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kitsune-oji 2 days ago
Hi! How are u? Can I request headcanons of the brothers and diavolo when gn!mc bites their wings/tail? I was thinking about this and I thought it would be a little funny
Sorry if my english is a little bad 馃樋
Biting their Wings/Tail
Your English isn't bad at all, don't worry
I tried to make these funny, but I think it escaped me more the further I went :') I hope you enjoy it anyway
Warnings: slight injury to reader in some parts -> blood, swearing
Tumblr media
He does a weird wiggle, wings fluttering and slapping your face a bit before laughing and apologising
What exactly were you doing? It was ticklish.. You bit him?
Well he.. Doesn't know why you would want to do that, is that a human thing? But you don't have wings so????
No you're just weird in that, you tell him and Diavolo takes it how it is
He's not really judging you for it, he just finds it really amusing
Still, it's too ticklish so he asks you not to do it again, lest his wings accidently hurt you next time
Beel stands stock still, you freeze too, lips still around a corner of his insectoid wing
Slowly, you open your jaw, the piece you bit off falling from your mouth with a quiet thud against the floor
Beelzebub turns around just as slowly, looking at you and blinking
"... did you just bite my wing?"
You nod, hands hovering in the air. Your voice breaks as you try to apologise, panic starting to well up inside you
"Hey.. It's ok, they're brittle because I'm shedding soon. I'll get new ones."
Apparently, insectoid demons thankfully don't just have one pair of wings their whole life
A loud scream resoundes off the walls, hurting your ears with the high pitch
You have long since let go of his wing, instead holding your ears, eyes clenched closed
You open them to see Mammon looking at you in disbelief
He's stammering, stuttering as he tries to ask you why you would do that
No it didn't hurt but he does have feelings in his wings, you can't just- can't just bite him like some animal
Don't worry, he doesn't actually mind too much, Mammon is just shocked and in disbelief for now haha
Maybe he should bite you for a change, see how you like that-
The sound coming out of his mouth is embarrassing. A wobbly "ewaoaoa" with a shudder going up his spine
His face is so incredibly red when the turns around to look at you, his tail still in your grip
He's kinda of turned on but there's no way he's telling you that, nuh uh
Instead, Levi just wraps his tail around his own abdomen and rubs the place where you bit it, too flustered to talk to you. At least until he has calmed down a bit
Did it hurt? Not really, but he says so as an excuse so you won't ever do it again
He literally yelps
That's one way to wake him up but Belphie is more concerned for you than his rude awakening
His tail is kinda... Spiky.. he thought you knew that
Your mouth is bleeding and you're freaking out a little bit but it's not too bad actually, though the taste of copper on your tongue isn't what you expected when you thought you'd bite his tail
What did you think would happen anyway? You weren't sure anymore now, whining at the pain while Belphie treats your wounds
His wings are sensitive, ok? He can't help it! Just like you can't help yourself apparently
Asmo knows he looks sweet but that doesn't mean you should try to eat him! Take him out to dinner or something first, I mean really!
Seriously though, there's bitemarks on his one wing and at first he gets upset about it before thinking that this kinda looks like a claiming mark omg Mc kyaaaa if it fades you have to make another ok? Ok??
He doesn't even notice
Satan's tail is sort of plated in a dense material, kind of like bone but even harder and it has no sense of feeling
There's a reason he usually keeps it wrapped around his leg, you know? (tho he also just doesn't want people to see how he's feeling all the time ffs)
You bite once, twice... Thrice and Satan only flips the page of the book he's reading
He looks to the side to check on you, only to see you groaning and cupping your mouth
You shouldn't have done that so often... Now your teeth hurt
At least Satan knows something to help that, even if he's laughing at you while he helps you out
The highest fucking squeak leaves him
He was just slowly walking towards Mammon, who had already tripped and fallen flat on his ass in front of a very angry Lucifer, when you came up behind him and just, bit his wing
You have the weird taste and feeling of feathers in your mouth now but you can't really close it as you stare at Lucifer alongside Mammon
There's a period of silence before Mammon scrambles off the floor and you both hail ass out of there, Lucifer on your heels just as quickly
Since Mammon's punishment would literally kill a human like you, Lucifer instead let's you "make it up to him" by humiliating you just as you did to him
Go on, give him your best meow, won't you? (his eyes are so scary that's not a request)
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books-and-catears 2 days ago
"Could I stay like this?"
Tumblr media
You were exhausted today. Having to manage a whole event, assignments and 7 chaotic brothers was no easy feat. It was only lunchtime and you were dizzy with fatigue.
You must have missed your footing and stumbled a couple of times because someone called out to you. "MC! Are you okay?! You don't look too well..."
A pair of arms held you upright but you just wanted to rest. Without another word, you leaned into him, your head right over his rapidly beating heart.
"Could I stay like this? Just for a little bit?"
"Of course, MC."
He gently pats your head as he leans against the wall on his room. Another hand holds you by the waist, keeping you balanced. The door might be unlocked, one of his brothers might slip in and see him like this with you but he didn't care.
You seemed restful in his arms. He didn't want to disturb you. He stared at you with guilt.
"I'm afraid I've given you too many responsibilities. I apologise, MC. You can take it easier from here onwards."
He whispers holding you tighter. He can hold you like this for the rest of the day if you want.
"Oi, easy there! Hold on!"
Mammon's arms tightened around you instantly to make sure you didn't fall. His cheeks flushed red at the proximity.
He gently makes you sit down on his couch, holding you with one hand and fanning you with a notebook in the other.
"You'll get a fever from so much work, MC! You're acting all workaholic like Lucifer. And you're supposed to ask me for help! I'm your protector remember?"
He keeps fanning you until he feels you are finally cooled down. Is prepared to tuck you to sleep in his bed if you ask.
"Ah! Careful MC!"
He catches you and loses his balance in suprise. Luckily he does fall back against his cushy gaming chair. He would much rather move you to his bathtub where he assumes you'd be more comfy.
"Give me some warning before you do that next time please, MC! *Sigh* This is why I tell you to stay here with me! Look at how they tiring my brothers are!"
He looks down to see wires from his consoles wrapped around both of your feet, binding you together. He blushes as you mumble something and his arms relax on you.
And to be honest when was he next going to find you so close to him, away from his annoying brothers?
"By all means, MC."
He chuckles a little seeing how you clumsily fell on him. He still manages to walk you to his bed, almost carrying you. He's already checked your vitals to make sure nothing is seriously wrong.
Propping you up to his chest, he pulls a thin blanket on both of you. He makes you curl into his warmth as he makes sure you're comfortable.
"No more long nighters for you, MC. And you're welcome to come and rest here whenever you like. Shhh...its okay, keep your eyes closed. You can fall asleep."
He strokes your hair like he does with cats. And with another hand he resumes reading a book, glancing at you every now and then. And he smiles, reassured that you're resting well.
"Oh darling, of course!"
He clucks his tongue and shakes his head in dismay. Clearly you have been ignoring his advice of getting enough rest.
He takes the pillows on his bed and fluffs them up before placing you on them. He wants to get his entire relaxing kit from the bathroom but the way you cling to him has him weak.
"I'll ask Solomon to help at the event this week, so take the all rest you need, MC. Yes, I'll be keeping an eye on you to make sure! Now rest."
He runs his fingers softly around your eyes and then threads his fingers through your hair, pressing them into your scalp. It was the best head massage you'd ever had.
"MC?! MC what's wrong?! Hold on!"
He promptly picks you up princess style and heads over straight to your room. He needs to make sure you're okay at all costs.
Your arms wrap around his torso and he doesn't have the heart to set you down now.
"Have you been skipping meals again, MC? I'll take you to Hell's kitchen after this. My treat. Make sure you eat a lot okay, MC?"
He smiles at you, gently brushing stray hairs off your face and cupping your cheek. If anyone barges into your room, he covers your ears and shoos them away.
"Make yourself at home, MC."
Luckily for you Belphie was already sitting on the common room couch. He laid down, taking you with him, curling his arms around your waist.
"This is why I keep telling you to get more rest. But you never listen do you? *Sighs* Are you competing with Lucifer to see who overworks themselves to death first? I can't allow you to win that."
He traces circles on your back, feeling you relax further into him. Just like Beel, he death glares at anyone who makes noise around you. Which is frequent since you both are in the common room!
"I've got you. It's okay."
Holds you close and drapes his cape around you to keep you comfy. He's eyebrows furrow in worry before he realises it's merely fatigue. He can definitely help you out of it.
You feel the rushing wind in your hair and on your cheeks as he flies you through the air back to his place. He grabs onto you tight even when you're inside.
"Now rest as much as you like. I'll give you some revitalizing potion later. Oh did I move too far away? Can I come closer then? As you wish, MC."
He chuckles as if he didn't desperately want the same thing. He blows softly on your forehead and stroking your cheek with his thumb. Perhaps you should go back to the human world for a while,away from everyone else.
"Oh dear! Are you okay?! MC?!"
Readily catches you, pacing himself delicately so as to cause you minimum disturbance. He doesn't know much about normal human biology only that they're much more fragile.
Sits down with you in the back of an abandoned classroom, your cheeks falling soft and warm against his bare shoulder. He blushed at the sensation.
"Are you not feeling well, MC? Does anything hurt? What can I do to make it better? Just stay like this? Of course, for as long as you need!"
He whispers his worries as he drapes one arm around you and gently places his head on yours, drawing circles on your arm. He's determined to have a talk with Lucifer later - clearly you need to be taken care of better.
"Of course. Hold on tight, MC."
He carries you around like a child on his shoulder everywhere he goes. People keep staring but he couldn't care less. He just glares at them and they stay silent.
You stir a little while he's sitting in the council room, signing some papers. You lift your dizzy head up a little but he coaxes it back down on his shoulder.
"No MC, it's no trouble at all. In fact, it will be more worrisome for me to let you walk around on your own in this state. So please keep resting. I'll have Barbatos and Solomon prepare whatever medication you require."
He readjusts you on his lap whenever you seem fidgety and rocks you gently whenever you try to wake yourself up. He's already preparing to make you stay at the castle this week.
"Allow me to give you some more comfort."
He deftly multitasks while holding you close. He prepares a suitable resting spot on the student council lounge sofa.
He smiles when he sees you refuse to let go of his hands. He sits down first and gently lays down your head on his lap.
"Yes it's really fine, MC. I have no immediate duties to be taken care of. Please sleep and rest your brain for a while if you can. I'll make you peppermint tea later."
He runs his fingers through your hair, combing the tangles out of them, massaging your scalp and the back of your neck in the best way possible. He's honestly really grateful to have you here.
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devildomsgod a day ago
Obey Me!: MC is forgetful
Tumblr media
Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus and Beelzebub when MC easily forgets basic things like names, birthdays, etc; gn!reader
Tumblr media
thinks you're being disrespectful at first
then suspect a prank (and he's surprised his brothers got you聽that fast聽to join them)
he will scold you, and that's when he finds out you're not doing it on purpose
feels bad for accusing you
talks to you about the issues and makes sure you have no further problems at RAD
tries to make life easier for you like giving you a little notebook with all the information you shouldn't forget
sometimes you find little love notes inside
Mammon relates so much
so you two are just stuck forgetting things together
he would never judge you for it though
suggests scribbling things on your arm to remember something
it will end in you two just doodling on each other's arms though
prepare for a scolding of Lucifer
gets lowkey all smitten when you remember things he forgot, and he remembers things you forgot.
he will actually get upset when you forget anything about him
but knows he can't really blame you for it so... Asmo's looking for a solution
eventually finds something super cute!
he starts putting pink little sticky notes all over your room, which contain "important" information you need! to remember about him
they're probably heartshaped too
if you forget some of the gossip he shared with you, he's more than glad to tell it all over again
so worried
what if you forget your way home :(
he doesn't leave your side, ever
probably asks you to have some location finder parenting app on your phone so he always finds you聽if聽you get lost
regularly makes sure you remember his birthday lol
and when you two meet new people, he'll save you the embarrassment of not remembering names and reminds you of them if you do forget
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matchablossomwrites 2 days ago
This has probably already been done before but if not I thought of an idea:
What if on the Mc's last night in Devildom before they go back to the Human Realm the OM! brothers give MC the cute little sheep plushies as well as personal gifts.
Now you might be wondering why would they all give the MC plushies?
They all cast a spell on the plushies that allow them to feel whatever MC does to the little sheep plushies. For instance, say the MC had Levi's plushie in their lap while they watched anime and whenever they hugged it Levi could feel them hugging it as if they were right there hugging him too.
Or like the painting that Asmo gave to Solomon when they first formed a pact, it gives Mc a way to summon them easier when they're away. Say MC had a bad day. Nothing seemed to go right for them and they cuddled Mammon's plushie and starting sobbing due to sheer frustration and it accidentally summoned Mammon.
Even funnier, what if no one informed MC that these plushies had a magic spell cast upon them, so say they were just haphazardly playing with said plushie's soft material and it causes all sort of weird occurrences to happen to the brothers.
I don't know. I just thought this would be a really cute idea. You're all free to expand upon this, just if you do, at least tag me somewhere.
Once again thank you all for your constant support and if you read it through to the end I hope you have a wonderful day ^^
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mammon-zs a day ago
HAPPY 500+馃コ馃帀馃帀 CONGRATULATIONS!! Can i request promp 7 for Beelzebub please?? THANK YOU!! Hope u enjoy writing for these sweet chaotic bois as much as we love reading them! One of the best blogs out there and you really deserve it!! Have a fun day!!
a/n: aaa that's so sweet of you, rlly :)! tysm and i hope you enjoy this one as well.
prompt 7: (character) chasing reader around the house because they kissed them out of nowhere and ran away afterwards.
pairing: beelzebub x gn!reader
"mc, wait!"
beel was chasing you around for what felt like an eternity to you, only because you kissed him on the lips while he was spacing out in the common room. the sixth oldest snapped back into reality and had to process what you just did, before he shot you that wide, sweet smile of his. he had intented to give you a peck back by slowly pulling in, however you suddenly got up and started running away after your sneak attack.
the confusion on his face quickly dissappeared when he saw you playfully sticking out your tongue while you turned around midway. beelzebub got up and gave you a few seconds before chasing after you, and that is how you got yourself in this situation.
running up the stairs, down the long corridors and then descending the staircase again; it was all fun and games until you started to feel out of breath. the demon noticed and he wasn't about to lose his chance. he immediately grabbed you by the waist and threw you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes while he made his way towards his bedroom.
"beel鈥 hold on鈥 pfft!" your boyfriend started tickling your sides as he laid you back on the pillows. he gazed down at your figure and giggled because of how precious you looked, smiling like you were the happiest person alive. beel finally stopped after a long minute and pulled you into a tight hug. he planted soft butterfly kisses on your neck, slowly making his way towards your jaw.
the avatar of gluttony always made sure to show you how much he adored you while giving you all kinds of affection. he treated you with care and absolutely loved how you did the same for him. never in a million years would he exchange your existence for anything else in all three worlds.
beelzebub connected his lips with yours and he once again realized how lucky he was to call you his one and only lover.
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serena-hart-09 2 days ago
ok see Mammon having named a crow after mc when they leave after season 1. Cue Mammon being embarrassed and having to explain to mc why this crow has the same name as them when they walk in him.
A/N: A lot smaller than I expected... but still I hope you like this anon! (damn I am getting a lot of Mammon fluff reqs, I'm not complaining tho-) Plus, this was very cute request! Thank you for requesting!
Also any corrections or suggestions are highly appreciated! 馃挅馃挅
As always, have a great day ahead!
TW: None. ; Fluff.
Extra: GN!MC ; Second-Person POV ; Unreliable Narration.
Mammon x GN!MC
Tumblr media
Missed you so.....
Finally, you were back to your lovable and dorky demons.
It felt like it had been too long, even if it wasn鈥檛 truly like that鈥
It's just that these demons and everyone else had become a part of your heart that can鈥檛 be replaced鈥︹.
And it seemed that even they shared the same sentiment.
You were smothered by bear hugs the minute you made your entry, as they told you how they missed you. (some of them cried too-) (Mammon denies all claims of this-)
It felt like coming home.
Warm and soft.
It felt as if everything was in place, as it should be, perfect.
So then why was your name being frantically called by the Avatar of Greed in the long hallways of your abode?
鈥淢ammon?鈥 you call him peeking your head to see the commotion, worried for the demon.
鈥淭ch. Where in the- where did it go?!鈥 the demon searches frantically for something鈥..
You approach him quietly, 鈥淲here did what go?鈥
鈥淚- uh- uh- NOTHIN鈥 BYE鈥
鈥楽o something is up鈥 you think as you can still hear Mammon screaming your name.
You sigh and go back to your room, exhausted.
Just as you enter your room, a loud cawing noise greets you.
You look up to see a crow sitting on your room鈥檚 window looking at you as if to say something鈥.?
鈥溾.鈥 鈥溾..鈥
You both look at each other waiting for someone to say something or鈥 do something鈥
However, even before you could do anything, Mammon enters the room-
鈥淎h, there ya are MC!鈥
鈥淥h, Mammon. But.. I was always here鈥..?鈥
鈥淯hh- Well- you see, human- Ack!鈥
Suddenly, the crow from before had taken its seat on Mammon鈥檚 right shoulder.
鈥淭ch, MC!鈥
Looking at the scene in front of you, the gears in your head started to turn鈥︹
Mammon always calls you, 鈥渉uman鈥 and not 鈥淢C鈥濃..
Not to mention he is looking at the bird鈥..
Then a light bulb went off in your head and you looked at Mammon, who was waiting and looking at you in horror as he sees a mischievous cat-like smile appear on your face.
鈥淢ams.鈥 You start, 鈥淐ould it be that the crow is named MC?鈥
鈥溾︹-yeah and鈥.?鈥
Shaking your head fondly at the cute blushing demon in front of you, you attack him with a big warm hug with a silly smile.
鈥淵ou missed me that much?鈥
鈥淗UH? W-who did? I didn鈥檛! Ya got it wrong anyway, I mean, I鈥檓 sure ya missed me!鈥
鈥淵eah, I did.鈥
鈥淗uh? Really?! I mean, of course, ya did! It鈥檚 me the Great Mammon after all!鈥
鈥淥f course I would you are my cute lil鈥 tsundere after all.鈥
鈥淲ait, what the hell did ya just call me?!鈥
End Notes: I hope you like this!聽馃槉
Please do not repost without permission! (Reblogs are welcome!)
All the characters mentioned above belong to Shall We Date?: Obey Me!, NTT Solmare
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snowcandyz a day ago
The Life of Royals - Truth
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Lucifer/F!MC
Summary: When you were seven, you held a fake wedding by the swings with a kid you met at a park. You never saw your childhood 鈥榮pouse鈥 again after that day. Today you received a letter summoning you to a foreign country, where your wedding to the heir to the throne twenty years ago is seen as valid. -Prompt by @/writing-prompt-s
Tumblr media
Work was exhausting today鈥攍ike always鈥攁nd you wanted nothing but to lay down on your bed. Just letting the tiredness seep out from your body after finding your favourite pillow and inhaling the similar scent of your home was really tempting.
But before you could indulge in the sin called Sloth, you have to finish your hellish reports first.
Half Year-End Closing is just around the corner. You knew you couldn鈥檛 sleep well during those times, so best be prepared and finish some small tasks before you pulled all-nighters for that nightmare.
Another heavy sigh escaped your mouth before you sipped your iced Americano with a frown.
The ladies were gossiping about the neighbouring country whose King was currently laying in bed, sick. The country鈥檚 affairs had to be managed by the seven princes, especially the eldest.
Yes, the neighbouring country has seven princes.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you think it鈥檚 time for the princes to find someone? The Crown Prince is twenty-seven now, and he鈥檒l be ascending the throne soon.鈥
鈥淵eah, you鈥檙e right. But hey, aren鈥檛 we more or less the same age as the Crown Prince?鈥 your co-worker giggled while twirling the straw on her drinks, 鈥淒on鈥檛 you think we聽might聽have a chance?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 be ridiculous! We鈥檙e commoners!鈥 another one said, 鈥淏esides, we鈥檙e not even their citizens.鈥 She clicked her tongue in annoyance.
鈥榊eah, we鈥檙e only commoners who had nothing special to brag about鈥︹
Would be nice if you can come home to a wonderful palace and had attendants tending to your every need; enjoy the days with luxurious items and respect from others, and have absolutely no worries about food on your table or monthly rent.
But then again, the responsibilities were nothing easy. Royals are responsible for their subjects鈥 well-being.
If you鈥檙e truly a human being, how could you sit back and relax with the money your subjects worked so hard for; while they are suffering on the streets, probably haven鈥檛 eaten anything for days?
You swallowed a heavy lump on your throat. Just thinking about their responsibilities made you sick.
鈥淲hat about you, MC? Any Princes that caught your eyes?鈥 your co-worker wiggled her eyebrows.
You were too lost in your thoughts to even realise the topic had changed.
鈥淐ome on, now! Don鈥檛 be shy! As for me, I absolutely love Prince Satan. He鈥檚 so responsible. And did you see the latest news? He鈥檚 the one who closed down the illegal underground market. They were selling slaves and drugs!鈥
鈥淲ell, I鈥檓 all for Prince Asmodeus. Did you see the newest fashion trends that he set? I聽swear聽he鈥檚 so gorgeous!鈥
鈥淲hat about Prince Mammon? He鈥檚 hot too! And he鈥檚 really kind. There are a lot of rumours that he鈥檚 the backbone of the Crown Prince now. So dependable!鈥
鈥淥h! Talking about the Crown Prince, Prince Lucifer is so good in so many categories! He鈥檚 handsome, very responsible, managed to lead the country at such a young age and he also succeeded in toning down his brothers鈥 antics. You all know that the princes are troublemakers, right? Yet Prince Lucifer knows how to handle all six of them. So dreamy鈥︹
Right after she said that, the other ladies sighed dreamily before starting to fantasise about the Princes. The scene that unfolded in front of you made you speechless.
Sure, everyone would be doing the same but hello!聽Would anyone stop and think that they鈥檙e in public right now?!
You quickly lowered your vision to your Americano with tints of red colouring your cheeks, averting your eyes from meeting the people sitting beside your table.
鈥淲ell, we鈥檝e talked about ours. How about yours, MC?鈥
'This again!鈥
鈥淯mm鈥 I guess I admire the Emperor鈥?鈥 you meekly said, still pretty much embarrassed when the people sitting beside your table were starting to listen eagerly to your conversation with your co-workers.
鈥淓mperor Diavolo? Wow! You have such high tastes,鈥 your co-worker giggled.
鈥淲ell, he聽is聽the Emperor. And鈥 Well, I just think that he鈥檚 really dependable. Look at us, we鈥檙e doing okay. We don鈥檛 have problems with the homeless. Even the poor at least have a roof under their head and food on their table. And he鈥檚 been taking over since he was 18. I鈥檓 sure it wasn鈥檛 easy鈥 And he鈥檚 not even married yet so he has to take over the Empress鈥檚 jobs too.鈥
You could feel yourself burning when you realised the person sitting beside you was practically glaring now.
Fortunately, the alarm on one of your co-worker's phone rang, indicating that break time鈥檚 over, 鈥淟et鈥檚 go ladies. Back to the hell hole we go.鈥
It was followed by several series of sighs and complaints from the others. You, on the other hand, were relieved to finally be able to get out of that place.
You waited for your friends to leave the table before turning your attention to the man sitting beside you.
He was wearing a cap to cover his black hair; sunglasses even though they were clearly in a cafe with appropriate lighting; along with an oversize coat covering his everyday clothes. He was slouching but the expression was drawn on his face was nothing but anger.
Yup, not shady at all.
鈥淓xcuse me, don鈥檛 you think you鈥檙e being rude earlier? You shouldn鈥檛 listen to anyone鈥檚 conversation.鈥
A pat to the back for our courageous MC.
But it seemed to tick the man off even more because he snapped, 鈥淵ou-! How dare you! I don鈥檛 care who you like! I鈥檓 gonna drag you back home with me!鈥
Every alarm in your body was now wailing crazily as you came to a rushed conclusion.
This man is an absolute nut job!
Your adrenal glands started synthesising adrenaline and you were ready to pepper spray him should he make another move.
Luckily, his companion dragged him by his wrist and went out of the cafe as quick as lightning, leaving you alone with the adrenaline rush still coursing through your bloodstreams.
Your heart was thumping loudly inside your chest. Your knees finally gave in, making you sit back on your chair, shivering.
Your friends, who realised your absence by now, were coming back to the table. They were met with your pale face before rushing to your side, asking for more details.
You shook your head and reassured them that you were okay.
鈥淵our Highness! That is not a way to talk to someone! And definitely not a thing to say to a young lady!鈥 Lucifer鈥檚 butler began nagging as soon as they stepped inside the car.
Lucifer grew up in a well-mannered place, drilled with etiquette since he was born; yet he didn鈥檛 know how he made such a terrible blunder just now.
He let out a sigh and tried cancelling out the nagging from his butler, Jean. Once Jean started nagging, no one really knew when he鈥檇 stop.
Maybe that鈥檚 what Mammon feels about him when he starts nagging?聽He owed Mammon an apology later.
Reminiscing on your words earlier made his blood boil again.
'The Emperor? Really?鈥
Yes, Emperor Diavolo is his closest friend.
Yes, he鈥檚 been doing a very good job.
But to hear his spouse said that?
At least your friends seemed to take interest in him, but why didn鈥檛 you?
'Okay then, let鈥檚 marry each other!鈥 you grabbed his hand excitedly.
The smile on your face was nothing if it was to compare on his. For once, he was actually happy.
Lucifer was starting to feel sombre again so he waved defeatedly at his butler and said, 鈥淛ean, let鈥檚 just go.鈥
Sensing his Master鈥檚 sudden shift in emotion, he obeyed, no longer nagging at the poor prince.
It has been three days since the incident and thankfully, you didn鈥檛 hear anything from that guy.
You were also grateful for your work. Why? Because they鈥檝e been taking every space in your mind at the moment, making it easier to not get yourself overly anxious about the man鈥檚 words.
It was Sunday and you finally had the chance to indulge in your favourite sin of the sevens.
Phone?聽Switched off.
Doors and windows?聽Locked.
Favourite blankie?聽Checked.
Bottle of water in case of thirst?聽Checked.
Nothing beats sleeping in during the weekend.
Ding dong!
And now it鈥檚 ruined.
With a groan, you rolled off from your bed and voluntary fell off face-first to the floor with the hope that if you ignored the person ringing the doorbell, they might go away.
Ding dong!
Ding dong!
Ding dong!!
鈥淥h for God鈥檚 sake!鈥
Needless to say, you dragged your feet to the front door with the deepest frown you鈥檝e ever made, clearly depicting it on your face. After all, the person disturbing your sleep deserved to know that their presence wasn鈥檛 welcomed by the occupant.
You almost crashed your door through the wall while you violently swung it open, revealing the presence of three people.
A man with amber coloured hair was in the front while two women鈥攐ne with shiny bob cut black hair and another with curly shoulder-length blonde hair鈥攚ere behind him.
You felt the heat start crawling on your cheek at the sight.
Not because they were neatly dressed compared to your messy hair and dishevelled clothes, but because they were bowing so deeply to you.
On your front door.
With neighbours clearly watching.
鈥淵our Highness, we are here to deliver a message from the Eastern Kingdom,鈥 the man said before lifting the said letter on his hand above his head, and still managed to lower his head with respect to you.
鈥淲ait, please, come in! Stop bowing and come in! Please!鈥 you were flustered from the increasing stares of your neighbours.
Your house wasn鈥檛 exactly spotless to let these strangers in but it was better to be embarrassed by three people rather than tens of nosy neighbours.
Thankful that you did your chores yesterday, you lead those three inside your house and invited them to sit on the sofa. To which they respectfully decline.
鈥淢y name is Jean. I am the royal butler of the Crown Prince from the Eastern Kingdom. This is Marie and Rose, your personal maids鈥撯
鈥淵our Highness is in need of personal maids, correct? The Crown Prince is giving you your personal maids.鈥
鈥淥kay, let鈥檚 stop joking with this Crown Prince thingy. I wanna know why you鈥檙e all here? Tell me before I call the police!鈥
鈥淵our Highness, our main purpose here is to deliver this message addressed to you and get you ready to travel back to the Eastern Kingdom with us,鈥 Jean said, still bowing deeply.
There were so many questions lingering inside your head and you felt yourself frowning even worse by the presence of these three.
You decided to enlighten yourself a little by reading the letter. It was neatly written in cursive but the contents didn鈥檛 tell you exactly what was going on.
鈥淕o back to the Eastern Kingdom?聽What鈥? I think you鈥檙e mistaken. I鈥檓 from the Western Empire!聽Here!聽I was born here. Why do I have to go back to the Eastern Kingdom? And what鈥檚 with this 'Your Highness鈥 title?鈥 you massaged your temple.
鈥淗is Highness the Crown Prince is requesting your presence back to the Palace.鈥
鈥淲hy? I don鈥檛 even聽know聽Prince Lucifer!鈥
Clearly shocked by your words, the three of them exchanged quick glances before Marie said, 鈥淏ut, Your Highness鈥 You have been married to the Crown Prince for twenty years.鈥
The world came crashing down to you at that statement.
Twenty years鈥
When was it鈥
'When you like someone, you marry them. And鈥 And they鈥檒l be by your side forever鈥︹ you said.
'Okay then, let鈥檚 marry each other!鈥
鈥淭he Court has decided that Your Highness鈥檚 wedding to the Crown Prince is a valid ceremony. Your Highness is the Crown Princess of the Eastern Kingdom,鈥 Jean stated.
It was the last thing you heard clearly before the Earth rolled under your feet, making you topple back and letting the darkness envelop your vision.
Tumblr media
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qtheace 2 days ago
Lucifer walking out the house,
Lucifer: what? Did I forget something?
MC: *runs up to him and kisses him and runs back into the house*
This was 100% inspired by heartstopper
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lunacvte 2 days ago
Dating Mammon Headcannons~
Warnings: minor spoilers? I don鈥檛 think they even really count as 鈥渟poilers鈥 but just in case!
鈥 gn!reader x Mammon 馃
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
鈥 will literally do and say anything to make everyone believe that he isn鈥檛 completely and utterly in love with you (even though he makes it blatantly obvious every time)
鈥 man鈥檚 definitely bought a stuffed animal just to cuddle in his bed whenever you weren鈥檛 there with him. Just like Goldie, this stuffed animal kinda became a 鈥榤ust have鈥, and definitely one of his favorite objects.
鈥 Once you and Mammon were in a official relationship, he clung to you like a koala on a branch. Grabbing onto your waist from behind you, or always nuzzling his face in the nape of your neck, he became extremely needy for his humans attention. He just couldn鈥檛 help himself!
鈥 now, you鈥檝e always had an inkling Mammon鈥檚 had feelings for you, but you never realized how serious they were to him until after you left the devildom, since your year stay there had been over.
鈥 when you left, he mentally and physically shut down, and even though he seemed like his regular greedy, sarcastic self, he really did feel all alone once again. Constantly waiting for you to call, or text, send a cute picture, or even just hear about you! But for a while, there was nothing.
鈥 So once you came back for good, he was overjoyed, and definitely didn鈥檛 waste time telling you about his feelings.
鈥 he may complain a lot or act like this big tough guy, like giving kisses or hugs is too clich茅, but you know how big of a softie he is for you.
鈥 and he shows this from the way he鈥檚 protective of you, even towards his own brothers. He even worries that he might be too clingy sometimes and knows that sort of thing usually scares off humans, but lets admit it, you could never get enough of mammon.
鈥 funny enough, you even told him that! Of course, his response being 鈥淗a! I knew it, ya can never get enough of THE Great Mammon! I鈥檓 all yours, mc~ aren鈥檛 ya so lucky??鈥 He grinned widely, wrapping his arm around your shoulders as he kissed the top of your head.
鈥 Mammon has definitely tried to sneak a few things from you during the amount of time you鈥檝e known him, but the first time you tried it when you two began dating.. let鈥檚 just say he wouldn鈥檛 be trying to again.
鈥 he was kneeled down in front of your bed, looking under it to find a box of stuff you had brought here from the human world. He didn鈥檛 hear you walking in, so he was shocked to suddenly feel his body completely paralyzed, and your displeased voice.
鈥 鈥淢ammon! Stop!鈥 You shouted, initiating the pact. 鈥 I know you weren鈥檛 thinking of trying to steal from me, were you?鈥 The struggling demon nervously laughed and looked up at you. 鈥淲-what?? I鈥檇.. never think of doin鈥 that..! You鈥檙e my lovely significant other, t-that would be horrible of me..!鈥 He put on a fake cute smile in hopes that you wouldn鈥檛 suspect him.
鈥 you rolled your eyes and helped him get up from the ground. 鈥淛ust cuddle me, ya big dummy.鈥
鈥 Now now, hear me out! You have a favorite food or dessert? You better believe he鈥檚 gonna be the first ever person to make you the most extravagant, delicious, mouth watering food/dessert you鈥檝e ever had in your life!
鈥 he also actually cares deeply about your health, he knows the health and immune system of humans are totally different from a demons, so he makes sure to prepare at least one healthy meal for you every day, (more depending on if you diet, have certain allergies to foods, already have health complications, etc. he takes these things into mind too!!)
鈥 he even offers you to work out with him! And if you agree, oh boy, he鈥檚 gonna he so ecstatic. I definitely headcannon that he would be the type to work out even harder or flex his muscles constantly in front of you, just to impress. (And hey, i don鈥檛 think you鈥檇 be complaining about that either-)
鈥 the first time you gave him a nickname (such as Mam鈥檚, mammoney, darling, something like that), he internally combusted. Seriously, he never heard something so adorable. He doesn鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 because YOU gave him the nickname, or if it鈥檚 because that was his first time receiving one, but either way, it had him squealing and jumping like a teenage girl with a crush once he was alone in his room.
鈥 even though Mammon is a PhAt thief sometimes, you know he鈥檚 been getting a lot better at it, and even working actual jobs more, since he claims he wants to be a better man for you!
鈥 using the money he makes from modeling, doing part time work at restaurants, etc, he often buys you flowers or things you say you鈥檝e been wanting for a long time since being in the devildom! Even if it鈥檚 the smallest little gift, you always make sure he knows how grateful you are.
鈥 鈥測eah! You really do have such a thoughtful boyfriend, don鈥檛 ya, mc?? Haha! <3鈥
鈥 overall, Mammon would be the absolute perfect boyfriend, and I 100% believe it. So you better love him or he鈥檒l probably get all pouty. And we wouldn鈥檛 want that!
Tumblr media
Just- just Look how cuteee :鈥)
Hope you all enjoyed~! Idk if i鈥檓 writing too much about mammon and not that much about the other characters鈥 馃珷 but i鈥檓 gonna try to do something for them all !!
Until next time~!
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scarlet-streak-fanfics 2 days ago
Hey Merc.
Hope you鈥檝e been doing well.
Could I request a fluffy drabble of MC playing/taking care of the baby?
I was going to write out the whole thing, but then I realized it might be more fun to let y'all request specific babysitting pairings based off of this little intro I came up with. There's also going to be a special conclusion to the HoL Babysitting adventures that I'm working on. Until then, feel free to request anything you'd like to see here!
鈥淢C!鈥 The human exchange student practically throw the textbook they were studying onto the floor in their rush to answer the panicked scream coming from the entry hall. Usually, a cry like that heralds a disaster worthy of an appearance by Lotan. However, when they reach the landing, leaning on the banister heavily as the exertion of your sprint catches up to them, the sight that greets MC is far from catastrophic.
Beel is cradling Seraphina in his arms as she sobs and screams, seeming almost on the verge of tears himself. Belphie hovers at his side nervously, trying to calm the distraught baby with awkward shushes, and they pinch the bridge of their nose. 鈥淎re we babysitting?鈥
Both twins nod emphatically, and Beel gives MC a pleading look, holding Seraphina out in front of him slightly. 鈥淗ow do we get her to stop?鈥
鈥淲ell, does her diaper need to be changed?鈥 The two demons stare at them with obvious confusion, and MC prepares themself for an incredibly long evening as they walk down the stairs. 鈥淕ive her to me and go get the rest of your brothers. I鈥檒l see what I can do while you round up the others, ok?鈥
That was all Beel needed to hear before he shoves the baby into MC鈥檚 arms, already running up the stairs to find the rest of the demon brothers with Belphie dragging himself after. A reluctant sniff reveals that, mercifully, Seraphina doesn鈥檛 need a diaper change at the moment. So, MC shifts her to their hip, heading to the kitchen and digging through the cabinets until they locate the box of formula stored for just this reason. As they start the process of boiling water for the bottle, the brothers file in one by one, expressions ranging from annoyance to delight. Asmo is immediately at MC鈥檚 side, cooing at Seraphina as he plucks her from MC鈥檚 arms. 鈥淗ello, princess, did you miss Uncle Azzy? I bought some new clothing for you that I鈥檝e just been dying to put on you.鈥
鈥淲ait.鈥 The order freezes Asmo in place, pulling a pout from the Avatar of Lust. 鈥淏efore we get to have fun with the baby, we need to figure out all the jobs. Mammon, Levi, you two are on entertainment duty.鈥
Both demons start to protest this assignment, but MC gives them a deadpan look. 鈥淒on鈥檛 pretend that you haven鈥檛 been buying baby toys ever since Seraphina arrived, Mammon, and I know that Levi鈥檚 been trying to find kid-safe shows to share with her.鈥 The grumbling continues, but neither look like they want to argue further.
鈥淎smo, you鈥檙e on bath and clothing duty. Remember to make sure the bath isn鈥檛 too hot for her and鈥撯
鈥淯se the baby-safe products and keep any soap out of her eyes. I know, darling, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 Asmodeus kisses MC鈥檚 cheek before continuing his baby-talk to a slowly-calming Seraphina. MC lets their shoulders relax slightly, hopeful at the fact that one of the brothers is already on board with what his job is. 鈥淏eel, you can be in charge of feeding鈥揑鈥檒l help you make the baby food and formula. Satan, you have bedtime stories and Belphie has nap duty. Lucifer and I will handle everything else, like if one of you needs a break or her diaper needs changing.鈥
Lucifer鈥檚 eyes narrow. 鈥淎nd why would I help with that, my love?鈥 MC gives the Avatar of Pride their best puppy dog eyes. 鈥淏ecause I still don鈥檛 remember how to put on fresh diapers properly and she likes you best?鈥
None of the other brothers are happy with this declaration, but it seems to have mollified Lucifer, which was all MC needed.聽
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strawberry-cowmilk 2 days ago
Asmodeus as a father
Mc is female, this is not proof read
Content warnings: babies, mention of past pregnancy, mild suggestive content, a little bit of angst if you squint
Asmo wanted to show Mc he was more than ready to commit to her. He knows that his status as the avatar of lust makes that fact hard to believe, and Asmo fears Mc secretly thinks so too. The problem is that the fifth born does not know how to express his desire. Does he get flowers? A nice dinner?
The answer came to him one time when he was modelling for Majolish. At a certain part of the photoshoot, Asmo had to pose with a little baby, and boy did that trigger something in him. The little one is just so cute! Now Asmo wants one too! Wait... That night, when he and Mc were laying in bed, about to have a session, Asmodeus expressed his new want. 'Honey, we should have a baby.' It would be the perfect way to show Mc that she is his only true love. Mc agreed happily to the plan.
For the following nine months, Asmo would give Mc a back massage every day. And he never went a second without telling the human how beautiful she looked. The avatar of lust even begged Lucifer to ban Solomon from the house for a while, because every time he would come over, he'd bring food, and Asmo doesn't want his pregnant partner and his baby to eat that stuff.
After his daughter was born, he was practically glued to her side, and would gush over every single thing she did. 'Oh! Mc, did you see that? She looks so cute when she yawns!' After that, he picked his daughter up and held her in his arms, rocking her to sleep. Eventually, the pair discovered their baby really likes glitters, especially the holographic kind. Every time she cried, either Asmo or Mc would dangle a sparkly toy in front of her, and the baby would be completely mesmerised by the glitter. Sometimes, Asmo brings her to his Devilgram livestreams. One time, he had her with him and he was doing his makeup. The moment the demon opened the highlighter palette, the baby squealed in excitement and attempted to grab the product from her father. Asmo lovingly smiled at his child before holding her up to the camera, so his viewers could get a better look of the baby. 'This is my daughter guys, she's very pretty isn't she?' The comments soon filled up with sweet messages. One person asked whether the baby will one day have a little sibling. Asmo gazed at the positive pregnancy test Mc took this morning on his desk, out of sight for the people watching the stream. 'She will, perhaps sooner than you think.'
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therainningtown 2 days ago
Thirteen My Love~
Little Headcannons For My Girl And New Found Lover <3
Tumblr media
She Loves Ya To Death (Heh Me Funny) Though She Hides Under A 鈥淒on鈥檛 Care鈥 Fa莽ade.
But She Means Well With Her Jabs.
Which She Will Try And Maintain If You鈥檙e Highly Insecure. (Like Me)
But Anyways. She Loves Ya, And You Love Her Little Weird Brain.
But Once She Hears You鈥檙e Apart Of The A.L.L She Wants To Join. Not Because Of Hatred, But The Traps She Can MAKE!!
Which I Heard Word That Satan Likes鈥hhh
She Also Loves Dressing You Up With Asmo. Having Little Fashion Shows.
A Cute Little Fact, I Bet She Got Your Favorite Color Glowsticks To Wave Around.
Gotta Be Supportive For Bae.
Another Pass Time Is Games Or Cuddles.
She Also Has Times On Where She鈥檚 Tired And Wants To Do Something Chill.
And Wanting To Expand Her Knowledge Of You And Your Ideal Of Fun.
You Both Look At Games To Play. Be It, An RPG, Horror, Or Even Spicy~
Also She Definitely Cried To Omori, Sorry Not Sorry. :3
But Enough About That, How Does She Treat You And Having You Live In HOL?
Well Sleepovers Are A Definite, And Meeting Up To Try New Food Is Another. Also Cooking!
And Wooh Boi Is The Kitchen Not Safe For You Two.
One Time You Both Forgot The Meatloaf In The Oven And Burnt It. But Hey! Beel Ate It And Was Perfectly Fine!
Another Time, You Both Were Covered Head To Toe In Flour. Which Lucifer Wasn鈥檛 To Happy About.
And You Thought Mammon Was Bad With Spoiling You? HAH Thirteen One Up Him!
Giving Gifts And Lots Of Hugs And Kisses. Basically Drowning You In Love.
Which Please Give Back To Her, She Also Has Some Attention Deficiency. :(
But Mostly Her Receiving Love Language Is Psychical Touch And Quality Time.
So It Ain鈥檛 To Hard To Give Back, Just Helping Build Her Traps Is Enough For Her <3
Also Jealous Thirteen? Yeah, Happens Really Often, Looking At You Solomon鈥
But Hey, You Got Another Bodyguard! She Floats Around You And Loves Poking You For Fun.
Which Makes You Poke Back, And Causes A Poke War.
All In All, This Relationship Is A Good One. Yes She Can Be Over-Bearing At Times. But She Wants To Show Love And Appreciation 锟糡o Someone Finally.
And Being Supportive Of Her Is The Best. And Can Be Fun At Times, Like Lucifer Getting A Pie To The Face.
Thanks For Listening To Ted Talk. It鈥檚 10pm On A School Night And I鈥檓 Having Thirteen Brain Rot.
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bitchyhuman 5 hours ago
Top M!MC in the House
- Make him cockwarm you while he is working. Go ahead.
- He like it when he is talking to someone and when you interrupt them and they told you it was rude you'll just show off your pact with him.
- Make him sit on your lap during gambling and he'll be the avatar of pride.
- His your responsibility now. He is now your Sugar baby.
- Put your hands on his neck when you two are outside to make him less anxious.
- He likes it When you introduce yourself as his boyfriend in front of those people who made him feel anxious and then threaten their existence.
- Put your hands on his shoulder while reading and he'll melt.
- Send him pictures of your hands while holding a book or a kitten and he will set it as his wallpaper.
- When you two are outside he'll really appreciate it if you put your hands on his slim waist.
- He likes it when you hold his things for him like his bag and you two will walk around the mall like royalties.
- Whenever he is eating try spoon feeding him or feeding him by yourself.
- When he plays a game and you looked at him with the "Win this and I'll reward you" gaze he will litteraly do anything to win.
- Spank this Bitch.
- When you carry him like a baby sometimes when he is sleeping and you always cuddle him.
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babybeel 2 months ago
鈥 say you鈥檒l stay (never be severed) when they have a nightmare you die ; title creds
lucifer knows it was just a dream. he knows聽it wasn鈥檛 real, assures himself it wasn鈥檛 and yet he allows his heart - still thundering in his chest - to guide his sharp strides and pound on your door. the sight of you, worry for him clear though sleepy and bleary eyed, is enough for lucifer鈥檚 knees to melt and he falls forward to embrace you, relieved sigh shuddering through the air next to your ear. it feels natural when your arms circle his torso, tight hold allowing him to sink further and push back the tears that welled in his eyes. for once, lucifer鈥檚 head isn鈥檛 in charge and he relishes in your touch as his heartbeat begins to slow until it thumps a steady rhythm of i love you, i love you. unknowingly, the words fall from his lips too, escaping from deep within. and it鈥檚 the certainty in your voice as you return the confession that finally convinces lucifer he had experienced nothing more than a bad dream.
mammon聽doesn鈥檛 wait, can鈥檛 wait. he scrambles to your room, familiar route suddenly lasting an eternity. his feet slap panickedly against the floor as he barges in with such urgency that the door swings open with a bang. the slam is loud enough to scare you awake, half jumping out of your skin. but you don鈥檛 have a moment spare to take in what鈥檚 happening before mammon wraps himself around you, head tucked into the crook of your neck as he gasps and chants,聽鈥測ou鈥檙e ok, you鈥檙e ok.鈥 you bring your own arms up to envelope him, knowing not of his nightmare but of just how bravely he protects his family, from the fall to now. it鈥檇 be foolish to think he鈥檚 the second eldest for nothing. but right now, mammon trembles under your touch, one hand rubbing across his broad shoulders and the other finding its place in the foam of his hair.聽鈥渋鈥檓 ok,鈥 you whisper in return as the first tears hit your collarbone and seep into your skin,聽鈥渁nd you are too. i鈥檝e got you, mammon.鈥
leviathan聽tries briefly to comfort himself, turning to the games he always found solace in, an escape from his own mind. but the scenes are violent and gory and his thumbs slip nervously on the controllers until he throws the console away from him. big red letters mocking him as they blink聽鈥測ou died.鈥 levi can鈥檛 help it when he runs to your room, pictures of his nightmare still clear in his mind, unyielding. it sparks a fear in him that runs deeper than his worries of being a burden. and when you tug the demon gently into your hold, giving him the touch he so desperately needed, a whimper escapes him. it seems that is enough for levi to unravel, tears flooding down his cheeks as details of his night flow from his lips. you try your best to catch them all, more than used to levi鈥檚 ramblings, but he鈥檚 babbling incomprehensibly and you can鈥檛 keep up. and though stuck on the story of his video game, you still manage to calm levi with a simply reply of聽鈥渓et鈥檚 do it together.鈥
satan聽tries so hard, so desperately to distract himself. he first takes to deviltube, hoping the mindless videos would soothe his nerves but the voices in his head ring louder than the ones on screen. when that fails, he picks up his trusty book but it isn鈥檛 long before he becomes stuck on the same sentence, thoughts raging and wild. it鈥檚 only when the words begin to mix and blend that satan realises there are tears dripping down his cheeks. he swipes at them harshly, but them and the nonsensical fear to sleep again in case the nightmare returns has him padding down the hallways, knocking almost meekly at your door. the muted beats serve for confusion as you open the door, but it takes a split second for you to notice satan鈥檚 redrimmed eyes and the way he stands, awkward, unsure, small. refusing to meet your gaze. in an instant, you pull him into you, not needing an explanation but simply willing the demon to return to his usual self. and with your comfort and love, satan already has.
asmodeus聽is a mess. tears mar his skin, his eyes are bloodshot and his fingers tug tightly at his hair. his sobs have since turned into ugly, shapeless shrieks that have you venturing into his room, concern fuelling each action. you鈥檝e never once seen him so unkempt. the grip he has only loosens when your hand covers his own, partly out of shock and partly out of comfort. asmo allows you to gently聽pull at him as if he is something delicate and dainty until eventually, he finds himself turned towards you. asmo can only count down the seconds for you to open your arms and invite him closer, and he all but jumps into your hold, pressed tight against you, skin against skin. your warmth sears at him, enough to dispel the horrid dreams and fearful tears. because asmo knows best that your touch is like none other, and with you, all his fears and worries glimmer away.
it鈥檚 no secret that beelzebub is plagued by nightmares. his brothers take turns in soothing him in the midst of the night, guilt weighing heavy on their chests. but tonight is different, tonight is bad. and when belphie comes banging on your door and tugs you down the hall, you follow wordlessly, heart in your throat. beel is surrounded by his older brothers when you arrive, harsh sobs shuddering through his frame. it is only when belphie returns with you that he begins to calm, his family finally full. you鈥檙e quick to slot yourself against his side when he reaches an arm out, hand finding his own. the feeling of your deep breaths banishes away the remnants of his nightmare and he tries his best to mirror them, to mirror you. still, when the tears dry and his lip no longer quivers, beel refuses to fall asleep again, too afraid of what may happen to his family when his back is turned. a squeeze of his hand directs his attention to you, and his eyes begin to prick once more as you whisper,聽鈥測ou can rest, beel. we鈥檙e all ok.鈥
belphegor聽is paralysed as his sin works against him. the lifeless image of you sends him thrashing, trapped in his many blankets with desperate, fearful whimpers escaping his throat. when he wakes in the attic, his heart sinks, and for a moment he isn鈥檛 sure if the images tormenting his mind are from the nightmare or a distant memory. but when you grip belphie鈥檚 shoulders and pull him close, he is soothed ever so slightly. still, tears spring at his eyes and you鈥檙e suddenly reminded that he is the youngest of the brothers, palm tracing up and down his spine. apologies spill from his lips, words mixing together between stammers and stumbles but you only hold belphie tighter with a dismissive shake of your head. you wonder gently if belphie鈥檚 sorry whispers are for bothering you or something bigger, but the thought remains at the back of your mind as he trembles beneath you.聽鈥渋t鈥檚 alright, belphie,鈥 you coo softly,聽鈥渋鈥檓 right here with you.鈥
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waylonwrites 2 months ago
Could I request a headcanon of the reactions of the demon bros + Diavolo to MC telling them "your arms feel safe" please?
Awww this is so soft! I love soft and sweet!
Obey me x reader (Brothers + Diavolo)
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Small harassment warning in Beel's part, demons harassing MC and bad-mouthing our big teddy bear
MC is gender-neutral unless otherwise requested
Your Arms Feel Safe
The two of you were in his room.
He was catching up on some paperwork that he hadn't finished earlier in the day while you sat on his bed scrolling on your D.D.D.
The time ticked by quietly, not much being said between you two.
You didn't mind, though.
It was easy to sit in silence with Lucifer. Just being in the same room as him was pleasant.
But you were feeling a little blue.
Homesickness hit you every so often and it hit you hard.
It was hard being in the Devildom, away from the world you knew for your entire life.
You missed home.
Sometimes you felt uneasy in the Devildom.
Even after months of living there because of the program, you would find yourself wishing you could just do things the way you would before.
It wasn't safe to just take walks like you wanted to because there was no telling if a demon would try to lay hands on you in order to eat you.
There was one thing that made you feel safe. That made you feel like everything was okay and that this was home.
You got off the bed and walked over to Lucifer's desk, tapping on his shoulder to get him to turn your way.
"Yes, MC? I'm a little bit busy, I promise I'll be done soon-"
You slid into his lap and wrapped your arms around him. His arms quickly followed suit.
"You're feeling unhappy again, aren't you?"
"Just missing home," you mumbled.
He rubbed your back lightly, pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
"Your arms feel safe."
His heart skipped a beat and he held you tighter.
"Then stay here as long as you like."
You guys were in your room watching movies.
The usual weekend activity you did with your boyfriend in the evenings.
It was hard to get movie time with just the two of you because the others loved to interrupt.
But you managed to have this time for just the two of you.
It was nice.
Except the Mammon wanted to prove his bravery and watch the latest Devildom horror movie.
Both of you were scared shitless the entire time.
"I-I'll protect ya, MC! I'm the Great MamMON!' His voice rose to a shriek when the next scare happened onscreen.
You spent most of the movie hiding your faces and comforting each other, to be honest.
You tried to calm down by watching some stupid chick flicks after the horror movie was over.
You couldn't get over how freaky the first movie was though.
All the blood and the jump scares, the tension that was built.
It was better than most human world horror movies, that was for sure.
It hadn't been predictable and that was what had gotten under your skin.
You two were laying in bed a few hours later, Mammon finally dozing off.
You still felt afraid. You just couldn't shake it.
So you snuggled as close to your boyfriend as you could and manually wrapped his arms around your body.
He opened his eyes, looking at you in the dark.
"What's the matter?" He yawned, rubbing circles beneath his fingers onto your back.
"Your arms feel safe," you said softly.
"The movie still botherin' ya, huh? Don't worry, the Great Mammon will keep you safe through the night."
Levi sat in his usual spot in his gaming chair, eyes fixed on his monitors as he played one of his newest games.
You lay in the bathtub up against his pillows, playing a mobile game he had gotten you hooked on.
You and Levi often found yourselves sitting together, doing your own things, and enjoying the time spent in each other's presence.
It was the norm for you.
If you weren't doing that then you were snuggled up (his face bright red at first) watching anime or reading manga together.
You didn't mind most of your time being spent inside. It was nice and rather peaceful.
Especially in his aquatic themed room where you could watch the aquarium wall for hours, transfixed on the movement.
Levi wasn't the biggest person for being touched. He had his moments, but he had a hard time with physical contact.
He wasn't used to it.
But sometimes you just needed to be held.
You had told Levi this before and his response had been:
"Don't go to anyone else for this! I-I'll hold you anytime you want!"
It had been a big step forward in his confidence to say the least.
You dropped your D.D.D. with a sigh, having gotten bored with the game.
You were craving physical contact.
You climbed out of the bathtub and walked over to Levi. You gently tapped his shoulder.
"Give me a sec, MC, I'm almost done with this level!"
You were willing to wait. Interrupting him in the middle of a game where he could lose if he got distracted wasn't the best idea.
So you stood there, watching his screens, until he got to a point where he could save and pause.
"What's up?" He spun his chair to face you and you took the chance to sit in his lap, straddling him, with your face against his neck.
"I-is something w-wrong?" He stammered.
"No," you muttered softly. "Your arms just feel safe. I wanna stay here for a while."
"Okay," he choked out before fully wrapping his arms around you. "W-we can stay like this for a while."
It wasn't uncommon for Satan to read to you in his room.
You two would sit together in his library of a bedroom, under dim lighting with some tea, and he'd read for a while.
You loved listening to his voice.
You told him time and time again that he should narrate audiobooks as a career. He'd get to read and other people would get to enjoy the same thing you did.
This was often met with the same response.
"I could, but this is our special time. I want this to be just for us. No one else."
You felt beyond honored that he wanted to read to you and only you.
Your current book was a suspenseful novel. It was a murder mystery, one of Satan's personal favorites.
The details were beyond intense.
Satan loved mystery novels, especially murder mysteries, so you were getting good at putting the pieces together to make your own guesses for who the killers were.
This one had you stumped.
It was actually a bit freaky, too.
Satan often would use magic to aid in his storytelling. He wanted the atmosphere to be perfect.
It was why the lighting was so important, too.
You were curled up on the couch in his room next to him, eyes fixed on your boyfriend as he continued to read to you.
But you couldn't take it anymore!
This book was getting way too intense to listen to without some form of security.
You knew just what to do.
When Satan paused for dramatic effect, you crawled over and sat in his lap, your head resting against his shoulder.
"Are you afraid? We're almost done, I promise."
"It's getting really creepy! I wanna keep going, your arms just feel so safe."
He blushed a bright pink and cleared his throat.
"Stay there if you want, just don't read ahead of me, okay? I want the ending to be a surprise for you." He kissed your head and settled in to continue reading.
It had been one hell of a day.
You had the worst day at RAD.
It all started with you waking up late and missing breakfast. So you were in a rush to even get to RAD to begin with.
You got to classes, barely on time, and realized you had forgotten your homework.
Certain professors were nice enough to let you turn it in the next day, but one of them insisted you had to stay after school and rewrite everything you had written at home to turn in.
You had barely gotten to see Asmodeus at all. He had tried to stop you a few times, but you were in such a right state that you only gave him brief kisses before continuing on in a haze.
Needless to say, you had a bad day.
Asmodeus had noticed it the first time he saw you that morning.
You weren't happy to see him, you barely acknowledged him beyond a brief kiss to his cheek. Not even on his lips! He had worn brand new lip gloss just for you!
So, he had a plan.
You stumbled home after your detention, your feet aching and your head pounding.
You would have gone to your room had a certain demon boyfriend of yours not swept you away to his before you could protest.
"Asmo, babe, I'm really tired-"
"I know, darling. I can see that. I'm going to help you unwind. You need it!
He had prepared you an incredible bath and helped you into it. He washed your body for you so you didn't have to lift a finger. Not even to do your hair!
He rubbed your down with relaxing lavender lotion after your bath. Your body felt ten times lighter by the time he was done.
You were prepared to go back to your room when he laid down next to you and pulled you into his arms.
"You're staying with me tonight, my darling. I'll make sure you have the best sleep and a better day tomorrow."
You snuggled in closer and smiled for what felt like one of the first times that day.
"I feel so safe in your arms, Asmo."
He smiled and kissed your head. "I'm glad. I try my best for you, darling."
You were at a Fangol game of Beel's.
You wanted to cheer him on the best you could.
Having you there with him was the best support he could ever have, honestly.
He felt even more motivated to do a great job and win when you were watching him.
Beel was probably the most impressive player on his team, too. You were in awe as you watched him play.
His team won, naturally, and he ran up to give you a kiss.
"I gotta go get a shower. Wait right here for me? Then we can go to Hell's Kitchen for victory food!" He smiled happily and kissed you one more time before running off to the locker room.
You sat on the bottom bleacher, thinking about how you were going to best shower your demon in praise and affection for winning his game when you heard voices.
"The human's quite attractive. I can't believe they're dating someone like that big oaf."
"I know, they'd be better off with us."
Two demons were purposefully talking loud enough near you for you to hear and you scoffed.
"Beel's not an oaf. So shut your mouth."
"Aw, the little human's standing up for the food-loving brick wall. He's probably as smart as one, too."
Come with us, little human. We can show you a better time than he ever could."
One of them grabbed your wrist and made an attempt to pull you along behind him when
"Don't touch MC," Beel said, his hand now squeezing the demon's wrist. You were positive you heard bones cracking as the demon in question shrieked in pain.
"If I ever see you bothering them again, I'll do a lot worse than that."
You rubbed your own wrist, scratches adorning your flesh from the demon's sharp claws.
"I'm sorry, MC. I took too long. Are you okay?" Beel asked, kissing your wrist gently. He then scooped you up in his arms and held you there, starting to walk.
"I am now, Beel. Your arms feel safe to me."
The two of you were napping up in the attic.
It was ironic that the place Belphie had been locked up in was now his get-away place when he wanted peace and quiet. Especially with you.
The only person who would usually bother the two of you was never a bother at all. That was Beelzebub. He was always welcome.
Belphie was sleeping peacefully amidst the blankets and pillows.
You, on the other hand, were not.
You bolted straight up from your spot in bed, sweat on your face.
You'd had a nightmare.
You really couldn't remember all of the details, but it still felt like something was grabbing your ankles. All you remembered was that sensation and the feeling of being dragged away.
Belphie was laying in bed beside you in his demon form. He often took it when he napped, showing he felt secure. His tail flicked about lazily.
"Just a bad dream," you muttered.
You wanted to try and go back to sleep, but you had a bad feeling that you'd only end up back in the dream.
Maybe you needed to go downstairs and get some water. That was sure to help put your mind at ease, right?
"That's the third nightmare this week," you heard his voice sound.
"I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"
"Yes, but that's not the point. You've had three nightmares this week. You know you can talk to me about them."
He sat up and took your hands, rubbing your knuckles gently with his thumbs.
"I can't really remember any details. I just know something is dragging me away."
He sighed and pulled you against his chest before laying both of you down.
"You don't have to know what they're about. I can help you with your nightmares."
You made a curious noise but only buried your face against his chest.
"I can use my power to give you better dreams. You won't have any bad dreams so long as I know about it."
You smiled a bit and squeezed your boyfriend, who flicked your back lightly with his tail.
"I feel safer already because I'm in your arms."
"...go back to sleep, silly. I'll protect you from the nightmares."
There wasn't a whole lot that you were afraid of.
It was hard to be scared of anything when you had been pulled into literal hell for an entire year and were now back for a second time.
The things that once made you freak out seemed silly to be afraid of because of the things you had seen and gone through.
But there was still something.
"Ah!!" You screamed at the booming sound of thunder.
Storms. You hated them. If it was just rain then you were fine. You liked the rain. It was the thunder and lightning that scared you.
Something about the crashing, crackling, and booming sounds made you beyond scared.
Such a silly thing to be afraid of when you were dating a literal demon prince, right?
"Hey," Diavolo called as he ran into your shared bedroom. "What's wrong, dear? Is something the matter?"
You were wrapped up in blankets, covering your ears with a pillow.
The thunder sounded against and you made a strangled squeaking sound.
"My dear, are you afraid of the thunder?"
You merely nodded in response, peeking up at him from your spot on the bed.
He smiled a little bit and sat down.
"Come here, okay?" He opened his arms to you and you gladly took the invitation.
You felt much safer in his arms even with the storm raging outside.
"It's okay to be scared. You know how Barbatos is with rats, after all. Is there anything I can do to help?"
"Can you stay with me?" You asked, feeling rather small.
He chuckled lightly and kissed your head.
"I think I can manage that. But I meant is there anything I can do to make you feel less afraid or safer?"
"You already are, Dia."
He gave you a confused look and you sat up a bit to wrap your arms around him.
"I feel safer in your arms. I feel like I can handle most anything."
He felt his cheeks warm and he held you even tighter.
"Then I'll never let you go if I don't have to. I'll be right here keeping you safe."
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mammon-zs 2 days ago
Hi, how have you been? Congrats on 500, you're a very good author!!
So, for the event, could I please request 20. 鈥渃ome closer. i don鈥檛 like it when i can鈥檛 feel your body against mine.鈥 + Mammon?
a/n: hi ive been doing well! tysm for the compliment <3 enjoy.
prompt 20: "come closer. i don't like it when i can't feel your body against mine."
pairing: mammon x gn!reader
you didn't quite know how you ended up in mammon's bed this late at night, yet there you were, completely trapped underneath the demon. he left no room for escape as his limbs were wrapped around your body, his face buried into the crook of your neck to keep you as close as possible to him.
the second oldest had always disliked not feeling your sweet touch on him 24/7, however today was one of those days where he was being even more clingy than usual. not knowing what triggered this behaviour, you decided to just play along.
it wasn't like you hated this side of him: in fact you were all putty in his hands as well. his fingers that grazed against the skin of your back ever so softly and the white locks of hair that tickled your face as he laid his head on top of your chest.
because of how content you felt in his bed, you hadn't noticed the way you were slipping in and out of consciousness. fighting the urge to sleep was getting harder as each moment passed by. your arms around mammon's body slowly relaxed and the avatar of greed seemed to notice immediately.
your lover whined when he felt your arms leave his figure. "hey." his head shot up, only to be met by your closed eyes, obviously fallen asleep. a pout formed on his lips as your limbs fell back onto place. you unconciously shifted your entire body away from him, searching for any type of blanket to cover yourself with.
"tch.." mammon sat up and huffed while he continued to stare at you. he despised the empty feeling in his chest which was caused by the absence of your warmth. when you finally relaxed into a more comfortable position, he didn't waste any more seconds before wrapping his arms around your waist once again.
the second oldest moved his head up to rest near the side of your head. "please, come closer. i don't like it when i can't feel your body against mine."
he knew you couldn't hear his desperate whispers, therefore mammon told you more. the fact that you were asleep meant that he could tell you all about the embarassing, cheesy thoughts he has when he is with you.
and so he did all night long, expressing his undying love for you. the white haired demon went on for hours as he refused to fall asleep himself. if that meant that he got to enjoy your presence before morning comes, so be it. your boyfriend knew deep inside that once you're going to eat breakfast or go to school, the others would be all over you, leaving no space for him to openly show you affection.
"seriously.. yer the best thing that happened to me."
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t6i 3 months ago
.. MISSED CALL ?! 鈽癸笌鈥
Tumblr media
synopsis: the voicemails the demon brothers leave behind if you don't answer the phone.
charas: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor.
note: thought this was cute, dunno. 喃倣 硕岬 岬 岬斔 鈧庒儛
Tumblr media
LUCIFER 鈥 鈥 Oh? I'm a bit surprised.... you usually pick up in no time when I call. Well, it isn't urgent, but I suppose I was hoping to hear your voice.. no - come to my room as soon as you listen to this. 鈥
MAMMON 鈥 鈥 Oi, cutie! Who d'ya think you are, not answerin鈥 me right away?! I've got somethin鈥 for ya..! Maybe. If you come see me, I might consider givin' it to you. Hurry! 鈥
LEVIATHAN 鈥 鈥 H-hey! Emergency! I just watched the pilot of this new anime and INEEDTORANTNOWWW. Meet me in my room in 5 minutes. See ya! 鈥
SATAN 鈥 鈥 Hello? Oh, I'm leaving a voicemail. I just wanted to check on you. If you weren't busy with anything, there's this new book I'd like to discuss with you. I made tea. 鈥
ASMODEUS 鈥 鈥 Aaahhh.... I'm trying out this new look, but I can't figure out what's wrong with it... it's missing something. Only you can figure out what it is, I'm sure of it! Come work your magic, please! I'm in my room. Muah! 鈥
BEELZEBUB 鈥 鈥 Hey. I got hungry and then I thought of you. Weird, I know.... it doesn't usually happen like that. Wanna eat together? 鈥
BELPHEGOR 鈥 鈥 Mmm. I came across this new pillow and blanket set today. It looks soft. Wanna try it out with me? I figured we could cozy up in the planetarium. 鈥
Tumblr media
(2022). all rights reserved. please do not modify, copy, or claim as your own. reblogs are appreciated.
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snowcandyz 8 hours ago
The Brothers' and The Side Characters' Reaction to 'Satan is Kind'
Tumblr media
*The following story happened during the last two months before Season 1 ended.
Lord Diavolo has requested the Student Council members and the exchange students to have dinner at his castle as a reward for their hard work throughout the exchange student program.聽
鈥淪o, tell me. How鈥檚 life in the House of Lamentation? Any interesting news you want to share with us?鈥 Diavolo chuckled. Anyone could guess Diavolo鈥檚 penchant on gossiping by now, especially the brothers, as they silently hoped you didn鈥檛 embarrass them by sharing any silly moments.聽Not that Diavolo wouldn鈥檛 know though.
鈥淓very day is a fun day! I have fun, and everyone鈥檚 been very kind to me-鈥 you started beaming in enthusiast.
鈥-especially Satan. He helped me with my homework, taught me how to cook Devildom dishes and helped me understand Curses and Potions really well. He鈥檚 really kind!鈥澛
The atmosphere in the dining hall turned icy as no one dared to speak anything.
Couldn鈥檛 believe his ears.
Satan? Kind?聽KIND???
Various rebuttals were already on the tip of his tongue but the pride he had inside him refused to let you know how unjustified your statements were.聽Because that will only make it looks like he鈥檚 jealous of Satan.
And Lucifer鈥檚 certainly not jealous.
Nope, he鈥檚 not.
Huffed silently as he sipped on his glass of Demonus.
When Mammon and Asmo started making a huge fuss over this matter, he gave them both a death glare to diffuse the situation.
Was hoping you would compliment him in front of Lord Diavolo to show both him and Lucifer how awesome he is as your guardian demon.
Got shocked instead.
Was the first one to break the silence by raising his voice.
Poor boy thought you mentioned Satan instead of him because of all the times he got you in trouble.
Immediately pouted and protested after Lucifer gave him a death glare.
鈥楢in鈥檛 I kind too? Why鈥檇 ya have to go and say Satan鈥 THE Mammon treats you well too!鈥櫬
Please give him headpats.
Please give him headpats 2.0
Was envious to the point of self-blaming.
鈥業 knew it! Of course they would choose my brother instead of me鈥 After all, I鈥檓 just a yucky otaku鈥︹
When Mammon and Asmo raised their voices over this, he chose to just pick on his food and ignored his brothers.聽
The frown on his face was nothing like you鈥檝e ever seen before.
Wished to end the dinner already so that he could go back to his room and sulk alone.
Please tell him that he鈥檚 kind too, or how you enjoy your gaming nights together, or how you love listening to his rant about SucreFrenzy or Ruri-chan or TSL鈥檚 theatre remake.聽
Don鈥檛 forget to give him a big hug and assure him that he鈥檚 amazing in his own way.
Satan.exe has stopped working.
Didn鈥檛 really think you would pick his name out of his brothers.
Lowkey embarrassed by the sudden shift of attention.
But enjoyed the resentful look on Lucifer鈥檚 face. *Cue his infamous deadly smirk :3
Felt like he was floating in the air聽despite not having wings.
Wished for you to keep complimenting him in front of his brothers.
If it means he鈥檒l get to see the dead look on his siblings' faces whenever you compliment him, he will do it again and again.
Operation聽鈥楽atan is the best!鈥 will be commenced shortly.
The drama queen.
Immediately stood up from his seat and pointed in Satan鈥檚 direction horridly,聽鈥淪ATAN?? ARE YOU CRAZY? SATAN鈥橲 NOT KIND!!鈥
Will refuse to accept the fact that you complimented Satan instead of his beautiful gorgeous self.聽
Refused to shut up even after Lucifer鈥檚 death glare across the table.
鈥淎smodeus. Stop this. At once,鈥 Lucifer threatened him once again.
Immediately sat back and mumbled under his breath over how he deserved to be complimented too.聽聽
Please give him headpats 3.0
Beel totally agreed with you.
He couldn鈥檛 count how many times Satan has helped him solve various problems.
He gave you a smile and nodded in your direction while happily munching on his food.
But then, suddenly, he remembered Satan鈥檚 wrath whenever he emptied the refrigerator.
Cold chills ran down his spine as he reminisced the look on Satan鈥檚 face when he lectured Beel time and time again.
Actually stopped eating for a few seconds because of fear.
But Beel is the best boy. If you鈥檙e happy, then he鈥檚 happy.
After all, his brothers are really kind in their own special way, and he鈥檚 glad that you could see Satan鈥檚 kindness.
Didn鈥檛 really care.
Because he knew how pretentious Satan could be around you.
鈥楢vatar of Wrath being kind? Yeah, whatever鈥︹
Just wished for the dinner to end soon so he could finally sleep in peace.
Until he saw the look on Lucifer鈥檚 face.
Boy, was he elated to see such a look!
Will now cooperate with Satan with operation聽鈥楽atan is the best!鈥
Was delighted to hear about your experience with the brothers.聽
Was very amused to see the brothers鈥 respective reactions,聽especially Lucifer.
Couldn鈥檛 agree more with your statements as Satan is likely the most reliable and responsible one out of the little brothers' squad.聽
Urged you to keep going with your stories because he absolutely loves the happy look on your face.
Smiled the whole time Mammon and Asmo were fussing over your statements.
Was delighted to hear about your good experiences in the House of Lamentation, despite all the hardships you faced because of the brothers.
Wished to keep giving you happy memories before your time is up in Devildom.聽
Saw the delighted look on his Lord鈥檚 face when you told him your stories.
Started planning an exclusive tea party with you and Lord Diavolo in the castle so that you both can talk more.聽
鈥業 am amused 2.0鈥
Knew how big of an impact you鈥檝e been on the brothers but wasn鈥檛 expecting to see聽this聽type of reaction on their faces.
Quietly continued his dinner while listening to your stories.
Lowkey jealous that he wasn鈥檛 able to give you as many good memories as the brothers.
鈥極h well, I can steal them back when we鈥檙e in the Human World~鈥
鈥業 am amused 3.0鈥
Laughed heartily when Mammon and Asmo started fighting.
Couldn鈥檛 agree more with your statements since Satan also treated him and Luke well.
Wanted to spend more time with you when he heard how you had fun in the House of Lamentation.
Will probably plan more slumber parties together with you, Luke and Solomon.
Why were you complimenting a demon??
Although he couldn鈥檛 help but agree with you when you said Satan was kind.
Satan had helped Luke multiple times,聽although it鈥檚 not like he would admit how grateful he is.
Will agree to Simeon鈥檚 plan on slumber parties immediately.
Tumblr media
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qtheace a day ago
Mammon: MC are you ok?
Afab!MC: period...
Mammon: say no more! *pulls out everything they need* There!
Afab!MC: thank you...
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lunacvte 18 hours ago
For a dumb silly request
The gang (the brothers,royals, the angels and solomon) go out on a camping trip, having fun but at the end if the night it's really cold and some people get a lil tipsy. When it's time for sleep it's too cold and Mc got a shitty sleeping bag that doesn't hold warmth well. So in a bit of a drunken state goes to someone else's tent (minus Luke let the little angel sleep) and they demand for cuddles cause it's too cold. every other tent around just hears:
Mc:"[insert name] cuddle me, Now!", "get closer to me", "I'll be the small spoon, you be large spoon. Cuddle me now"
I hope your doing well and staying hydrated :)
ahhh from the minute i began reading this, it gave me huge asmo vibes!! So I hope that works for this request :) Thank you for this! 馃馃徎
I鈥檓 doing super well, I hope you are taking good care of yourself too! ^^ hope you enjoy the ff~!
All mine tonight!
Tumblr media
Characters - gn!reader (mc), soft asmo :3 and of course pretty much all other main/side characters!
Contents - light drinking, soft!asmo, needy!reader? Very cutesy and cuddly bond between them :3 very much asmo x reader fluff! Veryyyy slightly suggestive, but mainly just comments and compliments!
Fandom - Obey Me!
It feels like all month, Lord Diavolo has been planning to do something fun that involved all exchange students, angels, demons.. something that would really help everyone get together and have a good time, just like he鈥檇 imagine in his visions of all realms bonding.
And of course, word got around the house of lamentation quickly as soon as Lucifer hinted at a trip. All brothers jump out from their occupied spaces to gather around you.
鈥淎nother family trip?? Is our precious mc going too??鈥
鈥淢c! You鈥檝e gotta come with us, if you鈥檙e gonna be stayin鈥 down here in the devildom, you gotta get the full experience!鈥
鈥淵eah! And you鈥檒l totally want to since i鈥檓 gonna do the honor of bringing one of my extra games for you to play! With me, of course. I鈥檒l go easy on you, promise!鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l share my food. Maybe鈥斺
鈥淎nd i鈥檒l hum you to sleep so you get a great night鈥檚 rest, just like you deserve鈥
All the brothers spoke at once to you, bribing you, as if you鈥檇 choose a favorite, they always do this. You鈥檙e used to it after several months of being here with these seven demons. This was your new normal.
鈥淎ll right, brothers. Quiet, or you鈥檒l scare Mc off.鈥 Lucifer said, standing up from the couch and looking directly at the fireplace in front of him.
鈥淣ow, Diavolo and I have agreed on a more.. active based trip. Good for bonding, but based outside so it will be a good chance to get the nature experience..鈥 the oldest demon explained. A few of the other brothers, Asmo, Mammon, and Belphie to be specific, opened their mouths to speak, but were cut off by Lucifer before a word was spoken.
鈥淎nd there will be no complaining. You鈥檙e all to pack up tomorrow morning, we plan to leave early for the activities. Now, it鈥檚 late and almost past curfew, I expect all of you to be in the dormitories soon.鈥
The brothers huffed as mumbled complaints escaped their lips, walking away to their rooms, though, they were excited about what activities or events might avail once they鈥檙e on this trip with their favorite human!
As the next morning came around, you were woken up from the noises of arguing, Mammon and Leviathans usual fight over who would get to wake you up, which was now unnecessary thanks to their antics.
You yawned, getting out of your bed and walking towards your dresser, pulling out whatever outfits you could find (most of which were given to you from either Asmodeus or Levi, since they just love to dress you up~), and you finally began packing up, although right now, all you can focus on is the grumbling of your stomach, you were so hungry right now, you鈥檇 swear you felt like Beel.
鈥淕ood morning, everyone鈥 you smiled to all the brothers who gathered around the table, ready for breakfast, two plates on each side of the table had stacks of pancakes on them, one that you鈥檇 find at a restaurant in the human world, the other that had a little 鈥榙evildom鈥 touch to it, to both the demons, and-.. well, your likings. You were nearly drooling at the sight of the sweet breakfast in front of you, fluffy pancakes, strawberries and whipped cream with syrup..
鈥淧ft- mc, you look just like beel over there~ how adorable~! Are you hungry? Would you like me to feed you~? You would, wouldn鈥檛 you??鈥 Asmo scooted his chair closer to yours so he was next to you, taking your fork and knife and cutting into the food to feed you a bite. You giggled, opening your mouth.
Finishing the bite, you smiled brightly at Asmo. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to do that! You鈥檙e too sweet.. what鈥檚 up with the extra special treatment though?鈥 You asked, feeling happily overwhelmed with the way everyone was so happy with your presence.
鈥淲hat do you mean?? I鈥檓 always happy to give my sweetheart all the attention they deserve~鈥 The demon patted the top of your head. You loved all of the brothers deeply, ever since you woke up in the devildom, you鈥檝e learned that demons aren鈥檛 completely evil or bad, like you鈥檝e heard in the human world. Something about Asmodeus just captivates you though.. and not in the same way that everyone else is attracted to him, for his beauty. You loved him because the way he treated you so gently and lovingly. He鈥檚 the avatar of lust, but you feel so much more than lust when you鈥檙e with him, you feel appreciated, cared for, and important when he gives you attention and love.
You snapped out of your thoughts, coming back to the world around you as Lucifer spoke clearly to everyone who was now gathering and sitting at the table. 鈥淲e must leave right after breakfast, so no mischief. From any of you. I see you鈥檙e all packed, good. I鈥檒l be meeting with Diavolo and Barbatos to get ready, I expect to meet you all outside in 15 minutes.鈥
You all agreed, excited regardless of his usual bossiness. Once finishing breakfast, you and Asmo walked side by side, dragging your luggage and making Beel carry the heavy ones (even though you told him you could carry yours, both asmo and beel insisted). after a while of getting all stuff put away and ready, the rest of the trip to wherever everyone was going. You looked around and took a second to take in the moment. Solomon, the angels, royals, and entire family were all together, currently talking about whatever topic they could think of, it was a pretty long trip, so there was definitely no lack of conversation.
There was little to no fighting too, at least anymore. The brothers kept arguing over who got to sit next to you, so lucifer made you sit next to lord Diavolo, that way none of them got to sit next to you, which made you a little sad, but it was fair and that made you smile, it was so nice to see everyone getting along.
You must have been tired since you fell asleep on Diavolo鈥檚 shoulder, in which he didn鈥檛 mind at all. He鈥檇 occasionally look down at you when you the vehicle drove over a bump and you would twitch, almost waking up. But he鈥檇 giggle, softly patting the top of your head and shushing you back to sleep. As a human, you tired out faster than demons, and if you needed sleep, who was he to let you wake up?
Either way, it felt like only a little while until the car come to a stop, and all the brothers began grabbing bags to get out. Out of excitement, you grabbed your bags, only to fall almost instantly from how heavy it all of it was at once. Your knees were met with the rough floor of the car, and your bags tipping over. You frowned, until you suddenly heared Asmo鈥檚 voice.
鈥淵ou poor thing! Are you alright? Your knee is scuffed up! Your beautiful, soft skin..鈥 he whined, setting his bags down on the seat and helping you up, mostly being worried about your knee than you in general. Except, this was star treatment from someone like Asmodeus, normally he wouldn鈥檛 pay attention to someone having a little fall. If it wasn鈥檛 him who roughed up his perfect glass skin, he had not a worry in the world, but you were really something special to him.
You thanked him, and the two of you walked with everyone else to the camping site. The rest of the day was full of activities, lots of really good food, it was surprisingly really enjoyable, just like any normal camping trip you would have in the human world.
And so, as the day turned to night, everyone settled down and gathered around the campfire (to sing a happy song- sorry i had to put the spongebob reference 馃槶) all of you had gotten a glass of demonus, except for Luke, who had sweet cider as a substitute, in which he enjoyed very much too.
With you and solomon being human, demonus didn鈥檛 quite have the same effect on the both of you as it did with demons, but drinking enough would get you going.
And because of the fact that it took so long for the demonus to take effect, you got a little carried away. Glass after glass, it had to he 4-5 glasses until you started to feel even a little tipsy. Your cheeks began turning a shiny pink tone and you smiled at everything more often. Diavolo and the brothers, specifically Asmo, Satan, Lucifer, and Mammon, all found joy in this, as they began getting a bit tipsy themselves too.
You found them surprisingly much more enjoyable when slightly drunk, as they joked around more, teased, and looked cuter overall. But as usual, having too much fun made the time pass very quickly and it was getting really late.
Belphie was already passed out in his chair, Luke was yawning and asking for Simeon to take him to bed already, Beel was impatiently waiting to get inside his tent so he could stuff his face with the luggage of snacks he secretly packed, and you could hardly keep your eyes open any longer.
As the others began departing and climbing into their own tents, you did the same. Your tent wasn鈥檛 anything big, but you didn鈥檛 mind that. All you needed was your sleeping bag to keep you warm.
But that seemed to be too much to ask for, since 15 minutes of tossing and turning turned into 30 minutes of not being able to sleep because you were shivering, the sleeping bag you brought with you was uncomfortable, cold (which the nighttime weather didn鈥檛 help with)
Still in a somewhat drunken state, you groaned and tossed the sleeping bag off of you, and crawled out of your tent and into the nearest one you felt like going to, recognizing it to be Asmo鈥檚 tent from the way it smelled like fresh flowers and felt so warm and comfortable inside.
You unzipped the cloth and climbed in, your eyes hooded and heavy with drowsiness.
鈥淎sm-asmodeeeus, i鈥檓 so coolldd.. you鈥檒l cuddle me right now.. now, I demand!鈥 You slurred, nuzzling right up next to him, and wrapping your arms and legs around him completely. You hummed and giggled from the amount of coziness he brought you.
鈥淢mhh.. asmo smells sooo good~ and soo soft..~ hey, wake up! Why aren鈥檛 y-you cuddling me backk, hm? You said.. uh.. w-what did you say.. um that you would always keep me warm when i鈥檓 loneelyy.. and i鈥檓 lonelyy now鈥 you whined, curling his hair with your finger and lifting his sleeping mask from his eyes, causing him to wake up.
鈥渨ha.. mc? Now just what do you think you鈥檙e doing.. interrupting my very important sleep.. you just couldn鈥檛 get enough of me tonight, could you~ heheh~ 鈾♀
鈥淗avee you ever been the big.. big spoon- is that what鈥檚 called..? Haha- it鈥檚 so funny being called the big spooon and then- then the little spoon~鈥 you laughed, losing your train of thought, and forgetting where the conversation was going.
It was obvious you were more tispy than asmo, he was already pretty good at holding his alcohol, he鈥檚 definitely had experience with partying and going out drinking and such, so he has a high tolerance. But that didn鈥檛 stop him from taking in the overly needy and affection-craving human鈥檚 attention!
鈥淵ou want me to be the big spoon, hm~? Well that would make you the adorable, little spoon, wouldn鈥檛 it~? Come here now, come close and snuggle up~ we鈥檒l be like.. bunnies and keep each other warm, yeah?鈥 You could feel his arm snaking up your waist as you both cuddled up close but you were to caught up in the warmth of his extremely fuzzy blankets and plush pillows.
He was driving you crazy with just his presence, you cared deeply about all of the other brothers and everyone else, but you and Asmodeus held a special bond.
鈥淚s that cozy enough for you? Need me to run my fingers through your hair and whisper sweet nothings to you~? Or maybe you鈥檙e looking for something a little more sensual.. which one shall I please you with, hm~?鈥 He said without a care that the royals, angels, his brothers, and everyone else could hear you both from their tents.
All of his attention was on you, and he wouldn鈥檛 rather have it any other way. Whatever you wanted, cuddles, kisses, soft touches here and there, back rubs; you name it, he鈥檒l do it. And all for you, his special human <3
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I do hope you and everyone enjoyed~
Until next time~! :)
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