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#obey me fanfiction
agent-bee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Ever since he left the human world, Mammon has spent his days dreaming of the sun. Tags/Warnings: gn!reader, s*xually suggestive themes (it is heavily implied that the two of you bang...many times), Mammon is very depressed A/N: Hi. Hello. It's me just having endless Mammon brain rot. This is my first Obey Me fic, so please be gentle. I just love Mammon a lot and this fic idea has been haunting me for weeks.
Tumblr media
Mammon thought he was in love with the sun. He has been trying to convince himself that is why his heart feels so hollow. It was the way that the sun shimmered and danced along your sleeping frame in the early morning. Your little snores and sighs of comfort had stirred him awake that morning—the morning of the day that has haunted his every moment since he left. He woke up disoriented, still in disbelief that you were really there. That he was really there. But there you both were, tangled in your soft white sheets and the warmth of each others’ embraces in your bed in the human world. He spent a long time just watching you sleep. He watched the morning sunbeams shift from a gentle orange to pale amber to a much brighter yellow as the minutes slipped by, painting your skin and hair like a canvas. You always look so soft when you sleep. It was the way that its rays sparkled in your irises, making them glisten like tiny pools of molten gold, as you blinked the sleep from your eyes. You shined brighter than a pile of a million grimm—more than all of the gems and jewellery and coins he’s ever stolen. You were dazzling. You were his fallen star, and the sheets were wisps of cloud you had brought down with you. He knows that you are human, but in that moment, you were an angel. If he stared hard enough, he was sure that a halo appeared above your head. It was the way that its beams made your skin feel beneath his lips as he made a trail from your chest to your neck, to your cheeks to your lips, to wake you up. He could have become addicted to the warmth that seeped into your skin. It tingled against his lips. You giggled at first, still in a sleepy stupor. But as his lips travelled higher and higher, your laughter faded to soft whimpers and sighs. When you moaned his name and thread your fingers in his hair, he thought he was going to die. His heart raced impossibly fast and every nerve felt like it was on fire. He craved you. He was greedy for you. It was so hot it was nearly unbearable, and he ripped the sheets away from you both in a frenzy. He didn’t stop—he couldn’t stop—until you were screaming his name as you fell apart for him. “Good morning, babe,” you said when the haze of your high had cleared. “Mornin’, my treasure,” he answered. Gosh, you were so beautiful. He could stare at you forever.
Before he became completely lost, you pulled him into another searing kiss. Soon enough, he was pinned beneath you on the mattress. He grasped your hips tightly and painted your body in bites and scratches as the two of you made love for the second time that morning beneath the glow of the sun. Even now, it is still strange to think that the two of you made love. He’s a demon. The Avatar of Greed. Demons don’t love. They can’t love, right? It was the way the faint pinky-reds and oranges and purples of the sunset sky illuminated the marks he had made across your skin as the two of you made dinner that evening. He first noticed the love bite on the back of your neck when you tossed your hair over your shoulder as you stirred the pot on the stove. The bite itself was a faint scarlet on your skin, but the sunset streaming through the kitchen window streaked the tender punctures with plum and coral. He glided his fingers along the expanse of your neck, narrowly avoiding a swat from the spoon in your hand, feeling the marks and watching the colours shift as he disturbed the sun’s rays. He lowered his head to trace it with his lips and tongue as he tugged the fabric of your top down to reveal more of your skin—of his marks on his human—to his greedy fingers and mouth. “Mammon, I’m trying to cook,” you chided, trying and failing to wiggle your way out of his grasp. “I can’t help it. I need ya.” “You have had me several times today,” you deadpanned. “Never. Enough,” he replied between kisses along your newly exposed shoulder blades. “You’re insatiable, you know that?” you laughed as you spun around in his hold, flicking the stove off as you went. “Oi, what’s that mean?” “What? Insatiable?” “Ya, that one. Ya know ya can’t use big words ‘round me, treasure.” “Oh Mammon,” you sighed, tugging him back towards the kitchen counter as you pulled off your top. There were marks everywhere and his heart soared upon seeing them. “You’re so much smarter than you give yourself credit for.” He wanted to respond, he really did. You were the only person who ever defended his intelligence, even against his formidable brothers who made it their mission to tear him down. You made him feel invincible. But, you were so distracting and he couldn’t resist how beautiful you looked as the sun began to tuck itself below the distant horizon. So instead, he swept you off your feet and carried you the remainder of the way to the counter, placing you down gently before he devoured you again. It was the way that the sun was gone when his heart was ripped from his chest. He must love the sun because the one time he was falling apart, it wasn’t there. He knew that he and his brothers could not stay in the human world forever. It was inevitable that they would have to leave. However, when the night of their departure came, he did not expect that you would be staying. You told him it was to continue studying with Solomon and working on developing your magical abilities. He thought that was bullshit. You could keep studying in the Devildom. There were more than enough demons trained in magic to be able to support you. You argued. He yelled. You cried. He was destroyed because there was no way he could change your mind. The moon shone across your face as he stepped towards the portal that would take him home. He hates the moon for making him see you so sad. Even when you were crying, you were still the most beautiful creature he had even seen. He watched as you hugged each of his brothers, exchanging heartfelt but broken words of affection as they stepped one by one through the portal. He watched as your face crumpled when you stepped towards him. He still couldn’t believe that you were not coming with him. How was he supposed to leave you here? “Mammon, I love you,” you cried as you wrapped him in your arms. And like the coward he is, he pulled himself from your embrace and stepped into the portal without a word, watching you collapse to the pavement before you disappeared. He’s awake with a jolt—his head colliding with his textbook—and you’re not there. There’s no sun either. He had fallen asleep in class again. It’s been happening more frequently than usual because nightmares of you have been keeping him up at night. It’s been months of this and he’s exhausted. As he rubs his eyes, he realizes vaguely that he had been crying. His eyes were still damp. When they clear, he sees that the paper of the textbook below him is stained with fallen tears. It was never the sun at all. He doesn’t miss the sun. He doesn’t love the sun. It was just you. It’s always been you. His human. His treasure. And now you’re gone. Despite attempting to convince himself that it was the sun he loved every day since you have been apart, his heart always told him the truth. It was you. It’s been you from the very moment you were dragged into the Devildom for the student exchange program. It will be you forever. He loves you, but he’s ruined everything. “Is it the same dream again?” Satan asks quietly from the desk beside him. He just nods, defeated, refusing to raise his head. He didn’t need to explain his tears anymore. His brothers all knew. They have known since the moment they returned from the human world. Asmodeus casts a sorrowful look at him from across the classroom and Leviathan pats his shoulder as he exits the classroom. Mammon wants the ground to swallow him whole. In a semi-conscious trance, Mammon manages to gather his books and exit the classroom. He knows he has another class immediately after, but his feet just won’t work. He trips and stumbles and falls several times as he meanders down the hallway. He can’t do this. It’s too much. He resigns, weary frame and broken heart finally crushing him to the ground, and curls himself into a ball along a row of lockers. He sobs until sleep finally takes him. Next time he wakes, Mammon is in his room in the House of Lamentation. He doesn’t know how he got there, and honestly, he really doesn’t care. His bed is comforting and your sweater he has wrapped around his pillow still smells faintly of you. He opens a bleary eye to quickly check his D.D.D. There’s a text from Beel letting him know that he and Lucifer found him by the lockers and they carried him back to his room and that Belphie was coming to check on him in a bit. He stamps out a quick “thanks” and then tucks his nose amongst the threads of your sweater. He tries to fall asleep again, but an incessant banging on his door disrupts him as soon as his eyes get heavy. “Who is makin’ all that bangin’. Get lost!” he shouts with none of the vigour he had when you were here. “Mammon, it’s me,” Belphie calls from the other side of the door. “I think you are gonna want to come out here.” “Oi, I said fuck off! I’m tryna sleep!” The door splinters against the wall with the force Belphegor uses to fling it open. The sound of the wood cracking and the flood of hallway light makes Mammon dizzy, head throbbing and stomach churning. “Belphie, I ain’t tellin’ ya again. Get out,” he warns, but his youngest brother persists, yanking him from his bed. Mammon hisses, but it does nothing to dissuade Belphegor. “You’re coming with me. Stop being an idiot,” he scolds as he carries Mammon out of his room. “Oi, I’m not a-” His retort dies in his throat at the sight of you down the corridor. Your hair has gotten longer and your eyes are blown wide, but you’re just as gorgeous as the day he left. He’s dreaming still—he has to be. There is no way that you’re here. Mammon pinches his arm and rubs his eyes frantically as Belphegor sets him on his feet. “It’s not a dream, Mammon,” Asmo says from somewhere behind him. There is no sun in the Devildom, but he has never felt warmer or brighter than he does right now, watching the love of his life run down the corridor of the House of Lamentation to reach his waiting arms. As soon as you are within arms reach, he grabs you, pulling you tight against his chest and burying his face in your hair. Without realizing it, he slipped into his demon form and he is suddenly startled by his wings grazing the backs of his hands as they move to wrap around you too. “Treasure,” he sobs, voice broken but so full. “Yer here. Yer really here.” “I’m sorry for being away for so long.” He feels alive. Happy. For the first time in months, he has you in his arms again. Which makes the next question even more difficult to ask. “When do ya have to go back?” He holds his breath for what feels like an eternity waiting for your response, when in reality, only a moment has passed. “Mammon, I’m not going back.” “What?” “I’m not going back. At least not for any extended period of time. Being away for that long was torture.” “Ya tellin’ me,” he chuckles as you swat his chest playfully. By the next breath, he has you up off your feet and in his room, slamming the fractured door behind him to muffle the cries of protest from his brothers. “What happened to the-” “Ah, Belphie got angry cuz I wasn’t comin’ out and broke it,” he replies before dropping you unceremoniously on the bed. With a brief incantation and a swish of your wrist, the door is as good as new and the sounds from the corridor cease entirely. “What did ya do?” “Magic,” you giggle as you wag your fingers in the air. “So we can have some time alone, if that’s okay?” “I love ya,” Mammon blurts out, effectively sealing your lips shut as your expression morphs from one of giddiness to one of pensiveness as you wait for him to continue. “Treasure, I was a coward. A loser. I can’t believe I didn’t say it to ya back before I left. I’m so sorry. I love ya. I’ll love ya forever, treasure.” “Mammon, you’re not a coward or a loser. Now get your ass over here. We have months of cuddles to make up,” you laugh, wiggling on the bed with arms spread wide, trying to lure him down with you. He needs no convincing and is in your embrace again in an instant. He missed the feeling of your body wrapped around him. He missed the smell of your shampoo as he lays kiss after kiss amongst your hair, along your cheeks, and down your neck. He just missed you. When he finally reaches your lips, you’re crying again and he wipes at your tears with the pads of his thumbs. “I love you, Mammon. More than anything. And I’m not letting you leave without me ever again.” He didn’t need the human world’s sun. That’s not what he loved. Though the Devildom was dark and desolate, he has existed here for millennia without some ridiculous burning star. He has his sunshine in his arms, and this time, he is never letting them go.
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What Lucifer and Beelzebub do when you Cum
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lucifer x Female!reader, Beelzebub x Female!reader
Genre: Smut
A/N: enjoy 😇
Tumblr media
After Lucifer gives you an orgasm; key word give. You only get to have what he allows. After letting you cum, you're trembling almost violently, unable to control the way your body reacts to such a long-awaited event after hours of edging. When he finally splits you open on his cock and gives you permission, your tiny frame convulses like he's never seen before. You clutch his shoulders and gasp for breath as he continues to drill himself as deep as possible in your snug little cunt.
Those innocent little eyes roll back, your legs shake, and you scream as clear fluid sprays from the pink, abused walls of your pussy and paint his toned abdomen with your essence. He doesn't mind the bite of your nails down his back. In fact, it spurs him on. You smell so good and you look so beautiful... how can he resist? Now with one large hand wrapped around your throat, Lucifer no longer cares when you cum. He just wants to see that absolutely ruined look on your face over and over and over again until he's satisfied
Tumblr media
Beelzebub would be much different. The gentle giant towers over you, his enlarged tip pressed hotly against your clenching hole, but he wants to make sure you're okay with this one more time.
This isn't the first time you've been intimate with the sixth brother, so docile and sweet. He'd been eating you out for a long time and evidence of this was still glistening on his chin as he leaned down to cup your face and give your puffy, tear-swollen lips a slew of innocent little kisses. As he leans down, you shudder as his tip accidentally slides in and pops past your opening. So much prep could only prepare you so much.
He keeps kissing you as he gently rocks his hips back and forth, rubbing your swollen clit, to work the widest part of his length into your dripping cunt and you squeeze his biceps and cum as your poor little hole finally accepts the first half.
Unlike Lucifer, Beel would stop, rub your cute little tummy bulge, smooth his warm hands down your thighs, and tell you how much he loves you.
He thinks you've never looked more delicious than in these moments.
Once you catch your breath, it's time to stuff you to the brim.
Tumblr media
no surprise, I enjoyed writing these. let me know if you guys want them for the other brothers and other characters in the game (except luke ofc)
Mammon, Simeon, and Solomon
Diavolo and Barbatos
Leviathan, Satan, and Asmodeus
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belphe-whore · a month ago
Obey Me has taken over my life. I was on Instagram and saw they posted this
Tumblr media
And I was like oh boy what are people gonna say about lucifers feet. And then I saw this comment
Tumblr media
Which fucking sent me. Then all I could think about was this
Tumblr media
And now you also have to see this because I’m rolling
-Vex 😹
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thewritetofreespeech · a month ago
Little Red Corvette
Tumblr media
Summary: taking the car from Mammon’s latest Devilgram story for a different kind of ‘ride’.
tags: sex in a car, heterosexual sex, blow jobs, fingering, cursing, spitters are quitters, female reader
After your private pool party, and finding a hotel near the coast like Mammon wanted, the two of you decide to enjoy your little red hot rod a little while longer and take a drive up the sea side. It had been beautiful during the day, but it was dazzling at night.
You pull off after a 20-30 minute drive from your hotel. Finding a little lookout point that overlooked the beach, and the sea, and the biggest brightest moon you had ever seen.
“It’s beautiful!” You gush after you park. The engine cutting off and giving way to just the distant silence of the waves and few cicadas.
“I’m glad ya like it. I wanted this to be a special trip for you.” Mammon said. Reaching across the console and taking your hand. “Because you’re special to me, [Y/N].”
You smile at Mammon and lean back over the console at him to give him a kiss. Which he gladly returned. Your kissing slowly becomes more passionate. If the windows & the top were up you would be fogging up the windows like any good 90's romcom. Then you feel his hand on your thigh.
"Do you want to go back to the hotel?" You ask when you break away. Feeling his fingers inch further up your leg to the hem of your cover up, and making no effort to stop him.
"Ugggghhh....I can't wait that long..." Mammon whined. Looking at you like he could feel his balls turning blue just thinking about it. Then his face broke out in a grin. "Let's do it here."
"Here??" You repeat. Your face turning red in the moonlight at the suggestion. "Someone might see us."
"No they won't. No one is around." He reasoned. "Come on," he urged as he leaned over the gear shaft to nuzzle and kiss your neck, "don't you wanna do it in this nice fancy car. It would be so hot."
You have to admit, it did sound hot. Having hot sex, with your hot boyfriend, in this hot fire engine red sports car, was a triple threat of hotness. When were you going to get this chance again? You couldn't say no.
You climb into the back with Mammon, who grins all the way behind you at getting his way.
Despite his remarks earlier, he is kind enough to pull the top up for some privacy. Making the space that much more intimate for you. "[Y/N]...." He moaned as you kissed freely now in the back. "I want ya so bad. Gods below, how can a human like you do this to me." You half except him to say 'The Great Mammon's but he seem genuinely mesmerized and almost in pain with how badly he wanted you.
Not that you could say much else. Since you said yes, your panties were wetter than ever. You wanted him badly too.
He kissed your cheek, then moved down toward your neck. You moan and squirm under him when he nipped playfully at your ear. You hear him moan in return when your hands slip under his Hawaiian shirt across the hard planes of his pecs and abs. Mapping out the lines with your finger tips like they were brail. Eventually making it down to his lower abs, and brushing over his erection standing up in his trunks. “Mmmm...[Y/N]....”
You shift around a little (not exactly easy in this sporty little car, but you manage) so that Mammon was on his back against the plush seats and laid out. This was the only way this was going to work with how tall he was. Plus, you wanted to try something.
“W-What are you doing?” Mammon asked. Voice shaky, but clearly aroused, as he watched you slither back to the farthest corner you could manage and undo his belt.
“Isn’t it obvious?” You ask with a smirk you hope he can see in the moonlight. Then you lean down and lick his cock.
The demon immediately arched and moaned against the simple touch. Mammon was always so expressive when you were together like this. He might deny his feelings, or play them off like no big deal or a joke, but his body can’t lie. He was already quivering and panting as you wrap your lips around him. “[Y/N]....that feels so good....”
You hum out something like a thank you around his cock; sending another shiver down Mammon. You suck him off the way he liked. Licking the shaft. Taking him all the way back for a moment before pulling back towards the tip. Fondling his balls. His cock tasted like the chlorine from the pool, and somehow still salt from the sea by being near the beach all day. It was an intoxicating flavor, mixed with his natural musk, that you start to squirm against his knee you had to prop yourself up on to make this position work.
“Ya feeling it too baby?” Mammon asked. His voice in harsh pants now as he was getting close. “Does sucking my cock turn you on?” You nod in between bobbing over his cock. Before you’d be embarrassed to admit it, but now? What was the point in hiding it. “Fuck, watching you blow me and get turned on by it is sending me into overdrive babe. I’m gonna cum soon. You gonna take it for me babe? Drink it down?” You moan around him as Mammon’s fingers played with your hair. Possibly in affirmative. Possibly just because it felt good. Either way, it was enough to send him over the edge and he was cumming erratically into your mouth.
You swallow it down in one big gulp. One because he seemed to want you to, and two, you didn’t want this fine luxury automobile stained. It does seem to turn him on as Mammon whimpered quietly when he saw your mouth come off his cock clean. Grabbing you by the shoulders and crushing you against him for a kiss like he hadn’t seen you in ages.
“Now it’s your turn.”
You let out a weak, open mouth moan, when Mammon slipped his fingers in past your bathing suit bottoms and into you. “Fuck baby. You’re so wet it feels like we’re still in the pool. Ah shit! We should have done it in the pool. Do you think we can get back in? Maybe break in? I can hold you up around my waist while we float around with my cock inside you.” You moan and buck against his fingers at the idea. When had he become such an exhibitionist?
His fingers tease your clit and hole for a little while longer, until you’re begging him to stop so he can fuck you. He’s more than happy to oblige. Cock still out from when you tended to it, and rehard, all he had to do was take his fingers out of you and move your suit bottoms to the side to be inside you.
You moan and arch your back at the feeling of his shaft inside you. Adjusting to it for a moment before you were rocking against Mammon. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you hear the car squeak in tandem with your thrusts. The shocks putting up their best effort to keep up with the ‘rocky course’ you’d set them on. There isn’t a lot of room, so Mammon has to let you do the work. He’s pinned, under your thighs and at mercy to your rolling hips, but he doesn’t seem to mind. His hands hold onto your hips for support as he watched you ride his cock in the dark, dim light of the moon still spilling in from the windshield. Your hands braced against his chest for additional support.
Soon enough, you’re cumming around him. Worked up by the erotic scenario and his fingers, it doesn’t take you long. Mammon, on the other hand, takes longer since he’d cum once before. He ‘takes care of himself’ in a way though, after you collapse against him in orgasmic bliss. Holding you tight and close as he thrust hard and fast into your over stimulated pussy. Nearly making you cum again.
After he was done, cumming in you again, he lifted up your head from his shoulder to give you a soft, lazy kiss. “Let’s get back babe.” He said, after you’ve both caught your breath and savored the moment for a while.
It’s less romantic trying to get back to the front of the car, and out of your tangled limbs. Apparently there is no way to do it gracefully. But, you manage, and Mammon started up the car and put the top back down. Letting the fresh air in and smell of sex out. You drive back along the coast towards your hotel. Enjoying the smell of sea air and bright night sky. With Mammon.
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janumun · 26 days ago
Between Devil and Sea (Obey Me Levi - NSFW)
Tumblr media
Rated: NSFW/18+ Pairing: Leviathan/Female Reader
Tags: possession, (Levi’s) rationale break/yandere tendencies, overstimulation, implied breeding kink, dubious consent, monster-fucking (he is grand admiral in his grand demonic form) Words: 1.3k
Summary: Failure to obey your captain of the ship hurtles an already troubled Levi, down a dark, dreary path. Abhorrence of the seas... what he’s forced to bear through his heavy mantle as Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy, takes a frightening turn when he almost loses you to what he most detests.
Tumblr media
Author’s Notes: That’s... 🥵 a lot going on, stranded in the middle of an ocean with no escape in sight, Big Brain Nonny. I am digging this! just like Levi will be digging into her down below 😇😇 This is very consensual in my mind but will read as dubious consent because of your request for yandere Levi. Stay thirsty, kinky and I hope you enjoy your read!
(Requests for this event are now closed, dear readers. Thank you to all those who participated.)
Tumblr media
“I told you to be careful. I told you to stay below deck!”
Your fingers brush against the insignia of his crisp white uniform — a fleeting graze — before Levi wrenches himself away from your touch once more. Smoothing a gloved hand down the line of his shirt, he angles himself your way. Vermillion gaze refusing to meets yours, he stares just past you; brows knotted still with the sharp worry and dread that darkens his features. Murmuring words of disbelief and disapproval over your actions earlier.
And before you can try reach for him, the coiling pressure against your stomach grips once more, his thick appendage shoving deeper into your pussy. The torturous drag of the scaled surface of his tail punching a warbled moan out of you.
Levi’s gaze flitters to yours for one brief reprieve before he denies you once more. His tail tightens its curl about your abdomen, pressing your legs apart when you try push them closed. Rocking the tapered end of the appendage into your pussy. The sheer size of just the tip — far slender than the rest of it and yet, wide enough it splits you open, makes you squirm atop the wooden surface of the Admiral’s work-desk. “You don’t really care for me, do you? Look at you, weeping across my tail… fucking yourself over it as if it’s a toy. Hah… why would you care?” His shoulders sink at the notion, expression shrouded beneath the brim of his peaked cap.
You move to refute him, violently shaking your head in denial of his accusation. And the previously steady thrusts into your pussy turn erratic in a sudden burst of violence. The ridged surface of him propelling inhumane and brisk, into your walls, throws you into another orgasm. Wrenching tears from wide eyes at the forced drive of stimulation as his tail continues writhing within you.
Recalling to mind why exactly you’d ended up in this predicament of being doubted of your intentions for your beloved. A request you’d made to accompany Levi on his next assignment as Grand Admiral; a chance for a peaceful voyage across Hell’s Sea gone awry when you’d broken your promise to value your safety above all else…
The unprecedented violence of the storms that caught the ship an hour into your journey, had Levi asking you to stay put within the Captain’s quarters while he left for the deck to deal with the situation on board.
Worry for his safety wracking your nerves as the large ship was rocked about violently. Seemingly afloat by sheer force of will as the storm continued to rage outside, as if alive and monstrous. With the torturous progress of time and the increasing din of thunder, you’d rushed above deck, in search of him.
A wrong decision; sea spray, acrid and burning doused your skin as soon as you surfaced. Watching in horror as soldiers dashed about to protect their ship on one greater demon’s orders. Levi’s gaze — fixated upon the surface of the dark waters — vivid with an eerie brutality, as if he’d torch down the entire sea were it up to him. Recalling to mind, a reflection of him from when you’d first faced his wrath and envy — the terrifying magnitude of his powers almost costing you your life, were it not for the other brothers.
A great, dark wave whips upwards from the calamitous surface — no, not the sea, something far dangerous: a demonic sea creature — hurtling towards Levi and you scream for him on instinct.
Levi’s head whisks your way in shock, then frenzied panic; he shouts your name in warning. “Duck! Now!”
Belated, as the sea creature’s great sinuous limbs collide vicious with the ship, the colossal impact sending you skidding straight for deep waters.
Your world is chaos for the next awful moments: an anguished shout — Levi’s — followed on heels by the ugly wail of a dying creature, the spray of dark blood, macabre petals within the atmosphere. A rushed, frenetic incantation scraped in the roar of a voice unlike anything you’ve ever heard before—
“O fiend of water, creature of jealousy, in the name of Leviathan, I command you! Come forth, Lotan!”
And then, the violent propulsion of your body caught mid-air within the slimed coil of a monster’s tentacle, rising from the seas to his Master’s commands.
Your will and consciousness fading as you’re deposited, without harm, into Levi’s icy embrace. Your last sight of your demon rocking on his heels, with you clutched to his body, murmuring words you can no longer make sense of….
You scream, body taken in the ruthless grip of yet another orgasm, back arching off the desk you’re unable to move from. The tail within you continues its stimulation — albeit slow — into a numbed crescendo. Your body thrashing on instinct, to shy away from the intensity of it all. And yet, Levi remains ruthless.
The thick appendage reminiscent of his monstrous familiar in how it coils slick against your entire body, the slow inescapable tightening. Binding your limbs flush to your breasts; body drained from the incessant curl of him within your pussy, driving in steady strokes into you. Forcing you onto the steep curve of an impending orgasm. “Levi, please… I can’t—” A particular hard propulsion breaks your words apart, your walls clamping against the intrusion before it slows… then stops.
Levi extracting his tail drags a relieved warble out of you, your vision giving into grey in exhaustion—
Until a quick, sudden ingress of something long and incredibly hot jostles your mind, back arching off the wooden surface in a strangled scream. Scorched, almost delirious breaths against your ear, “I won’t let you kill yourself and abandon me. Iwon’tbeleftaloneagain.” His words are an incoherent tumble, a rush of desperation you’ve glimpsed within him time and again. One you’d ignored and soothed each time it surfaced, hoping to restore his gentle heart to its place. But the intensity of this Levi, almost untethered and unmatched in his dominance and authority as the third most powerful of the seven demon lords of Hell…
Your hands; fingernails scrabble for purchase across the sleeves of his uniform as your fogged mind realizes the one driving into you is no longer a cold, scaly creature. Levi’s hips heave into yours with each heavy slam of him into your walls, swollen with your arousal and his — a belated realization of his cock spurting its release into you. And yet he continues to plunge himself into you as if maddened. Your combined release staining across your thighs with each violent thrust.
A pristine gloved hand grips around your thigh to throw it wide onto his shoulder, “Love me, e-even if someone like me doesn’t deserve you. It’s... it’s your fault I’m so afraid… your fault! Your fault!” Vermillion eyes so pained as they implore you to look at him alone. And before you can give him your answer, perhaps your reply comes too slow…
That beseeching light fades out of existence; the cold hard look of almost bitter resentment replacing it as he towers over your body — the same stranger that had aimed to tear you apart, out of envy, so long ago. Now seeking to eradicate all that your gaze seeks to love, your demon consumed by the fires of spite and jealousy.
Driving deep into you, “I’ll fill you up with me, then… everywhere. Haa… until you know how much a pathetic demon like me loves you, only you.”
Tumblr media
End Notes: Thank you for reading!
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himbo-beel · 6 months ago
for @waltnut and their amazing demon boy designs! Ft. Mammon and some fluff! A bit literally. 
It’s true that Mammon has never used his forms to intimidate you, but it’s not true that he’s never shown them to you. During the early morning hours, as the innate magic that holds the glamours in place lowers along with his body temperature, it’s not unusual to be woken by the taste of feathers in your mouth. You paw at your face, grimacing at the feeling of wet on your cheek as you pull a stray feather off the tip of your tongue before slapping for your phone lost somewhere in the mess of pillows and blankets and odds and ends stuffed between them. 
You groan at the time that flashes into your tired eyes and the pressure around your middle tightens its hold. 
“Rise and shine, Mammon. Another day another....Grimm.” You’ll have to think of a different rhyme later, when you’re more awake and thinking less about breakfast and more about grammar. And math. And history. 
Suddenly the bed is twice as comfortable, the edge of a stolen something digging into your back be damned. 
The mention of Grimm earns you another squeeze from the tail wrapped you and you dig your fingers into the softness of its tip before moving it out of your face. Your other hand drags lightly up Mammon’s bare back to scratch under the bone where his wing retracts. Your shoulder buzzes with the coo that grows in his throat as he slowly follows you into wakefulness.
As cute as it is, you two have to get up. 
“You know what Beel will be like if we don’t get breakfast before him.” You run a finger across the scales of his shoulders, gold like the coins he treasures so much. The color starts to darken and the cool roughness of it slowly grows warm as skin stitches itself back over it. Magic that burns your fingertips and leaves a sour taste in your mouth works its way back over him and the tail disappears  with an arch of his back as he stretches against you. You inhale deep when its hold finally releases you, knowing there’s going to be a bruise later. 
Another bruise. You’re not sure if Mammon knows how tight he holds you when he spends the night with you. Some part of you thinks he does and he doesn’t care. Another part is sure he does care - and that’s the reason why he wont let you go so easily. 
“Or we could just pick something up on the way to R.A.D,” he saws with a yawn as he rolls over and tucks his hands behind his head. “’s not worth going down when everyone’ll just get all loud the moment I show up.”
Or there’s that, too. 
“Fine.” You can’t help but to laugh at the smile he flashes you. The tail may be gone for the moment but you have no trouble imagining it wagging behind him. “But you’re paying.”
“What? No - h-hey!”
His eyes flash yellow but you’re already rolling out of bed before he can grab you and make you listen to his protests.  It’s worth the cold of the floor against your bare feet and the ache in your back from sleeping on his stash to watch him wiggle himself free of the blanket ensnaring his legs. 
“Better get ready fast to make sure I don’t order anything expensive!”
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obeythebutler · 5 months ago
"Fate is cruel" - MC dies to something totally mundane/circumstances out of anyone's control, ie. the plague or some violence after they return to the human world, and the brothers react to them having no way of bringing them back or stopping it T-T
Mortals say fate is unavoidable. That it is outside one's control, that whatever happens to one is fate. Just fate, no other explanation. No matter how much you run from it, try to change it or deny it, fate catches up. Perhaps, it is better to sometimes just give up and accept fate, whether it be written in blood or gold.
But the demon brothers refuse.
They've always been stubborn, been the one to battle against fate, to not accept it, to fight tooth and nail if they have decided to not accept their kismet. Just like how they fought against their sister's fate in the Celestial War, and where did it lead them?
To hell. To the Devildom.
But the brothers refuse to accept fate, even after tending to the bruises and cuts, scars and nightmares, they refuse to bow to Fate.
But sometimes they have no choice other than to wrung their hands and accept it with a bitter taste in their mouths. Just like now.
Belphegor hasn't slept since the last week, sleep refuses to come to him, for someone who can doze off in three minutes, it's ironic. To see the Avatar Of Sloth pace around the room is a strange sight.
"I'm sorry, but they are no more. The wounds were too deep."
They're lying, MC is somewhere, they're playing a prank on him, they must be hiding in the shadows, waiting to jump at him and laugh at his surprise-
But no one comes.
Fate took away his sister, took away his once beloved brother and replaced him with something unlike him, and now it took away you.
In a corner, Beelzebub kneels on the floor, staring at something, holding the thing in his hands like a baby, while tears drip from his eyes.
A photo-frame, with three happy faces- you,him and Belphegor.
Someone came and killed you in the dead of the night and Beelzebub wasn't there to save you. You bled out.
The only remainder of your existence is that picture, one which Beel will protect till the end of his life.
Fate took Lilith and you away.
Asmodeus stares absentmindedly at his reflection in the mirror. On any other day, he would have spent hours gazing and admiring himself, but right now Asmodeus grits his teeth.
You died, and he wasn't there, no one was there to comfort or save you. You died alone.
He let you die, Asmodeus snarls as he looks into his eyes, and picking up the bedside lamp hurls it at his face, and the mirror shatters.
Fate took his family away from him. Twice.
Satan roars as he tears away at another ancient pamphlet. A corner of the Royal Library has already been decimated by none other than a wrathful demon.
His bloodshot eyes scan each and every piece of tiny text carefully, as the image of your dead body rushed to his mind.
It was a murder, they said. Someone came and killed you, and left.
Left you dying, bleeding, crying. Left you alone.
Satan clenches his fist with such a force that blood stains the paper, but he pays no heed. There had to be a way, you won't dare leave him- he won't accept this fate-
Fate made him hate his own existence. Fate made him lose you.
Leviathan stares at the screen of the monitor, which says Game Over in big, bold letters. A lost level would have made him pound his fists in frustration but this time, he just sits there, unmoving, as a tear falls from a single eye.
It was the game you two had played before you left for the human world again. He had saved the game data so you both could continue where you left off, but it can't happen now, can it?
You were killed, and he wasn't there.
You are dead, and while the rest of his brothers are desperately trying to bring you back, to cope with your loss, all he does is sit and play video games.
How pathetic, he was pathetic when you lived and still pathetic when you died.
Fate made him lose his sister. Fate made him like this. Fate made him lose you.
Mammon sobs as he clenches the fabric of a shirt in his trembling hands. It's yours, you left it accidently in his room and jokingly told Mammon to keep it, to remember you.
That joke turned into reality. You're gone. Dead. Away from him.
Someone came and killed you, and he wasn't there, your first man, to protect you. You must have been calling out for him in your final moments, and he wasn't there- being the scum he is, he never was.
Fate made him lose his sister, lose a part of his elder brother, lose you twice.
Lucifer weeps as he surveys the damage he did to his room. The furniture is in disarray, with the bed broken and bottles of expensive wine spilled, everything is broken except....except that picture on the wall.
It's a picture of you, that Lucifer had gotten painted, as you were family now, he had said.
You're gone, someone came and killed you.
Lucifer made the filth suffer with his own hands, and gave him a fate even worse then eternity in Purgatory. But he could choose others fate. Not his own. Not his own fate, written in blood.
You can't come back, Barbatos had explained on seeing Lucifer's pain hidden behind his cold demeanor. You can't come back, you won't come back, Lucifer refuses to accept it as he stares at your portrait.
Fate made him lose his sister. Fate made him lose a part of himself. Fate made him lose a part of his brothers. Fate made him...lose you.
Fate is cruel, is a lesson the brothers will eventually have to learn, whether by tears or by force.
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books-and-catears · 7 months ago
Y'all I just had a headcannon idea! If someone has already written about it please tell me I would love to read it!
But imma write my version down just in case :3
This might be more NSFW than usual so minors stay away okay?
MC listening to NSFW boyfriend ASMRs
Tumblr media
You were late to the dining room. Your headphones tucked in and volume turned up, you were listening to your favourite ASMR artist moaning away to glory.
Everyone else seemed to have left, only Lucifer waited as you slowly picked at your food lost in the sounds of the headphones
"MC you're already running late I'd much rather you hurry up."
Your volume was turned way up and you couldn't hear a word he said. Lucifer was swiftly irritated and walked over to you.
"MC listen to me I talk to you-" he yanked the earphone plug out of your phone.
"Ah ah baby you feel so good inside...good just like that... Ugh~"
It was hard to tell who was more embarrassed - you or him. You hurriedly explain what an ASMR is and apologize and close your phone and try to run off.
Lucifer grabs your arm and pulls you against him, sliding his hand down your back and waist. "If that's you wanted, you could have just asked..."
You couldn't go to any classes that day.
You were just chilling in your room listening to a new Tsundere boyfriend ASMR that was uploaded when Mammon barged in, asking to hide from Levi.
You were so used to people barging into your room all the time you didn't seem to notice. So you kept laying down, your eyes closed, giggling to the ASMR dialogue
"Oi MC! What's so funny? Can't you see Levi's gonna kill me?!"
You didn't hear him at all , still giggling away holding your pillow.
"Oi what are you even listening to-"
Mammon came around and yanked your headphones from your phone again.
"H-hey why are you touching me there...n-no don't feels good..."
Mammon face turned into a tomato. You were embarassed too but seeing his face you couldn't stop laughing.
He growled, "H-hey who are you laughing at ! And whose voice is that, MC?!"
You explain it to him and he scowls and pulls you on top of him, holding your thighs against shivering sides.
"Well you aren't allowed to anymore! I'm here ain't I?! You can do it me instead!"
Well, a real tsundere is delightfully louder.
You were playing against Levi in a rhythm based jumping game. You had found the perfect Gamerboi ASMR to help you with it.
Levi was in shock. How did you randomly get so good at the game? You were struggling to even get a 150 yesterday how did you rake up 1000 today?
"Hey MC, are you using some sort of cheat code?"
You didn't hear him at all, concentrating to the rhythm in the ASMR eyes fixed on the game screen
"MC! Take off your headphones I'm talking to you!" Levi said impatiently pulling your headphone chord away.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah.. baby your speed is crazy we're almost at the finish line...faster..faster~"
"MC YOU WERE CHEATING! AND WHO IS THIS AND WHY ARE THEY SO LEWD!" Levi screams. You can see blood practically about make his nose burst
You hurriedly explain about ASMR and apologize. He listens quietly and then pulls you onto his lap with his tail and holds you right over his crotch. He hands you the controller.
"I-if you like that sort of thing... I-I'm not against it... I w-wanna try it too..."
You hit 9500 points in the rhythm game.
Satan sat next to you in the library. You were reading a novel and listening to rain lo-fi when suddenly you got a notification from your phone.
"Library date ASMR noises". Pleased with the timing you immediately clicked on it and went back to reading.
Satan was reading a mystery book you had recommended and was whispering to you. "MC I think this new guy is the murderer. His story sounds strange compared to the others."
You were too lost in the noises to even notice him. Satan noticed you hadn't even turned the page in a while.
"Hey MC? What are you listening to? Is it some new rain music? I want to listen to-"
Satan promptly took one of your earphones and put it in his own ear.
"Hold in your voice and keep reading, love. This is a library after all, ah~"
"MC...who...?" Satan's face flushed pink, his eyes darkening. Was it desire or anger, it was hard to tell.
You quietly explained what ASMR is and apologized for being a bad reading partner.
You were out of the library when Satan grabbed you by the waist and took you to his room, locking it. He handed you your book and crept up behind you, his hands sneaking up your shirt.
"Since you seem to enjoy it so much, I'd like to renact all that I heard and more, MC..."
You don't quite remember the chapter you were supposed to be reading.
Asmo and you were chilling in the pool, enjoying a lazy day, splashing around in the water.
He was busy talking in his livestream so you decided to listen Pampering Boyfriend ASMR instead. You rested your head on your elbows, eyes closed losing yourself in the voice and cool water.
"MC~ I'm done with my live let's swim once more!" Asmo excitedly called out.
You were facing the other way so you didn't even see him. He frowned and inched closer to you.
"MC how could you ignore me like this! What are you listening to that's more important than me~" He yanked your headphones off and put them on himself.
"Your skin feels so soft and supple against mine...would you like me to touch you more, honey~"
Asmo squealed in excitement. "MC! You naughty thing! Who is this? You never told me!"
You explain the concept to him and he frowns and drags you out of the water. You get swept into his room, and into his bathtub instead. He slid his smooth hands all over your chest and thighs.
"If you wanted pampering, you could have told me MC. I can make you feel.. much much better..."
You still wonder how Asmo single handedly filled all your sensual needs.
You were in the kitchen watching over Beel make food. You were basically put there to stay guard and make sure Beel doesn't finish all the good by himself.
Feeling bored you decided to pop in your earphones and listen to the latest upload - Oral Pleasure ASMR.
"MC could you pass me the spices from the cabinet above you?" Beel called out with his hand outstretched.
You leaned back against the cabinet and absent mindedly handed him sugar instead. He frowned, "MC, this is sugar... are you listening to Mukbang ASMRs again!!? I wanna see!"
You were leaning back with your eyes closed engrossed in the sound. He appeared in front of you and took your phone and headphones.
"Oh baby you're so delicious down here...I could devour you forever...."
You swiftly take the things back and explain its a different sort of ASMR and try to get him back to cooking. He knelt down and placed his head between your thighs, holding them open with his bear hands.
"Is there a part of humans that's delicious? And that can be be had without hurting you? I want to try it."
You had to have take out instead cause the dinner was overcooked somehow.
He'd fallen asleep next to you while you both were stargazing. You wrapped a blanket around both of you and tried to sleep.
Plugging in your headphones, you played Sleepy Cuddles ASMR and nuzzled against his shoulder.
"MC come closer it's still cold." Belphie called out sleepily. Normally you'd respond and scoot closer but you remained unmoving, facing the other direction.
He pulled you tighter against you. He noticed your phone glowing. "MC did you fall asleep with your earphones on again? How many times have I told you-"
He stopped as he detached them from your phone.
"There there baby... Does this feel good... Come closer...your face is so cute when you're like this~"
You shoot up awake to see him towering over you, his weight holding you down. "MC, was it so hard to ask? I can do it much better than a mere voice." He nipped at your ears and presses kisses down your collar bones, his hands roaming on your thighs.
Welp none of you felt like sleeping after that.
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nyktoon-in-otomeland · 4 months ago
I Want to See You in the Dark (Monster Beel x named f!MC, nsfw)
5260 words. A soft, erotic story about MC seeing Beel in his lvl 3 monster form by @waltnut for the first time. :3c I highly suggest reading the monster boyfriend HCs and looking at the art of Beel if you haven’t yet!
Please feel free to copy & paste the text into a separate document and find/replace (ctrl+f or ⌘+f) the name and pronouns if it would help your immersion. MC’s (Nyx’s) physical description is absent other than wearing a skirt & tights and having cis-fem/afab anatomy. She is cis so the current pronouns are she/her. I just ask you not upload any altered version to a public site. Sharing privately with friends is fine!
CWs: fear of complete darkness/unknown monster at beginning; bug sounds; lots of Beel drool; oral sex; hand job; vaginal sex; ceiling sex; light breath play; swapping chewed food [Please let me know if I should add anything else].
* * *
Three party-sized bags of Super Spicy Newt Chips: two for Beel, and a bowl to split the third. Nyx shifted the bundle in her arms so she could turn the handle of the twins’ door and nudge it open. She wasn’t expecting it to be completely dark inside, save for the light that now spilled in from the hallway.
She had been expecting Beel and the lights on, of course. But normally, even when the lights were out, the Devildom’s ever-present moonlight would gild the room in soft blue and silver. All the blackout curtains must have been drawn. The sky-themed designs on the walls still glowed, though they didn’t illuminate anything.
And did something just move?
If so, it had been so quick that she barely caught it. Nyx froze, her pulse surging, struck by a flood of cold. This was the Devildom, more dangerous than the most dangerous place on Earth. Anything, something unimaginable, could be lurking in that darkness.
But this is the House of Lamentation, she reminded herself. The House was safe. Usually. Kind of. At least, nothing other than its residents had ever threatened her here.
Had Beel gone out? That would be weird; he said he wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t gone to RAD that morning, thus her promise to hang out afterwards and bring him snacks. But if that were the case, why draw all the curtains?
Maybe Belphie was taking a nap and wanted it completely dark, and Beel had left because of that? Maybe he lost track of the time and that was why he hadn’t messaged her?
“Belphie?” she called. Belphie would make fun of her for sounding so timid if he heard her, but the anxious coiling in her chest wouldn’t let her speak any louder. He didn’t answer the way he sometimes would in his sleep, though. She didn’t hear his breathing, either.
What she did hear was a soft mix of chirps and clicks, something strange and wholly unplaceable.
Panicked instinct made her throw out her arm to turn the lights on.
The room lit with a roaring buzz. Something launched itself at her, something huge, moving so fast she couldn't comprehend it--just red eyes, massive beating wings, outstretched claws. Nyx screamed and dropped everything, stumbling back into the hall. But there was no time to turn and run. The thing caught her, pulled her against its form, and nigh simultaneously slammed shut the door and shut off the lights.
“Help!” Nyx pushed hard against the body of whatever captured her, only to jam her wrists and crush against thick, immovable arms. Her mind whirled; she couldn’t run, couldn’t fight. All she could think of was the one person she wanted to see more than any other at that moment: “Beel--!”
It was his voice, spoken above her, accompanied by a soft buzz and a flutter of air. Nyx froze again, heart hammering. She stared straight ahead, seeing only darkness, her palms still flat against the heat and firmness of someone’s chest.
The arms around her withdrew, and she felt the thing--the person? Beel?--step back. One of the chip bags crinkled, popped open, and there was the distinct smell of spice powder. Chips ruffling, then a crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
“Sorry,” the voice said again, slightly muffled. “Light hurts.”
Now that she had been released, Nyx’s knees buckled, and she fell back against the door to support herself. She tried to gather her thoughts. Was it Beel? Or was it something else, pretending with his voice? Because it certainly hadn’t looked like Beel before everything went dark.
A chip brushed against her lower lip, its spice tingling her nose. “Want some?”
The offer to share was exactly the kind of thing Beel would do to cheer her up, though. Gingerly, she used the tip of her tongue to slide the chip into her mouth. Its heat seared over her tongue, the roof of her mouth, inside her cheeks. Its intensity was grounding, focusing her on the familiar, heady rush of their favorite shared snack. She chewed slowly, wanting to stay in the moment of the Known, until Beel perched another chip on her lips.
This time, she reached up and gently took it from his hand instead. “Beel, um…” How to even ask this? “Do you...look different?”
A short buzz accompanied his crunching. Wind stirred around her ankles. She waited a moment for a further response, but none came.
“Oh. Yeah. Sorry.”
“What happened?”
“Just like this sometimes.”
“Just like this? Like, it’s normal…?”
That buzz again, which Nyx guessed might be affirmation. All she could do was look at where he must have been standing, judging by the sound. Her pulse hadn’t slowed, her mouth was still hot, and she had no idea what to make of his answer.
After a few seconds of quiet, he nudged her hand still holding the forgotten chip. “You should eat. Helps recover.”
“Oh.” Nyx looked down, although she couldn’t see her own hand. “No thanks. I’m not hungry. Here, you can have it.”
She held the chip up, slowly so as not to nick him with any sudden movements. His lips brushed her fingers. A touch of wetness as he took the chip with his tongue. The sensation sent a startled jolt through her, left her tingling.
As “Beel” chewed, clicking mingled with his crunches, a chitter that rose and fell and made her hair stand on end. Nyx pressed back against the door. “...Was that you?”
His answers were strange--not just the buzzing and clicking, but speaking in fragmented sentences. Beel was often a demon of few words, but not this few. Still, even if this wasn’t Beel, so far he hadn’t tried to hurt her. Nyx pushed herself up and away from the door, reaching out to touch him with her fingertips. Sure enough, he was there, warm and solid.
“Can I see you?” she asked. “Not with the ceiling lights, but maybe the light from my phone…?”
This buzz was a quieter version of the very first she had heard, higher-pitched than his affirmations, a sound that might be distress.
“No phone,” Beel said. “Here.”
The soft glow of a rune lit briefly, and then moonlight poured into the room from the windows of the loft.
In the pale light she could see dark skin patterned with darker markings; see his forearms sporting long spines; and see the glinting of armored, raptor-like feet. His ears were pointed and elongated, he had a tail…. His horns and hair looked the same, though, at least in shape. It was still too dark to truly discern color. But in his eyes she saw a ring of white, and white where his pupils might be.
The gentle gaze he held her with was unmistakable. This was Beel.
...And Beel was nearly naked. The full realization hit her now that she could see him, even though she had, technically, already known he was shirtless, having felt his bare chest earlier. Not that she hadn’t seen him in boxer shorts before, but in this new form, she felt like she had waltzed in on something private, something he hadn’t intended her to see. Heat rushed to her face. By force of habit, Nyx crossed her arms and ducked her head, her hair falling over her cheeks.
She hesitated, but her name in his voice was a lure she couldn’t resist. Nyx glanced up. Beel had tilted his head and leaned sideways, as if to try and see her from beneath the curtain of her hair. His brows were knit, eyes glimmering with uncertainty.
“You’re scared?” Beel asked. “Of me?”
“No!” Nyx unfurled, the force of her guilt propelling her to throw her arms around Beel’s neck. Still, she tucked her head beneath his chin, not quite ready to look him in the eyes.
“I’m not scared of you,” she murmured. “I’m just...shy.”
Beel held her gently, petting her hair, the strokes haphazard but still comforting. His wings buzzed. “Why?”
“I don’t know.” It was an honest answer. Her thoughts and feelings were ajumble. Nyx hugged him tighter, all her anxious energy pooling in her hold, until she finally released him with a sigh, letting it drain away. She looked up then, meeting his curious eyes. He blinked once at her while his wings twitched in silent, brief flutters. Same cheekbones, same nose, same ridges of his brows. Nyx lifted a hand towards one of his ears, then paused.
“Can I touch?”
Beel nodded, accompanied by his affirmative buzz. She felt him gingerly, cupping her fingers around the back of his ear, brushing her thumb along the plush skin of its lower curve. Beel closed his eyes, wings humming in apparent pleasure, clicks rising in his throat again. At ease with these new sounds now, Nyx drew her hand under his jaw and down his sturdy neck. She could feel his clicking, a bubbly sensation against her palm.
Growing confidence allowed her a small smile. She stepped back, enough room now to trace along his forearm until she settled the barest touch on its protruding spines.
Something began to scuttle up her leg.
“Ahh!” She jumped, swiping at the unknown assailant to dislodge it from her tights, but Beel had already pulled his tail back. Now she could see its underside, the bottom of his shell-like tip covered in small feelers that waved gently to and fro.
“Beel.” Nyx clapped her hands over her face, embarrassed by her panicked reaction, though she was smiling.
Nyx peeked at him through her fingers. He seemed uncertain again, fidgeting, wings fluttering restlessly.
“No, I’m sorry,” Nyx said. “I just wasn’t expecting it. Can I see?”
She held out her hands, palms cupped. Beel placed the end of his tail in them, its bristles tickling. It sent a shiver through her and made her giggle quietly at the same time. Apparently encouraged, Beel crept his tail up her arm and over her shoulder to tickle her cheek. Nyx shrieked again, but this time in delight, dancing in place to shake off the jittery sensation before she caught his tail and held the half-shell shape of its end, gently bringing it to her face so the feelers could brush against her cheek.
She smiled at him--a real, joyous smile, the kind that crinkles at the corners of one's eyes. Beel smiled back just as bright, his posture lifting.
Then, her smile becoming shy, Nyx turned the shell of his tail over to place a chaste kiss to its curve.
Beel’s eyes widened. His smile fell away. He stepped forward, and reflexively she stepped back, only to feel her heel against the wall. He stepped forward again, only a hair’s breadth between them now.
There was hunger in his eyes.
Nyx knew this expression, the way his jaw set in solemn intensity. It was how he always looked when asking permission to touch her, as if it were the most serious and pressing question in the world. She waited for the words.
What she did not expect was for him to reach for another chip and place it against her lips, never breaking eye contact.
“Um…” Nyx could feel herself beginning to blush, unbalanced by his offer.
Beel urged the chip forward with his thumb. He had taken on an almost pleading expression. The situation was now so surreal that Nyx felt her world tilt, as if she weren’t quite grounded in her body. But he looked so earnest, there was really nothing else to do: like before, she placed her tongue beneath the spicy snack and pulled it into her mouth.
She had barely bitten down before Beel leaned in further to brush his lips against hers in a kiss. All communication norms were now thrown completely out the window. What was happening? The inside of her mouth was on fire. Her ears filled with an increasing buzz and excited clicks. And he was kissing her, his lips moving in a slow, sensual massage, sending electricity through her even as she stayed stock still, her mind reeling between sensation and sense-making.
Beel paused, the white rings of his eyes flitting as he studied her face. All Nyx could think to do was blink back up at him, the fragments of chip still resting on her tongue. He had a look of--concern? frustration?--and then his kisses gained urgency. His saliva began to overflow, rolled in warm trails down her chin. The tip of his tongue slipped between her lips, pressing, insistent. Nyx hesitated, then decided, at last, to surrender to the moment. This was still Beel, Beel kissing her, and she wanted his kisses. She opened to him, letting him explore.
Was it her imagination, or was this much more tongue than usual? Not metaphorically: its tip slid first across the inside of one cheek, then curved around, still extending, to feel up the other side, forming a tight U that barely fit inside her mouth. There was something about the weight and the fullness of his tongue, though, anchored amidst the dizzying rush of the spice powder and confusion, that made her own mouth begin to water. “Mm…”
Beel pulled back, the curl of his tongue sweeping away shards of chip between his jaws. He chewed, then brought his lips to Nyx’s again, his tongue rolling the small wad of mash back to her in a wash of saliva. Nyx shuddered involuntarily, her own tongue curling underneath the offering as if trying to allow as little surface space as possible. Still, determined now, she swallowed it, managing an affectionate half-smile as she patted his cheek.
“Thanks, Beel.”
Beel seemed pleased, eyes half-lidded above his own winsome smile. The buzz of his wings mellowed and he hummed, a resonance matched. Lowering his head, Beel nuzzled his nose against hers. Weird as all this was, his pure tenderness made warmth well up in her chest, spilling into a laugh. She nuzzled him back and scattered kisses across his cheeks.
Satisfied, Nyx leaned back, still glowing as she looked up at him. Beel reached into his bag of chips, scooped another handful into his mouth. She might have thought he was just distracted by hunger, were it not for the way he was staring…
“Is that for me?” Nyx asked. Beel nodded. Buzz. He leaned in again, but Nyx placed her fingers to his lips to stop him. “That’s okay. I don’t need any more.”
As if that were all he had been waiting for, Beel swallowed. He dropped to his knees, chip bag abandoned, and slid his hands up the sides of her calves--her thighs--under the hem of her skirt--
“Wait!” Alarmed, Nyx put her hand against his head to stop him. He looked up at her with completely unfair puppy-dog eyes, his wings making a kind of whine. “I’m… I’m not saying no. It’s just your tongue… It’s still spicy.”
Beel nodded. Without hesitation, he removed his hands to instead push up the hem of her sweater. Nyx pulled the rest of it over her head while Beel pressed his lips to her stomach, just above her navel. His tongue flicked once against her skin, sharp and quick in a way that made her shiver. For the next taste, though, he let his tongue cling to her as he drew himself up, slowly dragging it after him in a warm, slick stripe that ended at her bra.
There was a pause as Beel stared at the center band between her breasts and then, without further warning, sank his claws into the fabric and tore it in half.
“Ah!” Nyx jumped at the sudden force. But any reprimands went out of her head once Beel picked up where he left off, tongue running a trail from her chest up her neck. He pressed hot kisses beneath her ear while his tongue’s tip lit on the other side of her jaw, then slid back across her sensitive throat. Her breath hitched, beginning to come in short pants.
Beel’s kisses traveled down her neck, while his hand smoothed over the curve of her hip and up her other side, the calloused planes of his palm and fingers scraping just enough to cause goosebumps. He settled beneath one breast, mouth hovering above the other. Electric with anticipation, Nyx pushed her chest forward, longing for the promised stimulation. 
Beel wasn’t the sort to tease through denial, and in this form it wasn’t different. He didn’t need more encouragement to begin suckling, the thick base of his tongue rolling against one nipple while his thumb stirred circles over the other, sparking currents through her skin. A soft cry escaped her as Nyx arched further into his touch.
Beel's deep, satisfied rumble answered her, mixed with his steady buzz. Again his saliva began to overflow, pulsing in warm waves that turned to cool trickles as he sucked. All the while, a tension between Nyx’s legs grew sharper.
“Okay,” she breathed. “You can go.”
Beel was on his knees immediately. And Nyx was too distracted to catch him before he ripped the fabric of her tights and panties out of his way, then dipped his head under her skirt--
Normally, Beel would start with some buildup. Small kisses to her mound and inner thighs; then short, gentle laps with his tongue and flattened, broader sweeps; gazing up at her with adoration in his eyes.
Now, though, his tongue was already teasing apart her folds to wriggle inside. 
“Ah--Beel--” Nyx laced her fingers through his hair, bracing against the coming sting as he pushed against the resistance of her walls. Instead, his ample spit let him slide in smoothly. “Mmh--!”
Rather than pull back for another plunge, Beel’s tongue rolled in waves, sending ripples of pleasure through her core. With the tip, he found her most sensitive spot, circled it, caressed it, pressed against her uppermost wall so that she felt full, alternating so the sensations didn’t dull. Meanwhile, the thick upper end of his tongue lapped steadily against her clit. Nyx whimpered, bit her lower lip, stroked Beel’s hair while she tried and failed to stop her hips from bucking against his mouth. It only made him go faster.
The sweet strain built, and built, and built until at last the dam broke and ecstasy flooded through her, burning, seizing her muscles so she curled in on herself; and like a warm ocean, washed all thoughts from her mind. Only Beel’s grip kept her upright as her breath came quick and ragged, competing with her pounding heartbeat. And inside she pulsed rapidly, as if even her sex were gasping around him.
Beel sealed his mouth over her lower lips, pressing down with his tongue to capture the rush of wetness. One swallow was enough for all of it--but that wasn’t enough for him. It never was.
Nyx let him continue, holding on to his horns to keep her balance. Beel was more impatient now, coaxing and lapping more hungrily for his desired prize. He didn't have to wait long.
In its wake she felt completely spent, limbs weak and mind hazy in the afterglow. Beel kept going. He would keep going for hours if she let him; they had tried it before, though she had needed breaks. Right now, her clit was starting to feel numb.
“Beel,” she murmured, too tired to speak louder. He didn’t seem to notice. Taking a breath to try and rally herself, Nyx pressed against his horns. Beel’s buzz grew to a high-pitched whine, wings beating so fast she could feel wind picking up. He licked more desperately, and finally Nyx put her palms against the top of his head and pushed--though nowhere near the force needed enough to move him if he didn’t want to be moved. “Beel! Please!”
Beel eased off at last and slurped his tongue back into his mouth. The whine of his wings quieted.  He was giving her those puppy-dog eyes, though, and mouthing gently at the inside of her thigh.
Her weak legs and ruined tights were soaked from spit, of course, as was the floor where Beel kneeled. Somewhere along the way, the remainder of her bra had fallen off. It was growing soggy in a puddle.
Oh well. Asmo would be thrilled for an excuse to go shopping with her to replace it.
Nyx nudged Beel’s hands off her hips, then side-stepped past the edge of the puddle and slid down the wall to sit. Beel followed, crouched in front of her while she peeled away her wet tights and skirt to toss them aside. He was watching inquisitively, head tilted, wings flickering. She smiled at him, faint but genuine.
“Hi,” she said.
“Come here?”
Beel leaned in, and gently, Nyx drew his head down until their foreheads were touching. It made her feel warm, solid, present.
“I love you,” she said.
Beel smiled, and he spoke in a way that was almost sing-songy, accompanied by cricket-like chirps. “Love you.”
It was so sweet and earnest, she couldn’t help a giggle. Relaxed now, Nyx closed her eyes, thumbs caressing his cheeks. He licked her cheek in return. A gesture of affection, or just getting at the salt of her dried sweat? She cracked an eye open. “Are you hungry?”
Beel’s expression turned serious, almost reverent. His voice was low, tinged with a rasp. “For you.”
The words sent shivers through her, stirred her pulse.
“Oh.” Nyx hesitated. She had to look away, too shy to see his face when she asked. “Well...your turn, then?”
Beel straightened. He thrummed and chittered; though of course, not looking at him, she couldn’t see his expression.
“I'm not sure what that means.”
“You want to?”
“Want to know what you mean, or--?”
Beel took her hand, pressed it against his chest, then slid down, over soft skin and hard muscle until it came to rest on the warm bulge still hidden by his boxers. Nyx bit her lip, but nodded, even if she was still making eye contact with nothing in particular on the other side of the room.
This time, when he stood up, she caught his hands just as they bunched in his boxers’ fabric. “Don’t--!”
He let her guide his hands away, and she laughed breathlessly before finishing her sentence: “...tear them.”
Close call, but now it was on her to continue. Moving slowly, as much from sheepishness as sensuality, she hooked her fingers under his waistband, pulling it towards herself first to avoid catching, then downwards, exposing him bit by bit, over his hips and cock and thighs until the boxers fell to the floor. 
He had transformed here, too. His head and shaft seemed to be encased under smooth segments that reflected the moonlight, like the cover of a beetle’s wings. They perfectly followed his shape, protecting the sensitive organ underneath, save for tiny gaps between each of the plates.
Nyx touched a careful finger to his tip, then traced along his curve. His cock twitched in response.
“You can feel through those?” she asked.
Buzz. “Pressure. Movement.”
“So if I do this…?” Nyx wrapped her fingers around his base--she couldn’t reach all the way around, but that wasn’t new--and squeezed, tugging leisurely upwards while she stroked his underside with her thumb. The casing felt as smooth as it looked, was even slightly warm. Beel shuddered and closed his eyes.
“Good,” he growled.
She pumped, tightening and relaxing with the rhythm the way she knew he liked it. It worked. He hunched over her with a low moan, braced himself with one forearm against the wall while his other hand clumsily pet her hair. Vulnerable skin peeked from the gaps where head met shaft, and Nyx leaned in to tease those spots with tiny kitten licks. For her, they were fleeting tastes of sweetness. Beel began to pant; his hips thrust into her hand while his fingers tangled in her locks. His tongue lolled, dripping long strands of spit onto her head and shoulders. The warm, rolling wetness; the restrained tension of his thrusts and grip; the drone of his wings; the smell of his sex, the taste--he filled Nyx’s senses completely, until she felt herself begin to pulse with need, drawing soft mewls from her throat--
Beel bent further, gripped her firmly by the waist, and then with a tug the world lurched and spun, until Nyx found herself prone and skin-to-skin with his taut form beneath her. She was dizzy, mind trying to orient itself, trying to register that what she was seeing, far below the tangle of their bodies, was the floor. Beel kept her aloft, suspended by his palms and forearms pressed to the ceiling on either side of her. And by the balls of his feet, she guessed, judging by the way her legs were supported by his own. The instinctual alarm of being so high up made her heart stop. 
Beel gave her no time to panic, though. He captured her in a demanding kiss, making her focus on him as he pressed her up into the cool drywall at her back. His tongue coiled in her mouth; pulled back to stroke her neck; curved over her ear; tasted everywhere in an indulgence that was mindless and uncoordinated. He clicked eagerly, vibrations pattering beneath her skin, all while his wings maintained their heightened thrum. The cries he drew from her blended with his strange harmony. And Nyx's hips begin to rock, yearning for a connection that was deeper, more complete.
Responding to her, Beel tilted his hips up, cock nestling against her folds. Nyx squirmed, trying to slide onto him without having to lose the security of her arms around his neck. No luck; with nothing but his body beneath her for support, she couldn’t position herself. For a moment she paused, frustrated and breathless.
The tickling of Beel’s feelers crept between her legs. Nyx yelped, snapping away from the aberrant sensation, and she almost pushed away from him altogether. Instead she latched on to Beel's gaze, her own wide with uncertainty, his as steady as ever. He touched his sweat-slicked forehead to hers, so close now that all she could see were the white rings in the dark pools of his eyes.
Nyx took a few deep breaths, then nodded. “Okay. I’m ready.”
His feelers scurried over her again, and she couldn’t help a shiver and a whine, unable to decide if she liked the way they prickled and swept. He searched until they found her entry; just the slightest graze of her inner walls was enough to make her buck and bite into his shoulder.
“Mmf.” Beel grunted, his shoulder twitching against her mouth, but it didn’t slow his mission. His tail helped to align his cock at the angle needed--and then he thrust into a heat that was wet and ready for him. Nyx cried out as he sank into her, filling her to satisfaction.
By now she was aware that Beel was less inclined to patience in this form. 
"Wait," she breathed, nipping at his ear for his attention. "Start slow."
He listened. His pace began as a gentle roll, letting her feel every inch of traction, every push and pull over the ridges of his segments. With each pump his head met her sweetest spot; a firm, blunt kiss, coaxing her walls to squeeze around him.
His tongue twined with hers again, gave her something to lap and suck while he extended further. When his tongue touched the back of her throat she choked, jerked involuntarily, and Beel pulled back, but only for a moment before he tried again. This time, when the tip touched her, a strange warmth spread from it, a sort of hot-cold tingling sensation like menthol. It seeped down her throat, and his tongue followed, her muscles now relaxed around him as he submerged deeper.
Nyx’s mind was clouding over, an intoxicating blend of the throbbing in her core, the thickness of his tongue, his encompassing heat. Her craving pushed out all else but the feeling of Beel inside her, and the buzz of his wings. Something snuggled between their hips, pricked her clit with the ghost of a touch, and when she only clenched and moaned it began to stroke, a dozen tiny lovers worshipping her tender glans while Beel rocked into her.
She bucked, trembled, awareness and perception pulled taut into an unbearable strain, thinner and tighter and pleading to break--
Beel’s buzzing wings stuttered. His moan vibrated through her entire being as he shook, and inside her the segments of his cock spread out as he swelled and shot his cum. Heat and effervescence surged through her, lighting stars behind her eyes, her own cry of release muffled by his tongue before he yanked it away. Dizzy, Nyx clung even more tightly to him, burying her face in his neck, gasping for air as her body quaked atop his.
The world tilted once more, and they were falling. Nyx’s eyes stayed closed, mind too empty now to be afraid. There was a jolt as Beel’s wings erupted with noise and wind, and the fall slowed, became a drift, until Beel touched down with one heavy foot, then the other. She felt him lean her back, lowering her into the soft comforter of a bed. And then a bounce as he collapsed next to her. She landed further from him, but it hardly mattered, as Beel pulled her to him and curled around her.
When Nyx woke, her first hazy perception was the sound of Beel's champing. She felt a pleasant chill now, having fallen asleep above the covers, though there was a slight weight around her wrist. She felt tranquil, too, body light despite the dull ache between her legs.
In his arms, in the darkness, everything melted into peace.
She cracked her eyes open, greeted by shadows and dim moonlight, then rolled over to look at whatever rested on her wrist. It was Beel’s tail, looped loosely around her, the shell-like tip resting near her hand.
Nyx followed its line to the broad plane of Beel’s back. He sat on the floor, surrounded by packages that were in various stages of being devoured. Even now, graced only by the weakest light, his wings glimmered, iridescent.
Nyx sighed, stretched, luxuriating in the cool, soft bed covers. That seemed to alert Beel, as he looked up and over his shoulder.
“Hi.” Nyx smiled.
“Hi.” Beel beamed back. “Belphie brought snacks.”
“Belphie came in?” Nyx pulled her knees up and covered her chest, as if she could somehow retroactively stop him from seeing her naked on the bed.
“Didn’t see him. Snacks were here when I woke up.”
That was the longest string of words Beel had spoken to her all night. Nyx couldn’t help but laugh, and Beel chuckled along with her, though she suspected he didn’t know what brought it on.
“Want some?” Beel held up a package to her.
Nyx propped an elbow and rested her chin on her hand, giving him a languid smile. “Is that asking to go again?”
It was hard to truly see, but Beel’s cheeks seemed to darken, and he tucked his head, even as he looked her in the eyes. Was he feeling shy? Whatever the gesture was, he neither confirmed nor denied his intentions.
Well, either way--
“Sure,” she said, and held out her hand.
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yueqing · 4 months ago
pairing. diavolo, lucifer, mammon, leviathan x gn!reader
genre. fluff, modern au
warnings. mentions of bullying
a/n. my first obey me piece!! never written for the game before so pls don’t judge :’) rest of the brothers will be in pt. 2!
link to part two
Tumblr media
DIAVOLO is the childhood friend you fall in love with. he’s the student council president, top of the class, and incredibly kind; there’s no way a guy like him would fall for you, right? well, diavolo would be lying if he said his heart didn’t flutter whenever he laid his eyes on you, and he’s great at hiding the red tint that blossoms on his cheeks when you look back. he’s a bit clueless when it comes to love, so he has no idea that you’re into him, but he still takes that leap of faith and confesses. fortunately for him, you feel the same.
LUCIFER is the stone cold vice president who refuses to admit he likes you. he claims he has no time for romance with all his responsibilities at hand, but he hates when his classmates get too comfortable with you. even diavolo can smell the smoke coming out lucifer’s ears when he sees one of his brothers (name: mammon) with his arm around your shoulder, chatting away without a care in the world. deep down, lucifer desperately wants you to look his way, but he’ll keep his feelings to himself in fear that he’ll scare you away.
MAMMON is the bully who’s madly in love with you. he’s never felt like this before, so he channels all these strange feelings by taunting and teasing you, but he doesn’t mean any of it. he can’t help it; he needs an outlet before he runs his mouth and confesses. it all comes to a halt when he finds you crying in the halls one afternoon, and suddenly his arms are around you, stroking your back to calm you down.
LEVIATHAN is the quiet gamer who can’t imagine someone as popular as you falling for him. everyone thinks he’s weird for being an otaku, so why would you feel different? how could you possibly want to be with a boy who plays video games and gushes over anime all day? but for you, there’s something charming about the way his eyes light up when he rambles, and the biggest grin stretches across his face when you share his interests.
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agent-bee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Many other creators have a list of some of their favourite work to check out, so here are some of my personal faves!
Tumblr media
Mystic Messenger ★  — under 1k words (SFW)
My Shadow Went With the Fading Light (Yoosung x Reader)
Clingy Jaehee (Jaehee x Reader)
Jumin Attempts to Make You a Birthday Cake (Jumin x Reader)
Dream Absurd Dreams (Saeyoung x Reader)
Forever Here with Me (GE Saeran x Reader)
Bright Like You (Ray x Reader)
Just as I was Drowning and Blue (Jihyun x Reader)
Tumblr media
Mystic Messenger ★  — over 1k words (SFW)
How Long a Moment Is (Jumin x Reader)
The Shoreline (Saeyoung x Reader)
The Elixir Theory
Tumblr media
Mystic Messenger ★  — under 1k words (SFW)
Oral Sex: Giving or Receiving? (Saeyoung Self-Ship; funny)
How Does He Let Me Know He Wants Me? (Saeyoung Self-Ship, but written generally)
Tumblr media
Mystic Messenger ★  — over 1k words (N/SFW)
Applying Sunscreen (Yoosung x Fem!Reader)
Petting in the Pool (Jaehee x Fem!Reader)
Car Wash Featuring MC as the Sponge (Saeyoung x Fem!Reader)
Would You Like to Find Out? (GE Saeran x Fem!Reader)
Biting/Blowjobs at the Beach (Suit Saeran x GN!Reader)
Strip Poker (Vanderwood x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Obey Me ♥  — over 1k words (SFW)
On Your Way Down from the Clouds (Mammon x GN!Reader) (this is my only OM fic right now 💔 Working on more!)
Tumblr media
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moemoemammon · 3 months ago
MC who likes to help them groom their demon features!
MC Helps them Groom!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Lucifer takes great pride in everything about himself, especially his appearance. That being said, he was reluctant when he allowed you to help him tame those difficult feathers on his many wings, but the maintenance can be a pain for such a busy man. He has his ways to make things easier, but time is always a factor in whether or not he can actually do it. So with your help (and his very strict guidance), you carefully smooth down every last glossy feather on his wings until they're pristine. And when you get that spot right in the middle of his wings? He lets out the longest, most content sigh you've ever heard. You're pretty sure he's leaning into your touch right now, all of his fatigue melting away.
Mammon knows that his appearance is one of his main money makers, so he's gotta keep himself well groomed at all times! And even though he was shocked that you wanted to help him out with the maintenance, there was no way he could refuse. "I mean, s'obvious that ya wanna help THE Great Mammon, right?" Despite the cocky attitude, you can clearly see that he's gone red all the way up to his ears. You carefully wipe down his leathery wings, wary of the more delicate areas he loudly reminds you about. And when you're finished, or when you THINK you are, Mammon grabs you around the waist and doesn't seem keen on letting you go. Stick around for a while, will ya? Uh... you missed a spot! Yeah, you've gotta start over!
Leviathan isn't so good with uh... being touched by the object of his affection, so it takes a lot of convincing for him to allow you anywhere near his tail. But with the scaly skin beginning to shed all over the place, and the obligatory "you're my Henry, so..", he finally lets you in. You take the time to carefully scrub and peel off the shedding scales, and Levi is at the mercy of your AMAZING touch. Like seriously, is it okay for it to feel this great??? He thinks he's died and gone to heaven (despite the irony), but he'll never admit it! Though, you can tell from the way he's trembling and slowly melting into a pile of otaku goo. He underestimated your amazing powers, dear Henry...
Satan probably has the most complicated tail in the Devildom, so it goes without saying that it's a pain in the ass to clean. And sometimes he swears it's got a mind of it's own, so he tends to leave it be. But when you offer to give him a hand, he immediately accepts. He gets you all to himself, AND it's borderline romantic? Sign him UP. Though he never thought it’d be so ticklish, feeling the way you scrub at the scales?? plates??? segments????? of his wicked tail. By some miracle you avoid getting whipped in the face by his squirming tail, and when you're finished, Satan looks like he's about to explode. You're pretty sure you've never seen him make that face before.
Asmodeus is the king of self care so there's no way his demonic features aren't in tip too shape, but he's always happy to accept a hand! His care regimen is so long and complicated that it takes him FOREVER to finally finish! But beauty doesn't come cheap, and Asmo won't skimp on any part of it. He carefully teaches you how to apply a heavily scented cream to his wings, making unnecessary sounds the entire time, and insists that you massage them since "You're already getting familiar with them~". And when it's all over, after five hundred years, he's determined to repay you for your kindness. You don't have any wings or or horns to be polished, but he does give a mean back massage! Why don't you make this into a habit, hm?
Beelzebub doesn't seem to take much time to care for his delicate insect wings or impressive horns, other than giving them a quick rinse when he's in the shower. So when you offer to help him groom them, he's clearly confused about what you're implying. You've gotta explain your intentions, then he's all for it. But it's not like there's a bug wing care manual, so you're just winging it (badum tss). You wash them down with a soft cloth, and judging from how jumpy Beel is, it tickles. He apologizes every time soapy water flicks into your face. When you're finished, he flaps them around to get them dried off, and you're now... drenched in water. He's gonna grab a towel for you, and- Hey, his wings feel much lighter now! Why don't you guys get lunch to celebrate?
Belphie does the bare minimum to make sure he doesn't stink, and that's all. We can all be thankful for that. But that still means that his furry tail and curly horns could use a little bit of TLC, and he's more than willing to accept your help with that. He's like an overgrown house cat, lounging around while you carefully brush through the fur of his tail to get out all the tangles. And since it's looking a little dull, why not give it a quick wash and condition? Once you do that and blow dry it to perfection, it looks like he's got a brand new tail. And he kept perfectly still for you! Actually, you're pretty sure he's asleep. You're ready to leave, but Belphie's dead weight is keeping you from going anywhere. He's clinging to you and you've lulled him into a deep sleep, so good luck trying to escape!
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"Someone is following me." feat. Satan and Beelzebub
pairings: satan x Female!reader, beelzebub x Female!reader
warnings: tw panic, tw sexual assault, tw molestation, tw harassment, lots and lots of fluff
Tumblr media
art by nDelacour on twitter
You were scared out of your mind, terrified as your brain presented the many prospects of outcomes in these situations to you rapid-fire as you walked quickly down the sidewalk with another demon in hot pursuit.
Except this time, you were in the demon realm, so if your stalker did manage to steal you away, the horrible images plaguing your mind from human world movies and presentations would be ten times as bad down here!
With trembling fingers you opened your DDD and pressed the most recent contact, praying to Diavolo that they would pick up.
It rang once...
Tears began dribbling down your cheeks and you felt like you were suffocating before you finally heard a click and a worried, "MC?"
"Satan? Thank Diavolo-"
"MC, where are you?"
"I-I'm almost home but someone is following me! Satan I'm scared, he's b-been following me since I got off the bus-" You whimpered, on the verge of tears.
"Ssh ssh, MC. It's going to be alright, don't cry. I'll meet you outside. How far away are you from home?" He said, trying to calm you.
The last thing you needed was a mind clouded with panic in this situation. Satan himself was becoming more and more fidgety as his brain reminded him of all of the detective shows and books he'd read and usually the one held hostage or kidnapped didn't come out of it okay.
Shuddering at the thought, he unlocked the front doors of the dorms and went outside.
"I'm really close. I can s-see the gates from where I am."
"Good, good. I'm gonna hang up now sweetheart. Is that okay? I'll see you in a minute."
"Yeah umm... yeah that's fine. See you in a sec."
The line went dead.
Satan heard the gates creaking and the quick pitter-patter of your little feet up the cement until your face came into view. You were gaunt with fear, eyes watery and cheeks damp as you threw yourself into the Avatar of Wrath's arms and clung to him, bursting into tears.
Satan picks you up and takes you into the house, locking and double-checking all of the locks before taking you to the sofa to calm down
He allows you to cry in his arms for as long as you need, no interruptions, no shushing, just lots of comfort and cuddles until you've calmed down enough to explain what happened
Apparently, you got on the bus, and some demon had leaned over and murmured 'I'll take you somewhere real nice and we can have a good time' while simultaneously sliding one big powerful hand along your thigh
Disgusted, you'd pushed his hand away without a second thought and tried to get up and find a different seat, but the demon acted quickly, pulling you back down and holding you there while he proceeded to grope you, unhindered by anyone, as there were only a few other people on the bus and none of them were sitting close by
Horrified, Satan rubbed your back to keep you from hyperventilating, as just reliving it through memory caused you great discomfort
Satan kissed your temple, rubbing your back and reassuring you softly
"What happened next?" He whispered, giving you a firm squeeze
Your stop was coming up and the demon was getting more adventurous with his touches. His hands crept lower and lower, but his grip on your neck grew looser and looser. So when the bus came to a halt in front of Hell's Kitchen, you tore yourself from his grasp and bolted
He'd been following you since you got off the bus
Satan's not letting you go anywhere alone for a long time after that
Once all of the brothers hear about this and you describe the features of the demon to them, you see a news report the next day of an extremely mutilated body found in an alleyway
Out of all the brothers watching the news with you, Satan's smile was the widest
"MC?" A pause, "MC we ate dinner without you. Why aren't you home yet?" He asked, genuine concern laced in his tone.
He couldn't fathom why you had missed his cooking!
"B-Beel? Can you come get me? I'm too scared to walk home by myself a-and I think someone's been following me." You murmured, terrified.
"What do you mean someone's following you? Are you okay?"
"Y-Yeah... I'm okay for now b-but I'm the last person on shift before closing at Majolish and he's in here... He's in the store just milling about. He does this at least once a week, but Solomon is usually here and tells this demon he needs to go but Solomon had to go home early though, and n-now it's just me."
"How do you know he's following you?" Beel asked, beginning the brisk jog to Majolish, with half a burger in his mouth.
"He just comes in and stares at me! Wherever I work, not just here. Every shift I have at Hell's Kitchen or the Mausoleum or the Library he's always there too! A lot of my coworkers have had to force him to leave because he makes everyone so uncomfy. I don't know Beel... Just... Just hurry!" You whimper as you hear the stalkers footsteps grow nearer.
"Mkay. I'm already on my way MC. Don't worry. 'M gonna hang up, okay?"
No response.
He heard your distressed cries, but they sounded so far away.
Something was wrong...
Beel broke into a sprint, dodging demons on the sidewalk with such agility and speed, they hardly noticed him rushing by. He burst through the front doors of Majolish and was witness to something that could make even the Avatar of Gluttony sick to his stomach.
You had been pinned against the shelves behind the counter by a towering demon who was so busy molesting you he didn't notice the doors crack off their hinges.
Beel changed to his demon form.
Your sobs drove him wild with rage and he lunged at the demon and grabbed him by the throat. He plucked your form away from the demon's filthy hands and shoved you behind the counter again while he moved the carnage to the street outside.
You didn't move until you heard ambulances screaming just outside the shop and you heard glass crunching underneath someone's feet.
You saw Beel, gingerly setting each door back on its hinges before walking to you and checking you all over for injuries.
The press gathered around him after he scooped you into his arms and began carrying you out of the store, ignoring their questions and cameras and continued his way home.
When you got there, he lumbered up to his room with you safely tucked in his embrace and tucked you in next to Belphie as he excused himself to the bathroom in order to clean the demon's blood off of him and put a fresh shirt on.
When he returned, he lifted both you and Belphie out of bed and brought both of you into his own bed to cuddle.
"MC, next time someone makes you sad, you have to tell me as soon as possible, okay? I never want that to happen to you again."
From then on, he or another brother is with you, should you leave the house to do ANYTHING
"Lucifer, where's MC?"
"She went to the mall."
"By herself???"
"Absolutely not. Asmodeus and Mammon went with her."
*cue immediate relief*
He never wants to see you cry again after that. You scared him really bad okay? What if he had gotten there too late? What if that demon had just taken you and made off with you and he never saw your beautiful face again?
He couldn't let that happen.
Not on his watch
Luckily, after the news circulated what information they knew about that night, no one really wants to eat or touch the MC now since Beel killed a demon so effortlessly for following you around.
Since this incident, Beel has become impossibly more cuddly with you, as he realized how important you are to him and all of the things that could happen to you should he be absent
It's okay though, Beel always has time for you, especially if it means he'll get to protect you and see you smile
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belphe-whore · 3 months ago
Obey Me Master List
I finally did a master list. Unless specified GN pronouns used for MC. 
All of the Boys Reacting
what they smell like
sickly MC fainting
MC who has an obvious crush on them
Obey Boy Calander
MC calling to be picked up late
MC gaining the political power from Diavolo
random head cannons
daddy or uncle energy
MC with low relationship expectations
fem MC giving them a lapdance
Aftercare (NSFW)
MC admiring their wings 
MC admiring their tails and horns
MC being adored by animals
Beel, Diavolo, and Simeon with MC wanting to touch their titties
Everyone else with MC wanting to touch their titties
MC making them watch the Witcher
MC who has a hentai moan (nsfw)
with a DOM MC
Just the Brothers Reacting
Random Head Cannons Part 1
MC asking to sleep with them after a nightmare
MC having a plushy of them
MC taking the blame for them
Their mode of transportation
MC being Solomon's roommate
MC scared of thunder
FMC who attracts females
MC having a hard time adjusting
MC that is always on the floor
Realizing they were MC’s Sleep Paralysis Demon
Hell Beast following MC home
Usually chipper MC going suddenly melancholic
MC who is naturally sneaky
MC who steals blankets
MC giving birth to their child
MC takes boys to Spa
Swapping bodies with MC
A punk looking MC who is a sweetheart
MC giving them bunny kisses
MC who is estranged from their family
MC who is poly
The Bros as professors at RAD
FMC dressing like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad 
FMC as a werewolf in heat (NSFW)
Accidentally hurting MC
A pregnant MC coming to Devildom
MC using demon filter
MC on their period
Coming home to FMC dressed like a maid (nsfw)
MC with an accent
walk in on naked MC (nsfw)
Betraying a soft MC
Just the Datables Reacting
Random Head Cannons
MC having a chibi plush of them
MC who is estranged from their family
MC who is poly
Character Specific
Belphegor finding out MC created a pact with Diavolo
Mammon with a chaotic MC
Mammon Intervention
Diavolo doing jobs for MC
Belphie is a cow
Lucifer and Diavolo reacting to MC who is quite in bed unless over stimulated (nsfw)
Lucifer with an MC who babies his brothers
Luke must be protected
Diavolo Head Cannons
Kitten Play with Satan (NSFW)
Lucifer Head Cannons
Chubby MC adopts Luke as brother
Lucifer meets Cerberus
Belphie without nap
Introducing Levi to Naruto
seducing Leviathan (nsfw)
Barbatos (NSFW)
Dom Satan (nsfw)
Belphie with a chubby curly hair FMC
Avatar of Lust 2.0 (nsfw)
Mammon helping Levi 
Random Shitpost of My MC
arrives in Devildom
trolling Lucifer
who's the cat
My MC questions
My MC’s nicknames for dem boys
I don’t want to go home
Pact Activated (NSFW ish?)
Ranking Boy’s songs
Yugioh cards 
Alright this took some time but I did not realize how many of these I have done. Thanks everyone for all the love. Let me know if I misorganized any of these. 
Shout out to @obeythebutler who showed this old geezer how to do these. 
@eridth I did it!
Ok thanks again and may Simeon be with you.
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Tumblr media
NSFW Headcanons: “How the brothers react to MC unintentionally turning them on”
Accidentally made each a whole scenario oops. Headcannon who? This is my first attempt at a gender neutral MC so don’t come for me 🥺
Now don’t get him wrong, Lucifer has overall pretty good self control with his body but it’s become more and more hard to resist the temptation of you the more time you guys spend together
He’s hyper aware of your exposed neck, legs, clavicle, etc. and every little thing just has him on edge
One day, Lucifer was sat at his desk swamped with paperwork as you sat on the couch nearby quietly scrolling through your D.D.D when he groaned and slammed his head on the desk from exhaustion
“Darling, is there something wrong?” You ask, throwing your D.D.D aside as you make your way towards him.
“All this paperwork is giving me a headache. Once I finish one thing for Lord Diavolo something for Mammon comes in, once I finish that expenses from Asmo’s last shopping trip comes in, and it goes on and on,” he huffed out, looking up at you.
“Aw, I’m sorry, love,” you say, holding his head and pressing it against your stomach while running your hands through his hair. “Do you wanna rest a little?” You continue, beginning to give him a shoulder massage as he keeps his head buried in to the fabric of your shirt, inhaling your scent.
“Yes, please,” he sighs out, wrapping his arms around you waist and pulling you closer making you giggle.
You continue to stand there and run your fingers through his hair as he blissfully sighs, until he suddenly notices how you’re wearing shorts.
His hands begin to slip from your waist and slide downward towards your hips before eventually resting on the soft skin of your thighs. He rubs circles on them absentmindedly as he admires your figure, you being oblivious to the desire pooling in his eyes.
“Is that enough?” You ask, pulling away since you didn’t want him getting behind on work.
Your question pulls him out of his trance as he feels the now prominent tent in his pants as he looks up at your fond gaze. Quickly scooting forward to hide his hard-on with the desk, he nods and waves you off in an attempt to not be obvious.
“Yes, yes. I’ll be getting back to work now, perhaps can you check on my brothers for me? I don’t want them getting into any trouble while I’m...occupied,” he diverts his attention towards his paperwork, acting like he was reading but really he was solely focused on you through his peripheral vision.
“Hm, alright,” you hum in agreement. You say your goodbye with a brief kiss to his cheek before leaving.
He lets loose a sigh of relief when the door shuts completely closed and he listens to your footsteps walk away before hastily pushing away from his desk and unzipping his pants. Pushing them around his knees, he kneads his erection through his boxers as a damp spot appears from his precum.
Not wanting to wait any longer and in fear that someone will enter to disturb him, he pulls down his boxers and wraps his hand around his cock. Slicking the whole length of it with his precum, he begins to slowly pump it making sure to run his thumb against the head and slit.
Quiet groans spill out his mouth as imagines you being the one to do this to him, his hips automatically bucking as he imagines you looking at him with the same fond gaze from before. He uses his other hand to fondle his balls, his groans gradually becoming louder as he nears his climax.
This had been the quickest he had finished before and it was all because of how pent up you made him. He imagines using his fingers to stretch you out while he pumps himself in a rapid fashion, your name beginning to spill out his mouth in between loud growls.
“MC! F-fuck, FUCK!” He yells out as he finishes all over his hand, making sure to close over his head to not make a mess. He looks at the sticky substance on his hand with lidded eyes, wishing he could make you taste it. His head lolls backward against his chair as he lets out heavy breaths from his hard climax, a satisfied grin on his face as he keeps his eyes closed.
“Seems ya had some fun without me, Luci,” a voice tuts, making him jump and open his eyes quickly. You make your way towards him as he watches with anticipation.
“W-why are you back?” He asks, trying to regain composure.
Taking his covered in seed hand, you lick it daintily before smirking at him. “I left my phone.What? Are you just going to leave me out?”
Y’all can imagine what happened after that ;) MC can barely walk straight
Mammon (agh I can read smut about him but I feel weird writing it ever since my last one bc I love him so much 🥺 buut I’ll try ;)
Everyone already knows how clingy Mammon can be with you despite his tsundere fashion of doing it.
He always seems to touch you without knowing it whether it be a hand resting on your arm or stomach, his leg pressed against yours, or absentmindedly playing with your fingers.
Today he had decided to skip R.A.D and was now waiting for you on your bed, laying on his back with his hands holding his D.D.D over his head.
You entered the room sluggishly, dropping your bag beside your door with a sigh before making your way to the bathroom with a change of clothes. Mammon greeted you happily, but stayed in his position because he was too comfortable to move. You hummed lazily in reply.
You took your time in the bathroom, Mammon occupying himself with his phone before he suddenly felt a weight on top of him. You were quick to duck your head under his arms and bury yourself in the crook of his neck while lacing your arms around and under him. As you straddled his waist, you blissfully breathed in his scent as he short-circuited.
“O-Oi, what are ya doin’?” He stuttered out, red in the face as his D.D.D lay forgotten beside him. Despite his words, his hands were already settled on your hips and were rubbing small circles with his thumbs on them like they had a mind of its own.
“Mm, tired. Missed you. Smell good,” you replied lazily against him as you held him tired. His cheeks were ruddy.
“I-I missed ya too. That’s why ya shoulda skipped with me! No tiresome work and ya get to be with the Great Mammon!” He burst out, causing you to shift against him due to the volume. He sucked in a breath at the feeling as he looked down at you and realized you were wearing his shirt.
Oh jeez, oh jeez, you were wearing his shirt. And you looked so cute. His breath hitched as he tried to control himself.
Deeeep breaths, Mammon. Deeeep breaths. Don’t think about how you were straddling his waist with his shirt on along with your pajama shorts that hugged you so tightly.
Shit. He thought about it. He could feel himself get hard rather quickly underneath you as you seemed to not comment about it despite him knowing you felt it, much to his appreciation as he was too embarrassed.
But that was short-lived when you slowly grinded against it, not moving your position otherwise causing him to let out a choked groan at the feeling.
“I-I didn’t mean to! I swear!” He whimpered as you continued your movements against him. You shushed him with a tongue-filled kiss as you both moaned in each other’s mouths from the feeling, saliva following your mouths as you pulled away.
He was breathless as he scrunched his eyes shut while you went back to putting your face against his neck. You suckled and nibbled on his neck much to his liking as you continued your lazy movements on his dick, his breathing getting faster with every circle.
Your hands moved from underneath him and instead up his shirt, rubbing up and down his abs as he sighed. One hand reaching up to his nipple to rub and pinch at it to make it sensitive as he cried out.
“A-ah, right there!” He hissed, throwing his head further back. You quickened your hip movements, adding in the ever so often bounce, as you continued stimulating his nipples. Every nibble against his neck and earlobe mixed with the other stimulations was too much as he quickly reached his climax. “I-I’m cumming! F-f-fuck yeah, just like that! Just like that, MC!” He cursed, the words spilling out his mouth like rapid fire. “MC~~!” He cried out finally as he released in his boxers, relaxing against the bed when his high finally finished.
“You’re so cute, baby~” you praised with a giggle, peppering kisses all over his face. “I love you but I’m still tired so let’s take little nap?” You asked, sitting up to look at his flushed, lidded eyes face.
“Mhm, I’d like that,” he hummed in agreement, sighing at your scent that he loved so much. “B-but, I made a little bit of a mess in my pants...” he muttered out, embarrassed.
“Hmm, just sleep naked then. I’ll join ya,” you suggested.
You both did get a good rest...after some more fun time ;)
This boy literally short circuits from affection in front of others but loves it in privacy. He literally feeds off of it when you guys are alone.
Hand holding? Yes. Cuddling? Definitely. Kissing? Oh, get ready for a lot of sea monster tongue. He loved it all...buuut he never would actively ask for it. Being the tsundere that he is, he could never find it in himself to ask for affection but rather just hoped you’d give it to him all the time, despite that though he did have some slight quirks that made it obvious when he wanted some love.
You had been watching play his games beside him for a while now and your legs grew tired, so you began to go over to his bathtub bed to just relax and go on your D.D.D but even with his attention fully on the game, he subconsciously didn’t want you to leave.
His tail was quick to wrap around your waist and pull you on to his lap as you felt him tense underneath you at the sudden weight.
“W-what are you doing?” He sputtered out before looking down and noticing his tail wrapped around your waist. “O-oh, sorry. I hadn’t realized,” he apologized sheepishly but didn’t pull it away from you.
“It’s fine,” you laugh. “Mind if I touch it?” You ask, looking at him expectantly. He looked at you wide-eyed before returning half his attention back to the game in front of him with red cheeks as he nodded.
You took his tail in your hands, surprised at the heavy weight of it as you examined it closely. Nails running down his beautiful scales before your hand ran up the length of it and stopped at the tip. You rubbed your thumb against the pointed end of his tail, mesmerized by its feeling and how it glinted from the light of the computer, failing to realize how hard Levi was underneath you.
His breathing was rapid as his whole body heated up. His tail was extremely sensitive, even more right now than usual due to his erection, and it was when you touched the tip that made him lose all restraint.
“Fuck it, I can’t take it anymore,” he growled, pausing the game before his tail suddenly snaked itself up your shorts and past your underwear as he teased your hole to loosen it. His right hand took the task of rubbing your nipple while his other hand kneaded at his hard-on through his sweatpants. You were whining at the sudden stimulation and it was music to his ears.
When he felt you were prepped enough he pushed inside you and you moaned at the foreign feeling. His tail being able to reach places never felt before as he groaned at how tight you felt around his tail. With how sensitive he was at the tip, he thrust it against your walls, eyes rolling back at the feeling.
You took it upon yourself to stuff your tongue into his mouth, which he groaned at. One hand running through his purple hair, sweat causing some of it to stick to his forehead, while the other alternated from pinching his nipple to caressing his hard abs.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum from just tail-fucking you,” he cursed, speeding up his movements inside you as you screamed his name.
“Levi, Levi! Me too! I’m close!” You yelled out, trying to bounce so more of his tail went inside you.
His climax hit him hard as he continued pumping into you. His eyes rolled back, tongue lolled out, and drool dribbled from the sides of his mouth as he moaned loud and high-pitched. He released into his pants while you clamped around him and came soon after, biting down hard on his shoulder when you did.
You both breathed heavily as you guys came down from your highs, foreheads pressed together. You smiled at him goofily as his face reddened.
“Th-that was so fucking sexy,” Levi admitted, his hot breath hitting your lips causing you to dip in for another long kiss.
“Nah, I think it was all you that was sexy to me,” you replied, as he hid his face in your neck from embarrassment. You kissed your bite mark you left on his shoulder gently. “Now are ya gonna take your tail out of me or leave it there, I don’t mind if you do the latter,” you teased, directing his attention on his tail that was still deep inside.
“Hm, I think I can replace it with something better,” he smirked.
Y’all know what went down after that ;)
Everyone knows this boy loves cats
Which ties directly into his kink of pet play and seeing you dressed up as a neko.
One day after a day at R.A.D, he told you that he had club activities after school and that you two could hang out after he was done which you agreed to.
When you arrived at the House of Lamentation, you decided to clean your room in order to make time pass quicker. While cleaning, you found a pair of cat ears and a bell collar that Asmo had bought for you for a Halloween party he insisted you two attend. Deciding to wear it for fun, you put them both on along with a matching cute outfit and looked at yourself in the mirror.
Realizing how cute you looked, you decided to send a video to Satan since you knew he loved cats. Situating yourself in front of your full-body mirror, you sat on your knees while squeezing your thighs together. Holding out a fist in a cat pose, you held it up to your face and let out a “nyaa” at the camera before ending the video with a wink. Sending it to Satan, you didn’t think much of it and decided to finish up cleaning your room, forgetting to take off the attire while at it.
Satan sat in one of the chairs encircling a round table as multiple other students from R.A.D sat beside each other with the same copy book in hand. They were all conversing with one another when his phone rang on the table, diverting some attention to him.
“Ah, my apologies,” he nodded, before picking up his phone, getting ready to tell someone off thinking it was one of his brothers. Raising an eyebrow when he saw it was from you, he clicked the video making sure to turn down the volume since he didn’t want to bother the meeting. Holding it close to his face in order to hear it, his eyes widened and his face blushed when the video of you dressed up as a cat popped up on his screen along with your cute “nyaa”. His knee banged against the table loudly as he tried to stand up quickly, resulting in everyone to quiet down as they looked up at him. “There has been an emergency at the House of Lamentation, strict student council business so I must excuse myself,” he announced before quickly booking it out the room, arriving at the house in light speed. He quickly stopped by his room to grab a certain object before speedily arriving to your room.
He entered without knocking, breathing heavily as he stood at the entrance of your room. You looked up at him from your bed, phone in hand, and still in your cat attire despite being finished with cleaning a couple minutes ago.
“Oh, hey, you’re back earlier than expected. Did ya notice I cleaned my room-“ he cut you off with the slam of your door and the click of the lock before quickly jumping on top of you, hovering his face closely on top of yours.
“Do you know how difficult it was to hide how hard my dick turned when I saw that video of you during my meeting?” He growled before slamming his lips against yours, exploring every inch of your mouth as you groaned into it. When he pulled away, you were breathless.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to...” you stuttered with lidded eyes and swollen lips, a beautiful sight to him.
“I’ll just have to teach you a lesson, right kitty?” He smirked, caressing your face as you nodded. He was quick to take off your clothes at your consent, leaving only the cat ears and collar on as he basically drooled at the sight. Taking out what he had grabbed from his room to reveal a butt plug with a tail at the end, he slicked your entrance with your wetness leaking out of you and inserted the plug as you yelped out. “Fuck, you’re such a slutty kitty, aren’t you? How can you look this damn good?” He cursed, throwing his pants and boxers off before he straddled your face and positioned his erection at your mouth.
Thrusting in with no restraint, he let out a loud groan at feeling of you gagging around his length. He continued to pound into your mouth with no mercy as you tried your best to run your tongue down the glands and around it, feeling him twitch in your mouth you braced for him to finish down your throat but he quickly pulled out and stroked himself rapidly, it being easier due to your saliva, before finishing all over your chest and stomach. You came from the stimulation of the butt plug and being fucked in the throat with a choked moan.
Pulling out his phone, he took numerous pictures of you with a satisfied smirk. “These will be perfect jack off pictures for when I miss you,” he spoke happily, making sure to include his dick in the photos hovering over you. “Mmm, I love you kitty,” he cooed, giving you kisses all over your body before pulling out the butt plug making you let out quiet sighs.
“I love you too,” you sighed out, curling up into his arms as you nodded off. He made sure to clean you up and hug you tight as you slept, watching you lovingly while wondering just how he was so lucky to have you.
Despite being the avatar of lust, that isn’t the only quality he has which many people often seem to forget. People were so quick to judge him for his sin and only see him as a lusty figure who wanted nothing but to get in your pants, but were so open to accepting his brothers with open arms despite them being the same case as he was.
He tried to hide his disappointment with narcissism and confident remarks, but MC knew that he was more than just the embodiment of lust and that he needed to be shown that he was loved not just lusted over.
So, that’s what led you two to sitting cross-legged in front of each other while you clipped back his bangs and applied makeup to his face. You had been pampering him all day, starting with combing his soft hair and then applying some skincare then moving on to makeup once it had absorbed into his skin.
You were completely focused as you applied some lip balm on his lips in order to prep it for some lip gloss, leaning in close in order to do so. Asmo watched you with loving eyes, his eyes darting to your lips before going in for a chaste kiss which you didn’t deny. The close proximity had been making him feel hot and bothered for a while now and not being able to hold out anymore, he acted upon it.
“Heyy, you can’t do that when I put lip gloss on you, alright?” You whined, a blush appearing on your cheeks.
“Hm? Why not? If I kiss you all over with lip stick on then it’ll leave beautiful kiss marks all over your pretty skin,” he giggled, kissing you again while pushing you back towards the bed but he stopped once he felt your hand on his chest. “Ah, do you want me to stop?” He asked seriously.
“N-no...I...I wanted to, ahem, make love to you,” you said sheepishly, playing with the buttons on his shirt and avoiding his eyes. It was his turn to blush, not used to it being called “making love” with him as he suddenly hugged you.
“Ugh, why are you so irresistibly cute?” Asmo sighed out before plopping down on his back beside you. Turning his head to the side, he locked eyes with you a blush appearing on his cheeks. “Alright then...make love to me,” he breathed out, eyes never leaving you as you straddled his hips.
He had been rock-hard for a while now, so it was no surprise when he cried out when your hand brushed against it while you took off his pants. He raised his hips in order to help you slide them down his legs and on the floor, along with his underwear. You kissed him passionately as you slipped his shirt off of him, your tongues intertwining as loud noises spilled out both your mouths. He tugged at your clothes to ask for them to be taken off with no words and you complied, ripping them off quickly in order for more skin to skin contact.
Asmo entered a finger inside you, pumping in and out in order to prep you for his length. You mewled at the feeling as he found himself entranced at the sight of his fingers disappearing inside you. After a minute, he added a second finger before deciding you were stretched enough for his cock. Pulling out his fingers, he raised them to his lips and sucked them in order to taste you as he groaned. This egged you on as you positioned yourself on top of him and pushed down, burying his length inside you all at once.
He threw his head back, bucking his hips in retaliation of the feeling of you encasing him tightly. “Ah, you’re so tight, darling,” he managed to get out as you began to bounce on top of him, his head hitting the soft mattress with every one. Using his hips to grind you on top of him, he let out a choked groan when you squeezed. You used your free hands to settle on his nipples as he began to drool from the stimulation, you lapped it up and then kissed him.
Speeding up, the bed creaked under you two as you both neared your finish. “I love you, Asmo,” you gasped out, causing him to go over the edge at your words as he spasmed and released inside you. He was extremely vocal, a string of cuss words and loud, whiny moans leaving his mouth as his eyes rolled back and tongue stuck out. You clamped around him as you came, seeing stars from how strong it was.
Collapsing on top of him, you both rested on each other’s sweaty bodies while calming down. “That was amazing. Are you sure you’re not some succubi?” He joked, kissing you gently.
“I’m sure,” you answered simply.
“Yeah, you’re even better,” he admitted as you pulled yourself off of him and to his side instead. Cuddling him as you both settled under his covers. “I love you too, MC. You’re the only one for me,” he breathed out.
Lovey doves cuddling ensues
This boyo is big, we’re talking huge here. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about height!
Since he works out so often and towers over you, it isn’t uncommon for him to pick up bridal style or give you piggy back rides but today was a bit different.
On the way back home from Hell’s Kitchen, you whined jokingly that you wanted to ride on his shoulders since that’s make you extra tall and he was quick to shrug and get down on one knee in order for you to climb on.
You wrapped your thighs around the back of his head, holding on his hair slightly for support. When he thought you were situated, he began to stand up and you accidentally steadied yourself by tugging at his hair which he let out a surprised moan at which you mistook as a yelp of pain.
“Oh, Beel, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, are you okay?” You worried, looking down at him while rubbing where you pulled.
“I-it’s fine, it didn’t hurt just...surprised me is all,” he mumbled out, embarrassed that it felt so good when you pulled his hair. He began walking towards the front door, suddenly hyper aware of your thighs wrapped around his head while you hands rest in his hair. Luckily the door to the House of Lamentation is extremely tall so you only had to duck a little to get both of you through.
Asmo greeted you both with a wicked grin at the sight of Beel in between your thighs. “Ara, ara, whats this?” He teased, running his hand up your calve before pulling away.
“Hey, quit it! You’re gonna make me fall!” You chastised, squeezing your thighs around Beel’s head without being able to help it causing him to groan out. Asmo smirked at the sound but oblivious you thought you hurt him again. “Jeez, I’m sorry Beelie. You can let me down, I keep hurting ya,” you sighed, he obliged and gently took you off his shoulders.
“Ooh, what’s this?” Asmo spoke up, eyes flitting towards Beel’s crotch before Beel quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you to your room speedily.
“Huh? Beel, what’s wrong?” You questioned but the only reply you got was him lifting you by your waist and slamming you onto your study desk. “Are you mad I accidentally hurt you earlier?” You continued to ask.
“You didn’t hurt me earlier, if anything you did the damn opposite,” he growled out, pointing at the very large tent in his gym shorts.
“O-oh!” You peeped, heat traveling up your neck and to your ears.
“So, please...can I eat you?” He begged, looking up at you from between your legs. You shuttered at the sight as you slowly nodded, Beel not wasting any time as he quickly took off your shorts and underwear.
His mouth latched on right away, loud slurps and groans coming from his mouth as he enjoyed your taste. You mewled on top of the desk, thighs encasing his head automatically to pull him closer which he appreciated. The obscene sounds came out from his mouth as he ate like a madman, enjoying every second as he entered his tongue into you. You bucked you’re hips against his face, grinding against his lips as he hummed from enjoyment.
“Fuck, you taste so good,” he growled out before instantly resuming his tongue inside you. You latched on to his hair and tugged as you neared your climax causing him to groan, the vibrations sending you over the edge as you came on his mouth, him not stopping for a second since he wanted every drop. After you came down from your high, he stood up while licking his lips with a satisfied smile his cheeks pink with content.
You jumped off the desk and fell to your knees in front of him. “Your turn?” And he was rock-hard in an instant.
Hungry boi who loves you 🥺
Now, we all know Belphie is a bit lazy but get him riled up and he’s a whole different person.
The two of you often cuddle together or sleep beside each other whenever you have time and today was no exception.
You had pulled away from his embrace in your sleep, which left Belphie feeling empty causing him to wake up. Looking at you on the other side of the bed with groggy eyes, he rubbed at them to focus on your figure. The first thing his eyes fell on was the pillow in between your legs, snugly fitted against your crotch.
He looked at it for a couple seconds before you shifted against it in your sleep, trying to find a comfortable spot and stopping once you did. His breathing had picked up a bit at the sight and he groaned annoyed at how easily you make him all riled up as he looked down at the annoying erection he’d have to deal with. Rolling over to your side, he sucked on your neck gently as you slept using one of his hands to rub at your nipple. After a minute, you began to respond in your sleep, small sighs coming out your mouth as your hips automatically rut against the pillow in between your legs which was a delicious sight for him.
He slipped his hand down your pants and inserted his middle finger into your hole, causing you to gasp but not enough to rouse you completely. Slowly pumping his finger in and out, he smirked at your reactions before pumping in a second finger. Not wanting to stretch you out too much but just enough to fit him since he was going to punish you for making him like this, he pulled out his fingers after a few more pumps. You mewled at the loss of something inside you which he chuckled darkly at.
“Still such a slut for me even in your sleep, huh?” He whispered into your ear before giving it a nibble. He pulled down your bottoms along with your underwear and thrust in you with no mercy. Your eyes flew open at the feeling of your walls being stretched so suddenly, a cry escaping your mouth. “Ah, finally awake baby?” He cooed, kissing away the tears that appeared in your eyes from the feeling of his cock.
“S-so it wasn’t a d-dream, ah!” You choked out as he thrusted again. Becoming a bit more used to his length, you slightly grinded against him before he pushed down your hips with both his hands to stop you from moving much to your chagrin.
“Oh~? So you dreamed about me,” he teased, thrusting in twice right after another.
“N-never s-said it was you, Belphie,” you replied, your bratty side coming out. His eyebrows furrowed from anger as he began thrusting rapidly into you, just what you wanted. Your whole body moved with every one of his thrusts as you cried out, his growls mixing with your voice. He spanked your inner thigh as you hissed from the sting.
“What was that?” He snarled, pulling out of you completely just to bury himself to the hilt yet again.
“A-Ah! I was k-kidding! It was a-about you!” You admitted, your voice jumpy due to his thrusts.
“About me what?” He taunted, now at such a rapid pace the whole bed was shaking and he was grunting rather loudly compared to how he usually was.
“About you fucking me! You pounding into me just like this!” You yelled.
“What a good slut. Say my name while I make you cum, alright?” He commanded, angling so he hit where he knew exactly where your spot was as your eyes rolled back and mouth opened.
“Belphie! Belphie!” You shouted out as you reached your climax, it hitting you in waves as you saw white from how strong it was.
“Fuck! MC, I’m gonna spill it inside!” He yelled before his body spasmed as he pumped you full of his load. Seeing stars as he continued rutting into your tight hole, watching as his seed spilled down your legs. When he was finally rung out dry, he collapsed on top of you and kissed your forehead with a chuckle. “Time for another nap then, love?”
You both passed tf out after that session, oh and you’ll definitely wake up sore.
Phew, that was long & dirty but I hope y’all enjoyed lmao. Just a bunch of kinks thrown all together honestly. This took a whole day to write with multiple breaks obvi because I slightly have a life haha but anywayy request if you have anything ;)
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janumun · a month ago
Her Majestic Lord (Obey Me Lucifer - NSFW)
Tumblr media
Rated: NSFW/18+ Pairing: Lucifer/Female Reader Words: 1.1k
Tags: first times, foreplay, mild body worship, vaginal fingering, Lucifer checks in with her throughout this hot/soft process (he LOVES her well)
Summary: Determination to see her first time through with her Lord of Hell shouldn’t be a struggle, not when he matters so much to her. She learns, however, that making love is not a test of endurance she has to bear alone.
Author’s Notes: Written for @leeloominai22 who requested Lucifer engaging in gentle and slow foreplay with a shy female reader, afraid of sexual intimacy. Thank you for trusting me with this very gentle and gently passionate Lucifer, Leeloo. Happy Reading!
(Requests for this event are now closed, dear readers. Thank you to all those who participated.)
Tumblr media
The coronet of his flowers he thought fit to lace through her hair earlier — placed there with no more than a delicate touch Lucifer’s fingers had swept through her locks — drifts still on a pleasant scent and into her lungs as she breathes. Shepherding her thoughts back into visions of his smile earlier, once he’d drawn back. So precious for its rarity, offered to her alone when they are but two. A kiss he’d pressed into her hair, tracing it down onto her temple as he’d breathed her in. Her name a low, quiet sigh of his next breath, “You are beautiful, my love.”
Her eyes re-focus on him above her now — glorious form that he is — mind dedicated to the task of coaxing her body to slacken its hold on irrational rejection. Preparing herself — her breath jumps speed once more — for the inevitable clutch of fear that is sure to come, just as the clutches of her fingers tighten into the sheets beneath.
She trusts this man; loves and adores him like no other. Wants to be his with the entirety of that heart of hers he holds ownership of. She is no stranger to endurance. And as Lucifer cants a hooded gaze her way… descends towards her mouth he has caressed with his own, numerous times over the course of their relationship, yet never quite like this — she decides she must be brave. For the sake of the one she loves.
“What are you thinking?” Lucifer’s kiss does not fall to her trembling lips. Instead his breath warms its space beneath a tightly shut eyelid. A minute jolt breaks through her body at meeting eyes with his garnet gaze. So close.
“…That I love you.” It’s not a lie: part of a truth. She wants them to be as close as lovers are allowed in physicality, even if it begs her fortitude.
Cool leather glides across the hand, tightened into the sheets, she did not realize was a quivering hard fist. Until he gentles, then quiets, her trembling as her fingers go lax, and lace with gloved ones. His gaze stays upon hers — a quiet, firm command to not turn from him. Lucifer lifts their entwined hands toward his mouth, feathering a kiss onto her knuckles apiece. Dark lashes shrouding over scarlet, as his mouth drops its last kiss onto her index. “Remember that I am by your side.”
Another press of his lips, this time tucked into her slack palm. The warmth of his mouth against her skin soothes the clamp of her remaining fist within the sheets beneath. She reaches her free hand upwards, tracing his noble features until his gaze meets hers once more. She tugs him down, hesitant, gentle.
Lips parting just as she feels his breath graze her mouth, his tongue slipping past to kiss her deep and long. Her fingers curl in pleasure about his face. Sliding up to thread into his hair to hold herself steady as his body gathers against hers in a firm, searing line. Her breath rattles.
Slow fingers glide a deliberate path down the line of her body, her collar falling slack against her shoulders, with a single flick of digits at its bindings. Lucifer’s mouth settles onto the curve of a clavicle, “Are you comfortable, my love?”
She smiles into her assent as her demon rises to reclaim her lips. Soft sighs spilling into his mouth at the rapid beats of her heart that sound comfort, rather than wound-up distress, within her ears. Her hands curve atop Lucifer’s as he charts her body he knows so well, peeling away layer by layer of her clothes. The chill of the night doesn’t haunt her skin, his body’s draping warmth he refuses to let up for even a moment’s reprieve. The hesitant tug of his clothes he guides her hands through as she works down the line of buttons of his shirt. Digits that tremble across each separate one, either due to anticipation or the way his tongue works into her mouth, she’s not quite sure.
Until Lucifer pulls apart his shirt the rest of the way, scattering buttons onto the coverlet beside them. Dragging her palms forward to slip across his chest, the gallop of his demon hearts clear beneath her touch. “Feel me.” His heavy, scraped command soothes and accompanies her own thrumming pulse. She is not alone in her overwhelming break of her defenses, his hearts seem to drum. That he is here, close, and he is hers, in every single way she needs him.
A hand climbs up to bunch into his hair as she heaves him back towards her; his mouth falling to her eyelids apiece, tracing the shape of her nose, her cheek. Whispering words of love and praise, setting her face to an incandescent glow just as the slow coil of his fingers across her thighs as he spreads her apart.
Lucifer slips a gloved thumb across her lip until she catches the edge, tugging the garment away. His assistance offered; he pulls his hand back, in the catch of leather within his smile as he drags the glove off his hand entirely. “Open your mouth for me, darling girl.” And she obliges, entranced by that grin, licked up in lust and affection; allowing his fingers to slide across her tongue, caressing.
Before he withdraws and replaces them with his tongue instead, teeth sinking into a gentle bite into her lower lip. A groan tumbles free into her mouth as his wet fingers find and sink, slow, into her heat. “How do you feel?” Face sinking into the give of her neck, tongue dragging at taut muscle, as he works into and opens her.
And when she breaks into a moan, “There... relax yourself, treasure.” His breaths are heavy and hot against her ear. “Can you take another finger in?” Stroking her walls when she clamps around him. A low, guttural sound leaving him, “Breathe.”
Patient and unmoving, save for the way his fingers trace slow circles within her, Lucifer awaits her answer. Her hand following his in between her legs to instruct her wordless assent. Caressing a palm across his face when he moves to check on her, meeting her gaze. Feathering a kiss onto his cheek as she beckons him closer.
His fingers gather speed along with her restless cries, the intensity of their union springs tears to her gaze and he captures them all, tongue trekking across her lips, kissing across her cheeks.
Her demon dragging her into blissful pleasure in such comfort, it’s enough to have her forgetting memories of a distant past... so devastating and different from how it is to make love to one she truly cherishes. To be wanted by her Avatar of Pride in the manner he desires, so full, so consuming.
And she realizes just how foolish her resolve truly was for there is no solitary endurance to be borne in love.
Tumblr media
End Notes: Thank you for reading!
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having a cat that looks and acts similar to him
Tumblr media
fandom: obey me! shall we date? | character: leviathan | genre: fluff | type: headcanon | reader: gender-neutral
»»————- ♡ ————-««
inspired by this post by @julie-ghouls
{💌} the pets aren’t exactly like the characters. idk, dude. i wrote this because it was fun.
Tumblr media
You turn around to show the small animal that was in your arms, a smile on your face caused by the fact that you have finally reunited with your beloved pet, and that the two of them could finally meet.
“Doesn’t he look just like you?” you said excitedly, a big grin on your face as you waited eagerly for his reaction.
When you mentioned that you wanted him to meet your four-legged friend, he didn’t expect you to introduce him to an animal that looked awfully familiar…
It was common knowledge that Levi preferred aquatic animals, but he could appreciate a pet cat... from afar that is. At that moment, all he could think was all the times Satan had brought back a cat into the house, and how it had damaged his merch. All his precious figurines, his cosplays, his posters!
So his reaction to MC's pet wasn't a very welcome one, to say the least. Instead of greeting it in any way, he made MC promise that it wouldn't go into his room no matter what. Then, he asked MC (with his usual degrading comments) if they wanted to watch anime with him.
Before they could answer, the pet nudged MC's cheek with its nose and started mewing sadly. Suddenly, all of MC's attention was on the cat as they started petting it softly, brushing away the fur that was partially covering its yellow eyes, the same way they often did to Levi...
Levi immediately felt jealous after his first interaction with the cat.
The swiping-his-hair-out-of-his-eyes thing was for Levi only!
But it was just a cat, right? And the friendship between the Lord of Shadows and his Henry was too strong. Nothing could ever get in between them! what he thought at first.
Every time someone talked to MC for too long, or if they were hanging out with someone; the cat would always walk up to them and mewl sadly to get their attention.
And every time, MC would pick it up and give it attention until it was happy again.
It always made Levi incredibly jealous, even if it was just a cat.
But one day, MC came into Levi's room (after uttering the password, ofc) with their cat, who was fast asleep.
They asked if they could hang out while it slept in Levi's bathtub.
At first, Levi was reluctant, but he couldn't say no to MC.
And so MC placed their sleeping cat in Levi's bathtub.
It didn't wake, thankfully.
Levi and MC watched anime and played games like usual, without a cat to disturb them.
After a while, with both of them feeling tired from staring at the screen for so long, MC got up to check on their cat along with Levi, who wanted to make sure it didn't damage anything.
What they saw in the pile of blankets was adorable.
The cat was sleeping peacefully, all cute and curled around Levi's Ruri-chan body pillow and plushie.
Levi freaked out, but knew MC would be mad if he disturbed it while it was sleeping.
But he would be lying if he didn't find it cute.
What's strange though, is now every time MC comes to hang out, it hops into Levi's bathtub and curls around Ruri-chan's plushie.
Which -according to MC- means it likes her.
Levi immediately felt excited.
Maybe he would finally have someone to share his excitement over Ruri-chan with? Even if it was just a cat.
He starts thinking about it, and decides to order a Ruri-chan cosplay for cats to test it.
The next time he invites you to his room, he nervously asks if he can dress the cat up in the cosplay he bought, and to his relief, MC said sure.
Once they finished dressing it up, it started mewling happily.
And from that moment, he basically became the other parent to the otaku cat (when it wasn't curled in MC's arms)
He would watch anime with it, dress it up in cosplays and feed it ruri-chan themed cat food.
And so much more.
He once barged into your room, saying he found out that the cat slept better when it listened to anime endings.
All in all, he ends up loving the cat and hangs out with it a lot (he doesn't forget you, though. No one could replace his Henry, after all)
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officallytheduchess · 29 days ago
how about something with Mammon getting a small, yellow thing from MC? a small trinket that's probably really cheap but they got because it reminded them of him. Maybe like a lil' crow keychain?
GREEDY AS THEY COME [MAMMON/READER] Summary: No one could read you as well as he could, especially when it involved something for him.
a/n: here you go! hopefully you like it! -------------------------------------------- One thing that you always found worthy of marveling over was Mammon's uncanny ability to sniff out a pocketful of grimm that you had methodically tucked away beneath your wardrobe in a box, yet couldn't seem to locate his Devildom law homework lying on the desk next to yours. That unparalleled skill of seeking out things for his own benefit and satisfaction went beyond money and simple, shiny things; it extended into the territory of him easily discerning when you were trying to hide something from him.
You wouldn't boast that you were the best at masking emotions, it wasn't often you were defined as unreadable; yet, all the same, you knew how to throw down with the big dogs and perfected an impregnable poker face. Mainly, it was a skill you developed for the sake of covering one of the brothers' asses for stupid shit, maintaining a deceptively ignorant air while lying to Lucifer's face without so much as a twitch in your lip or flutter of your lash. You had found it useful in other situations as well, though impressively not went it came to Mammon.
He always seemed so aloof of anyone else, let alone attentive enough to unravel the peculiarities and particulars of your personality. You always found him staring, or at the very least, peeking at you from the corner of his eye. He hung onto your words with such ardent sincerity that it made your chest tighten, and wasn't often that far away from you these days; even if he was, you would get three phone calls in a single night where he complained about his time getting squandered when he talked to you.
Even on this particular night, he squawked about the same things all while perched cross-legged on your bed, elbow deep in a jumbo container of human-world cheese puffs. Courtesy of you, of course.
"Honestly, these things are disgusting. Why do you keep buyin' them?" he said, sputtering those words through a mouthful of crunchy puff and artificial cheese dust. "I was supposed to be havin' a big game at the casino tonight! But, no, I'm here doing law homework."
You shifted your weight on the mattress, almost getting an audible groan from the mattress as you did so. The crisp edges of the tiny gift box you had hidden under you were digging into your thigh. It was only natural that he had decided to strut in your bedroom tonight, right after you had taken the box from it's previous hiding spot.
"The door is right there, Mammon. Either sit and study with me, or get out," you rejoined, giving your pen an impatient, rhythmic tapping against the stout textbook. "Don't eat all those cheese puffs. I got them for me. Not you."
"What's yours is mine, what's mine is mine!" he proudly declared, continuing to gnaw loudly as though for emphasis. "Also, what are you hidin' from me?"
That single question sent you into fight or flight mode, made your blood run hot to your neck and ears, and had your stomach doing unicycle flips and contortionist acts to the point where you could hardly sit still. You had inadvertently pushed your thigh down harder on the small box under you, assuring that it was still there, as you answered, "I'm literally letting you copy my law homework, and you're accusing me of hiding something from you? You're really fucking rude."
"Shuddup." His eyes rolled up briefly, carelessly screwing the lid atop the cheese puffs before facing you completely. "This entire time you'd been sittin' all weird, like leanin' a bit to the left and bouncin' your thigh a bit. It's weird. Lemme see it!"
You wouldn't lie, times like this frazzled you endlessly because even Lucifer couldn't get as such a solid read on you. Mammon acted like he was as familiar with you as he was his brothers, like he had known you for thousands of years instead of a single one. Perhaps finding an even larger chip in your armor, his curiosity shone radiantly in his broadening grin and glistening eyes.
He shimmied closer to you on the bed. "I get it, you think you can hide stuff from me! Well, you'd be thinkin' wrong! I'm the one who taught you that poker face. And, there ain't no way anyone knows you better than I do."
You felt the heat blossom to your cheeks now, throat parched when you tried to swallow and speak. It was all you could do to hold steadfast with his gaze and the way he was gloating. To make it worse, it took you far longer than you wanted to admit to notice that he was moving closer to your face, eyes now trained on your lips as though to tantalize you. Just as the thought had crossed your mind to lean in to kiss him, there was a small yellow box thrust up between your face and his.
"Wha- how did- Mammon!" you whined, giving him a light shove against his chest to create a larger gap between your bodies. "Seriously? I was going to try to surprise you with that. You're such an impatient ass!"
"Oh-hoho! What is it?" Clearly, he didn't care about what you had to say right now. "It's such a small box, ain't like you could fit anything huge in here. Oh! I know! Is it a new credit card? Is it a deed to a mansion? A note saying I have the entire jackpot from the lottery? An all expense paid vacation?"
You deadpanned. "Just what kind of money do you think I make?"
The box was nondescript, canary yellow with a metallic bow in the same shade discarded on the floor along with the lid. You watched him sift through the single piece of tissue paper, breath hitching in your throat once the rustling stopped along with his hand. The room was enveloped in an unfamiliar silence for a moment before his voice bellowed out:
"The hell is this?!"
Curled on his index finger was a small trinket; a key-chain to be precise. The little crow slowly rotated as Mammon held it up, it was a similar shade of yellow to the packaging and absolutely adorable- in your opinion, at least. You had passed a shop in the city the other day, immediately drawn to it along with image of a smiling Mammon being the recipient of it.
His incredulous response wasn't quite what you had anticipated, however.
"Seriously? What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing?" he asked, repeatedly switching hands with it while flicking it front-to-back as though to flawlessly examine it. "Why would I want to carry something like this around? It's not manly at all."
You didn't bother to mask your disappointment from him at that point, fixing the pen back into your fingers as you gave a sigh. Sure, there was a part of you that absolutely felt the scorch of frustration at his reaction, a greater part of you reeled from the sting of rejection that made you want to wither way into a corner, but overall- you couldn't say this was outside of his character.
"Dude, if you don't want it, give it back."
With that, Mammon pocketed the little key-chain as he scrambled to his feet and shuffled towards the door. "Nuh-uh, too bad! It's mine now. I'm gonna see how much grimm I can get for this on Akuzon. Later!"
You had half the mind to shout after him for that remark, yet found yourself stopping short with a smile slowly crawling onto your lips when you noticed the pink tinging his cheeks.
a/n: anyway mammon is one of my favs. i love him dearly. i also love simeon, diavolo, solomon, and lucifer. can't help myself.
also, how is the writing for this? i can't tell if it's decent, or pretty bad...
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yukihaie · a month ago
A/N: This is the last part. I wrote this in the app because I sent my laptop for a screen repair so forgive me if you spot any errors.
I don't really have much to say other than thank you for all the support you've all given me throughout the series. I didn't think you would like it that much but the amount of reblogs, tags and likes are just so motivating. Without them, I won't be writing this so thank you all so much :'3
Warning: once again it's pretty long but I hope you enjoy reading it
Genre: Fluff and a bit of angst here and there
You can read the previous part here.
It's getting late and Belphie was nowhere to be found. So Beel started his own quest of finding Belphie's napping spot to make sure his twin could sleep in the comfort of his own bed instead of some weird places he intended to nap at.
It wasn't long for Beel to find his twin sleeping on one of the sofas in the common room. But what he didn't expect, was tiny Lucifer sleeping soundly on Belphie's torso.
It did, however, crack a smile on Beel's face as he watched the two cuddled each other to sleep. But it's not good for them to sleep in that position for long so Beel had to think of something.
Then, he saw the second eldest walking around the house while observing around the walls. Beel didn't want to speculate but maybe Mammon's up to something bad again, so he called Mammon over to ask him for his help.
"Can Lucifer sleep in your room tonight? I want to take Belphie to our room but Lucifer's sleeping on top of him. I don't want to wake him up."
"Meh, sure. No problem." Mammon shrugged.
He then gently slid his hands under Lucifer's body and head, and carefully positioned the latter's head to lay on his shoulder.
"Good night, Mammon," Beel gave him a smile while slinging his twin on his shoulder to carry him back to their room.
"G'night," Mammon whispered.
Lucifer opened his eyes to see himself in a pitch black room. He's still very much drowsy while waiting for his eyes to be adjusted from the lack of light. When he could finally outline his own hands, he sat up from what supposed to be a bed.
He extended his hand and roamed around to try and find another presence beside him but failed to detect any. The sinking feeling in his stomach grew wider when he realised there's no one nearby.
He's alone, in this dark room, with no one by his side.
Lucifer could feel tears started forming in his eyes as he frantically searched for somebody.
'Why is everybody leaving me...'
Lucifer's whines grew louder into a cry.
Suddenly, the door to the room creaked open, revealing the silhouette of the Avatar of Greed, "Lucifer? Why're ya cryin'?"
Hearing Mammon's familiar voice, Lucifer hastily climbed down from the bed and ran to hug Mammon's leg, tears still flowing from his face.
"What happened, little guy?" Mammon picked Lucifer up into his arms and tried to shush his cries by gently swaying side-to-side.
Lucifer didn't respond. Instead, he cried harder on Mammon's shoulder while grabbing Mammon's black t-shirt tightly.
"Is it 'cause I forgot to switch on the night light? I'll do it now."
With the room being a bit more visible than before, Mammon wiped Lucifer's tears using the back of his hand, "There there. No need to cry. I'm here now."
"Mammon..." Lucifer whined again, hugging Mammon even closer.
"Alright alright, I'll stay by your side, 'kay?"
Mammon actually left Lucifer sleeping in his room for a while because he had to check the house's surrounding. Usually, it's Lucifer's job.
Lucifer will check every corner of the house and make sure the spells are activated to prevent any trespassers from trespassing the house while they're sleeping. With Lucifer's spells, even Mammon and Levi could notice the trespassers' position the moment they stepped foot on the House of Lamentation's front gate.
But the spells wasn't only meant for trespassers. Any kind of magic, spirits or creatures can be detected by them.
That's the reason behind Lucifer's strict rule of curfew and 'No Outsiders Allowed' rule. After all, the grimoire that can control any demon was located in their underground tomb.
And after the exchange student's arrival to the house, Lucifer needed to increase the security around the house, in case some lunatics forgot the house's occupants consist of the seven strongest demons in Devildom after Diavolo and Barbatos.
But that's old news, because now Lucifer is incapable of checking around the house and activating the spells. So Mammon, as the second-in-command, willingly volunteered to check around. After all, not all of his younger brothers were aware of the activated spells. Satan might know, but either way, he didn't say anything.
"There there, it's alright..."
Even though Mammon's words reassured Lucifer a little bit, his grip on Mammon's shirt didn't loosen any lighter. When Mammon finally laid down beside him, Lucifer scooted closer and hugged Mammon tightly, never wanting to let go of the second born in fear of being alone without his brother(s) ever again.
Adult Lucifer would probably handle this situation better than Toddler Lucifer. After all, he couldn't afford to falter or show any fear in front of his brothers. If he did, whatever will happen to his brothers' morale?
Such things was the exact reason why he learned to mask his feelings well after the fall. He learned to be stronger for the sake of his brothers.
But the fear never really went away. They remained lingered in his deepest subconscious, waiting for the exact moment to engulf him.
Though Mammon couldn't understand toddler Lucifer's situation at the moment, he had no intention of leaving his brother's side again.
"Good morning!" Asmo smiled delightfully at the sight of Mammon carrying Lucifer in his arms as the two stepped inside the kitchen the next morning.
Mammon had bathed Lucifer and dressed him up in a black short with a simple bear stickers printed on the front of the t-shirt.
"Aww! You're so cute as ever! Are you planning to follow us to R.A.D today?" Asmo gently pinched Lucifer's cheek.
He tried extending his arms towards the toddler, hoping for Lucifer to come to him instead. And the toddler definitely did.
He turned his body towards Asmo and leaned closer for Asmo to carry him. Lucifer wrapped his arms around Asmo's neck and laid his head to rest on Asmo's shoulder.
"Nuh-uh, he ain't comin' along! It'll be a disaster to keep track of him in R.A.D," Mammon commented while pouring himself a glass of water.
Then, both of them made their way to the dining table, where the other brothers were sitting down and eating their breakfast.
Asmo was on breakfast duty that day so he made Lucifer a piece of toast with some butter and jam.
Lucifer was very obedient and munched on his toast happily while staring at his brothers' face once in a while. They were discussing about some matters with each other. Thinking that he'd rather ask Asmo to spread more jam in his toast, he ignored the conversation.
It's decided that Lucifer was to stay behind with Levi while the others go to R.A.D as usual. Since Levi could opt to do his classes online, it's a good choice to have the third born babysit Lucifer while the others attend their classes.
"But.. but what if Lucifer accidentally got hurt while I'm listening to the lectures?" Levi's distress was getting obvious by the minute.
"You'll be fine, Levi. It's not like he's gonna encounter Cerberus or something. Just let him play with some of your figurines," Belphie said.
Right across him, Satan's face paled a little bit before adding, "Y-yeah. He's a good kid. Just keep your eyes on him and give him some snacks if he's hungry."
"My figurines?! No! Anything but that! What if he breaks them? And and, what if... what if he tripped down the stairs while I'm not looking? Or what if I accidentally forgot his existence and then he goes missing? What if-"
"Levi, calm down. He's not that naughty," Asmo said, wiping Lucifer's mouth with a napkin after the toddler had done eating, "Besides, you're one of the big brother squad, right? You can handle babysitting."
"Oh, so now we're playing my big brother's card, huh?" Levi frowned.
'This is so unfair! They say that but never really respected me as their big brother!'
"Hey, we all had our times babysitting him. It should be your turn now."
"Yeah, and it's not that long though... Well, I guess it is going to take some time since our classes will end at 5 but, you get me."
"I'm not suited for this job!" Levi trembled slightly at all the possibilities that could happen if he's left alone with a toddler.
"Levi," Mammon put a hand on Levi's shoulder and gave him supportive pats, "Ya gonna be fine. Don't worry..."
Something in Mammon's words and action irked him.
'Why's he acting all mature now? What the hell...'
But it did help him ease his nerves a little, not that he'd tell Mammon that.
Seeing Mammon acting like this made him well aware of how strong Lucifer's power is among the brothers. Usually, it'll be him who will take responsibilities for their actions while the brothers fool around.
Sure, he may be oppressive at times and constantly nagging for this and that, but without him to hold the brothers together, they'll surely fall apart. Mammon could only do so much as the eldest right now but this family is definitely not ready for any emergency that could harm them.
'And it's time I show them that I can also be deemed and respected as the third eldest.'
Gathering his courage slowly, he walked his brothers to the door and took Lucifer from Asmo's arm. The toddler willingly went to Levi but was curious as to why his other brothers were saying their goodbyes to him.
"Lucifer, be a good kid and don't stress Levi too much." Beel ruffled Lucifer's hair.
"Beel...? Beel go where?"
"Not going anywhere, just going to school. I'll see you again after I finish my practise this evening, okay?"
Lucifer was starting to cry when the others left so Levi made his way back to his room while trying to calm him down. When he failed, Levi also felt like crying, "Please don't cry... I'm not good at calming a crying baby..."
Lucifer was still crying so Levi had to think of something to give him some distractions. He sat Lucifer down on the floor and gave him a Seraphina plushie from his favourite v-idol team.
It did calm him down for a few seconds as the toddler looked curiously at the plushie but then proceeded to cry again. This time, Lucifer crawled over to Levi, climbed on his leg and grabbed Levi's pants tightly, wanting a hug from the Avatar of Envy.
Levi was starting to panic again when Lucifer didn't calm down so he picked him up and tried brainstorming for another distraction method.
'Why is he crying so much? Did he loathe the idea of being left alone with me? Did I look disgusting enough for him to cry after seeing my face? Why am I stuck babysitting my eldest brother who's way more powerful and influential than me? Ahhhh!!!'
"Please don't cry..." Levi begged.
Suddenly, Levi remembered something important. He approached his massive aquarium and said, "Look! There's a goldfish there. See? He's swimming towards us now!"
Lucifer's cries slowed down as he focused on the direction that Levi pointed. Henry 2.0 swam towards them gracefully and opened his mouth curiously against the aquarium glass. The fish swam up and down, circling his owner and the toddler.
Although his grip on Levi's shirt didn't loosen, he did seem excited as he pointed, "Fish fish!"
Levi used the opportunity and quickly wiped Lucifer's tears while the toddler was still distracted.
"Its name is Henry 2.0. Cute, right?"
Lucifer only nodded, letting his brother wiped his tears with a tissue, before resting his head on Levi's shoulder, calmly.
Levi, who's clearly not ready with Lucifer's action, froze. He never met any kids who were fond of him, and certainly not his eldest brother either.
Levi's relationship with Lucifer is a bit complex. While Lucifer's favouritism of Mammon was clearly depicted, he didn't have any for Levi. At least that's what he's getting from Lucifer.
Lucifer will punish Mammon the hardest, but that doesn't change the fact that all the other brothers know how Mammon is his favourite. Although he seemed a bit awkward with Satan, he occasionally showed his compassionate side to the fourth born once in a while. Same goes for Asmo. Levi never forgot how proud Lucifer looked like when he saw Asmo's products selling marvelously in Majolish. As for the twins? Only fools can't see how Lucifer cherish the twins so much.
It was always him, alone, watching them from afar. Watching how Mammon and Lucifer shared a deep bond; watching how Satan and Asmo often gossiped around and be the best of friends; watching the twins relied on each other through thick or thin. Yet, he's here, all alone with no one to rely on.
He did admit that he admired Lucifer so much but he wasn't sure how his eldest brother thinks of him. After all, they never sat down and share a heart-to-heart conversation with each other. It was always with Mammon, never with him. He never really knew how his brother think of him.
Maybe that's why he chose to shut himself in his room. Maybe that's why he chose to indulge in things his brothers didn't have any clue about.
Maybe that's why he felt so alone all the time.
Levi took a deep breath before his mind wondered off into a much darker place. Finding comfort and strength from the toddler who's still holding him tightly, he sighed and gave Lucifer a kiss on top of his head.
It was time for Levi's online class to start so he put Lucifer down beside him and gave him some papers with come colour pencils for him to doodle or scribble anything.
But Lucifer didn't want Levi to stop carrying him. Everytime Levi made him sit down, Lucifer whined and hugged Levi's leg, wanting Levi to keep lifting him up in his arm.
Again, this time, Lucifer climbed onto Levi's lap and refused to cooperate.
"Lucifer, I have to attend my classes. Don't worry, I'm right beside you," Levi lifted Lucifer up only to put him back down besides him. He even plugged his laptop to his TV just to sit on the floor besides Lucifer.
Watching Levi opened up his usual online class's medium and connecting himself to his class, Lucifer knew it's not the right time to bother his brother.
"Levi cannot play?"
"Not right now. I have to learn too, you know?"
"Okay, then Luci play with fish?"
"You can play with Henry 2.0, sure."
Tiny Lucifer walked slowly to the aquarium and sat down in front of it, watching the tiny bubbles from the ventilators floated into the surface of the water before popping itself.
Sounds of greetings from Levi's TV told Lucifer that Levi's classes are starting soon so he brought his forefinger to his mouth and whispered to Henry 2.0, "Levi busy. We cannot be noisy."
The goldfish swam around, as if understanding Lucifer's statement.
The toddler sure knew how to keep himself entertain. After quietly watching Levi's goldfish swimming around, he took a tour in Levi's room. Thinking that Levi would get angry if he touched his belongings without permission, Lucifer only looked around quietly. Although he did want to touch those shiny figurines on top of the shelves, he decided to respect his brother's wish.
Lucifer then sat himself beside Levi and grabbed the colour pencils Levi put down for him.
The TV showed someone talking with some slide presentations of symbols and signs that Lucifer didn't understand. He squinted his eyes in frustration.
Levi, who took note of Lucifer's presence beside him, let out a small chuckle and extended his hand to close Lucifer's eyes, "Don't do that. You'll only get confused."
"Here, have this limited edition Freesier cookie from the anime 'I Got Reincarnated Into Another Royalty Family and My Sister is Trying to Kill Me but the Prince From the Neighbouring Kingdom Secretly has a Crush on Me but I'm Also Destined to Marry the Duke's Heir so What Should I Do?' "
Lucifer grabbed one of the cookie handed by Levi and nibbled on it. He then grabbed another one, another two and one after another.
"Delicious, right?"
Tiny Lucifer only nodded, still busy chewing the chocolate chip cookies.
'Maybe I should grab some water. He'll be thirsty after all that cookies, right?'
Seeing that the instructor stopped the lecture for a 5-minute-break session, Levi got up and walked towards the door, wanting to grab some water and several other snacks in case Lucifer's still hungry. Also some for himself since his pile of snacks were also depleting after his anime marathon last night.
He was twisting the door knob when he heard Lucifer's sudden cries. He quickly glanced over the toddler who's running towards him, "Eh? W-what? What happened? Wh-why are you crying?"
"Levi go where?" Lucifer cried, hugging his leg tightly while still holding the cookies in his hands.
"I... Well, I'm just gonna grab some water and snacks..."
Seeing that Lucifer didn't stop crying, he figured that Lucifer wanted to tag along, "Alright alright, calm down. Come, let's go together."
Levi lifted his brother and gently patted his back to soothe his cries. He almost burst out laughing when he realised that Lucifer still bit on the cookies amidst his crying session.
"What are you doing, Lucifer?" he laughed delightfullly and shook his head in disbelief. Would the others believe him if he told them about this incident?
Nevertheless, the toddler finally calmed down after Levi agreed to bring him along.
After grabbing all the stuff he needed from the kitchen, Levi wiped Lucifer's mouth with a wet tissue and washed his hands that's full of cookie crumbs. He then put Lucifer down and grabbed the snacks and a bottle of water along with a sippy cup for Lucifer.
But Lucifer whined and extended his arms, indicating he wanted Levi to carry him.
"Wh- How am I supposed to carry you along with all these things? You can walk, right?"
"Levi..." his whines started to turn to cries.
Well, Lucifer certainly knew how to exploit Levi's weakness, huh...
"Fine! Seriously, I didn't know you can be this clingy..."
Lucifer's giggles could be heard as he wrapped his tiny arms around Levi's neck lovingly, completely successful in his tiny quest.
It was another two hours of stressful lectures. Lucifer had been very quiet and obediently scribbled on the papers provided. Aside from his refusal to be apart from Levi, he didn't bother the Avatar of Envy while he's listening his lectures.
It was lunchtime and Levi was thinking on what he should cook for the toddler. If it was his usual day of online classes, he would spend this hour of lunch break to play a couple round of games while snacking. But surely the toddler would want his lunch soon.
"Lucifer, let's go. I'm making us lunch," Levi stood up, streching for a while after sitting down for a long time.
His brother obediently followed the third born and grabbed Levi's hand as the two made their way to the kitchen.
Levi made Lucifer sat on the countertop while searching through the refrigerator. Fortunately, Beel didn't rampage too hard last night so there's still some ingredients left in the fridge. He then grabbed a small box of chocolate drink, poked the straw through the aluminium hole, and gave it to Lucifer to drink.
Levi began gathering the intended ingredients and started cooking, occasionally glancing over to the toddler to make sure he's alright.
Lucifer swung his legs slowly while sipping on the chocolate drink, smiling the whole time and enjoying the delicious taste from the drink.
Levi made chicken slice with omelette sandwich for lunch. For Lucifer, he cut the sandwich into smaller pieces and grabbed a box of strawberry milk.
"Lucifer, let's go. We'll eat this in my room."
The tiny Avatar of Pride followed Levi's footstep without any complaint.
"Here, this is yours. This one's mine." Levi decided to let Lucifer eat by himself so he could control how much he'd eaten.
Out of the nine pieces that Levi cut, Lucifer only managed to eat six pieces before pushing his plate away, "Luci not hungry anymore."
"Alright. Do you want water or this strawberry milk?"
"This." Lucifer pointed to the box of strawberry milk.
Levi helped poked the straw and gave them to Lucifer when his D.D.D's inbox notification rang.
Mammon: Yo Levi! How's Lucifer?
Asmodeus: Yeah, did you give him his lunch yet?
Silently capturing a photo of Lucifer's tiny figure happily drinking the milk, he replied back.
Leviathan: I made chicken slice with omelette sandwich
Beelzebub: Wow! Looks yummy...
Beelzebub: *sent a sticker of a drooling icon
Belphegor: Beel, your drool will get on your mega-sized Devildom Bufo Toad Burger
Satan: Any trouble? Or tantrum?
Leviathan: Lucifer's really clingy -_-
Leviathan: He always cries whenever I went somewhere without him
Asmodeus: Aww... I guess he just wants to be with you ♡
Leviathan: ...
Leviathan: You really think so?
Levi glanced over again at the toddler, whom now had finished sipping his strawberry milk and climbed onto his lap, looking as gleeful as ever.
He smiled at the thought and ruffled Lucifer's hair gently.
Levi's classes ended earlier than usual that day. He was lying down on the floor after a tiring day when he felt Lucifer climbed on top of him, hugging him while whining, "Luci sleepy."
What a coincidence because he could use a nap too after sleeping for only 2 hours last night.
"Let's grab a futon and nap together," Levi said, patting the toddler's back.
By the time he laid down the futon and grabbed his blanket from the bathtub, Lucifer was already laying down while rubbing his eyes.
Levi covered Lucifer's body with his blanket and gently patted Lucifer's shoulder to soothe him to sleep.
Seeing the toddler never letting go of his grip on Levi's jacket made him feel touched. Maybe there's a reason why Lord Diavolo refused to change Lucifer back to normal.
Lucifer's prideful front sometimes hurt the brothers. Being a vulnerable child with much obvious emotions had let them learn his true feelings towards them.
And it's nothing but love towards his brothers.
Levi smiled a little, finally able to learn what Lucifer thinks of him. With a sigh, he hugged Lucifer close and joined him for a nap session.
By the time the brothers got home, Levi had bathed Lucifer and dressed him in a cat onesies. Asmo, the first of the brothers to come home from R.A.D., was squealing with joy as he captured some photos of Lucifer in that outfit.
"My baby! You're so cute!" Asmo lifted Lucifer in his arms and hugged him close. The toddler only responded with laughter, finding himself happier that he's now able to see his other brothers as well.
Mammon and Belphie came home after Asmo and Lucifer excitedly ran towards them to give them a hug, "Mammon! Belphie!"
"Woah! A cat onesies!" Mammon lifted Lucifer up while Belphie touched the cat ears on the onesies.
And the man of the hour finally showed up a few minutes after that.
Satan was clueless at first because the three brothers were surrounding Lucifer and smothering him. However, when he got closer to them, he froze.
"It's Satan!" Lucifer tried wiggling free from Mammon's hold. When he's finally able to run, he hugged Satan's leg and said, "Luci a cat now, Satan!"
Feeling himself tearing up, Satan lifted Lucifer up and hugged him close, not minding the other four brothers who's smirking and chuckling to themselves.
"Who bought you this outfit?"
"Ooh ooh! Me too, you know," Asmo added.
Satan continued hugging Lucifer while the latter just giggled and hugged him back.
By the time Beel came back, the others were preparing for dinner but Lucifer patiently waited for the sixth born to be back. Belphie told him many times that Beel would be back late but Lucifer didn't mind.
When Beel finally stepped inside the front door, Lucifer beamed up and started running towards the orange haired demon, "Beel!"
"Lucifer! You waited for me?" Beel smiled, "Cute onesies too!"
"Luci want up up!"
"Oh, you mean this?" Beel threw Lucifer up in the air before catching him again, getting a series of laughter from the toddler.
Belphie, who's watching from afar, were a bit worried over the height of Beel's throws but didn't really mind because he knew Beel's going to catch Lucifer back no matter the circumstances.
It was Mammon, again, who stopped Beel from going too far and demanded the Avatar of Gluttony to shower and get ready for dinner.
Everything went well for the family. For once after 5 years, the dinner table was filled with smiles and laughter, and not the usual bickering and glaring that they usually did.
It was close to bed time that they realised it's the last night for Toddler Lucifer. Tomorrow, they're gonna get their normal eldest brother again.
They felt relieved but at the same time, a bit sad to see the Lucifer, who's being so open with his emotions, dissappear.
"Why don't we sleep together in the same room again? Like the time when we fell from up there? You know... Just for tonight..." Asmo suggested, signs of emotions clearly depicted on his face.
"I don't mind. As long as I get to sleep." Belphie yawned, trying his best to not show his true feelings.
"Sure, I can sleep early for once," Levi said, looking down at his feet.
"I want to sleep beside Lucifer tonight," Beel said, being as honest as he could.
Satan didn't say anything but his actions of gathering pillows from across the room was enough to let them know he's in on it too.
"Then, I'll go check–"
"Wait, Mammon, you checked around last night, it's my turn now," Levi interrupted. Without hearing the second born's response, Levi made his way and left the room.
The environment was thick with emotions yet none of them allowed it to show. Tiny Lucifer, meanwhile, only smiled and cheered when he knew that all his brothers will sleep beside him tonight.
As Mammon switched off the light, they said their goodnights to the toddler who's sleeping in between Beel and Asmo.
Tonight, they slept with smiles as they learnt the value behind the bonds they shared with each other.
Sure, the bickering and fighting won't stop, but deep down, they all knew how each and everyone of them felt about each other.
They are brothers and no one can ever separate them.
Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Belphegor.
Though through outsiders' eyes, they seemed imperfect and full of troubles, only the demons in question knew how much they love each other.
Taglist: @bissshitu @candymeowz @obeythebutler @crierofirony @thelegendaryfluffypotato13 @breanna-writess @kariuann @bbytamaki @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @batmans-left-boot
Thanks for reading! ♥️ Any form of supports or feedbacks are highly appreciated!
You can read the short sequel here.
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books-and-catears · 7 months ago
Obey Me headcannon:
Tumblr media
MC who loves giving physical affection but isn't used to receiving it back
A happy excitable MC who greets everyone with hugs, kisses, or headpats depending on what all the brothers are comfortable with. But they aren't used to receiving it back :')
He doesn't prefer too much touching so you just wave or smile happily when he enters a room
If something good happens with him around you tend to grasp his hands and jump excitedly
Sometimes he even lets you hug him
One day, when he fell asleep while doing paper work. You decided to help and clear out the mess.
He wakes up to you arranging his papers and clearing his desk. He feels grateful and pats your head lovingly, "Thank you didn't need to do this."
You freeze. What is happening? Did he confuse you with someone else? You stare at his arm in disbelief and stutter, "Uh...Lucifer, you put hand on my head by accident."
Lucifer stares confused, "It's not an accident, why would you think that?"
You blush and hide your face, "I'm... I'm not used to people willingly touching me. Thank you so much." You look at him with a bright smile.
Lucifer stands shocked. Clearly you need and deserve more affection. From now on, he gives you headpats whenever he sees you accomplish any task.
Tidied up your room? Headpat. Drank water? Headpat. All for the delighted face you make right after.
It's pretty obvious this boy secretly loves affection no matter how much he denies it.
You understand that and greet him using headpats when it's the two of you.
He also allows you to grab his arm or hug him when you're excited.
One day, he barges into your room crying about how Lucifer must have hidden Goldie again because he couldn't find it.
He was exhausted from looking so you make him nap on your bed while you go looking. You find it in Levi's room. He hid it as revenge for all the unreturned money.
Mammon wakes up to you putting Goldie in his open palm. He excitedly gets up and pulls in you for a tight hug. "Thank you Thank you MC! You saved Goldie!"
You stiffen in his arms and go into shock. Is this really happening?
"Oi MC! What's wrong?"
"I think I had a very real dream that you willingly hugged me" You say, still dazed. "It felt so nice... thank you." You smile so happily.
"That wasn't a dream, idiot human!" Mammon blushed. You dream of such a simple thing as a hug? Mammon can definitely make it come true.
He hugs you as often as he can now. Sometimes even in front of his brothers. He is embarrassed but that look of pure happiness in your face is worth it.
This poor baby is so touch starved and still won't admit it. So you take it upon your self to smother him with lots of hugs and headpats.
He gets flustered at first but allows all hand holding and headpats during exciting parts of animes and obviously loves it.
One day, he was feeling especially down because the new event based limited edition Ruri Chan figurines had sold out before he could even try to buy it.
You knew about the sale and placed an order before hand just in case this happened. Levi opens the door to find you standing there with a smile with a Ruri chan package in your hands.
He almost cries in happiness as you hand it to him. He jumps at you and engulfs you in a tight hug. "MC! You're truly my best friend! The Power of Gods and Anime shall bless you!"
Then you both freeze. He hurriedly retreats back, his face now turned into a ripe tomato. "S-s-sorry! I couldn't help it! I just really wanted to!"
You look at him, surprised. "You wanted to hug me...Really? Thank you Levi..." You smile with all your heart.
Levi almost hears his heart crack. Do you also not get enough hugs just like him?
He does his best to get over his shyness and hold you closer while watching anime and giving headpats when you do well at a game. The smiles and hugs that you give in return makes his whole day.
He seemed to reserved with touches at first. But as he opened up you noticed he liked subtle and soft touches.
He liked it when you greeted him by hugging his free arm.
He allowed you to hold his hand tight or snuggle into his chest or shoulders when you read an exciting scene in a book or movie.
One day, he seemed angry as he sat in his chair, grumbling unable to read. Lucifer had just grounded him for three weeks as punishment for his last prank.
You heard about this and showed up to his room. Satan looked up to find you holding a small basket covered with a table cloth. The cloth wiggled and out popped two kittens, meowing and stretching.
" to sneak kittens into the house?!" Satan's face lit up in delight as one of the kittens jumped into his lap.
"Indoor cat cafe experience + revenge on Lucifer. Cause he's being unreasonable as hell." You nodded and set up apple pie, ham sandwiches and two cups of coffee on his table.
Overcome with a new emotion, Satan pulled you onto his lap and kissed your forehead. "Thank you for being so kind, MC. I didn't even know I needed this. I cannot express my gratitude simply through words."
You sit perplexed in his lap, wondering what happened. "S-sorry I must have bumped into your mouth..."
Satan stared amused, "No MC. That was a kiss. I kissed your head to say thank you."
You blushed, feeling warm inside. "You meant to kiss me...? It was so comforting... thank you Satan." You smiled and leaned into his chest.
Satan instinctively held you closer. Clearly you weren't being shown how loved you are.
From then onwards he exponentially increased his touches. Kisses on your knuckles or head when you were studying with him.
Or fond cheek kisses as you helped him cook dinner or read with him. He used the silliest of excuses to show affection. The smiles and kisses you gave him in return always soothed his mood.
He could rival you when it comes to physical affection. He would welcome you with open arms to do whatever you'd want with him.
He was probably the first to show you physical affection.
He doesn't allow, he DEMANDS you to give him hugs and kisses (accepts it whether you consent or not ofc)
One day, he seemed a bit down cause his favourite spa closed down for renovations. And he refused to go anywhere else.
You appeared in his room with a home spa kit and offered to help following the best tutorials on DevilTube
"Oh MC...", He was overjoyed that you would indulge him this much. "Are you sure you're a human and not an angel? How can human be this sweet?"
Lunges at you with a tight hug and peppers kisses all over your face. You stand there frozen.
Asmo pulled back apologetically. "Sorry dear, too much? You are so adorable I couldn't control."
You blush and beam at him. "You... willingly kissed me...? Thank you Asmo..."
Asmo furrowed his eyes. "Now listen here MC. I was only holding back cause I didn't have your consent. If you allowed me I would greet you with kisses everyday." You nodded happily.
Asmo true to his word did exactly that. You ended up with numerous lipstick marks all over your face. (Mammon wouldn't stop complaining until he and Satan had cleaned your face up)
He also gave lots of suprise hugs from behind. Seeing you giggle and blush in response was so soothing.
This giant teddy bear loves all sorts of affection and readily accepts. You never need to hold back.
He even lets you sleep on him when you're too tired. In fact he'll make you stay there and bring you food to eat.
One day, you find him miserable and hungry in his room. He was screamed at for emptying out the fridge at night and banned from the kitchen and dining table.
It was your duty to cook dinner that day so you decided to make Beel's favorite human world food and sneak some to him after dinner.
Beel opened the door before you even got there cause he could smell it from a mile away. He hungrily gobbled it all up and chuckled gleefully.
"Thank you so much MC! I was so hungry!" He pulled MC into his lap and hugged them so tight. You sat there all awkward and unmoving.
"MC? Did I hold you too tight? Did I hurt you?" Beel looked genuinely worried, checking you for bruises.
"No no I'm all okay Beel! I'm just not used others wanting to hug me back hehe...thank you so much. That felt nice." You said, giving him your best smile.
Beel nodded, immediately formulating a sweet idea in his head. Maybe you needed hugs, the way he needed food?
He hugs you everytime he bumps you. You end up hugging so many times a day. (Asmo ends up noticing this and joins in with the trend. DOUBLE THE HUGS!)
He also pulls you into cuddles and shares his food. He loves the little pecks you give him on his cheek, it really takes his mind of his hunger.
Let's be real, after the way your first hug ended, even you were reluctant to hug him at first.
The first time you probably dared to touch him was when he fell asleep in your lap. You stroked his hair and he officially keeps asking for it now.
But he doesn't mind anything you do as long as it doesn't break his sleep.
One day, after a fight with Beel over some cream puff, he lay awake in his attic bed, sad and unable to sleep.
You showed up with your own pillow and blanket and offered to stroke his hair and talk till he could sleep.
He immediately pulled you against him, his arms wrapping around and his head nestled against your chest. "Thank you MC... Now I'll have sweet dreams for sure..."
You lay stiff with your hand still stuck in mid air. He looked up confused. "MC what's wrong? Why are you frozen like this?"
You smiled so hard you felt like you could cry. "You..hugged me.. for real this time. I always imagined what it might be like. Thank you Belphie."
He suddenly felt very guilty. With a stoic face, he pulled you down so that your head was against his chest now. He had a lot to make up for.
He just clings to you like a koala now. When with the other brothers, he is the permanent occupant of your left arm. (This greatly annoys Levi and Lucifer who still don't want you that close to him.)
And he also steals so many kisses, dangerously close to the lips but not quite there. Loves how you ease up and relax on him in response.
1K notes · View notes