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danger-noodle-uwu · 2 days ago
Hopeless wishes before the goodbyes
Tumblr media
Genre: angst/drama part: 7 of the series
Trigger warning/mentions of death/sucide/self-harm
Summary: Mc, the exchange student, shows the characters about how cruel fate can be and how they will not hesitate to fight against its wishes, but really can they? Who knows?
Tumblr media
"It is time, my love. I love you more than you can fathom, I hope that in another life would I stay by your side...goodbye..."
Lucifer couldn't believe that he'd see the spirit of his doll, let alone hear their melodious voice which was laced with dreadful words. Why..? When he was so close to saving you from becoming another Lilith..? Why is it that he must lose the ones he'd love..? It was all his mistake just like Lilith's death or belphegor's hatred, he was the eldest who failed to save his family, But this moment, the last one ever with you shouldn't be spent filled with doubts or sorrow yet love, the love he failed to give when you were alive, in his arms.
Mc, my love, you have flew with wings of an icaurus, and stolen its heart. The day you left us, was the day my heart died within my chest. I pray father gives you the sky where you can fly like you wished to. I love you... more than I am capable of... farewell, my lady...
Mammon refused you, refused you to go and leave him like you did, after all who'd let go of the love of their life so easily... not even in death would he do–NO not another loved one snatched away from him... could it be..? That you'd be reborn again like Lilith maybe if he begs diavolo enough. Maybe..? If he could then he'd give up everything l-like—his money, his greed, even his own life and sanity just to have you back. But in this moment, all he could do is scream out his love confession in choked sobs.
Y-ya told me that you didn't like me cryin' and weepin' like a damned child than why did ya leave me?! Why couldn't you stay like you were supposed to?! Y-y-you promised to stay with me, then why did ya leave me?! Why...?! Why?!!!
Leviathan cried endlessly, knowing everything is over for him, no-one will ever care about him anymore and this is the goodbye all because of his mistakes and the misfortune that clouds him and the toll is always paid by the ones surrounding him. It hurt, everything hurt. He thinks he can join you soon, but that's just a lie for a demon's lifespan is far longer than yours. But this moment, he will confess his crimes, sins for being incapable of protecting you or loving you truly, how he should've from the beginning.
My world is completely empty without you, please come back to fill my world with the colours that glow but not as bright as you. Please don't go away, I can't imagine a life without you, my playe—fuck it, my love, my life. Please stay... Mc... please...I beg love please...
Satan freezes with daze, he couldn't process your words...he knew one day death would snatch you away from him, leaving him devastated but never did he see this coming, you dying due to a random noble or meeting your soul. It felt like the whole world was crashing upon him within a second. Everything is confusing to him, nothing makes sense anymore...where is that knowledgeable demon now..? He doesn't know, all he knows you are going away and this is the last love...and say goodbye to his one and only...
T-tell me, my love why is it that the only person who can calm my storm become the reason behind it..? I'd have hoped to live a life with y-you, but it seems that my life is a devoid of love, and I have no existence at all in your absence...I l-love you even after this burning flame of life within me extinguishs...I love you...
Asmodues weeps in agony, he knows that his dear isn't coming back but he refuses to let them go either. A part of him believes that you will return in his arms, safe and sound and kiss him but deep down he knows you can't. You can't ever kiss him or hug him or even touch matter how much he needs it..and he's useless again..does he really not deserve love? Is that why you're gone.? He doesn't know... but he can't let you fade away, can he? What is he without you..? nothing... without your love, your affection, your touches...nothing, sweetheart, I'm nothing...
Sweetheart, darling Mc, must you leave me all by myself..? I'm nothing. I can't live without your love, I can never let go. You see this pathetic ugly demon, he's all yours. He cannot live without you, so don't you dare leave me, my love. It hurts, honey, it hurts to breathe knowing I can't join you...never in eternity, but i will still love you...
Beelzebub guilt-trips himself for each and everything that ever hurt you, he was a strong demon, one of the strongest ever been. Yet, he couldn't protect you just like he failed Lilith in the past. It was all his mistake for not saving you like he should've. He was a failure, who couldn't protect his loved ones. You, Mc, mended the bond between his family and shined brightly like a candle within this darkness, which was extinguished all because of him...and you're demise made him so miserable, so miserable he couldn't even ask for comfort, knowing he didn't deserve it...but he can't let you go with empty silence that wounds you... he can't...
Mc, cupcake, why is everything falling apart much faster than I can ever pick up the pieces... why is it that because of my mistakes, you pay the price? It is my mistake, all my fault. I couldn't save Lilith nor you... I'm a mistake, just like father had said... I love you... please stay safe and find happiness that you deserve... I'll pray that you find your true happiness... goodbye, my sugar-cookie...
Belphegor punishes himself for even having a thought about hurting you or your feelings, his arms littered with cuts which bleed out as he screams. Pain, pain is everything he ever deserved, not the love or kindness you showed him. He wasn't worthy of you, but it was all your fault for being so kind, wasn't it? Why were you ever kind to a sinner, who killed you? He was stupid, an idiot for falling in love with a human and you perfect he couldn't resist the temptation. He was a weakling for not being able to save you, he was the reason you became another Lilith. But at least, he gets to say goodbye despite him being unworthy of it.
I cried a lot because of you, idiot. I laughed a lot because of you. I believed in love because of you, a—and now I’m heartbroken because of you... idiot, my stupid human... why did this have to happen? Why are you leaving me just like Lilith did? I love you, c-cuddle-bug... please don't leave me, I can't live without you...
Diavolo forced a smile, a smile to settle the panic and dispute among the people upon your death... he showed empathy to all those you befriended and offered comfort despite his position making him unapproachable, it was the least he could do, after failing you and his people... Mc, you were an angel and he was a sinner, a sinner bound to a throne of thorns that pierced his heart however, didn't allow him to shed a tear. What was the point of holding so much power when you are incapable of using it in a situation of need... so, he doesn't repeat his mistake and bids you a farewell, full of love yet sorrow.
My queen, it was a gift, your time with me was a gift and I wholeheartedly thank you for it... I am a sinner, born far disgraceful than any creature, yet you stayed like an angel and blessed me with your grace... thank you for loving me and I love you too... my queen, I hope you rest well...
Barbatos quivered with panic and terror, he's seen enough horrors from the past and upcoming future upon the command of his master. And your words, make him shake just like his world did when you—he can't... he's too scared to even say a thing fearing that one reality may be driven into another one, more dreadful... he feels weak knowing how miserable he was for seeking out a day off when his young lord was mourning your loss, but he could barely keep himself together before rushing off to his room, for inside he had shattered just like a glass doll. Which was now crushed as he mutters his wishes to you... for one last time...
I a-assumed you, my lover would always be a p-part of my life, yet yo-you vanished as if you had never b-been there... Only these mem–memories are left behind... I wish I could join you, I wish th–that I could fade away with y-you forevermore... and dance to your favorite t–tune... my beloved, I lo-love you more than I can bear... goodbye...
Solomon died inside, a sorcerer—no, No. The Most Strongest Sorcerer known. The Wisest King. The Pact-Master Of 72 demons. For all those titles he was indeed a failure and a disappointment who couldn't do necromancy, who couldn't save his apprentice, the same who stole away his heart...did he even deserve to live after that..? No, he can't think like that, if he gives up then who will bring you back..?! He won't give up until you return to him, with the same shine in your eyes and the sweet smile adorning your face... you are his life, and he can't give you up...
I promise that you will be back again, my sweet apprentice. I swear on my life, you are my destiny and my desire. You will return back to me and thos demon brothers like you've always wanted and we'll live happily ever after. I promise my love, so please don't give up now—if y-you stay I s-swear I'll let you try the forbidden spells b—but please don't give up on me... don't give up on us... please, I beg you...
Simeon had lost all faith, in love, in kindness, in his father even so. Pain was an understatement for what he felt. Betrayal too. He could hold the pieces of his broken heart and put them together hoping they'd stay in place as the little angel isn't strong enough to see his guardian's tears yet. Luke was a child, who deserves nothing less than happiness instead of pain and simeon would do anything to give him that. The majestic angel would follow his elder's steps if it comes to that. He wishes he could be lying in casket where you rest. Yet, when father blesses him with the an opportunity to converse with you, even if it's the last one, he is grateful...
You know, I always thought we’d look back on our tears and laugh, but I never thought I’d look back on our laughter and cry. I love you, my sweet angel. Whenever I look at your face, my heart is instantly filled with joy. Only God knows how much you mean in my life… you are my day, my night, my world... I hope we can reunite soon... I love you too...
Luke doesn't understand, how can so much happen in just a few seconds. Your death or him being blinded, just how?! How could someone—anyone ever hurt such a sweet and kind person much like his sibling?! And why did they even kill you for?! How were they so heartless, much more than demon would be?! He doesn't know but he cries uncontrollably while choking out how he will punish that monster by his own hands (aww my baby🥺) how dare they?! And when hears you one last time, he thanks you for everything and promises to Avenge you...
Nee-san, I love you so muchhh... I miss you but I know you will go to celestial realm soon... please wait for me there, I promise I will take good care of you and save you from all those mean people! I will kill those ugly disgusting demons that did this to you, I swear... I love you so much, Nee-san... take care, ok?!
"My love, please let me go
I do not wish to burden you
And chain you to the past
Let me go...please..."
You cried out with your dying strength, leaving the other-half unsaid
Until we meet again...
My true desire...
Tumblr media
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mythsofkairos · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So I had to make this list because I have a bunch of free time and nothing better to do except overcome my writer block, and since I know a lot of overall useless songs...why not, right? Do be warned that I have a very basic taste in music that is all over the place. I often come across as a boomer because of that, but I’m not maybe for music I am.
Tumblr media
P!NK, Lily Allen ― True Love
Liam Payne, Rita Ora ― For You
Katy Perry ― Hot N Cold
BLACKPINK ― You Never Know
SHAUN, Conor Maynard ― Way Back Home
David Guetta, Justin Bieber ― 2U  (BTS Jungkook Cover)
Cadmium, Rosendale ― No Friends
LAUV ― I Like Me Better
Shiki-TMNS, Hentai Dude ― Senpai
Chainsmokers, Cold Play ― Something Just Like This
Ellie Goulding ― Love Me Like You Do
TAEYEON ― Gravity
Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK ― Sour Candy
Little Mix ― Wasabi
Pink Sweat$ ― At My Worst
Doja Cat ― Say So (JP Cover)
Glenn Medeiros ― Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You
Ariana Grande ― goodnight n go
Jason Derulo ― Zipper
Steve Aoki, BTS ― Waste It On Me
Alex C., Yasmin K. ― Angel Of Darkness
Bahjat ― Hometown Smile
John Legend, Wendy ― Written In The Stars
Loco, U Sung Eun ― Star (Little Prince)
Auburn ― Perfect Two
Jonas Brothers ― Remember This
Chung Ha, Seulgi, Soyeon, SinB ― Wow Thing
Little Mix ― Love Me Like You
Eric Nam ― Honestly
Dillon Francis, 220 KID ― Unconditional
Dove Cameron ― Better In Stereo
Meghan Trainor ― Better When I’m Dancing
Megan Thee Stallion ― Thot Shit
Saweetie, Doja Cat ― Best Friend
Tommee Profitt ― Gloria Regali
MC  [ LOL XD ] 
Olly Murs, Flo Rida ― Troublemaker
Vengaboys ― Boom Boom Boom Boom
Megan Thee Stallion ― Body
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hinajiki · 4 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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obeythebutler · 3 months ago
How would the brothers and dateables react to missing Mc? Like one day Mc just disappeared and they can't find them no matter how hard they try. Totally angst :)
Brothers And Dateables React To Missing MC
They're gone. Dissapeared one day, without any signs of a struggle. No matter hard they search, how much they plead, they're nowhere to be found. Their soul is gone.
On the outside, Lucifer may appear stoic and collected, but he's slowly delving into despair. No matter how hard he looks, they're nowhere to be found.
He doesn't know what happened, except that MC dissapeared from their room, gone, without any signs of a struggle or message. Lucifer doesn't even know if they've been kidnapped or..killed.
There's a rage brewing in his eyes as he devises a plan and a search party. With his connections, his brothers, and even the power of Lord Diavolo and Barbatos MC must be found... right...?
Lucifer eventually realized the search was hopeless, when he touched his pact mark and tried to reach out to MC, but he didn't even feel anything.
Were they gone..? Were they in the Celestial Realm? Travelling through dimensions? Barbatos and Simeon's face told him all that he needed to know.
He was the eldest. He had to be collected and be the pillar of his family, even if he was falling inside. So Lucifer hardened his emotions as he tried to pull his family together, even if they lashed out at him.
Lucifer hide himself away, distant and cold. He refused to be pitied, even if Asmodeus and his brothers shot him knowing glances.
He gave his heart twice. And lost it twice. It was buried with MC now.
Despite how cold he seems after their 'death', the vinyl playing in his room didn't do a good job at covering the sounds of bottles shattering and wails escaping.
He couldn't quite believe it. They were in their room, and the next thing...they had dissapeared? Where? By whom? Were they kidnapped? Were they....okay?
He was desperately trying to do something, call their phone or search the house along with his brothers, but they weren't there.
With the search party his brother had organised, he devoted himself to looking for them, but the determination fizzled out when he desperately tried to touch the pact mark, to feel anything of MC's, their heartbeat, their soul, but he was met with silence.
Mammon almost attacked Barbatos when he confirmed they weren't coming back...their soul was wiped out from existence...
He refused to believe it. But he had to, eventually, when he was forced to.
He was MC's first man, for hell's sake! He was supposed to protect them!
Mammon threw himself into his sin, with even more ferocity, but even the witches pitied him, claiming one whose soul is gone can't be brought back.
He nearly killed the witches in disbelief, only when he was dragged back to the house by Lucifer did he collapse on the steps, crying as he begged MC to come back.
Some of MC's possessions are with him now, which he guards with his life. They're the only reminder Mammon has left of them, and he'll protect it.
There's nothing he can do expect wring his hands and hide away in his despair.
He was frozen, tongue-tied as he looked on in shock. Only when he was reminded of his position did he spring into action. His soldiers were summoned, and they ventured into the Devildom waters. If MC was found, they were to be brought back and the kidnappers brought: dead or alive.
But it soon became clear they weren't coming back, when he had ventured into the deepest depths of the sea, and in a desperate attempt, tried to use their pact. But he was met with dangerous silence, just like the ocean.
When even a Prince and an angel couldn't find MC, how could he? He refused to accept they weren't existing anymore, and for a long time the Devildom waters were dangerous to be in, for anyone who's ventured in was drowned by the waves.
He retired to his room, defeated and tired. Levi was in a haze for days, refusing to accept their death. Only when he tried to call them on their D.D.D., and he didn't hear their voice, only then did he fully take in the fact they were gone.
For a long while, he couldn't even sleep, trying to ignore reality by diving into his virtual world, but on seeing MC's controller, the screen shattered.
Everything in his room reminded him of them. The pillow they liked to sleep with, the game progress Levi had saved with them, photos of him and MC cosplaying...
The only sound from his room is the music from his video games, and if one looks closer they can see the dark circles under Levi's eyes and his grumpiness. He refuses to accept reality, choosing to dive into the fictional world.
He did not take MC's dissapearance very well. By 'very well' he was fuming as he tried to control the immediate anger that came. He was stuck in that haze for a long time, cursing himself and his brothers for not watching over MC.
Only when he was harshly reprimanded did he spring into action, putting his knowledge and skills into action. Satan pulled out a map of the Devildom, marking all the places where MC could be and lead the party in searching for clues, and with the aid of his connections.
But when all his brothers eventually began to fall down one by one, he had to too....The search was leading to nowhere, and for the first time his knowledge failed him.
Despair set in when Satan tried to feel the pact power, but he felt nothing on MC's side. They were gone, blipped out of existence, not even a fragment remaining.
He turned to the sorcerer, but even he couldn't say anything. It all led to anger, as Satan destroyed half of the house, with claw marks and torn fabric in every corner.
His room suffered the same fate. Countless books were torn when they couldn't bring MC back. Eventually, the anger turned to sorrow as he wept in his room.
It's almost like what he was before. Wrathful, lashing out in an instance. Satan's far too gone now to come back...whatever's left of them in this world, he'll protect it.
All the feelings and scenery he knew with MC are gone now, dead, buried with them. And they can't come back, nor can MC, nor can the last bit of humanity in him.
He was in a frenzy when he found out MC was missing. Trying to call them, searching the House, all in vain.
With his connections, he tried to look for them, but they weren't found. Not by him or his brothers efforts. On a stormy night, he eventually mustered the strength to try and use the pact, but when he was met with silence, he broke sobbing.
The power was so intense that Solomon rushed to see where his friend was. Asmodeus was begging the mage to find out where MC was, but the look of despair on his own face said everything....
For days, all he did was weep, until his appearance was one of red eyes and dried tears on his cheeks. The House was silent, save for the occasional destruction by Satan.
Eventually, he tried to pull himself together, making meals with Beelzebub and ensuring that his brothers sit down and eat something, even if they rushed out storming.
His glamour is gone, replaced by a broken demon. Asmodeus doesn't go out, he can't, and most of his time is spent clearing up the mess created in the House and trying to comfort his brothers.
He's mustering up the strength because that is what MC would have done, and wanted. Their room lies undisturbed, not a speck of dirt, with a spell to ensure it never decays, and that the leaves of the tree remain fresh as ever.
They..MC...they won't, they can't...he can't let this happen again...he can't.
When he found out they were missing, he stormed outside, in his search for MC he desperately tried to look for them. He can't lose them too, he lost Lilith already.
Only when he tried to use their pact, did he finally realize it. They were gone. Not even a fragment of their soul remaining. Beel screamed as he fell down, sobbing and defeated, failed to protect his family.
The pain alerted Belphegor, who rushed to where his twin was, and his face also made Belphegor realize the one thing he was refusing to: MC was gone.
Both grieved in their pain, just as they had after the Fall. Belphegor slept most of the time, and Beel, apart from eating carefully preserved all their belongings.
A memorial was made for MC, and Beel spent most of his time there. A part of him hoped for a sign, an assurance that MC watched over them like Lilith did, but it was the same part that died when he remembered that their soul was gone.
He and Asmodeus cooked together, and he tried to ensure Belphegor ate to maintain his health, and he and Asmo sent the trays to their brothers rooms.
One time in the night, his hands instinctively reached for the bag of chips MC liked, and Beelzebub had to quieten his sobs as he retreated, finding comfort in Belphegor who hugged him tight as they both wept.
All his sleepiness dissapeared when he found out MC was missing, as Belphegor immediately sprang into action. He's observant, and together with Satan they searched spots where MC could have been.
But no matter how much he looked, searched, threated, killed, MC was nowhere to be found. The brothers gave up their search one by one, and at last Belphegor was the only one standing.
He nearly threated Diavolo, if not for Beel stopping him.
Why were his brothers giving up? Didn't MC mean anything to them? Countless thoughts ran in his mind until he tried to reach them through the pact, and felt nothing. Empty, harsh silence.
That was all it took for him to kneel and give up. He felt Beel's pain, and the look in his eyes must have been one of despair because then they both were sobbing.
He refused to talk, choosing to sleep his pain away. Only thing was the pain still tormented him. Sometimes he dreamt of Lilith, and sometimes MC. Those nights were the worst.
A part of him dissapeared with MC, and sometimes when he was awake he would slink to their memorial, where Beel would often find him asleep.
The attic becomes the place Belphegor sleeps the most in now, away from pitying glances and his brothers.
He was helpless, despite his power and influence. MC just dissapeared, and now they weren't being able to be found.
The Devildom is dangerous, and Diavolo did his best to ensure that it would be safe. But it seems there were cracks in his ship, because the water seeped through.
Lucifer had organised his brothers into a search party, as Diavolo supervised. Barbatos was looking through different realities, every possibility or decision that yielded this outcome.
But the search was futile, and Barbatos bowed to his Lord as he confessed there was nothing he could do. MC's soul was gone, dissapeared from existence.
Diavolo has seen structures fall, empires crumble and blood be shed. Death didn't effect him much. But it does now. His shoulders feel heavy and there's a weight on his heart he can't describe.
It's his helplessness, he can't even do anything, revive them or give them another life, because their soul is gone, just like their physical body.
A memorial was made in honour of MC, with the best luxurious and materials royalty could provide. They had a special place in everyone's heart, and so will they in the palace and the House of Lamentation.
Diavolo visits on nights when he simply can't get MC out of his mind, telling them about a new human game or tradition he discovered, about how the brothers are faring, ignoring the trembling of his own voice.
The one demon who could control time and choose realities, now helpless against fate. Fate that he once couldn't avoid, and now MC couldn't.
The brothers tore through the Devildom as Diavolo supervised, while he himself tore into timelines, searched through realities where this couldn't have happened.
But no matter what choices were made the outcome was same. Eventually, he had to wrung his hands and admit defeat.
The desperation in Lucifer's eyes was a mirror of his own: despondent.
Lord Diavolo had a memorial made for MC in the castle, and one was at the House of Lamentation. A room hidden by a spell, visible to those who cherished them.
He took special care in dusting each item, treating it with fragility and as if it were sacred, which it was. There was no body to bury, no soul for judgement, only their physical possessions.
Barbatos pretends not to see the Prince wander into MC's memorial late at night, because he does so himself.
Every single item of theirs- a tea cup or even the silly spoon they had given him as a gag gift is treasured, hidden away in remembrance.
He can't even turn towards Father, because their soul simply doesn't exist. Not anymore.
He himself looked for them in the Celestial Realm, like the brothers did in the Devildom. Each district was scrutinised, turned upside down as Simeon searched. But when he turned to Father, he got to know the Truth.
It's a fate worse than death, having your soul wiped from existence. Did they travel through the astral plane and got lost? Did someone hurt them...?
But one thing was clear: they were gone. The determination turned to helplessness when he saw Lucifer's pleading gaze.
Luke was inconsolable, and Solomon could be seen shaking whenever MC's name was mentioned. Countless nights Simeon woke up to screams from Luke's room, when the cherub had nightmares.
He has MC's handkerchief that they dropped one day but never returned to collect. It's preserved with a spell, in a hidden drawer in Simeon's room.
He tried to connect to Lucifer, but the latter has shut himself up in his room, cold and harsh as ever. Even Father failed him now....
There's nothing he can do except pray and hope they found peace, even if tears fall from his eyes as he weeps, even if the ground shakes with the fervency of his prayers, he hopes they found happiness.
Perhaps this is the pain that an immortal being has to go through, to watch others crumble and fall while he remains to collect the pieces.
Asmodeus's call made him gather his materials as he set off to the Human world to search for MC. Every corner was searched, every aquantince contacted but it was futile.
They were kidnapped...right? They were just kidnapped, their soul was still intact... right? Solomon never thought he would have found himself praying that MC was just kidnapped, but....
He hoped they had been found. He tried calling Asmodeus. But the second he asked about MC the voice on the other side broke into sobs.
That confirmed his suspicions...and Solomon threw the phone as he fell on the ground. What happened to them? Were they dead? Their soul could be revived, right?
But there was no soul remaining to put in a physical body....
He delved through texts and spells, only to sink further into helplessness. He doesn't even know of their fate! He can't even do anything.....
Solomon felt pain through his pact with Asmodeus, and he rushed to where his friend was, only to find him weeping as he begged Solomon to find a way.
There was nothing he could do..
He truly never moved on, creating a memorial for them in a corner of his room, where he come to talk to them about his day, or something he thought they would like. He ignores the tears leaking down his cheek when he realizes they can't even hear him.
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astaroth1357 · 2 months ago
How the Obey Me Cast Would Protect MC
With all his (considerable) might.
Keeping his human safe in such a dangerous place is a point of pride to him. To attack them, then, is to besmirch that pride… and you can imagine the consequences of that.
Cold and brutal, but also swift and effective. Lucifer will have any attacker who comes at them cooked to a crisp then served to Cerberus by lunchtime.
If someone were to actually hurt MC, he'd take it as a failure on his part and seek to "fix" it by any means necessary. An eye for an eye is not nearly strict enough, even a light bruise will make him go for the heart.
To his dying breath.
They are one of the best things to happen to him in centuries so do you think that he's going to let them go easily? Of course not!
Mammon is no slouch. He's second oldest and second strongest, so any intruder better take him seriously. His speed is his greatest weapon and he'll end a fight before it gets to start.
Mammon would 100% lay down his life if it meant keeping MC safe. He wouldn't think about it nor hesitate and his attacks are pretty reckless in kind. Anyone who hurts MC won't be able to hide behind his self-preservation, they're always going down even if he's going with them.
With the force of a Grand Admiral.
Usually, Levi prefers to stay out of confrontation. Not because he's too weak to fight but because he's often too much to handle.
This man's opening move is to summon a seven-headed sea monster that floods the local area and chews his opponents to pieces... How much worse do you think he can do when he's serious?
Levi isn't put into the spotlight very often and he'll rarely enter a fight head-on, but for MC he'll win any battle, any time. He's bringing a tank to a water balloon fight and he doesn't care who screams, "HAX!!!"
Like a beast without a cage.
Don't be fooled by his brains and good manners, under all of that lies a bona fide demon.
"Savage" doesn't even begin to describe Satan when he's pissed and being a threat to MC will get him there in a millisecond. He's every bit as remorseless as Lucifer, but without the careful efficiency. Breaking every bone takes time.
And again, that's only if he considers someone a threat. To anyone who actually hurts MC, there'll be so little left Simeon will have nothing to pray over... Promise.
As if they were a part of himself.
Asmo has gone on record many times saying how much he loves himself - he could kiss a mirror, he loves himself that much. But when MC stepped into his life, they became a part of him too.
So all that anger he gets when he sees a chipped nail? The fury he feels when someone ruins his hair? He feels the same when someone hurts MC, but tenfold. 
The people who hurt them aren't just attacking his image, they're attacking his soul - and he responds in kind. No punishment is too steep at that point. Even if it was his charm, he'd say they did it to themselves.
Like he's sworn an oath.
In the Celestial Realm, Beel was ready to lay down his life for Lucifer. He doesn't see much of a difference here, really.
Defending his loved ones is in his DNA - it's how he thinks and operates. The moment the MC befriended Beel, whether they knew it or not, they had a bodyguard for life.
He's already lost one family member but he'll never lose another. He'll be the first to leap to their defense and the last to ever call it quits. Satan may leave a little, but Beel will make sure there's nothing left when he's done.
Like there's finally something worth fighting for.
Being as lazy and lethargic as he is, most people wouldn't pick Belphegor as their protector, but for MC? He'll wake right up.
Belphie had been running on autopilot for a long time after losing Lilith... If he had any reason to fight anymore, it'd be for Beel but it's not like his twin needs the help.
The MC is different… so human and as fragile as ever. Though it feels like they could disappear at any moment, he'd never let it happen. He'd burn everything to the ground first.
With the power of a King.
Just take a moment to actually appreciate how insane someone must be to want to hurt MC with the Demon Lord at their back...
Does this even need elaboration? He would maim them, eviscerate them, send an army to trample their bones, then resurrect the pieces to do it all over again!
For the good that the MC has done him, his realm, and the world at large - he wouldn't settle for anything less. But of course, no one would be that stupid anyway… Right...?
Quietly, from the shadows.
Barbatos knows where he fits in the world. He doesn't need any fame or glory, nor to be looked at as some kind of hero (because he most certainly is not).
Barbs will take every measure possible to be sure that threats are dealt with, but always behind the scenes. He's a man of many talents, thus it never takes him very long.
The MC is his Lord's guest and very important to everyone there… Their stay shouldn't be marred by something as trivial as fear. They can just keep going about their day as usual and he'll keep the threats buried out of sight... literally.
Without mercy.
All the kindness in the world can't hide one thing, Simeon is a living weapon - plain and simple - as an Archangel it's in his job description.
Loyal but pragmatic, Simeon will do or say what he needs to in order to get the best outcome he can. He's an angel, but he'll bend or even break the rules when MC is involved...
If they're in danger, he will defend them however he can and with all his might. There's no room for forgiveness or talking things out. He's risked everything for them before and he'll do it again and again…
Even if the world burns...
To say that Solomon has a "different" way of looking at things would be charitable. Either from prolonged corruption or centuries of a lonely life: his methods, priorities, and even logic can be a bit iffy to others…
Likewise, for reasons only he knows (perhaps the emotion called "Love"), he's decided that the MC is worth protecting above all else. He will hold true to this.
The stars could be falling and the planet cracking to pieces sending mayhem running through the streets as the Three Realms collapse around them - but he will do everything in his immense power to safeguard the only thing that matters - his MC.
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hoodedpanda333 · a month ago
The Datables!!!
A continuation of this
This man is ecstatic when you lean against him
He's a demon and you're such a fragile human
He's nearly brought to tears thinking about how much you must trust him
He doesn't want to move at all
Kinda sucks when you're the prince of hell and have a job to do
But much like a pet
You do not move when a sleeping MC is on you, no way no how
He is so tempted to wrap his arms around you
But he won't
He doesn't want to risk waking you up
Who knows when he'll get another chance to observe a sleeping human???
This man never sits down so for you to get him stationary for so long must be some sort of miracle
At first he is unsure if he should wake you up or not
One look at your peaceful face and he decides to allow it
Just this once, MC
He's busy waiting for Diavolo anyway so this should be fine
It amazes him how creatures with such a limited lifespan could spend a majority of their precious, fleeting moments unconscious
There is just so much to be done
Looking at your face, however, gives him a different point of view
How fascinating that a human could make him feel this way
And with such a simple action no less
Truly remarkable
Has been blessed by the lord himself
Does a few hail Marys when he sees your sleeping face
Somebody pray for this man
Ok, I'm done
But he is truly thanking his lucky stars he sat down next to you
As if there was any other choice
He's a literal angel and even he hasn't seen a sight as pure as this
He is radiating warmth from his excitement
Makes sure not to touch you without your permission
Continues with what he was doing before then
Is extra aware of your presence the whole time
Luke (platonic):
Is a little surprised when you fall over
You're very close to him and he's not really sure what to do about it
Lord Michael, the archangel
Send help
Low-key thinks you just died on him
Calms down when he hears you breathing
Doesn't even realize he's turning red
Tries to feed you a cookie to wake you up
Is honestly struggling™ at the moment
Looks up "What to do when my human friend falls asleep on me?" on his DDD
Calls for Simeon to bail him out
Why is Solomon taking pictures?
This is serious!!! Someone help this poor pup!!
"Ah! Looks like the poison is kicking in"
Uhh I mean
He isn't as surprised as the others
He actually smiles a little when he feels you against his arm
He's in the middle of reading a scroll he found on dBay
You must've dozed off waiting for him to finish up
He isn't complaining
After all, he wants a chance to get closer to you
Uses his magic to conjure up a blanket for you
It's pretty and purple with the stars mapped on it
He blushes a bit seeing you wrapped up in his blanket
Goes back to reading, occasionally looking back at you asleep against him
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inhuman-obey-me · a month ago
How would the brothers and nowdateables react to MC and Belphie getting into an agreement again. Then during the argument he gets really close and threatens to kill them again. MC is just so upset about what is happening they can’t use the pact. Instead they end up freaking out because they remember what he did in chapter 16. Thank you so much!!! I love your work so much!!!!
Thanks for the ask and the praise, we're so happy you like our writing!!
For the sake of this scenario, just imagine that the character is in the room with them / has come to where they are because of the arguing.
This is not a bully Belphie blog, but it kind of is a bully Belphie blog.
content warnings: anxiety, anxiety/panic attack
Tumblr media
In a flash, Lucifer is by your side and embracing you with arms and black feathers as he ensures that you are safe, reassuring you that as long as he is there you will not be harmed, least of all by his youngest brother.
He helps talk you through it, guiding you through calming exercises until you've regained your composure and are feeling better.
Once he's certain that you are okay, he turns his attention to Belphie, seeming to grow even taller than usual as he strides towards his brother, voice low as he calls his name --"BELPHEGOR."
At first, Belphie prepares himself to be strung up by the ankles, or for some other harsh punishment that he's sure must be coming.
However, the anger that one would expect from the first-born is absent -- Lucifer's face is unreadable, cold, distant.
He's more disappointed than anything else. With everything they had gone through, he had hoped Belphegor would know better than to make such a threat, even if it was only out of anger.
What was he supposed to say? Talking to the Avatar of Sloth had proven difficult, and events like this did not make things any easier. No matter how many lectures, how many scoldings, how many punishments -- for once, Lucifer was at a loss.
He wants to punish Belphegor in some way for making you so upset, but their more recent history made it ... complicated, to put it mildly.
When he reaches his youngest brother, he just places a hand upon his shoulder, gripping it firmly but not painfully so.
"Go apologize to them. Properly."
Lucifer's voice is serious, but not as harsh as Belphie was expecting it to be. No, it just sounds ... pained.
The youngest brother looks away stubbornly, avoiding eye contact, but a pang of guilt sends him to do as he's told.
Though he doesn't look you in the face as he does it, he apologizes for what he said, and his voice sounds sincere.
He glances back towards Lucifer for a moment as if looking for approval, but quickly catches himself and walks out of the room without another word.
Tumblr media
Mammon rushes to your side, immediately holding you in his arms as he tries to calm you down. However, the memory of your mutilated, lifeless body in his arms from that painful day is causing him to freak out a bit.
He's also panicking because you are, but in a way it's ... familiar. His rambunctious and loud nature, even in this situation, actually helps ground you as Mammon reminds you of the present.
He fusses over you, asking what you need from him, and he'll do his best to deliver. The Great Mammon is at your service!
Once he's pretty sure that you're okay, Mammon marches straight back across the room to where Belphie has now curled up on a seat, shaking him awake to tell him off.
The Avatar of Sloth isn't too bothered at first, rolling his eyes a bit as his elder brother yells at him for his threat. What's the big deal? You're just a stupid human, and he didn't even actually touch you.
But he can't ignore it so easily when Mammon physically turns him to look at where you're sitting, still a bit shaky from the whole thing.
"Look at MC, look at Beel over there! Are you happy doin' this to them? Didn't you hurt 'em enough the first time?!"
Shame starts to set in, seeing how much his threat actually affected you.
And as he remembers now that he never really properly apologized for what he did back then either, Belphie guiltily goes over to apologize now, for both that and this.
Tumblr media
Leviathan's eyes widen as he hears the words leave Belphie's mouth. He runs to your side and grabs a hold of you to drag you away.
He brings you to his room as a safe environment, hoping the soothing blue glow and the large aquarium will help calm you down.
Levi is also well acquainted with panic attacks, so he walks you through some breathing exercises that have always helped ground him.
Once he's sure you'll be okay by yourself, he gives you his prized Azuki-tan plush to hold and leaves his room.
The Avatar of Envy's eyes are stormy as he stomps over to his youngest brother.
Belphie, used to Levi's occasional tantrums over his otaku obsessions, pays him no mind at first, and continues playing on his phone, unfazed.
But this is a whole lot more serious than a failed gacha draw or limited edition figurine, and being ignored only serves to further aggravate the older brother.
He shoves Belphegor out of his seat and jumps on top of him, hissing angrily.
"What the hell is your problem?? Saying you're going to kill them again?"
It takes Belphie a moment to get over his surprise at being tackled, but he shakes Levi off with an annoyed grumble and shoves him back, which quickly evolves into a tussle between the two.
It's not long before Mammon rushes over to break up the fight -- but not before Levi gets one really good hit in on Belphegor's cheek.
Tumblr media
Satan is by your side before you know it, directing a snarl in Belphie's direction before turning all of his attention to you, worry in his eyes.
His hands firmly grasping your shoulders, trying to get you to focus on him. He speaks to you in a really reassuring tone of voice, low and calm, as he talks you through it.
He's read about some techniques on dealing with anxiety before, and he does his best to recall the information now, walking you through whatever he can remember.
After he ensures you're okay, he gives you the sweetest smile before turning on his heel to deal with his youngest brother.
The force of his stomping across the room creates small craters in the wood flooring with each step he takes towards Belphegor.
Lucifer is definitely not going to be pleased with needing to get the floors repaired later, but pissing him off is a bonus, as far as Satan is concerned.
He's not quite in full Wrath mode -- this is still his brother after all -- but his demon form pops out, and 80% of Satan's rage is still no joke.
"You go apologize to MC, RIGHT NOW."
Seeing how pissed off he is and deciding better of risking pushing Satan any further, Belphie begrudgingly trudges over to you to apologize.
This sates Satan enough for the moment, but he's still not quite ready to let him off the hook yet.
He puts a minor curse on him that night -- for the whole night, every time Belphegor falls asleep, he wakes up 10 minutes later needing to use the bathroom.
Tumblr media
As soon as Asmodeus sees the shock in your face at Belphie's threat, he is with you in an instant, pulling you to the side while glaring at his youngest brother.
He grabs the nearest soft fluffy thing and quickly pushes it into your hands, then rubs comforting circles into your back.
You're a bit surprised when he starts emitting a soft hiss-like clicking sound, but it's sort of hypnotically soothing, giving you something to focus your mind on as you come back down from your panic.
After you're taken care of and in a better state, Asmodeus stomps over to Belphie, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and lifting him into the air in anger.
"What the fuck, Belphie! Are you proud of yourself?!"
When his younger brother doesn't respond, trying his best to avoid eye contact and squirming to be let go, Asmo drops him in a huff. He knew the Avatar of Sloth wasn't particularly great at expressing his feelings.
But Asmodeus can't just leave the matter there, and so he goes to his room to find all of the energizing aromatherapy sprays he has in his vast collection.
As a revenge prank, Asmo goes and douses Belphegor's things in the energizing fragrances, until the sharp scents of orange and rosemary can be picked up from all the way down the hall.
Belphegor has a lot of laundry to do before he's going to be able to sleep that night...
Tumblr media
Beelzebub was already concerned when he heard your arguing voices, but is devastated when he hears those threatening words leave his twin's lips.
But first things first, he needs to make sure you are okay -- and so he silently strides over and wraps you in his arms, pressing you close to his chest in a comforting bear hug.
Beel is a demon of few words, and he's not sure what he can say right now to help you other than reassurances that he is here to protect you, that he'll always be there to protect you.
He gently strokes your hair, holding you patiently until he hears your breaths become steady.
Once you've calmed down a bit, he puts an arm around you and quietly walks you back to your room.
His eyes meet his twin's for just a moment as you pass him on the way out.
Beel doesn't say anything to him, but he doesn't need to -- the look of hurt and disappointment on his face says more than words ever could.
He still remembers how mangled your body was back then, but he thought his twin was past that now. He can't stand to think that Belphie still has it in him to do that to you again, after everything that's happened since then.
Belphegor is devastated to see an expression like that on Beel, and worse yet to have it directed at him, but the moment is gone before he can say anything, as Beel refocuses on getting you safely back to your room.
That evening, as an attempted gesture of peace, he offers half his plate to Beelzebub at dinner.
"No thanks, Belphie...I don't want it."
That's when the Avatar of Sloth really knows he's fucked up.
He turns to you, eyes full of remorse, and apologizes openly and honestly for his threat, saying he doesn't expect you to forgive him but he really is sorry.
When he turns back to his dinner, half his plate has disappeared after all, but Beelzebub's expression has softened, and that's all that matters.
Tumblr media
A dark shadow passes over Diavolo's features, but he's soon by your side with the gentlest expression as he wraps you in his arms, here to be your comforting rock.
In truth, he's panicking a little on the inside -- he's not really sure what to say or do in this situation, as he's not usually in a position to be comforting someone like this.
But he keeps himself as composed as possible, not wanting his own frantic multiple heartbeats to cause you further anxiety.
He does his best to talk you through it, hoping his reassuring words and strong arms will be enough to help calm you down.
Once he's convinced that you'll be okay without him for a moment, he takes the dragon pin that is usually affixed to his tie and presses it into your hand, telling you to focus on holding it for him for just a moment until he's back.
With that, he whirls around to confront Belphegor for doing this to you.
He steps in close to the Avatar of Sloth, towering over him as he glares down with a fury in his golden eyes.
"I let you go last time, Belphegor. If you dare put your hands on them again, I will not hesitate to throw you in the dungeons. For good."
With a single hand, Diavolo picks him up lightly by the collar, Belphegor's feet dangling for a moment as he's brought eye-level with Diavolo's unforgiving gaze, before tossing him lightly into a chair across the room - a warning, and reminder, that this is only a small fraction of the Demon Prince's strength.
Then he's quickly back at your side, patting you on the head for holding his pin and whisking you away to treat you to a nice dessert somewhere away from the House of Lamentation for a bit.
Tumblr media
You blink and Barbatos is by your side, gently but firmly placing his hands on your arms as he turns you away from Belphegor.
He knows exactly what to do, as if he's done it before, and walks you through calming exercises with the utmost calm.
Though it might appear that he is acting rather methodical, he is actually quite worried about you and wants to make sure that you're okay.
But what you need right now is something solid and reassuring, so he sees no sense fussing over you too much until you've calmed down a bit.
He escorts you to the kitchen where he makes a relaxing cup of tea for you, quietly reassuring you that there is not a single timeline or universe where he would allow Belphegor to hurt you again.
Now then ... to deal with that troublemaker.
Out of respect for the brothers, Barbatos refrains from doing anything too brutal.
But he is, after all, a demon -- and demons are ruthless, crafty, and inhumane.
He waits politely until Belphegor falls asleep, which isn't really much of a wait at all.
Once he's satisfied that the Avatar of Sloth is deep in slumber, he cheerfully casts a curse to turn all of the snoozing demon's favorite pillows into serpents of various sizes, all of them wriggling around wildly.
The sudden movement of his pillows beneath him jolts Belphie from his sleep, and he finds about five different snakes curled around his own neck, along with Barbatos smiling down at him.
"Please do take care from now on to remember your tongue when speaking to MC, lest it slither away from you next time."
Ever polite smile fixed upon his face, Barbatos excuses himself, leaving Belphegor to deal with extricating himself from the snakes.
Tumblr media
The gentle calm of magic hits you half a second before the warm flurry of Simeon's feathery embrace.
He gently holds you, his angel wings forming a safe cocoon echoing the soft, soothing cocoon of his angel magic.
His voice is tender as he sweetly reassures you that you're safe, and he's here for you.
When it seems that the serene magic has taken effect, his wings burst back, fluttering magnificently open and seemingly purifying the space around you with a soft light.
He leaves you with a light kiss upon your forehead before turning his attention to the one who initiated your panicked state.
Whatever warmth was surrounding the angel earlier has now turned to a cold, icy aura as he smiles at the youngest of the demon brothers.
"I believe you owe them an apology, Belphegor. So ... why don't you apologize? Now."
Though still perfectly angelic in his expression, his smile is sharp enough to cut glass as he gazes down at the wretched demon before him.
Belphie doesn't particularly like being told what to do, but the look on the angel's face is enough to scare even the most stubborn of demons, and he quickly tromps over to mutter an apology to you.
Still, for a supposedly all-forgiving angel, Simeon is not quite so quick to let it go that easily.
A day later, he sweetly offers the brothers a batch of delicious cream puffs he made, ensuring that Belphegor in particular eats at least a few.
For the rest of that day, each time the Avatar of Sloth yawns, he's beset by a round of violent hiccups.
The smile never leaves Simeon's face as he watches Belphie repeatedly awaken himself.
Tumblr media
As soon as Solomon sees you freeze up, he's at your side, pulling you away from the argument to a safe corner of the room.
He gently wraps his arms around you, purposely blocking Belphie from your view as he comforts you.
The sound of his calm & soothing voice helps calm you down as well, as he tries to talk you through your panic.
Sensing that listening to him is helping you, he keeps talking even once you've calmed down, eventually starting to babble about random things for as long as it seems like it's making you feel better.
By the time he stops, it's rather late, and Belphegor has long since left the room to take a nap somewhere.
But that's fine, because for what he has planned, he needs Belphie asleep anyway.
He won't do anything to actually hurt Belphegor...but there will be consequences for sending you into such a state, and he intends to teach him that humans are not to be messed with.
Solomon finds him in the next room over and creates a dream world that soon has Belphie's sleeping face twisted in absolute terror, and with a little extra magic, he ensures that the same dream will come back each time he sleeps for the next 24 hours.
The dream he creates is so horrifying that Belphegor, Avatar of Sloth, is afraid to sleep for a week straight.
It's actually just 50 Lucifers all coming in for a hug and being mushy with compliments and brotherly doting.
When he sees Belphie a few days later at RAD, he greets him with an overly innocent smile.
"Sleep well, Belphegor?"
Belphie's eyes widen as he connects the dots, and he lunges at the smiling sorcerer.
However, in his sleep deprived state, he totally misses as Solomon simply sidesteps away, and with a smirk, he has the demon captured in a glass box.
He releases him almost immediately, but not before warning him never to even think about harming you again.
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sevendeadlymorons · 8 months ago
Can you do a headcanons for the bros(and undateables minus Luke if you want) reacting to MC running at them, jumping into their arms, wrapping their legs around their waist and lovingly kissing them before telling them they love them before walking off🥺 my girlfriend did this and I was ✨crying✨
Fluff night fluff night fluff night
Brothers + Undateables Reaction to MC Jumping Into Their Arms and Kissing Them
He was standing in the corridor when he heard quick footsteps coming up behind him, to which he immediately turned around and saw you sprinting at him with your arms open
Chuckles as he realises what you were doing, opening up his arms as you leap onto him, smothering his face in kisses with your legs wrapped around him, his arms quickly going to support you
Kisses your head back as you quickly tell him that you love him, staring deep into his eyes with sincerity and passion
Goes to say I love you back, but you’d already leaped off of him and walked off
He laughs again, going after you; grabbing ahold of your wrist and pulling you towards him for another loving kiss, his arms snaking around your back to lift you up once again
He quite likes when you do it now, maybe just let him know when you’re charging at him though
Originally was snooping around, looking for something he could sell when he heard fast footsteps behind him
He panicked and turned around, but calmed down when he saw your gleaming face, your arms outstretched like you were meaning to hug him
He smiled and outstretched his arms too, expecting a hug, but he almost lost his balance when you leapt on to him and wrapped your legs around him; smothering his face with dozens of kisses and I love you’s
Couldn’t even process what was happening until he saw you’d walked away and left him alone with a dumb look on his face
Immediately goes bright red, flustered from what you’d just done and his brain was in complete mush from your utter cuteness
Instinctively chases after you, determined to return that ‘I love you’ and get you back for your shameless teasing
Getting a parcel from the door when he heard charging doorsteps behind him
He turned around curiously but immediately turned back when he saw you running towards him with your arms outstretched and a massive grin on your face
He couldn’t even think properly when you’d just attached yourself to his back, wrapping your legs around his stomach and squeezing him tightly, littering his cheeks and ears with warm kisses, making his head dizzy
Goes bright red when you whisper ‘I love you’ in his ear, complete and utterly flustered from your hot breath alone
Actually sorta disappointed when you hop off and walk away, and finds himself pouting a bit
Goes after you, attaching himself to your back this time in a shy hug and returning your affection and I love you’s
Reaching a book off the top shelf when he heard distant footsteps, getting louder and gradually coming towards him
He was greeted with a cheerful smile off you, watching you as you charged towards him with your arms open. He chuckles and opens his arms to let you in
Didn’t expect you to full blown tackle him though, as his body hits the bookshelf behind him; your legs attaching themself to him in a tight embrace, your lips affectionately kissing all over his face
Wraps his arms around you and squeezes you lightly, returning a few kisses cheekily until you decided to hop off of him and walk away
He was going to just go back to his books, but after that display, he doesn’t think he could
Huffs and runs after you, catching up to you and backing you up into a wall, smirking as he lays a single kiss on your neck, then whispering ‘I love you’ into your ear
Walking home from RAD when he heard footsteps coming from behind him, so he turned around thinking it was one of his loving fans
But when he saw you running towards him, looking so happy with your arms open wide, he couldn’t help but smile and rush towards you too
He toppled over when you suddenly lunged at him, though, wrapping your arms and legs around him and squeezing him tightly; smiling into his neck
So there you two were, on the ground, his arms wrapped around your waist as he rocks you gently, letting you kiss every part of his face and neck, returning all of them onto your blushing cheeks
You held his face and whispered I love you, then jumped up and sprinted off, turning back to make sure he was following you
He pouted and quickly got up off the floor to chase after you, quickly catching up and wrapping his arms around your shoulders, giving kisses to your neck and nape, showing you in loving affection
Sneaking food from the fridge when he heard footsteps rushing towards him. He presumed it was Mammon about to yell at him for eating all his leftovers so ignored it
Until, he heard you shout his name, quickly making him turn around and get attacked by a surprise hug, your legs wrapping around his waist as you bury your face in his neck
He was backed up against the fridge while you scatter kiss upon kiss all over his cheeks, filling his ears with I love you’s
Smiled into your neck as he embraced you, loving the sudden affection
When you’d kissed his nose and cheekily jumped off, his face was the exact replica of a sad puppy
Went chasing after you, grabbing ahold of your waist and tugging you towards his stomach, completely forgetting about his food and only needing your love and attention in that moment
He was about to go to bed; he was exhausted and was pretty close to collapsing at this point but soon heard fast footsteps coming up behind him
He had a pretty vague idea of who it could be so turned around and straight away saw you with a huge grin on your face, your arms open wide. He smiled weakly and opened his arms up for you
His legs completely gave out when you pelted yourself at him, crashing to the floor, your legs wrapped around his waist as you rub your cheek against him and plant kisses all over his neck and cheeks
He laughs under his breath, wrapping his arms around you, cuddling up to your warmth while you two were scattered on the carpet
You look him in the eye and sweetly tell him you love him before getting up and running away
He’d love to chase you but he was way too tired so maybe he’ll just mercilessly tease you tomorrow instead
Heard someone running up behind him, so he turned around to see your smiling face with your arms outstretched
He laughed heartily and opened up his arms, crouching down slightly as you full on leaped into his arms and wrapped your legs around his waist
He didn’t expect you to do that but was enjoying himself while he squeezed you tightly, letting you kiss every inch of his face and showering him in affection
Felt his cheeks go fairly red when you whispered ‘I love you’ and rested your forehead on his, before letting go of him and wiggling your way free
He didn’t even bother to hide the disappointment on his face as he wandered after you like a lost puppy and pulled you into his arms again
Showered you in even more kisses and I love you’s, laughing all the time as he felt your smile against his lips
Peacefully making tea for the Prince when he saw you in the corner of his eye charging towards him, to which he turned around to face you, watching your ecstatic face gleefully
He opened up his arms to catch you, bracing himself for the impact since he knew full well what you were about to do
You leapt onto him, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist as he held you tenderly, making sure you weren’t going to fall
Enjoyed the feeling of your warm lips as they kissed his cheeks and neck, returning those kisses by placing a few onto your forehead as well
When you stared him straight in the eyes and told him you loved him, he could feel his cheeks burn a slight shades of pink and his heart rate quicken, allowing you to place yet another kiss onto his nose
He knew you were going to jump off and run away from him so he purposely held you tighter, watching you squirm then quickly give up as you realised it was pointless and instead enjoying the comfort of his embrace and the warmth of his body against yours
Was on his way to practise some new spells at RAD when he saw you across the corridor, to which he smiled and waved at you
You immediately locked eyes with him and started pelting yourself towards him with your arms outstretched and a big smile on your face
He looked at you in curiosity as you got closer, then almost fell back from the impact when you jumped into his arms, tightly wrapping your legs around his waist and rubbing your nose into his neck
He chuckled and rubbed your hair playfully, allowing you to place warm kisses all over his neck and tell him you love him
Was about to return your affection until you suddenly jumped off and ran away
A smirk appeared on his lips as he saw your teasing manor as a challenge; one he wasn’t going to lose easily as he charged forward, tackling you into a hug and kissing your neck and cheeks
The angel was on a walk out in the gardens when he heard loud footsteps coming from behind him, so naturally he turned around to check what it was
Immediately saw you rushing towards him and he wondered if there was something wrong so stepped closer to you
It wasn’t until you outstretched your arms and jumped onto him that he realised this was a surprise hug
He felt you squeeze your thighs around his waist and cuddle into his neck, littering him with passionate kisses
His face went bright red as he felt you hug him tighter, hesitantly going to support you when he felt you slipping off, a small smile spreading across his face when you look him in the eye and gave a quick peck to his nose, uttering a single ‘I love you’ before jumping off and walking away
It took a while to process what just happened but he was soon following you with a sappy smile on his lips to return to you that singular ‘I love you’
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moemammon · 4 months ago
Now dateables reacting to an MC who loves to give them hadpats 😩
The Datables React to MC Giving Headpats!
Every time you touch him of your own accord, he gets excited. So something as simple and affectionate as a head pat? This boy is over the MOON
Not only does he find you illegally cute, he's also loving the attention you're giving him. It's different than the attention he receives from his subjects. It's more intimate and personal.
Being around you makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside, and he's never lonely!
Will harass you to pat his head more often, too. Doesn't matter when or where you are, he's gonna casually lean his head down as a silent way of asking for a pat.
Lucifer and Barb won't allow this at meetings though, unfortunately.
You actually managed to catch him off guard with that one. Being patted out of the blue like that was one of the foreseeable futures he didn't expect would actually???happen??
You pat him on the head while he's in the middle of polishing china, and it takes everything in him not to drop the expensive porcelain.
And there's actually a whole ass blush on this boy's cheeks?? He wants to know what you're doing and why-
But ngl that made him pretty happy. "It's like you're praising me for my hard work, ahaha."
Sometimes hopes that you'll pat like that again while he's working. It gives him a little boost to move faster, too. It's fine if he's a little greedy when it comes to you, right?
Definitely surprised him when you patted his head, but this ray of sunshine just offered you a smile and a laugh. He doesn't get it, but he's happy as long as you're having fun!
And you are from the looks of it, since you keep patting him out of the blue.
He makes it a point to comment on how nice your hand feels, and how it makes him happy when you give him your attention.
Returns the favor by ruffling your hair, and will 100% go back and forth with you until you both have messy hair, and you're laughing about it.
Why not take a picture with him to remember the aftermath of your hair-ruffling war? Uh.. which button takes photos again? How do you rotate the camera?? Oops, he blinked-
Immediately gives you head pats in return. Like Simeon, he'll make it into a game that slowly becomes more aggressive the more you two get into it-
He was surprised at first to say the least, but it made him laugh, and he ended up teasing you about it. He didn't think you'd miss him so much that you'd want to pat his head! Or maybe you think he's cute? 😘
Kidding. Unless..? 😳
Now he's taken over the head pats thing and does it to you more often than you do it to him. He's stolen your thing and you can't have it back, sorry.
But he thinks it's cute to see your reaction to when he blocks your hand from touching his head, and ruffles your hair instead. Maybe he'll enchant his hair to react to your touch in some kind of comical way?
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imalivebarelystriving · 12 days ago
How the dateables would react to you running up to them and giving them a tackle hug
And now, it's their turn. This was fun to write, so i hope you all enjoy!
Let's be honest
When you hear the words "prince of hell", you'll probably try and avoid it at all costs
And that's what people usually do
So Diavolo unfortunately doesn't get affection very often
But hey!
There's a human running with 2 and 1/2 braincells
There's no certain time you should run to him
Usually, he's always with Barbatos or Lucifer, sometimes both
So I don't think you can avoid the lecture from either of them
Just go for it
The big smile on his face is 100% worth it.
He'll definitely catch you
Like Beel, he's also really, really tall
So make sure to really Hinata Shoyo jump at him
A lot of people compare Diavolo to a puppy
I totally agree with that statement
His face is going to light up and he's going to be so happy
He has no idea what you just did to him, but he loves it.
"MC! What did you just do? Haha, It's nice. You should do this more often. Is thi a human thing? To run up to others and hug them? How interesting!"
Barbatos is also usually around Diavolo
So if you wanna tackle hug him, Diavolo would probably be around to witness it
And Barbatos might get a little embarrassed because he's being unprofessional
He'll be a little surprised, but he would like it
Butler Boy has to have fast reflexes if he's serving the future king
Although you might've almost given him a heart attack
He knows what you're doing
He's gonna have that smug grin on his face
You know what I'm talking about
He will question your motives
Just smile at him and he'll accept it
He welcomes the action, but prefers if you do it while both of you are alone
which is not very often tbh
"Hm? MC? You... It seems like I underestimated you. You do unexpectable things, don't you? I admit that although this is nice, please do this when we are not in the company of others." "Can I have a hug next?" "Young Master, please do not ask MC to run at you."
Angel boi
so pure
so sweet
Do not, and i repeat, do not do it in front of Luke
He will be jealous
Of you or of Simeon, i still haven't figured that out yet
Moving on
Try it when he's taking a break from writing, or when he has a writer's block.
He'll definitely appreciate it
Simeon may be a shady angel
But his heart is in the right place
And what I mean by "in the right place"
Is catching you and giving you an even tighter hug
You know that thing where person A just bridal carries person B?
Yeah that's going to be you two for the next hour or so
i wish someone would tackle hug me when I have writer's block :')
Everyone around you guys will be confused
Ignore them and be with your angel man
"Oh- MC? How nice of you to do that, haha. Let me return the favour." "Simeon- WOAH" "Ahaha, I hope you like being carried."
This man was the reason this post took so long
I am afraid of Shady McShady face
Solomon is probably used to the affection already
Since he does have a pact with Asmo
The best time to tackle hug him is when he's taking a break from something.
Like a spell or some homework
Ye oldie has lived for thousands of years, his reflexes are sharp
He'll catch you for sure
He's less surprised than the others
Though he's still as happy
He'll definetly tease you a bit though
Just to get a reaction out of you
I like to think that he uses his cape as a blanket sometimes
So he'll just wrap his cape around you
And then go back to his spell/work
He would like it if you stayed around him afterwards
You did just tackle hug him
It's the least you could do, right?
"MC- Did you pick that up from Asmodeus? Ahaha, he does that a lot, doesn't he? I do like it better when you do it. Don't tell him I said that."
You crash into him and both of you get a concussion
You're no longer allowed to be alone with Luke without supervision
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books-and-catears · 2 months ago
I don't really know if I'm allowed to make a request specially since I usually don't get my request taken but it worth a shot :)
Can you make the Obey me character's react to Teen Mc giving them a special type of flower? Like it expresses how they feel?
For example: trust (purple) Family (Red) Love (Yellow) brother/sister (Pink/blue)
(Teen Mc thinks of the demon brothers as family)
If you want to do Lord Diavolo And Barbutos, give them a flower that of Daisy (means she/he/they see them as parents)
I will appreciate it if you did this! Lots of love and support
Worry not! Your request is taken! This is such a cute idea tho awwww!!
I'll be making up some imaginary flower names for Devildom flora because I'm very bad at actual flower language, sorry :')
Hopefully you'll like it 🥺 Thank you so much for your kindness. Endless love and support to you as well!
Tumblr media
Lucifer noticed a rare blue flower tucked neatly among his quills after you left his room.
It was his favourite shade of blue. Attached to it, was a note. "A sturdy Bluebellena for my strongest brother."
Oh my, this is from MC, it seems. He smiled knowing full well the significance of the flower.
His chest swelled twice the amount with pride. You saw him as your big brother? He couldn't be happier about it.
If you think he was overprotective and overbearing before, haha you were wrong.
Gives you special treatment and spoils you with gifts and treats. Favours you over his brothers.
Notices a several small purple flowers tucked into his wallet next to Goldie when he comes looking for it in his room
Oi what's this? There's even a note? This looks like MC wrote it.
"To the best protector I could ask for :)" The note said.
"The purple Poppyionis - are staple symbol of trust" ,Satan told him when asked.
Mammon teared up instantly. Will definitely seek you out for a hug. He never thought anyone would trust a scumbag like him...
Overprotective 2.0. Is constantly by your side, keeping all other demons ten feet away from you. Also spoils you with gifts.
Only you can stop him from getting up to trouble because you're the only person he cannot lie to.
Huh? An Akuzon delivery? He didn't order anything yet. What's that inside?
Flowers and a Ruri Chan keychain?! WHAT?! WHO DID THIS?!
The Ruri Chan keychain rested amongst the bright yellow Sunshine Lilies along with a note. "Matching keys for my dearest friend."
Levi hugged the whole box to his chest, breathing in the Lilies. They smell just as pure as your friendship made him feel.
You can now enter his room WITHOUT a password! You've proved your friendship, now he will prove his ten fold.
He custom designs Cosplays of your favourite characters for you and brings you everywhere and talks thrice as much.
When he came to his room to fetch his latest read, he found two big white Penelope flowers in full bloom, tucked next to his book mark
And very faintly in pencil, one of the lines one of the page was underlined.
It read: "A found family is rare and strong one. Thank you for being mine." Satan cast a spell so the flowers wouldn't wilt.
He can't believe how much faith you have in him. To think that someone who would consider loving Wrath as family...
Overprotective 3.0 but he's more subtle about it. Teaches you any and every spell needed to protect yourself and any demon even remotely mean to you disappears the next day.
Use the cat themed stationery or socks he gifts you, he will be over the moon.
Oh my my, what's this?? Who left a bouquet of flowers in his room? Well it's not uncommon but they are usually outside his door
Such pretty rouge Persemones all tied up so neatly with a bow and a note. "I hope this is what I look in your eyes all the time."
Persemones were used to convey celebration of the birth of a younger sibling in Devildom. Asmo was overjoyed as he danced around his room with the boquet
Then he promptly poses and posts pictures with it on his Devilgram before hunting you down and including you in them
Pampers you the most. Loves dressing you up and gifting you matching accessories to deepen your bond.
Beelzebub and Belphegor
The twins woke up to a potted plant near their window. Three flowers growing on the same branch - all three with different colours.
Red, Yellow and Purple petals all brushing against each other and a note attached to the pot. Beel recognised your writing and Belphie recognised the flowers.
"I don't know if I'm enough to fill your vacancy but thank you for filling mine." The Triplet Belladonnia was a special flower exclusively used during birth of triplets.
They used to three before the war and now years and years later they were three again. You better believe they will take this seriously.
They will even set up a different bed for you in their room. Beel is the protective soft sibling and Belphie is the fun sibling that helps you prank everyone else.
Diavolo and Barbatos
Dainty little Daisies adorn the Butler's quarters and the King's study as well. The make their rooms feel so tranquil and beautiful randomly.
They both meet during breakfast to discuss this curious phenomenon when they find same notes stuck to Diavolo's usual chair and the corner of the table where Barbatos waits.
"Thank you for always taking care of me. I'll always be so grateful." Diavolo was already swelling with joy seeing your handwriting when Barbatos came and explained what the daisies meant.
You think they act like your parents now?! Well wait for what they are about to do now. Chaotic doting parent and Chaotic calm parent dynamic commences.
Will ask you to permanently shift to the Castle and you will be treated exactly like a Prince's daughter. Protection, pampering and never ending wholsomeness.
Solomon and Simeon and Luke
All three of them the same bouquet of a colourful flowers in their rooms. Just lying there near their windows, waiting patiently to be noticed.
"To my fellow exchange students I love so very dearly" - the notes attached to the flowers said. And as if the notes weren't enough, the message in the flowers sent them into wholesomeness overload.
MC you are invited to have sleepovers here in the Purgatory Hall every night now. Yeah, forget HOL just move here please. You love them most don't you? They're your favourites according to the flowers.
In this household you have a Magical Dad, an Angelic Dad and an Hyperadorable sibling how can you ever want to leave now??
You will be overfed, overloved and overpampered and you will love every second of it. It's their promise.
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danger-noodle-uwu · 3 months ago
'This is my first' (ft f!Mc)
18+ content ahead.
No-minors allowed.
For a demon who is extremely touch-starved, he is rather patient and takes things slow to your liking.
It was almost shameful that he, the Avatar of pride wanted to please himself with a human much like you despite knowing that you were no minor-feat.
When you have responded to Asmo's joke in such odd manner, he was conflicted on asking you about the same matter.
Frustrated, the prideful demon went back to his room. Only to jerk off your name.
Wishing that the hand was yours, touching him and causing him to whimper. At the same time, he didn't want you to be uncomfortable especially not by him.
The next day, when the two of you were slow dancing to the rythm of the old record, long lost within your own world, he was wondering to what your response would be if he'd asked. Part of him Nervous while the other in desperate need of your touch.
" I've heard that somebody has been saving herself for me." He whispered in a low mocking tone. Blushing at the sudden comment, you look away.
"I don't know, it just seems weird to do it or more like- embarrassing." "Is that so?" "Well, yeah..." " well how about I prove you wrong." " huh?" "My dear, before we begin. I'd like to have your consent. Feel free to stop me as you wish." "Okay... but for what..?" "For this."
The shirt that once covered his toned body was now lying on the couch.
Bare chested, Lucifer smirks at you, smug as ever. He wanted you. So much.
" if you will, Strip"
You knew that he needed you but that bad? Anxiety had crept in your figure as you hesitated to take off your own clothing.
' Was it going to be painful? What if I can't please him? Oh I hope he doesn't ask me for a blow job? Ugh...' thoughts had already filled your mind to its brim.
First, your shirt and then pants, he intently watches as you slowly strip naked for him. It was painfully slow but he can manage.
Once your bodies free themselves from the clothing, he gently nudges you on the bed, wanting to claim you.
No-words came out of that pretty mouth of yours, he took that as 'yes'.
Licking at your folds, gently and passionately, he slowly murmured
"This will go all night long. So, do remember the name you will be screaming tonight, little bunny."
Though he is shy and tries not get too close to others, he did quite have sugar mommy(s) in the past.
The Avatar of greed did anything to satisfy himself with. Even followed down the dark path he'd been warned about.
However it was in the past, now he isn't all about gold or silver. It is about Mc, isn't it?
From the experience he had with people, he knew exactly what she might like.
He was wrong.
Mammon had thought of ways to get that smiley face twist into pleasured one. But that bubble had burst when you told him your opinion about the same subject, calling it somewhat embarrassing and mostly painful.
"Oi I know how ya' feel!" He understands. But he can't help the excitement of showing you how it truly feels.
And you both end up talking about how cringey that sex could be, weird things you've heard, etc.
That is when he mentions his first experience,
" That was so messed up! I didn't where'd my hand go? Or if I had to stay still? Like-"
He pauses mid-sentence realizing he really told you that while you just look down flushing pink.
Instead of shying out of the situation, he pulls your chin up for you to look him in the eyes which causes a burning sensation in your stomach.
You couldn't possibly be-- could you?! Ugh, you just can't back out now, can you? But to imagine of how he'd pleasure you. God...
Scummy trouble maker had noticed the way your legs had tightly shut themselves to prevent him from inhaling the scent of your seducing arousal. His patience runs thin and he pulls into a deep kiss.
Excitement fills the air within your lungs, though when you'd have thought you would feel embarrassment, you felt rather eager.
" I'll show ya' the whole deal! From touching ya' to fucking ya. But I'm telling you this before." He whispers lightly between the sweet kisses that were placed on your jawline.
" I don't plan on having mercy. So prepare yourself, baby!"
Shy as a flower, The Avatar of envy wasn't exactly keen on asking about. So, he kept dropping hints.
When he truly had enough to your oblivious nature, he asked you however through text and received a confusing reply.
He called you over to his room in order for you to explain what exactly could you mean.
Indigo-haired demon couldn't understand your words. Well, not entirely.
I mean--it could be embarrassing but like how would it be painful..?
He shared you his experience with seriousness. How it went smooth because his partner had known about him being rather unexperienced, how they guided him through it and he will do the same for you.
Though he didn't realize, Mc was already embarrassed by the talk and felt insecure but once noticed he reassures her.
"L-look normie don't worry I will guide you through, hmm? And like I won't let you feel any pain, trust me?"
His hand slowly intertwined with yours, he whispered to ask if you wanted to do it now.
Slight shame climbed it's way into sweet little Mc but faded as quick as it had came, he kissed you softly and gently trying not to frighten you.
Nodding, you tugged at your own shirt for him to take it off. 'Please Levi, I want it.'
Following your request, he came close and rested his forehead against yours.
"You are so beautiful and perfect. Don't doubt yourself, plus I don't mind teaching you. Slowly and steadily, my 3rd waifu~" he cooed out playfully as a shiver run down your spine. You responded with the same playfulness punching his chest.
"I love you forever and more because you're my normie, my true redemption..."
Touch-deprivation is something, he knew he suffered because of. The title, Avatar of wrath, always held people from approaching him for who he really was.
Despite having multiple crushes, Satan did not confess in fear of the toxicity he may have to bear with because even if the person doesn't love him, they wouldn't reject him either due to the weight his title carries.
Often he'd visit the fall in attempts to get drunk, to forget the pain. The suffering his own being causes him. In such visits, he would end up hooking up with strangers, imagining that it was his love interest(s).
Upon meeting you that changed, your friendship slowly freed him from those chains his own being trapped him. That is exactly why he wanted to share such intimate moments with you.
Just like he guessed, it was your first time. But it would be a lie, it was such turn on, it had him so excited. So, he came to you for discussing it.
"Satan, I am not sure..." " do elaborate." "I think it will be um- painful." "It is understandable, I can wait. However, I will be more than willing to guide you through."
He knows not to rush in such things. His patience can run out but he will control himself.
In the following night, courage had crept in you to finally tell him, you were ready. You were just too nervous to acknowledge what you wanted.
"Satan..." "ah, welcome Mc, tell me what bought you here?" "Satan, I am ready." You blurted out at him, who sat there speechless. And then smiled gently, saying you shouldn't rush due to his wants, but you told him, you were just anxious and that you wanted this too.
Red-tint over his cheeks didn't stop the blond from gripping your waist and throwing a compliments your way. It was your turn to blush.
His hands wandered underneath your shirt seeking permit to take off the lacy bra and started rubbing his thigh against your clothed sex unbothered.
While his movements felt rough, his words were divine. Each 'I love you' 'you are so good.' 'Love, you are beautiful as ever.' Meant the world to you.
"The more time I spend with you, the more I want to hold you tighter in my arms. No diamond in this world compares to your worth, and I wish to treasure you until the end of time. I love you, kitten..."
Known to be most experienced among his brothers, the jewel of heavens was cursed with such desire. He couldn't help the way he felt. It was a disgraceful wish or more.
Growing normal about this desire on the outside, he pitied himself on the inside. He knew how lust was and its dangers yet here he was so lost in it.
Love was a concept long forgotten by him, that is until you showed up in the council room.
The way your kindness shined in the darkness of hell itself, the way your smile made everyone's day and not to mention the way you made the Avatar of lust, himself fall for you.
He wanted to return the feelings you made him feel, through different means. A way he'd known like an old friend. He was quite helpless but it was all he thought he was capable of.
Intentionally he would make jokes on explicit themes, trying to get your opinion on them. In a similar event, you told him.
"Asmo, please don't laugh...but it would be my first time if we did it..." "Aaw darling~ don't be nervous, I understand. It's okay if you want, I can help you, oki? Plus, you've literally got yourself the Avatar of lust!" "Thank you." "I love you... see you later."
He kissed your forehead and left. Not disappointed. No instead he felt even more helpless. He really couldn't make you feel how he felt around you. The way his heart thumped on simply hearing your name.
It took a few days, for you to really decide for the activity still remained embarrassing to you though not painful. All thanks to him.
"Hey asmo, I wanna talk about something." "Go ahead dear, I am all-ears." "I think I am ready." He choked on his own saliva on hearing your words.
"Dear, when do you want to do it?" "How about now..?" "Oh... alright then. Come here baby."
He ushered you to sit while he took his shirt off and his pants leaving the boxers on. You eyes were frozen on his lean figure. He looked as seducing as he claimed to be.
"Ah... sweetie it's your turn." You instantly became anxious, he was the Demon of lust, he has been with people better than you so would he be satisfied with your human-ly self.
"Much more than satisfied." He whispered in your ear. 'When d-did he get s-so close?!' His hands slowly pulled the zipper making the dress that once adorned your perfect body fall to the floor.
His eyes were shining as if back in their element. (cuz they were. Lol) his head rested in valley the your chest before littering it with kisses.
"Angel, All I want to do is lay here in your arms and listen to your beautiful heart beat and leave this world for our own..."
As innocent as baby, Beelzebub is considered to be nonetheless he is not. He does know how things are. It is a choice that he doesn't mention about it .
He wanted to show that one part of him to his beloved. Because they would become his life, just like his brothers are yet different at the same time.
His experience is not the best as his partners as he bruised them most of the time no-matter how careful he's been.
His confrontation to you was very different than his brothers, his head laid in your lap. He lightly kissed your stomach and then your thigh causing your cheeks to heat up.
Shutting your legs as tight as you could, you tried to get up only to be stopped by him not wishing for you to go. He pouted at you with a pleading face which did the work as you stop pushing him.
"Don't go...please." " Ok fine!" You huffed in defeat. It was so embarrassing to have his head rested on your thigh as you became wetter.
Of course, The glutton could smell it, your thick dripping arousal but he couldn't let you go because he needed you too. There was only one thing stopping him, the thought of hurting you especially for his own pleasure which confused him so much.
"Hey cupcake..." "yes?" "um-- I know you're wet..." "E-eh, sorry..." "No-no, it's fine." "Well I'll get going now!!" "Hey easy.. do you want me to help?" "I don't think you know but like if we did that, it w-would be my first time..."
Covering your red face yet peeking through the fingers you wondered of how thrilling of an experience be. The sixth-born's toned body has often aroused you, left you with this hot sensation. Multiple times you masturbated to him without his knowledge.
"Oh." "I'll go now..." "I get how you feel. Nervous. Thinking it would be painful. I know it will hurt but only in the beginning. If don't want to do it, it is absolutely fine."
The way he refuses to lie to you is so sweet and heart warming that it makes your unease and nervousness fade away. So, you smile at him and mouth the words 'I want it'.
He gets off your lap and tells you sit on his, you follow. The messy-haired demons grips your hips tenderly grinding you against his hard length, sweet moans escaped your lips as he sped up.
You were so vulnerable right now and you weren't ashamed about it, he knew. A smile appeared on his face seeing you like that. You were so shy and cute and deserved the compliments of the world.
"Every day I wake up to a brand new day, I fall in love with you again. You mean the world to me, cupcake..."
Also, Touch-deprivated much like his once admired brother, the eldest. With no-intreset in Love, the seventh-born hadn't known the feeling since the death of his sister, Lilith.
Despite beelzebub's comfort, he still remained the same. The attic incident was another event that made him feel affection starved than ever. When the mighty fell, the mighty he always admired and locked him away for he'd objected Diavolo's request.
It was at your arrival, he ever had hope thinking this will be his breakthrough and it was but not as he expected.
It was his breakthrough but from the old life, from the misery, to new life where you would stand next to him along with his brothers.
Explicit jokes are more part of his personality rather than asmo's, so he'd often cracks them.
Of course, he cracked one today just like every other day while cuddling in the attic but didn't think Mc would actually take it seriously.
You told him that hearing about sex feels kind of cringey and embarrassing yet also painful.
"Though I haven't really had sex." " wait up-- you didn't." "Not yet." "Oh..."
Silence fills the room.Very awkward silence. You both were blushing messes. None could even look over at other until belphegor regained his composure.
"Umm- why did you tell me this? Out of nowhere?" "Your joke reminded me. That's all." "Hmm... I wonder-" "what do you?" "Of when can I become your first."
Lazily he embraced you while you nuzzled your face in his neck attempting to hide how flustered you were.
Suddenly, he pushed you on the bed. Refusing to break eye contact, he climbed on top of you not bothered by his hard length brushing against your inner thigh.
"Do you want this ?" The sloth seeked permission before he'd go any further. " I want it. I-- I want you." You allowed.
He slowly removed your pj's along with your panties and tossed them on the chair and then the iconic smirk danced across his face which soon turned to a smile when you moaned as his finger entered you.
He started to insert another and moved them in criss-cross manner causing you to moan louder as he chukles.
" I used to close my eyes and have a view of just darkness, but right now, whenever I close my eyes, I see the bright light which your love brings, my love-bug..."
Oof! Damn was that long. I take about five days to write these things usually but due to network error previous one got deleted. Hope you like it.
Request by @cure-shine
Good day everyone. :)
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mythsofkairos · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
scenario: Remember those Barbie dress up games and car racing games you used to play on the Internet as a child? Well, you’re still one on the inside so you’re busy playing them one day. How do the demons react?
[ includes: fluff, crack, games that might induce nostalgia for some readers ]
Tumblr media
He’s definitely judging you
He walked in on you hunched over your laptop playing Princess Rainbow Candy Creator
You two stared at each other dead in the eye, unmoving and unblinking as the cutesy music kept playing in the background
You wanted to claw a hole into the ground, bury yourself and die
What is wrong with this human
He excuses himself and resigns to his own room
He chuckled to himself once or twice during the day when he recalled the incident
In the quiet absent hours of night after paperwork he definitely searched the game up
Forgot that the computer account was linked with Diavolo and Barbatos’s devices
“Lucifer, what is Princess Rainbow Candy Creator?” 
Now is looking for a memory wiping spell for the demon prince unless he wants all the three realms to find out by the end of the day
Diavolo definitely told Michael and he mentioned it in his letter Lucifer wants to die now thank you very much
Tumblr media
“Oi human, what are you—”
“Mams NO—”
He stares at the screen of your computer and then back at you
He quietly sits down next to you and motions for you to continue playing Papa’s Pancakeria
An hour later, he gets up and leaves
You’re sure you’ve weirded him out, so you save your progress and set aside your device to go talk to him
Just when you were about to reach for the door, it swung open and Mammon was standing on the other side with his own laptop
And now it’s become a daily routine for you two to play together after school
Lucifer’s grateful that al least you’ve gotten the second born’s gambling addiction under wraps, but he swears if he hears you talk about the game over dinner one more time—
Mammon loves to dress up his avatar in the game and buy upgrades for the shop. Wallpapers, gumball machines, arcade machines, 90′s style stereos — anything to make the store look as flamboyant as possible
He’s not the best at multitasking, so it takes him a while to adjust shifting between stations and keeping tabs on the customer line
Has 100% yelled at the screen when the customers didn’t give him tips
No Mams I love you but I can’t lend you money here
And when he finds out about the other Papa Louie games...let’s just say Levi can kiss the router goodbye—
Tumblr media
I am a firm believer that he’s never stumbled onto this section of the Internet
I mean, between anime, gaming, social media and degrading himself constantly—
It was your usual game night, and he had a lot of games in mind for you guys to play
But when you stepped into his dark room with a sweetly sinister smile, snek boi was confused
“Levi-chan~ can we play something else today?”
Thank your lucky stars you didn’t kill the otaku demon with that nickname
But then you turned to his PC and pulled up an Internet game with a really old-looking design
“Fireboy and Watergirl?”
You nodded and wiggled a finger at him
He doesn’t play normie games, he doesn’t play normie games, he doesn’t—
He stayed up the whole night to find every singe installment of the ‘normie game’
You were shook awake at three in the morning to play with him
You kissed him and pulled him under your covers and he proceeded to respectfully explode
After that, it’s time for programmer Leviathan to shine
You cannot tell me this man wouldn’t create the exact same game with Lord of Shadows and Henry just for the two of you to play
Don’t mention it upfront or he’ll turn into a tomato while denying it
I think he would play those low pixel quality racing games too, just for the fun of it I guess
Tumblr media
The only thing this man uses Internet for is e-books and cat videos
He saw you being increasingly attached to your laptop for a few weeks and he was on his way to scold you since it would affect your grades
You were playing Super Onion Man when he stepped into your room, and he had to watch for ten good minutes to understand what exactly you were upto
Safe to say he was not pleased
He started ranting about how your education is important and you should keep your interests in check lest they take over your life he doesn’t want another Levi in the house
But then you mention a similar game called Super Cat Man
To hell with education
He’s requesting you to bring over your laptop everyday since Lucifer monitors everyone’s WiFi usage history and he doesn’t want to explain himself
And Devil forbid you introduce him to cat grooming games
He will worship you in private for the joy you have brought to his dull listless life
Lucifer doesn’t get a single bookstore bill for the entire next week and he’s lowkey worried
Tumblr media
Do I even have to say it?
You were playing the app version of Vampire Princess Wedding Makeover on your D.D.D when he entered his room
You were on his bed, yet your eyes were glued to your phone
He couldn’t have that, now could he?
So he goes into full sparkly diva mode, vying for your attention
But when you’d only respond with hums and nods since you were used to his tantrums he sneaked up from behind and glanced at your screen
One. What in the Devildom’s name is that?
Two. What is that disappointment of a dress?
He watches you swipe through a distasteful array of gowns and outfits for your character with a crinkled nose, until he could no longer keep quiet about the crimes being committed against fashion
He takes it upon himself to find the best of dress up games for you to play
From Barbie Musketeer Mermaid Makeover to Shopaholic Paris, you can’t convince me this man didn’t play it all
Lucifer wants to bang your head into the wall repeatedly for getting another one of his brothers wrapped up in your shenanigans
If anything productive came out of this venture, it would be Asmo’s newfound inspiration for his day job at Majolish
He’ll dig his own grave before he admits it, but the dark circles under his eyes aren’t because of hangovers
He’s sacrificed a lot of beauty sleep over earning points to buy more outfits
He’s addicted he can’t stop what have you done to him MC
Tumblr media
*inhales deeply*
Just consider yourself lucky you didn’t loose your laptop
Out of everything you could have been playing that day, you chose to engage in the game of Tokyo Sushi Master
The drawings looked so colorful and realistic, and Beel was starving after a long Fangol practice match
You only noticed him when his jaw unhinged to the size of your screen and you screamed
You had to sit Beel down and explain to him what was going on
Lucifer swears if another computer goes down the seventh born’s throat he’ll hang you with Mammon
The eldest had to physically confiscate all of Beel’s devices to prevent them from getting devoured, resulting with you accompanying the Avatar of Gluttony everywhere he went in case he got hungry and couldn’t reach out to his brothers
Not that you minded
You told him how those games were a very happy part of your childhood, and he gave you his signature sweet smile
But he’s hungry again just recalling the visuals of the game he was playing last night
You love the huge cinnamon roll but R.I.P your wallet it will be missed
Tumblr media
I personally think he’d be the last one to join the wagon, even after Simeon and Luke
Since he’s asleep most of the time
It was one of the rare days he didn’t cuddle you to sleep, and you were sitting beside him finishing typing your essay for your R.A.D class
After you had submitted it, you started playing Sugar Cube Racing
The saccharine sweet tinkling sounds irked him awake, his groggy voice chiding you to turn the sound down
You apologized and complied, but he decided to get bratty and pull you in as part of your penance for waking him up
Just imagine sitting cross-legging with a laptop in your lap and sliding forward, his long tail wrapped around your ankle
But when he saw your screen, he rolled his eyes
What. The. Fuck.
He immediately lets you go and turns his back towards you, claiming he didn’t want to be infected by your lowering IQ
Which was exactly six hours ago, after which you were smirking at a grumpy Belphie hiding his phone from you, the theme song of Sugar Cube Racing being muffled unsuccessfully by his jacket
He glared at you, “Join me or piss off.”
Is that Lucifer I see approaching you with a machete
Belphie usually only plays when he can’t catch a wink since the music is soothing to him
Beel often has to switch his twin’s D.D.D off after it falls on his face once he’s dozed off
Won’t play other games until you show him, since looking them up is too much work and we all know he has a reputation to keep up as the Avatar Of Sloth
Tumblr media
The man’s has the personality of a fluffy Golden Retriever
Lucifer was scolding you in the Council Room for playing games during class on your D.D.D
Diavolo snuck a peak at your screen on the table and was immediately intrigued
Cue you introducing him to Club Penguin the next day
Now...Barbatos may be a polite demon butler but he will NEVER forgive you for this
Fuck the exchange program, Lucifer will happily drop you from a cliff now
If it was difficult to get him to sit down for paperwork before, now it’s bloody impossible
He’s hooked to the game, as if he’s Levi reincarnate
I headcanon he told Levi too and they’re penguin friends now
He loves exploring the map, earning new belts at the dojo and buying stuff for his igloo
You had to tell him about cheat codes when he got all emotional over not being able to pamper his Puffles enough
Pick a god and start praying that he doesn’t use the slang he learns there in official meetings or the royal butler will personally see you meet a gruesome end
All in all, he’s the only one who’s pleased with the arrangement
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moemoemammon · 2 months ago
Hey could you do “MC Helps them Groom!” HCs with Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, and platonic Luke please?
MC Helps them Groom!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Dateables)
Find the Demon Bros version here!
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Perhaps one of the most impressive demons in the Devildom in terms of his demonic features, it's no wonder the crowned prince would need a bit of help keeping himself in pristine condition. He had a reputation to keep up, after all! What he doesn't do for himself, Barbatos usually steps in/insists to tend to. Despite how skillful his cleaning may be, it's nothing compared to the giddy feeling in Diavolo's chest when you ask to help him groom! "I'll let Barbatos know he doesn't need to tend to me today! Though he might insist anyway, ahaha." You carefully tend to his many wings and impressive horns all adorned with jewelry, and the Young Lord is trying his best to compose himself. Aaah, he wants to hug you...!
The butler's busy schedule leads many to wonder when he could possibly have the time to tend to himself, especially when serving under the Demon Lord himself. He works tirelessly, and there are rumors that he's never slept a wink in his life! And you see that as all the more reason to give him a hand with that tail of his! Barbatos seems amused about your interest in helping him out, and he's free, so why not entertain you? It’d been far too long since HE was the one being pampered, so as you carefully wipe at his smooth, split tail, you find it flinching and squirming under your touch. "Ah, forgive me. I'm not quite used to being handled like this, so I may be a bit more sensitive than others. Though, you seem like you know what you're doing." Even if his face doesn't show it, something about his tone tells you he's enjoying himself.
Hm? You want to brush his hair? Solomon laughs at how straightforward you are, but he wonders where this is coming from. You probably noticed the soot in his hair, huh? It's from a, ehem, "cooking mishap", so a little help would be appreciated. Solomon could do it himself, but he's much more interested in letting you do it. So when you sit him down and begin carefully brushing the ashy residue from his hair, following that up by wiping his face with a damp cloth, he finds himself slipping into a comfortable bliss... So comfortable that he nearly forgets about the food he left in the oven! Wait... is something burning?
Even an angel needs help grooming, and that's still the case for someone as organized and careful as Simeon. There are times when he's so involved in his studies, tending to Luke and Solomon, and managing his social life, that he might forget about his wings! So when you mention lending him a hand with them, he's more than happy to let you and settles down in front of you, displaying his wings in all their glory. You preen all the loose feathers, smooth down the frayed ones, and even scratch that itch he can never reach! Simeon realizes he hasn't said much at all, only letting out content sighs, and quickly apologizes for his rudeness. "Lucifer and I used to do this for one another, in the celestial realm. Did you know his lower back is quite sensitive? Ah, don't tell him I mentioned that, or he might be angry."
Everyone knows how independent this tiny angel wants to be, and how much he hates being coddled! Sure he's still learning to master preening his wings, but he doesn't want to be treated like a little kid! Simeon doesn't seem to get that no matter how many times he's told, though... So when you ask to give him a hand, he almost gives into his knee jerk reaction and tells you no. But then he realizes it's YOU! "Huh? You really dont mind? Thank you!" Luke plops down between your legs, being careful he doesn't smack you in the face with his wings at any point. But really, he's amazed with your skills! Maybe it's because his wings are on the smaller side, but you seem like you know what you're doing! It’d probably go a lot faster if Luke could sit still, though. He promises he'll make you the most delicious cream puffs in the world after this, as a thanks!
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obeythebutler · 3 months ago
Obey me brothers and side datables reacting to mc getting drunk🤣😂🤣
Brothers And Side Dateables React To A Drunk MC
Sometimes the alcohol gets a bit too much and you get wasted, leading to some chaos.
Who gave this human alcohol? Was it Mammon? Asmodeus? He needs names, now. Because MC is staggering as they drag themselves into the hallway, slurring as they greet him.
They're colliding with furniture, and that was his favourite vase! Oh no.....
MC started crying when he told them they couldn't pet the 'big puppy'....and clung to him like a koala....
They're kind of cute...latching onto him and pouting....wait...did they say they love him....?
It wasn't his intention to get MC this drunk! Asmodeus had acquired some human world wine from unknown sources, and the next thing he knew when he came back from the washroom was that MC was drunk!
He had to make them lean on him as they tried to hug random things, such as a pole and a random demon.....
That's Lucifer's favourite vase....!
MC tried to pet every single animal they came across, but they started bawling when they couldn't reach Cerebrus....
Well, at least he gets to hug MC....and brag about it afterwards....
Normie got absolutely wasted! Lololol
They came stumbling with Mammon, and the first thing they did was collide with Lucifer's vase...not a good start....
MC was so drunk that he considered throwing them into the bathtub and shoving blankets on them so that they couldn't move..they wanted to pet Henry and his figurines! No way!
They started bawling when he told them no, and then proceeded to cling to him like a koala, and fell asleep....Levi can't move now...but this isn't so bad.
Did Asmodeus...take the bottle of wine he specifically ordered from the human realm.....and gave to MC...?
He doesn't mind that Asmo gave it to MC, but he's angry that he didn't ask for permission. Oh well....
The human kept colliding into objects, and that was Lucifer's, not so bad!
MC, you cannot pet Cerebrus! You can pet kitty instead! Here, meow!
They meowed at him like a cat and then started rubbing their head against his a cat.... Satan's
That human world wine was exactly what Asmo wanted! Satan won't mind...he did..and MC got drunk..
He would have to face Satan's wrath later, but he could enjoy some time with MC now! Wait...MC that's Lucifer's vase!
They kept colliding into random objects, and Asmo considered hooking them to his arm so that they don't fall and damage their skin...
MC, not that dirty mutt! Here, pet him instead!
They are quite adorable when drunk, though. All cuddly and huggable right now, aren't they?
They came into the house, with them leaning onto Mammon, who was...blushing?
MC kept colliding with random things, and Beelzebub considered just picking them up and keeping them there so that they couldn't move.
That was Lucifer's favourite vase...oh no....
MC, you can't pet Cerebrus! He'll eat you! Please don't cry...!
They're hungry? And they want some macarons from Madam Screams...? It's so late...but Beel will go with them!
He laughed at how utterly drunk MC was, and chuckled when they tried to hug his pillow, claiming it was a cow...
That's right! Go a bit left, yes, that vase! It's begging to be hugged! Yes!
He had to spent half an hour trying to convince MC it was a bad idea to pet Cerebrus, and they won't stop bawling until he cuddled them....that wasn't so bad....
They moved around so.much. Belphegor simply sighed as he pulled them closer in an iron-grip, not letting them move until they fall asleep.
Oh my, MC is intoxicated and very... affectionate!
When Diavolo saw them hanging off Mammon, they screamed as they latched themselves onto him! The Prince got a lot of hugs that day.
MC kept begging to see the snek in the basement! They don't have a basement, a whole labyrinth, but that doesn't matter, because—MC no!
It was even more hilarious when they latched themselves onto Barbatos though...
This human....Asmodeus got them drunk, didn't he?
He knew, MC would jump on him and cry. Oh dear, he hasn't handled a crying human in years. Please don't cry, MC.
He'll give them all the desserts they want, but please don't go to Madam Screams at three am! Please no!
What's that behind MC's back...? Is that—a rat....? STAY AWAY!
My, my, his little lamb keeps getting in trouble, don't they?
When they saw Simeon, MC immediately stumbled over to him, smiling and giggling as they joked about dying and seeing an angel...
They kept stumbling into things! Simeon had to stop them from getting their head bashed in the wall multiple times....
Why...are they asking him to show them his shoulders...?
Oh dear, Asmodeus surely went overboard....
They kept colliding with random objects until they saw him, and then immediately exclaimed 'magic man!'
They're kind of cute like this, he's going to admit...but...why are they asking him to show his magic wand? MC that's a cursed wand oh no—
He thought they could give him some constructive criticism on his latest dish, but they jumped out of the window on seeing seems they liked it so much they couldn't bring themselves to eat it....
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astaroth1357 · 3 days ago
Cuddle Time w/ the OM Cast
Baby Simeon woke me up from my slumber. That card is fucking adorable, I want it.
The fact Lucifer doesn't immediately throw them off whenever they try to snuggle should be proof enough of his love.
Cuddling is mostly done in the privacy of his bedroom. Occasionally he'll allow it in his office, but only if he's not busy.
He prefers to do it on one of the many chairs or cushions he has by the fire. Between the warmth of their body and the heat of the fireplace, he'll relax into it in seconds…
His favorite position is face-to-face with them on his lap - it's a way for him to "hand over" control while still feeling perfectly in charge. Sure, they can trace his jaw or fluff his hair as much as they like, but it's his arms holding them in place.
Gets beyond grouchy if they get interrupted... First, it's embarrassing, but second, who even has the right? If he gets pulled away for anything less than a house fire, someone (usually Mammon) is getting tied up to the chandelier...
Jumps at cuddle time, but always tries to play it off afterwards like an indecisive puppy.
Like Lucifer, he prefers his bedroom or theirs, but he'll do it in the Common Room too if he really needs a "pick-me-up." It's just that they usually get interrupted in there, so…
Likes to cuddle in bed or on couches, any place that's long enough to let him stretch out a bit. He wants to monopolize as much MC as he can.
Favorite position is laying on them so that his head is on their stomach or chest, kind of like a blanket. Like I said, the MC Surface Area to Mammon ratio is very important to him. More than half of MC must be cuddled for supreme satisfaction.
Whines like crazy if they get interrupted (and they usually do). Nearly every brother has an automatic gut reaction to toss him across the room if they see it happening, but that never stops him trying.
Levi had to warm to cuddling but after that he was all-in for life.
Really only does it in his room (duh). He gets so nervous about trying it anywhere else that you'd think it was scandalous or something...
Actually prefers to cuddle on the floor - on beanbags or pillows of course. It's not terribly comfortable to cuddle and play games together in his bedtub and he needs the multitasking.
Favorite position (scratch that, the only position) is with their back to him and his arms around them in some way, probably also gripping a controller (or vice versa). They can do it laying down or sitting up, but that's what he can muster. His brain stops functioning if they ever try to face each other...
Not above vague thoughts of homicide if they get interrupted. He already doesn't like letting go, so add on the depletion of his all important "MC Meter" and he's going to be very grumpy indeed…
Cuddles a bit like a semi-social cat. Less big on full-on snuggling, but he still requires physical contact.
Much more relaxed about the PDA than the others, but his affection style is more casual looking as well. He'll cuddle right about anywhere, but mostly whenever he's reading.
Couches or loveseats are easiest. Chairs are less so, but manageable as long as they can sit close to each other. 
Favorite position is to have them sit next to him with their legs over his lap. He only needs one hand to read so the other usually roams around mindlessly while he's engrossed in a book. He may rub their thighs, hold their hand, or play with their hair.
Hates being interrupted with a burning passion. The death glare he'll send to anyone stupid enough to try could curdle milk… Give Satan his MC time if you know what's good for you.
Needs cuddle time like he needs air, but would you expect any less from the embodiment of Lust?
Down to cuddle anytime, anywhere - zero shame and no hint of hesitation. Sometimes he'll come over and latch into them in the middle of someone else's conversation...
Fond of using beds but he's also mastered cuddling in the tub, his bathroom is certainly built for it. Nothing beats a nice hot bath with his nice warm MC! 😘
Favorite position is really any of them. He's hardly going to be picky - though if given the choice, he'll pull them to the nearest bed and wrap himself around them so tight that they may get stuck together.
Whines louder than Mammon if they ever get interrupted and pelt the intruder with pillows or shoes to make them go away (it rarely works though…). 
Always happy to cuddle with MC!... as long as they don't mind his stomach growling from time to time.
Prefers to cuddle after he's downed some big feast. When the food coma is setting in, it's really nice to hold MC for a while… They make him feel full for at least five extra minutes!
He tries to incorporate MC into his training sometimes so his favorite position is to have them latched onto him like a kola while he goes about the House. If their arms or legs get tired, he'll carry them over to a couch and just continue from there.
If he's got to be still, then he prefers to cuddle in a bed, ideally one where Belphie is. Nothing warms his heart more than having the both of them clung into him in some way, it's very therapeutic. 😊
Not AS bothered when they get interrupted… If anything he's just disappointed. He was probably having fun, but they'll come back, right...?
Look, all time is "Cuddle Time" and any other activity is just a distraction. If Belphie could hot glue the MC to his body, he would. 
Being cuddled to sleep is a MUST. He thrives on their proximity and the sound of their heartbeat is the world's best lullaby.
Unfortunately, he doesn't even need to be particularly comfortable to get cuddling in… He has been known to just collapse onto their lap if he's tired enough, all else be damned.
His favorite position is any way that lets them be his pillow. Any particular soft parts of the body like the stomach are fair game. He'll use their thighs like a neck pillow if he wants to (and hope that they don't try choking him out of revenge...).
There's really no interrupting Belphie. If someone needs MC, he'll latch onto their legs so they either stay put or bring him too. The others have to use magic or spatulas just to pry him off...
Big on cuddle time. HUGE on cuddle time! This man has hardly ever been touched, so this is a dream come true!!
Look, he's the king so he'll cuddle them wherever he damn well pleases! (That's a lie, Barbatos won't let him do it during work hours… Otherwise it's fine.)
He's very enthusiastic but uh… kind of inexperienced so a lot of things (like convenient location) don't occur to him right away. Like sure, they could go cuddle in a big ass bed, but he really wants to hold them RIGHT NOW so they're just going to have to do this in an empty ballroom somehow...
His favorite position is probably best described as the "Teddy Bear," where they just sit on his lap and he hugs them from behind. He'll even rest his chin on their head if he can. It looks vaguely like he's holding them hostage but they actually seem happy about it.
Unless your name is Barbatos or Lucifer, you do not interrupt them. As far as he knows, there's still a snake in the dungeons and you don't want to be the person he sends to check…
A spot of quiet intimacy is quite rare for him… but never unwelcome.
Assuming Barbs even finds the time in his schedule to sit still for a while, he will almost always opt to do so when utterly alone (sometimes even in deserted timelines). It's very embarrassing to be caught procrastinating at work...
Ever the pleaser, he'll claim that he has no real preferences but if he were being honest it's when they're curling up together on a cushion or loveseat. It's comfortable, but still allows for some proper conversion.
Unlike others, no matter what position they take he'll always want to be face-to-face. When he gets to be with them so rarely, why would he ever want to see their back turned…?
NO ONE interrupts them. No one. Short of Diavolo needing him desperately, if someone sees the two of them together they will turn around. Even an irritated Barbatos is scary, an angry one is terrifying…
Oh man… This is the height of intimacy for an angel. Cuddling with Simeon is just as sweet and relaxing as it sounds - it's an almost photogenic level of serenity, fit for the brushes of Renaissance painters trying to define what divine love is...
Naturally, because it's such an intimate act Simeon will only do so in absolute privacy. He doesn't even want Luke to see, it's just that personal...
Part of why he's so guarded is because it's one of the rare times he'll let his wings be free. They're very delicate, so he has to sit on stools, logs, or other backless seats to even let them out but it's worth it.
His favorite position is to have the MC sit across his lap while he holds them as close as possible. He'll beat his wings for a nice breeze on hot days or fold them in to shelter the MC from cold ones. No matter what, their movement is so glimmering and graceful that they're practically mesmerizing…
To him getting interrupted is legitimately so mortifying you'd think he got caught streaking. Even the brothers - sans Satan - will avert their eyes if they find them like that… while still telling him to back off but at least they're considerate about it.
Solomon's softest moments come when he's cuddling MC… but he's still a little mischievous no matter what.
They pretty much have to do it in secret because if any of the brothers see them, they'll throw a fit… So snuggling in cramped storage closets or "so-high-up-in-the-air-no-one-can-stop-us" it is!
But when he wants to poke buttons, Solomon will magic them onto his lap dead-ass in the middle of RAD, like, two minutes before a class starts just to watch the world burn…
If he had a favorite position, it's sitting wrapped up together in his cape. It feels intimate, warm, and the starry-sky pattern makes him feel like there's nothing in the universe but them…
Interruptions are frequent - thank the PDA police - but only in the Devildom. In the human world, though? They're all his and he soaks up every minute of it... Sorry fellas. 😏
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nyxs-sins · a month ago
Brothers + Datables reacting to fan art of everyone.
Warnings: Mentions of scandalous art pieces. Cussing.
What. The. Fuck?
The man has never taken his shirt off why is he shirtless in some them-
Figures out Mammon is selling the pieces.
Doesn’t known whether he wants to beat the ever living shit out Mammon or take a nap.
He does both.
Saves all the Lucifer x MC fan art.
Tries to sell the fan art of Lucifer.
Actually succeeds for a little while.
He isn’t phased by fan art of himself, scandalous or otherwise.
He’s a model, why would he care? He’s hot and he knows it.
Gets hung upside down in the Underground Tomb once he’s caught.
He wasn’t let down until Lucifer realized that MC was willing to fight Cerberus to get him down.
Denies liking the Mammon x MC art but his photo gallery says otherwise.
Is secretly one of the artists.
He has a secret website where he takes requests and sells art on.
Refuses to draw fan art of himself unless MC is included but he never posts those.
Gets all blushy when he sees the more scandalous pieces of himself.
Doesn’t do anything about it though.
He’s fan art is the least accurate because he’s always wearing super baggy clothes.
The few pieces he finds that are pretty close impress him.
Doesn’t care.
Is secretly one of the biggest suppliers of Lucifer x Diavolo art.
Dragged Belphie and MC into creating and distributing the art with him.
Knows MC is the one that made their fan art popular but will die before he tells on them.
Once saw fan art of MC dressed like a cat and then proceeded to chase them for a week trying to get them to act out the photo.
Loves anything with cats.
Is a little grossed out by the more scandalous images but ignores it for the most part.
Most Satan x MC fan art usually has one of them dressed like a cat or reading.
Has a whole album dedicated to that art.
Loves it.
Copies the art of himself down to the last detail and uploads the images of Devilgram.
Encourages fans to make more fan art of him and his brothers.
He likes art of just his brothers, but will comment things like “you know what would make it even cuter? If you added me into the picture!”
Really feeds his ego.
Will do various poses for artists and will try to convince MC to join him.
His favorites are the more scandalous pieces, of course.
Saves all the fan art of Lucifer shirtless.
The only thing he likes better than Asmo art is Asmo x MC art.
Didn’t find out until he randomly came across a drawing of Luke cooking with Barbatos.
Thought it was cute so he kept looking at the fan art.
Was confused when he saw Lucifer x Diavolo art.
Traumatized when he saw scandalous art pieces of himself and his brothers.
Immediately went to MC and Belphie for comfort.
He didn’t look at Devilgram again for nearly three months.
Doesn’t understand all the excitement about the fan art and doesn’t want to.
Had to physically hold MC back from fighting Cerberus to get to Mammon.
Is asleep.
Didn’t find out until a traumatized Beel told him about it.
Was ready to burn down the world because it scared Beel.
Is secretly in cahoots with Satan in supplying Lucifer x Diavolo art.
And any other fan art that he knows will get a rise out of Lucifer.
Honestly it’s probably the longest he’s ever been awake during the day.
At night is when he really gets to work though.
Loves MC x Belphie fan art but will die before he lets anyone find out.
Saves all of the Lucifer x Diavolo fan art.
And the MC x Diavolo fan art.
Was not above buying fan comics of him and Lucifer until his supplier mysteriously disappeared.
Lucifer wanted to stop him but couldn’t.
Wanted to draw fan art himself, but Barbatos stopped him by giving him more paperwork.
Sad Demon Prince noises.
He still doodled little comics on the side of his paperwork when he could get away with it.
Doesn’t care No. 2
Typically just smiles and nods when Diavolo shows him the fan art.
Until he saw Barbatos x Diavolo.
That’s the only time he’s ever messed up dinner.
He nearly burnt down the kitchen.
Also knows MC is the one that made fan art popular.
Doesn’t know what to do with that information though so he does nothing.
Until it starts to get out of control and he tries to stop them.
It’s too late to stop them.
My Lord please stop doodling on your paperwork-
Supply and demand.
He has the supply, they have the demand.
He also loves seeing the others’ reaction to the art.
As far as seeing art of himself, he doesn’t really care.
Secretly saves everything that has to do with Asmo and Barbatos.
Will rub the fact that he has A LOT of Solomon x MC fan art in the brothers’ faces.
Even though he made most of that himself.
Didn’t even know about it until Solomon showed him.
Immediately starts praying to God for forgiveness.
He likes the cute, holy art.
And the art of Luke cooking.
But the more scandalous stuff he sees about himself…
Solomon had to stop him from bleaching his own eyes.
Has the purest fandom in the three realms.
Still a little weirded out by it though.
Didn’t know it was a thing until he saw Beel looking at a drawing of him cooking with Barbatos.
Told Simeon about it and he forbade Luke from ever looking up fan art.
His phone got parental controls put on it so Simeon could make sure he didn’t.
Now he’s even more worried.
ThOsE sTuPiD dEmOnS-
Doesn’t even know why he’s calling them stupid at this point but he’ll never admit that.
Secretly worried when he finds out some of the art traumatized Beel.
Brought him some sweets to make him feel better.
“We aren’t friends! He’s a demon! I just needed someone to sample my sweets!”
Laughs in evil.
Is the one who made fan art of everyone popular.
Everyone knows better than to post inappropriate things of Luke because MC WILL break their knees. And their necks. And burn down their family’s homes.
Has the most fan art out of everyone, even Asmo.
Is also shipped with everyone.
Refuses to confirm or deny any and all ships.
Except MC x Luke those people die.
Luke is their son and they won’t accept anything else.
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inhuman-obey-me · 2 months ago
Hi! I really loved your piece about how the brothers would react to MC almost being killed by a lesser demon. I was wondering if you could do the same for the undateables? (feel free to leave dear sweet luke out of it!)
Thank you, we are so glad you liked it!!
We are happy to do the side characters too, and are absolutely not leaving chihuahua boy out of it (though of course NOT as your s/o, he is a child!!) - just because he's babeh doesn't mean he can't kill a demon too <3 (Don't worry though, his isn't that violent.)
content warnings: blood, gore, torture, body horror -- especially for Barbatos. Not for the faint of heart.
For anyone who missed it, see original demon bros post here.
Tumblr media
Little D. No. 2 saw the whole attack, and while he's not strong enough to fight the demon himself, he goes running to Barbatos to tell him what happened....which then obviously has to get reported along to the Demon Prince.
The Devildom has never seen a trial get organized so quickly -- within an hour, the lesser demon is standing in the student council room, awaiting judgment.
As a fair and just ruler, and also your s/o, Diavolo feels obligated to recuse himself from the trial -- but, he's going to personally administer whatever punishment the rest of the student council decides on.
Which, you know, is still made up of the demon brothers, so of course that demon is going to die, and painfully.
It's extremely rare for Diavolo to personally punish someone, so they aren't fully sure what to expect, but the minute the Demon Lord steps into the dungeon, oh shit they're scared.
"You dare disrespect me, your prince, by attacking my beloved?"
He's in his full demon form -- dragon wings, dragon eyes, dragon scales, dragon roar.
The demon's eardrums shatter immediately at the sound.
His claws dig directly into their face, ripping eyeballs from their sockets and knocking their teeth all over the ground.
Meanwhile, his wings beat wildly, sending powerful shockwaves of wind through their body, which rip sharp tears into their flesh.
Full of rage, Diavolo also sinks his teeth into their chest and wrenches their muscles clean off their bones.
Sharp claws find their way to the demon's limbs, and he tears them right out, tossing them so hard that one arm smacks a prisoner in the cell across the hall squarely in the face.
Needless to say, that prisoner is absolutely terrified and very glad to have only been sentenced to punishment from Lucifer by comparison, a sadist but way less brutal, they think.
With one last blast of dragon fire directly into the demon's heart, Diavolo recomposes himself and walks calmly out of the cell.
Considering it's been all of about 4 hours since the incident and you don't even know that he knows yet, you're quite surprised to then receive an invite that night to a grand feast he's holding in your honor. Afterwards, you spend an intimate night together at the castle, as he personally makes sure you're in absolute comfort in every way after what happened.
Tumblr media
Although Barbatos is technically not allowed to use his powers unless Diavolo asks, sometimes visions of the past and future slip into his dreams unconsciously.
He doesn't always know if they're true or not, but when he has a dream that you've been attacked by a lesser demon, he is not going to take any chances.
He calls you in a panic, explaining his dream and asking if you're okay, and you end up telling him it's true that you were attacked earlier, but you're fine, really.
But that doesn't stop him from deciding he's going to get revenge.
The next day at RAD, the lesser demon just about screams when they suddenly realize that Barbatos is standing about 3 inches behind them.
"Hello. :) :) :) I'm sure you already know this, but I am Barbatos. :) I understand you attacked Y/N yesterday. :) You should prepare to die now."
He opens a portal below their feet, dropping both of them directly into the underground dungeons below the Demon King's Castle.
Within seconds, he has his prey suspended in chains.
In this particular dungeon cell, his favorite for torture, an array of tools lines one of the walls - all his favorite torture toys conveniently within arm's reach.
He starts with a dull, rusty vegetable peeler, an old relic of the kitchens that has found a new home here in the dungeons, and slowly begins peeling the demon's skin from their arms.
As they whimper pitifully at the pain, he moves on to their torso, drilling a small line of holes down either side of their stomach, and the whimpers evolve into screams.
The torture master isn't satisfied with just these screams, though. He's going to get bigger, better screams from this scoundrel.
With careful precision, he begins looping the strips of skin he peeled off earlier into the holes, crisscrossing them in a corset-like pattern across their torso.
And then pulls them taut, because a corset is meant to be tight, after all.
Blood spills a little from the demon's mouth as their guts are constricted upwards inside them, and they beg for mercy, though none is about to come.
Next he removes a pair of metal boots from the walls, another favorite, with needle-thin spikes inside still covered in the dried up blood of their last victim.
He encases the lesser demon's feet in the boots, and with a smile, summons up some hot volcanic rocks, which he begins forcibly wedging into the back of the boots, crushing their legs against the front and forcing their feet forward into the spikes.
For good measure, he slams some of the rocks directly into their legs as well, the still-lingering volcanic heat immediately sealing the magma stones inside where they pierce skin.
At this point, their screams have reached octaves they didn't even know were within their vocal cords, and having heard the lovely music to his ears, Barbatos decides it's about time to wrap this up.
He picks up a dentist's plaque scraper off the wall and tears a thin line from their chin down to their collarbone, before squeezing the forked ends of his tail into the incision and prying it wide open.
As the blood spills out from their neck, he smiles and pats the demon on the head, saying he hopes they've learned their lesson - not that it matters, since they're about to die.
That night, Barbatos meets you for your weekly dinner date night, and he doesn't mention his activities from the day, just fusses over you and checks you all over for any injuries, no matter how minor.
Tumblr media
You show up to your sorcery lesson with Solomon as usual, but he quickly senses that you're unfocused, as you keep messing up on even simple spells, so he asks what's wrong.
When you explain, his face darkens in a way you don't usually see on the sorcerer, though his expression quickly softens again, making sure you're okay.
Once he's satisfied that you haven't been badly hurt, and patches up any minor injuries you do have with gentle healing spells, he ends the lesson early and walks out.
He's not proud of who he used to be, and he tries to be better about his relations with demons now, but the thought of this stupid lesser demon, so weak compared to the many, many demons he commands, putting you in danger...
He texts Asmodeus, who quickly obtains the name and location of the demon who did it through his gossip network -- and of course comes to join him, since he's also pissed to hear what happened to you.
When they find the offending demon, Asmodeus pins them in place with his charming eyes, and with a cruel laugh, he manipulates them into entering their demon form, before sitting back and letting Solomon get to work on them.
Solomon then grabs them by the horns and pulls their face right up to his so they are forced to meet his deadly serious stare.
"If you thought you could target Y/N just because they're human, you've really underestimated what humans are capable of."
The sorcerer conjures forth a magical whip imbued with a little bit of holy magic, a tool he'd long ago stopped using but which still feels familiar in a way in his hands.
The holy magic tears burning gashes into the lesser demon with every strike, sizzling each time it makes contact with them -- on their wings, on their chest, across their face and arms.
Once he's satisfied with the number of injuries across the demon's body, he proceeds to cast a spell which speeds their blood flow through, forcing their hearts to pump at three times their normal speed, feeling like they're going to burst.
It's dizzying, and the demon's vision blurs, though they also feel far too awake from the effect to pass out. Their eyes meet Asmodeus's, who just smiles and gives them a little wave.
To finish them off and make a point to them just how lowly they really are among demons, Solomon summons forth another of his pact demons, Ose.
Ose taps the lesser demon's forehead, transforming himself into an illusion of you in their eyes so the last thing they'll see is the human they tried to prey on, and with another tap, he floods their head with insanity.
The lesser demon's mind collapses, as does their body, mouth dribbling with blood and drool as their life leaves them at the mental and physical overload.
After he cleans himself up from any blood spatter, he comes back to see you again, spoiling you with little gifts and magical surprises for the rest of the night. He doesn't want to burden you with trying to teach you anything right now, but he makes a mental note to focus your next few lessons on healing and defensive spells, too.
Tumblr media
From the moment Simeon sees you, his angelic senses are buzzing, alerting him to various minor injuries on you, even if you tried to cover them up.
He's on you in a heartbeat, asking what happened, rushing you to a seat, healing you up, and generally doing everything he can to make sure you're comfortable.
As an angel exchange student in the Devildom, he's painfully aware that running off to go kill some random demon is not good for building relations between the three realms.
But when he overhears that same demon bragging to their friends about it the next day, his anger boils over.
"I see you're quite proud of yourself for what you did to Y/N, aren't you?"
The group of them turn to face him, but upon seeing the smiling rage upon his face, and considering the gossip among the RAD student population about not wanting to see Simeon mad, the lesser demon's friends quickly abandon them, scattering away.
The remaining demon tries to back away, sputtering out apologies, but quickly finds their back against a wall.
But Simeon simply repeats the same question again, tone increasingly menacing.
At the demon's continued attempts at protest and apology, he grabs them by their forehead and forces them to meet his eyes.
They flail around a bit, desperately hoping for a bit of angelic mercy, but that's not really what angels are about -- especially this one.
Unimpressed with their pleas and apologies only out of desperation, with no actual show of regret, he decides to make them repent another way.
Holy light spreads in streams from where his fingertips are holding the demon's head, gradually enveloping their entire form.
As he drops his hand back down to his side, the demon has dissolved away to ash at his feet.
When you meet up with him at the RAD gates after your last class, he steers you towards downtown, insisting on treating you to a nice date out to help you feel better from the previous day's trauma.
Tumblr media
This little boy is SO upset when he overhears you mention what happened to you.
HOW DARE one of those horrible nasty demons try to kill you!!
He declares that he's going to go find that demon and make them pay for what they did!!!!
But like he's going to call Simeon along to help, but it's not because he's scared, he's DEFINITELY NOT scared of a demon (he's totally very scared but you pretend to believe him).
When they find the demon, Luke summons up all the (extremely powerful) magic in his little body and blasts them with a big burst of angelic power.
The demon is toast, goodbye, not even ashes left behind.
Luke tells you very proudly later that he took care of the problem, and he doesn't want to ask you to pet his head, but he actually really hopes you'll pet his head and tell him he did a good job.
Which you do, of course.
Pet the chihuahua!!!!
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sevendeadlymorons · 7 months ago
Can I get sleepy makeout session headcannons with brothers + undateables pls 😊, hope you have a wonderful day/night
Yes 🙇🏼‍♂️
Makeout Sessions with Brothers + Undateables
Morning makeout sessions are his favourite
Loves wrapping his hands in your hair and pulling your face closer to him, deepening the kiss
Slinks his hands down to your waist, pulling you on top of him
Feels up and down your thighs, giving it a quick squeeze to hear you yelp
Tonguing is a must to him
Kisses you until you have to pull away to breathe
2AM kisses are totally his thing but he also doesn’t mind getting spicy first thing in the morning
Rough kisses all the way
It’s tongue or nothing, he won’t settle for pecks when he wants to make out
Grabs your body like you’re made of pure gold
He’s always on top of you so he can put his knee between your legs
Whispers “you’re mine” into your ear mid-kiss
Making out during anime is the best to him
Sometimes he likes to turn on some hentai to really get him going
Likes you sitting on his lap so he can grab your ass
Sloppy kisses and panting are just his trademark
Pulls away every few seconds to let you see how flustered he is
Grabs and squeezes your thighs
First thing in the morning is the time for a makeout session for him
Trails his hand all down your body and grabs the back of your neck, pulling you deeper into his kiss
A lot of nipping going on
Caresses and kisses your jaw then goes straight back to tonguing you
Hands are always placed firmly on your lower back or ass
Only lets you take a breath for a few seconds before greedily going at it again
Day or night, he doesn’t mind, both is equally arousing
Pushes you down underneath him, kissing from your neck to your lips
Knee is always between your legs
Purrs your name a lot
May pin your wrists while exploring your mouth with his tongue
Makes you touch him too and it’s never just going to be making out with him~
Prefers night times when you’re both really tired
Startles you by pouncing on to you and trapping you underneath him
Starts by nibbling on your collarbone and gradually makes his way to your lips
His hands normally roam around your stomach or hip area
A lot of passionate biting goes on
Says your name every few seconds and makes you say his back
Really likes it when you wake him up every morning by making out with him
His hands will soon find your hips and he’ll pull you closer to his body
Likes to have you sitting on top of him
Not too much tongue at first, just a lot of skin grabbing and hair pulling
Wraps his hand around your throat to pull you closer
Groans if you stop to catch your breath
Truly doesn’t mind when it happens as long as it does
Wraps both hands up in your hair and caresses the back of your neck
Enjoys you sitting on top of him but also likes the power he gets when he pins you down
Hands wander up and down your body
Occasional lip biting
Repeats your name onto your lips if it gets really heated
Wakes you up with his tongue when he gets up early in the morning
Enjoys the feeling of you sleepily kissing him
Touches your stomach and chest, then runs his hands all over you
Places his palm on your cheek and deepens the kiss
Lots of rough, greedy kisses
Always ends it with a peck on the head then gets up to work
Likes to makeout in the morning so he can kiss your sleepy, half-awake face
Sometimes doesn’t even wait for you to get up naturally and just starts kissing your face to wake you up
Goes straight for your lips when you begin to wake up
Wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him
Doesn’t give you any tongue unless you initiate it
Pulls away for a breather often so you can see how red his face is
Likes both day and night, the sleepier, the better
A literal tease the entire way through
Runs his finger up your body, trailing around sensitive areas to rile you up
Plays with your hair and tugs at your clothes
Grabs your ass and you can always feel him smirk on to your lips
He always looks so flustered when you two finish though
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soft-om · 3 months ago
demon bros & dateables + MC w/ anxiety
☆ Lucifer:
- when you first came to the Devildom, the last thing Lucifer expected from the human exchange student was for you to be so shy 
- but probably because he was used to his brothers, he got used to you pretty quickly and learned what kinds of situations you were ok in and what was too much for you
- he also let you hide behind him or follow after him if it made you feel better
- in fact, he started to find it endearing about you and came to prefer having your presence nearby finding solace in him
- he would never push you to do something you weren’t comfortable with, which helped you to get closer to him
- if you ever did something that seemed outside of your comfort zone, Lucifer was sure to shower you with praise and tell you how proud he is of you
☆ Mammon:
- he wishes he would have known sooner
- because now he’s worried about all the things he made you do that may have made you feel anxious
- but now that he knows, it’ll be like a switch flipped for him
- he always asks how you feel about doing certain things and he’ll check in to make sure you don’t feel anxious
- he even looked up how to calm someone down when they have an anxiety attack so that he can help you if you ever need it
- this boy just wants to be by your side and do whatever he can to support you
☆ Levi:
- same
- is the first thing out of his mouth when you bring it up
- if you hadn’t figured that out about him by now, then something was wrong with you
- but because he understands what you’re going though, he’s really good at anticipating how you might feel in various situations
- granted his solution is usually just “don’t do anything that might cause you anxiety”
- but at the same time, when it comes to you, he’s surprisingly willing to put himself in situations where he’s uncomfortable in order to make you feel less anxious
☆ Satan:
- Satan actually found out about your anxiety when you had an anxiety attack in front of him
- thankfully, he recalled some books he had read a while back and was able to calm you down
- from that day forward, he started keeping a mental list of the things that could trigger an attack for you
- he also keeps a mental list of things that have succeeded in calming you during an attack or before the attack even occurs
- such has holding your hand in some situations, making you laugh, or even removing you from the situation if necessary
- if nothing else, Satan is really good at hearing you out if you just need to talk for a bit to get all of your anxious thoughts out
☆ Asmo:
- Asmo handled finding out about your social anxiety pretty well considering it happened while he was dragging you out to a busy café
- as he saw you glancing around and fidgeting, he quietly suggested the two of you take your drinks to a park instead
- he put the pieces together on his own when you went back to acting like your normal self once you were seated in an empty corner of the park
- thankfully Asmo knows the Devildom and it’s hotspots well enough that he also knows how to still take you to places without the experience being too anxiety inducing for you
- (he also knows how to use his popularity to make situations better too by convincing the right people)
- plus, he’s good at drawing attention to himself if you ever want to just fade into the background for a bit
☆ Beel:
- Beel likely wouldn’t be fazed at all to find out that you have anxiety
- he might be bit confused by anxiety tics at first, but after a brief explanation he’ll just nod and move on
- it’s not that he doesn’t care and he’s still incredibly thoughtful about it
- he just knows that it won’t do any good for him to stress about it, so he basically just waits for you to tell him what you need from him if anything at all
- in this sense, he’s a great listener and is willing to hear you out anytime
- he also likes to remind you of how strong you are as you deal with anxiety, but if there’s ever a time you feel like you can’t be strong, then he will be strong for you
☆ Belphie:
- for a long time, Belphie though you were just acting that way around him because of everything he did to you
- but then he realized you acted that way with a lot of people and he learned about social anxiety
- he was a little sad that there was still that separation between the two of you, so he vowed to do something about that
- he wanted you to feel safe and calm with him
- before long, he realized that the more time you spent together, the more comfortable you seemed with him
- when the day came when you asked him to go with you somewhere since being with him calmed you down, he could barely hide the happiness he felt
❃ Diavolo:
- being shy and anxious doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re always by the demon lord’s side
- but Diavolo is always there to protect you from the derogatory comments and defend you
- he has a ‘no pressure, no guilt’ policy
- meaning: he will never pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do for whatever reason, and you never have to feel guilty for saying no to things
- all he wants is to always see your smiling face, and he definitely never wants to see you suffering from anxiety
- so then if you ever say yes to something, he will do everything in his power to lessen your anxiety and make sure you enjoy yourself
❃ Barbatos:
- Barbatos is used to watching out for other people and their needs, so he noticed right away when you started showing signs of being anxious
- as a butler, he’s also used to being by people’s sides, so he does the same with you doing his best to keep you from being too anxious
- he’s really subtle about it though
- without you realizing, he’ll guide you to less crowded areas and he never asks you to make decisions that might stress you out
- if it seems like your thoughts are racing, he knows just how to distract you to get you out of your head
- at the end of the day, he’ll give you a kiss on the forehead and tell you that you did really well
❃ Solomon:
- gotta admit, Solomon as a person and his personality can be cause for anxiety
- when he finds out you feel that way, he’ll probably be shocked and a little upset
- but above all else, he doesn’t want to make you anxious, so he legitimately starts evaluating his behavior and asking you what makes you anxious
- surprisingly good at opening the line of communication so that you feel comfortable confiding in him about your anxiety
- once Solomon understands where you’re coming from better, he becomes your #1 supporter
- his chaotic nature can really come in handy when he needs to pull you out of a conversation or the two of you decide to leave an event
❃ Simeon:
- no presence is more soothing than Simeon’s when it comes to your anxiety
- he just has this angelic smile and warm aura that helps to ground you in so many situations
- at first you weren’t sure about showing your anxiety tics in front of him, but when you did, he said he liked them because they told him how you were feeling
- Simeon has like motherly instincts or something, because he can tell when you’re starting to get overwhelmed and is somehow right there at your side
- he also has a skill for knowing the right time to whisk you away from a situation that is giving you anxiety
- then he’ll wrap his arms around you and provide all the comfort and support you need
❃ Luke:
- this sweet boy would have no idea how to act
- he’d end up overthinking things and worrying about every little thing when it comes to you because he doesn’t want you to be anxious
- there were more than a few times when he went to Simeon or even Solomon for advice on what to do
- he eventually started asking to hold your hand “so that you don’t get separated”, but you know he’s just trying to help you feel less anxious
- if you seem like you have something eating away at your mind, he’ll invite you to bake with him
- he’s still a little clueless, but he’s trying his hardest which is enough to put a smile on your face
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