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#obey me gender neutral mc
𝕀𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕠𝕘𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕓𝕪 𝕃𝕦𝕔𝕚𝕗𝕖𝕣
𝚃𝚢𝚙𝚎: small one shot imagine
𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜: Lucifer, GN!Reader, i did not proof read this I just plugged it into Grammarly and called it a day
𝚆𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐: gun mention and a threat to shoot the reader with it
𝙽𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚜: based off the spy event. It’s a bit OOC for this event but I’ve seen a lot of people on TikTok joking how they want Lucifer to shoot them with a gun bc of that one card in the event which brought the inspiration lol
Tumblr media
Your hands are tied around your back, you’re on your knees on the floor, clothes, and hair a bit disheveled due to the resistance you had while getting to the room you were currently in.
Dark eyes stared right back at you, almost glaring, before going down towards his gloved hands cleaning a Glock.
Once he finished, he tosses the small towel to a nearby table and kneels towards you, a mixture of a smirk and a sadistic smile prominent on his face as he grabbed your chin.
“Now you’re going to tell me what you know, or I might have to resort to some rather...”—he let’s go if you and stands up, looking at the refined gun in his hands— “unorthodox means.”
You scoff internally, there was no way you were going to be intimidated by this.
“Or what? You’re gonna shoot me?” You sneered, showing to be not at all phased by his intimidating, but rather attractive, tone and the gun in his hands.
Suddenly you felt something cold on your forehead and the sound of a gun cocking.
There he was, looking at you with a full in sadistic look as his finger threatened to pull the trigger.
“I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you?”
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agustavenue · a day ago
1:07 AM - Softness + calming Lucifer
because I’m soft for Lucifer
The fire crackles quietly in the fire place, it’s orange glow softly illuminating your shared bedroom. You sit comfortably on Lucifer’s lap, his cheek pressed against your chest and his large wings encircling the two of you.
The infamous “Anti-Lucifer” gang had struck again and played another distasteful prank, this time making Lucifer look like a complete fool in front of Diavolo during dinner.
Needless to say Lucifer nearly strung up Satan and Belphie by the tail the second Diavolo was out of sight. It took multiple tries to calm him down but eventually you were able to pull Lucifer away before he could do something he regretted.
And now here you were, perched on top of the Avatar of Pride’s lap, his face smushed against your chest as you rub soothing circles into his scalp.
“Luci?” you murmur, lips pressing against the black diamond on his forehead. His eyes lock with yours. “Hmm?” he lets out, eyes nearly fluttering shut when you apply pressure at the base of his horns. You sigh quietly.
“I’ll talk some sense into them” you offer as you rest your cheek on top of his head, your fingers still running through his silky hair. Lucifer tenses. “Just don’t talk about them right now” he hisses- grip on your waist tightening for a moment. You sigh again and immediately drop the subject.
“you know, I’ll always be here whenever you need someone to hold you like this” you whisper, changing the subject as your fingers move to scratch the base of his horns. “I know, darling” he sighs, body melting into yours.
“It’s times like these when I’m thankful for the gust of wind that sent your file flying into my hands” he mutters against your chest, his lips gently kissing over your beating heart. A smile forms on your face.
“Me too too”
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sasa-slayer · a day ago
Beel: *hands MC a flower with no stem and barely any petals*
MC: ...
Beel: I wanted to give you a flower, but it tasted really good, so I ate most of it. Here’s what's left though.
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cah0mie · 2 days ago
Ok how would the brothers react when you use a mood octopus
This ↓↓↓
Tumblr media
Like mc is not talking to the brothers instead they respond by flipping the plush inside out or something like taht
I am SO sorry this took so long. I wanted to create a scenario that wasn't so cliché, but in the end I feel like I still did 💦 I hope you still enjoy it regardless.
If you see that I could have done something better, please don't hesitate to inform me. I take all forms of constructive criticism.
To all my MCs that had the Brothers a little TOO concerned
Lucifer: Alright. We have just returned from the doctors, and it turns out MC has strep throat. So they cannot voice anything for at least two weeks.
Satan: Then we should probably get them something to help communicate. Like a notebook, or a dry erase board.
Asmo: Hold on! I have a better idea!! *Runs to his room*
Belphie: Anyone else feeling a bit anxious. ASMO, has an IDEA.
Mammon: Yeah, I'm not trusting this.
Asmo: *runs back holding a doll of some sort* This here is a mood octopus! One side has a happy face! But when you flip it, it has an angry face! We can just ask MC yes or no questions! Keep it simple.
Satan: I still think a dry erase board is much easier, but It's really up to you MC. You being the one having to use one of these.
MC: ..... *Takes the mood octopus* (It's cute)
Lucifer: Alright then, it's decided. Remember, don't make MC do anything vocal. It will only make them worse. MC, I would also like you to watch what you eat in the future. You can't have anything that's too strenuous on your throat. Understood?
MC: .... *Happy octo*
Lucifer: Good, you're all excused.
-next morning, during breakfast-
MC: *getting favorite cereal*
Satan: *snatches bowl immediately* I don't think so. These chunks will scratch your throat up more. You need to have something that will go down easier.
MC: ..... *Mad octo*
Satan: Be mad all you want, you still won't have it. I'll make you some of the creamy human food. I believe it's called Cream of Wheat.
MC: *repeatedly beats mad octo on counter* (I want my damn cereal! Beel is going to eat it!!)
Mammon: Alright, I'm going out!
Lucifer: Be back by dinner! I don't get into trouble!
Mammon: Wha-!? Of course I wouldn't get in trouble!
MC: *rushes to meet him at the door ready to tag along*
Mammon: uuhhhh... MC, I think you should stay here. You're sick remember? And who knows who will try to talk to you while we're out. And you, you'll be afraid that they will see you as rude and try to reply.
MC: ..... *Mad octo* (I won't talk to anyone! I just want some fresh air!)
Lucifer: I never thought I'd say this, but Mammon is right....... I REALLY thought I'd never say that.
Mammon: What the hell!?
Lucifer: You should stay here and rest, we can't afford you going out and getting worse.
MC: *swinging around mad octo* (Dammit! I'm getting cooped up!)
Lucifer: I don't care how upset you get, you're not going out. END OF STORY.
MC: ..... *Walks away to room*
-dinner time-
-While the lot share a whole roasted havoc devil, you are stuck with tomato soup-
MC: .........
Beel: Guys, I feel kinda bad. This is their favorite.
Lucifer: Just ignore them Beel, they're trying to guilt you into giving them some.
Satan: MC, this is for your own good and you know it. That soup will help you.
Belphie: If it helps at all the meat is kinda dry, so it's not that great.....
Lucifer: We probably would've gotten better quality if someone hadn't decided to steal the food money and spend it on themselves.
Mammon: *nervously sweating* Ha ha... What a scumbag that guy must be.
Lucifer: INDEED.
MC: ........ *Sets down mad octo as they slowly eat* (all I wanted was a bite...)
-later that night in their room-
Levi: Hey! We can always play video games! That always cheers you up!
Asmo: Don't they get pretty loud and aggressive when they play with you though?
Levi:..... Yeah that's true, they are a bit competitive.
Mammon: Then how about some gambling?! That always helps me when I'm down!
Belphie: That has never helped you. AT ALL.
Beel: ..... MC, are you ok?
MC: ........ *Angry octo*
Asmo: Of course you're not. That strep throat must be doing a number on you huh?
MC: (NO!! You all are fucking smothering me!!! I'm going insane!!)
Beel: In that case, we have to support them! Keep them company! Right?
Belphie: *nods* Yup.
Asmo: Of course!
Levi: I brought some movies to watch instead!
Mammon: I guess I got some time to spare for the human...
MC: ......(Guys ....I love you....but can I be alone for FIVE MINUTES!?!)
-Next morning-
Lucifer: That plushie seems to be doing a good job.
MC: (No it's not!)
Lucifer: Make sure you don't lose it, cause what you did yesterday is going to repeat for the next two weeks. *Leaves*
MC: ....... *Bangs head against the wall repeatedly* ..... (I HATE THEM..... I love them! But I hate them!)
-two weeks go by-
Lucifer: Alright MC. After two weeks if keeping silent, how are you feeling?
MC: ....... *Happy octo*
Mammon: Uuhhhh MC, you know you can talk now right?
MC: ...... *Makes the octo nod*
Mammon: Then why.....?
Beel: Is their throat still hurting??
Belphie: It should be fine now though right?
Asmo: Satan, do your detective instincts tell you anything?
Satan: .... I can't help but feel like they're holding a grudge against us for trying to take care of them these past two weeks and are now giving us the silent treatment.
Mammon: But what did we do wrong!?
Lucifer: MC, care to answer?
MC: ...... *Angry octo*
Lucifer: *sighs* Looks like we're not done with the octopus just yet...
Again, SO sorry how long this took. I loved the idea SO much that I wanted to come up with an equally good idea, but unfortunately this was the best that I could come up with not wanting to make you wait any longer.
I hope you all enjoyed regardless, please inform how it could've been better - cause I know it could've been
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freshtealeaves · 3 days ago
Asmodeus: "satan talks in his sleep,I think it's adorable!".
Satan: *is asleep* "motherfucker,square the fuck up, you inconvenient piece of dog shit".
Btw he is dreaming about Lucifer
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gthweeb · 3 days ago
Demon Bros When You Ask Them to Stop Touching You
Prompt: A certain demon had been a little too handsy with you today and you were getting overwhelmed. “Please stop touching me,” you asked sternly.
Warnings: none!
Gender neutral reader :D
- A little taken aback by your seriousness, to be honest.
- It wasn’t often that he had expressed his love in the form of physical contact, so he was glad you expressed that you were uncomfortable.
- “My apologies, MC. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
- Very polite about it, doesn’t bother him.
- You?? Want him?? To stop?? Touching?? You??
- Immediately feels terrible and thinks it’s something he did.
- “Wha? MC, is there somethin’ I should know?!”
- Mammon is always all over you, so to suddenly tell him to stop touching you was a bit of a shock. After you explained you just felt overwhelmed, he understood but was still salty ab it later :/
- Poor thing does NOT know what to do.
- Like Mammon, he automatically assumes it was because of him. Like Lucifer, he wasn’t used to physical contact, so he didn’t know when too much was too much.
- “... I’m sorry... did I do something wrong?”
- He was relived when you told him, but made sure to be cautious of his movements so not to disturb you. The atmosphere is awkward, to say the least.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- “I’m sorry, MC”
- It’s so awkward shshjsjsjs it’s even worse than Levi’s :,) he backs off, but doesn’t know what to do.
- Now, he may be the avatar of lust, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand consent.
- He was thrilled you knew how to express discomfort, in case it was needed later *wink*.
- “Awe, I’m sorry, MC. You’re just too cute!”
- He understands completely and doesn’t push it :)
- Oh. Okay. 2.0
- Like Satan, he doesn’t really know what to do.
- “Oh... my bad, MC. Would you like some pudding?”
- He means well, but he’ll be sure to be more careful next time.
- You think this lazy hoe cares?
- jk lol he’d understand but would probably kick you out of his room for like a month.
- “If you’re not here to cuddle, then get out.”
- Like I said, he understands but couldn’t care less :/
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aprilfricknblue · 4 days ago
Obey Me Characters During Break Downs. Part 2
Characters: Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie.
Satan has always felt like a replacement.
He feels like he’s only there to make up for the loss of another.
That other being Lilith.
He hates the thought of him being in this world, because of Lucifer.
But more than that he hates himself, and his anger.
But anger and sadness are very alike.
Both can be mistaken as the other.
And both can make you break.
Satan’s anger always got the best of him.
He tries so hard to keep it down.
He knows he needs to.
To prove he’s more than just pure hatred.
But it doesn’t always work.
He has tried spells, potions, and even tea to keep himself calm.
But the one thing that does best, is you.
He doesn’t know why, but being with you just seems to make his anger fade.
You’re his remedy.
He can’t even count how many times you’ve calmed him down after a fight with Lucifer.
Or just things not going his way.
Holding you in his arms just makes everything else fade away.
He loves to hold you while he reads a story to you.
It calms all his nerves.
After a long argument with Lucifer, Satan was close to blowing the House of Lamentation up.
Before things could escalate too far, Satan rushed to his room, leaving Lucifer to sigh.
You bolted right after him, running to his room.
As soon as you stepped foot in there, Satan tackled you.
You thought it was out of anger, but it was such a gentle tackle.
He clung to you, his feet giving away. He rested his head on your shoulder, unsure what to do next.
You hugged back, rubbing small circles on his back.
You were scared.
Not of Satan, but of what Satan was doing.
He never acted like that.
But, even the toughest stone can crumble.
You gave his cheek a kiss and sunk into his chest.
He gave out. a sigh of relief.
Relief that you were still there.
But, you would never leave.
You were the very first person that Asmo loved more than himself.
And that says a lot.
He’s known as a perfect individual.
But perfect is a strange thing.
Asmo always wants to be the best he can for you.
The skinniest, the prettiest, the most attentive being you’ll ever meet.
But with all of that time and effort.
There are flaws.
Flaws that only Asmo sees.
Flaws that are beautiful to you.
Scars, freckles, marks.
It’s not perfect.
So it has to change.
Asmo wants to always be your top priority.
So he feels like he needs to better himself, for all the wrong reasons.
He sees others, and compares himself.
His confidence can fade within seconds.
He’ll change, change to suit you better.
Change to be the very best.
To be adored by all.
But the only one he cares about, is you.
You’re the one he does this all for.
But he doesn’t realize that you love him for him.
The one who will laugh and spill secrets.
The one who loves sweet treats.
The one who is always there for you.
And know it’s your turn to be there for him.
The scent of vanilla and orange was filling up all the rooms.
The culprit being Asmo’s room.
You went in to see what Asmo was doing.
Maybe a new perfume, or bath bomb.
Perhaps even a lotion.
But scattered on his bed was Asmo and a mountain of tissues.
You walked over slowly to see what was wrong.
Asmo tried to hide himself under his pillows, but you wouldn’t allow it.
You wanted to get to the bottom of what was happening.
Where was your always smiling Asmo?
The one who could light up everyone’s day?
You grabbed Asmo by the face and made him look at you.
His mascara was running, eyes red, and lipstick smudged.
He couldn’t stand you seeing him like this.
But you didn’t care, you pulled him close to you.
You kissed his whole face.
His puffy eye, his drained cheeks, his swollen lips.
And that’s when it finally clicked to Asmo.
He loves you, and you love him.
You love him, for him.
Beel was always a smiling face.
Nothing seemed to bother him, but seeing his family divided, it broke his heart.
He was torn between his twin and everyone else.
And his beloved sister.
She was gone, and he thought he was to blame.
He thought it was his fault that everything was the way it was.
His fault Lilith was dead.
His fault that they were cast out of the heavens.
His fault that Belphie was distant then gone.
He believed it was all him.
If only he was faster.
Then he could’ve gotten both of them.
Everyone would be happier.
No one would think that Beel could have these thoughts, but he does.
He doesn’t talk about it, sure, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking about it.
When Belphie left, his heart was shattered.
He didn’t know what to do.
His best friend was gone.
And he doesn’t exactly know what happened to him.
He would’ve imagined that Belphie was just asleep somewhere and not gone.
Just not available at the moment.
But reality hurts.
Even after Belphie came back, he still had thoughts about Lilith.
And you were there too.
Always in his thoughts.
He’s so happy that you came to the Devildom.
That you're somehow connected to Lilith.
That she still lived a happy life.
But it sometimes becomes too much to handle.
It was Munch time for you and Beel, and you were on your way to his room.
But it didn’t feel right.
You stepped in and a blank expression was on Beel’s face.
You paced the snacks and drinks down, and walked over to him.
You sat in front of him holding both his large hands.
You looked up at him and smiled.
He engulfed you into a hug.
His large frame covering yours.
No words, just a simple hug.
And it seemed to fix everything.
Maybe all that happened was for the best.
Belphie could never forgive himself for what he did.
Yes, he acts normal, be he knows he made a grave mistake.
He doesn’t feel he deserves your trust and affection.
He tries his best to earn it, but it’s never enough.
Tricking you 3 times, then killing you upon that.
How could he forgive himself.
Without you, he wouldn’t be where he is.
Lilith's death would’ve been for nothing.
Everyone would be even farther apart.
His connection with everyone would be gone.
But you fixed everything.
He is so grateful that he has you.
You’re there to help with his nightmares, and to back him up in arguments.
What more could he ask?
But he doesn’t feel he does enough for you.
He doesn’t deserve you.
All the work that you did for him.
Why would you stay with him?
A lazy demon, who has hurt you in so many ways.
He has dreams of you leaving him, or finding you dead.
That everything is terrible.
Worse than the hell hole it already was.
Dreams that Lilith was ashamed of him.
Disgusted even.
He would be disgusted at himself too.
Sometimes he can barely look at you, for fear that you’ll go.
Fade away in the blink of an eye.
He was asleep on the couch when another one of his nightmares had happened.
He had snapped for whatever reason, and had killed you.
For good this time.
He was crying.
He can’t believe what he had done.
You were gone.
Your blood staining his hand.
Your eyes blank, but filled with anguish.
Your red blood pooled on the white floor.
He could see his reflection in it.
He couldn’t face himself.
Everyone left him in seconds.
He was alone again.
And know forever without you.
He awoke in tears.
His head was on your lap.
You were playing with his hair, trying to calm him down from his nightmare.
He laid down holding onto your waist.
Apologizing over and over.
He didn’t know what else to do.
You wiped away his tears, and gave him a kiss on his nose.
You pulled him close to lay back down.
He drifted asleep again whispering your name.
A small smile plastered on his face.
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designatedbreadbox · 4 days ago
Imagine~ ☆
that you and the bros. got stuck in another game of Levi's. The game needs 100% completion in order to leave. The main boss is defeated, but now all is left are the side missions.
It's sunset now; the side missions have been divided between everyone and you paired yourself with Mammon to stop him from robbing people. You and him actually finish earlier than everyone else. You bought a picnic basket with both of your favorite foods.
You two sit on a nice mountain with an excellent view of the town/city/village you're currently residing in. There's a breeze; the feel of grass is beneath you and above you are the stars, peeking out from the sky.
Mammon is embarrassed by this whole ordeal but enjoys it nonetheless. You're his human and vice versa; any time spent with you, especially alone, is ironically a miracle. You two eat, drink, then kiss if you had the courage for it. Afterwards, you both rejoin the others, smiles beaming on your faces.
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aprilfricknblue · 4 days ago
Obey Me Characters During Break Downs. Part 1
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi
Lucifer is the oldest brother.
He carries the burdens of them all.
He had so many secrets, some still surfacing.
The pressure was unbearable.
When Lilith died, he didn’t know what to do.
All he could do was watch her from afar, forgetting all about him.
He couldn’t tell anyone.
It built up.
So much so that he ended up locking his own brother away.
His family was broken.
And there was nothing he could do.
He was broken.
Lucifer isn’t one to express how he feels.
Much less cry.
But one day, you happened to stumble into his room.
Wanting to ask him about a certain task.
When you saw it.
Lucifer was crying.
It was silent.
No sobbing, no sound.
Just his tears steaming against his pale skin.
You didn’t know what to do.
You were frozen.
If Lucifer, the symbol of courage and pride, could break down...
Then what were you going to do?
Your feet moved by themselves, until you were at the edge of his bed.
Lucifer couldn’t hear you, he was too caught up in his head.
You sat down and slowly snaked your arms around his waist.
You laid your head against his back.
Lucifer was shocked.
Frozen in fear, but that soon faded.
Your presence was comforting.
He would never let anybody see him like this.
But you weren’t just anybody.
You were MC.
The very same MC who helped him through everything.
The MC that fixed everything.
He took a deep breath in, wrapping his arms around yours.
He chuckled lightly to himself, happy that you were there.
You squeezed tighter, tears staining your face.
Lucifer whispered that he was okay.
He was okay now that you were there.
Even The Great Mammon can break down.
He’s constantly dealing with insults, to the point that it messes with his head.
He thinks that all people see is
a scumbag.
A douche that only sticks around for the benefits.
The constant taunting and bickering never stops.
It’s convinced him that that’s what he really is.
His confidence can’t last forever.
One day you two are both chilling in your room.
Mammon laying on your chest, something that always calms him down.
You running your fingers through his hair.
Comfort in the quiet.
It makes him happy.
You two are always hanging out.
But, what if you think all he is is a scumbag?
He’s been told that by so many people, demons, angels, and witches.
But you, you’re different right?
You don’t see that.
Do you?
And that’s what causes Mammon to break.
The insults his brothers always threw at him.
He ignored them.
Because of you.
You were always there,
But all of that slipped away in mere seconds.
His tears started streaming down his face, wetting your top.
Silent hics and sobs.
He was clinging to you, scared you were going to leave.
You halted running your fingers in his hair.
Instead, you lent down just a bit to kiss his head.
Then you wrapped your arms around his shaking frame.
You started humming a little song.
Every now and then, kissing his head again.
Even without his telling you, you knew what was on his mind.
You whispered reassuring words in his ear, making sure he got the message.
That he, The Great Mammon, means the world to you.
And you, mean the world to him.
Levi has always had self confidence issues.
Thinking that he was only a yucky otaku.
I mean, if he wouldn’t what to be with himself.
But you loved him. So much.
But even after you saying that countless times, he didn’t get it.
He didn’t get why you would want to be with a shut-in like him.
How he was dating you was beyond him.
That’s why he always stuck with 2D.
2D didn’t care who he was.
2D didn’t judge him.
With 2D he felt safe.
But he also felt safe with you.
He tried to convince himself that he wasn’t worth your time.
That you deserved better.
But he wanted to be selfish.
He wanted to be with you, but he couldn’t.
At least that’s what he thought.
You were on your way to Levi’s room to check up on him.
He was in his room all day, which was normal for the others.
But you knew that he would come out at least once to grab food or even take you with him.
But today he didn’t.
You grabbed a couple of different snacks, having to keep Beel away.
You knocked on his door, and waited for his usual response.
But there wasn’t one.
There was no “What’s the password?”
Or any response for that matter.
You knocked again, then after a little while you called out his name.
You knew he was in there because you could hear the game he was playing still running in the background,
After calling his name a couple more times, you just opened the door.
And to your surprise, there he was, curled up ojn the floor crying.
You dropped everything and ran to him.
He tried to shoo you away, but he couldn’t.
He didn’t have the energy, and truth be told, he didn’t want you to go.
You sat there on your knees, squeezing him as tight as possible.
He didn’t want you to go.
If you did, he would be left with the mess of his mind.
But you didn’t leave.
You stayed hugging him and crying along with him for who knows how long.
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freshtealeaves · 4 days ago
You were currently in your room in the human world.
You were scrolling through your social media when it suddenly started raining.
Then you could make out someone practically sprinting towards your room.
It was mammon.
"mammon? What's up? Is there anything you need?".
Then suddenly he clings into your clothing and mumbled something,
"yeah I'm just not a very big fan of-
"T-thunderstorms",it barely came out as a whisper.
You chuckled and then pulled him into a hug.
Well if it isn't the great mammon being afraid of laughed.
"you're so cute that it's addictive".
And with that mammon nuzzled his face into your neck as you both layed in your bed..while the rain poured silently outside.
I'm not very good with I apologize if it was not that good???
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freshtealeaves · 5 days ago
MC: *checks time on their wrist watch* okay but just be quick.
MC: *getting up from their seat* Mammon,get ready we're getting married in 5 minutes.
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seriously-really-soft · 6 days ago
Obey Me! Diavolo Simp Headcanons
A/N: I’m having so much fun updating and writing for this blog again. I thought it would be good to write something for the first fandom I even thought about writing for on my blog. Requests are open so feel free to drop some in my inbox! MC is gender neutral here
Everybody knows he’s a huge simp for those closest to him (Luci, for example), and for you? Think of a bigger, even more massive simp.
He’s going to personally drop you off to every class claiming it’s his duty as you are a guest in the Devildom, but even when he’s too busy with his responsibilities, he totally gives Lucifer the responsibility of making sure your every need and want is taken care of. It’s not so great for the paperwork piling up on Lucifer’s desk, but you never have to go without sweet decorated-by-hand letters from Lord Diavolo himself. He’s also the type to leave small snacks in them like lollipops or smarties. If he knows you’re forgetful about bringing things like coats or umbrellas, Lucifer totally hangs around with Diavolo’s coat over his arm and his umbrella in a pocket in case you ever get cold. Diavolo also offers to buy you coats your size, but finds that you look extra adorable in his clothes.
Does he schedule skincare sessions with you? Yes, he absolutely does. If it’s night time and you’re not under the same roof, expect a video call of some sort where you both wind down and do some skincare. It not only gives him a chance to spend more time with you, but it also gives him the excuse to look at your pretty face as much as he wants. He probably takes screenshots of cute/funny expressions you make without realizing you can totally tell he’s doing that. And if you call him out on it? Of course he’s taking screenshots of you, you’re gorgeous.
He so badly wants you to stay with him, for as long as you are happy. It doesn't even have to be in his palace, whatever would make you the happiest he’d do it for you. If your culture is big on arranged marriages he does everything to impress your family and succeeds wonderfully throughout the entire never have to sacrifice who you are or your traditions, and he makes sure of that.
 I’m not sure if Diavolo is one of those people that are really into cars or not, but one thing i do know is that he has a large selection to choose from either way.If it’s something you’re into, he gets so proud and excited to share his collection with you; he insists that you don’t even need his permission to use any one of them, in fact, why not just take one home with you? (Barbatos prays you don’t considering everything that could go wrong in the House of Lamentation)
Opens doors and pulls chairs out for you. Makes sure you feel all comfy and prepared before going anywhere. Feel nervous before giving a presentation or something similar? He’s got you, has water and snacks ready and he has also memorized how you like being comforted.
Building off of the last one, if you have medical conditions he makes sure there’s no chance of you being uncomfortable or in danger in any way, he comforts you sweetly and every few weeks you have new flowers/stuffed animals/favorite candles/etc to place in your room. He wants for you to think of him just as he thinks of you every day.
No matter how busy his schedule is, he always makes time for you, and especially when you need someone to talk to. He’s a wonderful shoulder to cry on and his office always has a seat for you; he even has blankets and pillows prepared for when you fall asleep there. Whenever you come to his office, he’s always bringing you snacks and drinks and whatever else you ask for. Your comfort and happiness is a top priority. He pays special attention to your likes and dislikes, he’s always getting you gifts and making your wishes come true.
He kisses you sweetly and every touch between you two is sincere and gentle. He knows how much you enjoy it when his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, and just like that he perfects all the ways to make you swoon for him. He loves letting you know that there is not a single thing he wouldn’t do to make you feel loved and cared for, because that’s how much you mean to him.
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houseof-lamentation · 7 days ago
How do the brothers and undateables react to MC suddenly hugging them from behind and whispering “go change your pants. Your underwear is showing,” while tying a jacket around their waist?
the brothers react to MC hugging them from behind, whispering “go change your pants, your underwear is showing”, and tying a jacket around their waist
(posting the brothers & the dateables separately for my own sake)
horrified. he’s horrified. 
the hug was fine and the whispering was fine and he appreciates your subtlety, but, damn, what a horrifying situation. he would only keep the jacket until he’s able to tie his own around his waist, though it seems so unprofessional, and he’ll fix the ridiculous problem as soon as possible. 
truthfully, he’s very appreciate of you swooping in to save him from that embarrassment, but he gives you one thank you and maybe a couple forehead kisses
he has very plain underwear. either black or red, because he has no business wearing any other colours.
(it would be funny if diavolo noticed but decided not to say anything for lucifer’s sake)
bold of us to assume this man doesn’t purposefully wear pants that show off his underwear. really. cause how else are people supposed to know that he has those expensive, designer boxers? aren’t they nice? wanna know how much they cost? enough to give lucifer a headache. 
if it wasn’t intentional, he’d laugh about it and say you didn’t have to give him the jacket, he’s fine, he’s got it, don’t worry human, but he is thankful and he would show you in some way other than saying “thank you”. 
he probably wouldn’t be in a rush to fix it. there are so many pros: he knows you care, he gets to keep your jacket for a little while, he looks fashionable. name one con! embarrassment? nothing. have you met his brothers? the pants have a hole? whatever! he can buy new, nicer ones. there is no downside to this. 
he has kind of obnoxious underwear, it’s either patterned or ugly besides the designer stuff, but it’s not like anyone sees it, so he really doesn’t care
first he's flustered because you hugged him, then he's flustered because you saw his underwear. then he’s still flustered that you hugged him and he desperately wants you to hug him from behind again but he would never say that out loud
it could be worse, at least he wasn’t wearing his Ruri-chan… never mind… don’t ask, he won’t tell. 
Levi is incredibly thankful, and he’ll let you know, squeezing your hand or kissing your forehead, mumbling that you’re the best and he’s lucky to have you. he’s honoured to wear your jacket for the rest of the day and he can’t help but blush at the thought of you giving him your jacket… the tenderness, the romance, he can’t believe it. 
he wears solid coloured underwear but he does have patterned pairs, which he only has because they’re from this manga or that anime, and he has an unopened pair from this video game because it’s worth more Grimm than Mammon can even dream of
Satan blushes bright red and he is so embarrassed, he just kind of holds onto your arm for a few seconds until he gets over it and makes a plan for when he can change his pants
he attempts to remain composed, he’s not as flustered as Lucifer or Levi, and he’s definitely thankful you told him because that would be very, very embarrassing, he has a reputation. he thanks you directly and gives you a warm, kind smile
not the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, clearly. usually embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions don’t come with the benefit of holding onto your jacket for a little while
he wears dark, solid coloured underwear, nothing expensive and nothing obnoxious. nice enough and comfortable above all 
oh, honey, it’s on purpose. he knows. this man would not leave the house without looking perfect, everything about his image is carefully crafted because he is perfect and needs to be seen as such
but he’s so happy you’re looking out for him! you’re such a nice person and he adores that! he wraps you in a tight hug and plants a kiss on the side of your head and if it doesn’t clash with his outfit, he’s happy to wear your jacket around his waist all day
if it doesn’t match, he’s handing it back and he’s going to continue walking around with his underwear showing. it’s nice underwear. people deserve to see it, he planned his outfit around that underwear, actually. 
like Mammon, Asmo wears expensive, designer underwear; nothing cheap or ugly is coming anywhere near his body because he has standards, unlike Mammon.
Beel genuinely doesn’t care if his underwear is showing, but he does care about getting to hug you, and he does think it’s neat of you to let him borrow your jacket
like, he CARES, sure, but more important things have happened. it’s probably just because his pants were sagging or something, a very easy fix.
you know what’s more important than his underwear showing? getting lunch with you. his pants can wait, that doesn’t matter, a nice lunch date at an All You Can Eat buffet is far more interesting and he is going to Eat All. he’s unstoppable. the buffet is going to have to close for the day
the most interesting underwear he owns is plaid patterned, everything else is grey or orange and, like Satan, it’s nothing special but boy is it comfortable
why does it matter if his underwear is showing when he’s just going to be in bed all day? he’s thankful, of course, and he keeps the jacket around his waist, but he cares less than Beel does when it comes to these things
he doesn’t address the problem until he’s putting on pyjama pants but bold of us to assume he wasn’t already wearing pyjama pants. 
chances are he just rolls his eyes and says “well, duh, we’re in bed” and promptly falls asleep with his head on your chest, curled up with you under the blankets
Belphie does not give a single shit about what his underwear look like and cares solely about comfort. he’s a boxers kind of guy
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levis-little-nuggie · 7 days ago
For the first time in a long ass time, way outta left field, I managed to write something more than just dialogue! It's short, filled with sexual tension, and inspired by this chat:
Tumblr media
And my very sexy discord family 💜
Gender neutral MC x Lucifer and an oblivious Diavolo, SFW, let me know if I need to add any tags.
After what seemed like an hour of his teasing ministrations, you'd decided it was enough. You didn't even care they were in the middle of some conversation; you hadn't even been listening as you were trying to distract yourself from the way his lust-filled gaze sent shockwaves down to your core. Diavolo had asked if you were okay, your cheeks had some color but you lied saying it was a normal occurrence when you drank alcohol.
You'd made it through the first three courses, all that remained was dessert and coffee. The main course had been grueling.
Steak. It had to be steak, you weren't even sure what the cut was our even from what animal or beast it came from. Your mouth as already salivating as the aroma filled your senses, but you also felt a pit of dread. You knew what steak meant. Their fangs grew sharper, more pronounced against their skin as they proceeded to finish the slab as if it were nothing more than bread.
You couldn't help but imagine those same fangs pressed against your neck while he pinned you against a wall in some dimly lit hallway. Yes, the main course had been grueling indeed.
(And a version for vegans/vegetarians)
To be polite and respectful, you swallowed the groan when Barbatos placed the bowl of pasta in front of you. This was a formal dinner, you had to remind yourself. You didn't want to see what expression the Avatar of Pride would don if you started cutting up the noodles into smaller pieces like you would normally.
So instead, you tried to mimic those videos you'd watched on how to eat pasta like a sparklespropersparkles person, twirling the noodles around your fork. Was it bad taste to use a spoon? Were you supposed to use a spoon? They weren't, in fact, neither of them were having any trouble at all. Of course. Leave it to the two most powerful demons in the Devildom to make eating tagliolini pasta look like a form of art.
Diavolo was happy to fill the silence while you and Lucifer were eating with interesting events that'd happened recently and ridiculous moonshots you both knew Lucifer would talk him out of of he ever got the inclination the Prince was serious. In the meantime, you were so focused on trying to appear like you knew what you were doing that when you heard a soft grunt from Lucifer, you looked up and realized you hadn't lifted your gaze from your dish. You watched as he lifted his own fork, noodles wrapped and staying put so elegantly, to his lips. The heat you'd been feeling grew as he stared you down with a half-lidded gaze and his tongue pulling the fork into his mouth, making a show of slowly swallowing the creamy noodles, removing the cleaned utensil from between his lips.
It was the most seductive way you'd ever seen anyone eat pasta and it left you feeling starved.
His dulcet laughter echoed through you decided you'd had enough. With a sigh, you set down your fork and spoon, scoot your chair back, and took your plate with you as you walked around the table. You could feel their gazes, but you were resolute in your stride. Pulling out the chair next to Lucifer, you sat down gracefully, took his fork, and resumed eating.
"MC, what do you think you're-"
"If you want to keep eating, you'll have to feed me too."
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