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#obey me headcanons

*Lucifer coming into MC’s room*


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Thank you so much!!! Of course I can do that for you!

SFW GN reader!

MC with Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy: a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings.


  • He saw on your document that you had Narcolepsy but he honestly did not think much of it.
  • What’s the harm, the human is just a bit more tired then the average human?
  • Couldn’t possibly cause any trouble right?
  • Wrong.
  • How can a human sleep so much just like Belphegor??!???
  • The amount of times he’s saved you from getting eaten by a demon when you were sound asleep is ridiculous.
  • He’s caught you sleeping on the floor, the staircase, the entrance of the damn house!
  • Scolds you so much for sleeping everywhere BUT your bed.
  • The only pro he has of this is that he doesn’t have to worry about you doing something bad with the brothers because you’re sound asleep.
  • Yet it’s funny how everytime you sleep in one place you always end up in your bed tucked in.
  • Lucifer always picks you up and takes you to your room to nap.
  • “Hmph, there you go sleeping in the most obscure places. You always find ways to surprise me.”
  • He’ll pick you up and take you to your bed with a soft smile on his face.


  • Since he was assigned to be your “babysitter” he’s noticed this the most.
  • You’re always sleeping >:( Cmoonnn MC wake up and do some crimes with him!
  • It really threw him off how a human can sleep just as long and Belphegor can.
  • Yet he still stays by you wherever you sleep so no demons come crawling to you.
  • He has so many pictures of you on his phone sleeping in the weirdest places.
  • Will he ever tell you? No.
  • Whenever you’re up he takes you literally everywhere before you just sleep peacefully again.
  • Anytime the two of you are in RAD and you slept during a class he will throw you over his shoulder and take you home.
  • But once he got the opportunity to go to the casino after school amd took it… he accidentally left you at RAD…
  • Yeaaaahh… you woke up kidnapped by some demons.
  • Lucifer came for you immediately so yay I guess✨
  • Yeah he got hung by the ceiling for days and a really bad guilt trip.
  • Never forgot to go get the human again.
  • “Oi this damn human. You can’t just be sleeping in random places ya know?”


  • All he did was sleep foot outside his room for days and immediately tripped on you sleeping right outside his door.
  • You now made him look at the ground everytime he leaves his room.
  • He once saw you sleeping in the bathtub. He screamed so loud he woke you up.
  • He definitely keeps track of all your favorite nap spots so he doesn’t accidentally trip on you.
  • When he invites you over for Anime he saw you asleep but understood kind of
  • Once you two are closer and he allows you to be in his room more he has a lot of spaces that are your new friend.
  • It usually takes awhile for him to notice because he’s watching anime or playing his games
  • But when he does finally notice you he just puts a blanket on you cause he knows his room is cold due to Henry.
  • “Tch what a normie. Always sleeping. At least sleep with a blanket on you.”


  • The only one who knew without anyone actually telling him.
  • He’s never seen a person who has Narcolepsy so you know he’s studying everything about your sleeping habits.
  • He has every place of where you sleep marked down and how many times you’ve slept there.
  • At the end of the year he’ll know your favorite spots more then you do.
  • Once the two of you are close, everytime you’re sleeping in a somewhat of an uncomfortable position he’ll move you a bit so you don’t wake up sore.
  • He also tends to just put a blanket on you.
  • If you’re sleeping in class and it finished he’ll lightly tap your shoulder telling you it’s time to wake up to leave.
  • Pretty nice wake up✨


  • Well at least he’s sure you’re getting your beauty sleep.
  • He’s always sees you sleeping and it confuses him so he asks you why you sleep so much.
  • Also the only brother who ask why you sleep so much up front.
  • When you tell him you have Narcolepsy everything just clicks.
  • He now understands why you sleep so damn much.
  • “You’re so adorable sleeping MC! You should really sleep in my room sometime I’d love you pamper you~”
  • By pamper he means doing a face mask while you’re asleep and just telling you some tea while you’re asleep.
  • If he ever sees you sleeping on the ground he’ll pick you up and put you on the couch because your skin.
  • Demons are much much stronger then humans are so it’s very easy to carry you.
  • “MCCCC you can’t be sleeping on the floor! Your skin will get terrible!”


  • He immediately knew how to adapt to your Narcolepsy.
  • Belphegor was just the same like you always sleeping so he knew what to do.
  • He’s always come to your classes after class and pick you up and take you home.
  • He always sees you sleeping in random places and it reminds him of Belphegor so much.
  • He’ll of course always put you in your room or on the couch with a blanket.
  • Beelzebub will watch over you as you sleep if you’re in class or something just to make sure no demons get to you.
  • While he eats of course.
  • “Hm? Oh MC. You’re on the ground. He’d let me take you to your room.”


  • >:(
  • Look he gets it he’s just sleeps wherever too but please.
  • Get out of his sleeping space.
  • Yeaaahhh he doesn’t like that you just took his sleeping spots
  • He’s a brat.
  • You two do not get along at all so good luck!
  • Hey but more into your friendship he slowly just doesn’t give a damn.
  • He sleeps with you now he IS NOW your new cuddle buddy.
  • If he sees you sleeping in a random place he just. Lays nexts to you and sleeps with you.
  • He’s not doing the extra mile did you when he can just join you sleeping right then and there.
  • Sorry MC but hey at least you got a new cuddle buddy so yay…?

Masterlist Rules

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, Warnings: Minimal Mentions of Death

  • Pact marks hurt when they first appear, they feel like they are being burnt into the skin.

  • All pact masters all have their demon’s pact mark however, demons can choose whether or not to have a pact mark.

  • Most lesser demons choose to have a pact mark because it helps increase their power while stronger demons usually do not because they are already powerful and do not like the look of being marked by humans.

  • Pact masters can send signals through the pact. The signal often feels like feelings, they are usually to let the demon know that their pact master is in trouble or safe.

  • Demons feel the pain that their pact master is feeling if they are in danger. So, pain like a stubbed toe will not hurt the demon however, if the pact master is scared of spiders and they happen to hurt while seeing one then the demon will feel it.

  • Pacts with stronger demons will often give the pact master some kind of ability.

  • When a pact master dies the demon feels it, the stronger the bond between master and demon the more painful it is.
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I’m sorry I haven’t been around much these past couple days, been quite busy!

My inbox is always open if anyone wants to send in anything! Headcanons, imagines, incorrect quotes, or even your MCs! 🥺💕

Take care of yourselves and have a great night! 🙏🏽💖

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I just feel like I need to preface that I don’t feel like what Belphie did can fully just be excused away, if that makes sense. In the end, he made his choice, which is something that makes his and MC’s connection so tragic. No matter how much they love each other, that moment will never go away.

And there’s a reeeeal thin line when you brush a sensitive subject under “oh it’s just fiction!”

That being said, I do love the crazy characters and villains, and I do love Belphie, so just know I don’t truly condone…forcing the eternal sleep.

This kinda went on longer than I meant to, and it covers some darker topics and angst. Headcanons kept below the line.

Keep reading

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When MC won the lottery

Hi! I’m new to your blog and I couldn’t find your rules so you can ignore this if I’ve crossed a line and I’m sorry. But can I ask about an Mc that won the lottery in devildom and tell mammon first cuz he’s first guy💛. Any Mc is fine. It can be brothers reaction or a fic, just however you want it😋. Thankyou!!!

Hi anon!!

don’t worry you are not crossing any lines here, but i’m attaching my rules here in case someone else would like to send me a request too ! don’t worry my HC rules are simple & theres not a lot

on a different note anon..are you sure about this- (jk)

i wanted to write a really short fic on this but i had no time for that so here are some bullet points

  • Now imagine the happiest day in your life. That could not compare to this feeling.
  • Obviously finances aren’t always a good idea to discuss but sharing the news with your best friend & s/o can’t be a bad idea, can it?
  • If you are into making him blush and seeing his eyes shine then pls do let him be the first to know about this
  • Or if you want to see him act clueless but fail to do so
  • It is a known fact that his s/o never has to struggle with money so it was about time for you to get the riches. Why? Because he’s The Great Mammon and also. he loves you.
  • He is genuinely happy for you but not because of your money
  • You telling him first about it is what made his day the best day ever.
  • This might be shocking but you are more important to him than cash
  • Though he might ask for your financial help or he’d get you to pay for dinner or something- but i mean at this point how could you refuse
  • Meanwhile you are free to spend your money on anything you wish for because you are going to get another winning ticket in the future😋
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I have the headcanon that belphie is an expert of telling who has the worst sleep schedule and who doesn’t get enough sleep.

Like when mcs tired as hell because they were up all night gaming with levi, he will probably be like “that’s not healthy for humans” and “You should stop staying up all night.”

this guy is also probably like a living sleeping pill. Bro he probably has powers that activate the melatonin in your brain so you can sleep better.

On the darker side of his powers, he definitely causes sleep paralysis in humans hes hunting and just sits on their chest like a cryptic and stares into their soul 👁👁

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I got a chat the other day where the boy ate a bath bomb so yeah that’s probably canon unfortunately.

Why do you think Satan leaves his room locked all the time?

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Anon I love you.

This gives me such vine vibes.

Lucifer: “Let me see what you have!”

Satan, running at him: “A KNIFE!”

Lucifer, booking it in the opposite direction: “NO!”

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I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Beel wouldn’t just scarf down tide pods and be like

“Oh those aren’t snacks?”

Rip Luci who probably has to help Dia do it and record it. Knowing Dia he’d have Barb order a ridiculous amount of them for a super big video.

I wonder if the demons are actually safe to eat them considering they eat like poison daily.

44 notes

that’s actually a really good headcanon! i like it a lot, and it feels a lot better than “lol you’re actually related to the people who simp over you.”

it feels a lot more wholesome, as well. like- lilith cares for you, even though you’re not related, and she wants you and her brothers to be okay and happy :D and like diavolo- he cares for MC’s well being enough to lie for them! he’s a prince, he rules over the devildom, whatever he says will ultimately decide everything, so he needs to speak nothing but the truth. but he lied for you, a simple human who’s lifespan will never compare to his own or any other ethereal creature. humans die every day, it’s nothing special, but he lied to save your life.

but don’t get me wrong, i love obey me! it’s one of the only dating sim games i feel comfortable playing because the MC is gender neutral, and i’d rather use they/them pronouns than someone call me a girl, but the amount of implied incest in that game is just yucky. like when asmo and beel switch bodies, and asmo is constantly making sexual remarks about beel’s body.

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Satan: Wait, I just realized that MC gave me new stuff for my keyring the day after they complained that I kept accidentally sneaking up on them because I don’t realize how quiet I am.

Satan: MC belled me like a cat and I didn’t even realize.

Leviathan: Haha, cat boy.

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Short Random Diavolo Headcanon

Diavolo loves when you invite him

to any events since he’s always the

one inviting people. :(

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*during a family discussion *

Belghegor: at least I’m going to die doing something I love.

Asmodeus: and that is….?


Lucifer: get back to attic again

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Asmodeus: Truth or dare, MC?

MC: Truth.

Asmodeus: Butt or boobs?

MC: All I’m saying is I need a lot more self control than I’d like to admit to not grope Lord Diavolo.

Asmodeus: Well, that can go either way really…

Diavolo: MC…

157 notes

Michael Headcanon

  • Michael is chill, he’s actually very nice. As long as you’re on his good side, if you’re on his bad side you should be really careful with what you do or where you go, who you trust, what you eat, he doesn’t have enemies nor people on his bad side for one reason: they all disappear.
  • If you’re on his good side and somehow become friends with him he’ll invite you over for lunch, nice conversations while you’re eating snacks, and help you around with things if you ever need anything.
  • If you somehow end up on his bad side by opposing him or witnessing something that you weren’t supposed to and tried to bring it up, he will not hesitate for a second and he will plan how to erase your memory of what you did or saw or just kill you. Make sure your soul goes into some terrible underworld where you’ll suffer or stay forever.
  • My advice: If you disagree with anything that the celestial realm does, keep it to yourself and never try to intervene. and if you DO somehow witness something don’t tell ANYONE
  • He can be as twisted as macaroni in a pot. 

Originally posted by cat-eye-nebula

An : I am here to write for evil Michael and not normal Michael. - Admin J!

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