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#obey me fanart
ifeelredandblue · 57 minutes ago
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playing cards
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banettepost · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
So did Simeon have a guardian when he was Luke's age? Now he did. My oc Jophiel was assigned to be Simeon's mentor with the same teaching style he does to Luke now.
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omnibread1 · 3 hours ago
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date shenanigans!
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alice-revolution · 4 hours ago
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<artist : kkk276491754>
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✿ young mammon
admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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millkiii · 9 hours ago
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luke doodle ☝️🙄 plz i love his friendship with the mc its so cute---
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watermelonowl · 12 hours ago
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Haven't touched Tumblr in a while-- óωò Belphie art from last year
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hidemylovehidemyshame · 16 hours ago
Aww, your Beel sketch looks so cute! Could I request the expression in the bottom right corner with either Simeon or Asmo? 🥺✨
Hi there! Nice to meet you. n_n Hands are hard but I thought it was extra cute if someone was caressing our sweet Asmo baby. <3 thank you for the request!
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reference post for ask requests, it doesn't have numbers/letters so do your best to describe column/row xD <3;
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