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All of the (formerly) undateables NEED their own opening screen, change my mind, you can’t.

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Side characters

So, the side characters are not in the kindergarten but they are still acquainted to Lucifer as he is in high school (also that’s my mc)

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Tbh I didn’t think I was gonna stay playing the game till my birthday bc I quit things so much but 7 months later, it’s Jan 21 and I’m 18 lol,, the birthday video and calls were so cute

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My lord? It's 3 AM, why are you baking a cake without asking me for any assistance? And what's with the party decorations and sweets?
Diavolo, clearly sleep-deprived
I'm celebrating the death of my sleep schedule and sanity, want a cookie?
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Heck, I meant to CLEAR a later hard stage but accidentally battled. Barbatos’ lose-sprite is… poor baby. It’s faded blue-grey and cracked like glass.


… oops

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Aww, that’s such a blessed idea! I love the idea of Simeon and Barbatos just sipping tea together, sounding like tired dads as Barbatos talks about Diavolo’s latest wild ideas and Simeon talks about looking after Luke… but they both sound so fond; they love what they do, there’s no doubt. And they love bonding with each other over it, in the little quiet moments they can steal away together.

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So I saw this on twitter and tumblr and I wanted to hop on to it! It’s a fun little thing!

The Mc here is Valery, she/they. I’m romancing Mammon in my playthrough because he is a sweet baby boi and I do not take any criticism at this time X3

It’s fun to represent the relationships of everyone like this!

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Barbatos: My lord did you remove the pickles again?

Diavolo: no….

Barbatos: Mc’s burger has an additional two pickles


Barbatos: Lord Diavolo?

Diavolo: *cries* I hate pickles!!!!

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on a more wholesome note (as opposed to this post) what if barbatos is in the reality where mc does end up with him. imagine how overjoyed he’d feel when he realizes it. diavolo would randomly catch him smiling and ask him why he’s in such a good mood and barbatos would smile bigger and say “they like me, they really like me! :D” !! he’s in such a happy mood and whenever he’d bake something or serve someone tea, they’ll literally taste the love he made it with :’)

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(New Game+ loaded successfully.)

(Previous save slot loaded successfully.) 

(???’s Protection activated.)

(You are now immune to the effects of the poison.)

[ Squeeze his hand. ] 

(Barbatos’ affection +50)

(You have entered Barbatos’ Route. You can now gain or lose affection points from your chosen capture target. The ending you will obtain will depend on how many points you have at the end of the route.)

> approved
> displaying capture targets

Mammon : 85♡/100♡
Satan : 85♡/100♡
Barbatos: 50♡/100♡
Lucifer : 5♡/100♡
@#&)(@)€RR0Я : ∞??!@????♡/10000000000♡

>approved  }

What…did he just say to you? 

What in the flying duck was going on?! 

You squeezed his hand unknowingly in panic and tried to remember his words. 

Love. Lover. He said those forbidden three words too, kissed your hand and oh my god he wrote the letter! 

At least you think so! 

“Are you all right, love?" 

His worried question snapped you back to reality and you finally retracted your hand from his…sinful lips. God, you really felt like a princess. This man singlehandedly made your seven-year old self’s dreams come true—

No! Now’s not the time for that! 

Where on earth did that confession come from?! 

Contradiction my ass. He’s not in love with you my butt. He has no time for you? THE LIES–! 

He called you ‘love’! 

”…you’re not joking?“ you wanted to confirm. It felt like it was true, but you just wanted to be sure. 

"It wasn’t a joke,” you must have imagined it but you saw an almost wistful smile on his face. “I suppose I have been quite hasty, bringing this up to you when we aren’t very close." 

And that was the thing that bothered you: you had very minimal interactions. If you would even interact at all, it had all been formalities, never seeking each other out exclusively. Coincidence upon coincidence. You’d even laugh for his sake if this was his attempt of a joke, but according to him, he meant his every word. You…didn’t like how he looked at you. Was it ever this intense? Or had it always been like that but you never bothered to notice? He looked sad and almost longing. He must have noticed he was making such a complicated face because he immediately straightened himself out, gently pulled his hand away from yours before reverting back to a dignified posture. 

"If my words caused you any discomfort,” he looked at you with an assuring smile. “Then please forget I had said anything. It’s too late to take it back now, but I can still apologise.” he bowed his head in contrition. “I’m sorry. I sincerely regret ever causing you this confusion.”

Uuu…why did you feel like you have done something wrong? Sad looking handsome men are a sin upon this…this hell. Was he aware he was poking at your conscience? Why did he love you? Aaah! You don’t understand a thing! 

“Barbatos!” your voice cracked in panic. Now that he is standing in front of you, you can see the forced smile he was giving you. “I am grateful for your affections! Really!” Not really knowing where to put your hands, you instead searched for his and wrapped it around yours. Holding it close to his chest, you said your next words in stutters. “I don’t really know why you like me, but I want to know more about you! I want to like you too!" 

Gah! Why did you say that? Are you an idiot? Look at how taken aback he was! 

In true butler-like fashion, his shocked expression only registered for a fraction of a second before his facial muscles relaxed and he returned to his usual graceful deportment. There was a hint of a smile there, kind and weirdly…warm. A faint blush dyed his cheek, bathed in the artifical sunset’s sepia tones. It reminded you of CGs in your otome games. Barbatos would surely fit in a cast of handsome and charming love interests—and as you grew more and more conscious of him and his feelings for you, you couldn’t help but wonder if you were his capture target instead. 

"You…want to get to know me?” He repeated your words, suspended as if in disbelief. 

“Of course!" 

”…you are not troubled with my confession?“ 

"Rather than troubled…I feel more confused…i-it’s a good kind of confusion though don’t get me wrong! I mean…well…” you felt your face heat up as you said your next words. “I feel happy…uhm, what I’m saying is…it feels nice to be loved by you..


His movements stilled as his eyes looked at you in shock. By the time you waved a hand at him to snap him back to reality, the blush dusting his cheeks deepened and coloured his ears as well. 

Who is this cute creature? 

You heard him clear his throat, covering half of his face and looking away from you, seemingly gathering his thoughts. "You never change, do you? You’ve always been like this even before.”


His usual smiles were back, friendly yet distant. His passionate gaze however betrayed his composure. You pretended not to notice, but it was hard. You have known him for months but this was the first time he acted this way in front of you. He put distance between you, perhaps being considerate of your feelings, but his confession that made you super aware of how he’s acting made you overanalyse his every movement. This…wasn’t good for your heart. Now that he confessed to you, it all seemed clear and it was difficult to ignore his feelings that were displayed to you so obviously and so… heavily. 

It was he who drew the line. 

“Please pay it no mind. I am just…happy, I suppose that you are willing to consider me.”

“And why wouldn’t I? You’re such a catch!" 

He laughed for a bit but there was no mirth in his tone. Rather, he seemed rueful. "Perhaps I don’t deserve you.”

You thought about what he said for the rest of your tea time–the meaning behind his passionate gestures countering the distance he seemed to draw between the two of you. 

Your interactions with him were like that in the following days. It was obvious that he loved you, and even confessed he had given you the cookies but he always seemed like he was holding back. 

“I don’t want to rush you.” he would often say, but you had a feeling that there was a deeper meaning behind his actions. 

He rarely showed that bashfulness you witnessed in his office firsthand after his confession, save for the reddened ears on occasion. Jealousy didn’t seem to be an emotion he was capable of either, looking unperturbed as the brothers openly showed their affections for you. You were hopeful that it was him who sent you the letter, but he only shook his head when you asked him the question(of course you already had an idea who sent both). 

“I can’t say that I haven’t considered doing both, I did several times, but I never acted upon it.”

“I see…”

“Are you disappointed?" 

He’s getting better at taking you by surprise lately! Even if he asked you with genuine concern. 

"A little…”

The way his gloved hand touched your cheek so feather light made it seem like he was touching something fragile. He never seemed to go further, and as his pattern of behaviour persisted, you realised that you were actually disappointed. “I’m afraid I’m only good at honeyed words. Drawing out sincerity needed for heartfelt letters is beyond me. Flowers are beautiful, yet so ethereal. A slight mishandling and it will crumble in my hands; I know for one that I do not wish to give you that impression when I gift it to you." 

His scrupulous way of showing how much he cared for you felt clumsy yet endearing. You still don’t understand why he’s treating you like you’re this delicate creature you surely aren’t and you’re too afraid to ask him. It was an undeniable fact however that you grew closer to each other. 

Saying that, it was still difficult to reject someone that liked you. Levi had been supportive of your decision, knowing giving Mammon false hope is misleading and unfair especially if you were interested in Barbatos. Mammon didn’t make it easy for you to do so though; knowing perhaps of your intentions with him, he kept stalling you, making excuses that he couldn’t see you until you finally cornered him and confronted him about your feelings for him. He played it off lightheartedly and took your rejection more easygoing than you expected, of course until you noticed how his lips trembled, his eyes shielded by his sunglasses looking up as if to hold back tears—you didn’t pursue him and instead gave him some space. Levi said it was for the best and you agree. 

Satan took the rejection more casually–Barbatos mentioned flowers being sent to your locker when you asked him about the letter and he was right. It came in a big bouquet so large that you thought yourself an idiot for missing it the first time. Satan seem troubled when you returned it to him. 

"I gave you a bouquet?” it wasn’t easy to tell that he was joking for he looked genuinely confused when you returned your gift to him. 

“I appreciate the gesture, but I can’t accept this. I’m interested in someone else.”

Satan accepted the bouquet and held it in his arms. “Barbatos, right?" 


"Don’t look too surprised. You make a fine pair. And…” a small smile curved up his handsome features. “It looks like I don’t have to remind you of how unforgettable you are anymore with these. You have him to cherish you now.”

“I’m sorry but…what do you mean?" 

Satan patiently explained, "Remember what we talked about the other day? You were saying some worrying things–about how you felt insignificant and easily forgotten. It bothered me a lot so I wanted to cheer you up.”

You were reminded of that night. A pleasant conversation over bitter coffee and schoolwork. Satan had always been a joy to talk to, thoughtful and sweet. You didn’t know that your self-deprecating words caused him worry. Going back to that night and what actions it caused made you feel bashful. 

“I’m happy you’re worried about me, but aren’t the flowers expensive?" 

Satan shook his head. He was hesitant to say something as his eyes seemed to wander but he finally spoke. "A small amount to pay if it brings back smiles to a priceless friend.”

Your heart warmed at his words, his smile gentle and affectionate. “I’m so glad I met you, Satan. It’s such a shame that your brothers seem to overlook how much you care about them.”

He laughed defeatedly in response. “Do I really care about them? Or do I show that I do because I want them to care for me the same way?” You contemplated on his words, thoughts cutting short as he said, “I’m way more selfish than you think I am, but I’m flattered that you think so highly of me.”

It would be cruel to tell him that his caring and sensitive side reminded you of Lucifer’s sacrifice so you kept your mouth shut.

Festival preparations were more hectic than you anticipated. Classes were fighting over concepts and attractions, budget allocations were a nightmare and it also didn’t help that you had exams to prepare for on top of that. Everything was spiraling down with no indication of it ever improving. 

Thankfully amidst the chaos, you had tea and Barbatos’ gentle company. Lord Diavolo seemed happy with your constant visits, remarking that your presence made Barbatos more cheerful. You…didn’t really notice a change in the Demon butler’s expression however. He was always on guard, almost afraid of showing even an inkling of emotion to you while on the job. You were only treated to moments of his bashfulness in his few hours of break and occasional day offs. A serious and earnest man, he was always focused on work and carrying out his duties as a butler and a high ranking noble. That was why you were relieved to see him relax and enjoy himself on his own time–his head on your lap (after an INTENSE barrage of insistence and reassurance), his eyes closed and relishing the sounds of nature; you encouraged him to speak his heart out to you, promising you wouldn’t judge him. 

His retort came quickly; self-deprecating even. “A difficult feat. I loathe to think what you’d think of me after you get to know me better.”

“What if I tell you I don’t dislike knowing about you at all?" 

He smiled bitterly then laughed a little. "I wouldn’t be surprised. I didn’t know what came over me when I suddenly confessed to you.”

“Do you regret it?" 

He didn’t answer immediately. His closed eyes and the shallow breaths he took as he continued resting on your lap was far from peaceful. He seemed nervous, but you didn’t know why. 

"I have many regrets, but meeting you and falling in love with you is no mistake.”

How will you reply? 

💌[ “I feel the same way. Meeting you almost feels like fate, Barbatos.” ] (WIP) 

💌[ “Then why won’t you meet my eyes and say it? Why do you keep holding back?” ] (Coming soon) 

💌[ Kiss him. ] (WIP)


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Original                                              Flower Unlocked


Original                                               Flower Unlocked


Original                                               Flower Unlocked

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Being forgotten…especially by the people who you cared so much about—thoughts like that of course, weren’t a first for you, but to hear it actually happening suspended you from reality. Lucifer’s words were failing to reach you, as if you have made a protective bubble to shield yourself from the truth. You laughed at him in an attempt to cope.

“That’s not true…right?”

Lucifer shook his head. He showed you some photographs attached in the report. “If you would look at the family portraits and official documents your former residence had, you’d see that all of your personal information had been erased. When Barbatos inquired about you to your immediate family, they drew a blank. It is also worth noting that they suffered from severe migraines as you did upon hearing your name: a side effect of that herb I’m afraid.”

So your name was a trigger?

Why you of all people though?

Are you an easy target? Or are you just a poor victim that got caught in the crossfire?

Of course you are aware that the exchange program isn’t necessarily approved by all demons, nevermind high-ranking ones. Lord Diavolo is still an heir to the throne, a proxy for the Demon King in his current somnolent state. Was it for politics then? You aren’t sure. Perhaps you are just denying the more likely possibility that the instigator is someone close to you–being killed by Diavolo’s enemies seemed an easier truth to swallow.

“Is the Demon Prince aware of this?”

Lucifer seemed to catch on to your implications immediately. “No, I wanted to tell you first. Perhaps Barbatos had already informed him though.”

“I see…”

“Human.” He quickly corrected himself, calling you by your name instead. “We are already working on an antidote for your family. It would take a bit more time though. The spell is too potent.”

Wait. You recalled Solomon’s tired smile in the gardens earlier.

“It makes sense now…” you couldn’t help but speak out loud.

“What makes sense?”

You hesitated for a bit, but eventually decided that it didn’t hurt to ask.

“Does anyone else know about this?”

Lucifer raised an eyebrow. “Should anyone else know?”

“I met Solomon in the gardens earlier.”

You saw a fraction of a surprised look on Lucifer’s features. “Did he tell you?”

You shook your head. “He just teased me about the love letter and the flowers.”

“As flippant as ever, I see.” he said as if already used to the sorcerer’s antics. “I was against it, you know. His intentions are always unclear, but Barbatos insisted. If we keep stalling and ignoring other possible solutions, he said it might be too late to save them.”

“Thank you for listening to him.”

“He has a point anyway. If the same thing happened to my own family…I’d even make a deal with the devil.”

“But you are the devil.”

“How convenient.” he said drily.

“I didn’t know you could joke.”

Lucifer made a complicated face. You felt the warmth of his hand stroking your head. He seemed to hesitate at first, but the contact made his expressions finally relax. Did he want to comfort you?

“I usually don’t. Not in this situation, especially.”

You supposed he did.


“It relieves me to see you smile.”


“I apologise for my lack of delicacy. Also, for not informing you any sooner. I wanted to take control of the situation immediately to at least minimise the damage.”

“And you did. For that, I’m thankful.”

“It has been a failure on my part. Harm should have never come to your family.”

“You did all you could.” you assured him. However, he looked all the more troubled.

“Did I? Did I do enough? Especially now that we’re asking for the aid of someone so…free-spirited?”

You can understand Lucifer’s worry, but from your previous interaction with Solomon, he seemed to be taking the request quite seriously.

“Solomon is working hard from what I could tell. He looked really tired when I last saw him.”

Lucifer raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Is he? He spammed me with 69 variations of cat emojis and stickers for the past hour.”

“Flirting on the job? That number’s pretty…exact.”


You pretended not to hear. “That’s something Simeon would do. Minus the 69 of course–” shame it was the best part though.

“Something a grown man would do as well,” he added, “…if you ask him about the progress of his research more than once, as I was ignored and was sent a video of a man in a body suit playing a recorder with his nostril, twice and he spammed me with chain messages from the late 2000’s. Thrice and he finally brought upon me his feline-addled vengeance.”

Pfft! Was Lucifer even aware that he’s complaining right now? He looked to be sulking too, or was he genuinely troubled by a few cat emojis and memes?

“Would you feel better if I pretend I didn’t hear about your sexting?”

Lucifer frowned, his tone sarcastic. “I would appreciate that.”

Keep reading

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PSISLY: An Obey Me!CYOA – thirty-seven🔖

[ Whisper on his ear ]

(Mammon’s affection +5) 

With your feet on tiptoes and your head leaning dangerously close to his ear, you said

“What if I want to show you off, Mr. Not-Secret Admirer?”

You haven’t heard a grown man/demon scream in such a high pitched voice before and you had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last. 

“I’m sorry, Mammon. You’re just so cu– pfft.” the way he’s sitting like a Weeping Buddha statue made you smile from ear to ear. “Permission for cuddles, Great Mammon?”

He shook his head.



Screw it. You’ll hug him anyway!

Your arms wrapped around the crouching demon, your hand stroking his white locks soothingly. “I feel like I don’t know you at all…and I want to learn more about you. All of you. Can you let me do that?”

Silence. You continued speaking.

“We had a rough start: I was stupid and didn’t put any deep thought on the meaning behind your actions. I want that to end. Please don’t push me away…”

What more of himself could he be hiding beneath his facade? And why is he content with being the way he is? You didn’t want to push change into him. That would be ridiculous. Mammon liked you the way you are, and while you had a late start, you wanted to do the same for him. 

“What did you like about me?" 

"When did you start liking me?" 

"Can you tell me about yourself?" 

You wanted to have those kinds of conversations with him–you didn’t really care how long it would take. You’re sure that if you two are determined enough, you could keep in touch even when the exchange program was over. It didn’t have to be a romantic connection either. You just wanted to be with him–spend time with him, get to know him and make him a constant in your life, no matter how silly it was. You were only human after all. But then again, didn’t he make it clear in his letter that that didn’t really matter to him? 

His letter was clarity–calling out your name in a dark, soundless room. Its delicate words like a comforting hug in hard times, telling you what you needed to hear. What frustrates you is the fact that even if Mammon seemed to know you so much to the point that it scares you, you haven’t actually gotten to know him at all. There was hopefulness for a deeper connection realised in your budding feelings, as well as dread at the thought of him pushing you away like he usually did when you were still blissfully unaware. 

Was that how he felt all this time? Was that the reason why it seemed easier for him to be in denial? 

He finally looked up at you, still with an adorably red face. "Did ya really like it that much?" 

You smiled. "I love it!" 

He laughed, quiet and almost dismissive. "You’re weird.”


Did anything change between the two of you after that? You couldn’t tell; not in first glance at least. He would still call you his human, and he your first. Perhaps the bursts of jealousy became more frequent, lasting longer—its meaning, as well as the venom in his words reserved for those who didn’t know their boundaries more meant. Perhaps his touch lingered as well, a feeling of consciousness was now there, that if you squinted your eyes enough looked like shyness on his part. Perhaps you looked at him with kinder eyes, defending him from his brothers when their jokes and remarks hit below the belt. He would laugh at you, tell you he didn’t really care, but would ultimately give himself away with the way his lips trembled slightly when he thought no one was looking. You became bolder once you reached a mutual understanding, often finding yourself pressing those trembling lips with your own (much to the other brothers’ spite). You didn’t care and would hold his hand and smile; he would smile back albeit small, like he was restraining it—the obvious joy in his eyes looked almost childlike that you wanted to protect it. Protect him. Maybe you can do that in your own way now that you affirmed that you finally have each other. 

“You’re weird” is his way of telling you “I love you.”

His presence became a frequent comfort in your room, so familiar and expected that he often forgets to make up flimsy excuses like he did so when he previously stopped by. Maybe he was starting to be more honest with himself–maybe he was trying; at least that’s what you’d like to think with how he clung to you, demanding for your attention while you stick your nose into the council reports. 

“Forget about that stupid festival and hang out with me! It’s so borin’; nothin’ to do here!” he would angrily interject, kicking the stack of your seemingly endless paperwork, only to look at the mess he made in horror–he would apologise and clumsily try to reorganise them again and you would hold back a laugh. It had been the eighth time it happened ever since so you were already used to his antics. He was usually placated with a chaste kiss to his cheek, demanding another one once your menial task for the day was finished. 

The fact that he was the favoured one was something he took pride of, bragging about it to his brothers often as a way to win arguments. The fact that it seemed to be actually working was a surprise to you. One time, after a heated argument with Mammon, Satan even requested to speak with you alone to ask if the letter and cookies were the only gifts you have received in your locker. And when you said yes, he forced a smile and said "I see. Then forget I said anything". He looked genuinely troubled, but you had a feeling that you shouldn’t ask any further. It didn’t stop you from worrying about him though so you reprimanded Mammon when you two were alone. This ensued hours worth of cuddling sessions until he was satisfied (he never was, and you actually had to pry him out of you, much to his dismay). 

 "You know you’re special to me, right Mammon?“ 

He became quieter after the letter incident, perhaps subdued was a better term. You could see his taut expression and how he was trying his best to hold himself back from denying his true feelings. It was relatively easy with how you didn’t judge him for it anyway, at least that’s what he says in his calmer nights. He didn’t quite know how to process your weird…almost doting kindness. Lucifer had always been strict with him (despite knowing deep down that he cares. But don’t let him know that, he tells you), and while everyone else cared for him in their own twisted ways, kindness especially in his now fallen form was scarce. He would eat up any morsel of it that you would offer at the palm of your hand. Heck, that’s probably why he started….you didn’t actually get to know what started because your moody boyfriend stopped himself midway. 

"J-just shut the hell up and let’s sleep!”

“But I didn’t say anythi–" 

"I’ll kiss you if you won’t stop talking.”

“Then I won’t.”


“So, where’s my kis–" 


It took all of your being to not laugh at how adorable he was. He might be trying to be more honest for your sake but it’s still a long way to go. 

[ Kiss him ] 

You held both sides of his cheek with your hands and made him turn towards you. The chaste gesture repeated after you have relished his adorably shocked expression and burned the image in the archive of memories you had of him: probably stored there forever, or whatever its equivalent was in your fleeting, human life. 

"I love you, Mammon.”


And you closed your eyes again. 

In midst of the heated moment, you heard his quiet voice gasping softly and calling your name. You swore you heard him stutter “Love you too.”

💌continue to next scenario (soon)


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