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lushfa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i like the butler ^_^
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pen-ink-therapy · 2 days ago
Om! Headcanons I think about at like 3 a.m.
Simeon talks in his sleep. Like, almost every night. The topics range from spoilers for his next TSL book (Levi found that the hard way) to how Micheal terrifies him. Solomon has a video of his late-night rambles, and it's honestly endearing to see the angel babble away in his sleep.
The brothers learnt not to steal from Mammon the hard way. Once Levi, fed up with his brother's stealing and selling of his items decided to take revenge on him by selling a wooden bead bracelet he found in the second-born's bedroom, not knowing that it was given to him by Lilith after one of her Human Realm visits. It was one of the very few times that Mammon transformed into his demon form in rage and had to be held back by both Lucifer and Beel.
Dia adores butterflies ever since Barbatos took him to a butterfly garden in the Human Realm. The young prince did try to recreate it, but unfortunately, the Devildom butterflies were a little too cannibalistic for his taste.
Barbatos doesn't really like people in his kitchen when he's cooking or baking. The only exceptions to this particular thing are MC, Diavolo and Luke.
MC gets hounded by demons to make pacts with them after it is leaked that their magic is stronger than even Solomon. Now, based on their personality they either revel in the attention or shy away from it, but this makes Lucifer put in 'security measures'. And by that I mean he had at least one of his brothers around MC or in their vicinity at all times. All of them are extremely territorial and do not appreciate lower demons coming up to MC to make pacts with them.
Satan and Lucifer are surprisingly more cuddly and loving with each other when they are drunk. Asmo has a video of a drunk Lucifer and Satan holding each other and crying with watching a compilation of kittens being cute. He has been sworn to secrecy by both brothers.
Belphie has an old elephant plushie that was given to him by Lucifer when he was young and wouldn't go to sleep. It's stashed between piles of clothes in his closet, but on especially bad nights, when his thoughts and self-doubts keep him up, he cuddles it to sleep.
Lilith used to bring lots of souvenirs from the Human Realm for all of her brothers, and each one cherishes whatever she brought for them. For Lucifer, it was a book, Mammon was given a wooden bead bracelet that she threaded herself, Levi got a set of paints made from seashells, Asmo was given the hand mirror that he always keeps on himself. Beel and Belphie have the most amount of gifts from Lilith.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
*MC and Mammon both received a sign from Barbatos that they would be returning to their own timeline*
Younger MC: *understanding that Mammon has to go* *but couldn't hide their sad expression*
Mammon: Hey... Cheer up. We're going to meet again in future. You know that, right?
Younger MC: *nods*
Mammon: ...
Mammon: *breathes in* *takes off his sunglasses* *and makes them wear it*
Mammon: *pats their head*
Younger MC: *tries to hold back their tears*
Mammon: See you later. *beams*
Angel Mammon: Are you going back?
MC: Yes...
Angel Mammon: ...
Angel Mammon: *plucks out a single feather from his wings and hands it to them*
MC: Mammon—
Angel Mammon: Please keep this. *smiles* I want you to remember the me in Celestial Realm.
MC: *eyes widened* Are you aware that—
Angel Mammon: *nods* But it's okay. It doesn't matter if I changed, because now...
Angel Mammon: I'm pretty sure that you'll be there to support me.
MC: Mammon—
Angel Mammon: *giving them a hug* See you soon, MC.
MC: *hugging him back* Yes... See you soon... Mammon.
Barbatos: *smiles* Both of you arrived safely.
MC and Mammon: *holding each other's hand*
Barbatos: And it looks like you finally made up. I'm glad.
MC: *has Mammon's feather as their earring* *and his sunglasses on their head*
Mammon: Yeah. Even though they gave me nothing. *pouts*
MC: Not my fault I was empty-handed.
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firecatvariant · 2 days ago
OM Explained
Explaining Obey Me to others:
There are Seven Demon Lords, and they are powerful and dangerous and not to be messed with!
(In reality:)
The Avatar of Pride is just a tired Dad trying to keep a bunch of kids in line.
The Avatar of Greed is a moron.
The Avatar of Envy plays video games and watches anime.
The Avatar of Wrath is obsessed with cats.
The Avatar of Lust is a soft boi.
The Avatar of Gluttony is always eating.
The Avatar of Sloth is always sleeping.
There are Angels, and they are are also super powerful!
(In reality:)
One cannot use technology to save his life.
The other is a literal child.
The Demon Prince and his butler are two of the most powerful beings in the Devildom!
(In reality:)
The Demon Prince - constantly thinks up shenanigans just so he can play with his friends.
The Butler - makes cakes and tea.
The Humans are powerful sorcerers!
(In reality:)
One cooks so poorly he nearly kills people.
The other is you. You are a sheep.
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spazsposts · 2 days ago
Can we have a continuation of the chonky cats, with either the date-ables(+Luke) or the brothers if you don’t mind!
Okay this is gonna be kinda bad because i'm only on lesson 56 and haven't gotten to Thirteen, Raphael, or Mephistopheles but i'll try my best. I will be referring to Thirteen with she/they pronouns i've heard that's what thirteen goes by please correct me if im wrong. Also please send more requests I would love that, thank you my lovely's have a wonderful day/night where every you are, mwah <3
MC and Their 2 Chonky Cats With the Side Characters
-Lord Diavolo was in the meeting room when you first appeared in the council room for the exchange program
-Left his seat to quite literally run to your cats
-Allowed for them to stay with you during your stay because you didn't have anyone to take care of them at home (also didn't have time because one second you on the couch, next in a room full of demons not your average Monday)
-He thinks the size of them make the even better for hugging
-Don't be surprised the next day if you wake up to a bunch of cat toys, food, treats, bedding, end up appear in your room tomorrow its just a 'little' gift for your cats while they stay in Devildom during the program.
-Lord Diavolo tries to spend as much time with you and your 2 beautiful chonky cats in his limited free time
-during the 3 day sleep over at the castle had a room prepared by his lovely butler for them to stay so they weren't alone and hungry at the House of Lamentation by themselves
-would kill for your cats im kidding...👀
-Tried stopped Lord Diavolo from running to your cats, didn't work
-At first glance he thought that maybe they were unhealthy but after a discussion with you he's relieved the cats are healthy
-Constantly has to use a lint roller on Lord Diavolo because of the cat fur
-Would help Luke make safe cat treats for them and has a whole book of foods they can safely eat or consume in small quantities.
-Barbatos thought the names Squishy and Pumpkin were silly names a child would give them (the names bring a small smile to his face cus i said so)
-His young master's obsession with them makes his task's either helpful or difficult
-Somehow Barbatos knows the best places they liked to be scratched and they instantly relax around him (he has a calm aura)
-When meeting Simeon he had no clue about the cats until one day in class Satan had been gushing over them
-Simeon got curious and asked to see for himself
-Simeon took a bunch of pictures some blurry, a couple accidently of his face, and some good ones
-they tend to chase after the bottom of his cloak (i think thats what is???)
-Would write about them in a book he's writing
-Luke constantly ask's for Simeon to bring him over to visit the cats although Simeon likes the cats but nothing could beat you (;
-Doesn't surprise him, he's seen a lot through his eternal life (grandpa)
-Solomon doesn't come over the house just for the cats but when he is there he'll make sure to visit them whilst there
-honestly probably doesnt really care for them just another cat
-Solomon is jealous they do take up your attention and rather it be on him
Luke (Siblings relationship)
-Simeon told him about the cats and even had blurry photos of them (we all know Simeon is like a old person trying use a phone)
-Luke had to see for himself so he asked to come over to see the cats
-I think the cats would like the smell of Luke because he constantly bakes (manly sweets) so he smells sweet
-After that interaction, comes over to the House of Lamentation all the time for playdates with them and hang out with you (his favourite human don't tell Solomon)
-Luke cant get enough of them
-He's thought about stealing one back to Purgatory hall with him (never acts on it)
-Luke constantly makes safe cat consumption treats for the 2 of them
-He finds out which types of food they favour
-Luke draws a picture of him, squishy, pumpkin and you together and gives it to you (obviously you frame it and keep it on your desk)
okay i literally have no clue how to write these characters i haven't gotten to them yet please tell me if im close to their personality and give me more ideas on what they're like
-Laughed when she found out the names of cats
-Like Solomon, Thirteen wouldn't purely come over for the cats but if she is there, they will pet them
-would spin them around on the floor (if your dont know what im talking about look it up on youtube)
-or using the cats as 'guns'
-always gives their bellys a nice pat before leaving
-I feel like he wouldn't really care when first hearing about the cats
-If he did happen to see them and they rub up against his legs he just stands there staring at them
-After a bit of warming up he'll crouch down and scratch under their chins
-Another person who would not visit for the cats
-does spoke their stomach not hard but just because they be chonky
-Doesn't want them near him incase ruin his pants or gloves because of the fur (he gotta be pristine)
-uses his cane to push them away (lightly) so they don't get near him
-pets them using his cane
-if he warms up he lightly scratch their head with a finger or 2 and give a treat if he has any food on him.
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lostparadise-found · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If I get baby pictures of the brothers, then I will in return share a picture of a little Evie.
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fujotato · 2 days ago
Look at them being two-faced🤣
Hiding their real emotions by smiling. 🤡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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absolutepokemontrash · a day ago
Tumblr media
Asmo is a steaming hot mess… I fucking love him
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obeythedemons · 17 hours ago
Text Confessions [Obey Me! Barbatos/MC]
Tumblr media
*singing* more self-indulgent fiiiiiccccssss
Obey Me! Masterlist
A squeak sounded from nearby causing the butler to look up in alarm. Though it wasn’t a squeak from what he feared most, it was from the human currently occupying a nearby chair. A hand covered their face and they shook slightly.
“Is everything alright, MC?” Barbatos inquired and drew closer to them.
MC jumped in their seat and looked at him with shock, their hand moving to quickly cover their D.D.D.. They nodded their head and diverted their eyes away from him. “Y-yeah!” their voice sounded out in a higher pitch. They cleared their throat. “Yeah, the brothers are just being weird…again.”
“Oh?” Barbatos chuckled. “May I ask how?”
MC’s breath shook as it passed through their lips. They moved their hand away from their D.D.D. and held out the device to the butler. “It’s too embarrassing to say out loud.” They fidgeted as they tried to calm down.
Barbatos took the D.D.D. and quickly skimmed through the latest message. “He’s declaring his love for you?”
MC whined lightly and nodded their head. “They’ve all been doing it the past couple of days.”
“All through text?” Barbatos sighed and handed it back. “That hardly seems appropriate.”
“All through text,” MC confirmed quietly as they chewed on their bottom lip.
Barbatos watched them curiosity, seeing how flustered they already were. “And do you return their feelings?” he asked quietly.
MC turned away from him and shook their head. “No, I don’t. Even if they were being serious.”
"Oh, I think they’re being serious,” Barbatos said, though his tone was happier knowing that MC didn’t return any of their feelings.
“They can’t be!” MC nearly screeched. Their hands moved to cover their face once more. “They can’t be serious!”
“They are, I assure you,” Barbatos chuckled and pulled up a nearby chair before he sat - a rare occurrence. “Although, I do find it interesting that this is affecting you so intensely. Even when the confessions aren’t done properly.”
MC dared to peek at him from between the gaps of their fingers. They tensed up when they saw a smirk playing on his lips.
“It makes me wonder how you would react to a proper declaration of love,” Barbatos murmured softly.
"Don’t play with me,” MC spoke quietly. They slowly lowered their hands and frowned at him. “I don’t want you to play this game with me.”
“What if I’m not playing?” Barbatos nearly whispered. He reached a hand out towards MC’s and took it into a small embrace, his fingers squeezing it lightly. “What if I told you that I love you?” MC stared into his eyes where pure adoration reflected from them. His smirk dropped and formed into a small smile. “Because, MC, I love you.”
MC’s lips trembled. They closed their eyes tightly and pulled on his hand quickly, jolting the butler forward. His eyes widened as his body fell towards them. Their hand let go of his as their arms wrapped around him. Barbatos paused for a moment, his own heart starting to beat quickly. Slowly, his arms wrapped around MC’s shaking form.
“I love you,” MC spoke so quietly, he almost missed it.
Barbatos felt heat rush to his own cheeks. He moved to bury his burning face into the crook of MC’s neck. A breathy laugh passed his lips and brushed against their skin. “I’m afraid my plan of making you flustered has backfired, MC. Now, I’m the one that can still my fluttering heart.” But he didn’t care. The one he loved was now in his arms.
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thewritingmagician2022 · a day ago
A/B/O - Brothers and Dateables
Lucifer is the typical alpha male. He’s dominating, strong, and makes his presence known. He’s not just an alpha, he’s the leader of his pack and Diavolo help you if you forget it. I wouldn’t say he’s a knothead because he is (usually) able to think rationally and he respects betas/omegas but he definitely is the definition of the alpha, including some of the negative aspects like his temper and trouble listening to those “below” his station.  
Mammon is (surprisingly) also an alpha. I know Mammon has some serious sub traits but that’s a separate thing, okay? He’s very protective of his people and he would like to provide for them. He wants nothing more than to make his omega happy and ensure they’re well taken care of by him, no one else. He’s a very chill alpha and rarely uses his status unless he thinks it’ll benefit him in some kind of scheme. This means that omegas everywhere tend to trust him because they know he won’t take advantage of his designation. 
Levi is a beta. Again, I know people will argue he’s an omega because he’s so submissive and breedable but hear me out. Levi is also the Grand Admiral of hell's navy and the third most powerful brother. Levi is able to encapsulate aspects of both alphas and omegas while remaining mostly balanced (unless his envious temper flares up). He’s non-threatening to all designations and he’s not particularly influenced by them either. Levi is too chill and self involved to be anything but a beta.
Satan is an omega, which is a huge source of shame and contention for him in the beginning. Especially because Lucifer is an alpha and if he’s born from Lucifer (his rage of all things), he should also be an alpha. But Satan, despite his status as the avatar of wrath, is not an alpha. He is the pinnacle of the modern omega: he is smart and self-sufficient and fierce and god help anyone who tries to talk down to him or treat him differently due to his designation. He does have typical omega instincts like taking care of his brothers and children and animals, and that’s mainly when his wrath can come into play. As he’s gotten older, he’s gotten more comfortable with it and will even use his designation to get him out of trouble. 
Asmo doesn’t have a set designation. This ties directly into his ability to alter his form. I see it as him being both gender fluid and designation fluid; he decides what feels right for him at the time. Of course this is Asmo and he will absolutely take advantage of this ability to match whatever his partner's preference is or choose the designation that will help him get what he wants. Typically, he is an omega who loves flaunting his superior scent and preening and being taken care of, and he fights hard for omega rights to protect them from injustice. If anyone tries to fuck with him or his people, he will absolutely whip out the alpha and that shit is terrifying AF. 
Beel and Belphie
The twins are both betas. Beel is built like an alpha and Belphie is built like an omega but both of them have conflicting mannerisms. Belphie couldn’t care less about his designation; he’s just glad he doesn’t deal with heats or ruts because they sound exhausting and no one asks much of betas. Beel, on the other hand, is the typical beta peacekeeper. He just wants harmony in his family. He doesn’t care at all about designation and frequently forgets it’s even a thing. 
Diavolo is obviously an alpha - he’s the demon prince. Like Lucifer, he is considered a prime example of an alpha. He has all of the best qualities without most of the downsides. However, he does definitely like to show off his status and he can be a knothead unintentionally sometimes. Diavolo needs to be reminded that not all omegas need babying or protecting and not all betas are unflappable and stable. He’s got thousands of years of prejudice wired into him but he’s doing his absolute best to learn and will sincerely apologize for any mistakes he makes. 
Barbatos is a beta, for sure. He’s exactly what one pictures: calm, dependable, willing to serve an alpha and take care of an omega. He’s part of the reason Diavolo struggles with particularly vocal/opinionated betas or chaotic ones who don’t look/act the part (like Solomon). Barbatos doesn’t care much about his designation except for the appreciation that it allows him to better fulfill his role as he’s not so affected by strong designation instincts or by other’s scents. (He does have a particularly keen nose for a beta but he keeps that as one of his little secrets so he can use it to his advantage)
Solomon is a beta and the opposite of everything Barbatos is. He is an agent of chaos who follows basically no rules about designation. He’s thousands of years old and an immortal human; there are no rules for him. Solomon was actually born an alpha and it’s part of what helped his rule as king thousands of years ago. But he’s lived a very long time and, while he hasn’t aged, his designation has slowly shifted to something less intense. His designation means absolutely nothing to him. He does sometimes miss being an alpha but, mostly, he’s happy not to have to constantly deal with the posturing and competition that came with it. He doesn’t have time for these youngsters and their nonsense.
Simeon is a surprise alpha. He keeps his designation to himself and doesn’t have a super strong scent to give him away. Most people assume he’s a beta because of his collected and kind nature and he never bothers to correct them because he quite likes the secret advantage, knowing that everyone underestimates him. Simeon may not display his alpha traits often but, when push comes to shove, he is a force to be reckoned with. He is resilient and curious and protective, and struggles with following orders he doesn’t agree with.
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pen-observing · 2 days ago
I feel like prompt Nr. 13 is perfect for Barbatos 🥺💙
thank you! I feel so bad for these taking so long but i am kinda sick rn and wrote this to make myself feel better.
barbatos + "if you take care of everyone, who takes care of you?"
Tumblr media
You’ve come to a small realization recently. Humans have this tendency to watch things unfold and realize something about them later. You felt somewhat guilty about it and are right now on your way to Barbatos and the kitchen to make yourself feel better.
Your realization has to do with him after all. All this time, you have seen Barbatos in two very specific ways.
Way one lights and makes you feel warm. It is all the times Barbatos and you have spent together. From the very first meeting, to gradually getting to know each other. Sure, some hesitance remained for a while but the two of you got through it. In this light, Barbatos’ body is always close to yours. Walks together where your shoulders and elbows touch. Holding hands while in the market and looking at vegetables. The eye contact with a silly smile on your face while you decide to playfully argue with him on which stall he should buy oranges and on which stall he should buy apples. Fetching him tools for gardening and for cooking. Holding him close during the party and then helping him clean up afterwards before you get too tired and his gentle hands carry you to the chair where you drift off. And then finally holding him close when that is over.
That first way always seemed to prevail and cause you intense feelings. Maybe because of it you did not notice the second way you usually see him until now?
You walk into his kitchen and he already knows it is you by the sound of your footsteps.
“I am glad you are here. I was just about to ask you if you wanted to taste test this new cake I made? It is on the table right there. ’
You pick up a fork and walk towards it. The cake looks as good as any other his hands make. What about the taste?
“Hmm, I think you could have put more almonds and hazelnuts in it. It tastes good don’t get me wrong but not amazing.’
“I see. I did not try it yet but I purposefully kept it to a minimum so that--”
Barbatos puts his apron over the chair and you watch him leave to help. And you hate it. Absolutely hate it. This is the reason you feel so uneasy. This is the second way you see Barbatos in. You see his back as it moves away from you. And that itself is not an issue but the reason he leaves is.
It seems like he is always in between tasks. Rushing from one place to another and always being called to help. Everyone relies on him and he takes care of everyone. When was the last time someone did not call him to help? When was the last time he got some rest?
Barbatos returns with a broom and a small scowl on his face.
“I already told him two times not to do that. Next time I will not help him. Sorry for making you wait and leaving so suddenly.”
He walks to the corner to place the broom and before he can turn around to look at you, your hands are already around his waist and hugging him from behind.
You are squeezing him too tight and he knows you are feeling uneasy about something.
“What is the matter?”, his voice is gentle.
“I just... I just realized something...”
Barbatos moves his hands on yours and turns around to look at you. Now you are face to face and you know that means he expects you to go on.
“Let me ask you this. If you take care of everyone, who takes care of you?”
Barbatos chuckles and relaxed his shoulders. “So that is what this is about. And to think that I was worried.”
You puff your cheeks out at him dodging the question as he leads you to sit at the chair. Then, he sits across from you and rests his elbows on the table.
“You do. Don’t you? You take care of me.”
Your hand finds the disregarded fork and plays with it.
“That is not what I meant and you know it.” “But it is true.”
Maybe that is enough? The way his eyes look at you and the way he smiles let you know it is. Having you take care of him is enough.
Barbatos holds your wrist gently and takes some cake in the fork before bringing it to his mouth to have a taste.
“You were right. I could have added more almonds.”
He doesn’t say anything about hazelnuts but you laugh regardless.
It definitely is enough.
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insomniachox · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐄! 𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐬
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Next part of Mom Mc plss❤
Lucifer: Satan.
Satan: *is beating MC's husband into a pulp* What?
Lucifer: He's still breathing.
Satan: ...
Satan: *steps on his head*
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: Well, I guess our job is done here.
Mammon and the others: ...
Mammon: Excuse me? But—
Mammon: Why did you kill him? Didn't we go here just to "talk"?
Beel: I guess you didn't know because you were late.
Mammon: Huh? Why? What happened?
Beel: *points at the husband* He said that if he sees MC and her baby, he's going to kill them mercilessly.
Mammon: ...
Mammon: Oi, Lucifer!
Lucifer: What?
Mammon: We better blender his body until he becomes a blood juice!
Asmo: Eww... Human smoothie?
Levi: More like bastard smoothie. But anyways, who wants to take a picture?
Belphie: Make sure that woman doesn't see that picture if ever.
Asmo: Aww~ Is Belphie worried about the mama?
Belphie: Shut up. Even I myself doesn't want to see that gross thing.
Diavolo: *was told to feed the baby* A-Am I doing this right?
MC: *nods*
Barbatos: MC, you need to eat your lunch. The young master can handle it on his own.
MC's baby: *burps*
Diavolo and MC: !!!
Diavolo: *fascinated* The young guy burped!
Barbatos: That just means he's growing up.
MC: Can I carry him?
Diavolo: Of course, love.
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: *smiles*
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firecatvariant · a day ago
OM HC - Cuddle Time w. The Boys
Tumblr media
Just a headcannon on cuddling with the boys! SFW and full of love and fluff!
Lucifer (sitting on his lap) - You really wanted some attention, but Lucifer was busy working, like always. - So you sat down in his lap facing him, with your chin resting on his shoulder, and played with your D.D.D. behind his back while he worked on some paperwork. He couldn't help but chuckle. - "Are you almost finished?" you asked. "Nearly." "Ok," you say as you give him a quick peck on the lips and went back to your D.D.D. You smiled as you could feel him work a little faster, eager for some more intimacy with you without distractions.
Mammon (laying down on him) - It's become a thing that while the two of you watch a movie together on the couch, you always somehow end up practically on top of him, your head resting on his chest as you watch the movie together. His arm is draped across your back. - "This movie isn't very good," you whispered. "S'ok. If ya end up fallin' asleep, I'll wake you when its over," he replied gently. - With that, you gently drifted off into slumber, your first man holding you tight against him.
Levi (laying your head on his shoulder and holding his hand) - It was anime night, and Levi suggested a brand new title that you could only vaguely remember the name of, but it was actually pretty good. - You tucked your legs underneath you and laid your head on his shoulder and held his hand while you both watched. - You could feel Levi tighten up a little, but when you squeezed his hand he relaxed, but still had a hint of blush to his face "This next episode should be where it all comes together," he says, and you say nothing as he rambles on and just let his voice relax you.
Satan (resting your head in his lap) - You and Satan were both in the library, on the couch together. He was sitting up, and you were resting your head in his lap, both of you reading your respective tomes. - "Satan, listen to this," you say, as you read him aloud an interesting tidbit from your book. - He chuckled lightly and one hand let go of his book while he reached down to smooth your hair, and gently caress your cheek.
Asmo (laying down together) - Laying together with Asmo in his bed with his arm wrapped around your middle, and your on your side with your head on his shoulder, you scroll through Devilgram. - Suddenly, Asmo's D.D.D is up in the air in portrait mode. - "MC darling, look up and say cheese!" he said. You look up and give a smile, as he takes a perfect "cuddling selfie" together with you.
Beel (sitting sideways in his lap, arms around his shoulders) - One of your favorite things to do is sit in Beel's lap, with your legs hanging off to the side and your arms snug around his shoulders, and his own engulfed around your waist. - You feel so in love and safe when you're with him, you want to give him something in return for the way he makes you feel. So you decide to say the magic words that you know will make him happy. - "Hey Beel, why don't we go grab a bite to eat?"
Belphie (spooning in bed - you're the big spoon) - A lot of the time you end up cuddling with Belphie, it's with your arms around his middle and your cheek pressed against his back, caressing his arms gently. Belphie loves being held. - There's something about the youngest that makes you feel protective and filled with love. You pondered on how far your relationship has come, and in doing so, had stopped caressing his arm. - "Hey, quit daydreaming and focus on me," Belphie complains. You shake your head. He's so spoiled.
Diavolo (sitting on his lap) - It's not easy getting cuddle time with the Prince of the Devildom. He's usually super busy, but you both seem to manage to find ways to spend time together. - Today, he's working on signing a ton of paperwork, and you're sitting in his lap, helping him by handing him the papers and taking them away as he finishes and sorting them in a neat pile. - "I think I'm finished for the day," he announces suddenly. "I want to spend some time with you," he says, picking you up in his arms. "Dia!" you exclaim, as he laughs and carries you away to your next destination.
Barbatos (laying your head on his shoulder and holding him) - Barbatos doesn't have a lot of free time, so the times you do get to cuddle with him are usually spent when he finally sits down and you're able to sit next to him for a little bit. - Since he might be called upon at any moment, you rest your head on his shoulder and wrap your arms around him, enjoying the moment that you have with him. - "My dear, I feel you are going to be terribly disappointed when I have to go back to work," Barbatos says gently. You just smile and stubbornly shake your head, and hold him a little tighter.
Simeon (spooning - you're the little spoon) - Simeon loves to just hold you gently from behind, planting kisses on your ears and neck while you rest your head against his arm. - The two of you love to just chat about this and that while cuddling with each other. - "How was your day, my love?" he asks, nuzzling you as you both talk about the events that happened that day together.
Solomon (holding each other) - Holding you was Solomon's absolute favorite thing to do. As you both lay in bed together, you would bury your face in his chest with your arms wrapped around his middle, and he would kiss you on the top of your head and hold you tight. - Sometimes you would tease and tickle each other, but a lot of the time it was serious. It was almost as if he was afraid this moment would end up being nothing but a dream if he didn't hold you close. - "MC, I love you so much," he said softly. "I love you too," you whisper back, and snuggle in tighter.
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Songs that Represent the Dateables (in my opinion)
This is just my opinion all the songs are linked if you click the song names :)
👑 Diavolo: Rasputin by Boney M.
He most definitely has all the demonesses in devildom after him. Golden eyes. Strong man. It fits too well.
🛎 Barbatos: Strawberry Blond by Mitski
I can never not think of pining Barbatos, so here is more songs for that. Him pining after MC and they choose the Brothers.
😇 Simeon: On Melencholy Hill by Gorillaz
Chill song, chill man. Also I feel like he is a little insecure about being with MC. So I feel like this shows it.
🐕 Luke: It's Bugsnax by Kero Kero Bonito
It is an adorable song and I could see him playing this game and singing the song with MC.
🔮 Solomon: You're Nobody Till Somebody Wants You Dead by Saint Motel
He has a bunch of pact and is a wizard. I am sure there are enough people that want him dead. Also he is kind of famous...
Honorable Mentions:
Sunflower by Rex Orange County - for Simeon or Barb. Just think it is a sweet song that represents either of them.
Saint Bernard by Lincoln - Simeon because it mentions saints and Luke is called a type of dog... so it kind of works.
Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos - Diavolo is literally a prince so I think it fits!
Cooking by the Book by Lazytown - I wanted a song with no adult themes and he likes baking cake so that is great (Imagine how angry he would get if Solomon did the Lil Jon adlibs while he is singing).
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tsunotaro-san · 17 hours ago
Obey me spoilers
Idk if people just lack comprehension and reading skills but do people genuinely think the brothers view the mc as a replacement for their dead sibling?💀
I never completely understood why people thought that. Like when they said their siblings name when they found out mc was their descendant?? It’s not like they spent thousands of years thinking that their sibling met a tragic demise when they rlly got to live again surrounded by the kind that they admired sm and mc was perfect proof that Lilith got a happy ending??
Or like when lucifer held mc’s hand and said it reminded him of when he held lilith’s hand?? It’s not like he had amnesia at the time and he didn’t trade everything for his sister to live again?? They all care so much about their siblings and that won’t go away just cos one is dead.
It genuinely pisses me off sm when I see stuff about how they only care about the mc cos of Lilith. My favourite thing about the game is how the characters actually get to know each other and slowly start to grow fond of each other rather than immediately being close.
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anemoneforever · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
also so Raphael is just the heaven version of Barb, taking care of heaven version of Dia aka Michael?
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fujotato · 2 days ago
Simeon is 😤
And the way Simeon talked to Barb 🤧🤧🤧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pt. 2
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noctepythonissam · a day ago
The Pokeadventures in Devildom!
Your life was normal like many people in this fantastical universe filled with the amazing creatures known as Pokémon and you can remember the day you started your journey.
His parents were renowned Pokémon researchers and unlike all trainers, when they started their journeys, they received different Pokémon as starter Pokémon.
Your faithful friends since you were born were a young Meowth and Houndour who chose you as their trainer, the three of you lived many adventures and challenges making your way as you grew strong. Their partners in the middle of the journey evolved respectively into Persian and Houndoom and as they went on new adventures they made new friendships, whether people or pokémons while exploring the fantastic and vast world.
You were having fun with some friends when something strange happened, a never-before-seen phenomenon created some kind of portal that dragged you and your Pokemon into the unknown.
Now you are here...
Tumblr media
You didn't know how long it had been since you were dragged into the portal and your body felt so heavy it barely moved, amid the darkness around you you felt something wet on your face.
Gradually your consciousness returned and the first thing you saw was the face your dear two pokémons, Persian and Houndoom were by your side licking your face to wake you up and with a start you quickly sat up. Concerned, you took a quick look at your faithful companions and when you see no injuries you hug your pokémons.
MC: OH! I'm so glad they're okay! – he muttered, relieved for the well-being of his pokemons and then soon got rid of the two – I wonder what that was...
So you took some time to analyze your surroundings and it definitely wasn't that meadow where you were having lunch with your friends and Pokemon. The strange building had a style of architecture you've never seen and neither was it reassuring because of the weather and gloomy decorations, you would definitely feel more comfortable in a house or other kind of abandoned building with lots of ghost pokemons playing tricks on you than he would. where he was now.
MC: Where are we?
- Welcome MC. – A strong voice said gently.
Hearing the voice, the three were surprised, but soon persian and houndoom placed themselves in front of their beloved trainer as they recognized where the presence that owned the voice came from, both pokémon putting themselves on guard to protect MC from any threat.
When looking for the origin of the voice, the human comes across several men of imposing aura sitting on thrones in what appeared to be a court of judgment with several people next to the one who spoke. The person who owned the voice was a red-haired, golden-eyed, brown-skinned man with a well-built physique that contrasted with his gentle expression.
- I am Diavolo, prince and future ruler of Devildom. I want to welcome you to Devildom and as an exchange student at the RAD.
MC: Wait, Devildom? I've never heard of this region! – Frankly, you were too confused to understand what was going on.
Diavolo: Uh... – the man then called Diavolo as well as the others with him felt a different aura in this human.
Only then did the men realize that you weren't just any human, whatever was different in the summoning spell had brought a human from another dimension into theirs.
Okay, they would have a lot to talk about...
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obeythedemons · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Skfka Barbatos, dear, why do you think you have to apologize? The demon was just afraid of hurting everyone. Ahh.
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