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Younger brothers posters
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harunayuuka2060 · a day ago
Belphie: ...
Beel: *quietly eats his food, not saying a word to anyone*
Belphie: *tries to cheer him up* Beel, did you get a message card today?
Beel: No.
Belphie: Oh.
Beel: I have stopped receiving them since last week.
Belphie: Maybe they were just busy—
Beel: Thank you for the meal. *stood up and left*
Belphie: ...
Mammon: Beel has been gloomy, huh?
Levi: *sniffles*
Satan: Why are you suddenly crying, Levi?
Levi: I just remembered that MC's death was announced yesterday.
The brothers: ...
Asmo: Wait. Beel's admirer died?
Levi: *nods* It was mentioned on the internet then the news got taken down by Queen Rose's butler.
Levi: Beel must have been devastated by that.
Lucifer: *sigh* We just need to leave him alone for now.
Beel: Thank you.
The food delivery service: I'm going now, sir. See you again this evening.
Beel: Yes.
Beel: ...
Beel: *about to take the food upstairs*
Belphie: Beel?
Beel: *looks at him*
Belphie: Can I join you?
Beel: ...
Beel: *nods*
Belphie: Wow. Looks like Hell's Kitchen always know what to serve you. All these food looks great.
Beel: *nods* *then starts eating*
Belphie: ...
Belphie: Beel, sorry for asking this. But isn't there going to be a wake for MC?
Beel: ...
Belphie: Beel...
Beel: *starts sobbing*
Belphie: ...
Belphie: I'm sorry. Do you want me to leave?
Beel: *nods* Yes. If you don't mind.
Belphie: *reluctant at first*
Belphie: *sigh* Okay.
Beel: *starts stuffing food in his mouth again* *trying to silence his sobs*
Belphie: ...
Queen Rose: ...
Queen Rose: I know this isn't one of our deals, MC.
Queen Rose: But you were surprisingly... naive for your own good. *smiles*
Queen Rose: You should've asked for more rather than just receiving compensations.
The butler: Your Majesty.
Queen Rose: What is it?
The butler: The preparations are complete.
Queen Rose: *smiles* That's good to hear.
*18 years after*
Beel: *joins an eating contest*
Asmo: Go, Beel~!
Mammon: I'm sure you'll win!
Lucifer: There's no doubt about that.
Referee: Before we start, let me introduce you our dear chef and the heir to Rose Kingdom.
*The participants, including Beel, looking at the chef*
Beel: *his eyes widened*
MC: *smiles awkwardly* You don't need to include that.
Referee: But the queen strictly informed us that we should.
MC: I don't know what mother is thinking.
Beel: MC...?
The brothers: *also stunned*
Levi: Wh-What happened? How is this possible?!
Mammon: D-Don't tell me that's a ghost! *hiding behind Lucifer*
Lucifer: *frowns* Mammon, can you stop grabbing my coat?
MC: *testing the mic*
Referee: It's working.
MC: Oh. Thank you. *smiles shyly*
MC: *faces the audience* The purpose of this event is something personal on my behalf.
MC: You see... There's a certain someone from my past that I need to remember. And I badly want to meet that person again.
MC: I hope that he's one of the participants today.
Beel: ...
MC: Even so, I hope you enjoy this contest. *smiles brightly*
MC: *about to get inside when—*
Beel: *starts eating*
Referee: Sir... We haven't started yet.
Beel: *gulps down everything*
MC: *blinks in amazement and disbelief*
Beel: *raises his hand*
The brothers: ...
The other participants: ...
The referee: ...
Beel: *stood up* That's me.
MC: Eh?
Beel: *seems to be holding back his tears* It's me. Beelzebub.
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devildomditzy · 2 days ago
Asking them “Would you still love me if I was a sheep?
I know I’ve seen a few writers do this prompt but with the classic worm bit, but let’s put a bit of a Devildom twist on it
Tags/Warnings: None, just goofs
He’s up to his ears in paperwork due to the RAD festival being just around the corner when he sees his D.D.D. light up on his desk
He glances over at it and the annoyance that he feels is almost immediate when he sees “Darling… would you still love me if I was a sheep? 🐏” written across the screen. The annoyance only slightly subsides when he sees this ridiculous question came from you
“MC, you do realize how much work I have on my plate, yes?”, he questions
Your only reply is “yes or no, morningstar? 💕”
Okay but now you’ve got him actually thinking about it
He beings weighing the pros and cons. Well, he couldn’t exactly kiss a sheep, but he supposes he could pet one? But would that still be love for you? or love for an animal companion?
He doesn’t realize how long he’s been in contemplation until you text him back asking him to come to bed
0 work got done that evening
When he joins you in bed there’s a long pause before you hear him say “…you’ve been hanging out with Mammon too much haven’t you?”
he would. he would still love you if you were a sheep.
He’s currently at one of his fashion shoots and you decide this one has been going on waaaay too long for your liking
If he was gonna beg for your attention 24/7, you’ll be damned if you won’t do it right back
You pick up your D.D.D. and click on your message thread with him. Of course it’s the very top one on the list
After about a five minute delay, you finally receive a text back
“What’s wrong treasure, is something the matter?”
“Would you 🫵🙆🏽‍♂️ still love me 🫶💯if I was a sheep 😩🖐🐏🥺?”
he video calls you immediately
Once he calms down a realizes that - A. you are still very much in fact human, and B. No, Solomon did not give you a magical sheep transforming potion, he says,
“..How are we supposed to go on dates and stuff if yer a sheep? I can’t be seen in public holdin hooves with a sheep!?”
Your one word answer “disguise” catches him off guard. He opens his mouth to answer, but the photographer is calling him back to set, so he hangs up
You text him back, “Well? What’s your answer?”
“Yes 👊😩💋🐏💯”
You’re both hanging out in his room together, you lying on the floor playing on your D.D.D. while he runs through the newest dating simulator on the market
His focus is ripped away from the game when he hears his notification sound go off. When he sees it’s from you, he looks down at where you lay on the floor quizzically before opening up the message and reading aloud
“Would you still love me if I was a sheep? And not a magically girl-sheep hybrid, an actual sheep?”
“…like, the farm animal?”, he questions
“I guess you could be henry 3.0”
That response gets him a playful slap to the arm
“I would still love you, but not in the same way. I can’t game with a sheep!!”
You’re painting his nails his signature colors when you pop the question
“Would you still love me if I was a sheep?”
His response is almost immediate
“Ew, no!”
You clutch your heart falling backwards on the bed, feigning sadness
“MC, if I’m going to be with someone, they have to measure up to the beauty of m’wah!”
He guesses you’d be cute though
If it’s any consolation, he insists he’d take pictures of you to post on Devilgram!
You really had to disturb his reading just to ask such a ridiculous question? He feels his wrath start to boil inside him before he meets your puppy dog eyes and pouty lips
Sighing and setting down his book he states “This question is really eating away at you, huh?”
When he sees you nod a little bit, he pinches the bridge of his nose and scrunches up his face
“I suppose I could care for you while you were a sheep, while also looking for a way to turn you back into a human.”
Delighted at the answer, you throw yourself into his arms for a hug
When he really thinks about it, having a small little sheep version of you isn’t that far off from having a cat…
Kinda wants this to happen at least once so he can take care of you
It’s when you are both in the kitchen cooking dinner for the rest of the house (lamb shank) that you take a piece in your hands and quite morbidly ask him
“Could you still love me if I was a sheep. You CAN’T eat me, if that changes the stakes!”
He stares at you blank faced
Please let him know you are not actually planning on turning into a sheep
“You couldn’t stick around me. The temptation would be too much…”
You decide not to push further as his attention turns back to the lamb on the stove, his mouth watering at the sight
He would love you in the same way Beel loves a cheeseburger
When he notices you’re having trouble falling asleep at night he turns to you, concern in his eyes sincere
“Dear, what’s troubling you? You know you can tell me anything?”
“It’s nothing, I’ve just been thinking… would you still love me if I was a sheep?”
He takes a second to process the question before promptly grabbing his end of the blanket and rolling over
“Alright, I think you need to go to sleep MC!”
When you insist that you’re serious and would like an answer, he sighs
“ I’m not gonna kiss a sheep, why would you even ask that?”
When you begin to pout, he rolls his eyes
“ I guess you would make a good pillow though… so I’d keep you around”
(he would smooch you a top your little sheep noggin)
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lysol1201 · 2 days ago
crack ass headcanons but this time they were written at 5am
made this at 5am when i was stressed over school in march and i spilled redbull all over my desk and setup (i was a video game art major so everything i did was on my PC and then redbull got all over it so my life flashed before my eyes. at least i'm graduated tho now lol)
has some 18+ themes on here, nothing explicit just some suggestive jokes.
this is a long one so enjoy bbg's
-Mammon’s favorite marvel hero is iron man because rich bitch
-Satan relates to the hulk, he empathizes with him, satan goes full on empath mode with bruce banner
-MC boutta blare the p*rnhub drums music in HoL, the people who turn their heads
Asmo (lmao duh, also like smirks and is like omg what video)
Levi (he knows what it is but didn’t like it, he prefers hentai thanks. also probs knows from memes, is embarrassed because he’s levi even if he isn’t a p*rnhub avid viewer)
Mammon (oh shit oh fuck)
Lucifer (avatar of horny)
Satan is an intellectual!!! (He looks lol catgirl shit in that history and you know it)
Beel knows the sound but doesn’t care or feel embarrassed cuz it isn’t something he indulges in and Belphie is asleep.
-Levi has had significant others in the past but all have been online and most just stopped coming online after a couple days
-Satan had a skrillex phase, don’t ask why, i just can feel it
-Barbatos once played his playlist when he was baking with Luke and Luke was like “can’t wait for smooth jazz” and suddenly fucken breaking benjamin starts fucking blaring “SAY GOODBYE! AS WE DANCE WITH THE DEVIL TONIGHT! DON’T YOU DARE LOOK HIM IN THROUGH THE EYES! AS WE DANCE WITH THE DEVIL TONIGHTT” and Luke had a breakdown he had to go home. Barbatos was no longer allowed to play his playlist around Luke. So Barbatos played Cooking by the Book in apology. Luke once again got angy and went home.
-Asmo has once convinced Mammon, Levi, and Satan to do a performance for a Christmas event and it was the fucken Mean Girls choreography. Levi weirdly got way too into it
-Asmo listens to NSFW asmr this isn’t a self projection okay look let me explain I tried it out of curiosity and then passed out like good ass ASMR until the sounds of fucking woke me up n e wayz that’s Asmo
-“Oh fuck, Lucifer found the pee drawer… in his study HIGH FIVE” -Anti-Lucifer League
-ButterSock owners:
-“Beel stop, don’t eat your brother-“ -Lucifer
-Who can do the WAP dance the best, from best to worst
Asmo (lmao is that a question)
Barbatos (don’t ask why)
Belphie (weirdly good at things without trying, just kinda like his grades)
Solomon (just listen)
Satan (wasn’t going to let Lucifer be better than him)
Lucifer (could be better if he wanted to but he’s not sure whats worst, being the best at it or being the worst at it. settles with the middle)
Diavolo (mmm fuck)
Levi (probably practiced before it was brought up, but too embarrassed to use his full potential)
Mammon (too much force)
Beel (too distracted by “macaroni in a pot” lyric)
-Pacifist Route Undertale Players:
Diavolo (dunno why I just feel like he’d just be happy to be there)
Renegade Route Players:
No Specific Route:
Both Playthroughs:
-Lucifer wears crocs
-Buys discord kittens nitro:
Is a discord kitten:
Belphie (fakes identity for free shit)
Mammon (b urself❤)
-No Nut November Survivors:
No Nut November Failures:
Lucifer (avatar of horny)
Levi (someone looked at me, horndog)
-“This one’s for you bbg.” *misses*
-belphie studies by listening to like audio shit and falling asleep to it, gets that shit engraved in his brain and he can sleep also win-win he’s unstoppable
-“Hey…. do you know about Candice? Candice dick fit in yo mouth.” -Anti-Lucifer League
-Mammon can outrun lucifer but he lowkey wants to be caught cuz its fun
-“Hey, what do you have?”
“A knife!”
“NO!” -Lucifer and Belphie interaction
-“If you enjoyed the Bee Movie, you’re going to Hell!” -Luke
-Solomon told Diavolo about Spaghetti Tacos from iCarly and Diavolo immediately made Barbatos make some. He loved it.
-Asmo gets Lucifer to do tiktok dances with him and Lucifer is good as fuck
-Barbatos is perfect at tiktok dances. and everything. he’s perfect.
-Belphie is skilled with firearms, be afraid (proof right here)
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bubupop · a day ago
random little things you’ve given them that make them a little too happy.
i, once again, im guilty of writing at unholy hours,,,,
It was random as fuck, still, he cherished the cute little rock you had painted and left on his desk as a ‘lucky charm’ and a paperweight. He dared not to move it since you plopped it there, even pushing stuff away for the comfort of the rock. He also likes staring at it, the art in it is wobbly and, if he’s honest with himself, a little ugly. Yet he still adores it to pieces. It reminded him of you, and he would sometimes rub the rock like a pet when he was thinking or cooling down after getting mad and, surprisingly, it did clear his mind and gave him a little luck. Great job, MC, you’ve made Lucifer as weird as you!
The corpse of an already eaten candy ring. The Mammon, the Avatar of Greed himself kept it in his desk and would fidget with it randomly through the day. He had walked on you eating it and you offered it to him, he called you disgusting and you shrugged. However, his eyes never left the candy in your hands so you stopped licking it, grabbed his hand into yours and asked him to marry you. He may or may not have combust then and there. Was it still gross? Yeah. Did he refuse to give the ring back? Also yeah. So you bit the candy and left him with the corpse, he whined but went to wash the leftover stickiness out of the ring and now feels all giddy when he looks at it.
Stickers on his bedroom door. You spend a good chunk of your time with him in his room, so it wasn’t weird that, eventually, you left signs of you being there often. Some clothes, random sketchbooks, cds and dvds among other stuff that Levi deems is owned between you both. Yet out of all of those things, he must admit the stickers are his favorite, they were of a couple of cute animals (sanrio style) holding hands and when you planted them there you had giggled as you said “it’s us.” When he is in low spirits he just looks at the stickers for strength and it works like charm.
A ridiculously cute notebook. It has a cute kitten with a pink bow and glitter as the cover and it even has a page full of stickers. It was rather hilarious to see the Wrath incarnate walking around RAD with such a cute notebook in hand. Not even an ounce of shame in his demeanor. You had heard he needed a new notebook and you couldn’t help yourself, it was half sincere and half as a joke but seeing him actually using it made you beam. Satan cherishes said notebook dearly, being aware that it was a joke he still went on to use it as, you know, a way to assert dominance but he became quite fond of the kitten in the cover. Whenever there is a dull moment in class he’d just stare at it and smile. Thank you, MC.
A cute plastic hairpin. Asmo was on cooking duty and you walked in the kitchen that day, like a fool, and he refused to let you go and whined for company. You, being an enabler to his baby behavior, agreed. He was gushing on a new bunch of cosmetics he was going to receive soon to review as he moved the food around in the pan to prevent burning, but his hair decided to be annoying that day and as he kept blowing it out of his face you took pity on him and used your pin to keep his bangs away of his eye. He did complain that you were ruining his hair but almost cried when you tried to take the pin again. Needless to say you never got your pin back.
A wrinkly sheet with a doodle on it. During a boring study session you began doodling random stuff on your notebook but you erased a little too hard and wrinkled the paper. You almost cried. It took you a lot of time to draw that circle, too, and you wanted to give it to Beel but it was ruined now. He patted your back and as you confessed your plans he smiled and took the draw. MC, he would gladly drink poison if it was from your hands. He adores and keeps every little thing you give him. Notes in class, sticky notes with doodles, pens, you name it. 
As always, you never learn your lesson and you let Belphie borrow some of your erasers. They were the cute type, too! Shaped as tiny hearts and flowers. He chuckled and teased you when he saw them and you threatened to take them so he snatched it right out of your hand. Ok, rude. And that was the last time you saw them. If you ask for them back he’d say he lost them but they’re on his nightstand. He messes with them sometimes, rolling them around and poking them. They remind him of you and he actually likes them quite a lot.
it is always the little things.
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hopeluna · 5 hours ago
Belphie: I slept for about twelve hours last night but I'm still tired, so let's go for another twelve just in case.
MC: Thats a coma...
Belphie: Sounds festive!
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vomitlyart · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Los gemelos🌙 ☀️
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victoriankitty · 2 days ago
Barbatos being Sebastian in the butler event
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jinxthejubilee · 23 hours ago
Random Thoughts
I can only imagine how offended Satan would be if he saw how the fandom portrays his and Lucifer's relationship as "father and son," instead of a pair of rival twins like he describes in the game.
Just imagine his reaction! 🤣 If we weren't the MC, he'd strike us down until we were bloody goops on the floor.
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mammonsbby · 4 hours ago
Congrats on 700 :D maybe W with Beel if you don’t mind ?
W-Wings (thanks! <3)
The first time you’d seen Beel’s wings… Well, he’d swapped to his demon form in a fit of rage, ready to kill you (and his greedy brother) for taking his food. Not that you could blame him too much. It was stealing. Technically.
And something good came of it, after all. The couple of weeks that came after, the days you spent rooming with him, those were unforgettable.
Now, you’re close as can be. He’s just come home with a mountain of takeout for the two of you to share. But you’re not hungry. You’re curious. You still haven’t gotten a good, long look at his wings. Maybe he’d show me if I just ask.
“Beel? Can you change forms for a sec?” You ask. 
He doesn’t even question it; just does as you request before he unwraps a cheeseburger. You smile and move to stand behind him. And, when you trace the lines of his pretty, iridescent wings with your index finger, he shudders under you, nearly dropping his burger.
“What are you doing, MC?” He asks, his brows furrowing.
You snatch your hand back, afraid you’ve offended him or something. “Sorry. I just wanted to know what they felt like.” You admit.
He nods slowly. “Oh, okay.”
“Can I touch them more?” 
“Yeah, sure.” He says with a shrug.
So you do. 
They seem so fragile. So delicate. You know they aren’t though. Beel is a demon after all. And a demon wouldn’t survive long in the Devildom if any part of them was weak.
You take your hands and sort of pinch the membrane of his wings between your fingers. It’s so thin. But not flimsy. You rub it with your fingers, in gentle circles. Beel sighs contentedly and his wings move the tiniest bit.
“Why are you doing that?” He finally asks.
“I don’t know. Your wings are just so…” You pause. “Pretty.”
Beel nearly drops his food. “Pretty?”
No one’s ever said that of his wings before. Of Lucifer’s, sure. Asmo’s, of course. But… His?
“They’re just bug wings…” He says, his face heating.
“Well, I like them a lot.” You insist, running your finger along the veiny lines. His eyebrows hit his hairline.
He smiles, “Thanks, MC.”
700 follower prompt list!
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beelscustard · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loving everyone’s demon form 💖💖
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sugawarassoccerlover · 21 hours ago
Since im out at a park catching crawfish rn, I had the idea for this
Obey Me Brothers Reacting to You Showing Them a Crawfish
Lucifer: “….that’s… cool? nO DONT PUT IT DOWN DIAVOLOS COAT!” Bonus if you pinch him with it
Mammon: scared™️But acts like he isnt. the great mammon would try to act cool. shove it in his face tho and he’ll scream
Leviathan: not scared. hed geek out about it with you, also probably admire you for being able to catch it without being afraid. will ask you to name it.
Satan: probably will praise you for not being a wimp, he’ll also probably suggest that you keep it as a pet and use it to harass Lucifer
Asmodeus: terrified. easily. Will say hes more beautiful than it.
Beelzebub: i think you know. he’ll try to eat it. pls dont let him, theyre cute
Belphegor: probably will say "cool" and then fall back asleep
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momokotuharumaki · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cinematic parallels
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lysol1201 · 2 days ago
wack ass crack headcanons i thought in the shower again
more lol oopsies haha no regertz
- belphie knows MCR and knows how to play Welcome To The Black Parade on the piano
- barbatos introduced belphie to MCR because “their music made me think of you”
- levi spends a lot of money on controllers cuz sometimes he gets angy and smashes them, lowkey scary ngl
- levi also paid $2k on keyboard caps and my mind cant be changed
- he also owns alienware and razer gear
- diamond rank in league of legends
- these are mostly just levi shit ngl im self projecting
- school picture day, asmo held up the line cuz he kept wanting to retake his school ID picture
- satan writes smut fanfics and asmo is his beta reader
- levi pays for majority of the water bill, this one isnt self projection, this is just levi being a sea serpent
- beel is a food critic and weirdly feared. although he may like everything, if he isnt ecstatic or eats less than 4 servings, your career will go down in the dumps
- now if youre solomon and beel wont eat your food, youre fucked. throw that chef dream away because you will never recover
- (p sure this is canon but i am gonna list it) levi is a good artist cuz he likes making fanart and wants to make manga’s
- levi sometimes makes art for satan’s stories as practice
- levi occasionally makes nsfw art i dont make the rules i just enforce them
- mammon taylor swift stan the end ❤
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dicetheroll · 2 months ago
The Devildom when they watch the news and realize their entire government is some human's harem:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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vntblacc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
based on this meme
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hopeluna · 5 hours ago
Satan: Where are you going?
Mammon: To either get ice cream or commit a felony, I'll decide on the way
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nospacesapparently · 3 months ago
Mc: So, the people I’m supposed to date are-
Mc, pointing at Lucifer: threatened to kill me several times,
Mc, pointing at Mammon: no money management skills and won’t admit he likes me,
Mc, pointing at Levi: I will always be second to his Ruri-chan body pillow,
Mc, pointing at Satan: daddy and anger issues,
Mc, pointing at Asmo: narcissisms runs so deep thinks liking someone more than himself is an illness, 
Mc, pointing at Beel: might eat me accidentally and does eat all the food in the house
Mc, pointing at Belphie: and actually did kill me.
Mc: And the people I’m not supposed to date are-
Mc, pointing at Barbatos: basically Sebastion 2.0 expect doesn’t want to eat your soul,
Mc, pointing at Diavolo: immensely powerful and rich ruler of Demons,
Mc, pointing at Simeon: the nicest, most polite guy around who also can write a successful book series
Mc, pointing at Solomon: and the idiot who could accidentally poison you with boiled water.
Mc: At least that checks out
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kind-himbo-beel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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adrianasunderworld · 4 months ago
A female Mc making friends with a group of friendly succubi/girl demons, and whenever they come over to hang out or have a sleepover, none of the brothers are allowed anywhere near Mcs room. Of course that's not going to stop any of them. Mammon will try to get in the room, and when that doesn't work they'll resort to trying to listen through the wall to see what Mc has to say about them,to no avail. The only one that successfully infiltrates the sleepover is Beel, who wasn't even trying.And that's because he knocked on the door and went, "Can I have some of the pizza you guys ordered?" 🥺 and then they let him in.
Beel comes out the room hours later with sparkly nails,a bowl of popcorn, and smelling like strawberries. When his brothers bombard him with questions, Beel says he can't tell them anything because the girls swore him to secrecy and that they won't share their snacks with him at the next sleepover if he tells them.
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