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#obey me headcanon
Imagine the mess if Mc had a boyfriend in the human world but they broke up when Mc went on an exchange to study at Devildom. Maybe Mc didn’t want a long distance relationship.
However, if a boyfriend would later become an exchange student at Devildom and believe they would continue their relationship with mc. But Mc has already started a relationship with the undateables
Obey me brothers are here
Tumblr media
" I'm sorry but Mc is already in a relationship with me. However, I hope we can all be friends. "
Well Simeon is an angel.
He really believes you can all be friends and get along with each other.
And his faith does not waver easily.
Let’s hope your boyfriend isn’t an asshole who mocks Simeon.
Because if they are they have to face the rage of Luke and the Simeon simps.
It doesn't end well.
Otherwise, Simeon is really happy and respectful.
he and your ex boyfriend can sit down to have a tea and chat about the fun stories that have happened to you.
It's a really weird sight...
Best to get used to it.
However, Simeon wouldn't want to give up on you.
He is trying to show how happy you are now with him.
Only Simeon is able to create a good distance between his partner’s ex boyfriend.
He is too pure.
Tumblr media
" Mc, why are you looking at me strangely? I just welcomed your ex boyfriend to hell. No I don't emphasize the word hell in any weird way. Right Barbatos? You see Barbatos agrees with me."
Well Diavolo is really not excited about this.
He didn’t make that powerpoint presentation “What good would it do for both of us if we started dating” in vain.
However, this is not a big problem.
Or he's the prince of Devildom...
Diavolo makes sure you and your ex end up in a different dorm "by accident."
You also end up "accidentally" in parallel classes.
He also "accidentally" ask you to marry him so your ex boyfriend sees it.
( Diavolo is pretty adept at making "accidents" right? )
No one knows if he’s doing this because he’s worried or if he’s just enjoying the bullying of that poor soul.
I guess the latter option.
And if all goes wrong Diavolo could kick your ex boyfriend out of the exchange student program because of “bullying”.
Hypocrisy is always an option in the field of politics
Tumblr media
Barbatos finds it very difficult to hold back his laughter when your ex boyfriend wishes him luck in this “fair” fight.
The battle with the demon-butler who sees the future is certainly not fair.
He thinks your ex boyfriend’s trying are entertaining.
(Because Barbatos is a sadist and he enjoys having your ex boyfriend put a lot of effort into attempts that are doomed to fail before they even try them.)
He 100% sure knew your ex boyfriend was going to devildom from the beginning of your relationship.
If your ex boyfriend's tea accidentally shows poison it's "not" his fault.
Outside Barbatos is really polite and friendly.
He will kindly arrange a tour of hell for your ex boyfriend.
If your ex boyfriend agrees they will never return to their former state and become the most faithful follower of God.
" Don’t be angry dear I just wanted to introduce the Devildom to your ex. I promise to pay for their therapy. It was a joke dear they don’t really need therapy."
Tumblr media
Solomon would offer the biscuits he baked himself to your ex boyfriend when they first met.
Anyone who doesn’t know Solomon thinks it’s a friendly gesture.
Anyone who knows Solomon knows that it is a declaration of war.
( This time, Solomon was genuinely trying to cook badly. Solomon is also the only one who notices the difference in taste. For others, it’s as horrible as his normal cooking.)
Indeed, he already knows that the new student is your ex boyfriend.
No one knows how but Solomon just knows.
He might show a couple of "magic tricks" to your ex boyfriend.
Don’t be surprised if after that your ex boyfriend is a talking frog.
This frog cannot be turned into a human by kissing.
It will take at least a week for Solomon to get your ex boyfriend back.
Isn't that sad?
"Mc I already said it was an accident. Don't think about it too much. Look I made you muffin you want to taste it?"
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erza-haninozuka · 8 hours ago
I’m cackling. Lucifer is often symbolized with the peacock. Can you imagine him fluffing his wings, strutting, and shaking his feathers to attract mc??
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cactus-stories · a month ago
Everyone in the Devildom: oh damn they have a pact with all of the demon lords, they're so powerful what will they do? We're damned!
Meanwhile at the HoL: I want everyone to sit down in a circle and take turns saying what's your favourite thing about Mammon, nOW
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victowgwantz · 14 days ago
Hiii! Is it alright to ask for a HC request with the brothers who has a bitey mc? Like, they dont even do it sexually, but MC just always has this strong urge to bite so maybe theyre just cuddling and theyd just feel mc bite their shoulder and act as if it didnt happen :V (gender neautral pls!)
HAHAHA i’d probably do this too, idk why but biting something makes me feel relaxed for some reason ..
brothers with MC that bites
cw: none i can think of
notes: I don't like how I did Satan's part that much...
Tumblr media
first time you did it, he just looks at you like “what.”
you’re gonna have to explain yourself. get ready for an interrogation!
anyways, he prefers you don’t do it AT ALL.
he just doesn’t like being bit, public or private. why not just give him an old-fashioned kiss?
if you want him to bite back, he will not. not ever.
Tumblr media
if you cuddle him and bite him outta nowhere, you’re gonna go flying from how hard he jumps…
constantly on guard now
but will bite back, although rarely. he usually just does a lil’ bitey when he’s jealous.
Tumblr media
yelps in surprise, then looks at you confused and blushing.
he gets used to it, though it never fails to make him flustered.
he’d actually rather cartwheel into a pit of needles than say he finds it cute out loud.
i’ve got a headcanon his teeth are sharp, so he wouldn’t bite you back because he’s scared he’d accidentally hurt you </3
Tumblr media
you remind of a cat, you know how cats sometimes just bite randomly when you pet them? yea, like that!
he thinks it’s cute, and makes him love ya even more!
doesn’t really mind if you do it while other people are around, it’s sort of like showing you off to other people in his own weird way.
just strokes your hair when you’re alone and you bite him. he really likes treating you like a kitty i guess?
Tumblr media
okay, he bites a lot too.
he likes nibbling your cheek like you’re a soft little mochi. sometimes brings your hand to his face just so he could do a little bitey~
turns into kind of a contest between the two of you, of who can catch the other off-guard and bite the most.
not the most common form of bonding, but you two do you!
Tumblr media
looks at you like “???”
doesn’t know what or why you’re doing it, but he doesn’t mind.
bites back as well, he likes having something to bite on when there isn’t any food. he likes biting your cheeks the most, though.
Tumblr media
your biting snaps his eyes awake when you first do it.
gets used to it, eventually he bites you too.
like, you could be talking to someone and he just comes behind you like- “hi MC.” *bites your shoulder*
likes biting your shoulders a lot. so prepare for surprise bites!
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jellymoonbear · 3 months ago
Accidentally Summoning The Brothers NSFW
Lucifer | Mammon | Leviathan | Satan | Asmodeus | Beelzebub | Belphegor
Tumblr media
so ofc luci was swarmed with paperwork as always
this time he was just a little busier than usual and although you were craving his touch, you didn't want to disturb his hard work
locking the door to luci's room, you settle onto his sheets letting his smell engulf you
not long later, you are rid of your pants and playing mercilessly with yourself, working yourself to the edge in no time
it felt so good and thinking of lucifer, you couldn't help but call out his name
only it wasnt just calling his name and a second later he was standing right before where you lay
I know everyone makes him out to be the type of demon that would be on you in seconds
but a lot goes through his mind when you summoned him
first, he thinks you're in danger but when his eyes settle on you he blushes hard. then he glances to the door and sees it locked, finally realising that you must have accidentally summoned him while pleasuring yourself
his pride is a little hurt bc you were doing that without him, but he can't help but smile as you must have been thinking about him REAL hard to have summoned him without noticing
with a soft smile, he slowly turns around like the true gentleman he is and waits for you to relax from your high before clearing his throat
he loves the sounds you make when you scramble to cover yourself, whimpering his name in shock
"wh-what are you doing here?"
with his back still facing you, he replies "I believe I should be asking you."
you are finally wrapped up in the covers, hiding your face in embarrassment
"I thought you were still working..."
"I was," he chuckled "until you summoned me here."
"what...?" you glance to the door, remembering that you locked it. you would have heard him entering the door, so there was no denying you had summoned him along with the gentle buzzing of his pact mark
"I-I'm sorry." your nervousness has you blurting out whatever
"do not apologise. it is I who should be sorry."
lucifer finally faces you again and makes his way to you on the bed and within seconds his fingers are playing with your hair
"I've neglected you these past few days. I didn't even realise how lonely you must have been."
his eyes are full of regret but you pull him in for a sweet kiss, hoping that lust would soon replace them
"nonsense. I missed you, but I wasn't lonely. I just didn't want to distract you from work."
"you," he kisses you again. "are the one distraction I will always allow."
"luci..." you couldn't help but admire his softened features as he takes your hand and kisses the skin of it
"you need only say the words and I will be on my knees for you."
he starts to leave sloppy kisses and nibbles down your neck and once again you're left breathless
"lucifer..." you moan. "I need you."
there is no hesitation as he rips away the covers and hooks his arm around your thighs, dragging you to the edge of the bed
as promised, he is on his knees leaving wet kisses up and down the inside of your legs
"luci, what about-"
"forget about the work." he scolds you and his lips tease at the spot you needed him most. "I'm going to take my time with you."
your hands fly to his hair as his lips finally latch onto your sensitive heat
there's no way you're letting him go again
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yukihaie · 2 months ago
Hi! Can I pls get brothers and dateables reacting to a Female MC that tries on their outfits?
Good day, Crystal! First of all, I want to apologise for the very long wait>﹏< And second, thanks for the request! I'm facing a bit of writer's block atm so I'm not sure how this one will go, but I hope you enjoy it!
Also, since you didn't specify what type of outfits, I'll put it at random. I hope that's fine with you?
Tumblr media
It didn't take long for him to notice one of his shirt and vest went missing from his closet.
Also a pair of his gloves.
And his coat? Where were his clothes??
Did Satan and Belphie play tricks on him again? Oh, they're so gonna get it once he–
"Lucifer! Check this out!" You barged into his room and spun round to show him what you're wearing.
"I have to say, you look absolutely stunning in my outfit. Perhaps you should wear it more often?"
lowkey highkey very proud of his fashion sense because you look really good in it
The next day, he'll take you out to shop for similar clothes.
No, you can't say no.
Mammon has been searching for his jacket all over the house now.
Can't he just go out without it? The answer is no; it's too cold outside.
And plus, the necklace the twin gave him won't match with his outfit if he didn't wear his jacket. And he definitely won't let the twins down.
That's why he barged into your room. Perhaps he forgot it there?
But he was met with the sight of you. Wearing his jacket. And his white undershirt. And also, is that a replicate of his necklace?
"Wh-what are ya wearin'??"
"Do I look good, Mammon? This hoodie is a bit too big for me, but it still fits!"
Oh please, this girlfriend of his.
Ya look good in anythin' "I guess ya look okay..."
Won't admit it, but he likes seeing you wearing his clothes.
But maybe not that necklace though, because now he couldn't differentiate the real one and the fake one.
Did not want to accidentally sell the necklace Beel and Belphie got for him.
A gamer isn't a real gamer without his gaming jacket.
Also, has anyone seen his headphone?
Was about to storm into Mammon's room when he noticed your bedroom door was slightly ajar. And so, he caught the glimpse of you trying out his outfit.
Leviathan.exe has stopped working.
Okay first of all, why?
Don't you find it disgusting to wear his clothes? And and and and–
"Levi, your clothes are the best! It's always so comfy. I love them!" You did a tiny twirl to show off his long cardigan jacket.
Triple shot to his heart.
He couldn't believe you're cosplaying as him.
Your blushy boy is not responding? Don't worry, grab the hem of the jacket and wrap it around his body. He'll respond eventually :D
100% effective. Guaranteed!
Where did he last put his blazer again? He remembered taking them off before cooking lunch today...
"Satan! Look, I'm you!" You mimicked his infamous pose of placing your left hand on your chest and your right hand on your hip.
This caught him by surprise.
He's a bit too shocked to reply after seeing you like that.
Is this how he usually looks like?
"MC, I think you should wear your sleeves on both side."
"But I wanna wear it like you did..."
Silent as he contemplated his life choices.
"Kitten, you look amazing, but please, both sleeves in."
He rocks in that look but he can't find it in his heart to say you're not rocking it like he do.
Don't get him wrong; you look great. But what's with that white belt? And that pants? And also that–
It's literally your clothes, Tantan...
He's not wearing his usual clothes today, so it's easier for you to try it on.
Won't notice they're missing until he actually saw you in it.
Ooh! You look absolutely gorgeous, Darling!
Would take so many photos of you.
For once, he didn't feel jealous to know someone else was wearing the same outfit as him.
In fact, he liked it!
Would pressure you to wear his clothes more often.
Wished to take you out on a date while wearing his clothes.
"So now, people will know that you're mine~"
Notice his clothes went missing but didn't bother much.
Because Belphie also likes to wear his clothes sometimes.
Until, he saw the perpetrator wasn't Belphie this time.
"Beelie baby! Check this out! I am now you!" You gave him a wide grin.
Wouldn't that jacket be too big for you, MC?
But when you said you like it, he didn't press further.
Although deep down, he's really pleased to see you in his outfit.
Would gladly permit you to wear his clothing anytime, anywhere.
What do you mean people will take it the wrong way, Asmo?
Didn't know what's wrong, but won't let you stop either way.
His clothes are yours and yours are also–
Aww... he can't fit in your clothes?
Unlike Beel, Belphie didn't even notice his usual clothes were missing.
And like Beel, he also didn't bother looking for it.
So when you came over to him and showed yourself in his outfit, he only smiled warmly.
It's comfortable, right?
Likes to see you wear his clothes.
Because it proves that you like being around him and you are his and only his.
Actually helped you to dress up like him more accurately.
"Hey, where's my iconic cow pillow? You should take it wherever you go."
And now that he knows you like to try out his clothes, he'll be dumping every single thing he has in his closet to your way, in hope you'll try all of them.
This is a pleasant surprise.
When you said you wanted to have a mini fashion show, he didn't expect you to be this bold.
Very happy to see you in his outfit.
Felt all warm and tingly on the inside.
Barbatos, however, did not appreciate you going through his Master's closet just for your little fashion show.
But no harm done Barbatos, because now your Master will buy one whole closet full of clothes just to match yours with his.
But if you refused, Diavolo will give you a secret pass to his bedroom and closet so you can take whatever you want from his wardrobe.
"Wear my clothes more often? Please?"
"Barbatos, is this how you're supposed to wear it?"
Very amused.
Would gladly have you wear his clothes.
And would assist you should you feel the need to wear his outfit ever again.
Although, on the inside, this butler was panicking inside out.
Where did you even get his clothes to begin with?
He didn't have any closet that he stored them in?
Did you perhaps went through the trouble of getting them from the laundry room?
Oh, MC! What if something happened?!
"Love, let me know if you want to do this again. I'll lend you my clothes, no problem. Just don't go inside the laundry room again. You might get lost."
Oh, you're asking permission to go through his closet? Sure!
Hmm? His tie? It's in the farthest drawer to the left.
Very confused at your attempt to try on his human world outfit.
But happy regardless.
And you look really beautiful too!
Would subtly buy your clothes that match his outfit without you knowing.
But that's for his human world attire. What about his angel clothes?
"MC, maybe we need to cover your shoulders a bit."
"Eh? Why? You don't cover your shoulders while wearing this outfit, right?"
You okay, Simeon?
Has anyone told you that you look beautiful?
Yes? No? Whatever, he'll say it again.
You look really stunning.
And even more so when you wear his outfits.
Likes it very much.
Will take a photo or two for memories.
"You know, now that you're starting to wear my clothes, it should be right that I get to wear yours too, right?"
"Can you even fit in them?" you questioned.
"Nothing a small magic can't fix~"
*Sharing clothes option unlocked*
Tumblr media
Taglist: @ninefuckingoneone @candymeowz @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @liraajustsimpin @nishayuro @hell-temptations
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absolutepokemontrash · 16 days ago
Please,,,,, tell me about this family Animal Crossing island. I need to know
Ah… Animal Crossing… a relaxing game to play with your friends and family, or alone if that’s your thing, no judgement here, only relaxation and good vibes.
…well it was supposed to be.
When all eight members of the HOL get into a single mcfreaking island, things go to shit really quickly.
Lucifer is on everyone’s ASSES about paying off their housing loans because he does NOT like being in debt to Tom Nook.
Mammon waits at the store every day to see the new daily items, sure, he’s “wasting his bells” but WHATEVER. His house is gonna look SEXY.
Levi is decorating the island at large, Levi could be an outdoor patio designer if he put his mind to it. Problem is, he gets very distracted with fishing. HE MUST CATCH ALL THE FISH.
Satan is also helping to decorate the island, but there’s a bit of an aesthetic war going on. Asmo and Levi want a cutesy pink aesthetic, while Lucifer and Satan want a cool professional look, Mammon wants everything to be shiny and pretty. (Beel and Belph don’t really care). Satan is also on a mission to complete the museum, he’s a completionist god dammit!
Asmo is planting flowers :3 look how nice everything looks… it’s at times like these when he realizes he really loves his famil- MAMMON STOP DIGGING UP HIS FLOWERS! *THWACK* EAT BUTTERFLY NET YOU SON OF A BITCH! *THWACK*
Beel is just happy to be here. There are only two villagers on the island, and his favourite is Meringue. He’s constantly giving the villagers presents.
Belphie is being a little shit but that’s nothing new. “Why can we not eat our island friends?” “Belphie what the fuck-” “Mammon, Tom Nook is going to break your kneecaps if you don’t upgrade your house~” “SH-SHUT UP YOU LITTLE-” Belphie’s house is still the tent. Someone kick his little rat self out.
…Lucifer once opened up the game, only to find that all of his flowers and decorations were dug up or stolen… he had to hide how devastated this made him. He worked really hard on his little patio okay???
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metize · a month ago
Obey Me boys and their kinks.
CW: explicit n$fw, of course. Extra Channer!Levi with some misogyny. Noncon for somnophilia. Belphie spoilers.
I mean........ come on. Do I have to say it?
Lucifer is a sadistic dom
Spanking! He's got a whole section of his wardrobe where he keeps his paddles and other fun gear.
Brat taming. He just loves to be in control, be superior and put you in your place.
We could go on and on, he is arguably the kinkiest in the House of Lamentations.
"Yet again you disobey me, MC. You are just begging to be punished at this point... Very well, bend over my knee and start counting..."
Yet again do I need to say it?
This boy has a praise kink, we all know it
Even the little things! When you say "yes" or "yeah, right there" it just drives him crazy.
Call him a good boy once and he'll already get addicted. He'll do anything to hear it over and over again.
He's a sub. Maybe a switch if you work him up enough.
On the kinky scale, he's not too high up. His biggest kink is to be loved and appreciated.
"MC, fuck... is this good? I wanna be good... please..."
I know that my personal headcannon is that Levi is a 4channer but I'll pretend that's not the case for this one (i did one for channer!Levi I couldn't resist.)
Degradation. He's constantly putting himself down, but when you do it? He gets so turned on.
He thinks about you calling him disgusting, pathetic. He will be nodding in agreement and panting as he strokes himself.
(Channer Levi/F! MC) Free Use. Levi has enough Ruri-chan figurines to understand that 'females' are objects and meant to be used as such.
"MC... y-you're my fleshlight... mine only!"
Orgasm control/denial. He's a tease, he's a bastard and he thinks you look so cute when you're desperate.
Mirrors. Obviously. He gets so turned on seing himself fucking you. It's hypnotizing.
Listen, I think this man has no limits. He's up for anything and everything. As self absorbed as he is, he'd love to find out what gets you going.
"MC you look so cute! Can you come for me just one more time, one more? You can do it for me right? Please, I want to see you come for me again..."
Of course, petplay.
You know he's gonna call you kitten and make you call him master. He'll get so invested too, he'll get you a nice collar just for you.
He's a fair master. He praises his kitten and he punishes them when he needs to.
Dirty talk. He's a literate man, he loves language and he will make you say the filthiest things to him. And you'll do it, because you're a good kitten, no matter how embarrassing it may be.
"Say it, kitten. Tell me you need your master to fuck you til you can't walk straight for a week... tell me you're a needy kitten who needs to get filled with her master's cock."
Yeah, foodplay we get it.
He loves dressing you with different toppings, really making you a dessert, because you are just the sweetest little human.
Size kink, can't miss it.
Beel loves holding you, manhandling your body around, pushing you up, pining you down. It makes him feel possessive of you, how perfectly you fit in his hands.
"MC... you're so tiny, so warm... so tight... ah..."
Breeding. This man wants a family. He gets really, really ravenous when the primal need to impregnate you hits him. Nothing can stop him, and it's not like you want him to, that's for sure.
Somno. Easy.
"Ah... MC I just can't help myself, you look so cute and helpless when you're asleep..."
Fully penetrates you, doesn't care. Just does whatever he wants with your body. Sleep is his domain, so he feels entitled to your body when you're partaking in his sin.
Breathplay and knifeplay. He loves making you scared, he just can't help himself. Seeing you so defenseless under him, fragile little human with nowhere to go.
Degradation. He will call you names, he will call you stupid, worthless, weak... he won't measure his words. Don't expect him to hold his tongue.
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books-and-catears · 5 months ago
MC's primary sin is same as the Brothers
Tumblr media
"Now this is just a theory, but I believe all humans have a primary sin. It could be any one of the Seven sins. And humans are said to be most attracted to the demon of that particular sin." Satan read from a book he'd borrowed from MC.
Rest of the brothers sat up straighter, more alert. "So what this suggests is if MC has the same sin as the one we represent - they are more likely to be attracted to us?" Belphie asked, his eyes wide open.
Satan nodded. "I'm going to go ask MC right now!" Mammon stands up.
"How would MC know what their primary sin is?? Is this something humans are actively aware of?" Levi questions.
"Well some sins are surely more obvious than others." Lucifer explains, "For example, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth. They have more obvious signs."
"Oh this whole concept is so exciting. I hope MC is Lust. It would give me so much reason to keep them with me all the time." Asmo gushes.
"If MC is Gluttony, I will make sure they are well fed at all times." Beel said, joining Mammon now. "So let's go and ask MC."
"Ask me what, Beel?" You walk into the room, looking for them. "There you all are. I was wondering why noone is in their room."
Everyone shuffles uncomfortably not knowing how to ask you. Satan clears his throat and raises the book and you instantly understand.
"Ah my primary sin? Is that what you want to know?" You ask, smiling. All the brothers nod in unison, over eager to hear the answer.
"Well my primary sin is..."
You can see his chest swelling up and a smirk gracing his lips shamelessly.
Being a prideful being yourself you smirk back at him playfully, knowing how much he loves this answer.
"Well I wouldn't expect less than the strongest sin from you, MC. Always headstrong and adamant." He teases, walking over to you and holding out his hand.
"Oh but we must be headstrong Lucifer. Even at our weakest, we must look strong. Or else everything will come crumbling down, won't it?" You say, taking his hand and pulling yourself closer to him.
Lucifer feels something stir in his heart. An intense falling sensation. And suddenly, you seem to look like the most beautiful thing he's ever seen in his life.
"Let's take this to my room shall we? We have a lot to private." He whispers into your ear and drags you off.
You can hear Satan, Belphie and Mammon grumbling in the background.
Mammon lets out a laugh of victory, almost jumping in the air.
You smile at his antics and move closer to him, greedy for more of his reactions.
"I knew it! Of course MC would be Greed too! I was your first for a reason after all, MC!" He impatiently grabs at your arm and pulls you close.
"Well indeed. For once you might be right Mammon. There's a lot more I want from life and I want to savour every bit." You pinch and palm his cheek lovingly.
Mammon laughs some more in his brothers faces, "You hear that?! Now you all can't stop me if I interrupt your time with MC. They are all mine!"
You blush and hide your face in his shoulders as he skips back to his room with you.
Lucifer sighs and hides his face in palm, while Levi and Asmo whine about how unfair this is.
Levi looks like he's simultaneously seen a ghost and his favourite Ruri Chan come to life. Really? Him?
You smile at him sheepishly. You're no different than him after all.
"I-I can't believe Henry is really...MC is really..." Levi stuttered and paced back and forth trying to get to you..
You reach for his hand and hold it tight, pulling him in. "Yes. Your MC. And Your Henry. We crave the same kind of happiness don't we?."
"I wanted this.. I really did but I never thought...Ah this is the best day of my life! Come on MC, we need to celebrate!" Levi takes off at full speed as you struggle to keep up with his excitement.
Mammon and Asmo rack their brains trying to make sense of how Levi and you are similar while Beel stares sadly at the cupcakes he was saving for you.
Satan looks so happy at first, he shoots up from his seat eager to hold you before he stops. But he stops looking unsure, are you sure about this MC?
You step towards him and hold his hands by the wrists tenderly and place his palms on your cheek and nod to reassure him.
"Wrath isn't exactly something which is as easily forgiven as the others, MC. You're always so kind it's impossible that you are Wrath too. It's always a struggle to control and when it takes over-" Satan started to explain, holding you delicately.
"-you turn into something you can't recognise. But I do recognise it Satan. The monster you turn into is the same as mine. I'm a human, so it's less clear maybe. But whatever we're made of, you and I are the same." You place your hands over his and smile.
And that's all it takes for his eyes well up and a smile break out as he holds you tight by the waist. "Well let's remember this day with a cat picnic, huh MC?"
Lucifer smiles a sad smile while Belphie and Levi sit there horrified with this new found discovery.
Asmo squeals in happiness and almost pounces on you then and there. He can barely hold it in anymore.
You accepting his advances with open arms and kissing his cheek only drove him crazier.
"I knew it, MC! I always knew!! You have always loved me so dearly and never turned me away. I knew you were meant to be mine." He hides his head in your shoulders.
"Lust is more than it seems, Asmo. Lust stems from a lack of love. And you deserve so much of it." You say threading your fingers in his hair.
He almost cries hearing that, holding you tighter. He can't decide if he wants to hold you and cry or just nestle himself inside you. "We must go immediately MC." He says, he must hold you in every way possible.
Satan half smiled while Levi grunted and picked at the carpet and Belphie just scowled at your retreating figures.
Beel stands up immediately and holds out a half full box of cupcakes. His smile is wide but his eyes are full of thought.
You take a cupcake and hold it to his mouth. He takes a bite and urges you to eat the rest. An indirect kiss.
"Is that why you understood MC? Is this why you never got angry at me for being hungry all the time? You even gave away your breakfast to me...weren't you hungry too?" Beel asks, holding your hand tenderly.
You smile and hold his big warm hand with both of yours. "Hunger hits you worse when you're lonely. And with you? I was never lonely Beel."
He is absolutely beaming as he swiftly keeps the box away and hoists you up in his arms. His hunger too seemed to have gone away. "MC let's go to that park you wanted to see."
Belphie smiles seeing his brother's happiness while Levi and Satan stare awestruck.
Belphie smiles slyly as he quietly makes his way to you and sits on the couch next to you, and pulls you down to join him.
You lazily land right in his lap, not bothering to move. You rest your head on his shoulder.
"You know for Sloth, you are way too active in this household. I don't see you missing out on chores." Belphie asks, playing with your hair.
"Well it isn't like you dont do any of your chores, Belphie." You laugh, ruffling his hair,"But we do feel most at peace doing nothing dont we? Perhaps like looking up at the stars knowing you won't have to face any consequences and you can just lie there, causing no one any harm."
Belphie's eyes grew wide. He had never gotten this level of acceptance from anyone but Beel. He smiles against your shoulder before pulling you up to the planetarium wordlessly.
Beel smiles for his twin, munching on his cupcakes while Lucifer and Mammon stare horrified.
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naviavu · a month ago
hello !!! can i ask for hcs for obey me boys when they find out that mc is living in an abusive hosuehold? i saw that your askbox is open and i'm just in a really REALLY bad place right now
yes, dearest, you absolutely can <333 may i ask how you are, anon? my inbox is always open if you need someone to talk to. as someone who’s also living in a toxic household, writing this brought me a bit percent of comfort so i hope it also does the same to you, anon!  warnings: self-harm, suicide attempt, overdose, abusive household, cursing, sexual assault, overall has very abusive themes (done towards mc), comfort (by the brothers) also not edited
Older Brothers finding out that MC lives in an abusive household
Tumblr media
He knows from the start, if there are any restraining orders or records in your application form. 
If there are no records, Lucifer is observant enough to notice the warning signs-- flinching when Mammon or Levi is too loud in the dinner table, your pulse picking up when Satan changes his tone from kind to menacing in a quick second, laughing uncomfortably when Asmo’s hands wander too close where it shouldn’t be, your eyes widening in every tight hug Beel gives, and being wary of Belphie in general even though you’ve made up already. 
Prideful as always, he told himself that it wasn’t his business until he started seeing you as family-- regardless if his feelings developed platonically or romantically. His family is his business and there’s no way in hell that he’s letting you go back to the human world if you aren’t safe. He shoots you a text to come meet him to have an important discussion.
Your heart hammered in your chest as you open the door to his private study. What could be so important to discuss at midnight? Has Lucifer... finally caught on? Gods, no no no.
“MC, I’ve noticed some things that...” Lucifer trails off, explains calmly, and it still catches you off-guard. You stutter. You ramble until you’re in tears and collapse on your knees on the polished floor, scared and terrified because you can’t lie or he’ll punish you--
You feel Lucifer’s coat on your shoulders. instincts kick in and you cling to him, feeling like a lost child over again.
Lucifer carries you to his chair, asking you if you’re comfortable enough to tell your story. “You don’t have to tell me, MC. I’m sorry if I pushed you with that question.” 
“But I hope you know that you’re precious to me, and I’ll protect you in any way that I can.” He says finished, determined, and you break out in sobs again as you finally tell him about your story: all the abuse, the pain, the unwanted touches, even the one you inflicted upon yourself just to feel something.
Lucifer listens. your abusers are sure not to see another day.
Tumblr media
Let’s face it: Mammon is an abuse survivor himself. He might not be good in verbally comforting others, but trust me when I say he’s the best in listening and generally being there for you. It shows in his actions.
You were having your weekly Saturday movie night, sitting side by side when a scene scares Mammon and he shouts. Loudly. 
You jump out of your seat and run.
“Fuck, did ‘ya see that MC? Totally wasn’t scared-- MC? Where did ‘ya go?” Mammon looks at the back of his couch. Under the tennis table. On his bed. “Hey, human! Why did ‘ya leave me?”
Mammon hears soft sobs from his closet. He walks up carefully. “A-are you crying, MC? Why--”
“No!” It’s your turn to shout now. There are fresh streaks of bloody self-inflicted scratches on your arms and Mammon’s confusion turns to worry in an instant. “I’m sorry for running, f-for hiding, please don’t hurt me, I’m not gonna do it again I swear-- please!”
When Mammon grabs your wrists, you cry and beg harder and honey, it broke his heart in a million pieces.
He leads you to his bath, where he gently helps you wash your wounds. You won’t stop crying and saying sorry over and over again. Mammon always tried to be strong in hopes to impress you but fuck it.
He is now crying with you. 
After cleaning your wounds, he wordlessly led you to his bed to rest. The silence suffocates him, and Mammon knows he should comfort you but he is so scared of saying the wrong thing. 
“MC--” “ Mammon--” You speak at the same time. He urges you to go on, and his hands that holds you close shake.
“Mammon... do you also intend to... to-- ravish me?” You ask, looking down on the floor while Mammon felt like everything stopped. “Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone, o-or if not, just please be gentle,” Your voice cracks in the end and Mammon breaks.
“Never in a million years, MC! I-- Fuck,” he sobs, and your own lips quiver. “I didn’t know, MC. I’m so sorry for what happened to you, I didn’t mean to shout and hurt you in the process, I’ve been always like this around you and my brothers and...” Oh. Oh no. Does that mean that there were times that you felt unsafe around him without him knowing? “I’m so so sorry for everything.”
He moves to hug you but stops himself. “Can I... Can I hug you?”
He only does when you verbally say yes and you both sob in each others arms. The night ended with both of you in his bed, telling him stories of your experiences in the human world and your household. Mammon nods and listens, and you don’t see how his tears keep running, but you notice how his arms are snug against your body like he’s afraid to let go.
Mammon also doesn’t want you to go back when your year ends but he will not tell Lucifer immediately, not without your consent.
On RAD, he’ll hover closer when you walk beside him but not with his old greedy, possessive way but because he genuinely wants to protect you. Everyday, he’ll be outside waiting for you at the end of your class even though his own class is located three buildings away. 
Mammon would also try to comfort you in his own way: by showering you gifts and trinkets that remind him of you. He wants you to feel appreciated just for merely existing, and that he can see a piece of you in his world every where he goes.
Congrats, you now have a personal butler that would put Barbatos to shame <3
Tumblr media
You sometimes forget that this boy is the Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy.
He knows the look in someone’s eyes when they are absolutely terrified and about to surrender their life, and that’s the way he sees you one night you were sprawled out on your bathroom floor.
You weren’t responding to your DDD when you’re supposed to be with him in an important raid. Since his Henry is the only person he is willingly going to go out of his room for (and because he’s worried) he barges inside your with no warning.
It’s canon that Levi uses his smell to detect people. So when he doesn’t see you lounging in your bed like usual, he enters the room further to search for you. Only then he notices the amount of anxiety and fear you radiated in the air and he panics.
He enters your bathroom and Levi saw his worst nightmare come true. His best friend is lying on the floor and-- where did you even get those hellsmoke sleeping pills? It’s lethal for humans! “MC! what did you do?”
“I’m sorry, I-I don’t wanna go Levi. I don’t wanna go--” You sob, body shaking and he wastes no time to scoop you up and carry you in his arms. He calls for Lucifer, for Mammon, for the rest of his brothers, and it’s a tone they haven’t heard from Leviathan in a long time-- the command of a Grand Admiral. In a split second, they were all in your presence and ready to help on whatever way they can.
You spend three days passed out on Lord Diavolo’s castle, but you survive. Every single day, Leviathan is by your side.
When you wake, you see him napping against a Ruri-chan plushie. You gently flick his forehead. “Earth to my Lord of Shadows?”
“MC?” Levi gasps, and he immediately holds your hand in his. “You’re awake! I was so worried, everyone was worried, I was too slow and why-- why did I see you in that state, MC?” He cries, and you cup his cheek to wipe his tears.
All Leviathan wants is honesty and answers, so you give him just that. You tell your story, your past, and how it followed you here in Devildom and drove you to purchase those pills in an attempt to overdose. He listens and cries by your side.
He’s not unfamiliar with those feelings of helplessness but it broke his heart to see you suffering from them too. “MC... please don’t go back. please. I-- I’ll do anything to make you feel safe, make you feel comfortable here in the House of Lamentation and I’ll even stop talking shit about myself because that’s what you want just please. Don’t leave. I can’t let you be taken away from me again.”
Leviathan starts going to face to face classes more instead of online classes just to spend more time with you. It’s not so bad going outside when he has you by his side. On the positive note, he gets more chances to make you smile every day. 
He gives you freedom to choose whether to tell Lucifer or not, but ultimately convinces you to do it.
You’re his Henry. and he’ll be damned if he ever lost you.
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Imagine the mess if Mc had a boyfriend in the human world but they broke up when Mc went on an exchange to study at Devildom. Maybe Mc didn’t want a long distance relationship.
However, if a boyfriend would later become an exchange student at Devildom and believe they would continue their relationship with mc. But Mc has already started a relationship with the brothers.
Undateables are here
Tumblr media
Well Lucifer really wasn’t expecting this.
He would happily welcome your Ex to the exchange study program.
And when Diavolo turns his back away, he will not so happily growl the command to your ex to stay away from you.
Of course not because he wouldn’t trust you.
His pride just hates the idea that you belonged to another man before him.
Especially when your Ex is annoyingly positive and still believes you will come back together.
Lucifer’s new life mission is to crush their hopes.
And he's really good at it.
You and your Ex don’t see much of each other and when you see Lucifer is with you.
You, too, will have to sleep in Lucifer's room when Beel "accidentally" destroyed your room again.
"No. Mc I'm not jealous. I just don’t want you to get “bad impressions” from them."
Tumblr media
"* spraying your ex boyfriend with a bottle of water * Stay away from my human you... other human"
Mammon really hated this situation.
He immediately goes to ask Lucifer that your ex boyfriend be kicked out of the exchange program.
And Mammon is really disappointed when Lucifer refuses.
He becomes much more clingy.
Tsundere’s attitude flies out the window when your ex boyfriend is near.
Mammon really hates how tenacious your ex boyfriend is.
He just wants to keep your boyfriend as far away from you as possible.
And in this matter, Mammon can be creative.
Your ex boyfriend soon finds out that his credit card has been lost and he has a lot of debt.
But that's not Mammon's fault.
Tumblr media
If you listen, you may hear Leviathan`s hissing.
Leviathan is really jealous.
And when I say jealous I mean "he hisses every time he sees your boyfriend and hates everything this does" a type of jealousy.
Leviathan is afraid you will come back together with your ex boyfriend and leave him.
And this fear erupts in very disgusting ways.
therefore disgusting your ex not for you.
For some reason, your boyfriend’s internet isn’t working and his phone breaks down fast.
He also adds affection to you.
Much more "normie" love.
Public affection is also becoming more common.
Maybe this isn't such a bad thing
" Mc that is unfair. You have spent a lot of time with him. Now it's my turn."
Tumblr media
Satan could hate your ex-boyfriend a lot or really a lot.
Depends on how much your ex boyfriend likes cats.
If they like cats Satan is like "Mc you have a really good taste but you stay away from Mc or you die".
And if they don't like cats Satan is like, "Stay fucking away from my Mc so you don't infect them with that cat hate. If you don't do it you'll experience the most painful death possible. Luckily, Mc's taste has evolved for the better.
Let's really hoped that the poor boy will listen to him.
Because if he do not listen, Satan will fulfill his threat.
Satan tries to crush this “competitor’s” self-esteem by showing how he’s better at everything.
He does it quickly and efficiently.
Usually Satan calls your ex boyfriend Lucifer junior.
It reflects the situation really well.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus is certainly not worried.
he knows he’s a much better boyfriend than your ex.
Asmo doesn’t consider your boyfriend a threat but just really annoying.
How can they not understand that you are already in a new relationship with him.
However, this is not the first time Asmo has dealt with his partner’s annoying ex.
He has certainly put together instructions for situations like this.
And now is the time to apply those lessons.
Did you think Asmo was clingy before?
Now he is all around you and your days are filled with dates with him.
Lots of shopping trips, spas, restaurant trips, loud sex so your ex boyfriend is sure to hear it, movie nights and fashion shows.
"Mc I do this because you are dear to me and I want to spend a lot of time with you. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"
Tumblr media
Beel now looks like a beaten puppy.
He is absolutely certain that you will leave him and come back together with your ex.
Or your ex is not a dangerous demon who could eat you.
And if you want to break up with him he understands.
Beel tries to talk to Belphie.
But Belphien's "if they're too annoying you can eat them" advice doesn't seem to help.
During this situation, Beel begins to eat even more than normal.
You need to talk to Beel or Devildom will run out of food soon.
Also you have to be blind or really stupid if you don’t notice a difference in Beel’s behavior.
You may feel Belphie angry staring because you haven’t addressed this situation before.
After chatting with Beel you get a lot of hugs.
This man is really relieved... and hungry.
"I’m really glad you don’t want to break up with me. We should go eat. I become hungry."
Tumblr media
"Mc would you be sad if one day your Ex disappeared and he is never found? So this is a completely random question."
Belphegor would like to handle the situation as soon as possible.
And he thinks murder is the quickest and easiest way of all.
It’s probably clear that Belphie hates your Ex boyfriend.
Especially when your Ex interferes with your sleeping together.
The worst part of all is that your Ex boyfriend is a really nice person.
That is, the person with whom you could get back together.
The Anti Lucifer league has been replaced by the Anti (ex boyfriend's name) league.
Belphie bribes Satan to join.
Don’t underestimate the power of cute cat photos.
And if your Ex complains about this?
Well this is hell and here the demons are meant to bully humans so shut up.
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meenah-chan · 23 hours ago
MC: How do you ask for forgiveness from your brothers?
Lucifer: Simple. I tell them I didn't meant to do it. That I swear I'll be better next time and something like this won't happen again, they can trust in me.
Lucifer: Except it just stays in my head and left unsaid because of my tall pride, and I shouldn't admit this mistake or my authority within this family might be affected and I can't manage the chaos and conflicts my brothers will cause by the time comes. So I just repent silently and through my action as I try to not make the same mistake again.
Lucifer: And all of this answer stays in my head as I think how to answer you.
MC: *waiting for Lucifer's answer as he stares at them* ...Luci?
Lucifer: Simple. I don't.
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morazmora · 29 days ago
Headcanon: Lucifer's joints crack like a bubble wrap each time he's standing up from his desk
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kenmaiid · 19 days ago
Gaming Headcanons
(Or how the Brothers play games with MC) Brothers + gn!reader just a fun little idea that bounced around in my head after I made the Barbatos version. you can view everything romantically or platonically! doesn't matter
dateables + Luke
Tumblr media
Are you insane? You think that the oh-so-busy Lucifer would have time to play silly games with you? Really? Okay well, maybe sometimes. For a moment you think he might scold you for slacking off, but another part of him welcomes it. Especially since you seemed to want his attention. 
Ask him on the right day when he’s not massively overloaded with a lot of work, he’ll make time. A break now and then is good after all.
Lucifer will make it seem as casual as possible though, but he’s secretly pleased the change of pace. (even if he says otherwise)
Frankly he strikes me as the type to secretly play Candy Crush under his desk when the paperwork and files become too much. He gets addicted to those terrible time-waster sandbox games, and hates that he really enjoys them. But focusing on them brings a sort of... peaceful distraction...
But if you'd like to play a game with him he seems more like the type to excel in card games or board games. Things like poker or chess and stimulating things are the best options!
If it’s a game you're new to and completely unfamiliar with he’d absolutely take the time to teach you how to play it. Get ready for an extensive step by step on how to play for the next hour!
He’s not opposed to other types of games though. Levi’s roped him into so many cursed videogames on accident that he approaches pretty much anything with a confident manner. (Though he starts to get just a little salty if he's on the losing end. He is still quite prideful after all)
No matter... it's a reward on it's own if he can see you smiling or laughing. A bit unfortunate that it be at his expense however....
"I suppose taking a break from work was well worth it then. Hm? While it may be unlike me to admit defeat so easily, I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time. It’s refreshing to be in your presence, MC. Message me again if you find any other interesting games."
Tumblr media
Mammon is STUPIDLY. RIDICULOUSLY. INSANELY lucky at games. Specifically gambling sure, but I like to think that his gambling luck follows him a little bit sometimes.
It’s only when he starts gloating and showing off about it does his luck immediately run out... poor mammon..
The very first time you bring up wanting to play a game with him though he's all nonchalant on the surface, but the fact that you came to him over everyone else makes him secretly happy
casually brings it up in conversation with others that you were his first or somethin like that and people start looking at him weird
He’s like: "Ah, whatever, sure. We can do something if you want I guess... since youre lookin’ all pathetic without my guidance or whatever." *looks at you hopefully* 👀👀👀 "So what're we playin'? I can teach ya if you need help with this one."
To be honest if you do actually need his help with some sort of gambling then he really will go all out. But casual games between the two of you are fun as well
I like to think that Levi will ask him to do his gacha pulls for him. Mammon still has no clue how in the world him pressing a button helps, but if Levi seems happy enough its whatever. So if you're also simply coming to him for something like that he’s confused, but he won’t turn you away. (will lean over your shoulder and squint at the phone though)
Not to reduce him to his whole gambling schtick but i feel like he'd be well versed in pretty much any sort of entertainment type game. But he plays the odd game here and there with the other brothers.
Test your luck against him in a card game or backgammon or anything like that if you want. At the very least it'll make him happy, and its something he can actually really focus on.
He still gets really competitive lowkey though. You gotta catch him on the right day with a pout and a pleading look in your eye if you want him to give up and just let you win.
Mammon is a softie, you could absolutely win him over.
Unless its Mario Kart or something like that, he gets bullied by the brothers and even NPCs quite viciously. He probably gets bullied in most games with his brothers honestly. Perhaps you should go easier on him if you end up being better than him.
“You know, you ain’t too bad at this, MC. Maybe we can find another game to play when you’re free, okay? Just call me and I’ll be right over. I’m winnin next time though!”
Tumblr media
Levi is THE number one gamer.
Like who are we kidding he eats, sleeps, breathes, gaming. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had those horrendous gaming related t-shirts he wears alone... or if he has a ‘live laugh pog’ carpet or something terrible like that in his room
He has the gaming chair and the light up rainbow keyboard setup i really dont know what else you want from me. what else could I say
Levi is either the type to stand to the side and say 'lol' in chat when The Skeletons start chasing you in Minecraft, or he gets clingy and always wants to see if you need help or protection.
Mans is always decked in the most high level expensive gear no matter what the game is anyways. He worked hard for it and will show it off. There’d be no point in not wearing it anyways. but God we get it... you're a pro gamer. Now hurry up and help fight the boss 🙄
Luckily for you he's always so excited to have a gaming partner to play around with and show off to that he just gets really focused on both you and the game. There is no room for self-deprecation in his mind since you’re the focus! For a little while at least </3 (no but seriously, he self-deprecates so much I personally think gaming with MC would leave less room for negativity since he has other things to worry about. Who else will slay all these mobs yknow-)
He gets a little silly because of this I think, if he’s not playing with online friends that is. He devotes so much of his time protecting you if you’re newer at a game or really seem to be struggling.
If you need armor or good gear he’ll give it to you. You need more items? He’s on it. You need to grind a boss for something special? Alright. lets go!
I can’t exactly say that he’s the best teacher, but seeing him look so excited is nice right?
Also the type to help you with getting achievements. No matter what game it is he’ll show you the steps to get it, or just do it himself if you ask. Bless his heart...
”I own both versions of [insert Pokémon Game here]. If you’re collecting them all I can help you with trading and filling the dex.”
”Is the sun bothering you, MC?” “I don’t think you can kill that in game, Levi.”
”If we can clear these dungeons by today we can get some really good prizes, MC! Don’t worry, I can definitely help you through. I made a guide for this one awhile back so if we follow this method...”
Levi and MC just have a lot of fun no matter what it is honestly. He’s quite competitive as well but more so in relation to his brothers. So perhaps there’s some favoritism thrown MCs way
Tumblr media
No he will not number one victory royale with you.
He is not your little pogchamp. Get a grip!!!
Though he does strike me as the type to unironically love cat headphones hmmmm
He’d only wear them alone or around MC at first, but eventually he’d wear them when he games with the other brothers
Will he get you a matching set just to test the waters and gauge his reaction accordingly based on if you like it? Yes. He’s prepared to laugh it off as a little joke gift if you’re not receptive. If you like it though he’s very pleased. Starts going on about all the extra handy uses it comes with and how he was considerate with choosing the color yada yada
But he does get a little competitive if you bring something up that catches his interest. As long as he's curious enough and it sounds kind of fun he's gonna do it.
Honestly he doesn't strike me as the type to play games all that much, IF at all. (He’d be more of a mobile player at that)
There’s a good chance he knows about a lot of games either through hearing Levi mention them in passing, or just through stumbling upon them in his own free time (he does like to research after all)
Satan would definitely text you or ask in person if he had a query about an interesting human world game he read about
(Okay so it turns out whatever he read was an extremely dated ritual but MC quickly looks past that to teach him an actual game instead. No, no, Satan please put the book away. It is not a game.)
MC spends a fair amount of time teaching him old children’s hand games to his slight amusement. Whether he just wants to touch their hands or actually learn is unknown, but he absolutely eats it up every time they play Patty Cake
As for things I could actually see him playing in his free time.. He was really obsessed with Neko Atsume and Meow Meow Star Acres for awhile.
MC would occasionally ask “How’s that black cat doing today?” and Satan will reply “Ah, Hermeowne is doing lovely today. Would you like to see her?” And he’s already opening the app to show you
Unironically though, I think it would be really funny if he somehow got into GTA. It’s “for the culture” he claims when he mentions how he finds the game. Thinks it’s a bit ridiculous and extremely vulgar as he loads it up, which is sort amusing at first. He’s stealing cars and running over the NPCS almost immediately.
Momentarily he panics because ‘This isn’t linked to any real world pedestrians right? It’s all actual code?’ Yes, Satan it’s actual code. No. Satan, they aren’t real people. Carry on.
Oh great, now you lost him for a week straight.
Tumblr media
girlsgogames dot com end of story
Devilish Hairstyler.... Pet Makeovers.... Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.... he’s all about that genre of gaming
He's mostly invested in those really elaborate 'you start out with nothing and need to redecorate and/or dress everyone up' type of games
Asmo wouldn’t be embarrassed about it by any means, but I think a small part of him would be a bit flustered if it was truly found out how much time he really logs into these sort of things
I think he'd also be super invested in The Sims franchise. Asmo has this really elaborate little fake world where he creates people and starts tedious drama in game for fun. Has probably recreated all of his brothers to further the chaos
Was absolutely appalled with the way he looked in the game the first time.
No he just couldn't have that. Not at all. He spent hours getting tons and tons of mods to beautify himself (with Levi’s help and guidance of course).
It almost quite literally looks as if he stepped into the game world, which had really worried MC for a moment. They’ve been in enough wacky game world related scenarios as is, they just had to be sure
Asmo usually has to be in the mood to game since it’s usually the last thing on his mind, but you're free to watch him play of course! He can give you a nice tour of all the houses he’s worked on and fill you in on all the fake drama
It’s a very long and overly complicated story though so just know what you’re getting yourself into!
Honestly though, If he did have to actually play something, he’s more of the ‘I’m bad at gaming but I’m having fun so it’s all good’ type
He came 6th in Mario Kart? Ah, he’s a little annoyed that he couldn’t show off like the others but that’s fine, he did his best! The commentary and seeing you smile or laugh was much better anyways
“So there’s this adorable little penguin that owns this restaurant and- Oh! I don’t know if we can do two players though... ahh, okay, just one moment I can find something for us to do together. Unless you know a better way to pass the time, hm? 😏 “
Probably used to lightly harass people on Neopets and Club Penguin into buying him all the top tier fancy items btw. Not because he couldn’t afford it. Just because <3
Tumblr media
"Oh, MC, did you need help clearing a level or something? I dunno how much I can help out but let me see what I can do."
He'll probably mention once or twice that he's not the best at gaming and things like that, but he'll definitely do his best.
Is really confused on why you wouldn’t just want to go ask Levi or someone else though because of this, but he’s not the type to think about it for too long
You came to him so the two of you could hang out together, so he’s gonna do just that. It’s very simple
When he says he’s not the best he..... really isn't though. at least in the way he approaches gaming
Beel would load up a new file of Animal Crossing for the 1st time and ask MC “Okay. who do I kill?” *Tom Nook appears on screen* “Oh, do I fight him?” No Beel, please don’t fight the old Tanuki, he’s just trying to make a living via questionable means.
MC ponders what fighting Tom Nook would actually be like though. Just for a split second.
We already know Beel’s the type to just brute force it. I mean, he saved over poor Levi’s save files and used the wrong weapons in the anime, God save him <3
I think he’s the rare oddity where he can still make it through a game despite all this.
“Beel, How did you beat this boss? I’ve been trying for so long! No matter how many healing items i use I can never get past a certain point.”
Him: “Healing item?”
“Y-You. You did heal throughout it right? Beel?”
The way he games gives most people heart attacks tbh
Worried about whether or not he’d be enthralled by the Cooking Mama games because yeah sure it’s food related, but another part of me feels like Mama would remind him of Barbatos with her unwavering wide grin.
He can hear Barbatos’ scolding in the background the moment he messes up slicing these onions... the pressure might get to him oh no
Would he become enticed by the food on screen!?!?! Please dont eat MCs nintendo DS Beel
Tumblr media
Gaming? he just wants to take a nap with you, maybe rest his eyes for a bit, but ah well what is it that you expect from him.
He’s more of a watcher + cheerer rather than a player
Think of the little karaoke minigame in Yakuza games where you can clap and make noise on the sidelines. That's him, he’s cheering you on while you play instead
because otherwise, Belphie is absolutely terrible at gaming im so sorry.
He tries to offer advice at first, but unlike Beel, he pretty much never understands what the hell he’s actually looking at until MC gives a basic synopsis of what they have to do in-game
But like I said, I feel like no matter what game it is you’re playing he’d be invested enough
Ah is MC going on a treacherous quest and battling their way up the ranks? The story is very engaging to him if you’re equally invested
Is MC starting their new life as a farmer with a big abandoned plot of land? You should get all those rocks out of the way first then... Oh, no they’re getting the crops planted first? Smart thinking actually.
He backseat games a little bit ngl. “Shouldn’t you go over to The Health Center was it? Your rival is waiting for you, right?” He leans on your shoulder with a yawn. “Wait, doesn’t that mean there’ll be a big fight soon!? Mmmm, maybe you should train some more, MC... Go over there!”
Otherwise if he has the chance to actually play at the same time with you it takes some time for him to remember all the controls and the map. You’re more than likely going to have to carry him in whatever game youre playing. Even if it’s a peaceful one. Sorry.  🙏
Belphie keeps walking off the cliffs on accident.
He used his healing item at full health on accident.
He’s lost. It was only a few seconds but you lost Belphie in game.
Please help him understand the controls MC, I can’t watch this go on any longer.
Little fun fact: he always ends up liking the OSTs for the games you play. So sure, he can pretty much fall asleep on command, but so many of those OSTs are very pretty or relaxing. So he puts them in his playlist when he wants to have a particularly good nights rest (and maybe think of you)
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thalfox · 21 days ago
Obey Me: Gem Matching
Tumblr media
A quick look at the gems featured in the You're A Gem event, and what irl gems they might be referencing.
This is just for fun - I actually like the idea that they are gems unique to the Devildom, but it's also interesting that they correlate pretty well with some actual ancient gemstones, and the twelve gems mentioned in the Books of Exodus and Revelation.
(The below is from a historical PoV, pls no bible verses in my inbox ^^ Also, most of these gems have a variety of shades to pick from. All HCs valid etc!)
From those I'm most sure about through to the one I have no idea of...
Tumblr media
Lucifer: Eternity
Described as a crimson gem, this is garnet. Ancient Greece tells of when Persephone was in the Underworld, and Hades used pomegranate seeds to bind the goddess of spring to him eternally. The seeds of the pomegranate were a symbol of the indissolubility of marriage, and it is from these seeds that the garnet gets its name.
Garnets are widely known still as representing eternal love, and Hades is, of course, an equivalent to Lucifer, so this is an easy one.
Mammon: Kindness
My favourite demon describes a golden yellow gem that gives off warmth - this is amber. While we know today that amber is not a gemstone, historically it was considered one, and one of great favour at that.
Amber is known across many cultures as the tears that fall when one cares for another, a symbol of courage, and a powerful talisman of protection and guardianship. Fun fact, electricity and amber both come from the same root word, electrum, and our guardian demon wears lightning bolts and enjoys sticking his fingers in plug sockets...
In Ancient China, amber was said to be the soul of a tiger after death.
Amber then represents a protective kindness and additionally - it is warm to the touch.
Levi: Strength
Described as a bright orange sword, this is carnelian. Many a gem can be found in sword like shape in raw form, and there are many different orange gems.
Carnelian though is an ancient one, believed to have restrained anger, imparted dignity, and giving courage in battle. It was said to counteract the effects of sorcery, drive away evil spirits and dreams, and even protect one from clumsy injury. A good gem for a Henry.
The gem was associated with the gods Ra and Horus, and was thus imbued with the properties of bloodlust and rage, the strength of the very gods themselves!
Tumblr media
Solomon: Trust
Described as royal blue, this is lapis lazuli. The ancient gem of bluest blue with flecks of golden stars was used with great frequency in Ancient Egypt and beyond - most notably the stone of choice in which to carve and adorn figures of the goddesses, especially the figure of Ma who was worn by judges.
Ma was the goddess of justice, balance, order, and truth. Trust in Ma, for she will guide you well.
Lapis lazuli was also considered to be an emblem of chastity (the opposing virtue to Asmo's Lust), to counteract the wiles of the devil and ensure help from angels, and was worn by kings.
Now I wonder who that could describe.... 👀
Beel: Honesty
Described as transparent and, well, edible, there's a great argument here for this to be rock candy! But if we consider that what is edible to Beel (gemstones, paintings, tables) may not be edible to humans, this is opal.
The tears of Zeus, the stone of kings, protector of eyes, prophecy aide, captured lightning, and patron of thieves, opals have a wide and varied history until more recent centuries deemed them unlucky.
Today though they are regaining the western meanings of hope, purity, and above all... truth.
Simeon: Admiration
Described as emerald green, it is tempting to point to emerald itself, but this is peridot.
Emerald is indeed a good enough fit, considered the best of all amulets, and an emblem of love and eternal life... but peridot, which can reach the same depth of green hues, has often been confused for both emerald and topaz throughout history.
In ancient times, peridot was known as the "gem of the sun", and later, the "Evening Emerald" due to the fact it continues to shine and glow even at night time (it has a double refraction, aka it SHINY which Simeon seems to imply). Thought to inspire inner radiance, it was a talisman to commune with the gods, purify that which was wicked, and show abundance and gratitude.
Most famously perhaps, it was gifted from Napoleon to Josephine as a symbol of undying love and admiration.
Tumblr media
Luke: Soothing
Described as pale blue, this is aquamarine. Named for the sea it was thought to come from, this gem was famously carried by ancient and not so ancient sailors as it was believed to help calm the sea and soothe troubled waters.
It was said to defend against foes, protect against thieves, and leave one amiable but unconquerable. Aquamarine is a stone that has held much the same meaning throughout the centuries, and is oft the gem that "beryl" refers to in ancient texts (it being one of many stones in that family, but apparently the default one once!).
Diavolo: Order
Described as being the colours of his eyes, a pale golden, this is... possibly hyacinth/jacinth. An ancient gem, it has a few different meanings. The Ancient Greeks held that it was named for Hyacinth, the beautiful heir to the Spartan ruler, tragically and accidentally slain by Apollo, who loved him. The gems are the dead mans blood, and in their place grew flowers, which also became known as hyacinths.
In Western legends, it was held that the gem led to humility and wisdom, but only the most worthy and rich people with a strong will could have it.
The stone is said to be a sad one, but that it brings inspiration, the ability to inspire peace, and above all - that when wearing the gem, you can always distinguish lies from truth.
For reasons sad and otherwise, this seems very much to be Diavolo's gem 😭
Belphie: Obsession
Described as looking like the stars in the night sky, a small planetarium on its own, this is... possibly sheen obsidian. This naturally occurring glass was a gem in ancient times, much like amber, and is still marvelled at today as looking like a captured galaxy.
Across many ancient cultures, obsidian was used to represent the Underworld, the divine, to protect the wearer against evil spirits and negative energy, and even as a connecting mirror between the spirit realm and our own.
It is still used today to cut ties with negative feelings and passions, including obsessive thoughts 👀
Tumblr media
Satan: Freedom
Described as cat-shaped, this is... possibly onyx. Many an ancient cat carving is in white or black onyx, and the latter was thought in Ancient China to have protective and grounding properties that would convey strong support, stamina, and the determination to help one persevere.
Black onyx is said to teach the wearer to rely on their own powers, and that its blackness is testament to how much negative energy it has drawn out of peoples lives.
The name itself means "nail" or "claw", and in ancient times black onyx was believed to have a demon imprisoned within it. It was a stone with as many troublesome features as beneficial, but over time it came to be regarded as a positive talisman for dark nights and lonely places.
All in all, a good stone for an independent and free cat.
Asmo: Passion
Described as having both pink and red, this is... possibly agate. Coming in many colours and bandings, agate was known in ancient times as having a whole range of beneficial vibes. It was said to relieve thirst, reduce fever, to turn an enemy's sword against themself, symbolise health and long life, prevent stumbling and falling, and to protect against the sting of the scorpion 👀
In both ancient and modern times, agate is believed to help one reconcile emotions and reality, and to activate and protect the heart. That is to say, it keeps your passions on the right side of healthy!
Barbatos: Sweetness
Described as being milky white and a "dark sugar drop", this is... possibly white beryl. Or pearl. Or moonstone. Or ivory. Honestly, I haven't got a scooby! I even considered tapioca pearls, aka boba. Would love your thoughts on this one!
Ancient meanings from Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend (1972).
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jellymoonbear · 2 months ago
Avatars of Sin VS The Heavenly Virtues
☆ what if mc's main trait is the heavenly opposite of the brothers☆
Lucifer - Pride/Humility
humility didn't even exist until you were born, the world never understood true humility until you came along
it's the first thing luci sees in you
at first it ticked him off, gave him more of a reason to be irked around you, but slowly he realised what a positive impact you had on his brothers
they all humbled a lot when they met you after seeing how generous you were with praise
like "I couldn't have made dinner without you, thanks so much!" "I literally just passed you the spoon..."
or "my grades are only this good because you help me study" "mc, I literally slept through the full study session"
and even "I'm so sorry for breaking your thing, I'll pay for a replacement" "you know, mc, you can blame it on someone else every once in a while"
ofc his own pride is massively emphasised in the face of your humility, but it makes him even more prideful bc the fact that you - the most humble human in all three realms, chose him - the avatar of pride, to be your one and only will always astonish him
he tries to teach you his ways and let you know it's okay to sometimes feel proud and boastful, but in the same way you also have your own influence over his own sin meaning with certain matters he will also begin to show humility like when he was an angel
Mammon - Greed/Charity
he doesn't really think much about it at first, when he realises how charitable you are he's just like okay 👀
out of all his brothers tho, I think he would be most reminded of his past as an angel. after getting used to your behaviour, he always thinks about how similar you are to his old self
it definitely makes him feel a lot worse about his demon self, but ofc the bby is still greedy when it comes to you
you are so incredibly charitable, like literally on your first day you were asking about any volunteering opportunities in the devildom
and since you insisted so much, lucifer presented the opportunity for you to tutor mammon bc his grades were so low
I think that was when he learned to stop treating you like a piggy bank (since you always gave money to him so easily, ofc he would take advantage of your kindness)
not only was it material things you gave away so freely, but all of your time and effort also. and the greedy baby he is, he does his best to make sure it is ALL for him
we all know mammon's not so secret love language is gift giving, and he MELTS when you start giving him your own small gifts and trinkets bc he knows you're doing it entirely out of your own heart
some days he still thinks it's some prank that you would be so fond of a scumbag like him, but you always help him push those thoughts away and show him his true worth
Leviathan - Envy/Kindness
okay so he feels super bad about how your friendship began with him coercing you into tricking mammon
he didn't realise how incapable you were of doing mean, sly things so after the event you try to keep your distance
but then he does too bc he feels so shitty about making someone as kind as you do those things
his brothers intervene and explain his behaviour to you, and then you see him as something more than just a bad influence
blushes like crazy when you burst in his room apologising like a million times, ofc he apologises too but give him some time to recover, okay?
you become best friends easily, he never tricks you or makes you do bad things again. and at the same time he sees how truly kind and giving you are
will tell you to shut up every time you compliment him but it just makes you say even more nice things to him
not a bad word about ANYONE leaves your mouth, in fact you're always kindly scolding him and his brothers for bad mouthing each other all the time
he appreciates you so damn much, all the compliments you give, all the help you offer to him and others, how you always do your best to fulfill his requests, how you fall asleep in his arms bc you were too kind to tell him you got tired from gaming too long
even when someone is bad to you, you always see the good in others and keep your calm, reserved manner. you are too much for him to handle yet he still wants you all to himself
Satan - Wrath/Patience
I've always pinned satan as the brother to fall in love at first sight with mc and remain in love with them even if they chose another brother
however, in this case I believe it would take A LOT of warming up to you for him to realise how in love he is
it's just impossible for him to understand how some human can be so kind and patient even in the most dire situations
like that one time you went on a date and the food was taking way too long. even when your tummy rumbled you didn't complain and scolded him for telling the waiters to hurry with the food
and when some demons at school decided to bully you, you sat quietly and listened to everything they said before preaching to them about kindness
the fact that he saw them afterwards sitting with you and listening intently to your holy words will always bewilder him. how did a mere human put some demons in place with their words rather than fists???
not once has he ever heard you complain and even when something isn't to your standards, you always offer to help others or fix it yourself
he can't bear the thought of showing you his true unleashed wrath, so he definitely lashes out a lot less, especially when you're around
mainly bc just seeing your face is enough to calm him from even the worst moods
Asmodeus - Lust/Chastity
it would be a turn on for him at first, the idea of corrupting such a sweet and innocent thing riled him up more than anything before
he's just so obsessed that he doesn't understand how serious you are until his brothers warn him not to taint you
you would also need to tell him verbally that you're not interested in sinning with him
a blow to his ego it may be, but it can't stop him from being friends with you at least
he's more than happy just being a close friend, best friends even. he'll still flirt with you now and again but it's nothing more than whatever you're comfortable with
if you are someone who wants to remain celibate for life, he will respect that and protect you from any losers that try to get to you the way he almost did
if it's the case that you are just saving yourself for marriage, he will find it super adorable, he loves you and wants the best for you also
after learning all of this, he'd never really expect your relationship to blossom into anything more than friends so you would need to make the first move to show him your interested
and if/when you do, asmo will be over the moon bc you chose him of all people to be yours and yours only. he is so thrilled to be your first with everything and will 100% prove that you made the right choice
Beelzebub - Gluttony/Temperance
"are you going to eat that?" "... it's okay, you can have it, beel"
the second you let him eat your food he will decide you are the love of his life
you eat so little compared to what a normal human should, and when you compare that to how much he eats... bby is worried sick
tries to get out of you if there is a deeper issue going on and is pleasantly surprised when you tell him it's just your lifestyle
one time you ate solomon's cooking with no complaint, your expression while eating didn't falter once and everyone thought you were broken or something but really it was bc you were so content eating someone else's homemade food
it's not only food, but also possessions that you're scarce with. you never consume anything in excess and that kind of self restraint not only impresses beel but all of his brothers too
he understands it very well, he was like that too as an angel. even though he can't imagine being like that now, he loves to see such a different and refreshing way to live
is always subtly ushering you to eat more, will gift you with clothes and items to keep in your empty room
you are so happy and content with anything that it's difficult for anybody to figure out your preferences, but once beel starts to pick up on it, just know you'll be seeing a lot more of it in your life
he sometimes worries about you being lonely so more often than not, he will be trailing behind you like a lost puppy ready to ask if you wanna hang out with him and belphie or if you wanna go get something to eat
Belphegor - Sloth/Diligence
is pissed off but he's too tired so he sleeps it off
you get along with beel well, is the first thing he thinks. you always work out with him whenever he asks, get good grades and exceed lucifers expectations, go out with asmo and mammon whenever they ask, play games until morning with levi and finish a book within the same hour satan gave it to you
all while he was sleeping, hell you even picked up some part time jobs to earn cash and you don't even complain about being tired
you enjoy being so busy and hard working, that's great and all but sooner or late he would start to feel crappy about himself
even when you're cuddling with him, he can still hear the cogs spinning in you
but the thing is, not once do you say or anything that makes him feel bad about being so lazy
in fact, you tell him you find it so cute that he sleeps so much and that you love napping with him. your words are so genuine when you tell belphie you love seeing him rest so well and so often
and he realises all the negative feelings had stemmed from himself, not you. he tries to take a leaf out of your book and invites you for walks with him, studying sessions and even going shopping
when he collapses from tiring himself out, you stay right by his side. let me tell you, this man is WHIPPED
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kitsune-oji · a month ago
Pact Marks
In the order of when you got which pact, what went through their heads when they gave you their pact Marks and why, as well as what they look like. I wanted to add Barb and Dia too for funsies but I'm too tired now zzZ
Warnings: spoilers for season one (1)
When you two made a pact, Mammon didn't like you much, being forced to be your babysitter and then getting forced into a pact with you a day after meeting you
He didn't see any need to ask you where you would want the mark, not wanting you to say something like the back of your hand where you can show it off well
So instead, he placed it on your ripcage, slightly covered by your left arm when you let it dangle
It's a darker tone if you have light skin, a lighter tone if you have dark skin. It would look like a discoloration, if the lines weren't so clear and it didn't shimmer gold when the light his it right or you really want something.
It glows faintly white gold when you use pact magic
Much like Mammon, he was pretty much forced into it. Just wanting to get it out of the way as quick as possible after getting humiliated in that rigged TSL quiz
There's a certain animosity he feels towards you in that moment but Levi isn't too mad after hearing from you that you know he's a "truer" fan than you
He places the mark on the inside or your right ankle, thinking that people probably won't see it there often
It is a soft orange, tone depending on your skin tone like Mammon's
When you dip your feet into water, the mark starts shimmering in a pattern reminiscent of light on the ground when it's filtered through calm waters. Using pact magic makes it glow white
When he gives you his pact, Beel is showing you his trust. He feels close enough to you to share things he never would have thought he could share with anyone except for inside his family.
He gives you the opportunity to choose where you want it with him but if you don't, he will go for your back. Right in the middle and slightly below your shoulder blades, so that they basically frame the mark under your skin.
It's close to your heart but he likes to think it's a bit symbolic to him always having your back too.
It's red, a shade darker than your skin unless it can't get darker, then it's slighty lighter to offset itself
It darkens and Beel feels it when you get too hungry. Not like he feels your hunger but he gets a tugging sensation on his end and he just knows instinctively what it means
When you use pact magic, it glows more in an orange tone
In the halls of Diavolo's Castle, Asmo is still reeling over his discovery of your latent powers. He can practically still feel it coursing through him and it excites him, makes him giddy and high on energy
He want a pact with you so incredibly bad and if it went his way, he would mark you in different ways too
Instead, he makes sure you get a bit of a say in the placement but if he deems it a boring location, he will whine and tell you his of displeasure. His favorite spot for you would be on your hip bone, over your pelvis
High enough to be visible if you were to wear low rise pants but also low enough to cover more sensitive skin
It's a light pastel pink, shockingly bright on darker skin tones but soft on lighter ones. It gets more saturated if you feel lustful in any way, sexual or not and using pact magic makes it shimmer in a way that makes it look like a glitter sticker
You went through a lot together after he tried to make a pact with you by force. Now, his reasons for wanting one are different and Satan is glad you agree to make a pact with him this time around. He feels closer to you
He considers the locations of your other pact marks until now and asks for your opinion before deciding on a place. It is your body, after all
If it was completely up to him, Satan would choose the mark to be on your right upper arm near your shoulder. He thinks it balances out the other pact marks well and you can easily hide or show it off when you want to
It's a green shade only slightly differing from your skin tone much like Mammon's but it bleed into a color of viciously green poison when you let Wrath take over. Using pact magic makes it glow pastel green instead, shimmering a bit like flames would
To Belphie, this pact means showing you that he won't hurt you like he did ever again. He gives you complete power over him, a reassurance and vow at the same time. Hoping this will let you two start over on better terms and let you feel safer around him
You have complete free reign over anywhere you want the mark to be and Belphie promises to respect it. If you leave it up to him, he would place it on your nape, above Beel's mark but remarkably smaller in comparison.
It's a dark purple, under the same rules as his twin's mark below. When your feel tired or lazy, it gently glows, much dimmer and darker than when you use pact magic.
It also enables Belphie to both easier access your dreams and for you to have more control over whether you let him in or not. Ever dreamt lucidly? Now you have
As the last of his brothers to make a pact with you, Lucifer feels like he accomplished something. By now, he has grown fond of you in ways he never would have thought possible. Making a pact with you right before your departure was an almost desperate attempt on his part to keep a connection between you two
With his whole spiel on you being his with this pact instead of the other way around, he wants full say in where it goes as well. You can of course express your displeasure and not let him, Lucifer secretly likes that but he does actually have a place in mind already.
He wants it on your collarbone, you can decide if you want it more towards your left or right side though. It's close to your heart and in his opinion, superior to all other locations. He feels pride in knowing his mark will be in such an easily visible place.
It's dark blue under much the same rules at the youngest brothers' marks. A red sheen ripples over it on particularly big bouts of pride on your side and it glows white when you use pact magic
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absolutepokemontrash · a month ago
Time for a ✨ stupid headcanon. ✨
Diavolo always gets WAY too into the new slang of every era, it never fails to make Lucifer want to unsubscribe from life.
1920s Diavolo: Hm, so he hired some droppers in an attempt to blip me off… we’re gonna have to find em…
Lucifer: …Barbatos. End my life.
1950s Diavolo: Oh Mammon, that’s a panic and a half! And a pretty nifty idea too!
Lucifer: …
Tumblr media
Present Diavolo: …
Lucifer: …
Diavolo: … (*throws a piece of paper in the garbage*) Yeet.
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(I wanna give these boys forehead kisses so thats exactly what im gonna do >:( I'll write the younger brothers later so this doesn't get too long and so I don't burn myself out too much)
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Giving The Older Brothers Face/Forehead Kisses
(Younger Brothers)
Kiss his forehead when he's sleepy. Like when he's spent the entire week managing paperwork with hardly any rest or breaks and is on the verge of passing out. Walk up to him and give him those kisses. Then coax him into getting some sleep with the promise of cuddles. His foggy mind will have no energy to even think of arguing so he'll listen to you. Then when you're both snuggled up together give even more kisses as he finally passes out. He also loves kisses when he's waking up so if you're up before him keep that in mind.
This can go a couple of ways. If you're kissing him in public/around others he will start up the flustered tsundere act.
"Oi! Watcha doin' that for? H-Hey I didn't say stop! I mean of course you'd want to kiss the Great Mammon! A-And since I'm feelin' generous I'll allow it!"
HOWEVER this isn't the only reaction he has if being kissed in public or in front of another people. No, he can get a cocky and will brag about how he's the one getting all your affection and even show you off a bit. Of course he does this while there's a raging blush on his face because he's getting kissed by his favorite person of course he's happy.
On the other hand private kisses. He gets so sofftt. Just cup his cheeks and smooch all over his face before lingering at his forehead. He will melt. And if your both cuddling then even better. If he's the one being held he'll get all flustered and try to burry his face in your chest or shoulder but DO NOT STOP he wants more of your love. But if he's holding you and you start giving him kisses he'll tease you a bit ("Oi, watcha doin' that for?") then start giving YOU kisses before settling down and letting you go back to showering him in affection.
If you want him to be even slightly functional when doing this don't kiss him in public. He WILL shut down. But in either your's or his rooms are fine. Obviously the otaku will still be flustered to no end but his brain will still work. Catch him off guard. When he's ranting about his interests or focused on an anime or game that's when you attack. He'll be startled and ask what your doing but he won't stop you. Tell him how cute he is when indulging in his interests or how much you love him and he'll be hiding his face in his hands. Just give him a moment, he'll be alright. He's just processing what you said and how much of a confidence boost it is and how much he loves you too and- you get the point he is VERY happy
Orrrr give him kisses as a reward! If he wins a game then shower his face in kisses and he'll be even happier he won. If you decide to do this often he starts looking forward to it and even plays better for your reward.
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