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#obey me demon brothers
di0s-library · 5 months ago
masturbation | demon brothers
Tumblr media
there’s technically no pairings but since theyre just thinking about the reader,, wait would they be? idk but i hate belphies but i really dont wanna go back and redo it or leave him out so,,
pairing(s): lucifer X reader, mammon X reader, leviathan X reader, satan X reader, asmodeus X reader, beelzebub X reader, belphegor X reader.
warning(s): nsfw, slight begging on lucifer’s, overstim & use of toys on mammon’s, use of toys on levi’s, use of the term “master” & handcuffs on satan’s, use of toys on asmo’s along with him being weird (per usual), pillow humping on beel’s.
Tumblr media
— luci : nothing too spicy; he usually just locks his door at 3am on a saturday night and jerks one out using his hands wishing they were yours.
lucifer grunted as his toes curled, sheets bunching under him. he could feel his balls tightening, his pants growing more frequent, and his moans trying to grow louder. “f-fuck, oh, shit, shit!” he moaned rather loudly as he came, the ribbons landing on his thighs and stomach.
he sighed, looking at the mess he made, then thought about how it would look if you were there to help him clean up. “oh, (y/n), p-please,” he mumbled as he took ahold of his cock once more. “please, i-i need you, please,,, touch my cock.”
— mammon : masochist mammon™️ that’s really it. he either edges himself for hours on end or makes himself cum for hours on end, no in between.
“(y/n), y’er gonna make me cum again, please i ain’t- fuck!” mammon moaned out as he came for the fourth time, the vibrator in his ass at max speed along with his hand still pumping his cock as fast as it could.
mammon thought of you calling him a good boy for taking this so well, a moan bellowing through his room as his free hand came down and adjusted the vibrator. he gasped as he came again due to the vibe brushing his prostate. “(y/n)!”
he whimpered quietly as he continued to jerk himself off, turning on his side and holding the vibrator against his prostate. “it’s gettin’ to be too much~” mammon panted as his other hand started squeezing his balls, causing his legs to start shaking. “gotta cum again,,, f-for (y/n).”
— levi : babi otaku definitely has plenty of toys like tentacles YES I WANT THIS TO BE CANON and pocket pussies of his favorite waifus.
levi’s legs shook as he stood on his knees, a vibrating cock ring on along with a glass tentacle toy in his ass. “fuck,” he groaned, falling forward and reaching behind him to take ahold of the glass toy. he started moving it in and out, causing him to bite his lip.
he shoved his face into the mattress to try and silence his moans and whines. “(y/n),” levi panted, turning his head to the side. “i wish this was you, oh f-fuck~”
his whines grew more frequent as he sped up the toy, it repeatedly hitting his prostate. “need to cum, fuck please i need to cum. it feels so good in my~” levi let out a gargled moan. “my ass. mm p-please.”
— satan : no one can tell me satan doesn’t read spicy romance and create masturbation scenarios where it’s you and him recreating it. im making a scene up cause i dont read books besides fanfic and manga at this point
“y-yeah, i’ll be your good boy, (y/n).” satan said while laying on his back, one hand cuffed to his headboard while the other held a pocket pussy on his cock. he gently bucked his hips, moaning quietly as his head tilted back and hand pulled against the restraint.
satan bit his lip and imagined you shunning him for moving without your permission. “sorry, master,” he moaned as his hand started to move the toy quickly. “t-too fast, please, oh~”
he mewled to himself as he continued at the unforgiving pace, panting and thrusting his hips. he knew if you were there you’d call the sight pitiful; and that kept him going. “cum, cum, cum!” satan chanted as he came into the toy.
satan’s head was resting against the headboard as he looked down at the toy starting to leak. “fuck, if only.”
— asmo : fuckin’ hell he’s a mirror masturbator. like,,, that’s the one thing that’s consistent with him.
asmo licked his top lip seductively as he looked at himself in the mirror. he glanced down to see his cock hitting his stomach as he bounced to the toy. he moaned, arching his back.
“mm, i look amazing like this, if only (y/n) was here to share the moment.” asmo leaned forward, putting one hand on the ground and the other jerking his cock in time with his bounces.
asmo’s breathing started to grow shallow and he started clenching around the toy. “fuck, i’m gonna cum (y/n). don’t you wish~” he moaned, watching his cum shoot onto the mirror. “you were here to witness the beautiful scene?”
— beel : pillow humper cause gahdamn he’d go feral if he even got a feeling of your hole(s). and since he shares a room with belphie & he’s terrified one of his brothers but mainly you will walk in on him, he’s learned to keep quiet. [but for this we gonna toss that out the window]
beel’s hips were thrusting as fast and as hard as they could. it wasn’t everyday that he had to dorm to himself. usually, he’d have to hold in everything, but, the poor baby hated it so much.
his arms were wrapped around the pillow under him to keep it in place as he humped it. “f-feels so good,” he moaned. “(y/n),,, fuck please.”
he sat up on his knees, wrapping his fist around his cock and fucking his hand. beel’s moans were echoing off the walls of his shared room as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. “i-i’m cumming!” beel cried out as he came all over the pillow, panting.
he bit his lip in thought. the others wouldn’t be back for another hour,,, beel swallowed and hunched over the pillow again. “once more won’t hurt, i guess.”
— belphie : since he sleeps most of the time, he just relies on wet dreams to get him off, but when those don’t work he just sleepily plays with himself.
belphie gnawed on his sleeve to keep himself quiet as his other hand worked on his cock. “mm, (y/n), i wish you were her to do this for me,” he mumbled, his eyes half closed.
he sped his hand up slightly, gasping. belphie whimpered and turned on his side. he grabbed his pillow and shoved his face into it, moaning as his hand sped up even more. he slowed down to catch his breath, starting to feel sleepy again.
he spit out his sleeve, moving that hand so both of them were jerking him off. “i-it feels so good~” he let out a tired mewl while he came. belphie gently panted as he placed his head comfortably on his pillow. without even bothering to clean up, he fell asleep again.
Tumblr media
other obey me! works.
di0s-library © 2021 all rights reserved.
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moemoemammon · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
⚾️A Ball to the Balls ⚾️
(Feat. The Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Lucifer was happy to indulge you when you suggested playing a popular human world sport called 'baseball'. He's all for expanding his horizons, and it's a nice day out, so why not? It outta keep his brothers occupied for a while, too.
But,,,,,, he wishes he would've told you no, because generations of children have just been murdered by your mean throwing arm.
No one can remember the last time they've seen Lucifer crippled with pain, but it's as amazing as it is absolutely terrifying.
He's silent when the impact happens, but immediately turns away to hunch over and you can see him trembling. The brothers are staring at you, praying for your safe passage to heaven. Goodbye, MC. They'll never forget you...
Oh shit oh fuck oh no no one can help you now you're gonna di-
"Obviously, you're gonna be on MY team! No exceptions!"
Yeah no, you've decided not to do teams, since there'd have to be two teams of four and they'd fight over which team gets to have you.
Even if he can't have you to himself, Mammon's cheering you on like the good husband he is. Also actively encouraging you to throw the ball as hard as you can, because he'll DEFINITELY hit it with no problem at all.
Pretty sure you just knocked Mammon Jr clean off of his pelvis. Goodbye dickenballs
Mammon is on the ground and you can hear him sobbing from all the way across the field. Even his brothers, who act like they hate his guts, can't help but comfort him....
Levi's played enough wii sports to know how to play baseball, but he doesn't get the appeal of actually playing the sport. Why get all sweaty when you can just play inside??
But you manage to coax him out anyway, and he can't say that he hates it per se. though, his throwing arm isn't anything impressive....
YOURS on the fucking other hand... Yours is clearly the result of some sort of ancient evil curse, or a dormant power finally becoming active at the height of the plot
The power behind your throw has essentially neutered Levi and he's currently unresponsive. Someone's going to have to carry him to the hospital
Can we get an F in the chat
Satan was pretty happy to play a human game, and even more so that you seemed so excited about introducing them to it. It was bound to be a good time!
But thanks to your horrible aim he ended up with an involuntary vasectomy and ain't too happy about it
Like, at all. Dude gets so fucking mad but he can't ever stay mad at you, so he's hissing and spitting at every brother near him
You literally have to rely on Lucifer to tame him because Satan has reverted to feral mode and is no longer mentally with us. The trees are on fire. Mammon is screaming. Levi exploded. Asmo is missing. Beel has run off with Belphie.
Maybe sports just aren't for nerds after all? 😔
Yeah... he wasn't really a fan of the whole 'baseball' idea. There's only ONE situation where he's alright with the possibility of balls hitting him in the nose badum tss
But he DID have fun designing everyone's baseball uniforms with Levi, so there's no way he’d miss out on seeing everyone run around in them! Kinda wishes he did though, after the tragedy that happens on this fateful day
You thought Asmo's voice was high pitched in the beginning? Just wait until you hear the octave he reaches after you destroy his ween
Good thing he knows a guy who does great pp reconstructive surgery because uhhhhh his shit's obliterated.
Beel is a huge fan of sports, so he's definitely down to give baseball a try, though he wants you to watch out for his throw. Also wants to be on Belphie's 'team', even though you literally said you're not doing teams.
Speaking of throwing, Beel never expected you to have such a strong arm... and such bad aim. Unless you were specifically aiming to remove his di-
Doubles over in pain the moment the ball makes contact with his precious crown jewels.
He should've stayed home. Food would NEVER do this to him.
He'll forgive you for sure, but expect Beel to be a little cautious around balls from now on. Definitely takes an interest in protective gear. Clearly his sheer muscle isn't enough to protect the more delicate bits.
Belphie doesn't mind going out. It's comfortable sleeping under a tree when the weather is nice.
Yeah, he wasn't planning to play at all. He'll cheer Beel on from the sidelines and offer you a place to rest if you get worn out, but that's all.
Or that was the plan, until you sent a foul ball sailing straight into his nuts, and his soul to the next life.
Boy astral projects into the next plane from the force behind that ball, and it instantly puts him to permanent sleep
If you think he sleeps for a long time now, you'll be surprised to see how long this coma lasts. His body's gonna need a whole lot of rest after the absolute trauma you just subjected him to.
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inhuman-obey-me · a month ago
I was going through your masterlist and love the one with MC reacting to to brothers being violent and just slaughtering a demon. How would the brothers react if they found out MC got turned on from seeing them like that? Just the thought if MC seeing the brothers covered in blood, getting hit and bothered, and then going "there is something very wrong with me" is super funny to me
Ah yes, monsterfuckers unite.
Thank you so much!! So glad that you enjoyed that one. ;u;
content warning: talk of violence/blood/gore, suggestive themes because of course ✨
Tumblr media
At first, his more protective instinct is to usher you away from the sight of the demonic cadaver.
But that's quickly replaced by intrigue when he notices the look upon your face.
Who would have thought the cute little human would be turned on by such a thing?
But if that's what gets you feeling all hot and bothered, well, all the better for the mighty demon -- he rather prefers being in this form anyway.
Don't expect to get out of this now, because he's going to have far too much fun teasing you for it.
He puts a finger under your chin, gazing deeply into your eyes.
"Well, well ... had I known you got excited over such sights, we could have had much more fun before this. But we can still enjoy ourselves tonight, I'm sure."
Tumblr media
When he realizes you've stumbled upon him beating the shit out of another demon, he freaks out.
Out of instinct, he hides the demon behind his back, though he's not exactly wide enough to properly block the view of the mangled body.
He's about to chew you out for surprising him, but then he notices the way you're looking at him. Are you ..?
After a couple of moments, it clicks, and his own cheeks burn -- though he quickly shakes his head to try and shake it off.
He drops the body behind him and walks over to you, trying to look annoyed, but failing miserably.
"Ya know, the normal reaction should be to scream and run! You really are a stupid human sometimes ... although, it's really cute. Gah, don't take that the wrong way though! Just ... take my hand."
Tumblr media
The moment he realizes you caught him in his demonic state quite literally red-handed from blood, he freaks out, sure that if you didn't hate him before, you must hate him now.
He's already halfway to sputtering out self-deprecating apologies when he realizes that the look on your face isn't disgust.
Wait, is that ... ? Are you ... blushing?
And then he remembers that there are plenty of anime pairings where one of them might not be quite human, and suddenly he feels the teensiest spark of hope in his chest.
Humans like tentacles, right? Do you like tentacles? Because he has tentacles if you like them...
With a blush, he shyly brushes your hair back, fingers still slick with demonic ichor.
"Even when I'm as dark and violent as this, y-you really like me after all, huh?"
Tumblr media
The moment he sees you, he's snapped out of his wrathful state.
At first, his face goes bright red, as he usually tries to shield you from his more ... violent tendencies, and he's a bit embarrassed to have you see him this way.
But then he realizes you're also blushing for, uh, other reasons.
Wait, really? You're ... not scared of him? Even his brothers get scared of him when he's in this state, but no, you're just very obviously into it.
He doesn't quite meet your gaze but pulls you into a close embrace, murmuring into your ear.
"If this is what you like, kitten, I hope you know I'm not going to let you go."
Tumblr media
He senses your reaction before he's even turned around -- he is the Avatar of Lust, after all.
Oh does he have the most shit-eating grin on his face right now.
You just witnessed him brutally dissect someone, and you're turned on? What a welcome turn of events!
He knows about bloodlust -- obviously he has, it's half the fun of being the Avatar of Lust! -- but he's never seen bloodlust like this.
Well, okay, that's not true, he definitely has. But it's a lot more common in demons than in humans, so to know his favorite little human feels this way, well, he's going to have some fun.
Asmo waltzes right up to you, grin turning into a smirk as he brings his bloody claws to grip your chin.
Look away in embarrassment all you want, he is not letting this go.
"My, my ... have we discovered a new kink, darling? ♡"
Tumblr media
He's afraid that you'll be scared of him after watching him tear into a lesser demon so ruthlessly, so he looks over to you cautiously.
You don't seem scared, which gives him a great sense of relief.
But there is a weird look on your face ... wait, why are you covering your face with your hands now? What are you mumbling under your breath .. ?
"What's wrong with me?! Why do I find that so attractive?!"
He feels his cheeks warm in a slight blush, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck as he looks away, not wanting to make you uncomfortable.
"Oh, uh ... I'm going to go wash my hands. Is that okay, MC?"
Tumblr media
He had hoped you wouldn't have to see him like this, knowing that of all the brothers, seeing him in this state would be the most ... disturbing.
So imagine his surprise when he sees your face not full of fear or disgust after his horrifically violent actions ... huh?
Wait, are you ... ?
After a moment, his disbelief turns into amusement as a chilling laughter leaves his lips.
He leans in close before you can turn away, a strange smile on his lips.
"Seriously, MC? You really are weird ... "
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mythsofkairos · a month ago
Tumblr media
scenario: Remember those Barbie dress up games and car racing games you used to play on the Internet as a child? Well, you’re still one on the inside so you’re busy playing them one day. How do the demons react?
[ includes: fluff, crack, games that might induce nostalgia for some readers ]
Tumblr media
He’s definitely judging you
He walked in on you hunched over your laptop playing Princess Rainbow Candy Creator
You two stared at each other dead in the eye, unmoving and unblinking as the cutesy music kept playing in the background
You wanted to claw a hole into the ground, bury yourself and die
What is wrong with this human
He excuses himself and resigns to his own room
He chuckled to himself once or twice during the day when he recalled the incident
In the quiet absent hours of night after paperwork he definitely searched the game up
Forgot that the computer account was linked with Diavolo and Barbatos’s devices
“Lucifer, what is Princess Rainbow Candy Creator?” 
Now is looking for a memory wiping spell for the demon prince unless he wants all the three realms to find out by the end of the day
Diavolo definitely told Michael and he mentioned it in his letter Lucifer wants to die now thank you very much
Tumblr media
“Oi human, what are you—”
“Mams NO—”
He stares at the screen of your computer and then back at you
He quietly sits down next to you and motions for you to continue playing Papa’s Pancakeria
An hour later, he gets up and leaves
You’re sure you’ve weirded him out, so you save your progress and set aside your device to go talk to him
Just when you were about to reach for the door, it swung open and Mammon was standing on the other side with his own laptop
And now it’s become a daily routine for you two to play together after school
Lucifer’s grateful that al least you’ve gotten the second born’s gambling addiction under wraps, but he swears if he hears you talk about the game over dinner one more time—
Mammon loves to dress up his avatar in the game and buy upgrades for the shop. Wallpapers, gumball machines, arcade machines, 90′s style stereos — anything to make the store look as flamboyant as possible
He’s not the best at multitasking, so it takes him a while to adjust shifting between stations and keeping tabs on the customer line
Has 100% yelled at the screen when the customers didn’t give him tips
No Mams I love you but I can’t lend you money here
And when he finds out about the other Papa Louie games...let’s just say Levi can kiss the router goodbye—
Tumblr media
I am a firm believer that he’s never stumbled onto this section of the Internet
I mean, between anime, gaming, social media and degrading himself constantly—
It was your usual game night, and he had a lot of games in mind for you guys to play
But when you stepped into his dark room with a sweetly sinister smile, snek boi was confused
“Levi-chan~ can we play something else today?”
Thank your lucky stars you didn’t kill the otaku demon with that nickname
But then you turned to his PC and pulled up an Internet game with a really old-looking design
“Fireboy and Watergirl?”
You nodded and wiggled a finger at him
He doesn’t play normie games, he doesn’t play normie games, he doesn’t—
He stayed up the whole night to find every singe installment of the ‘normie game’
You were shook awake at three in the morning to play with him
You kissed him and pulled him under your covers and he proceeded to respectfully explode
After that, it’s time for programmer Leviathan to shine
You cannot tell me this man wouldn’t create the exact same game with Lord of Shadows and Henry just for the two of you to play
Don’t mention it upfront or he’ll turn into a tomato while denying it
I think he would play those low pixel quality racing games too, just for the fun of it I guess
Tumblr media
The only thing this man uses Internet for is e-books and cat videos
He saw you being increasingly attached to your laptop for a few weeks and he was on his way to scold you since it would affect your grades
You were playing Super Onion Man when he stepped into your room, and he had to watch for ten good minutes to understand what exactly you were upto
Safe to say he was not pleased
He started ranting about how your education is important and you should keep your interests in check lest they take over your life he doesn’t want another Levi in the house
But then you mention a similar game called Super Cat Man
To hell with education
He’s requesting you to bring over your laptop everyday since Lucifer monitors everyone’s WiFi usage history and he doesn’t want to explain himself
And Devil forbid you introduce him to cat grooming games
He will worship you in private for the joy you have brought to his dull listless life
Lucifer doesn’t get a single bookstore bill for the entire next week and he’s lowkey worried
Tumblr media
Do I even have to say it?
You were playing the app version of Vampire Princess Wedding Makeover on your D.D.D when he entered his room
You were on his bed, yet your eyes were glued to your phone
He couldn’t have that, now could he?
So he goes into full sparkly diva mode, vying for your attention
But when you’d only respond with hums and nods since you were used to his tantrums he sneaked up from behind and glanced at your screen
One. What in the Devildom’s name is that?
Two. What is that disappointment of a dress?
He watches you swipe through a distasteful array of gowns and outfits for your character with a crinkled nose, until he could no longer keep quiet about the crimes being committed against fashion
He takes it upon himself to find the best of dress up games for you to play
From Barbie Musketeer Mermaid Makeover to Shopaholic Paris, you can’t convince me this man didn’t play it all
Lucifer wants to bang your head into the wall repeatedly for getting another one of his brothers wrapped up in your shenanigans
If anything productive came out of this venture, it would be Asmo’s newfound inspiration for his day job at Majolish
He’ll dig his own grave before he admits it, but the dark circles under his eyes aren’t because of hangovers
He’s sacrificed a lot of beauty sleep over earning points to buy more outfits
He’s addicted he can’t stop what have you done to him MC
Tumblr media
*inhales deeply*
Just consider yourself lucky you didn’t loose your laptop
Out of everything you could have been playing that day, you chose to engage in the game of Tokyo Sushi Master
The drawings looked so colorful and realistic, and Beel was starving after a long Fangol practice match
You only noticed him when his jaw unhinged to the size of your screen and you screamed
You had to sit Beel down and explain to him what was going on
Lucifer swears if another computer goes down the seventh born’s throat he’ll hang you with Mammon
The eldest had to physically confiscate all of Beel’s devices to prevent them from getting devoured, resulting with you accompanying the Avatar of Gluttony everywhere he went in case he got hungry and couldn’t reach out to his brothers
Not that you minded
You told him how those games were a very happy part of your childhood, and he gave you his signature sweet smile
But he’s hungry again just recalling the visuals of the game he was playing last night
You love the huge cinnamon roll but R.I.P your wallet it will be missed
Tumblr media
I personally think he’d be the last one to join the wagon, even after Simeon and Luke
Since he’s asleep most of the time
It was one of the rare days he didn’t cuddle you to sleep, and you were sitting beside him finishing typing your essay for your R.A.D class
After you had submitted it, you started playing Sugar Cube Racing
The saccharine sweet tinkling sounds irked him awake, his groggy voice chiding you to turn the sound down
You apologized and complied, but he decided to get bratty and pull you in as part of your penance for waking him up
Just imagine sitting cross-legging with a laptop in your lap and sliding forward, his long tail wrapped around your ankle
But when he saw your screen, he rolled his eyes
What. The. Fuck.
He immediately lets you go and turns his back towards you, claiming he didn’t want to be infected by your lowering IQ
Which was exactly six hours ago, after which you were smirking at a grumpy Belphie hiding his phone from you, the theme song of Sugar Cube Racing being muffled unsuccessfully by his jacket
He glared at you, “Join me or piss off.”
Is that Lucifer I see approaching you with a machete
Belphie usually only plays when he can’t catch a wink since the music is soothing to him
Beel often has to switch his twin’s D.D.D off after it falls on his face once he’s dozed off
Won’t play other games until you show him, since looking them up is too much work and we all know he has a reputation to keep up as the Avatar Of Sloth
Tumblr media
The man’s has the personality of a fluffy Golden Retriever
Lucifer was scolding you in the Council Room for playing games during class on your D.D.D
Diavolo snuck a peak at your screen on the table and was immediately intrigued
Cue you introducing him to Club Penguin the next day
Now...Barbatos may be a polite demon butler but he will NEVER forgive you for this
Fuck the exchange program, Lucifer will happily drop you from a cliff now
If it was difficult to get him to sit down for paperwork before, now it’s bloody impossible
He’s hooked to the game, as if he’s Levi reincarnate
I headcanon he told Levi too and they’re penguin friends now
He loves exploring the map, earning new belts at the dojo and buying stuff for his igloo
You had to tell him about cheat codes when he got all emotional over not being able to pamper his Puffles enough
Pick a god and start praying that he doesn’t use the slang he learns there in official meetings or the royal butler will personally see you meet a gruesome end
All in all, he’s the only one who’s pleased with the arrangement
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obeythebutler · 7 months ago
Hello may I request a headcanon of how the brothers or maybe even the side datebles would react to an Mc who likes to slide down hallways like when the floor is smooth surface and you run and slide in your socks on it (if you don’t understand what I’m talking about I apologize if I dont make sense)
No problem at all! I regularly slide down hallways and floors too! Thanks a lot for requesting, I hope you enjoy these!!
Slow down there MC ! Unless you want to break a cursed vase or a bone...
MC always striked him as the serious type, the one who would get his brothers in order, not add to the chaos! Is this how humans walk now, huh?!
One time he was calmly sitting in the living room chewing on a Princess's poison apple, the basket having been hidden with some trouble from Beel, and here came MC, sliding down the hallway with a 'whee'!
He was dumbstruck for a moment, as never in his life he had seen such an...eccentric way of having fun.
Lucifer at first scolded them as he was worried they might injure themselves, but it soon became clear they weren't going to listen. A 'no sliding down the hallway' rule needs to be imposed....
And when Satan and Belphegor got to know that Lucifer was annoyed by these actions- oh boy, whenever Lucifer now calls for Belphegor or Satan, they ALWAYS come sliding down the hallways with socks on.
That wasn't even the worst. Imagine his horror when MC, Belphegor and Satan came sliding down the hallway when Lord Diavolo had come to visit...and their socks had some questionable designs...
Woah there, MC! Ya could get hurt! Oh wait, this is fun!
The first time MC had done this Mammon was gaping at them. Although, he himself tried it in the privacy of his room, and now Mammon loves it!
MC and him regularly slide down the hallways and whichever parts of the house has a smooth floor, which are a lot! But one time he wasn't looking in front of him and did not notice the vase in his was Lucifer's favourite....
Mammon was hanged upside down for two days straight while MC was let off the hook easily.Not fair! Lucifer has gone soft!...shh...don't tell Luci that...
He enjoyed watching when the Anti- Lucifer League came sliding down the hallway when Lord Diavolo had come to visit, the look of horror on Lucifer's face was too tempting to not laugh at! Although a glare had shut him up real quick..
Normies gonna norm
When MC slide down the hallways in front of Levi he stared at them with a bored expression AND slide down the hallways at an even faster speed than them while looking MC in the eye.
Competition is UP! Levi and MC now regularly have races to see who can slide down hallways and smooth floors faster. But it has its downsides.
One time when they and Levi were sliding and too distracted by laughing and giggling at their own antics, they failed to notice Beel standing in the common room, munching on his sandwich.
And that day when the trio came sliding down the hallway with those socks ...Levi would have worn Ruri-chan themes socks but that design was hilarious!
They collided with a BANG and who fell down? Leviathan and MC. Beelzebub is built like a tank. He merely turned around and was concerned as to why they were lying on the floor...
What is this new way of having fun?
Just like Lucifer, he was concerned that MC might fall and injure themselves or break something, bone or vase, although he had smiled at their antics.
The first MC slid down the hallways in front of Lucifer, his face was worth taking a photo of. After getting classes at floor sliding from MC, he is now an expert and regularly comes sliding down the hallways and smooth floors whenever Lucifer is around.
Belphegor gets roped in too, after all, he's a valuable member of the Anti-Lucifer League, and now the three of them slide down hallways and floors at random times during the day.
But the most fun they had was the day Lucifer's boyfriend...ahem..Lord Diavolo had come to visit. Satan had custom socks made for the three of them, with chibi images of Lord Diavolo and Lucifer imprinted on it, with hearts.
MC, you could get hurt!
Asmodeus was concerned that MC might fall and injure themselves, but seeing Levi and Satan slide down the hallways with MC like ballerinas made him want to try it out too!
But he failed on the first try and face-planted on the floor...and ran to his room, claiming the dirt on the floor would damage his precious skin...
But Asmodeus enjoys watching their antics with an amused grin, and he was the one who had taken a video of MC and Levi colliding into the wall known as Beel.
And the day the trio came sliding down the hallway, much to the horror of Lucifer..don't tell anyone, but Asmo was the one who had designed those socks!
MC, please slow down.
This baby was genuinely concerned for MC's well-being, and wasn't a stout supporter of MC sliding trips.But..he was the one who moved most of the furniture out of the way for MC to have a clear path to slide on, after being bribed with sixty chimera burgers, if course!
But who is he to stop their antics when Lucifer couldn't? He eventually warns them to look both ways while sliding, and often clears furniture and objects out of the way for MC, even without bribery sometimes.
When Levi and MC collided with him Beel felt nothing. He turned around only to see Leviathan and MC groaning on the ground...
Belphegor is roped into floor sliding too now..despite Beel's pleading to not injure themselves....they still landed up in trouble when they slid down the hallway with those peculiar socks...
Huh? What's this? Too strenuous.Oh wait, Lucifer is annoyed by this! Let's do this!
The first time MC came sliding down the hallway he merely stared at them with one eye open, them promptly closed it, and fell asleep.
Although he won't admit he was amused. But when MC's particular way of commuting through the house annoyed Lucifer to no end, he also took upon himself to learn and annoy him.
Satan, MC and Belphegor now regularly slide down smooth floors and hallways, just for fun and giggles, and also to annoy Lucifer, despite Beel's pleas.
And when the trio slid down the hallways with those socks during 'Lord' Diavolo's visit... Lucifer's face was priceless!
Is this a way that humans commute and have fun? Teach me, MC!
He was introduced to the sport of floor-sliding on the day he visited the House Of Lamentation and the trio came sliding down the hallway. Lucifer should be happy he has such fun inhabitants! The castle gets boring sometimes..
And that sock design was so cute! Why didn't Lucifer like it, he wonders....
Diavolo took classes on floor-sliding from MC , and now whatever little free time he has is spent sliding across the smooth floors of his castle. He had Barbatos fold the carpets and remove the furniture so that he could slide easily. Speaking of Barbatos, his butler has mixed feelings on this...
Why MC, just why?
Watching MC and the brothers slide across the floor was amusing, but when his Lord took a liking to it....oh dear...
Diavolo had Barbatos clear the furniture and fold the carpets for a clear sliding area. And poor Barbatos was worried on seeing his Lord indulge in such childish he now spent most of his time sliding rather than doing paperwork!
And the Demon King forbid Diavolo starts sliding down the hallways at RAD....
Don't tell anyone, but Barbatos rarely slides across the floor, even if he does, he does so with the grace and poise of a ballerina!
Huh..? I'm glad you're having fun!
He had heard from Solomon about how MC, Satan and Belphegor came sliding down the hallway with some..peculiar socks during Lord Diavolo's visit, the information which was in turn fed to Solomon from Asmodeus.
Simeon giggled and wondered about the troubles and antics his little lamb was getting themselves into...until the day MC came sliding across the hallway at Purgatory Hall.
He chided them to be careful but watched with an amused grin all the same. But he was concerned how such behaviour of MC's would influence Luke...
The first time MC came sliding down at Purgatory Hall he watched with amusement and admiration like a child does on seeing a colourful display of toys.
MC had teased him about trying floor sliding with them but Luke had huffed and refused, stating he was not a child and would never indulge in such antics.
Moresoever, sliding down the hallways with demons?! They could push MC down!
Luke seemed to dislike it until the day he was caught sliding in his room by Simeon...
Fufufu..join me sometimes, MC.
You bet Solomon knows the art of sliding across floors and hallways,although he never indulged in it, until he heard about the 'incident' from Asmodeus. He wishes he was there to see the delightful expression on Lucifer's face!
And that video of MC and Leviathan colliding with Beel...that got thousands of likes on Devilgram...
Him and the trio now regularly slide across floors together! Much to Lucifer and Simeon's chagrin...
And that day he got to know that Luke was caught sliding in his room....oh, the teasing!
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danger-noodle-uwu · 3 months ago
I'm new to tumblr so is this how you do request? May I request the brothers forgetting mc's birthday and later remembering it. How would they react? Maybe they were busy or something. Your choice if you wanna do the dateables too.
Trigger warning
Mentions of Angst/sad/slight comfort
Busy almost all the time, the first-born barely spent time with our dear Mc. He would try to finish the work only for more to be slammed on his desk.
Never would his brothers acknowledge his efforts or the sacrifices he made for them. Instead they'd mock him. Mock him for being absent at all family times. Mock him for doing what he does.
It was once again such a time, such a day. They didn't bother to care what the day has held for his beloved. It was their birth.
The birth of the one who truly changed his life along with his brothers. It was such a blessing yet he forgot about it. Entirely.
The Avatar of pride was strong, Lucifer wasn't. He was weak. Vulnerable. Especially against his brothers whom he adored with his entire being.
And the mocking words had stabbed him deeply, which made his current state as to how it was. Drunk. Wounded. Crying.
Rubbing his eyes, he awoke to a mess of his office which screamed the need for cleanliness.
During the process, he found the calender. A sweet calender gifted him by his doll.
A smile had crept on his face as he lifted it for what? Perhaps to calm the unsettling feeling in his bones that told him to run but where he didn't know?
While their lover was, Mc wilted much like a delicate flower would if the sun stopped shinning, they were laying curled on the floor of his room. Mc needed him.
How could he forget his own lover's birthday?! even after he promised... it hurts.. so much...
Yesterday. The poor human cut the cake wished themselves a happy birthday when he didn' pain...
The realization hit hard. He ran to Mc's room as fast as he could. A shiver ran his spine and the horror in his stomach grew as each and every step was taken.
Yet could not find them, so he went over to his office expecting a fuming Mc.
He was once again not right, for his beloved was breaking down as he took them into his arms. Consoling.
He apologised and comforted them. Reassuring them over and over again. Reminding them his heart still is with them and no-could ever take it away.
He later threw a party, just like how you wanted. You. Him. And the growing fragrance of the candles surrounding you both.
Though late as it may have been, it was the best birthday the innocent human had. Smiling while he kissed your knuckles, he asked for your hand in marriage.
Never had you expected this...
"I Found the reason for my smile, the day I found you. Will you let me be the reason for your smile and marry me, my love?"
As most had expected, he forgot your birthday due to witches or the modeling gig, he did not.
Instead he forgot about preparing your birthday gifts. His excitement had always gotten the best of him.
The Avatar of greed did not have enough budget to prepare the gift you dearly wished for, therefore multiple part-time jobs and skipping RAD became more often.
Despite the scolding, he didn't bother and worked on, just imagining the smile you'd make once you saw what he got you.
''I'll make Mc smile. Just one more hour extra and the budget would be*chef's kiss* '' he thought as his co-workers packed their belongings up.
It was late night and the moons shined brightly over the streets of devildom however he wasn't much worried because it was not like your birthday the next day. (it was)
Stretching his arms, he woke up around 1:35 pm due to his fucked up sleep schedule, only to be greeted by your excited figure cuddling him.
Grey-haired demon thought it was the Delirium before the day itself. He was wrong.
At first he acted totally oblivious to the fact any special day was just around the corner. He knew that surprises even more better!!
And then your great mammon ignored you for a while to rid of the risk of you following him to the destination.
Though his plan was to get your hopes down, he ended up making you cry. It hurts a lot especially when the love of your life forgets your birthday afterall you gave him everything he wanted on his.
The visit was successful. He even had extras left to treat you!!!
The was big achievement for someone who hated working to the slightest, to work for 3 weeks and multiple jobs!!!
But before he left, the seller mocked him about being a damned day late for this gift could have been sold at a better price if not booked.
That is when it all clicked and he panicked. Today was your birthday! Oh shit!!
He rushed home back to you. As he ran, he planned how to ask for your forgiveness.
" Oi Mc I'm sorry!--Oh hell no!!" "Mc I fucked I am sorry, please forgive afterall I'm your first man.--fuck this shit imma just play smooth."
Panting, he paused right before the door of your room and knocked lightly. Seeking your permission to enter.
You lazily opened the door for him, tired after shedding many tears for him.
Mammon instantly knew what to do. "Oi Mc I'm sorry for not wishing ya' a happy birthday earlier but I was busy buyin you somethin', here darlin' close your eyes."
Hearing his apology, you felt oddly happy and followed his request. Soon you felt a soft cold metal cling to your wrist. A bracelet, huh.?
"Open y'er eyes, human." On your wrist was bracelet that said 'His human' and another matching one was on his wrist which said 'Their stupid' . (Now isn't that adorable?)
"I was savin' up for this, so ya' better appreciate it. Hmph!" Giggling you yelled 'I love you' at him making him blush immediately.
However, when he spoke, he spoke genuinely and not in tsundere.
"Ya' make my life worth living. You bring smiles to my face, and y'er touch shows me how much you love me and care for me. Y'er my friend and my lover. Happy Birthday!"
With envy filled to the brim, Leviathan was very focused upon you and having your attention only for himself. To not let anyone snatch you away for they could better be than him, he'd make notes to treat you like royalty and improve his guilt-tripping habits.
Guilt, regret, shame. His heart screamed within the confines of his chest, as he rubbed your back assuring you that he still loved and will continue to do so.
It was his envy. It had always been his envy. Who always held him captive like a bird in a cage, he struggled to break free. He just couldn't.
The fault was his for if he hadn't given in to the jealousy named poison, you would be happily celebrating your birthday rather than crying in his embrace.
The fault was his for if he hadn't screamed at your friends who just came to congratulate you about getting in a relationship with the demon you very much loved and to wish you a birthday.
They left because of him. Not because he humiliated them but he forgot his own lover's birthday and called them a pathetic cheater, as they didn't feel like reminding of what the day was. They had left off with their friends, returning at HOL at night only to get yelled at.
Caring friends as they were, they tried convincing Mc to leave which his love refused. So, they left pitying the poor human.
No-matter how much Mc begged her companions to stay, they didn't.
Oh the suffering for His Normie, they ran upto him vulnerable-ly and started hitting him weakly, breaking down. Why was he? Why was he like this?! Why must he always leave you crying due to his envy?!
"Hey easy...calm down please, I'm sorry. I really am sorry, please forgive me and I promise I will make everything right. Please." "How..?" "Please trust me. My love." "Are you sure..?" "Yes...yes...I love you..."
Could you really trust his statement? You wondered. He could forget his word much like how he forgot your birthday.
The great admiral of hell's navy was true to his word, and successfully united you again with those who almost abandoned you or it seemed like--but no they were just disappointed. They were never going to do such a thing.
The meet went smoothly, and soon the the sun was setting casting shadows along with dying light, it was a dreamy sight for anyone.
Leviathan had known that he still had to make upto you properly and therefore, he took you to the cosmos of frodane.
Red, blue, yellow, any colour you could possibly think of was there, shining as brightly you were.
Taking in a shaky breath, the Avatar of envy gave you a bouquet, each flower consisting different scent which complimented the other.
The shimmer in your eyes gave you away and he gave you a sweetly addicting kiss while mumuring...
"I always cause some mess. It is never your fault. I’m sorry for making you feel unhappy. I cannot believe that I cause hurt to you. You are my only hope for my life. I promise you that I will do my best to make a better version of myself for you, my 3rd waifu~"
And here we go... the pain and the suffering. Lol
Hope you like it and stay safe everyone. ♡♡♡
Have a good day!
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arcadejohn127-9 · 8 months ago
Can we get the brothers and undatables being at one of Diavolos parties and a nobles starts telling MC that The brothers and undatables don’t really care about them. They start telling them that they are just Diavolos pawn and Lilliths replacement. BTW I love your writing it’s honestly some of my favorite pieces in the fandom.
Some of-of your f-favourite pieces in the fandom??!! Um Chile anyways- OMG!! Y'all are too sweet to me!!! Thank you so much!
Tumblr media
I'm not going to lie, I got shocked when I saw another requested this as I just finished writing section for this ask but my brain is dumb and really focused on one sentence and read it utterly wrong
Tumblr media
Part 2 - ending
"ah, so you're the human I've been hearing so much about."
You turned around to see a Noble, you bowed at him with a smile.
"oh- hello, who are you? If the human you've been hearing about is (Y/N) then Yep! That's me!"
"splendid! I'm so glad I finally get to meet you, I've heard so much from Diavolo and news sources, you wouldn't mind humouring me for a dance and talk?"
"it'll be my honour." You took his arm, letting him guide you to the dance floor.
You could feel the brothers eyes on you, watching closely to how you rested your hands on the demons shoulder. All of them slowly stalking as you two danced.
"what is it like being a human in the Devildom?"
" first but now I feel like it's my home! I really can't imagine being anywhere else."
"free housings, connections to the most powerful beings in this realm and outside, pacts with the the 7 brothers and having them do anything you desire."
"I mean- I guess? It's nothing like that or that I'm using them, it's a long story - I love them all very much."
"you may not be using them but they're definitely using you, we're demons after all and there is nothing more precious to us than a soul likes yours."
You were suddenly pulled through the crowd, his dancing becoming quicker and sharp as if sensing the brothers watching him.
"don't you realize you're just the princes pawn? A small piece of a puzzle of his 'plans' - do you really think a demon of his importance would really care about bringing peace?! It's all but a ruse and you're just helping him fulfil it."
"that's not true! Diavolo is a kind and thoughtful man, he wants peace and I will be a stepping stone for that to happen - after all I am a link to all three realms."
"human with demon pacts and ancestral connections to both the brothers and angels - how is it being the ancestor to Lilith? I heard she was a real doll but such a shame she risked it all for some moral, have they ever compared you two?"
"how do you know about my ancestor? They've- never properly made a comparison and I'm sure they mean it in an affectionate way-!"
"don't you ever feel like a replacement? I heard since the discovery they've treated you even better, that can't be a coincidence."
Your blood went cold as your heart collapsed into your stomach. Your eyes glancing to the brothers In the distance. You knew he wasn't right but apart of you was scared. After all, he knew so much that you didn't think anyone outside of your social circle would know. How did he know all this?
"we went through something really traumatic together, it was bound to make us closer-"
"just admit it, you know you're being use but you just won't accept it because you're scared of facing and truth and being left - is there something unpleasant waiting for you in the human world? Is that why you're so willing to be preyed upon?"
"it's not like that..."
He suddenly dipped you, you clutched to his shoulder as tears glazed your eyes.
"isn't it? Can you confidently say it isn't?"
"yes.." your voice came out shaky and distant, you wanted to be confident but you couldn't.
"they don't care about you, all they want is to use you, make it easier on yourself and leave, run as fast as you can and never come back to the devildom."
He was the first to reach you after your dance with the Noble
He twirled you so you would face him
"what did he say to you? You're crying."
"it's nothing..."
He opened his mouth to press on but he saw you grit your teeth
Glaring at the dance floor as you two stepped to the music
"If he threatened you then I'll handle him, it's no issue for me to do so."
You just shook your head
"stop being so overprotective, I know you don't actually like having to look after me, just stop forcing yourself."
"That's not true, I look after you because I care about you, it's become more than a duty."
You just clicked your tongue, pushing yourself away from him, disappearing into the crowd
Mammon held your hand, hugging you from behind as you two swayed
"You don't look too happy, are you overwhelmed?"
"I am now that you're here."
Which wasn't a lie, you felt so conflicted and betrayed, having him around just made you want to cry
He frowned, spinning you around
"oi, what's that all about? If I did something you gotta be honest with me,I swear I didn't steal nothing."
"I'd prefer it if you did, then being mad at you wouldn't feel so horrible."
He raised a brow
He was completely confused on why you were acting like this
"Was it that noble guy? Did he say something to you? I swear when I find him-"
You shook your head, moving away from him
"You're not going to do anything, you're a coward - just stop pestering me."
You felt awful but you didn't do anything to fix it, just running away from the shocked demon
"You here to take a break? Join you, I will."
He pointed to the empty spot smiling at himself for his Yoda voice
You wanted to feel bad but right now you were extremely upset
"Yeah, I do, I don't want to be around anyone right now."
"I get that but Lucifer said someone's has to be with you but I don't blame you for not wanting me to do it-"
You snarled
"can you not make this about you?! I just don't wanna deal with anymore demons!"
You shuffled closer into yourself, eyes subconsciously finding the noble you talked to
Levi followed your gaze, his Insecure angst turning into annoyance
"That noble did's okay to speak up, we can go to prince-"
"go away! I don't want to keep hearing you pretend to care about me!"
He was stunned
You suddenly stood up and trudged away from Levi, seeking out the bathroom
You ducked away from the crowd of demons
Sticking close to the wall as you clutched your arms
The nobles clawing at your mind as you stared to the side
"Did you enjoy the dancing? You look tired, I know a good hiding spot."
"Where is it?"
"I'll take you there-"
He went to grab your shoulder but you just shrugged him away
Not daring to look at him
"just tell me where it is, I'll get there on my own just fine."
Satan turned his head, trying to get a better look at your expression
But you just stepped away from him
"if you're not going to tell me I'm going to go find it myself-"
He grabbed your wrist, cutting you off
"Was it that noble? What did he say to you?"
His anger flared as he glared at the noble
You Yanked your wrist away, frowning
"wouldn't you like to know?! Just let me- just let me breathe-!"
He paused, inhaling a deep breath
You took that moment to run off, wanting to escape the situation
"oh (Y/N)~!! I'm so glad you're finally free, when I saw that guy dancing with you I got so jealous, I thought you were going to give me all your dances?"
He playfully pouted whilst holding your hands
When he saw you weren't smiling his chipper mood immediately dropped
You moved away from him, Unable to pull your thoughts together
"what's wrong..? Did he say something?"
You shook your head
Should you tell him? But what if they treat you different?
What if it really is all a fake?
"I just need to get some air."
"oh! I'll come with you!"
He springed up, grabbing your hand once again
You threw yourself back in panick
"NO-! I mean- no thank you."
You quickly dashed to the nearest balcony ignoring the murmurs in the ballroom
You bumped into one of the many buffet tables
Avoiding an active ballroom wasn't easy
"you're not dancing anymore? Want to sit with me?"
You jumped, somehow surprised Beel was at a buffet table
"no....I'm good, I'm going to the dorm."
"Already? Do you need me to walk you home? It's pretty late."
You shook your head
You wanted to chew him out for being so kind of you
Your overwhelming emotions rising as you tried to stay dismissive
"Just tell the Brothers I'm leaving, I think I'm going to head back home."
Beel raised a brow
You looked away from his confused expression
"my real home, I need to leave the Devildom."
"you're upset from your dance with the noble, we can talk about instead of you leaving-"
"I need a break."
You repeated, your voice becoming irritated and cold
You held back your frustration and left the party
"Are you leaving?"
You yelped, knocking your hand on the main door
You just wanted to slip out of the party but it seems you'd have to confront one of the brothers
Belphegor yawned, rubbing his eye
He was sleeping in the coat closet until you woke him up by your footsteps
"yes- I'm tired of this party."
"I'm tired aswell, let's go together, I'm ready to sleep."
He shuffled out of the closet but you put your hands out Infront of you
"go sleep in the palace, I don't want to be around you or-or any of you-!"
"Was it that noble? I felt jealous when I saw you two dancing together but now it seems I shouldn't of, he said something to you, didn't he? What did he say?"
You didn't even realize he saw you or was awake when that happened
You backed up until you bumped into the door
Belphegor cornered you
Wanting his questions answered but you just shoved him back
"leave me alone-! I know you're just see me as an replacement!"
You slammed the door after you and sprinted back to the dorms
"I see you're expanding your circle, I'm glad- why do you look so upset?"
"it's nothing, my Lord-"
You both stopped
You haven't referred to him like that since the beginning of the exchange program
He leaned down to get a better look at you, eyes darting over the conflicted and slightly Horrified expression
Both of your gazes landed on the noble
"What did he say to you? If he made you uncomfortable or threatened you, I'll deal with this-"
He tried to give you a comforting pat on the shoulder but you pushed your body away
"Quit it! Stop trying to act like you care."
You were sure if people saw your interaction they'd be glaring at you
Thinking of your audacity
But Diavolo was worried about you
He knew that Nobel has hurt you
"I do care for you, we all do - please tell me what happened."
You covered your ears, tears pricking your eyes
You shook your head and ran away
Needing space to figure out your thoughts and your emotions
You trudged past Everyone, growing irritated with yourself
Were you really going to believe that guy? But it seemed to make sense
If it wasn't right then why did you feel this way?
"here, you look as if you need it."
He hands you a handkerchief
You took it slowly, looking at him with distrust
You frowned as he just smiled at you patiently
"why do you even care? Is it because of the prince?"
"I'm simply helping because I desire to, it seems Someone is causing an issue with you."
"Don't you know everything? You should know exactly what's don't have to keep acting all vague in hopes it'll throw me off, I know you all are-"
He tilted his head, eyes squinting with an almost annoyed expression
"nevermind....Just leave me alone."
"I will but it is best to remind you that the Noble you're trusting Is not the type of man you want to be around, he is using you not the other way round."
Your froze
Unsure how to respond, you clutched the handkerchief as you gritted your teeth
You quickly ran off not wanting to confront your emotions
Isn't this Fun? I've even made a few pacts whilst here-"
"why are we even here? Do you ever feel like we're not actually wanted? Just being used?"
Your eyes flickered between Diavolo and the noble
Rubbing your arm as you tried to soothe yourself
Solomon followed your eyes
Clicking his tongue
"I see, that nobles gotten to your head, don't fear my apprentice, I'll fix this."
He rolled up his sleeves but you just grabbed his arm
You felt stupid for thinking you two could be on the same thought process
Was it really just the Nobel Getting to you???
But what you're feeling feels so real and so genuine - this feeling of just being a pawn or a replacement to them
"'s silly to think we'd be on the same page, they have much more history with you meanwhile all I have is being their sister's ancestor."
You walked off leaving the wizard to mewl over your words
You didn't stay to find out what would happen now that Solomon knew the gist of what the Nobel said to you
As you charged away from the party you suddenly bumped into Someone
Simeon grabbed your arms as he steadied you
But that's when he noticed your teary eyes
"Oh, what's wrong? You look upset."
"I want to leave this party."
You frowned, holding his arms whilst he held you
You glanced at the demons on the dance floor
"Are you sure? The brothers will be upset with your sudden disappearance-"
You huffed
Pushing yourself away from Simeon as. got ready to just leave by yourself
"if you don't take me back then I'll just go myself."
He was caught off by your sudden change in mood
Realizing something really harsh must of happened he grabbed your hands and wiped under your eye
"Wipe your tears, I'm sure Luke will be thrilled to see you in purgatory hall."
And just like that he walked you out of ball
A few shouts from the brothers rang in your eyes but you just sped up your pace
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cerebrumrott · 5 months ago
Obey Me! Shall we Date?
Brothers x MC
Synopsis: Demon Form Head Canons
Is not shy about sharing his demon form in the slightest.
More than happy to show off his wings for you and every compliment and awed look you give him just strokes his pride.
He gets taller in his demon form, not by more than a few inches but its enough to have you craning your neck to look him in the eyes.
His horns are not nearly as sensitive as some of his brothers but he still quite enjoys when you pet them.
Specifically likes it when the base of his horns are scratched, he could just melt into your hands.
His wings are prone to molting when he is stressed and seeing as he is stressed almost all the time. It's fairly common to find black feathers around the house.
When Lucifer later finds out that you had been collecting his discarded feathers in a small vase in your room he can’t help the blush on his cheeks having forgotten the entire reason he went into your room in the first place.
Seeing as you are so entranced by his feathers you might as well help him preen when he is molting.
It is totally cause he wants you to just have a nice collection, not because its a massive boost to his ego to have you doting over him.
Straighten his tie and flatten out his collar. Even if it doesn't need it. These little gestures will leave him flustered and blushing.
His horns, due to their peculiar shape, are extremely sensitive. To the point where just blowing on them sends a tremble racing down his spine.
Pressing a finger between the grooves or into the center of the horn's spiral will have him practically howling from the sensation or more accurately leave him a stuttering and flustered mess.
Despite being essentially shirtless in his demon form. Mammon is like a walking heater. Just standing next to him for too long can cause you to break into a sweat.
If you were to ever trace the white lines that cover his torso he would just stop functioning entirely.
He would of course vehemently deny any such claims stating that, he was simply… thinking… about things… shut up.
Mammon is also extremely ticklish and with so much exposed skin from his questionable choice in a shirt. Do with that what you will ;)
His wings are restless, always flickering, fluttering or some variation of the two.
The only time they had ever truly stilled was when Mammon had agreed to let you touch them for the first time. In that moment as you ever so carefully ran your hands over the thin membrane of the wings, they didn't so much as twitch under the touch.
While his wings aren't necessarily sensitive to touch they are slightly delicate, being as they are made from a thin leathery membrane.
He also gets taller in his demon form by a few inches. Though due to his terrible posture you are likely to not notice.
He regularly sheds his antlers each year and grows back new ones.
He used to be extremely self conscious while his antlers regrew due to teasing from his brothers but after hearing how much you liked them they were now a point of pride for him.
I can also totally see an MC who collects his shed antlers like, it's 2 am and Levi texts them like ""Hey normie you want my old antlers I know you asked about them before so...""
Leviathan would get such an ego boost from it though. His face growing reed each time he walks into your room to see his old antlers nestled about the shelves like decor.
His tail also sheds its skin every so often (like a reptile would) another reason as to why he is always showering or taking a bath.
On that same thought, Levi has to take daily soaks in either the shower or tub to keep his skin from drying out or getting irritated. Being in the sun for too long can also irritate his skin.
Uses this as an excuse to not go outside despite there being no sun in the Devildom.
Both his horns and his tail are rather sensitive to touch. Though he loves the idea of you petting them his self consciousness prevents him from ever initiating such a thing.
The markings on the side of his neck are also highly sensitive. Running a hand or dragging your nails over them sends shivers down his spine every time.
Not only does he get taller but he also physically bulks up in his demon form. Its hardly noticeable under the sweater and boa he wears but on close inspection you can see the defined lines of his muscles straining under the fabric.
Similar to Lucifer, his horns are not all that sensitive. Though the area where they connect to his head are very mush so.
Satan is not shy in the slightest about asking MC to pet his head when he is in a bad mood and needs someone to stop him from doing something potentially stupid.
Satan often subconsciously purrs when he is happy or content.
This habit may have stemmed from his obsession with cats
His tail for the most part is hard and senseless, though the green end is softer and more pliable like cartilage. It is also extremely sensitive to both touch and temperature.
This is why he keeps his tail wrapped around his leg to protect it from being accidentally trampled on or whacked.
Since his tail extends from his lower back rather than the base of his spine the exposed skin surrounding the base of his tail is extremely sensitive and ticklish.
Asmo of course loves any kind of affection, especially if it is coming from you of all people.
The tips of his horns that are pink in hue are extremely sensitive to touch. He is not shy about asking you to touch him obviously but you would note that he does get extremely flustered when you do so without having to be asked.
Asmo will just melt into your touch if you walk up to him and just randomly cup his face or pet his horns.
When he is especially flustered the pink hue of his horns will even darken
His wings are velvety and soft to the touch. He loves to have kisses pressed to the soft membrane of the wings.
The easiest way to turn him to putty in your hands is to go straight for his wings. They are his weak spot.
It's really little affectionate things that get him going. Adjusting the metal chain of his scorpion brooch, pushing a stray piece of his bangs back into place, even something as simple as picking a piece of lint off of his jacket has him beaming with affection.
I don't see Asmo as getting to experience these little things as often as the more prominent things that come with his sin. So when you go out of your way to make sure he does get to experience these little things he falls hard and fast.
He physically bulks up when he transforms. If you thought he was shredded normally wait till you see him in demon form.
His horns are extremely sensitive, almost like little antennas. Turns into the biggest puppy when you rubs his horns. Just all smiles and happiness from him.
Sometimes he will even rub your cheeks together so his horns brush against your hair.
He is a bit hesitant when it comes to his wings being touched just because of their nature. It's not that he doesn't trust you it’s just when he gets excited he unconsciously buzzes his wings.
If he were to catch his wing on your hand and rip it he would feel bad for making you think you hurt him. In reality it does not hurt him all that much, akin to like a paper cut or bad scratch.
Beel is really just a big push over for you, scratch him behind the horns and he will just become the biggest lap dog.
His horns and tail are not sensitive but that doesn't mean he doesn't want you to pet him.
After he falls asleep to you petting his horns one afternoon he now demands that you do this at least once a week. If you don't he will bother you until you cave to his wishes.
Also loves to have the fluff of his tail brushed / petted, although he would never admit it outright. His brothers already think he is spoiled so how would they react to knowing he has you pampering him each week? Braiding his tail hair and brushing out the tangles while he snoozes.
On the rare occasions he can’t sleep or when he is awakened from a nightmare he will seek you out and ask you to pet him so he can get to sleep. There are many mornings you will wake up and just find Belphie in bed next to you curled around his pillow with his face buried in your shoulder.
He promises to pay you back later though. Totally...
The cow spots on his neck are extremely ticklish, to the point he borderline passes out from wheezing so hard when Beel tickles him there.
He is much, much larger in his demon form than he is when he appears as human. He is normally tall but like this he is borderline massive.
He tends to keep his wings folded into his sides due to their large span. Though is more than happy to show them off to you when prompted.
They are thick and velvety to the touch, the metallic jewelry that covers the tops of them a cold contrast to the warm skin.
He adores any kind of attention from you, more than content to sit and chatter about whatever comes to his mind as you sit beside him or stop him petting his wings.
He bent down once so you could see his horns and as a joke lifted you off the ground while you were holding onto them. He laughed so hard you thought he was going to drop you on your ass.
His horns are not sensitive in the slightest, hence why he has no problems with decorating them with tight metal pieces akin to a piercing on a person.
Diavolo is a super loving guy normally and this holds true to when he is in his demon form. So whenever he gives you a hug you end up smothered in his pecs. Not that your complaining.
Barbatos would never say it aloud but he very much enjoys when you spend time just running your fingers ever so softly over his horns. Their unique shape and varied textures can leave you entertained for what feels like hours but in reality you love the soft expressions you can pull out of the normally stoic butler.
Loves having soft kisses pressed to the joints of his horns.
His tail is his one weak spot as once one learns what certain movements mean. You can always tell how he is feeling.
The unbridled joy you feel well in your heart when his tail begins to curl up upon seeing you letting you know he is feeling the same way has you biting your lip to hold yourself back from running into his arms.
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ashxrsbeloveds · 5 months ago
obey me! boys with an mc who sews
ft. my pea sized brain who thought of this at 12 in the morning
Tumblr media
He was amazed.
Who knew this human can sew? They're really good at it, no, amazing at it aswell.
Perhaps he'll ask them to make Diavolo a customized outfit. Maybe a coat to go along with it?
Will probably make them sew his worn out coats too.
Maybe if I tell em to sew me a few outfits I can earn mone–
Seriously though. He is both amazed and seein' quick grimm right now.
Made them tailor is uniform, that was pretty small on him at this point.
He's still considering on dragging them to his little scheme of selling the things they sew. For the mean time, he's wearing the clothes MC especially made for him during his photoshoots.
Oh? Sewing?
Immediately thought of asking them to sew him cosplay outfits
Pretended like he didn't care.
But deep down he wants to give them a thick ass album of cosplay outfits they can sew for him
Was fascinated by it.
Asked them to sew clothes for cats, he had no shame.
He uses MC's skills to an advantage; pranking Lucifer.
He's got another weapon for his schemes, and someone to sew clothes for cats. A perfect combo indeed.
"Darling! Care to make me some outfits?~"
Is more than willing to help them design outfits!
They love all the outfits they make together. Featured half of them on Majolish.
Thinks it's really cool!
Asked them if they can create food-based felt keychains so he can decorate his backpack.
Really loved it!
Just, tell him to remember that it isn't edible..
As he saw them sew, he decided to ask them to make him a fluffy blanket and pillow case, so he can snooze better.
Loved it.
Waking him up is 10x harder now.
Also loved it!
Probably told them to sew the dress he had on in the chat stickers
Lucifer was dissapointed, but not surprised by he fact Diavolo WORE it.
Makes them sew things in the castle like tablecloths, designs on curtains, oh boy good thing barbatos is there to help.
Was very happy to see someone else into sewing.
Weekly sewing dates are a thing with them now.
He would also pick up some techniques from them, and share his knowledge aswell.
Adores their little sewing dates very much and wishes they could hang out more often to craft things together.
When he first saw their sewing skills, the first thing he thought was they should sew the TSL outfits for the play.
He absolutely adored all the outfits.
Even helped them with some of the outfit sewing!
He wonders if they can sew something for Michael, too...
They sew?
Was watching them create an absolute masterpiece and he was speechless.
Perhaps their skills can be used on magic, too?
I'm telling you he's asking them to make him a customized coat-
Absolutely STUNNED by their works
Secretly asked Barbatos for sewing lessons so he can surprise them with a little gift
Tumblr media
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di0s-library · a month ago
touching them under the table | om! characters
Tumblr media
trying something new with hcs so maybe i’ll get more written?? idk but all characters but solomon (and luke obviously) are written for
warning(s): nsfw, handjob, mention of overstimulation, groping, mention of a vibrator.
Tumblr media
— characters that like it when you have your hand down their pants, rubbing the spot on the underside of their cock right under their tip; causes them to grow overstimulated quickly and stutter when they attempt to speak
⭑ lucifer, satan, belphegor, diavolo.
— characters that like it when you brush small touches on their thigh and eventually grope them through their clothes; causes them to blush and bit their lip, sweetly whimpering, “please stop, this is embarrassing.”
⭑ mammon, leviathan, beelzebub.
— characters that like it when you put a vibrator in them while slowly stroking their cock in their pants; causes them to giggle and pretend they’re moaning from how good the food is
⭑ asmodeus. [totally just added this just for him]
— characters that like it when you randomly undo their pants to touch them; causes them to get flustered and ask what you’re doing before going back to what they were doing and acting like nothing’s happening
⭑ barbatos, simeon.
Tumblr media
other obey me! works.
di0s-library © 2021 all rights reserved.
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moemammon · 5 months ago
Here's my hot take on the demon bros, and how they view:
The Concept of Death
(This is a long one so hold on tight)
When you really get down to it, they all used to be high ranking angels, and are all SUPER old. With age comes wisdom, and the desensitization of more 'human' concepts, like friendship, worry, hope, etc., and among those is Death.
But let me use Lilith's death as an example. When she fell, they were obviously devastated. And what made everything worse was that their entire way of life had been shaken to the core, and they were forced to adapt to an ENTIRELY new way of living. That heaped on the trauma, until just thinking about her was too much. But I don't think it's the death that holds much weight, but rather how much they cared about her.
It only scared them because they lost something important. Continuing on...
Not only were the brothers once angels, but now they're fallen... they're demons. They have new values and beliefs that they may or may not have a choice to believe. AND they're like, some of the strongest fucking demons in the devildom. Do you really think something like death fazes them in the slightest? There's even a text convo where I believe Satan says something like "remember when we were freshman and we strangled a group of incubi outside of the school", and the rest of the brothers are like "ah yes good times."
They don't care about killing. It's just another thing that they do in the roles they were given. That's why they don't bat an eye at MC when they first show up, because they don't care about you. You could die and it'd be nothing to them. That's always why they threaten to kill you, and most of the time they REALLY mean it. They don't go through with it because they're usually stopped, or Lucifer steps in somehow. Either way, you'd definitely be dead otherwise.
This deeply ingrained belief is also why they don't really apologize properly for threatening you, or don't see it as a big deal. Why would it be when they don't have to worry about their own mortality? Who's really going to threaten them? Why would they understand how their threats affected you?
But later when Belphie kills you, after they all realize just how important you are to them, they're broken. They only had to deal with the death of a loved one once before, and now they're going through it again. And the only reason it hurts is because, yet again, they lost something important.
And by some miracle you're okay, so they can all rest easy. That scared the hell out of them and why're shaken for a while, but they eventually get over it because... well, they're demons. You didn't die so everything's good.
So in conclusion, the brothers aren't assholes on purpose. Their ways of threatening you, then pretending you're weird for being upset about the past, is definitely toxic. But because they're demons, they don't understand any of this. They aren't human, so why would they get it? They're only doing what they know, because they've never been so close to a human before.
But now that you're someone important to them they'll be more willing to learn from you, to understand how you really feel and how they should treat you.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk
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angel-le-pan · 5 months ago
Hey y'all I just realized that the animation match and I have come up with some theories
(A/N: I don't have the cards so I haven't see the devilgram story so please people who have read it correct me if I'm wrong):
I think Satan's animation is obviously about his birth and Lucifer's fall and he is crying because he can still feel Lucifer's emotion of sadness because he brings his brothers down with him.
But for Solomon we must see the definition of the flower he is holding (It looks like a white rose)
White roses often represent purity, innocence, and youthfulness. White roses are sometimes referred to as bridal roses because of their association with young love and eternal loyalty. White roses can also symbolize a new beginning and everlasting love.
So we know that the person is really important to Solomon and that might be Solomon's last lover before he met MC.
But because the animations are matching I have a theory:
As we know Lilith was brought back to life as a human for her happiness with her lover. This might seem very ridiculous (I came up with this after I saw the animation) but I have a theory that Solomon was Lilith's said lover and he likes MC the same reason as the demon brothers (Except mammon) on loving MC, which is because MC is Lilith's descendant and Solomon likes MC because it reminds him of Lilith as in this theory, his past lover.
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inhuman-obey-me · 10 days ago
imagine receiving punishment from one of the brothers as they stand in an incomprehensible form then their watch goes off like oh pardon the eternal torment I promised the human I would watch the great british baking show with them
Mammon gleefully cackling while dipping someone into a vat of melted gold like a chocolate strawberry, only for his phone to go off, and then he almost drops them in entirely because he's so flustered and excited at seeing a text from MC pop up on his phone?
Or Satan, deep in thought at his demonic chess board with dead warlords as his pieces but then his watch dings, and he's like, "Oh shit, all of you stay right there until I get back or I'll do something even worse to you, but I have to run, I promised to take my partner to this new art exhibit that's opening up today."
Really just *chef's kiss* at any of the brothers torturing the damned (as described in our prior headcanon post here), only to have to put their activities on pause to go off on some date with MC. Beautiful 💯 we are here for it.
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mythsofkairos · 3 days ago
Can you do a post where one day, MC is alone in HoL (a rare treat) and decides to watch some "Teletubbies" episodes. Then the bros come into the common room to find MC's eyes glued to the screen watching the show. Their reactions to the said toddler tv series and MC's love for it? (MC is GN, by the way)
Sure, why not? Sounds really fun to write! And thank you for sending in the request!
Tumblr media
[ includes: fluff, mild cussing, third person POV ]
Tumblr media
He was having a massive headache from the load of paperwork and dealing with the aftermath of one of Leviathan’s Akuzon shopping sprees
He just needed some rest and maybe a kiss from MC to feel better, and was making his way to the staircase through the living room
The sound from the television drew his attention
His feet involuntarily stopped behind the couch they were sitting on as he tried to comprehend the scene in front of him
What. The. Actual. Fuck.
No way demons in Devildom actually watch this―oh it’s from the human world
The corner of the screen said it was for ages five and above
The show made no sense to him from even from a toddler’s perspective
Why would anyone want to watch this?
But MC seemed really invested in it; they didn’t even look up to acknowledge Lucifer’s presence
Boi straight up walked away while shaking his head
The things he does for the sake of the exchange program
Tumblr media
He was counting shiny Grimm when he walked into the house
He was looking for MC to tell them about his latest adventure at the casino and maybe cuddle with them
He found them on the couch watching the television with an intense look in their eyes
He should’ve walked away; he could’ve lived his life in peace without the knowing what a Teletubby was
But now he was stuck staring at multicoloured mascots with antennas
Not a single dialogue throughout the show except for the narrator’s voice; it reminded him of those documentaries Devildom History professors made them watch that he very blissfully slept through
But at least they made some sense
Was this really what they watched back in the human world? Are they okay―
“Oi human! Quit watchin’ this crap and come with the Great Mammon!”
When you didn’t budge, drama king kept poking your upper arm until you were annoyed enough to pounce straight at him
Yeah, he has his ways
Tumblr media
Deep down, he had always known that MC was a normie
He was out to get tickets for a convention he was planning to take MC to
Just thinking about the fun he would have with them was making him all giddy on the inside
So when he entered the house and found them sitting cross-legged on the living room couch, he was on cloud nine
At last, no more of his annoying brothers to cockblock interrupt him
But when he saw what they were watching with such profound concentration, he momentarily forgot what he was there to ask them in the first place
His brain was rebooting
What was this?
Some cheap live action of an anime he didn’t know about? Impossible
He was getting more and more confused the longer he watched it
He figured he’d ask them about the plan when they’d come by his room for their gaming session
He knows what’s it’s like to have interests no one understands, but that still won’t stop him from making a face
Tumblr media
When he found out that all his brothers were all simultaneously out except for MC, he was really happy
They would have the entire house for themselves
Time to let the cats in
But when he entered the living room with a cat in one hand and his favourite book in the other, he was not expecting what he saw
What in the name of the seven rings of Hell is this?
How can they watch this so intently when he’s losing patience and brain cells over here?
They have to be feigning interest. Yes, that’s it.
He refuses to group his favourite human in the same category of crass idiocracy as everyone else in the House Of Lamentation
He is disappointed in MC, he expected better from them
Says the demon who owns cat picture books and onesies
He walks into his room and wordlessly shuts the door close behind him
See you after a decade of IQ elevation classes, MC
Tumblr media
Majolish was always an amazing place to spend time, but it’s only fun when you have someone with you
Random succubae could only do so much to cheer up the Avatar Of Lust
Ever since MC came along, nothing seemed fun without them anymore
Wait, weren’t they alone at home right now? Then he should call them over to join him!
But MC didn’t answer their D.D.D, making Asmo pout and leave the mall straight for home
What was MC doing that they forgot about his amazing beauty? He had to see for himself
Let’s just say, he was not impressed by what he saw
Dare I say he was irked
MC ditched his invitation for shopping...for a children’s show
One that made no sense, on top of that
Cue his whining and draping himself over MC’s lap
He will drag them with him, whether they liked it or not
Persists until you give up and join his charades
Asmo is really fun to hang out with but sometimes he can be a bit too much
Tumblr media
He was out looking for new resistance bands since his had worn out
Yes he doesn’t think about food and Belphie all the time what a shocker
He was heading home when he suddenly recalled that MC would be there alone
A bright smile stretched across his lips as he wondered if they would be interested in joining him for his workout session
He rushed home worrying someone might show up and sweep the human away, but was relieved when he saw them sitting alone on the couch
They gave him a side glance with a “hm?” which was when he noticed what they were engrossed in
Strange looking aliens were waving at him, and he deadass wondered if he should wave back
A moment later, MC felt the couch dip next to them
“What are you watching?”
Genuinely tries to understand why human world children would want to watch something like this, but there isn’t anything he can do about it
Tried to sit with you and wait for the right opportunity to ask MC out, but the blandness and monotone of the show was already getting on the last of his nerves
Finally, he grabbed their shoulders and made them face him
“MC! Let’s go workout instead, please?”
Now I don’t know about MC, but I could never say no to this ball of sunshine
Tumblr media
He was napping in the attic when he heard about all the brothers leaving the house
He grinned in his sleep when he realized that MC wasn’t going with them
So when he was sure there was no one in the house anymore, he dragged himself to the living room where the television was on, meaning that’s where MC was
Sleep and cuddles, here he comes―hold up
His amethyst eyes unfortunately drifted to the screen
His brain was buffering as he tried to understand what was happening on the screen
One minute the mascots were waddling around in a field, and then they were tumbling down a slope
Is this really what humans watched these days?
He watched for a solid three minutes, after which he simply shrugged and threw himself in MC’s lap
He doesn’t care as long as he gets to hug their waist
They can watch what they want, just don’t stop caressing his hair
Sleep is more precious than whatever the fuck they are watching
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belphies-wife · 5 months ago
Hi! ♡
My requests is: how the brother + side boys only if you want to (-Luke ofcs) react to MC having a close friend and that everyone thinks they're a couple. Full skin ship and everything. Like the guys were talking to MC and all the sudden someone just came up behind mc, wraps their arms around mc waist and rest on them.
Hope you have a nice day and stay safe! ♡
Hello dear Anon! Tysm for your request! <3 I didn’t do any of the undateable dateables because I feel like they’d have the same reaction of just being happy you made a new friend.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
The Demon Brothers and Your Close Friend
➼ It was quite difficult for you to make friends with demons as a human, especially since you were probably the weakest of the exchange students, if not the weakest in the Devildom. You had virtually no way of protecting yourself, so you spent most of your time with the demon brothers and your fellow exchange students, along with Diavolo and Barbatos.
➼ So it came as a surprise to you that one day while attending one of Lord Diavolo’s parties, you encountered a demon that didn’t want to eat you.
➼ Wow, a demon here who respected you right off the bat? Unheard of.
➼ The demon, who introduced themself as Mavra, was actually one of Diavolo’s cousins
➼ You two took to each other quite quickly, and Diavolo, excited that the two of you were strengthening demon-human relationships, insisted that Mavra stay for a longer period of time so you two could bond.
➼ Time passed, and eventually, you two became practically joined at the hip.
➼ There had been a few false rumours flying around RAD that you and Mavra had secretly entered a relationship. The fact that you were already dating someone didn’t deter those rumours but rather made them more outrageous.
➼ “Do you really think the human is going to ditch one of the Demon Lords for that new kid?”
➼ One day, while you were talking to your boyfriend, Mavra came up from behind you and wrapped their arms around you in a surprise hug.
➼ You had already assured him that whatever rumours were circulating around were not true.
➼ You were happy with your new friend, and he, too, was happy because of that.
➼ But that didn’t mean he wasn’t also a bit jealous of how close you were with Mavra.
➼ Your relationship doesn’t involve much PDA, so seeing you so physically affectionate with someone else only increases his jealousy.
➼ Lucifer is the Avatar of Pride, but his envy could rival Levi’s when it came to you.
➼ He didn’t react in front of you and your friend. He may be possessive, but the last thing he wants to do is make you uncomfortable or upset.
➼ For the rest of the day, he’s a lot more affectionate with you. Lots of little forehead and cheek kisses, holding the door open, holding your hand. Stuff like that.
➼ “Oi! What’re ya doin’ with my human?”
➼ The Avatar of Greed is extremely possessive. Something Mavra was very much aware of.
➼ “And hello to you too, Mammon.” Mavra greeted.
➼ “That’s my human, back off!”
➼ Mavra let go of you, and you started laughing.
➼ “Hey, what’s so funny!?”
“You’re adorable when you’re jealous.” You cooed at your boyfriend, his face red from embarrassment.
“Ay, who ya callin’ cute?” His little outburst had Mavra joining in on your laughter.
➼ “I ship you guys so much.” They chuckled.
➼ Levi is the literal Avatar of Envy, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s, well, envious.
➼ He’s quieter about his jealousy than the rest of his brothers are, though.
➼ He’s lived with his envy for centuries and was used to how it slowly eats away at him.
➼ “Yo, do you think the human’s cheating on Leviathan with that new kid?”
➼ He wasn’t angry. More upset. He saw it coming. What would someone as good as you want with some gross otaku? It was just a matter of time before you finally came to your senses.
➼ “Levi, are you okay?” You asked him later on in the day.
“Are you… are you cheating on me?”
➼ His question surprised you. Is that what he thought?
➼ “Why would I cheat when I have the best boyfriend I could ever ask for?”
➼ His heart swelled with joy at your words. It was rare that he was praised like that.
➼ “R-really?” He asked, his cheeks flushed.
➼ You nodded your head and smiled. “Really.”
➼ Straight up does not give two shits about who you choose to spend time with as long as you’re not ignoring him.
➼ Satan knows you and Mavra are just friends, so he sees no need for him to be concerned.
➼ He was, however, rather pissed at the fact that other people had decided to bring it onto themselves to spread rumours that you were cheating on him. 
➼ He had no reaction to Mavra coming up behind you and hugging you, other than giving them a polite greeting and then returning to his conversation with you.
➼ That is, until an absolute moron passing by decided to whisper, “So like, does Satan know they’re cheating?” to their friend.
➼ He swiftly turned around, punched them in the face, and turned back to you, where he continued talking like nothing happened.
➼ Asmodeus teased you about you and Mavra while you were dating him.
➼ “Oooh, I heard from a little birdie that you went out to a cafe the other day with a certain someone.”
“Asmo, you’re literally my boyfriend.”
➼ This man will shamelessly (and jokingly) flirt with Mavra in front of you.
➼ At this point, people straight up think all three of you are dating.
➼ Sometimes, when you're hanging out and seeing someone come by, you’ll get super close and start cuddling and stuff.
➼ It’s an inside joke between the three of you.
➼ When Mavra came up to hug you from behind, he also went up and hugged you.
➼ Group hug.
➼ This boy is so happy that you made a friend.
➼ He straight up starts asking you to invite Mavra over to hang out with the two of you.
➼ He may be more attached to Mavra than you are.
➼ He has no reaction to Mavra hugging you from behind and is completely oblivious to any rumours going around about you two.
➼ Does not give a crap about who you’re friends with as long as you’re still free to cuddle or be his pillow.
➼ If you’re talking to Mavra and he’s tired, he will sleep on you while you talk to them. He does not care.
➼ He also has no reaction to Mavra hugging you from behind.
➼ Well, unless he’s tired. If so, he’ll push them off of you and drape himself against you to sleep.
➼ You and your friend think it’s hilarious.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
Thank you so much for reading!
Request a Fic/Headcanon || Obey Me Masterlist
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nuclear-scone · a month ago
Mammon cries when he’s frustrated.
Being real here, I don’t think Mammon would ever be one of those physically mad people. I think Mammon has such a will to not terrify his brothers that he holds in his anger/frustration that when he does happen to get angry/frustrated, he cries.
That’s not to say that he won’t get physical at some point. Not on his brothers but maybe his surroundings. Say, throwing things around his room because he just gets so tired of his mistreatment but has no outlet except crying when he does.
And he absolutely hates that about himself.
Mammon messes up a lot and he knows that. He’s trying his best, he really is! But, it’s just so tiring for him. It’s tiring trying to be someone he’s not. It’s tiring trying to stop being so damn clumsy all the time. It’s tiring having to go against his sin just so he can some type of affection from his family.
He’s just so tired.
Mammon had studied so hard for his test, yet why couldn’t any of the material just stick? He knew Lucifer and his brothers would find out eventually, mocking him for not getting a good grade, despite having tried his best. He regrets not taking Satan up on his offer of helping him study but it’d likely only end in failure as well, after all he was only an idiot. Thoughts began to filter through his head. ‘How could ya be so stupid!’ ‘It was such an easy thing!’ ‘All you know is how to mess up.’ ‘Ya only had ta do one thing.’ He beats himself up about it. Reprimanding himself. Scolding himself. Wishing he could be different. Wishing he could have been better. Everything would have been so different if he had just been better.
He becomes frustrated. He can feel his eyes turn warm and begin to sting. He rubs at his eyes and curses when he can feel the beginning of tears forming at the corners. He becomes even more frustrated when tears begin to flow freely down his face. ‘Stop it. Don’t cry, don’t ya dare cry now!’ He rubs at his eyes until the area around them is a flushing red. His cheeks start to sting a bit from all the rubbing once the tears start again.
He can’t take it anymore.
Out of pure anger and frustration, he grabs the nearest object and chucks it at the wall. At first comes the shock and regret from letting his emotions get the best of him, but then comes the relief. Relief on finally being able to do something. Relief that the tears had finally stopped. He just feels relief. So, he does it again. Uncoordinated and fueled by his raw emotions he begins to rain havoc on everything in his room. Tearing and ripping at his clothes, breaking expensive ornaments, shattering all the mirrors he can see, tearing open his pillows and bed. It’s a long while but once he’s done, it quiet. All he could hear was his harsh breathing and the blooding rushing to his head. He lets out a shaky breath before putting his hands to his face.
Regret. He regrets doing it.
But the relief was so overwhelming. Finally, finally he had some form of letting everything out instead of just crying and sobbing like some helpless child. It had just felt so freeing that he hadn’t given it a second thought. Now though, sitting in the middle of his room surrounded by the destructions he created he couldn’t help but cry again. He should’ve been better.
He was just glad he was home alone. After all what would Lucifer say if he caught acting like such a child? And what of his other brothers? They’d have a field day if they found out about this! He sighs. He gets up, goes to the bathroom and washes his face. Once he comes back he sets work, cleaning and disposing of everything he’s destroyed. Bags of destroyed objects begin to pile. One after the other until there’s a mountain of them. He should hurry and finish before his brothers get home.
He does manage to finish before they get home but from then on it’s a never ending cycle. Small bit of relief he had felt in that moment was intoxicating.
How could he just forget that feeling?
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moonsiechild · 5 months ago
Brothers reacting to MC hating them
"Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated."
— Coretta Scott King
But in this case, it's the other way around. No matter how much we try, there's always going to be something that you cannot love. Hate exists as much as love does, but seemingly it is never spread equally.
All the brothers love you, but it's to say that the feeling isn't mutual.
For each brother in question, there's no hiding it. Hatred can't be hidden from those who've seen and experienced it for centuries longer than you've been around. And we all have our breaking point with the people we despise.
You'll make it worse if you keep it in. Remember: misery loves company.
If you couldn't tell already, there's going to be angst.
He had noticed MC's view of him very early on. He knows that his presence isn't wanted; the room would get quiet without him asking for the silence; no matter what the amount of decency he displays does the tension in MC lessens. No matter what he says or how he speaks, he feels like he's coming across a teacher or a strict parent giving a lengthy lecture.
To yell out at Lucifer customarily either is a brave move or an idiot's worst mistake. When you yelled out, ejecting out your hatred against him, Lucifer didn't take it out on you. Much to the surprise of many, he lets you off easy.
"Very well, then."
It’s expected — everyone hates him, or at least, everyone has felt animosity towards him at some point. Satan, Belphagor, perhaps Mammon, it wouldn't be surprising if Diavolo hid his resentment of him when they had first met. He knew how intolerable he was to others.
He tries to move on and seem unbothered — he should be used to this by now — but it stings differently with MC. He knows exactly why they hated him. Perhaps he could change this circumstance of his, he has pondered many times but remained with an inconclusive answer. He wishes he could be better for MC, but it's not so easy to adapt when you already have so many other things about your plate.
It's a burden for him, just another one to carry upon his sore back.
It's natural for him to be hated.
Mammon was quick to pick up on MC's attitude towards him and he served attitude back.
It was like with his family: whatever they had to say about him or every time they dismissed him as a nuisance, he'd barked back, but it was more one-sided with MC. MC just provoked him with eye rolls, scoffs, and "whatever"s, but Mammon knew all too well what all of it meant.
Pushing you over the edge with his precarious confidence is what made him confirm his thoughts. Mammon already knew but he needed to hear it for himself. You should not be lying to both him and yourself.
"Okay... fine!! Be like that! Be like everyone else! I don't need you by my side anyways!"
His family and now this. He should have known better.
For once, he grew silent. For a long while, he wasn't his typical boisterous self, but he did eventually return to normal but only around others.
He no longer has anything to say around MC, nothing snarky, defensive, or in favor of anything. His job previously of looking after you, if it were anything before, it sure was non-existent now. He no longer wanted anything to do with MC, as he assumed they don't want anything to do with him.
He didn't need to associate with those who didn't care about him...
Levi frequently flickered between believing MC hated him and thinking it was just his paranoia. Levi is very indecisive like that.
He had often tested this theory out by inviting MC to watch anime or play video games, but MC would have always turned him down with excuses about studies and having to meet up with others, leaving him even more indecisive.
At some point, Levi just breaks and flat out asks the question, the uncertainty eating him up. Just as frank as he was with them, MC is frank in their answer with him.
"Please don't...."
His heart shatters on the spot.
Levi plunges into a swirl of self-hatred and goes even deeper into his isolation. He becomes even more of an outcast. His anime and the things in his room were truly all that he needed.
He should have never opened up so easily, he'd chide himself. He was so stupid to believe that someone— anyone would take an interest in him or anything at all that had to do with him.
No one could have liked him like that...
Satan took your spite as cockiness, and he played along with it. When you got annoyed, he'd push your buttons here and there. Your grimace he'd match with his smirk, he'd tease at your mood switches and find you extra adorable when you glare at him, but he would always leave you to yourself afterward.
He knows that you have your limits, however, he'll come to realize that he was unintentionally testing it.
Little by little, he starts to get quite concerned. He changes his advances to you but even at that, you still seem bothered, which worried him even more.
One day, in a way he hadn't expected, you just burst out at him on how you hated him.
"You better watch your mouth!"
He doesn't show it later, but he was greatly hurt on that day; he had deflected his usual behavior for you, and you were nothing but hostile, though the level of malice you did give was interpreted much worse than how it really was by Satan.
He becomes progressively passive-aggressive towards you. When appropriate, he's pleasant to you and treats you as normal as before, but once you were either alone together or once your back was turned, he's like a snake.
Satan feels like he's doing something; he's treating you the way he felt you've treated him. He always snickers silently after each time he encounters you, but also too often is left lingering with an underlying anger and resentment towards himself.
He doesn't like being mean to you, but at the same time, he just finds himself doing it over and over. It felt slightly justified.
His control over his sin loosens a little after your profession and often spikes whenever you're around.
You are the new Lucifer, now.
Asmo hardly notices. He mostly passes off MC's scowls and frowns as playing hard to get. How else could you oppose someone so irresistible?
Even when you say out loud that you hate him, he still misses the message.
"You hate me? Impossible!"
He couldn't believe it and doesn't for a while, till he starts slowly gathering together the pieces. He slowly realizes that those games you two were playing with each other were very one-sided.
His view of self turns pretty grim. His self-worth and esteem take a dip, something else he'd never imagine happening, much like someone possibly hating him. The high value he held himself up to sinks, but not on the outside. His fashion, his glamour, and his appearance flourish more than ever in presentation, but the passion behind it went missing.
He now thinks to himself: "Am I not as flawless as I thought I was?"
Beel easily picked up on MC's sour mood every time they showed it, but always took up as MC being hungry. He was well-aware that being upset was an effect of being hungry, that much he knew about humans and by another extension, knew about himself.
He thought he could have helped MC by sharing his food, but it didn't work, of course. His solution: more food.
He gets so worried about MC's wellbeing that he gets to the point where he offers to give MC all the food on his plate, but before that could be an occurring thing, that's when MC breaks it to him.
"Did... did I do something wrong?"
He reflects on all his past actions directly after and thinks up a way to make it up to MC. But the problem is: he isn't sure what he did wrong.
But he spends more time correcting himself than wondering.
Whatever it is, whatever he had done, he'll make it better. He works, bending his back over backward to win MC back.
He will change for you.
Like Asmo, Belph hardly notices. He'd nod off before he could catch anything discernible.
When he does get his taste of MC's bitterness, he passes off as MC just being in a mood. It'll pass eventually, he tells himself.
When MC does become honest with him, he turns on them almost immediately. There's a moment of shock, all his fatigue dashes away before he's filled with anger.
"Well, I hate you too! You and all humans alike!"
His hatred for humans seeps right back into him the more he processes what MC said to him.
His naps are longer, and when he's awake, he's utterly bitter all the while.
His mind just runs on a cycle of human hating from that point forward. Every nasty thing he's said previously about them, he says again. They are deplorable, selfish, useless, ruthless, disgusting, etc. They shouldn't exist. Humans are just awful.
But maybe the same could be said about himself?
Maybe this was his karma? For the way he has viewed humans for so long and how now he had fallen for one.
"I guess I deserve this..."
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