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#obey me hc

I was messing around in lilys story and thought I’d create lilith as how I imagine her in the game. So heres her in a “rad uniform” as if she survived the fall and was attending rad. The glasses are a gift from mammon so they could match.

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Mammon x Deaf MC

Obey Me Headcanons


-When he first met you, Mammon got frustrated with having to learn how to communicate properly with you.

-If you know how to read lips, it’ll be a little easier but not by much, you tell him you actually need to see his face to know what he’s saying. He huffs and pouts but eventually does do it properly without complaining.

-After realizing how he could get Grimm with you, he learns sign language in the speed of light to communicate his latest schemes to you.

-He already talks with his hands a lot before learning SL so it actually wasn’t that big of a step for him.

-This will make you two closer than rest of the brothers and Mammon is very smug to the fact that he’s one of the only ones who can ‘talk’ to you.

-He’s your interpreter for most of the time, some demons have inhuman mouths so you can’t lip read them with ease, Mammon is glad to help!

-When the other brothers do learn SL, he is upsetTM. Why do you need to talk to his brothers when he’s right there?!


-He feels hurt because it felt like you two had something special, something that no one else had, your own little world for the two of you.

-Once you explain that you need to talk to others, he understands but he’s still gonna pout and hover around you for now on. Just making sure that his brothers aren’t giving you a hard time ok?! Yeah ok Mammon…

-Wants to prank you and take advantage of the fact that you’re deaf to do it but he can’t for the life of him actually go through any of the pranks that he thinks of.

-His brother tease that he’s getting soft, and to disprove them, he blushes and becomes flustered when you wave to him from across the room. Yeah that’ll show ‘em.

-When a demon thought it would be real funny to talk shit about you literally behind you, Mammon beat their ass like no tomorrow and after he refused to tell you why until one of the other brothers told you.

-When he finally asks you out, he only does it in SL and doesn’t verbally ask because he knows that if he does, he’ll get too flustered and will mess up. His signing is messy but you understand what he means❤️.

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Okay okay hear me out.

His tail is thicc. Its also very much most likely all muscle. He likely will wrap it around said object that he needs to hold onto, then use the split as somewhat of an anchor, using that to secure himself in place, so he doesn’t fall.

Whether he sleeps upside down or not is a different story. He could, or he may just like the security of sleeping in a high place without having the risk of falling.

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I mean, I don’t think you’re wrong.

Barbatos seems incredibly calculated, and likely doesn’t want to let Diavolo down by doing something as simple as oversleeping, thus having trained himself to stay awake for long periods of time, napping periodically when he is free so he doesn’t completely crash.

I feel bad for the boyo. Imagine how peaceful he’d be after finally being able to sleep properly after all of these years.

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Ok but what kinda RAD classes would there be and what would they be called?

Like yeah, we have Seductive Speechcraft, some kind of potions class, devildom history for sure. Fangol as an elective, there’d probably be something about how to break a human’s mind or such but what else? Arithmancy and transfiguration? Infernal speech?

Please if you have any headcannon or ideas, drop em here:

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When mc has been spending to much bonding time with Luke:

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Hot take of the Obey me boys in a Hispanic family reunion.

  • Diavolo And Lucifer are the ones talking with the tios and playing dominos.
  • Barbatos, Luke and Beelzebub are with las abuelas in the kitchen getting food. Las abuelas are spoiling Beel while they keep calling him either “flaco” or “estas gordito toma más”
  • Asmo, Solomon and Simeon están chismoseando con las tias. Asmo doesn’t hold back on talking about their 3rd husband ☠️☠️ when they try being sassy.
  • Mammon is either playing outside with the cousins or getting drag out to dance bachata. Asmo drags everyone to dance at one point.
  • Satan is with the other cousins causing trouble. Totally not throwing fire crackers at Lucifers direction.
  • Belphie is sleeping in those plastic chair with the random babies sleeping in the bed pass out.
  • Beelzebub ate all the Tembleque and Flan-
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BRO UGH Beelzebub singing me “Sana curita de rana” If I were to get hurt 🥺🥺😭😭 coño that would make me cry on the spot.

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Luke / Michael

P.s : Adult Luke!

  • Taking a bite of the sandwich which Solomon prepared for him and swallowing it Luke let out an “EW!” “It’s been 721 years and Solomon still hasn’t learned how to make a single sandwich?!” Grimacing at the terrible taste left on his tongue Luke opened his bag and took out his water bottle, taking the cap off Luke brought the bottle to his lips and drank all of the water inside of the bottle in hopes to get rid of the terrible taste that was on his tongue, sadly that didn’t work. Opening his bag once again and going through its pockets Luke took out all of the candids that he had, The door behind him opened and an angel appeared “Luke?” The angel behind him asked. “Huh?! Ah! Hello Michael!” Luke greeted as he turned around and bowed down at him “No need to bow down, I’ve told you so many times” Michael said “So what are you doing?” He then chuckled “you look very displeased.” He added. ‘was it that obvious?’ Luke thought “It’s nothing! Just some ehm, bad tasting food!” Luke answered “Oh, I see,” Michael said “if you’d like you can join me for lunch, I’ve got some delicious sweets which I look forward to sharing with you,” Michael said, “If you don’t mind I will accept your offer!” Luke said “I’ll wait for you in the garden after 40 minutes then” Michael replied then walked out, Luke smiled, He was going to have lunch with MICHAEL not just any angel but ONE of the people HE looked up to!!! Luke had a huge grin spread across his face when he suddenly felt severe pain in his stomach, clutching his stomach Luke gritted his teeth, soon enough he felt as if he was having a fever and tried to reach for his phone or D.D.D and call someone but before he could he collapsed on the floor.

  • Slowly opening his eyes which felt heavy because of the fatigue Luke closed his eyes again. “Hello, Luke?” A voice called out to him. Luke struggled to open his eyes because of how heavy his eyelids felt but did and looked in the direction from where the voice was calling out to him. “Ah, he’s awake,” The voice of Michael said. “Luke, did I not tell you to never eat Solomon’s cooking?” Simeon frowned. Michael who was next to him chuckled “So it’s that bad…” he said. “Yes.” Simeon sighed “I’m glad that Michael found you, I called you but you didn’t answer your phone.” Simeon said with a frown on his face “we’ll let you get rest” Michael then said and Simeon nodded, getting off of the chair and silently leaving the room to let Luke relax Simeon closed the door “You look like a mother chicken” Michael joked “I’m going to have a serious talk with Solomon” Simeon declared as he glared at Michael “and I do NOT look like a mother chicken.” He added eyebrows twitching in annoyance.


  • An : fufu, this time Michael didnt do anything, did I surprise you? I tired to ( )
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hiii again!!! 

okay so this is going to be short ig but here it is!


Really. You are going to lose your mind over her? When he is right there with you. On your sixth month anniversary date. Lowkey jealous but more bothered about the situation itself. be prepared for some punishment if you haven’t already ;) 


Ok so this is almost peak jealousy for him. If you are out in public on a date then you already know this is going to be embarassing for everyone present due to his whining and him making a scene. If it’s not a date he is slighlty more OK with it but if you know him enough then you can clearly tell how jealous he actually is under his facade


Both of you go mush brain ngl so him mentioning his jealousy later about you showing attraction towards The Lady.. he is not being fair and you should stand your ground. (though he would never initiate a conversation like that unless you are real close to him)


Ok so this is a surprise for him. A vampire? Of all things? You know this lady worships him, right


yeeaaaah they might have dated in the past, what about it? He makes sure you don’t feel jealous or insecure though! how nice of him! 


Smiling to himself but also confused. Doesn’t really mention it though. You could never tell if he is jealous or not when it happens, though for a short while afterwards you might notice slight jealousy. Nothing to talk about later though. He loves you and you love him and he is focusing on that. Also he is too hungry for this


Oh. Depening on how much attraction you show he might attempt murder later. I’m not kidding. He doesn’t like feeling jealous. (we all deal with our emotions differently right) 


He notices how you seem to like her which makes him feel 1) lowkey jealous 2) he is happy that you seem to like the citizens of his country so he might as well arrange a tea party or something for the 3 of you! he is too kind for his own good sometimes.:( Though if his jealousy grows he will make sure to tell you about it 


Doesn’t comment on it on the spot but he is taking mental notes about your preferences ;) Not sure how he is going to use it to his advantage later but that is a surprise left for you to find out 


Again if it’s a date it is concerning. If it’s early dating he is not mentioning it but if you two are close then he will tell you his feelings about the situation. If you are nothing like that then he just smiles about it and probably teases you later 


Regardless of your relationship status he is going to be a tease about it for a long time coming. You can never tell if he is jealous or not unless you are an above avarage observer and have a rather close relationship with him going on. 

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Obey me! hc: mammon loves kids & is great with them bc he helped take care of his siblings growing up, dealing with kids now reminds him of when his brothers were little

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Belphie Bedroom Headcanons

TW: N*FW, Somnophilia


-If you like to ride, he’s the perfect demon for you

-If you don’t, I hope you like being lazily humped ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Whatever position, he’ll always be a bit of a sadist, he’ll definitely overstimulate you with toys to make up for his lack of vigor

-His pace is always slow and deep, pinning you underneath him while keeping your face pressed into a mountain of pillows.

-He wants to see you cry and drool, to make you feel like a dirty whore.

-Loves to spit in your mouth.

-He’ll be thrusting in you then stop and lift your head from the pillows then squishes your mouth open with his fingers and spits in your mouth and makes you swallow. He loves the feeling of his palm on your throat to feel your throat as you swallow.

-As much as he loves to feel your throat in his palm, he won’t choke you, it reminds him too much of when he killed you. If you even suggest him choking you, you’ll be sleeping on the ground for the next couple days.

-May use his tail to swat your ass.

-He’s a switch and loves to use toys on himself too.

-He won’t ask for it but… if you don’t have a dick, peg him, don’t go easy, make him cry.

-If you do have a dick, fuck his ass, please😇

-But no matter what, he’s internally hoping that one day he’ll annoy you enough for you to break him and his bed😉

-One thing that’ll get him out of bed; cow print.

-Wear some cow ears and a cow print bikini and he’ll ‘milk’ you all day or at least until he passes out, which isn’t too long…

-Or! Make him wear the cow print lingerie instead of you, this act will bring out his breeding kink.

-People say he’d share you with his twin but he really wouldn’t, you are *his*, and he shares everything with Beel so him not sharing you with him, is his way of saying: “You’re the most important thing in my life and not even my twin can have you. You’re completely mine.”

-Ok ok, since we all know it, yes he’ll want you to touch/fuck him in his sleep. He doesn’t expect you to make the first move on that so he’ll whisper in your ear one day that you can do *anything* to him.

-His idea of relationships and sex is a bit messed up, he thinks if you’re in a relationship, then you guys are always going to say yes to each other, no matter what. So make your boundaries clear to him and don’t give him an inch because he’ll try to take a mile.

-At first, when you tell him your boundaries, he takes it as a sign of you not loving him enough but don’t worry the longer the relationship goes on, the more detoxified and acceptable he gets.

(Video made by me)

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MC: *entered Lucifer’s office to check on him*

MC: …Uhh, Lucifer. What are you doing?

Lucifer: *staring blankly at his 999th cup of coffee since cooping himself to his desk 5 days ago* *surrounded with scattered papers from a fallen paper tower*

Lucifer: *no eat, no sleep, with bags as big as panda’s* *brain stopped functioning a minute ago*

Lucifer: …..

Lucifer: …I must drink this black coffee as bleak as my soul…

MC: …Wanna take a nap? I brought some demonus.

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The only time satan is nice to lucifer is on father’s day but he only gives him gifts that say “world’s okayest dad”

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summary: Beel is being a soft and caring demon boyfriend to you when you’re suffering from a cold you’ve caught.

genres: the PUREST fluff, just cute things

word count: 869

author’s note: this is a little bit old work of mine, but still i really wanted to post it here. i have a soft spot for beel in my heart, so have this *gently holds*


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Of course anon~!

  • GN!MC


  • Levi noticed MC’s good luck during their first year in the Devildom “No fair…Normies always have good luck.” He would complain, he thought that their luck would run out but it never did, even when he decided to play some pranks on them because he’s a demon. (Nothing harmful!) He took MC to an anime convention where he was trying to get an ultra-rare edition of a figurine! The person in charge read numbers from a ticket and MC had all of the numbers on their ticket so they gave it to Levi and he went “WOAHHH, MC!! I-I FEEL LIKE I’M GOING TO CRY, THANK YOU!” when he got the ticket and the prize, the ultra-rare figurine. That’s when he realized that MC is like a good luck charm when they’re together! When Levi doesn’t have luck with Gacha pulls he asks MC to do Gacha pulls on his D.D.D or monitor for him “ACCEPT MY GRATITUDE!” Levi musters out quite loud handing MC the Azuki-tan snacks that he made, they look too cute!!! And it’s free food so MC will accept it. (it’s really tasty!)
  • Levi from now on only goes out of the house while holding onto the sleeve of MC’s arm. Or onto their shirt, sometimes their arm. You cannot separate him from MC for the time being, and he’s quiet and MC wouldn’t even notice him if they continued with their daily activities, Lucifer told him that he looks like a puppy chasing its owner so Levi got upset and didn’t ask MC for anything again. He would save up all his tickets. MC would have to go into his room and ask him what’s wrong because he hasn’t come out of there for a few weeks. Levi will be pouting and have a slight blush on his face with irritation “Lucifer told me I’m like a puppy chasing after its owner when I’m with you.” MC will burst out in laughter or manage to hold it with the fact that Levi is making, if they do laugh he’ll get even MORE irritated and straight-up kick them out of his room. (Why Levi…) Messages MC and asks “How do you get your luck?” At 3:00 AM. He’ll rant to Henry out of Envy sometimes but knows that he shouldn’t because it’s bad. (Still does it) “Henry I’m not sure if MC will say what I think they will…”
  • At least, Levi knows boundaries and will ask MC “Is it okay?” “If NOT TELL ME!!!”
  • *holds MC as a good luck charm* (hugs.) "Dear anime gods please give MC the master luck so that I get a new ultra rare card from the last Gacha pull ticket I have.“
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Thanks for the well wishes friend~

You had Luke in the kitchen with you at the house of lamentation, carefully folding butter into dough as he went on about this new human realm recipe he had found to try with you. He was ecstatic as he described the flaky pastry and its frosting in detail.

These slow afternoons were a lovely little gift from your favorite little angel, though he didn’t need to know you thought of him as such.

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