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#obey me headcannons
obeythebutler · 10 days ago
Headcannons for how the brothers sleep with MC please??
Brothers Sleeping With MC
This demon doesn't look like someone who would want to cuddle. You'd expect him to sleep in a straight line without moving.
But when you're close to him, close enough to have wiggled your way into his heart and made him simp for you, then it's a different story.
This demon DEMANDS all the kisses and cuddles he can get, but he won't show it outright. Pride won't let it, for him to be so needy, when you can ask HIM for kisses and cuddles instead.
But when you're in bed with him, and it's time to sleep, Lucifer dims the room with his magic and he likes to hold you close.
Probably with your head on his arm which has been outstretched for you or on his chest. The days are stressful but he's got you with him.
Lucifer lets you hog the blankets, and the Devildom can get quite chilly for humans sometimes, so he ensures there are extra blankets nearby to wrap his human in a burrito and chuckle, a sound that reverberates throughout the room.
You'll have to pick up on hints to know if he wants to be held. Lucifer's going to have his arm a lot more outstretched than usual, like he's inviting you to place your head on your Lulu pillow or he's going to hang around with an irritated expression.
Cuddle and kiss the irritation out of him.
There's a very adorable habit of Lucifer's. If he's late to come to bed (which happens often) He'll smile at you and manoeuvre under the sheets as to not wake you up.
But when it's the early hours of the morning, this boy gets NEEDY.
His hand fumbles around for you, and when MC has been located it's time to cuddle up to their form. All the while sleepily mumbling and smiling.
Most of the time, he's the little spoon then, happily warm and comfy with you.
The vehement denial that follows the morning is very, very entertaining.
"You want to sleep with me?! O-Of course ya would, everyone wants to!! Stop it, I'm not flustered!!"
He's going to speak and speak until he's right besides you in bed, and then his mind and heart is very giddy because you're besides him and it's his favorite human!!
Man talks and talks until you place his head in the crook of your neck, and then Mammon realizes that hey, this feels....nice. Something that he had been craving...
...and he's going to hug you tighter, after the shock has worn away, of course! He ain't letting go!
Mammon's going to get very pouty soon if he doesn't get his affection meter filled, so please cuddle your demon to ensure maximum happiness!
He gets nightmares sometimes of that day when you went into the attic. Mammon doesn't tell anyone about that dream, but you don't reveal that the white-haired demon sometimes wakes up in the night and holds you close. There's something soothing in your heartbeat.
You hold him close, those nights, pretending to be asleep.
He sleeps in a tub with a Ruri-Chan pillow, and you expect him to share his bed tub with you?! What if you fall out of the tub? What if he accidently does something?! What if you don't want to sleep with a gross otaku like him—
Yeah, man's scared af that he's going to mess up.
But when you get in the tub with him and make Ruri-Chan as a barrier, Levi slowly gets comfortable. You're there, and there's also the pillow if he gets nervous. Your hand is right there...maybe...maybe he can hold your hand...
Levi's sleep schedule is messed up. Some nights he stays up late because there's a sale or an episode he simply must watch, and that results in him blacking out the moment he hits the pillow.
But now you're with him.
Sooner than you both know, a conversation is taking place about the Lord of Masks and Emptiness's lore, and is that Levi...holding your hand....?
The next morning, you wake up with his arm around your waist, and a happy snek snoozing away in the crook of your neck.
Yeah, just let him remove the books and the cat from his room before you trip on either or both—
The bed is big enough for one person only, but now you're here..Do you know what that means?
The book gets placed down soon after when it's time to sleep. After all, you mustn't be late for your classes.
Man likes to hold you close. Not squeezing to death or protesting when you move an inch away, but Satan is content with touching some part of you. An arm around your hip or waist, or on your arm. Your palm feels real nice too—
He doesn't move much in his sleep, so you can get a pretty comfy night's of sleep.
Satan sometimes mumbles in his sleep. One time you woke up only to see him patting your head like a cat, along the lines of "My meow-meow."....
Denial in the morning.
Much like Lucifer, Satan gets cuddly in the early morning, when he's half-awake from the chirping of the birds but you're still asleep.
He wants to hold you close and cuddle you, please let demon hold you.
You can see Asmo in his glory! People would die to know his skincare secrets, and you're the only only being let in, so shhh!
Like mentioned, he sleeps naked, but if you want he'll change into some clothes! But you're going to get a lot of cuddles!!
Sleeping together isn't new to Asmodeus. But there's a certain innocence and love thar you give him whenever you link your pinky with his before dozing off. You don't notice, but his eyes are teary, sometimes.
This demon can chat off your ear about anything, so you'll be updated on the latest gossip!
But slowly Asmo is inching closer and his face is now smooshed in your arm. He's happy. He's asleep.
He doesn't move around much, a toss and turn here and there, but nothing like kicking you off the bed. You're going to have to fight for the blankets though!
When the first time you both share the bed, Beel's very afraid that his stomach is going to wake you from your sleep. Levi once remarked that his stomach sounds like Cerebrus growling—
But then you come and place your head on his chest, swinging an arm over his waist as you wish Beel a good night.
And slowly, he realizes he shouldn't be worrying.
Thanks to Belpheghor, he's learnt the art of getting up and walking without making a sound. So when his hunger threatens to eat his conscious Beel can temporarily sate it without waking you up.
He gets nightmares too —of Lilith and Belpheghor, of not being able to protect his family like he'd sworn eons ago. Beelzebub wakes up in a cold sweat during those moments.
But then he feels a weight on his shoulder, and feels your breath hitting his skin. You're alive, safe and sound. So Beel holds you closer and swears he'll protect until his dying breath.
Look no further, dear, for he's the master of sleeping together! Even Lucifer couldn't escape his iron-grip! Cute of you to think you can move away from his hands. You're his body pillow now!
Man's not joking. The moment he's got you in his arms Belpheghor isn't letting go. His brothers have got more time with you than him and now he's going to compensate.
You smell nice, and you're warm. You're his beloved human too and all that jazz.
Please give him a goodnight kiss, and this bratty demon will sleep happily.
Belpheghor sighs, and places his head in the crook of your neck. His arms are tight around you, and he isn't letting go.
Part of his behaviour stems from his dreams, which always aren't pleasant. Belpheghor finds it hard to let things go, and that leads to the shaking of his body as he comes to terms that it was a dream, and everyone's right here—you're right here.
You find him crying in his sleep, when his grip tightens. Placing a kiss on his head, you hold him close.
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books-and-catears · 2 months ago
"Would you mourn for me when I'm gone?"
Tumblr media
You could tell Lucifer stopped writing, because the noise of his pen scribbling against the paper stopped.
You looked up to see him glaring at you, bewildered.
"What did you just say, MC?"
"I meant if you'd mourn me when I die. Its perfectly fine if you can't! Demons are probably not as sensitive to death of humans and-
Lucifer was out of his seat. And before you knew it, the Avatar of Pride knelt in front you, his hands clasping yours.
The mere thought of your absence stabbed at his heart. Without you, his study and this whole house would fall silent. The sounds of your laughter are what made the chaos bearable. Without it, even his favourite records would sound like white noise.
His eyes were angry and pained. But they softened as you cupped his face with worry in your eyes.
"MC, you brought back a happiness I hadn't felt in a hundred millenia. Losing you would be like losing all the joy in the world. So don't ever speak of it again. I shall never let it happen."
Mammon went deathly still. Gone was his usual erratic self as stared at you like he was frozen in time.
He wasn't even blinking. Maybe in fear that his tears would come spilling out.
"I just...well you know when I die for real, would you cry for me? I know it's so dark to ask this and---ah!"
Mammon had you tackled under him, arms holding you tight as if you'd spill over if he let go. He's never been greedier for you.
If you're no longer there, he has no one to hide behind when Lucifer comes attacking. He has noone to untie him from the ceiling. Noone to hold him on his worst days when everything feels like shit. You're the relief he feels after decades of pain.
"Mammon, are you crying?!!"
His eyes leaked and dampened your shoulders, his muffled cries rocking both of your bodies together. You regret ever asking as you attempt to coo and rub his hair.
"I'm supposed to be yer protector! Losing ya is the worst thing that can happen to me! I won't let that happen, ya hear me human?!"
Levi's character just stopped mid fight. He didn't even press pause on his game. The enemy kept attacking but his fingers remained still.
He wasn't even looking at you. He was staring at the part of the screen that said "Player 2: MC". And his hands started shaking.
"...Levi, are you okay... Did I say something wrong I'm sorry-"
Levi's tail darted out and wrapped around you in an instant, pulling you towards him. In that instant he forgot all shame.
Why? Why would you bring that up? How can he be okay? Without you, he has no player 2. He has no one to listen to him ramble and still care about him. And there's noone left for him to call his friend.
His cries were loud and endless, echoing through his room. You tried to cradle him and try to calm him down but he won't let you go.
"What will the Lord of Shadows do without his Henry?! You can't leave me alone like this! You won't right?? Right?! Losing you would a critical damage noone can heal."
The book slips from his hands onto your lap and his hands limp on your waist.
You turn back to meet his eyes. Ocean green eyes now covered in dew.
"I suppose it will be much quieter? I won't be here to annoy you and maybe your brothers will calm down too right-"
He promptly palmed your mouth shut. Do you not think twice before saying such horrid things? It's not that he's never thought of it. But he hates it. And talking about it just makes it seem like you'll be gone someday soon.
"S-Satan...are you...?"
Silence begotted by death isn't pleasant. The calm after a storm only thrusts in your face, the destruction the storm left behind. In his wrathful heart, you brought hope and love. And now you speak of taking it all away and leaving him in the dark again?
His tears are silent and sobs are heavy as he holds you so close to himself, trying to engulf you within himself. Afraid you might spill over and disappear if he dare let go.
"No I will not mourn you. I would never have to. I WILL keep you next to me forever. Losing you would mean losing every last ray of light you brought into my life."
Asmo stared at your reflection in the mirror horrified. As if he was staring at your ghost.
He was brushing your hair, and now his hands were frozen, the brush dropping to the floor with a loud thud.
"...MC... what"
"Ah don't worry I'll still come back to haunt you a ghost or something? That's possible right? I have no idea what happens after I die-"
"No shut up!" Asmo fell on his knees, hugging your waist from behind like a hurt child. "Stop saying that MC!"
Noone gave the Avatar of Lust, more love than you did. As much as he loved his beauty, he knew you loved him despite the hideousness that lay underneath his skin. And noone was more accepting of his affection than you.
"Asmo...Asmo! You'll hurt your knees!"
His voice cracked as he broke down, holding you for support and saying no over and over again, denying even the idea of you ever going away with no way to return.
"Whatever will I do without you around? It's hard for me when you go back to the human world and now you're talking of never returning? I ABSOLUTELY WONT HAVE IT! Losing you will take away the only one who saw me for me."
Beel didn't even let the thought register at first. He kept on munching on a bag of chips, all smiley and content. "Gone where MC? You're going to the Celestial realm again?"
"Maybe not Celestial realm. I haven't done enough good to be sent there. I wonder who will decide my fate after I die for good? But would you mourn me?" You ask..
His smile drops immediately. No. No no no. What do you mean 'after you die for good'? Is something wrong? Why are talking about this now? Are you not feeling well? Did you eat something bad? Was it Solomon-
"Beel? What's wrong?"
His eyes teared up instantly as he reached for you and hoisted you up in his arms to hold you close. No it's okay, he told himself. You're right there in his arms. You're safe. He'll keep you safe.
He remembered everything you ever did for him. Protecting him from Lucifer, freeing his twin brother, never getting mad at his constant hunger and even giving your life essence away just to save him. No you cannot leave yet, there's too he's grateful for.
"Noone will have to mourn. I will keep you safe here MC. I will give you the best of foods that will keep you healthy and strong forever. I cannot lose my family again, MC."
He was asleep on your lap but now his eyes shot wide open and his breath hitched.
He tilted his head to look at you, staring out of the window, your face aglow with the Devildom moonlight.
"No shut up. Shut up about that." He could barely speak.
"You know the first time I died, all I saw was this white void with echoes of a voice I've never heard before. I wonder if I'll end up there again-"
Belphie instantly put his closed palm gently over your mouth to stop you from talking. He felt you breathing warmly on his fingers. It made him feel safe. You were okay, you were alive.
He promptly pushed you down and started spooning you from behind. The rise and fall of your back against his chest gave him reassurance too. He let his stray tears fall onto his pillow.
He had nightmares about this. So many nightmares where you just decided never to forgive him and disappear forever somewhere he could never touch you again. He imagined your absence and it was overwhelmingly lonely.
"I won't make the same grave mistake twice. I won't let you get hurt again. I won't let you go again, MC. Losing is you is one less reason to wake up in the morning."
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hisvillainess · a month ago
𖤐 ───── 𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖞 𝖒𝖊! 𝖘𝖒𝖚𝖙 𝖛𝖎𝖘𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖘 ───── 𖤐
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙. now dateables / fem!reader
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. literal porn. mostly subby!reader. minors absolutely do not interact.
𝖆/𝖓. i did one for the brothers so as promised, here are the non dateables. I may have went ham with diavolo. enjoy ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖤐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖔
diavolo called you into his office just to breed you on his desk like a feral bastard
when you tease him all day so he impatiently fucks you with your clothes on
the prince during heat
backshots with diavolo
𖤐 𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖇𝖆𝖙𝖔𝖘
riding barbatos’ pretty cock until he cums
oh he loves it so much when you’re needy for him!
why bake when he can eat your coochie instead
barbatos is a titty man
𖤐 𝖘𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖒𝖔𝖓
while everyone was wondering where the hell you two were, he was fucking you in The Fall’s bathroom
riding solomon’s face
solomon’s been stressed with wizard shit. i think he needs a little distraction 👀
punishing you (tw spanking)
𖤐 𝖘𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖔𝖓
how can he resist when you look so good for him
taking simeon’s ungodly dick
showing goodboy simeon what it’s like to be punished
Tumblr media
if you’re interested, apply to my taglist HERE ♥️
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danger-noodle-uwu · 4 months ago
'This is my first' (ft f!Mc)
18+ content ahead.
No-minors allowed.
For a demon who is extremely touch-starved, he is rather patient and takes things slow to your liking.
It was almost shameful that he, the Avatar of pride wanted to please himself with a human much like you despite knowing that you were no minor-feat.
When you have responded to Asmo's joke in such odd manner, he was conflicted on asking you about the same matter.
Frustrated, the prideful demon went back to his room. Only to jerk off your name.
Wishing that the hand was yours, touching him and causing him to whimper. At the same time, he didn't want you to be uncomfortable especially not by him.
The next day, when the two of you were slow dancing to the rythm of the old record, long lost within your own world, he was wondering to what your response would be if he'd asked. Part of him Nervous while the other in desperate need of your touch.
" I've heard that somebody has been saving herself for me." He whispered in a low mocking tone. Blushing at the sudden comment, you look away.
"I don't know, it just seems weird to do it or more like- embarrassing." "Is that so?" "Well, yeah..." " well how about I prove you wrong." " huh?" "My dear, before we begin. I'd like to have your consent. Feel free to stop me as you wish." "Okay... but for what..?" "For this."
The shirt that once covered his toned body was now lying on the couch.
Bare chested, Lucifer smirks at you, smug as ever. He wanted you. So much.
" if you will, Strip"
You knew that he needed you but that bad? Anxiety had crept in your figure as you hesitated to take off your own clothing.
' Was it going to be painful? What if I can't please him? Oh I hope he doesn't ask me for a blow job? Ugh...' thoughts had already filled your mind to its brim.
First, your shirt and then pants, he intently watches as you slowly strip naked for him. It was painfully slow but he can manage.
Once your bodies free themselves from the clothing, he gently nudges you on the bed, wanting to claim you.
No-words came out of that pretty mouth of yours, he took that as 'yes'.
Licking at your folds, gently and passionately, he slowly murmured
"This will go all night long. So, do remember the name you will be screaming tonight, little bunny."
Though he is shy and tries not get too close to others, he did quite have sugar mommy(s) in the past.
The Avatar of greed did anything to satisfy himself with. Even followed down the dark path he'd been warned about.
However it was in the past, now he isn't all about gold or silver. It is about Mc, isn't it?
From the experience he had with people, he knew exactly what she might like.
He was wrong.
Mammon had thought of ways to get that smiley face twist into pleasured one. But that bubble had burst when you told him your opinion about the same subject, calling it somewhat embarrassing and mostly painful.
"Oi I know how ya' feel!" He understands. But he can't help the excitement of showing you how it truly feels.
And you both end up talking about how cringey that sex could be, weird things you've heard, etc.
That is when he mentions his first experience,
" That was so messed up! I didn't where'd my hand go? Or if I had to stay still? Like-"
He pauses mid-sentence realizing he really told you that while you just look down flushing pink.
Instead of shying out of the situation, he pulls your chin up for you to look him in the eyes which causes a burning sensation in your stomach.
You couldn't possibly be-- could you?! Ugh, you just can't back out now, can you? But to imagine of how he'd pleasure you. God...
Scummy trouble maker had noticed the way your legs had tightly shut themselves to prevent him from inhaling the scent of your seducing arousal. His patience runs thin and he pulls into a deep kiss.
Excitement fills the air within your lungs, though when you'd have thought you would feel embarrassment, you felt rather eager.
" I'll show ya' the whole deal! From touching ya' to fucking ya. But I'm telling you this before." He whispers lightly between the sweet kisses that were placed on your jawline.
" I don't plan on having mercy. So prepare yourself, baby!"
Shy as a flower, The Avatar of envy wasn't exactly keen on asking about. So, he kept dropping hints.
When he truly had enough to your oblivious nature, he asked you however through text and received a confusing reply.
He called you over to his room in order for you to explain what exactly could you mean.
Indigo-haired demon couldn't understand your words. Well, not entirely.
I mean--it could be embarrassing but like how would it be painful..?
He shared you his experience with seriousness. How it went smooth because his partner had known about him being rather unexperienced, how they guided him through it and he will do the same for you.
Though he didn't realize, Mc was already embarrassed by the talk and felt insecure but once noticed he reassures her.
"L-look normie don't worry I will guide you through, hmm? And like I won't let you feel any pain, trust me?"
His hand slowly intertwined with yours, he whispered to ask if you wanted to do it now.
Slight shame climbed it's way into sweet little Mc but faded as quick as it had came, he kissed you softly and gently trying not to frighten you.
Nodding, you tugged at your own shirt for him to take it off. 'Please Levi, I want it.'
Following your request, he came close and rested his forehead against yours.
"You are so beautiful and perfect. Don't doubt yourself, plus I don't mind teaching you. Slowly and steadily, my 3rd waifu~" he cooed out playfully as a shiver run down your spine. You responded with the same playfulness punching his chest.
"I love you forever and more because you're my normie, my true redemption..."
Touch-deprivation is something, he knew he suffered because of. The title, Avatar of wrath, always held people from approaching him for who he really was.
Despite having multiple crushes, Satan did not confess in fear of the toxicity he may have to bear with because even if the person doesn't love him, they wouldn't reject him either due to the weight his title carries.
Often he'd visit the fall in attempts to get drunk, to forget the pain. The suffering his own being causes him. In such visits, he would end up hooking up with strangers, imagining that it was his love interest(s).
Upon meeting you that changed, your friendship slowly freed him from those chains his own being trapped him. That is exactly why he wanted to share such intimate moments with you.
Just like he guessed, it was your first time. But it would be a lie, it was such turn on, it had him so excited. So, he came to you for discussing it.
"Satan, I am not sure..." " do elaborate." "I think it will be um- painful." "It is understandable, I can wait. However, I will be more than willing to guide you through."
He knows not to rush in such things. His patience can run out but he will control himself.
In the following night, courage had crept in you to finally tell him, you were ready. You were just too nervous to acknowledge what you wanted.
"Satan..." "ah, welcome Mc, tell me what bought you here?" "Satan, I am ready." You blurted out at him, who sat there speechless. And then smiled gently, saying you shouldn't rush due to his wants, but you told him, you were just anxious and that you wanted this too.
Red-tint over his cheeks didn't stop the blond from gripping your waist and throwing a compliments your way. It was your turn to blush.
His hands wandered underneath your shirt seeking permit to take off the lacy bra and started rubbing his thigh against your clothed sex unbothered.
While his movements felt rough, his words were divine. Each 'I love you' 'you are so good.' 'Love, you are beautiful as ever.' Meant the world to you.
"The more time I spend with you, the more I want to hold you tighter in my arms. No diamond in this world compares to your worth, and I wish to treasure you until the end of time. I love you, kitten..."
Known to be most experienced among his brothers, the jewel of heavens was cursed with such desire. He couldn't help the way he felt. It was a disgraceful wish or more.
Growing normal about this desire on the outside, he pitied himself on the inside. He knew how lust was and its dangers yet here he was so lost in it.
Love was a concept long forgotten by him, that is until you showed up in the council room.
The way your kindness shined in the darkness of hell itself, the way your smile made everyone's day and not to mention the way you made the Avatar of lust, himself fall for you.
He wanted to return the feelings you made him feel, through different means. A way he'd known like an old friend. He was quite helpless but it was all he thought he was capable of.
Intentionally he would make jokes on explicit themes, trying to get your opinion on them. In a similar event, you told him.
"Asmo, please don't laugh...but it would be my first time if we did it..." "Aaw darling~ don't be nervous, I understand. It's okay if you want, I can help you, oki? Plus, you've literally got yourself the Avatar of lust!" "Thank you." "I love you... see you later."
He kissed your forehead and left. Not disappointed. No instead he felt even more helpless. He really couldn't make you feel how he felt around you. The way his heart thumped on simply hearing your name.
It took a few days, for you to really decide for the activity still remained embarrassing to you though not painful. All thanks to him.
"Hey asmo, I wanna talk about something." "Go ahead dear, I am all-ears." "I think I am ready." He choked on his own saliva on hearing your words.
"Dear, when do you want to do it?" "How about now..?" "Oh... alright then. Come here baby."
He ushered you to sit while he took his shirt off and his pants leaving the boxers on. You eyes were frozen on his lean figure. He looked as seducing as he claimed to be.
"Ah... sweetie it's your turn." You instantly became anxious, he was the Demon of lust, he has been with people better than you so would he be satisfied with your human-ly self.
"Much more than satisfied." He whispered in your ear. 'When d-did he get s-so close?!' His hands slowly pulled the zipper making the dress that once adorned your perfect body fall to the floor.
His eyes were shining as if back in their element. (cuz they were. Lol) his head rested in valley the your chest before littering it with kisses.
"Angel, All I want to do is lay here in your arms and listen to your beautiful heart beat and leave this world for our own..."
As innocent as baby, Beelzebub is considered to be nonetheless he is not. He does know how things are. It is a choice that he doesn't mention about it .
He wanted to show that one part of him to his beloved. Because they would become his life, just like his brothers are yet different at the same time.
His experience is not the best as his partners as he bruised them most of the time no-matter how careful he's been.
His confrontation to you was very different than his brothers, his head laid in your lap. He lightly kissed your stomach and then your thigh causing your cheeks to heat up.
Shutting your legs as tight as you could, you tried to get up only to be stopped by him not wishing for you to go. He pouted at you with a pleading face which did the work as you stop pushing him.
"Don't go...please." " Ok fine!" You huffed in defeat. It was so embarrassing to have his head rested on your thigh as you became wetter.
Of course, The glutton could smell it, your thick dripping arousal but he couldn't let you go because he needed you too. There was only one thing stopping him, the thought of hurting you especially for his own pleasure which confused him so much.
"Hey cupcake..." "yes?" "um-- I know you're wet..." "E-eh, sorry..." "No-no, it's fine." "Well I'll get going now!!" "Hey easy.. do you want me to help?" "I don't think you know but like if we did that, it w-would be my first time..."
Covering your red face yet peeking through the fingers you wondered of how thrilling of an experience be. The sixth-born's toned body has often aroused you, left you with this hot sensation. Multiple times you masturbated to him without his knowledge.
"Oh." "I'll go now..." "I get how you feel. Nervous. Thinking it would be painful. I know it will hurt but only in the beginning. If don't want to do it, it is absolutely fine."
The way he refuses to lie to you is so sweet and heart warming that it makes your unease and nervousness fade away. So, you smile at him and mouth the words 'I want it'.
He gets off your lap and tells you sit on his, you follow. The messy-haired demons grips your hips tenderly grinding you against his hard length, sweet moans escaped your lips as he sped up.
You were so vulnerable right now and you weren't ashamed about it, he knew. A smile appeared on his face seeing you like that. You were so shy and cute and deserved the compliments of the world.
"Every day I wake up to a brand new day, I fall in love with you again. You mean the world to me, cupcake..."
Also, Touch-deprivated much like his once admired brother, the eldest. With no-intreset in Love, the seventh-born hadn't known the feeling since the death of his sister, Lilith.
Despite beelzebub's comfort, he still remained the same. The attic incident was another event that made him feel affection starved than ever. When the mighty fell, the mighty he always admired and locked him away for he'd objected Diavolo's request.
It was at your arrival, he ever had hope thinking this will be his breakthrough and it was but not as he expected.
It was his breakthrough but from the old life, from the misery, to new life where you would stand next to him along with his brothers.
Explicit jokes are more part of his personality rather than asmo's, so he'd often cracks them.
Of course, he cracked one today just like every other day while cuddling in the attic but didn't think Mc would actually take it seriously.
You told him that hearing about sex feels kind of cringey and embarrassing yet also painful.
"Though I haven't really had sex." " wait up-- you didn't." "Not yet." "Oh..."
Silence fills the room.Very awkward silence. You both were blushing messes. None could even look over at other until belphegor regained his composure.
"Umm- why did you tell me this? Out of nowhere?" "Your joke reminded me. That's all." "Hmm... I wonder-" "what do you?" "Of when can I become your first."
Lazily he embraced you while you nuzzled your face in his neck attempting to hide how flustered you were.
Suddenly, he pushed you on the bed. Refusing to break eye contact, he climbed on top of you not bothered by his hard length brushing against your inner thigh.
"Do you want this ?" The sloth seeked permission before he'd go any further. " I want it. I-- I want you." You allowed.
He slowly removed your pj's along with your panties and tossed them on the chair and then the iconic smirk danced across his face which soon turned to a smile when you moaned as his finger entered you.
He started to insert another and moved them in criss-cross manner causing you to moan louder as he chukles.
" I used to close my eyes and have a view of just darkness, but right now, whenever I close my eyes, I see the bright light which your love brings, my love-bug..."
Oof! Damn was that long. I take about five days to write these things usually but due to network error previous one got deleted. Hope you like it.
Request by @cure-shine
Good day everyone. :)
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imalivebarelystriving · 25 days ago
How the older brothers would react to you running up to them and giving them a tackle hug
I'm expecting absolutely no one to see this and if I change my mind and post it, oh well. this was written at literally 1 AM.
The dude was tired
He just told off Mammon for doing dumb shit again
and then suddenly
human running towards him
so his brain is just trying to recover from being frustrated and there's a human running to him at full speed
so what did he do
he opened his arms and caught you, of course
you should expect nothing less from the avatar of pride 😉
for a moment he's like "wtf human what are you doing"
then it kicks in like "oh this is affection. it's nice. I like."
but of course he'll never admit it
and yeah he's gonna lightly scold you for running into his arms without giving a warning.
"It seems you're getting a little too comfortable with me, hm? as much as I enjoy having you in my arms, I'd rather you ask me next time instead of running at me."
If you even manage to surprise him that would be impressive
no joke, this man is literally grabbing onto you for dear life at every given moment.
so if you do catch him off guard and just run at him, congrats!
Mammon has very fast reflexes, so he opens his arms just as you run at him, and you almost topple him over
so he goes from
"error. Mammon.exe has stopped working due to overheating. please try again later."
and of course he gets all red and tsundere-ish
but if you try to pull away he won't let you
congrats you're stuck with Mammon for the rest of the day
"O-oi! Human! W-what were ya tryna do, r-running into my arms like that... O-of course you'd wanna to tackle hug the Great Mammon! I'M NOT BLUSHING ITS JUST WARM IN HERE."
how did you even find him outside of his room???
I mean, you could try in his room but considering all the clutter in there...
so in the rare case of him being out of his room, that's when you strike
I'd like to say he'd catch you gracefully, like in a scene of an anime, but knowing him... poor otaku boy doesn't have the strength or reflexes for that
instead, you run straight into him and you both end up on the floor
and he gets redder than Mammon, if that's even possible
like I swear Levi straight up invented a new shade of red
he starts stuttering and the only way you can understand him is if you learn Morse code.
you thought the y/n in Wattpad fanfics stuttered a lot? check out Levi, who can barely form a sentence!
"I- You- wha- how- no- huh????"
and once he gets over it, he starts rambling about how it looked like a scene from an anime you guys watched.
"W-what you did... it was like what the main character did to their love interest on 'The Day I Thought I Was Going To Be Graduating From College But Then A Storm Came And I Got Struck By Lightning And Got Brought To A Different Dimension And Then Was Introduced To A Deity And I'm Now Her Apprentice Can Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On???'!"
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asmo-ds · 8 months ago
Ok so you made a list on they guys toxic traits. How would they react if the MC just snaped one day and broke out into sob because of what they did and say to them and the MC calls them out on it pointed put how Diavolo doesn't do or say the shit they do and hes full blood demon unlike them all in a croaked voice from crying so hard
Tumblr media
React to MC Calling Them Out on Their Toxicity
Obey Me Brothers x MC angst HCs
Warnings: Yelling, toxic relationships, breakdowns, violence, Mammon being the guardian he was assigned to be :)
Summary: When MC finally breaks down and calls them out on their toxic behavior towards the human the boys finally realize just how different human emotions are from the creatures in hell they’ve grown so accustomed to.
I’m putting the contents of the original post this ask referred to under each of the characters to make it clearer for those who have not seen it
Tumblr media
i know Lucifer is hot sexy big sex dominant professional daddy master man BUT please remember he shows his love via punishment and cruelty towards his family
- Lucifer was in the middle of hanging a crying Mammon upside down when it happened.
- “He’s in pain Lucifer, you should let him down! There are better ways to handle this,” MC had suggested only to be met with a low growl followed by:
- “Stay out of this, human, you are here to attend RAD and nothing else. Do not butt into our personal business.”
- He could practically feel MC’s upset expression as he continued to tie the knots around Mammon’s body
- “I’m a human, correct,” MC starts and he’s startled by their cold voice, “but what makes me human is my inability to stand by while someone I know is in so much pain!”
- Lucifer is a bit taken back by their boldness and is in his demon form holding them up by the throat in seconds.
- “Who the Hell do you think you are?!” He snarled, tightening his grip and pushing their struggling body against the wall harshly, causing their head to bounce off the wall with a loud thump, blood slowly beginning to trickle from the sight of the impact 
- He could barely hear Mammon’s frantic cries for him to let go of the human as his adrenaline rushed, unable to believe that the human had actually spoken to him like that,
- He was suddenly ripped away from MC, thrown across the room and he looked up to see Diavolo had come
- “I had some paperwork I wanted to give you but instead walked in on you taking advantage of your strength over someone smaller than you, you’re pathetic,” Diavolo snarled, disgusted by Lucifer’s actions
- MC wailed and threw themselves against Diavolo, him tightly embracing them and trying to soothe them
- “Y-y-you’re the Lord of Demons and yet,” they sniffled and hiccupped into Diavolo’s chest as he continued to glare at Lucifer, who could only watch on in despair as he realized what he had done, “and yet you a-are so mu-uch kinder than them, th-thank you Diavolo!”
- “Wait, MC! I’m sorry!” Lucifer began to stand before realizing Mammon had managed to escape and was now holding him down, preventing him form moving toward the trembling human.
- “Lucifer... I don’t want to see you ever again!” MC had cried as Diavolo and them left the house.
- After MC was brought to the demon lord’s castle he received word from Barbatos that he had been suspended from his duties until further notice per the request of Diavolo.
- Barbatos also collected MC’s stuff, moving it to the Demon Lord’s castle where they would spend the rest of the year
- Lucifer couldn’t bring himself to leave his room, afraid of his brothers’ judgmental looks, he refused to see how much he had hurt the family and the relationship with the human he’d done so much to care for in just a matter of thirty seconds.
- Lucifer never forgives himself for hurting MC, but he acts like he was in the right for the sake of his ego.
- But he really missed MC and was angry with himself for letting them go so easily and for not just accepting that maybe they were right and he could change for them
- Everyone notices a decrease in the cruelty he showed towards his brothers
- how did a human manage to stir up these feelings within him?
Tumblr media
I know Mammon is an adorable tsundere with a chaotic streak BUT please remember he also insults MC in order to keep up his own self image of being a “tough demon” even if he loves MC underneath the mask
- Mammon had been on his way back from getting scolded for stealing from Lucifer’s wallet once again, when he ran into MC
- “Mammon! What’s wrong? Are you Okay?!” He hastily wiped the tears from his face, MC really cares about me... a blush rises to his cheeks at that thought
- “Nothin’ is wrong, mind yer business,” he shoves past them
- “but you’re clearly hurting, Mammon let me help!”
- “I don’t need help from a stupid human,” he says, not turning to look at them due to his still red cheeks as he continued to be flustered by their concern for him 
- “Stupid human....” he heard MC say quietly back to themselves, his heart sinking as he realized he said it so harshly 
- “Hold on-MC- I didn-” he starts but is frozen in shock as he sees the human glaring at the floor with tears streaming down their cheeks, biting their lips to keep sobs trapped inside themselves. “MC, hey liste-” He reaches out to touch their shoulder but they jerk away turning from him.
- “Not even the demon who is meant to be the cruelest of them all calls me names for wanting to help him,” their voice trembled and his heart broke, “I just wanted to help... why do you insist on insulting me?” 
- MC ran away from him, leaving the house, passing Asmo and Satan as they left.
- Satan chased after MC as Asmodeus walked up to Mammon, slapping him across the face harshly, “why can’t you just be honest with them for once?! Don’t you realize how badly you’ve been hurting them because you refuse to be nice to stroke your own ‘bad boy’ ego?!”
- Mammon stared at the floor, tears rolling down his cheeks silently, “I-I didn’t mean to hurt them,”
- “But you did. Not to mention you never even apologize for it,” Asmodeus walks away, leaving Mammon to stand alone, shamefully hanging his head as he fell to his knees.
- The one person who ever cared about him and he did nothing but insult them and yet still expected them to love him? What a douchebag he was...
- Guess he was nothing but a greedy scumbag
Tumblr media
i know Levi is a cute blushy otaku recluse that we all want to top BUT he also gets jealous very easily which leads to him often getting violent or guilt tripping MC by insulting himself until they feel guilty and stay with him to make him feel better despite their own wishes
- Leviathan had jus ordered a new game titled “I just landed in Hell, seven hot demon lords are my roommates and I’m trying really hard not to fuck them”
- He rushed towards MC’s room, desperate for them to play with him 
- He walked in without knocking and saw MC cuddled up with Mammon and Beel, watching some movie that none of them seemed to actually pay attention to as they just horsed around.
- “Hey, MC! I just got a new game, come on let’s go play it!” he tried not to let his jealousy show. 
- “Ah, maybe later Levi, I’m hanging out with Beel and Mammon right now!” MC smiles kindly, to which he grows a bit sad
- “I get it... who would want to hangout with a yucky otaku like me anyway...” he lowers his head pouting
- “Levi, just give me a few minutes to finish the movie!” MC says, still trying to be kind and patient
- “No you don’t have to... I’m just going to go play alone like the loser I am...”
- “DON’T” MC stands up, Beel and Mammon watching as MC walks up to Levi, thinking that the human was going to go with him and play
- Levi smiles thinking the same thing and gets ready to leave, but instead MC comes to him and glares at him, making his heart sink
- “You do NOT get to guilt trip me like that,” MC growls, “I told you I need a minute, I never said any of that stuff and I KNOW you were saying that stuff just to get me to come with you instead of staying here,” Levi blushes as MC calls him out, his heart beating rapidly with nerves as he realizes just how mad MC was at him
- MC pushes him out of their room, slamming the door and he hears them mumbling some angry stuff to the other two brothers behind the door
- Ashamed of himself he goes back to his room and locks himself there for a few weeks, kind of waiting for MC to come check on him and apologize, but then he realizes that is exactly why they are mad at him, so he decides to try and get his shit together
- But his anxiety gets in the way and he decides MC would be better off without him and he tries to avoid them no matter how much he craves their attention
Tumblr media
i know Satan is an intelligent man who is trying his best to keep his anger in check at all times BUT if you are in a relationship where someone is getting mad at you constantly despite their efforts pls look out for yourself and let yourself be selfish and avoid the person no matter how bad it may hurt them because your own happiness should come first
- After a fight with Lucifer, Satan had gone to his room to blow off some steam
- He was storming around and throwing things and throwing a temper tantrum
- MC came to check on him and they knocked politely, calling his name and asking if they could come in
- Despite using their manners and being as respectful as possible; their interruption of his tantrum pissed him the hell off
- He swung the door open and pushed them down, eyeing them like a normal demon would; nothing but an innocent soul to munch on
- MC tried to escape but he caught their ankle, and dangled them like a rag doll as his claws sunk into the limb he held
- He could see their mouth moving and tears streaming down their face but he couldn’t process the words they were wailing
- He only stopped when Mammon punched him harshly, causing him to drop the human and go flying through the nearest wall, which happened to be Asmodeus’s, who was infuriated by the destruction of his room, but his focus immediately turned to Mammon and the trembling human he held
- Satan could barely hear or see much of anything anymore as Mammon’s punch had knocked him nearly out-cold
- Later when his senses came back he went to MC to apologize
- When he walked in they screamed and cowered in the corner.
- “MC, I won’t hurt you I promise-”
- “You always say that! You promised to never hurt me, Satan! All I wanted was to see if you wanted anything to help you calm down but you decided that was reason enough to try and eat my soul. For fuck’s sake, Diavolo is the Demon Lord and he isn’t half as cruel and manipulative as you are!” He watched the human tremble and cry their response out
- The loud noises had once again caught the attention of the humans guardian for their time in the Devildom
- Mammon walked in and grabbed Satan by the collar, dragging him out the door and slamming it behind him
- Satan sat against the wall and could hear how much pain MC was in as they cried to Mammon and he wanted nothing more than to run in there and take his place but he knew he had royally fucked up
- Scared of his own anger, he decided to not leave his room unless he was attending RAD, family meals, or the Library, because he was so afraid of making the human he had loved afraid and he didn’t want them to feel so much pain just by seeing him
Tumblr media
i know Asmodeus is a cute feminine boy with a love for self care and pampering and fashion BUT he always be littles others for not being as good or pretty as him and is super gossipy
- MC had come to school after a sleepover with Asmo, where things got deep and emotional and MC’s most shameful secret was revealed to him
- and he said he wouldn’t tell anybody. he really wasn’t going to but...
- MC noticed the weird stares followed by giggles of the succubi at RAD, clearly whispering about MC which made their stomach feel sick
- MC wasn’t sure what the deal was today until a succubus came up to them at lunch,
- “hey human, i heard that *insert your most humiliating memory*” she snickers with her friends, watching mc turn pale
- Unable to form words MC bolted out of there
- Unluckily for Asmodeus, MC just do happened to run into him
- “Ah! MC, dear, be careful or you and I will both ends up bruised-“ he’s cut off by a slapping sound
- he’s in so much shock he doesn’t even realize MC had slapped him for a few seconds
- “I should’ve known better than to trust you with my secrets.” MC growled, turning around to storm off, “Guess I forgot you were a demon. No, demons are like Diavolo, they at least have some itty bit of kindness in their hearts. You. You’re a monster.”
- Asmo watched them storm off and felt tears come to his eyes
- They were right, for once he had someone who loved him for more than power, looks, and sex, and what did he do? He hurt them and destroyed their reputation.
- He eventually fell off of his skincare routine and stopped coming home every night, instead, he was too busy partying and passing out in strangers’ beds and being glad the demons and succubi who dances with him and slept with him didn’t care for his personality
- cuz he knew his personality was the one part of him that was ugly as hell and he hated it 
Tumblr media
i know Beelzebub is a gentle giant who cares for his entire family BUT he also throws tantrums that hurt people when he gets hungry and isn’t given food asap
- After his sports practice, he was starving and on edge
- He hungrily eyed a strangers’ meal as he and MC walked home from the campus
- “Beel, don’t even think about stealing that poor demon’s food,” MC scolded him, unknowingly lighting a fuse inside of him
- He shifted to his demon form and grabbed MC by the shoulders harshly
- “Well what else am I supposed to eat?! Do you want me to eat you?!” He shook them, making them whimper out in pain as his claws dug into their flesh
- “B-Beel, you’re hurting me!” MC cried out, but he was too hungry to care and leaned in, about to take a bite out of the poor human before he felt himself get pulled away and pin against the ground
- “Beelzebub, just what in the Devildom do you think you’re doing?” Lucifer’s chilling voice snarled at his younger brother, a crowd forming to watch the two demon lords fight
- “I’m HUNGRY!” Beelzebub went to strike Lucifer, but instead, MC being MC, grabbed his arm to try and stop him, causing him to fling them against the wall, them hitting it with a loud cracking sound, blood pouring out from the back of their head as they rubbed it
- Seeing them bleed made him more hungry but then he saw the look of despair and disappointment that he had seen on his younger sister so many years ago and he snapped out of it
- “MC!” Lucifer rushed to the human’s side, picking them up gently and giving Beel one last cold look before flying off quickly to the Demon Lord’s castle, where Barbatos would be able to heal MC
- Beelzebub felt his hunger dissipate, instead, the guilt eating away at him as the sight of MC’s despair filled eyes flashed through his head 
- When MC returned later that night he went to apologize when he heard them in the kitchen
- “MC,” they flinched and whipped around, immediately using one hand to grip their head as dizziness struck them for a moment, the other hand out in front of them in a defensive manner
- Beel’s heart broke and he felt tears starting to form as he started to approach them, intending to hug them comfortingly
- “STAY RIGHT THERE!” MC yelled, their pact forcing his feet to stay planted where they were
- “Y-you don’t have to apologize okay? I should have known better than to scold a monster,” he winced at the word but let them continue, “But that said it isn’t entirely my fault. Every other demon in that plaza could smell me and didn’t pounce me, they had better control than that. Even when I go out alone nobody attacks me! Hell, even the Demon Lord himself isn’t cruel enough to attack me I-I just, please, stay away from me Beel,” and when they looked up he had tears streaming down his face and he was biting his lips to keep from crying
- As badly as they wanted to comfort the crying boy, they knew that they would be putting their own safety at risk if they were to forgive him and make him think he would be so easily forgiven
- Beelzebub suddenly started to stop feeling hungry as every time his stomach growled all he could see was the image of himself about to bite into MC and he would start to feel sick to his stomach
- He doesn’t forgive himself and gets really depressed because he thinks MC’s pain is his fault just like Lilith’s death
Tumblr media
i know Belphegor is a sleepy baby with a love for pranks and mischief BUT he literally killed MC but as soon as he found out they were a descendant of his little sister he suddenly just flipped a switch and didn’t even really apologize
- MC was sleeping in the attic next to Belphegor, tossing and turning as a nightmare filled their head
- They could practically feel his claws wrapped around their frail neck snapping it and laughing as they faded from their body
- MC sat up panting and screaming, Belphegor waking up and rubbing his eyes sleepily as he wrapped his arms around MC
- “NO NO NO GET OFF OF ME STOP IT” they continued to scream, flailing around in his embrace, he refused to let go though, convinced they just needed a hug to comfort them from whatever had scared them so bad
- They began to sob hysterically, their voice screaming out for Mammon
- Panicking he continued to hold them in place, afraid if he let go they’d sprint off
- and he was right, they bit his arm and he pulled away as they stood up and sprinted down the hall
- “MC WAIT” he chased after them, worried they’d get hurt
- As they saw the door of their guardian (Mammon), they called out his name
- Belphegor placed a hand over their mouth, worried about the others waking up, but it was too late as Mammon and Satan had both been woken by the cries of the human
- “HELP ME MAMMON PLEASE” MC sobbed, Belphegor sending a panicked and hurt look to his brothers
- Mammon pushed Belphie away as he took MC back into his room to calm them down
- After a mini-argument with Satan that ended up getting shut down by Lucifer, he went back to bed 
- The next morning he saw MC was sitting at the breakfast table and he smiled at them, only to watch them shoot a look to Mammon, who then pulled their chair closer to his own protectively
- They all ate in silence, the awkward and tense atmosphere keeping anybody from starting a conversation
- After everyone else left he went up to MC and cornered them, covering their mouth to keep them quiet so he could say what he needed to
- “I already apologized for everything so why do you still need to freak out whenever you see me?!” he asked, annoyed that despite his apology for killing MC, they still felt uncomfortable around him
- They slapped his hand away, “You didn’t really apologize. You only apologized because I’m a descendant of your dead sister, you didn’t apologize to me, MC, you apologized to Lilith,” MC shoves him and starts to walk away from the stunned demon
- “Its kind of funny that despite all the problems I’ve caused for his program, Diavolo has never tried to kill me.” MC says before finally making their exit
- Belphegor gets lost in his own thoughts after that, as he finally realized that he had been seeing them as a replacement Lilith rather than themselves
- even if he wanted to try apologizing again, he was unable to as Mammon became more and more protective of them, shooing Belphie away with dirty looks anytime they were in the same room
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obey-me-stuffs · 4 months ago
Headcannon- Obey me Brothers +Undateables overreact to you getting hurt Gn!Mc
Lucifer is pretty good at keeping calm, and isn't known to overreact to injuries.
However sometimes he is reminded that you are only human, and your body is much weaker than his and his brothers.
It can be hard for him to pinpoint exactly how fragile you are.
You had been walking down the halls at RAD when a particularly unfriendly demon had bumped into you.
It was painfully obvious that he did so on purpose, and the impact was enough to push you into a nearby locker.
Lucifer had seen the whole thing, and pushed past the crowd to reach you.
You were picking up your textbooks when he got to you.
“Are you alright? Do I need to take you to the nurse?”
You had to stifle a laugh as to not hurt his pride.
You assured him that you were fine, and only got a small bruise from hitting the locker at a weird angle.
He made sure to punish the demon who pushed you thoroughly, and they avoided you for that day on.
To absolutely nobody's surprise Mammon will overreact if you so much as get a paper cut.
He is the House Of Lamentations second biggest drama queen. (Second only to Asmo)
He’s probably in more pain just seeing you hurt than you are.
On this night in particular you were helping Mammon with cooking duty.
You had moved to the cutting board to slice some tomatoes, when you accidentally cut your pointer finger.
It was a rather small cut and you didn't even notice it for a few seconds.
However a bit of tomato juice got into it, and made you hiss.
Mammon was beside you in 1 second flat.
“Oi did ya cut yourself!? I knew I shouldn't have let ya do the cutting!”
You tried to explain to him that it was only a small cut and it only hurt because you got juice in it, but Mammon wasn't hearing it.
He bandaged you whole finger, (Though a bit sloppily) and refused to let you help him for the rest of the night.
Levi doesn't deal well with situations like these.
Should i get the first aid kit!? Do they need a hospital!?
Its easy for Levi to forget that humans are weaker than demons, because you two don’t spend much time outside of his room when hanging out.
Thus why he stood completely frozen as you covered your eye with one hand
You and Levi had been doing some makeup for a cosplay when Levi had moved a bit and bumped into your arm.
This caused the mascara brush that you were holding to poke into your eye.
It took Levi about a whole minute to process what happened, and start rapidly appoligising.
You laughed a bit at how panicked he was and assured him that it only hurt a bit.
Levi keeps a safe distance from you while you finish up your makeup.
Satan like his dad brother Lucifer isn’t that likely to overreact when you get hurt.
He will help you in a calm and reasonable way, never giving you more or less care than your injury needs.
This however is thrown out the window if HE is the reason you are hurt.
It was a complete accident, and honestly if you had came into his room even a second later it wouldn't have happened.
Satan was upset, and you had come in to help him calm down.
However the second you opened his door a book was flung in your direction with an unreasonable amount of force.
You managed to block the book from hitting you face with your arm, but it stung.
Satan froze when he heard your quiet yelp.
“Wha- Mc!? I’m sorry I didn’t...”
Satan moved over to you his rage long forgotten as he examined your bruised forearm.
You told him that it was okay and it was more shocking than painful.
Satan grabbed one of his healing potions, and even though you said it wasn't necessary, he used it anyway.
Here we go...
This dramatic bitch spoils you for frowning for .3 seconds, So you can imagine how he reacted to you loosing your voice.
Your throat had been bugging you all day, and even talking was a bit painful.
It wasn't that bad though, you weren't sick, just slightly inconvenienced.
However you had made the mistake of talking in Asmo’s presence, and when he heard your rough voice he Shrieked.
“Love what happened to your throat!? Wait don’t tell me it will make it worse!”
Your in for it now.
It being a day off in his room, and as much honey tea as he can get his hands on
Asmo scolds you for talking when you try to tell him that its not that bad.
Guess you’ll just have to relax for the day.
Beel is pretty good at treating injuries considering all of the sports he’s in.
He doesn't like it when you get hurt, and will always help you before continuing what he was doing.
He’ll literally dead stop eating to put a band aid on you cut.
You and Beel had been out on a jog sense you had said you wanted to work out with him some.
While jogging you made a weird step and end up spraining your ankle.
Beel kneels beside you and asks you if your okay.
When you explain what happened he looks so shocked and worried.
You tell him that its not that bad, and try to stand back up when your stopped by two large hands.
“Ill carry you home. I don’t want you to get more hurt.”
Beel easily brought you home, and even spoiled you for the next few days by giving you portions of his food.
Belphie will act like he isn't worried when you get hurt, but his not-so-subtle attempts to help prove that he very much is.
Belphie knows a bit more about human bodies because he used to visit the human realm so much, but he also knows that little injuries hurt more for humans than demons.
You had recently been to Diavolo’s castle, and when walking though his garden your hand had brushed against a plant that you and him were unaware was poisonous to humans.
When you had gotten back to the House Of Lamentation you had a pretty large rash an you hand.
It wasn't all that painful, but it did sting a bit.
Belphie was quick to notice the rash.
“Hey what happened to your hand? It looks a bit painful...”
You explained that it didn't hurt too much, but your words fell on deaf ears.
Belphie lay you down on his bed and when to Satan for information.
Once they figured out what happened Belphie put some medicine on your rash, and cuddled with you for the rest of the day.
Being the prince of hell means that he can and will spoil those he loves.
Any minor inconvenience that he can eliminate he will.
This includes headaches.
It had been a long and tiring day at RAD, and all the lights, and reading weren't helping your already present migraine.
When RAD was finally over you went to the princes castle for tea, and he easily noticed that something was a bit off.
You explained that you just had a bit of a headache, and he swooped you up in his arms.
“Why didn’t you say so sooner? I cant have you being in pain. Ill help you get rid of your headache no problem!”
He’ll bring you to a dark room, and lay a cold ice pack on your head.
You can lay on his lap, and if you’d like he’ll put on some quiet music.
Barbatos is the least likely to overreact to you getting hurt.
He’s honestly the least likely to overreact to anything because he doesn't react too drastically to things.
The only way that he might overreact is if you are doing the opposite, and completely ignoring the injury.
You had had a small limp all day, but were attempting to ignore the issue because of how minimal it was.
Your leg was sore from waking up in a weird position, and even though it hurt a bit to walk you tried to go about your day normally.
Barbatos knew this was going to happen because he saw it in the future. (Don’t ask why he was watching your future)
In the timeline he saw it actually took a few days for you to get better, and he didn’t want to see you in pain for so long so he confronted you.
“You should rest. I know it will heal naturally, but id rather you get better as fast as possible.”
He allows you to rest in  a guest bedroom with Diavolo’s permission. 
That way he can work and also check in on you occasionally.
If Solomon is overreacting than its very intentional.
He is a human himself, even if his powers make him physically stronger than you, its not as big of a difference as a demon or angel.
He might exaggerate whilst taking care of you just because he likes how you react.
Its kind of his way of spoiling you.
You had gotten a pretty bad stomach ache from some Develdom food.
It wasn’t enough to make you feel completely sick, but it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.
You don’t know how Solomon discovered this though because you hadn't told anyone.
“Of course I noticed. I’m a human too you know? I can tell that your in pain.”
Solomon is likely to ‘abduct’ you from the House Of Lamentation so that you can stay in his room until your better.
This sweet boy is just easily worried.
He doesn't want you to get hurt, especially considering that your a human, and are fragile compared to angels
If you tell him that its not that bad he’ll usually relax a bit.
You were visiting the purgatory hall, and while Simeon was fetching some deserts from Luke you tried to plug in you DDD charger.
Unfortunately you chose one of the outlets that fell victim to one of Solomon's experimental spells.
Simeon saw you using the outlet, but wasn't fast enough to stop you.
A harsh shock was sent through your hand and you yelped quietly dropping your charger.
“Oh deer, are you alright Mc? I’m sorry I didn’t warn you earlier.”
Simeon examined your wound and even when you said it was okay he held some ice on your hand.
Please be more careful, your going to give the young demon(I MEANT YOUNG ANGEL-) a heart attack.
Luke and you were baking some cupcakes that he saw on a cooking show, and you were putting them in the oven.
That’s when your hand touched the oven rack and you let out a small yell.
“MC! Are you okay!? did you get burnt!? I’LL GET THE ICE!”
Luke returns with ice, and some burn cream that Simeon said would help.
Go ahead, tell him that it doesn’t hurt.
He’ll call you a liar and forbid you from using the oven without mittens on.
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ohbae-me · 5 months ago
Do you have any headcanons concerning the brothers and praise kink? Mammon definitely loves being praised, but I feel like all of them crave that validation lol
OOooh anonni, i have way too many thoughts on this particular topic lmao
It's not something he realized he wanted until it happened
But phrases like "you make me feel so good," and "you're so good to me" while he's absolutely railing you will guarantee him fucking you into the mattress even harder
As if this man needs his ego puffed up anymore. He'll get a shit eating grin on his face but don't let it fool you. He's acting like he's in charge but he's really just putty in your hands at this point
This goes one of two ways with Mammon depending on how his little switch heart is feeling.
1. "Come on baby, let everyone know how good the great mammon is making you feel" will demand praise, and with every word from your mouth he'll get harder and rougher with you. Absolutely basking in it.
2. A blushy, panty mess beneath you as you call him your good boy. Tears in his eyes, watching in awe as you fuck him. Also provide lots of tender praise in the aftercare. Touch starved greedy boi needs it!
He's so fun because you can praise and degrading him one after another and he's absolutely living for it
Tell him how pretty he is under you, then immediately call him a dirty otaku. He'll be whining and begging for you to keep going, keep talking to him like that.
Similar to Mammon though, be sure to provide only positive, tender praise afterwards and even in your regular day to day settings to appease our jealous demon
He'd rather be the one praising you. He likes watching your reactions the most, and will whisper praise in your ear when you're not expecting it.
An arm will loop around your waist as your cooking, and he'll tell you that you're being such a good little human. So pretty when you make him dinner like this. And he says it with just the right amount of both praise and mockery.
Enjoys the way you squirm everytime he does it. The way you instinctually rub your thighs together, or the way you flush and whimper while he's buried deep inside you.
It is no secret that the avatar of lust gives it as good as he gets it. He will praise you constantly, but expects the same in return. Both in and out of the bedroom.
It doesn't matter how many times he takes you to bed, his words never cease to catch you off guard.
He will raise and admire every inch of your body, and explain in great detail why he loves it so much. He thinks you deserve to be told just how perfect you are
The first time you praise him so lovingly in bed, he actually gets a little emotional. It's not exactly something he's used to, especially in bed.
But he really really likes it coming from you. He'll be almost a bit shy at first, but then the dam breaks and he's slamming into you as he holds you tight to his body, telling you not to stop.
He'll tell you how much he likes hearing all that, and will definitely try to return the sentiment as well. He's seriously just so soft for you.
This little fucker. He'll smirk the whole time, watching you ride him as words of praise fall from your mouth.
His pace won't change, but his grip on your hip will tighten. "Yeah? Tell me more, human". Thinks your honestly so cute as he finally starts thrusting himself into you.
It's much more rate that he'll be in the mood to be super soft towards you, but when he does the praise is so heartfelt and genuine that it makes your heart skip a couple beats
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belphe-whore · 3 months ago
Kind of going off the angst post. What would the brothers do if an MC who is usually kind, cheerful, and just generally a positive person suddenly goes quiet and solemn? Like a bubble that just got popped. Not just for like a day either, likely for well over a week or so (depending on how long it takes them to notice). The cause being unrelated to the brothers. Maybe someone hurt them or something? idk. Up to interpretation
Thanks for the request. I actually really like this one. I have depression and it just hits me out of no where sometimes I’ll be normal then just all the sudden in a deep hole so that’s what I’m going with for all my friends that deal with mood shifts out of nowhere. Alright here we go babe👊🏻
Dem Boys reacting to a usually chipper GNMC suddenly melancholic:
Lucifer likes predictability especially with his human
He likes to be prepared to take care of your needs
So he is hyper alert to your status and he was used to your usual peppy self
The only reason he doesn’t notice right away is because he’s working to much and when he’s home he’s mothering his brothers
You know
Tumblr media
So when he notices you don’t greet him when you get home (cherishes your greetings very much) he’s immediately raising his eyebrow
He lets you go to your room and settle thinking maybe school was just exhausting that day
He understands that
He brings tea or coffee or whatever you like as a comforting drink and gently knocks
Which made you confused because Lucifer “doesn’t knock in his house”
He sat on your bed and gave you the “ready to have a talk look”
You tried to hold his gaze to feign some kind of confidence but made an unintentional pout
He gently strokes the side of your face
“MC tell me”
“So you don’t know everything” you sass which he can’t help but smirk because you’re not usually sassy it’s a new side to you
“If you don’t want to tell me at least tell me how I can help you”
Gentle Lucifer is a big uwu
If you tell him what happened hell hath no fury how dare someone upset his human
If you don’t he will find out even if he doesn’t do it intentionally he’s just good at deducing things
Will treat you and react in the way you request to creepy level he a robot?
Wow I really went on about Lucifer
Sometimes Mammon can be very oblivious
You are the first person who has been constantly nice to him
You were always kind and chipper to him so he is SHOOOOOK when you show even an ounce of not your usual peppy self
Does that *tries to joke around or banter just to test his theory*
When you don’t bite and he realizes oh you’re down down
Isn’t the most tactful
“Yo MC what’s wrong with you?”
Is pushy until he realizes you don’t like it (unless you don’t mind pushy🤷🏻‍♀️)
Is ready to throw down
Ride or die
He has that protective big brother vibe but like the scrappy type where Lucifer is more mature and refined about being protective to his brothers Mammon is ready to go
Tumblr media
Mammon literally about to square the fuck up even if it isn’t a person that triggered your mood shift
I love mammon
Will support you in a chaotic way so will need guidance but boy is trying
Even though he’s always playing games and such he does notice if you act differently especially around him
He will be jealous unfortunately at first
Taking it personal thinking he messed up
💯 thinks he caused it because he thinks he messes everything up
Will sulk and almost mimic your melancholy
Won’t ask you directly
Will do something overly nerdy to apologize
Like filling your room with merch from your favorite games/anime/ general interests
or draw you a short manga of “characters” that look an awful lot like the two of you doing all the things you like together and healing each other with the power of friendship or love which ever you want
Has a hard time talking out loud so you gain it from the homemade manga or blurts it all out at once
You know the cannon Levi rant
You both talk to each other and create battle plans to help you both
Because everything is exciting with Levi
Notices upon a glance or just hearing the change in your voice
However does sleuthing before approaching you
He wants to plan his approach delicately because he tries to be overly delicate in how he approaches most things so he doesn’t lose his marbles
Like Lucifer he’s really good at deduction
However satan seems to have all the time to plot where Lucifer is realizing he forgot Belphie at the park because he fell asleep in the slide again
You get it
Anyway he will approach you in whichever way he’s notice you prefer
For instance I like to be approached one on one preferably in a quite room or calming room (I get overstimulated easily anyways)
He will run his hypothesis by you unless you have talked priorly about any sort of mood disorder if that’s you
Will take notes and ask questions about how you feel and how you prefer he reacts
Is basically a doctor and therapist
You’ve given him more to research
Really loves using this to boss Lucifer around for your sake
He’s a demon so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Though he is very narcissistic he is sensitive to how people encounter him
And he’s obsessed with you on top of that
Coos at you and hugs all over you (unless you ain’t into that and even then he really wants to)
Very woe is MC
Is immediately offering you 484762728939477493992 therapeutic remedies from soaks to stretches etc
If it was a person who caused it even if it is Diavolo himself is going to bat for you in the most dramatic way
Like does a full costume change
You know
Tumblr media
Will not leave your side
Though he usually never leaves your side because he just takes you everywhere
This just gives him an excuse
Also uses this as an opportunity to redecorate the house to create a better environment for you
Lucifer still thinks it’s a bit much
Diavolo has already approved the budget
Lucifer is warming up the van
Takes him a little longer to figure it out
He doesn’t really understand humans so he’s not sure if it’s normal
10/10 is disturbed when he notices you not eating as much or eating too much
He probably pulls the fire alarm
Pulls the entire team together
Tumblr media
Sorry now all of the brothers have been called in to help as well
They always know what to do or how to help
Probably better to talk to him first if you don’t want the whole clan involved
Notices but won’t say anything
He’s always solemn and god I hate the term “moody” so he’s going to do what he likes just tells you to take a nap
The closer you get to his level though the more concerned he gets
This house can only take so much melancholic energy
And he’s very familiar with how much damage it can do
Acts like a cat when you’re sick
Follows you around and naps against you or just snuggles up (and purs? Belphie snores are like kitty purs very relax lol)
Tumblr media
You know just Belphie the cow cat
If you need specific treatment you’re going to have to ask with him
He’s going to assume what works for him works for you
Thanks so much for the request! I really enjoyed these sorry it took me so long depression be like that sometimes.
-vex 🐄🐈‍⬛
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weebswrites · a year ago
How do you think the brothers would react to an MC who wants to admire their demon forms? Things like petting their wings, holding their tails, and gently feeling their horns. Bonus points if it unintentionally becomes a regular bonding activity!
A/N: this is so cute :’)
• That idea never even crossed his mind, so he was surprised when you started asking questions about how he could turn to demon form
• Eventaully got you to just spit it out, and it intrigued him that you wanted to admire such an evil part of him
• But he let you, of course
• One night you were lying in bed together when you asked him to let him pet his wings
• He’s shirtless, and you notice the two scars on his back from where his lower two wings fell (It’s canon angel form luci had 6 wings and demon form only has 4 so he lost two when he fell)
• They’re almost hidden below his wings, and you suspect he doesn’t think you’ve noticed them yet
• You don’t touch them, yet, just running your fingers through the soft feathers of his winds and playing with his horns and his hair for a bit, snuggled against him
• You slowly move your hand closer to his scars, and when he doesn’t noticibly tense up you gently run your fingers over the lighter skin
• “Lucifer,” you whisper, resting your hand over one of the scars. You didn’t know if they were a tough subject or not, but wanted to play it safe, “You know...I’m really glad I met you here” you say, not wanting to directly draw attention to what you were getting at
• But he’s smart, he knows. He turns to look at you, and you feel your hand move with his body as he breathes. “Yeah, thank you, MC” and you can tell he’s genuinely glad that you were right where you were in his arms
• Bonus: when he’s had a long day at work you massage his back and play with his wings until he falls asleep
• At first he’s a little confused, why would anyone want to touch his horns? Weren’t they just meant to be scary looking?
• “But Mammon, they’re you, and I love you”
• He blushes, the three words he loved to hear most from your mouth having the exact effect you wanted them to
• “Fine! But just because you love me!”
• The skin of his wings is softer than you imagined, but you were surprised at how sturdy they felt despite that
• He makes little comments, such as “I don’t know why you like this so much, human”, but you just laugh and kiss his cheek
• You end up with one hand in his hair, fingers massaging his scalp around his thorns, something you discovered made him melt
• Bonus: I feel like this wouldn’t happen often with Mammon, but he definitely becomes a sucker for your scalp massages (with his horns)
• He’s still getting over the fact that you chose him over his brothers, so when you express interest in his demon form he has literally no idea how to respond
• “You’re so attractive, Levi” you start, questioning whether to try to seduce him into showing you or to take a more wholesome route, “I want to love every form of you there is to love”
• This makes him blush, and he takes your hands in his before transforming
• You smile, and reach up to gently touch his horns, admiring the way they curved around the shape of his head
• His blush deepens, and he wraps his tail around your waist, bringing you closer to him
• “Thank you, MC, for loving me” he whispers, hands squeezing yours lightly
• You nod and kiss him gently, “Of course”
• Bonus: The longer you date Levi the more comfortable he becomes with chilling in demon form around you, so it takes a while but eventually you can fall asleep with his tail wrapped around you, holding your bodies together close
• Also has no idea why his demon form would be appealing in the slightest
• You don’t really know how to explain it, you just want to know more about that part of him. He is your boyfriend after all
• After a bit of convincing, he agrees, and you watch him transform before you
• You can tell he’s a little uncomfortable, so you pull him in for a deep kiss, hoping it sets his nerves at ease
• It does, and you feel his body relax
• You move a hand to his tail, and take the mase in your hand. You run your hand up it towards the tip, studying the way each ridge felt as it brushed against your palm
• You look up at him, kissing him again before moving your hand to his horn, feeling them against your fingertips as you moved down to where they came from his head
• Once you’re done, you put your hands on his hips and pull him flush against you
• “Thank you, Satan. I love you”
• Bonus: You never verbalize anything, but sometimes when the two of you are in his room reading together he’ll let you play with his tail
• “Of course baby” he responds to your request, instantly transforming for you
• You take in his upper body with your eyes before reaching out and touching his wings, running the tip of your index finger along the bottom of his wing
• He shivers a bit, his wings and horns being extra sensitive
• After touching the outline of his wings, you move a hand to his horns, gently rubbing your palm against them
• He’s almost whimpering at your touch, and you’re surprised how sensitive he was
• He’s glad you two had the experience, but doesn’t let you touch his demon form much outside of the bedroom (yk, bc very sensitive)
• Bonus: It’s a sex thing lol
• “Sure honey, but can I ask why?”
• You explain to him that you hadn’t seen his demon form before, and you wanted to know how he changed
• So he transforms, and you stand back and watch
• “Well, here it is” he says, holding his arms out and doing a little spin for you
• “Can I, touch you? Like, your wings. And your horns”
• “Sure, they’re sturdier than they look so don’t be nervous”
• You nod and walk over to him, fingers running over his wasp-like wings as he put a hand on your waist
• You reached up, standing on your tip toes to admire his horns, giving him a surprise kiss as you do so
• Bonus: One night he accidentally gets drunk with Mammon and ends up telling you how much it meant to him that you were interested and so kind when exploring him in demon form, and you don’t think he remembers it but from that day on you ask him to transform more often so you can shower him in little compliments and touches
• He says no originally, not ready to let you see him in such a vulnerable state
• A few months later you ask again, and after answering questions as to why you wanted to, he lets you
• You look him up and down, “I like the pants” you tease, trying to lighten his obvious anxiousness
• He chuckles a bit, “thanks”
• You step closer to him and reach out a hand towards the end of his tail, looking him in the eye for a moment to make sure he was okay before you ran your hand through the hair of his tail
• You just look at his horns, having heard from Asmodeus how sensitive horns are, you didn’t want to risk overstimulating him
• Bonus: I also don’t really see this being a regular thing for Belphie, but I can see him being more comfortable letting MC calm him down when he gets pissed at Lucifer and transforms
A/N: yo yo yo! Here’s this :) I did a similar one here, about MC touching their apandeges for the first time, which has similar vibes
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yukihaie · 2 months ago
A/N: Thank you all so much for the support given for my last fic. And thanks to the prompt by @ifshebreathes-shesathot, this fic is made possible o(^▽^)o
You can read the previous part here: Lucifer's special edition
I had to divide this edition into 2 parts because it's getting long, so stick around for the next one~ Anyway, that's all from me. Have fun reading and I apologize for any grammatical errors or OOC.
Summary: Lucifer had shown his capabilities in babysitting his six brothers at the same time, but can his six brothers take care of one toddler Lucifer?
Genre: Fluff 🌼
Six pair of different coloured iris stared down at Lucifer in awe. Their prideful big brother is now the same size as Little D. No. 2.
Clueless of the whole situation, Lucifer looked up to them too and blinked curiously. No one said a word to break the long silence. Not until a huge laughing fest came from Mammon and the members of Anti-Lucifer League.
"Whatever happened to this pompous no-good Lucifer?" Satan cackled while holding onto Belphie's shoulder. The seventh born was gasping for air after their laughing fit but broke down into another one right after.
"Imma take a lot of pictures. Who knows how much those crazy fangirls would pay for this exclusive photos," Mammon chuckled before taking his D.D.D out of his pocket.
"I can't believe I'm saying this, but that's a great idea, Mammon. We can definitely blackmail him after he changed back to normal. Imagine the look on his face, Satan!"
They hovered around Lucifer and pulled out their D.D.D to start the evil plan when a loud cry came out.
"Look at what you've all done! Now he's crying!" Asmo pushed his brothers aside to get to Lucifer. He gently picked the toddler up from the floor and hugged him close, rubbing his hand behind Lucifer's back and comforting the crying toddler.
"Who made you cry, my sweet baby? Tell me who did it?" Asmo pouted a little before extending his hand and wiping Lucifer's tears using his thumb.
With a sob, Lucifer shakily pointed at Mammon before crying again. This time, he hide his face on Asmo's chest.
"Hey! That's not fair! I ain't the only one who's taking yer photos! What about these two?!"
"That's enough from you. I'm taking Lucifer away." Asmo glared at Mammon before walking away.
According to Diavolo, the Little Ds were running around playing tags in the Demon Lord's Castle with bottles of potions in their hand. Barbatos was about to scold all of them when Little D. No. 4 accidentally dropped several mixtures of potions on Lucifer.
Lucifer, being Lucifer, didn't really feel any changes from the potions but Barbatos's unwavered smiling face was enough to let the Little Ds know that they're all in for a long lecture that night.
Everything was normal until Lucifer suddenly dropped to his knees and choked on air. Worried, Diavolo and Barbatos checked on Lucifer's condition, only to saw him changed into a toddler right before their eyes.
"But don't worry. The potions aren't that strong and with Lucifer's power, he'll probably change back to normal within 2 days," Diavolo said before continuing, "You know, I could change him back now, but where's the fun in that, right? And look how cute he is when he laughs." Diavolo pinched Lucifer's cheek gently.
The toddler, who's still in Asmo's arms, made his protest by frowning and turning his head away from the Demon Prince. Lucifer then wrapped his arms around Asmo's neck and hugged the fifth born, waiting patiently for him to finish his conversation with Diavolo.
Diavolo, amazed by Lucifer's reaction, only chuckled and wished the brothers good luck on their quest of babysitting Lucifer for 2 days.
"We should do something about his clothes though," Levi said. His fingers were dancing around his D.D.D's keyboard before he showed the result of his search to Asmodeus.
The two took it upon themselves to be in charge of Lucifer's attire since Lucifer's oversize black shirt and black pants is not something a toddler should wear.
Asmo put Lucifer down on one of Levi's beanbag chair before continuing his discussion with the Avatar of Envy.
The blue light from Henry 2.0's aquarium shimmered softly as they landed on Lucifer's curious face. Carefully, he got down from the beanbag and walked towards the huge aquarium, trying to find its occupant. The blobs of bubbles released from the ventilator piqued Lucifer's interest more as his eyes roamed around the aquarium.
Finding Henry 2.0, who's swimming gracefully towards one of the rock, Lucifer giggled happily before shouting, "Fish!"
Meanwhile, the two decided to purchase several onesies and cute shirts for Lucifer. And since Levi has a VIP membership for Akuzon, the items were expected to arrive by that very evening.
They were still squealing over the options of onesies when Asmo felt a weight shifted on his lap. Lucifer had climb onto Asmo's lap while rubbing his eyes sleepily.
"Aww... you're tired? Wanna go take a nap?"
Little Lucifer only nodded.
"Alright, let's go."
After lifting him up, Asmo left Levi's room and made his way towards his own room.
Sounds of people talking—more like bickering— could still be heard downstairs but Lucifer paid it no mind as he laid his head on Asmo's shoulder gently and lulled himself to sleep.
He could feel Asmo slid a pillow under his head and the soft touch from Asmo's blanket covered his tiny body. He made a whine and tried opening his eyes but Asmo shushed him while patting Lucifer's arm gently. The gentle lullaby sang by Asmo sent him back to Dreamland.
Lucifer wasn't sure how long he had slept but by the time he woke up, Asmo was no longer in the room. He tried his best not to cry as he climbed down the bed carefully and made his way towards the door. Thankfully, the door's ajar so he could easily leave the room and find somebody.
Then, he saw a familiar figure with white hair grumbling about something on his D.D.D. Lucifer brightened up and chase after him.
Because of the oversize black shirt, Lucifer had to carefully walk or else he'd trip and fell down on his face. It was a hassle but Lucifer managed to catch up to Mammon.
"Hah? Who's that?" Mammon turned around to find nobody. But the tug on his pants made Mammon looked down to see his brother, Lucifer, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.
"Eh? Why are you here?" Mammon picked the toddler up.
"Luci hungry..."
"Ya hungry? Okay, let's go get something to eat."
The House of Lamentation isn't exactly a place where toddlers should roam. So fairly, there shouldn't be any foods suitable for their ages. Although, how Lucifer managed to obtain such food during the brothers' toddler curse is a different case. He's Lucifer after all.
"I ain't sure what to feed ya.. So... umm... have this yogurt." Mammon opened a yogurt cup and gave it to Lucifer along with a plastic spoon.
"Want me to feed ya or nah?"
Lucifer responded by opening his mouth. Mammon let out a sigh before complying with his brother's request.
Lucifer is a very good toddler. He didn't complain even though he find the yogurt to be a bit sour for his liking. He ate it obediently while smiling throughout the snacking time and kept asking for more.
Mammon felt his heart swell at the sight. His usual sadistic older brother scared him so much. His punishments are the worst and he could still feel how painful it is to be hung upside down for a whole night.
But even though Mammon keep getting Lucifer's harsh punishments, never once did he question Lucifer's love towards him. As crazy as it can sound, Mammon sometimes can see how Lucifer's eyes soften whenever he did something, and I quote, decent for once. Lucifer's prideful front refused to let the others know how much he loves Mammon and all his brothers. But that's exactly what the others do towards him too.
And for once, he could see Lucifer's fondness clearly.
"Mammon...? More?"
Lucifer's soft voice snapped Mammon from his train of thoughts as he focused on his task yet again.
"Ya want more? But it's finished though..."
After snack time with Mammon, Beel volunteered to babysit Lucifer next. Originally, he went to the kitchen to get some snacks too, but after being greeted by the two, Beel decided to play with toddler Lucifer.
And since Beel is taller than the rest of the brothers, Lucifer felt giddy when Beel picked him up from his seat. He let out a giggle while stretching his arms downwards, measuring mentally how high up he was.
"Oh, you like being high up? Will you like it if I throw you up in the air?"
"Oi! Beel! Don't throw him so high up!" Mammon frantically said.
But Lucifer didn't really mind. He laughed a lot and demanded more.
"Beel! That's too high! Stop!"
But everytime, without a fail, Beel managed to catch Lucifer back. The toddler laughed sincerely and enjoyed it. He wrapped his arms around Beel's neck and nuzzled Beel's shoulder with a smile, "Beel is fun!"
The two watched Lucifer in amusement. Their usual stoic eldest brother cracked a smile—even laughed—and who would've thought that the sight is something the brothers had miss a lot. Beel then felt tears forming on the corner of his eyes and hugged the toddler close.
"Beel is crying? Why Beel cry?" Lucifer cupped his brother's cheek and stared worriedly.
Beel gave him a smile and shook his head, "It's nothing... Don't worry..."
An excited Levi interrupted the moment when he burst open the door towards the common room and announced, "Behold! The ultimate onesies!"
Oblivious to the current atmosphere, Levi continued ranting about his purchases while excitedly opening the Akuzon package, "Me and Asmo bought this for Lucifer. Look look! A bunny onesies! And and and and I bought a cat onesies too! I'm sure Satan will like it! Lmao! Oh and I also bought this really cute PJs! It matches well with-"
"Levi! Why didn't you tell me the package has arrived!" Asmo faked his cries as he rushed towards Levi.
"Oh Asmo! Come quick! It's really cute! I love them all so much!"
The two brothers successfully changed the melancholic atmosphere into a warm one as they pressured Lucifer to try them on.
"That's so cute!" Asmo squealed again. He took out his D.D.D to capture some photos of Lucifer in bunny onesies. Lucifer only stood quietly while the third born and the fifth born had their mini photoshoot session with him.
Mammon and Beel only watched them in action while quietly agreeing on Asmo and Levi's clothing decision. It's not everyday that they get to see Lucifer in onesies.
But all movement halted when Lucifer broke down into tears. Overwhelmed by the cameras and the constant nitpicking from the two made him feel annoyed and uncomfortable.
"Alright, let's stop this. I'll comfort him," Beel made a move and swiftly picked Lucifer up before patting his back gently. The bunny ear tickled Beel's cheek but he paid it no mind and continued shushing the poor toddler, "It's okay... They've stop. See? No one's taking your picture again. It's okay Lucifer..."
Lucifer only whined and sobbed. He clutched Beel's jacket tightly as the latter took him away from the others. It may take some time before he's okay again but Beel won't leave Lucifer's side until he stopped crying.
Taglist: @bissshitu @candymeowz
Anti-Lucifer League's members will appear more in the next part so stay tuned! Thanks for reading and if you want to be in the taglist for the next part, let me know.
You can read Part 2 here.
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obeythebutler · 5 months ago
Sitting on the Laps of The Seven Demon Brothers
Prologue: Sometimes the best way to grab your demonic boyfriend's attention is to go and sit on his lap. Be warned, reactions will vary, and you might find yourself doomed or not wanting to leave at all....😏
When he's too occupied in his work, and won't even spare a glance at you, or is simply lounging by the fireplace, with a vinyl record playing, then these are the right circumstances to go and plop yourself on his lap.
Lucifer will be shocked..for a moment, and his eyes will widen before that infamous smirk comes along, and he'll adjust his position accordingly to make you comfortable.
Depending on the situation, he will rest his face in the crook of your neck and hug you tiredly, or kiss your neck before holding you close gently and smile that adorable, serene one where his eyes are full of love for you and you feel weak in the knees and gooey inside. A blush will be visible at both times.
If you want to make him blush a bit more, go ahead, and kiss him.
They can escalate into...something more...if you wish...
What can I say, go and plop yourself on the Avatar of Pride's lap, and watch his reaction.
As these moments become common, you might find yourself involuntary going to sit on his lap, and even find Lucifer's hand motioning for you to come.
Sometimes, he's too occupied in one of his schemes or too engrossed in his DDD, browsing through God knows what, and won't even spare a glance at you, then this, my friend, is the right moment for you to go and declare his lap as your personal resting space.
Mammon will blush, and the item in his hands might get thrown across the room or on the nearest surface, and he will mutter how about how you surprised him, and just to tease, get up from his lap, I dare you.
You'll be pulled back, as he mutters about how you would want to sit on the Great Mammon's lap, after all !
Arms will be draped across your torso as he hold you close, and if you hug him tighter and lean into him he might combust from happiness.
And if you kiss him?
Mammon is going to blush hard as he recovers from the blow you gave him, and leans forward to give you a kiss of his own.
Depending on how you play your cards, you won't be able to walk tomorrow or might have an impromptu cuddling session, which you initiated by plopping on his lap.
And as this becomes a common occurrence, you might find yourself being dragged on Mammon's lap, but who are you to deny him ?
Sit on his lap in front of his brothers, please.
Sometimes Leviathan gets so engrossed in his games and anime that he zones out, and refuses to even acknowledge your presence, and if he does, all he answers is in hums and nods.
So, the best way to make him give you attention? Plop on his lap and watch his reaction.
He is going to take a hot moment to register that you are sitting on his lap, and then he's going to remove his headphones and splutter, questioning your motives.
Hold him tight, hold him close and then a shaky arm will come to wrap itself around your midriff as he blushes, muttering about how this isn't so bad.
As he slowly gets used to your 'blatant and sudden' displays of affection, he's going to want you to game with you sitting on his lap. A controller in both of your hands, as each tried to defeat the other.
And of course, Leviathan will win, because he has probably about thousand's years of experience at games. So, how to distract him? Kiss him.
Oh, he's going to short-circuit when you do that. He's going to probably have you thrown from his lap as he recovers from the shock.
But please give him time, and soon he will reciprocate with his own kisses.
And, if you do it right, you might just want to cover Henry's tank, to avoid your adopted son from seeing something that will scar him forever.
He gets so immersed in his books that he doesn't even care what's happening to his surroundings anymore. You could have an earthquake going on and he won't notice.
So, to grab your bookworm boyfriend's attention, go and plop on his lap like a kitty, and demand attention. Rub against his chest, and swat at the book.
He's going to chuckle as he puts the book down, and a Chesire grin adores his face. Satan will hold you close, and bury his face in your hair, because being like this brings him peace, rests his mind.
If you kiss him, he's going to go still for a moment but then kiss you back, with a light blush on his face.
It becomes a habit, whenever Satan is going to read he will mention it to you, which is an invitation to come and sit on his lap, and distract him from his books.
Meow at him, I dare you. Meow at him like a cat would, and watch the demon become putty.
If this might just have to distract him from his reading more often....
Asmodeus can get a bit..too focused while reading a magazine or browsing through Devilgram, and might hush at you when you try to grab his attention.
How to make him focus on you? Sit on his lap.
He's going to go silent, and blink once, twice, and then a grin spreads across his face. My, my, getting bold, aren't we? The item in his hands is going to be put down, as he wraps his arms around you.
You're going to get so many kisses! On the top of your head, on your forehead, nose, lips, wherever he can reach. And he smells so nice...
A giddy blush adores his face as he looks down at you in his lap, and you might even find him shed a few tears...
He's going to have you sit on his lap a lot, doesn't matter in private or on in front of his brothers! And, if you don't, he's going to come and sit on your lap!
And if you're feeling a bit frisky, just move your hips when on his lap. He's absolutely delighted!
Better makes the house's inhabitants wear earplugs then....
Who doesn't want to sit on the lap of Beelzebub?
Most of the time, he's eating his fiftieth sandwich or roast while staring off into space, with a thoughtful expression on his face. And his lap looks...too inviting....
So you go and declare his lap your personal pillow. Beel is taken aback, but then he adjust his posture and offers you a piece of whatever he's eating. It's sweet, to be snuggled up on the furnace known as Beelzebub.
If you look up to him, he is going to find it hard to resist kissing you. Anytime you want a kiss, look up. Once you looked up with a strawberry between your lips, and Beel almost bit your lips off.
If you want attention, go and sit on his lap, with some snacks. And the scene is so wholesome that there are many pictures of you two like this.
His arms wrap themselves around you, and it's so snug and comfortable you might find yourself dozing off.
If you want to get a little frisky, grind your hips against his crotch and give him the sweetest look you can muster.
You might have trouble walking later though.
Getting the attention of the Avatar of Sloth is pretty easy if he's awake. Only if he's awake.
Just go and plop yourself on his lap. He'll raise an eye at your boldness but let you snuggle into him nonetheless, and his face will be hidden in the crook of your neck. Oh, he's definitely blushing.
His arms will wrap around you like a koala and depending on his mood, he will place his chin on your head to tease you or lean into your scent. His fingers card through your hair as he hums.
Perhaps it's the snugness of your position or perhaps his sin is at work that you find yourself sleepy. And Belphegor makes for an excellent body pillow.
Kiss him like this, I dare you. Belphegor is going to go all shades of red at once before reciprocating with a kiss of his own.
And you might just fall asleep together like this.
Anytime you want attention, throw yourself on his lap, as he grumbles but cuddles you nonetheless.
If you do it right, you will find your sleep schedule extended, or perhaps, delayed...but hey, this means more time with your demon!
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MC who uses the pacts with the brothers to help them
Tumblr media
Lucifer: MC, what are you doing at my desk?
MC: I'm doing your paperwork.
Lucifer: Do you even know what the paperwork is?
MC: Monthly budget, Annual budget, Renovation budget, new Student administration forms, Regulation reforms, Teacher salaries and Yearly syllabus revision. Barbatos told me what to do already so you can go relax.
Lucifer: MC, I couldn't possibly let you-
MC: You haven't slept well in the last week. Get your overworked ass in bed right now. That's a pact command. Goodnight.
Lucifer: *involuntarily tucking himself into bed* That's not how pacts were meant to be used, MC.
MC: My pact. I use it however I want to. Now sleep.
Lucifer: *dreams up extravagant ways to thank MC*
Mammon: MC have you seen Goldie?
MC: Yes. She is currently in my bookshelf.
Mammon: Thanks! *Tries to look for it*
MC: I forbid you to take it. That's a command.
Mammon: *can't reach for bookshelf* Oi MC! You can't use the pact for such things!
MC: I just did. Now I command you to read this. *hands a book to Mammon*
Mammon: "Ways to detect and outwit cheaters: Gambler games edition"?
MC: I doubt that your luck is bad enough to make you lose five bets in one week. I think something is fishy. So read this and get prepared for the next time. Only after that I'll give you Goldie.
Mammon: You, why would you-
MC: If your gambling addiction can't be cured, atleast I can better your chances at winning. Now go read.
Mammon: *blushes, almost crying in happiness* Th-that's my human!
Levi: MC, MC! Come fast! The new episode of 'Miyahori' just dropped!
MC: Yes! I'm coming! Ahh I have such a crush on the male lead I can't wait to see him!
Levi: Of course! He's so cool! Not a loser, yucky otaku like me who can't even leave his roo-
MC: You're no longer allowed to talk yourself down. Only compliments allowed. That's a command.
Levi: Ha as if it will change the fact I'm a passionate, enthusiastic supporter of- wait WHAT AM I SAYING? MC WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!
MC: You're an amazing game strategist and a true supporter of artists and creators. Above all, you're my best friend. And I won't have you talk bad about my best friend, get it? *Headpats*
Levi: *in tears, hugging MC* You're the bestest friend ever!
Satan: MC where are you taking me?
MC: I manifested a secret room perfect for you to relax and be free. Solomon helped with the spells.
Satan: The library serves me that purpose already.
MC: No silly. There's something you can't possibly do in the library.
Satan: *enters a room stacked with books and with ten cats just playing around* This... this is brilliant...
MC: You will always come here whenever you feel like lashing out in anger.
Satan: Did you just use a command on me?
MC: I know it gets extremely hard to keep calm at home what with all the constant chaos. And you can't help but add to the chaos just to annoy Lucifer, cause that's what makes you feel better. Well that doesn't actually help the situation and worsens it farther, hence, you deserve a better coping mechanism.
Satan: *already on the floor with three cats crawling into his lap* I gladly accept but ...I'd prefer some company-
MC: I also command you to tell me whenever you need my company.
Satan: *blushes and kisses their hand* I would be elated to have you by my side always.
Asmo: MC! Get dressed! We're going to another party!
MC: Asmo we've already been to five parties this week. And you've been having hangovers every morning. Maybe let's keep it lowkey for a while?
Asmo: Oh I know but it's so boring in the house! It's almost depressing! Come on MC I wanna have fun!
MC: I command you to come with me to Purgatory hall to have a slumber party.
Asmo: *squealing* You don't need you to command me for THAT! I'm in!
MC: Yes and I also forbid you to go out partying more than three parties a week. That much exhaustion isn't good for your skin Asmo.
Asmo:*smothers them in cheek kisses* Oh MC, you're using our pact all in my favour? Oh how can you be this adorable?
Beel: MC, I'm you have anything to eat?
MC: Beel it's 3 a.m. Did you empty the fridge again?
Beel: *guilty nods*
MC: Sigh come here... *Brings out a big pack of chips* I order you to eat as slowly as you can from now onwards.
Beel: *eats chips one at a time savoring each bite*
MC: I noticed your stomach only ever stays calm when you're in the process of eating. So eating slower will keep your hunger calmer and you won't have to feel hungry and helpless at odd times.
Beel: *happily digging into food with a blush* Am I allowed to eat with you? I want to feed you too MC!
MC: Belphie wake up! You already skipped school thrice this week!
Belphie: Don't.. wanna...go... *Turns away*
MC: Belphie I know you usually nap a lot but this is too much even by your standards. Even Beel is worried. Is something bothering you?
Belphie: I know you're wary of me MC. You don't open up to me as much as the others. And I know I can't fix it. So I'd rather sleep and not be painfully aware of it all the time.
MC: ...I command you to never inflict injuries on me again.
Belphie: ...did you just use our pact to-?
MC: Yes I did. So there isn't any need for me to be wary anymore. Understood? *gets into bed with Belphie*
Belphie: MC...
MC: *holds him* Maybe I'll skip too today.
Belphie: *holds them close and smiles* Thank you...
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hisvillainess · 5 days ago
ohhhhh thirst you say
how about or favorite demon king Daivolo and size kink.... hehehe
(psa I hope you know who this is)
i'm going to add Beel to this too because i want to and no one can stop me. you're so silly for sending it off anon haha love you.
𖤐 ───── 𝐬𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤! ───── 𖤐
𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙. switch!diavolo, beel, gn!reader
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. size kink, oral (m receiving), deepthroating kinda, mentions of topping/domming diavolo, mating press position with diavolo, 765 words, no explicit mentions of readers body type besides being smaller than them, minors do not interact
𝖆/𝖓. they're big, beefy and their backs must hurt from carrying the biggest cocks in DevilDom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 𖤐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖔
Poor Diavolo. He’s so clueless about his size that he doesn’t even know how much his cock is splitting you open. Even after lots of foreplay, beads of sweat will roll down his temple as he gently tries to push the tip in, slowly stretching you out while it’s coated in lube just so it can fit you. It’s so thick and heavy that it almost feels like your first time and the Prince shudders from the warmth of your walls squeezing his length. It hugs him so tight that you’re practically milking him and turning him into a sensitive mess — even with shallow thrusts. Diavolo initially takes it slow so he doesn’t hurt you but after his whole dick is completely inside you, he can’t promise he won’t go feral. Once pain turns into pleasure, he won’t hesitate to put you in a mating press. He’ll tower over you and have your knees pressed against your chest. He’s so close to you that can even feel the muscles on his thighs tense up as he’s pounding you, making the bed shake mercilessly. Both of you would be whimpering and moaning, fucking each other into pure bliss. He doesn’t even notice how you struggle to hold onto something — anything — because his large frame is going at you so hard that you need to grip onto something for stability; otherwise you’d just flail like a limp doll if you didn’t. Your hands are either bunched into fists in the sheets or they’re prettily decorating his neck as you hold on for dear life. Sometimes he helps you by firmly pressing your elbows into the mattress to hold you in place; his grip will never falter and you’ll be quivering until the moment you cum. He’s the switchiest of switches so let’s not forget when you top/dom him. You basically fuck yourself dumb on his cock, making him a whining baby while he desperately bucks his hips just to have more of you. It’s exhilarating for him to see someone smaller than him taking control of his large self — he relishes his power taken away from him in exchange for immense pleasure. The way you take the lead can turn even the big, scary Demon Prince into a needy sub. He almost sees the size difference as a challenge and he loves that you can overlook that. Diavolo didn’t even know he had a size kink until he started craving your touch in these ways. If he’s chatting to you in front of others, one look at your body will send him visions of the two of you ruining each other. He might just have to take you somewhere private and deal with those thoughts his way — most likely against a wall or on his desk. 
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 (𝖈𝖜. oral ((m receiving)), deepthroating kinda)
Beel is precious. He knew he had a size kink the moment you struggled to give him head. Your lips were only halfway down his shaft and tears were already pooling in your eyes. He was worried about hurting you but those thoughts instantly left his mind when drool began bubbling at the corners of your mouth because you were trying so hard to deepthroat him. The slobbering made his dick immensely wet; he could have busted a nut just from feeling you struggle down his shaft. It was kind of like an awakening for him — an ‘ah, I get it now’ type of thing. Your hands hugged the base of his cock as you started bobbing your head and Beel tossed his head back as he simultaneously pushed yours down. He fucked your mouth slowly while suppressing the loudest groan. “Fuckkk— you feel so good.”  His cock felt so big in your mouth, he just wanted to push it in even more. He loved seeing your eyes widen, your cheeks hollowed and tear-stained because you were doing your best to suck it. He truly felt bad but to him, you looked so adorable trying to endure the burning in your cheek as it adjusted to his size.  He loved it when he popped it out of your mouth and saw the size of it compared to your head — so thick and veiny. With his hand wrapped around his girth, he used the pressure in his thumb to gently tap the swollen head of his cock on your tongue, drawing strings of saliva from your taste buds. Beel may be a sweetheart but you know how he is when he wants something so don’t underestimate how dirty he can be ESPECIALLY when you’re on your knees for him. 
Tumblr media
© Hisvillainess — all rights reserved. please do not modify, claim or repost.
tags: @babydai @thesimphouse
if you’re interested, apply to my taglist HERE ♥️
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danger-noodle-uwu · 2 months ago
I'm new to tumblr so is this how you do request? May I request the brothers forgetting mc's birthday and later remembering it. How would they react? Maybe they were busy or something. Your choice if you wanna do the dateables too.
Trigger warning
Mentions of Angst/sad/slight comfort
Busy almost all the time, the first-born barely spent time with our dear Mc. He would try to finish the work only for more to be slammed on his desk.
Never would his brothers acknowledge his efforts or the sacrifices he made for them. Instead they'd mock him. Mock him for being absent at all family times. Mock him for doing what he does.
It was once again such a time, such a day. They didn't bother to care what the day has held for his beloved. It was their birth.
The birth of the one who truly changed his life along with his brothers. It was such a blessing yet he forgot about it. Entirely.
The Avatar of pride was strong, Lucifer wasn't. He was weak. Vulnerable. Especially against his brothers whom he adored with his entire being.
And the mocking words had stabbed him deeply, which made his current state as to how it was. Drunk. Wounded. Crying.
Rubbing his eyes, he awoke to a mess of his office which screamed the need for cleanliness.
During the process, he found the calender. A sweet calender gifted him by his doll.
A smile had crept on his face as he lifted it for what? Perhaps to calm the unsettling feeling in his bones that told him to run but where he didn't know?
While their lover was, Mc wilted much like a delicate flower would if the sun stopped shinning, they were laying curled on the floor of his room. Mc needed him.
How could he forget his own lover's birthday?! even after he promised... it hurts.. so much...
Yesterday. The poor human cut the cake wished themselves a happy birthday when he didn' pain...
The realization hit hard. He ran to Mc's room as fast as he could. A shiver ran his spine and the horror in his stomach grew as each and every step was taken.
Yet could not find them, so he went over to his office expecting a fuming Mc.
He was once again not right, for his beloved was breaking down as he took them into his arms. Consoling.
He apologised and comforted them. Reassuring them over and over again. Reminding them his heart still is with them and no-could ever take it away.
He later threw a party, just like how you wanted. You. Him. And the growing fragrance of the candles surrounding you both.
Though late as it may have been, it was the best birthday the innocent human had. Smiling while he kissed your knuckles, he asked for your hand in marriage.
Never had you expected this...
"I Found the reason for my smile, the day I found you. Will you let me be the reason for your smile and marry me, my love?"
As most had expected, he forgot your birthday due to witches or the modeling gig, he did not.
Instead he forgot about preparing your birthday gifts. His excitement had always gotten the best of him.
The Avatar of greed did not have enough budget to prepare the gift you dearly wished for, therefore multiple part-time jobs and skipping RAD became more often.
Despite the scolding, he didn't bother and worked on, just imagining the smile you'd make once you saw what he got you.
''I'll make Mc smile. Just one more hour extra and the budget would be*chef's kiss* '' he thought as his co-workers packed their belongings up.
It was late night and the moons shined brightly over the streets of devildom however he wasn't much worried because it was not like your birthday the next day. (it was)
Stretching his arms, he woke up around 1:35 pm due to his fucked up sleep schedule, only to be greeted by your excited figure cuddling him.
Grey-haired demon thought it was the Delirium before the day itself. He was wrong.
At first he acted totally oblivious to the fact any special day was just around the corner. He knew that surprises even more better!!
And then your great mammon ignored you for a while to rid of the risk of you following him to the destination.
Though his plan was to get your hopes down, he ended up making you cry. It hurts a lot especially when the love of your life forgets your birthday afterall you gave him everything he wanted on his.
The visit was successful. He even had extras left to treat you!!!
The was big achievement for someone who hated working to the slightest, to work for 3 weeks and multiple jobs!!!
But before he left, the seller mocked him about being a damned day late for this gift could have been sold at a better price if not booked.
That is when it all clicked and he panicked. Today was your birthday! Oh shit!!
He rushed home back to you. As he ran, he planned how to ask for your forgiveness.
" Oi Mc I'm sorry!--Oh hell no!!" "Mc I fucked I am sorry, please forgive afterall I'm your first man.--fuck this shit imma just play smooth."
Panting, he paused right before the door of your room and knocked lightly. Seeking your permission to enter.
You lazily opened the door for him, tired after shedding many tears for him.
Mammon instantly knew what to do. "Oi Mc I'm sorry for not wishing ya' a happy birthday earlier but I was busy buyin you somethin', here darlin' close your eyes."
Hearing his apology, you felt oddly happy and followed his request. Soon you felt a soft cold metal cling to your wrist. A bracelet, huh.?
"Open y'er eyes, human." On your wrist was bracelet that said 'His human' and another matching one was on his wrist which said 'Their stupid' . (Now isn't that adorable?)
"I was savin' up for this, so ya' better appreciate it. Hmph!" Giggling you yelled 'I love you' at him making him blush immediately.
However, when he spoke, he spoke genuinely and not in tsundere.
"Ya' make my life worth living. You bring smiles to my face, and y'er touch shows me how much you love me and care for me. Y'er my friend and my lover. Happy Birthday!"
With envy filled to the brim, Leviathan was very focused upon you and having your attention only for himself. To not let anyone snatch you away for they could better be than him, he'd make notes to treat you like royalty and improve his guilt-tripping habits.
Guilt, regret, shame. His heart screamed within the confines of his chest, as he rubbed your back assuring you that he still loved and will continue to do so.
It was his envy. It had always been his envy. Who always held him captive like a bird in a cage, he struggled to break free. He just couldn't.
The fault was his for if he hadn't given in to the jealousy named poison, you would be happily celebrating your birthday rather than crying in his embrace.
The fault was his for if he hadn't screamed at your friends who just came to congratulate you about getting in a relationship with the demon you very much loved and to wish you a birthday.
They left because of him. Not because he humiliated them but he forgot his own lover's birthday and called them a pathetic cheater, as they didn't feel like reminding of what the day was. They had left off with their friends, returning at HOL at night only to get yelled at.
Caring friends as they were, they tried convincing Mc to leave which his love refused. So, they left pitying the poor human.
No-matter how much Mc begged her companions to stay, they didn't.
Oh the suffering for His Normie, they ran upto him vulnerable-ly and started hitting him weakly, breaking down. Why was he? Why was he like this?! Why must he always leave you crying due to his envy?!
"Hey easy...calm down please, I'm sorry. I really am sorry, please forgive me and I promise I will make everything right. Please." "How..?" "Please trust me. My love." "Are you sure..?" "Yes...yes...I love you..."
Could you really trust his statement? You wondered. He could forget his word much like how he forgot your birthday.
The great admiral of hell's navy was true to his word, and successfully united you again with those who almost abandoned you or it seemed like--but no they were just disappointed. They were never going to do such a thing.
The meet went smoothly, and soon the the sun was setting casting shadows along with dying light, it was a dreamy sight for anyone.
Leviathan had known that he still had to make upto you properly and therefore, he took you to the cosmos of frodane.
Red, blue, yellow, any colour you could possibly think of was there, shining as brightly you were.
Taking in a shaky breath, the Avatar of envy gave you a bouquet, each flower consisting different scent which complimented the other.
The shimmer in your eyes gave you away and he gave you a sweetly addicting kiss while mumuring...
"I always cause some mess. It is never your fault. I’m sorry for making you feel unhappy. I cannot believe that I cause hurt to you. You are my only hope for my life. I promise you that I will do my best to make a better version of myself for you, my 3rd waifu~"
And here we go... the pain and the suffering. Lol
Hope you like it and stay safe everyone. ♡♡♡
Have a good day!
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imalivebarelystriving · 22 days ago
How the dateables would react to you running up to them and giving them a tackle hug
And now, it's their turn. This was fun to write, so i hope you all enjoy!
Let's be honest
When you hear the words "prince of hell", you'll probably try and avoid it at all costs
And that's what people usually do
So Diavolo unfortunately doesn't get affection very often
But hey!
There's a human running with 2 and 1/2 braincells
There's no certain time you should run to him
Usually, he's always with Barbatos or Lucifer, sometimes both
So I don't think you can avoid the lecture from either of them
Just go for it
The big smile on his face is 100% worth it.
He'll definitely catch you
Like Beel, he's also really, really tall
So make sure to really Hinata Shoyo jump at him
A lot of people compare Diavolo to a puppy
I totally agree with that statement
His face is going to light up and he's going to be so happy
He has no idea what you just did to him, but he loves it.
"MC! What did you just do? Haha, It's nice. You should do this more often. Is thi a human thing? To run up to others and hug them? How interesting!"
Barbatos is also usually around Diavolo
So if you wanna tackle hug him, Diavolo would probably be around to witness it
And Barbatos might get a little embarrassed because he's being unprofessional
He'll be a little surprised, but he would like it
Butler Boy has to have fast reflexes if he's serving the future king
Although you might've almost given him a heart attack
He knows what you're doing
He's gonna have that smug grin on his face
You know what I'm talking about
He will question your motives
Just smile at him and he'll accept it
He welcomes the action, but prefers if you do it while both of you are alone
which is not very often tbh
"Hm? MC? You... It seems like I underestimated you. You do unexpectable things, don't you? I admit that although this is nice, please do this when we are not in the company of others." "Can I have a hug next?" "Young Master, please do not ask MC to run at you."
Angel boi
so pure
so sweet
Do not, and i repeat, do not do it in front of Luke
He will be jealous
Of you or of Simeon, i still haven't figured that out yet
Moving on
Try it when he's taking a break from writing, or when he has a writer's block.
He'll definitely appreciate it
Simeon may be a shady angel
But his heart is in the right place
And what I mean by "in the right place"
Is catching you and giving you an even tighter hug
You know that thing where person A just bridal carries person B?
Yeah that's going to be you two for the next hour or so
i wish someone would tackle hug me when I have writer's block :')
Everyone around you guys will be confused
Ignore them and be with your angel man
"Oh- MC? How nice of you to do that, haha. Let me return the favour." "Simeon- WOAH" "Ahaha, I hope you like being carried."
This man was the reason this post took so long
I am afraid of Shady McShady face
Solomon is probably used to the affection already
Since he does have a pact with Asmo
The best time to tackle hug him is when he's taking a break from something.
Like a spell or some homework
Ye oldie has lived for thousands of years, his reflexes are sharp
He'll catch you for sure
He's less surprised than the others
Though he's still as happy
He'll definetly tease you a bit though
Just to get a reaction out of you
I like to think that he uses his cape as a blanket sometimes
So he'll just wrap his cape around you
And then go back to his spell/work
He would like it if you stayed around him afterwards
You did just tackle hug him
It's the least you could do, right?
"MC- Did you pick that up from Asmodeus? Ahaha, he does that a lot, doesn't he? I do like it better when you do it. Don't tell him I said that."
You crash into him and both of you get a concussion
You're no longer allowed to be alone with Luke without supervision
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asmo-ds · 8 months ago
I love your writing so damn much! 💖💕💞 You really bring these bois to life in your own unique way and I’m here asf for it! 💞💗💗 I’d like request head cannons of the brothers reacting to a dummy thicc MC! Sis has no business having a body so hot that it makes succubus both envious and turned on! She normally wears modest clothes like a sweater and jeans but her figure makes the outfit look unnecessarily seductive even when she does simple things like scroll through her D.D.D or when she’s bending over to pick something up
Tumblr media
w/ Dummy Thicc! F! MC (18+)
Warnings: thicc overload and horniness
Summary: How the brothers react to an MC who is dummy thicc and makes even the succubi of RAD jealous and is even comparable to Diavolo’s dummy thiccness
Tumblr media
- He tries to be respectful, he really does, but whenever MC bends over he can’t help himself from ogling her behind
- He feels ashamed of his habit of staring when he and MC aren’t dating, if someone points out he’s staring they will not live to see tomorrow
- Tries to walk in front of behind to avoid staring at their bottom 
- If MC ever wears something that is very form fitting he will have to leave the room and take a breather and beg his dick to calm down
- After he and MC start dating though, he won’t hesitate to touch her constantly
- His favorite thing to do in the bedroom is whip and spank MC’s curvaceous ass and leave his mark on her
- When he is stressed out with his paperwork he will force MC to sit on his lap while he works, he really enjoys the warm feeling of her soft bottom on his thighs
- When sitting next to each other he has a habit of squeezing her thigh playfully or just resting his hand there and rubbing circles on them
- Takes pride in the way succubi enviously eye his lover and how he is the only one who can touch her
Tumblr media
- Whenever MC bends over his face goes completely red and he covers his eyes because he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable
- Mammon is a boob guy, so he LOVES to nuzzle his face into her chest or feel her soft breasts press up against him when they hug
- When the they start dating MC needs to beware, because Mammon has a habit of grabbing at the things he wants
- AKA he’s going to give lots of surprise butt squeezes (even in public where everyone can see because that’s his human and he really wants to drive that point home) or if they’re alone he’ll shove his hands up her shirt and just rest them on her breasts with the occasional squeeze
- During sex he loves two positions
- A. Her round ass up in the air for him to stare and grab at
- OR B. Her riding him in a way he can bury his face in their chest
- Also loves to tease her when his hands are cold by shoving them under her shirt to warm them on her big mommy milkers
Tumblr media
- Stares at the ceiling whenever MC bends over so that he isn’t looking anywhere near her AND so the blood doesn’t spill out of his nose
- If he does stare and gets caught he will lock himself in his room for weeks, until MC comes and forces him to come back
- When they start dating he LOVES resting between her legs so his back is against her stomach and the back of his head rests on her breasts
- During sex he likes to wrap his tail around her tits and play with them
- He is also into cosplay so he often puts her into thigh highs and short skirts that just barely cover her bottom
- Too shy to give her but/tit squeezes where anybody could walk in and see, so he opts to just squeeze her thighs when sitting together
- If anybody else (even his brothers) looks at MC like they want her, he will drag MC out of there and mutter about her being his, and this happens quite frequently
Tumblr media
- He doesn’t usually feel tempted to look at people’s bodies in such lewd ways but damn MC is hot
- Tries to be a gentleman but can’t help himself from staring when she bends over or when she walks up stairs/runs and all her ~assets~ bounce with every step
- If he pops a boner from seeing MC look so unintentionally lewd he will excuse himself and hide in his room, reading erotica and picturing him and MC in those situations
- Like his dad Lucifer, he loves to leave harsh marks on her round ass and thighs during sex
- He also loves having her sit on his lap while he reads because she is so warm and soft and cuddly and ;))))
- while sleeping he is the type to nuzzle into her chest like they are pillows made just for him
- Is also a part of the 'would shove his cold hands down her shirt to be annoying’ club
Tumblr media
- When she first arrives in the Devildom, Asmodeus is constantly staring with zero shame
- He will make comments about how hot she looks doing certain things (unless she asks him to stop then he will do so immediately)
- In the bedroom he likes to kiss at every curves and leave love bites, marking her as his before he indulges in her any further
- When asleep his hands subconsciously go up MC’s shirt to hold her boob and he will probably squeeze and massage it in his sleep
- MC could just be standing in the kitchen chilling and the next thing you know a loud ass clap is heard and MC is blushing and holding her stinging butt
- Loves having her wear thigh highs as well as he things they just look so amazingly seductive and lewd on her curvy body
Tumblr media
- He doesn’t pay much mind to it at first, but when he does notice just how seductive MC is without even trying he just malfunctions and chokes on his food
- Playfully nibbles and bites at her curves when he’s feeling in the ~mood~
- Loves to bite and suck until MC’s curves are covered in his marks and nobody will even think of touching his human
- Enjoys the feeling on her thicc thighs tightening around his head as he enjoys his meal if you’re picking up what I'm putting down ;)
- Won’t grab at them in plain sight like Asmo or Mammon BUT in private he love to hold their ass while cuddling
- Like Asmodeus, he often gropes at their soft breasts in his sleep BUT it’s because he thinks their marshmallows in his dream
- If MC points out he was doing so in his sleep he will grow very flustered and apologetic, but can’t help but smile because damn it was a good ass dream
Tumblr media
- The first time he saw MC running up the stairs to come see what was in the attic he stared at her bouncing chest
- He was immediately flustered but as he realized they were a human he grew disgusted with himself
- After the incident he does not hesitate to stare at them openly
- Using all of their thiqqness as a pillow? yes. 
- He loves the feeling of their soft ass, breasts and thighs on this head as he falls asleep
- Likes when they ride him because he can watch their breasts bouncing and he can cop a real good feel of their ass and thighs from there
- if he is annoyed with them and they are laying on their stomach he usually will lean down and bite them on the ass
- The third member of “putting my freezing hands on her breasts to warm them up and annoy her” gang
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obey-me-stuffs · 5 months ago
Headcannon- Obey me Brothers Fangs and Claws
There isn't really an Mc in here.
Lucifer's fangs aren’t really noticeable unless you’re looking for them.
They are decent sized, but there’s so many other intimidating parts of Lucifer that his fangs seem minimal in comparison.
His fangs are wolf-like canines on his top and bottom Jaw.
He doesn't often use these fangs in battle because he finds biting as a rather undignified way of fighting.
Lucifer does however use his Claws rather frequently.
Mammon's misbehaving in public? He’ll subtly dig his nails into Mammon’s arm until he stops.
His claws are small but sharp making them a good weapon that most don’t see coming.
His claws are also rather strong so he can hold on to things that try to pull away.
Mammon’s fangs are more short and stubby.
They are similar to Lucifer's in that they are more dog like canines.
However Mammon’s are much less threatening.
Mammon will use his fangs in battle and much to peoples surprise he’s pretty good at it.
Even tough His fangs aren’t that sharp, Mammon has a good bite force and can easily leave people bleeding if he wishes.
Mammon's Claws are average sized, but like his fangs they aren’t all that sharp.
Mammon doesn’t use his nails much in fighting because while his hands are quick, they aren’t all that strong.
He could leave a lot of scratches but they wont be deep.
Levi’s Fangs are unique.
He only has fangs on the top of his mouth, and they resemble snake fangs.
This means that they are rather fragile, but they are vaguely venomous.
Levi can regrow his fangs, but its very painful so he often only uses them as a last resort.
His venom could kill someone, but it would take a lot of it.
Levi’s claws are long and sharp.
They aren’t quite as long as Asmos, but they are an easy second.
Levi often fights with his claws, and they can make some deep cuts if he wants.
Satan’s fangs are very similar to a large Felines(Shocker).
They are the second largest, and Satan wont hesitate to show them off when he’s angry.
Satan doesn’t often bite people, but he will destroy things with his fangs if he’s very angry.
He can cause a lot of damage with those things, so best hide your belongings.
Satan’s claws are average at first glance, but they are SHARP.
He can retract his claws to a degree, so they are actually longer than they look.
He will use his claws to attack people, and will show no mercy whilst doing so.
Asmo’s fangs are more curved inwards than his brothers.
This means that its more difficult to bite people, but once he gets there its near impossible to break out of it.
Asmo doesn't mind this however because he only really bites people in the bedroom, and then he’s in no rush.
He doesn't have great bite force, but the shape of his teeth make it so that he doesn't have to.
Asmos Claws are are the real threat.
His claws are by far the longest of all his brothers, and they are sharp too.
Not as sharp as Satan’s, but there sheer length makes up for it.
Asmo is skilled in using his claws in bed, and even battle when he does encounter it.
Beel is the avatar of gluttony, if you ever do have to fight him, stay away from his jaws at all costs. 
Beel’s fangs are the largest of all his brothers, and quite frankly the largest of any demons.
His teeth are strong and sharp, similar to a bears in structure.
Not to mention Beel has a bite force greater than Cerberus.
Beel can bite through stone, so its easy to say that no one wants to be bitten by Beel.
Usually the shear threat of bearing his teeth is enough to end a fight but he will use his fangs if he has no other choice.
Beels Claws are average sized, though they aren’t that sharp.
Beel would rather fight with his claws than his fangs because he could crush a skull on accident with his jaws.
Belphie’s fangs are similar to those of a puppy, tiny and extremely sharp.
People will often underestimate his fangs because they look so small, but get to close and he will bite you.
Belphie prefers to use his fangs, because it takes less effort.
Belphies Claws are curved, and he often uses them similarly to a sloth.
He could cling to an opponents back, and bite them without even having to stand up.
He also tends to cling to Beel with his claws since Beel isn’t hurt by it.
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omkookie · 5 months ago
MC : *picking up a fish* How will henry eat this? He's a goldfish...
Levi : Just give it to him and you'll see
MC : *throws the fish at henry*
Henry : *turns his head into a big sea monster's and captures the fish*
MC :
Levi : See? He got it!
Levi : He is, but a special one!
Henry : *turns his head back to normal*
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belphe-whore · 4 months ago
Hey may I ask for some headcanons for the bros? I would like to see how they would react to a naturally sneaky MC, like they don't mean to sneak but they're really quiet walker and so on? But only if you want to write this, also feel free to ignore this if it breaks some rules
I am soooooo late on this sorry for my failing mental stability for delaying this. I love this because I relate to this so much even though I’m not a small person lol.
MC is gender neutral
dem demon bros reacting to a non-intentionally sneaky MC:
Refuses to admit that you’ve startled him because proud baby
Has almost popped a blood vessel holding himself together as to not react
Makes you wear some sort of charm that alerts him to where you are and tells you it’s for like the exchange program thing
When you startle him again because the charm said you were out of the house yet you are right in front of you will get angrier than he should
“Oh that charm? Oh yea Mammon took it to pawn off.”
“Why are you so calm about this MC? Why did you let him take it?”
“He gave me one of his home made bracelets with our initials in exchange and I like it.”
Somehow charms both of your match bracelets yes now he can track you and Manmon
Definitely the one that over reacts the most
It is cannon he is a bit jumpy and spooked easily
At first you think he’s just being mean because he keeps complaining about the human
Has 💯 done stupid things to make it look like you didn’t startle him
Tumblr media
If you know this video I love you and 💯 mammon
Buys you bangles so they clang and then he thinks ghost because he never sees you before running
Will probably try to use your gift for nefarious reasons
Has lost you in places may suggest getting you a leash
Actually allows you to break the ice with him a bit in the beginning
Being anti social he is a lot different when he’s alone and everyone knows gamers talk to themselves or just talking to his brother thinking you’re not around
Is super embarrassed the first few times because you caught him unguarded but then is smitten that you laugh at his jokes or finds things he’s into really fascinating
Has almost struck you with his tail when he’s talking while gaming and you say something back and he doesn’t know you’re there
Realizes he needs to be calmer with your presence or he will get a hernia from being on edge all the time not know when you’ll pop up
Writes a little comic strip about you being sneaky and people thinking it’s some super power but you’re just quite (hobbit vibes)
Side note every time I read his name now I read it in Mammon’s voice from the cat voice scene.
Has almost YEEEEETED you into the abyss because he thinks of himself as very aware of his surroundings
Tumblr media
Pulls a Hades almost every time (also low key want a hades character as much as Mephistopheles)
Is the quickest to adapt to you though
Finds it invigorating to figure out how to figure out your secrets and generally enjoys observing you
10/10 has plans for the Lucifer hate club
Hasn’t figured your movements out but has learned to not panic
Just more like
Tumblr media
Loves it
He loves how spontaneous it is even though you’re not trying to be spontaneous
Doesn’t freak out just hugs you and coos
Or is dramatic with the omg thank god you’re here listen....
Loves when he sees you in his mirror reflection when everyone else would find that extremely unsettling
Mc just like in the mirror
Tumblr media
Acts even more playful and sexy when you’re not around hoping you’ll “catch him”
Low key mad you haven’t caught him doing something naughty
Is never bothered by it.
He deals with 6 crazy ass brothers and deals with a bunch of demons and hell beings nothing really throws him off
His mood though will entirely depend on how close you are to his food and how intimate you to are
If you have a stronger relationship he just assumes you want a bite because that’s the only reason he lurks next to people
If not so strong relationship and close to food may get yeeted
Tumblr media
Genuinely doesn’t understand how you “scare” everyone else (except asmo)
Everyone hates that he uses the term scare because they’re demons and therefore cannot be scared
He’s fickle
It’s cannon
Sometimes he hates it
Sometimes he likes it
You never get much of a reaction out of him
He’s usually always asleep anyways
And he’s used to people being around or sneaking around him while he’s sleeping
When he’s awake and you do it he just latches onto you
Tumblr media
Yes I used a sloth on purpose
Sometimes it bothers him if it interrupts a twilight nap or if he’s watching tv
Either way will pull you down and latch onto you
ALWAYS teases that it’s always to take a nap with him
Has the same issue so kind of relates to you
Though he’s just usually asleep in some bizarre space
Suggests a cow bell 🐄
I love this one and now I really want to do the converted d’arables? Don’t know what to call them now.
Stay tuned.
Vex 🥷
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