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#obey me fan art
obaby-obeyme2 days ago
MC x Demon Bros
K I S S聽 M E M E?
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Tumblr media
She will run
my other OC Nate
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moemammon4 months ago
Levi: You're always making fun of me for my Ruri-chan dakimakura, but what's that you're holding?!
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"Hah? My love fer Goldie is different. It ain't nothin' like yer weird anime obsession."
Referencing this post lmao
Cursed dakimakura under the cut
I present to you:
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Goldie dakimakura
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viixiiis7 months ago
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Barbatos鈥 eyes glows sperately, depending if he鈥檚 looking towards the past (his left eye) or future (his right eye). However, when they glow in unison it鈥檚 him using his greatest power: selecting a reality to be the sole reality.
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k1ng-m00nsh1ne25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
belphie, your assassin boyfriend! after shooting a guy in the face, you ballroom dance with him on the rooftop !! (喙>鈼<喙)
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actually-c5 months ago
Demon Bros When You Ask Them to Stop Touching You
Prompt: A certain demon had been a little too handsy with you today and you were getting overwhelmed. 鈥淧lease stop touching me,鈥 you asked sternly.
Warnings: none!
Gender neutral reader :D
- A little taken aback by your seriousness, to be honest.
- It wasn鈥檛 often that he had expressed his love in the form of physical contact, so he was glad you expressed that you were uncomfortable.
- 鈥淢y apologies, MC. I didn鈥檛 mean to make you uncomfortable.鈥
- Very polite about it, doesn鈥檛 bother him.
- You?? Want him?? To stop?? Touching?? You??
- Immediately feels terrible and thinks it鈥檚 something he did.
- 鈥淲ha? MC, is there somethin鈥 I should know?!鈥
- Mammon is always all over you, so to suddenly tell him to stop touching you was a bit of a shock. After you explained you just felt overwhelmed, he understood but was still salty ab it later :/
- Poor thing does NOT know what to do.
- Like Mammon, he automatically assumes it was because of him. Like Lucifer, he wasn鈥檛 used to physical contact, so he didn鈥檛 know when too much was too much.
- 鈥... I鈥檓 sorry... did I do something wrong?鈥
- He was relived when you told him, but made sure to be cautious of his movements so not to disturb you. The atmosphere is awkward, to say the least.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, MC鈥
- It鈥檚 so awkward shshjsjsjs it鈥檚 even worse than Levi鈥檚 :,) he backs off, but doesn鈥檛 know what to do.
- Now, he may be the avatar of lust, but that doesn鈥檛 mean he doesn鈥檛 understand consent.
- He was thrilled you knew how to express discomfort, in case it was needed later *wink*.
- 鈥淎we, I鈥檓 sorry, MC. You鈥檙e just too cute!鈥
- He understands completely and doesn鈥檛 push it :)
- Oh. Okay. 2.0
- Like Satan, he doesn鈥檛 really know what to do.
- 鈥淥h... my bad, MC. Would you like some pudding?鈥
- He means well, but he鈥檒l be sure to be more careful next time.
- You think this lazy hoe cares?
- jk lol he鈥檇 understand but would probably kick you out of his room for like a month.
- 鈥淚f you鈥檙e not here to cuddle, then get out.鈥
- Like I said, he understands but couldn鈥檛 care less :/
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devilllaina month ago
Mammon x MC Commission for "acepastle"
Dm if interested in commissioning me
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