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#obey me belphie x mc
Belphie: Have you ever seen something that changed your life?
Mc: I saw you.
Belphie: Honestly,thats so sweet,but it's kinda makes this awkward cause I was going to show you a painting of Lucifer as a dog.
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 20 hours ago
The Future (Belphie x GN! Reader)
It's not entirely angst, but it's there a little bit... and it's not super fluffy... but it's also there a little bit... It's a little bit of everything I guess (except NSFW, it's not that... well there is a little teeny tiny hint of it, like a salt grain of NSFW if you look close enough)
TW: slight mention of death but nobody dies ; mentions of what Belphie did in Lesson 16 but it doesn't go into detail (also spoiler warning if you haven't made it to lesson 16 yet)
Word Count : 3.2K (why the fuck did I go so hard on this one? I've never written that much in a wing it fic before)
He sat on the windowsill in the attic, overlooking the garden in the backyard where you sat with his brothers. He should have been down there, he should have been sitting on the other side of you, sandwiching you between Beel and himself, but you didn’t want anything to do with him, and who could blame you? What he had done was unforgivable, and had you forgiven him, he would have thought you were weak and pathetic for even wanting to be around him after what he had done. Yet, here he was, wishing that you had forgiven him. It was an internal conflict that he was having with himself and he hated it, and he hated you for making him feel like this.
What were you but a meek, fragile, useless human. There were billions up on earth, and if need be, he could just go up and snatch one to have his way with and then be done with them. It would be quite simple for him, and there wouldn’t have to be any emotional attachment, not the way that his brothers seemed to be getting with you. They were foolish for allowing a no good human into their lives like this, and it almost seemed like you had a firm hold on them. They were wrapped around your fingers. Not him though, he wouldn’t allow himself to get like that. He knows exactly what happens when beings like himself and his brothers… like his sister… get attached to humans. It never ends well, and it seems like his brothers were completely forgetting all about that, even though it was the reason they fell in the first place.
Even with all of this, watching you with all of them made his heart ache. Laughing, smiling, everyone was having a good time, everyone but him. He tried to ignore the ache in his heart as he watched Beel wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest and nuzzling his face in your neck. Your laughter, light and twinkling seemed to travel through the air, riding the slight breeze that blew through the trees, purposely up into his ears, almost as if it were mocking him. He was alone, and while it wasn’t a new feeling for him, it was starting to become bothersome. Nobody wanted to see him, especially you, but now it seemed like everyone was avoiding him like the plague. The door to the attic had been unlocked for a while, but now he didn’t want to leave. He had no reason to anymore.
“Hey, Belphie…” He had been so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that Beel had left you in the garden with the others. His eyes focused on you, the way your eyes would squint up when Mammon said something so stupid that all you could do was laugh at him. The way you kept switching which leg to cross over the other, as if you couldn’t sit still for more than five seconds. You seemed anxious, and you would look over your shoulder and around the garden subtly before turning back to whichever one of his brothers were talking. It was like you could feel his eyes on you, and it gave him a strangely warm feeling inside, knowing that you knew he was looking… all you had to do was look up and you’d see him. “Belphie.” Beel said his name again, clearing his throat to get his attention.
“Hm? Yeah, what?” As much as he hated to take his eyes off of you, he knew that Beel wouldn’t leave him alone until he at least acknowledged that he was in the room. “Do you need something?” He turned to face his brother, his arms folded across his chest. Seeing him there, knowing that only a couple minutes ago his brother's arms had been wrapped around you, holding you close, and you had enjoyed it… He had no right to be upset over it, if anything, he should be happy for his twin that he had finally found something other than food and working out to fill the void inside of him that had been created when he fell.
“I know you like them…” He was about to protest, but Beel held up his hand, giving his brother a small smile as he sat on the edge of the bed. “I can hear you at night… calling their name… you move a lot too. Everyone hears you.” Beel scratched his head as he watched him, waiting for his response, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. It was obvious that Beel liked you too, and in a sense it felt wrong. If it were Lucifer, he wouldn’t feel bad about liking you at all, but he cared about Beel, and he didn’t want his twin to hate him.
“I’m sorry, man… I don’t deserve them. They seem happy with you, and you look happy… I’m not trying to take them away from you.” He sighed heavily, shaking his head as he got up from the ledge of the window. “It doesn’t even matter, it’s not like they’d ever like me back anyway.” And that much he was sure of. How could you ever like him back after what he did? He could hope for it, dream of it, but the reality is that it would never happen.
“What are you talking about?” Beel looked genuinely confused, watching as his brother climbed into the bed, pulling the sheets over himself. “I mean, of course I’m happy with them here, but we’re not together.” He let out a quick chuckle as he said it, but Belphie wasn’t entirely convinced yet. Sure, you and Beel may not be together, but how is he supposed to know that you don’t have any feelings at all for Beel? He’s already made himself look like a complete fool with you once, and he wasn’t planning on doing it again anytime soon. “I care about them, and yeah, I was kind of pissed off when you tried to kill them… twice…” He sat up just enough to glare at Beel. That was still a sore subject and something that he wished could be moved on from. Of course, that was wishful thinking and he knew that no one would ever fully move on from it, especially you. “But… They’re okay now… Maybe you should just talk to them.” He got up from the bed, walking over to the door before turning to look back at Belphie. “It wouldn’t hurt to try anyway. I’ll see you later.”
His head fell against his pillow, a loud groan escaping him as his hands moved up to his face. “Fuck…” Beel was right. It wouldn’t hurt to try, and even if you did reject him, he would get over it after a while. It’s not like you were the only human who would ever come down to the Devildom for Lord Diavolo’s stupid exchange program. The only problem is that… there probably wouldn’t ever be another human like you. You were special, and it took a lot for him to even think that about anyone, especially a human. But you… you went out of your way to save him in a sense. You freed him from the attic, and instead of thanking you as he should have, he had tried to kill you instead. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t even know where he’d start if he was to try to talk to you. The only thing he could think to do was to sleep on it, a little escape from the reality of his fuck ups never hurt.
Dreams were all that he had, they were the safest place to go. When everything seemed wrong, he knew that he had his own subconscious mind to fall back on. At least in his dreams he could change the way things had happened. In his dreams he would tell you what you deserved to hear after you let him out of the attic, and he’d pull you into his arms and hold you when all other words escaped him. He could create any scenarios he wanted, and they always felt so real. Your lips pressed against his own as your bodies seemed to mesh into one under the warmth of his blankets in the attic. His fingers would trace the shape of your body as your legs intertwined, his name murmured softly from your lips when the tips of his fingers would brush over more sensitive parts of your skin.
“Belphie…” Your voice was so sweet, it sounded so close. His dream had just begun and you were already calling for him. It was a new fantasy, but one that he wasn’t against. All he had to do was find you, and it seemed strange that, although he was in control of his own dreams most of the time, he didn’t seem to be in control of this one. You were nowhere to be found, yet he could still hear your voice. “Belphie, wake up…” It was an odd request, one that he had never heard you make in any of the dreams he’s had of you. Your voice seemed to echo down the long hallway that he was currently walking down in his subconscious. It seemed never ending, and there was only one door at the end, and the closer he seemed to get to it, the further away it seemed to move. Maybe the only way to reach the door at the end was to wake up like you had told him to.
“Hm… Y/N…” He tiredly mumbled, rolling over to his side as he clung onto the cow pillow beside him. His eyes were still closed and it seemed like his body was fighting against itself. He wanted to wake up, but his entire body was basically telling him to stay asleep. There was going to be nothing for him when he opened his eyes, just like every single day before this one, and likely every day after. The gentle touch of fingers brushing along his arm had him jumping up though, his fight or flight instinct kicking in, except there was no flight option. It was just fight or fight, and either way, someone was getting fought. “What the fu-” His eyes shot open, and for a split second, he thought he was still dreaming. “What are you doing here?” It wasn’t meant to come across as rude, and he definitely didn’t want you to assume that just because he was asking that he didn’t want you there. In all honesty, he was confused, very confused.
“Uhm… Beel said that you wanted to talk to me…” Of course. Now that Beel knew about his feelings, he wouldn’t let his brother dwell on them, and he surely wouldn’t let the feelings eat away at his brother. A little bit of a warning or maybe even a heads up would have been great though, at least so he could have been prepared to talk to you. He only hoped that Beel didn’t say too much to you, but judging by the fact that you weren’t freaking out or yelling at him made it clear that Beel hadn’t said or done anything except extend the offer of an actual conversation.
“Yeah… I do.” Seeing you this close with his own eyes, in reality, it was completely different from his dreams. You were far more perfect up close, so close… He could reach out and touch you if he thought you would allow it. “Are you uh… comfortable? I mean, being up here… alone… with me?” He thought that it was important to ask, because as much as he’d hate for you to say that you weren’t, for you to leave at the guidance of his own question… he also didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around him.
He watched as your eyes darted around the room momentarily, and then they landed back on him as you shrugged, taking a deep breath before nodding and giving him a small smile. “I guess I am…” Your voice sounded unsure, and the way your knee was bouncing was like a silent way of your body telling him just how nervous you actually were. “So, what did you want to talk about?” What did he want to talk about? He hadn’t even had time to think about it, let alone think that you’d actually want to talk to him. He didn’t know where to begin, he didn’t know how to start, and with you looking at him the way that you were, your eyes wide and your hands placed in your lap, your lips pursed as you waited for him to start speaking. What was he supposed to say to you?
“It uh… looks like you’re happy…” He began, immediately feeling stupid for starting off like that. What do you care if he notices that you look happy. Of course you would, since he was staying out of your way, out of everyone's way. You shrugged, giving him a small smile and a quick nod, rolling your fingers as you waited for him to continue. At least you weren’t leaving already, that was a start. “I’ve been thinking for a while now… I never actually apologized for what I did. I’m… I’m sorry.” It felt weird saying it. He had never apologized to anyone for anything, and he never felt obligated to do it either. He never cared what anyone thought or if people hated him, he didn’t need anyone but Beel in his life, or at least, that’s what he thought. But now… now he cares what you think, and how you feel, and he even feels like maybe… maybe he needs you too.
Your smile grew slightly, and it seemed like your eyes actually lit up just from hearing him say it. Was that really all that you needed? If he had known that, maybe he wouldn’t have felt the need to isolate himself for so long. “Thanks… It’s really nice to hear that…” You sighed softly, your leg stopped bouncing as you finally let yourself relax around him. “Is that all that you needed to say?” The way you asked it, the way that you looked at him, maybe it was wishful thinking on his part, but it sounded like maybe you wanted to hear something more, although he wasn’t sure what it was right now. “I mean… If you don’t, that’s fine… I was just thinking… You know… Now we can…”
“We can be together.” What? He just said that, he just fucking said that. What an idiot. He got too excited, too ahead of himself. That wasn’t what you were thinking at all, and he could tell by the way that you looked at him. You looked more confused now than you did when he had attacked you in the first place. Of course it was too sudden, even he knew that much. He would have been just as confused if it were the other way around, and he was about to apologize again until you started laughing. It felt weird to actually care that someone was laughing at him, and it stung worse that it was you. “No, that’s fine… You can laugh. It was stupid…” He mumbled, dropping his gaze to trace over the patterns of fabric in his blanket. He hated the way you made him feel, but at the same time, he loved it, because for once he felt something other than anger and hatred and tiredness.
You stopped laughing, taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself as you reached out for his hand. The action came as a shock, and part of him wanted to pull away, but he knew that would only look bad on his end, especially after the strangely timed confession he just gave to you. “No, no… It’s not stupid… Just unexpected.” You hummed softly in thought, letting your thumb brush almost mindlessly over his knuckles. It was calming, soothing even, and it felt much like the dreams that he’d had before. “It’s not all the time that someone tries to kill someone, and then say they want to be together. Where I’m from, it’s usually the other way around…” It made sense, and even in the Devildom he’s heard stories of stuff like that happening up there. It always confused him though, he never understood why someone would practically confess their love to another person just to kill them. In his mind, he did it the right way around. He tried to kill you, didn’t succeed both times, had time to regret what he did, and then realized that he actually liked you. It was the safer route to take, at least in his eyes. At least if you were to reject him, you’d have a reason why you did… But you haven’t actually rejected him yet… have you?
“It’s alright… if you don’t want to… It’s a really bad time to ask.” He also didn’t want to put you on the spot or make you feel like you had to say yes just because you were scared of what he’d do if you said no. That’s not what he wanted at all, and if he could go back in time just five minutes from now, he’d choose his words wisely… and just not say that at all. He still feels foolish for even uttering the words, but he knows that without the help of Barbatos, he wouldn’t be able to do that, and he knows that Barbatos wouldn’t even do it if he were here.
Your fingers drummed against your thighs, and he knew that you were deep in thought. Your gaze kind of turned cloudy and far off, and he wished that he could hear your thoughts, or maybe read them like a book. The smile that you had been wearing before faded as the silence in the room dragged on. He was holding his breath, waiting for you to say something, and truthfully, he wouldn’t even care what it was at this point, he just wanted you to speak because the awkward silence was way worse. “I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want to… sometime in the future… but…” There was always a but, there just had to be a but. “Maybe we can start as friends first? You can come down from the attic more, actually spend time with all of us. I think it would be fun for you too. I know that Beel misses you.” You sighed softly, pushing yourself off the edge of the bed before turning to look back down at him. “I’ll give you some time to think on that. It’s my turn to cook with Beel though… I’ll see you at dinner?”
“Yeah… Yeah, I’ll see you at dinner. Bye.” His eyes were glued to you as you left the attic, closing the door softly behind you, listening as your footsteps grew further and further away until he couldn’t hear them at all anymore. His head fell back against his pillow, exhaling sharply through his nose as he stared up at the ceiling.
Friends… There was nothing wrong with being friends. He still had his dreams where the two of you were more, and maybe one day, sometime in the future as you had said, his dreams would become a reality and he could finally be with you. He didn’t know how long it would take, but he didn’t really care. There was hope, and he would hold onto it until you were finally ready. But first… he’d start with dinner.
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devildomsexting · a day ago
Belphie ☔️ (also sending you lots of love 💛💛)
He actually was gonna walk you to class this morning after teasing you a bit but Mammon volunteered to do it instead so he’s secretly glad he gets to step in now
Tumblr media
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karnita-mexicana · a day ago
“You’re Going To Rot In Here”
Got the real fun part of Obey Me and dusted of my writing skills and wrote this  AU angsty piece. SPOILERS!!!
The human exchange student was found murdered by the hands of the youngest of the seven brothers. For his crimes he was sentenced to imprisonment in the dungeons underneath the royal castle, under the watchful eye of Lord Diavolo. Knowing that Lucifer would most defiantly defect and go against him if he sentenced the youngest brother to death, he was therefore sentenced to eternity in the dungeons to keep Lucifer chained to the demon prince. 
Out of anger in being murdered by someone they trusted enough to help, the tainted spirit of the human looms over the seventh brother grinning at the state of him. Their appearance has not changed since the first time they appeared. Menacingly grinning behind the shoulder of the demon prince as he had the magically enforced bars close on him. Their eyes where clouded and glazed over. They were almost deflated in decay. The faded tear streaks on their face, purples, yellows, and reds of the bruises on their neck, and the dried blood that laid on their lips where all illuminated by the moonlight seeping in from the high window in his cell. Since then, they would always appear to them in that same state, dead eyed and grinning, right before collapsing to ground into dust. Always in the same collapsing motion as to remind him of when he first let go of their limp body when he had murdered them. 
It seems that was their purpose as a ghost; to remind him of his crime, and of his betrayal. They were there to taunght him for eternity. Forever grinning and starring at him and then collapsing to the ground. Not before telling him the same 6 words, “You’re Going To Rot In Here”. 
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Beel:*munching angrily on a burger*
Belphie: What's wrong?
Beel: Mc stole my heart!
Beel: I'm going to get revenge on them!
Belphie: Uhh!
Beel: I'm going to steal their last name!!
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obeyme-arkham · 2 days ago
He came home 😭😭
Tumblr media
Good morning my lovely followers make sure you login to get those nice ass rewards 🥰
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Why You Shouldn't Hate Belphegor (spoilers for Lesson 16)
a really good belphie playlist
overdue, i know; but i wanted to talk about it and why you shouldn't hate belphie because of this. i wont be talking about the rest of the brothers, just belphie. this is mainly for the people who just started obey me and dont like him after the incident. also take note that this is my opinion, im just here to say why i think you shouldnt hate him because of this reason:
the main reason people dont like him: he killed mc.
understandable. i mean, i wouldnt like someone who choked me to death while laughing maniacally at my face, blaming me for his sister's death even though i wasnt even alive at the time, either
but put yourself in belphegor's point of view; he obviously blames himself for what happened to his sister and with so much guilt inside of him, he started to blame humans. who else was he supposed to blame?
hating humans for who knows how long, and the demon prince suddenly announces that he wants to bring humans for an exchange program to join the three realms and live in harmony. on top of that, his older brother; whom he respected so much locked him up in the attic because lucifer knew he would attack any human that he(belphie) came in contact with.
belphegor was angry, very angry. he also felt betrayal, seeing the person he admired do that to him.
staying in the attic, belphegor meets the human and his mind clouded with rage and a need for some kind of revenge; he manipulated mc and killed them.
after he sees them die in mammon's arms, he looks up to see the human he killed. only to reveal lucifer's secret about lilith.
finding out that the human in front of him is lilith's descendant, he hugs them; desperate to feel any form of his sister left.
and that's that, right? he hugged her and everything's fine now. he turned over a new leaf in matter of minutes; lets let bygones be bygones.
of course people dont like him. i mean, hugging the person you murdered only after you find out they're your dead sister's descendant basically screams "i only see you as a replacement for lilith"
i think this part of the game was badly recieved/portrayed. plus, you dont have the option to show fear, anger or any other reasonable emotion after what happened. you just let belphegor hug you.
this is partially the fault of how the game is written. i think we dont have any thought about what happened because they want to let the player think for themselves. making a dating sim is hard; you have to make it as neutral as possible for everyone. still though, i do wish that there were consequences.
despite him seeing them as a replacement at first, over the course of the game, as their friendship deepens, belphegor no longer sees mc that way. he even outright said it to them.
there are more reasons why people hate him, but i wanted to talk about the reason of lesson 16. im also not going to lie, i did this because i wanted to get into the mood of writing.
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xxblueravenxx · 3 days ago
incorrect quotes #11
gender neutral reader 
Mc: Why aren’t you sleeping? Belphie: I’m to busy plotting your murder to sleep, Mc. Mc: Belphie: ...The nightmares. Mc: *wrapping their arms around Belphie * Awwww, sweetie-
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obeyme-arkham · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am actually so excited for this 🥺🥺 if I don't get dia in a dragon onsie I will RIOT
Some new things tho!
We get UR and SSR demon vouchers
We get a login bonus for Devil Day
Tumblr media
It looks like we get 50 DP and the new demon vouchers for the login bonus
If you finish the even you get a guaranteed SR with the Lucifer unicorn onsie!
If you also finish some of the new challenges you can get the SR of Mammon in a Dino onsie!!!
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Mc: Take a nap,Belph. You look exhausted.
Belphie: I'll do that.
Belphie,naps for twelve hours:
Mc: I told you to take a nap not a fucking coma.
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Mc: *trips on air*
Belphie: You're so clumsy Mc.
[Mc leaves]
Belphie,aggressively punching the air: What's your fucking problem, huh? What did they ever do to you?
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giaourtopita · 3 days ago
Can you do the brother with a mc who skateboard s all the time cuz its there passion? Thank you!!
skater mc
i said i wouldn't post for a little while but i just hit 500 followers so here is this as a thank you! also, this was requested after closing requests so here it is!
warnings: fluff, gn mc, asmo being a simp.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- i feel like he would be pretty anxious about you skating all the time. he doesn't want you to get hurt so i imagine him nagging you to wear a helmet and other protective equipment. he likes that you're so passionate about something but he likes when you're safe and unharmed more!
Tumblr media
- he thinks you look SO COOL. he doesn't know how to skate but i feel like he would make you teach him. if he got a modeling gig that's related to skating he would totally take you with him to model.
Tumblr media
- he also skates! (when he goes outside). he thinks you're really cool and low key wants you to teach him your tricks because he's not as good... he will probably not ask you to teach him but if you tell him you want to show him your tricks he will be very excited to learn them!
Tumblr media
- he thinks you're cool when skating but i feel like his reaction to you skating would be like lucifer's. he likes watching you skate but only if you do it safely. he would also probably make some research on skating to tell you random fun facts about it whenever he sees you with your skateboard.
Tumblr media
- he thinks you look so hot while skating. he will literally ask you to teach him just so he can admire you. he will even purposefully do things wrong so you can show him again. yeah asmo is whipped,,,
Tumblr media
- he skates too! he usually only skates to go to practice and go back home but now he does it more so you notice him and start giving tips to each other. he thinks it's really cool that love skating so much because he also likes it!
Tumblr media
- he thinks you're really cool for skating. he keeps saying he wants to learn how to skate but he's too lazy to actually do it. he likes watching you skate and he has many times if you'd like to teach him but he always gives up because he gets tired.
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plutosonmars · 4 days ago
who I think the boys in obey me would main in genshin because the servers are down for maintenance and i’m bored as shit
Lucifer: Diluc
I feel like he tried to roll for Zhongli and lost the 50/50 and wasn’t completely mad at who he got the Diluc main that does SO much damage and carries you no matter the domain just doesn’t DIE
Started to play the game because Levi said that he sucks at games and thought the  aesthetics were cool and it’s calming
has SUCH bad luck with artifacts it’s a wonder he does the damage he does
he’s artifact set is broken none of them match at ALL
relates to diluc with his brotherly issues and single handly saving shit an covering up for people
thinks he’s a pussy for not drinking wine
“wine is great he just hasn’t had the right kind”…no luci-
Mammon: Zhongli/ Jean
rolled just to spite lucifer and won the 50/50 even though he saved up for jean…so he kept rolling an got her …C1
despite having horrible luck everywhere else this mf has THE best luck in genshin history
has five star weapons for his whole team and really good builds that he looked up (or stole from levi)
HORRIBLE in domains if he’s not the healer like dies no matter what it’s sad
spams the chat with the alert emote
loves to carry lower levels and help them with small tasks
thinks zhongli and jean are hot
“zhongli is just like me! who wouldn’t wanna be like the great mammon!” “you mean broke?” “HEY-“
Levi: Qiqi
You know how tounto is the best jean main in north america? levi is the best qiqi main in devildom no questions asked
the  physical damage is just other WORLDLY along with the heals it’s just straight disrespect
despite maining qiqi when playing domains with his brothers he REFUSES to do his ult to heal like REFUSES
Thinks qiqi is the cutest child to ever exist has a qiqi keychain and a sweater of her constellation
has easily spent more than 100,000 grimm on the game
BULLIES and i mean B U L L I E S people that call qiqi a loli or sexualizing her
Satan: Childe/ Xingqiu/Albedo
this man thinks that childe is the FUNNIEST MF loves that him and childe can relate wrath wise
you know how everyone hates childe bc he tried to destroy half of liyue? yeah no satan was laughing to the point of TEARS bc he saw it coming
deals the UPMOST DAMAGE calculates damage pity crit rate and crit damage to a fucking T has that shit down PACKED it’s almost scary
like you cant even see the characters spawn and they’re dead type domain damage
helps asmo with his damage bc he’s mainly focused on heals and can’t play the fucking game without him
do i even have to explain xingqiu and albedo? he relates to their smarts and the fact that albedo might lose control and destroy everything he loves….
childe defender to the highest extent
“He was just doing his job if you were in his position you would do the same”
Asmo: Diona/Venti
he’s the LIFE SAVER in domains and general mammon gets so happy when he plays with asmo
thinks that diona is the cutest little thing on the planet and would love to try one of her drinks
hates her father with a burning passion
heals are almost as good as levi’s and satan didn’t even help him be proud of him
thinks venti is ALSO the cutest little thing and when he saw him at the start of the game he squealed
is constantly saying “time for take off!” “think you can get away?” “cant handle your drink?”
deals like decent damage for his ar asks satan to help bc he saw levi do 1,000,000 physical damage and hasn’t been the same since
also a diona and venti defender
“are you really sexualizing a child and a teenager that took the form of a dead friend…”
Beel: Xiangling
i know it’s what everyone thinks but this mf would be so happy that someone relates to him
he would LOVE to try her recipes
as soon as she came on screen he was so happy he thought she was so cute with the traveler and then she started talking about food and he was SOLD
belphie helps him with builds because he’s so focused on making food that he doesn’t even care about the game that much
when he finished her quest he was so sad but happy that he could just get her without wishing
he deals kinda shocking damage sometimes the crit kicks in at random times and shocks everyone
thinks that levi and satan are SWEATS
tries to cook the food irl
belphie: klee
arson? yes! cute child ? yes!
belphie thinks that klee is so fucking funny and when he did her quest he was giggling the whole time
this mf lost sleep to save for klee it was that SERIOUS
relates to klee being locked up for doing bad shit and thought it was sad when jean put her in timeout
deals DAMAGE like a true klee main would kicks ASS
burns everyone’s grass and it’s so ANNOYING
is right along side levi and asmo making fun and gaslighting people that sexualizing klee diona and qiqi
“you’re disgusting does your mom know that she raised a disappointment ?”
LMAO lmk if y’all want the haikyuu characters or the rest of the obey me cast next :p

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gogopics · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I’ve had a bit of art-block lately, so I’m thinking about picking back up on one of my orphaned sketches. Thoughts?
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warnings: idk if this is needed but for safety there is a small mention of being shot or hung.
random thing i cant get out of my head:
the possible end song by bo burnham but mc singing, and possibly mammon singing back, the first 2 parts of the “so long goodbye” section. Followed by the rest of that section and the “am i going crazy” over a montage of the boys grieving over mc and hosting their funeral. Then, when the “if i wake up in a burning house” part starts its belphie being put on trial or being thrown in a dungeon while he reflects on himself. Theres the option that he keeps asking himself why he did it but never finding the answer. As the “oh shit, you’re really joking at a time like this” hits its belphegor being prepped for his execution. Then when the beat drops for the “well well look whos inside again” he gets shot or hung for his crimes.
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mokuhchi-manuscripts · 7 days ago
Asmodeus and Belphegor with an MC Who has Nightmares
A/N: Hope y'all enjoy!
CW(s): brief nondescript mention of sex in Asmo’s (last bullet point)
➸ Asmodeus
Asmodeus hasn’t had very many nightmares but did have problems with them when first falling from the celestial realm so he knows a few home remedies on how to help with nightmares
The first time you wake him up due to you having a nightmare, he’s slightly annoyed you interrupted his beauty sleep but once he sees you standing there, shaking in his doorway, he calms down and immediately grows concerned
Asmodeus glared at you from his doorway, but as soon as he took you in standing there, shivering as if freezing, and looking absolutely terrified, his anger melted away.
“Hey, hey, babe, are you okay?” he pulled you into his room.
“I had a nightmare.” you said. He looked at you with sympathy deep in his eyes.
“Is it okay if I step out for a second?”
“Can I come with you?”
He offered a smile. “Of course.” The two of you walked to the kitchen where Asmodeus silently made tea. When he was finished pouring hot water into two mugs and had stirred in honey, he handed you a cup and beckoned you back to his room. Once you were there he motioned for you to sit with him on his bed.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
If you want to cuddle with him, he’ll gladly do so with you. Anything to make you feel safe
Asmodeus may even offer to perform more intimate activities if it’ll help keep your mind off your nightmare
➸ Belphegor
Belphegor is no stranger to nightmares, having them periodically himself
If you tell Belphegor you have nightmares, he’ll ask for your permission to manipulate your dreams. If you start to have a nightmare, he’ll make sure to steer the dreams in a positive direction.
If you’re not comfortable with him altering your dreams, he’ll cuddle with you the entire night and wake you when you have a nightmare
If you have a nightmare and he’s still asleep, he won’t even get mad if you wake him up
He’ll offer to stay awake with you for as long as you need so you don’t feel alone, but he may accidentally doze off from time to time. He’s trying though!
You woke up in a cold sweat, just barely evading the worst of your nightmare when you gained consciousness. You could feel arms around you and you quickly remembered where you were; in the devildom, lying next to your beloved boyfriend Belphegor. He looked peaceful when he slept, but at that moment you didn’t want to be alone. You slowly nudged him awake. He slowly opened his eyes, a confused and somewhat frustrated expression on his face, but it immediately changed when he saw the look of fear embedded in your features.
“Hey, are you okay?” he sat up slightly, pulling you into his chest.
“I had a nightmare.” you whispered. Belphegor gave you a sympathetic look and placed a small kiss on your forehead.
“I’ll stay awake with you for as long as you need.”
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