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#obey me event
pixpad · 19 hours ago
Cinderella Event Be Like:
Lucifer: "I'm sorry MC you can't go to the ball"
MC: "BUT I love balls.."
Lucifer: "...*SNORT* *WHEEZE*"
MC: "OH-"
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ghibaby · a day ago
You know I always wonder, am I the only one who thinks it's weird that when it comes to simeon and luke clothes, they look pretty and simple, but like when it's the brothers clothes when they were once angels, their clothes was like extravagant, with the halo and Lucifer's big ass wings, like NANI????
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like it's really pretty but still simple and decent right?!?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like?!?!The fuck?!? With the wings and halo and asmo outfit is just a straight up dress and let's not even get started on Lucifer's wings, like, why does he's the only one who has six fucking wing???and all of them has a halo except simeon and luke??
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So i hope y'all enjoy
Its from MC'S POV
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is not where it starts or anything and I might change it but I hope y'all enjoy
Enjoy 😏😏😏😏
Tags: @books-and-catears @satanbestboi
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deathscythecrow · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yeah, this event is so cute that I don't even care there were almost no romance with Lucifer...
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syazrock · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Reupload) I literally thought Simeon is gonna be the groom but eh... harem is still good too.
I’m late bcuz i was busy with animate the new audio drama.
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starcrystalrose · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Satan and Little D from the newest pop quiz ✨ It's so precious😭💕
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thalfox · 12 days ago
Guide: Mammon's B'day '21
Tumblr media
It's the second born's birthday, which means it's time to dig out the calculators and work out what we need to do to get his birthday UR.
The amount of event points needed to get the UR is 8000 - which is the same amount that Lucifer cost this year on his birthday.
It appears that second birthday URs will cost 8000, while first birthday URs (ie those of the former side characters) will cost 7500.
As appears to be standard for birthday events now, we have a split path on the second page, with one route requiring keys to be unlocked.
To spend the least amount on this event and get the UR, you should unlock all battles on the first day or as soon as you can.
Otherwise, it will cost you more to attain the required total of 8000.
Tumblr media
🥳 First Day Actions
The final battle on the top path is 2-19, with 9 battles in total on that path including 2-1. 8 of them (not the boss battle) give keys as rewards that unlock the story parts.
The key drop per battle is 1-2 keys. Because of this slight random change in the drop, the number of D-energy cans required to fully unlock the top path WILL VARY.
It takes 110 keys to fully unlock the top path.
It can take anything from 10 (if all drops are 2) to around 16 (randomised drops) D-energy drinks to fully unlock the top path.
Remember that you also use your 5 extra battles via watching ads on the key battles until that path is unlocked, and Mammon's Birthday Completion Rewards in To Do awards a further 15 keys.
In the same Completion Rewards you can also earn 3 D-Energy drinks.
Cost so far: 10-16 D-Energy drinks
Tumblr media
🥳 Daily Actions
The number of event reward items you can collect every day - on a fully unlocked event - is based on there being 26 battle stages in total.
26 battle stages x 3 battles each = 78 battles
Add 5 extra battles from ads = 83 battles
(This is the standard number of battles per event)
With an award of 12 event reward items per battles: 12 x 83 = 996
Event is 7 days : 996 x 7 = 6972 points
Tumblr media
🥳 Extra Actions
Note: the following need only be done once, not every day!
Add the 200 event reward items from To Do: 6972 + 200 = 7172
UR requires 8000 so deficit is: 8000 - 7172 = 828
We need an extra 828 event items.
Divide this by 12 per battle: 828/12 = 69 extra battles
69 extra battles are required!
Each D-Energy drink gives 3 battles: 69/3 = 23 D-Energy drinks
Remember! You will complete some of these extra battles when replaying stages to unlock the top path!
So the amount of D-Energy we used before is INCLUDED in this total.
Total cost thus far: 23 D-Energy drinks
Tumblr media
🥳 D-Energy Required Total
In the Pop Quiz Rewards, you can see that during the event we will be awarded 14 D-Energy drinks, and on the To Do page we are given an additional 3 for meeting that condition.
After replenishment, we will need: 23 - 17
The required total is: 6 D-Energy
Tumblr media
🥳 DP Required Total
(ONLY if you have no D-Energy)
If you run out of D-Energy, the cost per 3 extra battles is 5 DP
If you have no D-Energy, the total cost will be: 69/3 x 5 = 115 DP
In Pop Quiz Rewards, during the event we will be awarded 30 DP
Additionally, on the day of Mammon's birthday we get 30 DP
Adjusted total is: 115 - 30 - 30 = 55 DP
Tumblr media
🥳 AP Required Total
The final cost is the AP required for these extra battles. The To Do page has 100 AP as a reward for unlocking 15 spaces on the birthday SR awarded in the pop quiz at 1200 points.
The event itself gives out 375 AP
The event also gave a 200 AP release gift in Mail.
However, you will probably need this AP for the daily battles (unless you saved from the last event!).
The 69 extra battles require: 69 x 8 = 552 AP
If we take into account the above: 552 - 200 - 375 - 100 = -123 AP
Aka, a profit of 123 AP. But as I said, that AP is probably needed for the regular number of daily battles.
AP costs 1 DP per 10 AP
The required total is: 56 DP
Note: the special deals in Akuzon are NOT worth it. The 200 AP for 10 DP deal that pops up every 12 hours IS worth it.
Tumblr media
🥳 Final Notes
In total we need to spend 6 D-Energy drinks and 56 DP to get Mammon's UR.
The cost of this event UR is the same as Lucifer's birthday UR this year. The side characters who are having their first birthday have birthday URs that cost less. I don't know why.
The event is 7 days long technically. Because it begins and ends around 14 and 15 hours BEFORE the daily reset. The first day and last day are thus only 14 and 15 hours long.
If you didn't unlock the path on day one, do it today! That will still save you a lot of D-Energy and/or DP.
Unlike Lucifer's birthday event this year, Mammon's has no potentially triggering content. It's a very wholesome and sweet story on both paths of the event.
If I can, I'll be writing a little more about Mammon's birthday event regarding the actual story, but I really enjoyed the event and I'm pleasantly surprised 🥰
OM! Guides Masterpost
OM! Theories Masterpost
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hoesoflamentation · 21 days ago
Like you did for him | Lucifer x AFAB!MC x Leviathan | 18+
Tumblr media
Prompt: "ultimate squirter" (thanks, Solmare!)
Pairing: Lucifer x AFAB!MC, Leviathan x AFAB!MC
Warnings: established relationship, consensual non-monogamy, lite dom!lucifer, heavy dom!levi, jealous s3x, oral s3x, fingering, squirting, brat!MC, lite degradation, praise k!nk, penetration, hair pulling, demon form
A/N: so, luci and levi (almost) tied by a difference of one vote and i really wanted to write for levi -- so now the "soaking wet showdown" is a literal showdown, and i'm h0rny af. you're welcome!! xx
Tumblr media
MC and Levi had a deal: whenever the other was away, they could get their needs met elsewhere... and while Levi rarely acted on their agreement, MC could hardly resist temptation.
It wasn't that they couldn't wait for Levi to return... it was that they knew it would drive him absolutely crazy.
As the literal Avatar of Envy, MC's boyfriend was prone to fits of jealous rage. And whenever he returned (and heard the dirty things MC had done while he was away), Levi fucked them territorially, as if to prove that only his cock could make them feel this good.
Just thinking about it made their swollen clit ache with desperation, their neediness flooding the space between their legs as they fingered themself in bed...
But they also knew that simply pleasuring themself wouldn't provide the same satisfaction as provoking Levi upon his return. No, they needed more than this to really get him going.
Thankfully, MC knew exactly where to go. Of all the brothers, Lucifer was one of the most comfortable with Levi and MC's arrangement -- and consequently, one of the ones who knew their body best.
The clock struck 1:00 AM as MC snuck out of their bedroom and over to Lucifer's chambers. They didn't hesitate to crack the door open, Lucifer's soft snores echoing in the hall as MC tiptoed into his bedroom. Closing the door quietly behind them, they slipped into the eldest brother's bed, as they had done a thousand times before.
Stirring from his slumber, Lucifer rolled over, instinctively slinging his arm over their body as he nuzzled close to them.
"MC," he whispered, pressing his lips against the sensitive crook of their neck. "I had a feeling I might see you tonight."
Whimpering in reply, MC arched their back against Lucifer's body, deliberately pushing their ass against his already-hardening cock.
"Use your words, love." He chuckled. "Tell me what you want."
"Please, Luci," MC whined, rubbing Lucifer's length through his clothes with their thigh. "Need you inside of me."
Smirking devilishly, Lucifer deftly rolled MC onto their back, straddling them and pinning their wrists overhead in one fell swoop. He moved so gracefully that he may as well have choreographed the sequence in advance.
"Now now, MC," he teased, his warm breath hovering just above their parted lips. "Patience is a virtue."
"So says the literal demon," MC grumbled, eliciting a genuine laugh from Lucifer.
The firstborn leaned down to brush his lips against theirs, sweet traces of peppermint toothpaste lingering on his tongue. They sighed contentedly as Lucifer's slender hands traced the outline of their silhouette -- eventually settling at MC's waist.
"Don't worry, beautiful. I'll give you what you need soon enough." Lucifer kissed them again. "There's just one thing I want to do first..."
MC gasped in surprise as Lucifer forced their legs apart. "Oh!"
Smiling in reply, Lucifer began to kiss the length of their body until his breath warmed their needy cunt. He palmed their inner thighs as his lips carved a path from their throat down to their nipples, their belly button, their hipbones...
"God, MC," Lucifer groaned. "I am simply dying to taste you."
And, without hesitation, he ran the flat of his tongue along the length of their slit, lapping up every last drop of their juices. MC inhaled sharply, hands instinctively tangling in Lucifer's raven locks, as his lips settled around their clit, suckling gently.
"You have the perfect cunt," he breathed, sending a shiver up MC's spine.
They moaned as Lucifer's thumbs gently massaged the delicate skin of their inner thighs, his tongue flicking against their swollen nub.
"Leviathan must be a fool-" He paused to brush his lips softly against their clit. "-to give you up for even a single second."
MC's hips bucked in pleasure -- but no matter how perfectly Lucifer stroked them, the feeling of his tongue alone just wasn't enough. They needed to be stretched; to feel torturously full... to be touched by him in every way.
"Give me your fingers," MC gasped. "I want to feel you inside of me."
He chuckled at their desperation. "As you wish, MC."
Knowing exactly how they craved to be touched, Lucifer slid two fingers into their dripping, aching cunt. He nimbly located the sweet spot inside, stroking it softly as he continued to latch onto their clit with his plush lips.
"How does that feel?"
Coherent thoughts evading them, MC could only nod their appreciation, hiding their flushed face in their hands while Lucifer continued to work their sopping pussy.
An audacious smirk crossed Lucifer's face as he pushed a third finger into their aching slit.
"Mm, just like that," MC breathed. "Keep going."
Lucifer forced their thighs further apart until MC's needy cunt lay on full display. His hands wandered back up to their folds; he held their lips open, giving him more access to the sensitive nub between.
With unfamiliar but exciting pressure swelling inside of them, MC closed their eyes and bit their lip. They gently tugged Lucifer's ebony locks as they rocked into the motions of his tongue, frantically chasing their impending release.
A flush of heat was already gathering at MC's core. They knew they were going to cum, and soon.
MC gripped Lucifer's hair tighter, bringing his lips closer to their drenched pussy. Their legs quivered as his tongue explored their folds, their core threatening to overwhelm them with pleasure.
"Oh, god, Lucifer," they moaned, "I'm cumming."
MC squealed as Lucifer coaxed their pussy with his fingers, milking their orgasm for everything it was worth. The sensation sent them even further over the edge.
With a cry, a sudden spurt of liquid gushed from between MC's thighs. Without stopping his movements, Lucifer groaned in pleasure, swallowing every drop of their fluids as his fingers thrust relentlessly inside of them.
After coaxing every last twitch out of MC's messy cunt, Lucifer leaned back with a satisfied smirk, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. It took MC a moment to catch their breath -- but once they did, they immediately realized what had happened.
"Lucifer, did I just squirt?"
Collapsing on the bed and turning to face them, Lucifer hummed in agreement. His breath warmed their lips as he leaned in for a peck.
"I've never done that before," MC murmured, pulling away from the kiss.
They buried their face in Lucifer's shoulder, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. He only chuckled as he wrapped his arms around them and yanked MC's body closer to his, hooking one of their legs over his hip.
Through Lucifer's clothes, MC could already feel his rock-hard dick pulsing against their stomach, aching to fuck them. A fresh surge of heat swelled between their thighs in response.
"Well, then," Lucifer teased, "let's see if I can make you do it again."
. . .
"So, what did you do while I was gone?"
Levi had been back from the Ruri-chan convention for a few hours now. He and MC were relaxing in his room, MC perched in his lap while his thumbs fiddled with a video game controller.
MC smirked. This was the perfect moment to make him jealous. They shrugged nonchalantly, committed to the bit.
"Oh, not much... Lucifer made me squirt."
Levi clenched his jaw, his grip on the controller tightening until his knuckles went white. "He what?"
"Come on, baby," MC teased, gently stroking Levi's violet hair as he fumed. "You know that we agreed to see other people when you're away."
"I know about our agreement," Levi snapped, jumping to his feet and abandoning the controller. "I just didn't expect-"
MC also stood up, finishing his sentence for him:
"-that Lucifer would be able to do something you couldn't?"
Their eyes sparkled with mischief as they uttered the words. They knew it would make him feral with his cardinal sin, but they didn't care. In fact, his envy was exactly what they wanted to provoke.
A dark expression washed over Levi's face. He breathed heavily through his nostrils as he sprouted a tail and horns.
In his demon form, Levi towered over MC even more than usual. The height difference made their breath shallow; their heart skipped a beat.
"Are you saying," he hissed, "that he's better than me?"
Teasingly, MC trailed a single finger along the length of his tail. "I never said that. But, now that you mention it..."
Emitting a primal rumble from deep within his chest, Levi yanked their body flush against his. They were close enough that MC could feel how wildly his heart was beating.
Claws digging into their hipbones, Levi leaned in to nip at their ear.
"I guess I'll have to remind you how good I can make you feel," he growled, sending a shiver down their spine.
"Do it, then," MC retorted, defiantly meeting his flame-colored gaze. "Ruin me."
Grabbing their face between his hands, Levi violently crashed his lips against theirs. For a brief moment, their tongues tangled together in an intricate dance. MC couldn't help but moan into the kiss.
Levi grazed their lower lip with his fangs as they pulled apart, leaving their mouth red and swollen.
"Turn around," he barked. "Now."
MC smirked. "Make me."
Growling in frustration, he unceremoniously forced MC's body away from him, pushing on their upper back until they were positioned how he wanted them: bent forward; chest pressed against the wall. MC gasped at the sensation of the cold glass against their skin.
Behind them, Levi unbuckled his belt and slipped out of his bottoms, his hard length springing free from under his boxers. MC's pussy flooded in anticipation.
"Is this what you want, baby?" Levi teased, his other hand reaching around to unbutton MC's jeans.
MC could only whimper as Levi's hand dived beneath their waistband, caressing their pussy softly. They instinctively leaned into his touch, shimmying their bottoms down to their upper thighs.
"Tell me how much you want it, MC," Levi ordered, slapping their cunt with the head of his cock.
"You have no idea how badly I want your dick, Levi... and how badly I wanted it while you were away... how badly I always want you."
Backing up their statement, MC desperately tried to push back onto Levi. Cruelly, he withdrew. They could still feel him growing harder, but his cock was trapped between their two bodies so that there was no way they could fill themself with it. Instead, Levi started to pump his cock with one hand, overcome with lust.
The couple's unrestrained expressions were reflected back at them in the glow of Levi's fish tank, making MC's mouth water.
"If you want it so badly," Levi taunted, "then beg for it."
Tears of frustration gathered in MC's eyes.
"Levi, please," they whined. "Fill me with your cock. I wanna cum."
Levi sank to his knees, then whipped their body around to face him, shoving MC into the wall so that their back pressed into the frigid glass. One hand still worked his length while the other one forced their legs further apart.
"Ahh... such an obedient little slut." Levi's fingers glided up MC's thigh. "Don't worry, you'll get what you want eventually. But first..."
MC gasped as Levi encircled their mound with his lips, his forked tongue slipping between their folds to access their swollen clit.
The sensation was distinctly inhuman -- and overwhelming. The two ends of his demonic tongue enveloped either side of their nub, savoring them from both sides.
Somehow, Levi could sense exactly what kind of strokes they needed and when. He set a rhythmic tempo, neither too fast nor too slow; changing his pace precisely when they wanted him to do so.
Pleasure quickly overwhelmed MC, threatening to spill over into Levi's mouth. They cradled the back of Levi's head in their palm as he lapped up their juices.
"Oh, my god... if you keep doing that, I'm gonna cum."
"I'll only let you cum if you squirt for me," Levi gasped.
MC whimpered. "Then give me your fingers."
Levi groaned. MC knew that he didn't like to take orders, especially when he was in his demon form. Still, he complied anyway.
He slid two long, slender digits into their slit, slowly stroking their G-spot. Their standing position maximized Levi's access to the exact area they needed him to touch. And, after a few come-hither motions, MC felt the same familiar ache building inside their core.
"Go on, baby," Levi encouraged, fingers pumping rhythmically. "Squirt for me, just like you did for him."
His praise was exactly what MC needed to send them over the edge. They gasped as the dam burst, orgasmic fluids streaming into Levi's mouth, their overstimulated clit twitching between his lips.
Every shudder of pleasure, every burst of liquid, only fueled Levi's desperation. He eagerly coaxed as much as he could out of them -- and, the moment he sensed their exhaustion, pulled out and rose to his feet to fuck them from behind.
Arching against the wall, MC flipped over, angling their ass in the air as they pressed their forearms into the glass.
"Fuck me. I'm ready."
Burying his head in the hair at the nape of MC's neck, Levi obeyed. He slid his cock inside of them, savoring the moment of first entry. While his fingers had stretched their cunt some, the dripping walls still clung to every bit of his length, eager to be spread.
He gave them everything he had -- and, when he thought that they had taken all of it, he forced himself another inch deeper, roughly pulling their hair as an anchor.
"You like that, baby?" Levi murmured, slowly rocking his hips against their hole.
MC gasped at the mixture of pleasure and pain as they felt themself start to loosen around him. They tried to push back against his cock, but Levi limited their pace, controlling how fast and how deep they fucked with a firm grip on their ass cheeks.
He tugged on their hair a bit harder. "Does that feel good?"
"Feels so good," MC mumbled, thankful that he couldn't see how warm their cheeks had gotten with their face pressed against the wall. "Please, don't stop."
Levi smirked. "Don't worry, baby. I won't."
Gradually, he picked up his pace until his balls smacked loudly against their flesh. MC let out a whine with each strike, their muscles getting ready to contract around his cock.
Noticing the desperate look on their face, Levi chuckled. "Ready to cum for me again?"
Peering at Levi over their shoulder, MC nodded vigorously, their doe eyes welling with tears again. Heat swelled in their core; their pussy clenched around his dick with every stroke.
"God, you're such a slut for me," Levi moaned.
He held their gaze intensely, the corners of his lips twitching upward slightly as he pounded into them. MC offered a tired smile back -- a moment of fondness to interrupt their carnal desires...
Then, leaning forward, Levi whispered seductively in their ear:
"Tell me when you're close. I want to swallow you when you squirt."
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banettepost · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
We were robbed and Beel did not go through high heels training just to not be seen in a dress so I took matters into my own hands
And a bonus Beel and MC below >///>
Tumblr media
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daplatypusway · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fiou I'm finaly done with my school project ! From now on I can have more time to draw and more for this fandom !
So I'll start by finishing this series ! Inspired by this post from @oceanatydes . I said it so here it is ! Very very late, but I keep my word. And even so it's alway nice to see some good looking spy demons, no ?
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og3-sk · a month ago
OM (high-effort) event doods. I got one detail wrong with Solomon's part (i thought he got pushed into MC), sorry!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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