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#obey me fanfiction

Told ya I’d do this next ;)

Unwanted Phone Call

Pairing: Diavolo x M!MC

Words: 1,041

NSFW // Smut // Vulgar Language


It all really started with a kiss. You and Diavolo had recently confessed to eachother after sharing your first kiss and your sex lives couldn’t have been more steamy. You two’ve making love every day for the past week, the room practically stinking of sex and cum by now. But that never really mattered. Not to Diavolo at lest. All that mattered to him was if your cock was shoved up his ass or not. He loves the feeling of you inside of him. Your hands clawing his back and your grip on his ass as you pound into him mercilessly; the way you leave his hole sore and his legs numb afterwards and all the prominent hickeys you leave on him. He’s found to enjoy you topping him and wouldn’t want it any other way.

It was just another one of those days really. Him pinned down to the bed with his legs on your shoulder, your dick shoved deep inside of him while he moaning in pleasure, the bed creaking from the force. He’s finished off all his work for the day and he didn’t have any expectated phone calls coming in any time soon, so when his D.D.D begins to ring, Lucifer’s name displayed in the screen, it surprises you both. You look down at him, your cock still rammed inside of him as the phone continues to ring. He was about to push you off but all of a sudden, you rolled him over and pinned him down onto his hands and knees, spreading his legs out slowly with your knee. You quickly press the answer button and put him on speaker, nudging him to respond.

“Yes, hello?” He speaks quietly, whimpering as you slide in and out of him gradually, your hand caressing his nipples and between his thighs.

“Diavolo. Where are you?” You see his head hit the pillow. He must’ve forgotten he agreed to meet up with him after getting distracted by you. You smirk and place a kiss to his spine, feeling him shudder underneath you.

“Ah, I apologise, Lucifer. Something came up suddenly and turns out I can’t attend tonight…” He managed to choke out with your hand pressed to his groin teasingly and your dick buried deep inside his quivering hole.

“What came up? Are you alright?” You hear him ask suspiciously through the phone.

“No no it’s nothing, I’m fi-“ You suddenly thrust into him mid-sentence, causing him to make a strange noise and cut off. He bites his lip, embarrassed as your hand starts to pump at his cock while fucking him slowly. You plant a kiss to his neck and tell him quietly to keep taking.

“Are you… sure? You don’t sound too good” His voice sounds concerned from the other end of the phone, an awkward pause between words as he’s trying to figure out what the hell could’ve been so important for him to skip.

“Sorry, yes, I’m ok. Just a bit busy right now” He pants, obviously near his limit. Your hand continues to travel down his body, settling at his hips as you thrust into him, harder this time, a silent slapping noise audible to you both, but possibly not to Lucifer. Yet

“Busy doing what? Just tell me and I’ll leave you to it, my lord” You can already imagine how red his cheeks are from that question as they’re pressed to the pillow. How could he possibly tell him that he’s currently got his ass up in the air pressed to your crotch and is getting pounded into the bed until he’s left with his legs quivering and his cock drilling with pre-cum? You kiss his neck, your strokes becoming faster. He puts his hand over his mouth so Lucifer can’t hear him through the phone, but the sounds you two were making were now very evident and even Lucifer could hear them by this point.

“Diavolo are you sure you’re ok? I can hear a strange noise in the background…?” He grips the pillow tightly, a few stray moans escaping, muffled against his hand. You were fucking into him mercilessly now, your grip on his ass tight so that little nail marks are left all over. You lift him up by his hair and whisper to continue in the ear, giving him a long kiss before letting go and allowing him to respond.

“It’s nothing! I’m just with MC right now!” You hear him sigh through the phone, obviously quite annoyed he’s avoided meeting with him to go see you again. You laugh under your breath and grip his thigh, burying yourself deeper inside of him and jacking him off at the same time, enjoying the distressed, overstimulated look on his face as he attempts to respond.

“I guess I’ll let you two get on with whatever you were up then. But tell me in advance next time!” He says, annoyed with the prince’s antics once again.

“Yes, of course! Thank you, Lucifer.” He spits out, out of breath and overly stimulated. Holding back so many moans; you’d think as soon as it ends, he’d be begging for you to let him cum and scream your name.

“Alright then. See you tomorrow-” You couldn’t help yourself, you thrusted yourself into him, punching his nipples so that a loud moan ripped from Diavolo’s throat, his hand immediately clasping over his mouth as you hear the line hang up. You wasted no time of flipping him back over and leaning down to kiss him, exploring his mouth with your tongue as you jerk him off and fuck him harder and faster until he’s crying out for you, your name coming out in moans and groans until he couldn’t speak any longer.

He finishes, his cum shooting onto his stomach while you empty yourself inside of him, the excess leaking out you scoop up and offer it to his mouth to lick clean. His cheeks were red raw and his eyes were rolled back; his legs twitching and dick drenched in his own semen. You lower yourself down onto him, watching him hide his face in his hands as he realises what he’s done.

Meeting Lucifer the next day couldn’t have been more awkward-

66 notes

Words: 864

Rating: T

Summary: Mammon usually has a reason for spending so much money

Seven Days for Seven Brothers Series - AO3

The lights of the city below sparkle and tinkle below like modern day fireflies. This high up you think you can see all the way to Abysmal Beach. With it being so dark in the night, however, you can’t be sure whether it’s the dark sea or just plan darkness stretching out past the skyline.

You look up when you hear the door to the bathroom click open, and Mammon came out. Steam wafting past behind him with a towel hanging low on his hips, while another plush towel mussed his hair.

“Only you could look so annoyed in a 400-thread count robe, [Y/N].” He said with a grin.

“You took my clothes.” You told them.

“No I didn’t! I sent them downstairs to have them dry cleaned. One of the perks of being in this swanky hotel.”

“I still don’t understand why we came here.” You remind him. You’d asked a few times where you were going when he picked you up this morning and why you were here before now, but he didn’t answer you. He would just make some comment about ‘how nice it was to get away’ or attempt to distract you with something in the hotel, or the mixed nuts in the mini-bar. He was clearly dodging the question, and you had the suspicion that he had no better reason of being here than because he wanted to be and spending a ton of money.

“Come on [Y/N]. Lighten up, will ya!” The demon bemoaned as he flopped down on his chest beside you on the bed, after changing into his own fluffy cloud of a robe. “We’re in this super nice hotel. We got this nice room, with a big bed. One of those tubs with the jets. Champagne, and fancy fruit, and cheeses, and chocolate. How can you be upset about all this?!”

“I’m not ‘upset’.” You correct him. “I just don’t understand why we’re here. I get you’re the Avatar of Greed and everything, but you usually have a reason for spending money like this.” No matter how slim or unfounded those reasons might be. “I’m not ungrateful, and this is all very nice, but I wish you’d tell me what’s up.”

Mammon’s lips scrunched into a pout the more you spoke, and a blush formed on his cheeks. He wasn’t looking at you. Which was never a good sign. Then he pressed his face into the plush comforter and muttered into it, “s’urinnvsary.”

“Hn?” You ask curiously. Not understanding him at all.

“Isrsouvary!” He muttered louder. As if volume had been the problem.

“Mammon, I can’t understand you when you’re talking into the bedding.”

“It’s our anniversary ok!” He finally shouted. Lifting his head from the bed with an angry, but more than that, embarrassed expression.

You blink dully at him. It….was? You didn’t even know that you guys had an anniversary. Let alone that it was today.

The silver head demon huff and folded his arms under his chin to sulk. “Today is the day we made our pact.”

“It is?”

“Gah! Seriously [Y/N] ?! I didn’t expect ya to be all excited, but at least remember!”

“I’m honestly surprised you remember.”

“Of course I remember! It’s the day you changed my life!” You were both shocked by what Mammon had said and you were both blushing now. He tucked his head back into his arms to hide his face, waiting there for a moment before he continued. “I know it still may not seem like a big deal to ya, but for us it is. For a demon to make a pact with a human, let alone I, The Great Mammon, is a super rare thing. And…t-the way I feel about ya, and how I felt when we made it…” He was fidgeting now. “I wanna remember that. I wanted to do something ….special.” He was fidgeting even more now. “We don’t really have anything of our own any more. ‘S not like I’m mad you’re spending time with the others too, but I get real bummed about it sometimes too. So…that’s why I wanted to come here. To be alone with you. Do something special for today. A day just for us.”

You were honestly surprised with how much thought Mammon had put into this. He was usually a ‘call to action’ type of demon. The fact that he had made such an elaborate plan, just for you, and was being so honest was more of a gift than the hotel room was.

You shift around to lay down beside him, parallel so you were face to face, with your feet at the headboard, and smile at him. “If it’s any consolation, you’ll always be my first.” You grin at the startled expression on his face, followed by his increasing blush. You lean in and give Mammon a kiss. One that he eagerly returns. “I’m sorry that I didn’t know it was our anniversary. I’m just a dumb, silly human.”

“You’re not dumb.” Mammon insisted, seeming a bit miffed you were talking about yourself that way, and shifted around to he could wrap you in his arms. “But you are my silly human.”

50 notes

Fandom: Obey Me!
Character: Asmodeus
Pairing: Asmodeus/Reader (gn)

Warnings: none
Betareading: XanLee
Word count: 491
Summary: It’s been a while since you started your open relationship and Asmo is about to go out, but he’s still a bit uncertain if it’s really okay. Fluff with Asmo, implied asexual reader.
Ao3 link in the source, I welcome comments <3


“Hey, MC~,” Asmo snuggled into your back and rested his head on your shoulder. “I’m going out today. To a club.”

You looked at him, at least as much as you could when he was pressing his cheek into your neck.

“And?” you asked him, but he just mumbled something that may or may not have had any meaning, and hugged you.

One thing you knew for sure was that he didn’t come to invite you. It would only make it awkward, especially if he tried to keep his flirting mild. And, obviously, if you tagged along, he’d definitely pay more attention to your safety rather than to whoever he was going to meet, so it’d completely defeat the purpose.

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15 notes

Someone on Ao3 said something about showing Diavolo the tape Simeon and Lucifer made with you. Things spiraled down from there. Y'all know what kind of trash I’m all about being.

A follow up to Press Play

Simeon x Diavolo x Reader
Genre: PwP Smut
Wordcount: ????    
Tags: Smut, Porn without plot, Sub Dia, Voyeurism, size kink, dirty talk, sex toys, orgasm control, orgasm denial, pet play
Summary: Simeon hatches a plan to include Diavolo in his next feature film.

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63 notes

Part:   01 I 02  I 03  I 04 I 05  I 06

GN. Reader insert

taglist:  @ayesha95    ;  @nomnomcupcakesworld ;  @fex-phoenix   ; @depressed-bixch @kitsune-oji


I’m pretty sad once we reach Diavolos office. This only means that he will let go of my hand. 

It feels just a bit lonely, but I don’t allow him to see that.


“Here we are and just in time too.” Diavolo is pretty happy about this fact. 

“Very well done.” Barbatos compliments Diavolo. Next, he looks at me and notices that Diavolo still holds my hand. He places a hand on his chin. It looks like he is thinking about remaking something. 

“Mind me asking what this is about?” Barbatos then just straight-up asks. 

“Hm? Oh, you mean holding hands? I wanted to prevent them from falling in the roses.” Diavolo is confused for a moment but then quickly realizes it. 

“Are you alright?” Barbatos frowns and looks at me with worry. 

“It was a close call but Diavolo saved me.” I shoot Diavolo a thankful glance. 

“This could have ended badly. I knew I should have been watching over you more carefully.” Barbatos seems very bothered by the whole incident. 

“I’m fine though, so all is good.” I don’t quite see the issue. As long as I didn’t get injured, it should be fine. 

Barbatos seems troubled by this.


“You should trust me to be able to protect my sibling.” Diavolo frowns slightly. 

“It’s not that I don’t trust your abilities. I just can’t handle the thought of the young master getting hurt.” Barbatos looks at me with seemingly conflicting feelings. 

“I’m glad that you worry about me, but I’m safe with both of you watching out for me.” There honestly doesn’t seem to anything that could hurt me with them around. 

“That’s right we will always be here to protect you.” Diavolo heartily agrees to this. 

“That should be evident. Maybe I was overly harsh just now, but please make sure to be careful.” Barbatos agrees and then gently smiles at me.

“I will, thank you for caring about me.” I feel a bit embarrassed by his words. 

Diavolo gives me an extremely pleasant smile. Barbatos smiles as usual, but I think he appreciates my comment. 

“Shall we get to work then?” Barbatos then brings us back to the reason to be here. 

Diavolo looks a bit beaten for a moment and sighs. He must hate this part of his job. “I guess I have no choice.”


I peek at the huge stack of papers and can only feel bad for Diavolo. 

“So you will sit over here and look through some papers and read some books I have prepared for you. I need to assist lord Diavolo for a while and will answer your questions later. There is some paper for you to take notes.” Barbatos shows me to a small desk with a stack of books and papers. They rival Diavolos’ stack. 

I internally sigh. This really doesn’t look fun or interesting at all. At this moment I feel great sympathy for Diavolo. 

Barbatos must sense my disinterest. “If you are done with these, I will present you with a great treat." 

I perk up right away. "What kind of treat?" 

Barbatos is obviously pleased by my response. "Well, you will find out if you work hard.” He looks like he grins, but I might imagine this. 

He got me yet again.


“Will I get a treat too, once I’m done?” Diavolo seems equally excited by the prospect of a treat. 

“I wouldn’t think you require one, but we will see.” Barbatos sounds colder to Diavolo than to me. 

He is stricter with him than with me that much is certain. 

“I need one,” Diavolo mumbles just loud enough for me to hear. 

I feel bad for him. Diavolo saved me and is nothing but nice to me. So, I make a decision. “I will make you some treats when I have my baking lesson.”

Diavolo looks at me, surprised for a moment, and then he smiles at me so brightly that I see stars for a moment. 

“I need to work extra hard in that case.” Suddenly he seems to burst from motivation. 

“So that is what is needed for you to work hard.” This time Barbatos smirks. 

It’s a very surprising sight.


Then suddenly I feel like I’m excluding Barbatos. “I will make some for you too, Barbatos.”

His eyes widen. Barbatos wasn’t expecting this. “It is very kind of you to think of me.”

“It’s only natural. You do so much for me that I want to do something in return for you.” It doesn’t seem to be anything special to me, to be honest. 

Barbatos gives me the kindest smile.


It seems like he never expected anything in return for all his help. Maybe he even expects me to resent him for all these lessons. Even when he only wants to help me.


Soon after this, the boring part of the day starts. I have filled out human forms before and the demon ones aren’t really all that different. I occasionally have to look up a word or some context, but it all somehow makes just as much sense as human documents to me. This is to say that I can fill them out as long as I don’t ponder over them too much or lose myself in their deeper meaning. 

I make pretty good progress, even when I can’t pretend that I understand what I’m doing. 

I mostly copy and paste information from the prefilled copies that Barbatos provided for me.


“I wish we had a computer, that would make this so much faster. Especially if we would have a form that we could fill out on the computer and then just print out.” I sigh and just let my frustration out. 

Diavolo looks at me with surprise. “There is such a device in the human world?" 

"Yeah, of course, is this news to you?” I’m a bit baffled since they do have rather modern phones. 

“Well… I never thought of that.” Barbatos sounds genuine. 

I’m speechless. “We honestly could save a lot of work with a computer.”

“I have no idea how to use one, but it does sound convenient.” Diavolo is interested. 

“I heard about their abilities, but I’m a bit worried that lord Diavolo would play and never work.” Barbatos has some pretty valid concerns. I can see that happening pretty easily. 

“It still would save a lot of work though and as long as Diavolo is motivated he could get faster finished and then play as a treat.” I feel like I’m talking about a child right now. 

“You do realize that I’m right here, right?” Diavolo seems a bit of hurt. Even when he doesn’t deny our concerns. 

“At any rate, I will think about getting one for the young master.” Barbatos seems to have much faith in me. What makes me feel pretty good, but I’m a bit worried about Diavolo. He does look a bit sad. 

“That would be great, and I can teach Diavolo too. We might get pleasantly surprised.” I put a small amount of faith into Diavolo. 

This makes him perk up immediately. “That sounds like a wonderful idea." 

"I’m not completely opposed to this plan but first you both should continue to fill out the documents that you have.


Diavolo and I simultaneously sigh. 



Next up we will meet one of the demon brothers. Who will it be?

16 notes

Obey Me // Snowy Bliss (But Make It Lucifer)

rating: M
ships: OCxAsmo // OCxLucifer
summary: the snow bliss devilgram, but with lucifer at the end and the OC being *spicy*
words: 5k
**A/N: i named the OC bc writing ‘OC’ didn’t feel real enough for me, therefore, OC is 'Freya’**


A shudder zipped down her limbs when she felt Asmo tuck a few strands of hair out of her face. Her lids were impossible to keep open when she was this warm and cozy.

“Sorry I woke you up,” he said, cocking his head to the side. The straight line of his nose framed his mouth so symmetrically… which was she supposed to look at?

“I could go now or…” His amber eyes momentarily darted away from her gaze. Huh. Interesting.

She was going to regret asking, she knew it. “Or what?”

He was waiting for that, of course. The abashment, the hot chocolate… all a plot. If there was anything Asmo paid attention to, it was the things people found pleasure in. For Freya, that meant food. Human food. And video games, but those weren’t really his specialty. Food was an easier access point.

Joy illuminated the depths of his face at her prompt, brightening the tug of his fine, cut jawline, which curled with a grin.

“Or, I could sleep with you?”

There it was. So expected, so Asmo.


keep reading on AO3

10 notes

@mysticblackwolf: How about the boys with a Scorpion dragon mc and they are overprotective of luke and are friends with cerburus.

A/N:  You put some art by an artist to illustrate what the Scorpio Dragon would be like, but because I didn’t find the artist consequently I’m not allowed to use the drawing as an illustration and I want to exempt myself from problems like being accused of plagiarism and appropriating of something that doesn’t belong to me, so I won’t risk the integrity of my workshop’s name if I don’t have permission.


Your background story: You are a powerful dragon and also very dangerous because of your poison thanks to some characteristics of your hybrid form of dragon with scorpion’s tail and stinger and hard scales like an exoskeleton.

It is quoted in folklore that your poison would be problematic even for the Demon King (Diavolo learned the worst way when he entered your den wanting to be friends with you). Unlike many dragons, you have intellect and rational awareness compared to that of humans and demons and the ability to assume a human form.

By an Impulsive idea of ​​Diavolo you were chosen as an exchange student and somehow your parental instincts kicked in when you met Luke who reminds you of your cub killed by dragon hunters centuries ago.


MC: * dozing in dragon form *

Luke: * dozing * * using MC’s paw as a pillow *

Cerberus: * dozing under the wing of MC *

Angel hunter: * trying to sneak up * * reaches out to grab Luke *

MC: * threatens to sting the idiot * Dare and you will have more holes than a Swiss cheese …

Angel hunter: Nope … * runs away *

39 notes

Harry Potter witch! MC (2)

MC: * dozing * * hugging Midas like a teddy bear *
Midas: * Dozing off *
- MAMMON! WHERE ARE YOU, YOU DAMN SCUMBAG! - Lucifer screaming from another room.
MC: What did this idiot do this time? * tired sigh *
Midas: * feels the presence of something * * squealing *
MC: … I’m going to ask Belphie if I can take a nap with him in the attic. * leaves the room with Midas *
Lucifer: * furious * * passing down the hall *
MC: I didn’t hide him, but Midas knows where he is.
Lucifer: Say it. Now.
MC: It looks like Mammon was smart the first time and hid under my bed while I dozed off.
Midas: * squeaks *
MC: Um? Do you have anything for Lucifer?
Midas: * takes Goldie out of his belly pocket * * offers it to Lucifer *
Lucifer: … * takes Goldie * MC, you once told me that you trained Nefflers to find objects of certain people, right?
MC: Yep, the Ministry of Magic now uses them to find fugitives. There is always an idiot who forgets to get rid of a precious metal item while trying to hide.
Lucifer: Train one to look for Mammon.
MC: Okay, but leave me immune from punishments for six months.
Lucifer: One month.
MC: Call me when you want to talk seriously. * about to leave *
Lucifer: Fine!
MC: After my nap I’ll look for a Niffler to train. *go away*
Lucifer: Ugh … It’s no wonder that MC has the Ministry of Magic in the palm of their hand … * tired sigh *

36 notes

MC with tribal tattoos

MC: * working out * * lifting weights *
Asmo: * horny * * watching tribal tattoos following MC’s movements *
MC: * doing pushups *
Beel: … * looking at the tribal tattoo on your back that looks like his wings * * blushes *
MC: * modeling for the art class *
Satan and Lucifer: * drawing * * trying to stay calm *
Solomon: * nosebleed * * passed out *
MC: * modeling for a beach themed photo shoot *
Simeon: * modeling with them * * dilemma between happiness and guilt *
Mammon: * trying to recover from nosebleed * * passed out *
MC: Levi, can I ask you something?
Levi: Yes. * playing on his D.D.D *
MC: I’m thinking about getting another tattoo and I thought about tattooing a snake. What do you think?
Levi: * gasp * what …? * blush *
MC: I researched some designs and found some really cool ones. I also think snakes are really cool.
Levi: ASTHJENFK! * inner happiness *
Diavolo: * tracing the shapes of the tattoos on MC’s arms *
Barbatos: * watching from a distance * * trying to stay calm when he sees how sexy MC is with tattoos *
MC: Lord Diavolo … Have you finished looking at my tattoos? *bored*
Diavolo: Just a few more minutes! * puppy eyes *
MC: You have said that for the past two hours … * tired sigh *
Belphie: … * sulking * * hugging MC *
MC: … Belphie, why are you so upset?
Belphie: … * sulking *
MC: … Wait just a little while until my last tattoo heals and I can get a tattoo that looks like the birthmarks of your demon form, what do you think?
Belphie: * turns into a demon without realizing * * wags his tail *

37 notes

Harry Potter witch! MC

Your background story: You are a student witch at Hogwarts and have been summoned to be part of the RAD exchange, but you were about to use the ticket to platform 9 ¾ for another year at Hogwarts and are now at Devildom.
Unlike your fellow witches and wizards you have a Niffler as a mascot named Midas and this creature that sees you as a maternal figure, so it’s hard to see him away from you … Except when he’s hunting for valuable things and treasures, outside this he is loving and obedient to you.


Midas: * curious * * looking at them *
Diavolo: Hahaha! What a peculiar creature!
Satan: Wait, isn’t that a Niffler? That creature that is attracted to metal objects and shiny things? * having a bad feeling *
MC: Yep, he has already found a lot of treasures. My earrings were a gift that Midas gave me when he returned from a treasure hunt. * shows solid gold earrings *
Mammon: … Can this animal find valuable treasures?
MC: Yup, Nifflers are good at that. They are naturally attracted to treasures and other things.
Demon Bros minus Mammon: Oh no …
Mammon: Midas, my dear little friend! Do ya wanna play treasure hunt for the Great Mammon? *smiling*
MC: … stay away from my baby.
Midas: * hisses * * hides in your coat *

28 notes

Leviathan x Reader

A/N: I sat down to write last night, expecting a cohesive story, and this is what came out instead. But if you wanted a one-shot about Levi falling for an MC who only sees him as a friend, then boy howdy do I have some good news for you. 

word count: 1.3k || warnings: brief suggestive language

There was something so sickeningly satisfying in the sheer irony behind it all. The avatar of envy being the one who had to watch everything play out.

From the start, Levi couldn’t help liking you. He tried to push you away, but you were so damn persistent. Truth be told, he didn’t even want to talk to you at first. He was only doing it because of what he could gain from it. At some point, things changed, and he found himself enjoying your company. Levi even found himself calling you a friend, down the line.

Well, to say ‘a friend’ would be to put it lightly. Levi tried not to lie to himself. You weren’t just a friend, but his first friend. His only friend, really. He was fine with it that way, he didn’t need anyone else. You were his Henry, and he was your… what?

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47 notes

summary: You bring tea for your favourite demon and he is suddenly very soft and tender tonight

genres: fluff ! 

word count: 926

author’s note: soft lucifer is one of my personal reasons to live so enjoy touchy-feely first born <3


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221 notes

for all you’ve overcome

Pairing: Mammon & Satan (PLATONIC)

Tags: Kid Fic, Pre-Canon, Emotional Hurt/Comfort


Truthfully, it’s hard to get the rest of his brothers onboard with the let’s try and help the kid control his anger program because they just simply aren’t around to be party to it. Asmodeus is off starting wars with his dick and Leviathan hasn’t come out of the sea since he left all those years ago. Belphegor and Beelzebub do help out, but more often than not they’re clinging to one another like they’re each other’s security blankets, staying in their room and emerging only to eat. Lucifer—he bites back a curse.

(Satan is a child with a temper to rival the gods. Mammon tries to help, but he’s never been much of a parent.)

Read on AO3: Link

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It’s lunchtime somewhere. Have a sandwich.

Lucifer x Reader x Simeon
Genre: PwP Smut
Wordcount: ????    
Tags: Smut, porn without plot, Demon sex, Angel Sex, Threesome, Toys, hand jobs, spit roasting, Sex Toys, Dom/Sub Undertones, sensory deprivation, temperature play, body worship, double penetration, size kink
Summary: Lucifer and Simeon give you reason to look forward to movie nights with them.

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220 notes

Athena’s child! MC

A/N: Reminding our workshop customers that the spirits and I do not accept request, we are just doing it because we find the idea interesting.

Your background story: You were adopted by Athena when you were still very young and the goddess raised you with great zeal, under the influence of your adoptive mother you learned several of the trades and talents attributed to her and especially in strategy. It should also be mentioned that you have a natural charm with the animal symbol of your mother and all the owls help you as family members as do the crows for Mammon.

You received an invitation to participate in the Exchange program promoted by Diavolo and your reluctant mother allowed you to participate for greater experiences and learning. (Diavolo received a letter from Athena warning that a single scratch on you means war).

Barbatos: * screaming at the top of a table *
Rats: * running around *
Solomon: * sitting on the table * * trying to find a spell in a book *
MC: * enters * Barb-. * sees chaos * …
Solomon: I already understood and apologized!
MC: … * uses magic to open the windows *
Barbatos: * screaming *
MC: * whistles * * imitates an owl *
Owls: * enter * * start hunting mice *
Five minutes later…
Owls: * satisfied chirping *
Barbatos: * crying on MC’s lap * * still traumatized *
MC: * rubbing his back * * trying to calm Barbatos *
Solomon: * hanging upside down * * whining * I’ve already apologized …

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Hades’ child! MC (2)

MC: * playing with a 3-headed Shiba dog *
Asmo: Boo …! Is not fair! Why does Melissa get all the attention?
Satan: Blame Mammon for trying to sell her.
Belphie: It was funny to see MC taking revenge with wrestling moves.
Mammon: * lying face down on the floor * * grumbling in pain *
Melissa: * climbs on top of Mammon * * pees on him *
Levi: ROFLMAO! *laughing*
Belphie and Satan: * laughing *
Asmo: It’s disgusting, but you deserved it. *laughing*

A/N: Original Idea credits > Cerberus as a three headed shiba by @alyna-cherry

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summary: Beel is being a soft and caring demon boyfriend to you when you’re suffering from a cold you’ve caught.

genres: the PUREST fluff, just cute things

word count: 869

author’s note: this is a little bit old work of mine, but still i really wanted to post it here. i have a soft spot for beel in my heart, so have this *gently holds*


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Obey Me headcannon:


Originally posted by self-serving-service

MC who loves giving physical affection but isn’t used to receiving it back

A happy excitable MC who greets everyone with hugs, kisses, or headpats depending on what all the brothers are comfortable with. But they aren’t used to receiving it back :’)


  • He doesn’t prefer too much touching so you just wave or smile happily when he enters a room
  • If something good happens with him around you tend to grasp his hands and jump excitedly
  • Sometimes he even lets you hug him
  • One day, when he fell asleep while doing paper work. You decided to help and clear out the mess.
  • He wakes up to you arranging his papers and clearing his desk. He feels grateful and pats your head lovingly, “Thank you MC…you didn’t need to do this.
  • You freeze. What is happening? Did he confuse you with someone else? You stare at his arm in disbelief and stutter, “Uh…Lucifer, you put hand on my head by accident.”
  • Lucifer stares confused, “It’s not an accident, why would you think that?
  • You blush and hide your face, “I’m… I’m not used to people willingly touching me. Thank you so much.” You look at him with a bright smile.
  • Lucifer stands shocked. Clearly you need and deserve more affection. From now on, he gives you headpats whenever he sees you accomplish any task.
  • Tidied up your room? Headpat. Drank water? Headpat. All for the delighted face you make right after.


  • It’s pretty obvious this boy secretly loves affection no matter how much he denies it.
  • You understand that and greet him using headpats when it’s the two of you.
  • He also allows you to grab his arm or hug him when you’re excited.
  • One day, he barges into your room crying about how Lucifer must have hidden Goldie again because he couldn’t find it.
  • He was exhausted from looking so you make him nap on your bed while you go looking. You find it in Levi’s room. He hid it as revenge for all the unreturned money.
  • Mammon wakes up to you putting Goldie in his open palm. He excitedly gets up and pulls in you for a tight hug. “Thank you Thank you MC! You saved Goldie!”
  • You stiffen in his arms and go into shock. Is this really happening?
  • “Oi MC! What’s wrong?”
  • “I think I had a very real dream that you willingly hugged me” You say, still dazed. “It felt so nice… thank you.” You smile so happily.
  • That wasn’t a dream, idiot human!” Mammon blushed. You dream of such a simple thing as a hug? Mammon can definitely make it come true.
  • He hugs you as often as he can now. Sometimes even in front of his brothers. He is embarrassed but that look of pure happiness in your face is worth it.


  • This poor baby is so touch starved and still won’t admit it. So you take it upon your self to smother him with lots of hugs and headpats.
  • He gets flustered at first but allows all hand holding and headpats during exciting parts of animes and obviously loves it.
  • One day, he was feeling especially down because the new event based limited edition Ruri Chan figurines had sold out before he could even try to buy it.
  • You knew about the sale and placed an order before hand just in case this happened. Levi opens the door to find you standing there with a smile with a Ruri chan package in your hands.
  • He almost cries in happiness as you hand it to him. He jumps at you and engulfs you in a tight hug. “MC! You’re truly my best friend! The Power of Gods and Anime shall bless you!
  • Then you both freeze. He hurriedly retreats back, his face now turned into a ripe tomato. “S-s-sorry! I couldn’t help it! I just really wanted to!
  • You look at him, surprised. “You wanted to hug me…Really? Thank you Levi…” You smile with all your heart.
  • Levi almost hears his heart crack. Do you also not get enough hugs just like him?
  • He does his best to get over his shyness and hold you closer while watching anime and giving headpats when you do well at a game. The smiles and hugs that you give in return makes his whole day.


  • He seemed to reserved with touches at first. But as he opened up you noticed he liked subtle and soft touches.
  • He liked it when you greeted him by hugging his free arm.
  • He allowed you to hold his hand tight or snuggle into his chest or shoulders when you read an exciting scene in a book or movie.
  • One day, he seemed angry as he sat in his chair, grumbling unable to read. Lucifer had just grounded him for three weeks as punishment for his last prank.
  • You heard about this and showed up to his room. Satan looked up to find you holding a small basket covered with a table cloth. The cloth wiggled and out popped two kittens, meowing and stretching.
  • MC…you..managed to sneak kittens into the house?!” Satan’s face lit up in delight as one of the kittens jumped into his lap.
  • “Indoor cat cafe experience + revenge on Lucifer. Cause he’s being unreasonable as hell.” You nodded and set up apple pie, ham sandwiches and two cups of coffee on his table.
  • Overcome with a new emotion, Satan pulled you onto his lap and kissed your forehead. “Thank you for being so kind, MC. I didn’t even know I needed this. I cannot express my gratitude simply through words.”
  • You sit perplexed in his lap, wondering what happened. “S-sorry I must have bumped into your mouth…”
  • Satan stared amused, “No MC. That was a kiss. I kissed your head to say thank you.
  • You blushed, feeling warm inside. “You meant to kiss me…? It was so comforting… thank you Satan.” You smiled and leaned into his chest.
  • Satan instinctively held you closer. Clearly you weren’t being shown how loved you are.
  • From then onwards he exponentially increased his touches. Kisses on your knuckles or head when you were studying with him.
  • Or fond cheek kisses as you helped him cook dinner or read with him. He used the silliest of excuses to show affection. The smiles and kisses you gave him in return always soothed his mood.


  • He could rival you when it comes to physical affection. He would welcome you with open arms to do whatever you’d want with him.
  • He was probably the first to show you physical affection.
  • He doesn’t allow, he DEMANDS you to give him hugs and kisses (accepts it whether you consent or not ofc)
  • One day, he seemed a bit down cause his favourite spa closed down for renovations. And he refused to go anywhere else.
  • You appeared in his room with a home spa kit and offered to help following the best tutorials on DevilTube
  • Oh MC…”, He was overjoyed that you would indulge him this much. “Are you sure you’re a human and not an angel? How can human be this sweet?
  • Lunges at you with a tight hug and peppers kisses all over your face. You stand there frozen.
  • Asmo pulled back apologetically. “Sorry dear, too much? You are so adorable I couldn’t control.”
  • You blush and beam at him. “You… willingly kissed me…? Thank you Asmo…”
  • Asmo furrowed his eyes. “Now listen here MC. I was only holding back cause I didn’t have your consent. If you allowed me I would greet you with kisses everyday.” You nodded happily.
  • Asmo true to his word did exactly that. You ended up with numerous lipstick marks all over your face. (Mammon wouldn’t stop complaining until he and Satan had cleaned your face up)
  • He also gave lots of suprise hugs from behind. Seeing you giggle and blush in response was so soothing.


  • This giant teddy bear loves all sorts of affection and readily accepts. You never need to hold back.
  • He even lets you sleep on him when you’re too tired. In fact he’ll make you stay there and bring you food to eat.
  • One day, you find him miserable and hungry in his room. He was screamed at for emptying out the fridge at night and banned from the kitchen and dining table.
  • It was your duty to cook dinner that day so you decided to make Beel’s favorite human world food and sneak some to him after dinner.
  • Beel opened the door before you even got there cause he could smell it from a mile away. He hungrily gobbled it all up and chuckled gleefully.
  • Thank you so much MC! I was so hungry!” He pulled MC into his lap and hugged them so tight. You sat there all awkward and unmoving.
  • MC? Did I hold you too tight? Did I hurt you?” Beel looked genuinely worried, checking you for bruises.
  • “No no I’m all okay Beel! I’m just not used others wanting to hug me back hehe…thank you so much. That felt nice.” You said, giving him your best smile.
  • Beel nodded, immediately formulating a sweet idea in his head. Maybe you needed hugs, the way he needed food?
  • He hugs you everytime he bumps you. You end up hugging so many times a day. (Asmo ends up noticing this and joins in with the trend. DOUBLE THE HUGS!)
  • He also pulls you into cuddles and shares his food. He loves the little pecks you give him on his cheek, it really takes his mind of his hunger.


  • Let’s be real, after the way your first hug ended, even you were reluctant to hug him at first.
  • The first time you probably dared to touch him was when he fell asleep in your lap. You stroked his hair and he officially keeps asking for it now.
  • But he doesn’t mind anything you do as long as it doesn’t break his sleep.
  • One day, after a fight with Beel over some cream puff, he lay awake in his attic bed, sad and unable to sleep.
  • You showed up with your own pillow and blanket and offered to stroke his hair and talk till he could sleep.
  • He immediately pulled you against him, his arms wrapping around and his head nestled against your chest. “Thank you MC… Now I’ll have sweet dreams for sure…
  • You lay stiff with your hand still stuck in mid air. He looked up confused. “MC what’s wrong? Why are you frozen like this?
  • You smiled so hard you felt like you could cry. “You..hugged me.. for real this time. I always imagined what it might be like. Thank you Belphie.”
  • He suddenly felt very guilty. With a stoic face, he pulled you down so that your head was against his chest now. He had a lot to make up for.
  • He just clings to you like a koala now. When with the other brothers, he is the permanent occupant of your left arm. (This greatly annoys Levi and Lucifer who still don’t want you that close to him.)
  • And he also steals so many kisses, dangerously close to the lips but not quite there. Loves how you ease up and relax on him in response.
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