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#obey me barbatos
absolutepokemontrash · 2 days ago
I saw you did a 5foot mc for the obey me brothers can you plz do one for the undateabuls if you dont mind
🌸- anon
Yeeees, yes I can!
Hhhhhhh- Small MC-
(Side Characters)
Monsterfuckers and people with size kinks come get y’all juice
Wait- where’s the human- oh they’re down there, hello human! Welcome to the Devildom!
I headcanon that Diavolo’s at least 6’6-6’7 so… he may have to crouch a little, or get MC a stool.
But boy howdy- why are humans so small???? So cute???? So easy to hold??????
In the event that MC gives this touch-starved giant demon a hug, he’s picking them up and squeezing them like they’re a stuffed animal.
If MC needs to get things off of shelves? Don’t worry, he’s got this!
Also hand size comparisons are a must, MC has baby hands that are just perfect for holding, we ask that MC give Dia the honour.
Separate height headcanon. Diavolo’s demon form is bordering eight feet tall. So if MC ever would like to wreak vengeance on all who have used them as an arm wrest, they should call Diavolo and ask to sit on his shoulders.
MC’s below a average height didn’t really phase the butler at first, he’d been alive far too long to not have met short humans.
When he truly took notice to how short MC really was, was when the two were cooking together.
MC was really straining to reach up to grab a mixing bowl from one of the cabinets. At first Barb just chuckled and went over to help… until MC accidentally tipped the entire stack of bowls over and it was going to fall on top of them.
Super-Barbatos to the rescue! With one hand he picks up MC and moves them out of the way, and with the other hand, he catches the falling bowls.
Yay! Crisis averted! Back to cooking!
All in all, Barbatos doesn’t mind MC’s height to much, he’s used to short people, look at his Angel-son.
Though, he does like to hug MC from behind and rest his head on top of their’s. It just makes him happy ^.^
First thought? Wow, humans are smaller than I remember. Second thought? Ah. Time to tease.
You may be thinking, “APT! Our good Christian Angel with amazing shoulders would never!” And I’m here to tell you that you are dead wrong.
He teases so lightly that 40% of the time, MC can’t even tell that they’re being made fun of until hours after the interaction.
It’s all out of love though. Simeon adores every inch of MC. How few inches there are though-
Simeon is also loves it when MC sits on his lap. He just needs his cuddle quota met!
Since all his friends are tall, if Simeon wants to write a short character that isn’t a child, he goes to MC for help.
“So what’s it like down there? Describe it to me.” “Well I really want to kick you in the shins and I am the perfect height for that.”
Oh this fucking guy-
Solomon’s tall by human standards and he’s not going to miss out on teasing MC.
If MC needs something that Solomon has, he’ll stretch out his arms and hold it out of reach. This is MC’s cue to climb him like a tree and claw the item out of his grasp.
I guarantee that Solomon has offered to cast a spell on MC to temporarily enhance their height. And yes, it did give everyone heart attacks when MC was suddenly able to look them in the eye.
Solomon is the type to randomly scoop up MC into a bridal carry, he totally learned it from Asmo.
He has 100% gotten MC and Luke a step stool for their respective birthdays. No, he’s not sorry, and the real presents were much nicer, both MC and Luke liked them ^^.
“Why is the human taller than me 🥺?”
Luke is just a little bit shorter than MC and it’s mildly infuriating to him. But at the same time, short solidarity.
At one point after being used as an armrest, Luke asks MC if he can stand on their shoulders so the two of them can form the ULTIMATE TALL PERSON.
It doesn’t work out 90% of the time and Luke falls over. He’s okay tho. (Usually)
Still, it’s nice to have someone else who understands the struggle, but I don’t think that means Luke wouldn’t *try* to tease MC. Like if he sees Solomon hold something out of reach, he might try to do it too. Since MC’s taller, they can just pluck whatever Luke’s holding right out of his widdle baby hands.
Luke promises that when he gets big and tall he’s never going to tease MC for their height! He won’t become the villain! He’ll even get things off shelves for them. He’s practicing for that eventuality by carrying around a step stool.
MC should give him head pats while he’s shorter than them! While there’s still time!
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boozye · a day ago
You must be exhausted babysitting your kids, here have a coffee ☕️ , extra cream no sugar, I even poured a nice flower art on top, would you like a sandwich with that? (I’ve been paying attention)
Tumblr media
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Could I request the Obey Me guys as well as the Now Dateables?
Perhaps M/C crawling into bed with them wanting to be held and to be touched.
Perhaps a little nsfw added in 🤤😉
note: this is the only imagine/scenario I will do for all 11 boys. cuz I’m a thirsty bitch. the rest of the time we will stick to the rules of HCs only.
Additionally, the plot has been changed slightly to ‘coming to their room at night’. Sorry. If you want NSFW stuff for a specific boy, based on the provided content, I’ll do it but 11 boys is too much even for my thirsty trappy ass.
Obey Me Boys + MC Crawling into Bed with Them
Lucifer sighed over his paper work. Would his turmoil never cease? 
Sometimes he felt like he had fallen into a lower level of the Devildom. Like the 13th circle of hell where the preferred torture method for lost souls was endless paperwork. A modern day Sisyphus, only instead of a boulder it was forms.
He heard the door to his room quietly click open & then close. He doesn’t look up from his paper work as he knew who it was. There was only one person, ok maybe two, who would come into his room this late at night without knocking. “What is it [Y/N]?”
“I was um...wait, you wear reading glasses?”
Lucifer frowned and looked up from his paper work now. “Magical reading glasses. For reading magical text.” They were required to read some of the magical scripts he was combing over. “What is it [Y/N]?”
The human squirmed a little when he asked again. Seeming to think over the answer, or more precisely how to explain it. “I couldn’t sleep.” They finally confess. “I was wondering if I could stay in here with you,’re busy.”
Lucifer arched a brow slightly, but then moved some of the papers he had completed to make space for them. “Come on. I won’t be much longer.”
[Y/N] smiled at him and scampered over. Crawling in under the silk sheets, and as close as possible to him with him on top of them as they could. “Thank you Lucifer.”
“Of course, my dearest one.” He replied with a soft smile, leaning down to kiss the top of their head before returning to his work. Renewed in his commitment to get this done so he could spend the night with [Y/N].
It was late. It was almost 3:00 in the morning by the time he got home, and it had been a shitty night.
Mammon had been at the casino. Gambling, drinking, dancing, the usual. His luck turned sour around 11:00 and, stupid Mammon, had spent the remaining four hours trying to turn it around. That of course didn’t work so now he was even more broke, defeated, and feeling like crap for his failure; regretting Lucifer finding out and making him feel worse. Fuck it had been the worst night.
He rounded the corner to his room and looked up in surprise to see [Y/N] at his door. “What are you doing here?” His voice seemed to surprise them too as they jumped a little before turning to him.
“Oh I was…coming to see if you wanted to hang out?”
“Hang out?” Mammon repeated with an arched brow. “Ya know it’s like 3:00 in the morning, right?”
“O-Oh…is it? I guess I miss read the time.” [Y/N] began to fidget, then muttered some apology about going back to their room.
The demon reached out and caught their hand before they could get far. “Hey, what’s wrong? Nobody comes out here in the middle of the night without a reason.” Or they were out super late like him.
[Y/N] looked down, then decided to tell the truth. “I couldn’t sleep. So I wanted to see you.”
Mammon blinked behind his shades. He hadn’t been expecting that. Now it was his turn to fidget as he realized out of all the people in the world, [Y/N] had chosen to come see him.
“Yeah well…of course ya’d come to the Great Mammon for help. I uh…guess you can stay in here with me tonight.”
He showered to get the smoke & stink of shame off before crawling into bed with [Y/N]. His little human already drifting off just being in his covers. Mammon wrapped his arms around them and held them close. Maybe it wasn’t the worst night after all.
Of course he was awake when [Y/N] came to his room. The latest install of Kenji Momotaro: Demon Slayer Warrior Prince had just been released that day, and Levi he been playing it since he had gotten his hands on it. He wouldn’t be sleeping for a while.
When he heard the knock on his door, initially missing it over the sound of his game and tunnel vision, Levi paused for the first time in hours to go see who it was. “[Y/N]-chan?”
“Can…I stay in here with you?” They asked. Catching Levi by surprise. “I can’t sleep in my room.”
The blunette blushed violently, and covered his face. “Y-Y-You….You want to sleep in here with me??”
“Is…that ok?” They asked cautiously. Seeming let down by his reaction.
“No. I mean! Yes! W-What I mean is, I’m not going to bed right now. I’m grinding through my new game so….you might not be happy in here.” Plus, his bed was a bathtub. Which was only comfortable to him.
“Oh. Well…I don’t want to mess up your game. If that’s more important to you.”
“That’s not what I meant!” Levi outburst. Then quickly covered his mouth in embarrassment. “I…I just don’t think you’ll get a lot of sleep in here. I only like my room after all.”
“I like your room.” If Levi turned any redder, he was going to get a nose bleed. “It’s dark, which is nice. Plus the aquariums are really soothing. And…you’re there. I just wanted to be around you since I couldn’t sleep, but I guess that’s silly.”
The demon had to cover his mouth again. This time over threat of nose bleed. He was so red from embarrassment, but also incredibly moved by [Y/N]’s words, that he quickly responded, “you can stay with me.”
He moved aside and let [Y/N] in. Leading them over to his game area where he laid out some plushies as a bed, and pulled out a blanket to cover them. “I-I-I…I’m gonna keep playing since I’m not tired. But I’ll put my headphones on so I don’t disturb you. Y-Y-You can lay down here and i-i-if you fall asleep I won’t mind.”
“Thanks Levi.” He had to gulp at the cute sleepy way they said his name, before they tucked in and he went back to his game.
He couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the game, with [Y/N] so close. Choosing to use his leg as a pillow. Eventually he gave up and leaned back against the edge of his tub, not daring to disturb them and actually getting a good night sleep as well.
There were few things that Asmo considered sacred. Love. Vitality. The Louis Vuitton spring collection.
But the one thing he considered sacred most of all, was his beauty sleep regiment.
The Avatar of Lust had a strict sleep schedule to give his body the best rejuvenation possible, and amplify his beauty. Everyone knew about it, and choose to leave Asmo alone; per his wishes.
Which was why it was so frustrating when his rest was disturbed by a knock at the door.
Asmo grumbled under his sleep mask at the light rapping that wouldn’t go away. Irritated by the noise, and now the worry lines whoever it was was putting into his forehead. He pushed his mask up to his hair line and got up out of bed towards the door. “What?!” He said in a not cute, very moody outburst when he opened it. Seeing [Y/N] standing there, startled by his ugly display. “Oh, [Y/N]-kun. It’s you.”
“Y-Yeah. Yeah it’s me. Sorry to wake you, I’ll just…go.”
“Wait [Y/N]! I’m sorry. If I had known it was you paying me a late night visit, I would have been much nicer and answered the door sooner.”
“Well I….couldn’t sleep so…-“Ahhhh~! You couldn’t sleep so you decided to come to me?? How naughty!”
[Y/N] frowned and turned to leave, but Asmo apologized quickly for being cheeky. “Did you want to stay with me tonight? That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?” He could tell he was right, but the human was second guessing themselves on coming here. “I promise I’ll behave. Really.”
[Y/N] seemed to trust them, and came into the room & into bed with Asmo. He was practically giddy with them being so close, but was true to his word and supplied no funny stuff for the evening. Just rest and cuddles.
In the morning, he couldn’t wait to tell his brothers how he slept with [Y/N] last night. Causing quite the intentional misunderstanding and ruckus over breakfast that day.
Satan was getting ready for bed. Pjs on, teeth brushed, uniform set out for tomorrow, and on his bed reading one last chapter of his latest book, when he heard the knock at the door.
At first he thought it was a branch hitting the glass of his window. But when he heard it again, he knew it was at his door, and had a very The Raven moment before he went to answer it.
“[Y/N]? What are you doing here? It’s so late.”
“I know, I know,” the replied, scratching the back of their head. “I just…I couldn’t sleep. I tried but I just couldn’t get to sleep, and wanted to see you.” They look up at him with big doe eyes and ask, “can I stay with you tonight?”
Of course, he couldn’t say no. Not with a look like that. Or more importantly, he’d never say no to [Y/N]. Satan offered them a soft smile and nodded before letting them in.
“What were you reading?” They asked, as the climbed into bed first. Watching Satan put his book away for them.
“Oh, just a new fiction series I found. Simeon recommended it to me.” He said as he climbed into bed as well.
“What’s it about?”
He told them the premise of the story, and eventually read aloud the first few chapters to them as they curled up beside him. Falling asleep soon after.
Satan smiled again, and put the book back away, before leaning down to kiss their forehead and curl in beside them. Ready for bed now.
It was pretty late when he heard the knock on the door. And a miracle he heard it at all.
Belphie was the sleeper out of the two of them, but Beel wasn’t exactly a light sleeper either. Between his workouts, large meals, and having to get up early for his morning workouts, the red head was usually dead to the world when his head hit the pillow. But, still, when he heard the quite knock on the door he woke up. 
If he were a thinker like Satan or the others, he would have thought that it was maybe their bond that woke him. Instead he just trudged half asleep towards the door to open it. “[Y/N]?”
“S-Sorry....” They apologize and look towards the ground as Beel looked at them curiously. “I knew you were asleep, but I still woke you up. I’m sorry.”
“Is something wrong?” Beel asked. A bit more awake now that he knew it was them and they seemed distressed. [Y/N] shrugged. “Did you have a bad dream?” 
They pause for a while, but then shrug again. He might not be a thinker like the others, but he was smart enough to know what that meant. He reached out to take their hand and pulled them into his room. Leading them over to his bed and pulling them onto it.
“Don’t worry. You can stay here.” Beel said, holding [Y/N] to his chest in a horizonal hug. “I’ll keep you safe. You don’t have to worry while I’m here. Go back to sleep.”
His words seem to do the trick, and [Y/N] feel back asleep. Beel stayed awake a little while longer. Combing his fingers through their hair, before he too fell back asleep.
He heard the conversation from the door, but didn’t bother getting up.
The only thing that could break through when he was asleep was Beel and [Y/N]’s voice. So hearing them both woke him up pretty quickly, although it seemed to be handled. 
He tried to go back to sleep after hearing you settle in, but it didn’t work. The usually lazy demon kept fidgeting in his sleep, trying to get comfortable, and even counting sheep to try and go back to dream land. Nothing worked. And he knew why.
Belphie got up out of bed, hugging his pillow to his chest, and walked over to the over bed across the room and kicked it. When Beel and [Y/N] looked up at him half asleep he demanded, “move over.” He couldn’t sleep know that [Y/N] was cuddling up with someone else and not him. Especially in the same room.
[Y/N] huffed in their sleep and laid back down, scooching closer to Beel to try and make space. Beel, on the other hand, smile sleepily up as his twin and properly moved over; back pressed against the wall with [Y/N] at his chest to give him as much space as possible.
Belphie smiled back at him, then dropped his pillow to climb in. Instantly falling asleep. Holding on to his twin and beloved [Y/N] for the rest of the night.
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Those were the words that Simeon tried to live by
He was just about to slip under the covers happily, when he heard a small knock at the door. It was so faint & small, that he assumed it was Luke needing something. So he quickly went over to answer it without putting his robe on.
“Oh…[Y/N]….” The angel said, feeling his cheeks heat up and clinching for his imaginary robe to cover his pjs, when he realized it was you. “What are you doing here?”
He didn’t mean in the Hall. You were stay in the other dorm for a while as an infestation of some icky, demon creepy crawly, that just loved to nibble on humans was dealt with in the House of Lamentation. Luke of course had been thrilled you were staying with them, insisting that the change be made permanent to keep you away from those rowdy demons. Simeon couldn’t really agree on the demon part, but he wouldn’t be disappointed if you stayed here more.
“I…couldn’t sleep,” you tell him. “New surroundings and all. I was…wondering if I could stay in your room?”
The angel seemed to bristle in surprise at your words. Taken aback, but also in the warm feeling that was spreading through his chest. God have mercy…..
“I don’t know if that would be appropriate.”
“Please?” [Y/N] beckoned. He had to gulp down the lump, and instantaneous urge to say yes, building in his throat. “I just don’t want to sleep alone. I keep thinking about those things in my room back at the dorm. And being around you is so comforting. Just for tonight? I’ll sleep on the couch and everything if that’s a problem.”
“I wouldn’t let you do that.” Simeon insisted. He would never let them sleep on the couch like some vagabond. “Well….alright. But just for tonight. And just because you’re feeling unsettled.” He doesn’t know who he was trying to convince more: them or himself.
He didn’t get much sleep that night. Tense, and trying to remain appropriate even is they slept next to him. But, in a way, it was the best night he had ever had.
He always stayed up late. The late to early morning hours were the best time for magic. The witching hour. He was knee deep into his research & spell casting when he heard the knock at the door.
“I..saw the light on…” [Y/N] said when he opened the door. “Are you…going to bed soon?”
Solomon blinked for a moment, then looked down at his pocket watch. Oh, it was rather late. But….“No. I still have quite a bit of work to do.”
The other human sighed, then turned to leave from his door just as suddenly as they came. “Wait. What is it?” He asked, stopping them.
They turn, and seem to debate about answering before, “I couldn’t sleep and was thinking it might be nice to cuddle with you.” Solomon blinked again. In surprise this time. “Stupid, right?”
No, not stupid, he thought. It was just no on had ever asked to cuddle with him before. His body and cool demeanor might be misleading, but he was a very fierce sorcerer. Powerful, and awe inspiring. He had made cities tremble in his young days, and was powerful enough to independently bind one of the strongest demons in hell. Cuddles were not something that one usually thought of when it came to him.
He opened the door to let them in and said, “if you can’t sleep, I can make you a potion.” When that didn’t seem to go over well he corrected with, “or…I could lay down with you for a moment.”
The ‘moment’ turned into the whole evening, because the second his head hit the pillow, he instantly fell asleep. Lulled to dream land by his many late nights, and the warm embrace of [Y/N]. Perhaps there were better things than just getting research done.
He groaned in his sleep. Then rolled over on his side, immediately pulling [Y/N] in when he was in close proximity of them. It was a reflex at this point.
At first, he had tried to keep his distance from the human exchange student. No good would come from it, and it was inappropriate that the future King & patron of the program would be involved with one of the terrestrial candidates. But he couldn’t help it.
Their brightness. Their smile. Their hope for the program and just life won him over and now he couldn’t stand to be further apart from them than a second.
“It’s morning....”
Divaolo groaned and buried his head into the back of their neck. “Five more minutes...”
“We can’t. It’s morning.” [Y/N] insisted. Jutting their hips back against his front; which had the opposite effect of trying to get him out of bed. “If you don’t go, Barbatos will start looking for you. And if he teleports into my room it will be a whole thing.”
That certainly was a metaphoric splash of cold water.
The prince groaned again, and buried himself deeper for a second, before he compliantly agreed and got up. The little full bed in the student dorms joyful of his departure, as it squeaked happily as he tried to leave it.
“Can I come again tonight?” Diavolo asked, as he adjusted his ornate bed clothes. He never slept in them. Like most things in his life, they were all for show.
[Y/N] smiled at him from under their covers and said, “of course.”
His heart swelled at their smile and the promise of later. Surging forward he gave them an impassioned good morning kiss, and told them, “wait up for me.” Before he disappeared in a whirl of black smoke to his own bedroom.
It felt terribly cold now. But he only had to wait until tonight. That he could live for.
The work of a butler is never really done.
There were always things to do. More chores to complete. More tasks to do. Particularly in the life of the royal butler. But Barbatos never complained about his job. He was literally born for it, and took great pride in his work. No matter how small the task.
When he heard the small bell, harking a summons from on of the guest rooms, Barbatos stopped polishing the silver and immediately went upstairs to see what was needed. “You called, [Y/N]?” He asked upon arrival. Calm as ever, and ready to help. “How may I be of assistance?”
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you up here.” They apologized. “I just….couldn’t sleep.”
Barbatos chuckled a little with a soft smile. “No need to apologize, [Y/N]. You’re a guest here, and a friend of the young master.” As well as a dear person to him. “I’m happy to help with anything you need. Might I make you some soothing nightshade tea? That seems to do the trick for most people.”
“N-No. No I…I was wondering….if you’d just sit with me for a while.” The human looked down at the ornate bed spread. Picking at the embroidery in a nervous manner. “Til I fall back asleep?”
The demon smiled again, and came over to sit on the edge of the bed. Holding them in the most comfortable manner possible with him on top of the covers, and them under them. “That is a simple thing.” He told them softly. “Close your eyes. I shall stay with you until you are asleep, and make sure you are taken care of.”
“Thank you.” [Y/N] said lazily. Already closing their eyes and falling back asleep with him close.
The work of a butler was never really done. But this was a task he was happy to do.
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aciesgecko · 2 days ago
Diavolo... What have you done?
Tumblr media
Art belongs to Solmare. Edit by Acies. Don't repost please.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Belphie and Mammon: *watching MC do sword-fighting with Barbatos*
Mammon: *suddenly broke into tears* My baby is growing up. *sniffles*
Belphie: *looks disgustingly at Mammon*
Belphie: *sigh* MC will grow and mature. It's something you should have anticipated.
MC: *pause for a few minutes then looks at them* *smiles and waves their hand*
Mammon and Belphie: *waves back*
Barbatos: *chuckles* Your parents seem proud of you.
MC: Really?
Barbatos: Yes. And I am too. *smiles*
Diavolo: *is getting stressed with all the paperwork*
MC: *enters his office* My lord? You have summoned for me?
Diavolo: You're just in time, MC. Come here. Sit with me.
MC: *climbs on the chair* *then properly face him*
Diavolo: Do you mind changing into a younger version of me?
MC: Why, my lord?
Diavolo: I want to confirm something.
MC: ...
MC: *shifts to a younger version of him*
Diavolo: ...
MC: ...
Diavolo: It seems like I have found an heir.
MC: Pardon?
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 2 days ago
Hello!! I love your writing! ❤️ Can I request a Brothers and side characters react to MC who is a famous Voice Actor.
Stay Safe and Take care!
I was actually already planning on writing something that involved this exact scenario 😁😁
Also thanks for the kind words!!
Tumblr media
- he was just passing by your room when he then heard a sniff coming from inside
- he of course gets concerned and decides to check on you, however as he grabs the doorknob he is stopped by your voice
- "i cant believe you.. after everything we have been through, youre just going to through me aside?"
- it sounds like... a breakup? But who could the future corpse be!?
- he enters the room as he hears cries come from the other side only to find you sitting on a chair and talking through a microphone that you got while being down in the devildom
- yep, this exchange program isnt going to stop you, there is work to be done!
- "MC what are you doing and who are you talking to?" He asks confused by your lack of sadness.
- you explain to him that you are voice acting
- now he is slightly embarrassed for interupting your recording
- he finds you to be a very good actor considering he actually thought you were breaking up with someone
- The avatar of greed was heading to your room for help, what exactly is this help for is up to our imagination
- however he stops infront of your door when he hears some weird noises coming from your room
- *donald duck noises*
-" what is that? ... omg what is that!?"
- he enters your room extremely confused but also a little bit scared, what if it was a ghost or something that shouldnt be in there?
- instead its just you makin impression through a microphone for some comic you are dubbing
- "wait... MC... that wasnt you was it??" He is so confused but also fascinated
- will ask for more impressions and will want you to say certain stuff in certain voices
- he had tried texting you to head to his room to play a game he just got but seeing you wouldnt answer he decided to go check
- what he proceeds to hear as he gets closer to your room is the voice of the one and only ruri-chan
- he ♡lovingly♡ kicks the door with pure violence as his ears cant believe it and for the most part he is dissapointed
- he caught you voice dubbing a ruri-chan comic
- while it isnt ruri-chan he does find amusing how good of an impression you can do of the character and he will totally ask you to do more of it
- he will also want you to read every single text manga that he owns since its just such good acting and he can feel the emotions when you read what the characters say
- the fellow was just heading to your room to get back a book he borrowed to you when he hears you talking.
- however he is a bit confused at first since he heard some kind of narrator voice
- when he enters he finds you reading out a certain text while recording it on a microphone
- he is quite surprised actually, you almost confused him
- now he wants you to read to him everytime you two are reading together, not only is it you who is reading it but its also in an incredible voice
- just wanted to spend some quality alone time with you, now he is listening to you read the script for your job and wow is he impressed
- "MC, i need to hear every single voice you can do, i wanna know what you can do"
- loves your talents without a doubt
- is probably also trying to figure out your sex voice
- sorry thats all i can think about asmo i dont see much with him...
- big boy was hoping you'd accompany him for a snack
- as he arrivee to your bedroom he heard your voice read out some kind of monologue, the only issue is that it was done in a very silly voice
- he finds it unnerving since perhaps it could be a skinwalker or shapshifter trying to steal yuur identity
- this man, knowing full well that something is off, barges into your room to discover the source
- it is you, but he is still going to probably lift you up and shake you until you confess your identity theft crimes
- when you explain to him that you were just acting he puts you down
- couldve been much worse to be honest
- he might just keep a close eye at you for the rest of the day... just to make sure...
- he was heading to your room for a nap, your bed is comfy for him so.
- When he grabs the doorknob however he is stopped by an unfamiliar voice
- you should be inside right? Then who is this poor excuse of a chainsaw then?
- he opens the door carefully to find you reading the script you needed to read while youre in the call thata recording
- he waves at you and lays down on your bed, just listening, he finds it fun how you can do that funky voice
- once you finish he asks about it and so you explain thay you were just acting out a part that needed to be done.
- will fall asleep to you doing dumb impressions of characters probably
- after barging into the HoL to pick you up to go hang out, he catches you finishing a monologue that you needed to read and record.
- was a bit unsettled by the unrecognizable voice however, so of course he is going to break into your room ready to confront whatever fool was in your room
- is surprised to see you there pressing pause to the recording audio
- oop
- you'll have to explain to him what voice acting is because i doubt he knows
- you'll also have to act out every single character and impression you have done in your life because he is now curious
- "this is so fascinating! Who wouldve known you could change your voice like that?"
- will 100% ask you to teach him
- is fascinated when he finds out
- you were just entertaining luke with some cartoon impressions when he walked in, and he loves it
- the ability to both recreat classic voices while also being able to create new ones calls hia attention
- will join in to see what else you can do and will totally ask you to redo certain voices just because it catches him so offguard with your appearance
- will love to watch you teach luke
- kind of knew already but it still catches him offguard sometimes
- who knows, if you managed to do diavolo's voice right, and do it in the right scenario, you might just pull out a great prank on him
- will join the prince and you as you teach diavolo how to do certain impressions
- finds it both funny and weird at once
- like i just said, if you have enough expierence you might manage to trick some people
- otherwise doesnt really mind it
- its fun to listen you do certain voices
- teach him
- he was going to ask you to help him out with a spell but instead caught you doing a narrator voice and now he wants to do it
- oh the possiblities that you have given him if you accept to teach him
- the inner jokes will be great considering he too is a human, adding the fact that you can do voices? Oh the memes...
- have fun confusing literally everyone
- (sorry i cant come up with more for solomon xd)
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devildomqueen · 23 hours ago
Obey Me Dateables as Cat Pictures I Have Saved on My Phone Part 6
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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What do you think about making Barbatos cum in public over and over again with pact play? Would you like to write about it?
Tumblr media
Sure thing! He’s my absolute favorite and he’s so cute!🖤🤍
Tumblr media
Barbatos pact play
You weren’t bothered by being dragged out into the market, it was usually fine, not to mention Barbatos knew everyone there so you got to meet some interesting demons, but still, you were getting tired of being there.
You sat on a bench next to Barbatos, waiting on his order, it would only take about thirty minutes but still, you were kinda getting bored. You leaned onto Barbatos and he gave you an amused smile. “What is it, love?” He asked quizzically.
“Barbatos, cum, now.” You ordered, he gasped before covering his mouth to muffle the moan. He shot a glare at you, moving to cover himself. His face a light pink. “Good boy!” You half jokingly praise.
“(Y/n), that’s…rather indecent to do, is isn’t it? You shouldn’t-“
You cut off the lecture by ordering him to cum again. He groaned, leaning against you, panting. “Aww, Barbie if you want to cuddle you could have just said so!” You laughed, but then he pulled you onto his lap. You grinned. “Oh, you want this to be more…intimate?” He paused, giving you a confused look before quickly getting the implication and shaking his head. “Barb, cum for me.”
He wrapped his arms around you, letting out a soft whimper into your ear as he rutted against you. You tilted his head up to give him a kiss, he quickly tried to kiss you back but you got off of his lap and stood up.
“Hey Barbatos, your order is ready, let’s pick it up and head back to the castle!”
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yoirienery · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— a child in devildom ( RAISED BY THE DEVILS )
Tumblr media
Diavolo hummed to himself, the pen that is held in between his fingertips threatening to slip. Sight going in and out of consciousness until a wave of power hit him straight in the face, figuratively, well, kinda. Because it was the paperworks that had been affected that caused it to fly to his face.
“My Lord..!” And there goes Barbatos going inside his private study.
There was no hint of worry that the butler has expressed, however. He is calm, very much alike to his usual appearance that almost made the Demon Prince howl in laughter if it wasn't for the situation they are in.
“Ahh.. Seriously, when will I get a vacation?”
“Young Master, you just went to the beach with Lucifer and his brothers not too long ago.”
“Hahahaha! Right, that was such a nice day, wasn't it?” Diavolo grin at the memory that resurfaced before turning into his demon form. “Then, shall we go and finish this business?”
“Yes, young master.”
Tumblr media
By the time they had arrived, deep in the forest of Devildom was a demon who's laughing to himself quite maniacally, ahh, but he shouldn't judge, right? After all, Diavolo have those times as well.
Footsteps were unheard as they near the unsuspecting demon, then, as soon as they were close, they heard the cry of a child.
So weak yet full of energy.
“Huehueheuheu, you're now in my hands! Such wonderful offering for the great lord-” Before he can finish his sentence, Barbatos was quick to defeat the demon, the satisfying thump resonates the silent forest.
“Great work, Barbatos.”
“Thank you, Young master.” Barbatos, now in his arms was the crying child who had now calm down, staring with a curious look at the demon butler who only showed professionalism and grace.
“Wa-wait..! You can't take them!”
“Hmm, you made a deal with a human secretly and broke it. What's even worst is that you abducted a child and brought them to the Demon Realm, a human, at that.” Diavolo sighed, and just as they were planning on having a peace treaty for all realms, this happened.
The prince held out his arms towards the butler, asking to get a hold of the child to which the demon passed on to with small hesitance.
“Barbatos, show no mercy.”
“As you wish.”
Tumblr media
“Ahh.. what to do, what to do..” He leaned back on his chair, watching the child, who is one and a half year old, according to Barbatos, speak incoherent things, even making bubbles with their saliva and blowing raspberries with a giggle by the crib.
“Allow me to make suggestions,” and the demon butler was given permission to speak.
“We can drop the child off to an orphanage.”
And for some reason, it made the Prince's heart clench in sadness. The backlash the child would have to receive due to their parent's or whoever is related to them contacting a devil for a deal and them dropping it the child to an orphanage broke his heart.
Sure, anonymity is an option as well.. but..
Diavolo glanced at the babbling kid who cheered at the presence of his aide, arms up, asking for a lift. “En! En!” The child attempted to jump, which end up not succeeding because they can't carry their weight yet.
Barbatos handed the child a bottle of milk that he had acquired from the Human Realm with no difficulties.
“I made up my mind. We'll keep the child.”
Tumblr media
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nyxs-sins · a day ago
Character Heights
Tumblr media
Nyx: I used the above image to try to help with the height ratios among the characters. Solomon looks to be even with Satan. Anyways, I have a headcanon that the demons an angels grow at least 6 inches when they transform.
Human Form: 6’ 11”
Demon Form: 7’ 5”
Human Form: 6’ 4”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 6’ 5”
Demon Form: 7’ 1”
Human Form: 6’ 6”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 6’ 2”
Demon Form: 6’ 6”
Human Form: 6’ 11”
Demon Form: 7’ 5”
Human Form: 6’ 4”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 7’ 0”
Demon Form: 7’ 6”
Human Form: 6’ 6”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
He’s human..: 6’ 6”
Human Form: 6’ 6”
Angel Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 4’ 9”
Angel Form: 5’ 3”
She’s “human”..: 5’ 5”
Human Form: 6’ 8”
Demon Form: 7’ 2”
Nyx: … I am now scared.
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w0rm-mag1c · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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moekaneko · 2 days ago
Demon Hibernation, think about it demons have been alive alive longer than the human race right?
So eventually they would get drained of energy. I think on average a demon hibernation would last 2 weeks to a month and as for which demons would hibernate, it would all depend on each demon (kinda like a cycle). Idk something about the thought of the demon bros asleep in blankets make me feel soft.
Omg yes! I would love to do single posts for each of the brothers and dia + barb during hibernation so let me know if that's what y'all want but anyway,
Demons in hibernation boiiiii
Let's be honest, not matter which one it is, you know they've got some sort of fluffy blanket that they use instead of an actual duvet. They just they just wrap themselves us like little burrito demons.
They just nestle in and get really soft and sweet and shy, burying their face into the blanket while you talk about like and eat snacks.
If you're lucky they'll let you under the warm covers, but depending on who it is, you'll find them constantly sat up with it over their head while they do something like with Satan, he'll have a flashlight out, reading, or levi'll be playing on his phone.
They sleep a lot during the day but at night they're a little more rowdy. After sleeping all day, they have a little surge of energy in the evening before collapsing back into bed and whining loudly about how tired they are and that they want you to say goodnight to them.
I feel like in rad, the students are all of one of the sins. Like some of the demons are sloth demons and some are greed and so on. Like all the demons of the same sin all have hibernation at the same time, sort of like when people's periods sync, that sort of thing. And they all just aren't in school for like, a month but they get sent all the work and do it when they get the surged of energy.
Of course that means not all the boys would be hibernating at once so that's a relief. I mean let's be honest, it'd be cute, but I ain't looking after seven tired, sloppy demons and an entire house no actually, mansion not to mention the man baby and his man servant. No, no, no, not happening.
But you didn't think you could get away with no responsibilities? I thought you'd have learnt by now... Welp, enjoy a sleepy demon for half a month. I think they'd probably have a shorter hibernation, idk why I just think that so yeah.
Don't get me wrong tho, you still get a soft cuddly demon. Even mammon is too tired to be a tsundere!
This is so cuteeee! I can imagine them, it's such a good headcanon! If you want individual hcs of hibernation, lmk! But that's all I can come up with rn! Hope it's as good as the ask! ❤️
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ima-simp-uwu · 2 days ago
“Unwanted” Replace Mammon AU Chapter 2 (Previous) Summary: There’s a new demon in town and very quickly they became popular. Popular enough for the Student Council to become curious of the newcomer. They all quickly became friends, but for some reason Mammon has a strange feeling about this newcomer. Little by little his brothers started to hang out with him more and more. When Mammon saw there reaction together he felt a strange feeling in his gut it wasn’t pleasant at the least. Character: Mammon, Diavolo Relationship: Mammon & Side Characters, Mammon & Brothers Note: the new demon isn’t mean to Mammon or anything, in fact they’re probably nicer to Mammon then his brothers ever been. Also there is no MC in this AU, although the exchange program is still a thing, MC was never chosen. (Sorry for the grammar errors!) Warning: Cursing, Nightmares, Abandoned Issues
Mammon smiled. It seemed as everything was perfect. The House of Lamentation was in peace. Everything was great. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. Heck even Lucifer was cracking a joke and smiling.
Just like old time..
Just like in the Celestial Realm..
”This had to be a dream” Mammon whispered. “But even if this is a dream.. I don’t want this to end..”
Are you enjoying your fantasy, Mammon?
Mammon turned around, he saw a black figure. He didn’t know what the fuck it was but one thing for sure he knew that thing was surrounded by negativity.
“What are—“ Before Mammon could finish his sentence everything around him vanished including his brothers. Mammon opened his eyes wide. “Lucifer… Leviathan… Satan..” Mammon muttered. “Asmodeus… Beelzebub, BELPHEGOR“ Mammon screamed. He felt panicked. He didn’t want to lose all his family members.
How funny.. First you lost your brother in real life and now your brother in your own FUCKING dreams!
It laughed in an unnatural tone.
Mammon starred at it. He felt like he was slapped in his face. He didn’t wanted to believe this bullshit.
“No…no…” Mammon muttered.
Mammon muttered again and again and again.
But hey I can’t really blame them.
Why would they ever want a scumbag for a brother?
After all, look at Evan. He’s basically a version of you but better.
He never annoys unlike you always causing trouble for them.
They won’t even notice if you just disappear.
Why are you denying it? I’m telling the truth after all… your just a burden in there eyes..
The best thing to do is to just vanish for them.
I bet there just aching to get ride of you
they love I’m there brother!
Hmmm…? You sure about that. To me they’re already replacing you but hey I really can’t blame them—
Mammon woke up in sweat gasping. He shivered. Once he realized that everything was just a dream nightmare he slowly calmed down. He collapsed on his bed. He was mentally exhausted.
Even in his dreams he couldn’t even in peace. How typically Mammon though.
Mammon grabbed his DDD from his nightstand.
“Oh it’s just 10:30…” He closed his eyes again relaxing.“….10:30!!!”
Mammon jumped out of bed and rushed to find his RAD uniform. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck He thought. Mammon already knew he was in trouble. He cursed himself when he realized he had a test today.
Mammon was jumping around looking for his bag. He raced to find any type of food, hoping that Beel didn’t eat it all. Mammon spotted a granola bar and raced out of the house. He knew for a fact that no one else was home. They all forgot about him. They were probably was too busy about Evan to even remember there brother who basically raised all of them. All of this was racing through Mammon mind. He crashed into someone.
“Ah fuck- I’m so sorry!—“ As Mammon looked up it was no one other then Lord Diavolo himself who he crashed into. Mammon cursed himself. Diavolo stood up, his papers were all over the ground. “L-lord Diavolo!!! I’m so sorry!!” Mammon started to make a bunch of excuses. The last thing he needed was Diavolo tell Lucifer what he did.
“It’s fine Mammon.”
That took Mammon off guard.
“It’s fine, I can clearly see that you didn’t mean to bump, so it’s alright. Everyone makes mistakes.” Diavolo calmly replied.
“Oh..” Mammon muttered. He felt dumb. Of course he assumed that Diavolo was angry at him, like his brothers always are when Mammon bothered them, but still Mammon was relieved that he wasn’t in trouble for once in his lifetime. “Umm… let me help you pick these up…”
It was silent as the two pick up the papers. They both didn’t mind it though. Is was peaceful. Until it wasn’t.
“Where were you Mammon?”
“Hm what do you mean Lord Diavolo..?” I thought I wasn’t in trouble…
Diavolo looked up. “So you forgot about the meeting this morning..?”
He totally forgot about the meeting. Lucifer said if anyone miss this they
“A-ah… w-well I slept in..” Mammon muttered.
That didn’t make any sense to Lord Diavolo. He knew for a fact every time Mammon oversleeps, one of brother would wake him up. He also always hears it from Lucifer. Diavolo sensed that Mammon was lying to him. He didn’t want to push Mammon, he looked tired. Mammon’s hair was tangled up and had eye bags under his eyes. Diavolo took the paper out of his hands.
“…Well…if you ever need someone to talk to..” Diavolo put his hand over his shoulder. “I’m here.” He gave Mammon a gentle shake and smiled.
Mammon didn’t reply. Diavolo was sure he got the message and left to finish his reports.
Mammon didn’t move for a moment. He felt lost. He didn’t know why Diavolo was being concerned about him of all demon. He’s a troublemaker. He always bothers anyone. Yet Mammon felt his heart warm he felt like someone actually liked him. He didn’t know what to do with this feeling. Mammon looked at his DDD. He was still late, Mammon groaned and rushed to class.
Diavolo sat down in his chair.
“Hello Barbatos.”
Barbatos gave a polite smile. “Hello, My Lord.” He handed his newest report. “Will you like the new Human World tea that we just got.”
“Ah, yes. What is it called?” Diavolo smiled.
“It’s called Green tea I also squeezed some lemon with some mash strawberries. It’s really popular in the human world.” Barbatos simply replied.
Diavolo sniffed the cup. It smelled pleasant for him. He took a sip.
“How is it my lord?”
Diavolo looked up and smiled. “It’s amazing Barbatos.”
“Glad it is my lord.”
Diavolo looks up and looked around. “…Barbatos… Where’s Lucifer..?”
Barbatos looked down on the floor and said bitterly “Lucifer said he won’t able to make it today.”
Diavolo raised a eyebrow. He noticed Barbatos bitter tone. Which was strange for him. Lucifer and Barbatos always had a good relationship together. He didn’t question it though.
Diavolo randomly picked up a report. He stubbled on a report on Evan Darklight.
Diavolo smiled. They are such a good student at RAD. Ever since they got here in RAD, everything was much better. They even made the brothers much closer then they were original were.
Well everyone except Mammon…
“…Barbatos where did Lucifer go today..?” Diavolo asked.
“Oh he said he’ll be going out with Evan today also with—“
“His brothers…? Right…?”
“…how did you know that..?” Barbatos asked.
“…just a guess..” Diavolo muttered.
Diavolo took another sip of his tea. His eyes wided.
It made sense.
Why Mammon keeps waking up late…
And why all of the brothers spend time with Evan..
Everyone except Mammon..
Diavolo dropped his cup, his tea spilled all over his paperwork. He didn’t care about all of it. He looked up at Barbatos to ask about that.
Barbatos looked down. He didn’t answer. Barbatos just stared at the teapot.
Diavolo didn’t know what to think. He felt sick. Diavolo got up from his seat and went to leave his office.
“My Lord…Where are you going…?”
“I’m going to get a breather…”
With that said Diavolo left without another word.
Oop another short chapter 🥲
Tagged: @deadmansdoctor @amor-immortalem @strwbrryxprtzl @mammons-hubby8002 @ithinkimdekubutreallyimdenki @sinnoman @just-fox-lol (sorry if I forgot anyone)
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demonsandco · 15 hours ago
I just saw you don't have anything with Barbatos, this is a crime /j /lh
So could I please request A, C, D, F, K, M, P, V and W from the smut alphabet with him? I know it's a lot, so please feel free to just pick the ones you want to do if it's too much!! I love your writing by the way, thank you for sharing it with us and I hope you have a wonderful day💖
Aaa thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my stuff!! I’m still a little unsure on how I want to portray Barb (considering he has such little screen time smh), but you cannot tell me this man isn’t secretly a slut (affectionate)
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
As with everything, Barbatos’ first instinct after sex is to take care of his partner in any way he can. He’ll want to run them a bath, get them something to drink, and if it’s not too late he may even offer to make them a light snack, all the while completely ignoring his own needs. He wants to feel useful and productive, unused to properly relaxing or taking a break. Even if his muscles feel like jelly and his legs tremble with every step, he’ll still focus all his energy on serving them. Luckily, with how exhausted he tends to feel right after sex, it’s not too hard for them to convince him to just cuddle up and rest for once, their encouragement being more than enough to convince him to indulge for once.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
As much as Barb isn’t a fan of messiness, there's something about cumming on his partner that he finds immensely pleasing, being able to claim them in a primal way, without having to worry about lasting marks. He especially loves cumming all over their hands, watching it drip down to their wrists. He has no shame in cleaning it up for them, either, bringing their dirtied hands to his mouth and running his tongue over their palms, diligently sucking each finger clean individually, all while making direct eye contact with a lewd look on his face.
(cont under the cut)
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
With how intensely private Barbatos is, the fact that he has an active sex life, or experience in general, could be a dirty secret on it’s own. Many believe that he’s married to his job, and even those that are close to him, rarely hear about the more private partners of his life. It’s not that he purposefully keeps his relationship a secret, but rather he just tends to blend into the background and he hardly ever feels the need to talk about himself. The amount of passion he has in the bedroom is surprising to say the least, considering how he carries himself in public.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Barbatos greatly enjoys stress positions, especially ones that involve restraints. His favorite would have to be kneeling, legs spread with his ankles tied to his thighs and his hands tied behind his back, forcing his spine to arch and leaving him exposed and helpless to his partner’s every whim. He knows that it’s rather out of the ordinary, and he definitely doesn’t expect every night with his partner to involve something like that, but he can’t help but crave the thrill that comes with that position, unable to move and not having to think, only having to hold still and letting them use his body as they wish.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Unsurprisingly, one of Barb's favorite kinks is bondage, either with ropes or delicate ribbons. It’s cathartic in a way, both tying up his partner and being restrained himself. He finds himself drawn to intricate knot patterns especially, enjoying the artistry and skill that comes with it. He could spend hours restraining them in an artful manner without getting tired of it. He’s even more fond of having them do the same to him, knowing that they put time and effort into learning different patterns for him, not being able to do anything but hold still as their hands slide over his body in such an intimate way. Every shift of his muscles or hitch of his breath causes the bonds to bite into his skin, pressing tightly in his most sensitive areas.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
Despite having a fairly high libido, it’s actually incredibly difficult to turn Barbatos on without being outright sexual. He has an impressive amount of control, especially when he’s working, and no amount of flirtatious touches or whispered promises are enough to shatter his composure. If his partner really wants to have an effect on him, they need to be bold and direct.
The easiest way to do so is to follow him somewhere private, like an empty hallway or the kitchen, and be physical. Grab his hips and press up against his back, pin him against a wall or counter with their thigh between his legs, or pull him down for a kiss while tugging on his hair. They need to be quick, taking too much time will make him rush back to work and ruin their element of surprise, but the sudden affection is enough to steal his breath and leave him aching for more. Once they’ve managed to break his control, though, they’d better be prepared to not get much sleep that night, because he’ll be eager to follow through with their advances the moment he finishes his work for the day.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Barbatos tends to prefer a slower, passionate pace, every movement calculated and controlled to bring a specific amount of pleasure to his partner. It isn’t often that he has time to spare, so when he does, he wants to savor every moment he gets to spend with them, taking his time with their body and indulging his greedy side. He loves how desperate it makes them, his movements so slow that it’s practically torture, highly pleasurable, but just barely not enough to cum. He’ll drag on the moment for as long as he can, because he knows it’ll be a while before he can do it again.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Barbatos is naturally very quiet, his voice soft and soothing. He doesn’t speak much during sex, and when he does, his words are barely more than a whisper. At first, he’s completely silent, purposefully stifling his noises out of embarrassment, but even when he lets go, he never really gets loud. Most of his noises sound like gasps, and even his rarely heard moans are extremely breathy and desperate, much higher in tone than his regular voice. He has a habit of trying to muffle himself if he feels he’s getting too noisy, hiding his face in bed sheets or pillows and biting into the material, or bringing his hands up to his face to bite his knuckles, attempting to regain control of his voice.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Unlike most demons, Barbatos’ horns are actually very sensitive, to the point where the slightest touch is enough to send shivers down his spine. The little skeletal appendages function more like feelers or antennae, rather than weapons. While he’s distracted, they often move without him realising, shifting with his emotions and acting as an easy way for his partner to tell when he’s really enjoying something.
His tail isn’t anywhere near as sensitive, but it’s certainly a fun addition to the bedroom. He has very precise control of it, being able to move both tips independently with precision. It basically self lubricates, too, having a strange wet, almost gloopy and slippery texture, without ever leaving behind any residue to clean up. He’d be more than happy to use it on his partner, or himself, and show them exactly how skilled he is in controlling its movements.
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Diavolo: I wish you'd admit when you make a mistake.
Lucifer serenely steering his coffee: I prefer it with salt
Barbatos silently dying:
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Barbatos: *sweaty* MC, let me leave you for a moment. I need to shower.
MC: Okay...?
Barbatos: Sorry. I just didn't want to smell bad in front of you.
MC: No problem...
MC: But... You're not smelling bad, Barbatos. You smell nice to be honest.
Barbatos: Pardon?
MC: You smell like roses. Is that your perfume?
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: No... That's not... *proceeds to stare at them*
MC: What's wrong?
Barbatos: MC, tonight. I want you to— *shakes his head* Nothing. *smiles*
MC: *noticing his ears getting red and him clenching his fists*
MC: *understanding everything now*
MC: I'll be waiting for you here.
Barbatos: MC?
MC: *smiles* It's alright. I'm giving you my consent.
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Could you write about the brothers and dateables reactions to Mc who finds a pet dragon when walking home from RAD or someplace and decides to keep it?
Tumblr media
In this scenario we'll work with a tiny dragon that could easily fit into your pocket for better pet headcannons
- "no MC, we cannot afford to take care of a dragon"
- he doesnt allow any of his brothers to bring animals inside of HoL and unfortunately i doubt he'd let you bring a dragon inside either
- you'll most likely have to either hide the dragon from him, even though he might figure out in with much a week perhaps, or you'll have to gice the flying reptile away to someone else
- if he does let you keep it however then make sure to train it and to keep it fed and have a collar for the dragon and blah blah blah you know pet stuff
- with time he'll definetely grow attached to the creature, but overall it'll take alot of convincing to keep it
- "wow MC where did you find that little guy?" "The skin is so exotic too and everything!"
- he loves the dragon so much
- if lucifer doesnt let you keep it then he'll either help you take care of it in another place, he'll help you hide the dragon from lucifer or he'll help you find a good owner for them and then sell it i mean come on it's mammon
- if lucifer does somehow let you keep the dragon then that little guy is about to become the fanciest dragon in the devildom
- Mammon will buy this creature as many dragon clothes and pet stuff that goldie can afford
- " its so tiny and cute awww" "they can be friends with henry 2.0" "they look just like <insert fantasy anime that has the exact scenario you two are at right now>"
- as someone who has had a couple of tiny friends during his existence, he is really happy that you plan on keeping the dragon, its so cool looking!
- if lucifer doesnt let you keep the dragon then he will totally help you hide it, if he does however then the funky creature is about to be included in so much of his activities
- even if its just the dragon sitting on his lap while he plays games or you two are cosplaying characters that interact with dragons, its just going to be fun
- at some point he was with both henry 2.0 and the dragon, suddenly the reptile spitted out fire towards henry's tank which scared the living hell out of him. In fear that either of then coukd get hurt he now makes sure that they both keep a distance from one another
- " oh wow cool! I thought they'd be bigger however, like in fantasy novels"
- oh satan this is just a tiny guy, by we all know there are probably some giant ass dragons out there
- will gladly help you hide the dragon from lucifer with you but will also do some funky pranks with the fire breathing animal towards the eldest brother
- is a bit too paranoid about the idea that the dragon might burn his books by accident
- its basically all fun and games until his own stuff gets cooked, then he'll get pissy towards the dragon
- "awww!!" "Its so cute i love it so much!!" "They're definetely going to my devilgram, get in here MC"
- his first reaction is to take pictures of the little creature and to do as many cute and fun stuff with it as posible
- however the moment lucifer says no to keeping the dragon he will help you find a good owner or help you find a place to hide the dragon
- if you manage to keep it then, just like said before, selfies and aesthetic all the way with the dragon.
- will also buy aton of cute pet stuff for the dragon too
- "wow where did you find it?"
- isnt really the greatest at hiding animals (just look at what happened with luke) but he is willing to give you a hand to find it a proper owner
- if lucifer does let you keep the dragon then he will gladly do the needed research to know what to feed the creature
- will also try to workout with the dragon like in the videos of deviltube, it ends up being the dragon flying around and sitting on top of beel while he does pushups or similar
- is pretty much chill with the dragon otherwise, its fun for him and he is definetely going to protect it with his soul
- "it doesnt seem like cuddle material MC, just look at the some many spikes it has"
- isnt the biggest fan of animals but also doesnt really hate them (in my canon at least)
- it might be fun to watch you try to hide the dragon from lucifer and he might also offer a lazy hand with it, he knows some great spots in the HoL anyways
- if you do manage to keep the dragon though then he and satan are ready to make lucifer regret his decision, the pranks are just great
- it also turns out the this little flying lizard is a great cuddle buddy! So be ready to find them both sleeping together, perhaps the dragon is on top of his back or chest/stomach depending on belphie's position
- "Wow MC where did you find them? The dragon looks so nice!"
- he has seen some crazy creatures down here in hell and dragons are probably one of the many creature have caught his eye the most
- if he could own one he would, and he has tried, when he was a child of course, though he never really got one
- will gladly take care or help you take care of the dragon if lucifer doesnt let it in HoL, but will also try to convince him to let you keep the creature
- if you need help with the dragon then you can count on him with it, whether its an item or any specific information you need
- "i see now, just make sure to be careful with it MC, dragons arent your average pet per say"
- he has seen some stuff happen here and there with dragons but overall doesnt really mind
- Diavolo has definetely tried to get him to let him have a pet dragon himself, however the amount of posibilities that could go wrong are enough for him to warn the prince
- that being said, he does worry you might get hurt or some damage might be done by the dragon, even if its a tiny little guy
- fortunately trusts you enough for you to take care of the creature
- "oh wow, i heard luke talking about these just the other day, what a coincidence"
- he in fact has heard Luke talk about all kinds of weirs creatures, some of which he was sure werent posibly real, but seeing a dragon right in front of him changes everything
- his mindset is now more open about mythological creatures, it seems to be that not all of them are just a myth
- if you need someone to keep an eye on the dragon in case luci doesnt let you keep it in HoL then you can trust purgatory hall without a doubt
- gives the dragon the love and attention any angel could give
- "this feels familiar"
- i cant really tell you what he said means, but dont be surprised if he ends up telling you that he has seen dragons in the past
- perfect fit with his wizardly vibes
- is also more than happy than to take care of the dragon for you in case you can keep it at HoL
- will also help out with teaching it tricks and will try to take just a couple of samples of the dragon, like maybe... idk scales and such... for his magic stuff...
- if you catch him doing that then you should probably scold him, its solomon like come on, this guy is a treat to everyone in the best but also worst way posible there is no chance of sparing from his weirdness
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obeiii-mee · 20 hours ago
How the Obey Me! Boys say: ‘I love you’.
Through actions rather than words. Their love for you may come in the form of willingly volunteering to do your chores for you when they know you’re overworked, or by nursing you back to health after falling ill or even by helping you study that one subject you’re struggling to understand for an upcoming exam. Their admiration is silent but that doesn’t matter when you can feel it in the way they stick by your side, to stand by and show their support for you during the hardest of times and there’s no better method to express that love for you than to do just that:
Lucifer, Satan, Beel, Barbatos, Solomon, Simeon
Loudly. He blurts it out without thinking about it and then he flushes, his brain short-circuits and he freaks out before vehemently denying everything. He yells and stomps the ground sometimes as if that would make you believe him when he says he doesn’t like you but you don’t; you can tell he doesn’t mean a word of it, no matter how much he insists. And later, the cycle repeats because he can’t bring himself to describe just how much he adores you:
Mammon, Levi
Unapologetically. It’s all in the way he openly displays any affection he has for you, content to be in your presence and be able to hold you the way he does, even out in public when others stare at your blatant show of romantic gestures, as if he doesn’t care what those people might think because he doesn’t. Truth is, he’s in love with you and not ashamed of it in the slightest:
Satan, Asmo, Beel, Diavolo, Solomon
Softly, usually in the mornings when there’s nothing else to be heard but those quiet, three words and the chirping of the birds outside your window as the two of you laze about for as long as you can, stretching the moment out so the day doesn’t start just yet. He doesn’t say it often and really, he doesn’t need to because when he does mutter it out, you know he means it and that’s the reason it always has such an impact on you, the vulnerability of it all because you realise that’s his way of letting you know how much he values you:
Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Belphie, Barbatos
With as much conviction as he can carry. His voice is steady and unfaltering, confident and clear as if he’s stating the obvious and there’s no doubt about how priceless you are in his eyes and how you brightened up his life the second you stumbled into it. It’s almost overwhelming at times, his love for you but it’s so warm and secure and even the way he says it makes it seem like it’s fact; like it’s been written in stone and now not even fate can change the meaning of those words. He will be blunt about it if it will help you understand the way he craves your attention and how he relies on it after being alone for so long:
All of them
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cas-rivaille · 21 hours ago
Undertaker here! How are you today?
Tumblr media
I was thinking the other day and I remembered an idea of mine I requested some time ago to another blog and I wanted to see your point of view as well, if you're comfortable with it ofc! I'll change it a bit because I have more ideas about it than before.
What if, hear me out, Obey me!MC was Sukuna's vessel??
I was thinking about a Female!MC but if you want you can keep them gender neutral (I don't mind!). So let's get into it, shall we?
Some facts about MC before the Devildom:
- They've already eaten all Sukuna's fingers
-But they are able to keep him calm inside themselves because over the year they've been together, MC decided to approach him more (Ya know if you have to die with/for someone, at least know them better)
-Sukuna took a liking to the MC, even though he would never admit it. (I mean- They always visit him in his domain to talk to him, read together, play cards (yes. You heard me. The king of curses loves Poker and UNO) or chess, they always ask him where would he like to go eat something, offer him some of their food to let him try new things, ect. Sometimes, but only SOMETIMES, they let him take control (not fully but they both can talk from the same mouth and he has control over one side, while MC has control over the other one))
- Having said that, Sukuna's still a stinky sassy bastard King. He's still rude, acts like he doesn't care about them and always finds a way to let them down when they're too happy. If they're sad though, he doesn't hurt them more. Sometimes MC even asks him advice whenever they're in doubt and after his bulling he actually gives pretty good advice (if you consider extreme violence a good advice that is)
Anyway, MC was going to get executed when suddenly they fell into Devildom. Their file didn't mention Sukuna at all and MC noticed that because when they arrived covered in talismans and chains the demons were confused about it. So, they kept the King a secret until lesson 16.
After Belphegor's crushing hug, while MC (the one from the original timeline) is in Mammon's arm, before Barbatos Thanoses the other timeline, Sukuna heals them and takes fully control of their body (the tattoos, the fangs, the long black claws, the other pairs of eyes and arms appear).
Now, HOW would the brothers, Diavolo and Barbatos react?
If it is too much or I did something wrong, feel free to ignore this! It's okay! Love you and have a good day!
(i think i'm gonna do it hc style for the individual characters feelings but also some dialogue n stuff and each hc thing for each character is written as like in the game like they all like MC except belphie for obvious reasons)
tags: swearing, lesson uhhh smth spoilers ?? i think like 16 ?? (lmk if i need to tag anything else)
also hi ‘taker🥺🥺 i’m good today,, had a bit of a rough morning but i got to see my partner so i feel better !! how are you ? :D
and without further ado..
MC who is Sukuna's Vessel
- hold up
- hold the fuck up
- it was confusing enough when there were two MCs and one of them was near death in mammon's arms
- but now the injured MC gets healed and comes back to life ? but has another set of arms and eyes and is covered in strange tattoos ?
- then the other MC disappears ?
- when the demon MC starts talking, their voice is different and what-
"What the fuck did you to do MC?" Sukuna hastily spits out, checking the body for any other injuries. MC's voice is back and talking out of the same mouth.
"Sukuna, stand down," MC says.
"But he almost killed you ! Without me we wouldn't be standing here right now !" Sukuna argues back.
"I'm aware of that, but we have to be civil about this and talk to them," MC responds sternly.
"Then I want to be present for it. I'm not letting anything happen to you- I mean me. Yes me because I die if you die and I'm too godly to die," Sukuna rambles out before retracting the other set of arms but leaving the tattoos. He opens one of the eyes and forms a mouth on MC's right cheek to watch and participate in the conversation.
All the brothers and Divolo looked stunned at the scene that just happened.
"Questions ?" MC jokingly asks.
Lucifer -
- what ?
- questions ? is MC joking ?
- who the fuck is talking out of MCs body and what jurisdiction does he have
- isnt MC supposed to be human ??
- what does this mean for their relationship ?
- why did MC keep it from him ?
- he looks at dia and barbatos with the most confused face
- looks back at MC equally confused
- def hurts his pride that he didn't know
Lucifer's confusion turns to anger because that's the only way he knows how to cope/react to this.
Sukuna starts talking.
"Show a little more respect. I'm a king after all."
"Don't be an ass," MC shoots back. MC looks at Lucifer a little embarrassed.
"Uh, so this is Sukuna. He's the king of curses ? We kind of share a body because... uhh... it's a very long story but i mean the gist of it is I ate his thousand year old fingers ? There was 20 of them because he had two sets of arms like you saw before- it was very gross- but i had to because of the energy they posses ? When you brought me here and I was covered in seals and chains, was when I was about to be executed because I have all of Sukuna in me. So,, he can do stuff like heal my body and give me cool powers ? I don't really know what else to say." MC rambles using awkward hand motions and finishes by scratching the back of their head.
"Way to make me sound like a total fucking loser," Sukuna glares at MC.
"For the love of god stop talking-" MC shoots back.
- huh ? someone has been sharing a body with his MC the whole time ?
- were they present the whole time ?
- did they see him acting like an idiot in love ?
- was sukuna there during e v e r y conversation he's ever had w them
- never felt more insecure and betrayed tbh
- why wouldn't you tell him ? he was your first
- wants you all to himself
- doesn't want to share you with some four armed idiot
"So he's just, there all the time ?" Mammon asks.
"Not really? He has a headspace and he usually just chills in there but he can watch what's going on if he wants to." MC responds.
"That makes me sound lazy," Sukuna complains.
"Well if you don't like how I describe you then maybe you can talk about yourself. You're very good at it," MC smirks.
"Fine. I can do whatever I want. We can trade who has control over MC's body. I have a large supply of cursed energy and will beat the shit out of the next person who touches MC," Sukuna glares at Belphie.
"Yeah beat them in poker maybe. But not mariokart. You suck at video games in the headspace," MC laughs.
- was that how MC was so good at video games ?
- because they spent hours on end with this guy in their head playing video games ?
- why didn't MC come to him to play games ?
- why is MC okay with sharing a body with Sukuna ?
- why can he be the one to share a body with MC ?
- why was MC playing video games with literally anyone else ?
"So let me get this straight, you are his fingers and now you share a body ? How does that even work ? That sounds like something out of the manga 'My best friend ate some ancient object and now shares a body with an immortal warrior'" Levi questions MC.
"Okay so, Sukuna lived a really long time ago. When he died, the only thing that survived were his fingers. They each hold an incredible amount of cursed energy and it's only his fingers so from there you can imagine how powerful he was with the rest of his body," MC explains.
"Okay but that doesn't tell me why you ate the fingers ?" Levi raises an eyebrow.
"Oh. So I went to a high school for Jujutsu sorcerers, which are people who can manipulate cursed energy, and once I ate the first one to save my friend from dying, my choices were to die now or eat all of Sukuna and then be executed because he would die with me," MC says as if them dying was nothing.
- why has he never heard about Sukuna in any of the books he's read ?
- he historically doesn't exist in anything the devildom has book-wise
- so who is he ?
- needs to find out everything he can about him
- is there a way to separate MC and Sukuna ?
- his blood is boiling at the thought of MC sharing a body with someone
"So you've basically had super human powers this entire time and elected to not tell us ?" Satan glares at MC.
"Well, when you put it like that it sounds bad. I just didn't want you all to meet Sukuna because he has a lot of anger issues and is quite an asshole and I was trying to avoid this entire conversation that is happening," MC sighs.
"Rude," Sukuna says.
"Anger issues. You think we couldn't deal with this ? Are you serious right now ?" Satan asks.
MC shrugs their shoulders nervously.
"How much do you actually know about what sharing a body with him does to you ?" Satan asks while looking at the small mouth and glaring.
"I mean, I get these marks because he had them when he was alive. He was also so powerful to the point he had four arms and another set of eyes, like you saw before. I get those when he takes over mostly, but I can kee him restrained. But the eye thing is why I've always had slits under my eyes because the eyes are the most common thing to show up. The arms don't really. But it's entirely painless so don't worry," MC somewhat calmly explains.
- those marks make MC look so good wtf-
- not the time
- so this Sukuna person lived a thousand years ago ?
- what was this about jujutsu sorcery ?
- what even is that ?
- asmos not the brightest on the block but from the looks on his brothers faces none of them know what the fuck MC is talking about either.
- they've explained a little bit of it b there's still some missing info
- what is sharing a body really like
- how much of MCs body can change to be like Sukunas ?
"So how much of your body can he control ? What can he heal ? Could he bring you back from the dead ?" Asmo curiously asks.
"He can't control much because it's my body and I have a lot of raw power by myself. I don't know if he can bring us back from the dead. I don't think so though or else the Jujutsu school wouldn't have tried to execute me. He used to be able to bring us back when I hadn't eaten all of his fingers, but now I don't think he can," MC explains.
"So why do you let him live in your body if he can't do much for you ?" Asmo questions.
"Well one, I don't think there's a way to get him out-"
"I'm still here you know," Sukuna interrupts.
"You've made that clear," MC says before continuing, "And two he can do stuff for me. It's like a symbiotic relationship. I give him a host and he protects me."
- protects MC ?
- that's his job
- why is someone else protecting MC ?
- overall confusion
- even tho MC has gone over it multiple times, he doesn't get how or why Sukuna is in MC's body
- maybe it's the shock
. was this why MC could challenge him to armwrestling and almost win ?
"So how long has he been in you ?" Beel asks.
"About a year," MC responds.
"Can he make you live longer aside from healing you ?" Beel asks hopefully.
"I'm sorry, I don't think so..." MC says while looking at the ground. They cross their arms. They look small, as if they aren't small enough compared to him already.
"So, what does this mean ? Now that your secret is out... are you going to stay in the devildom with us ? Or do you have to leave ?"
" If I leave I'll surely be executed when I go back to the human world. If I stay I don't know what will happen to me, but it's not up to me. It's up to you guys if you want me to stay. I understand if you want me to go, I was harboring a big secret and it's probably unnerving to know that you're never truly alone with me, but Sukuna actually cares about my boundaries even though he acts like he doesn't. There are some pluses and there are some drawbacks but ultimately you have to decide." MC responds, looking from brother to brother then at Dia and Barbatos
- MC ? dead if you back to the human world ? doesn't bother him
- he doesn't care
- he hasn't known MC long enough to care
- diavolo may have told everyone that MC was a descendant of human Lilith and he told everyone the events that actually happened, but why should he have any attachment to MC
- MC isnt Lilith, and MC sure as hell doesn't like him after the events that happened today
- from what he's heard, MC dying would be good for the human world
"I say send MC back. What happens to them isnt our problem any more," Belphie says while under his magical restraints Diavolo put on him.
"Of course you would say that," Satan glares at him.
"Shut up Belphie !!" Mammon and Levi yell.
"You don't have any right to an opinion in this matter." Lucifer states.
"Belphie that's mean," Asmo says.
Beel frowns.
"I vote they stay. I like MC regardless, and if all I have to do is adjust to Sukuna then I'll do it," Beel says while looking Belphie dead in the eye.
There's a beat of silence.
"Me too," Mammon says.
"Hey ! I was going to say that !" Levi protests.
"Oooh~ Count me in !" Asmo says with a smile.
"I also think they should stay," Satan says and looks at MC.
"My personal preference is also that they stay, but Lord Diavolo it's up to you," Lucifer says and looks at Dia.
- he knew there was something off, but couldnt place his finger on it
- he also constantly got a powerful vibe from MC and this explains it
- he was very fond of MC and enjoyed their presence
- he knew what he was going to do
"Barbatos, what do you think ?" Dia asks him.
"The decision is up to you m'lord," Barbatos responds.
"Well Id also like the input of my trusty all knowing butler," Diavolo laughs.
"Then, I see no reason to send them back to the human world. They can live out their lives here and safe from the school that wants to execute them. It also wouldn't be an issue to get anyone from the human world here if MC so desired," Barbatos replied.
"Then it's settled ! Welcome to the devildom for the rest of your life MC!!" Diavolo smiled and welcomed MC with open arms.
MC smiled and accepted the hug.
- he didn't know all along, but he know when the timelines crossed and he had to erase the other
- MC was very near and dear to his heart though and he wasnt about to let them be killed
- just wants to keep MC safe
- mars :)
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