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#obey me au
loganthrives · 5 hours ago
I just posted Lucifer's part in First Words, the soulmate AU oneshot fic I have ongoing on the side. Not sure who else to do yet - I've got Beel, Asmo, Levi, and Satan left. Any idea on who I should make Logan's soulmate next?
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beelze-bae · 6 hours ago
EoB: Diavolo - Avatar of Gluttony
Tumblr media
(Exchange of Burden info post) (Moodboard by me!) With the scramble of brothers and Barbatos sitting on the Devildom's throne, Diavolo becomes an avatar of his own, taking up the place just above the twins. As Gluttony, his fascination with the outside world has translated to a love of the realm's food...and also their recipes. Nine times out of ten he will be the one preparing meals for the House of Lamentation, filling his mind as much as he's filling his stomach.
He's insatiable in almost every sense of the word, doing nothing by halves as he reads stacks of books filled with cultures, foods, and recipes from across the three realms, traveling with his stomach to all of the places Mammon has advised that they never see. As long as Simeon keeps him stocked with ingredients, he is happy to satisfy his never-ending hunger with the things he has learned. He never seems to run out of protein, as between his requests for supplies, he always has the remnants of his brothers' messes to clean up and dispose of. Belphegor is the most prolific with the demons he needs to vanish, but Diavolo has been known to take matters into his own hands if someone threatens his family or manages to grate on his last nerve and his deep well of patience finally runs dry.
He is a protector at heart and tries to keep the peace with his brothers as much as possible, though they hardly make it easy for him. He will happily lend a listening ear and a freshly-made snack to anyone who finds themselves in need of a place to unload their burdens for a moment or two. Simeon is his closest friend, both out of necessity and a mutual love of adventure, though the other demon's questions about Mammon's rules are starting to make him nervous.
Mammon / Leviathan / Asmodeus / Satan / *Diavolo* / Beelzebub / Belphegor
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beelze-bae · 8 hours ago
EoB: Satan - The Avatar of Lust
Tumblr media
(Exchange of Burden info post) (Moodboard by me!)
The fourth brother in the lineup is Satan, whose new sin doesn't seem to have made much of a change...on the surface. Where he once tempered his Wrath with reading and ceaselessly gathering information, he now writes the very stories he once devoured. The Devildom is full of mysteries and harlequin bodice-rippers, all penned under his name...and the fame is exactly what his ego needs.
He's built his image around the image of the soft, glasses-wearing, sweater-clad writer, using his charm to sweetly seduce whoever catches his eye at the moment with promises of being a new chapter or his next bestseller. He's left broken hearts across the Devildom and the Mortal Realm alike, though he would love to sink his teeth into an angel or two to round out his list. He loves love in all of its forms, but finds it to be the universe's prettiest lie -- true affection is pure fiction, but he's happy to play along, so long as the world stays at arm's length.
When Lucifer fell in the Celestial War, Satan's creation was his last action -- and his shadow falls heavily over him as a result. He feels as if the others are holding him up to a standard he can't meet, for a brother he never knew. So when he feels that the others (Mammon especially) are expecting too much of him, he'll vanish for days at the time, burying himself in the affections of paramours across the realms until he feels his point is made. His life and his greatest love will always belong to himself.
Mammon / Leviathan / Asmodeus / *Satan* / Diavolo / Beelzebub / Belphegor
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qshara · 9 hours ago
Five-year-old Satan: -grabs a energy gun- HA! -but Mammon plugs it with a carrot-
Mammon: You shouldn't play with guns
Satan, giving to him: Oh, okay
Mammon: Thank you! -hears the gun beeping, realizes it's about to overload and throws it back to the kid- Oh, uh, I just remembered- it's your birthday! Happy birthday!
Satan, throwing it to him: Eh...Merry Christmas!
Mammon, throwing it to him: It's not Christmas!
Satan, throwing it to him: Happy Hanuka!
-every time they talk they throw the overload gun at the other-
Mammon: ONE potato!
Satan: TWO potato!
Mammon: THREE potato!
Satan: FOUR!
Mammon: FIVE potato!
Satan: SIX potato!
Mammon: SEVEN potato, MORE!
Satan: MY
Mammon: MOTHER
Satan: TOLD
Mammon: ME
Satan: YOU
Mammon: ARE
Satan: IT
Mammon: HA! I WIN! -the gun explodes in his hands-
Lilo and Stitch AU in order?:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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the-waterfowls-egg · 11 hours ago
Au idea
The bros are human and Mc is the demon whose responcible for looking after them and making sure they don't die
Bit stressful looking after 7 humans all alone but ehh, I'm sure then can manage, Lord Diavolo seems to think so
Lilith's also alive cuz... reasons
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getlitaesthetic · 21 hours ago
The true dilemma with Asmo: do I want him to *slowly* break me, draw me in with an aroma that makes everything hazier until I'm mindlessly rutting against him, or do I want him to just snap my mind before I can do anything about it,,
You won’t get too much of a say, but I’ll warn it’s much more likely to be the second. You’ll drain away pretty quickly once he has his claws in you. Humans have quite the difficult time resisting him... everyone does, really.
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endeenderman · a day ago
Tumblr media
"ObeyMe!" Human Pet AU.
Warnings: mentions of feasting on human meat, some sexual mentions, torture and blood.
~Prologue/what you need to know~
This universe is different from the original ObeyMe! story, let's just say that there was never an exchange program or the whole unite the three realms thing, in this world humans are considered lower life force from demon and angels (and other creatures as well), those with low wealth were killed and their meat was sold to many markets in the Devildom, some humans where kept alive and sold as "pets" so some demons, they could either be adopted or bought, if a human was scene without it's owner than it would stay at the human "shelter" and if no one came to pick it up it would be killed within a weeks time, some humans where more valuable than others, those who came from a rich or famous bloodline made a good fortune when being sold and many wanted to breed their humans so they could sell their "pups", some where bought as companions, others as toys, for those lucky enough to get bought by a "nice" individual had a better life waiting for them in comparison to those for weren't. Some of the people that could afford a was the King of the Demons and the seven Lords of Hell, or those who stole them from their original owners only to be sold at a much higher price.
~House Of Lamentation~
The Prince of Hell had gotten a human for him as a troublesome...honestly he already had Cerberus and his six brothers he didn't need someone else to take care off!, if you haven't figured it out yet that human it you, welcome to the house of lamentation!, Lucifer has already provided you a black leather collar enjoy~, honestly not the best owner, works all day and you get stuck either in his room or in his office, heavy training!, you need to be trained asap!, if your behavior is good you might get rewarded with a few headpats, doesn't like you talking to you unless he gives you permission too, has bought you a small bed in his room for you to sleep on, surprising lets his brothers "play" with you.
We are getting a pet!?, hell ya!!!, honestly super excited about it, I mean have you seen how much good human breeds make in the market!?, Lucifer what kind of breed are they!?, gets moody when he gets told he can't sell you or breed you, his the type to call you to him only to push you away once you get close, okay so he can't sell you buuut no-one said anything about renting you am I right!?, teaches you a few tricks because hey! maybe you can do a street attraction idk...kind of gets attached to you though, yeah he aren't giving you away now not for ONE second!, Mammon please stop holding them like that they can't breath...
Already has Henry 2.0 he doesn't want another one, but then again he can dress you up like his game and anime characters!!! Gets very jealous if you're paying attention to anyone else but him, Levi they are not only yours remember?, learn how to share!, yeah right...doesn't let them in his room without a leash because he doesn't want them near his gaming set or figurines, tried taking you swimming once with him and almost drowned you...yeah we are not doing that again...
One of the few that is actually happy without a valued reason, buys you a LOT of toys to play with!, he wanted a cat but...hey its better than nothing I guess?...likes when you put your head on his lap when he read so he can pat your head, but only when he is in a good mood, if his in a bad mood then you will get to be his stress relief toy, lets just hope he doesn't injure you too bad, will heal you with spells once his calmed down and give you soft pets and wipe away any tears to make you more comfortable around him, might read to you to make you feel better.
He is thrilled!, so many clothes and accessories he can get for you!!!, takes lots if pictures with you, you get to accompany him to many playdates, it's good for you to interact with your own species once in a while but...they might be waiting for something more from you...he trains you to become his toy to play with, lots of tricks, his brothers find it disgusting for him to be sleeping with their pet but who cares!!!, his darling pet needs his affection and guidance!!!, many pretty collars and bows!!!
So he cant eat them?...their a pet?...a companion?...oh there are like Cerberus?...Beel likes Cerberus so he won't eat you just's you away most of the time honestly, slowly because somewhat of a friend to you, once he gets to like you back he will often feed you treats without Lucifers knowing of course...Beel how many times do I have to tell you?!, don't feed the human every few seconds you are going to spoil them!!!, but they look so's okay its only one bite right?, yeah one bite wouldn't hurt!~
One word for you...stay away...if he happens to walk into a room with you in it he will burn holes into your skull from his intense stare, his dislike for humans includes you unfortunately and its not easy to get him to like you, after how many weeks of pushing you away, kicking you of hurting you in general, weather that was in the physical world or the dream world, one day he was having trouble sleeping as his favourite pillow was damaged and Lucifer had gotten it to repair it, he pulled you next to him and rested his arms around you nesting his face in your neck inhaling your sweet scent which made him sleep almost instantly, congrats you're his new favourite pillow, always wants you next to him when he sleeps, surprisingly he enjoys brushing your hair for some reason.
Might make a part 2!, tell me what you guys think! <3
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phantasmiafxndom · a day ago
I've always been curious, in the obey me pet au, are the brothers still brothers? And if so, how would they react to their kind owner who treats them well searching for and reuniting them with the rest of their brothers to give them all a happy life together?
Well, since the definition of “brothers” in canon is pretty vague, that’s kind of hard to say. What I’d go with is that they’re “brothers” in the sense that they were made/born at around the same time and in the same place, but honestly, I’m probably working with demons being some form of artificially created instead of biologically bred. So... they still see each other as brothers and were together when they were young, but have no actual biological relation. With the kind-of exception of Beel and Belphie, who are kind of two halves of one creation, if that makes sense? 
And as for how reuniting them would go, it’d be complicated. They’d all be very happy to be brought together again (and would probably become massively protective of each other) since they were close when they were freshly made, but there’s been so much time between knowing each other that it wouldn’t be perfect. Most of them aren’t used to being around other demons, either. 
That said, in the end, bringing all seven together would be a very kind thing to do for the boys~
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akitohsworld · a day ago
Spy event passion project
So the spy event 🌚
It has given me inspiration.. sO muCH
So I wanted to draw a mini-series for a spy au comic. I'm working on the script and I'll be working on the first scene in the next few days.
Idk I really love how the characters worked together in this event and I fell in love with Lucy's kind reassuring "I believe in you"-daddy vibes and I felt things okAY. It gives me spy-comedy vibes I cAN't
Also I worked out their ethnicities/nationalities and I think it turned out pretty well and fits.
May be releasing some sketches/hc later ;D
Tumblr media
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getlitaesthetic · a day ago
The winner, with 27 votes, is BARBATOS!!!
So let’s all get excited for a choose your own adventure story following a day in the life of Barbatos’ human~
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fallstreakfeathers · a day ago
I love your human au headcanons! They're pretty well thought out. Do you have other au's for Obey Me?
I uh,,, Pacific Rim AU? Been thinking about that a lot lately.  I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in that  tho, I know PR gets a lot of flak (it shouldn’t, it’s a wonderful film and one of the few I’ve rewatched over 5 times)
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djdealylox · 2 days ago
Here is the full body and outfit of Catan
The scrunchy was on his hair and he wears it because Asmo gave it to him.
The necklace was a gift from Barbatos. He put a spell so that it stays when Catan turns into a cat form and human form. (Mostly it was a cat collar but necklace will do)
His sweater is made from magic and will always fit comfortably to whomever wears it.
His pants and shoes are not made from magic but is still wearable and gives some comfort.
Tumblr media
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qshara · 2 days ago
-Six-year-old MC comes back to the kindergarten lobby with Five-year-old Satan-
Babysitter Barbatos: Oh, yes, all of our children want to play and make frien... -jumps, startled- EXCEPT THAT ONE! -runs and takes Satan away from MC-
Solomon, pulls MC away from the kid: What's that thing?!
Satan: Rude
Barbatos: A kid...I think, but it was dead this morning!
Solomon: It was DEAD this morning?!
Barbatos: Well, we thought it was dead, it was hit by a truck!
MC: Big brother, I like him!
More of this Lilo and Stitch Au: Here, here and here
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ms-maria-sorrow · 2 days ago
Looks like Ms. Sorrow got bullied again
Child AU part 1
Tumblr media
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getlitaesthetic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
WE DID IT!!!! I’ll close voting when I wake up in the morning and announce the results 💖 I love you all so much, thank you for 1k!!!!
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nona-piccolo · 2 days ago
Princes of Hell AU
Princes of Hell AU
Warnings: none, unless the mention of “hell” and demons bothers you
This is my own little AU where Obey Me brothers are genuinely princes of hell, and each of them occupy a Circle of Hell where the damned come to be eternally punished; there is no school, there is no RAD, and there is no funny banter 😈 When I had first played Obey Me, I always imagined a more darker story to the brothers, ones that involve fighting and action, and less of the romance aspect, especially since they are in fact demons, and each of them possess the burden of a sin. I always just thought it would be interesting to view them in a reign of power for a territory of their own. I also really really wanted to speak about the boys’ abilities and powers, so their strengths and combat is also talked about.
Please enjoy my little indulgence!
Okay so hear me out, there are seven rings of hell that occupy the space of the underworld. The worse of a person you had been on earth, the further into the ring you get placed in--- this also deals with the punishment that is endured. To put it simply, the rings are formed from 1 to 7: 1 being the least terrifying, while being placed in ring 7 is reserved for the worst and scummiest human beings. Taking off from there then, that leads us to the very first prince and owner of the 1st circle of hell:
Leviathan - 1st Circle of Hell:
They call this place Sheol. One thing that greatly differs Leviathan’s circle compared to the others is that fact that his circle is not a physical layer. There is no land. In fact, Leviathan's layer is almost sea-like, with spirits floating through the sky and composed of a sea of high whines of envy. The misty green layer is also the largest part of hell, considering it is the outer-most layer of the circle and takes up the most surface area. Leviathan is comfortable in his true form here (a giant beastly Leviathan) with eyes filled with envy to roam his territory. Leviathan is a powerful being, able to summon and control hideous demonic ocean creatures to do his bidding. His brothers are cautious if ever caught in a fight with him; Leviathan’s control can absolutely crush and overflood the other circles of hell. Many are terrified of him, and rumors had gone around saying he has the potential to become 2nd, maybe even 1st strongest of the Devildom, but his downfall and probably biggest weakness, is the time he spends moping about the things he doesn't have. The feeling of envy has crippled him to a pathetic and whiny ruler. Still, he appears to be one of the best of his brothers, as he doesn’t need to do much to care for the crying souls that wander around lifeless.
Asmodeus - 2nd Circle of Hell:
They call the 2nd Circle of Hell Dis--- the most laid back circle of all of them. Yes, even more so than Leviathan’s. Now you may think it would be odd, especially for Asmodeus’s circle to be placed where it is. But the people bound here for all eternity have the guilty pleasure of what Asmodeus finds entertaining. All demons and humans there are not tortured, with no laws, and given the ability to do whatever it is they desire. He likes to be surrounded by succubi and incubbi almost constantly. Asmo hates humans the least, and feels no need to want revenge. Being in hell and stripped of everything is punishment enough for him. Talking about abilities, Asmodeus himself would say that he isn’t fit for physical combat. Instead, he was given the ability to charm any creature or non creature he sees fit. With just a look in his eyes, he commands every bone in their bodies. Very few people are immune to this charm, but every once in a millennia he will meet someone who doesn't fall to his charm. This bothers him immensely.
Belphegor - 3rd Circle of Hell: 
Gehhena. That is the name of his circle. Opposite to his twin brother Beelzebub, Belphegor has a barren land of almost nothingness... Everything is shrouded with sloth, to the point where not even the air moves. Too lazy to make changes to his kingdom, there is a constant stagnation within his circle. His followers are left sitting there with nothing except constant loneliness and nothing to ease their boredom. Belphegor, the ruler that he is, sleeps on his throne any moment he can, and the crazed state he left his followers in have caused them to struggle with each other on who will get the throne. They feel they will go crazy if no one takes up Belphegor’s place. And so they plan to take his throne. Acting like he doesn't know about the plan to overthrow him, Belphie is pleased to spend all of eternity with the entertainment of watching his underlings argue to no end on who should sit on his throne. Belph doesn't seem like the brightest, especially due to his dozing and sleeping, but perhaps that's where he and Mammon are able to catch opponents off guard. Being underestimated is what Belph depends on, and frankly he seems to enjoy it just as much. He is the youngest of his brothers, and therefore the weakest physically, but his ability can be powerful in controlling what happens in other's dreams. This demon does his dirty work in the dream realm, having full and complete capabilities to cause disaster in his enemies through during their most vulnerable moments--- sleep. His constant state of sleep can ease others into a sleeping death, where the dream realm becomes Belphegor's greatest strength. He feels no need to try and climb the ranks higher. He is content where he is.
Mammon - 4th Circle of Hell:
Pandaemonium is the name of Mammon’s circle. Perhaps the greatest designed circle of hell, Mammon's image of what he wanted hell to look like is what came true on his land. He has complete control of what he wishes his kingdom will look like. As a great architect, he believes that hell could be just as great as heaven, and tried to prove it to Lucifer by designing Lucifer's very castle. Mammon’s land is filled with enormous landmarks and sky scrapers that appear to touch the stars. His circle of hell has the most impressive buildings and works of art, truly impressive to look at, but... as a ruler, Mammon isn't too good. There are still so many unfinished buildings and projects that he has abandoned in order for his subjects to mine and work in labor for eternity, finding the greatest diamonds and jewels within the ground to bring back to Mammon's castle. They needed to keep their master rich somehow. The work loads for his followers keeps increasing with every little thing Mammon craves for. More and more buildings, more and more diamonds, he can never get enough of it. Although rarely any violence ensures, his underlings constantly screw each other over in order to survive. And like his followers, Mammon is not particularly violent. In fact he shows more of a masochistic side, letting other people take out their frustration on him. This is ironic, due to Mammon's main ability being his luck. Among other demons and humans, his sheer luck and ability to gamble come in handy for him; getting him out of situation after situation. In the battlefield, he is often used as a decoy, his luck coming in handy to miss fatal wounds and strikes. It is also said Mammon's speed can rival Beelzebub's, yet he seems to run even faster if it's to get away from trouble. 
Beelzebub - 5th Circle of Hell:
Beelzebub’s circle was named Tantarus, or better yet the Tantarus Pit. It is a massive swamp, and with basically an "eat or be eaten" policy. His people are desperate in getting whatever they can in their search for sustainability. Although not particularly strict, Beel's attitude of eating whatever he wants can become a scary factor. He has many good cooks enslaved, whom make meals for him almost constantly. Much like Mammon, the people in the 4th circle of hell are forced into an everlasting workload. Yet unlike Mammon, Beelzebub has been known to get impatient, sometimes swallowing up the nearest thing he can find--- whether it’s a person, or the dinner table. He does not purposefully seek out trouble though, and prefers to keep to himself--- or with Belphegor. His circle is too far from Belphie, much to Beelzebub’s dismay, but Lucifer had simply brushed it off and told him he needed to deal with it. With super strength and speed, Beel is by far the physically strongest of his brothers. His frightening stature, height, and gluttony puts him at the very top of the list for being intimidating. Along with the constant intake of food, he makes sure to exercise and keep the bounds of muscles he has solidified on his body.
Satan - 6th Circle of Hell:
Satan owns the circle of Malebolge. There are two sides in Malebolge, and both sides are at constant war with each other. The pain and horror of war is everlasting and perpetual. Satan trains his people for the day they get a chance to attack the Celestial Realm. It is by far the most violent and frightening circle of hell. Satan is a monster fuming with hatred and insults. His control over his wrath had been let go a long time ago; he had let it overwhelm him and take control. To the point where Satan’s very presence on the battle field freezes opponents up in their tracks. Continuing to fight Satan for more than a few minutes will trigger his ability. He had all of eternity to practice thinking clearly through his anger and wrath--- it is no longer a roadblock to him. But he uses this as his greatest weapon. Fighting Satan for longer than a few minutes will provoke a growing rage inside of you; like the pressure of a dam against the heavy weight of water. His opponent will begin to think unclearly--- they will feel frustration and rage, giving Satan a chance to strike them down. Skilled and precise, he taught himself to suppress anything other than the rage he feels in order to kill more efficiently. Unlike his brothers, Satan prefers to use a sword in battle, and he can do so both methodically and elegantly (particularly Archangel Michael's sword that had fallen into Heaven with his other brothers).
Lucifer - 7th Circle of Hell:
Of course, the last and most dreadful circle of hell is reserved for Lucifer himself. Cocytus is what he had called it. This circle occupies the smallest space, taking the very center of the ring he and his brothers had formed. In the very middle lies Lucifer’s giant castle he had built just for himself. Lucifer's castle Helviti is where he stays, and where his most valuable followers and favorites live. The castle is all Lucifer really needs to be content. There are dreadful winds here, the cold and winter storms are drastically below freezing temperatures, keeping and reminding him that he could never ascend to the warmth of the Celestial Realm. So he is glad to have a warm place to stay in order to keep out the numbing weather. His people however... are left in a biting state of paralysis from the freezing cold; left out of the castle to rot. The most powerful of his brothers, Lucifer's cunning behavior and strict attitude are just added weapons alongside his ability of energy manipulation. Two of his six wings were disintegrated from his fall from Heaven to hell, and turned from a pure white to a rich black. He is also the only one who can control Cerberus, an enormous three-headed dog he keeps right by his side.
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qshara · 3 days ago
-MC's house is on fire and totally destroyed-
Solomon: Please don't do this...
Simeon, abou to go with six-year-old MC: I'm sorry, you know I have no choice
Solomon: NO! You're NOT taking them! If you take them, you will have to turn them into an angel! AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS FOR A HUMAN!
Simeon: You're making this harder than it needs to be...
Solomon: But you don't know what you're doing! They need to live as a human! They need me!
Simeon, points to the house: Is this what they need?! I'm sorry, but it's clear to me that you need them a lot more than they need you...
"A human must die to become an angel"
Lilo and Stitch AU: Here and here
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If these superior gorgeous beings in freakin' suits and dark sunglasses are the agents and spies then I'd be the willing victim they need to save, or the seductively sly criminal they have to apprehend. 💋🤭
Damn, I'm so ready for you baby~! (Not. No cheat cards 😭).
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