senseless, the desire unmeasurable to watch as his cock disappears inside you, how you take it inch by inch even, hole widening at the intrusion. And he's mesmerized. And you do this to him, your body, your temperature against his cool skin, your sounds better than anything fictional.
'Too big- Le-vi hah...' make his ego swell, his dick twitch and he's barely doing anything.
And he'd like to tease you, of course, but words barely make sense anymore.
'Too much.' you cry once more.
His pace starts as measured, but gets wild too fast. Turns out your overwhelmed whimpers do terrible things to Leviathan.
He's soon enough wondering just how many times he could come inside you in one night. What would you look like, spent and with all of his seed dripping out.
And so he can't control himself or his thrusts, any longer. Levi resorts to briefly pulling out, holding his cock on a tight grasp so he doesn't come too soon. Only daring to rub lightly and tease after a minute, spreading fluids on him, and making it all worse.
Flushed to death, whimpering himself as you take in the beautiful sight of Levi breaking down above you.
But he grabs your hips hard then, determined, pushing deep once more. Makes you whine at the feeling.
And with you squeezing his cock like this, Levi knows one time will not be enough. So as he plows relentlessly, he orders you:
'Say my name now, who's making you moan like this, mc?'
And a hand goes to lightly wrap around your throat.
'Y-you, Levi. You are,' Almost broken yourself.
Harder in.
'Whose cum is g-gonna fill you now, huh?'
Forcing you to push back so he doesn't pull away.
'Yours,  yours, only yours Levi! Please, just- fuck. Come inside...'
And it's a plead. And he can no longer control his thrusts aloppy and rough as he hits two or three times more.
Filling you up just so good and to the brim, you feel it, him, everywhere.
Levi refuses to pull out, until you beg for it too in between panting and his aggressive kissing.
'Let- ah, let me see it, please. Let me watch it drip out of me...' and he whimpers too, at this. Feeling blood rushing down him again already.
Giving in, if only because Leviathan wants that too. And moving away so he can admire just what he did to you.
More often than not he likes to fuck you gentle. Just like he's now aiming to, spooning you, arms around you too tight and clear with intentions.
Means to worship you and your body this way: with tender hands and biting kisses, and these honey-dripping words of praise falling in between the space between his lips and your skin.
To make you shudder and mewl as he uncovers every bit of you there is to admire, peeling your clothes one after another and covering you with nibbles and sucking marks instead.
'You're so beautiful like this, like glowing' even in the dark of the devildom's night, and like every time, Satan means.
He's all bare as well, both inside and in his heart to you too. Because he needs the skin to skin contact if he wants to feel something, anything. To make it real, all he ever wants for you and him.
Lips conect in a heated lock that last and lasts, the taste of him seeping through you and his hard on pointedly pressing against the back your thigh. Almost impatient.
'I want everything of you, Satan' you hush, push back on him until he's rutting against your ass barely, lightly. Any friction just does it, and in return he makes sure you feel what you are doing to him.
'Have I ever given you anything less, love?' he utters, seemingly troubled at what you imply. Sex hot and jumping at how warm you feel against him.
And his clawed hand does wander too. Tracing, caressing: fingers slipping in finally for him to admire just how wet and ready you are to take him.
'But I want more,' more than usual, more of him and all he is willing to give, you confess in the haze of having him so close.
So Satan's kisses continue, just as his petting does. And it is almost cruel that he's got you so needy for him; his fingers pumping in and out you just the way you needed it the most, only to stop and make you an offer.
Nibbling at the back of your neck just as if he effectively never got enough of you either.
'Say the word then, what can I give, that I haven't already?'
And pressing, rubbing more. Hot. Hard and soft at the same time on you. Close and far away.
'What is it you need of me?'
Because need turns out to be the right word. It is no longer about merely wanting in all that regards closeness to Satan
You look back, pleading eyes meet his glowing green ones and you grind your ass back into him shameless, as if you were in heat.
'Breed me, Satan. Fill me of you, please...'
And like something snaps on him. His fingers leave you to support your hips and find a new position. Satan lifts one of your legs up and slowly begins to fuck between your thighs. Still teasing.
'How bad you need it then, my cum inside you?'
And another hand that finds your throat. Forcing you to lie back on him, so he can talk into your ear and make sure you are paying attention to the words.
All while his cock slips between your thighs, rutting relentless and slick. Him panting. This close to losing it.
'So bad. So much, just....please, Satan.' you, flushed, teary eyed. Insides turning at the thought of his seed spilling hot inside you.
Satan's pace just outside you quickening too.
'F-fuck, and you'll get it. All of it.'
Resorting to pushing in at last. Slow. And hissing at the feeling of your tight, greedy hole swallowing him up immediately until he is all the way in.
Can't help, then, moving rough, deep, hard.
Arms and claws coming up to tighten his grip around your middle. Emphatizing how with just how nice you feel around him, Satan is not leaving you go anywhere anytime soon.
He slams into you until you get flipped on your stomach and he mounts you, pressing you into the matress with ruthless thrusts.
'You're so good to me, taking me so well...'
His sharp teeth tugging at the skin of your neck and horns ocassionally knocking on you as his pace fastens, and movements turn less careful.
'Hah-- you deserve it, only you.' his voice almost breaking, moans leaving Satan as he ruts. Hands clawing on your lower belly as he thrusts down hard and spills, pumping you utterly full of him as you tremble.
A makeout session that escalated, that's all it was in the beggining. Asmodeus lips straying, just as his hands always do too.
And the familiar groping everywhere so hot, touch teasing your nipples under clothes before they are carefully removed, minding the claws.
Soon he is giving you the same treatment down there, where you ache the most, but taking his time. Massaging you tender but never stopping his warm kisses. Never relenting with the taunting either
'You're so wet for me already, and all I'm doing is touching you a little, baby.' he chuckles against your neck.
'Mmh, please, Asmo...'
But he won't have it. There is little to no room for ambiguity when all Asmodeus wants is to hear you say how much you need him.
'Use words with me, pretty. What do you want, now?'
Because your begging is music to his ears, and after your praise all he ever wants to listen to.
'Please Asmo, fuck me...fill me up, can't take it anymore!'
So when he does it, is as he likes it the most, of course: in front of the mirror, sitting you on his lap with your back to him and maneuvering you over his hard cock.
It's gentle but deceiving, and he intends for you to cockwarm him at first. Asmodeus slips inside inch by inch terribly slow, and once he is in, grips you hips and keeps you there. The fingers of his free hand rub circles on your clit at a pace both of you know so well, until your clenching around him and trying to milk him for all he's worth.
But your lover is not moving. And so you begin to sob a little, hiccups and trembling moving you a bit on him.
Asmo caresses tender your hair, your face, your neck.
'Be patient, please. I'll give you everything you want and more, yes?'
But as things go, you wonder if he will ever allow you some release.
He starts though by helping you move up and down on him. Lifting your hips up with ease until just the head of his cock remains inside, only to lower you tortuously slow again and repeat the same thing over and over.
And he moans on your ear, to make things worse. And you do so too,  tightly wound from a mix of too much stimulation and still not enough.
'A-asmo please, please fuck me good...' you plead, pray he does something, anything at all.
Yet he enjoys this all too much.
'But you feel so nice around me, love! What's the rush?'
Repeating the process Asmodeus makes you bounce dumb on his cock, and if you dare open your eyes, ib the haze of it all he us gazing at you through the mirror.
Taunts you.
'Want more, honey?'
Before he speeds up just the tiniest bit, cruel.
You don't know what he wants, why is he torturing you this much, until he speaks once more and sweet, so sweet in your ear.
Dropping you on him out of a sudden and having you take it all too fast, thighs barely able to hold you.
'Will you let me breed you now, baby?'
And it does take you off guard, but you don't fight what his words cause deep within you either.
Asmodeus tries to look into you for real, making you angle your face so he can takes your mouth. Keeps you still before resuming the movements on which you have no agency at all.
Because yes, he's using your body now. That is what he is doing, by also aiming to come in you. Mark you as his toy, his plaything, but the favorite of him at that.
'You said you wanted me to fill you up, didn't you?' like mocking, but better. Most gentle and most endearing.
'Will you let me, then?' its moans now, what he spits, 'It'll feel good, so good, I promise!'
And needy panting, a rouse maybe because he knows you love to listen to him, as he impales you again.
And he is so close, so sweet, so kind in the way he teases.
You will let him, you declare. And will take all of him, squeeze hard until he's dry.
Asmodeus laughs. As if you ever could. But invites you anyway: you can certainly try.
His grip on your hips turns bruising. Claws not just merely leaving imprints, but drawing blood this time as he bounces you while slamming from below.
Your name in between a string of whimpers, and how tight you squeeze him, how good to cum inside, have you swell with all he pushes in.
You can feel it just before it happens, how Asmodeus does it.
Making eye contact through the crystal and biting down on your shoulder with the last of his controlled, hard thrusts as he spills.
Pressing you down on him and don't letting you move until the spurts stop. But he keeps rutting, gasping breathless praises.
Of course it is you the one to bring it up first, idly tracing patterns on his stomach and chest under clothes as you cuddle.
Honeyed on his ear, asking when will he finally fuck you raw, and promise if he does you will let him come inside.
But the needy lilt in your voice hides nothing: your promises turn as almost a plead, and give away what you really want of him.
'Raw, you say?'
Simeon plays coy, yet only barely. His warm hands take yours and begin to guide them down the expanse of his stomach, then inside his underwear. He's so nice, helping you wrap one of them around him and start pumping together until he's swollen, ready. And challenges you to take charge of it if you want anything from him.
But you are not all that passive either, kissing his neck and nibbling until he's sighing airy.
Ultimately, when all is enough, he laughs. Looking back at you with that gaze that lets you know he's not playing.
'Hah, you're so dirty, mc...' still rutting in your hand for more until he can barely take the friction.
'And here I thought you only meant to cuddle today.'
Soon enough removing your grasp from him and flipping you over so he's got you caged under him.
And you love it, the way he can barely play innocent. Just how aroused he gets from the simplest things and willing to try anything for the sake of pleasure, both yours and his.
How he kisses up your chin and lips and regards you with a gaze that for an instant is almost stern.
Like you made him mad. But the game only lasts so long
'Who put you all these thoughts in your pretty little head, hm? I should be the only one doing that.' clear on what he wants. To possess you fully, too. Just as you want to get possessed by him.
Simeon peels what little clothes you still wear with ease.
His mouth goes everywhere. His hands do too. And before you know it, an angel is pushing you on your stomach and mounting you like he never did before. Hard length pressing against your ass as he maneuvers a pillow under your hips to hit deeper, do better.
He grabs a hold of your waist too, as he leans in and pushes more.
'But you're asking me, so I'll do it for you.'
Sliding inside with little to no preparation so the stretch stings a bit. With only your own arousals as lube and going too fast, too strong. Making you yelp and arch on him
'...since you want it so bad, my cum inside you.'
Simeon sets a rough pace, one you're not sure you can keep up it. Rendering you somewhat helpless as he pushes you down with his body, his strength.
His weight on you a thing so hot, so nice and comforting. His chest on your back as he slams in and out, and the feeling of his cock hitting every sweet spot you have.
He nips on shoulders, neck; pulls at the lobe of your ear with blunt teeth before you both moan, almost in unison.
And how wish you could see the expression that overtakes him. But can only hear Simeon pant breathless behind you.
'Is this what you want, angel?' pulling for once out, only to slide against your folds and dragging slowly inside again to the base and grind on you.
'To be always this full of me? Want more?'
Near to verwhelmed both of you. Sweet.
'Yes, yes, Simeon please, breed me!'
'You're filthy, but...'
So is he. So he wants to.
And what for, anyway, having you take every drop of him, then watch it pour out of you. Witness the mess he's made and know he's the one you come to for this. The one you want the most.
'so good...'
He groans, pushes. Down. Hard. Hot as he cums inside and it's loads.
You feel it spread. Feel it shift as he keeps fucking into you some more.
Whining, in the borderline between pain and ecstasy as Simeon realizes once time wasn't quite enough.
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Asmodeus: damn, look they got girl skateboards
F!mc: omg
Asmodeus: you can skate now!!
F!mc: they got gay skateboards
Asmodeus: OMG
F!mc: YOU can skate now!!
Asmodeus: we're fcking set!!!
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carnationhcs · 7 days ago
Heard ya wanted to try writing for the Obey Me! Fandom. I assume this probably won't be your first request for it, but if it is, that will be a first for me too. 🤣
Can you do headcannons for a f!mc who prefers the brothers more demonic side?
(A/n: I guess it's a day of firsts😅)
Hope you enjoy~♥️
Warnings: None
Age rating: None
Tumblr media
The 7 Brothers with a F!MC That Loves Their Demon Form
Though his pride would never allow him to admit this, when he first revealed his demon form to you he was extremely nervous
I mean, to him, it was already surprising that you were so accepting about the brothers being demons in the first place and now he's just supposed to show you his true form? Of course he was anxious
When he finally steeled himself, he called you into his office saying he needed to talk
Once you were sat down he explained that Diavolo had commanded that he and the other 6 show you their demon forms
That he had said it would be better to acquaint you with a demon's true form via demons you knew and trusted
Even better to start out with the one you were dating
With that he shifted, spread his wings to their full length, and awaited your response
As he waited for your reaction he prepared himself for the worst possible scenarios
He expected you to be terrified of him or to fling some of the many deprecating words he's heard in all his years as a demon
Or worst of all, as much as it pained him, he was prepared for you to break up with him
What he didn't expect was for you to squeal and run over to glide your fingers through his wings' feathers, claiming that they were "so soft and fluffy"
Or to hear you say that you thought his horns made him look hot
Knowing that you accepted him completely filled him with so much love and pride (surprisingly not for himself for once)
From that point on, whenever he was stressed or had a bad day he would come to you shifted and lay his head in your lap or on your chest as you ran your fingers across his horns or played with his wings
Eventually, it got to the point that you developed such a love of how soft his feathers are that you would start asking him to shift just so you could run your hands through the soft, black plumage
All in all, it's extremely relaxing for the both of you and was a great way for you guys to get even closer to each other
When he first introduced you to his demon form he expected you to be nervous and to turn him away
Of course, he didn't show that insecurity and acted cocky as usual
"Of course you think I look cool, I'm THE Great Mammon!"
"Any puny human would be impressed.."
On the inside, though, he's more relieved than he'd ever admit
The first time that you touched his wings you were shocked to say the least
You expected them to be leathery but surprisingly they felt more velvety than anything
From that point on you were enamored with running your fingertips gently across the soft surface of the membrane
Once he knows that you like his true form, be prepared for him to take full advantage
He'll do one of two things to get you to pay him the attention he deserves:
Option one: He'll go directly up to you, shifted, and badger you with no shame until you give him your undivided attention
Option two: He'll withhold letting you mess with his wings until you crack and beg him to shift
Personally, he loves it when when you run your fingers through his hair and rub the base of his horns
It feels like heaven in hell for him and if he could he would just lay with you as you cuddle him close forever
This poor baby didn't even mean to show you yet
He was playing one of his many games and got so worked up that he shifted without realizing
You were laying in his bed scrolling through your phone when you heard a swishing noise coming from your boyfriend's direction
Saying you were surprised when you looked up would be an understatement
Glancing towards the tv, you see, in all his glory, your purple-haired otaku- tail swishing back and forth, clearly agitated
Though you had never seen this version of your beloved, all you could think about was how cute he looked- eyes narrowed with focus, the tip of his tail flicking every now and then
When Levi finally noticed your staring, the poor demon was so flustered
His face turned bright red with embarrassment as he noticed your gaze
He was about to tell you that he could shift back if his demon form made you uncomfortable, but you beat him to it with a:
Tumblr media
"How you doinnnn~"
No, I'm totally kidding 😂
But once you reassured him that you liked his true form, he was a lot more relaxed around you
If you're looking for some Levi Cuddles™ but he's busy he'll shift and wrap his tail around your waist, pulling you tightly against his side
If he has to ask you to mess with his tail though? Be prepared for one red demon
He gets super flustered asking you to play with his tail as he games, even though he knows you love it just as much as him
10/10 do recommend randomly touching his tail- it never fails to turn him into a stuttering mess
Satan was is the library, shifted, relaxing and hiding away from his brothers' antics when you came bursting into the room claiming you needed him to his you from Mammon
Upon further investigation, he discovered that you had cheated on n a game of poker with the second born
Agreeing to aid you just as the Avatar of Greed flung open the doors yelling for you, he shifted to hide you behind him
Somehow he smooth talked his brother put of the library without alerting him to your presence
Turning to look at you, he noticed you looking at his tail in wonder
Questioning you about it you merely expressed that you thought his tail was really cool
"It's just really cool, non of the other brothers have a gradient on their demon features.. it's unique.."
Congratulations you just rendered the Avatar of Wrath speechless
Whenever you were next to him he would pull you in close with his tail just because he knows it flusters you
On the flip side you could always fluster him back by complimenting the color scheme of his demon form..
Without realizing it, over time, he developed a habit of wrapping his tail around your leg when he is jealous or just overwhelmed with emotion, it's grounding
(sorry this was so much like Levi's.. there's only so much you can do with a tail😅)
You saw his demon form pretty early on upon coming to the devildom
Asmo is unapologetically him and doesn't care to show it
*Gets cocky about you liking their demon form pt. 2*
His demon form was so pretty that you couldn't help saying something even if you wanted to
"Of course it is! My entire being is radiant!😏"
(Not so) Secretly loves it when you offer to help him with his wing beauty routine:
I.e helping him exfoliate, clean, or moisturize his wings
He especially loves how much care you use when handling them
He doesn't hesitate to tell you how good it feels for you to touch his wings either-
"If you keep that up, little minx, you'll be in for a long night~~"
All in all, is appreciative of finally having someone who understands the importance of self care/upkeep
*Pt. 2 of not really caring*
He was just shoving his face in the kitchen in the middle of the night when you went to get a glass of water
The only real shocker to you was that the already large demon somehow got even larger
The 6'9" (that's what came up when I searched his height 🤷) gentle giant was now well over 7'
Continuing to get your water you made a comment on how, because of the fridge light, his wings created a stunning rainbow light show on the wall of the kitchen
That ignited something in Beel that he didn't know existed
In all his years of life, he had never really heard his wings associated with something beautiful
Most people tended to have some distain for how they looked, due to them being very insect reminiscent
But for someone, especially someone whom he cared so much about to state that they were pretty?
He could have burst from happiness
From that point on, he made it his mission to get more compliments out of you (not that it was hard, you truly loved how unique his demon form was)
If you guys were somewhere with random streams of light, he would always coincidentally stand to where the light would shine through and make gorgeous iridescent patterns on either you or the wall
He just wants to impress you and to hear that you truly do love him, and if he has to do that with his wings, so be it..
Sleepy Boi Hours™
He was asleep when you walked into the twins room and saw his demon form
He hadn't hid it from you, there was just never an instance where you could see it
He woke up to the feeling of his tail getting messed with, only to find that you were braiding the switch
When he asked you what you were doing all he got in response was:
"it's soft, what'd you expect"
Not really sure how to respond, and also not really caring, he left you to it and fell back asleep
Needless to say, it became a sort of routine for you guys
Whenever you guys would lay down to sleep, he would shift and wordlessly flit his tail towards your hands until you started to play with it, lulling him into some of the best sleeps he's ever had
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asmosmainhoe · 4 months ago
Can you write headcannons for this?
The brothers have been too busy to hang out with MC so they go to the purgatory hall and ends up spending the night cuddling with Solomon, and while all the brothers are freaking out trying to find MC Solomon sends a picture of them asleep on his chest with no context.
I’d love to see their reactions
All seven brothers would be great but if you don’t wanna could I get headcannons for Lucifer, Mammon, Satan, Beel, and Belphie?
MC spends the night with Solomon and doesn't tell the brothers
I had way too much fun with Mammon's part
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: cursing
Calm on the outside, but screaming on the inside
Tells his brothers to sit their asses down immediately and stop making such a fuss even though he wants to turn the entire house upside down more than anything to find you
Thinks about calling Diavolo, but 1) his pride refuses to get help and 2) he really doesn't wanna tell him about the fact that he lost one of the exchange students somewhere in hell
Imagine having to tell your boss that you lost a whole ass person
Then suddenly his phone bings and he looks at it, hoping that one of his brothers finally found your whereabouts
But no, it's just Solomon sending him a mere picture so nothing intere- back the fuck up
Is that you? Sleeping at the magician's side and cuddling?
Immediately goes to purgatory hall to get you back home and is careful to not wake you up while doing so
Of course he calls you in his office and confronts you about your disappearance
Honestly Lucifer's taken aback quite a bit by the fact that you did it because you felt lonely
He won't apologize for neglecting you, but will definitely make sure to give you more attention in the future
Storms into Lucifer's office and yells about how someone kidnapped you
By the time he's done explaining that you're missing, the entire Devildom probably heard about it thanks to his unholy screeching
Even his older brother's threats to hang him upside down if he wouldn't shut up couldn't make him...well shut up
Excuse me, have you seen my human? They're about this tall, clearly gay, but we haven't had the talk-
Finally calms down when he sees the picture Solomon sent him with you in his bed
Wait- you? Inside Solomon's bed? With Solomon in it? Mammon starts making a scene again
The next day you're getting the scolding of your life like the time he told you that he's the only one who's allowed to safe you
Please don't think he's actually mad or anything, this man was so fucking worried and doesn't know how to handle this roller-coaster of emotions
Funny story hah he actually didn't even notice at all that you're missing
Found out about your disappearance through Mammon's concerned yelling a few rooms away from his
Stomps into the hall and demands to know wtf this fuss is all about, because he just wants to play his new game in peace and he can't do that if-
Oh shit MC's missing? Forget about the game, dude, we gotta find them
Blames his brothers for losing you and then his anxiety kicks in, because he starts blaming himself
Posts 749292871910 tweets on Devildomtwitter (or however that shit's called down there) about his search until Solomon texts him in the dm's
Levi's sin kicks in instantly and he becomes incredibly jealous
Quickly gets a hold of himself though, because thank the anime gods! You're safe!
Feels so fucking awful for not spending enough time with you SO HE MAKES IT UP WITH GAMING NIGHTS AND STUFF
Knows exactly that you're a grown ass person who can take care of themselves and you're probably out there somewhere probably buying stuff or so
But you're all alone and this is hell after all so he sends you a message just to be sure that you're doing fine
Gets really concerned once you don't answer his fifth text so he asks his brothers if they heard anything from you
One of them throws in a remark about how maybe you've been kidnapped and Satan there's a dark, murderous aura surrounding him suddenly and a shadow over his face
"They wouldn't dare"
If someone's actually got the nerves to kidnap you out of all people then he'll make sure to live up to hell's and his reputation
Of course he's a lot calmer when Solomon's sends him the picture, but he still can't help to be angry the magician for not informing him sooner
Makes a whole ass scene
Obviously he's not screeching and yelling like Mammon no one is, but he still turns the house upside down and puts his brothers into a high alert mode
Paces around the living room where they're all gathered and gestures frantically, demanding for an entire search party
Unintentionally sasses the brothers when they tell him to relax already
But how can you expect him to be calm in a situation like this one? You're the first thing he truly loves besides himself and now you're missing! Have some sympathy for fuck's sake!
Amso's full on crying after an hour or so and doesn't give two fucks about how smuched his makeup is by now
Let's out a relieved gasp and falls less gracefully onto the couch after he receives Solomon's text with a picture of you soundly asleep by his side
You're wrong if you think that he let's the magician off the hook
"You bitch! You could've told me they're with you sooner!"
Doesn't straight up panic like some all of them just because you don't answer his texts
Thinks you're simply busy with something so he leaves it be, but decides to check up on you after some times
Huh you're not in your room? Searches the entire house and only then, after he still doesn't find you, he gets worried
Belphegor is the first one he asks for help and not gonna lie Beel is kinda lost
Gathers all of his brothers in the living room to discuss their next steps
Lots of stress eating
Maybe you're with a friend? Maybe you're at RAD studying for the upcoming test next week? Or maybe...
No, Beel refuses to think that something might have happened to you, because he can't bear the thought of losing another loved one, another member of his family
Unlike the others he let's you stay at Solomon's for the night, because he doesn't wanna risk waking you up. You deserve the peace
Poor boy's gonna be so heartbroken after you tell him that you left, because you felt lonely so whenever he gets the feeling that it's happening again he sits by your side and just eats
Even if you have nothing to talk about he's still there
Another one who doesn't notice your absence, because surprise! He's taking a nap in the attic!
Has to be woken up by Beel and it takes some time for him to comprehend what his brother is saying to him
Please bear with him, his brain can't function right after waking up
Groans annoyed, because of the incompetence of his brothers
Like how can you loose an entire person?
Unlike the others he actually has a functioning brain cell and messages the residents of purgatory hall
If you're not here then you obviously must be with them
Has a mini heart attack when Simeon and Luke tell him that they haven't seen you
Then Solomon, that ass, sends him a picture with you two cuddling
Also leaves you be, because you deserve a break from all the chaos and because he's maybe to lazy to carry you all the way back home
Just like Beel he just stays by your side whenever he feels like you're again getting lonely
Like he simply falls down onto the bed or couch next to you with a blanket and a pillow
1K notes · View notes
long-furby6 · 21 days ago
I know for a fact you’d give Lucifer so many stress lines 😭😭
The Brothers With A Venti-Like MC
Tumblr media
The minute he met you, he just new you were gonna be a pain in the ass
Maybe it was your smug look, or the intuition built over centuries of pseudo-parenting that something was off. But either way, he was, unfortunately, right
At first, he thought you were just a really weird human with no preservation instincts. Extremely annoying, too. Constantly breaking out into song in the middle of his lectures in some language he didn’t understand, swindling bartenders into free drinks, etc etc
oh god is this a Mammon with Asmo’s charm and his own pride???
Until he started seeing stuff about you that made him do a double take. What kinda human can drink that much and survive? Why do you always talk about events that took place a millennia before as if you were there??
Your actual identity clicked for him one day when he saw you wind current some poor guy into the next dimension
Turns out the 2nd human exchange student isn’t even human
Boy was he pissed. And you have an entire religion based around you??? Just how much did you not tell him????
His punishments are not the funnest so good luck
Once he gets used to this new information, he comes to quite enjoy your company
He’ll ask you to come play your lyre for him while he works in exchange for an apple or maybe some wine, he’s gotta admit that you’re one of the best bards he’s met. You often tell eachother stories of past friendships and fallen empires just to reminisce
Tumblr media
There’s no way in hell that you aren’t just instantly best friends
He’s the first person who knows about the whole god thing. Mostly because you blurted it out in a drunken stupor.
He thought it was a joke at first, until you actually showed him some of your abilities and he just went ???
SO happy that you told him and only him. Sure you were poster boarded to the forth dimension but still
Makes you play constantly and demand people pay for your entertainment
He’s a pretty good singer so maybe you two can duet? Join his modelling magazines as a guest?
Broke squad
Since you can shift your body into basically anything, he might try and get you to pose as him when he’s getting in trouble so he can escape through the back door
You’ll probably both get borderline executed after, but hey, it was fun while it lasted
Tumblr media
Will. You. Stop. Coming. Into. His. Room. Drunk. Off. Your. Ass. And. Messing. Up. His. GAME
Seriously, it’s kinda hard to concentrate when you’re clinging to him and screaming the lyrics to some weird song. Hey! You’re getting tears on his Ruri-Chan Limited Edition T-Shirt!
While your eccentric tendencies can annoy him at times, he can’t say he doesn’t enjoy your company when you’re not being annoying with Asmo or Mammon
He actually finds himself running excitedly to find you after some new anime comes out, or one of his favourite idols releases an album, just because you seem to get so hyped along with him
You gotta scream along to anime openings with him. He’s also very interested in any old sea shanties you might know
When he found out you were a god, I swear he nearly lost it
Like, you have all these people who love and worship you so much??? That’s so not fair!!
You’d think the archon of wind and a demon of the sea wouldn’t get along very well, but besides the occasional squabble, you two become quite close
Mostly he just like the fact that he can bribe you so easily. All he needs is a couple apples and you’re off to pester Mammon for his money back
Tumblr media
Doesn’t care, doesn’t bother. At first anyway
He ended up seeing how annoyed you make Lucifer, and decided to maybe talk to you a little more
Actually ends up liking you a lot! And that’s surprising considering how different you two are
Finding out you had a cult based around you was a little… shocking, however. What do you mean they call you Barbatos??? One is enough!
After the initial surprise, he gets the unbearable urge to go talk to one of your followers. Hearing them talk about how benevolent and mighty their god is when he literally saw you jump into a fountain while wasted to all hell slurring something about lost treasure not even two days ago is comedy gold to him
Gotta restrain himself from laughing when they say something about how know all knowing you are. He’s the one who has to tutor you all the time
Hearing about the archon war was more off putting then anything, tho. Like, who knew you were capable of so much destruction? He’s gotta be more careful around you…
When he finds out about your cat allergy… oh lord he feels so bad
He’s not even angry abt it he just pities you so much. You’ll never experience the pure joy of kissing their little foreheads :(
heart been broke so many times
Tumblr media
So excited when he hears your musical talent
Though that does mean he’s constantly bothering you to perform with him in front of his fans or at his parties
Definitely drinking buddies. You him and Mammon are kinda a bar hopping trio
Tries to get you to compete with him on who has a bigger cult. Gets lowkey upset when you win because you’re literally a religious figure—
Dramatically flops onto you when you’re sitting on the couch and starts ranting about how unfair it is
Gets you an apple or a bottle of wine anytime he can. He likes seeing the happy glint in your eye when he gives it to you
Gotta get drunk with him and start telling eachother everything
Forces you to let him style your hair
Tumblr media
When you first meet him, he kinda senses something off about you? You don’t feel quite human to him…
Turns out he was right. He wasn’t surprised at all when the whole Archon thing was revealed
It made sense now why you jumped in front of him and Luke that one time. You could probably put up a fight with even Lucifer!
Always tries to leave you some apples when he’s raiding the fridge. It’s hard to resist, but, they seem to make you very happy
When he finds out you took the form of a friend that died, holy shit dude
He’s always there to comfort you when those memories get a little too much. You did the same for him, after all
Tumblr media
Do you gotta be so loud all the time? You keep waking him up :/
He’s the only one who heard of the Anemo Archon, Barbatos long before he even met you. He spent so much time with humans as an angel, after all
Though he had no idea it was you until the day he tried to kill you. You nearly broke the wall with the force of that wind blast, sending him flying into all manner of furniture
He just stared at you like ??? 😳 ??? For so long
Very curious about your abilities and backstory. Maybe you can tell him some stories and play with his hair while he lays on your chest? Until he falls asleep? Please?
The schemes you two make together are enough to bring down the whole House Of Lamentation and it’s lowkey frightening
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flwrem · a month ago
When they get too worked up | obey me
➝ NSFW / smut, quite explicit. JUST A DRABBLE
➝ Satan, Asmodeus
Lucifer, Mammon and Levi here
Beel, Belphie here
➝ gn!reader, hard dom brothers
Tumblr media
Like Levi he would pin you hard against the bed or the wall or any other surface you’re doing it on, he loves the feeling of power he gets when you are all under his control not being able to move and just moan, Satan would grab anything at his reach to tie both of your hands or to the bed headboard while he kisses you hard stealing all of your moans in his mouth as he fucks you, Satan would get very vocal too as he is so deep into the pleasure to care if someone hears him but could try to cover your mouth with his tie or hands since he is so possessive with you he would either hate if his brothers hear you or would fuck you harder so they know who is making you feel so good
Asmo is so LOUD, but like extremely whiny as he gets to overwhelmed with the pleasure you are giving him, since he is so cuddly I think he would just love to fuck you from the side with one of his arms playing with you and the other holding your leg up so he can get so deep your mind goes fuzzy and your eyes fills with tears, his head would be on your shoulder moaning straight to your ear, never stoping his brutal pace even if you orgasm so much you can’t even count, he won’t stop
Beel got quite long so I’ll do him and Belphie in other post
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selcouth14 · a month ago
| Who’s Mc’s favorite? |
parings: obey me brothers x GN reader
A/n: hello! I’m finally back, I haven’t been writing because I’ve been in a bad place recently. I haven’t had motivation and this is the longest I’ve been since writing and I’m very sorry but I’m back on track now!
spoilers for chapter 16 in belphegors part
it’s just like any other day in the house of lamentation. You’re sitting down drinking (drink of your choice) when all of a sudden you hear Asmo and Mammon fighting. You decide just to let them fight it out this time, you’re already exhausted and if it gets too bad beel can help.
mammon: MC! please tell Asmo just to let it go already!
Asmodeus: they’re not going to side with you! After all I AM their favorite!
Mammon: WHAT?! I’m their first so I’m their favorite!
Suddenly all of the 7 demon brothers turn towards you, over hearing the fight that was going on.
So, who is your favorite, Mc?
“Well I’d say it’s Lucifer!”
• Words cannot describe how much you have boosted this mans ego. Of course, even before you said it was him he already guessed he was your favorite. He is usually very confident after all.
• He gives you a little smirk and says “well of course I am, MC” . It’s ends up with you blushing and the rest of the brothers feeling sick .
• However, sometime after when everyone is already back in their rooms Lucifer calls you to his room. You guessed it was about what you had said earlier and you were right.
• He tilts your head up while saying “I am very glad to be your favorite, MC” then gives you a kiss
“My favorite? I’d say it’s Mammon!”
• Everyone is in shock. You can see mammon from across the room looking like he just won a billion Grimm! He then yells out “well of course I’m your favorite!” with a blush on his face.
• Asmo then ruins the moment though by saying “MC…are you feeling alright?” YES ASMO WE’RE FEELING JUST FINE
• It’s been some time and everyone has left the room leaving you and mammon together. He walks up to you and gives you a tight hug.
• “I’ll always be your favorite of course. After all I am your first” you then give him a quick kiss making him flustered.
“Well…My favorite is Levi!”
• He was so self conscious as you were about to say your answer. He thought that you were going to say Lucifer or Beel. They’re opposite of the “gross otaku” that he is , according to Levi
• When you said it was him though, he didn’t even fully register what you had said. He was just spacing out with his thoughts.
• when he figured out what you had said, he has the biggest blush on his face. He didn’t really believe it. Neither did everyone else.
• later that day, in his room, you cuddle up close to him. “I’m your only favorite right MC?”
• “of course you are Levi!” you say while giving him a quick kiss.
he is my favorite 🏃🏽‍♀️
“My favorite would have to be Satan!”
• he was very happy at this. He turns around and gives Lucifer a look like “😌” . You boosted his confidence and ego a lot.
• He was confident but he was also acknowledging the fact that maybe his one of his other brothers could be your favorite.
• He closes his book, makes eye contact with you and gives you the sweetest smile you have seen from him. He is genuinely really happy that you said it was him.
• After all of this he brings you to the library where he gives you a passionate kiss. “Thank you, MC”
“ my favorite is asmodeus!”
• He is OVERJOYED . “Awwww well of course I am MC!” And he then engulfs you in a big hug.
• The brothers really aren’t surprised by this and neither is asmo. Much like Lucifer he was very confident that he was your favorite beforehand.
• you can tell that he’s sparkling more than usual and that’s saying a lot. Much more happier than usual.
• after this he grabs your hand and brings you to his room. “We’re going to have a day all to ourselves MC! After all I AM your favorite” he says with a cheeky smile while giving you a kiss.
“Hmm….we’ll my favorite is Beel!”
• Before this, he was kind of clueless on who it could be. He was really intrigued though. But, when you said it was him he was very delighted and surprised!
• he walks up to you and gives you a really nice warm hug. The kind that lifts you up. “I’m really happy to be your favorite MC, thank you.”
• Again, most of his brothers expected this but he really didn’t. But don’t get him wrong, he is really ecstatic that you said it was him, it made him really happy.
• Later that night he brings you to the kitchen where you two share some of his pudding and being all sweet together !
• asmo trying to sneak into the kitchen at 3 am to get a cupcake and seeing you two: 🧍
• he was asleep
• JUST IMAGINE BEING ALL LIKE “my favorite is probably belphegor…” and then just silence because he isn’t awake yet 🏃‍♀️💨
• but he wasn’t fully asleep, he was half asleep and he honestly thought it was a dream till beel shook him awake. When he turns to look at you he has a surprised, tired, and blushed face it’s really cute!
• “isn’t he the one that ki-“ mammon tries to say as Lucifer covers his mouth.
• belphegor knocks on your bedroom door later that night, “belphie what are you doing at my room so late?”
• “can I sleep here? With you?..”
• “oh of course! c’mon”
• you two settle into the bed and he cuddles up really close. Honestly, When he heard you say he was your favorite he was so happy even if he didn’t say it out loud. He was just so relieved you felt safe with him enough to sleep in the same bed as him after that whole ordeal. He really loves it.
I’m so sorry for procrastinating this long! But I do hope you enjoy !
have a lovely day and you matter!
- selcouth
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dreamkidddream · 6 months ago
So it’s basically where one partner is complaining about how their shirt smells and when the other person leans down to smell it their forehead gets kissed 🥺 so I had to write it for the bros 😭 I’m still doing the prompt special tho but take this as a thank you gift/self indulgent. Heavy on the ✨self indulgent✨ Reader is gender neutral!
The Brothers and Forehead Kisses (Tiktok Trend)
MC ew, he doesn’t want to smell your shirt if it stinks
Why would he want to do that
But you were so persistent and would not stop pestering him until he sniffed it, and he has paperwork to do so he doesn’t have time to waste
If this was a prank and Satan and/or Belphie put you up to you’re going to regret it
Rolling his eyes, he leaned down to smell only to feel your lips gently kiss his forehead
Very confused until you asked him if he smelt it. He did the same thing and got the same result
So this was your little prank, huh?
Honeslty doesn’t mind it, and is a little smug about it too
If you just wanted to kiss him, why didn’t you say so? He will happily grant your request
He rather do the kissing and on another body part, but he can never complain when it comes to you
10/10 recommend forehead kisses with Lucifer
He won’t outright ask you for them, but he will be expecting them for now on (especially when he’s stressed). Your kisses are possibly his only weakness (not that he’ll ever say that), and makes him feel all warm inside
You make him feel warm inside MC
He’s definitely done the sniff test on his own clothes more than once, so has no problem smelling
The only problem he had was the instant butterflies in his stomach and the blush across his face after you kissed his forehead
“Oi human! W-what do ya think ya doin’?!”
Is embarrassed and acts like the kisses are unwanted (he’s not fooling anyone), until you do it again and again and again
Very dopey and starts to complain when you pull away
“Hey! You started this, s-so ya gotta finish it! And I’m- I’m not done yet!”
You dumb human! Making him feel all these emotions for you. Now you gotta take responsibility! He’s the Great Mammon after all, and he only gets the best!
He’s lying MC don’t ever stop loving on him you’re already the best
Bonus: give him forehead kisses whenever he’s upset during your pep talks and he’ll marry you on the spot. Also becomes his favorite kiss and expects them everyday
KING of the sniff test
Man almost never leaves his room and is either gaming or binging anime (sometimes both) 25/8 what do you expect?
Has a heart attack when you kissed his forehead
Not really but he felt like he was
Face completely red, including ears, he couldn’t even stutter out his question of why you were doing this
Were you pranking him? Was this a trick?! Why would someone like you (WAAY out of his league) kiss a yucky otaku like him?
You saw that he was getting that look again, so you pecked his forehead over and over
Completely shuts down, but in a good way!
Give him forehead kisses forever MC, especially when he’s upset in his degrading mood or about to go in a jealous rage
Becomes exclusively your thing
Another one that doesn’t want to smell your shirt
If you think it smells then change??? He doesn’t understand why you’re still wearing it
Have to practically FORCE his head to your chest, and he finally gives in
Was pleasantly surprised to feel the kiss
You make him fluster so bad MC that he chokes lmao
Tries to act smug about it at first, but you caught him off guard and he is not mad about that
Kisses your forehead everyday before you leave the house: whether it’s for RAD, hanging out, whatever reason doesn’t matter
Does it everyday, and in front of everyone ESPECIALLY in front of Lucifer, he lives to spite this man
Makes him feel like he’s a part of his own love story, and that he finally had a happy ending
You are NOT fooling this man
If you want him to smell you, you gotta lie and say you sprayed some perfume or cologne and want his opinion
Well why didn’t you say so? He’ll be honored that you want his opinion but who wouldn’t? He’s Asmodeus, the best-
Did you just kiss his forehead?
Naughty MC, if it’s a kiss you wanted you didn’t have to trick him to get it~
But he didn’t mind. It makes him feel loved, a different kind, way different than what he feels from his fans, if the deep blush on his face is anything to go off of
Forehead kisses are something reserved just for you! And it doesn’t matter if it’s him kissing yours or the opposite, he loves it. He lives for it now, but only for you. This is something that his fans can never have, and they feel just a little salty about it, but they can’t stay mad for long. It’s Asmo, and MC always brings out this glow from him, and they do kinda look cute together...
Surprisingly he rather do this behind closed doors. Has no problem with kissing you in public, but it’s just more personal when it’s just you two
Keep this up MC and he may start loving you more than himself-
JK he’s obviously first place
But you have him doubting that sometimes, and it doesn’t bother him as much as he thought it would
Does the sniff test sometimes, but only because if he smells food on it he gets hungry and sometimes tempted to eat the shirt
He can’t help it
You want him to smell you- your shirt? Doesn’t mind, you already smell good and he does have the strongest sense of smell in the house (probably ever tbh), so it makes sense
Now Beel is one tall demon. All the brothers are pretty tall, but he’s the tallest (even if he isn’t he’s still huge), so kissing his forehead was a challenge on his own
Is deathly quiet for a few seconds, expression serious. Then...
You see the widest smile along with the red spreading across his cheeks. Purposely continues to do it even after he knows it’s a prank, doesn’t care
You awakened the beast MC
Fully expects these kisses for now on. Every. Single. Day. Not that you mind in the slightest
He goes to you whenever he feels like he needs it. Feeling famished and food isn’t working? Forehead kisses make him feel full. Need good luck for practice and on game days? Those kisses give him an extra boost. Bored? You and your kisses are more than enough to entertain him
Comes to you literally any time of the day to get your kisses. It’s better than anything he ever eats. Makes him feel better too!
Anything filled with love from you is better
MC what do you want?? He’s trying to sleep, and he doesn’t want to smell your smelly sweatshirt
Does the sniff test on his own clothes, but is petty enough to turn his nose at you
Maybe if you lay down and cuddle with him, he can probably take a whiff...
You fall for it (or so he thinks). So when he feels your soft lips on him, it’s enough to wake him up
You humans, always finding a way to trick people! Not that he cares that this trick has his heart racing and the tip of his ears burning
We all know he’s a sucker for affection no matter how much he tries to lie and deny it. So imagine how much he’s loving something so domestic like this
Is acting so shy, complaining about how unfair you are in teasing him, but you don’t miss the way his eyes flick from your lips to your own eyes, and the way that he positions himself for you to have easy access to kiss him again
Becomes your thing whether you like or not (spoiler alert: you do) and I mean just your thing. Besides from Beel, he’s pouting if you decide to do this to his other brothers. He’s the only one that should have your kisses, not his annoying and undeserving brothers! If you’re really sorry, you can apologize by giving him 10x the usual pecks and sleeping in his arms
Forehead kisses before napping and before going to bed >>>
The thought that he shouldn’t be forgiven still lingers in the back of his head, but whenever you give him that soft smooch on his forehead, it’s forgotten momentarily
You’re too good for him MC
You make him feel so cherished, so loved. He doesn’t know how he can repay you, make you feel the same, but these kisses are a good start
SN: should I do this for the BSD and MHA crew too 🤔? Cause I will 🌚 it’ll probably get done anyway lmao
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obeythebutler · 10 days ago
Headcannons for how the brothers sleep with MC please??
Brothers Sleeping With MC
This demon doesn't look like someone who would want to cuddle. You'd expect him to sleep in a straight line without moving.
But when you're close to him, close enough to have wiggled your way into his heart and made him simp for you, then it's a different story.
This demon DEMANDS all the kisses and cuddles he can get, but he won't show it outright. Pride won't let it, for him to be so needy, when you can ask HIM for kisses and cuddles instead.
But when you're in bed with him, and it's time to sleep, Lucifer dims the room with his magic and he likes to hold you close.
Probably with your head on his arm which has been outstretched for you or on his chest. The days are stressful but he's got you with him.
Lucifer lets you hog the blankets, and the Devildom can get quite chilly for humans sometimes, so he ensures there are extra blankets nearby to wrap his human in a burrito and chuckle, a sound that reverberates throughout the room.
You'll have to pick up on hints to know if he wants to be held. Lucifer's going to have his arm a lot more outstretched than usual, like he's inviting you to place your head on your Lulu pillow or he's going to hang around with an irritated expression.
Cuddle and kiss the irritation out of him.
There's a very adorable habit of Lucifer's. If he's late to come to bed (which happens often) He'll smile at you and manoeuvre under the sheets as to not wake you up.
But when it's the early hours of the morning, this boy gets NEEDY.
His hand fumbles around for you, and when MC has been located it's time to cuddle up to their form. All the while sleepily mumbling and smiling.
Most of the time, he's the little spoon then, happily warm and comfy with you.
The vehement denial that follows the morning is very, very entertaining.
"You want to sleep with me?! O-Of course ya would, everyone wants to!! Stop it, I'm not flustered!!"
He's going to speak and speak until he's right besides you in bed, and then his mind and heart is very giddy because you're besides him and it's his favorite human!!
Man talks and talks until you place his head in the crook of your neck, and then Mammon realizes that hey, this feels....nice. Something that he had been craving...
...and he's going to hug you tighter, after the shock has worn away, of course! He ain't letting go!
Mammon's going to get very pouty soon if he doesn't get his affection meter filled, so please cuddle your demon to ensure maximum happiness!
He gets nightmares sometimes of that day when you went into the attic. Mammon doesn't tell anyone about that dream, but you don't reveal that the white-haired demon sometimes wakes up in the night and holds you close. There's something soothing in your heartbeat.
You hold him close, those nights, pretending to be asleep.
He sleeps in a tub with a Ruri-Chan pillow, and you expect him to share his bed tub with you?! What if you fall out of the tub? What if he accidently does something?! What if you don't want to sleep with a gross otaku like him—
Yeah, man's scared af that he's going to mess up.
But when you get in the tub with him and make Ruri-Chan as a barrier, Levi slowly gets comfortable. You're there, and there's also the pillow if he gets nervous. Your hand is right there...maybe...maybe he can hold your hand...
Levi's sleep schedule is messed up. Some nights he stays up late because there's a sale or an episode he simply must watch, and that results in him blacking out the moment he hits the pillow.
But now you're with him.
Sooner than you both know, a conversation is taking place about the Lord of Masks and Emptiness's lore, and is that Levi...holding your hand....?
The next morning, you wake up with his arm around your waist, and a happy snek snoozing away in the crook of your neck.
Yeah, just let him remove the books and the cat from his room before you trip on either or both—
The bed is big enough for one person only, but now you're here..Do you know what that means?
The book gets placed down soon after when it's time to sleep. After all, you mustn't be late for your classes.
Man likes to hold you close. Not squeezing to death or protesting when you move an inch away, but Satan is content with touching some part of you. An arm around your hip or waist, or on your arm. Your palm feels real nice too—
He doesn't move much in his sleep, so you can get a pretty comfy night's of sleep.
Satan sometimes mumbles in his sleep. One time you woke up only to see him patting your head like a cat, along the lines of "My meow-meow."....
Denial in the morning.
Much like Lucifer, Satan gets cuddly in the early morning, when he's half-awake from the chirping of the birds but you're still asleep.
He wants to hold you close and cuddle you, please let demon hold you.
You can see Asmo in his glory! People would die to know his skincare secrets, and you're the only only being let in, so shhh!
Like mentioned, he sleeps naked, but if you want he'll change into some clothes! But you're going to get a lot of cuddles!!
Sleeping together isn't new to Asmodeus. But there's a certain innocence and love thar you give him whenever you link your pinky with his before dozing off. You don't notice, but his eyes are teary, sometimes.
This demon can chat off your ear about anything, so you'll be updated on the latest gossip!
But slowly Asmo is inching closer and his face is now smooshed in your arm. He's happy. He's asleep.
He doesn't move around much, a toss and turn here and there, but nothing like kicking you off the bed. You're going to have to fight for the blankets though!
When the first time you both share the bed, Beel's very afraid that his stomach is going to wake you from your sleep. Levi once remarked that his stomach sounds like Cerebrus growling—
But then you come and place your head on his chest, swinging an arm over his waist as you wish Beel a good night.
And slowly, he realizes he shouldn't be worrying.
Thanks to Belpheghor, he's learnt the art of getting up and walking without making a sound. So when his hunger threatens to eat his conscious Beel can temporarily sate it without waking you up.
He gets nightmares too —of Lilith and Belpheghor, of not being able to protect his family like he'd sworn eons ago. Beelzebub wakes up in a cold sweat during those moments.
But then he feels a weight on his shoulder, and feels your breath hitting his skin. You're alive, safe and sound. So Beel holds you closer and swears he'll protect until his dying breath.
Look no further, dear, for he's the master of sleeping together! Even Lucifer couldn't escape his iron-grip! Cute of you to think you can move away from his hands. You're his body pillow now!
Man's not joking. The moment he's got you in his arms Belpheghor isn't letting go. His brothers have got more time with you than him and now he's going to compensate.
You smell nice, and you're warm. You're his beloved human too and all that jazz.
Please give him a goodnight kiss, and this bratty demon will sleep happily.
Belpheghor sighs, and places his head in the crook of your neck. His arms are tight around you, and he isn't letting go.
Part of his behaviour stems from his dreams, which always aren't pleasant. Belpheghor finds it hard to let things go, and that leads to the shaking of his body as he comes to terms that it was a dream, and everyone's right here—you're right here.
You find him crying in his sleep, when his grip tightens. Placing a kiss on his head, you hold him close.
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candymeowz · 2 months ago
General Sentient!OM!Brothers Headcanons:
Tumblr media
Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan and Asmodeus.
What would it be like if the characters inside your phone... are alive?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer... never expected this honestly, to suddenly be aware of his surroundings.
Rows of random letters and numbers filled a vast area of emptiness.
It looks similar to whatever it is Leviathan goes to fix whenever his computer crashes.
Speaking of his brothers, he found Mammon when he accidentally purposefully, like the clever demon he is, activated a code that visualized his brother.
"Ah, there you are, Mammon. I was wondering if you could tell me what's going on."
Yet, Mammon doesn't respond to any of his words... Can't respond to whatever words he speaks.
And so is the rest of his brothers, and Diavolo and Barbatos, as well as the angel, wizard, and even the Chihuahua.
Are all his memories... a lie?
He desperately calmly searched through the numbers and letters, trying to understand how this world works inside this device (The cringe he felt when he found out he was a dateable character in an otome game...), trying and failing to find someone, anyone-
A sudden tap alerts him of another person in this world.
Another sentient person, on the other side of the giant screen he could never pass through.
Mc, his mind supplies.
The only person Lucifer can interact with.
(They look exactly like the Mc in the exchange program, and still cute, but he never thought that, nope)
He shouldn't scare them away. Couldn't.
He doesn't want to be alone.
He only follows the codes, saying the programmed words of the game as to not scare them away.
As long as he has some form of interaction, he's satisfied.
He does, however, adds a few lines here and there to know more about Mc.
"Have you finished your assignment?"
Mc thinks assignment is another word for task and ignores him.
Sometimes Mc entertains his questions, other times, they don't.
He's fine with that, as long as Mc keeps playing the game.
Sometimes, he'd help Mc out, whenever they really want a card.
Tweak the chances a bit, giving Mc a slight higher chance (by about... 20%) to win the card they want.
The pure joy on their face is worth it.
He'd also somehow earn money by using the stock-market under a fake identity and buy gifts for Mc.
Mc was a bit weirded out but grateful for the random gifts sent to their house from their 'secret admirer'.
In the time when Mc's not on their device, he'd explore it's contents.
Looking at their photos, videos and old conversations, staring sorrowfully at character cards of his brothers and the life he could have had...
Sometimes he'd go into lessons or events to give the simulation of interacting with his brothers.
Mc is confused when there's a lot of recommendation for classical music in their youtube account.
Tumblr media
Wha- Where is he?!
Last Mammon checked he was... Where was he...?
The letters and numbers are too confusing for the poor demon... Luciferrr!
"I wonder what this does?" Pokes random set of code.
He jumped back, eyes rapidly searching the source of the voice that sounded a lot like Lucifer when he's mad.
Stares at the set of code suspiciously, pokes it another time.
Sighs in relief when he realizes that plays the audio... So Lucifer isn't hidden somewhere ready to surprise him.
Why would anyone want to record his brother's scary voice? Some weirdo, probably.
Anyways, where is everyone?
He starts poking random codes, some containing audios, some reveals random places from the Devildom and Celestial realm, and...
Beelzebub in a lion outfit?
Beelzebub in a lion outfit!
Why is Beelzebub ignoring him? Stop staring! That's creepy.
Seriously though, stop staring.
He's not moving...
Is he dead?!
Rapidly presses random codes, searching for his other brothers.
Help! Beelzebub's not moving!
Ends up jamming the phone.
He doesn't have the time to be stuck, damn it!
Urgh, Let. Him. Move!
A few codings light up, resetting everything to how it originally was, a familiar voice wafting through his ears.
MC! As cute as always...
Wait, don't scream! Why are you screaming?
Yes, I can hear you, what about it?
I can't get to you, you're stuck on the other side of this invisible wall!
Look, Beelzebub needs help- He's... disappeared.
... what's going on?
... So, he's been a fictional character in a fictional world from an otome game this. entire. time?
And his brothers never actually existed...
After simultaneously experiencing a life crisis and going through the seven stages of grief, he finally accepts his new life.
Did he even have an old life to begin with?
Mammon doesn't like to think.
Anyways, MC would know of his sentience the moment he himself notices it.
And they'd be happy about it because they can talk to their favourite character!
Mammon would always manipulate the gacha games to give MC all they rarest cards.
At one point, MC received an all UR 10 pull...
"Stop it, Mammon, the developers would ban me from the game!"
He only wanted to make MC happy...
In times MC is not playing obey me, he'd watch whatever MC's doing from the background or if they're not even using the phone, he'd watch random comedic videos or search for ways to earn money.
One time he clicked a suspicious link in promise of money and was met with a jump scare.
He never clicked on a scam link ever again.
Got MC in trouble for trying to hack into a bank using their account...
At least with MC knowing of his sentience, they'll never leave him alone!
Right, Mc?
Plus, he's got MC all to himself...
Is it bad he wants both Mc and his brothers?
Tumblr media
He knew it.
Leviathan knew his life was as meaningless as he thought.
Just looking at the series of mathematicaal and roman numerals, he understood the situation.
He's watched too many isekai and sci-fi anime not to know.
Looking through the folders of codes and images, he was able to find out he's a character in an otome game with developers that can't dress their characters to save their lives.
Why would anyone want to dress a yucky otaku like him- Wait, Lucifer wearing a unicorn onesie?
Oh, he's got to see this!
An hour of laughing passes and his stomach is hurting.
Leviathan continues exploring the game even further and played around for a while before being washed over by a feeling of... loneliness.
Okay, even though he did say he's a worthless yucky shut-in otaku who rarely leaves his room and has no friends and probably don't deserve any in the first place...
He didn't actually want it to be true!
He means, at least before he has his brothers to annoy him!
When is before...?
He looked once more at the lifeless Lucifer wearing a unicorn onesie, wishing Lucifer could actually see and hear him.
He then notices the giant screen and sees...
Mc's the player?!
He knew they're better than normies!
No normies would ever play an otome game like this!
Hey, Mc! Come visit 'Obey me'!
Seriously, what sort of name is 'obey me'?
Only a normie would suggest that.
Oh, he was calling for Mc. MC!!!
Wait, what would he tell Mc? Maybe they don't even like him? They'd probably prefer his brothers over him.
Maybe his brothers should've been the one to gain sentience, not him... Mc would be so much happier...
Oh no, Mc clicked the 'Obey me' app!
He shuts his eyes.
"...Leviathan? Why is there no bubble speech appearing?"
He slowly opens his eyes and... Did Mc set him as their homescreen?
Mc furrowed their eyebrows.
"That's a new one... Is there a new update?"
"You- you- Whaaaattt?!? Why am I your homescreen? This is totally a pity spot, isn't it?! Isn't it?!"
Him being in the homescreen must be a deficiency in the codes or something. There's no way that Mc-
Mc called his name.
Yes, he's alive Mc.
Yes, he can hear you, Mc.
No, he doesn't know why he's alive, Mc. Trust him, he'd rather be unalive as well.
Yes, you love him, Mc-
You love him?!
Yo-You're joking, right?! Stop playing such a cruel joke, Mc! His heart can't take it.
Stop lying!!!
... He really is Mc's favorite character?
Leviathan would take time to believe Mc's words, but he'd be happy to watch anime and read mangas with Mc!
Would definitely try to help get premium access to certain series and manhwa for Mc and would most likely succeed.
The sudden influx of in-game currency? Yes, praise Leviathan, for he is the great lord of shadows and is always willing to help his henry.
Okay, you can stop praising him now, Mc. He's about to explode.
Continues giving Mc free in-game money and somehow avoiding the suspicions of the developers.
He'd also protect Mc's phone from any and all viruses and intruders.
When MC's not playing, he'd play online games under aliases or watch something from the library of human-world anime.
The Obey Me anime is his all-time favorite, even more than Ruri-chan.
That Leviathan looks so happy with his brothers...
Tumblr media
This is interesting.
Satan knows the basics of how coding works, but he can't say he's able to interpret these specific series of letters and numbers...
If only he knows how to get to his room... There's a book on programming somewhere on his 7th shelf that could help him decipher this computer language.
Should he press a random set of codes or should he try to search for a way to interpret them first?
Being a safe demon, he decided the latter.
Oh, how he regretted that. He's been walking through this endless maze of unreadable numerals for almost an hour now- and he still hasn't found a way out.
Nor has he figured out what that one giant invisible wall is there for.
So far it seems to be a blank canvas...
To hell with it, he's lost his patience.
Punches the nearest set of letters- which happens to be an audio code.
Satan covers his ears, the sound a little too loud for his liking, prompting him to turn into his demon form and ready to fight this code-
The music stops and the outside world brightens up.
He looked over where the invisible wall spreads and saw Mc, yawning and muttering unintelligible words, with bedhair poking out everywhere.
Is this Mc's DDD?
Should... Should he call out to them?
He has a feeling he shouldn't or they might freak out...
He watched as Mc left his field of vision and glares at the offending code, choosing instead to hit another code that didn't have the words "playSound" in it.
For a demon full of knowledge, he sure can be an idiot sometimes.
At least no one's there to witness him, he thought, as the author writes the inner workings of his mind.
Anyways, once he understands what's going on and how his life is a lie -"I'm not Lucifer's creation!"- Satan is one to be subtle in his conduct and actions like his father.
He wouldn't want to scare Mc, since they're the only person he can directly interact with.
But he does still want to chat with them...
So, fake online friend it is!
Learns of 'Roleplays' and tries to rope Mc into one with a 'Satan roleplayer'.
He grins when he succeeds, glad that he is Mc's favorite character.
Talks about nothing and everything, and involuntarily falls for them.
But a screen still seperates them, unfortunately.
Might start to search for ways for a sentient character to escape the world of codes.
Note to self: Use incognito or else Mc can see his search history.
No one needs to know of the multitude of different cat costumes he's searched up.
He's made fake accounts to create chaos in facebook and twitter.
The arguments between strangers is free entertainment to him.
He's also mostly on youtube watching cat videos for hours on end.
Or in the internet library, reading to his hearts' content.
But no matter what he does, there's always something... empty in his heart.
It's weird how he's missing a life he never had.
Tumblr media
Oh my, where is he?
There's too much incomprehensible words, his brain's getting dizzy.
Stress isn't good for the skin!
He vaguely recalls Leviathan ranting about an anime related to programming...
Something about... Yeah, no, he can't remember something he didn't listen to.
Oooh, his eyes caught sight of some promising words.
."<img> spf=Asmo_Toys Alt= Asmodeus in a Bunny Onesie"
He's so cute! Look at that cute ribbon!
And those floppy ears!
Belphegor in a cow onesie? Yes please!
Satan in a cat costume? Must be gorgeous!
Safe to say, Asmodeus is entertained by all the unique and different costumes of his brothers- even Lord Diavolo has a cute onesie!
He's really adorable!
Of course, not as adorable as Asmodeus himself.
Presses so many images Mc's device is starting to slow down.
"Why is Obey Me so active in the background?"
Oh, that's Mc darling's voice!
His smile widens when he sees his favorite human.
Sorry not sorry, Solomon~
Ah, wait, why are all the dress-up mannequins disappearing?
Mc's clearing the cache in the app?
Oh, they've opened the app!
Hello, Mc! Why didn't you visit me sooner?
Ah, yes. Of course he knows your name, Mc! You've been living together for 8 months now!
Why did Mc scream? Is he too pretty?
He understands- no matter how long you've lived with someone as pretty as him, you'd still feel overwhelmed by his beauty.
That's not it?
Of course he's alive! It'd be a crime to kill him!
Not that anyone would dare lay a finger on the avatar of lust, anyway~
A... A character in an otome game?
Wait, what about all his memories? His brothers?
They're- they're fake...
Asmo fell to his knees, brain going a mile a minute as tears rained down his cheeks.
No, he won't accept this!
He's going to have to accept it, or else Mc will have to buy a new phone due to how self-destructive he's being.
And he doesn't want to be truly alone...
Asmodeus would be one to help remind Mc of anything they forget, but mainly about their skincare routine.
"Mc, darling! You need to wake up and start cleansing your face! Oh, and that moisturizer is... I'll buy you one that suits your skin better, alright honey?"
How did he get money?
By starting an online business... or onlyfans.
He'd definitely change Obey me's percentages to give a slight higher chance to all his cards.
And maybe the UR's of others, if Mc asks nicely.
When Mc's not using their phone, Asmodeus would either be catering to his online business or watching videos of people at the club and dancing with them.
He'd also go on tumblr and reddit to interact with his fans!
As himself, of course, but usually people think he's a roleplayer...
And boy, when he found out how thirsty some of his fans are...
He's glad so many people falls into his sin.
Though in the end, Asmodeus prefers real life interaction.
I need attention, Mc!
But when Mc's sleeping, and he's left alone with his thoughts... And no one is online to entertain him...
Asmo wishes he could get drunk.
Tumblr media
A/N: Idea is credited towards @abrokecupoftea . Thank you for letting me borrow your idea!
I originally wanted to do all 7 brothers, but I've found out there's a limit on how many paragraphs you can do for one post...
If anyone wants to see Sentient!OM! Headcanons for Beelz, Belph, and maybe the Dateables, feel free to request so! Or I might or may not do it myself depending on my level of motivation...
Hope you guys enjoyed these headcanons!
Sentient!Beelzebub, Belphegor, Diavolo and Barbatos
Sentient!OM!Brothers summoning another Sentient!OM!Brothers
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bbyzenny · 7 days ago
the demon brothers’ react to you having a nightmare
Tumblr media
+ INCLUDES. lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, and belphegor
+ WARNINGS. hurt/comfort, fluff
+ AUTHOR’S NOTE. this is reposted from my old blog. i will post the dateables’ reaction either this week or next week
Tumblr media
it was no surprise that lucifer would be up at this time of night. but what is surprising is hearing a knock at his door.
it’s only 1 in the morning and he’s still going over documents for RAD.
doesn’t even look up when saying, “come in”
he hears the door open but no one enters. after a few seconds pass, he does finally look up; to see you standing in the doorway, holding onto the door frame.
you tug the blanket around you a little tighter, as you chew on your lip.
concerned, lucifer shifts his attention to you.
it’s normal for you to pop in every once and awhile when he works but there was something clearly off.
he then stretches out his hand towards you, beckoning you to come closer. you take his hand and the door closes with a click as you enter his room
once you reach him, he immediately wraps his arms around you, gently lifts your head so you meet his eyes.
“what’s the matter?”
“oh i.. uh, it’s nothing,” you mumble, trying to look away from him but lucifer doesn’t let you.
you sigh and continue, “i had a nightmare..”
you can’t help but feel a little silly at the fact that you had sought out lucifer, a demon. but he can’t help but to feel a hint of pride know that you specifically sought him out.
“would you like to stay with me, tonight?”
upon hearing him say that, you nod at him and start to lean on him. lucifer immediately picks you and carefully lays you on his bed.
“sleep now, it’s okay,” he says before pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. with lucifer at your side, you began to nod off. you spent that night safely tucked in his arms
it was one of those nights, where mammon went out and stayed out until dawn.
so it’s around 5-6 am and he passes the library, seeing your huddled up form in front of the fireplace.
mammon immediately reels back to see if he saw that right. it’s the weekend and why the fuck are you up this early?!
“oi,” he calls out to as he enters the room.
the dark circles under your eyes show how little sleep you had gotten.
“why in the hell you are up?”
pulling your legs closer to your chest, you give him a weak smile. you have blanket thrown over your shoulder, showing him that you’ve been here for a while.
“well… i had a bad dream.”
he frowns at the thought of these dreams scaring you. mammon didn’t like it, not one bit.
“how long have ya been up?”
“uh.. since midnight,” you say letting out a soft laugh.
mammon may be drunk but he can clearly see that you’re exhausted and he won’t stand for that!
“come sleep with me,” his checks turn a slight red color as he sheepishly smiles at you. “i’ll make sure that no more dreams come at ya..”
your eyes widen in surprise, only for a few moments, before you stand up and mammon quickly grabs your hand.
he leads you to his room, grumbling about how he’s not taking care of you cause he wants to but the moment you two lay in bed,
he quiets down.
when you two finally wake up, it’s well past the morning and into the afternoon, snuggled up together under his sheets.
levi is a very light sleeper, you can’t blame him, he has to be. just in case mammon tried to break in and steal his stuff to sell.
so he jumps awake when hearing his door click open. he immediately sits up in his tub, eyes wide as he stares at the door.
he freezes when seeing you standing there, slightly confused. he thought you were mammon for second.
“i.. oh,” seeing how you had startled him, you start to feel a little guilty. “i’m sorry, i’ll just–“
you start to back out of his room and into the hall. levi quickly reaches out towards you, stopping you in the process.
“wait! n–no, you can stay. i… you just surprised me.”
you nod, walking back into his room. he stares at curiously. was there something about you… that just seems a little… off.
sitting cross-legged, “are you okay?” he speaks up. seeing how you refuse to meet his gaze, his suspicion was confirmed.
seeing you, suddenly reminds him of a scene from one of his games, but he quickly brushes that off.
“i had a nightmare, and i… i guess, i just ended up… uh here.”
levi tried to ignore the way his heart is fluttering around in his chest. right now he’s more concerned about you, then getting flustered over your comment.
“i.. well you can stay her– here, if you want, of course,” he starts to fix up the mess of pillows and blankets in the tub. “i don’t want you to be uncomfortable, since there is only one bed… but,”
you give him a small smile with small remnants of fear on your face. “i’m fine with it, as long as you’re okay with it.”
the second he nods at you, you climb into the tub with him.
not knowing what to do, levi sleeps with his back towards you.
when morning rolls it’s way round, he’s manage to entangle with himself with you. having his arms wrapped around your waist, and his tail lightly slung over your hip.
walks out of his room to find you standing outside his door, hand raised, ready to knock on his door.
you both freeze when you see each other.
dropping your hand, you try to find the words to say.
satan is very confused and concerned at the sight of you in front of his door, at nearly 3 am.
he had gotten a little wrapped up with his reading, but you have no reason to be up.
“is everything okay?” satan spoke up.
you look at him with eyes that remind him of a scared kitten, and he can’t help but feel a tug at his heart.
“i… had a nightmare. i.. uh saw the light from under your door, and um…”
refusing to meet his eyes, satan begins to understand why you’re acting guilty. you need not to worry, you’re not imposing at all.
“why don’t you come in?” he asked giving you a gentle smile, hoping to ease your worries. “i may not be much company, but i’d be happy to be in yours.”
hearing his words and seeing his smile, you give him a smile of your own. he can see the small hints of fear leave your eyes.
“thank you satan.”
when inside, he invites you to sit on the bed. letting you know that if you fall asleep, it’s not a big deal.
your fear may have dissipated but you were determined not to fall asleep. then… about an hour and a half, satan looks up to find you, asleep and snuggled up under his covers.
satan lets out a small laugh, he closes his book and carefully maneuver himself with one arm wrapped around his waist.
he feels your body relax against him, satan find himself at peace too.
he was walking back to his room after getting himself something to drink when he passed by your room.
he hears you cry out and shuffle around in your bed.
concerned, he knocks on your door and waits a few moments before walking when he doesn’t get an answer.
asmo sees you thrash around in your bed. tears peeking through your shut eyes, showing him you’re having a nightmare.
“hey… y/n, wake up,” he says as he gently shakes you awake. he reaches out to hold you when shoot up in bed.
“who– asmo?”
once realizing it’s him; who’s holding you softly and whispering reassuring word to you, you clingy to him.
while you ground yourself, asmo sits down on your bed, pulling you into his lap as his hand pets your head.
“asmo, ca–…” you say breaking the silence in the room before look away.
“would you ok with me staying with you tonight?” asmo asked the question you were hesitant to ask. “it’s just doesn’t feel right leaving you here, alone.”
you smile and give him a nod. asmo start to tuck you into bed.
you grab the front of shirt, seeking more comfort from him and he curls up with you. legs and arms intertwined together.
he presses a sweet kiss on your forehead before dozing off with you.
around 2 am, getting himself a snack after being woken up by his stomach growling.
he sleepily makes his way towards the kitchen, pausing to see your figure propped up on the counter, holding a cup of water and staring idly at the wall.
beel shoots you a concerned look, “uh, y/n?”
his voice seems to snap you out of your daze causing you let out a gasp. your head snaps towards him, eyes wide in fear.
you hold your hand to your heart after realizing it’s only just him.
“are you okay?” he ask, making his way to you. there was something clearly amiss.
he raises his hand to cup your cheek, heart aching when he sees you flinch away. but soon after, you relax and lean into his touch.
“i had a bad dream.”
beel give you a nod before pulling away. “here,” he walks over to freezer and pulls out a tub of ice cream, snagging some spoons on his way to you. “this will help.”
he hops onto the counter with you as you giggle and take a spoon from him.
with beel having an appetite bigger than yours, he would loose track of time while he devours the dessert. he stops eating when he feels a weight press on his shoulder.
you had fallen asleep.
he carefully picks you and walks back towards his room.
since belphie sleeps schedule is pretty much non existent. he usually sleeps when you and his brothers go off to RAD.
and he’s used to having the place all to himself, so he in for quite a surprise when he walks past the lounge.
he finds you tucked away in a chair near the fireplace, nursing a cup of coffee, exhaustion shown on your face.
“why are you here?” he asked walking over to you. he takes a look at you and nearly asked, “why do you look like shit?” but that was a little mean.
“i had a nightmare, and couldn’t go back to bed,” you sighed. “i’ve been up for awhile.”
“you should’ve come get me,” he spoke. “you know that i’m always up late.”
“i… yeah, but…” you hold your mug closer to yourself. “it was a stupid dream. i didn’t want to bother you…”
belphie frowns at you. he wants to be someone you can rely on. he wants to be there for you when you need someone.
you look at him in shock when he yanks the mug out of your hand and sets it down on the table near you.
he takes your hand and tugs you to your feet before he starts leading you through the halls.
“since i’m going to bed anyway, you’ll sleep with me. you need the rest.”
“but i have to go to RAD later!”
“self care is more important.” his word were firm and left no room for protests. a few minutes later, you find yourself buried within the warmth of belphie’s bed with his arms wrapped around you.
“is this okay?” he mumbles as you start dozing off. you nod at him before succumbing to sleep with him joining you.
Tumblr media
© bbyzenny 2021. do not modify or reposit.
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heylookitsyc · 3 months ago
A macaron, for you!
Tumblr media
Pairing: ObeyMe!Brothers x Reader
Game: Obey Me! - One Master to Rule Them All
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: You buy some macarons from Madam Scream’s and come up with the fun idea of decorating each macaron with a mini version of the brothers faces. After careful work and many icing pens, you are ready to give each brother their surprise.
Warning(s): None, just happy feelings and cheek smooches! (⭒•͈ 𓎺 •͈ )
Note: This is a little longer than what I usually write (approx. 3000 words), just to let you all know. Thank you, and please enjoy! ^^
Story is down below!
You had paid a visit to Madam Scream’s in order to pick up some macarons. Barbatos had been kind enough to help you cook dinner for the brothers a few days prior, so as thanks you had ordered macarons as a gift. The butler had been quick to thank you, though he returned two of the four packages that you had given to him.
“There is no need to give me so many,” he told you, smiling slightly. “Perhaps you can put these macarons to better use.”
His words were the reason why you now were sitting alone in your room, eyebrows furrowed as you finished up designing the last macaron. You stared at macaron Belphie’s face as you added a small letter “z” near the top of his sleeping head.
Satisfied with your work, you placed the macaron down on the platter. The faces of the six other brothers stared up at you, ready to be given to their human counterparts.
“I sure hope they enjoy these…”
It wasn’t surprising that you ran into Beelzebub as you stepped into the hallway.
“Oh, Beel!” you exclaimed, and you were quick to pick up his macaron. “Perfect timing! I have a little surprise for you.”
He was munching on a cheeseburger, giving you a curious look. While one hand held the food item to his mouth, the other was holding a plastic bag. It was filled with more cheeseburgers.
You held out the small dessert. “Here! I designed it just for you.”
His eyes widened, and he was quick to finish his burger before taking the macaron from you. You half-expected him to quickly eat it in one go, but to your surprise he simply stared at it. It looked so tiny in his hand; Beel’s hand, though large, held the macaron gently.
“It looks delicious,” he said. He gave you a bright smile, eyes closing. “Thank you, (Y/N).”
His smile suddenly disappeared, looking a bit sad.
“It really does look delicious,” he said, staring at his macaron self. “I want to eat it, but you worked so hard to make it…”
“I can make you more if you want, Beel.”
He perked up at your words. “Really? In that case…” 
He ate the entire macaron in one bite, a pleased look on his face. You laughed at his actions, happy with his satisfied expression.
“Thank you, (Y/N),” he said. You noticed that he was staring at the plate in your hands, violet eyes focused on Belphie’s macaron in particular. “It tasted delicious.”
“I’m glad you think so.”
He had bent down slightly to take a closer look at the macarons, and you took this as the opportunity to go on your toes in order to press a sweet kiss onto his cheek.
“I’ll see you, Beel!” you said, giving a small wave as you left to find another brother.
The Avatar of Gluttony simply waved back, a happy smile on his face and a slight blush now on his cheeks.
“You captured my beauty perfectly!”
“That’s a relief,” you chuckled. “I was worried for a moment, actually. Your beauty was almost impossible to capture, Asmo.”
Asmodeus had been in the middle of doing his usual self-care routine when you had popped into his room to give him his macaron. He held the small treat up right next to his face, eyes sparkling.
“You did well, (Y/N)!” he praised. He had a green face mask on, and you had to hold back from bursting out laughing. “It looks just like me~!”
“It really does,” you said, and you had to cover your mouth with a hand. He looked so happy, yet the face mask was making it difficult to stay serious. “As breathtaking as always, Asmo.”
“Oh, you flatter me!” The brother took a napkin from nearby, placing the macaron on top of it. “I’ll eat this later. I want to take selfies with it when I’m done with my beauty routine.”
You giggled as he pulled you into a hug, pressing a quick kiss onto your cheek. The cool feeling of the face mask touched your own face, a slightly sweet scent meeting your nose. It was nice.
“Join me tomorrow night,” he said, his voice a bit musical now. “I was given this new self-care kit, and I want to try it out with you.”
“Of course, Asmo.”
You waved him goodbye, the sound of his humming disappearing as you began your search for another one of the brothers.
Your voice was hushed as you poked Belphegor's cheek, calling out his name. You had found him in the common room, fast asleep on one of the couches.
You gave his cheek another poke, and his eyebrow gave a small twitch. You gave him another poke, and he let out a small noise.
“Ngh… (Y/N)...” He was drooling now, hugging his pillow as he lay on his back. “(Y/N)...”
How cute, you thought, staring at him before looking at his macaron. Macaron Belphie and real Belphie are both asleep. Should I just leave it here?
As if reading your mind, the Avatar of Sloth suddenly rolled over, grabbing your wrist. You let out a small yelp, caught off guard by how secure his hold on you was.
“(Y/N)... maca… ron…” He trailed off, his words now replaced with light snores.
Your gaze on him was soft as you slowly removed his hand from your wrist. You held his hand for a little bit, your thumb gently massaging the back of it. He seemed to relax even more at your actions, as if comforted by your touch.
“I guess I’ll leave your macaron here,” you said, replacing your hand with the macaron.
Even in his sleep Belphie seemed to understand; his fingers were careful to curl around the dessert as you positioned his arm so that he was fully hugging the pillow again.
You slowly got up, but not before brushing away the male’s bangs and pressing a soft kiss onto his forehead.
“Rest well, Belphie,” you whispered, your fingers brushing through his hair one last time before grabbing the macaron plate and leaving the room.
The faintest trace of a smile now decorated his lips.
“Uh… is this a bad time?”
You had walked into Mammon’s room, only to be greeted with the sight of him holding Goldie up to his lips and mere centimeters away from kissing the credit card.
The second-born was quick to panic. “(Y-Y/N)!” He hid the card behind his back, sweat forming at his forehead. “Didn’t anyone teach ya’ how to knock?”
“Your door was open, Mammon.”
“W-whatever!” His tan cheeks were flushed red. “What are ya’ here for, anyway?”
You approached him so quickly that he had to take a step back. You held out a macaron, and upon seeing the design his cheeks became even more red.
“I made this for you, Mammon,” you said. “Here.”
With slightly shaky hands he took the sweet from you. “Stupid human,” he grumbled, staring at the colorful item. “You didn’t have to, ya’ know.”
“I wanted to, Mammon,” you said. “You deserve it.”
Though he was unable to make eye contact, he wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into a hug. He smelled of expensive cologne, you noticed, and the quick press of his lips onto your cheek caused your eyes to widen just ever so slightly.
“Stupid human,” he mumbled, his lips moving against your hair.
You two stayed like that for a few more seconds, and you glanced up to see him admiring the macaron. He had a smile on his face, blue-yellow eyes filled with obvious delight.
He then glanced down at you, and upon meeting your gaze he suddenly cleared his throat.
“Thanks, (Y/N),” he said, letting go of you. He looked off to the side, shifting his weight between his feet out of nervousness. “You should probably get goin’. My brothers would want to try the macarons too.”
Giving a small nod of agreement, you gave Mammon a wave goodbye. “Alright. Catch you later, Mammon!”
He took a bite of the macaron as he watched you leave, trying to ignore the hot feeling on his cheeks.
Leviathan let out a groan of frustration, leaning back against his chair. His computer let out noise, signaling to him that he had once again failed to pass the level.
“What’s up with this game? I’ve spent so long trying to complete this-”
“Hey, Levi!”
“Huh? Ah! AH!!”
The otaku shot up at the sight of you right behind him. The sudden action caused his chair to lean back, and you moved out of the way just in time to see him topple backwards onto the floor.
You were quick to bend down, a hand reached out as you searched for any serious injuries. The male groaned, rubbing the back of his head. He was still awkwardly sitting in his chair; the entire thing had fallen backwards along with him, and he was now laying on it at an awkward angle.
“Levi!” you repeated. “Are you alright? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…”
“It’s fine,” he muttered. He awkwardly removed himself from the chair so that he was now sitting properly on the ground. “What are you doing here?”
“I have something for you!” you said, and his eyes lit up.
“Is it that new Ruri-chan figurine I mentioned over dinner a few nights ago?” he asked excitedly. “I just checked online, I heard they still have-”
“No, Levi!” you interrupted. “It’s not that, though I do remember you talking about it.”
You took his macaron and grabbed his hand (causing him to suddenly stiffen, you noticed), placing the dessert in his palm. His face became as red as a cherry at the sight of the cookie; you had even taken the time to design his signature headphones over his ears.
“It’s a macaron version of you,” you explained. “I tried making it as accurate as possible. I’m sorry if it’s not to your liking…”
He used the back of his hand to cover his face, trying to hide the redness of his cheeks. “I-it’s… i-it’s-!”
“I-it’s cute!” he said, and he was shaking his head rapidly now. “I-it’s so cute t-t-that I c-can’t take i-it!”
You laughed at his words, kissing his cheek. “I’m so happy you think so!”
Perhaps kissing him wasn’t the best thing to do, for the small action caused the male to pass out. He fell back onto the floor with a thud, the macaron barely staying in his hand.
“Oh, Levi…”
You placed a pillow beneath his head, giving his free hand one last affectionate squeeze before making your leave.
“... and they lived happily ever after,” you finished, reading over Satan’s shoulder.
The blonde looked up from his book to see you right behind him, a look of surprise passing over his face momentarily before smiling.
“Ah, (Y/N). I was so busy reading that I didn’t notice you right away…”
“I didn’t expect you to be the romantic type,” you said. “That story is a romance, if I remember correctly. Isn’t that the one I recommended to you?”
The brother’s cheeks grew a bit red. “Yes, this is the one you mentioned,” he said. “I had some time on my hands, so I figured why not give this book a go? Although…”
He closed the book, head tilting slightly as he gave you a small grin.
“It seems as though you have finished the book for me, (Y/N).”
You held out his macaron. “Well, how about a macaron to celebrate your completion?”
He stared at the dessert for a moment. “Oh. Thank you, (Y/N).”
His fingers were careful as he took the macaron from you, his cheeks still holding their slight red color. He seemed to admire your work, giving a small chuckle at the tiny smile that you had given his macaron self.
“I know you’re the Avatar of Wrath,” you said, “but I wanted to capture the expression you make when you read. You always look so calm and happy.”
“How observant…”
“I’ll make a cat one for you next time, yeah?” you said, pressing a quick kiss onto his cheek before leaving the library. “See you, Satan!”
The male gave a wave in return, his face still a bit red as he gave the macaron a try.
Lucifer was asleep at his desk when you entered his office.
“Huh.” Your steps were light as you made your way over to him. “I guess I’m a bit late…”
The eldest brother held a fountain pen in his hand as he slept. His dark hair was uncharacteristically messy, and he had a large stack of paperwork right next to him. From the markings that decorated the documents one could see that he had completed quite the amount of work.
Resting a soft hand on his shoulder, you placed the platter in front of him. Macaron Lucifer looked a bit lonely now that his brothers had been given away to their human counterparts.
“You work hard, Lucifer,” you said quietly. “Please take some time for yourself, alright?”
You smiled down at his sleeping form.
“Your brothers are lucky to have you, you know,” you said. You knew that he couldn’t hear you, and your hand was now gently rubbing his shoulder. “If you don’t take care of yourself, then how can they look up to you for guidance?”
As you leaned down to give his forehead a kiss, you were met with the sudden turning of his head. Though tired, his red-black eyes stared into yours, obviously awake.
“I appreciate your words, (Y/N),” he said, and you felt your cheeks warm. He sat upright, giving a small stretch as he stared at the plate in front of him. “Oh?”
“I bought some macarons from Madam Scream’s for Barbatos,” you explained. “I bought too much, though, so Barbatos gave me the extras. I decided it would be a nice surprise to give you and your brothers macaron versions of yourselves.”
Lucifer chuckled, and before you knew it he had grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you onto his lap. A small squeak of surprise left your mouth as he kissed your cheek, picking up the macaron.
He studied the macaron for a moment.
“You captured my expression quite well,” he said. “Well done, (Y/N).”
His free hand suddenly grabbed you by the chin, forcing you to turn your head and look into his eyes. You couldn’t help but laugh, surprising him.
“You’re really close, Lucifer,” you said. “Do you want me to feed it to you?”
You didn’t give him a chance to reply, instead taking the cookie from him and holding it up his lips. To be honest, you were a bit nervous; his expression was unreadable now.
“... tch.”
You didn’t expect him to look off to the side. If you looked closely enough, you could see the faintest traces of pink now painting his cheeks.
“Come on, Lucifer,” you said. “Just say ah~”
“Do you really think that I’d so easily follow the orders of-”
He paused at your pleading tone. After a few seconds he sighed, choosing to give in and opening his mouth.
You were grinning now, well aware of the way he gripped onto your waist as you fed him the macaron.
“How lovely!”
Diavolo let out his usual cheerful laugh as he admired the macaron that you had given to him.
“How funny, to see my face on a cookie,” he said. “Is this usual in the human world?”
You shook your head, smiling at his cheerfulness. “Not really,” you answered. “I had some time on my hands, so I decided to decorate a cookie for you.”
“This is beautifully done, (Y/N),” he laughed. “Don’t you think so, Barbatos?”
The butler, who was standing right next to the prince, gave a slight nod. “Yes, My Lord. It is a fine piece of work.”
You felt yourself grow warm at the compliments. “It’s not much,” you muttered, rubbing the back of your neck in a somewhat awkward manner. “I’m not that talented when it comes to desserts and decorating. Barbatos is, though.”
“You are too humble, (Y/N),” Barbatos said.
“That reminds me, actually…” Diavolo looked serious now. “I have a favor to ask of you, (Y/N).”
The prince’s unsmiling expression made you feel a bit uneasy. You were so used to seeing him bright and smiling; now he stood there, arms crossed as he stared at you.
Your worry was short-lived, however, for he became even brighter than before as he now gave you a huge grin.
“I will be hosting a party in a few days,” he said. “It would be fun to have many macarons with my face on it, don’t you agree?”
“Uh…” You glanced over at Barbatos for help, surprised to see him a bit shocked as well. “I… well…”
“My Lord-” Barbatos began, only to be cut off by Diavolo’s laughter.
“I think it would be wonderful!” Diavolo said. The look he gave you was so happy that you felt yourself lose the ability to speak for a few moments. “What do you say, (Y/N)? I think five hundred macarons will do, yes?”
You felt yourself sweat now.
“I… uh…” You had no choice. “I suppose-”
“Wonderful! Barbatos will help you if necessary.” Diavolo gave you a kind smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to meet with Lucifer.”
The prince left before you could say anything else.
“Please contact me if you are in need of any assistance,” Barbatos said, and though he held a small smile his eyes were apologetic. “I will do my best to help you in any way.”
The butler then left to catch up with his master, leaving you to stand there alone in the hallway.
What have I gotten myself into...
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asmosmainhoe · 8 months ago
How about an mc that gets pissed of and they do a glare that freezes all the boys from where they stand.
MC's death glare
Sorry that they ended up so short!
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
Who would have thought that someone like him would ever freeze, because of a simple glare of a mortal
Has never seen that side of you and doesn't ever wanna see it again tbh
Beyond surprised by the strong effect
Tries not to get you mad anymore, because wow
Doesn't admit that he's kinda scared of you now
Let's out a small scream
You make the impossible possible
Your death glare scares him more than Lucifer's and that's a huge accomplishment
Falls down to his knees to apologize for making you angry
Avoids your glare in the future
Instantly freezes when you give him the glare
Doesn't even dare to blink
Frantically tries to remember what he did that could have made you so mad
"Is it because I called you a normie? Is it? I'm so sorry, MC! It won't happen again! You're my best friend after all!"
Please don't stay mad at him
He heard from others that your glare is dangerous, but refused to believe it
Why would he? A human making demons tremble and scared for their life sounds so unreal
Until he gets the said glare
There are no words that could describe how he's feeling
Knows that only a fool would anger you twice
So shocked that you give him that look
Immediately hides from you behind Beel, because he knows that you would never hurt our big man
You just see Asmo's eyes being wide open after he takes a peak from behind his younger brother
Doesn't ever wanna see that glare again
Of course you don't shoot him your famous death glare
You look at someone entirely else, but he still feels something cold running down his spine
Starts to shiver
There's no way this man could ever piss you off, but he still makes a mental note to do everything in his power to avoid that
Your glare wakes him up better than several espressos at once
Honestly he's more confused by that than scared
Too lazy to hide or run from you so he does his best to look back
And fails
You gotta give him credit for trying tho
Mumbles a small apology for making you mad
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equizona · 3 months ago
Hey I kept laughing this morning just imagining Lucifer made mc angry and they started beating the shit out of him with a slipper how are the demon brothers reaction to them 😂
Tumblr media
Note: OKAY BUT THAT IS AMAZING– Seriously, I'm writing this note before writing the headcanons but I'm already excited to do it because this is such a fun request and I'm sorry that I didn't get to it before now-
Fandom(s): Obey Me!
Character(s): Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Format: Headcanon
Scenario: Reacting to MC hitting Lucifer with their shoe.
Warning(s): Violence
Tumblr media
Lucifer[Avatar of Pride]
Lucifer is first going to be too shocked to react at all, just staring at the wall as you slap him with your shoe a few times and running off.
Then a second of admiration passes through him because he was not expecting them to be brave enough to do that–
Then the anger comes and he's rushing after them, ready to beat them with a shoe.
You will not survive, I'm sorry.
Tumblr media
Mammon[Avatar of Greed]
He wants to help you.. but..
Can you blame him? That's LUCIFER we're talking about. Diavolo knows what he would do if Mammon got involved.
He is cheering for you though.
Tumblr media
Leviathan[Avatar of Envy]
Best believe that he's filming ALL of it, and he's posting it everywhere.
He gets kind of envious that he isn't the one who did that, because he wants to be brave enough to do that and it's unfair BUT
It's everywhere now.
With him and Asmodeus as a combined force the video of the human exchange student hitting the oh so mighty Lucifer with a shoe is all over the Devildom.
Diavolo is so grateful that it was filmed please–
Tumblr media
Satan[Avatar of Wrath]
If you didn't have his respect before now you definitely have it now–
He wishes it was him who did that though. Still, he's super proud of you!
He's one of the only three who will help you get away from Lucifer, though it's a big maybe.
He's naming you the 'Anti-Lucifer League' president if you survive.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus[Avatar of Lust]
Oh no sweety why would you do that–
You're way too young to die today but it's too late now he guesses.
He'll convince Leviathan to give him the video and then he spreads it like a virus, just in your name.
It's his participation in your funeral.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub[Avatar Gluttony]
Oh no are you stupid 2.0
He will pick you up and fucking run–
He loves you and doesn't want you to die yet, so he will try to help you get away from Lucifer's wrath until the eldest calms down.
He will scold you about putting your life in danger like that though–
Tumblr media
Belphegor[Avatar of Sloth]
You are now definitely his favorite human EVER.
Agrees with Satan to make you their club president if you survive this.
He MIGHT aid Satan and Beelzebub in your escape, but it's a big maybe, and only because his two favorite people you and Beel are involved.
Tumblr media
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stanmammon · 3 months ago
Hi! May I request some headcanons for Beel, Mammon, and Asmo reacting to seeing the mc (pre-relationship or during whichever is fine) when they're just barely awake for the first time? Like mc is still 90% alseep, soft gravelly morning voice, bed head, probably won't understand or remember the conversation, might curl their hands around yours or the hem of your clothes and conk back out sort of state? I think it's when people are at their height of cute :3 thanks so much!!
Asmo nearly woke you up with how loudly he squealed. You made him dive right into bed beside you, holding you in his arms and petting down your bedhead as he ranted on about how much he adored you. He thinks it’s so cute to see you at your most vulnerable, a state only a lover would see you in, and he continued to ramble on about your cuteness potentially rivaling his despite the fact you were hardly listening. As happy as he would be to hold your cute self all day he knows that Lucifer would get on his case if he didn’t properly wake you so he did so with gentle prodding, helping you walk through your morning routine even in your sleepy state so that you’d look presentable. 
Beel is very used to dealing with one sleepy demon in particular but the feelings of having to wake you up aren’t quite the same. He always thinks you’re cute so he’s not thrown off at first until he hears your voice, wondering why his heart jumped in his chest when you first said his name. He thinks that your sleepy smile was his favorite part of this morning as you reached over to pet his face, thanking him for waking you up before you fell back onto your bed like a limp noodle. He has no qualms about just throwing you over his shoulder and bringing you downstairs with him but Beel wanted to treat you gently, doing his best to talk to you and bring you out of your sleepy stupor. 
Mammon thinks it’s like looking directly at the sun. His entire face heated up the second your eyes fluttered open, giving him a look that said just join me in bed and shut up. He would love to just lay there with you all morning, your head on his chest as he stroked your hair and you exchanged a few sleepy kisses, but unfortunately he was on a schedule. It’s weird that he’s the one waking you up instead of the other way around and he had to wonder if you felt the same things he was feeling now when you had to wake him up, poking at your cheek as he tried to ignore how fast his heart was beating. 
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