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#obey me drabble

A/N: I’m so sorry this has taken me a while, I’ve really been trying my best. I’m also sorry it’s not super long, but I hope you like it anyway!  💞

You have no idea how much I’ve missed this - Asmo x GN! Reader

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Imagine …

Beel at a human world football game, with you cuddled up in his coat and his hands playing with the curls of your afro. Sharing a huge box of popcorn with you and Beel making sure that you have as much as you want even if that means he can’t have as much as he wants. You explaining the rules of the game and him being confused but eventually getting into it.

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Demon Brothers’ Eyes Glowing In The Dark

Luke: Thank you for inviting me over to movie night, MC! I baked cookies! Those jerk demons better appreciate it!

MC: Thanks, Luke! Come on in! *taking Luke back to the living room, lights are off already* Guys, Luke’s here!

*seven sets of glowing eyes turn to look at the angel*

Luke: *screeches and runs out of the House of Lamentation, dropping the tray of cookies*

MC: Luke! What’s wrong? *running after him, used to the brothers’ eyes by now*

Beel: *munch, munch, munch*

Asmodeus: Beel, don’t eat those off the floor!

Beel: Five second rule. ☺️ *munch, munch*

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I’m soft 🥺omg this is going to be so cute

I’m doing better, I’m making sure to take breaks don’t worry but I’m kinda worried to take too many. Sure I got alot of the prompts almost finished but I can’t keep procrastinating


  • “(Y/N)!!!!”
  • You turned to look at him, confused on why he was suddenly Charging towards you
  • “check it out! I’ve gotten more muscle~ which means I’m stronger and able to punch anyone who insults ya even harder!”
  • You chuckled, gently squeezing his arm
  • He blushed as he let you feel his arms
  • “You should let me pick you up!”
  • “huh? Ah- I don’t know about that….I don’t think you’re strong enough to lift me-”
  • Your cheeks glowed as you shuffled away from him
  • He just let out an offended gasp, flexing his arms
  • “Not strong enough?! I’m plenty strong!”
  • You didn’t even get to respond before you were suddenly boosted up into the air
  • Mammon adjusted your position with a determined grin, arms hooked under your bottom
  • “See! Don’t go doubting me again, alright? I’m going to protect you even better now.”
  • He kissed your chest, unable to reach any other part to his slight dismay
  • He likes all of you but he loved kissing you on the lips - it made him feel all happy inside
  • You just nodded, blushing harder as he started to just carry you around
  • Walking with you in his arms as If you weighed nothing


  • You two were watching a romance film, some inspiration for simeons newest writing idea
  • You sighed dreamily at the love interest picking up the main character and spinning them around
  • Simeon looked at you with a raised brow, a knowing smile growing on his face
  • “Say, they make it look so easy - why don’t we do it?”
  • You immediately started to worry
  • A nervous blush making it’s way on your face as you waved your hands
  • “oh! We can’t do that - the actor is way thinner than me, I don’t want you to get hurt-”
  • “Nonsense, just run up to me and I’ll pick you up, go on~”
  • He shooed you off, fluttering his fingers to the other end of the room
  • You fidgted in your spot, thinking of ways to sway him
  • But he just patiently waited, smiling as you hyped yourself up
  • Soon you were running towards
  • Jumping moments before crashing into him and he caught you
  • He spun you around effortlessly as you both grinned
  • “See? Nothing bad happened, you did amazing, my sweet.”
  • You grabbed his head as you grew more flustered but he took it upon himself to kiss your collar bone
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Diavolo’s eyes glow in the dark

MC: *wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, comes back to their bedroom to see two glowing amber eyes and nearly drops the glass of water they had brought back*

Diavolo: *confused* MC, are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost? There’s not a ghost in here is there? *he glances around the room with slight concern as ghosts can be a pain to remove from their place of haunting*

MC: *releases the breath they were holding and sets the water down, shaking their head and chuckling faintly* I’m okay. There’s no ghost. I didn’t know your eyes glowed in the dark. *slides back into bed next to him*

Diavolo: *blushes faintly* I should have warned you about that, especially with this being our first night together. I’m sorry, MC.

MC: *just kisses him to shush him, still giggling a bit*

Diavolo: *smiles into the kiss and wraps his arms around them*

45 notes

Going to try and work on some more requests as my chronic headaches and occasional migraines aren’t as bad tonight as they usually are.

I know a lot of these requests are months-old but my goal is to catch-up with requests by the end of the week.

Thank you for your patience!

Much love,


PS - I am still taking any type of Obey Me request! ❤️

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All it took was a look. Barbatos saw a flood of future memories in your eyes.

They way they’ll light up when you’re excited. They way they puff up when you’re sad. But what left him nearly speechless in this moment was the moment you will share your first kiss. The way your eyes return his gaze after meeting your soft lips to his. Your fingers trailing to the nape of his neck to pull him back towards you. And frozen in that moment with you, Barbatos found he was finally free of the burden of eternity. He almost blushed at nothing, knowing that you couldn’t possibly understand. Not yet.

“Nice to meet you.” He smiled.

All it took was a look for Barbatos to know he loved you.

48 notes

A/N: This was SO cute to write, I rarely write for Dia but this. This made me love him so much more  💗 Thank you for your request! I really hope you like it!

“A kiss seems fair repayment” - Diavolo x GN! Reader

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Random Obey Me Imagine (fluff)


Rating: Any age

MC takes Diavolo to a park in the human world and they end up sitting on swings next to each other. The sun is starting to set and they are the only two left in the park. Diavolo is facing one way and MC is facing the other way. The two of them swinging only just slightly as they carry on a conversation from earlier. Their swings slowly still and Diavolo reaches over, threading fingers with MC. There’s a faint blush on both of their cheeks as they shyly glance at each other. They turn their swings so that they’re facing one another and close the remaining distance between them and share a shy, sweet kiss and a warm embrace.

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They Fall Asleep On You: Simeon

It had been a long day. You and Simeon and the rest of the purgatory hall gang had all gone to the movies together and dinner after that. Mammon then spontaneously decided to throw a party because he wanted to have fun with you too. So Simeon stuck around while Solomon brought Luke home to bed.

After many party poppers, screams of terror, bowls of popcorn, and tears of laughter, things had finally quieted down.

It was dark in the room, and everyone was nodding off, Simeon included. As a night owl, you weren’t out for the count just yet, but the Angel who always stuck to a schedule and rules was far gone by now, and your heart skipped in surprise as his head fell against your shoulder. You felt the weight of his whole body falling against you, and you grabbed a pillow from the end of the couch as his body bent over and his head fell into your lap.

You blushed and looked down at the sleepy Angel, barely visible in the pitch black. Thankfully no one else could see because you were certain they’d throw a fit and someone would get hurt.

The Angel adjusted unconsciously, curling into a ball comfortably—using your lap as his pillow and his cape as a blanket—he fell deeper and deeper into sleep.

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The Morning After Your First Time Together: Solomon

The lavender scent lingered in the air from the candles lit last night. You’d never blown them out. The flowers soothed you to sleep, though you would’ve fallen asleep easily either way.

Solomon was a shady person, no doubt about that. But you’d come to know and love the sorcerer, which is why when he initiated taking your relationship further, you couldn’t say no.

You didn’t want to open your eyes. You didn’t want this experience to be over. You were still in his bed undressed beneath silk covers pretending to sleep next to him.

He’d woken up long ago and, by the sound of it, was reading. He started out every morning unusually early, but today he stayed in bed and held your hand, enjoying the blissful silence and the sound of your gentle breathing.

He rubbed circles atop your hand as he quietly hummed while flipping through pages.

You opened one eye and looked at the clock without catching his attention. It wasn’t yet eight o’clock, and the devildom moon shown through the curtains. Usually, being intimate in purgatory hall would’ve been out of the question, but the angels were away, and Solomon wasn’t going to pass by the chance to get you into his bed.

“How long are you going to pretend to be asleep?” You heard him ask and strained your sleepy eyes up at him.

“How’d you know.”

“You aren’t very sneaky, MC. I know you well.”

“I don’t want to get up.”

“I had a feeling. Are you sore?”

“Eh? Umm, I don’t think so…I haven’t moved yet.”

“Sit up, let me take a look at you,” he insisted and pulled the covers down, exposing your body to the chilly morning air.

“Solomon!” You barked in surprise, and he couldn’t help but laugh at you.

“What? What’s wrong? Are you being shy, even though I saw much more than this last night?” He reminded, whispering into your ear. His breath sent shivers through your body, and you blushed as he leaned into you and wrapped an arm behind you, pulling you into his chest as he looked down at yours.

He gently ran his fingers over your chest, fingers lingering over your sore tits. He noticed you bite your lip at his touch and smirked. “Want me to play with them again? You really enjoyed that last night, didn’t you? I didn’t know you could make such lewd sounds.”

You blushed, and he continued to tease you, whispering his desires as your face burned in embarrassment. You didn’t need to be reminded how much you squealed or how good you took his seed. It’s not like you could possibly forget such an experience.

He slowly drew away from you and slid out of bed, stretching with his back towards you. You looked him up and down, making it too obvious you were admiring his ass. He turned to look at you when he felt your gaze and laughed. You stuttered and tried to defend yourself.

He leaned in and kissed your forehead.

“Don’t worry, MC. Do you think you can be patient enough to wait until tonight?”

You pretended to think it over before shaking your head, staring him down. He seemed surprised at first but grinned triumphantly.

“Hehe. Good. Now lie back down and spread your legs.”

238 notes

The Morning After Your First Time Together: Belphegor

Last night had been the first night you and Belphegor had gotten intimate, in ways far beyond kissing. For someone so slothful, you were surprised how full of energy and dominant he’d been. You always expected to be the dominant, but even beneath you, Belphie wasn’t having it. You were at his mercy for hours.

It didn’t make sense to you why you’d woken up first after everything your body went through. The explicit memories still ran rampant in your mind, threatening to build you up again, desperate for your lover’s touch.

Behind you, Belphegor’s head was buried beneath a mountain of pillows waiting for his alarm to go off, and when it finally did, you felt his sleepy hand reach out to you. When it found you, it gripped your shoulder firmly, and his head emerged from the pillows as he dragged you into his chest.

“Morning, Belphie,” you greeted awkwardly. You were still undressed, only covered by the sheets of his bed, which had been sloppily thrown on last night to replace the ones you’d dirtied.

He smirked. A mischievous, somewhat-evil gleam in his eyes as he wrapped his arms around your back and ran his free hand down the side of your body as he purred happily.

“Good morning, MC…” he traced his thumb across a large bruise he’d left. “Feeling okay?” He asked as he pressed the bruise, eliciting a reaction from you as you flinched.

He chuckled and leaned in closer to kiss your forehead.

You nodded, and he grinned slyly.

“Really? Do my marks not hurt at all?” He asked as his hand ran across tour bruised hips.

“Do you want them to?”

“Hm? No. But I want you to feel them. Each time you flinch in pain, you’ll remember everything we did,” he smiled as if what he said was sweet and innocent.

You glared but shook your head and sighed.

He tossed the covers aside without warning, and you threw your hands up in surprise, covering your chest and closing your legs.

He sighed lovingly, and his wicked smirk never left his face as he admired the marks that he’d left.

“Oh, so it did bruise here?” He commented, tracing his pointer fingers across the bruise beneath your nipple.

“I told you you were being rough.”

“Not rough enough. No one would know what we did by looking at you.”

“Good. They’d kill you.”

“Hehe. They wouldn’t dare kill their sweet baby brother, but they’d be really jealous. No one else has had their cock in your throat or pumping between your legs as your sweaty red face cries out in pleasure—“

“B-Belphie! You’re embarrassing me!”

“That’s the face right there! Hahaha. Keep blushing like that when you leave the room, and they’ll definitely be suspicious.”


“Or do I have to redo all my marks? They should know as well as you that this won’t be the last time you leave my room disheveled and marked. But before you do that, you need to lay back down; I’m not done cuddling you, okay?”

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They Confess Their Love To You: Simeon


He loved you.

He’d known it in his heart for some time now, but he needed time to think it over. Rationally, as an Angel, any kind of relationship with you would be very challenging. He was meant to protect you. An angle with a human was in his father’s eyes the equivalent of a human with an animal. It was forbidden and unnatural.

He was a heavenly being, not assigned a partner because he had no need for them. His sole job was to worship his father, fight for heaven, and of course, protect humans like you.

He knew he wasn’t meant to covet, but he could not help it.

As Angel, to find yourself in love was terrifying. At first, Simeon was reasonably scared. Could this mean he was becoming corrupt? Would he be sent to the devildom forever for the way he thought about you and the things he felt for you?

At some point, he began to care less and less about what it could mean for his future as an Angel. As long as his future included you, that was enough for him.

He spent more and more time with you and every moment was like a blessing. He didn’t know whether or not to thank his father for allowing him to be in your presence.

His heart beat rapidly whenever you came near, and his heart felt like it was being stabbed and torn from his chest when he saw you become so close with demons.

Simeon knew it wouldn’t be long before someone won your heart, and he wasn’t going to let it be anyone other than him no matter what he had to do.

But in the end, he only wanted what made you happiest, so all he could do was confess.

On a rare day when you found yourselves alone together, he held your hand in his as you sat on the couch together, and he looked you in the eyes.

You saw how serious he was and immediately quieted as the Angel held his breath.

“MC. As an author, it’s always been my passion and my job to creatively express the most mundane things in life,” he began nervously, “I could craft hundreds of poems of a single rose, and yet when you come to mind, I find myself at a loss for words. I have never had as much fun in my life than the time I spend with you, and I have never found my heart so full than when you are close to me. I care about you as far more than a friend, MC. It doesn’t matter to me how different we might be; all I know is I can’t stand idly by anymore, unsure if you understand how I truly feel for you. I’m sure you must understand by now, but I still want to say, MC…I love you.”

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It’s snowing like crazy, so I got this random idea. 

Please enjoy. 

Gn. Reader insert. 


A cold day in the devildom. 

I never expected this to happen. 

Everything was just normal and then suddenly the whole place is covered in snow. 

As beautiful as snow is, I’m unprepared. 

I don’t wear a coat or boots, the devildom is usually very warm. 

I’m shivering as snow hits me from all sides. 

I can barely see when I spot an entrance. 

Well here goes nothing, I run over as fast as I can. Snow mercilessly hits my eyes and the rest of my body. 

I reach the safe harbor of the random entrance. 

At least it’s protecting me from the barrage of snow hitting me, but now what?

I can barely see the street, I have only a vague idea of where I am. 

It’s so cold too. I need to call someone, in the hopes they can bring me a coat or something. 


“Hey, you got lost in the snow too?” I hear the familiar voice of Diavolo. 

It brings me great relief to hear his familiar name. 

“Yeah. I wasn’t ready for this at all. Usually, I like snow but not like this.” I hug myself to keep myself warm. 

“I was surprised by it too. I wish I had fitting clothes. I’d love to play in the snow. Make a snow devil or something like that.” Diavolo laughs. He is also underdressed. 

“With warm clothes, I’d join you.” I laugh back and shiver even more. “Have you called for help already?" 

"I did and you should come over here. You need to keep warm.” Diavolo offers me to stand beside him. 

I take his offer with a smile. “Then don’t mind if I do.” I stand right next to him. He is radiating heat. 

It feels nice. I wonder if it would be too much to ask to get even closer to him. 


As I ponder over this, Diavolo speaks up again. “You can come closer, you know. I won’t bite unless you want me to.” Diavolo chuckles. 

It seems like nothing can put his mood down. 

“Alright, if you don’t mind. I’m pretty wet though.” The snow on my body has already melted. It makes me pretty uncomfortable. 

“That’s just another reason to stay closer to me. I can’t let you catch a cold.” Diavolo has a point. 


So I get even closer to him. I could hug him if I wanted to. 


Much to my surprise Diavolo puts his arms around me and holds me close against his chest. 

It feels very warm and comfortable. I have never been this close to Diavolo before, but it feels nice. 

My heart starts to beat faster, I wonder if he notices it. 

I hold on to his arms, hoping that I give him a bit of warmth back.


“Is this better?” Diavolo asks gently. 

“Yes, much better. Are you warm enough?” I don’t want to hog all the warmth by myself. 

“I’m perfectly warm.” Diavolo puffs a bit of warm air out. He seems amused by the sight. 

“This is pretty nice actually.” Diavolo seems to hold me just a little tighter. 

“You mean the snow or?” I’m not sure what answer I’m expecting. 

“Hmm both, holding you and the snow.” Diavolo sounds like he is smirking. I wonder what kind of face he makes right now. 

I feel my face is getting quite hot, my whole body seems to heat up. 

I somehow wish this would last just a little longer.


Despite the blazing snow, I feel warm and comfortable right now.



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The Morning After Your First Time Together: Simeon

The beams of light leaking through the curtains on his bedroom windows stretched across the dimly lit room. The soft chirping of birds stirred you awake as they perched outside the angel’s window singing good morning to him.

This would normally be like every day you spent in the celestial realm, morning and night, but today was different. Today you up next to Simeon snoring into his pillow.

His black locks fell into his face, and every puff of breath blew them gently into the air before resting back across his twitching nose.

Mornings with Simeon were unbeatable but last night easily beat any time you’d spent together before. You’d spent so long pining over the pure Angel whose shoulders and every other inch of body tempted you that the events of last night were almost shocking.

His soft body pressed against yours, your fingers laced together as he covered you in kisses and gentlest of nibbles.

For someone who’d been forced to remain chaste, the Angel did not hide well how eager he was to explore your body. It’s not like he’d never seen nudity, but it was different with you. He loved you, and he wanted to be the only one who got to see you in such an exposed, breathtaking state.

You were only for his eyes, and he was only for yours. He’d been shy himself about exposing himself to you as much as you had been shy about revealing your own body, but in the end, he was more than happy to share his body with you. He was thrilled to make you happy physically rather than mentally and emotionally, as he always tried his best to do.

Despite this being new territory for him, he certainly seemed to know what he was doing. He’d been gentle in terms of angelic strength, but so many years of self-restraint mixed with the time he’d pined over you, his level of gentleness was still enough to leave you bruised.

When the hairs on his face began to itch his nose, Simeon finally stirred awake to see you already up and watching him lovingly.

He smiled and leaned closer to you, pecking your cheek and brushing hair out of your face.

“Good morning, dove.”

“Hehe. Good morning Simeon.”

“How are you feeling?”


“That’s good to hear, I was a little worried about our body’s compatibility, but it seems I had nothing to worry about; last night proved that excellently.”

You blushed, and he kissed your forehead and sat up, pulling you up with him. You leaned into his chest as he rested against the pillows on the end of the bed.

His eyes slowly took in the room around you both. He wanted to savor every bit of that moment. Eyes gleaming, he turned to you, but his smile faltered when he noticed a bruise along your collar bone.

You saw his brows furrow and followed his eyes. You held his hand and smiled at him. “Even between humans, there are bound to be bruises. I’m okay. Besides, it reminds me of all the fun last night,” you said softly. He grinned in response, relieved to hear this.

He blushed, and his eyes flicked away for a moment while he composed himself. It was very unusual for him to lose composure, even during more intimate moments, but it seems all the memories were flooding back to his mind.

“W-well, if you’d like it healed, let me know. I’d hate for you to be in any kind of pain,” he fretted, but you laughed gently and tucked a loose strange of his hair back behind his ear as your eyes locked, glinting in the sunlight.

“If I were ever in any pain, I’d come right to you,” you beamed and he smiled, reassured.



“I certainly wouldn’t mind it if you wanted to be a little rougher.”

Simeon turned a dark shade of pink and got out of bed, testing whether or not he could make it through a long day of work away from you after a comment like that.

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my sad mood provides sad drabbles ☔


It’s wet and cold, but you don’t care. You are going through empty dark streets, without purpose. Heavy rain was pouring for hours now and the streets are full with deep puddles.

Drops hitting your skin, and you sometimes look up so you can catch more on your face. From time to time the thunder cuts the noise of downpour, but not loud enough to silence the thoughts in your head.

Than the lightning will cut the darkness and everything around is illuminated in white glares. Smells with wet street, ground and grass. It’s fresh and intoxicating.

You are tired but don’t want to stop. Just go. Go and your legs will empty your head. Just keep going. There is one purpose in your walking - you need to ease that pain in your heart.


The evening was sad, that was usual for you as you got back from Devildom. Nothing could save you from your longing for whole year of life in other world. And the particular one man that took your heart was usual guest in your memories, dreams and thoughts.

- Lucifer… - you whisper in the darkness of night, without hope to hear the answer.

Tonight you decided that your pathetic attempts to start new relationships to forget Lucifer is useless. And you’ve just broken up with the person that is just not him.

It was hard, because that person is good, really good. And if you… No, they are just not for you.


You are so wet and soaked that you don’t care to hide from thunderstorm anymore, and can’t identify where is the rain and where are your tears. You miss Lucifer so much that your heart hurts and you think it will explode if you stop walking. But there is no where to go further, you are at your place now. And you have to go inside so you can dry and warm up yourself. You have to take care of yourself…

- I knew that I should take care of you by myself because you apparently don’t do that properly… - the voice cuts the rain like a thunder. And you don’t have time to react as big and heavy coat covers your shoulders and strong hands guide you to the entrance. But you don’t follow, instead you turn to face him and hug him, burying your face in his chest. Even in that rainy and fresh air you can smell him. He’s here.

- Lucifer… - you whisper. He’s so close, so real, so warm.

- Now now, we don’t want to become more wet if that is even possible, come on, - strong arms hug you back. - I got you, - he kisses you on your forehead, - always.


21 notes

“Aww, why not sit in the rain with me?”

“I quite prefer to stay dry, (Y/N).”

Letting out a chuckle, (Y/N) stands up, running their hands through their hair. They turn to Satan, smiling softly and holding their rain-drenched hand out to him.

“Dance with me, yea?” Satan stares at (Y/N)’s hand for a moment, the sound of rain filling the silence between the two.

His hand travels over and envelopes (Y/N)’s.

“Of course, darling.”

His umbrella is discarded to the side and a sweet smile spreads across his lips as the rain begins to soak in.

“Now that’s the spirit.”

The next morning, both Satan and (Y/N) are bed ridden with colds.

38 notes

Genre: crack, fluff?
Warnings: none
Word Count: 450 words
A/N: sorry that this took me 25 years to get out and it’s not even that long :( I hope you still like it though :)


Originally posted by itspizzachan

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My Sunshine (Lord Diavolo x MC)

A/N: I originally giggled thinking about MC and Diavolo going and replacing the bros shoes with crocs, because I cannot ever see Dia the same, but then decided against the idea of cursed fic and decided on something a little more uh, heartwarming. It may not fit the request perfectly, but I honestly struggled to come up with an idea for both of them.

Summary: Complaining about Devildom’s cold climate leaves you with an unsuspecting surprise.


Devildom was cold. Really cold, actually. There was no sun to warm the dark place, so you, like the rest of the demons here, had to not only adjust to being in the dark, but as well as wear multiple layers to keep yourself warm enough so you wouldn’t freeze. 

It had been a particularly cold day. It didn’t go unnoticed either. You made sure to complain to just about everyone and anyone that you weren’t thrilled about the temperature of the dark realm.

“I don’t understand why it has to be so cold all the time! I woke up and nearly froze to death trying to search around in the dark for something warm to wear.” Your complaints were almost loud, bickering down the hallway to the Avatar of Pride, who wasn’t exactly keen to listening.

“I’m afraid there is nothing I can do about it MC. Unlike the Human World, Devildom is accustomed to not having a sun. We have gotten by for plenty of years without it. I believe you have more important matters to focus on, yes?” Lucifer’s voice was firm. There was truly nothing that could change the fact that Devildom was used to such a gloomy setting. Changing it would mess up the whole dynamic, and there is no guarantee that the other demons would be able to adjust easily to such a dramatic change.

The rest of the day at RAD was hell. Literally and metaphorically. There was nothing more that you wanted than to go home and curl up under a blanket next to a cozy fireplace, maybe even with an accompanying demon brother. The thought of it warmed you, but not enough to let you focus. All you could think of was how to keep yourself from shivering like a leaf in a hurricane.

As soon as RAD was finished, nothing could stop you, you were prepared to zoom home and get under those covers at lightning speed. 

“MC, I’m afraid Lord Diavolo would like to speak to you, if you may follow me, I will take you to his office.” A smiling bright eyed Barbatos now stood between you and your freedom from RAD. Okay, maybe one thing stood in your way, but it’s the Prince of Devildom, telling him no is almost a hate crime. You were his guest, after all.

Upon entering the office space, Barbatos stood patiently outside, not wanting to intrude. You were greeted by the happy-go-lucky smile of the young prince. It was infectious. His positive presence always put a smile on your face. 

“MC! Hello! I’m glad you were able to join me. I just wanted to have a little chat about how you were settling into Devildom. How has your stay here been so far?” He casually leaned against his desk, indicating that this wasn’t meant to be anything more than a simple wellness check.

“Oh! Uh, well, it’s great, honestly, I mean, I love it here. There is just one thing that I find a little hard to get used to-”

“What is that? Is there something I can do to help fix it? I want you to feel as comfortable as you can here.” His excitement led to him unintentionally interrupting, but you couldn’t help but smile at how eager he was to please you.

“Well, I have to say, it’s really hard getting used to doing everything in the dark, and having to bundle up in warm clothing isn’t exactly how I imagined spending the rest of my year here. But I know there isn’t really anything you can do about that. I just have to get a warmer jacket and some nightlights and I’m sure that everything will be okay. Other than that, this place is amazing. It’s not too much different from the Human World.” You couldn’t help but bring it up, and by the look on Diavolo’s face, he had something scheming in his mind. 

“I see. Well, I am pleased that you are adjusting nicely. Thank you for your feedback. I do appreciate it.” Shifting on his feet, his smile widened, holding out his hand for you to shake, an indication that the short little meeting was now finished. 

“My pleasure as always. I will let you know if anything else comes up!” You smiled, shaking his hand, spinning to head off back in the direction you were originally coming from. Finally, you were free to return to the House of Lamentation. Finally, you would be able to snuggle up and be warm next to the fireplace.

Upon waking up the next morning, all snuggled up and cozy in a blanket, something was off. Different. It was warm, but not from the fire you had fallen asleep next to. You were also able to see. The whole room was lit up. 

Panicking, you checked the window, and to the surprise of you, as well as every other being in Devildom, there, before you, was a sun. Diavolo, the prince of hell, actually created a sun. The question being, are you ready for the chaos that is about to commence because of it?


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[prompt: Barbatos Getting jealous when a demon flirts with you/MC]


You were helping Barbatos with his weekly chores; going shopping for supplies and running errands.

Whilst the journey wasn’t long the fast paced walk around the market and going in and out of shops was. You could feel your legs growing tired with each second; thankful for the winged boars assistants. They were much bigger and stronger than you so they were able to carry the majority whilst you were given the lightest bags to carry.

You groaned; feeling the back of your shoe rub against the back of your foot. Already feeling the stinging sensation - you should of brought a plaster.

Barbatos picked up on your soft hisses and mutters; coming towards you as he beckoned the rest of the helpers over.

“Do you mind sending these back to the castle? We’ll handle the rest.”

You didn’t even get time to but in and say you were okay; the boars were already taking your bags and his, suddenly sprinting at a speed you couldn’t believe.

“You didn’t have to do that, I just need a plaster-” you felt embarassed you were the reason of fuss.

The demon grasped your hands, leading you to the nearest bench and gently sat you down.

“I shall go get one for you, don’t worry, I won’t be long.”

And just like that he was gone! You were left alone waiting for him to come back.

What you didn’t expect was a familiar face from class to appear; a demon you’ve helped with homework a few times. They walked into you, asking you why you were alone. You told them you had a blister and your friend has gone to get you a plaster. The demon pulled out a packet of plasters, a proud smile on their face.

Barbatos didn’t expect you to have company whilst he was absent. Spotting a lower demon chatting to you casually whilst you were fiddling with the opening of a small box. The closer he got the more he could see what they were; plasters.

Rabid questions flew through his mind; who was this demon? How did they get to you before he did? Why were you smiling at them like that? What was your relationship?

He didn’t want to feel jealous. He had no right to be but he was. He felt it boil in his stomach as he felt his gaze harden. He couldn’t stand to see you so sweet and casual with someone else.

His jealousy only grew when he heard the obvious flirtatious remarks and suggestions of a ‘platonic’ date. You seemed oblivious to the demons intentions as you happily accepted and smiled at their comments.

Yes, you had to be oblivious. Why else would you happily accept this demons attraction?

Barbatos quickly came back to your side, announcing his arrival.

“Whoa! That’s your friend?! You’re friends with the royal butler?!”

The word friends stung at Barb’s chest. Whilst he was very happy to be your friend he wanted more. It was odd to want something so intimate as a romantic connection. But you were perfect for him and he couldn’t let you slip through his fingers.

“Yeah? His name is Barbatos, he’s really good at what he does.”

“Yes and I have a duty to fulfil so if you will leave us be, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

The demon wanted to push their luck but shrunk under the intense glare of the butler. Only an idioit would try to push an upper demons buttons and lukcily, this demon wasn’t stupid.

“See you in class, okay honey? I need to get going.”

Barbatos felt the urged to snap the demon into a different timeline. Watching as you smiled and nodded, giving a small short wave.

“I apologize for taking so long, I see you have plasters.”

“My classmate, the demon who was just here, gave them to me - already had some due to their friend being clusmy.”

The butler didn’t feel any less at ease from this discovery. The word 'honey’ was leaving a sour taste in his mouth. He wanted you to be against such a pet name from Someone else. Perhaps, he should give you one?

“Hmmm…this brand isn’t very good, they easily peel off, lukcily I got reliable ones.” He waved them towards you, starting to get on one knee.

“I don’t mind them being a cheap brand, as long as it lasts me this trip I’ll be fine-”

“I insist you take my option, it’ll be pointless to do otherwise.”

He didn’t mean for his annoyance to seep through his words. He didn’t even notice he was glaring at you as he kneeled before you. You could only raise a brow at his sudden attitude change before finally realizing. Your mouth formed an 'O’ as you started to feel laughter buzz in your throat.

You couldn’t believe it. You couldn’t believe it!

“Are you… jealous?”

“That would be ridiculous, I know have no reason to.”

He ignored your knowing look. Slipping off your shoe and placing your foot on his raised knee. Whilst you were laughing and getting excited from your discovery he was keep his head low. He was embarassed that he was so obvious.

“Whatever you say, Barbie or would you want a pet name? I noticed your glare.”

You teased whilst he rolled down your sock half way, raising your foot slightly as he handed you a plaster from the pack he bought. You peeled off the little papers on it and handed it towards him.

“Ah, so you were aware the demon was flirting.”

“of course, I just wanted to be polite, is that wrong? Huh, Darling?”

He went completely stiff, almost gripping your leg as he finished applying the plaster. He kept his head low and cleared his throat.

“if that’s what you wish to call me then so be it.”

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