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#obey me headcanon

Ok but what kinda RAD classes would there be and what would they be called?

Like yeah, we have Seductive Speechcraft, some kind of potions class, devildom history for sure. Fangol as an elective, there’d probably be something about how to break a human’s mind or such but what else? Arithmancy and transfiguration? Infernal speech?

Please if you have any headcannon or ideas, drop em here:

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Mammon x F!MC moment

Hi guys. I think I’m starting to taper in regards to writing for obey me but, I don’t think I’m ready to quit yet… but you’re also probably not gonna see a lot for me from here on either.

This means he stuff in my inbox are probably gonna take a while to get to, if at all. So for that, I’m sorry but I hope you understand.

Anyway, enjoy a fluffy-ish, artsy Mammon moment. Female mc because this is kinda art reflecting life.


Rare moments of quiet.

That’s what she loved most about their time alone; in time his bravado dropped, his nerves mellowed and the chaos of the house disappeared once his door closed behind them.

The mornings were her favourite. She was a night owl and he was an early bird; so he always woke up before her and it wasn’t uncommon to find him hunched over his desk doing, something.

At first, being the Avatar of Greed, she thought perhaps he was milling over his findings, admiring shiny gems, quietly counting coin or polishing jewellery.

Propping herself onto her elbow gave her just enough clearance to see the edges of a diary on the desk, peeking beneath his bent arm.

Eyes flicking up to his face, only his eyes visible above his shoulder, almost hidden by his tussled white locks; a look of deep concentration.

“What are you working on?” she asked quietly, the rough edge of sleep wavering her words to just above a whisper.

Mammon flinched none the less before lifting his head and glanced over his shoulder; a slight flush creeping across his cheeks as he smiled at her; bedsheets coiled around her frame and a curious look on her drowsy face.

He hesitated a moment before looking back to whatever held his attention. “Well… well people pay good money for art… so I…”

Tapering off, Mammon shyly glanced back over to his human and saw a small smile curl her lips. “May I see?” Her curiousity was growing at the prospect of seeing Mammom’s secret hobby, she sat up more and he couldn’t help but smile at how she held the sheet to her chest as she leant toward him.

“You should feel so lucky,” he huffed with a smirk, though the heat on his face threatened to betray him. He took the visual diary in hand as he set down his pencil and spun his chair to face MC. “Not every one gets to see the Great Mammom’s work when it’s in progress.”

MC chuckled gently while he scooted his chair closer to the bed and placed the diary into her waiting hand; Mammon watching her expression as her gaze moved over the smudged sketch, her grin softening.

“So?” he squawked impatiently and instantly her eyes flicked up to him, her smile widening again.

“You’re very good.” Her words were simple yet Mammon felt the sincerity behind them; he leant forward and tilted his head, stealing a quick kiss to her neck and smiled at her giggling.

“I gotta do a little more work and then I’ll take ya out on the town… my treat. Just - just don’t tell no one, I don’t need people thinking I’m a charity, ya know!” He babbled on, taking the diary back and kissed her cheek before turning back to his desk.

And amused breath escaped MC as she lay back down. “It’ll be our little secret,” she offered while getting comfortable, propping herself in a way so she could still watch Mammon work.

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Interesting! This is definitely comedic and something I can do! I’m so happy you enjoy my writing! Stay safe yourself and have a nice day!


You were focusing on your phone; scrolling through devilgram as you lazily lounged on your sofa but you saw apples pop up on your feed. A new Apple based recipe coming up on some of the feed blogs you’ve followed.

You weren’t really sure how to bring up your DISDAIN for apples. Your absolute HATRED for them. Was it the texture? The taste? Who knows- you didn’t! You just couldn’t stand them.

You knew it was silly so you never brought it up. The poison apples in the Devildom only made your hate even more prominent.

You were so caught up on your thoughts so you didn’t expect someone to give you one, telling you to eat. Out of pure instinct you just chucked it to the closest person in the room.


  • Didn’t expect you to throw it at him
  • Hit him right in the shoulder
  • He saw you lounging on the sofa and noticed you haven’t ate yet
  • He stared at his shoulder, wincing as he rubbed it
  • You let out a scared apology
  • Dreading his reaction but he caught you off guard
  • He bursted out laughing, his brow raised as he just stared at you chuckling
  • “Was you really that startled? I didn’t think an apple would scare you that much.”
  • “i- I guess so…is your shoulder okay?”
  • He nodded, the pain already subsiding
  • “I’ll be sure to keep your Apple instincts in mind next time.”


  • He screamed in fright
  • Screamed more when it hit him right in the nose
  • You immediately shot up and rushed over to his side
  • “Mammon-! I’m so sorry-”
  • He immediately started bursting into laughter, stopping to sneeze but it never happened
  • You couldn’t help but giggle at his struggles between uncontrollable laughter and stopping as if he was about to sneeze
  • “You HAD to aim for the nose! You damn rascal!”
  • He tried to smack you but got caught off guard feeling his sneeze actually arrive
  • “I’m sorry! But why are you sneezing?!”
  • “I sneeze when i hurt my nose.”
  • You laughed even harder as he sniffled
  • “WHAT??!!”
  • “Did you seriously feel that threatened by a little apple ya had to throw it me?!”
  • “……..yes.”
  • This became an inside joke for you two quickly after
  • You smacked his nose and watched him struggle to sneeze and he’d give you apples to throw at people


  • It hit him right in the dickins
  • How it got that low was a shock to both of you
  • You tried not to laugh as he clutched his crotch, whimpering and slowly sinking the floor
  • “Levi, I’m so sorry, hopefully it didn’t absolutely destory it.”
  • You both just stared at each other before the both of you bursted out laughing
  • “I’m never doing that again- you could of shot it off with that throw!”
  • He winced, adjusting to sitting up as the pain subsided
  • “Are you okay though? It looked like it hurt.”
  • “I’m fine, are you going to do that if I give you more fruit? I don’t blame for not liking it.”
  • “no, just apples - promise.”
  • “you’re a weird human but could we test how your throw again some time? I might need your help.”


  • It hit him in the side of the face
  • You felt your heart drop straight to the floor
  • It wasn’t too long ago Satan was chewing out levi
  • Internally this was Satan:
  • “you ******* I will ************ rip your **** right out of your ******* spine and pull it through your nose ***** ***** ******************************************************* that hurt!”
  • Meanwhile the outside of him was just rubbing his cheek/ear
  • You screamed out an apology, fearing this was your last day
  • But he just chuckled, waving his hand
  • “it was an accident, let it be a reminder I don’t surprise you like that.”
  • You still frowned
  • “I’m still really sorry….does it hurt alot? I can get you some ice-”
  • “No need, it’ll be fine, no more apples for you though.”
  • “I have no issue with that, I hate apples.”
  • You both laughed, but you stared at him, completely serious
  • “I’m not kidding, I literally despise them and will keep throwing them out of instinct.”
  • It felt good to finally let that out
  • But Satan just bursted out laughing
  • A high pitched wheeze leaving him


  • Just caught it in time except in his scramble to catch it he got scared by your sudden throw
  • He football kicked the apple by accident and it went flying through the window
  • “Let’s not tell anyone, I’d rather not have Lucifer on me for breaking something.”
  • “my lips are sealed - trust me.”
  • He wiped his hands, pouting
  • “I try to give you something nice and you just throw it at me! What’s that all about?!”
  • You cringed, guilty about your reaction
  • But you couldn’t help it!
  • It was something you couldn’t control!
  • “Sorry, I just do that…with apples.”
  • He let out a sudden snort/scoff
  • Raising his brow at you
  • “I’m never giving you one again but~ if I were to get you to throw them at people, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”
  • You shook your head, laughing at his eagerness to cause issues
  • He couldn’t help but laugh himself
  • “I’ll do it if you give me something in return, okay?”
  • He happily agreed, nodding and throwing his arms around you
  • Though the moment ended when you both heard Lucifer outside
  • He found the Apple…..oh no


  • Man built like a brick wall
  • He couldn’t catch it and it hit him right in the chest
  • The apple got DENTED
  • You couldn’t even think about apologizing as you couldn’t stop your fit of laughter
  • The dented apple just rolled to your feet
  • “you didn’t want an apple?”
  • You shook your head furiously
  • “no- sorry, did that hurt? It dented-”
  • “I didn’t feel a thing, do you want a different snack?”
  • You nodded
  • He soon came back with food for himself and another healthy snack, offering you a sip of his smoothie
  • He sat with you, eating his food pile
  • “I hate apples….it’s best no one gives me one.”
  • “You had an impressive throw, I think you’d well in the R.A.D athlete team.”
  • “wait- really?! Thank you!”
  • He agreed, humming as he ate
  • It was safe to say he got you an apple to show your throwing skills without thinking about your throw
  • It got you a good score and even got praised for your instinct


  • The apple bonked him in the head
  • His forhead getting suddenly attacked
  • You rushed to his side, moving his fringe
  • “are you okay?! It’s not bruising is it?! I’m so sorry!”
  • But he just started laughing
  • “I didn’t expect that! You gonna do that everytime Someone surprises you?”
  • “no just apples - stop laughing! It isn’t - It’s not funny-!”
  • But you started to laugh too
  • “I’m not hurt, don’t worry.”
  • He huffed as he moved his fringe back over his eye again
  • You really weren’t sure why he insisted on his emo hairstyle but it was best not to question it
  • “Shame you aren’t, I could of kissed it better.”
  • Without missing a single beat
  • He suddenly clutched his head, howling in agony
  • “THE PAIN!!! ah!!! The pain-! You must kiss it better or else I will die.”
  • You rolled your eyes
  • Moving his fringe once again and gave his forhead a quick kiss
  • He suddenly hugged you but it wasn’t long before he fell asleep
  • You landed on the floor
  • Letting out a pained ‘oof’ as you tried to shove him off you
  • But he refused to budge
  • Muttering a sleepy 'revenge’
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Hello love! Thanks for sending in a request, this was really cute to write! I mayyyy have gotten out of hand and made this longer than I meant to, but hey, brainworms demanded attention. GN! Reader, and SFW!

Context on the coffee:

Hell Coffee: Known to become bitter when the brewer has feelings for the someone who they’re brewing for. (Seen in chat Bittersweet)

My asks are open, but please check out my rules before sending in an ask! Reblogs, likes, and comments are greatly appreciated!

Stoic! Reader Giving Satan Hell Coffee (SFW)

  • Over the course of your stay in the Devildom, you had fallen for Satan.
  • The masked brother, always hiding his true intentions, an approachable grin ever-present.
  • You were less emotional, more quiet and reserved than most.
  • And that wasn’t a bad thing in his opinion.
  • In fact, he liked your passive, stoic personality.
  • He could relate to you, not showing much emotion, and watching from the sidelines rather than jumping into action.
  • While you had a killer poker face, your stoicism had its disadvantages.
  • For example, confessing your feelings.
  • When you had arrived in the Devildom, you were drawn to Satan immediately.
  • He wasn’t overbearing, instead, he was patient, letting you start your interactions together.
  • He respected your boundaries, and hadn’t forced himself into your personal space, letting you come to him on your own time.
  • Satan understood you didn’t want to be in the spotlight, that you preferred to play behind the scenes.
  • It was…refreshing
  • The both of you had a weekly reading session together, with tea, (or any hot drink of your choice, a lovely book, and each other’s company.
  • It was pure bliss.
  • Until you caught feelings for him
  • Every day, your feelings grew, until you felt as if your heart would nearly burst.
  • You decided that the best course of action, was to confess, and soon.
  • The problem is, you’re not great at expressing emotions
  • So what was the best way you could make your feelings apparent without saying so?
  • While idly sipping some tea, it hit you.
  • A few weeks ago, you had heard about Hell Coffee, a coffee that conveyed a person’s feelings based on the bitterness of the brew.
  • This was perfect, you had thought.
  • You knew your feelings for Satan were deep, and that he would be sure to know how much you cared about him after drinking the coffee.
  • After purchasing the coffee grounds from Madam Scream’s, you waited until nighttime, just before your daily reading with Satan.
  • You carefully followed the instructions to the letter, not taking a chance to mess up.
  • Once the coffee was finished and brewed, you inhaled a whiff of the steam, a feeling of warmth and familiarity washing over you.
  • Perfect, now all you had to do was give it to him.
  • Heading over to the library, you step you way towards the library for your meeting with Satan.
  • The moonlight shone through the windows, illuminating your features, shadows dancing across the hallways.
  • Thoughts of how he would react flurried in your mind, a whirlwind of emotion, full of what ifs.
  • Stopping outside the library, you let out a deep sigh, before stepping into the room.
  • Satan, as per usual, was sitting in a loveseat by the fireplace, space left for you to sit next to him.
  • “Ah, Y/n! There you are. Oh? Why did you bring coffee? I usually have tea ready for us, is something wrong?”
  • Handing him the coffee, you spoke quietly, nerves getting to you,
  • “I made some Hell Coffee for you, I hope you enjoy it.”
  • You sat down next to him, as he looked down at the mug with curiosity, taking a small sip.
  • Immediately, he recoiled and set the mug down.
  • Grimacing, he begrudgingly swallowed the coffee, displeasure written across this face.
  • A second later, realization dawned on him, smugness replacing his previous disgust.
  • “Hell Coffee you say…I never expected you to confess like this Y/n. This is by far one of the most bitter brews I’ve ever tasted.”
  • Gently tilting your face towards him, a soft smile graced his features.
  • A real, genuine smile
  • “I’ve fallen for you as well. You’re the light of my life, the one who sees through my facade for who I am. To you, I’m not just the Avatar of Wrath, but an individual person. I’m eternally grateful to have you in my life, and I will do my best to be the partner of your dreams. ”
  • Kissing you lightly on the forehead, he pulled you into his lap, book open.
  • “Now, let’s finish up this novel, shall we?”
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The human

Okay okay listen. Just think about it.

All the brothers fell because of their sins. Sins. They weren’t angelic enough.

They didn’t fit, their sins made them “bad”.

And then here they go, the human, who is so fully human. They are good, yet they are bad. They are not demonic, yet not angelic.

I can imagine the brothers seeing their own sins in them. Oh woow this human is so proudful! They are so greedy, want everything to themself and so envious if they can’t get it. They are lustful and get really terribly angry sometimes. They are so gluttony, can eat a whole damned cheese cake and than not move for two full days, just being completely lazy and sleep through the days.

They are so human.

Yet they are kind. They take good care of the brothers. They smile and they help, they light up the dark. They are being there, can cry on their shoulders.

Maybe that’s why the brothers fell in love with them, because they made them understand that there is good in every bad and there is bad in every good.

Nothing and nobody is just black or white. Not demons, not humans and not angels.

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hiii again!!! 

okay so this is going to be short ig but here it is!


Really. You are going to lose your mind over her? When he is right there with you. On your sixth month anniversary date. Lowkey jealous but more bothered about the situation itself. be prepared for some punishment if you haven’t already ;) 


Ok so this is almost peak jealousy for him. If you are out in public on a date then you already know this is going to be embarassing for everyone present due to his whining and him making a scene. If it’s not a date he is slighlty more OK with it but if you know him enough then you can clearly tell how jealous he actually is under his facade


Both of you go mush brain ngl so him mentioning his jealousy later about you showing attraction towards The Lady.. he is not being fair and you should stand your ground. (though he would never initiate a conversation like that unless you are real close to him)


Ok so this is a surprise for him. A vampire? Of all things? You know this lady worships him, right


yeeaaaah they might have dated in the past, what about it? He makes sure you don’t feel jealous or insecure though! how nice of him! 


Smiling to himself but also confused. Doesn’t really mention it though. You could never tell if he is jealous or not when it happens, though for a short while afterwards you might notice slight jealousy. Nothing to talk about later though. He loves you and you love him and he is focusing on that. Also he is too hungry for this


Oh. Depening on how much attraction you show he might attempt murder later. I’m not kidding. He doesn’t like feeling jealous. (we all deal with our emotions differently right) 


He notices how you seem to like her which makes him feel 1) lowkey jealous 2) he is happy that you seem to like the citizens of his country so he might as well arrange a tea party or something for the 3 of you! he is too kind for his own good sometimes.:( Though if his jealousy grows he will make sure to tell you about it 


Doesn’t comment on it on the spot but he is taking mental notes about your preferences ;) Not sure how he is going to use it to his advantage later but that is a surprise left for you to find out 


Again if it’s a date it is concerning. If it’s early dating he is not mentioning it but if you two are close then he will tell you his feelings about the situation. If you are nothing like that then he just smiles about it and probably teases you later 


Regardless of your relationship status he is going to be a tease about it for a long time coming. You can never tell if he is jealous or not unless you are an above avarage observer and have a rather close relationship with him going on. 

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Sorry anon! The tattoo hc was written before I created my rules and guidelines, so that’s why all the brothers are there. If you still want this hc, please request a maximum of 5 characters. Also friendly reminder: Read my rules and guidelines before requesting.

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All body types are valid and wonderful; just like some people can’t control how much weight they put on, others can’t control how much weight they can’t gain. It’s not always simple with body types - just look after yourself regardless of your size. Eat your 3 main meals, have small snacks or mini meals every 2-3 hours that are more healthy or if you have healthy main meals let your mini meals/snacks be unhealthy

Though too much of anything can be unhealthy so is there really a different between the types?

Also please everyone drink plenty of water even if you have to give it some flavour for it be more enjoyable!


“are you sure you’re a human? You look more like a reaper to me.”

Three demons surrounded you, leaning on the table as you tried to ignore them. Keeping your focus on the the worksheet Infront of you but a demon snatched your pencil.

“Hey, doesn’t this remind you of Someone?” the demon laughed, pointing the pencil at you.

But they took it another step, they easily snapped the pencil in half with one hand. Throwing it back at you. You flinched away, covering your face but luckily it landed on the table.

They were all snickering. Prodding at your arms and sides. You squirmed away from them and slapped their hands.

“leave me alone…”

A different male demon grabbed your wrist, inspecting your slim wrist.

“hey don’t grab them like that, you might break them! I mean look at them, they’re bone!” The female demon mocked concern.

“Aw come on~ can’t handle a few jokes? Humans really are weak.”

Your wrist was thrown from his grasp; it smacked on the table and you hissed. Just before you could do anything the classroom door suddenly opened. The demons all whispered a fearful “oh shit” under their breath.


  • “I see you’re living up to the title ‘lesser demon’, how wonderful for you.”
  • His condescending smile immediately drooped
  • His hands moved swiftly and a whip appeared in them, he glared at them
  • The three of them gulped, looking at each other
  • “How many lashing should I give them, perhaps everytime they insulted you? Every snicker or chuckle - how about everytime they breathed?”
  • he snapped the whip with a snarl
  • They looked at you for mercy and you considered letting Lucifer having his way
  • But you felt a sick feeling in your stomach knowing how vicious he could get
  • “i just want an apology and to be left alone…”
  • “You heard them, beg for forgiveness and if i find any of you were bothering them again I won’t let them decide your fate.”
  • The three demons immediately got on their knees, legs shaking as they apologized repeatedly for their actions
  • You knew it was fake but apart of you felt happy hearing their apology
  • “you can leave now.”
  • On that cue they ran out making sure to dodge the quick whip from Lucifer
  • The last one Getting caught on the butt and practically jumped out of the room
  • “They’re foolish, love, you are absolutely ravishing and I could never ask for a more wonderful partner, let’s go get some ice cream - my treat to help your bad day.”


  • “ya wanna repeat that? Don’t be going all silent just because I’m here~ go on, keep insulting the human, see what happens.”
  • He chuckled, hands in pockets
  • The demons weren’t sure how to respond
  • To test what he’ll do or play it safe
  • Mammon twiddled a playing card between his fingers, a smirk on his face as he stood behind you
  • One of the demons opened their mouth but he just flicked his wrist, the card sticking itself in the wall just missing the demon
  • “I ain’t very forgiving, ya see so it’s best you start apologizing now or things could get abit messy.”
  • You was surprised by how fast they all dropped
  • Apologizing and begging for you to forgive them
  • “Please leave, you’ve apologized enough.”
  • They all ran out thanking you for being so kind
  • “awww but (Y/N), you could of made them your posse!”
  • “I just wanted them to leave, I know they aren’t actually sorry.”
  • “hfmp, they better be or else I’ll get 'em - did I look cool?! I was practising that trick for weeks!”
  • You chuckled, kissing his cheek
  • He grinned even wider as he grabbed your hand
  • “you were real cool, you were like a spy.”
  • “does that make you my stunning partner in crime? Your looks lure in the suspects and I get them? You can’t convince me otherwise - you’re a real beaut.”


  • “LMAO, your faces~! I can’t wait for this to go viral, perhaps even Prince Diavolo will see this, wouldn’t that be unfortunate.”
  • He kept filming, pointing the camera at their faces
  • They looked even more Horrified
  • A powerful demon was already coming to get them but now the prince could get involved?
  • “should I post it, (Y/N)? You’re in it after all.”
  • “I just want them to leave me alone, I don’t care.”
  • Levithan hummed, displeased at the demons
  • “it’s pretty rude you’re just standing there and not apologizing, they’re the one in charge if you get found out or not.”
  • The demons gasped, staring at you and then back at Levithan
  • They immediately started apologizing, blaming their actions on just jealousy
  • You shook your head and they began to sweat
  • Fearing they’re going to put on blast for their actions
  • Surprised by your defeated sigh
  • “just go….it’s not worth it.”
  • Levi was about to argue differently but the demon had already left
  • “Wha!!!! I felt like an anime protagonist! Did they say anything else to you?! I swear they can’t tell what beauty is-”
  • “it’s fine, they weren’t wrong.”
  • “HUUUH???!!!!!! don’t listen to them, (Y/N), I think you look just fine the way you are and yo-you should see yourself as attractive too-! because you’re awesome and Your loo-looks are even more cool!”
  • He hugged you, hiding his red face in your shoulder


  • “You’re brave to think you’re in any position to even breathe in their direction, for all our dignities It would be best you apologize and leave.”
  • They were ready to bolt right there and then
  • They looked at you and started to apologize but Satan clicked his teeth
  • “be sincere, we can be here for as long as we want until you feel genuine guilt for your actions.”
  • He slammed his hand down on the table
  • The lesser demons cowered
  • You just sat there, frowning
  • You just wanted to be left alone and let your feelings out
  • The demons apologized again
  • Making sure to add sincerity in their voice but Satan kept making them repeat themselves
  • It got to the point you had to cut him off
  • “It’s fine, they’ve apologized, let them leave.”
  • He hummed, annoyed but nodded
  • The demons scrambled out of the room, fearing to even look at the two of you
  • “if you ever need me to go back at them I’ll do just that, I couldn’t believe they would say something like that to you.”
  • “thanks for helping, just let them leave instead of using your energy.”
  • “I’ll try to but I’ll make sure there is no next time, you don’t deserve to be spoken to like that and you are far more charming than any of them, I for one, adore how you look.”


  • “repeat that again~? I hope I didn’t hear you three insulting my darling, it’s so ugly to shame others for their body.”
  • The demons tried to utter out a response but he just stared at them
  • Tilting his head as he smiled
  • He got closer to them, staring into their eyes
  • Soon enough they were charmed
  • “why don’t you tell me why you thought it was okay to speak to (Y/N) like that.”
  • They all began speaking; expressing their envy for your relationship with asmo and the other demons
  • One of them just telling him they saw you as fragile and unlikable
  • Asmo smiled wider before suddenly grabbing one their chins, a snarl on his face now
  • “do you feel sorry? Are you ashamed of yourself?”
  • They all said yes, apologizing to you
  • “thanks asmo, you can let them go now.”
  • He happily did as you said, telling them to leave
  • He nuzzled into your body, hands wandering over it as he grinned
  • “They’re just jealous demons who can’t handle their own Insecurities, you’re not like them, everything about you is good looking - inside and out! I couldn’t ask for anything more~”
  • “Seriously…?”
  • “yes!!! I’m in love with you and your body is marvelous to look at, i can’t get enough of you!”


  • “Apologize and leave or I’ll make you my next meal.”
  • Straight to the point
  • And it was effective
  • His size was already intimidating but his willingness to devour whatever he wanted was scarier
  • They apologized to you, Getting on their knees and telling you how gorgeous you were
  • You felt your mood get worse so you waved your hand
  • “don’t bother, a sorry was enough, you can leave now.”
  • They shot up but Beel bite the air Infront of them when they passed him
  • They shrieked and picked up their speed
  • “I can’t stand people like that…. they’re more clueless than mammon.”
  • He sat with you
  • Clenching his jaw, you held his hand and leaned against him
  • “Don’t listen to them, I think you look really nice, I like the way you look but I know the important thing is that you like the way you look, I don’t mind how you look because you’ll still always be you.”


  • “Hey gorgeous, are these idioits bothering you? What a shame, I was hoping lesser demons knew how to keep in their place.”
  • He wrapped an arm around you
  • Glaring at the lesser demons, they grew more nervous under his hateful eye
  • They muttered to themselves for not realising he was there but belphie mocked them, asking them to speak up
  • “what’s with the change of energy? You were confident about your opinions before, what changed?”
  • They couldn’t answer without looking weak
  • Belphegor only grinned at them
  • He kissed your cheek
  • “that’s what I thought, scram!”
  • They ran off, not daring to look at you
  • They couldn’t even hiss or glare, knowing the demon behind you would have their throat for it
  • They were lucky to not get hurt when he found them
  • “thanks, sorry, did you come here to sleep?”
  • “I was looking for you, keep me close, okay? Don’t listen to those demons - they wouldn’t be able to tell what’s good or not even if their lives depended on it, you’re perfect the way you are.”
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Allright y'all hear me out.

Asmo Is good at math, like SCARY GOOD.

He doesn’t even try, he’s just natural good at it.

I heard that (the real) asmodeus can give you knowledge in this kind of things so uh yea :>

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Aw, you’re so sweet Anon! This is a lovely ask! I’m so sorry that you’re family weren’t receptive to your new tattoo. That’s terrible, and I hope this makes you feel a bit better!

So, I’m assuming you meant an MC with a large tattoo on their back? If not, feel free to tell me and I’ll make a new hc! This hc has a reader with a large back tattoo and/or multiple tattoos. Since this has all 7 brothers, each one will be shorter than my usual hcs.  (Also, I’m posting a rules page soon, so stay tuned!)

This is SFW, with a GN! Reader. Reblogs, likes, and comments are greatly appreciated!

The Brothers Reacting to a Tattooed MC (SFW)


  • To be honest, it doesn’t really make a difference to him.
  • He didn’t fall in love with you for your physical looks, so it doesn’t really affect him much.
  • That doesn’t mean he won’t find it lovely though.
  • He admires the time you had invested in this, along with the fact you felt so strongly about a particular subject/object, that you had it permanently inked on your body.
  • If you feel self-conscious about it, he won’t stare, but his eyes stray to it from time to time, admiring the details of it.
  • But if not, congratulations! You have the avatar of pride enamored with your tattoo(s).
  • If you’re ever stressed, he’ll sit you in his lap and trace over your tattoo(s), attempting to calm your nerves.
  • All the while whispering words of affirmation.
  • Any time you’re feeling insecure of your tattoo(s), Lucifer’ll make sure to praise you, something rare from him.
  • “My love, your tattoo(s) is/are a part of you, and it’s/they’re a stunning piece of art. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, it’s a testament of your conviction. Be proud of yourself, and never feel ashamed of your tattoo(s).”


  • Now, I hc that Mammon has tattoos other than his demon markings

  • So he probably wouldn’t be caught off guard, as he’s used to seeing humans and demons with full body tattoos, or tattoos that take up a large area on their body.

  • However, that doesn’t mean he won’t react

  • As soon as he sees it, he’s swooning

  • If you’re ok with it, he’ll be bragging to whoever would listen about how strong you were, and how awesome you looked.

  • Definitely the type to get a matching tattoo with you if you ever want to get another.

  • If your tattoo(s) are of a crow or feathered wings, he swears he falls deeper in love with you.

  • Well, if that’s even possible

  • Any crow/avian wing tattoos, would make him just melt, knowing you have his symbolic animal tattooed on yourself.

  • If you ever show any insecurity about your tattoo(s), you bet he’ll do his best to soothe them.

  • The moment he picks up on your insecurities, he ramps up the affection and love he shows for your ink.

  • “Ya ain’t serious, right? Yer stunning, better than any other piece a’ art! There ain’t no way I’m lettin’ anyone tell ya yer not tha most beautiful person in all three realms.”


  • He’s awestruck when you show him your tattoo(s).

  • You’re like his favorite action anime protagonist!

  • Levi is just in disbelief at the fact he has such a badass partner.

  • He adores any type of tattoos, but one as large and powerful as this?

  • Oh he has heart eyes-

  • Especially if you had a scaly/reptilian one, it’d make him nearly faint in delight

  • We all know he loves reptiles -gestures to Henry-

  • A reptiles had always been seen as symbols of reality and power, and he admires you greatly for having one tattooed on you.

  • Whenever he cosplays, he’ll ask if you’d like to cosplay with him as a tattooed character.

  • He’ll fawn over how incredible you look, bragging on his Devilgram about how kickass his lover is.

  • Your cosplays together always end up with thousands of likes and comments, fans adoring how much of a power couple the both of you are.

  • You notice, that after you show him your tattoo, that he starts playing with tattooed characters.

  • Upon asked why, he responded with,

  • “W-well…you’re really cool, and tattooed characters remind me of you. Badass and someone who deserves respected. Even when you’re not physically with me, playing with a tattooed character makes it feel like you’re playing with me.”


  • He’s intrigued and fascinated immediately

  • What’s the symbolism behind it?
  • What motivated you to get it done?
  • He’ll try and memorize every detail, wanting to remember how it looks against your skin.
  • But if you’re uncomfortable with the origins of the tattoo(s) or don’t want to talk about it, he won’t pry.
  • If you want, he’ll give you essays upon essays of knowledge on it’s spiritual meaning, and what past cultures had those marks for.
  • He’ll be sure to have some questions for you as well.
  • ‘some’. By some, he means dozens, maybe hundreds of questions
  • He’d absolutely write poetry about how your tattoo(s) crawl across your skin, painting a masterpiece.
  • Any time insecurities pop up about it, he’ll be sure to dispel them immediately.
  • “My love, your tattoo(s) are a wonderful part of you. They’re/It’s a part of you, and I love you wholeheartedly. With or without the tattoo(s), I fell in love for you for your personality and intelligence. That will never change, so don’t think you’re less-than because of your tattoo(s).”


  • Oh you bet he’s going to fawn over it.

  • As soon as he finds out, expect to be showered in praise and words of adoration.

  • Complimenting how well it matches your color palate, outfit aesthetic, hair color, etc.

  • Immediately takes you out for clothes that show it off, and compliment the style of it.

  • How could he not want to show off such pretty mark(s) on his lover!

  • Absolutely supports you all the way, and would love to throw in his two cents if you ever decide to get another tattoo.

  • If you’re up for it, he’ll get you a page in Majolish, maybe even the front cover!

  • For sure, wears clothing to match your tattoo(s), and does his nails a similar style.

  • He’d even commission designers for special pieces, that mimic the design of your tattoo, and expose it, showing the world your beauty.

  • Definitely the type to take selfies with you and make aesthetic boards of you including your tattoo.

  • He adores you, and every part of you, no matter what.

  • “Darling you are more beautiful than anyone who criticizes you! All those haters of yours are just jealous, hon!”


  • In S3, he has one while in the human world, so he’d probably find it pretty cool that you have one(+).

  • I hc Beel to doesn’t care much about physical looks, so he probably wouldn’t pay it/them any special attention.

  • Why would he think of you differently because of it?

  • He’s fairly curious though.

  • Doesn’t it hurt? How long did it take for you to get it done?

  • Either way, he sees it/them as a nice mark on your skin, but not something he’d make a fuss about.

  • Another one of the boys who would get a matching tattoo with you, after all, he doesn’t mind tattoos, so if you wanted to get a matching one, he wouldn’t say no.

  • One of the types to absentmindedly stare at your tattoo, unaware that he’s staring.

  • If it’s of food, he may or may not drool at the sight of it, so you may not want to let it near his mouth, lest he accidentally bite you.
  • He’s more perceptive to people’s emotions than others give him credit for, and does his best to comfort you.
  • Any time you’re slighted for your tattoo(s), he’ll leap to your defense asap.
  • “A tattoo doesn’t define a person. Having your skin inked doesn’t make you less than anyone else. Whether you have one or not, it doesn’t give people the right to judge you based on that.”


  • Honestly? He’s pretty neutral on this

  • He doesn’t really care if you do or don’t have a tattoo, and won’t pay it any special attention unless you ask.

  • He loves you because of your personality, your physical appearance had nothing to do with it.

  • Your determination, patience, and tenderness are traits that attracted him to you.

  • But if you have a tattoo of anything cow related…

  • He may feel a bit smug

  • His lover has his symbolic animal tattooed on themself, how could he not be?

  • It practically screams that they’re taken, and taken by him.

  • Now he doesn’t have to worry about other demons trying to take you from him.

  • Sometimes, if you’re cuddling, he’ll trace your tattoo(s), a way to soothe you, on the chance you’re stressed/anxious.

  • Tbh, it calms him down as well.

  • Knowing that you’re physically there, keeps his anxieties about you leaving at bay.

  • Probably the brother that is most angry when someone insults your appearance.

  • “Y/n, others have no right to judge you based on your physical appearance. It’s your body, and no one else should control how you make yourself look.”

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I only don’t write certain triggering things like sewerslide, self ouchie and forced devils tango - I know these are very non serious ways to censor these sensative topics but I would like to avoid triggering anyone

I know some people just shut down just by hearing it or seeing the word and it’s really unfortunate

So yes, I’ll take your request!

Warning: food, blood, gore-ish?, eating, teeth, human consumption, hallucinations and angst

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Hello everyone! This is based on the chat, ‘Worst Punishment Ever’ so there will be spoilers for a chat, but no story/lesson spoilers! SFW. There won’t be any romance in this scenario, just pure, 3am crack. Reblogs, likes, and comments are greatly appreciated!

Mammon and Levi Holding Hands for 24 Hours (SFW/Crack)

  • Oh you bet this is prime blackmail material-
  • So to start with, Mammon had pawned off a Ruri-chan limited edition key-chain.
  • He had been in a pinch with the witches, and one of them was an anime fan, specifically “The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl”.
  • Well…he did recall Levi fanboying about a keychain he had won recently…surely Levi wouldn’t mind helping his brother out, right?
  • Unfortunately, it’s the same one that Levi had waited 24 hours outside of a building for.
  • So when Levi had discovered his most recent treasure missing….
  • You can guess what happened.
  • They got in a fight, a verbal one of insults, mind you.
  • With Levi calling Mammon a scummy, thieving older brother, and Mammon defending himself, on the verge of tears by the time Lucifer stepped in.
  • The argument had gotten so heated, that Lucifer had to insert himself in to resolve the argument.
  • His solution?
  • To curse their hands together, for 24 hours.
  • It was a way to supposedly ‘bring them together.’
  • Which you supposed was true, just not in the way most would think so.
  • So for the next day, their hands were bound together by invisible glue, fingers intertwined.
  • There was immediate retaliation from both demons.
  • “How am I supposed ta go ta tha casino now? I can’t take Levi, he’ll reveal mah hand!”
  • “Like I would want to be stuck with you. I can’t even play Devil Kart now!”
  • Lucifer gave them a withering glare, immediately silencing both demons.
  • “You will both be stuck with each other for 24 hours, so unless you’d like me to extend the time, I’d suggest you stop squabbling like children.”
  • Well great, this wasn’t going to end well.
  • First off, was preparing dinner.
  • It was originally Lucifer’s turn, but he had told Mammon and Levi to take over, as part of their ‘brotherly bonding’.
  • As the icing on the cake, they weren’t allowed to use magic as well.
  • At first, they had got on decently enough, maneuvering their way through gathering and measuring the ingredients.
  • But then came the actual cooking.
  • Oil had ended up covering the floor, flour coating both of their heads a powdery white, and the ingredients were scattered everywhere.
  • How in Diavolo’s name did they end up making such a mess?
  • Nonetheless, they were scolded by Lucifer, for failing their task, and for wasting food as well.
  • At night, neither agreed to let the other in their own room, so they decided to sleep on the couch, which was an unpleasant sight for Levi since Mammon sleeps commando.
  • It’s a sight to see when you wake up, seeing your brother’s junk in your face.
  • The whole house was shaken, hearing Levi’s inhuman screech
  • Everyone had woken up, even Belphie.
  • Entering the living room, they were greeted by the sight of Mammon and Levi tangled up, Ruri-chan and faux fur blankets covering them.
  • While Levi looked absolutely mortified, Mammon had just woken up, groggy and confused as all of his brothers stared at him with annoyance, anger, mortification, and/or amusement.
  • Already off to a bad start, they progressed with their usual routines to the best of their abilities.
  • How did they use the bathroom, you ask?
  • Trust me, you don’t wanna know.
  • For breakfast, they had spilled Lucifer’s coffee by accident, earning a tired and exasperated expression from the workaholic.
  • Luckily, it was the weekend so they didn’t have to attend to R.A.D tasks.
  • They decided to stay home the entire day, as to not let rumors about them dating start up.
  • Unfortunately, Asmo had decided it would be a ‘cute’ idea to take pictures of them and upload them to Devilgram.
  • Within minutes, it had gained thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments.
  • Suffice to say, Levi and Mammon memes were born, covering every inch of social media.
  • While humiliating, their current predicament also made daily activities more difficult.
  • For example, hobbies.
  • They had decided to attempt to get work done together, as challenging as that may be.
  • So, they mutually agreed on staying in Levi’s room, as long as Mammon didn’t touch any of his prized merch.
  • Mammon was calculating stocks while Levi simultaneously attempted to participate in a raid.
  • Needless to say, Levi’s teammates could hear Mammon muttering stock rates to himself, and Levi’s increasingly annoyed tone of voice.
  • When Mammon exclaimed in joy from his predictions being correct, it’d end up with Levi getting spooked, and possibly dropping his controller.
  • In which his teammates could hear Mammon and Levi being petty, insulting each other and making small jabs here and there.
  • During meals they had struggled in eating, as they ended up accidentally poking each other with forks, or flinging food on the other.
  • Don’t get me started on their attempts to brush their teeth.
  • Toothpaste foam. Everywhere.
  • Somehow, in mere minutes, they’ve managed to spill toothpaste all over the floor, sink, mirror, and their own clothes.
  • By the time their time was up, both demons were mentally and physically tuckered out.
  • They had fought, slept together, eaten together, went to the bathroom together, and had given up on fighting, all in the span of 24 hours.
  • As they stood in front of Lucifer, excited for their punishment to be undone, it was the first moment of peace between the two since their punishment originally began.
  • With a satisfied smile, Lucifer undid the curse, Mammon and Levi letting go of each other’s hand as fast as lighting.
  • “Hm, this punishment has brought you two closer, has it not? It’s been a while since the two of you have been this close.”
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MC: *puts on UP by Cardi B*

Lucifer: …

Mammon: …

Levi: …

Satan: …

Asmo: …

Beel: …

Belphie: …                                                      

Literally anyone else : …                                                                                 

MC: *dancing and having fun*


Their phone:
Make a nigga act right
Broke boys don’t deserve no pussy

Mammon: Is this directed at me? I am insulted.

MC and Asmo while vibing: (I know that’s right)

Lucifer: Someone save me…. please.

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This was a lovely request from @shymayfly ! SFW, with a GN reader, and my ask box is open! So basically, Satan and Belphie have a prank war, and MC attempts to stop them, getting themselves mixed up in the mayhem.          (Slight Lucifer x reader if you squint)            
Reblogs, likes, and comments are always appreciated!

Satan and Belphie having a Prank War on Lucifer (SFW)

  • …why in three realms did you tell them about April Fool’s Day?
  • You know they’re going to take advantage of that
  • Last week, you head offhandedly mentioned the holiday, where friends and family would pull pranks on each other, no holding back.
  • It’s too late now, you suppose
  • As you’re eating breakfast, you can already see the mischievous grins on Belphie’s and Satan’s faces
  • The two of them had a silent agreement to have a competition, a prank war, to be precise
  • It wouldn’t be too bad..right?
  • Your thoughts were interrupted by Lucifer taking a sip of his coffee, then violently spitting it out
  • Which one of you put melted cosmetics in my coffee?”
  • Letting the corner of your mouth quirk up slightly, you silently watched as Satan and Belphie donned twin Cheshire grins.
  • “How exactly do you know how melted cosmetics taste like, Lucifer?”
  • You knew why, of course.
  • A few weeks ago, you and Asmo had made bath bombs that look exactly like food.
  • In his sleep-deprived and exhausted state, he had picked up a Princess Poison Apple bath bomb, and took a bite out of it.
  • It took a few seconds for him to realize, and he had quickly spat it out, chastising you and Asmo for tricking him
  • Your punishment? 
  • Making him actual Princess Poison Apples, a pain to make
  • You didn’t mind much, it was hilarious to see his expression, and completely worth it
  • As you watch Lucifer scold Satan and Belphie, your eyes widened, seeing a Little D come behind him, slapping a spoonful of whipped cream on the back of his neck.
  • It seems that Satan had blackmailed Mammon and his Little D into aiding him on his pranks…
  • As Lucifer starts to simmer down, you look on with amusement, finishing up your plate and cleaning it in the sink.
  • Leaving the kitchen, you rest in your room, working on some unfinished errands
  • A few hours later, you hear a loud, “Mammoonnnnnn!”
  • Leaping out of your seat, you prepare yourself to defend and help Mammon, as you walk in on one of the most hilarious sights you’ve ever seen.
  • Belphie had set up a small trap, while simple, it was effective.
  • Tied up in glitter and cling film, Lucifer was wrapped in a cocoon of plastic, eye blazing in anger.
  • “Y/n, get me down immediately.”
  • Taking pity upon the Avatar of Pride, you grab a pair of scissors and carefully release him from his bounds, and from that point on, you decide to deflect pranks in order to let Lucifer rest.
  • As the day continued, you deactivated pranks such as but not limited to: Packages that exploded with glitter and honey, books that bit your fingers, pens that leaked water, and towels that stained your hands with purple ink.
  • With each prank, you were either a victim, or you successfully turned it against its creator.
  • You switched out Satan’s favorite book with one that barked when you flipped a page, and Belphie with a blanket that played an alarm in his ears…constantly.
  • Luckily, Lucifer kept you by his side throughout the day, casting protection spells so you wouldn’t get hurt.
  • During which you kept him safe by giving him water, making sure he eats, and takes small breaks every few hours.
  • It was a mutually beneficial exchange, much to Satan and Belphie’s chagrin.
  • As the day progressed, they became increasingly frustrated, reverting to petty, small tricks to annoy you instead.
  • Switching out your toothpaste for mayonnaise, replacing the stuffing in your pillow with packing peanuts, and having your mirrors reflect a cat when you walked by.
  • Well, you weren’t exactly going to complain on the last part.
  • You looked so fluffy and soft as a cat, it was actually quite enjoyable to see how your movements translated into a cat’s.
  • By the end of the day, every one in the HoL was exhausted, having been a victim (by accident or on purpose) of Belphie’s, Satan’s, and your pranks all day.
  • You thought it was over before dinner began, as the house had been silent for over 30 minutes.
  • Oh you hopeful, naive fool
  • When Lucifer came out for dinner, he had appeared with neon green hair.
  • Satan had apparently switched out all his hair products with green hair dye, and it was a sight to see.
  • A bright green mess, Lucifer had quickly spun on Satan, teeth bared.
  • You have the nerve to trick me all day, are you satisfied now?”
  • Before anyone could respond, you drew out a paint grenade, pin in hand.
  • Smiling a sinister grin, you drawled,
  • “You guys didn’t think I’d let you have the last laugh, now did you?”
  • Eyes wide and rushing to stop you, the brothers quickly ran to you, a desperate last effort.
  • But before any of them could get close, you threw it in the center of the room, drenching everyone in neon yellow and gold paint.
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Thanks for the request love! This is such an adorable prompt, I’m glad you sent it in! For this request it has a SFW rating, and a GN (Human) reader. As always, my ask box is open! Reblogs, likes, and comments are always appreciated!

Giving Satan a Homemade Book (SFW)

  • Oh you’re gonna make this man melt
  • For weeks, you had been gathering pieces of the human world, piecing them together in a book
  • Of course, when Asmo couldn’t help but pitch in when arts and gifts were involved.
  • “Well why wouldn’t I help you dear? After all, this is a gift, and I’m going to help you make it the prettiest gift Satan’s ever seen!”
  • Asmo has access to the best fabrics, leathers and ribbons, plus perfumes if you’d like to add them.
  • If you want, he also has the perfect outfit for you to give him the gift with, for maximum charm effect.
  • So on the day of the gift-giving, Asmo’s fitted you in something that fits your style, with a few green elements for Satan.
  • You had found him in the library, reading one of his favorite novels, Humans, and Why They Give in to Sin.
  • Upon seeing you bring the gift out, he has a cocky smirk on his face
  • “Oh, is this for me, my love?”
  • When you hand him the homemade book, a pleased smile graces his features.
  • You put in this much thought and effort, for him?
  • Absolutely floored when he sees how much writing was dedicated to him.
  • He’s just…so moved by the fact you created something so thoughtful and elaborate for him.
  • Pulling you into his lap, he flips through the book, carefully observing every quote, every note that you had written.
  • He’ll be making mental notes about every piece of literature so that he can find them on his next trip to the human world.
  • If he ever finds the music for the songs, it’s guaranteed that he’ll sing it to you, serenading you under the stars.
  • While reading it together, he’ll give you small kisses on your head, cheeks, and forehead.
  • You’re too damn adorable for your own good
  • He’s incredibly grateful to have such a thoughtful partner, truly.
  • When he reaches the end, he quickly summons an old tome, casting a spell that preserves the pages.
  • It would be a shame for such a precious gift to fade away to join the sands of time after all.
  • Once the spell is cast, he’ll gently set the book down, and start thanking you.
  • Showering you in praise and compliments, he holds you close to him and kisses you on the corner of your lips.
  • “Thank you, kitten. I will treasure this gift for all eternity. Allow me to properly thank you by taking you out to dinner tonight. How about a candlelit dinner at Ristorante Six?”
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Mammon loves 80s music and if you sneak up at the right time you will absolutely get to see him lip syncing into a hairbrush while dancing to bangers like Come On Eileen, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Down Under, etc.

you can pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands btw

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The brothers reactions to a horror artist! MC drawing them


  • Really wasn’t expecting it
  • He’ll make these little comments like, “I dedicate my everyday life to make my underlings view me like this.”
  • He’s already succeeded with that, I mean his brothers gets shivers with just a glare
  • He really enjoys it and hope to see more of your art in the future


  • When he heard that you drew him, he got all excited
  • His human drew him? Him?!
  • He wasn’t at all prepared for the horror part
  • “EEK! What is that?!”
  • He thought it was cool and all, but, boy, is it scary
  • Don’t show him all your drawings or else he’ll have nightmares unless you wanna cuddle him all night, go ahead


  • You drew him? Why would you wanna draw a yucky Otaku like him?
  • Unlike Mammon, he’s thrilled about it
  • “That’s me?? I look so cool! That kind of art could be in a video game!”
  • He absolutely loves the design, he’s even more happy that it’s based off him
  • Might consider cosplaying it as long as you have a horror design for yourself


  • He adores it
  • Draw him as some sort of cat monster, and he’ll love it even more
  • He becomes one of those dads that put their children’s pictures in their wallet, but instead of children, it’s a drawing of him


  • As long as it’s not gross, he’ll absolutely adore it!
  • He’ll most likely make an outfit based on your design. The nails from the shoes to the accessories, you know it
  • He’s totally bragging to everyone else about how you drew him because you were so inspired of his beauty


  • Just genuinely surprised you even drew him
  • He loves it!
  • “I promise I won’t eat it, MC.” He’s determined to keep that promise
  • He probably hangs it by his bed in the most genuine way
  • Just hap you drew him


  • He was quite curious on how you drew him
  • He absolutely adores the horror effect, probably wouldn’t expect it totally would expect it, after all he did kill you but he actually is quite fond of the horror genre
  • He’d probably ask to see even more of your drawings


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Hey guys! I’m back with another headcanon for the brothers, I have a lot more planned for the future and maybe with other characters too *ahem* Diavolo *ahem* I’ll be posting soon a wip post, and you can tell me which one you would like to see first! Anyways, I hope you enjoy ✌🏼😌


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This, this right here - oh yeah

This just brings me back because one of my plot devices for a fanfic I wrote years ago was the MC leaving their husband at the alter because they couldn’t say “I do” and ran off to catch up with the Demon they wanted to be with

Of course I keep all my things as gender neutral as I can but you will be in the ‘bride’ position but considering that this spouse is also gender ambiguous - the title doesn’t really mean much. Also personally I wouldn’t care if I walked the aisle or it was future partner. As long as someone does it then there’s no issue.

Additional: I’m just a pasty white man whose only been to one wedding; my parents - so my only experience is a Christian/Catholic white people wedding - I just wanted to add this as I’m aware in other cultures and countries weddings are very different.


It was your wedding day. A day you’ve been planning for years now with your spouse. They made you the happiest person in the world and you couldn’t of asked for a better person to live your years with. Of course, You had to invite the most influencal people in your life to be your best man- well men.

That’s right, standing by a priest was 7 of the most powerful demons in the Devildom. All watching you make your way towards your spouse. You were grinning, tears in your eyes. It was safe to say your spouse wasn’t any better, jogging on the spot to finally seeing you. They couldn’t believe how stunning you looked, mouth covered by their hand as they sobbed.

Mammon was bawling his eyes out by the time you took your spouse hand. He tuned out the priest as he clung to his older brother. Lucifer just stood there stiff, lips twitching as he looked to the side, hiding his forming tears. Levithan smacked mammon for being embarassing but he wasn’t any better; you were getting married!!!

Satan was death glaring your spouse; hoping it’ll sent a mental image that he will come for them if they hurt you even once. Asmodeus was holding Satan’s hand, wiping his eyes before the tears could come. Not wanting to ruin his makeup before the pictures were taken.

The twins stood with their brothers, watching you speak your love and devotion to your spouse. Belphegor sniffed, leaning against his brother. Beelzebub patted his little brothers head, face cold as massive tears ran down his face.

They’ve watched you grow to become the person you are today through the exchange program and now you were being whisked away. Planning to stay in the human realm with your partner and live a happy married life. The brothers and Everyone else was absolutely shattered by this.

Diavolo, Barbatos Simeon, Luke and Solomon were all sitting on your side. Luke was much like mammon; bawling his eyes out hugging Simeon. Simeon was soothing the young one. Barbatos was holding his young masters hand, giving it reasurring pat’s as he silently soothed the large demon. Diavolo sniffling and grinning as he watched you. Solomon was the calmest one out of Everyone but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to miss you. No, he’ll your adventures together and sad you’re giving up being his apprentice for a normal life.

“it’s okay to cry Lucifer.” Mammon murmured, seeing his brother struggle.

But Lucifer refused. He refused to cry especially Infront of you. But what he didn’t realize was the single tear of sadness and joy falling down his face.

They were all sad to no longer have you so prominent in their life but beyond joyed you’ve come so far. You found someone you love and they love you back. Your time at the academy has ended and your trips to the devildom will be limited. The brothers just have to rely on phone calls and being summoned to see you.

They grieved whilst they celebrated such a wonderful day.


  • Stares down your spouse whenever he can
  • Big brother mode ™
  • Low-key maybe even high-key dad energy from Lucifer
  • He was in charge of making sure everything went well and was on time
  • Only accepting the best for his young human and willing to pay for the entire wedding
  • Even Diavolo agreed to pay for everything
  • He thinks your spouse is a wonderful partner but will forever be bitter how they stole you from them
  • “Lucifer, it’s been a honour to know you and I want to thank you for coming to the wedding.”
  • “yes, don’t disappoint them or I will crawl out of hell just to rip your wind pipe - your atonement for breathing and speaking in their air.”
  • “y-yes sir! I promise I will make (Y/N) the happiest person in the world until we both die!”
  • “or you mysteriously drop.”


  • Has threatened the spouse because he knows your worth
  • Bummed out all of them got to be best man
  • He’s your number one! Your first! Why are the others your best man??!?
  • he and asmo were in charge of the bachelor party for both of you and your spouse
  • Safe to say he got WASTED
  • “Oi human, I’m watching ya - one sad tear from them and you’ll see how demonic I can be.”
  • “i understand, I promise that’ll never happen.”
  • “Knew you’d be a good match! Now if anyone says something is missing, ignore that - do your partner’s best man a favour.”


  • Didn’t want to go - he embarassed himself at the bachelor party
  • But didn’t want to miss his best friend’s wedding
  • He didn’t want to ruin your big day because he knew he’d get jealous but to not see you or be there for you is just cruel
  • Also got wasted and cried to you about how evil your spouse is for taking you away from him
  • Almost fought your spouse when drunk with Mammon tag teaming with him
  • “I hope you’re forgiven me now, I promise to give you summon whenever they miss you.”
  • “or you could just let me keep my best friend…..make them happy please…”
  • “i will, I’d rather drop than ever hurt them.”


  • he was STRESSED
  • He was doing management with Lucifer and almost wrecked the place due to his brothers attitude
  • All he could do was read as many books as he could of marriage and just hope it worked
  • But he felt reassured knowing who you were marrying, it was their time to shine as a perfect partner and they did just that
  • Satan was one to stop his older brothers from destroying your spouse
  • “Hello, you did well with your vowels.”
  • “oh thank you, Satan - heh never going to get use to that.”
  • “Let’s hope you never have to say my name whilst begging for mercy, I’ll be keeping tabs.”


  • He was the one who helped you pick out all the outfits and the dress code for your guests
  • Was very proud that his party was such a hit for everyone
  • Has flirted with your spouse and gets happy whenever they don’t get swayed by his charms
  • Ready for all the marriage gossip!
  • Has teased about you two starting a family
  • “asmodeus, it’s a shame to say I’m now married, your charm has failed.”
  • “You are but one loss in my amazing track record, let’s hope you keep up this energy or else~
  • “I’m extremely happy with (Y/N), there’s no need.”


  • Him and the second cake hit it off IMMEDIATELY
  • he was all over it and it was a sight to behold
  • But before the wedding he was spending time with your spouse
  • He was making sure that they were the perfect fit, he trusted your judgment but he was determined to protect you
  • Happy to see how kind and honest your spouse was
  • “I have to ask, can you eat ANYTHING? I’ve heard so much from (Y/N)-”
  • “I can eat humans.”
  • “I see….noted.”


  • Refused to sleep until the wedding was over
  • This man isn’t effected by coffee but he STILL chugged it down in hopes he could make it through the whole thing
  • Did end up falling asleep due to the priest took too long talking
  • Lukcily beel got him to wake up when you were sharing vowes
  • Has told your spouse that he once considered genocide of humans
  • It was an interesting experience
  • “I’ll kill you if you hurt them, you know I will - give them what they’re worth and i don’t care if that’s the entire world - give them the damn world.”
  • “I’ll give them the world and the entire galaxy.”
  • “good, I won’t let you trample on them and give them less than that.”
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I blame magic for this - sometimes I wish I could do this just for the comedic effect, maybe I won’t need glasses anymore if I give them a good polish

Did take some creative liberties but hope it’s still fun for you!


“so….this is a demon kids cartoon???”

“yeah! Satan was obessed with this show.”

“silence, it was mindless watching whilst I developed.” He looked embarassed, keeping his hand to his chest.

Mammon was watching the show with a grin but nervously shifted in his seat, moving an inch closer to you. The other brother’s were all sitting with you, levithan was sitting between your legs on the floor gaming, belphegor was laughing at the show meanwhile his brother only half paid attention. Asmo was hugging mammons legs as he complained how overly messy and disgusting it was. Lucifer was sitting on the other side of you, going through his phone.

“this is type of stuff you’d seen in creepypasta videos - the hell is this?!”

You just stared at the screen dumbfounded and disgusted. It only got worse when a fish turned to the screen, beginning to speak but it had realistic human teeth.

“excuse me- y'all seeing this shit???? Lemme just-”

You bonked the back of your head, your eyeballs popping out. You easily caught them, doing a quick two breaths on them and gave them a good rub on your shirt. You shoved your eyes back in and rapidly blinked.



  • He didn’t know how to react
  • Deadass
  • Just stares at you
  • He’s seen it all from all gags, to large to small
  • But this little human had weirdest one of them all
  • “Pardon me?”
  • “You’re pardoned, what’s with the staring, Luci-loo?”
  • “who?”
  • Where’s this gag going?
  • “Your eyes….I’m guessing that’s a spell Solomon taught you.”
  • “actually I found it out myself though it said it had side effects and I’m not sure what else it’s done.”
  • He sighed, pinching his nose
  • “Just be careful until it wears off, if I find your eyes out of your sockets again I’ll be keeping them.”
  • His fingers jabbed at your eyes, stopping inches away and clutched his other hand
  • You quickly nodded with a nervous laugh


  • you slap your hand over his mouth but he kept screaming
  • “why are you screaming?!”
  • He removed your hand, pointing to your eyes
  • “you removed your eyes!!”
  • “yeah….? I think that was an appropriate response to that-”
  • “that’s not normal! You’re human! humans can’t do that?! Can they!?”
  • To be fair, it wasn’t normal to do that at all
  • But magic was real and you sure as hell was going to use it at any given moment
  • “it’s called physical comedy, my greedy friend.”
  • He huffed
  • After awhile of sitting with each other he suddenly bonked you in the head
  • Only to end up screaming when your eyes bursted out again and rolled on the floor
  • “Ah-! There’s dust in my eyes!”


  • Almost threw his phone at you
  • He watched it happen when his screen went dark as his game was loading
  • Immediately spun around
  • “YOUR EYES-! do it again!”
  • He fumbled to get up his camera and pointed it at you
  • You just sighed with a slight laugh
  • “Fine~ but I can’t keep this doing this, it hurts my eyes.”
  • You bonked your head and let your eyes pop out once again, giving them a good polish before putting them back in
  • “ROTFLMAO!!!! You’re like a cartoon character!”
  • He filmed the others reactions to you casually do it once again
  • You leaned on his head when he turned back around
  • “better make me famous.”


  • Almost caught your eyes for you
  • And then he processed what just happened
  • “That’s not normal.”
  • “of course it’s not but it was a good joke, though demon cartoons ARE cursed.”
  • You changed the channel and sat back
  • Satan gave your head a soft bump and watched your eyes shake
  • “This will come in this spell written down? I think you know exactly what I plan for this.”
  • You both looked at each other, meeting eyes with belphegor before all three of you glanced at Lucifer
  • Satan nodded and you copied him
  • Lucifer just glared at the three of you
  • Sensing something was going to happen
  • “Can you do other things? Or is it just that?”
  • “I can spin my head 360, do dramatic poses mid air for awhile, my arms can stretch but it hurts and can take out my teeth like I got dentures.”
  • “remarkable, perhaps you’ll give me a presentation?”
  • You agreed and throughout the day you acted out different tricks to everyone’s dismay
  • Except for Satan


  • As soon as your eyes are back he slaps your face out of pure fear instinct
  • Your head spins as if you were a cartoon character
  • Luckily you kept your hands over your eyes
  • Unsure if they would fly out or not
  • “Careful-! This magic is full of slapstick tricks!”
  • “Why would you do it in the first place??!! Have you been waiting to do this all day?!”
  • He looked at your head disgusted
  • poking your cheek with one finger to keep distance from you
  • “First of all, rude and second, yes - i need to be ready for anything at all times with you guys.”
  • He hugged your waist, sinking into you
  • “why must you be this way, you’re too cute to be having your eyes pop out!”
  • You patted his head
  • Letting him sulk as you rattled your head, fixing your eyes placement from the spinning
  • “There there, the magic will wear off….at some point.”


  • “No.”
  • You bursted out laughing
  • He just looked at your eyes up and down with a pointed glare
  • “no? No what? You’re not seeing what I’m seeing?!”
  • “Don’t do that again, you could lose one of them.”
  • You grinned, ruffling his hair
  • “okay mom~ I won’t pop my eyes out.”
  • He just hummed, grasping your hand so it stayed on his hair
  • Soon enough the Chanel changed and Beel left to get food
  • You grew bored and went after him
  • But you both ended up colliding and your head smacked against his chest
  • “I told you.”
  • You raised a brow before realizing that one of your eyes just bounced out of your sockets
  • You scrambled to the floor to find it worried it could get stepped on
  • Beel joined you in your search and soon found it, being extra careful with handling it
  • He gave it a small rinse and handed it back to you
  • “Are you okay? Want a snack to make you feel better?”
  • You nodded cradling your eye


  • He grinned watching you, shuffling to look at you properly
  • He absolutely loved that
  • “Cool! Wait - if your eyes can do that then can you replicate the cartoon’s?”
  • “spells for slapsticks and cartoon logic only, not body horror.”
  • He pouted
  • It wasn’t long before he started padding at your face, trying to find out what else you could do
  • You rolled your eyes
  • “Learn body horror spells.”
  • “why? That’s stuff was hella cursed, I’m not here for your sadistic amusement.”
  • You tried to force back your snort
  • Belphegor grinned
  • “Are you sure? I’m not the one using magic on myself to be a cartoon- entertain us.”
  • You just shoved his head, forcing him into beels lap
  • “learn to be polite and then I’ll do it.”
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