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#obey me fandom
apparentlyaswarmofbees5 hours ago
Btw a Notice for Recent Requesters
There is one request that I decided to do and one I still haven't decided just yet, they are respectivelly: Plushies In The Shape of The Brother's Patrons (Peacock for Luci, Raven for Mammon etc) and Dancing With Mammon.
Due to the fact it has been difficult to get in the right headspace to write both, this is just a heads up to the fact that your dear writter may take a while to give in the results, but thank you two for requesting and thank you all for the good wishes! I have been well and honestly other than my mom I am the second to drink most water in this house, and I always make sure to keep tabs on my eating habits so I neither eat too much nor eat too little, can't say the same for my sleep schedule tho lol but I spend the days and nights having fun and doing my own things, so you can say I don't fall asleep due to me having too much fun to let the day end just yet!
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thalfox13 hours ago
OM Theory: Season 3 Finale
[tagged for S3 lesson 55 spoilers]
It's end of season theory time! And our theorising begins with the background of lesson 55:
Tumblr media
There's a lot to unpack here but let's start with the focal part of the image - a castle upon a somewhat floating put cropping, with a zig zag path towards it.
There are a few contenders for where this is, one of which is my theory...
鈥 The Demon King's Castle
Tumblr media
Seen from a distance, this matches the spiked tops but not the more rounded conical bottoms of the spires.
Additionally, the mystery castle is shown backlit from the sky - not the darkness of the Devildom.
However, should the Demon King himself arise from his slumbers... It's a contender.
鈥 The Sorcerer's Society
Tumblr media
Unless this is a building we have not previously seen, the mystery castle does not match the Society building.
鈥 The House of Lamentation
Tumblr media
An impressive gothic building, but many spires short of our mystery castle.
Additional note: none of the paintings in HoL or Diavolo's Castle match the mystery castle.
鈥 Serenity Manor
Tumblr media
A lovely Edwardian style mansion, but certainly no spires nor is it large enough.
鈥 Celestial Realm
Tumblr media
My top contender. It is not a perfect match but then, we cannot see all of the castle(s) in the Celestial Realm. It is hidden by both clouds and light - but it is also surrounded by coniferous trees and led to by a zig zag path, matching the mystery castle.
The hazy light is another match, as are the clouds themselves.
And while the figure to the right of the mystery castle is demonic, with demon wings...
The figures in the sky have feathered wings.
Lucifer of course also has feathered wings in demon form but he has so far been an exception. Whereas angel wings, we know, are feathered.
The Figures
Tumblr media
The two humanoid figures in the foreground are hooded, one on their knees in despair, the other brandishing a wand at the demon. Sorcerers then, magic using humans.
The figures in the upper left are of a traditional looking witch complete with hat and wand, and a figure that might(?) have demon horns - it's very hard to see this latter figure as there is no clear view.
A war between sorcerers and demons then, or sorcerers and a single demon.
The single demon in the foreground is monstrous, not at all like the demons we are used to seeing. Additionally this demon has both wings AND tail, again unlike the demons we know who have only one or the other.
It has a single pair of wings, and curved horns that most closely resemble Satan's. The wings have barbed tips at the ends instead of along the top.
The face looks skelatal, monstrous, perhaps even decayed, which brings to mind questions of what the "sleeping" Demon King might look like if awakened...
But the horns. Now those are interesting, for the same reason that Satan's horns are interesting:
Tumblr media
Satan's horns are a reflection of Lucifer's horns. A mirror image in that if you flipped Lucifer's horns on a vertical axis downwards you'd have Satan's horns.
Satan is unique himself, being "born" from an angel, a falling angel at that. And it always made me wonder... could another angel do that?
Was Lucifer the only one so traumatised by the Great War, so overcome by an emotion, that he alone created another being?
I don't think he was. In fact, another theory that I have is that Michael did exactly the same (he too is described as a twin - a mirror image - to Lucifer) and that that might very well explain why there's another young cast member with blonde hair and one hell of a temper...
Tumblr media
But in this case, no, I don't think the mystery demo is Luke 馃槄 Though I wouldn't rule out it being another angel possibly on the brink of falling themselves... eg, Simeon, Raphael, or Michael.
And only one of those has been described as a twin to Lucifer 馃憖
An Empty Throne
A topic much danced around this season is, who is the ruler of the Celestial Realm? Michael is in charge, or so we have at least been led to believe, but who rules? The father spoken of in season one has been pretty much wiped from all notice in season 3, with Luke revealing his knowledge that it was Michael - not Lucifer's father as previously said - that banished the angels from the Celestial Realm.
What Luke has been told doesn't match the truth, and it also appears that he does not know why they were banished. It's hard to believe Luke would think Lucifer and the brothers need ask forgiveness when it was their own sister - and MC's ancestor - sentenced to being struck from existence.
Simeon too has seemed more and more distant from the Celestial Realm this season, following his breach of protocol at the end of season two to steal the Ring from Michael's own weird Lucifer shrine needed for MC to survive.
His trip to the fairy-created version of the Celestial Realm path seemed for him a time of great nostalgia - of happiness and contentment that he no longer associated with that Realm.
And now we find out that it was not Michael who sent Simeon and Luke to the human world, but a message from Raphael.
Something is happening in the Celestial Realm and to Simeon's faith in the structure of things.
Michael has been keeping a personal eye on MC, returning them to their proper place in the time stream yet also not interfering for a while, doubtless curious as to what MC made of the brothers in the past.
And yet all season, we've been tirelessly focused upon achieving stars, to aquire membership proper of the Sorcerer's Society, one Solomon tells us he founded alongside his apprentice of the time, who he later fell out with and is thus on bad terms with the society (馃憖).
Ostensibly MC is to get a full sorcerer's license in order to eventually learn how to summon the brothers. But...
Tumblr media
Potential Season End
Learning magic is not what MC has been doing for the most part, but instead how to exercise restraint, how to reconcile those with past grievances, how to manage demon/angel relations, and how to channel MC's own (huge) power through their demons.
MC has been learning the seven requirements for the Society that just so happen (馃憖) to be the seven heavenly virtues that run counterpart to their seven demon lord's sins, and possibly represent their virtues before their fall. But also perhaps the same virtues needed to defeat Celestial beings.
MC is being prepared for war.
Or perhaps, to prevent a war.
Whether it's the Demon King awakening from his slumber, or a powerful angel about to fall, Celestial civil war breaking out, an angel strike against MC, timey wimey shenanigans (please no!), or perhaps the not-really-an-angel in MC's midst, Solomon has been diligently preparing MC.
Not only as his apprentice, but as the one being who holds power in all three realms.
And that is what the mystery background shows.
Angels. Demons. Sorcerers.
The three realms, attacking each other, while one human with the weight of three worlds upon them, drops to their knees in despair, a sword and staff behind them.
Will they fight?
Or have they learned a better way?
Further reading:
OM Theory: The Seven Stars of Virtue
Obey Me: Seven Heavenly Virtues
Obey Me: The Theory of Simeon
Obey Me: The Theory of Solomon
OM! Theories Masterpost
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professionalsimpfor2dboys19 hours ago
uhh .. any tips on how to play obey me 馃榾 LMFAO its so confusing ,, do I just play the main story and ignore the chats bc main story stuff hasn't happened to me and I think I read way too far ahead??, sorry if this is sudden LMFAO
okie, so some tips!
so, the chats that pop up usually don鈥檛 really pertain to the main story anyway & are just for fun most of the time. I believe most chats are time-based, so you likely won鈥檛 be getting chats that are past your current place in the main story unless a certain amount of time has past! so, you can read them no problem most of the time since they鈥檙e mostly just for fun fillers and such!
in terms of winning dance battles in order to get to the next main story part, your cards are EXTREMELY important!
you can acquire cards from gacha pulls in Nightmare (as you likely already know) and also by combining card pieces that you obtain from 鈥減op quizzes鈥 which are essentially special events that are available for a certain timeframe.
(If you haven鈥檛 noticed, parts of the story & dance battles are called 鈥渓essons鈥 & events are called 鈥減op quizzes鈥 since it鈥檚 supposed to be that we are attending RAD and doing schoolwork there.)
From highest level to lowest in terms of card rarity (ie. power potential) is UR+/UR, SSR, SR, R, & then N (anything below SSR doesn鈥檛 matter in terms of using for dance battles BUT some of them have wallpapers, outfits, & chats that you can unlock in 鈥淒evil Tree鈥 which I will get to later!
Basically, you should prioritize leveling up your highest power potential cards first! I recommend having a strong enough card in each sin category since each dance battle varies in what sin they focus on (which you can see in the top right corner of each dance battle panel), which is Red: Gluttony, Blue: Pride, Yellow: Greed, Green: Wrath, Pink: Lust, Orange: Envy, & Purple: Sloth. It also helps to have two strong cards for each sin but with different characters on them since then they both can be used in the dance battle that wants that sin, but that鈥檚 more for when you already have strong cards & have the time to level up more. It also may help leveling up your cards with the best special skills! Any special skill that bans the opponent鈥檚 skills are extremely helpful, but honestly just having high level cards is the most important.
In order to continuously keep leveling your cards, you will need to unlock places in Devil Tree that you do so by using Grimm (easy obtainable through clearing lessons you鈥檝e already obtained 2 or 3 stars on by clicking the Clear x5 button, though note that this uses AP, or through 鈥:D Jobs鈥) and also items used to strengthen cards (they vary, but are usually obtainable through specific lessons that give those specific items or during Levi鈥檚 Otaku Boot Camp that comes around every once & a while to help with getting these items. it will tell you if you have the correct amount to unlock spaces in Devil Tree & if you don鈥檛 then it will show you specific lessons that give you those items).
Memory cards are also really important (but your main cards should be your priority nonetheless). You can obtain memory cards through 鈥淐hapter M鈥 in 鈥淣ightmare鈥 and they essentially work the same as cards.
There are also items called 鈥済low sticks鈥 that help you win dance battles that you buy from 鈥淎kuzon鈥 with Devil Points. They鈥檙e extremely helpful, especially once you hit about lesson 30. I, personally, always only buy rainbow ones since they strengthen your cards much more than the other colors and pertain to everyone, even though they cost more it鈥檚 worth it in terms of strengthening.
During dance battles, you鈥檒l see bars under your characters (on the ride side) that pertain to when their special attacks are ready. I recommend clicking them as soon as they are ready, so there is more time for the bar to regenerate & for them to be able to use their special attacks again.
so, yeah! that should be the basics & what is the overall priority of obey me! I hope it helped & promise you鈥檒l get the hang of it lickety-split!
here are some actual 鈥渢ip-tips鈥 that are really helpful to know: (these are actually really helpful)
you are essentially given a free 18 devil points EVERY DAY by completing 7 of your daily to-dos, which are very easy to complete! I recommend doing it everyday bc it really adds up! (the daily to-dos refresh at 11 pm)
If you鈥檙e struggling with not having enough AP, then there is a deal that saves Devil Points that available once daily. Once depleting your AP to below 10 I believe, they will offer you 600 AP & some Grimm for only about 10 Devil Points. TAKE IT! It鈥檚 a wayyy better deal than manually buying AP with Devil Points.
Similar to the last tip, you can save money on rainbow glow sticks once every day. Simply lose a dance battle (making sure you have at least 20 Devil points) and they will offer a deal for 5 rainbow glow sticks, some Grimm, & some AP all for just 20 Devil points! mind you, one rainbow glow stick from Akuzon is 6 Devil points so do the math.
You鈥檙e smiley face character doesn鈥檛 ALWAYS dictate if you鈥檙e going to win the dance battle or not. The smiley face can be blue & crying & you can still win as long as you look at your opponents鈥 special skills & your total strength is only a few thousand points below that of the opponents. I recommend your smiley face character to be smiley when the opponents have any stun, paralyze, or confusion special skill that keeps your characters from being able to use their special attack. You can gauge how many glow sticks or leveling up you need by just going into the dance battle with either nothing or a few non-rainbow glow sticks equipped & seeing how far away you are from the line/the opponents special attack pattern.
Since the opponents鈥 special attacks pattern usually changes with every attempt at a dance battle, some of their patterns may be more advantageous to you than the others. If you have rainbow glow sticks equipped & believe you can win by trying again, simply close out of the game completely and reopen it. It will ask if you want to resume where you left off which you will click 鈥渞esume鈥 to & then it will restart the battle with your glow sticks still intact. This had saved me so many times. ESPECIALLY LESSON 4O鈥檚 BOSS BATTLE LEGIT JUST KEEP DOING IT OVER & OVER & YOULL EVENTUALLY GET IT!!
In terms of the fun customization part of Obey Me like the profile pics, Majolish outfits & wallpapers, special chats, etc. I found it extremely helpful to just go through Majolish & click on the item you want. It will tell you the card you can get it from & whether you have it or not!
Oh, & choosing the characters with sparkles around them for :D Jobs gives more of a chance of special drops!
Make sure to make a obey me save password for if you ever delete the app/get a new phone! They also reward you with 30 Devil Points if you do so, so there鈥檚 rly no point not to.
For surprise guest combos, you either memorize them or find them on google. But I can give you the main ones here off the top of my head:
Any of the brothers if they ask for a high-five EXCEPT FOR LUCIFER, SATAN, & BEEL: high-five, Head-rub, Head-rub
If Lucifer or Satan ask for a high-five: high-five, YOUR right/THEIR left shoulder TAP, hand tap (they usually have it on top of their chest)
If Beel asks for a high-five: high-five, chest-rub, chest-rub
Mammon if he says 鈥渕uahahaha鈥: Head-rub, YOUR right/HIS LEFT arm rub, face-rub
Lucifer if you get 3 stars but he doesn鈥檛 ask for a high-five: lip-rub, Head-tap, Hand-tap
I think that鈥檚 all I can think of for now! maybe I鈥檒l add more if it pops up! I hope this helped & sorry it got so long haha. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys Obey Me as much as I do! I honestly can鈥檛 wait for their sheep plushies I KNOW they鈥檙e inevitably going to come out with :D
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all-hail-asmodeusa day ago
Tumblr media
Man it feels like the lessons are getting shorter and shorter... there were only 8 parts like bro.
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all-hail-asmodeusa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
10/10 I love it馃槱馃槍馃挄鉁
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kitaminx2 days ago
Tumblr media
My friend introduced her Obey Me! MC (Evie over at @niirasri) so I thought I'd introduce one of mine uwu
Their name is River! They work as Levi's mod/vid editor online and sometimes help Asmo and Mammon with the same.
I have a couple comics planned with River and the boys so their relationship dynamics hopefully will become clear soon 鈽猴笍
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meanpauline013 days ago
Waiter Lucifer
Based off of Daily Chat 鈥淗elp! 2鈥 and 鈥淗elp! 3鈥 Warnings: none, kind of Lucifer x reader
Lucifer working part-time at Hell鈥檚 Kitchen? No way. He鈥檚 filling in for MAMMON? Double no way. But there he was, serving customers with grace and prestige right before our eyes. 鈥淭his is too good鈥 Belphie retorted. Satan hummed in agreement. 鈥淏arbatos! The best table at once please!鈥 Lord Diavolo had stars in his eyes like a child at an amusement park. 鈥淵es, my Lord.鈥 Barbatos fetched the hostess at once, he was amused too, I just knew it with the small smile playing at his lips.
Besides wondering how in the Devildom Mammon convinced Lucifer to cover for him, I couldn鈥檛 help but worry a little for Lucifer. 鈥淗ey MC, you don鈥檛 seem to be enjoying this as much as we are.鈥 The sleepy demon rubbed his eyes, just to make sure his observations were correct. 鈥淨uite the contrary Belphie-roo. I鈥檓 enjoying this as every bit as you are, but not as much as Levi and Asmo taking pictures and videos for the world to see.鈥 Belphegor still couldn鈥檛 shake his earlier suspicion, but let it slide anyways.
The hostess finally sat the 8 of us down, passing out the menus. With the exception of Beel already a regular returning customer, who is much more interested in eating to his stomach鈥檚 content then to observe Lucifer. Speaking of the Devil, he approached the table, 鈥淲elcome to Hell鈥檚 Kitchen, is this your first time with us?鈥 The table was deciding between going along with Lucifer鈥檚 perfect service act or to harass him a little. Diavolo鈥檚 hearty laugh broke the curiosity, 鈥淐ome on now Lucifer, no need to act that way with us.鈥 Lucifer鈥檚 shoulders dropped just a bit, and the tiredness in his eyes returned. If there was anything Lucifer wasn鈥檛 good at, masking his true feelings was certainly not one of them. Even with his composure dropped a little, he still embodies perfection. 鈥淧lease, let鈥檚 get this over with my Lord.鈥 The eldest pleaded.
After Lucifer took the tables orders鈥, he excused himself from the crowd to return with their meals. 鈥淯h, I-I- please excuse me gentlemen.鈥 I quickly rushed over to the bathroom to stop Lucifer before reaching the kitchen. I cleared my throat to catch Lucifer鈥檚 attention, 鈥淟ucifer, are you really okay with this?鈥 He smirked at me slightly amused, 鈥淚鈥檓 afraid you鈥檒l have to elaborate on that statement.鈥 A sigh escaped my lips, I hate entertaining him anymore than I do, I looked down and answered him, 鈥淚t鈥檚 just- I can鈥檛 imagine how hard it must have been to put your pride aside to be a waiter here. I mean, yeah, Hell鈥檚 Kitchen certainly isn鈥檛 the most run down restaurant, but it certainly isn鈥檛 the most prestigious to fit the Almighty Lucifer鈥檚 standards.鈥 He smiled a bit more after hearing my explanation, 鈥淢ammon had an honest favor to ask. It couldn鈥檛 hurt to indulge in him just a little for this rare occurrence.鈥 A small smile spread across my face, 鈥淵ou really do love him don鈥檛 you, Luci?鈥 鈥淒on鈥檛 push it, MC.鈥 He ruffled my hair, and kissed my forehead, 鈥淟et me get these orders in before Beelzebub throws a fit. I鈥檒l see you after my shift.鈥 I nodded my head letting the prideful demon continue with his work. I look foreword to seeing him unwind back at the House of Lamentation.
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random-fandomtrash-om3 days ago
I'm a big MCU fan (along with DC), and I just can't stop myself from seeing my mc as like a super hero lately. Seriously though. They would have the most bizarre back story.
"Hey, where did you get all the that power from?"
"Oh well ya know, made some pacts with the 7 leaders of hell, no biggie. Along with the fact that I'm part angel somewhere in my blood line, that also helps lol."
I'm dead. I just can't stop thinking of super hero outfits for my mc. Like bro.
Idk why but mc kinda ain't doing anything besides getting demon seggs and pissing off deities. Why don't they use their powers for something cool. Like. Idk. BECOMEING A MORDEN DAY HERO. You can't tell me that isn't awsome. Mc kinda just here to talk to people, and I want a full on avengers fight to see how strong they've gotten over the years. (Also I'm like in lesson 40, so maybe they do in the future. Idk. Haven't gotten that far.)
Also I just like the idea of mc coming back to devildom with war stories of what they've been doing. Just food for thought really.
Anyone else feel my sentiment?
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linpunny4 days ago
Tumblr media
Onishi Satoshi every body! Boys in the house episode 2
Look he鈥檚 dancing 馃槀
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all-hail-asmodeus6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am already impatient I wanna get lesson 55 ;-;
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