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#obey me belphegor x reader
having a cat that looks and acts similar to him
Tumblr media
fandom: obey me! shall we date? | character: belphegor | genre: fluff | type: headcanon | reader: gender-neutral
»»————- ♡ ————-««
inspired by this post by @julie-ghouls
{💌} i'm so tired
Tumblr media
You turn around to show the small animal that was in your arms, a smile on your face caused by the fact that you have finally reunited with your beloved pet, and that the two of them could finally meet.
“Doesn’t he look just like you?” you said excitedly, a big grin on your face as you waited eagerly for his reaction.
When you mentioned that you wanted him to meet your four-legged friend, he didn’t expect you to introduce him to an animal that looked awfully familiar…
"It's cute," is all he says to you. Belphie didn't give much of a reaction when you showed him your pet. Its indigo-gray fur was a very similar color to his but he didn't think much of it.
"It likes to sleep a lot, so it makes a perfect cuddle buddy."
Hmm... he wouldn't mind another one, as long as it didn't take too much of your attention away from him.
It took a lot of MC's attention.
It was a brat- at least in Belphie's eyes, though he couldn't say much without sounding like a hypocrite.
It constantly needed to be coddled, it would make so much noise if it didn't get MC's attention.
And that got in the way of Belphie's cuddle session with them.
It spends most of its time asleep, but it obviously preferred MC's lap. And everyone knows that spot is reserved for Belphie only.
But he couldn't do anything without you getting mad so he had to deal with it.
Since the two of them were so similar, MC suggested Belphie try and warm up to the cat. And what better way to do that than follow it around everywhere. It slept most of the time anyway so it wouldn't move much.
It spent most of its time asleep, usually on MC's lap but if it couldn't find them or was too lazy; you could find it sleeping on the most random of places.
Under the couches and beds, inside the kitchen cabinets, squeezed into one of the gaps in between bookshelves; the list goes on. MC usually had to find it and carry it to their bed.
MC has a special pillow for it, though the cat rarely used it.
It would refuse to sleep in its own bed (the pillow) and instead slept with MC (much to Belphie's disdain).
After all this watching, Belphie still didn't like the cat nor did it like him. MC proposed Belphie take it to the planetarium, 'it liked watching the stars' they said.
So one day, he lifted the cat. It surprisingly didn't put up a fight, but he figured it would be too lazy to.
Once they arrived, it immediately jumped out of Belphie's arms and stared upwards at the stars.
Belphie figured it would be just like stargazing with anyone else, so he sat down and stared with it.
He surprisingly enjoyed the time with the pet, especially when it didn't take MC away from him.
He reached out to pet it but it moved away when he tried. Now that he thought about it, it only ever let MC stroke it. He guessed that was something they had in common.
They both slept in the planetarium that night.
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obeythebutler · 3 months ago
Undateables and brothers with an MC playing with their horns
Brothers and Royals With A MC That Plays With Their Horns
For the sake of this fic, demon horns are going to be sensitive here. That's all I have to say. I'd play with Satan's horns any day.
Brothers and Dateables With A MC Touching their Wings here.
"I don't know why you insist on touching—ah, gentle."
A sigh escapes Lucifer when your fingers brush against the base of his horns. You can see the effect it has on the demon: he is now sighing in your lap, in bliss as you pet his horns.
"Are they sensitive?"
The demon shoots you a scowl. You chuckle, fingers finding their way again to the horns adorning his head. You already know the effect your touch has on him, reduced to a sighing mess, like a cat in pure bliss when you pet it.
But you like to tease Lucifer.
The next few moments pass in silence as you continue petting his horns, with your prideful demon in your lap. You can faintly hear the cacophony of the others in the hallway, but that's a noise you're both willing to ignore for the sake of each other.
But when another noise joins, Lucifer squints as he stares at the shiny object in your hand, and you freeze; having been caught in the act.
None of you move for a hot minute, with Lucifer staring at the offending item in your hand like it's going to bite his ankles, and you freeze in shame.
He closes his eyes again.
"Aren't you going to say anything?"
"Even if I do, you're still not going to cease your attempts."
You grin, resuming the action of placing the anklet on his horns, draping the jewellery carefully so that it doesn't tangle but neither falls off.
And when you look back to admire your work, you can imagine the halo that must have been on his head, brighter and shinier than any jewel.
No reply.
You smile again at the scowling demon, resuming your ministrations on his horn and hair. You thought demon horns weren't sensitive, but here are you.
"Don't you dare."
But you dare. You know you're the only person Lucifer would ever allow to call him such atrocious titles and pet his hair, stroke his horns and place jewellery on them.
When your fingers brush at the tip, a noise escapes Lucifer.
Not a moan, not a sigh, not a gasp.
The rumbling noise is enough to tell the answer: it's a purr.
Lucifer Morningstar, Avatar of Pride and Eldest of the Seven Brothers, is now lying on your lap and purring like a cat as you stroke the horns adoring his head.
The horns are a replacement for the halo, another sign of the change he has undergone. With the jewels, the black horns are brought to life.
But no halo or jewellery can compare to the light the Morningstar radiates. Even in the darkest days and times, Lucifer shines the brightest, as he was intended too.
And you wouldn't have it any other way.
"Your horns are very useful."
You murmur, noticing how the demon immediately blushes at your statement. His horns are indeed, very useful. From the shape to their design—everything about them is unique. Including its use.
"I'm not a bottlescrew!"
You roll your eyes. "Sure you are," You declare, easing the wine bottle closer towards his horns. They're shaped like a corkscrew, but do they also work like that as well?
"No touching! Grrr!"
You raise your hands in defeat. "Alright, alright," You counter, gazing at the demon whose flustered by holding your hand to stop your movements. "Should I stop touching you then?"
The look on Mammon's face is worthy of a picture.
"No—Yes! AHHH! I mean—"
The demon splutters, stumbling over his own words as he blushes. You know it's all an act, that Mammon wants nothing more than you to touch him. He's always been greedy for you.
So you do.
Reaching out, you place a careful finger on the tip of the appendages on his head. The action immediately silences Mammon, who now stands frozen. You can see his eyes trace your every movement. Every careful stroke and touch, he observes with intensity.
And soon, it isn't long before Mammon is now draped in your lap, your hands soothingly massaging his horns and hair. You can feel him sigh in contentment as you card your fingers through his hair.
He's always been greedy for you.
And who are you to refuse?
He'd fit right in amongst the fishes.
That's the first thing you notice on seeing the coral horns on Levi's head. Given that water is his domain, his more 'demonic' parts would be that of a sea serpent and coral horns.
"Fishy," You whisper, gazing at the demon whose focused on his game, the bass of the final boss reverberating in the air. Levi doesn't hear your observation, but he definetly feels a pair of eyes ogling his head.
"W-What are y-you doing?"
His citrine eyes dart nervously between you and the screen. Instinctively, the tail reaches for his head as his hands are occupied with the controller.
On feeling nothing strange there, Levi shoots you a nervous look.
"Your horns," You declare, not tearing your gaze away from the appendages on his head. At your statement, the purple-haired demon gets up from his chair to inspect his reflection in the glass screen.
But when he doesn't find anything out of the ordinary, a frown falls on his face.
Your eyebrows furrow at the action. You know what is going on in the demon's mind; that he's simply a worthless and ugly shut-in who looks like a freak.
"MC, I—Huh?!"
Words fail Leviathan when your hands come to rest on his horns. His posture stiffens, and Levi would be in a stupor right now if not for your words.
A gentle touch against his horns.
"You're not what you think you are."
A brush against his tail.
"You're unique."
A kiss to his horns.
"You're Leviathan."
Levi doesn't know what he's done to deserve you. Time and time again, you come and make him see the things he's refused, imagined, twisted in his mind.
You're going to be the death of him one day, with your love.
But Levi's going to die a happy death.
Satan doesn't dislike his more..demonic features.
He simply prefers being calm and polite. With his sharp horns and tail coiled around his leg as a sign of control, Satan is a perfect member of the knowledgeable demon elite.
But he doesn't want you to get hurt because of him.
"Careful," Satan warns as he observes your movements. He had been puzzled yet intrigued at your request to inspect his demon form, and he obliged.
You nod in response, gently tracing a finger from the base to the curved tip. Satan was right, they indeed are sharp if not handled carefully, but there's nothing stopping you from showering your beloved demon in affection.
They're covered with scales, you only realize when you feel the sensation of his appendages in your hands.
"Is this—"
"Ah, I'm so sorry!"
The blonde demon stumbles over his words at having caught his unruly tail in the action of coiling itself around your leg. That's why he keeps it close to his body, but it seems the heart never listens.
"It's alright," You mumble, gently taking the appendage in your hands as you observe the green scales. You can feel it tremble under your touch.
"You aren't hurt, right?"
"Not at all. In fact, your tail seems to particularly like me."
The blush on Satan's face is adorable, yet embarrassed.
"Can you..touch my horns again, please?"
You find him lowering his head so that you can easily access his horns, like a cat.
If anything, Asmodeus adores his demon form.
The demon flaunts his wings and horns pridefully. He has had many touch his horns and tail in amorous encounters, and Asmo has welcomed it.
But there's a certain emotion brewing in his heart when you massage his horns.
"Your horns are so smooth to the touch!" You exclaim, marvelling over each smooth appendage as you glide a finger across. The demon's horns are ending in pink at the tip, with delicate patterns .
Underneath you, Asmodeus shivers.
"Indeed they are! I make sure to polish them regularly! Smoother and more alluring than others!"
You nod in reply, stroking the area around where his horns emerge. At that action, the demon sighs before leaning into you more.
You let him, placing a hand on the nape of the neck as Asmo adjusts his position to ensure that his horns don't accidentally hurt you. He could never let that happen.
"Would you like me to decorate your horns with some jewellery?"
The demon immediately perks up, excitement thrumming in his veins at your question. Before you know it, Asmodeus has intertwined his fingers with yours, and now your lips are barely apart.
He doesn't give a reply, instead choosing to bury his face in the crevice of your neck. His wings flutter softly, silently, as you feel Asmodeus smile.
"I would love that."
Beel doesn't play much attention to his more demonic traits. Like the horns on his head or the wings on his back, the demon doesn't fawn over them like Asmodeus, or take pride in them.
He can't be bothered, when his hunger prevents him.
But if you seem to find amusement in his horns, who is he to deny?
"Your horns are so big!" You point out, tracing a finger over each ridge that clearly defines itself. The demon had been a bit confused at your request to touch his horns, but sat down nevertheless so that you could easily access his head.
Beel says nothing, but buries himself in your chest. He doesn't feel the need to voice a reply, not when it can be said in a simple action.
Your heartbeat is soothing, just like those times when he'd get nightmares and Lilith and Belphegor would let him fall asleep to the sound of their heartbeat.
Alive and Breathing.
But then he feels something being placed on his head, even lighter and delicate than your hands. A careful feel of the object tells him it's soft, and when Beel takes a deep breath, the familiar fragrance taking his mind back to the garden.
A flower crown.
Looking at the mirror behind you, the demon can briefly make out the flowers delicately woven together, now placed on his head, adoring his horns.
"Is this alright? Asmodeus showed me how to weave a flower crown one time and I thought they would look—"
Beelzebub finds himself giggling. Cute, he thinks, gazing at the flowers on his head and the confusion on your face.
Well, a kiss would clear it all away.
Belphegor snorts at the inneudo, gently wacking you on the head with his tail. Softly, meant in good fun.
You giggle, resuming your ministrations of gently touching his horns. They're twisted like a ram's, and another pun is already on your mind, but you don't voice it out loud.
"I like your horns," You declare, massaging his head harder to emphasize your point; making Belphegor sleepily hum.
"They're a pain to care for." He mumbles, your scent already pulling him to the brink of sleep. Or maybe he's just finding an excuse to sleep in your arms.
"If you want, I could file them down for you."
The sleepy demon nods his head. Belphegor would often fall asleep in the middle of grooming, and then Beel would come to help him. Or until Lucifer scolded him for his disheveled horns.
The prospect of annoying Lucifer does sound interesting.
But his mouth opens, and he finds himself already giving permission as he's pulled into bliss by your ministrations. Your hands work their magic on his scalp and horns, and if the demon isn't careful he might just doze off.
Belphegor doesn't mind that.
In your lap, with you massaging his head and horns, he feels as if this moment would be disturbed any moment. Soon one of his brothers will come rushing in and take you away from themselves. They always want more time, but Belphegor will make up for what was lost.
For now, he's in your arms.
That's the first thing one would notice about Diavolo's demon form. Even the most extravagant beings would be overshadowed by the grandeur of the Prince's demon form.
Adored with gold at the tips, each wing and horn is elegant, large, a display of sheer power and authority that the demon possesses.
And yet, you have the formidable demon Prince in your lap, whose seeking respite from the ever-lasting pile of paperwork and Barbatos's nagging.
"That feels good." He mumbles, closing his eyes to savour the sensation of having your undivided attention without any paperwork or royal duties, if only for fleeting moments.
Never had the demon thought that he'd find solace in having his horns played with it. Maybe is it because he never had experienced affection?
But then you came along.
"Your horns sure are big, Dia," You tease, tracing a finger across the length, down to the very ends in gold.
"You're quite bold," He murmurs, inhaling your scent as it calms his nerves. And then, he abruptly sits up straight, letting the mattress dip under his weight until your eyes are at level with his. A finger is placed under your chin, and your lips are barely apart.
"But that's what I like about you."
The space between two lovers ceases to be.
The butler never acts improper.
His position calls for it, to be ready to serve and help his Lord in his time of need, to be dedicated and composed as ever.
Barbatos remains a mystery to many, but to you, he'll break down his walls.
"Your horns are deceiving. Frail at first glance, but they're strong and firm." You observe, placing a finger across the thin branches of his horns.
"Just like you."
The demon smiles, feeling something warm brew in his chest. "I don't share my secrets with anyone," He whispers, leaning forward to place a flower in your hair and give you a chaste kiss. Leaning back against the tree trunk, Barbatos admires his work.
"But you have my heart."
Gently feeling the petal, you flash the demon a grin. "I sure do, Barb. But it looks like someone else has found an affinity for your horns."
His eyes immediately dart towards the chirp of a bird, which seems to be coming from his head. A Devildom sparrow now proudly perches on his horns, merrily enjoying the view.
Barbatos and you share a chuckle together.
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candymeowz · 2 months ago
OM!Brothers Reacting To You Mumbling Their Names In Your Sleep:
Tumblr media
Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Belphegor.
Tw: None
Fluffy fluff fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was normal for Lucifer to stay up late, between the political work Diavolo had trusted onto him as well as having to account for his brothers' money expenses... This was another one of those nights.
His eyes were tired when he glanced at the time, sighing as he noted it was well past 3 in the morning. He should get some sleep.
Pushing away the paperwork for the night -and actualy being responsible about his mental health for once, Lucifer made his way towards his bedroom. He smiled when he saw you sleeping soundly on the bed. You were clutching his pillow, snuggling into his scent with a peaceful look upon your face- the definition of an ethereal beauty.
After changing into some comfortable night robes, he climbed into bed next to you when he heard you mutter his name.
Lucifer froze. Did he wake you up?
A glance to your direction denies that he did. You must be dreaming of him, he mused as he carefully manoeuvered your body to spoon you and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. You smiled.
He's glad even in your unconscious state you recognized him as your lover.
Tumblr media
Mammon cursed himself. The photoshoot wasn't supposed to last this long! You and him had already planned an entire date together- tickets to the latest movie then dinner at a restaurant, and maybe some cuddle time back at the House of Lamentation...
When he entered his bedroom, you were sleeping on the couch, dressed in a way that made it obvious you were waiting for the him but the pang of guilt he supposed he should feel was buried beneath an overwhelming sense of love. He kneeled besides you, observing your sleeping face being illuminated by the tv in a soft halo while he gently flicked a few stray strands of hair away from your forehead.
How was he so fortunate to have you?
"I'm sorry, babe," he whispered, cradling your face with one hand, "I'll make it up to you tomorrow, yeah?"
"Mammon..." you mumbled in your sleep, nuzzling into the warmth of his palm. His face heated up, eyes flickering between you and anywhere else before he let out a groan.
"You're lucky you're my human," He muttered as he picked you up and changed you into some more comfortable pyjamas, snuggling with you in bed with a small smile on his face.
He's lucky you're his human.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on Leviathan's lap, watching him play a new game. His head was rested on your shoulder as his eyes focused on the screen, talking you through the gameplay and letting out a few curses every now and then.
You, on the other hand, had had a long day. You had just finished all your tasks for the week and considering the time, it wasn't abnormal for your eyes to feel droopy. You let yourself be overcome by sleep, the sounds of Leviathan's game continuing in the background.
He didn't think much of it when you slumped against him, eyes still trained on his boss battle. It was only when he won did he look at you and was met with your sleeping self.
"Levi..." you mumbled, making yourself comfortable on his lap. His face flushed a bright red. Mo-Moe!
Taking out a phone, he snapped more than a few photos, wondering how you're so effortlessly cute even in your unconscious state. Satisfied, he gently carried you to his makeshift bed, smiling as he joined you in your sleep.
Tumblr media
You and Satan were in his room, having another one of those dates where you peacefully read a book together. It was nice, surrounded by the ambience created by the candles and the smell of books and your lover. It felt like home.
With his voice reading to you in a calming manner, it didn't take long for it to lull you to sleep, drifting you off into a dream as your head laid on his shoulders. He didn't notice, at first, his voice still gliding through the air. It was until you twisted and turned did he hear your peaceful snores.
You'd fallen asleep.
Satan stopped reading aloud, a gentle smile on his face as he tucked the blanket more comfortably around you. You muttered his name, voice so soft he could've easily missed it, but he didn't. A red hue tinted his cheeks.
His hand pet your head, wondering what you were dreaming of that made you call out his name before he reached back for the book, reading silently as his warmth embraced you in your sleep. His hand played with the hair at the nape of your neck.
This is nice, he thought, his eyes glancing at your sleeping form every once in a while, gaze fond.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus had always woken up earlier than you, his skincare routine requiring a strict schedule. He had just finished another morning routine when he returned back to your shared bed, carefully laying next to you as he watched you sleep.
You were adorable!
He had always admired these parts of you, and seeing how you still have time before school, Asmo decided he should let you have your sleep. Playing with your hair, he hummed a quiet tune, basking in your presence while you snored quietly, your breathing even, soothing.
You moved in your sleep, before a soft mutter of his name was caught by his ears.
"Hm?" He stared, noting you were still asleep. You must be having a nice dream, if he was in it. He grinned at the thought. "Even in your sleep you still think of me, love?"
He gave you butterfly kisses- on your forehead, nose, cheeks, retreating back when your eyes fluttered.
"I'd hate to disturb your dream, but the real thing's better, don't you think?"
Tumblr media
Beelzebub had just taken a shower after his morning run, a towel draped over his shoulders as he dressed casually in grey sweatpants and a tank top. You were still sleeping in your bed, hair strewn about on the pillow, face scrunching at whatever thoughts you were having.
He stood towering over your sleeping form, drying his hair as he wondered if he should wake you up. It was a weekday, and he doesn't recall any plans you might had have for the day.
"Beelz..." you chirped quietly as your hand stretched as if you were reaching for something- you're eyes were still closed, still asleep. You smiled when you grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling slightly to get him closer to you.
A light blush coloured his cheeks, but he followed your movements nonetheless. Towel left forgotten, he moved to lay comfortably besides you, cuddling you when you pulled him closer.
Looks like a lazy morning is in due.
Tumblr media
Belphegor had woken up in the middle of the night. Why? It seems his partner had somehow escaped his arms and was sleeping on the other side of the bed, dare looking innocent.
The stars were shining above you, twinkling in an endless sky, the moonlight hitting your face in such a way it makes you look like a masterpiece.
But he didn't care.
He glared at you. How dare you interrupt his sleep like this. His tail flicked once, twice before pulling you to him, his arms holding you firmly while he entangled your legs together so you can't escape as easily anymore.
Nuzzling into your neck, he felt your arms encasing him, softly muttering his name. Did he wake you up?
He leaned backwards, studying your face and realized that no, he didn't. So you were still thinking of him even in your sleep, huh?
He smirked. Okay, maybe he'll forgive you for your blunder just this once.
Tumblr media
A/N: No one asked for this, but you've all got it. Imma be honest, I'm proud of this fluff! The previous attempts had somehow turned into angst... Don't ask how, Idk myself.
Hope you all enjoyed it! Any feedbacks are highly appreciated.
Also, how'd you like the 2nd PoV?
Inspired by this Haikyuu post here.
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hoesoflamentation · 21 days ago
K!nktober 2021: Open your mouth. | Beel x GN!MC x Belphie | 18+
Tumblr media
Prompt: Bukkake
Pairing: Beel x GN!MC x Belphie
Warnings: established relationship, consensual non-monogamy, somnophilia (sort of), penetration, masturbation, exhibitionism/voyeurism, spanking, mild overstimulation, implied bukkake
A/N: this wound up being very long. please don't expect this from all my k!nktober pieces -- but do enjoy the first attic club sandwich of the month!! dedicated to my lovely mutual wren, whose birthday is today <3
Tumblr media
Nuzzling their face into the pillow, MC hummed contentedly as a heavy arm was slung over their shoulders. A pair of lips pressed against their hair; a sleepy smile spread across their face.
These days, this was a pretty typical way for MC to wake up. They spent the night in Beel and Belphie's room more often than not, roused by the familiar feeling of their boyfriend's arm around their shoulders -- and the comfortable sound of his brother's soft snores.
MC's eyes remained closed as they rolled over, their arms winding around the figure's neck. They kissed him, their lips lingering on his as they relished each other's warmth.
"Mmm, good morning, Beel," MC hummed, nuzzling their face into the crook of his neck.
Uncharacteristically, their boyfriend did not greet them back -- and as MC inhaled, they realized why. Instead of Beel's comforting, musky scent, they were met with a pleasant but foreign aroma: a mixture of pine-scented cologne and peppermint toothpaste.
Instinctively, MC's eyes snapped open. They pulled away, but Belphie's surprisingly strong arms instinctively yanked them closer, trapping them flush against his chest. However, they relaxed when they realized that the seventh-born had not woken up yet.
Belphie whimpered in his sleep, humping needily into their back as he tightened his grip on their body. MC told themself that he was probably having a dream, a dream about someone completely different. Even so, the scandalous sensation of his morning wood ignited flames between their legs.
This is wrong, MC thought -- even as they were unable to stop themself from sighing contentedly, greedily pushing back into the lazy movements of Belphie's hips. I'm with Beel.
Just as his name crossed MC's mind, Beel rolled over with a groan. MC's heart pounded as their boyfriend rubbed the sleep from his eyes, slowly blinking awake.
As his gaze sharpened, MC realized that Beel clearly knew what Belphie was doing. Yet, his response was the opposite of what MC had expected.
Rather than getting angry, Beel smirked teasingly. "Getting started without me, Belphie?"
MC began to open their mouth to protest, to tell Beel that his twin was still asleep -- but surprisingly, the seventh-born spoke before they could interject.
"Shut up and go back to sleep, Beel. I want a turn with MC."
Liquid arousal pooled between MC's thighs despite themself. From the way the twins spoke, Beel and Belphie seemed to have an understanding that MC's body was shared property.
MC knew they should be angry about this, that their boyfriend would volunteer them to their brother without their permission. But all it did was turn them on, to imagine the overstimulation from two demons encircling them with their ravenous touch.
Before they knew it, they were moaning, grinding their hips hungrily against Belphie's ever-hardening cock. The youngest brother chuckled, his hands wandering down to their hips to press their bodies even closer together.
"Sounds like MC agrees," Belphie teased, arching an eyebrow at Beel.
MC merely watched, enthralled, as Beel's growing erection twitched through the thin fabric of his sweatpants. Meanwhile, Belphie's hands began to wander aimlessly over their body, eliciting gasps as they discovered new erogenous zones MC hadn't known existed.
"Is that what you want, baby?" Beel murmured provocatively. "You want Belphie to ruin you while I watch?"
Cheeks reddening with embarrassment, MC could only nod in agreement, unable to bring themself to admit their obscene desires aloud.
Behind them, MC felt Belphie smirk. His hands found their way to MC's ass cheeks as he replied sadistically:
"Well then, MC. Let's see how much of a mess we can make."
He spanked them, hard, emphasizing his words.
"On your knees," Belphie ordered. "Now."
MC hesitated for the briefest of seconds, their gaze flickering back to Beel. Reassuringly, their boyfriend gave them a tiny nod.
"Do what Belphie says, baby," Beel encouraged. "Show him how well you can listen for me."
With Beel's explicit permission, all MC's reservations disappeared. Obediently, they perched on their hands and knees as Belphie positioned himself, standing, behind them. His pants lay in a heap on the floor, long forgotten.
The way they were kneeling gave MC a perfect view of Beel, who was reclining against the headboard with his legs stretched out long in front of him. They watched as he wriggled out of his bottoms, his impressive cock springing free in front of him.
At the same time, Belphie was already massaging the precum leaking from his tip down his shaft. His cock wasn't as thick as Beel's, but it was longer, with a slight upward curve that promised to make MC's legs quiver. Belphie smirked as he caught them admiring its length over their shoulder.
"Aww, such a needy little slut," he cooed. "You can't stop staring, can you? You like what you see, baby?"
MC whimpered in reply as Belphie began to rut against their sopping wet hole, the tip teasing them with the promise of his length. In front of them, Beel had started pumping his shaft, his hips bucking slightly into his grip.
"Be good for him, sweetheart," Beel breathed. "I want you to take the whole thing for me."
At his words, MC tried to press back into Belphie's hardened length -- but the seventh-born cruelly pulled away. Over their shoulder, they glared at him expectantly, letting out an involuntary whine.
"Beg for it," Belphie barked in reply, with about as much empathy in his voice as Lucifer when he yelled at Mammon.
"Please, Belphie," MC complied. "Need you inside of me. Wanna feel full."
"Mm, you're such a good little slut," Belphie praised as, without warning, he plunged his entire length into their aching hole. "You'll do anything we ask, won't you, MC?"
MC struggled to form words as Belphie began to rock into them with deliberate thrusts. Swallowing hard, they nodded in agreement, the silent acknowledgement of their subordinance making Beel moan as he stroked himself.
Both brothers' movements started out slow and rapidly became more frenetic as they each approached their climax. The only sound in the room was labored breathing from all three of them -- until, somewhere amid the frenzy of pleasure, Beel reached forward with his free hand to caress MC's sweet spot with languid circles of his thumb.
In their overstimulated state, these tiny strokes alone, combined with Belphie's enthusiastic fucking, were enough to send MC over the edge. Moaning unabashedly, they felt their knees wobble slightly as stars gathered behind their vision; the intoxicating buzz of pleasure building up at their core.
"Beel, Belphie," MC whined. "I'm gonna cum."
The proclamation gave Belphie a sudden burst of energy. He propped one foot up on the bed, using it as leverage to force his length even deeper inside of them. The slight upward curve of his cock hit exactly the right spot with every thrust.
Belphie continued to fuck them relentlessly, refusing to slow down even as they overflowed with pleasure. Without warning, their arousal gushed over. Beel's rhythmic touch matched his brother's pace, milking every last drop of MC's orgasm from their sensitive spot as both brothers eagerly chased their own climax.
Suddenly, Belphie pulled out, beginning to stroke his cock without missing a beat. Already, Beel had stood to join him, his own length pulsing with the promise of his impending finish.
Both angled their dicks toward MC's face, intending to paint their skin milky white, as Belphie barked his final order of the morning:
"That's it, baby. Open your mouth."
Tumblr media
taglist: @everyday-girl9041-blog @bunna-does-stuff @obey-me-tho
(dm me if you would like to be added!)
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carnationhcs · a month ago
Heard ya wanted to try writing for the Obey Me! Fandom. I assume this probably won't be your first request for it, but if it is, that will be a first for me too. 🤣
Can you do headcannons for a f!mc who prefers the brothers more demonic side?
(A/n: I guess it's a day of firsts😅)
Hope you enjoy~♥️
Warnings: None
Age rating: None
Tumblr media
The 7 Brothers with a F!MC That Loves Their Demon Form
Though his pride would never allow him to admit this, when he first revealed his demon form to you he was extremely nervous
I mean, to him, it was already surprising that you were so accepting about the brothers being demons in the first place and now he's just supposed to show you his true form? Of course he was anxious
When he finally steeled himself, he called you into his office saying he needed to talk
Once you were sat down he explained that Diavolo had commanded that he and the other 6 show you their demon forms
That he had said it would be better to acquaint you with a demon's true form via demons you knew and trusted
Even better to start out with the one you were dating
With that he shifted, spread his wings to their full length, and awaited your response
As he waited for your reaction he prepared himself for the worst possible scenarios
He expected you to be terrified of him or to fling some of the many deprecating words he's heard in all his years as a demon
Or worst of all, as much as it pained him, he was prepared for you to break up with him
What he didn't expect was for you to squeal and run over to glide your fingers through his wings' feathers, claiming that they were "so soft and fluffy"
Or to hear you say that you thought his horns made him look hot
Knowing that you accepted him completely filled him with so much love and pride (surprisingly not for himself for once)
From that point on, whenever he was stressed or had a bad day he would come to you shifted and lay his head in your lap or on your chest as you ran your fingers across his horns or played with his wings
Eventually, it got to the point that you developed such a love of how soft his feathers are that you would start asking him to shift just so you could run your hands through the soft, black plumage
All in all, it's extremely relaxing for the both of you and was a great way for you guys to get even closer to each other
When he first introduced you to his demon form he expected you to be nervous and to turn him away
Of course, he didn't show that insecurity and acted cocky as usual
"Of course you think I look cool, I'm THE Great Mammon!"
"Any puny human would be impressed.."
On the inside, though, he's more relieved than he'd ever admit
The first time that you touched his wings you were shocked to say the least
You expected them to be leathery but surprisingly they felt more velvety than anything
From that point on you were enamored with running your fingertips gently across the soft surface of the membrane
Once he knows that you like his true form, be prepared for him to take full advantage
He'll do one of two things to get you to pay him the attention he deserves:
Option one: He'll go directly up to you, shifted, and badger you with no shame until you give him your undivided attention
Option two: He'll withhold letting you mess with his wings until you crack and beg him to shift
Personally, he loves it when when you run your fingers through his hair and rub the base of his horns
It feels like heaven in hell for him and if he could he would just lay with you as you cuddle him close forever
This poor baby didn't even mean to show you yet
He was playing one of his many games and got so worked up that he shifted without realizing
You were laying in his bed scrolling through your phone when you heard a swishing noise coming from your boyfriend's direction
Saying you were surprised when you looked up would be an understatement
Glancing towards the tv, you see, in all his glory, your purple-haired otaku- tail swishing back and forth, clearly agitated
Though you had never seen this version of your beloved, all you could think about was how cute he looked- eyes narrowed with focus, the tip of his tail flicking every now and then
When Levi finally noticed your staring, the poor demon was so flustered
His face turned bright red with embarrassment as he noticed your gaze
He was about to tell you that he could shift back if his demon form made you uncomfortable, but you beat him to it with a:
Tumblr media
"How you doinnnn~"
No, I'm totally kidding 😂
But once you reassured him that you liked his true form, he was a lot more relaxed around you
If you're looking for some Levi Cuddles™ but he's busy he'll shift and wrap his tail around your waist, pulling you tightly against his side
If he has to ask you to mess with his tail though? Be prepared for one red demon
He gets super flustered asking you to play with his tail as he games, even though he knows you love it just as much as him
10/10 do recommend randomly touching his tail- it never fails to turn him into a stuttering mess
Satan was is the library, shifted, relaxing and hiding away from his brothers' antics when you came bursting into the room claiming you needed him to his you from Mammon
Upon further investigation, he discovered that you had cheated on n a game of poker with the second born
Agreeing to aid you just as the Avatar of Greed flung open the doors yelling for you, he shifted to hide you behind him
Somehow he smooth talked his brother put of the library without alerting him to your presence
Turning to look at you, he noticed you looking at his tail in wonder
Questioning you about it you merely expressed that you thought his tail was really cool
"It's just really cool, non of the other brothers have a gradient on their demon features.. it's unique.."
Congratulations you just rendered the Avatar of Wrath speechless
Whenever you were next to him he would pull you in close with his tail just because he knows it flusters you
On the flip side you could always fluster him back by complimenting the color scheme of his demon form..
Without realizing it, over time, he developed a habit of wrapping his tail around your leg when he is jealous or just overwhelmed with emotion, it's grounding
(sorry this was so much like Levi's.. there's only so much you can do with a tail😅)
You saw his demon form pretty early on upon coming to the devildom
Asmo is unapologetically him and doesn't care to show it
*Gets cocky about you liking their demon form pt. 2*
His demon form was so pretty that you couldn't help saying something even if you wanted to
"Of course it is! My entire being is radiant!😏"
(Not so) Secretly loves it when you offer to help him with his wing beauty routine:
I.e helping him exfoliate, clean, or moisturize his wings
He especially loves how much care you use when handling them
He doesn't hesitate to tell you how good it feels for you to touch his wings either-
"If you keep that up, little minx, you'll be in for a long night~~"
All in all, is appreciative of finally having someone who understands the importance of self care/upkeep
*Pt. 2 of not really caring*
He was just shoving his face in the kitchen in the middle of the night when you went to get a glass of water
The only real shocker to you was that the already large demon somehow got even larger
The 6'9" (that's what came up when I searched his height 🤷) gentle giant was now well over 7'
Continuing to get your water you made a comment on how, because of the fridge light, his wings created a stunning rainbow light show on the wall of the kitchen
That ignited something in Beel that he didn't know existed
In all his years of life, he had never really heard his wings associated with something beautiful
Most people tended to have some distain for how they looked, due to them being very insect reminiscent
But for someone, especially someone whom he cared so much about to state that they were pretty?
He could have burst from happiness
From that point on, he made it his mission to get more compliments out of you (not that it was hard, you truly loved how unique his demon form was)
If you guys were somewhere with random streams of light, he would always coincidentally stand to where the light would shine through and make gorgeous iridescent patterns on either you or the wall
He just wants to impress you and to hear that you truly do love him, and if he has to do that with his wings, so be it..
Sleepy Boi Hours™
He was asleep when you walked into the twins room and saw his demon form
He hadn't hid it from you, there was just never an instance where you could see it
He woke up to the feeling of his tail getting messed with, only to find that you were braiding the switch
When he asked you what you were doing all he got in response was:
"it's soft, what'd you expect"
Not really sure how to respond, and also not really caring, he left you to it and fell back asleep
Needless to say, it became a sort of routine for you guys
Whenever you guys would lay down to sleep, he would shift and wordlessly flit his tail towards your hands until you started to play with it, lulling him into some of the best sleeps he's ever had
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long-furby6 · a month ago
I know for a fact you’d give Lucifer so many stress lines 😭😭
The Brothers With A Venti-Like MC
Tumblr media
The minute he met you, he just new you were gonna be a pain in the ass
Maybe it was your smug look, or the intuition built over centuries of pseudo-parenting that something was off. But either way, he was, unfortunately, right
At first, he thought you were just a really weird human with no preservation instincts. Extremely annoying, too. Constantly breaking out into song in the middle of his lectures in some language he didn’t understand, swindling bartenders into free drinks, etc etc
oh god is this a Mammon with Asmo’s charm and his own pride???
Until he started seeing stuff about you that made him do a double take. What kinda human can drink that much and survive? Why do you always talk about events that took place a millennia before as if you were there??
Your actual identity clicked for him one day when he saw you wind current some poor guy into the next dimension
Turns out the 2nd human exchange student isn’t even human
Boy was he pissed. And you have an entire religion based around you??? Just how much did you not tell him????
His punishments are not the funnest so good luck
Once he gets used to this new information, he comes to quite enjoy your company
He’ll ask you to come play your lyre for him while he works in exchange for an apple or maybe some wine, he’s gotta admit that you’re one of the best bards he’s met. You often tell eachother stories of past friendships and fallen empires just to reminisce
Tumblr media
There’s no way in hell that you aren’t just instantly best friends
He’s the first person who knows about the whole god thing. Mostly because you blurted it out in a drunken stupor.
He thought it was a joke at first, until you actually showed him some of your abilities and he just went ???
SO happy that you told him and only him. Sure you were poster boarded to the forth dimension but still
Makes you play constantly and demand people pay for your entertainment
He’s a pretty good singer so maybe you two can duet? Join his modelling magazines as a guest?
Broke squad
Since you can shift your body into basically anything, he might try and get you to pose as him when he’s getting in trouble so he can escape through the back door
You’ll probably both get borderline executed after, but hey, it was fun while it lasted
Tumblr media
Will. You. Stop. Coming. Into. His. Room. Drunk. Off. Your. Ass. And. Messing. Up. His. GAME
Seriously, it’s kinda hard to concentrate when you’re clinging to him and screaming the lyrics to some weird song. Hey! You’re getting tears on his Ruri-Chan Limited Edition T-Shirt!
While your eccentric tendencies can annoy him at times, he can’t say he doesn’t enjoy your company when you’re not being annoying with Asmo or Mammon
He actually finds himself running excitedly to find you after some new anime comes out, or one of his favourite idols releases an album, just because you seem to get so hyped along with him
You gotta scream along to anime openings with him. He’s also very interested in any old sea shanties you might know
When he found out you were a god, I swear he nearly lost it
Like, you have all these people who love and worship you so much??? That’s so not fair!!
You’d think the archon of wind and a demon of the sea wouldn’t get along very well, but besides the occasional squabble, you two become quite close
Mostly he just like the fact that he can bribe you so easily. All he needs is a couple apples and you’re off to pester Mammon for his money back
Tumblr media
Doesn’t care, doesn’t bother. At first anyway
He ended up seeing how annoyed you make Lucifer, and decided to maybe talk to you a little more
Actually ends up liking you a lot! And that’s surprising considering how different you two are
Finding out you had a cult based around you was a little… shocking, however. What do you mean they call you Barbatos??? One is enough!
After the initial surprise, he gets the unbearable urge to go talk to one of your followers. Hearing them talk about how benevolent and mighty their god is when he literally saw you jump into a fountain while wasted to all hell slurring something about lost treasure not even two days ago is comedy gold to him
Gotta restrain himself from laughing when they say something about how know all knowing you are. He’s the one who has to tutor you all the time
Hearing about the archon war was more off putting then anything, tho. Like, who knew you were capable of so much destruction? He’s gotta be more careful around you…
When he finds out about your cat allergy… oh lord he feels so bad
He’s not even angry abt it he just pities you so much. You’ll never experience the pure joy of kissing their little foreheads :(
heart been broke so many times
Tumblr media
So excited when he hears your musical talent
Though that does mean he’s constantly bothering you to perform with him in front of his fans or at his parties
Definitely drinking buddies. You him and Mammon are kinda a bar hopping trio
Tries to get you to compete with him on who has a bigger cult. Gets lowkey upset when you win because you’re literally a religious figure—
Dramatically flops onto you when you’re sitting on the couch and starts ranting about how unfair it is
Gets you an apple or a bottle of wine anytime he can. He likes seeing the happy glint in your eye when he gives it to you
Gotta get drunk with him and start telling eachother everything
Forces you to let him style your hair
Tumblr media
When you first meet him, he kinda senses something off about you? You don’t feel quite human to him…
Turns out he was right. He wasn’t surprised at all when the whole Archon thing was revealed
It made sense now why you jumped in front of him and Luke that one time. You could probably put up a fight with even Lucifer!
Always tries to leave you some apples when he’s raiding the fridge. It’s hard to resist, but, they seem to make you very happy
When he finds out you took the form of a friend that died, holy shit dude
He’s always there to comfort you when those memories get a little too much. You did the same for him, after all
Tumblr media
Do you gotta be so loud all the time? You keep waking him up :/
He’s the only one who heard of the Anemo Archon, Barbatos long before he even met you. He spent so much time with humans as an angel, after all
Though he had no idea it was you until the day he tried to kill you. You nearly broke the wall with the force of that wind blast, sending him flying into all manner of furniture
He just stared at you like ??? 😳 ??? For so long
Very curious about your abilities and backstory. Maybe you can tell him some stories and play with his hair while he lays on your chest? Until he falls asleep? Please?
The schemes you two make together are enough to bring down the whole House Of Lamentation and it’s lowkey frightening
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selcouth14 · 2 months ago
| Who’s Mc’s favorite? |
parings: obey me brothers x GN reader
A/n: hello! I’m finally back, I haven’t been writing because I’ve been in a bad place recently. I haven’t had motivation and this is the longest I’ve been since writing and I’m very sorry but I’m back on track now!
spoilers for chapter 16 in belphegors part
it’s just like any other day in the house of lamentation. You’re sitting down drinking (drink of your choice) when all of a sudden you hear Asmo and Mammon fighting. You decide just to let them fight it out this time, you’re already exhausted and if it gets too bad beel can help.
mammon: MC! please tell Asmo just to let it go already!
Asmodeus: they’re not going to side with you! After all I AM their favorite!
Mammon: WHAT?! I’m their first so I’m their favorite!
Suddenly all of the 7 demon brothers turn towards you, over hearing the fight that was going on.
So, who is your favorite, Mc?
“Well I’d say it’s Lucifer!”
• Words cannot describe how much you have boosted this mans ego. Of course, even before you said it was him he already guessed he was your favorite. He is usually very confident after all.
• He gives you a little smirk and says “well of course I am, MC” . It’s ends up with you blushing and the rest of the brothers feeling sick .
• However, sometime after when everyone is already back in their rooms Lucifer calls you to his room. You guessed it was about what you had said earlier and you were right.
• He tilts your head up while saying “I am very glad to be your favorite, MC” then gives you a kiss
“My favorite? I’d say it’s Mammon!”
• Everyone is in shock. You can see mammon from across the room looking like he just won a billion Grimm! He then yells out “well of course I’m your favorite!” with a blush on his face.
• Asmo then ruins the moment though by saying “MC…are you feeling alright?” YES ASMO WE’RE FEELING JUST FINE
• It’s been some time and everyone has left the room leaving you and mammon together. He walks up to you and gives you a tight hug.
• “I’ll always be your favorite of course. After all I am your first” you then give him a quick kiss making him flustered.
“Well…My favorite is Levi!”
• He was so self conscious as you were about to say your answer. He thought that you were going to say Lucifer or Beel. They’re opposite of the “gross otaku” that he is , according to Levi
• When you said it was him though, he didn’t even fully register what you had said. He was just spacing out with his thoughts.
• when he figured out what you had said, he has the biggest blush on his face. He didn’t really believe it. Neither did everyone else.
• later that day, in his room, you cuddle up close to him. “I’m your only favorite right MC?”
• “of course you are Levi!” you say while giving him a quick kiss.
he is my favorite 🏃🏽‍♀️
“My favorite would have to be Satan!”
• he was very happy at this. He turns around and gives Lucifer a look like “😌” . You boosted his confidence and ego a lot.
• He was confident but he was also acknowledging the fact that maybe his one of his other brothers could be your favorite.
• He closes his book, makes eye contact with you and gives you the sweetest smile you have seen from him. He is genuinely really happy that you said it was him.
• After all of this he brings you to the library where he gives you a passionate kiss. “Thank you, MC”
“ my favorite is asmodeus!”
• He is OVERJOYED . “Awwww well of course I am MC!” And he then engulfs you in a big hug.
• The brothers really aren’t surprised by this and neither is asmo. Much like Lucifer he was very confident that he was your favorite beforehand.
• you can tell that he’s sparkling more than usual and that’s saying a lot. Much more happier than usual.
• after this he grabs your hand and brings you to his room. “We’re going to have a day all to ourselves MC! After all I AM your favorite” he says with a cheeky smile while giving you a kiss.
“Hmm….we’ll my favorite is Beel!”
• Before this, he was kind of clueless on who it could be. He was really intrigued though. But, when you said it was him he was very delighted and surprised!
• he walks up to you and gives you a really nice warm hug. The kind that lifts you up. “I’m really happy to be your favorite MC, thank you.”
• Again, most of his brothers expected this but he really didn’t. But don’t get him wrong, he is really ecstatic that you said it was him, it made him really happy.
• Later that night he brings you to the kitchen where you two share some of his pudding and being all sweet together !
• asmo trying to sneak into the kitchen at 3 am to get a cupcake and seeing you two: 🧍
• he was asleep
• JUST IMAGINE BEING ALL LIKE “my favorite is probably belphegor…” and then just silence because he isn’t awake yet 🏃‍♀️💨
• but he wasn’t fully asleep, he was half asleep and he honestly thought it was a dream till beel shook him awake. When he turns to look at you he has a surprised, tired, and blushed face it’s really cute!
• “isn’t he the one that ki-“ mammon tries to say as Lucifer covers his mouth.
• belphegor knocks on your bedroom door later that night, “belphie what are you doing at my room so late?”
• “can I sleep here? With you?..”
• “oh of course! c’mon”
• you two settle into the bed and he cuddles up really close. Honestly, When he heard you say he was your favorite he was so happy even if he didn’t say it out loud. He was just so relieved you felt safe with him enough to sleep in the same bed as him after that whole ordeal. He really loves it.
I’m so sorry for procrastinating this long! But I do hope you enjoy !
have a lovely day and you matter!
- selcouth
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dreamkidddream · 7 months ago
So it’s basically where one partner is complaining about how their shirt smells and when the other person leans down to smell it their forehead gets kissed 🥺 so I had to write it for the bros 😭 I’m still doing the prompt special tho but take this as a thank you gift/self indulgent. Heavy on the ✨self indulgent✨ Reader is gender neutral!
The Brothers and Forehead Kisses (Tiktok Trend)
MC ew, he doesn’t want to smell your shirt if it stinks
Why would he want to do that
But you were so persistent and would not stop pestering him until he sniffed it, and he has paperwork to do so he doesn’t have time to waste
If this was a prank and Satan and/or Belphie put you up to you’re going to regret it
Rolling his eyes, he leaned down to smell only to feel your lips gently kiss his forehead
Very confused until you asked him if he smelt it. He did the same thing and got the same result
So this was your little prank, huh?
Honeslty doesn’t mind it, and is a little smug about it too
If you just wanted to kiss him, why didn’t you say so? He will happily grant your request
He rather do the kissing and on another body part, but he can never complain when it comes to you
10/10 recommend forehead kisses with Lucifer
He won’t outright ask you for them, but he will be expecting them for now on (especially when he’s stressed). Your kisses are possibly his only weakness (not that he’ll ever say that), and makes him feel all warm inside
You make him feel warm inside MC
He’s definitely done the sniff test on his own clothes more than once, so has no problem smelling
The only problem he had was the instant butterflies in his stomach and the blush across his face after you kissed his forehead
“Oi human! W-what do ya think ya doin’?!”
Is embarrassed and acts like the kisses are unwanted (he’s not fooling anyone), until you do it again and again and again
Very dopey and starts to complain when you pull away
“Hey! You started this, s-so ya gotta finish it! And I’m- I’m not done yet!”
You dumb human! Making him feel all these emotions for you. Now you gotta take responsibility! He’s the Great Mammon after all, and he only gets the best!
He’s lying MC don’t ever stop loving on him you’re already the best
Bonus: give him forehead kisses whenever he’s upset during your pep talks and he’ll marry you on the spot. Also becomes his favorite kiss and expects them everyday
KING of the sniff test
Man almost never leaves his room and is either gaming or binging anime (sometimes both) 25/8 what do you expect?
Has a heart attack when you kissed his forehead
Not really but he felt like he was
Face completely red, including ears, he couldn’t even stutter out his question of why you were doing this
Were you pranking him? Was this a trick?! Why would someone like you (WAAY out of his league) kiss a yucky otaku like him?
You saw that he was getting that look again, so you pecked his forehead over and over
Completely shuts down, but in a good way!
Give him forehead kisses forever MC, especially when he’s upset in his degrading mood or about to go in a jealous rage
Becomes exclusively your thing
Another one that doesn’t want to smell your shirt
If you think it smells then change??? He doesn’t understand why you’re still wearing it
Have to practically FORCE his head to your chest, and he finally gives in
Was pleasantly surprised to feel the kiss
You make him fluster so bad MC that he chokes lmao
Tries to act smug about it at first, but you caught him off guard and he is not mad about that
Kisses your forehead everyday before you leave the house: whether it’s for RAD, hanging out, whatever reason doesn’t matter
Does it everyday, and in front of everyone ESPECIALLY in front of Lucifer, he lives to spite this man
Makes him feel like he’s a part of his own love story, and that he finally had a happy ending
You are NOT fooling this man
If you want him to smell you, you gotta lie and say you sprayed some perfume or cologne and want his opinion
Well why didn’t you say so? He’ll be honored that you want his opinion but who wouldn’t? He’s Asmodeus, the best-
Did you just kiss his forehead?
Naughty MC, if it’s a kiss you wanted you didn’t have to trick him to get it~
But he didn’t mind. It makes him feel loved, a different kind, way different than what he feels from his fans, if the deep blush on his face is anything to go off of
Forehead kisses are something reserved just for you! And it doesn’t matter if it’s him kissing yours or the opposite, he loves it. He lives for it now, but only for you. This is something that his fans can never have, and they feel just a little salty about it, but they can’t stay mad for long. It’s Asmo, and MC always brings out this glow from him, and they do kinda look cute together...
Surprisingly he rather do this behind closed doors. Has no problem with kissing you in public, but it’s just more personal when it’s just you two
Keep this up MC and he may start loving you more than himself-
JK he’s obviously first place
But you have him doubting that sometimes, and it doesn’t bother him as much as he thought it would
Does the sniff test sometimes, but only because if he smells food on it he gets hungry and sometimes tempted to eat the shirt
He can’t help it
You want him to smell you- your shirt? Doesn’t mind, you already smell good and he does have the strongest sense of smell in the house (probably ever tbh), so it makes sense
Now Beel is one tall demon. All the brothers are pretty tall, but he’s the tallest (even if he isn’t he’s still huge), so kissing his forehead was a challenge on his own
Is deathly quiet for a few seconds, expression serious. Then...
You see the widest smile along with the red spreading across his cheeks. Purposely continues to do it even after he knows it’s a prank, doesn’t care
You awakened the beast MC
Fully expects these kisses for now on. Every. Single. Day. Not that you mind in the slightest
He goes to you whenever he feels like he needs it. Feeling famished and food isn’t working? Forehead kisses make him feel full. Need good luck for practice and on game days? Those kisses give him an extra boost. Bored? You and your kisses are more than enough to entertain him
Comes to you literally any time of the day to get your kisses. It’s better than anything he ever eats. Makes him feel better too!
Anything filled with love from you is better
MC what do you want?? He’s trying to sleep, and he doesn’t want to smell your smelly sweatshirt
Does the sniff test on his own clothes, but is petty enough to turn his nose at you
Maybe if you lay down and cuddle with him, he can probably take a whiff...
You fall for it (or so he thinks). So when he feels your soft lips on him, it’s enough to wake him up
You humans, always finding a way to trick people! Not that he cares that this trick has his heart racing and the tip of his ears burning
We all know he’s a sucker for affection no matter how much he tries to lie and deny it. So imagine how much he’s loving something so domestic like this
Is acting so shy, complaining about how unfair you are in teasing him, but you don’t miss the way his eyes flick from your lips to your own eyes, and the way that he positions himself for you to have easy access to kiss him again
Becomes your thing whether you like or not (spoiler alert: you do) and I mean just your thing. Besides from Beel, he’s pouting if you decide to do this to his other brothers. He’s the only one that should have your kisses, not his annoying and undeserving brothers! If you’re really sorry, you can apologize by giving him 10x the usual pecks and sleeping in his arms
Forehead kisses before napping and before going to bed >>>
The thought that he shouldn’t be forgiven still lingers in the back of his head, but whenever you give him that soft smooch on his forehead, it’s forgotten momentarily
You’re too good for him MC
You make him feel so cherished, so loved. He doesn’t know how he can repay you, make you feel the same, but these kisses are a good start
SN: should I do this for the BSD and MHA crew too 🤔? Cause I will 🌚 it’ll probably get done anyway lmao
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ohmykeery · 10 months ago
nsfw mini-scenarios with the obey me 7 + barbatos and solomon
Tumblr media
lucifer prefers having sex in either his bed or his study. he’s private, and isn't fond of the idea of one of his brothers interrupting the two of you. though he’s far from vanilla, his favorite method is rather simple-- you, bent over his desk, with your hair wrapped in his clenched fist. depending on the situation, he’s also not opposed to sneaking off to somewhere private in the middle of a party.
Tumblr media
like his older brother, mammon values privacy when it comes to sex. he hates the thought of anyone else seeing you in that way. mammon is down to do you on any piece of furniture in his room, but he loves having sex in one of his cars. his most prized possession and his most dear person is an undefeated combination for the avatar of greed. you riding him in the front seat of his demonia is his go-to fantasy.
Tumblr media
levi is not at all a risk taker when it comes to where he’s comfortable having sex. like mammon, he doesn't want his brothers to see you. levi will fuck you on his desk, in his gaming chair, in the bathtub, or in his bed-tub. you riding him while he sits in his chair gaming is his favorite, except he’s not able to concentrate on the game even a little.
Tumblr media
satan could rival asmo as the avatar of lust, though no one knows that except you. he has no qualms with having sex in risky places and the idea of getting caught-- especially by lucifer-- only fuels his fire. almost nothing would make him happier than the jealousy on his eldest brother’s face if he happened to walk in on you getting absolutely railed. satan will fuck you in his room, in the library, in an empty classroom or storage closet at RAD, but his favorite thing is sneaking away from his brothers at a party or gathering and fucking you in a secluded (but not exactly hard to find) place.
Tumblr media
asmo is the avatar of lust for a reason. there’s virtually nothing he won’t do, and nowhere he won’t do you. of course, his favorite is in his bathtub or his bed, but he’d also screw you in front of all his brothers if you wanted him to. sneaking out of class to have a quickie in a closet or bathroom is absolutely on his itinerary. asmo’s also down to share you with whomever you desire, just so long as you make sure to remind him he’s the only one for you. the avatar of lust doesn't get insecure usually, but when it comes to you he's extra sensitive.
Tumblr media
beel is probably the most prudish of the seven, but don’t be mistaken- his sex drive is plenty high, but he’s not one to initiate anything. the true definition of a service bottom, beel is game for pretty much whatever you want. his favorite place is his bed, but as long as it's not too public, he’ll do you anywhere you ask. he’s not opposed to sharing you with belphie, but other than that he’s very into monogamy.
Tumblr media
yet another demon that could rival asmo’s status as the avatar of lust, belphegor is probably the most depraved of the seven. he’ll take any opportunity he gets, regardless of the time or place. as lazy as he is in every other aspect, he may have too much energy when it comes to sex. if he’s not feeling particularly lecherous, he’ll usually hide away in the attic to fuck, but other times he will sneak away from anything to get some action. the two of you have most likely gotten scolded by lucifer for not showing up to student council meetings, but your apologies are completely fake.
Tumblr media
despite his calm and collected demeanor, solomon is surprisingly easy to turn on. he prefers being lavish and romantic most of the time, his bed being the usual place where you end up, but it’s not uncommon for the two of you to give into desire in less private places. your attempts at helping him in the kitchen often lead to sex right there, both of you too engrossed in what you're doing to consider the fact that there are other people in the house. the same happens in the common room of purgatory hall when it’s just the two of you, whether you're on the couch or floor is up to chance.
Tumblr media
reserved and proper barbatos is appalled by the idea of having sex anywhere risky. or so it seemed initially. though he definitely prefers to play it safe and stay in his room, occasionally he feels a little rebellious and will go for semi-public sex; in the kitchen of the palace when Diavolo is away, or in the RAD library after hours. he’s not the biggest risk taker obviously, but for barbatos being anywhere outside of the bedroom is being adventurous.
Tumblr media
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stanmammon · 6 months ago
What would they do if their crush suddenly hugged them from behind with Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, and Belphie!
Belphie is only slightly startled out of his sleep, wiping away the drool that had piled up on the corner of his mouth before sleepily addressing you. He doesn't have the energy to push you off but deep down he knows he wouldn't want to anyway, content to allow you to do whatever you wanted to him. Since he was laying down when you had come to hug him you were essentially spooning him, the position growing more embarrassing as the seconds ticked on and you really thought about the fact you were in his bed. It's his turn to surprise you with a hug from behind as you attempted to leave the bed, Belphie whispering in your ear that you couldn't get away from him now.
Levi goes through the five stages of grief before he realized that it was you hugging him, deciding that this was both better and worse than being tackled by some stranger. His body is unnaturally stiff as he's not meant to deal with this type of situation and he can barely audibly reply to your show of affection, asking with a stutter what came over you (while asking what you wanted with him in the same breath). When you pulled away he missed the warmth instantly, wishing he was bold enough to hug you back but knowing he never could unless you were both really alone.
Lucifer heard your excited footsteps coming from a mile away but had decided to allow you this little moment, a fond smile on his face for the briefest of seconds before he returned to his natural expression to ask what it was you were up to. He didn't mind when you hugged him from behind as he could always tell when it was you but he much preferred when your affection was delivered front and center, able to watch the way your face changed when he reciprocated. He missed seeing your face and pulled you around to hug him from the front, hands resting on your back as he told you he was actually quite busy (while not moving away from you at all).
Mammon jumped at the sudden contact and turned to look at you, the best he could, with a scowl on his face, telling you that you can't just come at a demon like that. His blush betrayed how truly pleased he was with your affection and he placed his arms over yours, not allowing you to pull away until he had gotten his fill. Even if the hug was from behind your scent invaded his nose and left his heart pounding, turning to look at you again to see the type of expression you're making. Once he lets you go he doesn't leave your personal space, sticking close just in case the mood to hug him struck you again.
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kozumebunny · 4 months ago
Thinking about . . .
cuddling with Beelzebub and Belphegor. Sleeping in with Beelzebub and Belphegor is nothing short of paradise. Beelzebub, who radiates nothing but warmth slinging an arm over your waist while he sleeps on his stomach holding you close. And Belphegor, smushing himself into your back with both arms wrapped around your hips, pressing his head into your shoulder blades. It’s paradise.
Beel holds you closer, rubbing lazy circles in your back. “You ready to get up yet? Thought we were going to a movie tonight.”
Belphie lets out a loud groan, pushing into your shoulder blades. You shy away as his nose starts to dig into you.
“But we’re all cuddling. Let’s ask the princess if she’d rather go to a movie or cuddle, hm?”
“She said we’re going. She got tickets and everything.”
“Yeah, but--”
You let out a loud groan, burrowing into Beelzebub’s side. “Yes, we’re going. Just get up and start getting ready you two.”
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Belphie as parent
Baby: *crying*
Belphie: *wakes up* What the fuck do you want?!!
Mc: Hey be gentle, try singing to him.
Belphie,singing: What the fuck do you want?!!
Mc: That's not-
Baby: *stopped crying*
Belphie: Hey it worked *goes back to sleep*
Mc & Baby:
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obeythebutler · 16 days ago
Hello! Can I request an MC who just pops out of nowhere? Like every time someone calls them, they're like "Hello!" and then startling the boys in the process. Thank you! Sorry if it's not too detailed enough.
MC Pops Out of Nowhere!
He's legit getting mini-heart attacks from your popping up from nowhere--
Where do you keep popping up from? He calls your name and you peek put from behind the skeleton and Lucifer's heartbeat increases.
Were they there the whole time?? Oh fuck they might know all the house hiding secrets---
One time Lucifer was drinking melancholy coffee and called for you but then you sneak out from under the table and now the vase nearby is on the floor --
His coffee almost soiled his trousers. Don't make Lucifer throw his coffee please.
In a hidden corner of the House of Lamentation, Lucifer is making a board, together with pinks and red lines to know exactly from where you pop out from. He's scared that if he'll call your name you'll jump from the walls--
Are ya some kinda teleporting human or somethin'?! Always popping from nowhere.
Mammon feels that if he'll call your name in a crowd you'll appear from thin air. Or cling to his shoulders like a ghost and say 'hi!'
Legend says that all you need to do to scare Mammon is to call your name. And then a wild MC shows up out of nowhere and now Mammon is clinging to Lucifer and now there's a vase broken on the floor and it was Lucifer's favourite---
He could call your name while at R.A.D. and you'd pop out from a classroom. He'd mention you and you'd appear from the window. The day is not far when you spring from a table...
Levi called your name while gaming--with the door closed and no normies nearby, Levi could finally vent to Henry about you and the effect you had on him. After all, no normie ears should hear him..
But then you pop out from behind the shelf and Levi nearly falls out of his chair. Snek boi jumps three feet in the air before regaining his senses. Were you hiding in his room all along? Who let you in---
When this happens again and again, the demon is slowly getting convinced that you're some kind of teleporting being. That reminds him of an anime he watched last night, where the protagonist used to appear out of nowhere.
But that means he can see you whenever he wants!!
There was that little kitten, alone and scared. With a gentle hush, Satan picked up the feline and cradled it in his hand. With his free hand, he called for you. There's a stray kitten and--
But then you appear from behind an alleyway and greet him so loudly Satan's pretty sure his ears are still ringing. The kitten was safe, but the blonde demon nearly squawked.
Humans aren't supposed to be this... spontaneous...are they? Because Satan is slowly getting more and more surprised...
...Or maybe it's just a quirk of yours. Appearing like a cat out of nowhere. He finds it endearing.
His brush was out of reach, and if Asmodeus would move it would certainly add another wrinkle to his clothes! Oh, MC, could you please be a dear and fetch that hairbrush~
That's what Asmodeus said, but he didn't expect you to actually pop out from supposedly thin air and hand him a brush! His lipstick is now on his cheek from the jerk his body gave--
Solomon is about to get a call real soon with a drunk Asmo on the other side in hysterics about how MC can teleport and appear.
Now you've gone and made him step on the book and that's Satan's treasured one and suddenly the room is getting warmer--
He'd muttered your name one time while chewing on a burger. It tasted really good and Beel wanted to share it with you, but then you pop out of nowhere, and now his burger is crushed in two 😔
The demon doesn't understand how you manage to appear from nowhere, given that this ability of yours has his brothers scared.
One time he was lifting weights, and called from you from across the hall. But then you appear behind him and the demon drops the weights on his foot...
At least you helped him take care of his feet...
Lure human upstairs. Make them free him. Kill them. Muahuahua.
That was the plan, until Belpheghor called your name, knowing you would be downstairs, and he blinks and you're standing in front of him.
Did...did they know teleportation magic so early? R.A.D. didn't teach that in the first year......
Although it sometimes makes his demon heart jump, it's more convenient for him! Belpheghor doesn't have to go look for you, all he needs to do is say your name and you'll pop out!
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candymeowz · a month ago
Sentient!OM!Characters With An Mc Who Plays A Lot:
Tumblr media
@callmew1ll0w : I was thinking about this alot: Sentient!OM characters with an MC who plays alot because they're lonely (whether due to quarantine, a lack of friends, or other reasons) and talking to the OM characters makes them feel better!
Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Belphegor
Tw: None that I know of.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mc plays Lucifer's game quite often, which is rather worrisome.
Don't they have a life?
Oh, there's a worldwide pandemic going on and they literally got nothing else to do?
And they haven't got a friend close enough to chat leisurely with either...
Of course he'd accompany you, Mc. He's also got nothing better to do, not that he'd admit it.
Lucifer may act indifferent, but really, he's extremely happy to be able to spend more time with Mc.
And the fact that he's the reason they feel better during this pandemic?
His pride went through the roof.
They'd always turn to him whenever they have thoughts to share, whether it be about the latest series they're invested in or a type of music they really like.
And they look so happy and cute chatting with him, too.
Humans really are creatures that can't live without social interactions, aren't they?
He's glad they visit him so often, since their smile is the only light in his dark world of codes.
But Mc, you shouldn't forget to do your tasks. And don't you dare make him wear that abomination of an outfit.
... No, he doesn't care if he'll look handsome wearing that...
He ends up wearing it in exchange for face taps and head rubs.
Tumblr media
Hey, Mc! Came to visit the great Mammon again, haven't ya?
N-no! What're ya talkin' 'bout? He's not blushing! Is he even able to blush?! Why did the developers make his blush so prominent?!
Wait, don't leave! Don't ya wanna talk to him?!
Mammon wouldn't notice Mc spends a lot of time with him.
In fact, he thinks it's not enough.
Mc should visit him 24 hours a day!
Mc's still a human who needs sleep, Mammoney... And the phone still needs to be charged.
Fine, he'll settle for this.
Mc likes to chat with him because it makes them feel better? Of course they would! This is the great Mammon we're talking about! The powerful Avatar of Greed!
No, but seriously though, Mc really thinks he's a good phone friend...?
"You are absolutely amazing at being a friend, Mams." Mc proceeds to rub his head. "I'm really glad to have you in my life."
"Wha- Human! Don't just suddenly do things like that!"
He didn't run away, instead heating up so furiously, yet ears straining to catch every word of their praises, contentment filling every centimetre of his soul.
He's glad to have Mc in his life, too.
Tumblr media
M-Mc, there's this 7 season anime series he found... Do you want to binge watch it with him?
Only if you want to, of course! He understands if you don't want to hang out with a disgusting otaku like him...
You- you do? That's a promise, okay?! You can't take it back!
And they're interested in TSL too?!
Sit down, normie! Professor Leviathan will teach you everything there is to know about the greatest and most popular literature in Devildom!
No he does not care Devildom is merely from his fictional memories and doesn't actually exist.
Alright, starting with the first book...
Nineteen hours later, Mc had fallen asleep while Leviathan was still rambling on about book 1 out of how many hundreds...
At least Mc knows they'll never have nothing to talk about!
And honestly, Leviathan doesn't even realize Mc plays his game quite a lot.
Isn't everyone on an electronic device for at least 12 hours a day?
"You know, Leviachan. I'm glad you're sentient. Makes me feel less lonely." Mc smiled.
He blinked. Then he blinked once more. Mc's... happy they can talk to him? They actually find comfort in him? Leviathan? The otaku third-born of the seven avatar of sins?
He fainted.
Tumblr media
Satan is curious on how stupid one species can be that a worldwide pandemic that could've been avoided by social distancing lasted for an entire year, and it's still on-going, too.
Honestly, might Mc explain what's going on in the human world?
Oh, they've given up on humanity? He scrolled through twitter and youtube comment sections before, so... it's no wonder they'd think that way.
He must say, he disagrees. If humanity doesn't exist, where's his source of entertainment going to come from?
Satan's a great conversationalist, having a vast amount of knowledge with strong opinions on the smallest of topics that Mc'll never be bored of him.
Ask him what's the worst colour and he'll give you a 7 hours presentation on why it's blue.
He should know, he spent decades researching on that.
He's also happy to be Mc's personal audio book, reading texts to Mc as they cook in the kitchen or work on a project.
It'd be considered domestic if not for the fact he lives in their phone.
Oh, and Mc feels happy talking to him is an added bonus. He always liked seeing Mc's smile, and for it to be caused by him?
The Avatar of Wrath found out he's capable of feeling a sense of peace and serenity.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus loves that Mc always visits him!
Of course they wouldn't be able to resist his beauty~ And Mc always gives him the physical touch he yearns for each time they play the game!
Arm taps, arm rubs, headpats... Their touch is very comforting to his soul.
Mc visits him quite often, actually, about... Oh, they've been chatting until 3 a.m.
He's a sentient character, so proper skincare isn't needed for him, but that's not good for you at all! Mc, you should take a proper night's rest! He knows he's stunning but you still need to take care of your health!
Now go to sleep! No, don't worry he won't be lonely. He'll still be here when you wake up, love.
And of course he stuck to his promise. It's not like he can go anywhere else, really...
He's definitely a great conversation partner. Always ready with the latest gossip and stories as he puts on a fashion show just for Mc.
And listening intently whenever Mc talks about their latest passion. They're adorable, especially when they're passionate!
Oh, and you've got yourself a fashion guru right here, always ready with his knowledge on make up and style.
Mc, he really loves you, you know? You and all your perfect imperfections.
Tumblr media
Mc doesn't have any friends?
And they want to tell someone about their latest project and ideas?
Sure, Beelzebub would love to listen to your ramblings, Mc.
And he's very happy about it, too.
Mc likes to tell him about nothing and everything, and Beelzebub would listen attentively as he munches on some snacks.
The snacks are quite bland if compared to someone's cooking or the food from his memories, but his programmed stomach is always growling and the avatar of gluttony doesn't exactly have a choice.
Mc would always prop up their phone on the table during mealtimes, talking idly with Beelzebub as they eat their food.
He really wants to try Mc's cooking, but unfortunately, the screen still seperates them from each other.
Watching movies is also a favourite pass time of theirs, and Beelzebub is always alert for more movies they can watch.
He prefers watching movies at the cinema, but again, he's merely a sentient character in a human's phone.
But the fact Mc feels better talking with him?
A wide smile is evident on his face. He feels better talking to them, too.
Please, never leave him alone. The world of codes is dark and lonely.
Tumblr media
The Obey Me app in Mc's phone is rarely ever closed since Mc really loved Belphegor's company, even though they were separated by an invisible wall.
They'd tell him about their day, their work, and anything that interests them at the time.
Though when they talk to him when he's sleepy, which is often since he is the avatar of sloth, he'll just let out hums of affirmation and letting their soothing voice lull him to sleep.
Mc would glance over at the phone when he doesn't respond and scoff when Belphie sleeps soundly, quiet snores coming from the speaker.
It's a good thing he's cute.
But they must admit, they're sometimes tempted to shake the phone and ruin his sleep...
Mc tried it once and Belphegor locked their phone from the inside.
"Belphie, I know you're in there, but if you don't let me use my phone, I'll buy a new one and get a new sentient character to talk with," Mc threatened.
"You don't even have the money to buy a new phone," came his reply.
Only when Mc promised to let him see their childhood pictures did he allow them to use their phone again
Belphegor always know just how to tease Mc with his responses to see the pout of theirs.
Hey, it's not his fault they're so cute.
Oh, and when he found out he's Mc's sole friend? He's glad he doesn't have to compete for Mc's time.
Perhaps there's a way to escape this land of codes so they could become his cuddle buddy too.
Tumblr media
A/N: I love this idea sm! Thus why I did all seven brothers. Although they are a lil' shorter than some of my other headcanons... Welp, hope you enjoyed these~
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baalism · 2 months ago
Belphie x gn!reader + “If you don’t like it, then why are you moaning?”
🔞 cnc & dubcon elements
Tumblr media
What had started easy, quickly merged into something unfair and downright cruel to you. Claws slowly made their up from your stomach to your chest leaving red scratches on their wake and making you wince and shiver.
Arousal spread fast down your body and into your core as Belphegor played with you however he wanted, not even letting you to look behind and watch his own expressions.
His tail had coiled itself around your waist, and he'd only allowed you to grind on him while he occupied himself covering your neck with marks and nibbles.
'We really shouldn't be doing this...' you tried to negotiate, but knew well it was completely in vain; you yourself had already been weakened by his kisses between sweet and agressive.
'What, don't tell me you don't want to, now?' Belphegor sounded exasperated, yet attentions never stopped.
And it was the same game, most of the time. How you'd play coy and embarrassed and only make his mood worse, have him resort to anything to get his way, however crude the measures, and each time a little worse than the last.
And while you could try to deny how bad you, in fact, did want it, it would still come across. He could smell it on you, anyway. And by virtue of knowing you too well, Belphegor was also aware of how much it aroused you to be sitting on his lap like this, back flush against his chest, letting him use your body like it belonged to him.
Your tshirt remained on, but the sleeping shorts had been discarded long ago and he'd merely tore your underwear apart with claw for easy access.
And it was too much, how he had you: thighs spread wide open with a grip as he teased your sex at leisure, like putting you at display. Like this, unable to move, you could only resort to huffs and soft pleads.
It was an habit, at this point, to always end up tangled this way. And for you, one that was humilliating to no end.
Because things were supposed to be the other way around: you were Belphegor's master, you should be the one to restrain him like this, in any case, and he should be at your service and command. That's what he had promised, at least, so long ago.
But Belphie always managed to put you on the spot, now with slick fingers stroking before thrusting inside you out of a sudden.
And you could feel how hard he was against your ass too, which only made it more difficult to utter any complaints. Was it fair to, if you were enjoying it this much?
You'd attempt though, more broken moans than anything else
'Hah- please, not- not now,'
Only because you could hear steps getting closer, that very door before the bed was unlocked, and anybody who went through it would be greeted with this: Belphegor spreading your legs shamelessly and fucking you stupid with his fingers.
But he didn't care about whatever you wanted, or any reserve you had- any semblance of shyness he still hadn't been able to rob you of. Belphegor didn't even care about his own pleasure: he would have found all he needed the moment he broke you enough that you wouldn't even care if someone ended up finding you like this, as long as he kept going.
And 'You asked for it though, sitting on my lap and all,' Belphie was kind enough to remind you.
Of course he'd say that; so you knew there was no way he was backing off from it now.
There was no room for you to struggle either, anyway. His hand was now on your throat, pulling you even closer so he could kiss you and slip his tongue inside.
The vicious pumping of fingers inside you didn't relent, nor was it going to until you were too far gone to care.
But you couldn't help need more of it; even when the words that came out of your mouth claimed the opposite.
A dumb, desperate measure, but you knew Belphie would understand well: whining and sobbing at times only spurred him more.
'B-Belphie, stop, just....'
As if; his mirthful, raspy chuckle against your shoulder.
'If you don't like it, then why are you moaning?'
Before biting down hard and his fingers go in again, twisting and scissoring. Forcing you to clench around them.
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asmosmainhoe · 9 months ago
The Brothers reacting to MC randomly passing out due to being anemic during the tour in Diavolo’s castle. I just wanna see em panic when the human just randomly collapses after being quiet for too long
MC passes out
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: cursing
The first to notice it
Drops everything to rush over to you
Yells orders around
"Levi, get some water! Mammon, bring me a pillow!"
It's not the first time that someone passes out infront of him, but with you it's different
Checks if you hit your head somewhere
Has everything under control despite him panicking a bit (he doesn't show it tho)
Fuck this, he even shoves Diavolo out of his way to get to his human
Holds you and tries to wake you up by shaking you by the shoulders
Genuinely gets mad at you for scaring him like that
But can't stay angry for too long
Doesn't let anyone even touch you for the rest of the day
Not exactly sure what's happening
Confused as to what to do so he just holds you in his arms
"You damn normie! Stop scaring me like that!"
Can and will scold you, but quickly realizes that it's pointless
I mean it's not your fault if you pass out
So he apologizes and confesses to you how worried he was in his cute blushy way
Keeps his cool
Knows exactly what to do
Puts you feet up on a small object (idk a small stool maybe)
Sends someone to get you a glass of water
He would have gotten it himself, but he's busy holding your hand
Brushes your hair out of your face
Takes all in all such good care of you it's amazing
Makes a fuss
Of course he does it's about you so everyone should be on alert
Puts your head on his lap and carefully pets your head
Keeps repeating how everything will be fine and that you don't have to worry about anything
Says it more to himself than to you actually
Skips the tour to stay with you
He only has eyes for you
The only one to catch you before you hit the floor
Don't worry he doesn't mind that at all
Even keeps you in his arms to carry you to a sofa or back to your room so you can lay down on something comfortable
Makes sure you eat and drink enough after you wake up
Please don't be mad at him for almost eating the food
So protective of you
Let's pretend that he was there too ok
Genuinely scared, but tries not to show it
Unintentionally lashes out on everyone as if it's their fault on something
His brothers understand tho that he just wants you to be safe and all
Doesn't let go of you at all and if someone tries to separate you two then good luck
Talks you into taking a nap
For the whole day
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equizona · 11 days ago
demon bros with a gn punk mc? 👉👈 messy hair, leather jacket spikes, a scar over the eye like an alleycat or something
Tumblr media
「Notes?」 I have literally no idea what punk means or what it entails, even after Googling it, so I sorta just.. went with it and prayed for the best, lol.
「Fandoms?」 Obey Me!
「Characters?」 Lucifer | Mammon | Leviathan | Satan | Asmodeus | Beelzebub | Belphegor
「Scenario?」 Punk MC
「Reader?」 Gender–neutral
「Trivia?」 None
「Warnings?」 None
Tumblr media
▪︎Thinks you look highly unprofessional and sorta like a delinquent.
▪︎He's not very with how you dress at first, since it's not at all how a picture perfect exchange student should be dressing.
▪︎He's constantly brushing his hands through your hair in an attempt to make it look less like a birds nest.
▪︎After a while he gets used to it and learns to appreciate the way you dress.
▪︎If you were gloves he'll want you to get a pair of red ones, so that you can match his demon form. He won't say it aloud, but he'll certainly hint at it.
Tumblr media
▪︎The way you dressed scared him at first, lol. He had no idea how to react.
▪︎"Do all humans dress like that!?"
▪︎If you have those spike things he has absolutely accidently slammed his hand down on them, and it probably hurt.
▪︎Low-key high-key adores the way you dress. He's seen a few other demons dress the same way and he thinks it looks awesome.
Tumblr media
▪︎He's fingerling like CRAZY.
▪︎You look just like his favorite character from (insert annoyingly long anime title.)
▪︎He'll be trying to convince you to cosplay some punk dressed characters that he likes.
▪︎He'll also get some punk clothes to match with you but claim that he has hem because they reminded him of some anime character.
▪︎The blush he has tells you he's lying
Tumblr media
▪︎Wasn't quite sure about it at first, but once he realized it sorta annoyed Lucifer he asked you for some tips on how he could dress like you.
▪︎You were both matching for quite some time, lol.
▪︎Eventually he started dressing like how he used to again, but it was a fun experience.
▪︎He quite likes your style, and he might match with you again sometimes.
Tumblr media
▪︎Asmodeus supports absolutely all forms of clothing styles.
▪︎It's a way to express yourself, and he loves your style.
▪︎The punk vibe is just, chefs kiss.
▪︎He adores it, and he'll definitely be getting you both matching punk outfits. He'll also keep an eye out for all different items he thinks you'll like.
Tumblr media
▪︎He doesn't really.. think about how you dress?? At all??
▪︎How you dress doesn't really matter that much to him, and he doesn't think about how people dress.
▪︎Even so, he thinks you look nice. He might compliment a new outfit he notices, but otherwise he doesn't care much about how you dress.
Tumblr media
▪︎MC, how could you do this to him!?
▪︎He hates it. He hates it with a passion. The texture of leather jackets and such are horrible, and it makes it really uncomfortable for him to use you as a pillow.
▪︎Generally he actually really likes the way that you dress, but when he wants to use you as a pillow? It's horrible.
▪︎He now just throws his cardigan or a blanket over you before he makes you his pillow.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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selcouth14 · 3 months ago
| When they have a crush on you and how they would confess |
parings: obey me brothers x GN reader
A/N: hello! I’m still waiting for the time to write a good fic to continue the series but I’m here with some headcannons because I love writing these so much ! Hope you enjoy !
• Has a very noticeable soft spot for you
- I feel like even if he didn’t have much of a crush on you he’d still have a soft spot for you . But, since he’s taken such a deep interest in you the soft spot has gotten bigger.
- he gives you permission to many things, because how can he say no to you?
- but, that doesn’t mean you can get away with anything! When you do get into trouble, which is a given since you hang out with all the brothers a lot, he will give you only light little punishments. They all end up with you helping him in his office with paperwork though.
• Subtly affectionate
- he takes you out on dinners and gives you little but heartfelt gifts. As I said, man has a soft spot for you . He also tries to make you flustered/ tries to make you laugh . He gets very prideful when he’s the one behind you being happy 🧎‍♀️
- not always touchy but his hands do linger on your cheek a little longer that it’s supposed to. OMG- CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE EYE CONTACT
- everytime you talk with him he gives you such intense eye contact with a little smirk - 💃🏻💃🏻 it’s one of the best ways he likes to see you flustered.
how he would confess
- he would bring you to dinner and tell you when walking home together.
- spills all his feelings and even though he is confident you return his feelings, there’s always still a little voice in his head doubting him .
“Mc, you have been the highlight of my day ever since you have come to the devildom. I couldn’t help but take a interest in you… a romantic interest. I have fallen in love you Mc and I hope you feel the same way about me to”
- hey Mc, yeah you through the screen reading this fic. I’m talking to you 🤨 accept his affections right now? / j
• tsundere #1
- will deny deny deny that he has any ounce of romantic interest for you. Then 5 minutes later he will start getting pouty because you decided to play games with Levi than hang out with him…Even though you two are basically attached at the hip .
- He admires you from afar most of the time. For example when you two are studying together he just gets lost while looking at you. he has a little blush on his cheeks as well but when he’s caught he will of course deny that he was staring
• lots of awkward/ cute moments
- even though he acts like a tsundere and basically is one, he has many days where he just relaxes around you and shows his true self.
- these days are nice because it’s when he shows small affections and some of them may be awkward, yes but they’re cute nonetheless.
Mc: mammon look! You’re on the front cover of the magazine!
Mammon: Of course I’m on the front cover! Here let me see
*you two are flipping through the magazine and both look up at the same time to notice that your faces are a bit to close*
Mc: 😀
mammon: 😶
*mammon runs to the other side of the room*
how he would confess
- he would accidentally confess. Asmo or one of the brothers would be teasing him. It would go a little something like this .
Mammon: “ASMO! don’t you DARE tell Lucifer I skipped class today!”
Asmodeus: “not until you admit you have feelings for Mc! This is what you get for selling my makeup products!”
*long pause*
Mammon: “ OK FINE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR MC, BIG DEAL-“ and he stops once he notices you walk into the living room.
You two have a nice date the next day 🚶🏽‍♀️
• tsundere #2?
- he gets really flustered or just doesn’t like showing any interest in you because he’s 95% convinced himself you would never like a “yucky otaku” like him.
- you crush those thoughts in the ground. He still gets very flustered though and sometimes still has doubts.
- you kissed him on the cheek once and he literally zoomed to the other side of his room and called you a normie while trying to hide his blush. whatever you say Levi…
• spends 24/7 with you
- he gets extremely jealous when he sees you having fun with his brothers, he can’t help it becuase he’s the avatar of envy after all. Those doubts come again and he becomes distant. But, once you reassure him with kisses and such you and him are inseparable.
- You honestly don’t mind and you enjoy spending time with him. There’s many things you’ve learned about Levi and many things he’s learned about you. He’s also gotten very comfortable with you. Because of that , you two definitely have cuddled together once or twice.
How he would confess
- he would put it off for the longest time until he gets a HUGE sudden Burst of envy. So when he sees you laughing with asmo he is not happy.
- he would storm into his room and you start to worry. When you sit with him to try and calm down is when he confesses
“Mc….it gets so hard hiding how I feel. I have feelings for you Mc, ….s-strong feelings. I hate it, I hate it because you’ll never feel the same. I mean- w-who would want to date someone like m-“
you interrupt him with a kiss and a smile :)
i love him sm- it’s just 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️
• Sweet and romantic
- he will write you poems, take you to nice cafes, or compare you two to romantic novel characters! He does this in hopes of you realizing he has feelings for you so it’ll make it easier to see if you return his feelings or not.
- kinda like Lucifer, he likes to see you blush. When you two are studying your hand and his will sometimes accidentally (< 🤨) brush against eachother and you both will blush. It really makes him happy.
• Brings you along for everything
- uhm yes he needs you to go with him to grab his jacket he forgot at RAD, don’t ask questions. And what I mean by “brings you along for everything” is that he brings you along to help him with pranks, when he needs to go grab something, or just when he feels like it .
- he of course does this to spend more time with you , and he also likes having time with you and not his brothers. They catch up on it fast though.
Asmo: Satan why do you always steal MC away from us when you need to go get something?!
Asmo then leaves the room with a bruise the shape of a book on his face .
how he would confess
- a hand written poem and a late night walk. I take no criticism.
The night will start off with him coming to your room somewhat late into the night asking if you would like to take a walk with him. Once you say yes, you noticed the poem he’s trying to hide behind his back.
During the walk you two have a nice talk , but once there’s silence Satan stops in his tracks. He hands you the poem and waits for you to read it . You gasp at what he says in the poem, he expresses a lot of emotion in such a single poem. You look up at him, and he starts off his confession.
“Mc, I can never stop thinking about you. I’ve fallen for you; your smile, the way you never turned away from me, and accepted me made me fall even more for you. I love you Mc , and all i want to know is if you would like to be with me as much as I want to be with you”
you happily accept and share a passionate kiss.
^ I would simply faint 🧍🏽‍♀️
• lots of affection!
- we all know asmo is already really affectionate even if he didn’t have a crush on you. But take that affection level and put it up x100 . He’s going to be hugging you, doing your hair, holding your hand etc.
- He does try to make sure that you’re not uncomfortable. If you are then he just tones it down and instead gives you a lot of compliments! He’s always talking about how amazing you look and how an amazing you are !
• Showing you a more deeper side of his personality/ himself
- I feel like asmo doesn’t only want you to fall for him because of his looks but also for who he is. Yeah, a lot of people adore him because of good he looks but all he really wants is for you to want him for who he is
- so, mostly at night time when he gets really emotional asmo invites you to his room just to have a really deep talk. You two have many deep conversations with eachother, but he slowly changes these topics to show how he really feels. He knows you’ll listen and hopefully you can see the true person he is.
how he would confess
• during a self care day with the both of you!
- every week Asmo invites you over to have a self care day with him. But, just before you came over he gathered up his feelings and decided to tell you how he feels.
- you arrive and the day is going well! During the face masks he decides to let it all out.
“ look at how cute you are! You’re making fall even more in love with you, MC!”
you: “thank- wait love?!”
“Yes! I’ve felt this way for quite sometime, I was just waiting for you to say it first~”
• He WILL follow you around everywhere
- he wants to be around you all the time! So he just follows you around day to day. He does get nervous because he’s afraid he’ll accidentally say his feelings for you out of the blue.
- ( he wants to confess to you in a really romantic way. He’s been planning a few things to make it perfect!) Anyways, with that being said he’ll just really follow you anywhere and doesn’t really mind as long as he gets to spend time with you .
• many little presents!
- This is so cute because he’ll just come to you one day and give you some pudding he bought and will say “I bought me and you some of the new pudding flavors, should we eat them together?” With a little blush on his face.
- the gifts aren’t just food though, most of them are, but some of them are more heartfelt gifts like a picture frame with you, him, and belphie on it!
how he would confess
• During a movie + dinner date!
- he wanted to make this as special as he could and what better way to confess than during one of your favorite dates! ( if it’s not then…..pretend it is 😎)
- you two would pick out a movie and eat a dinner you and him cooked in his or your room. This time it was in your room. When the movie was almost over and you were resting on his shoulder he decided to let it all out.
“MC, I have something to tell you”
You: “sure! What is it ?” As you turn to him with your head still on his shoulder.
“Well, actually … I’ve liked you for quite some time now. You always have made me feel special and I couldn’t help but fall for you..”
your head perked up and he thought that was a sign of rejection, so his face fell into a sad but understanding feeling. But you cut him off with a kiss and he was happy again !
• Clingy and jealous
- we all know he gets jealous a lot but obviously not as much as Levi, but he still gets pretty jealous. Like beel, he follows you around only to take naps on your shoulder/ lap (also to be closer to you but ahem he won’t admit it)
- when one of his brothers come by to bother you two he gets irritated. Gives them a face while they’re talking like “ 🤨 ok but like are you done yet” . And when one of them asks you if you’re busy/ to hang out with them he says. “No sorry, they’re busy right now” and goes back to sleeping your shoulder.
• Lots of staring 😀
- belphegor really likes your smile, your eyes, and just basically anything about you. So, when he’s not sleeping which is somewhat rare- he stares at you and takes in your features. He sometimes stares at you until he falls asleep.
- you’re just blushing there like “ 😀” while you just try to read while hes staring at you from your lap. But don’t worry, wait like 2 minutes and he’s fast asleep.
how he would confess
- during a planetarium date!
- you and him have daily ‘dates’ where you and him set up some blankets and pillows in the planetarium to have a little sleepover there. While you’re staring up at all the stars he turns to you again and realizes how strong his feelings are.
“MC, I think I’ve fallen for you”
You: “Me too belphie!” And you kissed him on the lips.
AAAH- I don’t understand why i have a big burst of energy to write something then I procrastinate for a few days then finish it.
Hope you guys enjoyed i personally really like this one!
Have a lovely day and you matter!
- selcouth
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dreamkidddream · 4 months ago
The Obey Me boys with an MC that has chubby cheeks 🥺
They’re so soft and squishy and they don’t mind it when people squish, kiss, or rub their face. You know how you can see the outline of someone’s face when they aren’t looking at you? MC just has this large lump on their’s cuz of how round their cheeks are, it’s adorable. If they pout, that’s a weapon of mass destruction and cuteness.
These are short so hope that’s okay and reader is gender neutral! And these were adorable 😫
The Brothers Reacting to MC with Chubby Cheeks
Okay even he can admit how cute you are
But don’t think about using this against him because it won’t work. His brothers may be weak willed enough to fall to you, but not him. What he says is final, no questions asked, no ifs ands or buts
Okay he might be able to make an exception this time, but don’t push your luck
Loves to tease you when it’s just you two. LOVES to touch them without his gloves on, he looks forward to it everyday
Come to his room when he’s working or stressed and sit on his lap, and watch him crumble internally. His hands will be on your cheeks before you know it and paperwork will be forgotten (he started to realize that when you do come in, it’s your way of saying that he needs a break, and he stopped trying to fight you after you pouted right in his face. Hasn’t even pretended to ignore you ever since, already putting his pen down when you open the door)
Just making you smile works for him. Just seeing your non-threatening pout or getting the chance to caress your cheeks is more than enough for him
MC, you have to stop looking at him like that, he can’t focus when you do and he has a reputation to keep up!
He can’t even do his tsundere act because as soon as you start to jut your lip out he blushes like crazy and caves in, acting annoyed but he really really likes it
“Fine MC, just stop lookin’ at me like that will ya?!”
He’s lying MC don’t stop because he’s a sucker for it lmao
Will unknowingly squish your cheeks together when A. when he gets super excited about a new way you guys can earn some Grimm, or B. when you save him from his brothers wrath after he messes up
He still blushes like crazy and acts like it was an accident but somehow still finds a way to do it every day, and you pretend that you don’t see the longing look in his eyes when he moves his hands
Please move his hands back to your cheeks, and he’ll be bragging about it for the next hundred years about how you can’t resist the Great Mammon
Pokes at your lumps to get your attention, and his heart races at the giggles you let out
Just let him hold your face after a rough day or when he’s being vulnerable and it makes him feel so much better
You make him feel so much better
Are your cheeks really like this?? Like this is real??? It’s not special effects???
The first time you pouted in front of him he froze and just...shut down. You went to put your hand on his forehead to check his temperature, and then he just had a very loud and energetic moment of fanboying over your cheeks
You’re very scared that he’ll either have a heart attack or spontaneously combust (honestly both)
Let him poke them after you said it’s okay for the 1000th time and he’s in heaven (how ironic). It’s just like in anime, but it’s real life and it’s you
Reenact anime scenes or do anime poses with your cheeks puffed out (even better if you’re in cosplay), and you’ll never be leaving his room
Pout while you’re losing the game and he might go easier on you the next round (or he might go harder just to see you pout lmao)
Your cheeks ARE a weapon of mass destruction to him, and it’s not fair when you use it on him! Do you know how fast his heart is already beating because of you, and now you do THIS?!
You don’t even know the power that you hold over him, do you? Your cuteness is too powerful for him to handle he’s not strong enough!!!
But for a normie you are kinda cute though and can be touched, unlike the 2D characters he’s used to...
You actually have your own fan club because of your cheeks that he may or may not have secretly started himself
Loves to tease you, and doesn’t care if it’s in front of people (ie. his brothers)
The CEO of squishing your cheeks. He LIVES for cupping your cheeks, the little squeaks that you make when he catches you off guard just makes his heart jump
He’s so used to doing this to cats that it’s second nature for him
When he starts to get irritated or when he gets sucked into reading and ignores everything else, plop your face against his and pout/puff your cheeks out and he won’t be able to resist for long
If you rub your cheeks against his he is PUTTY in your hands
Placing chaste kisses on them after a long study session >>>>>>
You’re just too delicate for your own good MC, and if you don’t stop pouting he might lose control. He’s so deep in love with you, it’s hard to maintain his composure sometimes, and your cheeks are not helping his situation
But trust me he’s not complaining
Maybe he should invite for another one on one study session...
MC you are just so adorable! You and your cheeks are just the cutest thing he has ever seen
Next to him of course
You guys take selfies everyday and it’s almost always cheek to cheek. He can’t help it, you’re too cute and his adoring fans just have to see it. You two are a power couple of cuteness ESPECIALLY when you pout
Your fan club and his fan club ships you guys because of how cute your pictures look together. Asmo’s fan club has set aside their differences with yours because let’s face it: you guys are the power couple
Kisses your cheeks all day, every day. Has no shame about it either. In public or behind closed doors, those cheeks are just begging for him!
Rub, squeeze, kiss, he does it all
But in all seriousness, he loves giving you affection. Giving affection to someone who is not only one of the most captivating beings he’s ever met, but someone that he is genuinely in love with makes him feel happiness that he’s never felt before
And he doesn’t want it to end anytime soon
Is the main one mesmerized by your cheeks (besides from Levi)
Do you have food stuffed in them? Like how squirrels do?
That’s honestly a good idea and wishes that he can do it but he’ll just end up eating it :(
Kept poking and stretching your cheeks out gently to see, didn’t believe you because you were giggling so much
Was surprised (and a little disappointed) when you didn’t have food in them, but your adorableness made up for it (and he likes to hear your laugh)
If he’s looking for you in the school’s hallways, he just has to look for your cheeks poking out and he’s already found you lmao
You actually got nervous one time when he approached you, expression deadly serious, and just stared at you. You began to question him (was that custard you ate his? If so, you need to start running ASAP) when he just placed his hands on them and started smiling
“Your cheeks are really soft MC, it reminds me of Madame Screams mini cupcakes...but they’re even softer.”
No seriously he is amazed by this revelation
He always asks if it’s okay before he touches them, now becomes his favorite part of his day
Likes to share/feed his food to see if they get bigger, (but also just wants to eat with you)
He isn’t into clubs but he’s a proud member of Levi’s secret fan club
He definitely tries to fall asleep on them, found out it was uncomfortable for you and begrudgingly agreed to just have some way of touching them when you guys nap
Actually just found a new way to cuddle: you’re laying on top and he gets to wrap his arms and tail around you. Everyone’s happy!
You and your cheeks are required for his daily naps, and if you want him to get his well-needed rest (and his cuddles that he whines about all day) then you have to nap with him. He doesn’t make the rules MC, he only follows them
Please go nap with him he always feel so relaxed when you’re around and instead of dreaming you by his side you’ll really be there, and he really misses you
Pokes and stretches your cheeks out when he wants to annoy/tease you, but really just wants to tease you
He tries to fight back a blush when you do that sweet laugh that he loves to hear when he does mess with you, fails miserably at it (but he doesn’t stop messing with them and he can’t hide his smile
Has compared them to pillows, and testify that your cheeks >>> regular pillows
If you do try to pout and ignore him, he just squishes and pokes at your lump and awaits for your giggles
He’s another one obsessed with your cheeks (really they all are lmao) but you’ll never hear him say it out loud
Has joined the fan club with Beel
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justmywriting1313 · a month ago
Mini HC’s for terms of endearment (Beel, Belphie, Diavolo, Barbatros, Solomon, Simeon) Part 2
BEEL: (Ps: I automatically think of the twins with the M/C together so fair warning)
Baby, Lovely, Cupcake, Sugar, Pumpkin, Little one, Pretty girl
Okay tbh, At first I didn't think Beel would be the type to be using terms of endearments. I feel like he likes saying your name the most. I think for him thats more intimate than any other way of calling you but when he finds out you like the terms and feel sad that Beel and Belphie don’t call you any term he would definitely pick it up. I think a lot of them would involve food in someway that he associates with you. 
So Cupcake, Sugar, Pumpkin, are some of his favourites and definitely the ones he uses in public. I think Pumpkin is his favourite since I definitely think the size difference between you and Beel (which would be there regardless of how tall you are since he is a giant), as nervous as it makes him, he also really loves it. It makes him want to make you feel like small and cute and taken care of and pumpkin is the best way to do it. 
Baby, Lovely and Little one are ones he uses to pacify you or coax you. I think when I see the r/s between Beel, you and Belphie, Beel is the gentle care taker in a way and so I can definitely see him using these two as softer ways to make you feel okay. You have to stop fussing at him when he is helping you out or carrying “Baby please, all this moving is making it hard to carry you and I don't want to drop you” or “M/C, lovely please can you look at me little one.” 
Little one and Pretty girl is also definitely the go to for the bedroom for Beel. I definitely think he is a passionate and almost hungry lover and so its like soft whispers where he tells you how beautiful you are before he is pounding away into you. “Ahhh pretty girl, you don’t know what you do to me” or “M/C, little one please can I taste you now?”
Overall fluffy as fuck and tooo cute.
Pretty, Baby, Lovely, Y/N-Chan/Kun, Y/N-ie 
Honestly Belphie also isn't one for the nicknames unless its tease you relentlessly. If Beel is the protective sweetie who kind of coddles you, then Belphie is the grumpy, overly possessive dom and doesn’t feel bad that you want him calling you terms of endearments. He doesn't coddle you, he kind of teases you the most and definitely bullies you a little. To do so he feels like its best to use your name but he also likes to make it cuter so I think Y/N-Chan or Y/N-ie. 
For example “Aaaah Y/N chan you're so tiny how do you reach anything around here” or “Awww look at Y/Nie she looks like a little child, well if you act like one then I'm going to treat you like one” or “Y/N chan where are you going? no you know you're supposed to be my pillow”
I think the rest of the names are mainly for the bedroom. He is teasing you, dragging along your release and not letting you have your relief and he coos names like Pretty, Pretty little thing, Baby and Lovely. “Come now pretty baby, don't be a brat and let me taste you” or “Aaaah stop that fussing baby, let Beel and me make you feel soo good.”
Overall, very much a bullying thing but in a cute way.
Sweetheart, Darling, My Heart, Beloved, My Sweet, Little miss, Little one, Princess, Pumpkin, Baby, Pretty girl, Lovely, Treasure
Another man with a size kink as well as a 98% daddy kink, he never ends up calling you by your name unless you’re in trouble. I feel like Dia has two ways of calling you. One is the sophisticated or like classic loving terms which are meant more for the public. Especially since he is a prince and he needs to keep up appearances he needs to use terms that are appropriate. 
Sweetheart, Darling, My Heart and Beloved are in those. Tbh even these are pretty intimate but calling you anything else really isn't in his repertoire and so if anyone does say its inappropriate they can deal with him. He would just glare at the person and then whisk you away. But yeah things like “Sweetheart, what would you like? don't be shy about your requests” or “Aah there you are my heart, why don't you accompany me to the balcony for some fresh air?”
Then the next set of names are definitely ones that feed into his daddy kink and his size kink. They are all about making sure you feel like you are taken care off and feel kinda little. So these are My Sweet, Little miss, Little one, Princess, Pumpkin and Little girl. Its a very tender cute and endearing thing for him when he calls you any of these and you giggle. 
One of my favourite images or ideas with Diavolo is him coming home after a long long day where he hasn’t seen you for more than 24 hours. He is so grumpy that even Barbatros can’t handle him and so he stomps to his office fully intent on sulking the entire day but then you come into view, setting up tea and biscuits and his face just lights up as he practically shouts, “Pumpkin!! There you are Oh, you wont believe how much I've missed you little one.” He will settle himself in his chair dragging you into his lap. He would want to be sat in the most intimate way possible and so he would make you straddle him, kissing over your entire face making you giggle and then he would lean back and ask “So how was your day little miss? Tell me all about it” 
Its just sooo domestic and sweet and I just like the way it shows both your care about each other mutually. 
Another image I love is M/C coming up and trying to scare Dia and him just going along with it. Like you are trying to scare him in his room and so you sneak up behind him. He already knows you are there, but he plays along since he likes seeing you behave so mischievously and so you would pop up behind him yelling out ‘BOO’ and grabbing his waist in an attempt to scare him and he’ll fall onto the couch in ‘shock’ grabbing you along with him, “Aaah!! My sweet how could you betray your prince in such a way, such treason by scaring me huh baby?
And the last ones are the ones he uses in the bedroom. Honestly he uses all of the above only but in addition he would use Pretty girl, Lovely, Treasure. These are super possessive and Dia gives of the image of someone who is into that so yeah.
Overall super sweet but also super possessive. 
Little miss, Dear, Darling, Honey, Sweetie, Sweetheart  
Again, another dom man among these guys. He also has a daddy kink in my opinion since he likes to take care of people, but I don’t think he is the type to use a lot of nicknames except for the very classic ones like My dear, Darling, Honey, Sweetie and Sweetheart. 
I think its obvious given that he is all about being proper and etiquette so he obviously would not use these in public. Even in public there is a certain level of caution he keeps. I feel like for him the sweetest thing he can use is your actual name. But there are certain scenarios in which i van see him use them. 
You're cooking with Barb and you need to grab something of the top shelf but you cant reach so you ask Barbatros, “Aaah of course my dear whatever you need,” he would press himself against your back making sure you can feel his warmth as he does so making you brush brightly and whine at Barb’s teasing. He chuckles into your ear as he teases you, “Why sweetheart you truly are the most sensitive little thing, I haven't done a thing and you're already whining”
Another scenario I can see him using it in is, its been a long day for both of you and you are waiting for him so you pounce onto him the minute he arrives and he goes “Ahhh there is my little miss? but easy now sweetie I'm not going anywhere”
Overall super sweet super daddy-sih I feel like but in a sophisticated manner. 
Babe, Baby, My lucky (little) charm, Y/N-ie, My love
Honestly again another man who doesn't use terms of endearments a lot, not because he doesn't care, its just to him the sweetest thing he can call you is your name. 
On the rare occasions he does call you its either the normal Babe and Baby. These are like normal day to day things he calls you. “Babe pass the little gold nickels, I think they go into this potion”... “You think babe? Im not handing it to you until you know for sure”.
He loves you every day but on days he feels particularly romantic or overly sweet he will call you know Y/N-ie. It just feels cute and small. The scenario I have in my head is like on a rainy day. For once you guys don't have any work. He is sitting on his bed, no shirt and legs crossed book in hand as he mutters the words. His eyes glaze over though and your little hands take his attention. Your head rests on his chest, one leg thrown over his. His own hand resting on the curve of your waist, gently running his hands over his skin lightly squeezing. You’re humming a song as you trail his pact marks, fascinated. Your eyes are big like a little child full of wonder and complete adoration. Solomon can’t remember the last time he felt so loved as he throws his book to the side. You look at him in question but he wraps his arms around you and pulls you onto him you giggling at the ticklish feeling as he nuzzles the top of your head, “Y/n-ie baby I love you you know that right?” “I know–” “No, I mean I am completely and utterly in love with you... I adore you my lucky little charm” “I love you too Solomon.”
Lastly he uses My love in the bedroom. Regardless of wether he is being a hard or a soft dom that night. He always uses My love. He loves the intimacy that comes with that term.
Overall super romantic and cutesy but with in the right moments and not overused. 
My Little lamb, Sweetie, My Sweet, Lovely, Darling Y/N, Little Thing
You already know he is one of the cutest and most romantic of the boys in Obey Me. His favourite one to call you is Little lamb. It will always be his favourite. At first you think it isn't unique since he calls all the humans little lamb but then eventually he explains to you that thats why he calls you My little lamb. Its his way of being possessive. and honestly for him thats as hard dom as he is getting. 
The other terms are for in public like Sweetie, My Sweet, Lovely. These are his public ones and they make all the other boys so jealous cause he makes them sound so sweet. 
The two other special ones for him are Darling Y/N and Little thing. Darling Y/N is the ones he uses whenever he is declaring his love for you in any way. Little thing is the ones he uses to coax you to do what you have to do. Or he uses it to pacify you when you want your way and cant get it. Something like “Y/N, Little thing, please stop with the foot stomping or I swear to Michael I will tie you this bed.”
Overall his is pretty straightforward. 
I’m so sorry this got so late. I had meant to finish it. I broke my wrist and then hurt my fingers and also my classes started so I've been in too much pain and exhaustion hahahaha. 
Anywho next one is the next part to compliments with Beel and Belphie together. The problem I am having is that its become too long but i don't want to break it into two parts. what should i do since its sooooo long?
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