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#obey me headcanons
the-devils-girl94 · 2 days ago
When MC Is Mad At Them And Ignores Them: Demon Brothers
((I should've said I would post this past midnight because I'm so much of a night owl. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. I immediately thought of some make up smutty scenes and some bratty silent treatment smutty scenes that are like a sequel to this.))
Being a prideful demon such as Lucifer, he can put up with it for a while, but he will soon come to you because he can't stand it any longer. Just tell him what's wrong, because he can't take you not speaking to him and ignoring him. Seeing you interact normally with his brothers and the others makes him feel so left out and the tension grows knowing that you two are fighting and Lucifer is on the losing side. He may pull you off to the side or even corner you if you've tried to escape him before. And he will make you talk because the silent treatment can not go on.
Mammon will crack after the first day you start ignoring him. He deserves it for trying to steal your stuff and selling it. He needs to know that shit ain't gonna fly. Mammon will beg, buy you gifts, and even stand outside your door just to have you talk to him. He may even cry (he will). You may open up after you're done or when you see him cry, because you just needed the time and space to put into words how hurtful his actions were.
He would like to think that he can match your level of silence and ignore you right back, but he will ultimately crack since he misses gaming with you and being around you. He'll get insanely jealous about how you're having fun chatting away with his brothers but won't spare a glance towards him. He honestly will just hole himself up in his room, until you knock on his door, and you see that his eyes are red from crying, his face is gaunt like he hasn't been taking care of himself, instead just drowning in his sorrows by gaming and binge-watching sad anime and anime songs.
Satan doesn't like being ignored. It has happened way too many times and he is sick of it. He will plead with you to talk to him or at the very least acknowledge his presence. Dude will go through the 5 stages of grief before you decide to talk to him again.
Oh, you think he's gonna react to your pettiness? You're damn right he is! Asmodeus is someone who craves attention and really loves and drink in your loving gaze. So if you're mad at him and you ignore him, he'll cry. Legit, he will cry and beg for forgiveness. Just talk to him and look at him again with those loving eyes of yours. He wont do that thing that you mad in the first place ever again. Being ignored by the person he loves is the worst possible punishment you could give him.
I can just see Beel just kneeling in front of your door for many nights, trying to gain your forgiveness. Being ignored isnt the end all for Beel but when it's his beloved, it feels like it. He'll always apologize when he sees you, leaves your favorite food near your door, and sends text messages about how much he loves you and that he won't touch your food ever again, if it means he won't get the silent treatment. Once you do talk to him, he'll give you a big hug along with a tirade of apologies.
Honestly, not talking to Belphie won't do anything because he'll just annoy you with small talk. But refusing to be his pillow or even spending nights with him is where he draws the line. He will spend nights outside your bedroom if he has to. He wants to spend nights with you again so please hurry and forgive him.
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fluffimemes · 2 days ago
Mammon, realizing he has feelings for MC: I don't think I can mansplain, manipulate malewife my way out of this one.
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obey-me-stuffs · a day ago
Headcanon- Obey me brothers vs Karens! Gn!Mc Requested
My requests might be closed for a bit, but I’ll open them once I empty out my asks! Please have patience!
Also I dont know what was in this prompt, but I could Not Stop writing.
Ask: Can you do a headcanon where GN!MC and the brothers are out shopping in the Human World (errands) and they encounter a Karen who tries to "embarrass" the boys, instead it becomes the other way around? If MC feels hurt by the Karen insults, the boys comfort them when they get home (for x-tra fluff) -Anon
This Bitch really thinks she can out pride Lucifer?
Well hey, maybe she didn’t know she standing up against the Devils right hand man, but Lucifer will make her regret her ignorance.
You were up in the human world, restocking on some human world medicine that you had used up a week ago when you got sick.
While waiting in line when a certain woman decided that she in fact did not want to wait for you to have your turn first.
Lucifer wasn’t with you when she originally tried to push past you, and if he had been this lady probably would have backed off pretty quick.
When you moved your cart slightly to keep her from pushing in front of you she decided to start yelling at you.
You could practically feel Lucifer rage as he approached.
“I know children who can wait in line without throwing a fit. Clearly whoever raised you made sure you were beyond spoiled.”
Lucifer's tone is harsh enough to silence anyone in ear shot.
So if you happen to take a trip to the bathroom, dont mention that the Karen is now nowhere in sight, and your boyfriend seems particularity smiley...
Definitely buys you some ice cream on your way home to help you cheer up.
Mammon (Racist Karen)
You had asked Mammon if he could take you back to the human world to pick up some of your belongings, and on the way you both decided to stop for lunch.
You were really starting to regret that though, because a lady at another table kept glancing over at your table and whispering to the person she was sitting with.
Mammon didn’t seem to have noticed, or if he had he was particularly good at hiding it.
However when she approached your table and asked you and Mammon to move, you were even more bothered.
When you refused she started yelling at Mammon for being a bad influence on her kid.
Mainly stating that she didn't want her kid to be near a criminal despite not knowing Mammon was a thief at all.
“If anyone here is bein’ a bad influence I think its you lady.”
Mammon blearily even reacted to her yelling, and eventually she was taken out of the building for being a disturbance.
Mammon will stay will you for the rest of the day, and wow would you look at that he found some movie tickets...
Might as well use them while your here!
He didn't even want to be here! He only agreed because there was limited merch at the convention that he had to have!
You had invited Levi to join you to a gaming convention in the human world that you had been looking forward to.
Even though he complained, you could tell Levi was also exited to be here.
You had been lucky enough to get the last figure from the booth you wanted to visit, but when a random lady approached you two and started yelling about you stealing it from her you were both shocked.
Levi was Not having this.
He himself has experienced the pain of being robbed of his own luxury merch (Mammonnnnn!) and he’s not about to let the same thing happen to you.
“Even I dont stoop this low for merchandise! If you couldn’t make the effort to buy it yourself than you dont deserve it!”
Your probably going to have to drag Levi out of there before he goes demon form on her ass.
once he calms down he will take you back home to game and forget about that Karen.
...I almost feel bad for her.
Satan had wanted to invite you to a human world bookstore since he was curious on what books you preferred.
However one girl had the audacity to try and take a book out of Satan's hand.
Of course being a demon he was easily able to pull it away in time.
The second she started to yell at him you could tell it was time to leave.
Satan may look calm as he out logic's the girl, but you cant miss the pure rage boiling in his eyes, and the way his voice starts to sound slightly more like a growl.
“If you really Love this book so much, you should know that there’s a whole shelf of them behind you!”
You quickly pay for the book, and practically drag Satan out of the store.
After he’s calmed down he will apologize, and ask if you want to keep shopping or if you want to head home early.
Now matter what you choose, Satan will end up reading to you before bed, and offering you some tea as an apology.
Asmodeus (Homophobic Karen (Still GnMc))
Asmo had asked you to join him to the human world to pick out something for Solomon’s birthday.
He had already gotten Solomon some spell books he had been wanting, but Asmo also wanted something more romantic (He is Asmo after all)
In the end you ended up going to a flower shop were Asmo bought some flowers for both Solomon and you.
However one of the lady’s working there must have overheard that Asmo was buying flowers for a boy because she didn’t hesitate to march over and start scolding you.
About thirty seconds in Asmo started Laughing at her.
“You dont even know that i’m dating a Man! You just assumed that a man cant receive flowers without it being a sin.”
Asmo will stall, and after a moment you’ll realizing he’s charming her.
After he’s done giving the girl a breakdown for falling in love with a man she assumed was gay, he’ll buy the flowers and take you to another store.
He’ll let you pick out something for yourself before taking you back home to give you a spa day.
You had been wanting to visit the human world for a while so you invited Beel to go with you to a mall.
It was the perfect place since there were so many restaurants that you could tame his hunger without getting to much attention.
You were headed to a small waffle stand when a person Lady nearby suddenly screamed.
You both turned to look at her, and she stated yelling and accusing Beel of hurting her.
At first Beel was half convinced that he Had actually hurt her without realizing, but you easily realized what was going on.
when you told Beel that she wasn’t actually hurt at all, and she was trying to get Beel in trouble he became upset.
“I didn’t hurt you. If I had, you wouldn’t be able to stand.”
Your lucky that Beel is a quiet person or the whole Mall would have been terrified.
His words were enough however to scare off the Karen.
After she leaves Beel will go back to normal and will continue the day normally, offering to pay for a few treats, or items that you seem interested in.
Belphie was exhausted from running around with you all day.
Don’t get him wrong, he was having fun, but Being the avatar of sloth means he can only be exited for so long before passing out again.
Belphie was still trying to work on liking the human world again, so you invited him to go to a festival you used to visit a lot.
After a few hours though you decided to take a break and let Belphie sleep for a bit under a tree in a park nearby.
You recalled a honey stand you had wanted to visit, and decided that you could go buy some for when Belphie woke up.
However, only seconds after you bought a thing of honey comb, someone was trying to wack it out of your hands.
You had no clue why the lady was angry at you, and you tried to reason with her for a bit before you heard a familiar growl.
Belphie will grip the lady’s wrist so tightly that her hand turns purple, and will mutter threats, until you manage to get him out of the crowd.
He’l calm down after a bit, but the second you aren’t watching him he’ll go back to take care of that Karen.
He’ll offer to buy you some more sweats to take back home, for both you and Beel.
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coffeerecords · 2 days ago
FAVOUR (m) | lucifer.
➾ in which you find yourself missing him
wordcount: 5.2k | genre: fluff, slight angst, eventual smut, established relationship au | pairing: lucifer x fem!reader ft. other brothers (platonic) | rating: 18+ | tw: drinking, insecurities, suggestive remarks, swear words | others: domestic moments with satan and belphie, the anti-lucifer league strikes, satan and belphie insists mc can do better so they suggest [redacted], brief mention of devildom politics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sudden ring of your D.D.D rouses you awake from your dreamless sleep. Groaning, you reach out blindly to find the chirping device. Looking at the screen, you squint at the brightness and press the green button.
“Hello to you too,” Satan’s voice greets you, amusement lacing his tone. “You’re still asleep?”
“No shit, Sherlock,” you grumble. “It’s freakin’ seven in the morning—”
“It’s ten,” Satan cuts you off.
Your eyes snap open, sleep gone instantly as you check the time. “Shit!”
“Yeah,” the blond demon laughs. “See you in thirty.”
More curses spill from your lips while you throw your covers and rush out of bed to shower. Twenty minutes later, you barely can catch your breath as you reach the living room where Satan told you he’d be. However, the blond demon is nowhere to be found. Instead, you find Belphegor sleeping on the couch.
Taking another five minutes to regain your breathing, you approach Belphie, nudging his shoulder until he peers his eyes open. “Hmm?”
“Where’s Satan?”
The indigo-haired demon merely yawns, throwing his hands overhead to stretch before sitting up. “He should be in the kitchen.”
“What? What for?”
“He said something about—”
Satan bursts into the room with a bag in hand, smiling ear-to-ear. “Good. You’re both here. Now, let’s get going!”
Almost an hour later, you arrive in a newly-opened café, following Satan through a sliding glass door alongside Belphie. Satan lets out an excited gasp at the sight of cats—running, playing, sleeping—all over the place. It’s basically cat heaven which also aligns with what Satan calls ‘paradise’.
“How the hell did they keep this place intact?” Belphie mutters, glancing around the place with curiosity. “I don’t think I can take a nap here.”
You chuckle, pointing at a sleeping cat on the sofa. “You can take a nap with that one.”
“And risk letting them sit on my face? No thanks,” Belphie sighs, recalling the past cat videos Satan has shown him.
“Oh, you won’t be troubled with that,” Satan interrupts you both. “Cats would only do so if they trust the person and you, Belphegor, still have a long way to go.”
Belphie sighs. “Then why did you invite me in the first place?”
“The café allows one person an hour to play with the cats. But, with us three, they let us play for three hours. And I’d rather be around those I know than strangers. You and ____ are the least troublesome among the others.”
“Care to explain?”
“Mammon would definitely attempt to steal one of the cats and sell them, Levi would refuse to leave his mancave, Asmo would hog the cats’ attention, and Beel….” Satan sighs heavily before zips open his bag, taking out some containers. “Do I really have to explain?
“Nope,” you and Belphie mutter in unison. Beel would definitely ditch the café to find food or, in a worst-case scenario, an attempt to eat the cat.
“Or, he will try to eat these nutritious meals I’ve prepared for the cats,” Satan adds, handing the both of you a container. “...Just like that one time—”
“Then why don’t you wait for Luci to come back?” You question him.
“I can barely stand spending an hour with him. What makes you think I’d go for three?”
“He’s got a good point,” Belphie muses, turning to you. “But I have to admit Lucifer has been a bit more tolerable when you’re around.”
You blink a few times. “He—Really? He doesn’t seem to act differently.”
Satan shakes his head. “____, we’ve lived together for centuries and never once have I seen Lucifer willingly take the day off just to nurse someone back to health.”
“I wasn’t exactly sick...” Your cheeks grow hot at the memory. “It’s just my period, and I didn’t know it’d be that painful!”
“Well, now Lucifer has scheduled a monthly outing—”
“...More like kicking us out if you ask me….” Belphie comments.
“—for the six of us to spend in Purgatory Hall whenever you’re on your—”
“Okay, okay!” You shoot a playful glare at the blond demon, preventing him from continuing. “I get it! Now, can we please go feed the cats? Wait, are we even allowed to feed them?” You eye the food inside the container Satan handed you.
“Right,” Satan nods excitedly, turning to the awaiting caretakers. “And yes, we’re allowed. I’ve done a lot of research and talked with the manager and the caretaker.”
Afterwards, Satan approaches a group of cats in the middle of the room, crouching down slowly to place the container. Meanwhile, Belphie then asks beside you, “You know, speaking of Lucifer, when is he coming back?”
The question causes you to falter slightly because the only answer you can give him is— “I don’t know, Belphie….”
Belphie tilts his head slightly. “You don’t know?
You sigh, debating internally on whether you should let the youngest demon know what’s been bothering you the past few days. “Look, I don’t exactly know what’s happening, but he hasn’t replied to any of my texts...”
Belphie’s brows furrowing in confusion. “Didn’t he mention he’d keep in touch with you before he went to the human world?”
You nod slowly.
That was two weeks ago, the beginning of your one-month break. You had looked forward to spending time with your boyfriend, but alas, duty calls. He said it was about maintaining the alliance with the witches for the sake of Diavolo’s future plans.
Taking out your D.D.D., you check if there’s any message from him. But you find none. The last message you sent last night is still unread… and the other two are from the previous days and a week ago. He must have been so busy. You know that you had accepted the fact that his work will always come first ever since the both of you had become a couple.
“What a prick,” Belphie scoffs, snapping you out of your thoughts. “You know what, you should forget about him in the meantime. Don’t let his ignorance get to you, ____. You deserve a good time with these cats. Look—!” He crouches down, luring a passing cat with the food. The cat comes closer to where both of you are standing.
You smile at Belphie’s attempt to cheer you up and follow suit, crouching down and placing the opened container beside his. More cats come near the both of you, eyeing the meal in the container cautiously before giving a taste. And soon, those cats surround the two of you, chomping down on the food until their stomachs are filled.
The cats then lay on your and Belphie’s lap, napping quietly. One has also settled on Belphie’s head, causing him to sigh in annoyance but with a smile on his face. Then your D.D.D. vibrates in your pocket, snapping you out of the quiet moment. You fish out your phone to see an unknown number pop up on your screen. Furrowing your brows, you press answer. “Hello...?”
“Luci?” You didn’t expect your boyfriend’s voice to greet you with an unknown number.
“Yes, it’s me.”
“What... Wait, what’s going on? Who’s phone are you using?”
The other end of the line grows silent for a moment. “... It’s a long story.”
“Where are you? Are you still in the human world?”
“I am. I should be back within this week.” Lucifer sighs, voice clearly distressed. “Things have gotten complicated here.”
“What’s wrong? Are you alright? Can I do anything to help?”
He chuckles at the franticness in your voice. “No, no. Everything’s fine, my love. But I need you and my brothers to head to the palace right now.”
“Ah...” You can’t help but feel a tad disappointed that he’d find the effort to call you when it involves Diavolo. But, nonetheless, you still agreed. “Okay, I’ll tell them.”
“Thank you.” He lets out a relieved sigh. “I’ll be back before you know it.”
Tumblr media
The silence is deadly as the three of you arrive at the palace’s door. Satan’s current demeanour is like a ticking bomb while you and Belphie tread carefully around him to not trigger his wrath.
“It’s a bad idea to cut the playtime short, you know,” Belphie whispers in your ear.
“I know,” you sigh, recalling to wait another hour before telling Satan that playing with the cats must be cut short. “I really didn’t want to. But I had no choice.”
“What’s so urgent for Lucifer to call you to go to Diavolo’s place?”
“We’re about to find out,” you respond, glancing back and forth between Satan and the heavy doors. However, before you can knock, the door bursts open as a chicken flies out and lands on Satan’s face, causing the blond demon to fall on his butt at the impact.
“Don’t let the chicken escape!” A familiar shout follows behind. Mammon runs to the three of you, aggravated. “Yo! Thanks, man!” He plucks the chicken out of Satan’s arms. “What took ya guys so long? Barbatos is on the brink of having a fit and—”
“Umm, Mammon?”
“What’s up, ____?”
“You might want to apologise to—”
“Mammon...” Satan seethes. “You’re gonna pay for this.”
“Eh?! Wait, what—” Mammon shrieks, barely dodging Satan’s incoming punch. “Hold on a sec— What did I do?! Hey!”
You and Belphie stand still, utterly speechless, as Mammon rushes back into the palace lobby with Satan hot on his trail. Leviathan appears out from the kitchen, exhaustion weighing on his expression. “You guys... What took you so long?! You called Beel to round us all up here like an hour ago!”
“S-Sorry, Levi...” You scratch the back of your head, heading inside towards the kitchen. “We were in a cat café, and Satan was having so much fun there. I felt bad cutting his hours short...”
Levi sighs heavily. “You should have seen how terrifying Barbatos was...”
“Why? What happened?”
“A group of witches is coming tonight from the human world. It’s about some alliance of some sorts with Diavolo. So, we’re ordered to make them feel welcome at tonight’s party.”
“That sounds like a lot of work,” Belphie sighs.
“No wonder Luci sounds so stressed,” you add, earning a confused look from the two brothers.
“Lucifer is stressed?” Levi questions, eyes widening. “He’s usually the one doing the stressing.”
Belphie chuckles at his brother’s comment. “So, Mr Loyal-and-Obedient does have his limits as well. But not surprised that he’d do anything for Diavolo.”
Hearing those words causes your eye to twitch. As if it hits a bullseye in your growing insecurity. After all, he hasn’t messaged you back since last week and only called you earlier per Diavolo’s request.
Your steps falter momentarily as a thought occurs in your mind. What does this mean... But that’s not fair! Of course, you can never compare to the future king of Devildom! Who in their right mind would choose a measly human over a powerful demon?!
However, your wretched mind continues to hound you as it starts recalling how much effort Lucifer puts into his companionship with Diavolo. And... How long will it take before Lucifer breaks up with you? The day he arrives? A week after? A month—
“Uh, ____?” Belphie calls you from the kitchen’s doorway. “Why are you standing there in the corner?”
You blink, realising what you should be doing. Letting out a heavy sigh, you rush towards the kitchen. “Right, sorry!”
“What’s wrong?” Belphie hands you an apron once you stand beside him.
“Nothing... Just have a lot in my mind.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
You shake your head. “It’s fine. I’m just overthinking things.”
“Why do I get the feeling that it’s about Lucifer?”
“Well... You’re not wrong.”
“I knew it,” Belphie sighs, putting on plastic gloves before handing in another pair to you. You take it and help prepare the vegetables on the counter. “But, you know, it’s never too late to ditch him and go for someone else.”
The onion you’re peeling slips from your hold, rolling on the surface towards the edge of the counter. Belphie catches it with ease, handing it back to you.
“What do you mean—”
“I agree with Belphie.”
You jolt and turn towards the figure. Satan stands on your other side—seemingly regained his composure from earlier—and you shoot him a slight glare. “Were you eavesdropping?!”
“Well, I can’t help it when it involves the possibility of Lucifer fucking up. But judging from your tone, I’m almost hundred per cent sure he did. Which sounds like a valid reason for you to ditch his ass and find another,” Satan muses, not bothering to hide the satisfied smile on his face.
“Hell no!” You cross your arms across your chest. “Everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t plan on leaving Lucifer—”
“I knew it. Lucifer did fucked up,” Belphie exhales. “But what if there’s someone else better than Lucifer? Someone like… Diavolo?”
Satan lets out a hum of approval with a scheming expression. “Oh, just imagine Lucifer’s face when Diavolo sweeps you off your feet.”
“Hold on,” You stop them from speaking. “I don’t see Diavolo that way, and you both don’t even like Diavolo.”
“Well…” Belphie trails.
“He’s definitely the better choice than my disappointment of a brother,” Satan remarks. “I mean Diavolo is the future king of Devildom, no?”
“But, I lo—”
“Good afternoon, everyone!” Diavolo greets the entire room with a smile. “I apologise for the sudden request of your presence to help out with tonight’s party preparation.”
Speaking of the Devil…
“My Lord,” Barbatos greets him with a bow. “The preparation is almost complete. Tonight’s party is going to be a success.”
“That’s wonderful news!” Diavolo claps his hands in excitement. “Now, is ____ here?”
Wait, what—
“She’s there.” Barbatos points to the back row of the kitchen. The young Lord’s eyes brighten as it lands on you.
“This is your chance, ____!” Belphie nudges you. “Go seduce him—”
“I am not doing that!” You hiss in annoyance.
“I think he likes you, ____,” Satan comments in amusement as Diavolo walks over to where you’re standing. “Good luck!”
“You two—” You watch Satan and Belphie move to another station in the kitchen with teasing smirks on their faces.
“____,” Diavolo greets you. “Care to join me?”
You blink, registering his words. “Uh, I’m not finished with these—” You point at the half-cut vegetables. “—and I’m supposed to help—”
“Barbatos mentioned he’s almost done with the preparation,” the prince assures you. “Now, come with me.”
And he whisks you away out of the kitchen. Within minutes, you find yourself in a dressing room.
“I don’t understand,” you blurt out, breaking the awkward silence.
The prince merely laughs as he hands you a few documents. “I’d like you to help the dressmakers pick dresses for these witches.”
You skim through it, reading the profile of the witches before looking back at him. “Isn’t Asmo more capable of helping you with this?”
Diavolo sighs, shaking his head. “If I were to pick him, we would not get anywhere. He’d pick outfits for himself instead. Also, I know you have quite the eye in fashion.”
“I see…” you mumble. “Alright then.”
“Excellent!” Diavolo exclaims, clapping his hands as the dressmakers begin to scurry here and there. “I trust you can handle this, ____. Lucifer said you’re very responsible, and he’d trust you with his life, even.”
The mention of your boyfriend from Diavolo’s lips grabs your attention. Slowly, you ask, “He did?”
“Yes, he did. He seems very fond of you, but not as much as I am.” He shoots you a million-dollar smile and wink.
“Oh…” You mutter, unsure of what to say. “Well, I’ll go and help the dressmakers and pick the gifts for the witches. You can count on me.”
“I certainly can. You look beautiful, by the way.” With that, Diavolo leaves you to your own devices, leaving you in a state of confusion and slight, no, full panic. You did not expect Diavolo to compliment you so casually. Is he perhaps flirting with you?
Diavolo does not know that you had made it official with Lucifer. And Lucifer would have told his own best friend unless there is something that... Satan’s previous words ring in your mind, ‘I think he likes you, ____.’
Shaking your head, you stop your trail of thoughts and pick up a paper from the stack. You bring it to the head dressmaker to discuss which dress is most suitable. By the time you’ve managed to pick dresses for all thirty witches, it was six in the evening. You are helping one of the dressmakers arrange the last of the dresses on the mannequin when Diavolo returns.
He lets out a hum of approval at the prepared gifts before he beams at you. “You truly exceeded my expectations, ____!”
Your cheeks grow gradually hot at the attention as you nod.
“Well, I think it’s time for you to return home to get changed,” he continues. “I owe you a favour.”
Shaking your head, you chuckle nervously. “It’s an honour, Your Highness.”
“I insist, ____,” Diavolo takes your hand in his, placing a kiss on your knuckle. “Until we meet again tonight.”
Tumblr media
“So, anything happened between you and Diavolo?” Belphie asks as you head back to House of Lamentation with the brothers.
“____ and Diavolo?” Asmodeus questions, overhearing the conversation. “What is this? Are you having an affair with the future king of Devildom?”
“No!” You exclaim. “He just wanted me to help the dressmakers pick something for the invited witches.”
Asmo gasps, “Why wasn’t I invited?”
“You’d hog all the dresses for yourself, Asmo,” Belphie states bluntly.
“That is nonsense!” The Avatar of Lust denies dramatically. “But let’s go back to the more interesting topic. Is Diavolo hitting on you, ____? What would our dear brother think of it?”
“It’s not like that,” you sigh exasperatedly. “He just needs some help to prepare some gifts for the witches who are attending the party tonight.”
“Hm, is that all?” Belphie does not bother hiding his disappointment. “I thought there was some spark between the both of you.”
Satan barges into the conversation suddenly. “Even when Diavolo compliments you and kisses your knuckle like a gentleman. Are you sure there’s no spark?”
“Where the hell did you even get that information?” You stare at him in bewilderment as Belphie and Asmo’s faces light up in delight.
“A little bird told me,” Satan muses, all smug. “I have to say, Diavolo knows what he’s doing.”
“If you’re not careful, you might get snatched up by the prince without knowing,” Asmo giggles.
Your eye twitches in annoyance. “You guys better stop this Diavolo nonsense. I have no interest in the prince at all.”
Asmo wraps his arm around your shoulder, shaking his head. “And that is what makes you simply more desirable, ____.”
The event starts at midnight, leaving you enough time to freshen up. Asmo insists on helping you to pick an outfit. The party won’t be like the usual fancy ball. Instead, Diavolo planned on a nightclub-themed party. Excited about the change of theme, Asmo had made sure you are ‘dressed-to-kill and maybe lure in some other potential suitors to keep your mind away from the thoughts of your boyfriend.
“If you’re sad, I’m sad too, ____,” Asmo clutches your shoulders. “So, let’s enjoy tonight to the fullest. Forget about my brother just this one night. He won’t attend the party, am I right?”
You shake your head. “He’ll be back in a few days.”
“That’s good news!” Asmo clasps your hands in his. “I’m planning to go all out tonight and maybe have an orgy if I’m lucky. Would you like to join—”
“That is an absolute no.”
“Is Lucifer enough to keep you satisfied?”
“Asmo… You know I don’t kiss and tell,” you answer with a smirk curling up on the corner of your lips.
“You’re no fun, ____….” The Avatar of Lust pouts playfully before he exits your bedroom to get changed himself.
You are in the middle of finishing your makeup when there’s a set of knocks on your door. “Come in,” you call out. The door swings open with Satan and Belphie standing there.
“Wow, aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes?” You comment at the rare sight of the two brothers all dressed up.
“Speak for yourself, ____,” Belphie chuckles.
“I’m nothing compared to the two of you,” you shrug. “Those witches will literally be vying for your attention!”
“Please, don’t.” Satan shudders noticeably. “Reminds me of a bad experience.”
Right. You stifle your laughter.
Two witches had fought over him once, and it did not end well for the rest of the party. Or so, they said. It happened during a festival held by Diavolo to maintain the peace between Devildom and the human realm. Asmo—as always—had taken the role to be in charge of the brothers’ outfit, including yours.
Let’s just say his suggestion did not disappoint. You can still remember how handsome the eldest brother looked and how he couldn’t keep his eyes (and hands) off you throughout the whole night. You both had sneaked out in the middle of the party to indulge in each others’ presence privately. Hence, you did not stay long enough to see how chaotic the party became when the witches fought over Satan, casting spells and curses here and there.
“Anyways,” Satan clears his throat. “We should come up with a prank on Lucifer.”
...Ah, of course. It’s not Satan if he does not hold a grudge after getting his bonding-with-cats time is cut short.
“I’m sitting this one out,” You reply while checking your appearance before spraying your face with a setting spray.
“____, we talked about this,” Belphie sighs dramatically. “He did something that upsets you. This can help release your pent-up disappointment.” Before you can say anything else, he turns to Satan. “What do you have in mind?”
Satan crosses his arms in deep thought. “As much as it pains me to say it, we did fail the last time we tried to spike his Demonus. So, that’s out of the question. Not to mention we still don’t know the phrase for his secret door. So…” There’s a delighted glint in his gaze as you catch his eye. “...Why don’t we continue Operation Flirt with Diavolo in the party?”
Belphie agrees almost immediately.
“Good luck flirting with Diavolo yourselves,” you hum, closing your makeup kit.
“Who says we’ll be the ones flirting?”
“Again, I won’t partake in this—”
“Oh, you won’t have to do a single thing, ____,” Satan grins. “Nothing at all.”
Tumblr media
Demons and witches dance across the scarlet floor in the dim-lighted room while some sit and chat amongst themselves in the booths by the time you arrive at The Fall. You squint at the colourful lights that hit your face while you make your way through with the brothers. Asmo and Mammon had found themselves joining the crowd, thriving on this kind of atmosphere. Reaching one of the empty booths, you plop down on the cushioned seat with Belphie and Beel—
Nevermind. Beel has also gone missing. Probably in search of the delicacies Barbatos prepared earlier on the grazing table. Satan and Levi sit across from you and Belphie. Not a moment later, Satan clears his throat. “So, we’re still on with the plan.”
You sigh defeatedly, hoping that he’d forgotten or something. Honestly, there’s no stopping the blond demon once he puts his mind on pranking Lucifer. Whatever this prank entails must have been foolproof, considering the devious grin growing on his face.
“Plan? What plan?” Levi tilts his head questioningly.
“We’re pranking Lucifer,” Belphie answers. “Do you want to join?”
“Why am I not surprised?” The otaku sighs, shaking his head. “But count me in. It’s not like I have anything better to do in this crowd.”
Satan nods, pleased with his older brother’s answer. “We’re going to sit in a different booth from ____.”
Your eyes widen. “What?”
“You want to leave the normie—alone—when this place is packed with demons and witches?” Levi gapes at his brother, who’s nodding at every word.
“Don’t worry, we’ll still keep an eye on her in case things go south. But I can assure you that she will be safe. In fact, no one would dare to approach her.” Satan casts a glance around the room before he looks you in the eye. “So, ____, just stay here.”
“I swear if anything happens to me—”
“Nothing bad will happen,” Satan assures you. “In fact, you might enjoy a pleasant company. So, let loose for a while.”
You want to laugh and throw your drink on Satan’s face when your ‘pleasant company’ arrives. The brothers have left you alone, and they are two booths away from where you’re currently sitting.
“____,” Diavolo greets you with his handsome smile, sitting beside you. “Glad you can make it. Why are you sitting alone? Where are the brothers?”
“Your Highness,” you greet him back. “Yeah, I wonder where they are...”
“Have you danced yet? The witches seem to enjoy this kind of atmosphere.”
You shake your head. “It’s not really my thing. The music can get too loud, and it’s hard to have a proper conversation in the middle of the dancefloor.”
Diavolo nods in understanding. “I see... But I do hope this would strengthen the alliance with the witches. I plan to open more opportunities for exchange students from the human realm.”
“It’s a good start,” you respond, taking a sip of your drink. “But I think it would take more convincing for the witches to truly be open to the idea of an alliance.”
The prince stares at you with a widened gaze momentarily. “Will you elaborate more on that?”
“You’ve given them gifts and welcomed them with an amazing party. However, I personally think there should be a guarantee that shows the witches what they can gain from this alliance besides the education in RAD.”
Diavolo stays silent, urging you to continue.
“I don’t doubt your capabilities as a leader, Your Highness. But you’ve tasted what the human realm has to offer. It’s also one of the reasons why you wanted this alliance, right? What about giving the witches a chance as well? A chance to taste what Devildom has to offer by granting a longer time for them to stay and security? You’d win their hearts in no time.”
By the time you finish your statement, Diavolo stares at you in awe. “You’d make a good queen yourself, ____.”
You freeze at his words, blinking a few times as his words sink into your mind. “Um, thank you? But I’d rather not involve myself in political stuff. I saw how much paperwork Lucifer has to deal with daily.”
Diavolo chuckles. “I guess you have a point. He’s still dealing with things in the human realm.”
You sigh at that. “Indeed. Maybe you need to give him a break once he returns. His brothers are already a handful. He could be turning into a walking corpse without even knowing, considering how stubborn he is in not prioritising his own wellbeing—” You blink, realising how casually you just talk to the future king of Devildom. “I-I mean, Your Highness—”
A hearty laugh escapes his lips as he clutches his stomach. “He is stubborn, even I have to agree with that. No one dared to mention this to me, let alone telling me to give Lucifer a break. Look, I assure you, I didn’t mean for him to finish those paperwork so quickly. He had always submitted those papers weeks before the deadlines.”
“Right... He likes to keep himself busy.”
“Absolutely!” Diavolo claps his hands. “For centuries, I’ve tried to get him to relax! I had to drag him once from his office to go to the beach!”
“You dragged Lucifer out of his office?”
Diavolo nods repeatedly. “With the help of Barbatos, of course. Lucifer has a will of steel when it comes to his work.” And he continues to tell you stories of him having a hard time convincing his best friend to take days off.
“You are really fond of Lucifer, aren’t you?” Diavolo questions with a gentle smile when he finishes his story. The involuntary smile on your face disappears as you look away for the prince, flustered.
Diavolo laughs at your reaction. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s not every day that someone would bluntly point out his not-so-strong qualities.”
“Well, you’re not wrong…” you mumble, tucking your hair to the back of your ear. A strand of hair still falls on your face as Diavolo instinctively lifts his hand and tuck it behind your ear. For a moment, his hand lingers on your face, and you stiffen at the action.
“____, I’ve been wanting to tell you—“However, the sudden loud cough interrupts you both.
“What did we miss?” Satan asks casually, plopping beside Diavolo—who had already pulled his hand away from you—while Belphie takes the other side of the booth along with Levi and Beel.
“Nothing.” You don’t know whether to feel relieved or angry at the brothers. So, you merely shoot the blond demon a warning glare when he purposefully cramps the space to have Diavolo sit closer to you.
“Took you long enough,” Diavolo muses, unaware of the devious plans the brothers (except for innocent Beel, of course) had cooked up.
“Did you manage to bore ____ to death with your stories, Diavolo?” Belphie asks in a teasing manner.
“Nonsense! We’re both connected,” Diavolo replies happily.
You can sense the surprised and teasing glances the brothers are giving you. Delighted at Diavolo’s accidental confession about enjoying your time together. Sighing, you stand up. “I’m going to get a drink in the bar… Alone.”
Before any brothers can argue, you head to the bar, taking an empty seat before ordering a drink. You let out another deep sigh.
The long chat with Diavolo has made you do nothing but miss your boyfriend more. Sure, you love the stories Diavolo told you, but you wanted the said person here with you. But unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want. Your boyfriend is somewhere dealing with whatever needs to be done in the human world, leaving you back here in Devildom. Now, his brothers are trying to set you up with his best friend.
Speaking of which, you need to have a friendly long chat with Belphie and Satan. At first, you merely play along with their usual antics. But as it progresses, you realise how this could end badly with misunderstandings if Lucifer is here, judging from the way the prince openly flirts with you earlier and risking Diavolo getting the wrong idea.
You let out a dry chuckle to yourself, shaking your head before sipping on your drink when someone sits on the empty stool on your side. You weren’t in the mood for social interaction or the possibility of it. That’s why you chose the deserted area. Can’t this guy take a hint? There are other empty seats—
“May I buy a beautiful lady another drink?”
That voice. Your head snaps towards the deep voice, eyes meeting his bright ruby ones.
“Hello, my love.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
next part
© coffeerecords — all rights reserved. copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform or by any means is not allowed.
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 2 days ago
if your requests are still open- may i please request the brothers reacting to an MC who falls unconscious due to an asthma attack bc they were brought to the devildom without an inhaler? thank you! love your writing ^^
Brothers When MC Falls Unconscious Due To An Asthma Attack (Below The Cut Because It Got Long)
You were running late to your classes. Mammon had asked you to stay up and watch a movie with him last night and you couldn’t say no to him, so the two of you ended up staying up until three in the morning and now you overslept. You jumped out of bed, quickly pulling on your uniform before running to the bathroom to brush your hair while simultaneously trying to fix your hair to make yourself look presentable enough. As soon as you were done getting ready you ran out the door, rushing through the now crowded Devildom streets, weaving through crowds of demons who all glared at you when you accidentally bumped into them. You could feel your chest tightening up as you started to gasp for air, you hadn’t had an asthma attack the entire time you’ve been here, and you were hoping that it wouldn’t happen now, but it seemed inevitable. Once you were through the doors though, you couldn’t keep yourself up. It felt like your lungs were collapsing, you couldn’t get enough air. Your legs gave out beneath you as you fell to the floor, your vision going dark. You could hear the crowd of demons surrounding you as you went unconscious.
If he was the first to find you, he would try to stay calm in front of everyone, but inside he would be panicking. He would immediately assume that one of the other demons had hurt you and he would go off on them, demanding explanations and answers as he drops down to the floor and pulls you onto his lap.
When he realizes that you’re still breathing, he’ll let out a sigh of relief and rush you to Barbatos because in his mind, the butler is the smartest person he knows at this moment. Once Barbatos informs him of what really happened, he’ll be slightly confused. Asthma isn’t a thing in the Devildom, not that he knew of at least. He’ll demand one of his brothers, not Mammon, to go back up to the human realm to get your inhaler because he refuses to leave your side, and he’s 100% against having you do anything for at least a week so he knows you’ll be okay.
He’ll start to “nonchalantly” hover, just to make sure you’re not overworking yourself. If he sees that you’re doing anything too strenuous, or if your breathing changes in any way, he’ll stop you and tell you to take a break and bring you a glass of water. He still thinks he’s being nonchalant about how protective he is of you, he’s just doing his best. He cares about you a lot.
If he’s the first to find you, he will push back the large crowds of people that started to surround you, demanding that he be given space so he can take care of you properly. He’s not crying, his eyes are sweating. He’s already shouting out assumptions to everyone who’s gathered around you, blaming them for whatever happened. He’ll cradle you in his arms and sob over your body because he legitimately thinks you're dead. He can’t feel that you’re still slightly breathing because his body is shaking so much.
It’ll take one of the other brothers to finally figure it out, and they’ll yell at him for being stupid and wasting time, but honestly, he’s just so scared of losing you, the thought of you already being gone and him not being there to stop it had him shutting down completely. Once his brothers let him know you are in fact not dead, just unconscious, he’ll run you to the infirmary and demand you get the attention you need.
He also doesn’t understand what asthma is, but once it’s explained to him, he’ll start to panic… a lot. Humans really are fragile, and he takes that into consideration with everything he does. If you get up too fast from the couch, he’ll scold you for it, telling you that your lungs can’t handle such quick movements. He did go up to the human realm to get your inhaler as well, and just to be sure, he makes sure to carry it with him all the time, just in case you may need it. He loves you, and that makes him slightly overbearing, but he means well.
He most likely found you because he was on his way to skip class anyway, but the sight of you laying in the middle of the hallway floor had his heart dropping and his eyes going wide. He moves quickly, weaving through the crowd until he finally drops to the floor. He doesn’t really know how to feel at first, it’s a wide array of emotions. He’s angry at himself for not being there with you, but he’s also devastated because the only person he’s ever allowed himself to get close to, to actually love, is gone.
When you finally get the required medical attention (someone else had to call, he was so distraught, he was really just gonna lay there beside you on the floor the entire time), and he was told it was an asthma attack… he’s very confused, but also it kind of… makes sense. Sometimes he feels like he can’t breathe when he gets overworked or overwhelmed too.
He’ll start watching from a distance, just to make sure you’re not doing too much. If it seems like his brothers are getting you worked up, or if you’re doing too much, he’ll jump in and nervously ask if you’re okay and ask you if you’d like to take a break. He’ll also recommend a lot of chill days where the two of you watch anime or movies together, and he’ll always ask you if you have your inhaler with you from now on. He wouldn’t be able to bear it if anything happened to you.
The sound of commotion in the hallway got his attention, and when he heard the soft murmurs of your name being whispered through the crowds of people he rushed out of his own classroom, shoving the other demons back against the lockers until he reached you. He’s read enough books to know a little bit about what’s going on, and he quickly pulls you up off the floor and cradles you in his arms to run back to the house.
He’s not a doctor, not even close, and he knows that you need a real doctor, so he calls… well, actually demands for a doctor to come to the House of Lamentation to look over you and make sure that you’re okay. He already knew it was asthma, or, at least lung related, but when the doctor informs him that you need an inhaler, he immediately loses his mind… not at you or his brothers, but Lord Diavolo. Why would he bring you down here without an essential item that you need to practically live?
He’ll go up to the human realm to get your inhaler himself, and then go to the nearest pharmacy and demand that they give him about five more, just so he knows you won’t run out any time soon. He’ll “schedule” a lot of down days, just so you won’t have to use your inhaler. He’ll ask you to pick any book from his room or the library, and he’ll read it to you. It’s a win-win-win for him, he gets to read, spend time with you, and make sure you’re okay. It’s perfect.
He was just coming out of the bathroom, fixing his hair, when he saw the crowd of demons circling around something, or someone. At first he was interested in who it could be that was pulling all the attention away from him, so he quickly walked over to see what it was. Then came the horror when he saw that it was you, and not just that, but you were unconscious. He started shrieking, screaming for someone to get help as he laid himself over your body to protect you from all the other people as he sobbed quietly.
When the nurse from the infirmary did arrive, he had to practically be pulled from off of you. He was a wreck, and he could barely hear what the nurse was saying over the sound of his own shuddering breaths and loud sniffling. The only thing he did hear was that you’d be okay and that what you really needed right now was rest.
Queue Asmo’s self-care regimen. It was a daily thing, and he took it seriously. Usually he’d say you needed a self-care day just so he could spend time with you, but this time, in his eyes, you really needed it. He put a little sticker on the cap of each of your inhalers, and he actually used them as a system. Whenever you were running low, he told you to take off the sticker so he’d know you needed another one before it even ran out. He did a lot of yoga and breathing exercises with you as well. He was trying his best, because seeing you in the hall like that had scared the hell out of him, and he never wants to go through that again.
He hadn’t made it to school in time either, he had stopped by the nearest cafe to grab something to eat and ended up staying way longer than he should have. He was rushing back to RAD as well, and when he walked in, he was met by a wall of people. He tried to move through them, his initial thought was that someone had just gotten into a fight and he didn’t have time to stick around and watch it, but his height allowed him to look over the heads of most of the demons and when he glanced over them he saw your body laying on the floor. He froze up, his thoughts immediately flashing back to Lilith and how he lost her. He couldn’t go through that again. He forgot about his own strength as he threw the demons back, lifting you up off the floor and sprinting to the infirmary.
An asthma attack, that’s what the nurse said. Who’s asthma, why did they attack you, and where can he find them? He’s in full panic mode, he’s a worried mess, and once the nurse makes sure that you’re okay and that you’ll recover, they have to make sure that he’s okay and calm him down and explain everything to him so he understands.
He’s going to hover, that’s just a natural instinct of his. He doesn’t want anything like this to happen to you again. He’ll ever make a little necklace for you, like the one that he has, but instead of a charm at the end, he’ll connect your inhaler so you always have it with you. If you ask to go on runs with him or exercise with him, he’ll make sure to keep things slow and easy so that you can still spend time with him, but there won’t be the risk of you having another attack.
The fact that he hadn’t slept through classes that day was both a miracle and quite astounding. He never shows up to his classes, so when he walked out into the hall and saw the group of people near the main entrance, he thought it was just the typical thing that happened. It wasn’t until he heard someone say your name that he turned around and used all of his energy to plow through everyone until he reached you. Just like Beel, his first thoughts were Lilith. He didn’t want to lose someone else, he couldn’t.
He’s trying to keep calm, but he’s having a breakdown. He’s already crying, mumbling profanities under his breath as he glares at the demons that are still surrounding him. What were they looking at? They needed to leave, and they needed to leave him alone. If he was going to lose you, he wanted to be the last one who got to be with you, and he wanted to have this time alone with you too. Someone ended up calling for Lord Diavolo though who came in and had to pry Belphie’s arms from around you as he rushed you back to the castle to be looked at by Barbatos.
Belphie hovered the entire time, and even when you seemed okay, when you were well rested and alright, he still hovered. He wouldn’t let you out of his sight, and your inhaler was kept in the pocket of his cardigan, another inhaler was kept in the nightstand next to his bed in the attic just in case you woke up in the middle of the night and needed it. He would never voice it, but he cared about you more than you’d ever know. He wanted to keep you beside him all the time because he wanted to be the one that was there for you if anything ever happened again, he wanted to be the one to save you, to take care of you.
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mythsofkairos · a day ago
Tumblr media
So I saw this video on YouTube:
And I thought it was absolutely adorable! Then I thought, how would Obey Me characters react to this? Because this is so heartwarming to imagine!
Tumblr media
His heart felt like it would burst out of his chest, and even he couldn’t hold back the joy and pride he was radiating
He scooped his daughter up in his arms and fixed her frizzled hair with his gloved hands
He felt a tiny bit guilty for smiling when he kissed her tears away, but the situation simply was too heart-warming
“Daddy’s heart only belongs to you, my princess. No one else, I promise.”
Tumblr media
He forgot how to react for a moment as he stared wide-eyed at his daughter
But the plethora of emotions that exploded in his gut next knocked the breath out of him
He had to hold back his own tears of affection as he whisked the baby away, rubbing soothing circles on their back and peppering her tear-stained cheeks with kisses
“Don’t cry, my treasure! Papa Mammon loves only and only ya!”
Tumblr media
Had to be resurrected by a hard nudge on his shoulder
The overwhelming fluffiness of the situation really shot an arrow straight through his heart
He was fumbling over his own words as he tried to pacify the baby, but his voice kept getting caught in his throat
“Y-You don’t have to worry about it! I-I’m never going to leave you!”
Tumblr media
It’s a miracle that he didn’t cry with her
You and the bundle of joy had given him a chance to experience so much happiness in life, and this was another one of the moments when he feels completely freed from the shackles of his wrath
His daughter is not leaving his arms any time soon; he’s going to take them wherever he goes and kiss them every hour with tears stinging in the corner of his eyes
“I love you, my sunshine. Always and forever.”
Tumblr media
Squealed in delight and immediately picked his daughter up
Comforting her is obviously his first priority, but his saddened eyes hint that he himself might need comfort someday
Hundred percent demanded to cuddle with his daughter at night and sobbed ugly when he thought about how she would leave him someday
“You are your Daddy’s entire world, sweetie.”
Tumblr media
Food and hunger were long forgotten as he immediately rushed to engulf his daughter in a gentle but firm embrace
He’s soft nobody touch him-
Kisses and hugs in abundance in the moment, but in the dead of the night when the emotion hits him as he looks at his daughter snuggled next to him he can’t help the tears
“If you’re listening dumpling, then know that Daddy loves you more than anything else in all the three realms.”
Tumblr media
He’s so happy he feels like he’s ascended
The baby gets tackled into a bear hug which soon turns into cuddling
After she falls asleep snuggled against him, he keeps stroking her hair and kissing her forehead until he himself retreats into a peaceful slumber
“If Daddy could keep you forever with him my star, then you best believe he would.”
Tumblr media
He was stumped, no cap
The emotions he felt were really intense even by demon standards; on one hand, he’s delighted that he turned out a better parent than his own father, and on the other he’s really conflicted because he doesn’t want her to grow up anymore
Any and all appointments for the day are off; he is only his daughter’s father for as long as she needs him
“My beloved, you are the only one in your Papa’s heart.”
Tumblr media
She’s out of the camera frame before you could blink and scooped into his arms
Despite the composed chuckles, you can see the way his hands tremble and the kisses linger a little longer
He can’t bring himself to stay away from his daughter for more than five minutes now; Diavolo had to excuse him for the day
“Daddy loves you so so much, sweetheart. What did I ever do to deserve you?”
Tumblr media
He deadass cried with her
Children are so innocent, he mused to himself as he fondly cradled her now sleeping figure in her arms
Pressing a kiss on her forehead, he silently prayed for her happiness and long life to his Father
“Papa will always love you, my angel. Never forget that.”
Tumblr media
He may have put on his signature smirk, but you best believe he was brimming with pent-up emotion on the inside
So many eons of wandering alone, he had forgotten what pure selfless love felt like
He’ll try to distract his daughter with magic to calm her down, but he can’t help stare at her lovingly as she giggles and rushes to hug him
“Daddy will always be with you, sweetie. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”
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1funeralcake1 · a day ago
Fragile Human
HEYYYYY, I’m not dead, just got really busy. I’m starting a new series and I should update it fairly regularly. This is the intro, it’ll be a fluff piece about the brothers taking care of you while you are sick. (Also thank you guys so much for almost 200 followers and I’ve been gone for 6 MONTHS, thanks so so so much!!)
Genre: Fluff (I’m basically just a fluff writer cause that’s what’s fun for me but I might dabble in angst)
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral :)
Part 2 (Lucifer)
Part 1:
While you were readying yourself for a new day at RAD you noted the odd ache and the heat rising in your body. Trying to ignore it you finish dressing yourself in uniform. You knew that you couldn’t skip out on lessons. At least not without a fight. Your stomach combatted your notions of wellness by churning uncomfortably. You ball your hands into fists and fight through it as best as you can. You woozily meander down the hall to breakfast. The boys eye you suspiciously, recognizing the uncomfortable grimace you were failing to mask. They all paid it no mind however and simply greeted you.
Trying to swallow the food was taxing, your head was pulsing and you could feel the fatigue dulling your movements. You knew that something was wrong, but what could you really do about such a thing? You were in the Devildom, the possibility of getting meds or sympathy were very little. Barely finishing your breakfast you stood and immediately regretted it. Your vision faltered, and you swayed and staggered a little before you fell backwards. You were only out of it for a few moments before you heard a chorus of concerned voices. The boys' heads appeared above you. You squinted and tried to lift your head and felt the back of your throat clench. You felt absolutely terrible. 
Beel helped you sit up as you couldn’t do it on your own. You groaned and held your head, feeling the pain throbbing worse than before. 
“YO! MC, what just happened, you lost your balance or what?” Mammon chimed in, concern decorating his face.
You merely mumble in discomfort from his loud voice in response. Peering at all the confused and concerned gazes you were getting you attempted to play it off. You didn’t get a chance to get up and run from the embarrassment however. While Beel helped steady you he furrowed his brow, you felt incredibly warm. He held the back of his hand on your forehead and frowned more.
“MC, why are you so hot, I thought humans weren’t that hot-blooded,” Beel mumbled, confused, you were usually cold (by demon standards).
“Probably a fever, I’ll be alright,” you groaned, glancing around the room, the looks on the brothers faces just got more confused.
“Fever? Elaborate, MC, what happened to you?” Lucifer demanded standing above your form on the floor.
“Probably just caught something-,” You attempted to get up and you wobbled causing Lucifer to have to reach out and steady you by the shoulders.
The brothers exchanged glances, they were mostly clueless when it came to human illness. Belphie was once enamored by humans but he hadn’t wandered too far into the study of human immune systems. Satan had limited knowledge as well, he never regarded human medicine as necessary knowledge. Immediately they all felt jolts of varying levels of panic. What were they to do about their human? 
“Are you saying that you’re sick?” Lucifer inquired, cocking up an eyebrow, he admittedly was concerned after seeing you fall like that. He wasn’t sure how to go about this. “Do you think it’s severe?”
“I-” As if to prove that the sickness was there to stay, you were interrupted by a harsh cough. “I don’t think I can attend class, I know it’s really important, I’m sorry Lucifer, I know that this-” You began to ramble, and were quickly interrupted by Lucifer raising his hand.
“I’ll allow it, if you’re not well I don’t want you attending classes in poor condition,” Lucifer declared, his gaze softening a little at your meek gaze. He nervously pulled his glove off and lifted his palm to you. He waited until you nodded in approval and he brushed his hand softly over your forehead. He raised his eyebrows slightly in shock, you were much warmer than he expected. Gathering that you weren’t lying he waved his hand, giving a brief gesture as if to dismiss you. “ Alright you’ll stay here today but I don’t want you all alone.”
The brothers all glanced at one another and sat still as they waited with bated breath for Lucifer to declare who would be the one to stay with you. 
“Alright, ________ shall be the one to stay with you,” Lucifer declared.
To be continued. . .
Part 2 with Lucifer will be up soon! :) (I’m gonna do all the brothers for sure and maybe the side characters if this does decent)
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glossytearsposts · 15 hours ago
Tying their shoelaces together HC’s
Brothers + Dateables
Gender neutral
Warnings: none
Not amused :/ Why in the devildom would you stoop so low as to mimic one of mammon’s foolish pranks. You could have at least thrown in a curse to make the attempt better. 1/10
Falls for it every time. Tie his shoelaces together while he’s distracted or sleeping and then drop a grim on the floor. Chances are he will trip over something in his room first before he trips over his shoelace, but either way it gets the job done. 10/10
Most times he is too hyper-conscience of your presence to let you get close without him noticing, but if you get him while he’s gaming you have a solid chance. Tell him a package arrived and you think it has Ruri-Chan merch in it. He will move faster than the speed of light and subsequently trip, taking his chair with him. 11/10
Get him while he is watching cat videos. He is so zoned in on them he wouldn’t notice the house falling apart around him. Tell him there is a cat on his windowsill and watch the chaos unfold. He trips into a stack of books, causing a small avalanche. Prepare to run however, he isn’t the avatar of wrath for nothing MC. 7/10
Get him while he’s painting his nails. Not only can he not move, if he tries to untie them his nails will be ruined. Oh MC, you better hope his nails stay wet for a while. Once he finds you, you’re in for a long night. 8/10 ;)
Offer him a snack as a distraction and tie those suckers together. Be prepared to have a 500 word apology ready though. Even if his reflexes stop him from falling they don’t stop him from hitting you with the soul sucking puppy eyes. 5/10
you’ve got a 50/50 chance of success here. He could either wake up and stop you, or sleep through it completely. Bonus points if you can manage to tangle him up in blankets making his fall to the floor worse. Keep one eye open when you sleep MC. He will have his revenge. 6/10
He will absolutely fall for it. Tell him to close his eyes because you have a surprise for him and cast a shoe tying spell. Tell him to take a few steps forward to get the surprise. He will absolutely try to do it to Lucifer. Rip MC. 9/10
He knew something was up. He didn’t, however, check to see what kind of prank you would pull on him. Avoids you for a majority of the day just in case. Barbs please just humor the human. 1/10
He dozed off at his desk and you took the opportunity to tie them together. Wake him up and tell him to move to his bed. Poor sleepy angel, as soon as he takes a step he tumbles to the floor. He is definitely not so sleepy anymore, courtesy of a giggling MC. Has a good laugh about it later but is definitely very embarrassed in the moment. 8/10
He probably invented the prank in the first place. He ties yours together too, the sneaky man. Plays along and tumbles to the floor with you. Will absolutely make some sort of joke about falling for each other. 8/10
Bark Bark Woof Woof Gurrr. Angry Chihuahua mode activated. He can’t believe he fell for it. MC please don’t tell anyone. The pesky demon brothers would just make fun of him and the others would think it was cute. Please don’t tell Barbatos, that would be mortifying. 6/10
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devildomsgod · 2 days ago
Obey Me!: you throw a surprise party for them
Tumblr media
The bros reacting to you throwing them a surprise party for a special occasion; gn!reader
Tumblr media
I think he's not too big of a fan of surprise parties
especially if he's the one it's thrown for xd
dw he'll make an exception for his precious mc
probably figured out that you were planning something but it didn't occur to him that it's a whole ass party lol
Luci sticks with you throughout it all, sorta waiting for the party to be over and you two to be alone
he prefers celebrating in private :)
no way
no friggin way mc!!!
omg he's so hyped
he loves parties!!! and he can't believe you'd do this for him :'D
had absolutely no idea you planned this tbh
he's enjoying the hell out of the party and the attention he's getting :3
definitely plans a surprise party for you too some time
uhhhhh what
a s-s-surprise party for him?????
hell no
he appreciates the gesture and effort you put into this but :||||| people scari
((it's a different story if you planned some anime event or something like that))
he will absolutely not leave your side
you need to protecc this Boi from social contact lol
oooo how cool, mc!
lowkey figured out that you were planning something like this lol
he still tries to act surprised to not hurt your feelings
really really appreciates the effort you put into this and absolutely returns a surprise party some time
enjoys the event fully, though he also can't wait to celebrate in private with you <3
you hit the nail on the head with this one
Asmo is SO delighted :333
mc, you're seriously the best
like THE best
he's enjoying the heck out of this
and all the attention just for him...
definitely catches the smallest details of your preparation and praises each one of them
throws a surprise thank-you party for you the next day lol
whoa, mc!
how cool, he had no idea you were planning this!!!! You're amazing
he's so.... chill but excited it's kinda hard to read his reaction
he does appreciate it a whole lot though
especially if you made sure enough food is present
he's a happy boy
you're the best, mc :)
huh a surprise party? for him?? now!?!? no thanks.
he's sleeping, sorry
he'll give the guests some forced smiles and thank yous but the second he's through with that he's latched onto you and deep in his dreams
don't get him wrong, he understands the effort and time you sacrificed for him but.... A nicely made bed would have done the trick too
if you promise to sleep in with him the next day, he might consider joining some of the party fun
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Asmo: *having a break down*
Mc: asmo, why are you Looking up
Amso: I want to cry but my makeup Coast a fortune.
Mc: ...
Mc: you do know that tears are good for getting rid of spots and cleaning your skin right.
Asmo: ...
Mc: ...
Amso: give me 10 minutes, I'm going to take my make up off then we are gonna have a good cry
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natewriteslol · 2 days ago
Headcanon time: Mammon is the type to mismatch gold and silver jewelry and Lucifer tells him that he looks tacky 😞👋🏽
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absolutepokemontrash · 19 hours ago
i’m terrible about leaving candles lit after leaving a room and forgetting about them it’s the adhd brain hehe so just thinking about this happening with the boys. lucifer is absolutely livid because for the third time this week you’ve lit numerous candles and forgotten about them for 2 days and they’ve been burned through. also mad because those were his favorite candles :(( he’s surprised however, that somehow the house has not caught on fire yet
I can’t light candles in any room that I plan on leaving because the moment it’s out of my field of vision it no longer exists lmao
It would totally drive Lucifer up the wall-
Lucifer: Y-you left the candle burning?!
MC: Yeah… sorry Lucifer…
Lucifer: This is not an “I’m sorry” situation! You could have started a fire!
MC: It won’t happen again! Promise!
Lucifer: That’s what you said the last time. Ugh, just get out of here.
*MC leaves*
Lucifer: Dammit… they discontinued Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun… I’ll never get this smell back…
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fluffimemes · 13 hours ago
Satan: Ma'am, it has been reported lately that you do, in fact, have little paws-paws and a little button nose. Do you care to comment?
Cat: Meow!
Satan: Great!
Lucifer: ...Am I interrupting something?
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babydai · 5 hours ago
hq version here!
what piercings i think the demon brothers would have !!
a/n: this is my first time writing anything for obey me so pls be nice :,) but i had a really fun time! will definitely start writing for them some more !!<3
tagging: @chesirekittycat @hisvillainess @isseihub
Tumblr media
septum -> leviathan
always wanted a piercing but it took him ages to actually do it, likes that he can flip it up whenever he feels like it + wont admit it but knows he looks hot, not to mention it ups his intimidation factor a bit
tongue -> lucifer
wanted something pretty discreet that he could still show off and REALLY learned how to use it to his (and your) advantage…. he knows what he’s doing
nose ring -> beelzebub
never really thought about piercings till his brother got them and all he knew is that he didn’t want anything around his mouth + messed with it when he gets nervous and doesn’t quite understand why you find it so attractive
runner up -> solomon
bellybutton -> asmodeus
looks so pretty on him and he loves wearing crop tops to show it off + loves piercings and convinced a bunch of his brothers to start getting them, he also changes the jewelry regularly whenever he finds a new piece he likes
double helix + industrial -> mammon
already has his lobes pierced so moving up the ears just made sense, brings it up in conversation regularly because he wants compliments without having to ask for them
eyebrow -> satan
makes him look way more intimidating which he loves + gets indescribably frustrated when it gets caught on his sweaters and shirts but it looks perfect on him
runner up -> diavolo
nose stud -> belphegor
super subtle and classic but really attractive, now only poses for photos with that side of his face cuz he lives how it looks + asks you to help him clean it sometimes cuz he gets lazy
runner up -> simeon + barbatos
Tumblr media
reblogs are greatly appreciated !! <3
my masterlist
requests: open
© babydai 2021- do not copy, edit, or repost
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 2 days ago
Ight but now can we get fluff demon bro x reader
Short Fluff Scenarios With All The Brothers x GN!Reader
Under the cut because this post would be huge without a read more
His days were always busy, whether it be dealing with his brothers or dealing with the workload that Lord Diavolo had given him. There was always something that needed to be done, and while he knew that you understood and accepted that, he couldn’t help but still feel bad about it. You were his, and he was yours, that’s the way it should be, that’s the way it seemed to everyone else, but was he really yours if he devoted almost all of his time to his work? Tonight would be different, he’d make you feel special, just as special as you make him feel.
The house was quiet for once, and the table was set up with candles that burned brightly and illuminated the metallic lids on top of the plates. He was sitting at the end of the table, a prideful smile spread across his face as you walked into the room. “I’m sorry I’m not always around, dear.” He murmured as he pushed his chair back, making his way over to you and grabbing your hand, bringing it up to rest his chin against the back. “But I promise, I’ll make myself more available for you. You mean more to me than you know.” He kissed the back of your hand before leading you over to the chair that was next to his, pulling it out for you and waiting for you to sit down before returning to his own seat. “I do hope you enjoy this date I’ve prepared for us… You deserve it. I love you, Y/N.”
He’s not jealous, he doesn’t get jealous. There’s no reason to get jealous anyway. He knows that you’re his human, and why would you choose anyone else over him? He’s The Great Mammon, nobody else calls themselves like that, and that’s gotta mean something. Even still, he can’t help but feel that slight fear whenever he sees you talking to someone else. Hell, he even feels it when someone looks in your direction. He knows he shouldn’t feel like that, he knows that you’d never do anything to hurt him, but that’s not what he’s worried about. He’s worried about what other people will do, that other people might try to take you away from him. He has to show them that you’re his.
He was running late to his classes, which was actually pretty normal for him. Usually he just wouldn’t show up if he was this late, even the professor didn’t bother to wait for him, and neither did anyone else. You sat back, getting comfortable in your seat as the professor began to speak, your hand moving quickly to write down notes, just a normal day at RAD, until… “Y/N!” His voice called out as the classroom door flew open, startling everyone in the class, including the professor. “Y/N, I ain’t good at words and stuff like this… ya know that…” He took a deep breath, glaring around the room at all the other students before his eyes landed on you, his cheeks bright red. “But I love ya! I need’ja ta know that… and… well… None of ya can have my human… so leave ‘em ‘lone!” He huffed softly, his eyes darting around the room once more as he finally realized what he just did, not even saying another word before running out of the classroom.
He dreamt about you every night. How could he not? You were so funny, so cute, sweet and kind. You were everything that a person was who wouldn’t want to be with someone like him. He couldn’t help it though, you just drew him in. The way you smiled at him when you walked by, the sound of your laughter when you started telling a joke, you wouldn’t even be able to finish it. It wasn’t fair that his heart and his mind would have him fall for someone so far out of his league. Even with that in mind, he couldn’t stop thinking about you. All he wanted was to be with you, and seeing the way his brothers looked at you, he knew that they wanted the same thing too. He wouldn’t let that happen though, he couldn’t let that happen. He’d go to you first… he just had to find the courage to do it.
You were sitting in the living room, skipping through channels on the TV as you tried to find something to watch. You were alone, which was good. At least his nerves wouldn’t get the best of him and he wouldn’t be worried about his brothers overhearing him. If he knew they were around he’d panic and run off before he got to say anything. He cleared his throat to get your attention, his heart racing in his chest when you finally looked up at him. It was now or never and he could already feel his body heating up under your gaze. He wasn’t going to let his nerves stop him, not this time. “W-Would you maybe… like to… go out on… maybe a date? With me? W-Would you? I… Really l-like you… and… I… I’m gonna shut up now.”
You sat in the library, the flickering light casted by the burning logs in the fireplace stretched your shadow across the floor until it met the tips of his shoes. His cats all surrounded you, rubbing their faces against your arm as you flipped through the pages in whatever book it was that you were reading. How lucky he was, how lucky he felt. You were his, you were all his. You were smart, and you were kind, fierce yet so innocent at the same time. The joy that you brought to him by being in his life was insurmountable. He could spend all day standing there, watching as you buried your face into the novel, unfazed by his cats shifting your arm or nudging the book. You were perfect for him, he could never, and he would never deny that. You eased the anger inside of him, sometimes he forgot that he was the Avatar of Wrath at all when he was with you. You made him a better person, and he couldn’t thank you enough for that.
“Hey…” He murmured, finally catching your attention. The way you turned around to smile at him, he felt like the luckiest demon, the luckiest man in the universe really. He’s never told you how much he loves you, he’d always get too flustered before he could, but what better way, what better place to tell you than right here and right now. He sat on the floor beside you, smiling when he saw the title on the cover of the book, it was one of his favorites. It was like every single thing you did, even when you didn’t realize you were doing it, made him love you more. “I want you to stay with me forever… I love you, I love you more than any words on the pages of any of these books could explain. Stay with me…”
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and in Asmo’s eyes, he was the most beautiful demon, the most beautiful person in the world. He had millions of fans to vouch for him, to make him believe that such is true. It all seemed to be true until you were brought down from the human realm, dropped right in front of him, and from that moment on he couldn’t look away. His eyes stayed glued to you, scared that if he looked away once he’d miss something. Everything about you was ethereal, heavenly. You were too good to be true, yet here you were, the most beautiful human he had ever laid his eyes upon. Your perfection was right with his own, and it only made sense that two people that are so perfect should be together.
He didn’t just want to be with you because you were perfect though, there was something more to you, he just couldn’t explain it. He wanted to take care of you, he wanted to be there for you. He didn’t care what anyone else would think of him for being with you, for being with a human, all he knows is that he hasn’t even spoken more than a couple sentences to you yet, and he already feels like he’s falling for you. “Oh, Y/N…” He couldn’t help but get flustered around you, it seemed only natural, especially when you smiled to him so sweetly, like you were happy to see him. “I was wondering if you’d like to walk to class together? Maybe we can go out after classes to get some tea or coffee?” His fingers were crossed behind his back as he held his breath, waiting for an answer. Please say yes.
The beach is always thought of as a romantic place, although he wasn’t particularly sure why. There was nothing edible at the beach, but as he thought more about it, the more it dawned on him just how romantic it could be and just how much he wanted to take you there. He had been with you for so long now, and while he always spent time with you and took you on dates, you were far more special than just some fancy diner in the Devildom or a night in watching movies on the tv. You deserved better than that, and he had been thinking so hard about what would be best for you, and now that he had finally come up with a full plan, he couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Lord Diavolo’s beach, the sun was already setting, casting the most gorgeous pink glow along the skyline. The sounds of the waves crashing were soothing, like a song, and as he sat there waiting, he could really see how this could be romantic, quite possibly one of the most romantic places ever. The picnic basket was packed and the blanket was laid neatly across the sand as he waited as patiently as he could for Lord Diavolo to bring you there. It was a surprise, probably the best one he’s ever come up with, and he couldn’t wait to see your face. “You made it!” He cheered, pushing himself up from the sand when he finally saw you, his heart fluttering quickly when he saw you in the filtered light of the sunset. What had he done to deserve such an amazing person in his life? He knew that you were questioning what it was all about, he watched your eyes move across the setting, taking it all in as he had when he first got there. “It’s all for you… everything I do is for you. I just want to show you… how much I love you. How much you mean to me. Is that okay?”
He wasn’t the best at expressing his emotions, the first time he did when it pertained to you, it didn’t go quite well. It could have ended horribly, he could have lost you before he even got to realize how much he cared about you. Somehow, for some reason, you still went to him, you still cared about him, you forgave him, and now by some luck, you loved him. He never thought that he’d be with a human, it was actually the last thing he ever thought would happen, especially after what happened… But now here he was, with you, and he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. You were everything he could ever want in a partner, you were everything to him, and while expressing himself wasn’t his strong suit, he felt like you deserved to hear him say it.
“Mmn… Y/N, do you want to come up to the attic and take a nap with me? I'm tired.” It was how he usually said it, it’s how most of your daily naps together started. Usually he’d be so calm, holding your hand as he walked with you up the stairs, but now he could hear his heart beating in his chest. He had never said it before, but he wanted to say it, he wanted to tell you. You laid in the bed with him, instinctively curling up into his side. You trusted him, even after what he did… he didn’t deserve you, but he wasn’t going to let those thoughts stop him. “Can I tell you something?” He whispered, his voice shaky as you peeked up at him, the softest smile tugging at your lips. He knew it, he could feel it with every beat of his heart. There was nothing in the world that he was more sure about than this. “I… I love you… I never want to lose you. I’ll never let anyone hurt you, and I’ll never let anyone take you away from me. Alright? Don’t leave me.”
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inhuman-obey-me · a day ago
Just a random musing that you might have fun playing with but I was going through the lessons again and it's said that the devildom air seems to be hazardous in some way. We hear Barbatos say it in regards to Lilith and it makes me wonder if it's just angels affected or if it had to be the open wounds? Either way I think there would be some fun painful ideas to play with with either Luke and Simeon in the devildom or any injury the MC gets being a much bigger deal.
content warning: mention of open wounds and blood
When you arrive at the Devildom, the handy dandy "Devildom Welcome Manual" you receive (composed by the Fantastic Three themselves!) warns you about the dangers of Devildom air.
Just being there isn't dangerous -- Lucifer visited plenty of times before the fall, and he was fine.
However, if the air makes contact with an open wound, that's when things get dangerous.
The miasma in the air will get into the cut, dissolving away the skin so that wounds quickly expand, rapidly growing wider and spilling out blood.
The effect is worse for angels than it is for humans, though a human should certainly beware -- both cases demand that any minor scrapes be taken care of within a few minutes, lest they grow large enough to overtake the whole body.
That said, there are plenty of magical spells and special bandages around which can heal wounds and seal them off from the air, as long as one acts quickly enough.
Luke, however, will still panic whenever he so much as gets a papercut -- but can you blame someone with such a small frame? Sorry, Luke!
Solomon, on the other hand, somehow seems unaffected -- his cooking is toxic enough that the miasma is well warded off by the poisons already floating through his bloodstream.
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1funeralcake1 · 7 hours ago
Fragile Human - Lucifer
Part 1
Part 2 of fragile humans with Lucifer taking care of you. In this series one of the brothers cares for you as you recover from an unknown illness.
Genre: Fluffy fluff :)
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral 
Part 2 (Lucifer):
“Alright, I shall be the one to stay with you,” Lucifer declared. He peered at his brothers and regarded their disappointed expressions. He paid them no mind as he pulled out his phone. He quickly messaged Diavolo to inform him that he wouldn’t be able to attend classes since he had an ill human on his hands.
He shooed his brothers away from you and ushered them out the door. “You’ll all be late, I will not tolerate any of you nuisances skipping classes,” He snarled, his angry expression motivating his brothers to rush out the door.
After the brothers had left he helped you to stand and gave you a concerned look. He stood still for a moment, contemplating how he was going to help you get better. 
“It’s best that you rest MC, let's get you to bed,” Lucifer guided you by the arm gently down the hall. It was during this moment that he was aggressively reminded of the fragility of humans. He had once been aggravated and somewhat disgusted by the neediness and ‘uselessness’ of humans. Now he was becoming increasingly aware that he had been ignorant before. 
Upon reaching your room he led you to your bed and took your uniform jacket for you. You plopped on the bed, hoping you would find some kind of solace from laying down. Lucifer shifted on his feet briefly, still pondering on how to help you. He leaned down and rubbed your back gently, he hated seeing you like this. He would never admit it in the moment but seeing you feeling so uncomfortable was close to unbearable. Lucifer didn’t know how to feel about the ordeal, how bad was your sickness? Was this something that could get worse? Were you in any danger?
Unable to think of how to help he leaned closer to your ear and whispered, “MC, is there something you’d like me to do to help you feel better?” 
You rolled over towards him and mumbled in a barely audible voice, “Maybe some tea, or like soup I guess?”
Ah, something to drink, that made sense, Lucifer nodded and began to leave when you weakly grabbed his arm. “You don’t have to, I don’t want to keep you from work.”
Lucifer almost chuckled at that, you looked so concerned that he was spending his time taking care of you. He shook his head, “It’s my pleasure MC, it’s alright, I’m happy to do it.”
You smiled a little up at him and he felt his heart stirr a little. He rushed out and his frustration and worry painted his face as soon as you couldn’t see him. Lucifer was not prone to worry. When you were concerned it was a different story. You weren’t protected by powers, you were so weak in comparison to himself. The prospect of you being sickly made him feel sick to his stomach. He sat in the kitchen and prepared soup for you. It made him think of the irony of the scene. The human that he had considered an absolute nuisance when he first met them was now under his care. He was willingly pacing the kitchen to make them soup to aid their healing. Too worried to laugh at the irony he swallowed his pride.
While the soup simmered he strolled down the hall, he couldn’t believe he was going to do this. He entered Satan’s room and sighed. He wanted a book on human medicine, how was he going to find anything of the sort in this mess? He perused the shelves, hoping to find anything remotely related to humans. After no luck he wrung his hands nervously. Good God Satan needed to organize the shelves. He took a deep breath and rushed back to the kitchen.
Thankfully the soup hadn’t boiled over. He dished it into a bowl and placed it on a tray to take to you. He cautiously carried it to your room and cracked the door to check on you. You were fast asleep. He smiled just a little, reassuring himself that you would be fine. He placed the tray by the bed and shook you lightly. You let out a whine but looked up at him. You were drowsy and weren’t very conscious. 
“LUci?” Your voice cracked and you rubbed your eyes. You gave a big yawn and lifted yourself up slowly.
Lucifer grimaced slightly at the nickname but he let it slide. He wrote it off as delirium. He gave you a slight smile and lifted the tray, “I brought you some soup MC, would you like it?”
You nodded and patted your lap indicating that you wanted the tray on your legs. Lucifer gingerly placed the tray down, hoping that none would spill. You tenderly lifted the spoon and sipped a bit of the broth. Lucifer watched you attentively, he saw your shaky and halted movements.
He didn’t want to be overbearing but he couldn’t help but take the spoon from your hands carefully. (Big brother instinct activated) “MC, let me do it, I don’t think you’re strong enough to do this safely,” He averted his gaze but he saw you nod sheepishly in his peripheral vision. He lifted a new spoonful of soup and blew on it before he lifted it towards you. 
You felt a little embarrassed but you also felt a little giddy, Lucifer was rarely this vulnerable and caring. This was his responsible head of the family self coming out, he always held himself accountable for the wellbeing of his family. You opened your mouth slightly and took the spoon in your mouth. Thank goodness Lucifer was a good cook, the soup trickled down your throat and warmed your body. Helping the fever chills subside. You sighed in relief as the scolding soup soothed your throat. You ate as Lucifer fed you, perfectly content in the moment. You were completely unaware of the fact that your ailment was just in the beginning stages. 
After finishing your meal you yawned dramatically and drifted back into sleep. Lucifer took the tray from your lap and leaned back in the chair he had pulled up to your bedside. He sighed and rested his gloved hand on his forehead. He couldn’t even believe how fast this illness had taken you. He slipped a glove off and gently felt your forehead. His brow furrowed, if anything you felt warmer. That was not a good sign. Lucifer quickly stood and rushed out of the room.
Upon arriving at the Demon Lord’s castle he rushed past Barbatos as he attempted to greet him. Diavolo was not present as he was at RAD still. Lucifer frantically made his way to the Royal Library. He ran his fingers over the books. He wasn’t sure which volume on human disease would be the best so he pulled various books from the shelves. Barbatos appeared in the doorframe and offered a bag to Lucifer.
“You can see into the future Barbatos, what is happening to MC?” Lucifer demanded, beginning to feel enraged.
“You and I both know that I cannot answer questions pertaining to the future. Please understand I wish to reassure you, but alas I can’t,” Barbatos bowed apologetically. Lucifer scowled at Barbatos scornfully, but he elected to rush past him back to the House of Lamentation.
Lucifer retook his place beside you and began to skim through novels on human ailments. He came upon a page that described that oftentimes humans would become ill when exposed to an unfamiliar environment. That seemed to be something of merit, he pulled out his phone and called for Solomon. Upon receiving no answer Lucifer held his head in his hands. He was blaming himself for this, as he often does. He brushed some of your hair out of your face. He couldn’t do anything, he didn’t know spells to heal human disease. There were spells for physical injury or curses, but bacteria? No, he couldn’t recall anything like that. His phone buzzed and he jolted from his daze.
Solomon: I just heard from Asmo that MC is sick? Apparently none of you know what it is. I’m heading over right now, it could be serious.
Lucifer: Hurry up. Answer your phone next time.
Lucifer sighed in relief, at least a human was on his way. Solomon would have more expertise on this. As he settled in to wait you groaned in your sleep. He noticed how you shook, your body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Your face was contorting into a look  of discomfort. Lucifer stood over your form, completely unsure of what to do he steadied your shaking form. Your body refused to stop its incessant shivering. 
In his panic Lucifer shifted you over and wrapped his coat around you. He held you close, concern painting his usually calm and sculpturesque features. Lucifer's heart was racing just as much as yours. His expression would seem mildly annoyed to an outsider, but to the trained eye his expression was one of utter panic. You stirred from your fever ridden sleep and squinted up at him.
“Oh a hug? Nice,” you mused in your delirium. You held onto him, clinging like a child. “Luci, I feel so cold, and my head is stuffed with cotton,” you complained. Lucifer shushed you and held your head to his chest, you were going to give him a heart attack.
Solomon entered the room quietly, and spotted you fading in and out of consciousness while Lucifer was clinging to you. Solomon bore his same smirk and examined your state. He felt your forehead and after his discernment he discovered the problem.
“You see Lucifer, MC is just a normal human for the most part. They came to the Devildom with no immunity to the unique sort of bacteria that reside here. So their immune system went into overdrive from their infection. I can probably develop a medicine given a few hours. MC will be fine, untreated they might not have done so well, but they were in good hands,” Solomon smiled at the unusually upset Lucifer and got to work on his remedy.
Lucifer sat there, relief beginning to show on his face. Thank goodness, he had begun to let his thoughts wander to dark places. This instance had reminded him of the fragility of humans. The fact that you could have died from something like disease frightened Lucifer. He knew that from now on he needed to keep a better eye on you. He pulled himself from the bed and went back to resting on the chair beside you. He left his jacket draped over and you subconsciously pulled it closer to you.
After you were administered Solomon’s medicine your fever broke shortly. You awoke from your fever dreams and saw Lucifer watching you expectantly. Lucifer draped his arms around you and you froze a little. This was unexpected but not exactly unwelcome. You leaned into his touch and rubbed his back soothingly. You realized that he had actually been worried about you.
“I-I’m alright I swear, I’m sorry if I worried you,” you mumbled, your voice stifled since your face was resting on Lucifer's shoulder.
Lucifer leaned away from the hug and pulled your face closer and you felt your face flush, not from fever this time. You closed the distance and kissed him gently. The kiss was fleeting and you rested your head on his shoulder. He sighed in contentment.
“Humans are so unbelievably fragile, you know that MC? Please see to it that I never have to watch you like that again,” Lucifer mumbled.
The two of you sat like that as you recovered for the rest of the day. You two didn’t speak much, you just relished in each other's company. (the next day Lucifer had a mild cough and you couldn’t help but chuckle a little to yourself.)
Thanks for reading!! :)
Mammon is next! His will be out this week!
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barbabetos · 2 days ago
all i think about is cat Satan and fox Belphie from the Paws and Claws event and how they probably were more affectionate as well as more mischievous than normal and them constantly biting and pawing at your hair or fingers, nuzzling up to you neck and purring….flitting their tails against your body as they walk beside you…so cute :c
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I love your latest headcanon set so much and I just have to ask, can you do that enigmatic non-human MC with the side characters as well? If you can, thanks!- -🍓
Will do good friend :)
Part 1 with the brothers -> here
Continuation non-human MC
- he was sure you were human, after all you looked human and its not uncommon for humans to have little backstory or to try and erase the ones they had but you just didnt do it for him. He deadass looked at lucifer when you arrived if he had picked the right human or not.
- he has rarely ever made a mistake and he knows that people's lives vary but if thats the case then... why is it so unsettiling to be near by you? Diavolo rarely hates other people but he definetely does not like the energy you give to him
- with help of barbatos and lucifer (and anyone else who'd like to lend a hand) they will all sit down and discover who... or what you are, afterall he is the prince of demons and a mistake like this, if messed with the wrong people, could ruin his plans for the exchange program and... probably even his life
- this man could see the past and the future but not your non-human ass??? Well clearly something isnt right here
- after taking a moment to figure out why he didnt realize sooner that something wasnt right here he will do what he does best, serve lord diavolo and, in this particular case, help him figure out what you really are
- he'll also keep an eye on you, he is quite afraid of you, surprising for a demon like him but true. If you even try to lay a hand on diavolo then he will return to you death itself... and thats if its even posible because he is too afraid to use his powers and discover your real past, even more he how to stop you
- the poor angels... they arent able to just hate someone without knowing them, yeah sure Luke has his issues with demons but you... you are different
- simeon REFUSES to let you be near the baby angel no matter the situation, and that is shocking for someone like him. If he somehow had the balls to do so the luke will totally throw a fit and even cry for him to change his mind
- Luke would rather be babysitted by lucifer or diavolo themselves than you, and reasonably so
- the more they can avoid you for the remainer of the program the better...
- he could tell inmediately that something wasnt right with you, he has lived for a good while and has definetely seem some shite to know when someone is really human or not, Diavolo can count on his help without a doubt
- the wizard fella could hex you, or do some kind of spell on you to figure out what you are better, but his guts tell him to just avoid you
- wow the whole gang is actually friendlier to him than to you now! What kind of timeline is this!?
- seriously though, the fact that the everyone prefers being near him than near you is a big bad sign, (not that the cast didnt like solomon but there are moments where its clear they werent fans of being near him either)
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