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#obey me imagine
sanjigrl · a day ago
pairing: satan x gn!reader
genre: fluff
request: Heyy I saw your post that you wanted to write, so I'm here to ask! I'm slightly sick right now, so maybe could you write an Obey Me! Satan x reader fic of him taking care of the reader when they're sick (gender neutral if possible)
warning: none
note: thank you so much for your request i hope that you'll like it, sorry that i took so many time to write it :/
Tumblr media
When Satan came out of his room for breakfast, everyone was already there, and surprised to see you weren't with him "Y/n isn't with you?" ask Asmodeus, putting back his pocket mirror on the table after arranging his hair "Oh no, they're not, I thought they'll be there because I came later than usually" he say, sitting at the table "You'll go check if they're awake, I don't want them late to their class" say Lucifer, being ignored by his younger brother.
But after their breakfast, Satan walk to your bedroom, wanting to know why you weren't already up. He knock on your door, almost not hearing your voice telling him to come in and he open the door to you, still being in bed, your eyes still closed "It's me" say Satan and you open your eyes, smiling at him "Oh hi" you say, your voice weak and raspy "I think I won't be able to attend the classes today" you say.
He nod, understanding the situation "Then, I'll stay with you," he cleans up some things that were on your floor "someone has to make sure you're alright.", "No, Lucifer will be mad, just tell him that I'm sick and that I'll-", "I could care less about what he says" he chuckles. "But I don't want you to get sick" you pout. "Come on" he teases, putting the back of his hand on your forehead "I won't" he just says, smiling at you before putthing his fist on his waist "Did you take your medicine?" he ask, you nod "Okay"
He remove his jacket, putting it on the chair at your desk that already had too many clothes on it and came to lay beside you "Want me to read something for you?" he ask, you nod smiling at him, thankfull that he stayed.
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azalea-writes · a day ago
"Running from dangerous person or monster" and
"I've been thinking-" "Uh-oh"
with satan⁉️😳😳😳 male/masc mc prefered but gn is fine ( ´∀`)
"I've been thinking-" "Uh-oh" w/ Satan
Male MC
(From old event)
MC is a very chaotic human being, all of his stay during the Devildom has been fully chaotic.
The demon who has to deal most of his chaotic plans and thoughts is Satan. Sure Satan loves his boyfriend but everytime MC zones out, Satan leaves the room since he's not ready to deal whatever MC is going to say.
These days, leaving is no longer an option. MC will just follow Satan and blab on and on. "So I've been thinking-" "Uh-oh" "What do you mean uh-oh?! I've just been thinking how if you eat something with a cheese filling, you become the thing with a cheese filling."
Satan stopped walking and just turned to MC, "How do you come up with these things?" "Ehe!"
Rushed again 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Alt: Thanks for requesting! Love you!
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books-and-catears · 3 months ago
"Would you mourn for me when I'm gone?"
Tumblr media
You could tell Lucifer stopped writing, because the noise of his pen scribbling against the paper stopped.
You looked up to see him glaring at you, bewildered.
"What did you just say, MC?"
"I meant if you'd mourn me when I die. Its perfectly fine if you can't! Demons are probably not as sensitive to death of humans and-
Lucifer was out of his seat. And before you knew it, the Avatar of Pride knelt in front you, his hands clasping yours.
The mere thought of your absence stabbed at his heart. Without you, his study and this whole house would fall silent. The sounds of your laughter are what made the chaos bearable. Without it, even his favourite records would sound like white noise.
His eyes were angry and pained. But they softened as you cupped his face with worry in your eyes.
"MC, you brought back a happiness I hadn't felt in a hundred millenia. Losing you would be like losing all the joy in the world. So don't ever speak of it again. I shall never let it happen."
Mammon went deathly still. Gone was his usual erratic self as stared at you like he was frozen in time.
He wasn't even blinking. Maybe in fear that his tears would come spilling out.
"I just...well you know when I die for real, would you cry for me? I know it's so dark to ask this and---ah!"
Mammon had you tackled under him, arms holding you tight as if you'd spill over if he let go. He's never been greedier for you.
If you're no longer there, he has no one to hide behind when Lucifer comes attacking. He has noone to untie him from the ceiling. Noone to hold him on his worst days when everything feels like shit. You're the relief he feels after decades of pain.
"Mammon, are you crying?!!"
His eyes leaked and dampened your shoulders, his muffled cries rocking both of your bodies together. You regret ever asking as you attempt to coo and rub his hair.
"I'm supposed to be yer protector! Losing ya is the worst thing that can happen to me! I won't let that happen, ya hear me human?!"
Levi's character just stopped mid fight. He didn't even press pause on his game. The enemy kept attacking but his fingers remained still.
He wasn't even looking at you. He was staring at the part of the screen that said "Player 2: MC". And his hands started shaking.
"...Levi, are you okay... Did I say something wrong I'm sorry-"
Levi's tail darted out and wrapped around you in an instant, pulling you towards him. In that instant he forgot all shame.
Why? Why would you bring that up? How can he be okay? Without you, he has no player 2. He has no one to listen to him ramble and still care about him. And there's noone left for him to call his friend.
His cries were loud and endless, echoing through his room. You tried to cradle him and try to calm him down but he won't let you go.
"What will the Lord of Shadows do without his Henry?! You can't leave me alone like this! You won't right?? Right?! Losing you would a critical damage noone can heal."
The book slips from his hands onto your lap and his hands limp on your waist.
You turn back to meet his eyes. Ocean green eyes now covered in dew.
"I suppose it will be much quieter? I won't be here to annoy you and maybe your brothers will calm down too right-"
He promptly palmed your mouth shut. Do you not think twice before saying such horrid things? It's not that he's never thought of it. But he hates it. And talking about it just makes it seem like you'll be gone someday soon.
"S-Satan...are you...?"
Silence begotted by death isn't pleasant. The calm after a storm only thrusts in your face, the destruction the storm left behind. In his wrathful heart, you brought hope and love. And now you speak of taking it all away and leaving him in the dark again?
His tears are silent and sobs are heavy as he holds you so close to himself, trying to engulf you within himself. Afraid you might spill over and disappear if he dare let go.
"No I will not mourn you. I would never have to. I WILL keep you next to me forever. Losing you would mean losing every last ray of light you brought into my life."
Asmo stared at your reflection in the mirror horrified. As if he was staring at your ghost.
He was brushing your hair, and now his hands were frozen, the brush dropping to the floor with a loud thud.
"...MC... what"
"Ah don't worry I'll still come back to haunt you a ghost or something? That's possible right? I have no idea what happens after I die-"
"No shut up!" Asmo fell on his knees, hugging your waist from behind like a hurt child. "Stop saying that MC!"
Noone gave the Avatar of Lust, more love than you did. As much as he loved his beauty, he knew you loved him despite the hideousness that lay underneath his skin. And noone was more accepting of his affection than you.
"Asmo...Asmo! You'll hurt your knees!"
His voice cracked as he broke down, holding you for support and saying no over and over again, denying even the idea of you ever going away with no way to return.
"Whatever will I do without you around? It's hard for me when you go back to the human world and now you're talking of never returning? I ABSOLUTELY WONT HAVE IT! Losing you will take away the only one who saw me for me."
Beel didn't even let the thought register at first. He kept on munching on a bag of chips, all smiley and content. "Gone where MC? You're going to the Celestial realm again?"
"Maybe not Celestial realm. I haven't done enough good to be sent there. I wonder who will decide my fate after I die for good? But would you mourn me?" You ask..
His smile drops immediately. No. No no no. What do you mean 'after you die for good'? Is something wrong? Why are talking about this now? Are you not feeling well? Did you eat something bad? Was it Solomon-
"Beel? What's wrong?"
His eyes teared up instantly as he reached for you and hoisted you up in his arms to hold you close. No it's okay, he told himself. You're right there in his arms. You're safe. He'll keep you safe.
He remembered everything you ever did for him. Protecting him from Lucifer, freeing his twin brother, never getting mad at his constant hunger and even giving your life essence away just to save him. No you cannot leave yet, there's too he's grateful for.
"Noone will have to mourn. I will keep you safe here MC. I will give you the best of foods that will keep you healthy and strong forever. I cannot lose my family again, MC."
He was asleep on your lap but now his eyes shot wide open and his breath hitched.
He tilted his head to look at you, staring out of the window, your face aglow with the Devildom moonlight.
"No shut up. Shut up about that." He could barely speak.
"You know the first time I died, all I saw was this white void with echoes of a voice I've never heard before. I wonder if I'll end up there again-"
Belphie instantly put his closed palm gently over your mouth to stop you from talking. He felt you breathing warmly on his fingers. It made him feel safe. You were okay, you were alive.
He promptly pushed you down and started spooning you from behind. The rise and fall of your back against his chest gave him reassurance too. He let his stray tears fall onto his pillow.
He had nightmares about this. So many nightmares where you just decided never to forgive him and disappear forever somewhere he could never touch you again. He imagined your absence and it was overwhelmingly lonely.
"I won't make the same grave mistake twice. I won't let you get hurt again. I won't let you go again, MC. Losing is you is one less reason to wake up in the morning."
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The brother's reacting to Solomon turning MC into a doll on accident. Hehe
This is for Lucifer, Mammon and Leviathan
Sorry for waiting...
Beelzebub, Belphegor, Satan and Asmodeus is here
Tumblr media
Lucifer could indeed kill Solomon because of this.
He really doesn't think this was an accident.
Lucifer has a lot of work to do.
He must create Mc protection shifts for his brothers.
Then he has to listen as his brothers complain about these shifts.
( Everyone would like more Mc time )
( who remembers #No_Mc_November?)
He will also have to intervene in his brothers ’quarrels and make sure Solomon finds ways to get you back to normal.
Lucifer is happy when it comes to his mc turn.
Usually he does the paperwork and talks to you at the same time.
When you return to normal, Lucifer would try to find a way to forget what happened.
He really doesn’t want Diavolo to hear about this.
Tumblr media
At first, Mammon thought you were a new figure of Leviathan and tried to sell you.
( Although he really won't admit it to you )
Mammon would try to steal you from Leviatha's room.
Usually it ends with Leviathan kicking Mammo out of his room.
But Mammon will not give up because he is your "first" and it is his duty to take care of you.
In the end, Lucifer is needed so that the quarrel between Mammon and Leviatha does not break up the whole house.
Mammon is not happy.
He doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad when you returns to normal.
On the one hand, Mammon is happy that he can hug you but on the other hand he can no longer keep you in his room 24/7.
Mammo's battles with his brothers end quickly.
Now they no longer have to argue whose turn it is to keep Mc safe.
Tumblr media
None of his brothers are allowed to touch his new Mc figure.
He defends his new figure fiercely.
( Especially from Mammon who tries to steal you often... )
You get to the place of honor next to the Ruri-Chan figures.
Leviathan doesn’t just realize who has made you such a detailed figure.
So this is before he realizes that figure is you.
Leviathan blushes immediately.
He gets a huge big nosebleed.
You can be sure that Leviathan will never forget this.
Or forgive their brothers who didn’t tell him about it right away.
It is difficult for Leviathan to look you in the eye after you have returned to normal.
Especially if you remember something that happened.
What happens in Leviatha's room remains in Leviatha's room.
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Mammon waiting for you to come home on the sofa only to get a text from you saying you're working all night.
Mammon grabs a fluffy blanket and a big pillow,gets in his car and in SECONDS he's barging into your workplace,yelling,
If Mc won't come home then I'll bring home to Mc!!"
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lotsoffandomimagines · a month ago
hey!! would you do nsfw/kink headcanons for lucifer (obey me)? (i'm assuming he has a huge possession kink, from your other posts about him, lol)
sex with lucifer would include...
Tumblr media
warnings: smut, dom!lucifer
First thing we have to get across is that Lucifer has to be the dominant one in the bedroom. His pride won’t allow him to let you have control
The two places Lucifer lines to fuck you in are his bedroom (classic) and his office. Holy shit he loves bending you over his desk
He likes both giving and receiving. He won’t say no to getting a blowjob from you but he does prefer taking care of you a little more because he likes hearing how good he’s making you fear
Since your brought it up, you’re right. Lucifer has a massive possession kink. He wants to hear you tell him over and over that you’re his and his forever as he’s fucking you
Lucifer is a big fan of lingerie too but specifically red lingerie that he’s picked out for you
Bandage and blindfolds are also a big thing that you and Lucifer dabble in. He loves that not only have does he have full control over you but you trust him enough to do this
Call Lucifer daddy and or master. It turns his ego and drives him crazy
Choking is also on the table. Lucifer was nervous to try it out because he doesn’t want to hurt you but then you brought up the idea and both of you became addicted
Did someone say size kink? Because Lucifer definitely has one. Seeing how small you are in comparison to him drives him absolutely wild
Mirror!!! Sex!!! It’s so fucking hot
Lucifer wants you to be loud and vocal. I’ve mentioned this before but he wants to hear how good he’s making you feel and he’ll encourage you to tell him (and the rest of the house of Lamentation) all about it
Oh and Lucifer takes pride out of being good at aftercare. He’ll clean you up with a towel before carrying you to the bathroom so he can run you a bath
Once you’re all cleaned up and he’s massaged your sore muscles, you fall asleep with Lucifer holding you in his arms
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tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @czarinera / @crapimahuman / @tvwhoresblog / @bonnisimpparker / @chesirekittycat / @lise-mariebutfriendscallmelisa / @nnmesis / @leighbechilling / @duhsies / @mangoessassafras
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elmariachu · 6 months ago
How would each of The OBEY ME BROTHERS react to MC finding them the most attractive? (The brothers x Fem!MC)
<Summary> : OM Boys & Fem! MC Playing truth or dare, MC gets asked which brother she finds the most attractive as well as their collective responses/reactions based on the brother. [HC/dialogue..]
Part 2
MC : I'll go for Truth.
Asmo : So~ MC~ Who would you say is the most attractive one out of us???
MC : Oh.. Uhm... *Hesitates*
Asmo : It's me isn't it?~You can say it, don't be shy my dear *chirps merrily..*
Mammon : Pft, shut it, Asmo! Oi, Mc! yer obviously gonna pick me right? I was yer first ye know!
Levi : ..What kind of a question is that?.. *mumbles* I'm not even gonna be on that list..probably.
Satan : How is that related to the question at all, Mammon? If MC has even a bit of common sense, which she does, she would pick me. *Locks eyes* Right? MC.
Belphie : ..wakes up Huh..? What are you arguing about? mMmh..
Beel : Asmo asked MC who she thinks is the most attractive.
Belphie : Out of us? Huuh, I'm interested.
Beel : ...I am curious to know too.
MC : ...*avoids eye contact and tries to think*
Lucifer : What's wrong, MC? Cat bite your tongue? *chuckle* [Knows it's gonna be him and wants to hear her say it already]
Satan : MC, if you are worried about offending us, don't fret. You can be candid. [In his mind it's obviousy gonna be him, do you see the way she blushes at only the sight of his face at times?]
MC : Aaah. But.. it's... Erm. I have to pick only one? *nervous, feeling all eyes on her*
Asmo : Well, of course! My dear~ We all know who it's going to be so don't hold back.
Feeling their patience running thin
MC : But how would you even define ... attractiveness...? I uhm, I think you're all attractive. Objectively..
Mammon : Oi.. What are ye so nervous for? Just say my name MC!
Satan : You're overthinking it, MC. [Just say whatever name comes to your head. Which is gonna be him, of course.]
Levi : .. *mumbles* I want this to be over with, seriously! It's giving me so much anxiety...
Beel : *Stares at MC intently* Hmm..
Belphie : *Laying down on his pillow with one eye open, scanning MC's face* Say it already~
Lucifer : I agree with Satan, You're giving it too much thought MC. Base it on your preferences. Let's get this done with and move on.
MC : OKAY! Fine. I'll .. I'll say it, based on my "preferences".. I guess it would be...
Lucifer :
MC : OKAY! Fine. I'll .. I'll say it, based on my "preferences".. I guess it would be... Lucifer!
*A few are not all that surprised, but most are pretty irritated*
*MC peeks at him with her head hanging, wanting to gauge his reaction despite her embarassment*
Lucifer :*eyes widen slightly, a pink tint forming on his cheeks, but he maintains his composure*
Lucifer : *chuckle* Well, naturally. [Smugness apparent in his expression, eyes closed, conceited smirk, crossed arms, the whole package]
Mammon : *stands up dramatically* WHAT? MC, are ya serious? Yer gonna pick *HIM*?
Lucifer : *shoots him a baleful glare which puts him back in his seat rather quickly*
Satan : MC, you must be blind. *Clearly annoyed*
MC: ...You said you wouldn't be upset. *apologetically looks at Satan*
Satan : You didn't have to go and choose the worst of us, though.
Lucifer : Satan.
Satan : Tch.
Asmo : I see how you can think that, but I'm really hurt you didn't pick me, MC!~ *fake cries*
Levi : *Wasn't even listening, already had his D.D.D. out and was gaming so as not to hear her answer*
Belphie : Ugh. How lame. *goes back to sleep*
Beel : Hm? *Looks down at him* Are you disappointed, Belphie?
Belphie : I'm annoyed she'd pick someone as narcissistic as Lucifer, that's just inflating his already gigantic ego.
Belphie : If anything she should've picked you, Beel.
Beel: ...Well. *poor boy thinks she should've picked belphie bc he's just so cute*
Mammon :
MC : OKAY! Fine. I'll .. I'll say it, based on my "preferences".. I guess it would be... Mammon!
*Incredulous looks shooting from all around the room, their shock is almost palpable, especially Mammon's*
Mammon: *Was the first to snap out of his shock to speak* Wh-what?.. [she picked him? wow. I mean. He wanted her to, part of him believed she might, but she really did...?]
Mammon : W-well, of course! You would choose the *great* Mammon. That's a good human!
[he feigns confidence, is genuinely happy, still thinks she didn't totally mean it for some reason.]
Satan : I'm convinced that you have something wrong your eyesight, MC. *even more annoyed than the last scenario*
Asmo : PFFFT- This must be a joke, right? MC? Tell me you're joking dear. Picking Mammon when I'm here? [genuinely thinks she's pranking them]
Levi : *takes his earphones off in time to hear* Wait, did I hear that right? Did she say Mammon?
*receives glum nods from a couple brothers*
Mammon : H-hey! Stop laughing! You're all jealous aren't ya! Bet yer mad it ain't you!
Belphie : No, we're surprised more than anything.
Satan : MC, are you sure you weren't coerced into doing this?
Lucifer : *sigh* MC. I didn't realize you had such strange tastes. I'm disappointed.
Poor guy gets flamed.
Beel :*pretty surprised, expected her answer to be Asmo, Lucifer or Satan. Assumes she doesn't find him attractive and is kind of sad*
Levi :
MC : OKAY! Fine. I'll .. I'll say it, based on my "preferences".. I guess it would be... Levi!
*Once again, everyone finds it a bit hard to believe, though they're kind of happy for him.*
*They're not sure how to react, & no word is uttered for a while*
Levi : Uh.. Yes? Do you need something MC? [why is she shouting out his name right before a big revelation like that? Did she want his help in delivering the answer?] *Is genuinely confused*
Levi : *upon receiving no response, puts his earphones back in*
Asmo : Heeeh? It's Levi? Really??
Mammon : Levi? You're gonna pick that anti-social shut-in over ME, *THE* Mammon ? REALLY?
Satan : Huh. I didn't expect that. [What a peculiar taste this human has.]
Levi : *Takes off his earphones again, upon hearing his name being mentioned too much*
Levi : You're being distracting, what do you normies want? *is annoyed*
Mammon : Oi Levi, you absolute idiot. She picked you.
Levi : Picked me for what? Why are you involving me in your normie plans.
Asmo : Ugh, seriously? He doesn't even realize it.
Asmo : MC sweetie! You can always take it back, I'm the better choice anyway~
Lucifer : I doubt he will ever even begin to believe it, this is futile. Let's move on.
Belphie : "Pshh. MC is probably the first person to find him attractive. How funny."
Beel : ... [Not much to say, he's just like "oh? I see". They do spend a lot of time together after all. Finds it endearing, he has someone who's attracted to him now.] MY PRECIOUS BABY
Levi : *takes him a good minute to realize what's actually going on, only after seeing MC's flushed face, her growing frustration at his responses, the remarks of his brothers all jumbled together that he starts to understand*
Levi : *All comes down on him at once, blood rushes to his head and he shortcircuits as MC stares at him*
Mammon : O-oi! Levi! Are you okay?
Boy is not okay.
Satan :
MC : OKAY! Fine. I'll .. I'll say it, based on my "preferences".. I guess it would be... Satan!
*Again, Satan was an expected response, not much surprise there, he was arguably the most held-together one of the bunch*
Satan : [Oh? He knew she'd choose him. Her prior reactions proved that much. But was still a bit taken aback, she singled him out, it pleased him.]
Satan : Is that so? I'm honored, MC. *shoots MC playful smirk, feigning surprise*
Mammon : Seriously? Satan? Booo! [thinks he's one of the lame options, he's so uptight, he reminds him of lucifer, then again thinks the only non-lame choice is himself.]
Lucifer : Hm. Satan? He's a reasonable enough choice. If I hadn't picked myself, I would have done the same.
Satan : [the hell did he just say?] *mumbles* ..Disgusting.
Satan : No one asked for your input, Lucifer.
Levi : That's a TMI bro. *isn't surprised by the answer either, typical basic normie answer, is secretly salty*
Lucifer : What does that mean? Leviathan? And Satan, care to repeat what you said? *cue sadistic smile*
Satan : TCH.
MC : ...
Belphie : Hm, Satan's not too bad of a choice. at least she didn't pick Lucifer. [as close to a compliment as you'll get from belphie, just take it]
Beel : ...I suppose. [Again, expected Satan to be the answer, is used to seeing people swoon for him effortlessly..]
Satan is the pretty boy apparently
Will drop Asmo, Beel, & Belphie next!
Part 2 !
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arcadejohn127-9 · 7 months ago
How would the demon boys react to some random demon saying that they "went soft" while they were with MC? love your page btw x
Oh ho ho I see! This is going to be fun! And thank you, I love seeing everyone's support!
Him? Soft? Impossible
The audacity that lesser demon had was almost respectable
But he wasn't going to let it slide
"Perhaps I've been too kind to beings like you, if you truly believe I've grown soft you won't mind me practising my new equipment on you-"
"Luci? What cha doing? I've been looking for you."
As soon as he saw you he didn't even realize the love sick expression on his face
The lesser demon snickered
He realized he didn't keep his mask up
They believed they were going to go free due to his embarassment
But they only made him grip the demons face tighter, his sharp nails digging into their flesh
"not right now, I'm currently putting a demon in their place-"
"oh okay! Don't take too long, you promised you'd help me go shopping, there was a really cute outfit and I don't want to miss it."
"yes, of course, now run along."
You kissed his cheek, thanking him for taking you out
He happily sighed
Quickly placing a kiss on your lips before you left
His head snapped back to the demon with a blood thirsty smirk
"where were we?"
Him?! Soft?! He's got a reputation to uphold!
Like his rep isn't already destroyed by being a bunch of witches servant
Whilst he is feared for his status as a demon, in general his rep is more 'famous guy who Everyone respects but will laugh at him at any given chance'
But Don't tell mammon that
So when a leaser demon says he's gone soft due to you he's insulted
He grabs the lesser demon by the collar, yanking them towards him, pulling down his shades just enough to show off his furious glare
"You're real bold for speaking up against me like that, I'm the avatar of greed! I can destroy your well being with just a slight influence-"
You came marching towards him, brows knitted
"Mammon!!!! Stop picking fights, you promised we'd go to cafe today, I even made sure we'd get matching couples items."
You shoved your phone in his face, showing off the link he sent you
He wanted to go to the cafe due to the couple's coupon and the fact you were allowed matching gifts you can buy
"You Damn human-! Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?! The great mammon needs to defend his rep!"
"you're wasting your time, the cafe is going to get packed if we don't go now."
He didn't budge, trying to counter you but you just raised a brow
You let have a few moments before Rollin your eyes
"I'm going without you."
He immediately hugged you and was pouting, complaining you embarassed him
But he quickly forgave you when you kissed the corner of his mouth, reminding him he couldn't jump into trouble or else his grades will be effected
Lucifers orders of course
"I will summon Loton on you for even perceiving me!"
It was a bold move on the lesser demons part
And today the ocean demon didn't feel like being talked to by anyone so hearing this made it even worse
He raised his hand in the air, magic glowing at his finger tips
The lesser demon gulped, regretting thinking Levi would be easy to mess with
"Levi, don't summon Loton, we'll get in trouble."
He didn't even realize you were there nor did he notice you arrive
He pouted, lowering his arm and started quickly moving his arms as he spoke
"But they're saying I've grown soft! That's insulting to demons! Especially high ranking ones! It's basically saying I'm a loser!"
"As a high ranking demon, just ignore them~ you're just fine~!"
You didn't want to deal with getting levi out of trouble because he flooded one part of R.A.D so you went to save the confident lesser demon
You grabbed his shoulders, nuzzling your cheek on his
He wanted to push you away due to embarassment and the fact it was in public
But he couldn't help but do the same, squishing his face next to yours with a massive blush on his face
"You're not helping-"
"You're great, let's go back home and finish the game we were playing."
The lesser demon was spared.....for now
Does he look like the type to go soft?
Sure he was normally a pleasant guy to be around but soft???!
Despite his charming smile and gentle peaceful presence, he was known for being the most aggressive out of his brother's
So some lesser demon saying he's soft? He wanted to just scoff and ignore it but it chewed at him
"Soft...? Hm, you won't be saying anything when I'm done with you, you'll be too busy crying and gurgling on your own-"
"There you are! I wanted to give the book you let me borrow back- am I interrupting?"
You looked between the cowering demon in Satan's grasp
His horns flickering in out and out, his expression immediately going soft when he looked at you
"yes but what did you think of the book? I thought the characterization of the main lead was the selling point of the whole thing."
"oh definitely but chapter 104 had the best arc."
Satan opened his mouth, removing one his hands off the other demons throat to point at the book but his finger curled
Deciding to not argue with you
"I'll have to debate you on that one - excuse me I need to finish it here before I can debate you on arcs, I won't be long."
You nodded, kissing Satan's cheek and gave the lesser demon a sympathetic look
The lesser demon couldn't enjoy their freedom for long as Satan turned back to them, snarling
Let's just hope he decides it isn't worth his time for that demons sake
"me? Soft? Honey, I'm never soft~ I'm always hard~!"
The lesser demon cringed
Asmo crossed his arms, deflating slightly as his joke didn't land
Sure he was offended Someone would call him soft
But it's not like really based his reputation as being some intimidating thing, he wanted to be loved and admired!
But being soft can get you disrespected
So something has to be done and asmo is known definitely by his brothers for getting physical when needed
"Don't look so disgusted, you do understand who you're talking to, right? The avatar of lust - I'm able to bring out all your desires, I know you like things rough so let me show just how violent i can get-"
"hey, are you done threatening-flirting? Whatever you're doing, I need help with some design choices."
You definitely didn't know what you walked in but the lustful demon was your best bet to go to
He was currently caging a lesser demon to a wall and harshly gripping their chin
You just wanted a second opinion on your clothing designs!
"I'll be right there! Can you hold on for a moment please?"
You nodded, sensing the angry aura coming off him
"sure, I got wipes in my bag incase you need them."
"you're wonderful, I love you~!"
He sent you a few air kisses as he smiled at you, you shook your head at his affection
You were thankful you didn't look back because as soon as you walked away you heard a scream
And you were pretty sure it wasn't a good one
The lesser demon sure had balls to approach this walking mountain
Was no one intimidated by jocks anymore?
They snarled and teased that he was going soft, expecting a reaction
But Beel just glared at them, his resting bitch face coming in handy
"don't talk to me."
It wasn't long before you found him, he was walking through the halls heading to the main door
"heyy Beel-y, What's up?"
"a demon said I've grown soft....have I?"
You blinked a few times, not expecting the question
You definitely didn't expect the Insecure look on his face
The closer you got to him he was definitely a softie, he was always gentle with you and is super kind
To you, he hasn't changed at all
"I think you have from what I've heard but I don't think that's a bad thing, you can still hold your ground and it just means you're letting yourself not be on guard."
"that makes me feel better, you always know what to say - I'm hungry, let's go eat."
You linked your arms with him, both of you smiling
"sure! I heard there's a nice dessert place opening up!"
"I think you're talking to the wrong demon, I haven't grown soft."
Again, lesser demons are getting too gutsy towards these demon brother's
Belphegor has never woken up and not chose violence
Sure he was a big cuddle bug and sleeping most of the time
But he could be absolutely ruthless -In words and actions!
"Belphie, I'm heading to the study room, wanna join?"
You didn't really care he was about to go toe to toe with another demon
Knowing he was going to win anyway but you did want to give him a chance to get away
He was on thin ice and could be put on house arrest if he kept acting up and pranking people
"I'm in the middle of threatening Someone right now."
"Alright, don't go too crazy or else you'll get in trouble but I'll be waiting, I bought a pillow for you to sleep on~"
You tugged the pillow out of your bag, wiggling abit as you showed it off
You were already walking away before the sleepy demon could say anything else
He glared at the lesser demon
"I'll prove them wrong another time, too much energy wasted if I did it now."
He immediately went jogging after you, looping an arm around your waist and nuzzled his cheek on your shoulder
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How He Loves - Earnestly
Mammon x MC | Song fic
How He Loves Series | Brothers Masterlist | Datables Masterlist
Inspiration ~ Blueberry Eyes by Max Feat Lil Mosey, Suga, and Olivia O'Brien
Description: Mammon talks about how special MC makes him feel.
Warnings: Pure fluff
Mammon stirs in his sleep as he feels weight pressing down on his chest. As he moves, he hears grumbles above him, causing him to groggily open his eyes at the perpetrator.
Looking down he sees MC body strew across his chest. Their hands reach up towards his neck as if they are trying to embrace him in their sleepy state.
Mammon smiles as his hand begins to gently stroke their head. "Why do ya have to look so damn adorable all the time?" His words are soft and a light chuckle follows after them.
Instead of glancing to the clock, he looks to the window next to him. Hues of pink paint the sky telling him it is morning. The mixture of colors reminds him of the human strawberries MC has forced him to try just a few weeks prior.
Another laugh escapes him at their cute pout when he said no, but this laugh shakes his chest waking up the human sleeping there.
"Good morning, Handsome." MC says sleepily as they smile. They then roll off his chest and rub at their eyes.
Overcome by his emotions at the sught before him,, Mammon responds, "Who ya calling handsome.... human..." He meant for his words to be teasing, but in his own panic, they came out quite harsh.
This only causes MC to laugh embarrassing Mammon even further, "You. Who else would I be talking to in this empty room?"
By now the sleep has left MC's eyes and they roll to face the blushing demon. They stare deeply into his blue eyes waiting for a response that he can't seem to formulate.
As MC stares, they watch his eyes flicker around the room in panic before falling on their own and relaxing. MC sighs at the beautiful sight, "Your eyes look like the sweetest blueberries I have ever seen." Their voice sounds dreamy and Mammon face bursts into deeper shades of red.
He tries to back away before MC grabs him around his neck bringing their foreheads together as they continue to stare into his eyes, "Don't go. I want to get lost in them some more."
The demon, upon hearing their relaxing voice and their honest tone, relaxes wrapping his arms around their waist and pulling them into his lap before he begins to grumble, "Ya know... You can't just be saying stuff like that."
MC tilts their head as their eyes begin to trail every feature on his face. His lip is pouted making it wet like freshly washed grapes, his cheeks are flushed to the color of cherries, but his blueberry eyes stay locked on to theirs, "Why not?"
Mammon huffs at their question before pulling them closer and burying his face deep into their shoulder. His voice is muffled but MC can still hear him say, "Because it makes my heart race and you can't be doing that to me."
MC cards their fingers through his hair. His warm breath fans over their neck as they ask, "Is that such a bad feeling that you want me to stop?"
With lighting speed, Mammon's face shoots up in front of theirs. His eyes are wide as he shakes his head no frantically, "That's not what I'm saying. It's just... Overwhelming. No one has ever treated me the way you do. It's nice, but I never know what to say."
He sighs before looking them in the eyes and adding, "But please don't stop. You mean so much to me. I need you so much that you're all I ever dream about. Then waking up and seeing you in my arms... well it's one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I think I would feel twice as bad if you never made my heart race again." His hands delicately hold their face as his eyes are brimming with tears.
MC smiles before moving and catching his lips into their own. They both move together in a delicate dance showing the other just how much they care for each other. Eventually, MC pulls away as the pair pants heavily. Their foreheads connect as they catch their breath.
In between breaths, MC whispers, "I love you, Mammon."
He smiles quickly catching their lips again before pulling away, "I love ya too."
His arms then encapsulate MC as he pulls them tight against his chest. His fingers grab tightly onto their clothes as he whispers quiet enough for only him to hear, "More than you could ever know."
Tag list
@bunna-does-stuff @obeythebutler @ashxrsbeloveds
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takeaslicex · 19 days ago
vegas, baby!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mammon x Gender Neutral! Main Character
Content Warning: Character illness (common cold)
Word Count: 1.7k+
Authors Note: As always, thank you for the request! To answer your question - no, requests do not cost money, nor will they ever. Because of that, requests are done at my own time and if/when I find the inspiration to write them, but I will never charge money for requests.
Thanks for reading, y’all! I hope you enjoy!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
If you weren’t so goddamn adorable and completely impossible to hate, Mammon would’ve cursed you for even making him consider missing a Saturday night at Caesars Palace. But alas, even with your stuffed-up nose and slight fever, Mammon somehow still found you hard to say no to.
Of course, he did still manage to say no to you, though only Lord Diavolo knows how hard that was. A Saturday night in Las Vegas with a more than generous sum on his human-realm credit card is hardly something that you can reject.
“C-Come on, human, you understand why I can’t stay, don’t ya?!” Mammon practically begged you to understand, allowing himself to sit on the very edge of your bed, desperately wishing he could peel his eyes off of your sad, human little body stuffed under a hundred blankets with a box of tissues by your bed before he felt any worse about the situation. “It’s Vegas, MC! Come on, don’t tell me you expect The Great Mammon to miss out on it! Besides, did’ja really think I wouldn’t spend my winnings on ya? I’ll take you out on a night in town once you’re feeling like yourself again! I promise ya!”
After an unexpected sniffle, you sighed. Honestly, you couldn’t lie and say it didn’t sting that Mammon was choosing a night out over you, because it did hurt. A part of you didn’t want to fault him - he’s the Avatar of Greed, so you can’t really blame him for giving into his sin, but still. It hurts. If he’s so willing to go against Lucifer’s wishes to take care of you while you’re ill to go out and gamble instead, then you weren’t going to argue with something that he was so clearly set on.
“Mammon, it’s fine,” you inwardly groaned at how weak and pathetic you sounded just then, and how it was practically a lie, but he said nothing about either. “It’s not a big deal, I promise. You got six other brothers who can help me if I need anything. I’m holding you to that night out once I’m better, though.”
“Six other broth-!” Mammon began to argue  - the idea of any one of his brothers taking care of his human in your time of need beginning to make him feel sick. However, you had just given him permission to bail, so he decided to bite his tongue at that. “I knew that you’d understand, MC! I promise ya that we’ll have a glamorous night out, anywhere you like. Ristorante Six even! I swear on ya!”
While that did sound nice, you were still disappointed. “Yeah, okay then.”
Mammon offered a warm smile before standing up, straightening up your comforter where he sat and then raising the edge of it and tucking you in. “Hey! Don’t you worry - not one bit. I’ll be back in no time. Don’t go dying on me or anything, because I won’t forgive ya if you do. So… get some sleep, and take your medicine. Okay?”
You smiled back at him before closing your eyes, not really wanting to be awake to think about this anymore. “Okay, Mammon. Good luck tonight.”
Shit, shit, shit - Mammon needed to get out of there now.
Mammon turned his heel and walked out of your room before he could dwell on his decision any further. He closed your door softly and then headed back toward his room where he would be entering the portal from the Devildom to the human realm, but his mind was just about everywhere else - like how helpless you looked under half a dozen blankets, or how fragile your voice sounded when you spoke, or how you looked like a kicked puppy when he told you he wasn’t going to take care of you, or how -
“Fuck, what are you doing, dude?!,” Mammon whispered through gritted teeth, practically stomping down the hall together, “Pull yourself together, damn it!” If he couldn’t pull himself together right before his big night over some weak, little human, then how the Devildom was he ever going to win big tonight?!
But then he thought about one of the last things you said right before he left - “You got six other brothers who can help me if I need anything.” , and that made Mammon silently seethe. He didn’t want any of his brothers taking care of you. He’s your first demon after all, and the one who was sworn to look after you and protect your life by any means necessary. The thought of Satan running you a bath or Beel making you soup almost made him sick himself, or if Lucifer himself came to your rescue because Mammon had failed you.
So, and without even really thinking about it, Mammon turned around and made a beeline for the kitchen. Within a few minutes, there he was, dressed to impress in cuffed black pants and a white button down with a credit card with thousands of dollars on it in his wallet, making canned soup for the human on the other side of the wall who metaphorically brought him to his very knees.
“Damn it, MC,” Mammon sighed, leaning against the counter while he waited for the soup to heat up on the stove. “What are you doing to me?”
  When Mammon knocked on your door about fifteen minutes later, you expected it to be Levi, who you had texted and asked to bring you something to drink shortly after Mammon left.
“L-Levi?” your cracking voice attempted to shout out.
“Seriously, MC? You chose that otaku to take care of ya while I’m gone?!” Mammon scolded you behind a closed door. “You can’t be that dumb, human. You know what, I’m coming in!”
You almost didn’t believe that Mammon was behind the door until he was suddenly in your room with a bowl of what you presumed to be soup with one hand, and a cup of tea in the other - but lo and behold, there he was. Before you could respond, in typical Mammon fashion, he was already gloating in your ear.
“That’s right - your eyes ain’t deceiving ya - I choose you over making some bank! So you better be appreciative!” Mammon began, setting your soup and tea down on your nightstand. Now looking down at you with arms crossed, he continued his little rant. “You think Levi’s gonna take care of ya like I can? He probably hasn’t even checked his phone in hours cause he’s bingeing on some anime of his, I guarantee ya… Anyways, I’m your first man, and I don’t want you to rely on anybody ‘cept me, okay? The Great Mammon will take care of you whenever you need it, so… just, slap some sense into me next time I pull a dick move like that again, okay?”
You could hardly contain your smile. “I promise.”
Mammon couldn’t hide his blush even if he tried. “But you gotta promise me you’re not gonna get sick on me like this again - ‘cause I’m gonna be real mad at you if you make me miss Vegas again! I-In fact, you’re coming with me next time! Now, where’s your laptop? The Great Mammon’s gonna watch something with ya while you eat.”
You smiled and pointed to your desk, where Mammon promptly grabbed it while you shot Levi a quick ‘never-mind’ text. One he grabbed it, he crawled into your bed beside you and situated your laptop on his lap, now causing you to blush as he pulled you to his side.
“Wait, Mammon, I don’t want you to get sick, too,” you began to argue. “Maybe you shouldn’t get too close.”
“Ha! You think your human diseases have any effect on a great and powerful demon like me?” Mammon scoffed, slowly bringing your soup to his chest. “I’m hurt, ya know? Now… shut up and eat your soup, human. I need you to get better before I… start freaking out about losing ya, or something...”
Saying that last part a little bit too quietly and hoping that you wouldn’t hear it, Mammon slowly shoved a spoon of soup to your mouth, holding it steady and close to your lips for you to sip whenever you were ready.
If somebody would’ve told you a few months ago that the Avatar of Greed would be feeding soup to you, a snot-nosed human, instead of gambling until his heart was content at one of his favorite places in the world, then you would’ve told them they are absolutely and utterly insane. 
The night continued like that, with Mammon feeding you and raising your cup of tea to your lips, being mindful of the heat of both and being ever so careful not to spill any on your or your blanket. Once you were done with your meal, Mammon propped himself lower onto the bed and pulled you closer to his side, hoping to Diavolo that you wouldn’t look up at his flaming red cheeks as he wrapped a tight and protective arm around you as he kept his eyes locked and glued on the laptop screen, absentmindedly playing with the ends of your hair. Some show that you picked out was playing, but Mammon couldn’t bring himself to give a damn about even the title of it with your hand balled up on his chest like that.
“M-Mammon?” you muttered lazily against his chest, close to letting exhaustion consume you.
Mammon looked down at you. “Yeah? What is it, MC?”
You smiled into his shirt and closed your eyes, before saying one final thing before you let slumber become you, “Thank you for taking care of me, Mammon. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.”
If Mammon’s cheeks were flaming red before, then oh shit, they’re on fire now .
By that point, Mammon had concluded three things:
You look absolutely adorable when you fall asleep on his chest, even when you’re sick.
The next time that an opportunity presents itself to go to Las Vegas, he better be making some goddamn bank to make up for what he missed tonight.
He would always look after you and protect you from anything bad that ever came your way, and that he would rather die than fail you ever again.
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azalea-writes · a day ago
"Whats the point in trying if only one of us is willing to?" with levi:)
"What's the point in trying if only one of us is willing to?" w/ Leviathan
Tumblr media
(Event closed! Finishing up requests)
Levi had a habit of pushing people away, it wasn't that he didn't like them! It was because he didn't feel good enough and this was the case with MC ever since they started dating him.
Levi felt they could do better so he distanced himself, even if it hurt him. It hurt him when they knocked at his door, it hurt him when they left with a sad sigh, it hurt him how he couldn't tell them that he loved them still.
After MC knocked a few times, Levi was awaiting the sad sigh but MC was planning something else.
"Levi... what's the point of trying if only one of us is willing to? Please talk to me..." MC said while their voiced cracked.
Levi quickly opened to door and saw MC, looking at the floor and crying. He felt so bad, so bad that he probably didn't deserve to hug them. MC thought otherwise and cried into Levi's chest, "Please talk to me! It's so lonely without you!" Levi hugged them back, apologizing non-stop.
"I'm sorry! I didn't feel good enough for you!" Levi cried out. MC looked up at him and wiped his tears, "You will always be enough for me, just please talk to me and never hide away from me."
Tumblr media
Alt: Thanks for requesting! Love you!
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books-and-catears · a month ago
"If I had to choose one of you to kill me..."
Part 1: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan
TW: Blood, Gore, Harsh language, Illusion of Death, Heavy angst
Tagging as requested: @candymeowz @lucigirl-katie @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @thelegendaryfluffypotato13 @garnetashblurb
Tumblr media
Intro for the headcanons
"It has been a little fantasy of mine..." You start, "To die in the arms I love the most. So know that by giving me this choice, you have given me a chance to die happy. And with that...I choose.."
The real Lucifer froze in his place, with his palms pressed flat against the barrier.
"MC..." His voice was raspy as he kept whispering your name, digging into the barrier. What horrors have you dreamt up for yourself MC? Why are you so mistaken about him?!
Then he watched you smile sadly up at his nightmare version. "You must have been waiting for this day?" You say, with the saddest laugh he's ever heard.
I have not, MC.
"Why yes I surely have MC." Lucifer says, kneeling down towards you. "I apologize MC, but it's finally your time to be disciplined."
"Do what you want, I won't stop you. You hated me since the beginning didn't you?" You wince as he roughly grabs you by your cheeks. You can taste the blood in your mouth as he smirks.
"Oh yes. Very much so. Humans are so meddlesome. You think you can come here and 'fix' a family of demons? Of fallen angels? The little powerless you? Are you that proud or that foolish?" His grip tightened. You hear a crack near your jaw.
I never hated you, MC. He's lying. HE'S LYING.
"I'm sorry. I just wanted see you all happy together again." You could barely talk, as the blood spilled from the side of your mouth onto his hands.
"Well your wish is granted. We are all very happy to see you go. Time for last words MC." Lucifer said, hauling you up in the air.
MC...No. No. No. NO.
"You did good, Lucifer. You are a good big brother who loves and protects his brothers till death. I am proud to have known and loved someone like you." You smile, touching his cheek.
Another crack and he let you go. You fell limp on the floor as they all cackle behind you. "Pathetic. How dare someone like you even fall for me?"
The barrier finally broke open and Lucifer's fist came flying towards his dream version, which vaporised into thin air on contact.
"MC? MC wake up are you hurt?!" Lucifer fell on his knees and scooped you up in his arms. No blood, no broken bones. You're okay. You'll be okay.
"I wish you didn't hate me..." You whispered and sniffled as you curled into his arms, unaware that he was listening. Bowing his head to hide his watery eyes, he carried you to his room.
And he vowed to keep you there until you had gotten rid of these false assumptions.
As much as Mammon wanted to hear his name fall from your lips, he dreaded what he was about to see.
"Oi wake up! Wake up already MC! I'm right here!" Mammon screamed through the barrier knowing it was useless.
He watched as the dream version of him approached you with a shrug. "What a pain. See this is why I told ya Lucifer, I didn't wanna take care of this dumb human. See how they get so clingy?"
Take that back! Take that back, you bastard!
"Well I won't annoy you anymore after today so bear with me won't you?" You smile up at him, pleading.
"Well then how would you like me to kill ya? It's your last day alive so I'll be merciful and let ya choose." Mammon smirked. "Now hurry up stupid human, the Great Mammon has better things to do."
"Don't worry it'll be quick. You just need to fly me up and drop me from up high." You said. "is that okay with you?"
"Woah. This will be interesting! Let's see what kills ya! Will you die during the fall or will you die on impact?! Everyone let's have a bet!" Mammon said cheerfully, bringing out his wings and hauling you up in his arms. You rested your head against his shoulder happily.
Up and up his flew till you could see the whole city. "This sight is too pretty to be last one for you, but consider me merciful." Mammon mocked.
You still smiled and held his face. "Yes indeed. You try to hide it a lot, but you secretly have a big heart. I'm so glad to have loved you."
MC, I love you too. Don't listen to him, please don't listen to him!
And then let go. You closed your eyes as you fell, passing out on the way down. Mammon banged the barrier open and dove head first to cushion your fall.
"Mammon...sorry..." You whimpered in his arms.
"MC! MC it's okay now! It's me, I'm the real Mammon! What are ya apologizing for?! I'm here and I would never hurt you like that! MC ya hear me right?! Please wake up MC!" Mammon broke into tears, as his arms trembled around you.
He'd decided now. No more lies, no more games. This is not how he wanted to be seen by you. He loves you and he won't rest until you're convinced of it.
His crush loves him back. He should be happier. He should be jumping with joy and disbelief. He should be holding you tight and hiding his blushing face in your shoulder while you laugh.
And yet here he sits and cries as he watches you suffer by his own hand. " like this..." He banged his head on the barrier, as if trying to punish himself for what his dream version is about to do to you.
"Ugh, what kind of a Normie are you? Can't you see I want to be left alone? And you like me? Is that why you keep knocking at my door and rambling the password when I didn't even ask for it?! Do you like annoying me?!" Levi hissed. His tail struck the side of your face and you fell on your side.
"I'm sorry... I just like being around you. You make me happy." You said sheepishly.
"If I make you so happy, then you'll let me decide how to finish you off yes?" Levi smirked as he grabbed your arm and dragged you to his room. "Cause there is this torture I wanted to try on someone!"
"Whatever you want is fine with me." You look excited even. "If you like it, it's probably super cool."
"Alright seven chains for the seven brothers you've annoyed." He put cuffs and chains around your limbs and your head. "You'll be slowly ripped apart. I wish I could control the speed and make it easier for you but you know I don't play games on easy mode right."
"I know. You're awesome like that. That's why I love you after all." You said before letting out an involuntary scream. Your skin and bones were already starting to break.
Levi had unconsciously summoned Lotan with his rage. The sea monster came lashing about breaking the barrier, and flooding the whole room. Levi swam up to you in no time, wrapping you up in his tail and pulling you close.
His screams turned into sobs the moment your arms wrapped around him weakly. "Levi...Levi.."
"'re okay. You're okay now! He's not real! And even he was Lotan will get to him! You're safe with me! You're my best friend and I ...I love you too MC! Please don't think of that monster as me! I would never...never! Never hurt you like that!" Levi cried and cried hoping you'll hear him. He doesn't know if he'll have the courage to say it again but to save you from nightmares like these, he will do whatever it takes.
For the first time in his life, his name sounded like a curse. Like a spell meant to disarm and disorient. His rage boiled steadily under his skin - he'd use all his power. Anything to break down this infuriating barrier of doom.
Because what he saw on the other side was his darkest nightmare as much as it was MC's. He whispers your name in urgent prayer. Changing any spells he knows just so he could stop it.
"Do humans generally have no sense of self preservation? Or are you just that dumb?" Satan stood over you, looking down.
"Well love is known to make people dumb so maybe it's that." You laughed cheerfully, even in the face of doom.
Oh sweet thing...
"You're really FLIRTING at a time like this?! Are you mocking me? You think a little sweet talk is going to sway me into showing mercy?! What a joke!" He bent down and grabbed you by the hair near your neck forcing you to look into his eyes.
"That doesn't hurt nearly as much as you think you do. You're too used to supressing your powers for others aren't you Satan... you're nice like that..." You say softly.
Let. Go. Of. MC. I'll break your filthy hands you imposter.
"Wait till I bend your head so far back, your spine snaps in half." He gritted his teeth and pulled further. You felt his nails dig into your skull and neck. Warm blood seeped down the back of your top. "How does that feel huh?! Huh?! Look at you, helpless stupid little kitten at my mercy."
You were quiet this time, your voice reduced to a mewl as you struggled to hold in your screams.
"You're not Satan." Your words shocked everyone. Inside and outside the barrier. "Satan would never NEVER harm an innocent animal. Especially not a kitten."
"Oh? Is that so?! Then who am I, MC? ANSWER ME! WHO AM I?!" He screamed in your face. You merely smiled.
"You're Wrath. Just the essence of Wrath. You live within Satan but you'll never be him. You're a measly part of him that tries to take over him but never succeeds. Because Satan is stronger than you can ever be." You say before he growls and snaps your neck in half.
Now it's your turn to die, you sick bastard.
With one swipe of his arms, the barrier rips apart and he jumps in and grabs his imposter by the throat. Away from you.
He doesn't dissipate without screams of pain much to Satan's satisfaction. Then he spins on his heel and immediately pulls you into his arms.
And then he just cries. "MC...even in your know how to tell me apart from my did I ever come across someone as divine as you?"
He carries you to your room and checks for wounds and never lets go of your hand. "I love you and I'll protect you from it. Whatever lives within me. Just know that it can never hurt you. It's true. My love for you is far stronger than my wrath. And I love you even more for knowing that."
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sanjigrl · a month ago
You open your door as someone was knocking non-stop on it, you frown seing Lucifer since you're usually the one going to his room and not the other way around. "There they are" he says as he come in, cupping your cheek "My pretty baby" he smiles before kissing your puckered lips. You chuckle closing your door, taking his hands and removing them from your face, walking with him and making him sit down "Are you drunk?" you ask standing in front of him, giving him the bottle of water that was previously on your desk "Noooo," you arche your eyebrow "Lord Diavolo and I just had a few drinks" he says. He put the bottle down, not even drinking and reach for your hand "Come lay with me" he says "I have homework to finish..." You still give him your hand and he pull on it, making you almost crash on him as he lay down "Lucifer" you whisper, the only answer he gave you was a light snore "Okay, that can wait" you say as you get comfortable against him.
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lol imagine this, mc has a cute little pet before coming to devildom, it's small and fluffy, and it's actually an elderitch god trapped inside of a little creature you dress up in cute outfits but mc doesn't know, when mc ends up summoned they bring their pet with them and through out their stay at HOL only the demon bros notice mc's pet is evil to them but not to mc. lol how would the bros react if they find out mc has a pet elderitch god that's only nice to mc
Luke and the pet revolving around Mc as they try to protect them. XD
Imagine a very shy god who has a crush on mc and presents a pet just to get close to them...
From this I would get an otherwise good yandere writing it would be interesting to see what happens...
What? I am a yandere writer. Of course I see yandere stuff in requests that are completely innocent XD. I try my best.
This is part 1/2 for Mammon, Leviathan and Belphegor.
Asmo, Satan and Lucifer is here
Tumblr media
This would be a war.
Mammon really hates that "little furry / slimy rat"
( Yes, he calls your pet a rat whenever you’re not hearing. )
And this is before he finds out that your pet is a god.
Of course, he will try to reveal the true nature of your pet to you.
But it always fails.
( Or would you believe if you were told that your pet is a god in disguise? )
Mammon will definitely try to make it clear to your pet how "he is your first"
Just to realize that the pet has come up with some very nasty and uncomfortable revenge.
However, Mammon is glad that he is not the only one who has to suffer because of that pet
Others are willing to get rid of that "creature."
And they would have already done so if you hadn't said "If (pet's name) leaves I'll leave too"
Mammon once tried to "accidentally" sell your pet.
Let’s just say it didn’t end well.
Tumblr media
No no no and no just no.
That "normie pet" has an eternal ban on his room.
When the pet was in Leviatha’s room for the first (and last) time, it chewed on his Ruri-Chan figure.
Leviathan let out very angry otaku noices.
He is also very clearly jealous of your pet.
And when he gets to know what your pet is, Leviathan becomes even more jealous.
All the things your pet has seen and he may never be able to see for himself.
( If you know what I mean. )
However, that "Normie pet" doesn't stop him from spending time with his best friend.
Leviathan ensures that.
Often Leviathan hisses at your pet when you don’t see it.
He’s also trying to get a video of the actual behavior of your “normie pet”.
But sadly Leviathan has not yet succeeded.
Tumblr media
Of all the brothers, your pet certainly hates Belphegor the most.
And we all certainly know why.
And Belphegor really doesn’t care.
Actually, he teases your pet by hugging you and hanging on to you because "you're soft and warm"
Unless your pet happens to have a crowbar, it’s very hard to get Belphie to loosen his grip.
It is difficult to awaken him.
And when Belphie gets to know what your pet really is he adds a hugging.
If your pet is a nasty to belphie he is a nasty back.
Otherwise, he doesn't care.
Asmo, Satan and Lucifer is here
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utopiaawritessv2 · 3 months ago
How would demon brothers react when MC cries because the other brothers made MC cry?
Other Demon Brothers Making MC Cry
; The alternative title for this one was “Demon Protection Squad” but then I realized it's the others against the MC and the respective brother written... as always, thank you for requesting and I hope you like it! <3
; TW: angst, swearing literally only at Satan's part and it's just my thought.
; Gender-neutral MC. Uses they/them and “you.”
Tumblr media
Sometimes, the MC forgets they're demons. Ferocious creatures, but the demon brothers aren't most of the time? “That is because they trust me,” the MC always recalls.
But there were also times where... they made it perfectly clear that they were demons.
How would the brother react to his siblings making you cry?
Immediate death or punishment—
Alright, maybe later yes. But Lucifer's first instinct is to ask you first about what happened.
While you tell him through tears that the others made you cry, he doesn't look shocked for some reason?
His face is just telling you like, I knew this was going to happen at some point and Wow, I am beyond embarrassed to call them my brothers.
Because he really is. Come on, Asmo pointing out your insecurities and going about on his day like nothing happened? Real classy. Levi being his usual snappy self after you won a game? Damn, what a sore loser.
Lucifer becomes someone he hasn't been. Empathic.
He feels your pain as if it was his own. And for once, the eldest lets you do whatever you want.
Want to hug him? Sure, go ahead, just be wary of his shirt. And his stiffness.
Maybe you just want to rant out? He's all ears and even tries to offer you advice (and by that I mean he tells you you should use him as a threat to his brothers. Might not work for all of them though.)
Maybe here you'd also realize, jeez, this guy actually has a heart.
And he does. Lucifer just doesn't show it all the time, but it's there when it needs to. <3
First, he thought he made you cry.
He'd been calling you human lately instead of your name due to his habit from when he met you, but when you tell him it's because of the others, he sighs loudly in relief.
“Phew! Thought it was me, MC.”
Afterwards, he does a double-take.
“What did they do?”
When you explain that Lucifer's been awful to you (more than usual), Belphie's been harsh and the rest have just been inconsiderate...
Man, he's fuming.
“My brothers? Damn, what'd I tell ya! They're trouble! All of them are.”
Kinda tries to make you laugh subtly by trash-talking his own brothers. But he won't mind if you cry it out too. It might make his heart hurt, yes, but he can take it.
Whatever you do, he's going to try his best to make you feel better. I believe he'd definitely try to get you out the house so you can take your mind off of the other members in the household.
Might even max out Goldie if you wanna go shopping.
Because to Mammon, there's nothing more important that his human.
Well, maybe there is. And that is his human being happy.
But can you really blame him? No one hangs out with him and if there is, they don't cry in front of him!
And the animes he watches... wait. That's it!
He tries to think what would happen in anime scenes. Those scenes where person one cries, and person two tries to comfort them...
But he kind of blanks out. So he just goes for his gut feeling. Which is to hug you.
Now, he's sorry if you don't want hugs, but poor boy didn't even know what he was doing. His limbs just moved on its own.
But Levi goes along with it, despite wanting to combust on the inside.
“What happened? A-are you alright?”
When you begin to explain to him about Satan scaring you awhile back with his anger, Beel being a bit thoughtless when he almost caused another rampage and the others just... being outright mean...
He suddenly knows what to do! Levi lets you rant out to him, of course.
“I'm here to listen, y'know?”
King of ranting with you. Both of you are fueled up and take out your frustrations on his games. He doesn't even care if he wins or loses because he genuinely feels your anger and sadness.
Albeit hesitant at first, Leviathan is empathic to a fault when it comes to the human he dearly loves, always having his own methods of comfort for them. :)
Excuse me, who did this to you—
Yeah no, he's more or less confused, and angry.
He's confused because why would anyone have the guts and think about hurting you? Do they have no idea you're very close to Satan, Avatar of Wrath, one of the seven rulers of—
“It was your brothers...”
His WHAT now?
“Ah... MC, who is it specifically? Was it all of them?”
“I mean, Mammon stole something from me recently. He never even mentioned it. Asmo has been pointing out every single thing I should improve about myself harshly. And... the others... they're jerks.”
Congratulations, you made the right choice in going to Satan because he would let you sit with him (maybe even on his lap), wrap you up in his jacket and read to you. Or stay silent as you cry it out.
^ That sounds comfortable as fuck, I want that 😩
Afterwards, if you he can feel you particularly angry, he'll take his pillows and hold it out for you while you punch it. Go let out your anger people :)
In the end, Satan makes sure you cope in a healthy way. He doesn't want you taking your anger or frustrations out on them, and he also doesn't want you being sad and alone.
So, with all his prince charming-ness, he's more than willing to whisk you off and tend to you, putting his own storm inside him aside to help the one dearest to his heart.
Aww, no, MC, don't cry... :((
Immediately consoles you. Comforting first, asking second.
“Don't cry lovely! You're such a stunning and amazing person and it hurts to see you cry... oh, tears... let me wipe that off for you—”
Yeah, you basically understand. Asmo is all over you, trying to stop you from crying. After calming down, he asks what happened.
“It's your brothers... Levi keeps snapping at me even though he invited me over to hangout and Beel lashed out on me today. The others go around and treat me as if I'm filth...”
“Well, you're not filth, darling. You are far from that in my eyes. They're just jealous and threatened because they know you're strong.”
Asmo would pull you into his room and declare a self-care night. He puts his all into taking care of your skin, rubbing lotion onto your hands, giving you a foot spa, etc.
By the end of it, your skin looks glowy and feels way smoother than it has ever been. Your eyes are no longer red and puffy from crying after the eye mask he placed.
“Now they're gonna feel more threatened by you. Maybe even loss because they lost a rare gem such as yourself.”
At the end of the day, Asmo's motives were predictable and foreseen.
But does that make the experience any less comforting? Not in the slightest. Afterall, Asmodeus is a moodmaker. His ambition after meeting you is to care and do absolutely anything for you. <3
Hey, MC, where've you been the whole day— oh, oh no... :(( why are you sad? :((
The giant demon becomes a gentle, giant puppy. He looks like he's been told dinner wasn't ready yet.
Beel immediately pulls you into a hug, a frown still in his face. Sure, he's sad, but in his mind he's just...
>:| who did this. How dare them. >:[
But then, he's crushed, once hearing that his brothers were the cause of it. You can practically hear his heart breaking when you mention it's his own twin Belphie and Mammon the most who have been ridiculing you.
He's super torn. This is his family, but you're also a part of that. Romantic or not, he sees you as someone dear to his heart, just as the others are. But he is still there for you, holding you tight like a shield from the rest of the world.
Beel wishes he could hold you forever, protecting you from the harsh realities of life. From his brothers. He realized they're demons. He's a demon himself.
What if he hurts you too?
His thoughts are practically travelling in his brain at high speed.
“I'm sorry.” why was he sorry? Was he apologizing for his brothers, or for himself? For his past mistakes, or for thinking you're naive and can't protect yourself?
Beel doesn't know the answer. He may never will. For now, he smiles and distracts you, taking you to the kitchen.
You two make some pastries, and for now, the pain subsides, for both of you.
Later on, you and him know it'll come back.
But Beel can keep protecting you like a knight, keeping his thoughts to himself and urging you to share yours. Like the pain acts as rain, he offers you his umbrella, as long as you are safe.
That's his forte anyway. Saving his loved ones while they might not even see the guilt and hurt in his eyes.
MC? Uh... you alright?
Belphie's so stiff and awkward when he saw you crying. Honestly, if I saw his face, I would cackle. He doesn't know what to do.
The youngest was so used to being pampered growing up. Whatever he wanted, he got, and whatever he wanted to do, he would.
So being in the opposite end for a change... is rather difficult, he won't lie.
But he tries. (because he's a simp for u.)
Placing down his pillow on his lap and pulling you into his chest, Belphie rubs your hair. “Who made you cry?”
When you mention Lucifer and Satan, he chuckles darkly.
“Yeah, they would. Because they don't have anyone else to nitpick and take their anger out on.”
As you sniffle, he pulls you into him. As every minute pass, you get closer to him until you're literally on his lap, your legs wrapped around his waist. You have your head buried into his shoulder, his hands playing with your hair.
“Don't cry, MC. You think Lucifer is worth crying on? Satan? Pssh, they're just proving their dominance into a human so they feel validated. That in itself is really lame and stupid.”
He's kind of harsh with his words. Belphie's comfort is more insult-based (towards the person that made you feel sad) than anything else.
But as I said, he's trying. Trying to be there for you because he loves you. Improving for you and because of you.
If we look into his cold heart, deep inside, is you. A special place for a special person.
Belphegor sends you mixed-signals daily, often confusing you if he likes you or not, but the grass is indeed greener when times like these arise.
He cares for you alot, but he's oh-so confused. His support is immense though, for his one and only beloved human.
Tumblr media
; Beelzebub's part ended up so angsty so I'm so sorry. I wanted to give Beel some justice since he's always portrayed as just hungry. Wanted to give him some raw emotions, y'know? While being in character, of course. I'm pretty proud of his part and Asmo's. :)
; Also, this is super late. I apologize, our wifi hasn't been good lately. I tried to edit the texts numerous times and it always glitches and says my connection is wobbly. It's all good now tho!
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wemaryyyy · 2 months ago
*Mc and Asmodeus have gone on a date*
Asmodeus: Oh you are so beautiful and charming. I really love you. That nail polish is a perfect match for your eye color and-
Mc: Are you ready to quit already?
Asmodeus: What's wrong? I thought people like praise?
Mc: They like it but that’s a mirror and you praised your own mirror image.
Asmodeus: Oh... Well I am very hot.
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lotsoffandomimagines · 6 months ago
~ lucifer + mammon + asmodeus reacting to you asking them to teach you how to kiss would include...
part 2 (leviathan, satan, beelzebub, belphegor)
part 3 (diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon)
Tumblr media
Lucifer is a bit taken aback when you ask him to teach you how to kiss but he does a good job at hiding his surprise
Although if you look close enough you can see that his nose and cheeks are lightly dusted with pink
The fact that you came to him out of all his brothers definitely fuels his prideful side, which makes him smirk
Well how can he say no to you? Especially when you look so cute
“Alright then, if you really want to know I suppose I can show you”
The kiss starts off slow. Lucifer wants to take his time and he is trying to teach you what to do after all, it’ll be difficult to educate you if he rushes
If there’s something that Lucifer is good at it’s giving orders. He has no problem telling you exactly what you should be doing, which you don’t mind because it’s actually pretty informative
Eventually the kiss becomes more heated. You could have sworn that Lucifer switches places with Mammon for a moment because the way he held your head in place and deepened the kiss so he could explore your mouth more could only be described as greedy
When the kiss does evidently end you’re left way more breathless than you expected
That’s not the only surprise you’re in for because now Lucifer’s made a decision. He doesn’t know why you wanted to learn how to kiss but as far as he’s concerned he’s the only one who gets to do that with you
“You’re not to be kissing anyone else, understand? You’re mine”
Mammon’s brain malfunctions when you make that request
For a like a minute he’s a stuttering mess, unable to get a coherent sentence out as his cheeks glow red
The first thing that makes sense that he’s able to get out is “y-you can’t just go askin’ stuff like that outta nowhere, dumb human”
Then it hits him. Why do you want to know how to kiss? Is there someone else you want to learn how to kiss for
Now flustered Mammon is both flustered and jealous
At first he refuses, not wanting to show you how to kiss just so you can go lock lips with someone else
But when you shrug and say you’ll just go ask Asmo instead he suddenly has a change of heart
“Woah woah, wait a second. If anyone should show you how to kiss it’s your first! You were smart to come to me. The GREAT Mammon is an expert at kissin’”
He says that but he’s shaking and his ears are pink now as you both finally lean in
You can sense his nervousness at first which makes you wonder who’s actually the teacher and who’s the student
But Mammon relaxes after a bit and proves that he’s really knows what to do. You surprisingly learn a lot
Unfortunately now you’ve given Mammon a taste and he wants so much more
Asmo has actually offered to show you how to kiss before so when you ask him he’s happy you took him up on his offer
He’s smiling from ear to ear talking about how much fun it’s going to be for him to show you the ropes
Unlike the rest of his brothers, Asmo appears not to be flustered in the slightest but if you were to hear his heart beat you would have known that it was going crazy
He’s never been so excited about a kiss before and trust me, he’s kissed a lot of people
“Don’t worry, I’m going to show you everything you need to do”
Asmo is both the most touchy but also the most gentle out of all of the brothers. Like he’s not disrespectful but he’s got to make sure this is interesting
As he kisses you he has a hand on your cheek, the other on your hip, and he’s letting out the occasional giggle
He’s the quickest to use tongue too. What? Although he’s your teacher right now Asmo can’t afford to let this kiss be boring
You’re so lucky. Along with learning a lot from the expert of kissing you’re also going to have had one of the best kisses of your light
Weirdly enough you’re gasping for air at the end but Asmo seems almost unaffected by it all
“That was so fun. Look at you, you’re so cute. If you ever want to practice some more you know where to find me”
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asmoyonce · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let’s say for this scenario both you and your twin sister got picked for exchange program in devildom
you two never got along since she was the type of person to put down not only other girls but everyone in general. there was also obvious favorism shown towards her by your parents
at the beginning everyone was pretty chill around her but as time passed they started to notice her true nature. how she would put you down behind words she claimed were ‘compliments’ and her hostile attitude whenever you got more attention from brothers than she did
barbatos caught her attention immdiately so she threatened you not to make any moves on him. the butler of course knew about whole situation as someone who could see into the future and decided not to interact with her outside of polite greetings or necessary talks about program. but what truly angered her was how barbatos and you got along and quickly become very close
Tumblr media
sister: *giggling* i look so small in comparison to you, beel
beel: *nods, mouth full of food* you are small
satan: most humans would be small in comparison to beel and you’re an avarage height for a human
sister: satan! why you’re being mean again?
satan: *looking straight into her eyes* i don’t like you
Tumblr media
sister: i’ve never really had a lot of girl friends back in human realm so i’m kinda glad we don’t have to stay with girls. it’s easier to get along with guys anyway since with girls there’s so much drama
asmo: not really! it’s much easier to get along with succubi rather than incubi
sister: *trying not to let grimace show on her face* maybe it’s different here in devildom. but i’m still happy to be part of the boys! *giggles*
Tumblr media
belphie: i hate your sister
mc: you’re not the only one, believe me
satan: has she always been like this?
mc: yup *tired smile* she’s what humans call ‘pick me girl’
satan: what is a ‘pick me girl’?
mc: basically a girl who puts other girls down in order to get male validation. you’re lucky you’re meeting her now cause she used to be much worse when we went to school together
belphie: it could get worse than that?
mc: i mean, first day we came here she literally threatened me to stay away from barbatos because he caught her eye *laughs* luckily barb seen through her act but it’s funny to see her still trying
Tumblr media
belphie and satan didn’t like her from beginning. simeon and luke decided to keep her at arm’s lenght the second they met her
lucifer, levi and solomon didn’t think much of her. they treated both of you the same until they noticed her horrible attitude. levi and solomon avoided her completly while lucifer kept all meeting professional
mammon and asmo liked her and the attention she gave them until they got closer to you and noticed how she treated you
diavolo tried to keep things respectful as long as things with her didn’t get out of hand. barbatos made fun of her in a way only you noticed
beel the sweetheart kept being nice until the time you two got close and she not only hurt you with her harsh words but also brothers after they stopped giving her attention
pretty much ended up with her being kicked out of the program
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