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#obey me fanart

*spoiler alert* 🚨

*after Lucifer realises MC went up to the attic*

Lucifer *in demon form*: you went up those stairs, didn’t you? You knew you weren’t allowed to, but you did it anyway! You went up there and…and you met Belphegor?!

MC *visibily aroused*: What are you going to do, spank me?




MC:…b—because I don’t mind if you do

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Mammon accidentally tells MC he loves her

(I loved writing this and I love Mammon!)


“What about this one?” MC asked, twirling around in the third dress she’d tried on.

“Yeah it’s nice.” Mammon spoke, looking around the room.

“Mammon you didn’t even look.” MC chuckled. “Come on you’re supposed to be helping me here! Asmo wasn’t about so I need you to tell me what dress looks best for Barbatos’ birthday.”

“But they all look nice on you.” He mumbled quietly with a blush, looking down at his lap. MC smiled at his words.

“Regardless of whether you think that’s true or not, I need you to help me pick one. Now take a look! The shop will closed by the time you pick.” She demanded playfully. He finally looked up at her. As soon as he saw the way the dress hugged her curves, his cheeks went bright red and he turned his head away again. “Judging by the blush, I’m going to say this is a good choice.” MC smirked.

“I’m not blushing!” Mammon tried to deny. “It just so happens to be warm in this shop. Have some demons not even heard of air con?” He asked, tugging the collar of his shirt. MC laughed at the flustered demon.

“So is the dress okay?” She asked, stepping in front of him.

Mammon tried to look at her without his cheeks reddening or trousers tightening. “You look amazing.” He said sincerely, MC was pleasantly surprised at his compliment “Your bod’s bangin’.”

“Mammon!” She playfully hit his arm. He laughed at her reaction.

“Why ya hittin’ me for woman?!” He hid behind his arms, trying to hide his grin.

“Your ‘banging bod’ comment!” She exclaimed.

“What? Ya body is banging! I love your body just like I love you!” He chuckled before falling silent, realising what he’d said. Both of their eyes widened at his words. “No I don’t.” He quickly shook his head, taking back his words. “I don’t love you - just your bod—ah I mean not even that.”

“You’ve said it now.” She grinned “no backsies - you love me.”

“It’s the heat!” He tried to justify, sweating nervously, shifting in his chair.

“The Great Mammon loves me.” She teased, leaning down towards me.

“Me? Love a human? Never!” He laughed sheepishly.

“Well if you don’t want me to say it back then I won’t.” She said simply, turning to go back to the changing room.

“Wait…ya were gonna say it back?!” He cried as she walked away. “I love you, MC! Come back!”

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He overhears MC admit she has a crush on him (all brothers and Diavolo)


MC and Mammon were in the kitchen together, he was currently lecturing MC for being so nice to the eldest brother. Lucifer was already nearby, listening to every word - as soon as he saw Mammon following MC about he assumed there’d be troubled so he decided to keep an eye on them both (mainly Mammon - he didn’t trust him around MC).

“I don’t know why ya bein’ so nice to him. You remember he almost killed ya once right?” Mammon asked her as she poured a cup of coffee.

She had planned to surprise Lucifer in his study with his favourite meloncholy coffee and a few bits to eat but Mammon ensured to make this a difficult task for her. All she wanted to do was try and ease Lucifer who she imagined was staring at reports on his desk getting more and more stressed by the second.

“I know Mammon but he’s changed.” She chuckled at him, placing the filled teacup on a dish. “He’s gentle.” She smiled.

“He’s Lucifer!”

Lucifer raised his eyebrows as he hid behind the door hearing his name. ‘MC is doing all of this for me?’

“He’s different when he’s around me, Mammon. I like to think I bring out a softer side to him.” She spoke kindly. “I know you wouldn’t understand but you’ve got to believe me on this.”

“Sounds like you’re in love with him.” He muttered loud enough for Lucifer to hear.

MC chuckled to herself, pausing her actions as she contemplated the thought. “Perhaps I am.” She admitted with a smile before continuing to prepare the tray of food for Lucifer.

Lucifer was in a state of shock hearing those three words slip out of her mouth. He tried to remain poised, clearing his throat before returning to his study.


Mammon was on his way to leave the house to go out and treat himself to whatever luxuries he could find. As he approached the staircase he stopped when he saw MC and Satan having what appeared to be a serious conversation at the bottom of the stairs. Wanting to know why Satan was having such a serious conversation with his human, Mammon hung back and hid behind a wall so that he could overhear them.

“I can’t believe what you’re telling me, MC.” Satan sighed

“What?” MC asked, sounding offended.

“Of all the demons to have a crush on…”

‘What are they talking about? Who has she got a crush on?’

“But there’s nobody like him. He’s cute, he’s goofy, he’s an idiot.” She smiled

‘I’m an idiot, why can’t she like me??’

“Being an idiot is not a good thing, MC.” Satan mentally facepalmed.

“But I can’t resist him!” She giggled “Every time he gets so protective over me I find it absolutely adorable. And when he blushes…oh my heart goes crazy. I just hate how mean you brothers are to him.”


“But it’s Mammon!” Satan cries


“Yeah? I really like him, Satan. I might even go as far to say I love him.”

Mammon’s breathing became rapid and he had to lean his body against the wall to stop him from collapsing as his mind tried to process what he’d just heard.


“What are you playing, MC?” Beel asked as they sat on the sofa together.

“It’s a human game - ‘Sims’” she smiled at him “You basically create your own life and do whatever you want with it.”

“Oh that’s cool. Did you make yourself?” He asked, interested in her game.

Nearby, Levi was lurking. He had lost the disk to a simulator game he wanted to play and was adamant MC stole it. After seeing her walk downstairs with her laptop, he followed her so that he could catch her in the act of playing it. Tip toeing up the hallway, he made sure to hear hers and Beel’s conversation.

“Yeah I made myself.” She spoke proudly “that’s me there.” She said, clicking on her characters profile.

“Hey it says you’re married. Who is your husband?” Beel asked excited.

MC’s cheeks went red “uh…him.” She smiled innocently, pointing at the screen.

“Kinda looks like Levi.” He nodded.

Levi furrowed his eyebrows after hearing his name.

“That’s because it is.” MC admitted sheepishly. “One thing I love about the sims is you can make your crush and be with them in the virtual world because you’re too scared to admit your feelings in the real world.” She laughed

“You like Levi?” Beel beamed.

“Yeah, he’s cute.” MC giggled, comfortably admitting her feelings to Beel.

Levi’s cheeks went red hearing MC’s confession. He’d completely forgotten about his game.


“I don’t know what to do Asmo.” MC sighed, taking a sip of her wine.

“Just tell him or else I will.” Asmo exclaimed.

MC groaned as she laid back on his bed. She’d tried avoiding Satan recently hoping it would stop her from crushing on him. It was all going well until she accidentally bumped into him on the stairs - she almost stumbled over her feet and fell but thankfully Satan quickly got hold of her waist before she could tumble.

“I wish he’d just let me fall.” She moaned “at least then I’d have a reason to dislike him.”

As she continued moaning, Satan approached Asmo’s room knowing MC was in there. He wanted to check up on her after her near injury earlier. He was surprised to see her run off after he’d helped her. As he approached the door, he could hear their voices - having consumed a lot of wine neither of the pair seemed to know how to speak at a reasonable volume.

“Oh stop it, MC! You’re worrying over nothing - just tell Satan how you feel and if he doesn’t like you back then you can come back to me and I’ll make you forget him.”


Satan’s eyebrows knitted. Were they talking about him?

“How would I tell him? Would I be really blunt and just come out with ‘I think I’m in love with you, please don’t run away’ or play it cool?” He heard MC ask.

‘In love with me?!’ He thought, eyes widening. Having heard enough, Satan turned around and started walking away from Asmo’s room. ‘So that’s why she’s been avoiding me…’


MC was at her favourite nail salon in Devildom. She often went there when Asmo was too busy to help paint her nails. She’d gotten to know the staff there, one demon in particular. She’d struck quite a friendship with the demon and actually began opening up to her whether it be about her life at RAD or boy troubles.

“This Asmo guy too busy again then?” The demon asked, as they carefully applied nail polish to MC’s fingers.

“Yeah, he’s quite a sociable demon so I don’t get to spend much time with him.” She sighed

Outside, Asmo walked past, doing a double take when he recognised the back of MC’s head. ‘How dare she go to someone else to have her nails painted’ he thought to himself as he stepped into the salon. Not wanting to make a scene, he patiently waited nearby, noticing that MC was nearly finished.

“Does he know you’re here?” The demon asked

“No.” MC chuckled “he tells me off when I come here but I can’t help it if he’s not around!”

Asmo pouted when he realised they were talking about him.

“Do you like being told off by him?” The demon laughed.

“I do anything I can to spend time with him.” MC joked “even if it means I’m in his bad books”

“Sounds to me like you like him.”

“I wish he knew that. Perhaps he’d have time to paint my nails if he knew I loved him.” MC chuckled.

Asmo stiffened when he heard her words. Of course she loved him.


MC flopped down on Belphie’s bed, a troubled look on her face. It was just the two of them in the room - MC made sure of that when she knocked on the door. Although she knew the bedroom was clear of Beel, she didn’t think to check to see if he was in the adjoining bathroom.

Beel poked his head out after hearing MC’s voice but immediately hid back behind the door when he realised she seemed to be looking for Belphie only.

“Something on your mind?” Belphie asked, looking down at MC’s tense body.

“Is it obvious?” She asked

He chuckled at her before discarding whatever his attention was on previously. “You want to talk about it?”

“I was hoping you’d actually be able to give me some advice.”

“Oh? Do go on.”

“It’s about Beel.” She sighed. Beel’s ears pricked up at the sound of his name. “Do you think he could ever like someone like me?”

“What’s brought this on?” He laughed at her. “Beel loves you.”

“He loves me as a friend, Belphie.” She corrected him before sighing “I can’t say that I feel the same way about him anymore. I can’t get him off my mind.”

“Oh” Belphie smiled “you like him”

“A little more than I planned.” She pulled a face.

Pleasantly surprised at her confession, Beel pressed his ear against the door, eager to hear more.


“I can’t believe what I’m saying.” MC flapped, pacing across the room. “It’s crazy!”

“Yes, yes it is.” Levi spoke in disbelief

“He literally killed me and yet I have an insane crush on him.”

“This is like one of those tragic fan fictions I’ve read…” Levi breathed

“Not helping.” MC muttered, stopping her pacing to scowl at him.

They were sat in one of the classrooms at RAD as MC confessed her feelings for Belphie. She hadn’t even realised she felt this way about the youngest brother until she saw him talking to another woman and jealousy practically swallowed her.

“MC calm down!” Levi urged, getting flustered.

Belphie was at his locker - which happened to be close by to the class room. Hearing the familiar voices, he walked over after grabbing his bag. Leaning against the door frame, he peaked in the door seeing Levi and MC in a moment of conflict.

“I can’t calm down!” MC cried “I didn’t even realise I liked him until today and now that I’ve realised my mind is going crazy.”

‘MC likes someone?’ Belphie thought to himself.

“I must be going crazy” she repeated “all he was doing was talking to the girl - they weren’t even flirting. Tell me Levi, in these fan fictions you’ve read, what happens after the heroine falls in love with the demon that killed her?”

‘That’s an oddly specific quest—oh’ Belphie was taken aback. ‘Does MC like me?’


Diavolo had come over to the House of Lamentation to discuss important matters with Lucifer. He also happened to come over on the same night that Lucifer had planned to do bedroom checks. Diavolo found the idea amusing and requested that he joined the eldest brother on his little job. They made their way round the house, checking on every brother until it came to the last bedroom, MC’s room.

MC was sprawled out across her bed on her D.D.D talking to Solomon. The two of them were very close and being the only two humans in Devildom, they shared everything with each other.

Solomon knew MC had a crush on Diavolo - in fact he knew it as soon as he first saw them together.

The pair were currently gossiping over her little crush when Lucifer and Diavolo approached her open door. With her back to them, MC didn’t realise they could hear everything she was saying.

“So are you still madly in love with Diavolo?”

“I’m not in love with him, Solomon!” MC laughed. Lucifer and Diavolo raised their eyebrows, sharing a look. “Although I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be the future Queen of Devildom.”

Lucifer’s eyes widened and Diavolo smirked, realising just who she was talking about.

“I saw him at RAD earlier and he looked so fine, honestly Solomon the things I would do to that demon - the things I’d let him do to me actually.” She corrected herself. “He’s so gorgeous…maybe I am in love with him!”

“I’ve heard enough.” Lucifer muttered quietly, leaving the room. Diavolo followed him but gave one last look to the oblivious MC still yapping away on the phone. For the rest of the evening he couldn’t remove the cheeky grin from his face.

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Pt. 4 of the Drawing my Obey me! Mc with others ocs / Mcs series. This time Ft. @3rdgymbros‘s Samantha!! [ they’re a great writer- make sure to check them out!! ] 

If there’s one thing that an introvert [ Samantha] and an extrovert [Tsuuda] can both have fun doing, its watching movies and laughing together! And hopefully eating some snacks without the boys bothering them! 

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~It was based on >obeymebutnotlikethat< (from Instagram) post and I just wanted to preach it lmao cuz seriously I never thought about that.


~ I also want it to be that Lucky shows a bit of understanding and intelligence. So yeah he’s telling of Solomon but in a nice way :)

-E̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶h̶e̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶h̶a̶r̶e̶m̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶t̶t̶y̶ ̶b̶o̶i̶s̶.̶

~ plus Solomon does that thing with his hand that ppl do when they are thinking. So I dunno lmao I had this idea that he was just left in deeeppp thoughts after what Lucky said. I think I made it that Lucky is telling Solomon off but dosen’t even realise it.

~But I still find this comic idea lame tbh. I was gonna colour it but like my colouring is stupid and I am lazy.

You guys let me know what you think lol✨

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The brothers (and minor characters) reactions to MC farting near them

(I’m sorry I just had to lol)


Lucifer: *visibly disgusted* you’re lucky I have a soft spot for you

Mammon: fart again ya sexy bitch

Levi: oh! *holds nose, giving MC a disapproving look*

Satan: *looks up from book with a sour face* are you kidding me?


Beel: *doesnt realise it wasn’t him who farted*

Belphie: need I remind you I’ve already killed you once - lay a crop duster on me again and I’ll make it twice

Simeon: oh good heavens *wafts hand majestically*

Solomon: *waves hand at MC* controllius fartius

Luke: *fart makes him jump*

Barbatos: *deep sigh* please control yourself, MC.

Diavolo: *raises eyebrow before farting louder*

(Don’t ask me why MC would be farting around Diavolo. My immature ass couldn’t stop sniggering as I made this post.)

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The boys reactions to MC doing the "look at my ass" Tiktok dance?

I will admit, I had to YouTube what this is. This was a fun one to write!


The brothers reactions to MC doing the ‘look at my ass’ Tik Tok dance


- Eyes MC up confused as she positioned her D.D.D over the fireplace

- ‘Why is she wearing those shorts in the middle of the day?’

- Begins to admire the view before eyebrows furrow when music starts playing and she claps along

- ‘Look at my ass, look at my thighs’ MC bends over, her shorts rising

- The width of Lucifer’s eyes go from 1 -> 10 real quick

- Immediately turns into his demon form, launching himself toward MC, hiding her beneath his wings so that her D.D.D can’t capture anything else.


- Immediately knows what MC is doing. Jumps up from his position from on the sofa before the song can even begin. Mammon loves doing Tik Toks

- As MC is clapping she hears him join in behind her

- ‘Look at my ass, look at my thighs’ - both of them lean forward, sticking their butts out before snapping, slapping their thighs.

- MC cries with laughter seeing Mammon in her camera on her D.D.D, he was definitely more into it than he’d like to admit

- MC turns around, seeing Mammon still dancing. She playfully slaps his butt causing him to stop, a deep blush on his cheeks.


- Is intrigued when MC positions herself in front of him

- ‘Is she filming herself?’

- The music starts playing and MC starts clapping, Levi sits back.

- ‘This is just like in that anime I watched the other day!’ He thought, laughing to himself, picturing MC as a cheerleader

- ‘Look at my ass, look at my thighs’

- Blushes a little (lot) seeing her dance

- Begins to bop along a little in the background

- Cheers her on, she giggles seeing his cheery face in the corner of her D.D.D


- Raises an eyebrow when she gets herself into position as if to say ‘this better be good’

- Folds his arms over his chest

- Eyes flicker up and down her body as she starts clapping to the music

- ‘Look at my ass, look at my thighs’

- *immediately taken aback*

- He’s not sure how to react as she spins her body around to point her butt at the camera

- Literally just stands there flabbergasted, unable to take his eyes off her

- ‘I’m catnip to the guys’ she sings

- ‘Well she’s not wrong’ he thinks to himself while MC grins at how awkward he looks just standing there


- When MC comes in wearing her booty shorts, Asmo has an idea on what’s coming next

- Bitch please

- Pretends to be bored when MC starts clapping

- ‘Look at my ass, look at my thighs’

- Asmo throws himself off his bed, practically rugby tackling MC to the floor before taking her spot light

- Now it’s time for him to shine

- Perfects the rest of the dance, popping his booty and shaking his hips while MC is sprawled out on the floor in the background


- Looks bewildered when MC starts filming herself clapping randomly in front of him

- Is casually eating a bowl of custard in the background of the shot

- ‘Look at my ass, look at my thighs’

- Beel bops his head along, enjoying the music and MC’s company

- Has a sincere smile on his face seeing MC enjoy herself

- He misses his mouth a few times because he was busy staring

- Throws his bowl down and does a little bend and snap in the background toward the end, wanting to be part of the fun


- has a very bad feeling, he’d seen MC do a tik tok before and he wasn’t amused

- Bad feeling worsens when he sees her booty shorts

- He prepares for the worst

- *MC starts clapping*

- ‘Look at my ass, look at my thighs’

- As MC shifted her body to pop her booty out at the camera, Belphie ran toward her, quickly throwing her over his shoulder, carrying her out of shot

- She finds it hilarious

- Looks at her as if to ask ‘why do you test me like this, human?’

(I hope this was okay!)

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