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#obey me imagine

All body types are valid and wonderful; just like some people can’t control how much weight they put on, others can’t control how much weight they can’t gain. It’s not always simple with body types - just look after yourself regardless of your size. Eat your 3 main meals, have small snacks or mini meals every 2-3 hours that are more healthy or if you have healthy main meals let your mini meals/snacks be unhealthy

Though too much of anything can be unhealthy so is there really a different between the types?

Also please everyone drink plenty of water even if you have to give it some flavour for it be more enjoyable!


“are you sure you’re a human? You look more like a reaper to me.”

Three demons surrounded you, leaning on the table as you tried to ignore them. Keeping your focus on the the worksheet Infront of you but a demon snatched your pencil.

“Hey, doesn’t this remind you of Someone?” the demon laughed, pointing the pencil at you.

But they took it another step, they easily snapped the pencil in half with one hand. Throwing it back at you. You flinched away, covering your face but luckily it landed on the table.

They were all snickering. Prodding at your arms and sides. You squirmed away from them and slapped their hands.

“leave me alone…”

A different male demon grabbed your wrist, inspecting your slim wrist.

“hey don’t grab them like that, you might break them! I mean look at them, they’re bone!” The female demon mocked concern.

“Aw come on~ can’t handle a few jokes? Humans really are weak.”

Your wrist was thrown from his grasp; it smacked on the table and you hissed. Just before you could do anything the classroom door suddenly opened. The demons all whispered a fearful “oh shit” under their breath.


  • “I see you’re living up to the title ‘lesser demon’, how wonderful for you.”
  • His condescending smile immediately drooped
  • His hands moved swiftly and a whip appeared in them, he glared at them
  • The three of them gulped, looking at each other
  • “How many lashing should I give them, perhaps everytime they insulted you? Every snicker or chuckle - how about everytime they breathed?”
  • he snapped the whip with a snarl
  • They looked at you for mercy and you considered letting Lucifer having his way
  • But you felt a sick feeling in your stomach knowing how vicious he could get
  • “i just want an apology and to be left alone…”
  • “You heard them, beg for forgiveness and if i find any of you were bothering them again I won’t let them decide your fate.”
  • The three demons immediately got on their knees, legs shaking as they apologized repeatedly for their actions
  • You knew it was fake but apart of you felt happy hearing their apology
  • “you can leave now.”
  • On that cue they ran out making sure to dodge the quick whip from Lucifer
  • The last one Getting caught on the butt and practically jumped out of the room
  • “They’re foolish, love, you are absolutely ravishing and I could never ask for a more wonderful partner, let’s go get some ice cream - my treat to help your bad day.”


  • “ya wanna repeat that? Don’t be going all silent just because I’m here~ go on, keep insulting the human, see what happens.”
  • He chuckled, hands in pockets
  • The demons weren’t sure how to respond
  • To test what he’ll do or play it safe
  • Mammon twiddled a playing card between his fingers, a smirk on his face as he stood behind you
  • One of the demons opened their mouth but he just flicked his wrist, the card sticking itself in the wall just missing the demon
  • “I ain’t very forgiving, ya see so it’s best you start apologizing now or things could get abit messy.”
  • You was surprised by how fast they all dropped
  • Apologizing and begging for you to forgive them
  • “Please leave, you’ve apologized enough.”
  • They all ran out thanking you for being so kind
  • “awww but (Y/N), you could of made them your posse!”
  • “I just wanted them to leave, I know they aren’t actually sorry.”
  • “hfmp, they better be or else I’ll get 'em - did I look cool?! I was practising that trick for weeks!”
  • You chuckled, kissing his cheek
  • He grinned even wider as he grabbed your hand
  • “you were real cool, you were like a spy.”
  • “does that make you my stunning partner in crime? Your looks lure in the suspects and I get them? You can’t convince me otherwise - you’re a real beaut.”


  • “LMAO, your faces~! I can’t wait for this to go viral, perhaps even Prince Diavolo will see this, wouldn’t that be unfortunate.”
  • He kept filming, pointing the camera at their faces
  • They looked even more Horrified
  • A powerful demon was already coming to get them but now the prince could get involved?
  • “should I post it, (Y/N)? You’re in it after all.”
  • “I just want them to leave me alone, I don’t care.”
  • Levithan hummed, displeased at the demons
  • “it’s pretty rude you’re just standing there and not apologizing, they’re the one in charge if you get found out or not.”
  • The demons gasped, staring at you and then back at Levithan
  • They immediately started apologizing, blaming their actions on just jealousy
  • You shook your head and they began to sweat
  • Fearing they’re going to put on blast for their actions
  • Surprised by your defeated sigh
  • “just go….it’s not worth it.”
  • Levi was about to argue differently but the demon had already left
  • “Wha!!!! I felt like an anime protagonist! Did they say anything else to you?! I swear they can’t tell what beauty is-”
  • “it’s fine, they weren’t wrong.”
  • “HUUUH???!!!!!! don’t listen to them, (Y/N), I think you look just fine the way you are and yo-you should see yourself as attractive too-! because you’re awesome and Your loo-looks are even more cool!”
  • He hugged you, hiding his red face in your shoulder


  • “You’re brave to think you’re in any position to even breathe in their direction, for all our dignities It would be best you apologize and leave.”
  • They were ready to bolt right there and then
  • They looked at you and started to apologize but Satan clicked his teeth
  • “be sincere, we can be here for as long as we want until you feel genuine guilt for your actions.”
  • He slammed his hand down on the table
  • The lesser demons cowered
  • You just sat there, frowning
  • You just wanted to be left alone and let your feelings out
  • The demons apologized again
  • Making sure to add sincerity in their voice but Satan kept making them repeat themselves
  • It got to the point you had to cut him off
  • “It’s fine, they’ve apologized, let them leave.”
  • He hummed, annoyed but nodded
  • The demons scrambled out of the room, fearing to even look at the two of you
  • “if you ever need me to go back at them I’ll do just that, I couldn’t believe they would say something like that to you.”
  • “thanks for helping, just let them leave instead of using your energy.”
  • “I’ll try to but I’ll make sure there is no next time, you don’t deserve to be spoken to like that and you are far more charming than any of them, I for one, adore how you look.”


  • “repeat that again~? I hope I didn’t hear you three insulting my darling, it’s so ugly to shame others for their body.”
  • The demons tried to utter out a response but he just stared at them
  • Tilting his head as he smiled
  • He got closer to them, staring into their eyes
  • Soon enough they were charmed
  • “why don’t you tell me why you thought it was okay to speak to (Y/N) like that.”
  • They all began speaking; expressing their envy for your relationship with asmo and the other demons
  • One of them just telling him they saw you as fragile and unlikable
  • Asmo smiled wider before suddenly grabbing one their chins, a snarl on his face now
  • “do you feel sorry? Are you ashamed of yourself?”
  • They all said yes, apologizing to you
  • “thanks asmo, you can let them go now.”
  • He happily did as you said, telling them to leave
  • He nuzzled into your body, hands wandering over it as he grinned
  • “They’re just jealous demons who can’t handle their own Insecurities, you’re not like them, everything about you is good looking - inside and out! I couldn’t ask for anything more~”
  • “Seriously…?”
  • “yes!!! I’m in love with you and your body is marvelous to look at, i can’t get enough of you!”


  • “Apologize and leave or I’ll make you my next meal.”
  • Straight to the point
  • And it was effective
  • His size was already intimidating but his willingness to devour whatever he wanted was scarier
  • They apologized to you, Getting on their knees and telling you how gorgeous you were
  • You felt your mood get worse so you waved your hand
  • “don’t bother, a sorry was enough, you can leave now.”
  • They shot up but Beel bite the air Infront of them when they passed him
  • They shrieked and picked up their speed
  • “I can’t stand people like that…. they’re more clueless than mammon.”
  • He sat with you
  • Clenching his jaw, you held his hand and leaned against him
  • “Don’t listen to them, I think you look really nice, I like the way you look but I know the important thing is that you like the way you look, I don’t mind how you look because you’ll still always be you.”


  • “Hey gorgeous, are these idioits bothering you? What a shame, I was hoping lesser demons knew how to keep in their place.”
  • He wrapped an arm around you
  • Glaring at the lesser demons, they grew more nervous under his hateful eye
  • They muttered to themselves for not realising he was there but belphie mocked them, asking them to speak up
  • “what’s with the change of energy? You were confident about your opinions before, what changed?”
  • They couldn’t answer without looking weak
  • Belphegor only grinned at them
  • He kissed your cheek
  • “that’s what I thought, scram!”
  • They ran off, not daring to look at you
  • They couldn’t even hiss or glare, knowing the demon behind you would have their throat for it
  • They were lucky to not get hurt when he found them
  • “thanks, sorry, did you come here to sleep?”
  • “I was looking for you, keep me close, okay? Don’t listen to those demons - they wouldn’t be able to tell what’s good or not even if their lives depended on it, you’re perfect the way you are.”
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I’m not going to lie, when I first read this I thought it was “anal check up” I didn’t realize I was wrong until my friend pointed it out. Let me tell you - I was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF FOR MINUTES!!!

I’m sorry anon I did you dirty 😭😂

I use to be afraid of needles, I don’t like them but now I can look at them when I get injections. So the surprise I got imagining such powerful demons afraid of a needle? It was brilliant


  • Pretends he’s not
  • Him? Afraid of a needle? Don’t be ridiculous!
  • But when the time comes he started making sure his meetings and schedule get busy so he doesn’t have to go
  • “I’m very busy, (Y/N), I’ll do the shot another time, it is just fortunate timing.”
  • “Don’t you mean unfortunate?”
  • “Ah yes- right, very unfortunate.”
  • Damn prideful man!
  • In the end you have to use your pact against him and take him to the hospital
  • The lesser demons working there found the site of snarling Lucifer trying to force himself to stop walking hilarious
  • When it was all done he pretended as if it all went to plan
  • “There, that wasn’t so hard, you really mustn’t stress over these things - let’s go back home.”


  • Very vocal about his fear
  • Well that is until he gets embarassed and tries to switch it up and act like he was faking
  • “I’m just messing with ya, the great Mammon isn’t afraid of no needle that’s super pointy and scary with the blank walls looking back at you- it’s nothing for someone like me!”
  • Tease me about not being a big strong demon and he is ready to get that shot
  • He will do it right there and then
  • His impulsiveness and embarassment only lasts so long though so do this on the day of the appointment - perhaps just outside the door
  • As soon it was done he all that adrenaline and confidence is hyped up again
  • “Ha! Did you see that?! I did it without even shutting my eyes, let’s go to that food kart I saw on the way here.”
  • “I’m guessing I’m buying.”
  • “how lovely of you to do so! Knew I could count on ya!”
  • He was extra affectionate with you afterwards, Saying it’s because you paid
  • But really he just wanted to feel comfort after the appointment


  • You’ll have to drag him out
  • It was already a tough time to get him out of his room but now to do something he hates?!
  • He’s get huffy and tell you you’re not his favourite anymore
  • He doesn’t really mean it
  • If you pretend to be upset he says that he will immediately scramble to tell you he was lying
  • “I don’t need it! I’m a centuries old war criminal, I don’t need to go to hospital’s!”
  • “I heard they give you stickers if you’re a good patient.”
  • “I can be a good patient..”
  • Bingo
  • Man is a sucker for stickers
  • They can be put into anything! It just makes sense to like them!
  • Like Lucifer, you will have to control him with the pact
  • Stickers tempted only for so long before his fear got him
  • But once it was done he admired the sticker on his jacket
  • “Whoa!! I feel like I just leveled up!! Good boy, I am!”
  • Make sure to praise him and buy him snacks
  • He’s going to be gloating to his discord friends about how tough he is


  • He acted like it was nothing
  • “don’t worry, I have it all scheduled out, I’m perfectly fine unlike my brother’s.”
  • You had to drag him to the hospital to get his injection though
  • He tried to claim book club was more important and he promised he’d go
  • You weren’t having any of it
  • But as soon as the needle came into view his head turned into green fire and he screeched
  • You ended up asking the nurse for anything cat themed and they brought a cat plushie
  • He squeezed it like his life depended on it and closed his eyes
  • Once it was done he was blushing, embarassed by his behaviour
  • He apologized to the staff
  • But he sadly couldn’t keep the plush
  • “that was alot easier than I thought it would be, shame the plush wasn’t free - it was remarkably squishy.”
  • “Belphie knows everything about plushies and pillows, you should ask him where you can get one.”
  • “I think you should do it, I’d rather not have him know it was me and…you won’t tell them I screamed will you?”
  • You zipped your lips and threw the imaginary key
  • He was thankful you didn’t snitch


  • Complains that needles ruin his skin
  • Very vocal about his hate and won’t even hide it
  • “But (Y/N)!!! Why would you want me to do something that could damage my perfect skin???!!”
  • Lukcily, you won’t have to drag him
  • Being dragged into a hospital will ruin his reputation
  • And having a bad reputation will make him stressed! And stress makes him break out!
  • He cries and whines about it but as soon as you’re in public
  • Lips are sealed and he’s strutting the path like he isn’t afraid of what’s going to happen
  • when it actually happens he is able to handle it well
  • Of course the staff absolutely love him and give him stickers, lolipops and even ask for a photo with him
  • “I never want to do that again, it was awful.”
  • “you did amazing though, you acted like a real super star, asmo.”
  • “I guess I can keep doing it if you’re with me.”


  • Will be very upfront to you about it
  • He’ll tell you and the doctor no to the injection
  • “I won’t do it, I keep myself perfectly healthy.”
  • Don’t bring up the fact he started exercising more and eating more of his greens
  • You couldn’t help but laugh, he reminded you on an elephant
  • A big creature afraid of something small
  • Will go himself if you coax him with hugs and food
  • But he wants you there for emotional support
  • He’s holding your hand through the entire thing
  • You were able to get the doctor to give him a pockets worth of lolipops afterwards
  • “thanks for holding my hand….I hate getting shots done.”
  • “no problem, big guy! You were perfect.”
  • “You need to do this with me every year. Or else I won’t do it.”
  • You agreed, patting his arm
  • Let’s you pick your favourite Flavour from his pocket as a thank you


  • Refused to go
  • Made sure to have a nice deep sleep when it was the day of the appointment
  • Being dragged down the stairs didn’t wake him up but you laughing and saying mammon fell over did
  • “You tricked me!!! How could you, I thought we had a connection-! A knowing!”
  • He’s tried swiping the doctors hand when they tried
  • Refusing to get it done
  • Had to be careful he doesn’t just fall asleep to avoid it
  • He can he extremely childish so just bribe him
  • When it’s done, he’s hugging you grumpy and tired
  • “I better be getting a reward for this, I stayed perfectly still.”
  • “I’m pretty sure you were half asleep.”
  • “I still deserve a reward.”
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Warnings: Queer Reader (Dates Men and Women), Stereotypical Boy Shenanigans

  • You have no idea if this is a demon thing or a boy thing. Back in the human world, all your friends were girls. Most of your coworkers were girls. Hell, most of your romantic relationships were with women. Being thrust into a house with seven sexy men is something that you never dreamed would happen, let alone live with every day.
  • The boys like to rough house. They’re always pushing or pulling or nudging each other out of the way. The first time Levi hip checks you, you hit the dining room table hard and can’t hold back your yelp. Lucifer gives everyone a stern talking to on being gentle with the human but it’s not even that. The boys just like to be more physical than you’re used to.
  • Mammon has a habit of ‘bro patting’ you when he sees you in the hall, slamming into you like a train before leaving. Solomon can’t stop laughing the first time he sees it happen. Satan likes to put his hand on your shoulder when he comes up behind you, talking directly into your ear. You have a habit of trying to shy away but watch him do this with Beel and Asmo without anyone saying anything. You’re glad the boys are close but your used to being physically approached from the front, not the back.
  • It takes a while for the boys to notice that you react differently at all to their affection. Asmo is the first to realize, watching Beel lift you into the air before taking off towards the kitchen. Your look of confusion and slight discomfort is so cute that he almost doesn’t recognize where it comes from. The others notice the next day when Asmo goes to hug you, being gentle and giving very clear signals. You return the affection immediately, smiling widely and enthusiastically. Everyone is instantly jealous.
  • After that they notice how you react more, seeing how you shy away or just look a little confused. You also don’t react as much to flirting, preferring heart felt compliments to any smooth lines. None of them really get it and they can’t figure out if it’s a human thing or a girl thing. Either way, they’re happy to have your attention, no matter what.
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Athena’s child! MC

A/N: Reminding our workshop customers that the spirits and I do not place orders, we are just doing it because we find the idea interesting.

Your background story: You were adopted by Athena when you were still very young and the goddess raised you with great zeal, under the influence of your adoptive mother you learned several of the trades and talents attributed to her and especially in strategy. It should also be mentioned that you have a natural charm with the animal symbol of your mother and all the owls help you as family members as do the crows for Mammon.

You received an invitation to participate in the Exchange program promoted by Diavolo and your reluctant mother allowed you to participate for greater experiences and learning. (Diavolo received a letter from Athena warning that a single scratch on you means war).

Barbatos: * screaming at the top of a table *
Rats: * running around *
Solomon: * sitting on the table * * trying to find a spell in a book *
MC: * enters * Barb-. * sees chaos * …
Solomon: I already understood and apologized!
MC: … * uses magic to open the windows *
Barbatos: * screaming *
MC: * whistles * * imitates an owl *
Owls: * enter * * start hunting mice *
Five minutes later…
Owls: * satisfied chirping *
Barbatos: * crying on MC’s lap * * still traumatized *
MC: * rubbing his back * * trying to calm Barbatos *
Solomon: * hanging upside down * * whining * I’ve already apologized …

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Hades’ child! MC (2)

MC: * playing with a 3-headed Shiba dog *
Asmo: Boo …! Is not fair! Why does Melissa get all the attention?
Satan: Blame Mammon for trying to sell her.
Belphie: It was funny to see MC taking revenge with wrestling moves.
Mammon: * lying face down on the floor * * grumbling in pain *
Melissa: * climbs on top of Mammon * * pees on him *
Levi: ROFLMAO! *laughing*
Belphie and Satan: * laughing *
Asmo: It’s disgusting, but you deserved it. *laughing*

A/N: Original Idea credits > Cerberus as a three headed shiba by @alyna-cherry

30 notes

I only don’t write certain triggering things like sewerslide, self ouchie and forced devils tango - I know these are very non serious ways to censor these sensative topics but I would like to avoid triggering anyone

I know some people just shut down just by hearing it or seeing the word and it’s really unfortunate

So yes, I’ll take your request!

Warning: food, blood, gore-ish?, eating, teeth, human consumption, hallucinations and angst

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MC: *entered Lucifer’s office to check on him*

MC: …Uhh, Lucifer. What are you doing?

Lucifer: *staring blankly at his 999th cup of coffee since cooping himself to his desk 5 days ago* *surrounded with scattered papers from a fallen paper tower*

Lucifer: *no eat, no sleep, with bags as big as panda’s* *brain stopped functioning a minute ago*

Lucifer: …..

Lucifer: …I must drink this black coffee as bleak as my soul…

MC: …Wanna take a nap? I brought some demonus.

163 notes

pairing: beel x gn!mc

word count: 2k

summary: With the help of Luke, you whip up a special Valentine’s treat for Beelzebub.

a/n: I don’t think angel cloud cake is real but i’m also stupid and unoriginal so who knows. And if it is real, i bet my stupid ass even had it before

part 3 of the valentine’s series

part one | part two

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I see alot about tommyinit but never watched dream SMP (been obessed with the fan song “I see a dreamer”) or his general videos other than him playing obey me - I guess you’ll like this meme I found - maybe


Seeing as you three all wanted Chaotic twin brothers I decided to merge all your asks into one! Hope you don’t mind!


When they watched you arrive to the devildom they didn’t expect to see you tangled up with someone, slapping at his hands you two brawled. The ancient beings all just watched you and what appeared to be your twin fighting in the middle of the hall.

“Whoa- wait- shut up! Where are we!?” Your brother slapped your mouth making you yelp.

“What do you mean where are we? We’re at- who the FUCK are those guys?!!!”

You scrambled away from your brother but gripped his arm, you both stared at the 12 males. Processing the room you were in before you both snorted out laughter, looking at each other with grins.

“The council has summoned us.”

“In a way yes, Greetings I knew you’d be a great package deal, I am Prince Diavolo, I am the ruler of the Devildom and you two have chosen to be exchange students.”

“here that, a prince thinks I’m a package deal~”

“and me or did you forget we’re a duo.”

You poked your tongue out at your twin but he just kept Laughing. Lucifer felt himself age another 1000 years and snarled.

“Won’t you take this seriously? You’ve been summoned to help bring the three realms together - My Lord are you sure this was the right choice?”

“excuse me we can hear you! This guy doesn’t think we’re good enough, just you wait pal, we’re going to blow you away with our-”

“Secret! Brilliance!” you both posed as If you were JOJO characters, glaring at Lucifer.

They’re perfect! Let’s continue with the introduction, won’t we?“


  • He’s so done with the both of you
  • Neither of you were Responsible
  • It only got worse when you two developed a closer connection to your magic
  • "check it! We could make this our own Harry potter world but like without the harmful stereotypes.”
  • “So not Harry potter?”
  • You cursed the stairs to turn into slides if you stepped onto it
  • He found you both jumping on the steps holding up Everyone
  • “(LLLLLLL/NNNN)!!”
  • Your brother grabbed you as you both waited for him reach you, he was marching up the stairs but you suddenly stepped on them
  • He went flying down and you both legged it
  • But ended up getting caught as Lucifer used his wings to reach you


  • Two new allies for his mischief
  • How could he ask for me?
  • Hates it when you two talk in sync or when you prank him - you may not look completely identical but it was enough to freak him out
  • You have stood at the end of his bed holding hands asking him to play with you two
  • “Hey! i got those recently, go trash Lucifer’s room.”
  • You gently put down the box you were holding, frowning
  • “sorry mammon.”
  • “simp.”
  • You swung at your brother but he dodged, jumping onto the sofa to avoid your furious fists


  • Intimidated by Both of you but learned to like you
  • When you showed off how nerdy you were he took a liking to you but your brother kept interrupting
  • So it ends up as the three of you spending time together
  • But…
  • One day you two bursted into his bedroom
  • He was Kissing one of his body pillows
  • “it’s not what it looks like!!!”
  • When he realized you were there he threw a pillow at you two, face red
  • “Ha! loner!”
  • He chased after the two of you and threatened you not to tell anyone
  • But jokes on him, your brother took a picture and now you tease him about him all the time


  • Secretly likes the both of you but you get on his nerves all the time
  • But that seems to only make you two more eager to be loud and joke about him killing you
  • Though, learned you two didn’t always pay attention and doesn’t trust you in his room
  • “totally hypothetical.”
  • Your brother started, nervous
  • “on a scale of one to 10 how mad would you be if we accidently ripped one of your books?”
  • He stared at you and your brother
  • Slowly standing up as he realized what you’ve done
  • “Run.”
  • Safe to say, you both went rushing off


  • He finds you two absolutely adorable
  • Weird but adorable
  • If both of you were willing to play dress up then you’re his perfect little minions
  • You two would terrorise anyone that tried to mess with his room aka mammon
  • “so you and Solomon a thing?”
  • You Both asked, giggling
  • “Perhaps~ why? Did he say something?”
  • Your twin held back his laugh seeing asmos hopeful spark
  • Nah, I just want abit of what he’s got.”
  • “haha you’re too young for that, dear.”
  • All you could was let out a ‘ho ho ho’
  • “I like my men older.”
  • Asmo GASPED
  • shaking your twins head as he scolded him
  • “Wait until you’re older to like older men! You’re just a baby! This goes for the both of you.”


  • “BEEL!!! you have to help me! I can’t find dingus!”
  • Dingus was your nickname for your brother
  • Beezlebub paused mid chew and nodded
  • “I know where he is.”
  • You grinned
  • You and your brother were playing hide and seek and you were growing annoyed how you couldn’t find him
  • But now you have help
  • “thank you, beel, this is why you’re my favourite~!”
  • He smiled, patting your head
  • He brought you to the kitchen and leaned against the fridge
  • He was pulling out another bread loaf from the packet he was eating from
  • “hmmm~ I’ve got you now!”
  • You opened the fridge and your brother screamed
  • You laughed in victory
  • “CHEATER!!”
  • he suddenly pulled out silly string and began attacking you with it
  • You screamed and cried out for the giant demon
  • But when you turned around beel had his own can and began spraying you
  • “it’s bad to cheat (Y/N).”
  • “WHY BEEL?! why did you betray me?!”
  • “He offered to get me special human meals.”


  • Belphegor has been annoying the both of you
  • He’s already been rubbing it in your face that him and Beel are the better twins
  • So you two have decided to do a little prank on him
  • To teach him to stop being so annoying
  • “Belphie help us with our school work! You always get good grades!”
  • “Yeah! Teach us your skills cow man.”
  • “I’ll do it when I wake up- AH-!!”
  • As soon as his head fell onto his pillow a loud horn blasted into his ear
  • You both snickered watching him sit up startled
  • He sent you both a side glare before putting his head onto another pillow
  • But it did the exact same thjng
  • He kept desperately testing out all his pillows but they all kept honking
  • “you two-! How dare you mess with my pillows!”
  • He jumped towards both of you in anger
  • But you both just honked at him before running to safety



  • “so we could just summon you with one of those circles right?”
  • You leaned on his shoulder, he was currently reading some documents and you two decided to bother him
  • “Now why would you want to summon me like that? You could always just text me, don’t be silly.”
  • He smiled
  • You and your twin looked at each other over his bulked shoulder
  • Giving each other a nod and your twin brother stretched over
  • Making sure his face was in view of the Prince’s
  • “yeah but we wanna do cool tricks on the other kids when we get back to our realm - better yet if we all go to hell-”
  • “then we can look cool because we have special connects!”
  • You two High-fived
  • You both fell into his desk and awkwardly landed by his legs and ontop of the desk
  • You winced as you felt the corner stab at you
  • Diavolo just laughed and helped you two back up
  • Pulling two stools beside him you could both sit down
  • “how charming! But there’s no need for that, summoning demons with pentagrams are very dangerous, I’ll find a way for you all to impress your friends later.”
  • Barbatos immediately kicked you two out with Lucifer beside him
  • Telling you two that you were distracting the prince from his work


  • If your antics will mess with his work then he’ll stop you two
  • But if it’s minor he’ll just let you two be
  • Big mom energy
  • Which did lead to some embarassing situations
  • “Here’s your dinner, hope it is up to your standards our dear guests.”
  • He bowed and stood back, ready to watch you enjoy your meals
  • “Thanks mom!”
  • “i—-if that’s what you wish to call me then I have no qualms with filling in as your mo-”
  • He teased, a small blush on his cheeks as he raised his hand to his mouth
  • He grinned seeing you twos flustered reactions
  • You two have been known to sing Barbie girl whenever you see him
  • Barbatos does now hum it suddenly when working - he refuses to let you caught him doing it though


  • Solomon made you both his apprentices
  • Believing your combined magic will make a powerful force one day
  • Of course you both agreed - the more magic you knew the more you could effect everyone’s mental state
  • “scadeedle scadoodle your dicks now a noodle!”
  • You jabbed your pen towards your brother
  • He was cackling at your weird stance
  • Solomon chuckled, placing a book down Infront of you
  • You looked down to see what he wanted
  • “Haha not how you do it but if you wish to transform body parts - here’s the spell.”
  • A grin slowly made its way onto your face
  • The wizard happily replacing the pen In your hand with a spare wand
  • You picked up the book and stared at your brother, growing into fits of giggles
  • He knew exactly what you were planning
  • He made a mad dash towards the door
  • “why are you running?! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!”


  • Simeon had you two over for tea
  • He poured tea into his cup and poured it into yours
  • He already had a few plates of snacks but wasn’t sure what exactly to get
  • “is there anything I can help you two with?”
  • You and your brother shared a mischievous look
  • Smiling innocently as you could
  • “we want WAP.”
  • Simeon choked on his tea
  • He coughed as he patted his chest, placing down his cup
  • Looking at you both startled
  • “excuse me-?”
  • “Worship and prayer.”
  • He let out an 'oh’
  • Shaking his head as he smiled
  • “of course, of course, I can teach you some prayers after.”


  • “can we get an owa owa?”
  • Your twin pointed a camera at the small angel
  • You had a mini microphone, leaning down to place it near his mouth
  • He got startled by the sudden appearance of you two and booped his nose on the microphone
  • “owa owa???”
  • You both shared a mini squeal
  • You adjusted your position, patting his puffy hat
  • “good chihuahua.”
  • He suddenly snarled, smacking the microphone away from his face
  • “AW SHI-”
  • You both ran as the child ran after you
  • Your twin almost loosing his breath due to laughing too hard whilst running
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Some of-of your f-favourite pieces in the fandom??!! Um Chile anyways- OMG!! Y'all are too sweet to me!!! Thank you so much!


I’m not going to lie, I got shocked when I saw another requested this as I just finished writing section for this ask but my brain is dumb and really focused on one sentence and read it utterly wrong



“ah, so you’re the human I’ve been hearing so much about.”

You turned around to see a Noble, you bowed at him with a smile.

“oh- hello, who are you? If the human you’ve been hearing about is (Y/N) then Yep! That’s me!”

“splendid! I’m so glad I finally get to meet you, I’ve heard so much from Diavolo and news sources, you wouldn’t mind humouring me for a dance and talk?”

“it’ll be my honour.” You took his arm, letting him guide you to the dance floor.

You could feel the brothers eyes on you, watching closely to how you rested your hands on the demons shoulder. All of them slowly stalking as you two danced.

“what is it like being a human in the Devildom?”

“scary…at first but now I feel like it’s my home! I really can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

“free housings, connections to the most powerful beings in this realm and outside, pacts with the the 7 brothers and having them do anything you desire.”

“I mean- I guess? It’s nothing like that or that I’m using them, it’s a long story - I love them all very much.”

“you may not be using them but they’re definitely using you, we’re demons after all and there is nothing more precious to us than a soul likes yours.”

You were suddenly pulled through the crowd, his dancing becoming quicker and sharp as if sensing the brothers watching him.

“don’t you realize you’re just the princes pawn? A small piece of a puzzle of his ‘plans’ - do you really think a demon of his importance would really care about bringing peace?! It’s all but a ruse and you’re just helping him fulfil it.”

“that’s not true! Diavolo is a kind and thoughtful man, he wants peace and I will be a stepping stone for that to happen - after all I am a link to all three realms.”

“human with demon pacts and ancestral connections to both the brothers and angels - how is it being the ancestor to Lilith? I heard she was a real doll but such a shame she risked it all for some moral, have they ever compared you two?”

“how do you know about my ancestor? They’ve- never properly made a comparison and I’m sure they mean it in an affectionate way-!”

“don’t you ever feel like a replacement? I heard since the discovery they’ve treated you even better, that can’t be a coincidence.”

Your blood went cold as your heart collapsed into your stomach. Your eyes glancing to the brothers In the distance. You knew he wasn’t right but apart of you was scared. After all, he knew so much that you didn’t think anyone outside of your social circle would know. How did he know all this?

“we went through something really traumatic together, it was bound to make us closer-”

“just admit it, you know you’re being use but you just won’t accept it because you’re scared of facing and truth and being left - is there something unpleasant waiting for you in the human world? Is that why you’re so willing to be preyed upon?”

“it’s not like that…”

He suddenly dipped you, you clutched to his shoulder as tears glazed your eyes.

“isn’t it? Can you confidently say it isn’t?”

“yes..” your voice came out shaky and distant, you wanted to be confident but you couldn’t.

“they don’t care about you, all they want is to use you, make it easier on yourself and leave, run as fast as you can and never come back to the devildom.”


  • He was the first to reach you after your dance with the Noble
  • He twirled you so you would face him
  • “what did he say to you? You’re crying.”
  • “it’s nothing…”
  • He opened his mouth to press on but he saw you grit your teeth
  • Glaring at the dance floor as you two stepped to the music
  • “If he threatened you then I’ll handle him, it’s no issue for me to do so.”
  • You just shook your head
  • “stop being so overprotective, I know you don’t actually like having to look after me, just stop forcing yourself.”
  • “That’s not true, I look after you because I care about you, it’s become more than a duty.”
  • You just clicked your tongue, pushing yourself away from him, disappearing into the crowd


  • Mammon held your hand, hugging you from behind as you two swayed
  • “You don’t look too happy, are you overwhelmed?”
  • “I am now that you’re here.”
  • Which wasn’t a lie, you felt so conflicted and betrayed, having him around just made you want to cry
  • He frowned, spinning you around
  • “oi, what’s that all about? If I did something you gotta be honest with me,I swear I didn’t steal nothing.”
  • “I’d prefer it if you did, then being mad at you wouldn’t feel so horrible.”
  • He raised a brow
  • He was completely confused on why you were acting like this
  • “Was it that noble guy? Did he say something to you? I swear when I find him-”
  • You shook your head, moving away from him
  • “You’re not going to do anything, you’re a coward - just stop pestering me.”
  • You felt awful but you didn’t do anything to fix it, just running away from the shocked demon


  • “You here to take a break? Join you, I will.”
  • He pointed to the empty spot smiling at himself for his Yoda voice
  • You wanted to feel bad but right now you were extremely upset
  • “Yeah, I do, I don’t want to be around anyone right now.”
  • “I get that but Lucifer said someone’s has to be with you but I don’t blame you for not wanting me to do it-”
  • You snarled
  • “can you not make this about you?! I just don’t wanna deal with anymore demons!”
  • You shuffled closer into yourself, eyes subconsciously finding the noble you talked to
  • Levi followed your gaze, his Insecure angst turning into annoyance
  • “That noble did something….it’s okay to speak up, we can go to prince-”
  • “go away! I don’t want to keep hearing you pretend to care about me!”
  • He was stunned
  • You suddenly stood up and trudged away from Levi, seeking out the bathroom


  • You ducked away from the crowd of demons
  • Sticking close to the wall as you clutched your arms
  • The nobles clawing at your mind as you stared to the side
  • “Did you enjoy the dancing? You look tired, I know a good hiding spot.”
  • “Where is it?”
  • “I’ll take you there-”
  • He went to grab your shoulder but you just shrugged him away
  • Not daring to look at him
  • “just tell me where it is, I’ll get there on my own just fine.”
  • Satan turned his head, trying to get a better look at your expression
  • But you just stepped away from him
  • “if you’re not going to tell me I’m going to go find it myself-”
  • He grabbed your wrist, cutting you off
  • “Was it that noble? What did he say to you?”
  • His anger flared as he glared at the noble
  • You Yanked your wrist away, frowning
  • “wouldn’t you like to know?! Just let me- just let me breathe-!”
  • He paused, inhaling a deep breath
  • You took that moment to run off, wanting to escape the situation


  • “oh (Y/N)~!! I’m so glad you’re finally free, when I saw that guy dancing with you I got so jealous, I thought you were going to give me all your dances?”
  • He playfully pouted whilst holding your hands
  • When he saw you weren’t smiling his chipper mood immediately dropped
  • You moved away from him, Unable to pull your thoughts together
  • “what’s wrong..? Did he say something?”
  • You shook your head
  • Should you tell him? But what if they treat you different?
  • What if it really is all a fake?
  • “I just need to get some air.”
  • “oh! I’ll come with you!”
  • He springed up, grabbing your hand once again
  • You threw yourself back in panick
  • “NO-! I mean- no thank you.”
  • You quickly dashed to the nearest balcony ignoring the murmurs in the ballroom


  • You bumped into one of the many buffet tables
  • Avoiding an active ballroom wasn’t easy
  • “you’re not dancing anymore? Want to sit with me?”
  • You jumped, somehow surprised Beel was at a buffet table
  • “no….I’m good, I’m going to the dorm.”
  • “Already? Do you need me to walk you home? It’s pretty late.”
  • You shook your head
  • You wanted to chew him out for being so kind of you
  • Your overwhelming emotions rising as you tried to stay dismissive
  • “Just tell the Brothers I’m leaving, I think I’m going to head back home.”
  • Beel raised a brow
  • You looked away from his confused expression
  • “my real home, I need to leave the Devildom.”
  • “you’re upset from your dance with the noble, we can talk about instead of you leaving-”
  • “I need a break.”
  • You repeated, your voice becoming irritated and cold
  • You held back your frustration and left the party


  • “Are you leaving?”
  • You yelped, knocking your hand on the main door
  • You just wanted to slip out of the party but it seems you’d have to confront one of the brothers
  • Belphegor yawned, rubbing his eye
  • He was sleeping in the coat closet until you woke him up by your footsteps
  • “yes- I’m tired of this party.”
  • “I’m tired aswell, let’s go together, I’m ready to sleep.”
  • He shuffled out of the closet but you put your hands out Infront of you
  • “go sleep in the palace, I don’t want to be around you or-or any of you-!”
  • “Was it that noble? I felt jealous when I saw you two dancing together but now it seems I shouldn’t of, he said something to you, didn’t he? What did he say?”
  • You didn’t even realize he saw you or was awake when that happened
  • You backed up until you bumped into the door
  • Belphegor cornered you
  • Wanting his questions answered but you just shoved him back
  • “leave me alone-! I know you’re just see me as an replacement!”
  • You slammed the door after you and sprinted back to the dorms



  • “I see you’re expanding your circle, I’m glad- why do you look so upset?”
  • “it’s nothing, my Lord-”
  • You both stopped
  • You haven’t referred to him like that since the beginning of the exchange program
  • He leaned down to get a better look at you, eyes darting over the conflicted and slightly Horrified expression
  • Both of your gazes landed on the noble
  • “What did he say to you? If he made you uncomfortable or threatened you, I’ll deal with this-”
  • He tried to give you a comforting pat on the shoulder but you pushed your body away
  • “Quit it! Stop trying to act like you care.”
  • You were sure if people saw your interaction they’d be glaring at you
  • Thinking of your audacity
  • But Diavolo was worried about you
  • He knew that Nobel has hurt you
  • “I do care for you, we all do - please tell me what happened.”
  • You covered your ears, tears pricking your eyes
  • You shook your head and ran away
  • Needing space to figure out your thoughts and your emotions


  • You trudged past Everyone, growing irritated with yourself
  • Were you really going to believe that guy? But it seemed to make sense
  • If it wasn’t right then why did you feel this way?
  • “here, you look as if you need it.”
  • He hands you a handkerchief
  • You took it slowly, looking at him with distrust
  • You frowned as he just smiled at you patiently
  • “why do you even care? Is it because of the prince?”
  • “I’m simply helping because I desire to, it seems Someone is causing an issue with you.”
  • “Don’t you know everything? You should know exactly what’s wrong….you don’t have to keep acting all vague in hopes it’ll throw me off, I know you all are-”
  • He tilted his head, eyes squinting with an almost annoyed expression
  • “nevermind….Just leave me alone.”
  • “I will but it is best to remind you that the Noble you’re trusting Is not the type of man you want to be around, he is using you not the other way round.”
  • Your froze
  • Unsure how to respond, you clutched the handkerchief as you gritted your teeth
  • You quickly ran off not wanting to confront your emotions


  • Isn’t this Fun? I’ve even made a few pacts whilst here-“
  • "why are we even here? Do you ever feel like we’re not actually wanted? Just being used?”
  • Your eyes flickered between Diavolo and the noble
  • Rubbing your arm as you tried to soothe yourself
  • Solomon followed your eyes
  • Clicking his tongue
  • “I see, that nobles gotten to your head, don’t fear my apprentice, I’ll fix this.”
  • He rolled up his sleeves but you just grabbed his arm
  • You felt stupid for thinking you two could be on the same thought process
  • Was it really just the Nobel Getting to you???
  • But what you’re feeling feels so real and so genuine - this feeling of just being a pawn or a replacement to them
  • “No…it’s silly to think we’d be on the same page, they have much more history with you meanwhile all I have is being their sister’s ancestor.”
  • You walked off leaving the wizard to mewl over your words
  • You didn’t stay to find out what would happen now that Solomon knew the gist of what the Nobel said to you


  • As you charged away from the party you suddenly bumped into Someone
  • Simeon grabbed your arms as he steadied you
  • But that’s when he noticed your teary eyes
  • “Oh, what’s wrong? You look upset.”
  • “I want to leave this party.”
  • You frowned, holding his arms whilst he held you
  • You glanced at the demons on the dance floor
  • “Are you sure? The brothers will be upset with your sudden disappearance-”
  • You huffed
  • Pushing yourself away from Simeon as. got ready to just leave by yourself
  • “if you don’t take me back then I’ll just go myself.”
  • He was caught off by your sudden change in mood
  • Realizing something really harsh must of happened he grabbed your hands and wiped under your eye
  • “Wipe your tears, I’m sure Luke will be thrilled to see you in purgatory hall.”
  • And just like that he walked you out of ball
  • A few shouts from the brothers rang in your eyes but you just sped up your pace
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Obey Me headcannon:


Originally posted by self-serving-service

MC who loves giving physical affection but isn’t used to receiving it back

A happy excitable MC who greets everyone with hugs, kisses, or headpats depending on what all the brothers are comfortable with. But they aren’t used to receiving it back :’)


  • He doesn’t prefer too much touching so you just wave or smile happily when he enters a room
  • If something good happens with him around you tend to grasp his hands and jump excitedly
  • Sometimes he even lets you hug him
  • One day, when he fell asleep while doing paper work. You decided to help and clear out the mess.
  • He wakes up to you arranging his papers and clearing his desk. He feels grateful and pats your head lovingly, “Thank you MC…you didn’t need to do this.
  • You freeze. What is happening? Did he confuse you with someone else? You stare at his arm in disbelief and stutter, “Uh…Lucifer, you put hand on my head by accident.”
  • Lucifer stares confused, “It’s not an accident, why would you think that?
  • You blush and hide your face, “I’m… I’m not used to people willingly touching me. Thank you so much.” You look at him with a bright smile.
  • Lucifer stands shocked. Clearly you need and deserve more affection. From now on, he gives you headpats whenever he sees you accomplish any task.
  • Tidied up your room? Headpat. Drank water? Headpat. All for the delighted face you make right after.


  • It’s pretty obvious this boy secretly loves affection no matter how much he denies it.
  • You understand that and greet him using headpats when it’s the two of you.
  • He also allows you to grab his arm or hug him when you’re excited.
  • One day, he barges into your room crying about how Lucifer must have hidden Goldie again because he couldn’t find it.
  • He was exhausted from looking so you make him nap on your bed while you go looking. You find it in Levi’s room. He hid it as revenge for all the unreturned money.
  • Mammon wakes up to you putting Goldie in his open palm. He excitedly gets up and pulls in you for a tight hug. “Thank you Thank you MC! You saved Goldie!”
  • You stiffen in his arms and go into shock. Is this really happening?
  • “Oi MC! What’s wrong?”
  • “I think I had a very real dream that you willingly hugged me” You say, still dazed. “It felt so nice… thank you.” You smile so happily.
  • That wasn’t a dream, idiot human!” Mammon blushed. You dream of such a simple thing as a hug? Mammon can definitely make it come true.
  • He hugs you as often as he can now. Sometimes even in front of his brothers. He is embarrassed but that look of pure happiness in your face is worth it.


  • This poor baby is so touch starved and still won’t admit it. So you take it upon your self to smother him with lots of hugs and headpats.
  • He gets flustered at first but allows all hand holding and headpats during exciting parts of animes and obviously loves it.
  • One day, he was feeling especially down because the new event based limited edition Ruri Chan figurines had sold out before he could even try to buy it.
  • You knew about the sale and placed an order before hand just in case this happened. Levi opens the door to find you standing there with a smile with a Ruri chan package in your hands.
  • He almost cries in happiness as you hand it to him. He jumps at you and engulfs you in a tight hug. “MC! You’re truly my best friend! The Power of Gods and Anime shall bless you!
  • Then you both freeze. He hurriedly retreats back, his face now turned into a ripe tomato. “S-s-sorry! I couldn’t help it! I just really wanted to!
  • You look at him, surprised. “You wanted to hug me…Really? Thank you Levi…” You smile with all your heart.
  • Levi almost hears his heart crack. Do you also not get enough hugs just like him?
  • He does his best to get over his shyness and hold you closer while watching anime and giving headpats when you do well at a game. The smiles and hugs that you give in return makes his whole day.


  • He seemed to reserved with touches at first. But as he opened up you noticed he liked subtle and soft touches.
  • He liked it when you greeted him by hugging his free arm.
  • He allowed you to hold his hand tight or snuggle into his chest or shoulders when you read an exciting scene in a book or movie.
  • One day, he seemed angry as he sat in his chair, grumbling unable to read. Lucifer had just grounded him for three weeks as punishment for his last prank.
  • You heard about this and showed up to his room. Satan looked up to find you holding a small basket covered with a table cloth. The cloth wiggled and out popped two kittens, meowing and stretching.
  • MC…you..managed to sneak kittens into the house?!” Satan’s face lit up in delight as one of the kittens jumped into his lap.
  • “Indoor cat cafe experience + revenge on Lucifer. Cause he’s being unreasonable as hell.” You nodded and set up apple pie, ham sandwiches and two cups of coffee on his table.
  • Overcome with a new emotion, Satan pulled you onto his lap and kissed your forehead. “Thank you for being so kind, MC. I didn’t even know I needed this. I cannot express my gratitude simply through words.”
  • You sit perplexed in his lap, wondering what happened. “S-sorry I must have bumped into your mouth…”
  • Satan stared amused, “No MC. That was a kiss. I kissed your head to say thank you.
  • You blushed, feeling warm inside. “You meant to kiss me…? It was so comforting… thank you Satan.” You smiled and leaned into his chest.
  • Satan instinctively held you closer. Clearly you weren’t being shown how loved you are.
  • From then onwards he exponentially increased his touches. Kisses on your knuckles or head when you were studying with him.
  • Or fond cheek kisses as you helped him cook dinner or read with him. He used the silliest of excuses to show affection. The smiles and kisses you gave him in return always soothed his mood.


  • He could rival you when it comes to physical affection. He would welcome you with open arms to do whatever you’d want with him.
  • He was probably the first to show you physical affection.
  • He doesn’t allow, he DEMANDS you to give him hugs and kisses (accepts it whether you consent or not ofc)
  • One day, he seemed a bit down cause his favourite spa closed down for renovations. And he refused to go anywhere else.
  • You appeared in his room with a home spa kit and offered to help following the best tutorials on DevilTube
  • Oh MC…”, He was overjoyed that you would indulge him this much. “Are you sure you’re a human and not an angel? How can human be this sweet?
  • Lunges at you with a tight hug and peppers kisses all over your face. You stand there frozen.
  • Asmo pulled back apologetically. “Sorry dear, too much? You are so adorable I couldn’t control.”
  • You blush and beam at him. “You… willingly kissed me…? Thank you Asmo…”
  • Asmo furrowed his eyes. “Now listen here MC. I was only holding back cause I didn’t have your consent. If you allowed me I would greet you with kisses everyday.” You nodded happily.
  • Asmo true to his word did exactly that. You ended up with numerous lipstick marks all over your face. (Mammon wouldn’t stop complaining until he and Satan had cleaned your face up)
  • He also gave lots of suprise hugs from behind. Seeing you giggle and blush in response was so soothing.


  • This giant teddy bear loves all sorts of affection and readily accepts. You never need to hold back.
  • He even lets you sleep on him when you’re too tired. In fact he’ll make you stay there and bring you food to eat.
  • One day, you find him miserable and hungry in his room. He was screamed at for emptying out the fridge at night and banned from the kitchen and dining table.
  • It was your duty to cook dinner that day so you decided to make Beel’s favorite human world food and sneak some to him after dinner.
  • Beel opened the door before you even got there cause he could smell it from a mile away. He hungrily gobbled it all up and chuckled gleefully.
  • Thank you so much MC! I was so hungry!” He pulled MC into his lap and hugged them so tight. You sat there all awkward and unmoving.
  • MC? Did I hold you too tight? Did I hurt you?” Beel looked genuinely worried, checking you for bruises.
  • “No no I’m all okay Beel! I’m just not used others wanting to hug me back hehe…thank you so much. That felt nice.” You said, giving him your best smile.
  • Beel nodded, immediately formulating a sweet idea in his head. Maybe you needed hugs, the way he needed food?
  • He hugs you everytime he bumps you. You end up hugging so many times a day. (Asmo ends up noticing this and joins in with the trend. DOUBLE THE HUGS!)
  • He also pulls you into cuddles and shares his food. He loves the little pecks you give him on his cheek, it really takes his mind of his hunger.


  • Let’s be real, after the way your first hug ended, even you were reluctant to hug him at first.
  • The first time you probably dared to touch him was when he fell asleep in your lap. You stroked his hair and he officially keeps asking for it now.
  • But he doesn’t mind anything you do as long as it doesn’t break his sleep.
  • One day, after a fight with Beel over some cream puff, he lay awake in his attic bed, sad and unable to sleep.
  • You showed up with your own pillow and blanket and offered to stroke his hair and talk till he could sleep.
  • He immediately pulled you against him, his arms wrapping around and his head nestled against your chest. “Thank you MC… Now I’ll have sweet dreams for sure…
  • You lay stiff with your hand still stuck in mid air. He looked up confused. “MC what’s wrong? Why are you frozen like this?
  • You smiled so hard you felt like you could cry. “You..hugged me.. for real this time. I always imagined what it might be like. Thank you Belphie.”
  • He suddenly felt very guilty. With a stoic face, he pulled you down so that your head was against his chest now. He had a lot to make up for.
  • He just clings to you like a koala now. When with the other brothers, he is the permanent occupant of your left arm. (This greatly annoys Levi and Lucifer who still don’t want you that close to him.)
  • And he also steals so many kisses, dangerously close to the lips but not quite there. Loves how you ease up and relax on him in response.
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Hades’ child! MC

Your background story: It is not known how and why, but you were found newborn and still alive on the banks of the Aqueronte River, by order of the emperor of the underworld you were taken to him to decide your fate.

Because you were still a newborn, you were free from human corruption, Hades adopted you and you were also raised with great love by Persephone who raised you as if you were her blood child. You sometimes live half a year in the mortal world when your adoptive mother is in charge of the cycle of the seasons.

Somehow you were chosen for the exchange program and for the misfortune of a stupid demon who was responsible for collecting data from the exchange students without mentioning your divine parents …

Diavolo: Welcome to Devildom, MC! * radiant smile like the sun *
MC: Ah, I think my dad talked about this place … * Resting bitch face *
Cerberus: * breaks down the door *
Demon bros: WHAT THE FUCK !?
Cerberus: * jumps over MC *
MC: * Resting bitch face *
Cerberus: * growls *
Cerberus: * ignores * * licks MC *
MC: You look just like Melissa. * Resting bitch face *
Satan: Melissa? *confused*
Levi: Just like? *confused*
Diavolo: Wait … * desperate *
?: WHERE’S MY HONEY FLOWER !? - A woman’s voice shrieked.
?: WHO IS THE BASTARD WHO KIDNOT MY CHILD ?! - this time the voice of an angry man screams causing tremors.
Diavolo and Demon Bros: Shit …

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@witchofimagination:  Maybe about the exchange student is actually a hunter of Artemis?

A/N: Sorry (not sorry), I ended up becoming the hunter! MC in a Artemis’ adoptive child …


Your background story: You are a human endowed with many gifts taught by your adoptive mother, a goddess of one of the oldest civilizations: The Greek goddess of hunting, wildlife and many other tributes.

You were blessed when you were a newborn abandoned when your paths met. Being raised by her you received some gifts from your mother’s tributes: Talent in hunting and respect for all kinds of animals, even the most dangerous beasts and there is no fauna life that doesn’t love you and there is no animal that you don’t love.

So now here you are, being brought in from Devildom and pulled out of your divine mother’s arms.

MC: … 

Diavolo: … 

Lucifer: … 

MC: Don’t blame me if my mom chases you for kidnapping me. 

Mammon: Your mother? And who would she be? 

Henry 1.0: * breaks down the door * 

Levi: HENRY ?! 

Henry 1.0: * cuddling affectionately with MC * 

Devildom animals: * invade * * cuddling affectionately with MC * 

Diavolo: Lucifer, help me write an apology letter to Artemis … 

Lucifer: Yes, my lord. (I’ll kill that incompetent one who made the files). * murderous thoughts * 

Asmo: MC ~~! I want cuddles too! *get closer* 

Animals: * growl * 

Asmo: * backs up * * shrieks with fear *

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As someone who’s anti social and will hate everyone in public settings; I can’t wait to meet that person that just livens up the room and makes me actually enjoy being there. Please tell that classmate her vibes are immaculate, brighten her day up like she does for you.


  • Lucifer rubbed his throbbing temples
  • Ready to snap at the next person that entered the room
  • He was tired of how loud and obnoxious Everyone was
  • He was surrounded by idiots
  • When he heard the door open he immediately whipped around to go for their throat
  • But your voice reached his ears
  • “Sorry I’m late! Good morning everyone!”
  • All stress he was feeling just washed away
  • This wasn’t unusual
  • You were always magically curing his bad mood most by entering the room, it made him just want to stay close to you
  • You were like a breath of fresh air after a stuffy hot bath
  • “you’ll be forgiven, just sit down and stay silent.”
  • He had you sit next to him, sighing in relief as his headache soothed


  • He cleared out his ear with his finger
  • He just got yelled at by Lucifer and was no in the worst mood
  • Aggressively picking up any clothes and fabreezed furiously at the living room
  • He slumped against the sofa as the smell drifted out of the air
  • You smiled, finally spotting the demon
  • “Mammon! Good afternoon!”
  • The frown on his face immediately swapped itself for an excited grin
  • He ran towards you and hugged you tight
  • “Lucifer’s such an ass, soothe my sorrows human!”
  • “there there, you’ve already done good so far.”


  • He didn’t have his headphones with him, his hands covering his ears as his leg bounced
  • He was stuck in a crowded classroom
  • He was going to leave but he thought it was going to be so embarassing to leave as soon as others entered
  • He was already embarassed he was in the corner like this
  • Suddenly, you entered the room
  • “Good afternoon everyone! levi, I got your headphones!”
  • He texted you earlier about his headphones
  • “(Y/N)! You’re a life saver!”
  • you sat on the table he was sitting at, helping him put on his headphones
  • He couldn’t hear you now because they were sound canceling
  • His day immediately felt better having you here
  • You gave him a little wave and he thumped his head against the table, flustered


  • He’s been aggravated all morning
  • His usual calming tea was no where to he found and he couldn’t tell who took it
  • But he had two main suspects:
  • Mammon and belphegor
  • Satan’s fingers thumped against the counter, his palm slapping down the longer he did it
  • He was about to slam his hand down but Someone entered the kitchen
  • “good morning, Satan! How are you today?”
  • He turned around and smiled
  • His shoulders dropping as he shuffled over to you
  • “I’m doing splendid, are you free today? I’d liked to spend some with you today.”
  • If it weren’t for his usual methods of staying calm he’d follow you everywhere
  • He’d be a mammon 2.0 and he couldn’t have that
  • You always made him feel at peace and happy
  • Whenever he felt down he’d came see you just to feel refreshed


  • He’s got a face mask on, dressing gown, hair curlers and bunny slippers
  • No one talk this man in the morning or he will threaten you with a butter knife
  • But of course, his brother’s don’t care
  • He angrily sipped his overly sweet and decorated ‘can it really be considered coffee?’ coffee
  • His foot tapping as he hid in the corner
  • He was finally able to get away from his brothers antics
  • “asmo, I was wondering where you were! Good morning.”
  • “I would kiss you right now but I have coffee breath, hold on won’t you?”
  • Did in fact take the rest of his coffee like a shot, brush his teeth and kiss you
  • All annoying migraines mammon could not ruin how fuzzy you made him feel
  • He would always lean on you and sigh
  • Very vocal about how he feels towards you and what effect you have on him


  • It was time for breakfast
  • Beelzebub was of course the first to dig in and finish
  • As much as his brothers would be scared and worried if beel didn’t eat
  • That didn’t stop them from Making comments about how much he’s eating
  • He wanted to leave, he could eat another time but he just ignored them
  • You finally made your way into the dining hall
  • Yawning and lazily waved at Everyone
  • “good morning everyone - oh, Beel, did you already finish? That’s good, I don’t feel hungry right now so you can have mine.”
  • He’s in 💕💓LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE💗💕❤️🧡♥️❤️🧡💜💖💕💓❤️💜🧡💕
  • “I’ll wake you to class.”
  • He knows he’ll always feel happy whenever you enter the room
  • Really likes it when you two hold hands or when you help him calm down after a nightmare
  • whenever you’re near he he goes from cold state grump to happy puppy


  • He was sleeping in again
  • No one could really stop him seeing as it was the weekend
  • People actually respected his sleep unless they desperately needed him to be awake
  • He is not a good person to wake up next to unless he really likes you
  • But if he likes you it’s just constant special treatment
  • He recently woke up and was trying to fall back asleep but he’s slept so much already he couldn’t do it
  • Wasn’t in a good mood
  • “good afternoon, belphie, glad to see you’re awake.”
  • Immediately fine with being awake
  • So very happy to be awake and have you with him
  • “Hmm~ come cuddle with me, I need to wake up more.”
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pairing: mammon x gn!mc

word count: 2.4k

summary: You decide to get a Valentine’s gift for each of the brothers, starting with Mammon. 

a/n: i know this is late but i wanted to do it anyway lol also, let me know if you want any for the undateables. i’m going to write one for each brother, but was unsure for the side characters. 

part one of the valentine’s day series

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Mammon loves 80s music and if you sneak up at the right time you will absolutely get to see him lip syncing into a hairbrush while dancing to bangers like Come On Eileen, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Down Under, etc.

you can pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands btw

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